Let’s talk Social Business!              Generating revenue through social media with MHbuddy                             ...
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Thank You!Making friends travel. Easily
Let’s talk Social Business!
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Let’s talk Social Business!


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Generating revenue through social media with MHbuddy - Malaysia Airlines

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Let’s talk Social Business!

  1. 1. Let’s talk Social Business! Generating revenue through social media with MHbuddy Mohd Hisham Saleh Head of Social Media & Innovations, Malaysia AirlinesMaking friends travel. Easily
  2. 2. Now Now September September August August 2010 2010 Born BornWe had this DYsimple idea. 3 hours ago near Kuala Lumpur Yeah! Ok @BUD, BUD will join you. Lets 4 hours ago near Kuala Lumpur sit next to each @DY, I booked a other. flight to Penang! U Like Comment Share 1 want to join me? Like Comment Share 4
  3. 3. Now September August 2010 Why we pursue this idea? Born• Building a presence of MAS brand driven by our fans within social media ecosystem• Leveraging on the nature of social media through its word-of-mouth capability• Creating additional direct distribution channel that can complement our existing channels eg. Internet, Call Centre, Ticket Office
  4. 4. Now September August 2010 How do we make this work? Born• We determine our solid end goals – to enable our fans to plan, book and check in for their flights• We set simple expectations – they may get together, hook up and share their travel plans• We master one thing at a time – we enhance our mobile booking engine by adding social capability• We make it as part of our routine – constantly adding loyalty campaign to sustain the interest• We make our efforts continuous – plan a continuous campaign to the traffic to the apps
  5. 5. Now September August 2010 Born Key ResultThe Evolution 70% Growth of installed users since 1st month 60% Female M-Commerce February 2011 near Kuala LumpurReinvented as MHbuddy with social 40% Young professionals Like Comment Share 350media driven capabilityLike Comment Share 450 M-Commerce December 2010, near Kuala Lumpur Introduced to tablet market for iPad M-Commerce Like Comment Share 180 July 2010 near Kuala LumpurGrew as MHkiosk at local ticketofficeLike Comment Share 131 M-Commerce December 2009, near Kuala Lumpur Born as MHmobile on mobile platform Like Comment Share 150
  6. 6. 60% Users allow social sharing Physiology MHbuddy Just now near Kuala LumpurWhen @BUD met @DY You used Yeah! We can MHbuddy do it again! DY right?Like Comment Share 1 40% of the social-layer DY Seat number: 7B action brings new BUD Seat number: 7A installed users
  7. 7. Now September August 2010 Born Korea Tourism Office, KL Sociology September 15 near Kuala Lumpur Now Malaysia Airlines flights available directly from Korea Tourism Office FB page Social Business MHbuddy August 2011, – M-commerce September 15forOctober 15 This month Gift 4 Buddies! Book your flights directly from Facebook with MHbuddy Increase of average bookings per day at http://on.fb.me/MHbuddy - brought to you by Temptations Inflight Shopping 4x Like Comment Share 1 Mt. Kinabalu Int’l Climbathon August15 near Kota Kinabalu You and your hiking buddies may like to try for the Mt. Kinabalu Int Climbathon from 22nd-23rd Oct! Book, check-in and share your travel plans with MHbuddy at http://on.fb.me/MHbuddyLike Comment Share 1400 57 Like Comment Share 191
  8. 8. Now September August 2010 Lessons & Tips Born• Own your end goals, be ready to improvise from time to time.• Be brave to try new things. There’s ROI but it requires focused effort.• Know your market potential, don’t be a Jack of All Trades and Master of None.
  9. 9. Thank You!Making friends travel. Easily