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Social networking settings update


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May 2011 update on social profiles, Facebook settings, building a Facebook netsork.

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  • This is a brief presentation on improving your social network profile, recent new settings on Facebook, and building networks quickly on facebook.
  • This entire presentation is available for review on our website Laurel Highlands Living .com
  • Lets start off with building a powerful social profile.
  • Go to our site, and once you are on our site click the instruction/ coaching button to open the page for this presentation.
  • Once you are on the page scroll down until you see the link for Social Networking Updates. It is not in this slide but is on this page today. Click on it and it will open this presentation for you to review.
  • While you are there open the word document template for a social media profile.
  • This will open an active word document which will guide you through all the information you will need to have a great social networking profile. This area gives you a few tips on posting the information and setting up strong passwords.
  • This is a flow chart of the different areas you need information for all the social networking sites you may want to have a presence on. It will help you start to gather the information you will need.
  • When I was researching this class I looked at the networking profiles of several national technology and real estate speakers and with their permission took what I thought was the best of their profile and made this template. All you have to do is delete my name and background and insert your information and you will have a great profile for your networking sites in less than ½ hour. Then copy and paste your information on the social networking sites you belong to. Having the same information on all your sites gives you more juice when someone is searching for you and will help the search engines bring up all your internet presence.
  • Lets go to Facebook and look at some of the recent changes and the choice and options you have. Go to the account tab, and once opened open your account settings.
  • Once in account settings scroll down until you see the secure browsing box and check that. This will open Facebook as a secure https page and help in your security. Also, right below that is a notification box that will send you an e mail anytime a new computer opens your facebook page. I suggest you also select that box. If you are really paranoid you can select that if an unrecognized computer tries to access your account you will have to enter a security code from your phone. Make sure you hit the SAVE button because your new settings will not take unless you do.
  • Next area to check is the Notifications page, so click on that tab in the My Account page. This is what the notifications page looks like.
  • This page is where you can set when facebook sends you an e mail if someone posts about you, tags a photo of you, or any other activity in facebook. At a minimum I suggest you get a notice anytime someone tags you, comments about you, and tags a photo of you. The rest of the settings are at your preference.
  • Go back to the main My Account page and open the Facebook Ads page. This is where you can set whether face book can use you as an endorsement for an advertiser. I recommend you select NO ONE or you could end unknowingly endorsing something you don’t like or believe in.
  • Go back to the min Account box and this time select the Privacy Setting link and open that page.
  • On this page you can set who can see and share what with you on facebook. How you set this page is how open you want to be. If you are using Facebook to network with a lot of like minded people like you may want to be somewhat open. If you are using Facebook to stay in touch with family and sharing more personal you may want to restrict who can see and share what.
  • Once you click on customize settings on are you want to make a selection on is the People Here Now. This is a app the locates where you are.
  • The way I understand this feature is this will locate you if you allow it, so if you are using a GPS enabled devise to post to Facebook you should be aware of this option. This is their example of what it looks like. I do not use this feature so if someone in the audience is can you speak briefly as to what it does.
  • Go back to the Privacy Settings and open the Apps and Websites area by clicking on the Edit your settings.
  • Go to the instant personalization and open the edit setting page.
  • This is where you can choose to allow other sites to suck your information and personalize their web sites to your tastes. I recommend you uncheck the box.
  • Go to your home page and scroll all the way to the bottom of your facebook page and open the Edit Options section.
  • This is where you can select to show posts from the people you interact with the most or everyone. I suggest you select All your friends and pages if you want the max amount of networking.
  • Go to the Friends tab, then open edit friends
  • Select one of your friends who may have friends with a similar interest that you do. For this example I am selecting Mary White. We are both involved in the CRS community and she may have some CRS friends I know but are not in my network.
  • Open that persons friends page.
  • Scroll through their friends looking for people you may know and use the add as friend button to send a invitation to friend you.
  • Just a reminder that you must Logout of Facebook to close it down. If you just click the X in the top right corner of your browser Facebook does not know you have left and the next person that uses that computer to access Facebook will open in your account.
  • Social networking settings update

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