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  • Digital dudes atlanta presentation

    1. 1. STATE OF THE MARKET• Digital media production, delivery and consumption isshifting and expanding globally, from news to sportsand entertainment. Broadcasting has become multi-dimensional.• Television consumption has become a new interactiveand dynamic experience - it is no longer simply apassive activity. Consumers want to choose when,where and how to view media. They can also produce,share and customize their own content and multimediaexperience.• Television technology has changed; it is no longer asingle screen in our living room. TVs, computers,mobile, gaming devices and tablets are converging asthey all become Internet enabled. Video content cannow be enjoyed on nearly any multimedia device.2Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    2. 2. GLOBAL IP VIDEO GROWTH BY 2015Internet traffic worldwide willquadruple, driven by rapid growth in IPvideo trafficTotal IP video traffic to be 6x greaterthan 2009 which is equivalent to28 billion DVDsVideo will constitute >91% of allconsumer IP trafficInternet-Video-to-TV will be 38xthat of 2009It would take >2 years to watch theamount of video that will cross globalIP networks every second1 EB = 1,000,000 TBSource: Cisco Visual Networking Index3Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    3. 3. THE STATE OF MOBILE VIDEO 50% of consumption on mobile devices is video content More viewing takes place on tablets versus smartphones Tablet and smartphone video viewing growing In 2012 5% of Tablets sold will likely be to individuals or households that alreadyown a tablet, which equates to five million tablets worth between $1.5 and $2billion in revenue – according to Deloitte “Technology, Media, &Telecommunications Prediction” Report 2013 and beyond will be the year to drive video personalization options forNeuLion Partner Networks on mobile devicesPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 4
    4. 4. 1 Note: 2011-2015figures are forecasts, Report released June 2011.2 Source: Source: Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2011-2016(Feb. 2012)• Mobile video traffic exceeded 50% for the first time in 2011• Mobile video will generate over 70% of mobile data trafficby 2016• Mobile traffic will increase 25-fold between 2011 and 2016• The number connected devices will exceed the number ofpeople on earth in 2012CONNECTED DEVICES ARE SKYROCKETINGShipments(mm)Internet Enabled TV Forecast1,2Mobile Data Usage Forecast4• Internet enabled TV penetration is increasing at ahigh annual rate3• In 2011, roughly 25% of all flat paneltelevisions shipped had were internetenabled2• By 2015, internet enabled TV shipments areexpected to rise to 47% for a total of 138million units25Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    5. 5. CONSOLES 14 TIMES MORE COMMON THAN OTT DEVICESUS Internet Users Devices of ChoiceStreaming through a computer 56%Streaming through an Internet-connected device 48%Gaming consoles 30%Internet-enabled STB or Blu-ray player 19%Internet-enabled TV 12%Streaming through mobile devices 29%Tablets 16%Smartphones 14%Source: emarketer, June 201230% of all US internet users (or 62.5% of all those who streamed video from aninternet-connected device to a TV set) used a gaming console to watch online videoPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 6
    6. 6. use their devices daily to access socialmedia while watching TV.44% of tablet owners38% of smart phone ownersPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 7SOCIAL TV ON THE RISE
    7. 7. THE STATE OF MULTISCREEN VIDEONeuLion Partners Extend Content On More And More DevicesPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 8 Streaming Media is all about Multi-screen delivery A Multitude of Devices ContinuesTo Grow Second Screen Viewing Dominates Raising Sales of Connected TV’s
    8. 8. Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. Our leading cloud-based technologyprovides a scalable suite of digitalservices; lowering the barrier and timeneeded to get your content intoconsumers’ hands. Fast to market. NeuLion’s architecture supportscontent delivery to any device,empowering unique device-specificapplications. Connecting on anydevice. We create digital destinationsdelivering interactive, personal, liveand on-demand video proven to buildmeaningful experiences that engage,retain and grow your digital mediabusiness. Drive new and expandedrevenue.NEULION – A GLOBAL DIGITAL LEADER9NeuLion specializes in digital content management, distribution and monetization
    9. 9. Pro Sports College Sports TV EverywhereExperience the future of interactive digitalsports with NeuLion’s platform for deliveringlive and on-demand content. Providingpreviously untapped revenue sources to thetop sports properties from around the worldwith unprecedented quality.With a continued commitment to colleges,universities and athletic conferences acrossthe US, NeuLion transforms their athleticswebsite into a fully customizable onlinedestination, connecting fans to rich contentwith an array of interactive digital services.Designed for television networks, cableoperators and content aggregators, NeuLion’sTVE solution delivers an unmatched,interactive digital video experience. Asinnovators of TV Everywhere, we continue torevolutionize the future of multi-platform TV.NEULION KEY MARKETS10Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    10. 10. NeuLion is the leader in delivering live interactive sports experiences for the top sports leaguesOUR POSITION IN THE MARKETPLACE Provide a complete portfolio of services for delivering content Deliver and monetizes content for content owners, aggregators and distributors worldwide Platform content delivery to any consumer device Customized interactive fan experience300 linear channels represent content created in more than 40 languagesfrom more than 70 countries40,000+ live events streamed, over 75PBs of video50,000-hourVOD catalog includes short-form and long-form content, stored andreplayed in both SD and HDOver 8 million downloads of mobile applications in 2012 worldwide2.3 million transactions in 2012NeuLion by the Numbers:11Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    11. 11. NEW WINS & NEW LAUNCHESPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 12Ivy League and NeuLion AnnounceLaunch of the Conferences First-Ever Digital NetworkPac-12 Enterprises and NeuLionAnnounce Multi-Year PartnershipUnivision Selects NeuLion forUVideos LaunchNeuLion Delivers Live CurlingWorldwide for SportsnetNeuLion and LiveU AnnounceStrategic Service PartnershipNeuLion and Deluxe Team Upto Offer a Joint Digital MovieStore Solution
    13. 13. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM14Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.Recent Innovations Closed Caption 4.5 mbps 60FP 3D Video Mobile QoS Dynamic Mid Roll Live Editor Multi-Camera View Game Day
    14. 14. COMPLETE END-TO-END SOLUTIONPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 15
    15. 15. MobileSmartphones Social MediaConnected TVsTabletsGaming ConsolesComputersDELIVERY TO ALL CONSUMER DEVICES16Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.Connected Devices
    16. 16. DELIVERY TO ALL DEVICES17Connected TVsThird-party BoxesGaming ConsolesMobile Smartphones / Tablets Blu-Ray PlayersPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 17
    18. 18. BEST-IN-CLASS USER EXPERIENCE Video Quality High Availability Stream Quality 4.5mbps, 60FPS Interactive Features Data Integration– Fight Metrics– NBA League Pass Multi Camera Multi Audio Time Line Marker– Searchable, thumbnail– Dynamic Detection19Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. Consumer Devices PC, Mobile, Tablets PS3, Xbox, Apple TV Entitlement Cross Device Support
    19. 19. NeuLion has delivered a stunning global HD streaming service that includes many interactivecomponents for NFL fan to engage with the game.Since its launch in 2008, the NFL’s digital media products empowered by NeuLion have seensignificant growth in subscriptions, renewal rate, client satisfaction and over all revenue.Live HD games | Snap to whistle | Highlight touch pointsExtensive stats | Coaches Film | TelestratorThe NFL selected NeuLion as its technology partner for all of itspremium digital productsNFL & NEULION PARTNERSHIPPrivate & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc. 20
    20. 20. NEULION POWERS EVERYTHING FOR UFC.TVAVAILABLE ON PC, IPHONE, ANDROID, ROKU AND SAMSUNGFans are always asking for more ways to get closer to the action and NeuLionscapabilities allow us to deliver…With this technology, fans have ultimate accessduring our events and can control camera views and audio, and score the boutsalong with other fans.Dana White, President, UFCUFC & NEULION PARTNERSHIPUFC148 SET NEW RECORDS FOR DIGITAL MEDIA SALES21Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    21. 21. NBA & NEULION PARTNERSHIPThe NBA has relied on NeuLion to power NBA League PassInternational since 2010 in more than 200 countries.The Ultimate NBA Game Experience• Live, archived and condensed games• 24/7 linear stream of NBATV• High-quality viewing• Watch four games at once• Integrated player stats and highlightsNBA League Pass on the Xbox Platform is nowstreaming in the highest quality yet at 60 frames persecond for the ultimate game console experience.22Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    22. 22. FEATURED AUTHENTICATED TVE NETWORKS23Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    23. 23. NHL AND TEAM SOCIAL MEDIA – TWITTER CARD Ability for the NHL and all 30 teams to post multimedia video directly onTwitter including highlights, player / coaches interviews, pre-game skates,historic team moments and more.24Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.
    24. 24. BENEFITS OF NEULION SUCCESSFUL TRACK RECORD – We develop digital media strategies thatgrow exponentially each year for the biggest names insports, entertainment and universities STATE-OF-THE-ART EXPERIENCE – Our digital products are constantly onthe edge of innovation and deliver content in the highest quality SPEED TO MARKET – Initiate your new digital strategy quickly onmultiple consumer devices, with multiple monetization options includingpay-per-view, subscription and affiliate authentication STRONG PARTNER LOYALTY – We have established well-builtrelationships that meet the needs of every partner and drive revenuesuccesses25Private & Confidential © NeuLion, Inc.