Dreamliner’s Australian flight grounded – Sydney Morning Herald

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  • 2. document.igCount = 0; document.tCount = 0; var dcOrd =Math.floor(100000000*Math.random()); document.dcAdsCParams = “”; var savValue =getAdCookie(“sav”); if (savValue != null && savValue.length > 2) { document.dcAdsCParams =savValue + “;”; }The Sydney Morning HeraldTravel Home Destinations 1. Africa 2. Antarctica 3. Europe 4. Middle East 2 / 11
  • 3. 5. North America 6. Caribbean 7. Central America 8. South America 9. Pacific 10. NE Asia 11. SE Asia 12. South AsiaExplore Australia 3 / 11
  • 4. Holiday Types Activities Blogs Photos Video StayzYou are here:HomeTravelTravel NewsArticleDate January 29, 2013 – 4:46PM 4 / 11
  • 5. 29 reading now (0) Read laterCraig PlattTravel Editor, DigitalView more articles from Craig PlattFollow Craig on Twitter 5 / 11
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  • 7. Qatar Airways unveils first DreamlinerThe business class cabin of Qatar Airways new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Photo: Reuters 7 / 11
  • 8. View all 21 photosThe first commercial flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Australia has been postponedfollowing the grounding of the aircraft worldwide.Qatar Airways was due to make the first passenger flight of a Dreamliner to Australia on Friday,with a flight from Doha to Perth.But the airline grounded its 787s on January 17, citing the US Federal Aviation Administrationswarning over fire risks on board the revolutionary new jet Qatar has since confirmed it haspostponed the launch of Dreamliner flights to Australia.With investigators yet to identify the cause of the incidents, no new date for Qatar’s inauguralDreamliner flight to Australia has been set.Airlines around the world grounded their 787 Dreamliners on January 16.The action was prompted by a battery incident during an All Nippon Airways flight that resultedin an emergency landing in Japan. This came after an earlier incident on an ANA 787 on theground in Boston.The Dreamliner’s troubles have roiled the airline industry. Safety regulators and industryexperts are warning that investigations into the cause of a series of small fires on the planecould take months or even a year.The grounding has forced hundreds of flight cancellations worldwide, in the United States, India,South America and beyond.The uncertainty over the Dreamliner has raised serious questions for Boeing, with deliveries ofits signature aircraft stalled and airlines awaiting the futuristic plane. It was set to play a majorrole in their growth.Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker said the airline was working with Boeing to“restore customer confidence in the 787?.“Qatar Airways will resume 787 operations when we are clear that the aircraft meets the fullrequirements of the Airworthiness Directive and our standards,” he said. 8 / 11
  • 9. Qatar currently has five Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners in its fleet.Amid the crisis, Qantas announced it had cancelled one of its 15 Dreamliner orders for Jetstar.The airline is still expected to take delivery of its first 787 later this year.Further testing still has not found the cause of a battery fire on board the Dreamliner in Boston,according to the National Transportation Safety Board.In a statement released on Sunday, the regulator said “no obvious anomalies were found” in itsinitial investigation of an undamaged battery aboard the plane and that a more detailedexamination would follow.The NTSB’s preliminary finding, along with the absence of any reported progress indetermining a root cause of the auxiliary power unit’s battery fire, underscores that the safetyinvestigation and the grounding of the 787s may drag on longer than Boeing had hoped.Oliver McGee, an aerospace and mechanical engineer who was a deputy assistant secretary oftransportation under President Bill Clinton and a former consultant to Boeing, described thechallenge facing the investigators as a “megascale engineering puzzle.”With REUTERSRelated Coverage Click for more photos 9 / 11
  • 10. Photos Qatar Airways unveils first DreamlinerIn the same week it was named the world’s best airline, Qatar Airways unveiled its first Boeing787 Dreamliner jet. The airline has 60 of the new planes on order. Qatar’s first Dreamliner willfly the Doha to London route. Dreamliner becoming a nightmareAll Nippon Airways plan to cancel at least 379 flights due to the grounding of Boeing’sDreamliner. Dreamliner problems may also delay Airbus’ new A35023 JanEuropean aircraft maker Airbus is wary that problems which have grounded rival Boeing’s787 Dreamliner could also delay the commercial launch of the A350 airliner that Airbus hopeswill get it back into the long-haul game. 10 / 11
  • 11. Boeing Dreamliner fire ‘an unprecedented event’ US government investigators said on Thursday they could not yet explain what caused a 25 Jan potentially catastrophic battery fire aboard a Boeing 787 that forced the grounding of Dreamliners around the world. Source Article from http://www.smh.com.au/travel/travel-news/dreamliners-australian-flight-grounded-20130129-2di hn.html Waddywood.com Dreamliner’s Australian flight grounded – Sydney Morning Herald 11 / 11Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)