CIPR President’s Q1 2014 report: Focus on vision and purpose


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This is my first quarterly report as President of the CIPR.

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CIPR President’s Q1 2014 report: Focus on vision and purpose

  2. 2.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 2 CIPR PRESIDENT’S Q1 2014 REPORT This is my first report as President of the CIPR. I committed to report to the CIPR Board, Council, Groups and members, in this way at the end of each quarter. FOCUS ON VISION AND PURPOSE My intention as President for 2014 is to refocus the CIPR around its vision and core purpose, as set out in our Royal Charter, as well as to shift the organisation towards being a networked, member- led Institute. The President’s Plan based on my original 10 Election Pledges, combined with CEO Alastair McCapra’s drive and operational rigour, provide both the framework and the means of delivering these objectives. During this period of intense change Alastair and I have become the conduit for members and third- parties. That engagement has been important to enable members to share frustrations about long standing issues but I hope that members will now begin to recognise our renewed focus and the changes that the CIPR has underway. The transition will take time. The first Council meeting of the year, in January, tackled a number of critical issues. I have been keen to change the focus of these meetings to align them with the priorities set out in the President’s Plan, and to use the brainpower of the Council to focus on issues impacting the future of the profession. We set the agenda for the Governance changes which have just gone out to member consultation. We also spent a chunk of time addressing the issue of professionalism as it pertains to public relations. President-Elect Sarah Pinch will share a development plan in this area at the April Council meeting. An offsite Board meeting at MediaCity, Salford in March tackled many of the operational areas that the Institute faces. Rob Brown was co-opted onto the Board to conduct a review of member engagement. He will lead a discussion in this area at the Council meeting in April. Laura Sutherland was also co-opted onto the Board with a brief to help us position ourselves for a year of particular challenges and opportunities in Scotland. The CIPR is unusual, like other Chartered organisations, in having its vision and purpose set out so formally in a Royal Charter. But that focus is helpful in defining our priorities.
  3. 3.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 3 KEY AREAS OF ACTIVITY AND PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS I am pleased to have fostered stronger links with AMEC, the Global Alliance and the PRSA to ensure that the CIPR has a strong voice in the international public relations community. We have committed on behalf of the Policy and Campaigns Committee to participate alongside ICCO and the PRCA in AMEC’s Measurement Week in September. The Professional Practices Committee and International Group will link-up with the Global Alliance and the PRSA for the PRSA’s annual Ethics Awareness Month in September. MEETINGS AND EVENTS I have spoken at five regional group events during the quarter and attended the Inside Awards and the Maggie Nally lecture; both excellent events hosted by highly motivated groups under the leadership of James Harkness, chair of CIPR Inside, and Eva Maclaine, chair of CIPR International, respectively. On my behalf Sarah Pinch attended the AGM in Scotland and her last AGM as chair in the South West. I am also grateful to Alastair and Phil Morgan, Policy Communications Director, for attending AGMs and group meetings. REACHING OUT TO CIPR COMMUNITIES We have a number of underserved communities within the CIPR. Chartered PR Practitioners Work has started on an engagement programme with Chartered PR Practitioners via my own social channels. This programme of activity will be developed by the Professional Development and Membership Committee who have set an ambitious goal and a programme to attract more members to apply for the Chartered Practitioner qualification. As part of this effort we are also addressing the member journey. This is a key aspect of our value proposition for members. Fellows The next challenge is the Fellows. This group of membersneedaformalprogrammeofengagement. Plans to tackle this are underway for Q2. I am also concerned that while we have modernised the admission process for Fellows in the last 18-months the Fellows are a diminishing (less than 3% of membership) group. I would urge you to familiarise yourself with the process and nominate members whom you believe are worthy of our highest membership honour. The next nomination deadline is July. LEADING THE PROFESSION I am incredibly proud of PR in 2014, the ebook of PR trends for the next 12-months, and the State of the Profession survey. Both these initiatives have driven high levels of member engagement, both directly, and via activities such as the #CIPRChat on Twitter. Thanks to the CIPR Communication team and the Policy and Campaigns Groups for their work in this area. Board member Sarah Hall has picked up the issue of the gender pay gap from the State of the Profession survey and is now working with the Professional Practices Committee to lead an initiative to share best practice in this area. I maintain a week-by-week activity summary on Pinterest. Please check this for further information about initiatives highlighted in this report. For information about the CIPR please visit our web site and follow @CIPR_UK on Twitter for regular updates from the Institute.
  4. 4.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 4 Progress against my original 10 Election Pledges for 2014 is outlined below. 01 COMMUNITY 02 CONFIDENCE 03 PROFESSIONALISM DESCRIPTION Support, promote and celebrate the leadership of the CIPR in the regions and nations by providing a clear vision and purpose. Actively engage the Council – the CIPR’s governing body – and all its committees to represent the membership and the profession. Modernise the institutional model of the CIPR as a central provider and start the shift to a member-run and member-led networked organisation. DESCRIPTION Assert the CIPR’s leadership nationally and internationally in areas such as diversity, social media, public affairs and internal communication, ensuring that members have a leadership voice in their relevant communities. DESCRIPTION Recognise that the public relations industry must shift from a craft to a profession by putting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at its core. Set a roadmap to ensure that CPD is recognised and seen as a key CIPR member benefit. ACTIVITY •  Consultation on Governance underway. • We are tackling an issue impacting the public relations profession at each meeting of the Council: professionalism in January; and engagement in April. • Co-opted Laura Sutherland onto Council with a brief to help us position ourselves for a year of particular challenges and opportunities in Scotland. • Autonomy for Groups in communications with their members. • Consultation on closer links between nations/ regions and sector groups. • New CIPR chapter founded in Switzerland. ACTIVITY • Confirmed to speak at four events during 2014: Entrepreneurs Forum, Silicon Beach, the Content Marketing Show and Bled. • Pitches submitted for the Global Alliance World PR Forum 2014 and the PRSA 2014 national conference. • Spoken at the following group events in Q1: International, East Anglia, North-East, North- West, and Wessex. • Attended CIPR Inside Awards and the Maggie Nally lecture. • Sarah Hall leading work on the gender gap under our diversity brief to report to Council in April. • Survey highlighting issues around unpaid internships to be published early April. ACTIVITY • Proposed Governance changes embed Code of Conduct more clearly in our mission and structures. • Sarah Pinch leading a project to explore the barriers to professionalism in PR and build relationships with professional organisations. • Governance changes proposed to restrict eligibility for Board to Accredited and Chartered Practitioners; and for Council to members undertaking CPD. • Record number of 1,265 members undertook CPD by the March 2014 deadline (up 29%). • Work beginning on scoping the development of an enhanced CPD offer for mid-career and senior practitioners. • Work planned to develop enhanced ethics training with a view to making ethics a compulsory part of the annual CPD return. PROGRESS ON THE 10 PLEDGES
  5. 5.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 5 04 EXCELLENCE 05 RELEVANCE 06 RELATIONSHIPS DESCRIPTION Actively promote the Accredited Practitioner and Chartered Practitioner schemes as a benchmark for excellence to all members and with their employers in all sectors, charity, public and private, in-house and consultancy. Ensure that these schemes continue to resonate with employer and member needs. DESCRIPTION Quantify the benefit of public relations to the UK economy through a research initiative to provide the industry with a confident authoritative voice. Use data to assert the role of public relations as a management discipline. DESCRIPTION Further promote working relationships with key national and international organisations in advertising, digital, marketing and public relations. Support the work of the CIPR diversity group and actively engage with school and college students, and the wider public, about public relations as a profession that fully represents the wider community it serves. ACTIVITY • Chartered PR Practitioner review completed. Membership and Professional Development committee leading on implementation. • Programme of active and targeted marketing to eligible members is being developed. • Stage two Papers written by Chartered PR Practitioners to be published starting in 2014 – publisher approached. ACTIVITY • State of the Profession survey has given us a solid basis for developing our activities. • Opened up Group membership so for now each CIPR member can join up to five groups; plans for unlimited group membership in 2015. • #PRredefined ebook and community on the future of the profession to be published 31 March. Includes papers from Stephen Waddington, Philip Sheldrake, Anne Gregory and Andy Green. ACTIVITY • Engagement with other PR associations: AMEC, PRSA, ICCO, and PRCA. • Business Development Manager appointed March 2014 to build better relationships with employers and universities. • The CIPR is supporting the European Communications Convention; Adult Learners Week; AMEC Measurement Week; the Festival of Marketing; PRSA Ethics Awareness Month; and Debating Matters Competition Finals. • 4th Annual IoD/CIPR PR Director of the Year Award launched. PROGRESS ON THE 10 PLEDGES
  6. 6.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 6 07 SOCIAL 08 LOBBY 09 TRANSPARENCY DESCRIPTION Move the CIPR along the journey to becoming a social organisation, putting content and conversation at its core. Connect directly with members and the broader industry through a monthly Twitter discussion. DESCRIPTION Seek swift resolution on the issue of the registration of lobbyists and ensure that any new statutory rules are fair and applicable to all practitioners irrespective of role. DESCRIPTION Promote the CIPR Code of Conduct and Ethical standards in public relations. Ensure that the CIPR is an open and transparent organisation working in the public interest. ACTIVITY • Monthly #CIPRchat Twitter chat. Suggestions for future topics such as welcomed. • Rob Brown co-opted to Board to review most effective means for engagement with members via content. • Plans in hand to build new members area on CIPR website (late 2014 or early 2015) to allow greater member-to-member interaction. • Undertook #ebookinaday project with Southampton Solent university – an experiment in social learning and development. Results to be published late-April. ACTIVITY • Public affairs represented on the CIPR Board and Council in 2014. • New public affairs representative role agreed for Scotland; work continues with the Scottish Parliament on proposed Scottish register. ACTIVITY • Commitment to manage the CIPR Board and Council in a transparent way. • Answer all personal emails within 48 hours and publish minutes of meetings with 24 hours of them being signed off. • Publish quarterly progress against plan. PROGRESS ON THE 10 PLEDGES
  7. 7.   Chartered Institute of Public Relations: President’s Q1 2014 Report 7 THANK YOU Thank you Alastair, Phil, Sukhjit, and all of the team at the CIPR, for your commitment and hard work during this period of intense change. Thank you also to members of the Board and Council for their support and in particular all those referenced in this report. Stephen Waddington MCIPR CIPR President 31 March 2014 10 VOICE DESCRIPTION Displace Max Clifford as the mouthpiece of the public relations industry and promote the expertise of CIPR members to the media, through social media and speaking opportunities. ACTIVITY • Personal blog and columns in Communicate and PR Week. • Plan underway to develop and promote a media directory of CIPR member spokespeople.