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  • Digital native - instantly connectedWe crave these connections, paperboy delivering info every 10 seconds
  • 400 billion bits of info, only aware of 200,000
  • Half of mobile users have ditched a brand following a poor mobile experience56% have not signed up for a mobile app or service due to long registration73% feel an app or service doesn’t deserve their loyalty if it fails to meet their needs.Q4 2012 activity. 32% of e-commerce site visits in Q4 came from search, compared to 4.3% from email and just 1.9% from social media.
  • Now…it hast to personalized at an individual level, on mass scale.
  • It starts with your brandWhat kind of customer relationships do you want to haveHow will that shape their experience with your brand
  • Normal: single taskConcentration: avoiding other distractionsSelective: unconsciously block out stimulants while doing a task (eyes)  - banner blindnessAlternating: also tuned into a second distraction, tuning in and outDivided: don't focus on any one thing (day trader) – Watching 5 football games at onceMulti-tasking is a myth: Dave Newport
  • A model from traditional advertisingLots of parallels between marketing and advertising these days
  • So much content, this is how you create value:Immediacy - priority access, immediate deliveryPersonalization - tailored just for youInterpretation - support and guidanceAuthenticity - how can you be sure it is the real thing?Accessibility - wherever, wheneverEmbodiment - books, live musicPatronage - "paying simply because it feels good",Findability - "When there are millions of books, millions of songs, millions of films, millions of applications, millions of everything requesting our attention — and most of it free — being found is valuable."
  • And how we play in the space and how we’ve built our business – it’s really all about relationship marketing. There is massive ROI in selling more to existing customers.When most companies develop their marketing budgets, they often think about acquisition first, and relationship second. While the returns are great, they tend to underinvest in keeping that relationship strong once they get that customer into the funnel. There is huge growth potential when you tap into your underengaged list, and we speak with execs, we want to focus on that strategy to drive growth..As you start to treat people as individuals, response rates go through the roof – the pay off is tremendous. The 42X number shows the average return when spending when selling more to their existing customers. We’ll share a couple of examples with you today.----------------------------
  • Email marketig, cross channel campaign managmnet, to interaction managemnet
  • Relationship-first Mobile Marketing - OMS

    1. 1. -- Online Marketing Summit San Diego ________________________________________________________________________ - Wacarra Yeomans @wac_intosh
    2. 2. Smartphonesare an indispensable part ofour lives.
    3. 3. —62% Are using their smartphone everyday—80% Don’t leave home without itSmartphones are used everywhereHome 97%On the go 83%In a store 78%Restaurant 71%Work 71%At a social gathering 60%Doctor’s office 56%Café or coffee shop 50%Airport 49%Public Transport 36%School 30%(Source: Google Mobile Planet Report)
    4. 4. Multi-tasking(Source: Google Mobile Planet Report)
    5. 5. ―… a wealth of information creates a poverty ofattention and a need to allocate that attentionefficiently among the overabundance ofinformation sources that might consume it.‖ –Herb Simon
    6. 6. Are you repelling customers?(Source: Smartinsights)
    7. 7. The consumer is starting todemand a new kind ofrelationship.
    8. 8. ―Put customers in the driver’s seat, or be dead by 2020.” - Jamie Nordstrom, September 2012
    9. 9. Marketing needs to be about the customerrelationship again. Campaign Centric vs. Consumer Centric 40% off Create an Offer Build a Profile Schedule it in Design an the Calendar Experience Send to a Mass Interact Audience Individually
    10. 10. Relationships.Moving from campaigns tocustomers.
    11. 11. ExperienceRelationship Brand
    12. 12. You’re a brand firstand a channel second.How to take a relationship-first approach
    13. 13. 5 Stages of Awareness 1. Normal 2. Concentration 3. Selective 4. Alternating 5. Divided
    14. 14. Awareness to Action Attention Interest Desire Action Experience Loyalty
    15. 15. Interest driven by relevancy Immediacy Personalization Interpretation Authenticity Accessibility Embodiment Patronage Findability
    16. 16. Aligning strategies with consumerexpectationsConsumers have rapidly embraced digital channels – and they haveraised their expectations for marketers: Know me. Engage me. Lead me. Consumers expect Consumers Consumers you demand a want you to to know them relevant, anticipate future across all digital engaging needs to maintain channels consumer engagement and experience loyaltyTo succeed, marketing strategy must adapt at the speed of yourcustomers.
    17. 17. Moving from campaign focus to consumer focus
    18. 18. Biggest ROI comes from relationship marketing acquisition relationship marketing marketing interactive channels 42X offline channelsSource: eMarketer / Direct Marketing Association
    19. 19. ―Companies will be better off if they stop viewing customerengagement as a series of discrete interactions [e.g.campaigns] and instead think about it as customers do: aset of related interactions that, added together, make upthe customer experience.”
    20. 20. ResponsysInteract:Building individualrelationshipsat scale.
    21. 21. Email subscribers also welcome SMS promotions Responsys consumer research revealed that 44 percent of consumers who opt into email promotions from retailers are 44% also interested in receiving deals from those retailers via SMSSource: Omnibus survey conducted by Research+Data Insights of 1,039 adults aged 18 and above in the U.S. from November 9 to 13, 2012. The data has been weighted to reflect the demographic composition of adults in the U.S. Source: Omnibus survey conducted by Research+Data Insights of 1,039 adults aged 18 and above in the U.S. from November 9 to 13, 2012. The data has been weighted to reflect the demographic composition of adults in the U.S.
    22. 22. Consumers looking for a variety ofcontent via SMS 100 90 80 General discounts & deals 70 Location-based offers 60 50 In-store sales & events 40 Invites to sweepstakes & contests 30 Gift guides & product recs 20 10 0Source: Omnibus survey conducted by Research+Data Insights of 1,039 adults aged 18 and above in the U.S. from November 9 to13, 2012. The data has been weighted to reflect the demographic composition of adults in the U.S.
    23. 23. Requires building a ―Relationship-First‖approach to Mobile Customers say text spam is more invasive to them than junk mail or even spam emails. And sometimes, the recipients even have to pay for the texts that they never wanted in the first place. - Pew Research Center
    24. 24. Its about the customer journeyAwareness  Interest  Desire  Action  Experience  LoyaltyAlerts: Send an alert about a Text for Response: Text to get additional info about Text for Location: Text for theproduct or special deal. products. Responses can include offers. location of the nearest store.“Winter coats on sale starting “Text your Zip Code to find aMonday!” “Reply „tablet‟ to get more information.” store.”Competition: Join in instant-win ortrivia contests around various Notifications: Get real-time alertsproducts. for shipping, inventory, or deals.“Which celebrity owns more “Your sneakers have shippedthan 500 pairs of white and are out for delivery.”sneakers?” Customer Service: Get anVoting: Vote on the immediate response for those timeproducts/designer collection you consuming customer serviceare most looking forward to this fallseason. issues.“Text „Lopez‟ or „Conrad‟ for the “Text „HELP‟ to get a call fromdesigner you are most excited customer support.”about seeing this season.”
    25. 25. Case Studies
    26. 26. SMS is most effective when:Communicating time sensitive information quicklyCommunicating geographic specific infoCommunicating VIP “insider” information
    27. 27. 30%’s salescome frommobile.
    28. 28. 30%’s salescome frommobile.
    29. 29. ―Building mobile-first forcesus to think about how Fabwill be used by people onthe go first, and people attheir desks second.‖- Goldberg, CEO
    30. 30. Questions?
    31. 31. Keep readingPeople to searchWilliam James - AwarenessHerb Simon - AwarenessTom Davenport - Attention EconomyDave Crenshaw – Myth of Multitasking
    32. 32. “We imagine a day when everycustomer touch-point is totallyautomated, individualized andoptimized for the right channel.”
    33. 33. Thanks for your time! Wacarra YeomansDirector, Creative ServicesResponsys@wac_intosh
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