FCA Akure adopted village success story 2013


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FCA Akure adopted village success story 2013

  1. 1. Adopted Villages and Schools Federal College of Agriculture, Akure Success Stories Odedina S. A., Ogunkoya M. O., Moyin-Jesu E. I., Bifarin J.O., Osundare, F. O., Sule K, Oluwafemi E.
  2. 2. Success story 1 Smallholder cassava farmers and processors benefitting and profiting from improved cassava-based value chains 2010 – 2012 : Adopted Village intervention activities increased yield of smallholder cassava farmers at Eleyowo village, Akure South local government of Ondo state. Village level processing facility was rudimentary and elementary and so could not absorb output; high transportation cost and perceived low price discouraged farmers from selling to large processors. There are farmer-identified opportunities in value chain of common cassava products in near-by markets e.g garri, lafun, fufu etc 15th May, 2013 - the College Adopted Village Programme commissioned and trained Eleyowo farmer groups on cassava value addition with equipment support in order for them to participate profitably and benefit from cassava-based value chain in that community •Village committee took ownership of the centre immediately and worked out –Operational guidelines –Service provision charges –Maintenance and sustainability –Marketing
  3. 3. • June, 2013 - the centre is in full operation, carrying out processing and training other farmers for scaling-up • The group now has confidence in working together to improve their income and livelihood • Output from increased farm productivity is no longer a waste • Large farm processors now respect the groups and re-negotiate with them for higher price and patronage 2010 - Adopted Village increased productivity of smallholder cassava farmers Challenge with output and processing Farmers unwilling to sell to large processors
  4. 4. Presser component 1 Cassava value addition centre Siever Grater/Diesel engine Presser component 2 User-friendly garri Fryer
  5. 5. Adopted Village Activities on cassava processing, utilization and value chain
  6. 6. 10 tonnes capacity jack press User-friendly garri frier Siever Farmers now benefitting profitably from value chain Large processor trying to woo back the group
  7. 7. Next steps on Success Story 1 • College to … • Completion of value addition centre with package room and other equipment including water facilities when budget permits
  8. 8. Success story 2 Sustained profitable poultry-based value chains in a predominantly crop-farming community • 2009 – Communities (Eleyowo and Ibulesoro) predominantly crop farmers • Yearned for income diversification • 2010 – Demonstration of egg production ventures • 2012 – 2013 – Emergence of » Ten practising adoptees (8 in Ibulesoro and 1 in Eleyowo) » Three rural poultry input dealers (all in Ibule) » Influx of egg merchants into the villages There is sustained income diversification and improvement in livelihood in the community as reported by the six farmers groups
  9. 9. Egg production ventures being demonstrated at the College Adopted Villages Emergence of rural Egg merchants
  10. 10. Rural poultry input dealers Adoptees already practising
  11. 11. Adoptees already practising
  12. 12. Next steps on Success Story 2 Adjournment …
  13. 13. Thank you