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MIS Project Presentation

  1. 1. United Arab Emirates University College of Business & Economics Department of Business Administration Browsers Submitted to: Dr. Omar A. Alnuaimi Name: Done:Wadha A FirefoxReem M SafariShamsa M Internet ExplorerHamda G Opera
  2. 2. BrowsersDefinition of Browser:A Software application used to locate anddisplay Web pages.History :-back in to the late (1980)-First Web browser (WorldWidWeb)-By Time Berners-lee (1991)Examples:Microsoft Internet Explorer , Safari , Opera , Mozilla Firefox !
  3. 3. Mozilla Firefox History of Mozilla Firefox:-Released in November 9, 2004. -Project began by David Hyaat and Black Ross.The current state of the Mozilla Firefox:-The second most widely used browser (30%).- the most popurespectively.lar browser with 60%usage and 47% .
  4. 4. Mozilla FirefoxStrengths and weaknesses: Strengths: Weaknesses:-Swiftness & Speed -Compatibility Issues-Security -Memory-Tabbed Browsing -Interrupted Service-Embedded Memory
  5. 5. Mozilla FirefoxCompetitors and threatsInternet Explorer,Google Chrome,Safari,OperaOther issues :Add-ons (Mozilla ) F.E: -Speed Dial -Fox lingo-Translator /Dictionary -Flash block
  6. 6. Safari History of Safari:Safari grew in 2003 for Macintosh systems, then announced that Steve Jobs CEO of Apple several versions: Safari 1 on January 23, 2003, at Macworld San Francisco. Safari 2 on April 2005, at Dave Hyatt Francisco. Safari 3 on January 9, 2007, at Macworld SF. Safari 4 on June 2, 2008. Safari 5 on June 7. 2010. The current state of the Safari: Safari browser has become the first issued in 2003 and the Safari browser is the first and original IOS publications and the latest 5.0.4 which is the fourth most commonly used browser in the United States.
  7. 7. SafariStrengths and weaknesses Strengths: Weaknesses: -Some sites do not display -Speed ​and Design and has an correctly attractive interface and easy to use, -the browser does not have fast to download the video in YouTube the extensions and and offers high performance . additions
  8. 8. SafariCompetitors and threats: Other issues: Internet Explorer, Development of protection in Safari and Google Chrome, make it more simple and easy to use and Firefox, view sites without encryption, and add Opera tools to the toolbar for easy navigation in it.
  9. 9. OPERAHistory of the company :Opera is the largest Norwegiantelecommunications company ,founded by , JohnS. von Tetzchner ,Browser started in 1994 .The latest version of the famous Opera browser :Provides you with enormous potential and a high speed whilebrowsing ,Contains very large amounts of utilities, Does notaffect at all on the device.
  10. 10. OPERAStrengths and weaknesses :Strengths :- BitTorrent : Supports the downloading oftorrent files .-Content blocker : Removes the ads and imagesthat do not want them .Weaknesses :-pages sites do not show the correct image or asnatural-Often does not download a program files
  11. 11. OPERAWhat product do you like ?Opera MiniOpera Mini is a web browser designed primarily for mobilephones, speeding up transfer by two to three times anddramatically reducing the amount of data transferred.Competitors and threatsSafariFire FoxInternet Explorer
  12. 12. Internet ExplorerHistoryInternet Explorer Browser delivered by Microsoft CompanyThe First version was in 1995NCSA Browser By MosiGlassOther product Related to MicrosoftWindows ( Life , Vista and Xp )Microsoft Essential SecurityMicrosoft Media playerVisual studio
  13. 13. Internet ExplorerCurrent State of Microsoft :Product deliver with high qualityGood serviceMain Competitors :ChromeSafariOperaFire Fox
  14. 14. Internet Explorer Strengths and WeaknessStrengths:Free version come with windowsCan be Fast with regularly updatingWeakness:Low speedMemory ExpandingLimitation of Taps ( Specially in Old version )
  15. 15. Compression between different Browsers: Speed Security Tabs MemoryInternet Low speed Not Secure Display many pages in Have been facing aExplore a single window problem with Memo Need a For Example, while using expanding which creates Google they can know Regular update) a real problem with about your personal computer locks information Such as your locationFirefox High speed Secure Display multiple pages Even if your computer is in a single window fully updated you will face launching problem while you open a couple of programs in the same time Safari Fast Secure Display multiple (While file downloading) Pages (sites) Support downloading torrent In a single window files Opera Fast Secure Display multiple pages Doesn’t download within a single program files due to lack of Memory usage window
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  17. 17. Do you have any questions?Thank you for listening for us.!