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Airmail subject date time

  1. 1. Understanding the AirmailSubject-Date/Time Group
  2. 2. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 201006050830 – ICS213 This is an example of a properly formatted Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group Note that each section is separated by a hyphen
  3. 3. Airmail Subject-Date/Time GroupIt consists of 3 components…1. W7FLO (County Mnemonic Callsign)2. 201006050745 (YYYYMMDDHHMM) 4 digit yr., 2 digit mo., 2 digit date, 2 digit 24-hour based hr., 2 digit min. (Local Time)3. ICS213 (Type of Message)
  4. 4. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 201006050730 – DOE W7FLO – 201006050745 – SITREP W7FLO – 201006050835 – ICS213 W7FLO – 201006051330 – QRTRLY RPT W7FLO – 201006051456 - REQUEST W7FLO – 201006051845 - ACTIVATION W7FLO – 201006051920 - SERVICE Currently, these 7 are the only templates in use. Additional ones may be in development.
  5. 5. Airmail Subject-Date/Time GroupW7FLO201006050830 – SITREPCommon mistake:Callsign not separated from Date-Time section by hyphen
  6. 6. Airmail Subject-Date/Time GroupW7FLO-201006050830SITREPCommon mistake variation:Or, type of message not separated from Date-Time section by hyphen
  7. 7. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO201006050830SITREP Or, no hyphens at all…
  8. 8. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 20100605 – SITREP Here, the “HHMM” section of the date time group has been omitted. Sometimes it is the “YYYY” part, or the “MMDD” part that is missing.
  9. 9. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 1006050830 – ICS213 Here, only two digits used for the “YYYY” part of the Date-Time group, not the required four.
  10. 10. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 201006050835L – SITREPThere is no need for an “L” after the Date- Time group; all emergency traffic is always expressed in local time.
  11. 11. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 201006050835Z – SITREP Same issue; no need for the “Z” after the Date-Time group. In fact, the “Z” is incorrect whether typed or not; all exercise traffic is always reported in local time, not UTC (ZULU).
  12. 12. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group K7BHB – 201006050835 – ICS213 The OADN system operator should not use their personal callsign – use only the County mnemonic callsign.
  13. 13. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group W7FLO – 201006050845 – ICS213 requesting logistics support for bottled water. Some people want to append the subject line of the transmitted ICS-213 to the Airmail Subject Date-Time Group. Please don’t do this. The two are independent of each other.
  14. 14. Airmail Subject-Date/Time Group Don’t use… “//WL2K” or “R, P, I” in the Subject Date-Time Group, irrespective of what the Winlink Dev. Team says. The OADN is not controlled by the WDT. Why? Unnecessary; makes no difference in msg delivery, thus performing no real purpose. Adds complexity… and potential for errors. Defeats the sorting and tracking features…which is the sole purpose of the use of the Subject Date-Time Group.
  15. 15. Airmail Subject Date/Time Group Important! YYYYMMDDHHMM The Date-Time section must always be a unique number; thus, each message sent will have a unique “tracking number” for follow-up if necessary. Avoid the temtation to use the same “HHMM” for all messages prepared in quick succession. Increment the “MM” portion by at least 1, or the actual new time, whichever is greater.