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09 New Trends In Media Li Ed
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09 New Trends In Media Li Ed


Published on

Presentation to TAG Recruiters group regarding New Trends in Media to Engage Candidates

Presentation to TAG Recruiters group regarding New Trends in Media to Engage Candidates

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. New Trends in Media for Engaging Candidates Vicki Z. Lauter Z=mc 2 April 21, 2008
    • 3. Agenda
      • Survey results
      • Zappos
      • JobAngels
      • Experts & Various Media Options
        • Twitter
        • Mobile
        • NING
        • Other
      • Final Thoughts
    • 4. Job Seekers Media Survey – Industry Responses
    • 5. Job Seekers Media Survey – Job Search Status
    • 6. Job Seekers Media Survey – Media Usage
    • 7. Job Seekers Media Survey – “New” Media Used
    • 8. Job Seekers Media Survey - Networking & Recruiters
    • 9. Job Seekers Media Survey - Comments
      • Monster and CareerBuilder have always irritated me because posting anything there has typically resulted in being inundated by the spawn of Satan (i.e., recruiters)
      • Social media is great for the big picture but there is nothing more effective than personal networking.
      • I have blindly submitted my resume online but with very little success. Networking provided the results.
      • You just have to do it all - you're marketing yourself and the bigger the audience, the better the results.
      • I think the future lies in sites like Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites.
      • I usually try to find someone I know via LinkedIn in the company I am applying to and try to get my resume in front of an actual recruiter.
    • 10. How Zappos Does It
      • It’s all about the Culture
        • Twitter
        • Face Book
        • Company Website
        • Jobvite
    • 11. JobAngels
      • On Twitter
      • On Face Book
      • On LinkedIN
        • Success Stories:
    • 12. @researchgoddess says…
      • Twitter
        • Observe (follow) those who are important to the people that are important to YOU
        • Then formulate a business case
          • What is your purpose?
          • Is it the right tool for your audience?
          • “ Give” before you try to “Get”
          • Don’t confuse networking and building relationships
          • Ben Franklin
          • Twitter is a paradox
          • Success story
          • Find her here:
          • OR
    • 13. Mobile
      • Mobile has become the undisputed heavyweight in total usage and mainstream adoption. According to a Morgan Stanley report, "91% of the planet keep the mobile phone within arm's reach 24/7. It is literally the last thing we look at before we go to sleep and again the first thing we see when we wake up.“
      • GSM World and the CTIA recently confirmed that there are now 4 billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet, vs. just 1 billion PC owners.
      • Mobile subscribers now represent 60% of the population and growing.
      • In the USA alone, 262 million subscribers contribute to over 75 billion text messages per month.
      • Another interesting trend: 12% of US households have abandoned fixed landlines and moved to mobile phones only.
    • 14. http:// / Michael Marlatt says… Mobile Recruiting is not just for the younger generation
    • 15. Other Media
      • LinkedIN
        • Job searches rose 51%in February 2009 over December 2008
        • Job applicants doubled in last six months
        • More people adding connections & getting recommendations; even those employed
          • Source: LA Times March 30, 2009
      • Ecademy
      • Orkut
      • NING
        • Build your own community – You make the rules
          • Rick Zabor – People Staff
          • Jim Canto – medXcentral
      • VisualCV
          • Search for candidates here
    • 16. NING
      • Rick Zabor of People Staff
      • /
        • Community for individuals with PeopleSoft experience
        • Uses as a way to broadcast relevant information to group
          • Encourages group members to share articles & job leads
        • Posts folders that link to other websites with related content
        • Promotes through his email signature
        • Thinks social networking is in its infancy
    • 17. NING
      • Jim Canto of medXcentral
        • On Twitter
          • Blog back to Twitter page
          • Blog
          • Facebook Fan Page
      • Jim says, “We are all free” and “Don’t have a small town mentality” with regard to social networking communities
    • 18. VisualCV
      • For Professionals
        • Visual Resume for employers to search
        • Showcase your unique skills
      • Employers use as a recruiting tool
      • Business Owners use to promote their service
      • Freelance work
        • Showcase your creative work
    • 19. In Closing
      • Determine YOUR strategy
      • Decide which tools are best for your business, and focus on those
      • If you aren’t sure or want to know more ask questions of trusted sources
      • If at first you don’t succeed….Keep trying
    • 20. Contact
      • Vicki Z. Lauter
      • Find me here to find me everywhere:
      • 404-978-2616
      • [email_address]