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Gymboland facebook

  1. 1. GYMBOLANDOnline Communication Strategy
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES • Increase the • Awareness - increase the number of Facebook number of fans 1 birthday parties • Engagement - create a community of Facebook • Increase the fans (both loyal and potential clients) that reacts number of 2 to our campaigns and shares info to others clients in the 10 – 17 o’clock interval • Gymboland = Top-of-mind choice for children & parents 3
  3. 3. TARGET • Parents - F&M – mostly females • 26-45 y.o. • Living in Bucharest and Constanta • At least medium income • Familiar with Internet browsing • Sensitive to their kid’s needs and desires • Easily motivated to try out new activities – sportive/educational - for their kid, especially when they can take advantage of a price reduction • Bargain-lovers: price-sensitive.
  4. 4. INSIGHT – WHAT CLIENTS THINK STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES• Gymboland is a fun place for their • The cost vs benefits ratio is not kids and a good alternative to correct - not all the kids have a parks good experience with Gymboland• Kids are looked over and safe • We don’t have a personal while parents are away relationship with them and their kids• Kids get to socialize and learn how to play with others • Some clients don’t trust in our staff’s ability/interest of managing• Gymboland gives parents time for the kids themselves • Lack of awareness – some clients are not aware of Gymboland’s offers – happy hours/parties/animators (therefore they cannot benefit from all offers)
  5. 5. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY1. Awareness - increase the number of Facebook fans 15 June - 15 July – Facebook campaign – we strongly promote a 5 lei discount for a month and the promise of a lot of contests to all clients who become our facebook fans (we promote it by our staff, flyers, entrance tickets, banners on every stand and website) We control the discounts by giving to the new facebook fans a code to be told at the entrance of the playground 15 June - We send a invitation mail/sms to our clients from the current database regarding the campaign It is recommended to repeat this campaign on September and in the winter holiday period
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY2. Engagement - create a community of Facebook fans (constant and potential clients) that reacts to our campaigns and share info to othersIn order to reach more people through Facebook and make them react to our messages we need to have a constant, attractive and friendly content From 15 June – 2-3 posts/day Ist post – presents the next day’s activity from our summer program IInd post – the moment of the day (the facepainting starts in 30 minutes/today is the hide&seek day) IIIrd post – an article of interest for the parents followed by a question meant to engage them to conversation once a week – a facebook contest
  7. 7. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY3. Gymboland = top of mind choiceIn order to make the playground the top of mind choice for our clients we have to give them relevani reasons to return to us Combine the Facebook strategy with the marketing strategy and points of attraction within the playgroundExamples One raffle/day for all the kids that are inside the playground at 6 o’clock with rewards from Bombonica (one balloon and a bag of sweets) A 10 minutes competition between kids (the best drawing/the slide contest/the first that sais a 4 letter word etc.) that ends with a reward Take pictures of kids in a nice background and send them by email to their parents – these emails give us the opportunity to invite them on the Facebook page
  8. 8. CONTESTS & REWARDS Facebook contests the best drawing the most complex lego construction the funniest story of an event involving your kid the nicest thing said by your kid the most interesting costume the best facepainting Rewards 3 free entrances for your kid and his friends Puzzles Dvds with cartoons, documentaries Story books Movie tickets Magazines for kids
  9. 9. CONTENT Features & images from other sites regarding : The developing steps of kids How to understand your kid’s needs Toys that develop your kid’s creativity/learning abilities etc. Books for kids Kids fashion Ideas of decorating your kid’s room How to discover your kid’s talent Recreative activities great for kids Recommended afterschools How to feed your kid properly
  10. 10. FUTURE OPPORTUNITIESAfter we create an organic community on Facebook (500 fans) we can find sponsors for our contests in exchange for advertising them among our fans. More diverse and expensive prizes lead to clients loyalty and retention. Potential partners Libraries & Magazines Kids shops Cinemas, Theatres Afterschools, Dance schools Sports stores Dentists&other medical providers Home design shops Restaurants Food producers