Victor                                      riakum Ya                                           mar allamelli             ...
SKILLS & EXPERTISE (Endorsement)     EXPERIEN            NCEChief Operatin Officer             ngRMG CORP INDIA PVT. LTD. ...
Business Stra            ategy Consu                      ultantINFOGRID PACIF PTE. LTD.             FICJuly 2010 – Nove  ...
Pro    oduction Tr              rainer  VER    RSAWARE IND PVT. LTD.              DIA  Oct    tober 2000 – J              ...
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Resume of Victoriakumar Yallamelli


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Resume of Victoriakumar Yallamelli

  1. 1. Victor riakum Ya mar allamelli Chief Ope erating Officer at RMG Corp India Pvt. Ltd. G a Pune Area, India | Info ormation Te echnology an Services nd Current RMG Co India Pvt. Ltd., Winter Goose Publishing, Consult orp tant Previous Infogrid Pacific Pte. Ltd., Cisco Recall, Value Ch d L hain Internatio onal Ltd. Education Nationa Institute of Managemen al f ntBACKG GROUND SUMMARY Y Seasoned, highly motivated, Seenior Manage ement professsional from the Digital and Publishing services Indu t d ustry, offering over g 14 ye ears of thoro ough experiennce. Possess strong comm mitment to tea environm am ment dynamic with the ab cs bility to contribute ertise and follow leadership directives a appropriate times. expe p at e Accomplished in directing op perations of multiple de epartments including pro oject manage ement, produ managem uct ment, nical Support production support, pr techn t, n resales, businness solutions, software ddeployment a and training. Recognized as a princ cipal member of senior m management teams, char t rged with naavigating the company through period of growth and ds h profi itability. Regarded as a key contributor, tech savvy a y , and highly valuable person who provide immense value to the senior n es v busin ness leaders as well as to the organization. Compan goal focused and botto line orient professio ny om ted onal with an a ability to make tough de ecisions, with a knack providing out of the box solutio ons. SPECIALITIES: Business Solutio ons, Presale es, Contracts and Agre s eements, Orrganization Development Pricing Models, Business t, M Docuumentation, TTeam Buildin and Develo ng opment, Cust tomer Communication, BO Pre and P OT, Post Sales Connsultation. eBook Stan ndards, Print P Publishing, XM Developm ML ment, DTD/Sch hema Develop pment, XSLT 1-2, XHTML (A versions), CSS (All versio All C ons) CERTIFIC CATIONS Kof Technical Solutio Specialist fax on Kofa Inc ax Janu uary 2010 – Pr resent OnBase User r Hyla Softwar and re Honours Diploma in Co omputer A Application n Lakh hotia Computer Institut te Janu uary 1998 – Present Cer rtified Web Designer b Win ntech Compu uter Academ my Octo ober 1999 – Present CSS S3 Brai inbench September 2012 – Septemb 2015 ber Pro oject Mana agement (2 2008) Brai inbench Nov vember 2011 – November 2014
  2. 2. SKILLS & EXPERTISE (Endorsement) EXPERIEN NCEChief Operatin Officer ngRMG CORP INDIA PVT. LTD. (R G A RMG PUBLISHING)Dece ember 2011 – Present | Pu une, IndiaResp ponsible for s streamlining the business operations of RMG Cor India, since December 2011. Leading a diverse team s rprang ging from tech hnical team m members to production e experts. The responsibility extends to t r y taking up the responsibilit e ties toexpa the horizo for the co and ons ompany, with teams built f Sales, Mar for rketing, Manaagement and Services.RMG specializes in production services for the publishin industry. Ranging from creating eBo formats, Markup conve G n ng R ook M ersionto pr roduct develo opment.Currently managi over 200 staff members in various capacities. Have undertak radical ch ing ken hanges to bring the compa to anythe f forefront. Brin the compa into the M ng any Market as pion neers of Publishing Service es.Bus siness Strat tegy Consu ultantWIN NTER GOOSE P PUBLISHINGNov vember 2011 – Present | California, USA AePublishing Strat tegies, Print and eBook Cre eation, Marke eting, Channe Liaison and more.. elKof Consult fax tant for Cap pture 8 & 9 and KTM5 5INDEPENDENT CO ONSULTANTJanu uary 2010 – Pr resent | Pune India e,Consultancy for implementation and training of Kofax C Capture 8 and 9. d
  3. 3. Business Stra ategy Consu ultantINFOGRID PACIF PTE. LTD. FICJuly 2010 – Nove y ember 2011 | Pune, India eamlined all production and technology projec managemStre ct ment. Significcantly increa ased the qu uality of bussinesscom mmunication. A single po oint of conta for all cu act ustomers, tec chnology and production Advised on improveme d n. n ent inpro oduction proccedures and technological advancement in existing products. P g Provided solu utions based on available opensou urce technologgies to enhan productio performance as well as inclusion in technology pr nce on roducts.Exp panded the m market reach o IGP using s of social media s such as Twitt and profes ter ssional netwo Linkedin. Provided per ork rsonalfeedback as well as information using blog and written articles to th Industry. l gs n heOp perations Ex xecutive, D DMS DigitalCISC RECALL COOct tober 2009 – J June 2010 | S Singapore City Singapore y,Was responsible for setting u the Digitiza s e up ation and Con nversion serviices from ground zero. Set up Kofax Ca t apture 8 serve and erwor rkstations for 10 licensed seats. Succes r ssfully trained over 30 sta members from the pro d aff oduction unit as well as IT teammembers for ser rver and appllication deplo oyment. sisted the sale team with active participation in cusAss es stomer meetings for pre aand post sale activities fo digital solu es or utions. ovided solutio to the account managePro ons ement team fo in-selling for the existin customers. or f ng .Head – Presales, Business Solution and Inno ns ovationMERLION CONVERSION LABS PVT. LTD. SNov vember 2005 –September 2009 | Pune, India , onal teams for the fulfillme of corpora productivLed diverse and cross-functio d ent ate vity, quality, an bottom-lin objectives. nd nePre esales and po sales sup ost pportPro ovided pre sa ales and post sales support to the sa ales team an large cust nd tomers such as Taylor & Francis (Info orma),Cam mbridge Univversity Press, Houghton Mi ifflin Harcour American Psychological Association, Books 24x7, National Aca rt, P ademyPre McGraw H Internatio ess, Hill, onal Maritime Organization Cengage Le e n, earning and m more.Han ndled projects valuing in excess of USD 20 Million an nnually.Bussiness Solution ovided busine solutions t existing an potential customer by creating value for the businPro ess to nd c e ness tie ups. Solutions pro S ovidedfor the ePublish hing, eLearnin as well as traditional e ng s education req quirements. Developed D DTDs/Schema for the educ cationsector to facilita curriculum based lear ate m rning environment along with the use of powerful XML for info w ormation and data dharrvesting.Inn novation (Pro oduction Eng gineering)Led the team of experts, whic provided p d ch production enngineering solutions to pro oduction units across, Pune and Coimbatore. sThe team was re e esponsible for improving the production process, by innovative th r y hinking as we as impleme ell entation.The team itself was respons e sible to prod duce samples for potential customers for project acquisition as well to ex s s a xistingcus stomers with t new technological adv the vancements h happening in the industry. tPro oduct Mana ager & Man nager Profe essional Services Grou upDX TECHNOLOG GIES PVT. LTD. .January 2002 –O October 2005 | Pune, IndiaPro oduct Manag gerWas responsible for busines designing of DX Content Factory a complete pr s e ss roduction sui for the publishing ind ite dustry.Add ded multiple new features based on c customer fee edback. Improoved the pro oductive of th production units by 20 by he n 0%imp plementing changes to th product. Managed the releases of the produc to in house productio unit as w he e ct on well aspro oduction francchisees.Manager – Prof fessional Serv vices GroupManaged a team of 15 memb m bers providing technical su g upport to in house produc h ction units and production franchisee. O d Onsite ployment of the products. Deployed DX Content Factory at 12 locdep X cations within India and four locations abroad (Singa n a apore,Malaysia, Thailan and Italy) nd
  4. 4. Pro oduction Tr rainer VER RSAWARE IND PVT. LTD. DIA Oct tober 2000 – J January 2002 | Pune, India 2 a Ver rsaware Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. wa the produc as ction and dev velopment cennter for Versa aware Inc.(Ne York and Israel). ew Ves saware was th largest bac office servi provider in India and pioneers of pu he ck ice p ublishing serv vices provider all over the w r world. Tra ained over 16 600 staff mem mbers on var rious set and new production processe including but not limit es, ting to, HTML CSS, L, XML conversion, eBook creat tion, Graphics Multimedia, Quality Control, and Qua s, ality Assurance. Dev documents as well as assis veloped training material d sted in creatio of Flash ba on ased training modules. Center Manag ger WIN NTECH COMP PUTERS May 2000 – Sept tember 2000 | Singapore City, Singapore Was responsible for profit m e management of the computer training institute. Imparted specia alized training, especially in the are of Graphic Multimedia and Web de eas cs, evelopment. Center Manag ger LAK KHOTIA COMPUTER CENTE ER Apr 1997 –April 2000 | Pune India ril e, Wa responsible for profit management o the comput training in as e of ter nstitute. Imparted specializ training, especially in t areas zed e the of G Graphics, Multimedia and Web develop pment.CONT TACT INFO EDUCATION ADDRESS A MBA National Instit N tute of Mana agement D-3 THIRD F 312 FLOOR, EDEN PARK N Vim Nagar, N man Near Hotel B Brookeside DBA Pun 411014 – Maharasht ne tra National Instit N tute of Mana agement Ind dia HSC Saraswati Vid S dyalaya Unio (Maha. Bo on oard) PH HONE +91 986014541 1 18 SSC St. Vincent’s High School (Maha. Boa S ard) EMAIL vya allamelli@gm IN NTERESTS SKYPE MUSIC C allamelli vya WRITIN NG LINKEDIN L htt tp://www.lin /in/vyallamelli VIDEO OGRAPHY & MOVIES FACEBOOK K PHOTO OGRAPHY tps://www.f htt m/vyallamelli BLOGG GING TWITTER http://twitter.c com/vyallam melli TRAVEL LING WILDLIF FE