Internet Video - ROI For Pay Per Click


Published on Internet video marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance the ROI of your Pay Per Click campaigns. Find out more by watching this presentation

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  • People want a quick USP, so much so that many are even starting their searches on YouTube rather than Google Comscore. The average B2B purchaser in the US views 3 youtube videos per day! They want quick easy to digest information to help them to purchase quicker. Online video helps them to do this whether it is on a website or on a sharing site like Youtube.The holy grail of conversion is reducing the bounce rate so that you can have visitors online for long enough to be able to get your USP across – Video increases the possibilty that people will actually receive your USP and strengthen the likelihood that they will look further into the site which leads to a greater possibility that they will buy.It has never been truer than in times of recession, people buy people. Online video helps to start the creation of the bond even before people have met you and enhances the possibility of them contacting you over your competition – Look at typical accountants, lawyers in your own area and see if any of them can present an engaging value proposition that differentiates them from their competition.Video is fast becoming the norm and people now expect it. If they get it and don’t expect it, all the better you’ve just been differentiated.
  • Traditional PPC is getting more difficult to get clicks and now more than ever, those engaging in PPC campaigns need to build a competitive edge to allow them to increase their conversion rates when someone does click on their Ad.People’s attention span is about 3-7 seconds unless we make the page they land on meaningful and engaging. They don’t want to read and need instant gratification.
  • In contrast to the traditional approach to PPC, Video Landing Pages present visitors with an instant razor sharp video sales pitch on the landing page, making sure that they stay engaged. Video Landing Pages satisfy their needs in many ways:Quick pitch rather than digging through a huge amount of pages. Web Users are getting lazy and demand instant gratification. Give it to them quickly and easily.It is also a well known fact that people don’t take instruction
  • Television versus the Internet The 80 year old Television media Industry has been seriously threatened in the past decade by the Internet, and have responded with streaming Internet technology enabling the public to watch television on the Internet. Today the strongest difference between television video and standard Internet video is that television can put people in a far superior environment. A video shot in someone's back office cannot compete with a video shot in a multimillion dollar TV Studio.    The Virtual Studio Major Network television shows (especially in Europe) are now broadcasting from Virtual Studios. A Virtual Studio is made up of a physical green screen backdrop and complex digital backgrounds (the studio) When the show is filmed the green screen backdrop is removed and the talent are in the Studio. For example the French Lottery show is shot entirely in a virtual Studio as are several Spanish and Italian chat shows. The cost reductions for television networks is tremendous as they no longer need to physically build a studio which can cost several million dollars. Most weather broadcasts are also shot on green screen using a virtual studio. Virtual Studios are also very big in the political arena. For example Senator McCain and Obama both used virtual studios extensively during their campaigns  So why in everyone not utilising Virtual Studios?  Simply because it has not been made available outside the large TV networks and has been cost prohibitive for most businesses and Studios need to be booked months in advance.  Orad, an Italian firm is the world's largest provider of Virtual Studios and their prices start at several hundred thousand Euros  The WSI Video Pro Virtual Studios Our Virtual Studios include the following  Affordable to any business A custom video produced in a client branded virtualstudio retails at around $1595 (IC Price is $795) No camera crew required /shoot anytime /anywhere Our portable Studio Kits allow shooting at a client's offices or anywhere else             Professional Studio designs to the same quality as multi million dollar TV networks Custom Studio branding to client requirements Custom Studio design services available Complete marketing flexibility any business canbroadcast from their Studio monthly, weekly or any time they wish and publish throughout the Internet Replaces the email marketing Newsletter (no comparison here) and provides an ongoing revenue stream for ICs Replaces the Landing page we canplace Optin forms right into the Studios which integrate with all major email marketing systems such as Awebber, Constant Contact etc,
  • We all know that video is the number 1 conversion tool on the net. But why choose Video Beans to do your production.Multi LingualOnly 8% of people in Europe speak English, Europe is the third largest market in the world after the US and Japan. How can you penetrate this market – Multi Lingual VideosHow can US companies establish a sales presence in EuropeWe build a video with your photos and video and add professional design elements such as logo revelaers, titles and transitions and tailored finishes to make a fully professional video offering for your clients at an affordable price.We also offer an affordable alternative to hosting your video on Youtube where your clients visitors will always have easy access to their competition. Talk to us today to discuss your needs as costs are based on traffic.
  • Why use Green Screen – It doesn’t matter where you take it, We control the final quality of the video. It removes most of the margin for error and the fact we can control the what’s going on in the background gives the client huge flexibility in terms of the image they present and also can hide the fact that they are a small organisation.It can also allow strong sales messages to be delivered behind the person on the video while they are talking, making the most of the 1 – 1.5 minutes that they get with their customer which reinforce the spoken message
  • Internet Video - ROI For Pay Per Click

    1. 1. Web Video- ROI for Pay Per Click<br />
    2. 2. On demand Video Marketing Campaigns<br />High Quality | High Flexibility | Low Cost<br />Low Quality | No Flexibility | High Cost<br />Video Marketing campaign scheduling 12 months in advance simply does not work<br />
    3. 3. Our Product Portfolio<br />Multilingual Video production (74 Languages)<br />Multilingual Digital Video Brochure (DVB) production<br />Webmercial production<br /> E-Commerce and Optin form enabled Videos<br />Virtual Studios and Newsrooms development<br />Video Landing page development & Optimisation<br />Video Marketing, Video publishing, Video SEO<br />In-house Video Studio Kits supply<br />Video Business Card (VBC) production<br />Video production for DVD and Blue Ray duplication<br />Streaming Video Hosting<br />Multilingual Voice overs (74 Languages)<br />Multilingual Video scripting, translations & copywriting<br />Video Consulting & Training<br />
    4. 4. Why Online Video For PPC ?<br />The Audience<br />The Benefits<br />Time Poor<br />Quick USP Delivery<br />Build Engagement & Conversion<br />People Buy People<br />They expect it!<br />Instant Gratification<br />Too lazy to read<br />
    5. 5. Traditional PPC<br />
    6. 6. Video PPC ?<br />“Online Video <br />gives a <br />20-40% <br />lift over other <br />Ad forms” <br />ComScore<br />
    7. 7. The Video Pro “Video PPC” Service<br />We Do The Rest!<br />Concept<br />Scripting<br />Translation<br />Professional Voice-Over<br />Post Production<br />Landing Pages<br />E commerce Videos (Forms & Paypal buttons)<br />Distribution & Marketing<br />You provide<br />Photos<br />Video<br />Client<br />Green Screen Footage<br />Marketing Message<br />
    8. 8. Ecommerce enabled Videos<br />Buy now Buttons inside the Videos works with Paypal<br /><ul><li> Contact forms inside the Videos integrate with all major email marketing platforms
    9. 9. Re-direct Video
    10. 10. Sales Tracking and Analytics</li></ul>Video marketing<br />Sample at:<br />
    11. 11. Sample Virtual Sets – The Professional Edge<br />Customisable to your Brand<br />
    12. 12. Virtual Newsroom Studio Sets Put your Company in a multi-million dollar TV Studio<br />Video production<br />
    13. 13. Virtual Newsroom Studio Sets Studios can be Client branded or custom built<br />Video production<br />
    14. 14. Virtual Newsroom Studio Sets Replaces the e-Newsletter (no comparison)<br />
    15. 15. Virtual Newsroom Studio Sets Clients can shoot from their Offices with the Studio Kit<br />
    16. 16. Why ?<br />Multi Lingual Video Available in 72 languages <br />We can operate in any market<br />Client’s In-House Studio<br />Shoot On-Location ANYWHERE<br />Professional Post Production<br />Video Marketing and Analytics<br />Affordable Video Hosting<br />It Works with our clients!<br />
    17. 17. YourPortable Video Studio<br />We provide your Personal Studio<br />You Shoot Videos<br />We do the rest<br />Scripts<br />Production<br />Publish<br />Distribute<br />Studio Setup Guide<br />Visit<br />To learn more<br />
    18. 18. Contact Information<br />Visit our website to see how we can help with your Video Production and Marketing Needs<br /><br />To Give your PPC Campaign an<br />ROI Boost<br />