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What is Really Happening - North Shore - 8th Grade Service Learning Project

What is Really Happening - North Shore - 8th Grade Service Learning Project



Over the course of the year, the 8th graders at the North Shore Country Day School have been studying the genocide in Darfur. Their goal of their project was to raise awareness to this crisis. Led by ...

Over the course of the year, the 8th graders at the North Shore Country Day School have been studying the genocide in Darfur. Their goal of their project was to raise awareness to this crisis. Led by Natalie Sept, a group of students presented the following to the Middle School students, Upper School students, faculty, and staff of the North Shore Country Day School during an all school assembly (Morning Ex) on Monday, May 14, 2007



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    What is Really Happening - North Shore - 8th Grade Service Learning Project What is Really Happening - North Shore - 8th Grade Service Learning Project Presentation Transcript

    • What is happening? really
    • The Facts
    • Darfur is a state in the country of Sudan. Roughly ¼ the size of the U.S.
    • Darfur is 196,555 sq. mi Almost four times the size of Illinois
    • The whole eastern half of Darfur is covered with plains and low hills of sandy soils known as goz. While dry, goz may also support Rich pasture and arable land. Primarily arid climate Darfur’s Economy is based on subsistence agriculture, as well as livestock in the drier north.
    • Taken from Google Earth, this is a satelite image of the damage done in Darfur
    • Aerial view of one of the villages, burnt to the ground. About the size of Winnetka
    • Raw Numbers… 450,000 people have been killed More than 2.5 million have been driven from their homes More than 3.5 million are completely reliant on international aid for survival And the numbers continue to rise…
    • Millions over crowd refugee camps in the outskirts of Sudan and Chad Now the Janjaweed are entering into Chad There is no place to hide
    • People must wait in line hours in order to see a doctor
    • Dependent on International Aid, refugee camps are full of starving families Hundreds have died of malnutrition and disease alone
    • people involved
    • Unlike the media portrays the conflict is not between Muslims and non-Muslims BOTH groups are in fact Muslim Ideology of Arab supremacism has been growing in Africa since the 1960’s The Sudanese government became involved in the 1990’s… … funding militia groups who were carrying out the attacks
    • It was not until early 2003 that the Non-Arab Africans began to Combine their forces to protect themselves against militia groups
    • Two of the main groups— The Sudan Liberation Army and The Justice and Equality Movement — combined to create the National Redemption Front
    • The Sudanese Government, however, saw this uprising Of Non-Arab Africans as a threat against the nation of Sudan, And thus began funding a group known as the Janjaweed to quell the rebellion of the National Redemption Front
    • However, due to the prospects of peace, a faction of the Sudanese Liberation Army broke away from the National Redemption Front in order to come to a peace agreement with the Sudanese government— this prospect of peace would turn out to be an empty promise from the Sudanese government. An analysis in late 2006 concluded that "It is likely that the number of deaths for this conflict in Greater Darfur is higher than 200,000 individuals, and it is possible that the death toll is much higher."
    • The conflict began in February 2003, when rebel groups began attacking government targets. The government retaliated by launching a military and police campaign . The government has been accused of encouraging a group of Arab nomads called the Janjaweed to rape, murder and loot the African Farmers
    • President of Sudan Omar Al-Bashir who denies any correlation between Janjaweed and his government. On March 22 nd , Bashir finally agreed to have an additional 3,000 Peace- Keeping troups sent to Darfur region.
    • It is now May 14th No additional troops have been sent…
    • Kass Town 89,895 Al Mallan 2,124 Thur 24,087 East JM 13,800 Beida AU 3,227 Arava VC 5,845 Habilla AU 26,433 Manawashi 10,968 Jemeza Komera 3,285 Djabal 15,103 Mukjar 14,325 Kango Haraza 3,327 Daya 18,725 Golo AU 62,060 Gornie & Debanga 13,770 Gildo 15,182 Mornei 61,034 Nertiti 13,081 Shangil Tobayi 19,494 Zalingei AU 95,069 Ladob 10,972 2.5 million Displaced Since October 2006
    • Hunted like animals Raped Murdered Abandoned
    • What have we done to help?
    • Al-Bashir agreed in November 2006 to a three-phase U.N. plan to strengthen the African Union force . The first phase, a light support package including U.N. police advisers, civilian staff and additional resources and technical support, has already been sent to Darfur Al-Bashir has refused to give a green light to the third and final phase a 20,000 strong “hybrid” United Nations-African Union force. Deployment of the second phase of 3,000 troops has been delayed
    • YOUR Congressmen
    • Darfur Scorecard Representative Mark Steven Kirk Senator Barack Obama Senator Richard Durbin A+ A+ B Co-sponsored: Darfur Accountability Act, Civilian Protection, and No-Fly Zone. Also UN Mendez Amendment for peacekeeping in Darfur In addition to Obama’s contributions, Durbin has been to Darfur, and sponsored the Derby/Leahy Amendment for emergency funding to increase peacekeeping in Darfur Voted for majority of Darfur legislature, but voted against Funding Amendment for Humanitarian Aid.
    • What can I do?
    • TAKE ACTION! Write to your congressmen Sudan Divestment Authorization Act (Senate Bill 831), introduced on March 8, provides federal protection for states that divest from foreign companies funding the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
    • TAKE ACTION! Attend a Rally Look for updates on www.savedarfur.org for rallies and protests coming to your area!
    • EDUCATE! SPREAD AWARENESS Knowledge is Power The greatest thing you can do Is to inform people of Darfur. Continue to Educate! Be a source of information so that we can begin change!
    • SANZA Solstice: Rock for a Reason June 12 th @ 7pm Subterranean (North and Damen) Featuring performances by Paper Airplane Pilots, Cameron McGill and the Quartet Offensive, Jonny Rumble, Sub Rosa, Smallwire, Hey Day, Laz...Dj's Stare Decisis, Matt Fields, and D.j. Bugalu...including items to be auctioned off courtesy of Wilco, Andrew Bird, and more!!! Coming Soon…
    • We will not be silent Save Darfur