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Roaring twenties 2009
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Roaring twenties 2009

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  • 1. Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks. Life magazine cover (1926), John Held, Jr. The Roaring Twenties 1919–1929
  • 2.
      • Government supports
      • business
      • Hands-off policy in
      • other matters
    The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 3. Harding and the “Return to Normalcy” The Business of America • President Warren G. Harding promises to return U.S. to “ normalcy ” • Pro-business cabinet includes Andrew W. Mellon as Secretary of the Treasury 1 SECTION
  • 4. • President Harding appoints unqualified, corrupt men, cabinet positions (Ohio Gang) • In the Teapot Dome Scandal Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall: - takes bribes - makes illegal deals with oil executives • Harding depressed about scandals, dies suddenly (1923) continued Harding and the “Return to Normalcy” The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 5. Coolidge Takes Over • Vice-President Calvin Coolidge • Tries to clean up scandals, elected president in his own right (1924) • Laissez faire —business unregulated by government benefits the nation • Under “laissez faire”, U.S. business prospers • Refuses to help farmers; doesn’t believe in government help for individuals The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 6. • President Coolidge is an isolationist : - U.S. stays out of other nations’ affairs except for self-defense • Helps set up the Kellogg-Briand Pact (1928): - 15 nations agree not to make war on each other, only self-defense continued Coolidge Takes Over The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 7. Technology Changes American Life • Average annual income per person rises 35 % • Americans have more money to buy goods, spend on leisure • Using assembly lines, Henry Ford makes cars most people can afford • Assembly line —product moves along conveyor belt across the factory The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 8. • Installment buying —repay borrowed amount in small monthly payments • National advertising begins, promotes new products • Cheap fuel powers new inventions that make life easier continued Technology Changes American Life The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 9. The Air Age Begins • Former WW I pilots work as: - crop-dusters, stunt fliers, flight instructors • U.S. Post Office Department begins air mail service (1918) • Charles A. Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart fly across the Atlantic • Pan American Airways becomes first U.S. passenger airline (1927) The Business of America 1 SECTION
  • 10. 1920s bring new attitudes and lifestyles but also cause divisions and conflict. Section 2 Changes in Society
  • 11. Youth in the Roaring Twenties Changes in Society • 1920s celebrates youth, young people rebel against tradition and authority • Young people stay in school longer, wear daring clothes, follow silly fads • Dance marathons are popular and Charleston is a favorite dance 2 SECTION
  • 12. New Roles for Women • The symbol of 1920s American women is the flapper • 19th Amendment assures women have the right to vote Changes in Society 2 SECTION
  • 13. Prohibition and Lawlessness • 18th Amendment— Prohibition —bans making, selling alcohol (1920) • Speakeasies sell alcohol, bootleggers transport, sell liquor illegally • Organized crime gangs battle for control of bootlegging operations • Crime boss Al Capone seizes control of 10,000 speakeasies in Chicago • Prohibition fails, 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition (1933) Changes in Society 2 SECTION
  • 14. Changes for African Americans • In 1920s, many African Americans move North, get better jobs • Gain some economic, political power • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) • Marcus Garvey calls blacks to return to Africa and form separate nation Changes in Society 2 SECTION
  • 15. A Divided Society • Fundamentalism —believe in literal interpretation of the Bible • John Scopes breaks evolution ban, found guilty, decision reversed • Ku Klux Klan gains strength, tries to influence politics Changes in Society 2 SECTION
  • 16. Popular culture was influenced by mass media, sports, and the contribution of African-Americans. Section 3 The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance
  • 17. More Leisure Time for Americans The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance • Laborsaving appliances, shorter work hours increase leisure time • People get higher wages, spend more on leisure activities: - go to movies, reading, listening to radio, talking on phones 3 SECTION
  • 18. Mass Media and Popular Culture • Mass media —communication to large audience—takes hold in 1920s • People flock to movies to see favorite actors and actresses such as Charlie Chaplin • Films silent, most of 1920s, 1st talking movie The Jazz Singer (1927) The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance 3 SECTION
  • 19. A Search for Heroes • Sporting events of all types enjoy rising attendance • Sports figures give people hope for better life, heroes such as: - Babe Ruth, baseball player - Bobby Jones, golfer - Gertrude Ederle, swimmer - Jack Dempsey, boxer The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance 3 SECTION
  • 20. The Lost Generation • Lost Generation —artists, writers resent WW I, see little hope for future
    • • Become expatriates —people who live in a country other than their own
        • Ernest Hemingway
        • F. Scott Fitzgerald
        • Sinclair Lewis
    The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance 3 SECTION
  • 21. The Harlem Renaissance • Harlem Renaissance —burst of black cultural activity, Harlem, NYC • Artists develop, exchange ideas - Langston Hughes—poet • Jazz—combines African rhythms, blues, ragtime - Louis Armstrong - Duke Ellington • Starts in New Orleans The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance 3 SECTION
  • 22. The Roaring Twenties The End!!