Blood typing.


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Blood typing.

  1. 1. Name: Vanessa Velasquez Date: 2-6-13 Analysis Table 1 Anti-A Serum Anti-B Serum Anti-Rh Serum Blood TypeSlide 1- Mrs. Smith Agglutination None Agglutination A+ Slide 2- Mr. Jones None Agglutination None B-Slide 3- Mr. Green Agglutination Agglutination Agglutination AB+Slide 4- Ms. Brown None None None O-1) Choose one of the following patients: a) Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Mr. Green, Ms. Brown= Mr. Green b) Using the information shown in Figure 1 on Blood type and the data recorded in Table 1, What agglutinogens are present on the patient’s RBC’s? Antigens A and B c) What ABO agglutinin(s) is/are found in the patient’s Plasma? Neither anti-A or anti-B d) What is the patient’s blood type? AB e) If this patient needed a transfusion, what blood type(s) could this patient safely receive? Blood types O, A, B, and AB. f) What blood type(s) could safely receive this patient’s blood? Only blood type AB2) Below is the information representing the blood type analysis of a new patient (patient X). From the information obtained, fill out the medical technologist report. A: Agglutination Medical technologist’s report B: No Agglutination ABO Type: AB Rh: Agglutination Rh Type: Rh+3) Compare and Contrast agglutinogens and agglutinins. In the diagram show at least 2 similarities and 2 differences. Agglutinogens Agglutinins
  2. 2. Differences Similarities Differences -surface of ethrocytes -blood protein sunstance -in plasma -related to antigen -part of immune system -antibody related4) Pretend you went with your class on a medical career field trip to a local hospital. One of the stops on the visit was to the hospital’s blood lab. The medical technologist at this stop gave a demonstration of how blood types are determined. Your job is to write a paragraph for the school newspaper on the visit to the blood lab, summarizing what you’ve learned about how ABO/Rh blood groups are determined. Write a paragraph and include the title. As we enter the cold sterilized room I notice the line of what looks like small refridgerators that hous the packages of blood for transfusions. The main doctor escorting me through this wing of the hospital informs me that the holders are sectioned of by blood type for accessability purposes. There is a large machine near the back of the room that is supposed to determine the type of blood that the nurses bring in. The machine is filled with ant-A, anti-B and Rh serums that it dispenses into test tubes filled with patient or donor blood. After stirring the contents of the test tubes the machine distinguishes which tube contains agglutinations and determines the type of blood and where it should be stored.5) List at least 3 situations where blood typing could be used. a) Transplants b) Transfusions c) Blood donations6) Define Erythroblastosis Fetalis. Infant/Fetus blood disorders a) Describe the sequence of events that lead to this condition. Opposite Rh conditions (+/-) b) What might be some benefits if the medical profession developed a shot or vaccination that could desensitize an Rh+ situation? Less deaths at birth7) You are a type A eryhthorocyte placing an ad in the personals and you are seeking a compatible mate for a long lasting transfusion. Create an ad to be submitted to the newspaper. Do you need a transplant/transfusion/blood donor lifetime partner??? I know I sure do and I tos of fun to be around. If we are not compatible at all then I am afraid things will not progress further in our relationship. I do hope you understand, neither of us would benefit from a disasterouscombination of antigens and anit-bodies. I am only looking for someone to help keep me living and who I can return this favor to.8) Another important diagnostic tool used by medical technologist is determining a patient’s blood cell count, for both red blood cells and white blood cells. When this procedure is performed, one technique used is to take multiple samples and calculate the average. This method of multiple sampling is a standard procedure in scientific and medical investigations. Discuss why this method is important in blood typing. It allows doctors to have a cell count.9) Each year thousands of people contract blood borne diseases. What could be done in a clinical blood lab to minimize the risk of obtaining or spreading a blood borne disease? Take extra
  3. 3. precautions: 2 pairs of gloves, more labels to avoid confusion, designated people for specific blood samples to keep things more organized and prevent someone picking up a blood sample that is not the one they needed.10) In a short paragraph, identify what you think may be the next important breakthrough, milestone or discovery in the study of blood and blood diseases and explain why. Making cures more specific for the person depending on their blood type. For instance, blood clotting medicines based on blood type, and possible a deeper understanding of AIDs.