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Monthly report may 2013 final1

  1. 1. 1 Community Management Services (CMS) Monthly Report for May 2013 A UFMCO Publication This document provides an overview of the work undertaken by UFMCO for CMS in support of the Community Management Services Contract for The Pearl Qatar Compiled by Ajit Gokarn
  2. 2. 2 Executive Summary 1. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of UFMCO’s performance during the past calendar month, compared to the customer’s expectations for service delivery, as reflected in the agreed-to Scope of Work. 2. Health and Safety. There were no reported incidents. Twelve work permits were issued. 3. Work Order Completion. A total of 517 out of 528 PPM work orders were completed - a resolution rate of almost 98%. Access problems to Isolo Dana prevented this figure form being higher. For reactive works a total of 209 work orders were raised with a resolution rate of just over 91%. A major reason why this figure is not higher was due to resource constraints, with some resources having to be channeled to attend to works related to the Nikki Beach sports activities. 4. Pump Stations. 4.1 Integration. This is not going according to schedule and the end June target date will not be met. 4.2 QQ Stations. No change in status of pumps tripping – with E&C. 4.3 PWPS-1. No change in status – with E&C. 4.2 VPS. Snag list to be provided to E&C – manuals were received. 4.3 GPS2A. Incorrect activated carbon media received – escalated to E&C. 4.4 IPS 1 & 2. Normal operations resumed in May.
  3. 3. 3 4.5 GPS5. Still errors in displayed readings – escalated to E&C. 5. Water consumption. May consumption figures show an 18.4% increase in irrigation demand over April while potable water demand increased by 11.3% over April. 6. Landscaping. The new landscape contractor, AG Middle East, mobilized on 16 May. 7. Cleaning. Cleaning progressed as normal, and the return of the Faun road sweeper was a great help. 8. Serco. The Serco recommendations are being implemented, and already WO/FTE ratio has improved from the reported average of 1.16 per person for UFMCO, to over two per day. Daily meetings are held in a structured manner, guided by an SOP. 9. CAFM System. CAFM implementation is happening, with personnel presently practicing on dummy data – full rollout will take place during July.
  4. 4. 4 Table of Contents Page 1. OH&S, Environment, Risk & Compliance 4 1.1 OH&S 4 1.2 Environment 4 1.3 Risks 5 1.4 Compliance 5 2. Helpdesk & PPM Report 5 3. Contract Performance Measurement 8 3.1 Building & Engineering Services 8 3.2 Open Space Services 12 3.3 Landscaping Services 31 3.4 Infrastructure Maintenance Services 33 3.5 Cleaning Services 33 3.5.1 Beaches 35 3.6 Community Management Cleaning 38 4. Program Initiatives 47 5. Issues and Concerns 47 6. Annexures 49
  5. 5. 5 List of Tables and Figures: Table 1: High Risk Activities for May 2013 5 2: Spare Parts Requisition Summary 13 Figure 1: Reactive Work Requests 6 2: Reactive Work requests Resolution rate 6 3: PPM Year to date summary 7 4: PPM Work Orders Summary 7 5: Irrigation Water Consumption 10 6: Usage Rates 11
  6. 6. 6 1. OH&S, Environment, Risk & Compliance 1.1 OH&S 1.1.1 There were no reported NCR’s or incidents for the month of May 2013. 1.1.2 There were 12 work permits issued for CMS works, ranging from low to high risk. The high risk operation were as follows: - PPM works for LPG manholes – PA. - Excavation for electric power installation in PA – Parcel 18. 1.1.3 Random safety checks are being conducted on a daily basis to make sure that the work is conducted safely (report attached: F_019_011_MG_050613). 1.1.4 Three toolbox talks were conducted for CMS in the month of May 2013, the topics included the following: - Good Hygiene practices and viral infection prevention. - Emergency response procedures in case of illness or serious injury. - Work at height and the proper use of fall protection. 1.2 Environment 1.2.1 Eight Spill Kits were delivered. Training to UFMCO Supervisors as well as well as drivers is scheduled for June. 1.2.2 Delayed action on proposed Waste Management Plan by UFMCO is still affecting MC, Retail, EAD, and the community.
  7. 7. 7 1.2.3 Biobin was delivered during end May 2013 and installed behind the labour camp mess hall. It will be operational in June with first batch of compost expected in July. Biobin supplier ITSA trained the staff of Qatar Caterers and Contractors at the labour camp. 1.3 Risks 1.3.1 The below high risk activities with work permits were initiated in May. No Task Description Location Type of Risk Remarks 1 Replace busted street lights TPQ CMS Site Electrical, and work at heights Ongoing 2 Transferring of 12m light poles damaged in vehicle accidents Porto Arabia Mechanical Completed 3 Checking LPG Flame torches Porto Arabia Falls, Gas leak Ongoing Table 1: High Risk Activities completed in May 2013 1.4 Compliance 1.4.1 Safety induction for new personnel is taking place the second Tuesday of every month, in addition to the safety training and re-training schedules and toolbox talks that are carried out as per the schedule. 1.4.2 Fire warden training completed for 79 UFMCO staff. 2. Helpdesk & PPM Report 2.1 A total of 517 out of 528 PPM work orders were completed during May for CMS - a resolution rate of 97.92%. Full resolution could not be accomplished due to pending Isola Dana PPMs resulting from issues related to the access for manpower and vehicles to all areas of Isola island.
  8. 8. 8 2.2 A total of 209 reactive work orders were attended to with a resolution rate of 91.12%. Reason for the drop in the reactive works completion was mainly due to additional works at T31 for providing permanent power to Nikki Beach security hut for which additional manpower were mobilized to ensure work was completed to allow UDC Marketing organize sports programs at Nikki beach. Temporary generators were provided and maintained by UFMCO during the weekends in May. 2.3 CAFM system for which training of Supervisors and FM’s was completed in April 2013 and trial period allowed in May and June with dummy data. Full scale implementation will occur during July. Figure 1: Reactive Work Request Totals 109 99 133 172 181 209 0 50 100 150 200 250 Dec '12 Jan Feb Mar Apr May
  9. 9. 9 Figure 2: Reactive Works Resolution Rates Figure 3: PPM Year to Date Summary 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 91.12% 86.00% 88.00% 90.00% 92.00% 94.00% 96.00% 98.00% 100.00% 102.00% Dec '12 Jan Feb Mar Apr May
  10. 10. 10 Figure 4: PPM Work Order Summary 3. Contract Performance Measurement 3.1 Building & Engineering Services. Relevant Contractual Directive - Volume 2.1 Part 3 Building and Engineering Maintenance Services, clauses 3.10 Potable Water, 3.11 Plumbing Storm water systems, 3.14 Sewerage, Wastewater &TSE Systems. The following is the list of activities undertaken. 3.1.1 Pump stations integration. By end May work on the integration of pump stations, scheduled for completion by E&C by end June 2013, had not yet commenced. Endress and Hauser (E&H) revised offer for the integration of 9 pump stations was awaiting CEO approval. E&C had informed UFMCO that E&H will be integrating only nine pumping stations and that for the remaining they had not been provided with details by J&P enabling commencement of integration works for those 12 stations.
  11. 11. 11 3.1.2 QQ Pump stations. Status reported during April 2013 was - There is no change in the status of pumps in QQPS1 after UFMCO had signed DNFs with a comment “Under Observation”. During our observation period, two out of three pumps in QQPS1were found to be tripping soon after start-up. Matter was escalated to E&C who reported they are in discussion with the related contractors. Status in May 2013 remained unchanged and matter was again raised with E&C. 3.1.3 Potable Water Pump Station (PWPS-1). No progress achieved during May in the handing over of PWPS1 to Kahramaa. E&C informed that delay was due to incomplete documentation which is being resolved by them. 3.1.4 Vacuum Pump Station (VPS). Demonstration of VPS was carried out by Metito and J&P on 22nd May. Operation and Maintenance manuals for Vacuum Pump Station were received and studied during the month. It was found that this station cannot operate as per description in the O&M manuals, and contractor’s site personnel have made changes in the system which do not comply with instructions in the O&M manuals and this is being escalated to E&C who intends to issue TOC to the contractor. They have requested UFMCO to provide the snag list which will be issued officially during June. 3.1.5 Sewage Pump Station GPS2A. UFMCO will escalate to E&C the issue of wrong supply of activated carbon media for odor control in sewage pump stations after contractor failed to replace the carbon media even after this issue was escalated to E&C in the past. Contractor had supplied 6.5 tons of incorrect activated carbon media as part of spare parts for pump stations under their contract CP2-1. 3.1.6 Irrigation Pump Station PS1 & PS2. Four sets of spare impellers for pump stations ordered in January 2013 were received during May and were used for three irrigation pumps in PS2 and one irrigation pump in PS1, all of which had been out of operation. Normal operation of PS1 & PS2 was restored during May 2013.
  12. 12. 12 3.1.7 Maintenance of irrigation lakes. UFMCO continued dosing chlorine in the lakes for disinfection and prevention of algae. Floating debris was also being removed from the lakes to prevent blockages in the suction line of the pumps. 3.1.8 Sewage pump stations GPS1 – No issues in this station. 3.1.9 Sewage Pump Station GPS5 – No change in the status reported in April 2013 - Errors in displayed readings for Conductivity and Temperature traced to design issues which contractor is liable to rectify on the basis that contractor should have pointed it out prior to accepting the contract, as per E&C who is pursuing the issue with the contractor. 3.1.10 IDCP Pump Station - E&C is in discussion with Metito in finalizing the O&M of IDCP pump station by Metito. However this station cannot be operated until SWRO is commissioned and HDPE lake liner is replaced. No decision has been made yet on who is responsible for the replacement of the HDPE liner which has holes in several places and is beyond repair. 3.1.11 Summary of Operations:  QQPS-1, QQPS-2, QQPS-3, QQPS-5, GPS-7, GPS-04, SWPS = 7 pump stations operated by UFMCO.  GPS-1, GPS-2, GPS-2A, GPS-5, PS-1, PS-2, PS-3, PWPS-1, VPS = 9 pump stations operated by Metito.  GPS-1A, GPS-1B, GPS2B, QQPS-4 = 4 x stations has no power supply provided.  IDCP-1 - O&M contractor not finalized yet. Total pump stations = 7+9+4+1 = 21 pump stations.
  13. 13. 13 3.1.12 Water Consumption Data for May 2013  During the month of May, average daily consumption of potable water in TPQ was 11453m3/d (10151 m3/d in April) and the total demand for irrigation water was 9123m3/d (7440 m3/d in April) comprising 6318m3/d (5266m3/d in April) for Phase 1, 837m3/d (349m3/d in April) Phase 2 &1968m3/d (1825m3/d in April) for Phase 3 of which 3079m3/d (3010m3/d in April 13)m3/d was treated sewage effluent from STP and the remaining 4222m3/d (3079m3/d in April) made up with Kahramaa supplied potable water. May consumption figures show an 18.4% increase in irrigation demand over April while potable water demand increased by 11.3% over April.  Reason for high irrigation demand in Phase 1 compared to irrigation demand for Phases 2 and 3 was investigated and the reason was traced to the operation of the zonal valve between Phase 1 and Phase 2. The zonal valve prevents water from one phase to transfer to the other phases if not intended. However it was observed that Al Nakheel ground staff normally keep the zonal valve open causing flow from PS1 (Phase 1) to transfer to Phases 2 and 3 resulting in lesser water outflow from irrigation pump stations PS2 and PS3. Al Nakheel engineer has been notified by UFMCO with instruction not to tamper with zonal valves.  Graphs below indicate the irrigation water consumed during May 2013 for Phase 1 (served by Irrigation pump station PS1), Phase 2 (served by PS2) and Phase 3 (served by PS3).  There is also graphical data provided below for the total volume of irrigation water consumed per day during May and the portion of TSE and potable water which make up water applied for irrigation. During May irrigation water was made up of 33% potable water and 66% treated sewage effluent.
  14. 14. 14 Figure 5: Irrigation Water Consumption Figure 6: Usage Rates 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 PS1 PS2 PS3 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DEC JAN Feb March April May Potable water TSE Irrigation water
  15. 15. 15 3.2 Open Space Services. Relevant Contractual Directive - Volume 2.1 Part 4 Open Space Services, clause 3.5 Irrigation System. 3.2.1 GPS-01. In CM April 2013 Monthly Report we had reported that the likely date of commencement of transfer of sewage from GPS1 to Lusail and receiving TSE from Lusail will be June 2013. This now appears unlikely after it was discovered by UFMCO that power supply to the motorized valve (MOV) on the TSE line from Lusail to TPQ has not been arranged by E&C who are still trying to locate the drawings and the control philosophy for the operation of the motorized valve and the flow meter without which Lusail team will not accept transfer of sewage from GPS1 and supply of TSE. 3.2.2 Irrigation pump station PS1 & PS2. One defective impeller of irrigation pump in PS-01 was replaced during May 2013 enabling restoration of normal operation of all pumps in these two irrigation pump stations. 3.2.3 PS-02  Defective impellers in three out of six irrigation pumps were replaced in May enabling all pumps to be in operation in PS2.  Bladder for hydro pneumatic vessel is being procured by UFMCO through Metito after SCM failed to supply the same during past 11 months due to payment issue with the supplier. The bladder is expected to be received and installed during June. 3.2.4 Vacuum Pump Station (VPS)  DNF list will be prepared in June and will be submitted to E&C only after TOC has been issued to the contractor.  Investigations on the cause of frequent failure of air conditioners in the pump room of VPS was done and reported to E&C as well as Community Management. Frequent start/stop operation of the vacuum pump was found to be the cause as it increased the heat load beyond the capacity of the air conditioners causing them to trip frequently.
  16. 16. 16  Final O&M manuals for VPS were received and reviewed by UFMCO. It was observed that the operation of the VPS by Metito was not in accordance with the instructions in the O&M manuals hence VPS operation will not be accepted by UFMCO. 3.2.5. QQPS1  There has been no change in the status of operation in this station managed by UFMCO where only one out of three pumps is operational. The other two pumps are not operational due to error in the programming in the variable frequency drive. Matter had been officially reported to E&C in the past. Spare parts requisition summary for the pumping stations-May-13 PR NO Material & Station Request Date Delivery Status 1212712 Fire Extinguishers For QQ Pump Stations 1-Nov-12 Pending 1212566 Spare Potable water pump Homa ( Model -TCV 514W 1 1.4kW, Single phase). 7-Oct-12 Pending 1212179 Spare Bladder for irrigation pump station PS2 - 500 LTR Pressure Vessel 09-Aug-12 Pending 1310832 Compressors and fan motor for A/C Units 16-APR- 2013 Pending 1310937 Spare parts for Irrigation pump station Dosing pumps. 28-APR- 2013 Pending 1311181 Spare parts for irrigation Pump station 28-May-2013 Pending Table 2: Spare Parts Requisition Summary
  17. 17. 17 Sewage Line blokage reparing works near BVN-38 Concrete Removing and Excavation works Using Tanker Pressure hose to Identify Line Blockage Missing Pipe area Pipe cutting and Re fixing Works
  18. 18. 18 GPS-05 Toilet Shifted Storm water manholes PPM Completed. Storm water manholes cleaning using pressure hose and Tanker QQ Pump station Cable try painting and Inspection works completed
  19. 19. 19 Pump station Air-condition PPM works Completed QQ Pump station Electrical Cable tray and supports PPM and painting works QQ Station dry well painting works completed Takleen Filter cleaned in all Irrigation stations.
  20. 20. 20 Float switch cleaning& Insp works completed Valve inspection and cleaning works Irrigation pump station strainer cleaned NRV inspection Works Main Gate TSE Main line motorized valve has no power GPS-04 NRV Repairing works.
  21. 21. 21 QQ-05 Pump station Wet well and Dry well before cleaning works. QQ-05 Pump station cleaning works QQ-05 Float switch cleaning works QQps-2 Wet well cleaning works
  22. 22. 22 LPC Villa Potable water line leakage repaired TSE LAKE-01&2 Motorized valve Painted. Potable water meter installation works for Site office cabins TSE Diversion inspection team from Lusail STP. DNF List prepaid for Vacuum Pump station
  23. 23. 23 Parcel 7 outdoor Water Feature Cleaning work in progress.
  24. 24. 24 Parcel 10 outdoor Water Feature Cleaning on Process. Cleaned and water feature working properly
  25. 25. 25 Parcel 17 outdoor Water Feature NO:1 Cleaning work in progress Parcel 17 outdoor Water Feature NO:2 Cleaning work in progress Cleaned and working properly.
  26. 26. 26 Arranging Power Supply to Nikki Beach Security Hut As per request by Community Management, UFMCO arranged power supply to security hut in Nikki beach. The power supply is taken from tower 31 Generator room where UFMCO used a 10 mm dia and length of 70m armored cable as the median for power supply. Power cable is laid across the finger road and the landscaping area in between security hut and tower. UFMCO allocated additional man power to execute the work. Excavation of landscaping area Marked the area before excavate UFMCO did not close the finger road while executing the work, instead UFMCO closed half of the road and excavated the required trench laid cable sleeves with nylon ropes inside which will make easy to pull the cable. UFMCO backfilled the initially excavated area within three days after laying two cable sleeves (extra one is for future use as requested by community management).
  27. 27. 27 Excavating of half way of finger road while excavating the landscaping area UFMCO used portable generator get the power supply for drilling equipment and properly barricaded the area during the work UFMCO used barricade warning lights to ensure the safety of road users during the night time
  28. 28. 28 After laying the cable sleeves backfilled sleeve surrounding area by soft sand with the aim of preventing future penetrations to cable sleeve which could damage to power cable. (Photos shows installed two cable sleeves) After compacting the soft sand layer laid the caution tape and backfilled with soil
  29. 29. 29 Backfilled and compacted the soil in to several layers in the excavated trench. UFMCO laid cable sleeves and back filled the excavated area quickly which allowed replace back removed grass.
  30. 30. 30 After compacting the soil, concrete has been placed on the road side. After placing the concrete interlocks have been placed back. UFMCO used exciting cable trunking to lay the cable inside the tower and fixed a new cable trunking from store room to outside of the building. Cable trunking is laid with hangers fixed in to the wall.
  31. 31. 31 After painting the cable trunking to match with building color Excavated landescaping area after completion of work Excavated finger road area after completion of work
  32. 32. 32 After energizing the cable 3.3. Landscape Services 3.3.1 The new landscape contractor, AG Middle East, mobilized on 16 May. The kick-off meeting with the provider took place on 13 May 2013 and the contractor has been familiarized with TPQ policies, procedures and requirements including PPM’s, reactive works, monthly reports, work permits as well as the contract deliverables (Refer to letter no. 1720). 3.3.2 The new landscape contract has been forwarded from SCM to Legal department for review. 3.3.3 The landscape maintenance works has been completed from Parcel 01 to Parcel 18 and the Mosque area (Refer to below photos). Starting next month, we are planning to commence the rectification of the irrigation leaks at the pots level.
  33. 33. 33 3.3.4 The summer seasonal plants which have been planted last month are performing, growing and blooming. 3.3.5 Ruellia ciliosa and Wedelia trilobata ground covers which were planted around date palm trees during February and March 2013 have been trimmed in order to promote quicker growth and coverage of the planter box (Refer to below photos).
  34. 34. 34 3.3.6 Monthly landscape site inspections were carried out during May (refer attached reports) and all the snags which have been picked up during the inspections have been rectified and reported. 3.4. Infrastructure Maintenance Services 3.4.1 UFMCO repainted the manhole covers in Parcel 04 and 05 finger roads as requested by TCAD, using bituminous paint. 3.4.2 A report was submitted to Community Management, but rectification works have not yet started for the water leak incident in BVS, as tiles must be removed before excavation and we are awaiting Community Managements response on this matter. 3.4.3 The repeat failures of foot bridge elevators on the Boardwalk are a matter of grave concern. UFMCO with Community Management consent has initiated a process of appointing a third party auditor to evaluate the root cause of these failures. 3.5. Cleaning Services. Cleaning works were executed as per requirement.
  35. 35. 35 3.5.1 Road Sweeping – The return of the Faun Road sweeper to site from the repair shop due to the accident allowed us to conduct the road sweeping very well for the month of May showing great results on the roads. Few spills from accident and cement tankers were also attended to.
  36. 36. 36 Cement Spill Cleaning
  37. 37. 37 3.5.2 Beach Cleaning and Raking – Raking was also done routinely for May. Use of the walk- behind machine that is available was also increased. More frequent visits to Nikki Beach for the sporting events were also undertaken.
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. 39 Beach step cleaning 3.6 Community Management areas – Cleaning for the month of May involved works provided for litter picking, pole cleaning, railings cleaning, pathway sweeping, mosque cleaning, pet bin maintenance, and others. Training was also provided for our staff.
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. 42
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. 46
  47. 47. 47
  48. 48. 48
  49. 49. 49
  50. 50. 50 4. Program Initiatives 4.1 Morning Sessions. 4.1.1 Based on SERCO recommendation for optimizing operational planning, daily morning meetings were launched according to a structured agenda to ensure better interaction between the Technicians, Supervisors and Managers. The entire ground staff comprising Technicians, Trades Assistants, Drivers, Supervisors, FM, personnel from Help Desk, HR, HSE, Cleaning team, Transport personnel as well as senior Managers attend these meetings to boost the morale of the staff at the start of each day.
  51. 51. 51 4.1.2 Prior to commencing these morning sessions, productivity for Work Orders was averaging approximately 1.16 WO/FTE per day. By end May the figure had increased to a minimum of 2 WO/FTE with a maximum recorded being 2.4 WO/FTE (Serco recommendation was to aim for 1.86 as a stretch target). 4.1.3 Apart from this improvement, several bottlenecks involving material issues and transport problems were resolved through these morning meetings while senior Managers also helped improve living conditions in the labor camp by improving the variety of food served while encouraging sports and Community feelings. HR, with the support of senior Managers also managed to resolve personal issues for some ground staff. These morning sessions are intended to be a daily occurrence throughout the year. 4.2 CAFM/EAM/FMS: Training and practice session are being completed by Supervisors using dummy data. Final implementation will happened during July. 4.2 GPS tracking. Completed and daily tracking of vehicle movement is helping resolve major transport hurdles besides optimizing utilization of manpower and vehicles. 4.4 UFMCO has been given the Letter of intent to award for Pest Control services already and an initial meeting with EAD and Community Management with UFMCO was conducted where a mobilization plan was presented. UFMCO has already started attending call outs and complaints and will commence initial audit inspection on the 1st week of June. 5. Issues and Concerns 5.1 Backing up of sewage in Villa 38 at BVN indicated lack of supervision of contractors work which was signed off as fully completed by the consultants while portion of underground sewer pipes were found missing.
  52. 52. 52 5.2 Approval of Community Management is sought in appointing a reputed third party contractor to attend to emergencies to avoid delays resulting from raising PR’s and PO’s for equipment hire as well as materials like asphalt and cement. Lessons learnt from the recent water leakages in QQ6B and Marsa Malaz indicate urgency in implementing it. 5.3 Increased number of underground cable faults resulted from heavy rain in April 2013 causing flooding in many areas of TPQ. Since facility to detect cable faults is not currently available, it is advisable to appoint a third party experienced contractor equipped with advanced cable detection tools for locating cable faults enabling early resolution if rectification work.
  53. 53. Annexure Index Description A May 2013 Invoice B May 2013 Invoice Supporting Documents C Pump Stations Monthly Report – May 2013. D BDC Liebert units Monthly Report Askar Industries elevator maintenance report Helpdesk CM May 2013 Monthly Report E Letter reference 1720_150513_BR Landscape Snagging Report of 16.05.2013 Landscape Taking Over Report of 20.05.2013 F ENVAC May 2013 Monthly O&M Report G KPI 04 - Financial KPI 02, 03 & KPI 5-21 - Helpdesk KPI 11 & 12 – QHSE