The Island
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  • 1. Once, there was The Island … Once, there was The Island, there were living all emotions and human values: Good Will, Sorrow, Knowledge… and also Love.
  • 2. One day they were realized that the Island will sink, so they prepared their ships to leave. Only Love wished to stay until the end. When The Island was one moment before sinking Love decided to ask for help.
  • 3. Abundance was passing nearby and Love asked : “ Abundance, could you take me with you? ” “ No, I have a lot of gold and silver on my ship, I have no space left. ”
  • 4. Love then decided to ask Pride who was passing on splendid ship. “ Pride, i am baging you, take me with you? ” I can not help you , Love ” answer Pride, “ here is everything so perfect, you could ruin my ship. “
  • 5. Then Love request Sarrow, who was passing nearby : “ Sorrow, please take me with you. ” “ Oh, Love ” , said Sarrow, “ I am so sad that can not take you. ”
  • 6. When Good Will was passing nearby, was so satisfied that even didn’t hear that Love called her.
  • 7. Then Love heared some voice: “ Come here Love, I will take you with me. ” That was the old man in boat. When they arive to the land Love went out and the old man go away. Love was so happy that forgot to ask old man for his name.
  • 8. Love realized how much she own him, so asked the Knowledge: “ Knowledge, you sure know who saved me? ” “ That was the Time ” , said Knowledge.  
  • 9. “ The Time? ” asked Love, “ why would Time saved me?“ The Knowledge full of wisdom said: “ Because, only the Time was able to estimate how much Love is imortant in life. ”