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IT Field Today Presentation - Making subtitles

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  1. 1. SubtitleVuong Ngoc AnhBIT1SNIT Field Today
  2. 2. Subtitle (captioning) The texts are displayed on the screen to: Support people of different language ordisable to hear. May contain effects to make themovie/music video more attractive.
  3. 3. Types of subtitle Real-time captioning: are created andadded during live broadcasts or events. Offline captioning: are created andadded after a production has beenrecorded and before it is aired or played.
  4. 4. Soft• Separate subtitle file.• Located at the samefolder with video file.Built- in• Embedded into videofile.• Users can switch onand off.Hard• Embedded into videofile.• Appeared concurrentlywith video file
  5. 5. Soft subtitle Frame rate: how fast a new still image isavailable, measured in frame per second.Clip: Flip book animation Character encoding: ASCII: American Standard Code forInformation Interchange, based on Englishalphabet. UTF-8: UCS Transformation Format-8 bit:represent characters in the Unicodecharacter set.
  6. 6. Hard subtitle
  7. 7. Complete subtitled movieSubtitleAudioVideo
  8. 8. Processing video file Sampling and quantization. Bit depth: the number of possible levels. Aspect ratio: ratio of the width of the pictureto the height (e.g.: 4:3; 16:9, etc.) Frame size/resolution: is measured in pixeldimension of a frame (e.g. 720x576 pixels). Video compression: the process of convertingdigital video into a format suitable fortransmission or storage which contains a smallamount of bits.
  9. 9. ?????
  10. 10. Video conversion The process of preparing the video foroutput, where the digital video isencoded to meet proper formats andspecifications for recording and playbackthrough the use of video encodersoftware. E.g.: convert from .mkv movie file to .avimovie file.
  11. 11. Pixel aspect ratio Digital image editing: use square pixels bydefault, some video formats use non-squarepixels to make up the frame. Pixel aspect ratio: The ratio of pixel’s widthto its height. Square pixel: 1 Standard Digital Video format: 0.9 Wide-screen Digital Video format: 1.2 Width: height = 720 x 1.2 : 480 ~ 852 : 480 ~ 16:9
  12. 12. Counting time Timecode: is used to number frames. SMPTE (Society of Motion Pictures andTelevision Engineers) video timecode, themost common timecode for digital video,numbers frames in hours, minutes,seconds, and frames. Timing:
  13. 13. 1 minute, 54 second, and 140 frames
  14. 14. Hardware for encoding Minimum: Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz, RAM 512MB, card onboard. Suggest: Intel celeron, RAM 1GB 3.0 Ghz,card 8500GT. Ideal: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz (x2), RAM2GB, card Gefore 9600 GT or above.
  15. 15. Software requirements Directly add subtitles while editing movie:Adobe Premier, Magix Movie Editor, ProShowProducer, etc. Timing and typesetting: Aegisub, SubtitleWorkshop, etc. Encoding video: MeGUI, VirtualDub, StaxRip,etc. Other tools to read and process different videoformats: Avisynth, K-Lite Codec Pack, .NETFramework, NerAacEnc etc.
  16. 16. Subtitle configuration What you can do with subtitle? Shift time to fit the original movie. Turn on and off with built-in subtitle:Youtube Close Caption, television. Add effects (Typesetting).
  17. 17. Example Remember when (“Up” OriginalSoundtrack)
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