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Firefox on TV

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Proposed: Firefox on TV

Proposed: Firefox on TV

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  • 1. FIREFOX on TVFirefoxUX | ZhenshuoFang | 20130412
  • 2. 1. Design Values2. Web vs. TV3. Design Concepts• Core UX• Hub UX• Social UXTABLEOFCONTENTS
  • 4. FirefoxUX | 4Related Firefox Design ValuesPlays well with othersExuberantFinely craftedHigh user-performance
  • 5. WEBVSTV2
  • 6. FirefoxUX | 6• Vertical• Tab & link based• Text oriented• Mouse controlWeb• Horizontal• Screen & channel based• Visual oriented• Remote controlTVWEBVSTVThe Display
  • 7. FirefoxUX | 7Web TVWEBVSTVThe Experience• Active• Lean forward experience• Passive• Lean back experience10 ft
  • 8. FirefoxUX | 8WEBVSTVThe ContentWeb TV• Content generation• Mostly texts• Different types of contents(Photos, videos, tables, etc)• Content consumption• Mostly videos and photos• Less variation of content types
  • 9. FirefoxUX | 9WEBVSTVThe TaskWeb TV• Continuous browsing(reading, writing, etc)• Typing• Lightweight browsing(quick search, SNS update, etc)• Less typing
  • 10. FirefoxUX | 10WEBVSTVThe UserWeb TV• Mostly one user• Own multiple devices• User is more focused• More than one user• Multiple devices, some are shared• User is more distracted
  • 11. FirefoxUX | 11WEBVSTVThe EmotionWeb TV• Individual• More serious• Social• More relaxed
  • 12. FirefoxUX | 12WEBVSTVDesign Principles• Simplicity comes first• Visual appealing is key• Minimize typing• Keep in mind the 10ft environment• Respect user’s existing mental model• Social and fun experience
  • 14. FirefoxUX | 14Core UX Hub UX Social UXConnect TV with the Internet TV as a hub of all devices Design a social TV experienceDESIGNCONCEPTSThree Themes
  • 15. FirefoxUX | 15Core UXConnect TV with the InternetDESIGNCONCEPTSCore UX• TV optimized display• TV optimized navigation• Get my Firefox everywhere• Task oriented UI
  • 16. FirefoxUX |• Maximize content area:Fullscreen by defaultGet rid of web noise (Ads, comments, etc)• Better readability:Bigger everything (fonts, padding, etc)Fluid transition (smooth scrolling, animation, sound feedback, etc)16DESIGNCONCEPTSTV Optimized DisplayFullscreen on TV by default Reader mode on TV
  • 17. FirefoxUX |• Simple navigationEverything is 1 or 2 navigation awayShortcut for common command• Chromeless UIContextual/floating control UINo navigation bar, cursor or tabsVoice and gesture control• Pair a typing device17DESIGNCONCEPTSTV Optimized NavigationPair a typing deviceContextual control UI
  • 18. FirefoxUX |• Sync relevant TV contentBookmarks, history, password, themes, etc• Awesome bar suggestions based on TV context• New Start page on TV18DESIGNCONCEPTSGet my Firefox everywherestart page on TV
  • 19. FirefoxUX |• Sidebar for lightweight browsingQuick search something while watching a showSocial network sidebar• Private browsing mode• TV based search engines (wiki earch field, IMBD search field, etc)19DESIGNCONCEPTSTask Oriented UISearch sidebar
  • 20. FirefoxUX | 20Hub UXTV as a hub of all devicesDESIGNCONCEPTSHub UX• Multiscreening• Better control with mobile
  • 21. FirefoxUX |• Mirrored displaySend a page or link from phone to TV• Location based SyncDisconnect when leaving the room• Lightweight pairingShare locallyDisplay photo on TV without uploading it to web21DESIGNCONCEPTSMultiscreeningSend photo to TV
  • 22. FirefoxUX |• Display content on TV, but control on mobile22DESIGNCONCEPTSBetter control with mobileControl TV using mobile
  • 23. FirefoxUX | 23Social UXDesign a social TV experienceDESIGNCONCEPTSThree Themes• Sharing• Multiple users
  • 24. FirefoxUX |• Parental control and notifications from TV to mobile• TV share to TVChat, web RTC, co-watching a show, etcCreate and share TV channel or playlist24DESIGNCONCEPTSSharingTV share to TV
  • 25. FirefoxUX |• Karaoke browsing or co-browsing experienceCollaborate playlist for TVAdd to queue from multiple sources• Multi-devices paired with TV for gaming25DESIGNCONCEPTSDesign a social experienceMultiple devices for gamingShared queue for video playing