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Brandmeisters - - 021c & 1919 answer to blue chip companies entering the field of Social media and multiple way conversations.

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  1. 1. G G NG ING TIN T TIN ING ING TI D CT IR EC M EN EC EN T CT NT T ING A ID EC T AID I RE C RA I IRE F IRE RD ON DIR O NM D IRE N ME EC SR DIR SR RD GS RD OM FIC E VIR ICE R VIR ER IRO 10: DIR ER ING KIN ICE EN FIC NV 10: NG CE FR OF FF EN 45: I FI E 82: FIC K F O OF E 35: ER EK HE OF ION TIV E 55: OF HE OF GT TIV IVE 20 FIC TH GT LAT AC 20 201 CT 98: AC 20 OF TIN ER TIN G 13 IN 5 8 PU NT ER ER A R1 ER CT EC R1 INT 8 EC TE OT G PO I NI E R E R I NT R IST OT S IN ER RO , PR TIN TE ST E DS IN R , PR T, P TE IST IST OT EC AN ND DS S IST I EIS OT ND LO EL OO EIS HE LO , PR OT M E IP BR ME PB RA E BR AN E RA ME HE I B M TH GT H HIP ND EN DM DM EC CH IP GT ING M TIN SM D UE ND EC CH ND AN LU ND RA T U E N T N GB BL U IBU RIB DI BL LU A A AN TIN BR ING A A GB BR TR NG RA IST DIS BR DD BR AD E B OT EC TE CT EC TI BR CT IN B ING A ND TIN G AN FIR EB RIG AN D PR AN DP RO DP R OT PR O TE OT OO A AN A ND LO L Brands are often pillaged: while worth Protect and grow your brand with the a king’s ransom, a wrong move in uncharted Brandmeisters: Introduce your traditional territory could be as destructive as brand to the new area of Engagement Marketing the 1666 London re. while safeguarding core brand values.
  2. 2. G TIN T EC EN DIR NM ER IRO FIC NV :OF ACT IVE E ER NT Fire: Spreads easily, rapidly Brandmeister: Assesses risk Fire drill: Learn how to behave and covers large areas, leaving and maps out safety plans. in case of re. burned landscapes unable to Evaluate your brand’s options and risks in Brandmeister’s Engagement Marketing produce yields for years. Engagement Marketing (Interactive Marketing, Workshops will address all of your questions Viral Marketing, Social Media, Social Networks). about Interactive Marketing, Viral Marketing, The marketing landscape is changing – traditional Benchmark your current position in today’s Social Media and Social Networks. It will give campaign strategies are losing impact despite marketing grid and strategize future options. you tailor made answers for your specific large budgets. Take inventory and protect your brand. Utilize brand, industry and situation. You will come The communication landscape is changing – Brandmeister’s experience and knowledge to away with a clear assessment of your situation, impact of one way messaging “brand to formulate your own marketing plans. answers to external and internal questions, consumer” decreases every year. action item options and an executable strategy. The media landscape is changing – the number Please talk to us if you have further questions. of media outlets is constantly shrinking, offering We have made it our specialty to guide estab- fewer options at increased ad prices. lished, international brands into a new area of global Interactive Marketing & Social Media. The big question concerning future marketing activities: “How can I sustain my core brand values in a changing environment where tried and trusted methods are becoming ineffective?”.
  3. 3. Your house is already burning? Call a Brandmeister: Peter Klueger, Brand Meister, creative mastermind with fresh Vanessa Trost, Brand Meister, derives her expertise from over ideas and sound experience. Working as a Creative Director at 20 years of experience in branding, marketing, communications well-known agencies for international brands and corporations and journalism. She has a unique insider’s understanding of afforded him a wealth of knowledge in creating and nourishing international trends and a proven track record in international brand images. Peter Klueger’s unique talent for adapting and product marketing. interpreting brand languages for global campaigns offers the rare combination of fresh ideas and brand identity. Deeply rooted in Vanessa Trost draws from her diverse expertise as a spokesperson the Bauhaus design tradition, his work always follows the premise at global corporations, renowned international agencies and 10 of “form follows function.” years of working with blue chip clients at 021c - such as Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Gaggenau, Ritter Sport, MAN, Peter Klueger is the founding Creative Director at 1919 Creative Rosenthal, Droege & Company, Humboldt University, Novartis, Studio NY, and had worked on comprehensive brand assignments Nestlé, Barilla and Siemens. for clients such as Robert Redford’s Sundance, The Ritz Carlton, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren & Polo, Sony, American Express Vanessa Trost has won the “Goldene Brücke” Public Relations Global, Motorola Global, Canon, Jaguar, Colgate, Nivea, award, the inkom internal communications award, and the and Johnson & Johnson. communicator award. In addition, Vanessa Trost is an associate professor for International Brand Communications at Germany’s Peter Klueger has won: 5 Gold Interactive W3’s,1 silver W3, prestigious Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg, a member of Les 5 international TELLY's, 3 Platinum Creativity, 4 Gold Creativity, Dames d’Escoffier International and the Junior Committee of the 1 Graphis 6, 1 Applied Arts ID, 2 international HOW, Museum of Arts and Design in New York. 6 Platinum international MarCom, 2 Gold international MarCom, 4 Gold international Davey’s, 1 Creativity 35, 1 BlackBook AR100