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021c1919 Social Media For All
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021c1919 Social Media For All



Introductory presentation SoMed Luxury brands

Introductory presentation SoMed Luxury brands



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021c1919 Social Media For All 021c1919 Social Media For All Presentation Transcript

  • Interactive Media-Social media-branding
    • A general introduction from 1919/021c
  • intro - and it’s really only an intro Interactive marketing & Social Media has more facets to it and can hardly be explained by Pushing paper-But: We try!
    • The marketing landscape is changing
    • The communication landscape is changing
    • The media landscape is changing
    • The big question concerning future marketing activities is
        • How can I sustain my core brand values in a changing environment where tried and trusted methods are becoming ineffective?
    • Let’s turn to Charles Darwin for an answer:
    • “ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
    • It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. “
  • Interactive marketing-social media
    • Social media and the currently existing platforms are NOT a strategy
        • A strong, defined and targeted brand voice is mandatory in any media/marketing approach
        • Interactive Marketing/Social Media has to be part of an overall campaign
        • Facebook/twitter/youtube/ and the likes are are examples for potential platforms and tactics, and the players could change any time
            • your marketing strategy and messaging has to work across all platforms
        • Brands engaging in new marketing activities have to examine their Interactive Marketing/Social Media programs to reach their target group, ROI, campaign fit
        • The same way you would look at a print publication, deciding if its right for your target audience or not
        • Ad campaigns are NOT developed for ONE magazine/outlet - they are developed with BRAND STRATEGY, MESSAGE & REACH in mind -
            • Interactive Marketing/Social Media should be treated the same way
            • Those rules apply always - anywhere.
  • Interactive marketing-social media
    • Interactive Marketing/Social Media does not replace a marketing campaign or other platforms/tools/tactics
        • Social media is another platform to give your target group more insight, a bonding opportunity with your brand
        • A chance to showcase more of your core brand values and deepen existing ties/loyalties
        • A chance to be part of the conversation:
          • Your target group is already having a conversation & they are talking about YOU!
          • If you don’t join the conversation or even better - lead the conversation, you will lose the connection to your target group and eventually your ‘brand following.’
          • To gain control means to be part of the conversation - proactive from the beginning
          • Own your good name
          • Continue to nurture your brand image in the new environment
          • Install Control: » by monitoring & responding & interacting
          • Losing Control: » by not participating
  • Interactive marketing/social media
    • Social media will and has in part already replaced PR
        • Common understanding is - the classic press release is going to be obsolete in 18 months
        • Classic PR work will be more and more obsolete, since more and more outlets targeted by traditional PR will cease to exist
        • Social media offers PR the unique chance to reinvent itself and get a do-over with a fresher more believable tone - including
          • Direct access to the target group WITHOUT the media filter
          • Social Media makes for more effective Public Relations and all innovative leaders are redirecting corporate communications and PR efforts towards Social Media as a primary platform
            • Let’s take a look at Unilevers CMO’s 5 rules developed with AdAge
            • (Unilever has completely changed its approach and restructured departments, see next page)
    1919/021c Sources: mashable, adweek, brandbuilder, fast company nielsen, peter shankman
    • “Brands aren't simply brands anymore. They are the center of a maelstrom of social and political dialogue made possible by digital media…”
    • "Brands are now becoming conversation factors where academics, celebrities, experts and key opinion formers discussing emotional and functional issues" and "of course, the conversation is no longer one way or 30 seconds. ...”
    • Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift
  • 1919/021c Advertising Age, April 13, 2009
  • Interactive Marketing-Direct Marketing-CRM
    • Social Media is a place where your target audience congregates and finds you
        • no need to buy lists
    • In Social Media your target audience becomes your follower
        • no need to ask for opt ins
    • In Social Media you create an ongoing dialog
        • not just a one-time message-response scenario
    • With Social Media you can build your brand, foster brand recognition and receive long term dividends
        • it’s not just a one-time promotional program
    • Social Media is more cost efficient than traditional direct marketing
        • (unless a direct sale is your goal)
  • Some(d) Random Facts
    • Germany:
    • Social networks are the fastest growing applications
    • #4 of all Internet use
    • Growth in usage 38%
    • Overall growth of users 39%
    • 51% users in social networks
    • Global:
    • 67% of all users are in social networks (leading: Brazil, Italy; last: Germany)
    1919/021c Source: Nielsen, March 2009
  • The Last Word: Nielsen 1919/021c The Global Online Media Landscape - Nielsen, April 2009
  • The Paradigm Shift in Advertising
    • State of the union - the common advertising platforms
  • Newspapers
    • 23% population growth - newspaper circulation dropped 20%
        • San Francisco Chronicle bankrupt
        • Philadelphia Media Holdings bankrupt
        • New York Times is nearly bankrupt and $400 million in debt
    • Reader conversion from paid print to paid Internet is not working
        • Paid subscriber models did not work and advertising revenues are down
    • Daily News Brian Tierney
    • “If you build it, they will come does not work - Free content and rely on advertising does not work.”
  • Magazines
    • 2008: Newsstand sales dropped by 12%
    • 2009: Gross ad pages declined by 22%
    • Magazines have cut print page count significantly
    • Some of the casualties - overall 572 closed in 2008/2009 so far (Source: Folio)
        • Condé Nast’s Domino
        • House & Garden
        • Cosmo Girl
        • Portfolio
        • O Home
        • Country Home
        • Vogue Man/Girl
        • Cottage Living
        • Plenty
        • Town & Country Travel
  • TV landscape
    • CBS/ ABC/ NBC audience shrank on average by 10%
    • The clear trend is the shrinking of a mass audience
    • Cuts in programming/production, but more expensive ad price:
    • 1986 = $8
    • 2008 = $22
    • 2009 = $32
    • DVR in 20% of households
    • Software like Tivo, DVR and Boxee cut ads out of programming
    • Hulu offers NBC/ Fox/ABC and Viacom for free
  • The current platforms & target groups Example/short preview: Twitter 1919/021c
  • Twitter Facts 1919/021c
  • Twitter Facts 1919/021c
    • 71% of all twitter use is professional
    imedia connection, Rodney Rumford, twittervers, April 2009
  • Twitter facts 1919/021c
    • twitter users are older, more educated, mainly white, tech interested and 28% have over 100K HHI
  • Twitter facts 1919/021c » 17.6% of Twitter’s downstream traffic goes to entertainment websites, 10% of goes to News and Media websites, 14.6% goes to social networks, 6.6% to blogs and finally 4.5% to online retailers.
    • twitter offers you the best chance to direct purposeful traffic
    twitter business kit
  • Listen to what they say:
    • Consumers and customers will voice their opinion, support or inspired you
    • The fastest and most direct way to insights
    • Immediate feedback on planned campaigns, products, early enough to adapt or change communication
    • Direct control over ‘negative’ input - via an open and direct, publicly viewable answer
    • If you listen they will listen, and communicate and further distribute your message -
            • becoming your personal brand ambassadors .
  • Copyright 1919/021c, New York 2009 - [email_address] / - [email_address] 1919/021c Please talk to us if you have further questions. We have made it our specialty to guide established international blue chip brands into a new area of global interactive marketing & social media. We are here to help .