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021c communication concepts
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021c communication concepts


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Overview 021c mrakting approach

Overview 021c mrakting approach

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Expertise Our expertise comes from two decades of corporate and agency experience in Europe and the United States. We not only understand both markets, but also the manner in which corporations and agencies function. We combine the knowledge of both for the benefit and success of our clients. Expanding We have successfully implemented campaigns in the U.S. for German corporations and have worked successfully on many campaigns in Europe. Our expertise encom- into passes brand positioning, marketing relations, market research, above and below the line advertising, public relations and corporate communications. Foreign Markets? Make Your Move MARKET RESEARCH BRAND MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Without Missing a Step 021c communication concepts 021c is an international marketing communications agency tailored to the needs of global businesses and organizations. SUCCESS Our field of expertise is effective marketing communications between the U.S. and Europe, to connect companies and brands with their target audiences. 021c communication concepts 900 Broadway, Suite 1002, Floor 10 • New York, NY 10003 Tel: 212.216.9531 • Fax: 212.216.9756 • •
  • 2. 021c communication concepts Use 021c’s TAM tool to reach the right audiences: Methods 021c communication concepts is an international marketing communications agency In today’s markets it is increasingly difficult to reach large target audiences effectively. Our targeted, integrated approach maximizes efficiency for high returns on marketing tailored to the needs of global businesses and organizations. International integrated A proportional penetration of relevant markets creates a better return on investment. investments. Through extensive planning, market expertise and use of a wide range of marketing communications is our specialty – we successfully position our clients' To achieve this, we have created TAM. marketing and public relations tools, we create a targeted, result-oriented approach brands in international markets and build brand equity across various communica- that is successful. tions channels. TAM - Target Audiences and Markets 021c’s marketing toolbox Our expertise • TAM is a strategic tool for efficient marketing strategies by 021c communication Entering, developing and expanding markets and products are long-term commit- Our field of expertise is effective marketing communications between the U.S. and concepts ments. We understand the development and evolvement of markets and marketing Europe, to connect companies and brands with their target audiences. 021c is the only communications. We offer a 5-step integrated marketing program – from research to true German-American agency in North America. Our staff is German and American, • TAM identifies the highest concentration of members of the target roll-out. Get the complete package or select single modules, depending on your drawing from cultural and professional backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic. audience, their most likely activities, their preferred media choices and where needs: these groups congregate, resulting in pinpointing the highest density location to Our strategy distribute the marketed product and to communicate with audiences 1. Market Knowledge Our unique organization and strategy enable us to open up markets and increase Learn more about your target audience and its needs and wants. Receive a market- market share. We speak your language, whether in the U.S. or in Germany. We work • TAM enables 021c’s clients to drive a target and result-driven campaign specific package filled with knowledge from international trend specialists, product with European partners to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of your specialists, regional experts and marketing communication experts – all of them campaign on location. located in your target market. Adapted and adjusted by our New York team according to your needs. Our relationships Target Audiences and Markets (TAM) 021c values its clients. We are a fair, reliable, and open-minded marketing partner with 2. Market Entry Analysis a desire to grow together with our clients to achieve mutually beneficial results. We Benchmark your product, services, or brand against your competitors in the market. have a limited client base with which to work while building long-term strong relation- Use our knowledge of markets on two continents to identify and communicate your ships. We make a dedicated effort to familiarize ourselves with the products, business USPs. Profit from our team’s two decades of expertise to identify the best time and and goals of our clients. Target Target place for market entry as well as your core messages – all based on your core brand Audience Markets values. Our name The Pantone color 021c identifies a specific shade of orange and symbolizes 021c’s TAM 3. Market Entry Concept strategy. Just as Pantone 021c is known as a universal standard for a distinct shade of Plan your way into the market diligently, while remaining cost-effective. Utilize our orange, we ensure our clients and their products are marketed and known universally specially developed tools to ensure success. Receive a complete plan including market in the same distinct way. research results, tested and ready for market concepts, and ready to implement campaign messages and visuals – plus a media and B2B strategy. Brand Target Area of Marketing Activities Representation 4. Test Market Go live, but stay in control – with our specially developed test market program. Imple- ment the market concept in a small, relevant and result-driven environment. 5. Market Roll-Out Campaign Together with our local partner agencies and a network of professional market researchers, sales people and business consultants, we make it happen. We reach out to your target groups – from B2B to consumer audiences, from corporate to employee communications. We also adapt your below and above the line campaigns for the target market.