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Elysium Technology Group\'s Overview and Product Lineup

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Etg July2010 Deck

  1. 1. ELYSIUM TECHNOLOGY GROUP OVERVIEW July 2010 CONFIDENTIAL © 2009 Elysium Technology Group Proprietary and Confidential P1
  2. 2. ELYSIUM TECHNOLOGY GROUP (ETG) BACKGROUND KEY FACTS ABOUT ETG: • US Based company with offices in Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois • Focused on the Foreign Exchange and Futures Industries • Expertise in systems integrations, high performance database development and post-trade processing • Staff members average 15 years experience in Financial Markets as Traders, Technologists and Product Specialists • 8 Full-time and 3 Part-time employees • Core Technology team have been working together for over 9 years • Specializes in developing ASP/SaaS solutions
  3. 3. A UNIQUE HERITAGE • 2000: The hit movie Gladiator released with reference to Elysium… • 2002: MPTracker developed to analyze data from the proprietary “Market Predictor” algorithms of web-search firm, Webmind LLC • 2002: Launched Elysium Capital Group as a private trading firm focused on Foreign Exchange (FX) Spot, Options and Futures (Fixed Income, Treasuries, Equity Index, Precious Metals and Commodities) • 2003-2005: MPTracker continually enhanced to help run daily operations of the Elysium’s Global Macro Hedge Fund ($230mio AUM at its peak) • 2004: GridIronFX launched for aggregating and trading multiple FX price feeds • 2005: MPTracker deployed for use by external parties • 2007: Elysium Technology Group officially formed • 2007-current: MPTracker Suite of Products expanded to include: MPT Manager, FX Mission Control, TradeTracker, and MPT for Managed Accounts • 2010: FX volumes processed through MPT grow to $10bio/daily
  4. 4. OUR VALUE TO CLIENTS ENGINEERING +   Develop innovative solutions that INTELLECTUAL integrate your entire business front- to-back, providing superior workflow and operational efficiency. HORSEPOWER   Design next-generation private and white-labeled solutions to reinforce We are a veteran team of knowledgeable your brand and give you a competitive edge. professionals whose management roots stem from former O’Connor & Associates executives, technologists and leaders from   Partnership approach for future the financial services and alternative growth providing you with the attention of our senior management investment industries. We take pride in team. our ability to combine our entrepreneurial spirit with well engineered solutions used   Deliver quick-to-deploy, flexible and to solve complex problems and workflows. cost-effective solutions through a Over the years our team members have Software As A Service (SaaS) model. built, grown and managed multi-billion dollar businesses at large financial   Manage robust and scalable institutions, as well as launched several infrastructure that can effortlessly successful start-up ventures. We continue handle millions of transactions and to strive for operational excellence in accommodate volume spikes everything we do. seamlessly. P2
  5. 5. MEET THE MANAGEMENT TEAM   Andy Siciliano, Chairman   Managing Partner, Elysium Capital Group   Former Executive Committee Member, UBS AG   Partner, O’Connor & Associates   Ed Mount, CEO   Partner, COO, CRO, Elysium Capital Group   Former Global Head of Commodities, UBS AG   Principal, FX Options, O’Connor & Associates   Mark Rosenfeld, CTO   CIO, The Helios Group   Senior Developer, O’Connor & Associates/Swiss Bank Corp   Roque Castro, Head of Product & Business Development   VP FX Sales, Goldman Sachs & Co   Director, FX Prime Services Sales, UBS AG   Senior Business Analyst, UBS O’Connor P2
  6. 6. MANAGEMENT TEAM CONTINUED   Lo Shih, Head of Enterprise Software   Partner, Toolslab Inc   Lead Developer, Apollo Derivatives   Peter-john Byrnes, Head of Networks & Infrastructure   VP Networking, ifbyphone llc   Director AMS Architecture, Edison Schools Inc.   Director of Technology, Anteros Capital Markets   Mark O’Connor, Head of Database Development   Logistical Specialist & Command LPO, United States Naval Reserves   Senior Project Manager, Visionary iGaming   Senior Database Developer, Bank of America   Jamie Jackson, Senior Advisor   Financial Services Practice Manager, CSC Consulting   Member of Federal Home Loan Bank Board appointed by President Reagan   President & CEO, Commonwealth Mortgage P2
  7. 7. CHAIRMAN BIO: Andy Siciliano is the Chairman of Elysium Technology Group.  He has managed and traded proprietary global macro products for banks and dedicated funds for over 20 years. His experience spans U.S. and international fixed income, FX and commodity trading with both cash and option instruments. Andy began his career in 1983 at O’Connor & Associates (“O’Connor”) where he built that Firm’s securities risk systems. Between 1991-1997, he managed the SBC FX and Treasury proprietary trading businesses. Between its inception in 1993 and August 1997 he managed the SBC Currency Portfolio which peaked at over $2bn in assets. From 1991-1998, Andy also served as the Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income and Treasuries Department, where he was responsible for building a leading FX and Fixed Income business. Following the SBC-UBS AG merger, he served as a member of the UBS Group Executive Board. From 1998-2002, Andy served as CEO of Webmind, a firm specializing in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics tools incorporating both textual and numeric data, revolutionary search and data mining techniques. In 2002, he co-founded Elysium Capital Group, a proprietary trading and hedge fund advisory firm. Mr. Siciliano holds a B.S. in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. P2
  8. 8. PRESIDENT and CEO BIO: Ed Mount is President and CEO of Elysium Technology Group.  He has been a trader and risk manager for over 20 years.  Ed began trading futures and options on the floor of the CME for O'Connor and Associates, and spent 13 years in the OTC Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals and Commodities spot and derivatives markets, completing his institutional career as a Managing Director at UBS and Global Head of Commodities Sales and Trading.  He is a co-founding partner of Elysium Capital Group, a global-macro discretionary hedge fund which operated from 2002 to 2005. Ed served as Chief Risk Officer and Head of Operations during that time. From 2005-2007, Ed managed and traded for a proprietary trading group with his partner Andrew Siciliano, former Head of Elysium Capital.  Ed graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. and attended the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business, before relocating his career to Europe for nearly 10 years. P2
  9. 9. WE HAVE BUILT OUR SOLUTIONS TO TECHNOLOGY AS SERVE MULTIPLE CLIENT SEGMENTS A WEAPON Some of our clients include: • Fortune 500 Corporations The financial landscape has changed dramatically over the past 18 months. Not only must you adapt to changes at • Asset Managers hand, but you must also be equipped with a new arsenal of tools to face the • Prime Brokers challenges ahead. Your clients, investors & internal stakeholders are • FCMs demanding more than ever before, often times expecting more from less. • Introducing Brokers We are here to help. Engineering solutions and harnessing the power of technology is imbedded in our DNA. • CTA Managers Leveraging the heritage and capabilities of the suite of solutions we built to run • Proprietary Trading Groups our fund management and proprietary trading businesses, we now bring that • Hedge Funds technology to you. Let us be your secret weapon! • Boutique Financial Services Firms
  10. 10. MPTRACKER AS THE BUILDING BLOCK ETG have spent over 8 years developing MPTracker from the ground up, which provides the framework to most of our applications HOW IT WORKS CONTROL Real-Time PnL Real-Time Risk Traders EXECUTION Prime RECONCILIATION • Real-TimeNaV Real-Time PnL Brokers • Real-TimeMIS • Real-Time Trade & Real-Time Risk • Real-Time NaV Position Reconciliation -by Trader • Real-Time MIS • Exception processing -by Strategy -by Account -by Trader -by Strategy Web-based MPTracker -by Account • Manual Trade ACCOUNTING Entry • API Connectivity • Real-Time NaV Managers Investors Administrators • Historical Reporting TRANSPARENCY • Real-Time PnL • Real-Time Risk • Real-Time NaV
  11. 11. ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS ETG utilizes the following enterprise technologies: • Sybase • UNIX • Java • Linux • Apache • Python • PHP • PERL • Tico* • FIX *Tico is a proprietary web-based application developed by ETG that manages meta data and uses that information to provide a generic web- based interface to stored procedures inside the other databases. The stored procedures are capable of encapsulating nearly all of the information about how the data is stored and much of the information about how it might be processed. This allows a database developer a great deal of flexibility with regard to his/her designs and implementations.
  12. 12. ETG CORE PRODUCT LINEUP MPT Manager MPT for Managed Accounts FX Mission Control TradeTracker © 2009 Elysium Technology Group Proprietary and Confidential P1
  13. 13. MPT Manager KEY BENEFITS: INCREASE YOUR   Customizable reporting for real-time PROBABILITY trade collection, P&L monitoring, position tracking and risk analysis OF SUCCESS   Robust, vendor neutral reconciliation engines and exception reporting WITH MPT between multiple touch points MANAGER   Provides an enterprise database solution for auditable access to historical data for investor and MPT Manager is a multi-asset class regulatory reporting and suite of real-time trading, risk and performance analysis position management solution integrating your entire operations   Deployed as a Software-As-A-Service from front to back. With connectivity (SaaS) product, which can be into electronic platforms, PBs and implemented at a fraction of the cost FCMs, MPT Manager offers traders of other enterprise software and does not require on-site IT staff and investment managers the same capabilities implemented by top-tier firms. P2
  15. 15. TRANSPARENCY MPT for Managed Accounts is a broker-friendly solution used to aggregate Managed Account IS USELESS reporting from multiple FCMs, Prime Brokers and Custodians used for risk monitoring, portfolio analysis and full WITHOUT THE transparency into all of your managed accounts. RIGHT TOOLS. MPT for Managed Accounts KEY BENEFITS: INTRODUCING   Full transparency into all of your managed accounts in real-time with customizable MPT FOR reporting   Full automation of FCM and PB file MANAGED processing including equity runs, trade prelims, daily and monthly statements, margin and open position reports ACCOUNTS.   Customizable P&L, Position, Exposure & Trade monitoring   Multi-manager portfolio analytics and exposure monitoring P2
  17. 17. FX Mission Control is a broker-neutral solution designed for the FX Mini-Prime, FX Agency & Boutique FX businesses. GIVE YOUR FX Use MPT for Broker/Dealers to automated the trade reconciliation CLIENTS THE process, provide consolidated reporting from multiple FX Prime Brokers which REAL-TIME can be used for real-time risk monitoring, portfolio analysis and enhanced client reporting. REPORTING FX Mission Control THEY DEMAND. KEY BENEFITS:   Real-time, “ticking”, mission critical INTRODUCING monitoring in a single dashboard   Full automation of FXPB file processing FX MISSION and trade allocations across multiple FXPBs CONTROL.   Monitor Credit, Trade Lifecycle, Transactions and Event-driven Alerts P2
  18. 18. FX MISSION CONTROL AT A GLANCE © 2009 Elysium Technology Group Proprietary and Confidential P1
  19. 19. OPERATIONAL TradeTracker provides guaranteed, real-time trade ticket delivery from EFFICIENCY IS execution channels and 3rd party systems to end-user target applications. CRITICAL TO TradeTracker GROWTH AND KEY BENEFITS: PROFITABILITY.   Reduction in unilateral and bi-lateral transaction processing costs   Real-time exception handling and notification INTRODUCING   Extremely flexible with multiple connectivity options TRADETRACKER.   Enhanced reporting capabilities for generating client metrics and usage information   Fully integrated into the MPT suite of additional solutions P2
  21. 21. CONTACT US Founded in 2002, as the technology provider to Elysium Capital Group, Elysium Technology Group has locations in Connecticut, New Jersey and Illinois. For more information, please contact our Business Development Team. +1.866.762.9297 © 2009 Elysium Technology Group Proprietary and Confidential