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TP Security CV

  1. 1. Mr. PRASAD VALLAMSETTY SAP Security Roles & Authorizations (6.5 Yrs); SAP Basis (3 Yrs)SAP HR Structural Authorizations (3.5 Yrs); SAP BI Analysis Authorizations (3 Yrs) SAP Business Objects Enterprise GRC (3 Yrs); SAP Identity Management (1 Yr); SAP CRM Business Roles & Authorizations (4 Yrs) SAP SRM Roles & Authorizations (2 Yrs) Email: Ph: 0044(0)7950246102 SAP Security Roles & Authorizations consultant with 9.5 years of technicaland business experience (6.5 Yrs as Security & Authorizations Consultant and 3 Yrs asBasis Consultant) with in SAP R3 (ECC 6.0)/ BI (7.0) / CRM (7.0) / SRM/ SCM systems.Involved in technical implementations, security Roles & Authorizations, User management,Landscape planning, system administration.Summary of Skills and Experience • 9.5 years of overall IT experience as a SAP consultant • 6.5 years of SAP R3/CRM-SMS/SRM-EBP/BW Security Roles & Authorisations consultant Experience • 3 years of SAP R3/BW Basis Consultant Experience • Extensive knowledge of SAP R/3 & BW Security concepts. • Worked extensively with structural authorisations in all modules of HR • Experience in SAP Business Objects Enterprise GRC AC 5.3 , CUP – Compliant User Provisioning, RAR – Risk Analysis and Remediation , ERM – Enterprise Role Management & SPM – Superuser Privilege Management • Experience in User administration using Identity Management • Experience in Integration of IDM 7.1 to GRC • Skills in ABAP/4 programming. • Experience with installation and configuration of SAP 4.5B, 4.6B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC5.0 • Experience in Advance R/3 BASIS Administration and Performance tuning. • Interaction with End Users, Business Process Owners and SAP R/3 functional consultants in various business requirements in all modules • Knowledge of Business process re-engineering with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. • An immediate positive contributor. • Multi-site & Multi-national implementation experience.SAP Technical ExpertiseRoles & Authorizations Skills: • User Authorizations and profile management (PFCG,SU01,SU24) • Structural authorisations (OOSP,OOAW), Context Sensitive Authorisation concept in HR , Analysis & Automatic Authorisations in BW (RSECADMIN) • Role Upgrades during system upgrade and Support pack upgrade (SU25) • SAP GRC – RAR,CUP,ERM,SPM • SAP IDM Identity Management, Identity Centre, VDS Virtual Directory serverBasis Skills: • Transport Management system (STMS, SE01, SE09, SE10) across the R/3 system Landscape (TP, R3trans) • User and Client maintenance (SU01, SCCL, SCC4) • Daily R/3 System checkups (DB02) • Periodic archival using Brarchiving (SARA) • Backup scheduling (DB13)(Brbackup and Brrestore) • Monitoring the SAP system (RZ20), perform adjustments, tune and improve performance for the SAP. • Database Performance monitoring and optimisation (DB02, AL02). • Scheduling and monitoring SAP Batch jobs (SM35, SM36, SM37) • ALE setup and CUA (SALE) • Trouble shooting system problems by analysing system log • Load Balancing, workload and dump analysis (SMLG, ST22, ST03) • Installation of SAP R/3 on all platforms
  2. 2. • Applying the SAP Patches, Upgradation of SAP R/3 and databases (SPAM) • Maintaining internal company training systemWork Experience02/2010 – Till Date, HCL-AXON, UKProject/Client: Royal Mail Group, UKSAP Sr. Security Roles & Authorisations consultant • HCL-AXON implemented the payroll project for RMG as part of the People System Programme. Involved in Complete Project Lifecycle for SAP Security from Requirements gathering, Design, Build, Test to GoLive.Worked in setting up security roles in ECC, CRM, BI and Portal. Worked in setting up the GRC RAR Risk Analysis and CUP Workflows in Prod and NonProd environments. Involved in Setting up IDM(Identity Management) for User provisioning and integrated IDM with GRC • Build PFCG Business Roles in ECC,CRM and BW • Build Corresponding Portal roles • Build CRM Business Roles,BI Analysis Authorisations,HR structural authorisations, Portal Roles for ESS/MSS • Design,Build,Test security Roles for Project users for supporting the project • Design and Build GRC CUP workflows • Integrate IDM 7.1 with GRC 5.3 • User administration using CUA and IDM, Personnel number extract from HRC to Identity Centre • Maintaining the Roles and privileges in Identity Centre and align them across landscape using the IDM update scripts • Monitor Job logs in IDM Identity Centre and fix any provisioning issues and raise any HCM data related issues to Functional Teams • Complete Support through all Phases of Testing in systems SAP ECC6.0, BI 7.0,GRC 5.3,IDM 7.1,CRM 7.0 and Portal08/2009 – 02/2010, HCL-AXON, UKProject/Client: Service Birmingham, UK (6 months)SAP Security Roles & Authorisations consultant • Service Birmingham is Birmingham City Council’s joint venture with CAPITA Business Services. My Experience in the customer first project includes design, Build, IMG Configuration and Customising, Unit, Integration and User acceptance testing within CRM 7.0 and BI 7.0 systems. Worked on gathering the security Risks and provided solutions for them in customer first project. • Prepared Threats database documentation by gathering all the security risks in the project • Built the Security Design Document with analysis and mitigation of the risk • Worked with CRM7.0 Business roles , User setup in the org structure and BI analysis authorisations as part of the Integration and User acceptance test support activities • User administration & CUA01/2005 – 08/2009, IBM, SwedenProject/Client: Ericsson, Sweden (4 ½ Yrs)SAP Security Roles & Authorisations consultant • Worked extensively on setting up role concepts based on SOD in R/3 (FI, CO, SD, MM, and PS), CRM-SMS, and SRM-EBP systems. The concept in ericsson is called GAC (Global Authorisation Concept) • Designing and Building master and derived Roles • Naming Conventions • Updating Transactions (Managing Authorization Objects) • Tracing Authorizations • Managing Mass Transport • Transaction Variant / Variant Transaction & Parameter Transaction creation • Authorisation Field, Authorisation Class and Authorisation Object creation • Change Request Management • Go-live and post Go-live support • Effort estimation of the requirements and Documentation update • Given efficient solutions to critical requirements using standard and structural authorisations in different modules (MP, CP, OM, PA) of HR
  3. 3. • Worked on Context sensitivity Authorization concept • Created Structural authorizations (OOSP) , Evaluation paths (OOAW) and used them in object P_ORGINCON while creating different roles • Created custom function modules and used in Structural authorisations • Worked on project which involved tuning the roles & structural authorisations to reduce the execution and response times of PA20, PA30, PPOME transactions • As part of performance improvement project , applied OSS notes to create index and delete duplicate entries in INDX table • Worked with Analysis and automatic authorisations in BW • Creating Custom Analysis Authorization Object • Adding Authorization Object to roles • Building BW menu and authorization roles • Making Info Object Authorization-Relevant • Upgrade of BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 • User Acceptance Test Management • Defect management using remedy tool • Transport Management (Info Object, Analysis Authorization and Roles) • Supported Compliance Calibrator, Access Enforcer and Fire fighter in SAP GRC tool. • Workshops/meeting with customer • updating the rule set in Compliance Calibrator • SOX - Sarbanes Oxley compliance • Automated User administration with the Access Enforcer with proper workflow which made the customer manage the user & role assignment process • Worked in Global roll-outs and got hands on experience and expertise with CATT tools (SECATT , SCAT ) • Mass update of derived roles and organisational values • User Provisioning Management, using BDC and eCATT (60000 users) • Create eCATT scripts • Create, maintain, lock and unlock users, and reset passwords • Proactive support and solving of authorisation issues/tickets during different testing Phases • Worked with Role upgrades during system (4.7 to ECC5.0) and support pack upgrades • Worked with portal, creating portal roles and groups within HR ESS/MSS, CRM-SMS, & SRM- EBP • Apart from the above tasks I have acted as technical lead in projects supporting my team of 5 members in various technical aspects04/2004 – 11/2004, FDSL, UKClient: T-Nova Systems, Germany (7 Months)SAP Basis consultantWorked extensively on Transport management system (TMS), Setup profile generator andSAPDBA utilities under the environment - R/3 4.6B, HP-Unix, Oracle 8.0.6, Win NT for a3-system landscape. • Configured and implemented (TMS) transport management system. • Creating and assigning change requests using customising and workbench organisers. • Configuring Profile Generator in FI, CO, MM, SD, PP modules and transported settings to all clients • Resolved problems while transporting using the transport logs. • Involved in basis support such as system checks, performance monitoring, fine- tuning, alert monitoring using CCMS and user administration using CUA and non-CUA systems. • Daily issue resolution and end user support • Set-up of 4.7 systems for their Clients. • IIIrd level and II nd level support. • Helpdesk set up, management and training. • Provided support for SAP BW team on their project.07/2003 – 03/2004, Nestle, UK (8 Months)SAP Basis consultant
  4. 4. Involved in Configuring and maintaining end user security roles, assist in the productionsupport of SAP R/3, BW systems. My duties include • Maintaining company approved audit standards for SAP Application security, resolved BW security related issues using BW trace and analysis of Info Areas and Info Cubes. • Creation of Activity groups, assigning to users and maintaining user master records • Reviewed and corrected sensitive authorizations • Utilization of SU53, System traces and Debug utilities to Optimize authorization checks • Configured ALE, CUA (Central user administration). • Extensive use of central user administration • Distributed user master records, including migration of existing users • Created logical systems • Maintaining and distributing distribution models • Setting up communication and generating partner profiles • Installed and Implemented ITS for Employee Self Service. • Maintained security audit log • Aside from other duties, was directly involved in in-house computer operations, training and installations02/2002 – 05/2003, Gilbert, UK (1 Yr, 3 Months)SAP Basis consultantInvolved in full implementation of R/3 system, which includes installation, system tuning,transports, backups. My duties include • Design, configure and administering SAP system landscapes • SAP GUI installation on user systems • Defining user roles and the authorisations • Analyse and Implementing required backup strategies. • Configured and maintained Transport management system • Configured SAP Router • Installing and configuring output devices like printers • Administer system dynamics including kernel upgrades/patches, database refreshes, client copy/delete, migration, automation, and Online Service Support (OSS) enhancements. • Tuning the system for improved performance. • Setting up system profiles and operation modes • Documentation of all the companies’ policies and procedures.Education • Masters in IT management, University of Greenwich,UK • BTech in Computer Science & Systems Engineering, Andhra University, IndiaCertifications • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)