Tips for mb star c3 pro mb c3 programmer


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The mb star c3 introduction ,Tips for mb star c3 pro mb c3 programmer,to use the star mb c3 well

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Tips for mb star c3 pro mb c3 programmer

  1. 1. Mb Star C3 Pro work with Benz Truck and Cars Plus PCMCIA TO RS232.This Car Scanner isgood for you Benz Truck .I have think if you don’t like the benz car you may not know thisscanner well . so here you can get a lot from this article :Mb Star C3 Pro description :MB Star C3 PRO is a professional and good diagnostic tool specially for mercedes benzcars. Mercedes Benz Star C3 09,2011 can do benz trucks and new types of mercedescars.Latest software version:09/2011Super quality, easy to take at hand.Mercedes Star diagnosis New Mb Star C3 ProNewest Software: 09/2011New feature:do benz trucks and new types of mercedes cars.Here is the mb star c3 pro images:
  2. 2. The scanne is in the box you can take it anywhereSecond you should know the error of the scanner here is a video is veryimportant : D610 , Dell D620, Dell D630, IBM T30, USB/external hard drive are available , pleaseadvise us which type of hard drive you want when you buy the MB Star C3.XP-STAR (Auto-Link Blue STAR) realizes all the functions of official factory BENZ Star2000:reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator;coding and programming. It applies the latest high-tech central gateway system of carmodel 221/211 and 203 with software version updated to 09/2011 , can enter all the Benzcars, such as autobus truck, saloon car, sports car, smart car and so on.You can see Mb Star C3 From: see more OBD Code Scanners From: Features:1. This version of MB STAR C3 can fit all computers, it is not only limited on IBM T30,provide great convenience to customers. There is one hard disk contain DAS and WISsystem.
  3. 3. 2. With a 7 meter RS232-RS485 cable, provide more convenience to garage when diagnose.3.Every hard disk has a special number,have self-test function.Just give us the self-testreport and the number, we will find out what’s the matter with this tool, avoid the shippingcharge when this tool need fix. Great improvement!Want this Mb Star C3 Pro work with Benz Truck and Cars Plus PCMCIA TO RS232 You cancontact us directly by Email: kingstar@vtoolshop.comVtoolShop: