Integration data models, Learning Layers project meeting in Bremen


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Report on process of building common semantic core for data from several Learning Layers applications for an integrated solution supported by Social Semantic Server

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  • A learner owns all his/her own data from many sources, stored in a Personal Data Locker
    Massive change in the paradigm, but it’s the right model
    Technically this is now possible
    Lots of non-technical change to get there
    Our informal surveys show that people seem to agree that we should head this direction

  • Integration data models, Learning Layers project meeting in Bremen

    1. 1. http://Learning-Layers-euhttp://Learning-Layers-eu Learning Layers Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters Integration of Data Models Developing Integrated Data Model for Social Semantic Server Vladimir Tomberg, Patricia Santos, Jukka Purma, Martin Bachl, Owen Gray, Adolfo Ruiz, Dieter Theiler
    2. 2. http://Learning-Layers-eu An Activity Trace has elements of different levels of formality John Contri- butes to Discus- sion Monday In his office ICD Category 5.7 .... Domain Independent Unchangeable, Defined by System Designers Domain Specific, Broader Agreement, „Archteypical Models“ Result of Co-Design Person Specific, Tags as Verbalizations Vladimir’s conceptual data model Sebastian’s domain models User Contributed
    3. 3. http://Learning-Layers-eu Why this is important? • It is a way to connect data from different tools; • It is a way to relate different resources to each other; • On this basis SSS can do recommendations 3
    4. 4. http://Learning-Layers-eu WHAT WE DID Dream Team 4
    5. 5. http://Learning-Layers-eu 5 Phase 1: Constructing Separate Data Models for each Application
    6. 6. http://Learning-Layers-eu Phase 2: Mapping Similar Concepts
    7. 7. http://Learning-Layers-eu Phase 3: Extracted Core Ontology 7
    8. 8. http://Learning-Layers-eu 8 Phase 4: Finding Properties in Different Applications
    9. 9. http://Learning-Layers-eu 9
    10. 10. http://Learning-Layers-eu Phase 5: Final Extended Data model for implementing on SSS 10
    11. 11. http://Learning-Layers-eu What Next? 11
    12. 12. http://Learning-Layers-eu Problem • We have a good vocabulary for things; • But we need also a good vocabulary for activities; • To have an opportunity for future Learning Analytics these should be Learning Activities;
    13. 13. http://Learning-Layers-eu One Possible Candidate: Tin Can 13
    14. 14. http://Learning-Layers-eu Actor | Verb | Object and... result, context, authority, activity, extensions LRS Tin Can Basics Activity Statements Learning Record Store
    15. 15. http://Learning-Layers-eu Tin Can Basics Little pieces of data that describe what the person did. Megan read “Tropic of Cancer” John passed “Hazardous Material Handling 101” Tool that collects all of the data and makes it accessible to other systems. Activity Statements Learning Record Store
    16. 16. http://Learning-Layers-eu Possible Tin Can Applications 16 CC images by curimedia, velkr0 and mikecogh on flickr Mobile Simulations Educational Games Real World Activities Offline Access Informal Learning Analytics /Reporting Data Portability
    17. 17. http://Learning-Layers-eu Games LRS LMS 1Simulators Social Platforms LMS 2...and more Mobile Applications #TinCanAPI | eBooks Now, everyone’s invited to the party
    18. 18. http://Learning-Layers-eu Training Delivery System and Learning Record Store 18
    19. 19. http://Learning-Layers-eu Application Visualization or Reporting Interface Visualization or Reporting Interface LRS’ share and receive, without knowing what’s coming. #TinCanAPI | Application LRS LRS
    20. 20. http://Learning-Layers-eu Personal Data Locker “Facebook, Twitter, Google and the other platforms you use, generate revenue from your personal information, location, relationships, photos, videos and other activities; Personal data lockers will not come from these tech companies, who have venture capital — sorry” Kin Lane, API professional 20
    21. 21. http://Learning-Layers-eu Personal Data Locker − Personal Ownership of Learning Data 21
    22. 22. http://Learning-Layers-eu Questions and discussion 22