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Fancy Food Show - Social Media Lounge Sunday Preso

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This presentation was given on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

This presentation was given on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

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  • 1. 5 CREATIVE IDEAS TOENHANCE YOUR EVENTSUSING SOCIAL MEDIAJanuary 15, 2012created for the Winter Fancy Food Show
  • 2. who the heck are you? Nicole Ravlin, partner at PMG Public Relations Have advised small companies and large companies on social media strategy for the past five years. Some of my campaigns have even garnered national media attention. Have spoken nationally at conventions and social media industry events on how pr and social can work together to benefit a brand’s bottom line. © pmg public relations 2012
  • 3. the rundown In the next 15-minutes we will cover the following tools:  Facebook  Twitter  FourSquare  Instagram  Pinterest How should you use them and some compelling stats. Have more questions – stick around at the end, and we’ll answer them one on one. © pmg public relations 2012
  • 4. facebook
  • 5. facebookBY THE NUMBERS:  [basic] Posting an event in theMore than 800million active users status of your pageMore than 50% ofour active users logon to Facebook inany given day  [slightly more advanced] CreatingAverage user has an event through your page130 friendsMore than 350million active users  [advanced – but easy!] Workingcurrently accessFacebook throughtheir mobile devices with a third party app like Wildfire toOn average, morethan 250 million create a contest to create buzzphotos are uploadedper day before your event © pmg public relations 2012
  • 6. twitter
  • 7. twitterBY THENUMBERS:  [basic] Tweet 3x per day 7x perover 300 week. Of those – only talk aboutmillion users your event 1x per day (responses to100 millionactive users others are a-ok to do more)logging in atleast once amonth and 50  [for the more established] attend ormillion activeusers every organize a tweetupday  [advanced Tweep] Host an onlinehandling over1.6 billion Twitter chat on something that YOUsearch queriesper day are an expert on – aka #tweetchat © pmg public relations 2012
  • 8. foursquare
  • 9. foursquareBY THENUMBERS  [basic] Claim your business so youAround 15 can see who checks in and offermillion usersworldwide specialsOver a billion  [more advanced] Check in to storescheck-ins,with millionsmore every where your product is sold, eventsday that your company attends, etc.Businesses:Over 500,000  [you play ball with the big boys] Addusing theMerchant a follow button to your websitePlatform © pmg public relations 2012
  • 10. instagram
  • 11. instagramBY THE  [basic] Register on Instagram as aNUMBERS: brand.More than 14million users  [more advanced] post photos usingWorks with #hashtags so people can searchiOS now.Android is  [they call you ‘sharp shooter’] Sendcurrently indevelopment your photos to your email andLargest THEN post to social sites – using aMobile Social URL shortner so you can trackNetwork views. © pmg public relations 2012
  • 12. pinterest
  • 13. pinterestBY THENUMBERS:  [basic] Establish your brand accountMore than 4.5  [more advanced] post pictures of yourmillion users products on boards and organize byOne of the "50Best Websitesof 2011” by categoryTime Magazine  [move over Martha!] Find recipes fromused mostly bywomen (59%) external sources using your productbetween theages of 25 and44. Most users (blogs, mainstream media, etc) andare hailing fromthe Northwest post to your boards. Like and re-pinand Southeast(US) (via Experian people who post your brands – whichHitwise) you can find using the search feature. © pmg public relations 2012
  • 14. thank you