RazorFish Client Summit - Levi’s presentation


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RazorFish Client Summit - Levi’s presentation

  1. 1. Levi’s EMEA Digital as a Brand Transformation Enabler Vincent Stuhlen Digital Marketing Director & Sebastian Billing Consumer Marketing Director
  2. 2. LEVI’S: DIGITAL AS A BRAND TRANSFORMATION ENABLER Vincent Stuhlen - Digital Marketing Director & Sebastian Billing - Consumer Marketing Director Page 2 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Levi’s Digital in a nutshell Page 3 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. “Classic American Cool Now” Levi’s® is the youngest oldest brand in the world.
  5. 5. The most important thing about Levi’s® is our heritage!
  6. 6. “Classic American Cool Now”
  7. 7. The embodiment of the energy and the events of our time “ (Bob Haas)
  8. 8. Internet fits Levi’s® like a glove!
  9. 9. TV advertising built our brand in Europe.
  10. 10. The European Levi’s® consumers.
  11. 11. The key challenge we face as a brand. Progressives Conventionals Internet is an Embrace online, everyday tool used used as a social & in myriad of ways entertainment tool fuel progressive lifestyle Most internet saavy group content creation (multimedia / Really heavy users (more than blogs) and consumption progressives), similar usage across (music/AV/photo), as well as all but content – which tends to more normal use (search, involve passive consumption communication) • Our consumer’s don’t see & hear us anymore (= channel) • When they do they don’t care that much (= content) We need to go from a TV-led advertising model to an integrated AV brand experience model to create a more optimal marketing ROI.
  12. 12. The challenge everyone is facing. “I think the old rules should be called in to question because the rules in terms of consumption have changed so dramatically” - Robert lger, CEO Disney
  13. 13. The new MarCom Model Interruption Engagement Media push Content pull Brand as hero Brand as enabler Target as consumer People as advocates PASSIVE ACTIVE
  14. 14. Cat Power for Levi’s®.
  15. 15. The role of digital for the Levi’s® brand = innovation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; While innovation typically adds value, innovation may also have a negative or destructive effect as new developments clear away or change old organizational forms and practices. Organizations that do not innovate effectively may be destroyed by those that do. Hence innovation typically involves risk. A key challenge in innovation is maintaining a balance between process and product innovations where process innovations tend to involve a business model which may develop shareholder satisfaction through improved efficiencies while product innovations develop customer support however at the risk of costly R&D that can erode shareholder return. A new way of doing business, through a new way of market and experience our products and brand, and not necessarily through new product innovations.
  16. 16. Brand of the Future Achieving Consumer Centric Innovation & Transforming Business
  17. 17. Engineering Innovation External consumer centric innovation = Internal innovation first Page 17 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Digital as Brand integration enabler Retail (Sales) Stores eCommerce  Multi‐channel Services CRM Loyalty program Paid Media  ATAWAD Services Insights Earned Media  Education  Controlled Media Customization  Offline Integration & Intelligence MarCom Product
  19. 19. Digital at the heart of the Brand strategy Retail (Sales) DIGITAL BRAND EXPERIENCE MarCom Product
  20. 20. Digital, as cross-over Brand discipline RETAIL eCommerce MARKETING Retail Imp Retail (Sales) Research Retail Ops Retail DIGITAL Trade MarCom Product PRODUCT Consumer IT Merchandising Data DB & Design Technology
  21. 21. New WoW with Agencies • Duke, a true Business partner • Duke, as “Lead Digital Agency” at the same level of other MarCom agencies • RazorFish, as a network to support our operating model Page 21 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Levi’s Lab – Progressive Test & Learn methodology Mission • Detect & test & implement new Digital mechanics that will enhance Levi's® Brand Equity and Business Methodology • Start from real consumers’ insights to choose technology • Define clear KPIs to assess efficiency • Develop prototype in partnership with Digital Agency and key players • “In-vitro” testing • “In-vivo” deployment • Test & optimize (again) Page 22 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Building Brand Equity and Business through Seamless Digital Experience Brand Immersion & Transactional Services Merged
  24. 24. Innovative Experience Innovation is NOT only about the product itself • Innovative branded content • Innovative product interaction • Innovative multi-channel shopping experience • Innovative services Page 24 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Levi.com – The Ultimate Online Flagship Page 25 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Collections: ongoing newness Page 27 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. Immersive product experience
  29. 29. One click away to purchase
  30. 30. An alternative path
  31. 31. A new way of browsing product - RIA
  32. 32. Creating your own look
  33. 33. Buying online
  34. 34. Buying in Store
  35. 35. Levi.com: the online Flagship
  36. 36. When Digital connects to real life Informing Retail Experience and Services
  37. 37. Or somewhere else in the Digital space
  38. 38. Or anywhere in the real life
  39. 39. Getting to the Berlin Flagship Page 40 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  40. 40. Experiencing the Brand history throughout the store… Page 41 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  41. 41. …a modern way (History wall) Page 42 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  42. 42. Enjoying branded content (Retail TV) Page 43 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  43. 43. Discovering exclusive content & original Digital experience… Page 44 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  44. 44. …and interacting with them Page 45 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  45. 45. Seeking for product information… Page 46 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. …and useful services… Page 47 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  47. 47. Anywhere in the Store (Interactive Touch screens) Page 48 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  48. 48. Finally finding the dreamed outfit (Interactive Catalog) Page 49 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  49. 49. Next: Intelligent fitting room & multi-channel services Page 50 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  50. 50. To get there… Building Transformational Digital Experience = Change Management Page 51 © 2009 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  51. 51. Thank you & checkout levi.com Vincent Stuhlen vstuhlen@levi.com & Sebastian Billing sbilling@levi.com