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Screencasting ppt 1

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This presentation, intended for teachers, describes what screencasting is used for and how to create a screencast.

This presentation, intended for teachers, describes what screencasting is used for and how to create a screencast.

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  • At the end of your presentation or manual, list 3-5 suggested projects that teachers could do with their students using this particular software package or application (two to three sentences each). Include appropriate NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) or Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


  • 1. ScreencastingFor Teachers of Grades 4-8
  • 2. 1. Define screencasting2. Describe procedures to screencastwith Screencast-O-Matic App3. Discuss student projects thatteachers can use in theirclassrooms
  • 3. • Screencasting is a screenrecorder software programused to illustrate somethinghappening on your screen andshare it with other people.• Screencasting software makes itpossible to create your ownvideo tutorials
  • 4. www.screencast-o-matic.com
  • 5. 1. SelectStartRecording2. RuntheApp
  • 6. 3. Close the app andopen a file or webpageyou would like theviewer to see as youbegin your voicerecording4, Hide SOM box, thendrag and resize theframe to surround thearea on the screen to berecorded.
  • 7. Choose your microphoneand set your volume Choose your imagesize/qualityChoose to use yourwebcamStart or pause yourrecordingStop/endyourrecording
  • 8. 1. Create a screencast tutorial to teach classmates how to accessand navigate their textbook online.2. Create a screencast to explain how to use a spreadsheetprogram to graph data. NJCCCS 5.1.8.B.23. Create a screencast to display an interactive model of a flowerundergoing pollination and describe the process as it unfoldsin the model. NJCCCS 5.1.8.A.14. Create a screencast to explain the stages of mitosis. NJCCCS 5.3.12.A.15. Create a screencast to demonstrate how to convert betweenmetric units.6. Create a screencast to a historical event using pictures , text andaudio.
  • 9. ClassroomUseShare your ideas!1. Think about aproject you coulddo with yourstudents usingscreencasting toenhancelearning?