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Information Technology for the success of Infrastructure Projects

Information Technology for the success of Infrastructure Projects



How Information Technology play a vital role in successful execution of Infrastructure Projects

How Information Technology play a vital role in successful execution of Infrastructure Projects



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    Information Technology for the success of Infrastructure Projects Information Technology for the success of Infrastructure Projects Presentation Transcript

    • The power of Information Technology IT Solutions in Project Management -VSR 17-Mar-2011 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Building Replicability & Predictability The views mentioned in this document are solely by the presenter and does not reflect the organization views
    • The world’s largest cities and urban areas in 2020 Source: Citymayors.com 12 of top 100 largest cities in the world in 2020 are from India Rank City/Urban area Country Average annual growth, 2006 to 2020, in % Population in 2020 (Millions) 2 Mumbai (Bombay) India 2.32 25.97 3 Delhi India 3.48 25.83 11 Calcutta India 1.74 18.54 28 Bangalore India 2.79 9.92 32 Chennai (Madras) India 1.68 8.88 35 Hyderabad India 2.21 8.61 39 Ahmadabad India 2.73 7.78 41 Surat India 4.99 7.72 43 Pune (Poona) India 3.46 7.53 78 Jaipur India 3.6 4.79 86 Kanpur India 2.53 4.44 100 Lucknow India 2.72 3.89
    • Intelligent Urbanization of India: What are these numbers? Education Security Housing Healthcare Sanitation Power Roads Water Source: From the Report, prepared by Booz & Company in association with Cisco Systems for CII $ 1 Trillion Investments in 10 years (2020) All the numbers are in Billion Dollars 150 160 300 120 40 120 100 30
    • Complexity in managing Infrastructure Projects Organization Workforce Requirements Dependencies External Influences Location/ Logistics
      • Organization PM Maturity
      • Conflicting expectations of Stakeholders
      • Technology Maturity
      • Politics
      • Complex/Different Processes
      • Unknown requirements
      • Ambiguous requirements
      • Political
      • Social
      • Environmental
      • Distributed Workforce
      • Workforce capability
      • Cultural sensitivities & Unified team
      • Integrated & Dependent Projects
      • Distributed Global Partners
      • Project Location
      • Travel
      • Amenities
    • The Dream of an Infrastructure Project Manager Scope & Quality Cost Time Balancing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost Extra Scope Extra Cost Extra Time With NO claims & litigations
    • Today’s Challenges in Infrastructure Project Management (Illustrative)
      • Manual dependency / heavy documentation
      • Wrong/non aligned projects
      • Rigidity in Project Management processes
      • Wastage, rework & overruns
      • Inability to predict & see future
      • Inability to replicate / repeat success
      • Litigations
      • Compliance issues
    • There is a great need of Integrated Solution for successful execution of Infrastructure Projects
      • Engineering Design
      • Virtualized Construction
      • Project Management
      • Customer relationship Management
      • Enterprise Resource Management
      • Spend Management
      The ultimate goal of integrated solution is to get timely, accurate & real time information for right decision making WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO HAVE SILOS OF INFORMATION, WHICH LEADS TO SUCCESSFUL FAILURE
    • Information is the Asset, which improves the probability of Projects success
      • Future
      • Schedule
      • Resources
      • Budget
      • Cost
      • Claims
      • Changes
      • Scope
      • Dependencies
      • Risks
      • Competitors
      • Quality
      • Environment
      • Safety
      • Travel
      • Location
      • Best practices
      • Next practices
      • Lessons Learnt
      • Contractors
      • Disputes
      • Litigations
      • Insurance
      Information on Proactive Vs. Reactive??
    • Challenges with Information availability
      • Outdated
      • Manual dependency
      • Multiple source of truth
      • Excel Driven Data Synchronization
      • Remote locations
      • In this competitive world, the most unlucky organizations are the one which does not have access to REAL TIME Information about their business/projects to take
      • Corrective actions
      • Preventive actions
      • right decisions at right time
    • Few Examples of Information Gaps… Lack of Coordination & communication Improper Change Management Reactive Locked Knowledge Fixed Time Trainings Non alignment with Objectives Lack of Safety & Green Measures
      • There is a need for having TECHNOLOGY which ORCHESTRATES the INFORMATION
    • IT is the COVERGENCE of many technologies Business Intelligence Technology Data Management Technology Social Computing Virtualization Technology Service oriented architecture/BPM Mobile Technology Content/Doc Management Technology Security Management Technology
    • IT plays a very vital role in Virtual Construction
      • Scenario Modeling
      • Virtual construction of infrastructure & impact analysis
      • Alternative estimations & costing models
      • Clash management
    • IT helps in automating and integrating the Project Management and related processes – Agile & Lean Processes Project Portfolio Management Program Management Project Management Contract Management Designs/ Virtual Construction Finance/Insurance Management Workforce Management Assets Management Compliance Management Procurement Management Logistics & Transportation Legal Management Agile & Lean Processes enable capturing data
    • IT plays a very vital role in integrating Unstructured data with Project management processes scanned copies of Contract docs, project docs, claims & mails etc
      • 80 percent of business is conducted on unstructured information, Unstructured data doubles every three months, 7 million web pages are added every day - Gartner Group
      • To minimize audit/compliance Issues ( Loss of Hard Copies/Forms, Multiple versions)
      • To minimize productivity Loss due to Lack of integration with business process work flow
    • IT plays a very vital role in integrating Unstructured data with project management processes (contd..) Order Item Identify Item Deliver Item Invoice Customer Scanned Documents, Web Meetings, Voice IP, Webcasting integrated with the Business Process flow
    • IT plays a very vital role in providing information in multiple dimensions – huge data without insight/foresight is of no use Source: Oracle Predictability Corrective Actions Preventive Actions
    • The Dilemma
      • Do you want to buy the packaged applications?
      • Do you want to develop applications from ground level?
      • Do you want to select hybrid approach?
    • The Dilemma (contd..)
      • Do you want to rent applications hosted by third party?
      • Do you want to buy or build and host in your own premises?
    • The Dilemma (contd..)
      • Do you want mobile applications?
      • Do you want desktop applications?
    • Indicative IT Investments in Infrastructure Sector in India Illustrative Line Item 10 years Investments Per year Investments (Equally distributed) Total Infrastructure Investments 1000 BUSD 100 BUSD IT Investments @ 5% 50 BUSD 5 BUSD IT Services share @ 25% of IT investments $12 BUSD 1.2 BUSD
    • Why IT fails?? Output without input (No data entry, but expect information) IT is not a Perpetual Machine Lack of Executive Sponsorship Ability to embrace Change Lack of Trust on Technology Remote Locations & No Connectivity Big Bang Approach
    • This decade is for two i s
      • I nformation Technology
      • I nfrastructure
      Engagement between 2i s is over; marriage is pending !!!! Move fast!!
    • Thank you & JAI HO www.twitter.com/vsr111