How To Use Wordpress

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  • 1. Click your Google Chrome browser.
  • 2. Type in yourbrowser, then press the “enter” key
  • 3. Click Get started here
  • 4. Afterfilling upthis form,clickCreate Blog
  • 5. Leave this pagefor awhile.An email will besent to youremail addressto activate yourWordpressaccount.
  • 6. From the email you received from Wordpress, simply click the Activate Blog tab.
  • 7. Click your blog’s link here.
  • 8. Click “Dashboard”
  • 9. Click “Settings”
  • 10. Set the time zone, date and time format. Choose the day to start your week.
  • 11. Choose the language you will use, and then, click “Save Changes” 1 2
  • 12. Click “Appearance”
  • 13. Choose the theme that you want for your blog here.
  • 14. Click “Preview” to see a sample layoutof any theme that you may be interested.
  • 15. Click “Activate”when you have your final choice.
  • 16. To create acategory, click “Posts” from your dashboard column, then click “Categories” 1 2
  • 17. Fill in the name & description of your category, then, click “Add New Category” 1 2 3
  • 18. To create a Sub-category, click “Categories”
  • 19. Fill in the name & description of your Sub-category
  • 20. Click the drop downmenu tab under“Parent” and clickthe category nameunder which youintend to put yoursub-category.Then, click“Add New Category”
  • 21. Now you have a Sub-category
  • 22. To compose a blog, click “Dashboard”
  • 23. Click “Posts” and then, click “Add New” 1 2
  • 24. Type in your Post Title and Content here. 1 2
  • 25. Click the tick boxof the category underwhich your blogshould be classified.
  • 26. If you wish topreview your blogbefore you publish it,just click “Preview.”
  • 27. Click “Publish”when you’re readyto publish your blog.
  • 28. You have just published your first Wordpress blog!
  • 29. This Tutorial was created by Victor Ng to help beginners learn the basic use and fantastic features of WORDPRESS a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a reputable website or blogFor inquiries and further assistance, please contact me at