Recap: 2013 Customer Love Summit


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Recap slides for the 2013 Customer Love Summit held on February 14th at MassChallenge. Sponsored by Richards Barry Joyce & Partners.

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Recap: 2013 Customer Love Summit

  1. 1. Customer Love Summit Recap #CustLove13 Slides compiled by @Vsnap
  2. 2. On February 14, the day when you letpeople know how you really feel aboutthem…
  3. 3. …100 business leaders came togetherto talk about the magic combinationthat creates Customer Love. Information Emotion (big data) (the interface)
  4. 4. This conversation had that specialthing that is so awesome to be around.That thing looks like this…big awesome ideas wicked nice people
  5. 5. The following folks led theconversation… Joe Gagnon, @PennFosterPres Tamsen Webster, @tamadear Penn Foster Allen & Gerritsen Aubrie Pagano, @aubriepagano John Kelly, @realBackOffice Bow & Drape BackOffice Associates Dave McLaughlin, @davemacboston Butch Stearns, @ButchStearns Vsnap The Pulse Network Joe Chernov, @jchernov Laura Horak, @laurahoots Kinvey HootSuite Brian McKenzie, @RBJ_Partners Trish Fontanilla, @Trishofthetrade Richards Barry Joyce & Partners Vsnap
  6. 6. …with people from all of thesecompanies:• 40Berkeley • HollandMark • Practically Green• Allen & Gerritsen • HootSuite • Promoboxx• Apperian • Hotel Tonight • The Pulse Network• Apptegic • HubSpot • Richards Barry Joyce• BackOffice Associates • Indivly • Scholastic• The Boston Globe • ISITE Design • Shareaholic• Boston Logic • Kinvey • Shoestring Media• Boston Red Sox • Libboo • Smart Lunches• Bow & Drape • Lose It! • Tibco Spotfire• Car Care Check • MassChallenge • Time Inc.• Closer Knit • Ministry of Supply • TreeView Consulting• CustomMade • MITX • TripAdvisor• Digital Influence Group • Mobee • Ubersense• dwinQ • Nanigans • UNREAL Candy• EverTrue • NBC Boston • Uspin• Exact Target • Nexus Partners • ViralGains• Fidelity Investments • • Vsnap• FitnessKeeper • The Pace of Service • Wayfair• Forrester • PerkStreet Financial • WBUR• Grasshopper • Pingup • Wiggio• HAILO • Pixability • Zipcar
  7. 7. …which sparked this activity on Twitter:
  8. 8. Takeaways & Next Steps• Clearly there’s a desire to keep exploring this conversation about designing feeling-focused interfaces on top of rich data to make customers feel amazing.• So we’ll continue to convene it.
  9. 9. ContactIf you want to be part of this, let us know. WeLOVE to meet other businesspeople whoshare our beliefs!!!Dave McLaughlin, CEO• @davemacbostonTrish Fontanilla, Community Manager• @VsnapJoe Nigro, Business Evangelist• @JoeNigro
  10. 10. Thank you to our partners!
  11. 11. The Customer Love Summit grew out of the Vsnap team’s focus onbringing warmth to the web, helping businesses engage customersmore personally and with more feeling. Here’s a little more aboutVsnap.Vsnap is a feeling-focused video messaging platform. We make it easyfor people in sales & support to record, share and measure shortvideo messages as a warmer, more personal alternative to email orother text communication.When you vsnap your customers, they take action 40% more thanwhen you email them, and they become more vocal on social media.Vsnap offers real-time analytics, customizable branding, and theability to attach other documents and links. You can record vsnaps viathe web or iOS and Android devices. You can share a vsnap toanybody with an email address or a Twitter handle, and recipientsnever need to register or download anything to view your vsnap.