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This is a project I did.

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  • PowerPoint for Dummies – Victoria SmithTitles – you can add titles to every slide with either fonts you have or with Word ArtAdding slides – adding slides is easy. Just click New Slide and decide which type of slide you would like to use. On each slide, you can add pictures, videos, sounds, hyperlinks, documents, and really anything else you like.Pictures – you can add pictures easily by selecting either the “Title with Content” slide, “Two Content” slide, or “Picture with Caption” slide. Click picture icon in center of text box once selected to add a picture from your file, or click on the Clip Art icon to add a clip art picture from Microsoft. You can add animations to these pictures, I’ll get to that later.This is what a picture with a caption would look like. It adds a nice touch to the presentation and keeps people from getting bored.Hyperlinks- these things are great! Hyperlinks in PowerPoints work just like they do in Word documents. Just add the text you want hyperlinked and link it to whichever website you want! It’s as simple as that. You can also add hyperlinks to different slides in your PowerPoint. It works the same way, type what you want, click hyperlink, and link it to a different slide. This makes it easy to jump from slide to slide without distracting the audience!
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    1. 1. Victoria Smith EDT 321March 13, 2011
    2. 2.  You will be able to add a title to every slide  Use the fonts given to you  Use WordArt found in the Insert tab Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 2
    3. 3.  ClickNew Slide to add a slide Choose what type of slide you want to use You can add  Pictures  Tables  Videos  Sounds  And more! Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 3
    4. 4.  Choose slide that enables pictures Click picture icon in center of text box  Insert picture from your files or online  Insert Clip Art Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 4
    5. 5. Microsoft Office PowerPoint is the perfect tool to use for any presentation!¹1 Waineright. ZDnet. Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 5
    6. 6.  Type what you want linked, right click, add hyperlink. Simple as that! Great for adding videos!  EA Or pictures  med/ppt/images/hyperlink.gif  /-/02toolbars.jpg Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 6
    7. 7.  Did you know you could create a hyperlink to other slides in your presentation? Type what you want  right click  add hyperlink  hyperlink within document. Let’s go back to Slide 6. Click here! Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 7
    8. 8.  This is where things get interesting!  You can add animations and transitions to your slides by clicking the Animations tab.  Anything you insert into your presentation can be animated. Let’s try with this ClipArt!Neat, huh?! Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 8
    9. 9. That was pretty cool, huh? You can add transitions the same way Transition from slide to slide in an interesting and fun way! Let’s try it again with this next slide. Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 9
    10. 10. Fades and Wipes Push Stripes Random Dissolves and and Cover BarsNumber of 5 32 12 6 3transitionsTotal 58 There are a total of 58 slide transitions! Wow! Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 10
    11. 11.  Yeah, even more fun!  You can add sounds easily from the Insert tab!  From a file  Microsoft sound  Record your own!  Click for some cool music! ¹1 Production Music. Freeplay Music. Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 11
    12. 12. I bet you didn’t know you could draw on your presentation. The same drawing tools in Word are here in PowerPoint too! Create thick lines, cool shapes, and more. Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 12
    13. 13. There is so much you can do with PowerPoint Make your presentation fun! Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 13
    14. 14.  Waineright. ZDnet. over-saasy-office-deal/457 Production Music. Freeplay Music. v&i=990 Victoria Smith 03/13/2011 14