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We are leading manufacturer of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Haemoglobin Meter, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Water/Soil Analysis Kit, Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Photo Colorimeter, Digital Colony Counter, Turbidity /Nephelo Meter, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Melting Point Apparatus, T.D.S. Meter, Balance Cell Photo Colorimeter, O.R.P. Meter, Potentio-Meter, Salt Meter, etc.

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Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of mosteconomical analytical and laboratory instruments with totalquality assurance. We at VSI believe that Quality is never anaccident, it is always the result of an intelligent effort.
  2. 2. VSI Electronics Private Limited (An ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedCompany), established in 1996, as one of the leadingmanufacturer of Analytical, Medical and various other types ofScientific Instruments with Total Quality Assurance and highReliability. With the teamwork and with the implementation ofcontinuous quality improvement programs we have been able togenerate a wide customer base. Our customers include EducationalInstitutions like Colleges, Universities, Engineering Colleges,Govt. Research Institutions, Public Health Departments, Hospitals,Industries, etc.
  3. 3. We have a wide range of instruments for different applications. We haveall the necessary arrangements for manufacturing of high quality productswith testing facilities at our works. Our products undergo quality controlcheck and inspection to ensure performance of the equipment. In order toachieve customer satisfaction, we have highly qualified and trained fleetof Service Engineers. Moreover, our products are warranted for one yearfor any manufacturing defects. The painstaking efforts that we havetaken, towards quality have helped us in acquiring the prestigious ISOcertification.Our prices are very competitive in the market and no one else can matchour quality & prices. Our motto is to provide quality products at anaffordable price.
  4. 4. We are an acclaimed Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of aqualitative range of high quality Digital pH Meters/Digital pHAnalyzers. These Digital pH Meters are engineered with precisionto meet various requirements of different laboratories.Digital pH Meter with Digital pH Meter VSI-01ATC Facility(VSI-01ATC) Digital pH Meter Digital Portable pH (Portable) VSI-02 Meter VSI-02ATC
  5. 5. VSI Electronics Private Limited is one of the most trusted manufacturers,suppliers, exporter and service providers of a wide assortment of MicroprocessorBased pH Meters. From our product library, one can avail products likeMicrocontroller pH Meter (VSI-101) for the measurement of pH, mV andTemperature with memory to store data of 1000 samples, MicroprocessorpH/mV/Temp. Microprocessor pH Microprocessor pH/mV/Temperature Microprocessor pH Meter Meter VSI-101 Meter VSI-102 VSI-103
  6. 6. The Digital Conductivity Meters/Digital Conductivity Analyzersthat we offer to our customers are used for electrical conductivitymeasurements in reputed research institutes and industries.Different models of Lab Model Digital Conductivity Meters andPortable Conductivity Meters are available. Digital Conductivity Meter Digital Conductivity Meter Digital Conductivity Meter VSI-04ATC VSI-04 (Portable) VSI-05
  7. 7. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of arange of Digital Spectrophotometers. Our product range includes fourmodels of Digital Spectrophotometer VSI-SP1, VSI-SP2, VSI-SP3 &VSI-SP4. These products are engineered with precision to meet variousrequirements of different laboratories.Digital Spectrophotometer Digital Spectrophotometer Digital SpectrophotometerVSI-SP1 VSI-SP2 VSI-SP3 / VSI-SP4
  8. 8. We offer a comprehensive range of Digital and Analog PhotoColorimeters, which are one of the precision engineered Colorimetersavailable in the market. Easy to operate, these PhotoelectricColorimeters are commended for the excellent accuracy that theseoffer. We also offer Filter Photo Colorimeters that are made inaccordance with ISO standards. Digital Photo Electric Analog Photo Colorimeters Colorimeters VSI-10 & VSI-11
  9. 9. We offer a comprehensive range of Microprocessor Based PhotoColorimeters/Microprocessor Lab Analyzer / MicroprocessorHaemoglobin Meters, which are one of the precision engineeredColorimeters available in the market. Easy to operate, theseColorimeters are commended for the excellent accuracy that theseoffer.Microprocessor Based Microprocessor Lab MicroprocessorColorimeter VSI-401 Analyser (Model : VSI-402) Haemoglobin Meter - VSI-403
  10. 10. Owing to our sophisticated technologies, we manufacture a broad array ofDigital Turbidity Meter VSI-13 & Digital Nephelo Meter VSI-13N. Thesemeter models are completely digitalized and hence help in enhancing themeasurement process. We also offer a Microprocessor Based TurbidityMeter VSI-701. Microprocessor Turbidity Digital Turbidity Meter/Analyzer VSI-701 Meter/Analyzer VSI-13 Digital Nephelo Meter VSI-13N
  11. 11. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of a comprehensiverange of Digital Dissolved Oxygen meters. These Digital Dissolved Oxygen Metersare provided in Lab & Portable models. Made using authentic material, these D.O.meters deliver commendable performance. Digital Dissolved Oxygen Digital Dissolved Oxygen Dissolved Oxygen Meter Cum Temperature Meter (Portable) VSI-15 Meter Cum Temperature Indicator (VSI-14) Indicator (VSI-14ATC)
  12. 12. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters ofDigital O.R.P. Meters & Digital Potentio-Meters. Range of productsbeing offered by us includes Digital O.R.P. Meters (VSI-24A & VSI-24) & Digital Potentiometer (VSI-29/30). Digital O.R.P. Meter Digital O.R.P. Meter (Redox Potential- Digital Potentiometer VSI- 29/30 (Redox Potential) VSI-24A Portable) VSI-24
  13. 13. We make available for our clients a complete Water & Soil Analysis Kits. This kitcomprises of all types of advanced water and soil testing instruments. All ourinstruments are known for preciseness with which they check the pH, ORP,Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature. Water/ Soil Analysis Kits : VSI-06, Microprocessor based Water/ Soil VSI-06D, VSI-6D1, VSI-06T & VSI-07 Analysis Kit VSI-301
  14. 14. Microprocessor UV-VIS SpectrophotometerConductivity/TDS/Salinity/ (Double Beam) VSI-501Temperature Meter VSI-201 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Single Beam) VSI-502 (Single Beam) VSI-503
  15. 15. Digital TDS Meters Digital Colony CountersVSI-22A & VSI-22 VSI-CC1 & VSI-CC2 Digital Flame Photometers VSI-FP1 & VSI-FP2
  16. 16. Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter VSI-12Melting Point ApparatusVSI-41 & VSI-42 Digital Salinity Meter VSI-23L
  17. 17. Year of Establishment 1996Legal status of Company Private Limited CompanyTurnover Upto US$ 0.25 Million (or upto Rs. 1 Crore Approx.)Export Percentage Upto 20%  Manufacturer  SupplierNature of Business  Exporter  Service Provider  Indian SubcontinentMajor Markets  Middle East
  18. 18. Provide After Sales Support - Installation Training Operational Training User ManualSampling Policy Paid Samples Available Experienced R & D Department Good Financial Position & TQMPrimary Competitive Advantage- Large Product Line Provide Customized Solutions Large Production CapacityQuality Measures/Testing Facilities - Yes
  19. 19. • Some of the key factors that make us the most preferred choice of large number of clients are as follows:• Premium Quality Laboratory & Analytical Instruments• Market Leading Prices Good Service, Customer Satisfaction Our Honesty, Continuous Research & Development Use of Sophisticated Machinery and Latest Tools Stringent Quality Control Mechanism Team of Highly Skilled and Talented Professionals World Class Manufacturing Facilities• Timely Delivery of Consignments at Clients Doorstep.
  20. 20. OUR MOTTO"Making Quality More Affordable that is to provide qualityproducts at affordable prices."We believe at VSI That QUALITY IS NEVER ANACCIDENT IT IS ALWAYS THE RESULT OFAN INTELLIGENT EFFORT. THERE MUST BE WillTO PRODUCE A SUPERIOR PRODUCT.
  21. 21. VSI Electronics Private LimitedMrs. M. Vaishali Bhatia / Mr. Vijay Kumar BhatiaF - 330, Phase - 8-B, Sector - 74, Industrial Area,S. A. S. Nagar, Mohali, Punjab - 160 071, IndiaE-mail : vsielecronicsmohali@gmail.comE-mail : vsielectronicsmohali@yahoo.inWebsite: www.vsielectronics.comWebsite :