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  1. 1. What does equal opportunities mean?Equal opportunities is every individual gets the same judgment and no-one is treated different, they are treated the same.Research on the internet and find out how equal opportunities applies to:Equal opportunities applies to The first example has beenhousing by people can either have completed for you:public housing or private housing.Public is when the poor get housing Public housing – Greenwich Housingfrom the council. Private is when Associationpeople buy or rent from the councilor private companies.It is important to have equalopportunities in housing because of Private housing – Berkeley Homes inother people earn different Woolwich Arsenalamounts of money so it gives theless fortunate a place to live.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to housing because ifthey are homeless they have noaddress or bank account and this isessential to rent or purchase ahouse from the council or from aprivate company.Equal opportunities applies toeducation by people withdisabilities get to learn. The typesof education you have are: public,grammar, private, independent,home school.It is important to have equalopportunities in educationbecauseevery has the right to aneducation.
  2. 2. Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to education becausethey are in and out of differentschool, and it disrupts theirlearning because they are not in astable environment.Equal opportunities applies tohealthcare with the NHS andprivate.It is important to have equalopportunities in healthcare becauseso everyone can be treated forillnesses that they have.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to healthcare becausethere are cuts in funding so thismeans that there will be longerwaiting times and you might have togo private, and that is expensive.Equal opportunities applies toemployment by so everyone is ableto get a job.It is important to have equalemployment in healthcare becauseeveryone can work and have achance to be stable in life.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to employmentbecause of lack of experience andno training available.
  3. 3. Pick two groups from the list below. Explain the problems that peoplehave giving equal opportunities to people in these groups: Disabled Gender LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Ethnic groups AgeEqual opportunities applies to News article or supporting evidenceGender, in theory women can get - newspaper or websiteany job that a man can get. address - a quote to support your pointIt is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecause men and women are equaland it is not fair to say one genderis more superior than another.The problems happen when womenget pregnant because they areunable to work and it stops themtaking the top jobs, working longhours and causes stress.Equal opportunities applies to age News article or supporting evidencebecause young people have fewer - newspaper or websitequalification and experience and addressolder people are more experienced - a quote to support your pointbut they face discriminationbecause the might be seen to betoo old.It is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecausethese group, such as youngpeople can handle more stress andelderly people get more tired andproblems with their bodies.The problems happen when you have
  4. 4. dates on your CV, which determineif you are experienced enough androughly how old you may be.