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  • 1. What does equal opportunities mean?Equal opportunities is everyone is equal to get jobs. No-one is judge onthecolour of their skin or gender.Research on the internet and find out how equal opportunities applies to:Equal opportunities applies to The first example has beenhousing by people who are on a completed for you:lower income can still have a house.Private housing is for people who Public housing – Greenwich Housinghave the money to rent and buy a Associationhouse.It is important to have equalopportunities in housing becausepeople on lower income can have a Private housing – Berkeley Homes inhouse so less people are living on Woolwich Arsenalthe streets.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to housing becausepeople earn more money thansomeone else, you can rent a housein a posher area. The crime ratemight be lower?Equal opportunities applies toeducation by public school andprivate school. Public schools arepeople who live in an area and theycan go to the local school; private ispaid for by parents and lesschildren in a class.It is important to have equalopportunities in education becauseso that everyone can learn and get
  • 2. a job when they are older.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to education becausethey are excluded, sent to a unit tosit and learn, being kicked out of aschool.Equal opportunities applies tohealthcare, me have the NHS witchis a big public company witch givesfree healthcare to the public. Thenyou have privet healthcarecompany’s like bupa where peoplepay money for privet healthcare.It is important to have equalopportunities in healthcare becausepeople that have broke somethingor are really badly injured can gethelp.Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to healthcare becausesome people pay money to goprivate and are seen quicker. TheNHS might not be able to seepeople that quickly.Equal opportunities applies toemployment because everyone istreated equally under law no matterwhat their gender, race, sexuality,religion.It is important to have equal inemployment because protect boththe employee and the employer.
  • 3. Sometime people don’t get equalopportunities to employmentbecause people might not employthat person because they are tooold or too young. Even if thatperson is good enough.Pick two groups from the list below. Explain the problems that peoplehave giving equal opportunities to people in these groups: Disabled Gender LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Ethnic groups AgeEqual opportunities applies to age News article or supporting evidenceby young people can get a paper - newspaper or websiteround or Saturday job. Elderly addresspeople get a pension, which means - a quote to support your pointthey get money each week becausethey can’t work or are too old towork.It is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecauseeveryone deserves to workno matter what their age.The problems happen whenemployers don’t employ someonebecause they are too old. It isdifficult to prove but sometimes itcan happen.
  • 4. Equal opportunities applies to News article or supporting evidencegender by someone not getting - newspaper or websitepicked for a job because they are a addresscertain gender. This is called - a quote to support your pointdiscrimination.It is important to have equalopportunities for this groupbecause so that no one is picked fora job because of their sex. Forexample, just because you are aman doesn’t mean you can’t be ahairdresser.The problems happen when peoplestereotype based on gender. Forexample, you might getdiscriminated from people at home,in school and in work for wanting todo a job that is not always done byyour gender.