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A living valuesmovement-facilitation

  1. 1. A ‘LivingValues’ Movement Facilitation www.vset.org
  2. 2. OverviewFacilitation is a process where the facilitator and the participantsgo through a journey where:• An ambience of freedom and trust is created through a strong bond• Tools like video clips, stories, group activities etc. are used to provide insights and inspire/ motivate• Debrief sessions follow with thought provoking posers to enable creative thinking and connect with the theme• Sessions are open-ended – there is no conclusion as to what is right/ wrong www.vset.org
  3. 3. Processwww.vset.org
  4. 4. Facilitation• Journey of facilitator and participants• No authority in the session• Joyous, learning, exploratory, informal, interactive• Non-judgmental, open ambience – free from • Like-dislikes • Rights-wrongs • Prejudices, biases • Notions, opinions• Conclusion: • Each one can have own (different) understanding • One draws one’s own conclusions – more sustaining Continue with details www.vset.org
  5. 5. Facilitator• Is a friend who creates a strong bond with participants• Believes that all are innately good• Is a co-learner in the journey• Intends to become a better individual – than change others• Poses the right questions – with a curiosity to know, learn• Prepares for the sessions but is spontaneous, creative• Does not impose own views, opinions, judgments, conclusions• Focuses on positives – people, situations• Is a good listener www.vset.org
  6. 6. Toolswww.vset.org
  7. 7. Ice-breakersBegin with ice-breakersinvolving everyone, to create afree ambience and build a bond• All to breath 5 times, debrief on awareness and connect with theme• How many squares are there in the adjacent figure?• Count numbers in 1 minute, repeat with a target www.vset.org
  8. 8. SituationsPresent situations that relate toand connect with daily life• The people in your society are about to cut down the old tree in the compound to build a car park• The auto driver demands Rs. 20 more than the actual amount to be paid. This has been happening time and again• You find a Rs. 100 note on the pavement• Your mother has made your favourite dish which she rarely makes. Just then, your friends come home uninvited for lunch www.vset.org
  9. 9. Role playsPresent real-lifepersonalities, professions, events, incidents• Dignity of labour – different professions• Academic excellence and humaneness• Contribution of nature and environment www.vset.org
  10. 10. Group activitiesProvide props – learningthrough activities• Magic square – create groups, blindfold participants, throw in a rope to each group and they have to form a square• Super structure – director, runner, builder with tangram• Howzzat – passing number of balls with everyone having to touch www.vset.org
  11. 11. Video clipsShow inspirational videoclips, incidents and thought-provoking speeches• Boy gives chocolate – S08.13• Elevator music – S07.07• Father asking about sparrow – S10.05 www.vset.org
  12. 12. StoriesNarrateelevating, contemporarystories with pauses at criticalintervals to elicit participantsthoughts• Blue ribbon – S07.02• Stench of hatred – S07.10• Share the good corn – S08.10 www.vset.org
  13. 13. DepictionsExhibit thematic depictions andallow messages to getinternalised• Behind the meal• Challenges in society• Micro to macro www.vset.org
  14. 14. Presentations (PPTs)Show presentations and arousecuriosity with pauses to triggerinteractive discussions• The car garage – S07.12• The Brooklyn bridge – S08.08• Eddy – S09.13 www.vset.org
  15. 15. GamesPlay games for fun, bondingand spin-off learning• Hooray! - Form a circle, count from 1, say “hooray” instead of 7, its multiples and numbers ending with 7• Chinese whispers• Hurdle – guide and follower (blind-folded), obstacles placed along the way www.vset.org
  16. 16. Audio tracksPlay meaningful, peppy songs;follow-up with group singing• Imagine• Another day in paradise• Heal the world www.vset.org
  17. 17. Debriefwww.vset.org
  18. 18. Overview• Debrief is an open discussion wherein the facilitator poses open-ended (non-directional, non-conclusive) questions based on the tool used• The posers provoke thought and are aimed at: • Exploring the messages in the tool • Understanding the relevance in day-to-day life • Chalking out a plan of action to apply learnings in real life www.vset.org
  19. 19. Examples• What was the video about?• How did you feel when you saw the video?• What is sharing?• How do you feel when someone gives you something?• Is it possible to share everything?• What are the things that you can share?• With whom can you share?• Is this practical in day-to-day life?• Would you do anything differently in future after seeing the video? www.vset.org
  20. 20. Learningswww.vset.org
  21. 21. Collateral learnings Ability to listen to others – being patient to present own views Apart from the To be open, free and non-judgmental in approachlearnings related to the particular theme or Creative, spontaneous thinking – thinking differently/ out- topic being of-the-box discussed, many collateral Confidence, perseverance to present perspectives (undercurrent) learnings take place Firm (in own convictions) and flexible (towards others’ along the way opinions) Accommodate, respect and appreciate others’ perspectives Back www.vset.org
  22. 22. THANK YOU Contact Narayanan PK | narayanan.pk@vset.org | +91 9845390141 Ramchandran A | ram.a@vset.org | +91 9379449036www.vset.org