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Hum 350 Course Overview
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Hum 350 Course Overview

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  • 1. HUM 350Italian Culture and Civilization Instructor: Prof. Vincenzo Selleri e-mail: vselleri@york.cuny.edu
  • 2. Prof. Vincenzo Selleri teaches Italian, Italian Cinema and Italian culture and Civilization in CUNY, SUNY and St John’s University. His main fields of interest include Modern Italian Jewish History, Italian Literature and Italian Cinema.Course Description:What is Italy? Does an original Italian culture exist? How is theNational Italian identity perceived abroad and by Italian Citizens?The course will try to answer these and other questions throughthe study of the unification of Italy, exploring and comparingregional identities, tracking the evolution of the standard Italianlanguage, learning about the great literary and cinematic worksthat have influenced the Art of western civilizations. Topics willinclude fine arts, music, cinema, regional folklore and traditions,fashion, and gastronomy.
  • 3. Required Textbooks:• None. All the reading material is available on Blackboard under copyright law.Recommended Textbooks:• Charles Killinger. Culture And Customs Of Italy, Greenwood, 2005.• Charles L. Killinger, The history of Italy. Greenwood 2002.• Mario B. Mignone. Italy Today. Peter Lang. 2008
  • 4. Course Objectives:By the end of the semester, each • To independently become acquainted with some specific Italian cultural concepts.student shall: • To be able to control and collect information• Shape and define a sincere but not through appropriate sources. stereotypical picture of modern Italy • To realize the importance of a historical• Provide a unified image of Italy but also framework. define its regional differences and varieties • To be able to structure and integrate gained• Compare and contrast the representation of knowledge. Italy through its own history • To be able to refer to history during the first• Write short and long papers on the topics introduction to literature.• Develop oral presentation skills• Use the Internet as resources for research on all aspects of the course;• Use and cite bibliographies and other research tools appropriate to the discipline;• To have knowledge of the most important terminology and realia of the history and culture of Italy.• To understand the current Italian society.• To be able to develop a vision on the new developments in the Italian society.
  • 5. Attendance:This is an ON-LINE course!Attendence will be evaluated in the form of yourACTIVE participation to the discussion forumsincluded in every weekly module!Your posts will be evaluated qualitatively andquantitatively as explained in the rubrics.Please read the rubrics carefully beforesubmitting your posts.
  • 6. Assignments:The students are responsible for studying theassigned material each week and to participatein the discussion forums before taking theweekly quizzes.
  • 7. CULTURAL EVENT:During the semester the students will have theopportunity of attending to the cultural eventssponsored by the Department of ForeignLanguages at York College.News and updates regarding the events will beposted on Black Board.
  • 8. GradingThe final grade will be calculated as follows:• Quizzes (12) _______________20%• Final Essay _______________10%• Midterm _______________20%• Final exam _______________20%• Discussion Board/participation _______________30%
  • 9. COURSE OUTLINE• Week 1 • Calvino and the Italian fairytales• Introduction: Quiz 7• Italian Culture and Stereotypes• Quiz 1 • Week 9• Week 2 • Primo Levi and Italian Shoa• The Unification of Italy Quiz 8• Different Italians. The South and the North of Italy.• Quiz 2 • Week 10 • The great scientists: Galieo Galilei• Week 3 Quiz 9• The Italian national anthem.• The Italian flag. The emblem of the Italian Republic. • Week 11• National Italian identity and the issue of language • The Italian Organized Crime• Quiz 3 • Essay #2 Quiz 10• Week 4• Regions and Cities: National and regional traditions : Calabria • Week 12 -13• Quiz 4 • Migration, Immigration and Emigration • Cultural Report• Week 5 Quiz 11• Regions and Cities: National and regional traditions : Puglia• Quiz 5 • Week 14• Week 6 • Review• Commedia dell’arte and the masks • Final Exam• Essay #1• Quiz 6• Week 7• mid-term exam• Week 8