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I use the AltSmoke eGo Passthrough with 510 Nano Clearomizers. Contained within is a review of these components.

Use the following link to check it out yourself:

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AltSmoke Review

  1. 1. So I started smoking e-cigarettes in summer 2012. Initially, I bought a$59.99 starter kit from Green Smoke, which is typical. When you first startsmoking electronic cigarettes, the terminology — cartridges, cartomizers,clearomizers, e-liquid, etc. — can be awfully confusing, so most people startwith a convenient starter kit!Anyway. So a few months into smoking Green Smoke, I noticed I wasspending about $150 a month on my cartridges, which are basically e-cigarette “packs” that contain pre-filled nicotine juice.So then I decided to start filling my own cartridges, so I switched to V2Cigs, a brand that sells both empty cartomizers and e-liquid.Months later, I began to grow frustrated.#1. My e-cig was malfunctioning every 3 months.#2. A lot of e-liquid always leaked out of the cartomizers.#3. I was still spending money out the ass.So I then got back on Google and searched, searched and searched — andread, and read, and read — until I stumbled on AltSmokes Ego E-Cigarette:So a couple things caught my eye about the Ego. First of all, its USBpassthrough. So that means I can plug it into my computer and smoke itwithout having to wait for the charge. And whats cool is that it charges evenwhen Im smoking it. So long as its connected to the PC, its getting acharge.
  2. 2. So when I decide to go out and grab some fresh air, I just detach it from theUSB cable and go smoke. Very cool.Another thing is that its compatible with 510 Nano Clearomizers, whichhold about 1mL of e-liquid juice and are both easy to use and refill. And thee-liquid tastes good from it. Here is what the eGo looks like with theclearomizer attached:Yes, its kind of big. Anyway. So I love the eGo and continue to use it. And Ihavent had to place it yet, and Im already 6 months into this. The only thingI hate, I suppose, is that I have to spend about $10 every 3 to 4 weeks onreplacement Clearomizers. The Nanos dont last as long as Id like, buttheyre the best 510 Clearomizers Ive found thus far, so Im sticking withthem.In conclusion, AltSmoke is a GREAT brand. I trust them and I am glad ashell I discovered them. Best of all, my total expenses (clearomizers and e-liquid) have dropped to an average of $50 a month. :-).I dont blame you if you chose a starter kit or are in fact considering a starterkit (if youre a newbie), but if youve been doing this for awhile and areready to upgrade unto the upper echelons of e-cigarette life, then I highly,highly recommend Altsmoke.To learn more, go direct to the source: HERE!