Cloud Seminar Feb 4 2010


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The cloudTP seminar series

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Cloud Seminar Feb 4 2010

  2. 2. Agenda In 2010, should you care about cloud computing? Can you get quick wins? Can you mitigate risks? CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. CIO in 2010 “If by mid-year you have not developed and begun to execute upon an ambitious and enterprise-wide cloud Bob Evans Information Week strategy, then by year-end the odds are good you'll no longer be a CIO.” CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. What are the cloud layers? Who uses them?  Business Analysts Business Users   Developers  Developers  IT Source: David Wells, BeyeNetwork CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Cloud is where the best solutions will be found “The single biggest reason public clouds will dominate the next era of IT: The public cloud is where the best and richest variety of business solutions will be found.” Frank Gens IDC Cloud Research Group IDC is telling you the future is cloud. CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Cloud accelerates the pace of innovation "The most interesting aspect of the cloud isn't the cost. It's the pace of innovation" Rajen Sheth Invented Google Apps Cloud solves the 80/20 and is now the suite’s Senior Product Manager maintenance/innovation problem giving enterprises flexibility and speed. CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. Cloud also saves money Companies that took a disciplined approach to adopting cloud computing reduced costs by an average of 18% and data center power consumption by 16%. Companies that adopted cloud computing haphazardly increased IT costs by 2- 3%. Business Drivers for Cloud Adoption: ◦45% - Reduce cost of IT infrastructure ◦31% - Enhance competitive advantage ◦19% - Inflexibility of current infrastructure ◦13% - Need to support additional users or services CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. Cloud gives mid-market enterprises scale Anyone, anywhere can get access to cost-effective scalable computing resources SMBs now have elastic high-end global computing power at their fingertips, minimizing the competitive advantage of size. CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Cloud is the next logical step Cloud is evolutionary Cloud frees your resources Cloud is changing the game Cloud computing Internal data center-centric applications CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. Cloud success: Government Nebula Launches – the US Government Gets Cloud Computing Right!  The US government will use 2010 developing and executing pilot cloud-based projects.  Each government agency must consider virtualization and data center consolidation in their IT budget planning.  Each agency can now quickly request, approve, and deploy Software as a Service applications.  The US government projects 6 months of time savings and $1.7 million dollars in procurement and deployment costs per application. If government, which is considered slow, can do it, Source: Cloud you can do it! Achieve a shorter time to market. Computing Journal October 4, 2009 CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. Cloud success: Cross-Enterprise Collaboration Eli Lilly is reducing the time it takes to develop new medicines using cloud computing and collaboration.  Lilly is scaling cloud computing environments up and down to meet the changing needs of its researchers' workloads.  Cloud computing has allowed Lilly to establish external collaboration environments in minutes. Source: CONFIDENTIAL 12
  13. 13. Ah, but what about risk? Reducing risk is the 3rd most important job of a CIO. Laef Olson CIO, RightNow Technologies CONFIDENTIAL 13
  14. 14. Is the cloud secure enough? How secure is my data? Yes How private is my data? Where in the world SaaS Is my data is the cloud? PaaS encrypted? Can I VPN into Read the fine print IaaS the cloud? Who is doing Who is responsible backups? for my data? Is the cloud more or less secure than your current practices? CONFIDENTIAL 14
  15. 15. Success: Health Info Security WASHINGTON, DC, September 30, 2009 — Harris Corporation, in collaboration with Cisco Systems, has demonstrated the ability to rapidly, safely, and securely exchange healthcare information in a virtual — or cloud — computing environment.  …security and privacy of web-based health information remains protected with a service as data is encrypted in transit and stored securely in the cloud.  ... a standards-based, scalable, open-source gateway solution that enables secure health information exchange between health information organizations across the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) CONFIDENTIAL 15
  16. 16. Success: Credit Card Security  Predictix cloud solutions provide advanced PCI-compliant merchandising solutions to retailers with lower risk and more compelling economics than traditional software alternatives.  Security is the key. Predictix leverages technology from enStratus for a configurable automated encryption system from the file system to backup management to network communications that enables total data security. enStratus also provides intrusion detection and has a "no credentials in the cloud" policy. CONFIDENTIAL 16
  17. 17. Success: Cloud Adoption Security concerns have not stopped major companies from entrusting key client and financial information in the cloud. has 50,000+ customers, 1.5 million subscribers, $1 billion in annual revenue, 53% market share, and a market capitalization of $8 billion. Example customers include: NBC, Avis, Canon, Chrysler, Deutsche Bank, E-Trade, and Prudential. Companies can save $1MM by migrating from Siebel Sales to CONFIDENTIAL 17
  18. 18. Will I have enough control? Yes Will the provider Do I need a special team share information? for cloud governance? How can I integrate What can I do if there is a breach? with the cloud? In a foreign country? How can I monitor usage and performance? CONFIDENTIAL 18
  19. 19. Are cloud standards enough? Yes Will my internal apps integrate Inter-cloud interoperability - with apps in the cloud? fact or fiction Can I migrate from one cloud to another? Will my apps written for one cloud work on another cloud? CONFIDENTIAL 19
  20. 20. Success: Open Standards  …The number and quality of physical security safeguards taken by the EC2 and S3 teams were incredibly helpful to solidifying our HIPAA compliance.  Our encrypted communication, access, and storage requirements were met with open standards that the AWS team easily facilitates.  “By allowing self-service & management of our infrastructure, we had to worry even less about prying eyes against our customers’ sensitive data.” Source: / CONFIDENTIAL 20
  21. 21. Is there sufficient reliability, availability and performance? Yes that good enough? How fast are we going? CONFIDENTIAL 21
  22. 22. Agenda In 2010, should you care about cloud computing? Can you get quick wins? Can you mitigate risks? How do you get there? CONFIDENTIAL 22
  23. 23. Where do I want my cloud? Cloud Service Enterprise Provider Private cloud Cloud Service Enterprise Provider Public cloud Cloud Service Enterprise Hybrid cloud Provider and We recommend hybrid for mid-market enterprises in 2010. CONFIDENTIAL 23
  24. 24. Cloud - How do you get there? Step 1: Get CEO Support Step 2: Define Your Goals Step 3: Determine organizational core competencies. Step 4: Leverage qualified partners to deliver the rest. Is transitioning to cloud computing a core competency? CONFIDENTIAL 24
  25. 25. ―There‖ looks something like this Cloud Partner #2 Cloud Partner #1 Cloud Partner #3 Your Core Competencies Cloud Cloud Partner #4 Partner #N Cloud Partner #5 CONFIDENTIAL 25
  26. 26. But which cloud partners? Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] Platform as a Service [PaaS] Cloud Ecosystem By Cloud Technology Partners Jan. 2010 There are over 3000 SaaS vendors Source: Software as a Service [SaaS] Cloud Tools CONFIDENTIAL 26
  27. 27. Cloud – More best practices Step 5: Form a cloud task force Step 6: Establish governance Step 7: Form a partner management team Cloud Best Practice Handbook 2010 Form Cloud Task Force Establish Governance Form Partner Management Team Evaluate Current State Architecture Define Cloud Security & Compliance Policy Monitor and Measure Cloud Services CONFIDENTIAL 27
  28. 28. Your cloud task force will help you achieve your goals improved cloudburst for dramatically lower speed-to-market dynamic capacity TCO partner pay-as-you-go / interconnectedness metered payments shift capex to virtuous savings lower opex cycles universal user sustainable / low cost / low experience green risk pilots …by lowering costs and enabling business innovation and sustainability CONFIDENTIAL 28
  29. 29. They will demystify the cloud Cloud Ecosystem collaboration sample cloud SaaS, client partnership PaaS, IaaS vendors > relevant experience Your Cloud Task Force best practices sample cloud implementation partners ROI driven > empowerment Your cloud team must demystify cloud, navigate hype from reality, apply best practices, and achieve measurable business results! CONFIDENTIAL 29
  30. 30. They will assess and prioritize opportunities Cost of Iterative ownership and solution ability to refinement support revenue Prioritized growth Balance benefit, Roadmap cost, risk, complexity selected cloud Explore Cloud Opportunity business initiatives, Implemen business & IT opportunity ranking & dependencies, tation opportunities definition prioritization and business value justifications Assess change on operations Business Technology impact Iterative and IT analysis solution refinement Initiatives CONFIDENTIAL 30
  31. 31. They will deliver quick wins Identify pilot projects. Validate the ROI. Help the Governance team prioritize and approve them. CONFIDENTIAL 31
  32. 32. They will transform your enterprise Cloud Collaboration Cloud CRM Cloud Storage/Archival Your Core Competencies Cloud Task Cloud Cloud Force Computing Analytics Cloud Marketing CONFIDENTIAL 32
  33. 33. Need a cloud task force? CONFIDENTIAL 33
  34. 34. That is us       Cloud Collaboration Cloud CRM Cloud Storage/Archival Your Core Competencies Cloud Cloud Computing Analytics Cloud Marketing CONFIDENTIAL 34
  35. 35. Let us be your trusted guide  plan navigate de-risk transition empower CONFIDENTIAL 35
  36. 36. cloudTP services life cycle We provide end-to-end advisory, implementation and operational services transformation managed strategy implementation services empowerment cloudTP partners with clients to assess, plan, and implement cloud computing solutions for business advantage. CONFIDENTIAL 36
  37. 37. Strategy services transformation managed strategy implementation services empowerment Rapid Opportunity Identification (ROI) great starting point for businesses seeking to identify best cloud computing opportunities 3 week rapid assessment of high-potential areas business case and ROI to support identified areas Enterprise Cloud Opportunities (ECO) - in-depth application portfolio analysis targeting large enterprises - 8-12 week deep-dive assessment of high-impact areas - breadth and depth of analysis to identify quick-win, intermediate and long-term opportunities - strong business case and ROI with estimated annualized savings and business benefit - identify virtuous cycles of investment – use savings to fund subsequent project phases CONFIDENTIAL 37
  38. 38. Implementation services transformation managed strategy implementation services empowerment Software as a Service (SaaS) Vendor evaluation, selection & negotiation migrate existing application(s) as-is potentially refactor identify and prioritize requirements migrate / implement new SaaS application(s) identify vendor space manage RFP vetting process Platform as a Service (PaaS) develop integration plan, governance and PMO establish Dev / Test / QA sandbox in the cloud build and integrate applications using PaaS Implementation planning & execution develop program / project plans with dependencies Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) manage budgets, resources, deliverables, milestones migrate systems infrastructure to the cloud project risk mitigation plans, pilots and QA email, BPM, CMS, servers, storage, DR/BC, cloudbursting CONFIDENTIAL 38
  39. 39. Transformation services transformation managed strategy implementation services empowerment Transformation Empowerment governance and PMO services provide on-the-job training and mentorship process, systems and organizational design services develop formalized training curriculum manage change management program execution conduct formalized training workshops establish training programs for staff with metrics provide periodic check points and measurement CONFIDENTIAL 39
  40. 40. Managed services transformation managed strategy implementation services empowerment Managed services planning, selection and Onsite / offsite support, monitoring, reporting migration & services coordination identify and prioritize business and IT single point of contact for various managed services requirements monitor performance and SLA compliance and conduct vendor selection, evaluation and variances negotiation proactively monitor performance and issue plan transition to managed service with resolution contingency and risk mitigation plan plan and coordinate scheduled outages and conduct pilots to validate and test managed maintenance service establish executive and services dashboards establish / integrate with governance and PMO integrate with governance, PMO and help desk CONFIDENTIAL 40
  41. 41. Q & A / next steps Let us guide you to the summit of success! CONFIDENTIAL 41
  42. 42. Appendix CONFIDENTIAL 42
  43. 43. cloudTP Services Flow Each service offering provides the guidance needed to make the next step toward cloud computing. Transformation Managed Strategy Implementation Services Empowerment CONFIDENTIAL 43
  44. 44. ROI results transformation managed strategy Implementation #1 services empowerment transformation transformation managed managed ROI implementation strategy Implementation #2 services services empowerment empowerment transformation An ROI session is likely to identify strategy Implementation #3 managed services multiple strong candidates for cloud migration empowerment CONFIDENTIAL 44
  45. 45. Implementation Results transformation managed strategy Implementation #1 services empowerment Transformation Migrating from an internal CRM to strategy implementation managed services will require user training and new/changed roles. empowerment transformation The same implementation is likely to require technical training for strategy implementation managed services administration and configuration Empowerment CONFIDENTIAL 45
  46. 46. Implementation Results transformation Implementation #2 managed strategy Implementation #3 services Implementation #4 empowerment transformation Multiple implementations across strategy implementation Managed Services multiple clouds may make it desirable to outsource the day-to-day empowerment management and administration CONFIDENTIAL 46
  47. 47. Services Roadmap Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 ROI or ECO Transformation Implementation 1 Empowerment Implementation 2 Empowerment Implementation 3 ROI or ECO Implementation 4 Implementation 5 Implementation 6 Managed Services CONFIDENTIAL 47
  48. 48. cloudTP Services Progression • cloudTP Rapid Opportunity Identification strategy • 3 weeks. 3 consultants. ROI • $75K • Siebel to SalesForce migration • 12 weeks. 5 consultants. Step #1 • Saves up to $1 million over 5 years • Internally-hosted Email to Google Apps Email • 1 month. 1 consultant. Step #2 • Saves $100-$200 per employee per year CONFIDENTIAL 48
  49. 49. <Client Name> IT Roadmap 4 months 8 months 16 months 24 months Customer One View Analytics Report Rationalization within SaaS Business Intelligence Campaign Mgmt. Relationship Profitability Cross-Sell Support Retire Legacy Web Multi-factor Online Usage Customer Password Analysis Web Redesign/PaaS Self-service & SSO Solution authentication Perimeter Security Network OS Rationalization SaaS IT Helpdesk Infrastructure Rationalization Remote Access Disaster Mgmt/Business Continuity via Cloud Data Center SaaS ID Vault Password Self Service Approval Work Flow Rationalization Employee SSO Provisioning Cloudburst Dev/Test HR SaaS Retire legacy HR, Email, CRM Incentive System SaaS IT Governance Telecom Business Apps Shift to Email SaaS SaaS Marketing Recruiting SaaS Migrate to SaaS CRM Enterprise Collaboration SaaS Migrate to SaaS Service/Call Center Solution Bilingual VRU Cell Phone Rat. Centralized Customer Phone Contact Increase Internet Bandwidth Strengthen IT IT Governance / PMO (ongoing) Governance / PMO IT Dashboard Vendor Mgmt Office Vendor Report Card (ongoing) Incentive Alignment Individual Training Plans Training (ongoing) CONFIDENTIAL 49