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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Mar 2011 Issue
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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Mar 2011 Issue


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A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! March 2nd, 2011 VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Apple slash first-generationiPad prices So what will Apple be surpising us in this special mediaSource: event? Well, we have took the liberty of summerising what hasprices/11433.html happened at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for yourMarch 2nd, 2011 reading pleasure.Apple has slash their prices of their previous generation tabletsince the introduction of iPad 2 and prices of iPad havedropped by more than S$200 for some models. The event kicked off at 10am Pacific Time (2am Singapore Time) and the first major surprise we got was the arrival of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, on stage for the presentation. Many didnt expect him to turn up due to his deteriorating health, but he did. “We’ve been working on this product for a while and I didn’t want to miss today,” said Jobs, garnering a standing ovation from the audience. iBooks & milestonesOnce the Apple Online Store came back, we noticed that Applehas dropped their prices for the original iPad by a substancialammount. This is not surprising since the new iPad 2 will holdthe same prices as the original iPads launch price.Apples March 2nd mediaevent RoundupSource: 1
  • 2. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBesides having over 2500 publishers in iBookstore, Random Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall its upgradesHouse will joining the iBookstore today, bringing another all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster17,000 books to the iBookstore catalog. 100,000,000 books graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course thehave been downloaded so far from Apples iBookstore. much wanted cameras. Thats pretty much what everyone was hoping for and Apple has left out surprisingly little for an iPad 3 upgrade, but were sure theyll figure something out to attract peoples attention next year. Apple has announced its iPad 2 and overall its upgrades all around with a new dual core A5 processors, much faster graphics, lower weight, slimmer profile and of course the much wanted cameras. Thats pretty much what everyone was hoping for and Apple has left out surprisingly little for an iPad 3 upgrade, but were sure theyll figure something out to attract peoples attention next year. The A5 processor is still ticking away at 1GHz, but it now has two cores and the graphics core is said to offer up to nineAccording to Jobs, Apple should have the "most accounts with times the performance compared to the original iPad. The rearcredit cards anywhere on the internet". camera will shoot 720p video at 30fps, while the front camera is stuck at VGA quality at 30fps. To go with the cameras Apple is adding FaceTime to its next release of iOS and well also see a new app called Photo Booth alongside a US$4.99 version of iMovie for the iPad 2.Apple has also reportedly paid out US$2 billion to app Amazingly Apple has managed to slim down the iPad 2 to adevelopers on their App Store. mere 8.8mm which is 0.5mm thinner than the iPhone 4 and the Wi-Fi model weighs in at 601g while the 3G model adds another 12g. Even so, were looking at the same 10h battery life for the Wi-Fi models, or in the case of the 3G models, 9h. The screen remains the same as on the old model, in other words were still looking at a 9.7-inch unit with 1024x768 resolution. Some features that have been carried over includes 802.11a/ b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and in the case of the 3G model, support for HSDPA/HSUPA on the 900, 1900 and 2100MHz bands, although Apple has also made a CDMA EV- DO version for Verizon in the US which is another first.Apple has also recently shipped out their 100 millionth iPhone.Apple launches the iPad 2Source: 2nd, 2011 One other new feature is the optional US$39 HDMI out dongle which connects to the docking port and adds an HDMI port as well as a docking port so the iPad 2 can be charged at the 2
  • 3. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesame time as its connected to an HDMI screen or projector. According to leaked NVIDIA slides, the reference GeForceIt supports 1080p video mirroring, but oddly enough Apple GTX 550 Ti will be clocked at 900MHz and 1025MHz for thestates that itll only play back H.264 video with resolutions of core and memory respectively.up to 720p at 30fps. The dongle doesnt look like the most A kind reader has dropped us some scores which do look insolid piece of equipment to ever come out of Apple and its line with all the current GTX 550 Ti specifications bits piecedreally quite an awkward way to connect the iPad to an HDMI together.equipped display device.Apple also designed a new “Smart Cover” for the iPad 2 whichattaches by magnets and features a hinge. The cover folds up in 3DMark 11three and can be used as a stand. Apple offers the cover in two GeForce GTS 450 GeForce Radeon HD 5770different materials, polyurethane and leather, each available GTX 550 Tiin five colours for a price of US$39 and US$69. P2100 P2400 P2600 Lost Planet 2 GeForce GTS 450 GeForce Radeon HD 5770 GTX 550 Ti ~22 ~27 ~22 It appears that the new card isnt as fast as expected, with a performance gain of about 25% over AMDs offering in just certain games. Things look pretty ugly in 3DMark 11 though.Most of the rumours about the iPad 2 didnt come true, as wedidnt get a higher resolution screen, no built in SD card reader Overclockability-wise, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti will continueand most definitely no Thunderbolt support, but even so, it the legacy of the GeForce GTS 450 by offering excellentlooks like Apple has managed to a pretty good job in updating headroom. Clock speeds in excess of 1050MHz are said to beits tablet. attainable and that will send the 3DMark 11 score past P3000 on a well-overclocked Sandy Bridge system.As far as pricing goes, the Wi-Fi models cost US$499 for 16GB,US$599 for the 32GB model and finally US$699 for the 64GB If the performance figures are true, then perhaps the GF116model. Apple will be offering them in both white and black should be branded as a GTS, and not a GTX?from day one, which is another first for the iPad 2. In theUS the 16GB 3G model is priced at US$629 with the 32GBmodel at US$729 and finally the 64GB model at US$829, butso far pricing for other countries havent been announced.Availability in the US is March 11th followed by Europe, Japan, ASUS unveils new ROG gamingMexico, Australia and New Zealand on the 25 of March. th products at CeBIT 2011Apple didnt announce availability dates for other markets. Source: products-at-cebit-2011/11422.htmlNVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti March 2nd, 2011benchmark leak?Source: 2nd, 2011 ASUS has unveiled a number of new ROG gaming products at CeBIT 2011. These include the G74Sx gaming laptop, the Rampage III Black Edition motherboard and MATRIX GTX 580 graphics cards for enthusiasts, VG278H 3D monitor, RT- N66U high performance dual-band wireless router, and theWeve gotten some rough performance numbers of the Vulcan-ANC gaming headset.upcoming GeForce GTX 550 Ti in Futuremarks 3DMark 11 ASUS has unveiled a number of new gaming products at CeBITand Lost Planet 2. Is it as fast as it is rumored to be? in March this year, including Republic of Gamers (ROG) notebook PCs, high-performance motherboards, graphics cards, 3D monitors, a router and a headset. With an expanded 3
  • 4. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneproduct portfolio, ASUS hopes to fulfill its promise of enthusiasts to monitor and optimize clock speed, voltage andproviding choices for everyone. fan speed to achieve extreme levels of performance.ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard deliversextreme gaming performanceThe ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard is anevolution of the award-winning Rampage III Extreme, whichset new world records in overclocking. Everything that madethe Rampage III Extreme so great is back, but with a stylishblack-themed design, plus many hardware and softwareimprovements. The ROG MATRIX GTX 580 also runs cool, thanks to the exclusive DirectCU II design that places copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU for improved thermal efficiency. Twin custom-made fans circulate up to 600% more air for a 20% cooler operation too, while the 16-phase Super Alloy Power components ensure greater operational stability and a longer product lifespan. Apple Online Store downMost notable is the supplied ROG ThunderBolt expansion ahead of iPad media event Source: that enhances both LAN and audio performance. This ipad-media-event/11429.htmlincorporates an award-winning Bigfoot Networks Killer™ March 2nd, 2011E2100 networking platform that automatically classifies andaccelerates online game traffic for maximum networkingperformance. Class-leading XONAR™ audio technology alsoprovides increased sound quality and a built-in headphone With just a few hours to go to Apples media event, theamplifier with adjustable impedance settings - perfect for Cupertino-based tech giant has taken its online stores aroundgetting the drop on the competition when gaming. the world offline, including here in Singapore.Combined, these two technologies provide gamers with asuperior online gaming experience that will overwhelm thecompetition. Better yet, the ROG Rampage III Black Editionalso comes with the ASUS GPU TweakIt utility that isupgraded feature combined in ROG Connect and allowsgamers to modify the graphics card settings for greatest visualimpact. It is a standard operating procedure for the iPhone and iPad makers to bring their online stores down ahead of major events and new product releases. So we can safely say that this is Apples way of telling us that they are going to introduceROG MATRIX GTX 580 graphics card makes overclocking something new to their online store.easier than ever The next-generation iPad is expected to announce withinThe new ROG MATRIX GTX 580 graphics card ships with a the next few hours. Stay with us as we bring you the latestnumber of proprietary ASUS iROG technologies for superior developement from Apples special media event.gaming performance, including TweakIt for real-time GPUvoltage adjustment, ProbeIt for instant voltage readings anda Safe Mode reboot button for a foolproof overclockingexperience. The all-new ASUS GPU Tweak utility also allows 4
  • 5. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAsus and MSI displays mini-ITX H61 boards at CeBITSource: 2nd, 2011We should soon be seeing some much more affordable mini-ITX boards for Intels second generation of Core i processorsand both Asus and MSI has shown off new models based onthe new H61 budget chipset for the platform. The two boards ASRock also shows off Z68 board at CeBITare quite different in terms of what they offer though and werepretty sure that these are only two of the first boards of manyto come. Source: cebit/11427.html March 2nd, 2011We should soon be seeing some much more affordable mini-ITX boards for Intels second generation of Core i processorsand both Asus and MSI has shown off new models based onthe new H61 budget chipset for the platform. The two boardsare quite different in terms of what they offer though and werepretty sure that these are only two of the first boards of many ASRock decided to show off its Z68 board as CeBIT too andto come. it actually looks like one of the better boards that have beenAsus has gone for a full-on HTPC design for its P8H61-I with a shown so far. Were not entirely sold on the colour scheme, butx16 PCI Express slot, four SATA 3Gbps ports and two headers thats really a minor issue considering that ASRock appearsfor an additional four USB 2.0 ports. Around the back the to have loaded up the Z68 Extreme4 with pretty much everyboard has a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a feature you could need or want.Gigabit Ethernet port, a D-sub, DVI and HDMI port and threeaudio jacks for 5.1-channel audio. Bear in mind that this is abudget board and it wont compete with the H67 boards in ASRock decided to show off its Z68 board as CeBIT too andterms of features. it actually looks like one of the better boards that have been shown so far. Were not entirely sold on the colour scheme, but thats really a minor issue considering that ASRock appears to have loaded up the Z68 Extreme4 with pretty much every feature you could need or want. Slot wise the board has three x16 PCI Express slots, of which of course the second one is of the switchable x8 type while the third slot only has four lanes worth of bandwidth. The board also has two x1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots. ASRock has also fitted a pair of additional SATA 6Gbps ports for a total of four, as well as four SATA 3Gbps ports. There are also headers for two USB 3.0 ports (using an Etron controller), four USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire port and even a parallel port.MSI on the other hand decided to go really basic with its H61I-E35 and only included a x1 PCI Express slot, although you stillget four SATA 3Gbps ports and two headers for four USB 2.0ports. Around the back the MSI board appears to have a PS/2port, six USB 2.0 ports, a D-sub and HDMI port and threeaudio jacks for 5.1-channel audio. This board should be veryaffordable and a great match with the upcoming Sandy BridgePentium and Celeron processors expected later this year. 5
  • 6. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone question will be does it perform? Read on to find out if the performance matches the looks! New, more effective optical fibers have semiconductive core Description: Fiber optic cables can transmit over a terabyte of information per second – but that doesnt mean there still isnt room for improvement. One of those improvements, which was officially announced today, involves replacing the silica glass core of fiber optic strands with semiconductive zinc selenide. This new class of fiber optics, invented and created at Penn State University, is said to "allow for a more effective and liberal manipulation of light." The technology could have applications in the fields of medicine, defense, and environmental monitoring.Around the back the board has a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 Fan Controller Review @two USB 3.0 ports, a FireWire port, an eSATA port, a Gigabit XtremeComputingEthernet port, a DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and D-sub connector Description: Sunbeamtech have been around for as long as Iand finally 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDFI out. Theres can remember, however due to their limited product range,also a CMOS reset button around the back and the board also they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. This latestappears to have power and reset buttons and a POST80 debug fan controller will hopefully continue their high-quality, high-LED display. We also noted a PLX bridge chip on the board value reputation. Personally I own a Scythe Kaze Master, so Ithat were not quite certain what the purpose of it is. know what a quality fan-controller should do.Overall the Z68 Extreme4 is what wed expect from a high-end Coolit Vantage A.L.C. CPU Cooler @ Benchmark ReviewsZ68 board, but this might not be the top of the range model Description: Sealed, all-in-one water coolers seem to be thefrom ASRock, as the company offers higher-end P67 models, fastest-growing segment of the CPU cooler market today. Airso we might get to see something even more feature packed by coolers are reaching their physical limits: given the roomthe time the platform launches. inside existing cases, and the (frequently ignored) weight limits defined for CPU coolers, something like a ProlimatechThe Daily VR-Zone News Megahalems is about as big as you can get without running into problems. Water cooling systems work around these problemsSummary - 02 Mar 2011 by moving the heat exchanger off of the CPU socket, and usingSource: a fluid to transfer heat from the CPU to the heat exchanger.mar-2011/11425.html Coolit Systems has been making retail and bespoke liquidMarch 2nd, 2011 cooling systems for some years now, and the Coolit Vantage A.L.C. cooler brings new features and performance to the fray. Benchmark Reviews pits this new entry against existing air and water coolers in a performance showdown. Be Quiet Silent Wings USC 12cm Review @ XSReviews Description: It cant always be about the graphics cards, the gaming mice, the motherboards and the high poweredIn todays daily news roundup: Bigfoot Networks announces speakers, right? Well no indeed, sometimes us reviewers haveits new high-performance Killer WiFi cards for notebooks; to look at something a little less exciting. Ladies and gents, mayIntel releases a new dual-core Atom processor for netbooks; I present to you the BeQuiet Silent Wings USB 12cm fan. LetsTP-Link showcases new energy-efficient powerline adapters at check it out. Hurray!CeBIT; Razers Naga Epic MMO gaming mouse gets reviewed;Sony is reportedly thinking of exploiting a loophole to get Chip Shot: Intel Delivers New Dual-Core Intel® Atom™around the import ban on PlayStation 3 consoles in the EU, Processor for Netbooksand Dawn of War 2 : Retribution gets a new launch trailer. Description: Today, Intel announced the dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor N570, providing netbook users InternetHardware News: access on the go and a more responsive experience in theGIGABYTE P67A-UD4 Motherboard Performance Review @ same compact form factor and great battery life as single-coreLegit Reviews Intel Atom processors. Running at 1.66 GHz, these processorsDescription: GIGABYTE Motherboards have always employed support four threads, with 1 MB of L2 cache, 8.5W TDP anda wide variety of colors on them. At least until now. The DDR3 667, helping spur further innovation around netbooksGIGABYTE P67A-UD4 motherboard features the all new and other devices requiring the low power goodness of Intelblacked out color scheme! First impressions, they look great! Atom architecture.Unfortunately, looks wont do anything for performance. NAND flash contract prices stableToday we are going to take the newly designed GIGABYTE Description: Contract prices for 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb MLCP67A-UD4 out for a test drive. While it looks great, the NAND flash chips dropped slightly in the second half of February, while 8Gb parts went flat, according to latest data 6
  • 7. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneposted by DRAMeXchange. Meanwhile, the price of 32Gb 3- in the iTunes App Store, now supports multiple attachmentsbit per cell MLC products was similar to the level in the first and up to 90 minutes of audio recording per note. A newhalf of the month. resources button helps to find information based on context, and users can find notes on a map, based on the location whereKiller NICs Comes to Laptops for Latency Freaks the data was entered, or browse by images or attachments.Description: Bigfoot Networks, the technology companybehind the Killer line of networking products for online games, Android Users Get An Official Taste Of Foodspotting Just Intoday introduced its new Killer Wireless-N family of high- Time For SXSWperformance Wi-Fi adapters for laptops. Description: Back in December of last year, I noted the existence of the first Foodspotting build for Android justConsumer Electronics and Software News: in time for the holidays. Turns out, the app was a littleSmartfish Whirl Laser Mouse w/ Anti-Gravity Comfort Pivot undercooked — still in beta — and the team didn’t really wantReview @ TestFreak me giving out the link to download it. Whoops.Description: The mouse is the one thing that most of use take Gaming News:for granted, not for how it’s used but for what can happen toyou with long terms usage. For those of us that use a mouse Sony can get around LG patent shipment baneveryday for hours on end we can be susceptible to RSI or Description: Sony could still get around the PS3 shipment banrepetitive stress injury. Sure there are companies out there thanks to a loop in the patent enforcement code...that have come out with ergonomic mice, but only one claims Dawn of War 2: Retribution Gets Launch Trailerto be the world’s first truly ergonomic mouse and that’s the Description: Retribution is setting in at Dawn of War 2 as theWhirl from Smartfish. The mouse is wireless and it sits on 2nd expansion of the original game goes on retail today. Thetop of pivoting platform so you hand moves more naturally game offers various campaigns from different races’ viewpointwhen you’re using thus possibly reducing the risk of RSI to the in the sub-sector of Aurelia, new map for The Last Stand anduser. The Whirl has been designed in collaboration with the of course, new units in multi-player.#1 orthopedic hospital in the states, so they might know whatthey’re talking about. Japanese developers comment on NGP Description: With the introduction of the Sony NGP, itsGoogle’s Schmidt States Mobile Growing Faster than All inevitable that the people who will be working on the systemsPredictions software, the game developers and publishers, will be puttingDescription: Google representatives, especially those high in their two cents on the handheld device.up on the ladder, are no stranger to major events. This isespecially true for Eric Schmidt who, over the years, has givenkeynote addresses at almost every top technology and business How to turn your iPhone 4event even slightly related to his industry. It’s no surprise,then, that he would be selected for the opening keynote at the transparentIAB Leadership Conference... Source: transparent/11412.htmlAn Exciting Keynote for Skype at Enterprise Connect and March 2nd, 2011News with CitrixDescription: Skype today announced a partnership with CitrixSystems that will expand Skype’s web and audio conferencingcapabilities. Based on Citrix’s successful GoToMeetingproduct, Skype’s new Web conferencing and audio features areexpected to become available towards the end of the year.TP-LINK showcases new energy-saving powerline adapters at Still remember a while back we ran an article on how a guyCeBIT 2011 in Hong Kong managed to strip his iPhone 4s front andDescription: TP-LINK, a global provider of SOHO and SMB back panel and made them transparent? Well, theres now anetworking products, today announced a new range of simpler (yet somewhat complicated) way of achieving that jaw-powerline adapters which will be on display at CeBIT 2011. dropping transparent panel.The adapters, which offer energy savings of up to 75%, featurea range of benefits from AC pass-through to speeds of up to500Mbps, making them ideal for high demand usage.Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse review at ExaminerDescription: The Razer Naga Epic MMO gaming mouse ismore than just a wireless version of the Razer Naga—it alsosports some design enhancements to ‘level up’ the Naga evenmore.Too Much Data? New Evernote Should HelpDescription: Evernote launched a redesigned version of itsiPhone software Tuesday, adding new views and features thatfurther help organize thoughts on the go. Evernote 4, available 7
  • 8. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIn the original story of the transparent iPhone 4, what theHong Kong enthusiast did was to disassemble and remove thefront and back panel of the phone. He then used paint thinnerand carefully remove the paint from the panels and assemblethe iPhone back again once the panels are clear.While that sounds painstakingly risky and requires some time,theres now a somewhat easier way of achieving the sameeffect. And this method is reversible.The folks over at M.I.C gadgets has brought in a transparentback panel iPhone 4 DIY kit. It comes with a clear back paneland the required set of screw drivers so you can start pimping Not much is known about the device, although its OEMyour iPhone 4 right away. As Ive mentioned, since you are TazTag, has claimed that the TazPad will feature a seven-accuiring an additional back panel, you can keep your own inch color display capable of recognizing multitouch input.original back panel and do a swap if you fancy. In addition, the tablet will also come standard with common hardware such as a built-in camera, GPS module and anAvailable in 3 frame colours, you can get yours from their for a measily US$23.90. However, the real draw of the TazPad stems from the fact that the TazPad is touted by TazTag to be the worlds first device which fully supports the NFC communication stack. Not toTazTag to unveil new Android mention that TazTag has apparently come up with a rather novel way of utilizing the TazPads NFCs capabilities: by usingtablet at CeBIT? it as a means of delivering HD content via HDMI-out. Now thatSource: is not something you often get to see in a tablet.cebit-/11421.html Last but definitely not least, the TazPad will also featureMarch 2nd, 2011 support for other wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, as well as an option for biometric authentication. No pricing or release date has been announced for the TazPad though, although various sources claim that the tablet is dueWith the whole world going goo-goo-ga-ga over tablets, to ship sometime in Q2 this year. And while there is no denyingsmartphones and the operating systems used to power them, that the TazPad might have the potential to change the way weit should probably not be surprising to see unheard-of OEMs all look at our tablets, the key question remains: will the NFCattempting to capitalize on the mobile bandwagon by offering infrastructure be ready by the time the tablet starts shipping?a product which runs off the ever-popular Android OS. And We shall seems that there is one such OEM right there at CeBIT aswe speak: TazTag is reportedly announcing a new Android-powered tablet that will boast certain connectivity features not ASUS unveils new Blu-rayfound in todays devices.Near-field communications or NFC is definitely one of the player and voice-cancellingneater features to exist in the market, and it is understandable headphones at CeBITas to why technologists are keen on integrating this technology Source: the highly advanced smartphones and tablets of today. voice-cancelling-headphones-at-cebit/11419.htmlAfter all, the idea that one could simply a tablet at a reader March 2nd, 2011to perform certain tasks such as electronic transactions andscanning mobile RFID tags sounds like something that hasthe potential to be a both a major time-saver and source ofconvenience. Today might be only the second day of CeBIT, but it seems thatUnfortunately, it would seem that the adoption of NFC has ASUS is not about to sit down and take it easy in this particularbeen rather slow, despite the fact that it was introduced to the exhibition. Unveiled today at ASUSs booth in the exhibit aremarket way back in 2003. However, the first major break for three new consumer electronics device, and they come in theNFC might just come in the form of an Android-powered tablet form of a new Blu-ray player, a Blu-ray writer and an activethat will supposedly be unveiled in CeBIT this year. Ladies and noise-cancelling headphones.gentlemen, we present to you...the TazPad. ASUS may be a well-known brand when it comes to PCs, notebooks, hardware components and media players, but it would seem that the company is now attempting to diversify its portfolio by attempting to compete in other areas that do not necessarily make up part of the PC ecosystem. And that cannot have been more clearly demonstrated at this years 8
  • 9. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCeBIT exhibition held in Germany, where the Taiwanese OEM though it was recently launched, the device has purportedlyhas rolled out what appears to be its first foray into the home been cracked to run copied DS games market with three new offerings: a Blu-ray player, anexternal Blu-ray writer for PCs and a pair of active noise-cancelling headphones.ASUS O!Play BDS-700The new ASUS O!Play BDS-700 Blu-ray player uses Qdeovideo post-processing to deliver clear, vivid images in nativehigh definition and upscaling of 480p DVD content. On topof that, ASUS claims that the O!Play BDS-700 also supportsBlu-ray 3D playback on compatible screens, and is capable Nintendos latest generation of handheld consoles wereof delivering 7.1-channel surround sound mastered in Dolby recently launched in Japan to a great start, with the consoleTrueHD and DTS-HD. maker reporting an initial shipment numbering 400,000 units. Due to be released in the West on 27 March, theIn addition, the O!Play BDS-700 comes with built-in support company expects worldwide sales to hit four million by the endfor a wide range of video, audio, image and subtitle formats of this fiscal ensure maximum compatibility with most existing mediaformats today, while content can also be played directly Estimates by Enterbrain (a Japanese magazine publisher)from external storage devices via the included USB port, or indicates that only 371,326 units were sold. Reuters has alsostreamed through a network via Ethernet or WiFi. Last but reported a slump in Nintendos stock over the sales figures,definitely not least, ASUS claims that the O!Plau BDS-700 will which may indicate investors feeling unimpressed by thefeature support for remote control via any existing iPhone, launch.Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and Symbian device. And yet despite the huge popularity of the 3DS, complaintsS pecifications are arising from significant numbers of users about eyestrain within five minutes of usage. This is despite the companys ownO!Play BDS-700 3D Blu-ray official health advisory of a ten to fifteen minute break everyplayer hour for non-3D usage, and for the touted 3D mode, thirtyBlu-ray 3D Supported minutes is necessary to warrant a break.Video noise reduction Supported Needless to say, Nintendo supporters are hoping that theseSeparated A/V HDMI output Supported users are only the vocal minority. Otherwise, it could suggest aWi-Fi 802.11n wireless Built-in intrinsic fatal flaw to the 3DS, which would have SonyDimensions 430mm x 50mm x 252mm supporters celebrating.Weight 3kg Whether or not the 3DS faces a bleak future in sales, despite being merely available for days, the device has purportedly been cracked to run copied DS games without fuss, with videoNintendo 3DS launched in evidence embedded below. (Note : The 3DS is backwards compatible with legit DS game cards.)Japan, with user complaints 3DS with Ninjapass, a device that enables users to play storedand purportedly already DS games.3DS with Codefreak, a device that enables cheats, running a GBA game.3DS with Codefreak, this time runningcracked a DS game.Source: Olympus unveils TG-810,user-complaints-and-purportedly-already-cracked/10971.htmlMarch 2nd, 2011 SZ-30MR and SZ-20 digitalNintendos latest generation of handheld consoles were camerasrecently launched in Japan to a great start, with the company Source: an initial shipment of 400,000 and Enterbrain sz-20-digital-cameras/11418.htmlannoucing an estimate of 371,326 sold. Despite the popularityof the 3DS, complaints are arising with regards to eyestrainin just five minutes of usage in 3D mode. Additionally, even 9
  • 10. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 2nd, 2011 Comes in black or silver, theres no news as to when the Olympus SZ-30MR will be available, or its pricing.Olympus has unveiled the new additions to their line of digitalcameras, namely TG-810, SZ-30MR and SZ-20. The TG-810will be available this month, though no availability datesconfirmed for the SZ-30MR and SZ-20. The 16-megapixel OLYMPUS SZ-20 sports a stylish body, supports high-sensitivity shooting and features super-wide 12.5x optical zoom from its 24mm wide-angle lens, DUAL IS, and full high definition movie recording. Like the TG-810 and SZ-30MR, this one also offers eight Magic Filters for various effects, 3D photo shooting and is Eye-Fi card compatible. The SZ-20 will be available in black and silver. No word as to when it will be on retail shelf, or its pricing.The OLYMPUS TOUGH TG-810 digital camera claims tobe waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, shockproof against falls England attempts to hit thefrom as high as two meters, freezeproof at temperatures as lowas -10°C and crushproof loads up to 100kgf. Available in black, Del button on Facebookblue, red and silver, the 14-megapixel compact camera is also cyberbullyingequipped with GPS functions and an electronic compass that Source: location data. Other features include high definition button-on-facebook-cyberbullying/11416.htmlmovie (1280x720) recording, eight Magic Filters for various March 2nd, 2011effects, 3D photo shooting and Eye-Fi card compatible.The TG-810 is scheduled to go on sale in Singapore in March,2011. Pricing to be announced. Think that you are well protected by a veil of anonymity when you post messages online to various message boards and social networking sites? Well, think again: law enforcement agencies are hard at work in ensuring that users who frequently intimidate other web users online face the consequences of their actions under the legal system. And what better way to ensure a more civil Web by hitting users where it hurts the most: at the popular online social networking service known as Facebook?Designed for travel, sports, athletic meet or other events,the Olympus SZ-30MR is an easy-to-use "all-in-one" camerathat lets users enjoy advanced photography and movies.It features a 16-megapixel Backlit CMOS sensor and dualimage processing engines for multi-recording, simultaneous This should be a common scenario for certain Facebook users:recording of photo and movie, and full HD movies. With its someone who just has a bone to pick with you will not stop24x optical zoom lens, you can go up-close to the subject and harrassing you and your virtual account for days, or evencapture almost every details conveniently. On top of that, the weeks on end. And more often than not, the victim is oftenDUAL IS uses a CMOS-shift image stabilization mechanism helpless in such situations, as the veil of anonymity offeredand high-sensitivity image capturing to reduce picture blur. by humankinds invention known as the Internet all that is 10
  • 11. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneneeded to bring out some of the more undesirable facets ofhuman behaviour.Still, it does not mean that other more sensible humans havenot been hard at work in attempting to make sure that suchsituations cease to be common occurrences. And the goodnews is that law enforcement agencies are starting to clampdown on acts of online bullying, with the latest action beingcentred around the popular online social networking serviceknown as Facebook.Details are somewhat sparse, but according to a report postedby The Telegraph, detectives now have the authority to sendwarning messages to cyber bullies informing them that theiractions are running afoul of the law and could face prosecutionif they do not desist. In addition, to strike the fear ofhaving that very veil of anonymity stripped away into the It seems like the numbers for browser market share are fillyaforementioned bullies, the offenders parents will also be out for public viewing, and that is always good news for mostnotified by law enforcement agencies via a letter describing browser fans and pundits. After all, there is no better proofthe offences committed by the child and what are the possible than a bunch of statistics to justify ones claim of whichconsequences of not ceasing such activities. browser is the next thing to look out for, especially when the browser market is chock full of competitors today from theThis scheme is the brainchild of a police constable in England likes of heavyweight software vendors such as Apple, Google,known as Dave Thomas, who described it as a move designed Microsoft and "nip the problem in the bud". So, the question most of you will probably be having right"By alerting their parents to the problem, we are aiming to nip now will probably go along the lines of How much marketthe problem in the bud and prevent it becoming something share did Microsoft lose in February or How much didmore serious.," he said, adding that Internet users typically do Firefox/Chrome/Safari gain. However, it would seem thatnot think twice about what they write online. the numbers for February seem to buck the trend we have"If we have to investigate Facebook messages as harassment all been accustomed to: instead of continuing to lose marketor public order offences and the young person gets charged, share like it had always been, Internet Explorer actually sawit could seriously affect their future. While we want them to a gain of 0.77% in browser share for the month of February.realise how serious the matter is, we also want to avoid that On the other hand, Firefox was the unexpected casualty time,and keep young people out of the criminal justice system if dropping 0.99% from its January results, as shown in thepossible," he explained. charts below.Internet Explorer sees modestgains in market share forFebruarySource: 2nd, 2011It seems like February may have been a very good monthfor Microsoft and its Internet Explorer team in particular.According to the latest statistics released by Netmarketshare,Microsofts web browser gained more than 0.5% in marketshare, all at Firefoxs expense. Does this mean that Microsofthas finally gotten things right with Internet Explorer? 11
  • 12. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHowever, fans of Microsoft and Internet Explorer might want single message and folder in their Gmail account has beento hold their horses instead of celebrating their newfound gain cleaned off without their knowledge? Were sure you did: afterin browser market share. This is due to the fact that the analyst all, email conversations are serious business, and having allfirm responsible for churning out the results have claimed in your messages wiped out in an instant without warning isan announcement that the spike in IEs share was the cause of definitely the best way to ruin anyones day.switching to a new counting algorithm released by the C.I.A. Well, the good news about this little issue is that Google hasUnfortunately, the lack of further details from Netmarketshare confirmed what most people were probably anxiously waitingmeans that it is not possible to determine whether Internet for. According to a message posted on Googles official GmailExplorers sudden spike in popularity is truly caused by more blog, the loss of emails was caused by a botched storageusers moving back to Internet Explorer (especially when IE9s software update: this update apparently contained a bugRelease Candidate was only released recently), or whether it is severe enough to affect several copies of backup content storedmerely the result of a simple adjustment to the way browser across multiple data share is calculated. However, uses can rest assured that their data is still safe from complete erasure. This is because the search giant claims that it has kept additional backups on tape drives which are not hooked up to online-capable machines, and has thus survivied the failed update. The only issue is that it will take time for the search giant to restore said data from the tape drives, as the recovery process appears to be much more complex than simply sending a request to another data centre. Still, users can take consolation in the fact that Google hasStill, it does not change the fact that the numbers reflect been working hard to ensure that all recovered content is beingpositively on Microsoft and Internet Explorer for the month processed and sent out to affected users as soon as possible.of February. After all, a gain is still a gain, and with Microsoft According to the latest update from the search giant, all backuphaving demonstrated that it can produce a standards- content has already been successfully processed and are nowcompliant browser with IE9, it may not be that surprising to currently on their way back to their respective users mailfind out if the Redmond giant is really starting to win more folders, where they rightfully belong.Internet users back to its fold. With any luck, affected users should have their Gmail messages fully restored by the end of today.Google fixes Gmail issues,provides explanation for the IT Show 2011 Promotions:freak incident SonySource: Source: sony/11400.htmlMarch 2nd, 2011 March 2nd, 2011Remember the little freak accident caused by Google by someusers woke up on Monday only to find their Gmail accounts Sony will be at the IT Show 2011, which is happening fromemptied of all their messages? Well, it seems that Google 10 to 13 March at the Suntec City Convention Centre. Here arehas managed to identify the culprit responsible for the little some of their promotions at the Show.incident, and has issued a statement describing what actuallyhappened that day. On the plus side, the search giant has alsoassured users that no data was permanently wiped off the faceof the virtual world. Read on to find out more.Do you remember the article we posted two days back aboutsome users logging into Gmail, only to find out that every 12
  • 13. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone *Varies depending on each application Intel Solid State Drive 320 Series to launch mid-April Source: launch-mid-april/11407.html March 2nd, 2011Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced their latest USBcharger, which boasts 4,000 mAh capacity. Sporting twoUSB ports, it allows users to power up two mobile devicessimultaneously and was designed to for mobile professionals. The Intel Solid State Drive 320 Series, codenamed PostvilleThe Sony USB Charger is also equipped with USB Refresh, is the long-awaited successor to the presentAuthentication software, allowing instant charging with most mainstream X25-M. The new SSDs are set to launch in mid-USB powered devices such as smart phones, mobile phones, April.Walkman, iPod, iPad, portable game consoles as well asupcoming models of Cybershot and Handycam with USBpower supply function.It features a conventional AC input for fast charging andcomes with a detachable USB output module with embeddedLi-ion rechargeable battery for portable power supply. Usescan detach and carry just the USB output module when theyneed extra power on-the-go for their mobile devices.The USB Portable Power Supply CP-A2L will be launchedduring IT Show 2011 at a suggested retail price of S$49.90inclusive of GST.Input Source AC 100-240 VInput Module Dimension 58 x 56 x 21.5(WxHxD mm)Weight 45gNo. of USB output ports 2 The 320 Series will be pushed as the fast hard drive alternative with performance and data reliability as two keyOutput Source Standard USB 5V 0.5A per focus areas. port for 2 ports or USB 5V 1.0A for high Final performance figures and drive lifespan are not available power output for 1 port only yet, but we do expect them to be pretty much the same asOutput Module Li-ion rechargeable battery rumored specifications so far: with USB Standard OutputOutput Module Dimension(WxHxD mm) 58 x 84.5 x 26.4 Apple iPad 2 Rumour Roundup Source: 145g roundup/11413.htmlUSB Authentication Yes March 2nd, 2011Detachable Yes(Input/Output)Batteries Capacity Li-ion 4,000 mAhCharging Source ACCharging Time Approx. 5 hoursCycle Time 500 The moment we have been waiting for; in less than 24 hours to Apples announcement of the highly-anticipated iPad, letsOutput Time (5V/1.0A 120 min take a moment and look at what are some of the things we mayconstant) expect of the upcoming iPad 2. 13
  • 14. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Storage It is sort of Apples tradition to bump up their products internal storage. But judging from the sizes of current iPad and flash RAM prices, it would be unlikely. We go with the guess that Apple would stick to their offering of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Internal storage size will be somewhat irrevelant if Apple really launch their cloud-based iTunes and MobileMe. Holes With closer analysis of the holes of the leaked iPad 2 cases, it can be said that Apple will still retain its 30-pin iPod connector. Some might argue that Apple is scrapping that due to recent EU rulings. But we expect Apple to just go aroundLiterally months and months of rumours have come about that issue with a 30-pin to micro-USB adaptor.when it comes to the upcoming iPad 2. While there are many The large hole at the bottom left of the iPad is expected toclaims, only a few of them we feel that are plausible and we be a much superior speaker. But the hole that raises morehave taken the liberty to feature them here. questions is the "new" hole on the top of the iPad 2 cases. SomeiPad 2 body: thinner and lighter? say it is a mini DisplayPort, for easier connectivity to HDTV screens. But it might be a hybrid port featuring the recentlyThrough many leaked cases made for the upcoming iPad 2, as released Thunderbolt. It is unlikely to be a USB port.well as mockups seen at Macworld, we can conclude that thesuccessor will feature a thinner shell than the first born. On top In a nutshell...of shedding weight in that slimmer shell, it should feature a flat There are other rumours that circles around the next iPad, butback with sides tappering in. While the general consensus is these are the ones which we feel might actually come true forthat it will be made of aluminium, there is a rumour out there iPad 2. To find out the truth, remember to stay tuned to ourthat the device will be covered in carbon fiber to reduce the coverage of Apples media event tomorrow.weight and offers scratch resistant.One of the most recent rumour is that the tablet may feature awhite face as seen in the leaked front bezel found in China. If The Daily VR-Zone NewsApple do drop the whitey on us, it would not be surpising for Summary - 01 Mar 2011Apple to launch it alongside a black version. Source: Retina but better screen? mar-2011/11408.html March 2nd, 2011Since the introduction of the Retina screen on the iPhone4, many have expected Apple to incorporate that into thenext iPad. But this myth was debunked by analysts andmanufacturers as it would require more juice and raw powerto drive the tablet. Instead, we believe that screen will havethe same size and resolution, but thinner design (which givesthe iPad 2 a thinner shell too). Quality of the screen could be In todays news roundup: Intels unlocked i7-2600K processorimproved too. gets reviewed; AMD claims that Intels Thunderbolt is just another proprietary interface, Samsung is reportedlyThe insides planning a Galaxy Tab 2 launch on March 22; Images ofWhats the point of including the same power graphics, CPU Apples iPad 2 appears to have been leaked out before itsand RAM in the newer version? Thats why many speculated official launch; Our sister site SGCafe has a quick hands onthat Apple will be using a faster ARM Cortex A9-based unit with the new Crysis 2 demo, and Thousands of PlayStationwith dual cores. Some have called that A5, and some A8. Guess 3 consoles have been seized in the EU, ostensibly due to anwe will only find out when it is officially out. ongoing dispute between LG and Sony over Blu-ray copyright infringement claimsCameras Hardware News:Many other tablet makers have included cameras in theirown versions and Apple has been criticised for not including Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro CPU Cooler Review @ Legitany. With reference to FaceTime in the iOS 4.3 betas for ReviewsiPad, and leaked iPad 2 cases with camera holes on the back, Description: The sound level rating that Arctic Cooling usedwe are extremely certain that Apple will include a front and for the Freezer 13 Pro is the Sone. The Sone is a perceivedrear camera for video-taking, photography and FaceTime (for level of sound; it is not like dB ratings. Since there is novideo conferencing). The front camera is said to be of the same direct conversion, in a roundabout way, 0.4 Sone is roughlyresolution to those found on the iPhone 4 (VGA-resolution). equivalent to 24 dBA. Now the Scythe fans I use in the testThe back, on the other hand, should feature a 3.2-megapixel bench for top exhaust are rated 1200RPM and push 68.5 CFMcamera that is capable of recording HD videos. at 24dBA. In my testing I found the Freezer 13 Pro’s fans to 14
  • 15. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesound the same or quieter as the Scythe fans; I know I could Consumer Electronics and Software News:not hear the Freezer 13 Pro over the Scythe fans... Samsung To Launch 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab on March 22?Increasing processor efficiency by matching power with Description: Samsung has announced a special March 22demand event where it’s very likely to unveil a new, 8.9-inch version ofDescription: As more and more devices go mobile and these its Galaxy Tab tablet.devices become more and more powerful, chipmakers must Fujitsu shows off wireless PC display at CeBITalso take the energy efficiency into account. Harvard graduate Description: Many of us can now wirelessly stream imagesstudent Wonyoung Kim has developed and demonstrated an from a computer to a screen over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi withouton-chip, multi-core voltage regulator (MCVR) that he says too much trouble, but the display is still inevitably poweredcould allow the creation of "smarter" smartphones, slimmer by cables. At CeBIT 2011, Fujitsu is showing off a workinglaptops and more energy efficient data centers by more closely prototype of a 22-inch computer display that receives bothmatching the power supply to the demand of the chip. images and power wirelessly. The power transfer is madeIntel I7-2600K Sandybridge Processor Review @ Tweaknews possible by magnetic induction technology – similar toDescription: After several weeks testing and trying out Intels Powermat chargers – thats concentrated into hotspots builtCore i7-2600k Sandybridge processor, there isnt a whole lot into office furniture or conference say other than its relatively cheap, its fast and its extremely OKI Adds a Flair of Colour to its Dot Matrix Printer Rangeoverclockable. When a processor comes in just over US$300 Description: Blisteringly fast, printing up to 700cpsand is this fast, NO ONE can complain (characters per second) the ML5700eco Series is a range ofApevia X-Fit-100 Mini-ITX Case Review @Hi Tech Legion reliable, high performance desktop dot matrix printers all withDescription: One lucky case in the Mini-ITX market is the truly versatile paper handling and low energy consumption. AApevia X-Fit-100 Mini-ITX Case. The X-Fit-100 offers a slim first for OKI, the ML5700eco Series incorporates a convenientprofile and sleek look that will work with any mini-ITX front paper feed to complement rear, bottom and top paperapplication. There is enough space to fit a 2.5" hard drive, inputs for maximum flexibility. Included as standard is aslim optical drive, and a low profile PCI card. The X-Fit-100 multi-position tractor feed unit to make feeding continuouscomes equipped with a Apevia Flex ATX 250W power supply, paper, single or multi-part, easy and straightforward.which is more than enough for a mini-ITX system. There are Tobii unveils the world’s first eye-controlled laptopvents on the top and sides that help expel heat and keep the Description: Tobii Technology today unveiled the world’s firstcase quiet. The X-Fit-100 also has a sturdy build, constructed laptop with integrated eye control. The prototype laptop hasfrom 0.7mm metal SECC. The style and finish is black, which been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturermatches perfect with most peoples decor. Lenovo and will be shown publicly for the first time at CeBITARM strikes microcontroller licensing deals in Hannover, March 1-5.Description: ARM has announced two strategic partnerships Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D Speaker System @in the microcontroller (MCU) market with an aim to Benchmark Reviewsstrengthening ties and developing on the technologies. Description: Antec has dominated the computer chassisEnermax ErPRO 80+ -350W PSU Review on Technic3D market for more than a decade, and with many of their(German) customers slowly converting to portable platforms it makesDescription: (Machine Translation) The Enermax ErPRO 80+ good business sense to diversify the product portfolio. Enter-350W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following soundscience, a subsidiary of Antec, that is dedicated toReview from Technic3D the next PSU with two +12V rails audiophile-level products for use on multiple platforms.(17A), 120mm Twister Fan, 6x SATA hard disk connectors and The soundscience rockus 2.1 speaker system features 3Dsst1x PCI-e 6+2-Pin. sound technology, which makes use of 3D-audio optimized solid aluminum satellite drivers and an active subwooferSeventeam V-Force 650w Preview - XSReviews with passive radiator to create an extended low frequencyDescription: While we may have reviewed this unit before and response. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Antecwe may not be doing full PSU reviews unless we have access SoundScience Rockus 3D speaker system against the Logitechto the proper equipment, that doesnt stop us doing a quick Speaker System Z623 and see how well it works for gamingunboxing and feature analysis preview right? So here we have consoles.the Seventeam V-Force 650w ST-650Z-AF. Lets, you know,open the box and look at it; and stuff. " Did The iPad 2 Just Leak Out? Description: Is this the iPad 2? Nearly everything lines up withAMD Does Not Believe in Intels Thunderbolt. the leaked info: flat back with tapered edges, speaker in theDescription: Advanced Micro Devices, the second largest bottom corner, camera up top. It even matches-up with mostsupplier of x86 microprocessors on the globe and the designer of the leaked cases. If it’s not the real thing, it’s a damn goodof half of the worlds discrete graphics adapters, said that render. I’m sold.Intel Corp.s recently introduced Thunderbolt input/outputtechnology will become just another proprietary standard Gaming News:with not a lot of chances to be adopted widely. The chip PS3 shipments halted in Europe as Sony, LG fight over Blu-designer also doubted that the TB actually brings any tangible ray patentimprovements. 15
  • 16. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Sonys court troubles currently involve more than instantly". You probably noticed the above screenshot statingjust tracking down hackers. According to a report from the "The Next Generation in Game Advertising". Well, that is alsoGuardian, shipments of PlayStation 3s are being confiscated part of what Gaikai do since it provides a new video gameby European customs officers as Sony fights a patent battle advertising network for publishers, developers, retailers andwith LG over Blu-ray. affiliates via online game demos and software apps. Well, there is no free lunch in this world - the company will need toQuick Look: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo sustain itself while providing users like us with great gamingDescription: It is time to put on your nanosuit and have a feel experiences.of Crysis 2 PC demo. The PC multiplayer download is nowavailable on the official site, that offers 2 maps available for At the moment, Gaikai is currently in closed beta though youonline play. Pier 17 and Skyline. can sign up for a beta invite and hopefully be chosen to try out Gaikai.Valve is Bringing Steam to the Living Room with Big PictureModeDescription: PC gamers that prefer playing video games on thebig screen will soon be able to take Steam from their monitors Gigabyte shows off early Z68to their televisions. Valve announced its "big picture" plan for board at CeBITSteam today, responding to consumer requests to make the Source: gaming platform available in more places. Read More » cebit/11411.html March 2nd, 2011Cloud-based gamingtechnology Gaikai goes liveSource: 2nd, 2011 Not to be out done by its competitors, Gigabyte was also showing off an early Z68 board prototype at CeBIT, although in this case it appears to be a much earlier sample than its competitors were displaying, at least judging by the blue PCB, black slots and grey heatsinks. Also on display was Gigabytes P67X-UD4 board which is part of what appears to be a newGaikai has gone live. For those who dont know what Gaikai sub family of boards from Gigabyte, as the P67A-UD4 is stillis, it is a cloud-based gaming technology that is similar (and around and was just re-launched with the B3 stepping chipset.probably a competitor) to Onlive. Yes, you dont need todownload or install any software to play games like Call of Dutyor Mass Effect 2; simply play the game via your web browser. Not to be out done by its competitors, Gigabyte was also showing off an early Z68 board prototype at CeBIT, although in this case it appears to be a much earlier sample than its competitors were displaying, at least judging by the blue PCB, black slots and grey heatsinks. Also on display was Gigabytes P67X-UD4 board which is part of what appears to be a new sub family of boards from Gigabyte, as the P67A-UD4 is still around and was just re-launched with the B3 stepping chipset. The Z68X-UD4H as the Z68 chipset based board is called doesnt look overly impressive, at least not compared to other UD4 models in Gigabytes line-up. For starters, the power regulation on the model on display only appears to consist is a 6+1 phase design, although its clear that it uses driver MOSFETs. In terms of slot configuration were looking at a fairly standard setup with two x16 PCI Express slots where theCloud-computing applications are not only limited to second slot is activated by switching to dual x8 in the BIOS.Facebook, email, Microsoft Office Live Workspace, Google The board also sports three x1 PCI Express slots and two PCIDocs or Dropbox; it has also extended to the gaming space. slots.Imagine playing your favorite first-person shooter game likeCrysis using your web browser, without the need of high-endgraphics card, CPU, or even download and install software.Yes, that could be possible in the near future.Gaikai is the latest cloud-based gaming technology that hasgone live recently, which allows users "to play major PCand console games like Call Of Duty or World Of Warcraft 16
  • 17. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOther onboard features include four SATA 6Gbps ports (two You also get pin headers for two USB 3.0 ports (again usingvia an external controller), three SATA 3Gbps ports, pin an Etron controller) six USB 2.0 ports and a single FireWireheaders for eight USB 2.0 ports and a single FireWire port port. Around the back things are looking like a rainbowas well as a pin header for two USB 3.0 ports via an Etron exploded, although presumably this wont be the case on thecontroller, a first for Gigabyte. Around the back we find a PS/2 final production boards. Here we have a PS/2 port, sevenport, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports – again via an USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one powered eSATA/USBEtron controller – a FireWire port, an eSATA 3Gbps port, 2.0 combo port, one eSATA port, one FireWire port, GigabitDisplayPort (full size), HDMI, DVI and D-sub connectors, Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF PDIF out. Overall an interesting board and what looks set toout. Thats a pretty loaded layout, although by now we wouldnt be a good successor of the P67A-UD4 if thats the plan, as wemiss the D-sub connector or even to a degree the DVI cant see anyone not picking this over the old model, or evenconnector terribly. the P67A-UD5. HTC Incredible S lands in Singapore Source: singapore/11409.html March 2nd, 2011As for the P67X-UD4, well it actually looks like the better HTC has announced the Incredible S smartphone inchoice over Gigabytes own P67A-UD5 model, as it offers some Singapore, which will be available this coming weekend.additional advantages of the pricier model. For starters, it has The Android phone features the companys HTC Sensea crazily stretched out PWM design which appears to be a 16+2 user interface and 8-megapixel camera with dual flash. Moredesign which is as long as the rear I/O, a rather unusual design details inside.if nothing else. The board has a pair of x16 PCI Express slots,again with the second slot only operating in x8 mode whenenabled and there are also two x1 PCI Express slots and twoPCI slots. Its good to see that Gigabyte has added an additionalpair of SATA 6Gbps ports to this board for a total of four,alongside four SATA 3Gbps ports. HTC has unveiled their latest Incredible S Android smartphone that offers distinct design, great performance and 17
  • 18. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonevalue. It also incorporates the companys unique HTC Sense Busy professionals have it good when it comes to carting thatuser interface that makes usability more simple and natural. all-important notebook of theirs from one place to another, right? After all, most of the aforementioned professionalsThe Incredible S smartphone features a contoured body and tend to use small suitcases as their apparel of choice forlets you capture and view video in crystal clear high-definition storing various documents, and most are easily large enoughon its 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display. With the stereo to accommodate a laptop if the situation calls for it.surround sound, it brings cinematic experience to the palm ofyour hand. You can take high quality pictures with the build- However, there are times where a typical suitcase might lackin 8-megapixel camera with dual flash, and shares videos, the real estate needed to shove a laptop into them for storagephotos and music from the handset direct to a TV using DLNA purposes, especially when most of the available space in onetechnology. has already be occupied by all manner of documents and whatnot. And it would seem that this is the very kind ofAvailability problem that a Chinese OEM has attempted to solve with itsThe HTC Incredible S will be available in Singapore through new, one-of-a-kind business suitcase. After all, why strugglemobile operators and authorized resellers from this weekend over putting the PC into a suitcase, when one can put theonwards at a suggested retail price of S$758. suitcase right into the computer? It starts off a a very innocent-looking suitcase...VR-Zone Giveaway #4 -Steelseries 4XB, 5XB and 4HheadsetsSource: 2nd, 2011Follow 4 easy steps and stand a chance to win differentprizes every week. This week..we are giving away: SteelSeries4XB, 5XB and 4H headsets Check out and find out how you can win these prizes ...that has a mini briefcase built into it.Now this is we would call areal suitcase PCSource: 2nd, 2011Have you ever experienced a need to pack your notebook intoa suitcase, only to find out that it will not fit because of the lackof real estate needed to do so? Well, leave it to the Chinese tosolve the little problem in what has got to be the most novel ofways. Now this is certainly a good example of thinking withinthe box, no? 18
  • 19. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOpening the briefcase reveals the prize: a tablet PC built rightinto the briefcase, complete with a full-sized keyboard. Singapore Airlines customers in the US, Singapore and five other Asia Pacific countries and territories can now pay for their flights with PayPal on This service will be made available to the Airline’s customers in up to 17Amazing, is it not? Unfortunately, this is where the classic countries, which claims to be the largest collaboration betweengood news bad news situation comes into play. Apparently, PayPal and an Asian carrier to an attempt to squeeze the PC into the confines of atiny suitcase, the OEM was forced to make some significant After booking Singapore Airlines flights online, travellers cancompromises with the machines performance levels. While now pay for tickets using their PayPal account in as few asthe suitcase PC will come preloaded with Windows XP to three clicks and without the need to re-type their credit cardensure maximum compatibility with the existing Windows or financial details.ecosystem, the hardware used to power the device is anything A year-long global marketing campaign will be launched tobut impressive. celebrate the collaboration between Singapore Airlines andAccording to a report made by Chinese IT website, the PayPal. The first marketing promotion allows travellers in thedevice uses a RDC3306 x86-compatible processor clocked at initial launch markets who pay for their Singapore Airlines1.2GHz, while the system will sport a mere 512MB of memory. flight with PayPal the chance to win back the price of theirAs there does not appear to be any room for a dedicated flight (up to S$2,000). One lucky winner will be selected dailyhard disk, storage is accomplished by loading the device with from 7 March 2011 to 6 April 2011.8GB worth of NAND flash memory chips, while the 10-inch Besides using their online balance, PayPal users can pay fortouchscreen utilizes resistive technology and sports a rather their Singapore Airlines flights from their bank accounts,low resolution of 1024 x 600. credit cards or debit cards that are linked to their PayPalGranted, the hardware specifications sound mediocre at best, account.but claims that the device was intended to be sold asa corporate gift for businesses. As such, it would make sensethat such a computer does not need to possess the computing Adobe kicks off Acrobat Xpower found in todays PCs. Still, would you not agree that Wizard quizthis PC would make for a rather practical gift, considering its Source: small price tag of approximately 2,000 yuan (US quiz/11401.html$305)? March 2nd, 2011You can now pay your SIAflight tickets with PaypalSource: 2nd, 2011 Adobes software is highly regarded by many professionals to be the de facto standard set of tools for churning out creative works in the media industry. Unfortunately, having the power of professional software at ones fingertips usually comes at a heavy price, literally. But if you want a chance to get your hand on some of Adobes software without having to foot a singleFrom today, Singapore Airline customers from seven countries cent, why not give this little quiz of sorts from Adobe a go andincluding Singapore and USA are able to purchase their flight see what prizes await you?tickets using Paypal. The service will also extend to 17countries. Read on for the details. 19
  • 20. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Heres a caveat though: users are only allowed one attempt at the quiz, and the scores gained in the process of doing so is definitely not enough to net some of the better prizes Adobe is giving away. This is where having a huge network of virtual friends becomes a huge asset. Indeed, Adobe hasDo you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Adobes latest confirmed that there are other ways of chalking up points, andoffice productivity and creative tools? If so, then you are in that involves being an active member on Adobes PDF Guildsluck: Adobe has got a few of these products to give away as Facebook page and recommending more friends to take up theprizes. All you have to do is take part in a simple quiz or quest Guild quiz.known as the Adobe PDF Guild Quest, answer some questions,recommend a few friends to take the quiz and you might be oneof the lucky few to walk away with a copy of Adobe PhotoshopElements 9.To take part, users have to visit Adobes PDF Guild websiteat sign in with theirFacebook account, as shown in the screenshot below. Doing sowill make you a member of the Guild. Of course, you can also expect some form of rewards for your efforts.Do take note that you will need to have an actual workingcopy of Adobe Acrobat X (either 30-day trial or full version) inorder to proceed with the quiz, as users are required to use thesoftware as a tool for fulfilling certain tasks such as creatingcertain PDF files which must then be uploaded to Adobesservers. The goal is to attain a Wizard ranking at the end of thequiz to prove your mastery of Adobes Acrobat X productivitytool. Asus and MSIs Z68 boards unveiled at CeBIT Source: at-cebit/11403.html 20
  • 21. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 2nd, 2011 two x1 PCI Express slots and two PCI slots. However, MSI has added a third SATA 6Gbps port via a third party controller for a total of three SATA 6Gbps ports and four SATA 3Gbps ports. The very first Z68 motherboards are starting to trickle out atCeBIT and the first two boards are from Asus and MSI. Themodels are the Asus P8PZ68-V Pro and the MSI Z68A-GD80,of which the MSI board appears to be the higher-end model.The selling point of both boards is that they overclock, butyou can still make use of Intels integrated graphics, somethingthat might become appealing with a sprinkle of LucidLogixVirtu software.The very first Z68 motherboards are starting to trickle out atCeBIT and the first two boards are from Asus and MSI. The MSI has also added headers for two USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0models are the Asus P8PZ68-V Pro and the MSI Z68A-GD80, ports and one FireWire port. This board also features a Voltageof which the MSI board appears to be the higher-end model. readout block just in front of the power connector, just likeThe selling point of both boards is that they overclock, but the P67A-GD80. Around the back MSI has fitted four USB 2.0you can still make use of Intels integrated graphics, something ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a PS/2 port, an eSATA 6Gbps port,that might become appealing with a sprinkle of LucidLogix a FireWire port, dual Gigabit Ethernet, a DVI and HDMI portVirtu software. and 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF out.The Asus P8Z68-V Pro actually looks a lot like Asus P8P67 Of the two boards wed say the MSI looks like the winner, atPro, but with a different rear I/O layout. This might not be least in terms of features, but its also likely to be the morethe final layout, so expect the possibility of some features to expensive model of the two. Both companies have worked withchange before it launches. The board has three x16 PCI Express LucidLogix in the past, so wed expect that its Virtu softwareslots, although the second one only works when two graphics will be bundled with both boards when they ship. Withoutcards are inserted in dual x8 mode and the third slot only has it, the Z68 chipset is still something of a winner, althoughfour lanes worth of bandwidth. The board also has two x1 PCI be aware that its not likely that youll be able to use IntelsExpress slots and two PCI slots. QuickSync technology without it, at least not if the Z68 chipset works anything like the H67 chipset when you insert a discrete graphics card. MAINGEAR unleashes TITAN 17 gaming laptop Source: laptop/11378.html March 2nd, 2011Other onboard connectors include two SATA 6Gbps ports, fourSATA 3Gbps ports and three pin headers for up to six USB2.0 ports. Around the back we spotted six USB 2.0 ports, two MAINGEAR, a popular PC manufacturer in USA, hasUSB 3.0 ports (via a Renesas controller), an eSATA port, a announced their most powerful laptop. Dubbed the TITANGigabit Ethernet jack, a DVI, HDMI and D-sub connector, 7.1- 17, this desktop replacement packs the high-end hardwarechannel audio with optical S/PDIF out and a Bluetooth dongle. components that offer superb performance to gamers andAll pretty much par for the course, of course with the addition creative professionals.of the display interfaces, something that so far hasnt been afeature found on high-end motherboards.MSI has gone even higher up the scale with its Z68A-GD80, atleast if the model name follows that of MSIs standard namingscheme. The slot layout is actually identical to Asus P8PZ68-Vwith three x16 PCI Express slots with the same configuration, 21
  • 22. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone - Media Card Reader: Built in 3-in-1 Media Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/SD/Mini-SD/SDHC/ SDXC) - Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home, Professional or Ultimate 64-Bit - Battery: Removable Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack (8 cell) - I/O Ports: 1-HDMI out, 1-DVI-I out, 2-USB 3.0, 3-USB 2.0, 1 IEEE-1394 Fire Wire, 1-S/PDIF out, 1 RJ-45 LAN, 1 RJ-11 , 1-eSATA PortMAINGEAR has added the TITAN 17 high performance - Security: Kensington Lock and fingerprint readerdesktop replacement to their product line, designed for PCgamers who want desktop-like performance wherever they - Dimensions: (W)16.5" x (H)2.2" x (D)11.3", 12.13 LBs withgo, and creative professionals who can work on site without battery packlosing productivity. Price starts at US$2,799The TITAN 17 features the fastest processor - the Intel Core i7990X Extreme Edition - and with fast, intelligent multi-coretechnology, it claims to be capable of delivering an incredible NVIDIA to make parallelbreakthrough in gaming performance. programming easier withEquipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M, the TITAN CUDA 4.0 Toolkit17 combines the power of DirectX 11 and NVIDIA PhysX Source: to achieve the fastest performance and visually- easier-with-cuda-4.0-toolkit/11399.htmlstunning graphics on its 17.3-inch full 1080P HD LED-backlit March 2nd, 2011display. The GTX 485M can also be configured in SLI tooffer up to 2x performances scaling on today’s latest games.You can even connect your notebook to an NVIDIA 3D Vision-ready display for an immersive gaming experience. NVIDIA today announced the latest version of the NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit for developing parallel applications usingThis powerhouse notebook comes with up to 12GB DDR3 NVIDIA GPUs. The NVIDIA CUDA 4.0 Toolkit was designedmemory, two hardwired USB 3.0 ports, up to three SSD or to make parallel programming easier, and enable moreSATA HDD’s with hardware RAID support, and even when developers to port their applications to GPUs.fully loaded it keeps the option for an optical drive.Technical Specification:- Video Card: up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M SLI with 2GB Unified Virtual Addressing, GPU-to-GPU CommunicationGDDR5 and Enhanced C++ Template Libraries Enable More Developers to Take Advantage of GPU Computing- Display: 17.3-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 - (1080p)Widescreen (16:9 Aspect Ratio) LED Backlit with Super ClearAnti-Glare Type Screen SINGAPORE - March 1, 2011 - NVIDIA today announced the latest version of the NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit for developing- Processor: Up to Intel Core i7 990X Extreme Edition Desktop parallel applications using NVIDIA GPUs.Processor The NVIDIA CUDA 4.0 Toolkit was designed to make parallel programming easier, and enable more developers to port their- Memory: Up to 12GB Dual Channel DDR3 - 1333Mhz applications to GPUs. This has resulted in three main features:- Optical Drive: Up to 2X Blu-ray reader/8x Multi Combo (BD- • NVIDIA GPUDirect™ 2.0 Technology - Offers supportR, DVD+-RW, CD-RW) for peer-to-peer communication among GPUs within a single server or workstation. This enables easier- Hard Drive: Up to 3x 485GB Solid State Drive or 750GB and faster multi-GPU programming and application7200RPM SATA 2.5 performance.- Network Adapter: Bigfoot Networks Killer™ Wireless-N 1102 • Unified Virtual Addressing (UVA) - Provides a singlesupports 802.11a/b/g/n merged-memory address space for the main system memory and the GPU memories, enabling quicker and- Audio: Built-in High-Definition Audio easier parallel programming. 22
  • 23. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Thrust C++ Template Performance Primitives Libraries - Provides a collection of powerful open source C+ • New GPU binary disassembler + parallel algorithms and data structures that ease of programming for C++ developers. With Thrust, routines such as parallel sorting are 5X to 100X faster than with Standard Template Library (STL) and Threading A release candidate of CUDA Toolkit 4.0 will be Building Blocks (TBB). available free of charge beginning March 4, 2011, by enrolling in the CUDA Registered Developer Programme at: The CUDA Registered Developer Programme provides a wealth of tools, resources,"Unified virtual addressing and faster GPU-to-GPU and information for parallel application developers tocommunication makes it easier for developers to take maximise the potential of CUDA.advantage of the parallel computing capability of GPUs,"said John Stone, Senior research programmer, University of For more information on the features and capabilities ofIllinois, Urbana-Champaign. the CUDA Toolkit and on GPGPU applications, please visit:"Having access to GPU computing through the standardtemplate interface greatly increases productivity for a widerange of tasks, from simple cashflow generation to complex Source: NVIDIA Press Releasecomputations with Libor market models, variable annuitiesor CVA adjustments," said Peter Decrem, director of RatesProducts at Quantifi. "The Thrust C++ library has loweredthe barrier of entry significantly by taking care of low-levelfunctionality like memory access and allocation, allowing the Crysis 2 PC Multiplayerfinancial engineer to focus on algorithm development in a Demo Pictorial Review (56kGPU-enhanced environment." warning!) Source: CUDA 4.0 architecture release includes a number of other pictorial-review-56k-warning-/11398.htmlkey features and capabilities, including: March 2nd, 2011 System Specs used in this review: • MPI Integration with CUDA Applications - Modified MPI implementations like OpenMPI automatically move data Intel C2Q @ 4.2ghz from and to the GPU memory over Infiniband when an ATI Radeon 6950 flashed to 6970 @ 935/1450 application does an MPI send or receive call. Windows 7 64bit SP1 • Multi-thread Sharing of GPUs - Multiple CPU host ATI Catalyst 11.2 with CAP 11.2 (Tesellation forced to off) threads can share contexts on a single GPU, making it easier to share a single GPU by multi-threaded applications. • Multi-GPU Sharing by Single CPU Thread - A single CPU host thread can access all GPUs in a system. Developers can easily coordinate work across multiple GPUs for tasks such as "halo" exchange in applications. • New NPP Image and Computer Vision Library - A rich set of image transformation operations that enable rapid development of imaging and computer vision applications. • New and Improved Capabilities • Auto performance analysis in the Visual Profiler • New features in cuda-gdb and added support for MacOS • Added support for C++ features like new/delete and virtual functions 23
  • 24. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone AMD Radeon HD 6990 Launch on 8th March Source: march/11397.html March 2nd, 2011 Donaminhaber has leaked out the presentation slides on the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card which is slated to launch on March 8th. AMD is touting it as the worlds fastest graphics card as least till NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 comes along. The Antilles card comes with dual Cayman XT GPUs at 40nm process, 2 x 389mm2 die size, 2 x 2.64B transistors, 3072 ALU, 192 TMUs, 64 ROPs, and 4GB of GDDR5 memory at 256-bit width and 5.0 Gbps data rate. Donaminhaber has leaked out the presentation slides on the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card which is slated to launch on March 8th. AMD is touting it as the worlds fastest graphics card as least till NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 comes along. The Antilles card comes with dual Cayman XT GPUs at 40nm process, 2 x 389mm2 die size, 2 x 2.64B transistors, 3072 ALU, 192 TMUs, 64 ROPs, and 4GB of GDDR5 memory at 256-bit width and 5.0 Gbps data rate. 24
  • 25. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone everything else is secondary it if you are going for the scores. Pricing is unknown for now. Android 2.3 Gingerbread coming to Samsung Galaxy S Source: samsung-galaxy-s/11396.html March 2nd, 2011 Good news to those who are still using the Samsung Galaxy S. Even though the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone was announced in February, the Korea manufacturer has not forgotten the loyal fans who are still using their flagship Galaxy S. And the company is bringing the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update to them. Samsung has performed well in the Android smartphone market in 2010, with the introduction of their Galaxy S (model: GT-I9000) which has since sold more than 10 million units. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S will soon have an upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A Samsung Germany official has expressed that the Galaxy S I9000 will receive the update in March, though no specific date or details were given. If the news is believed to be true, this surely benefits the Galaxy S owners and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will no doubt provide better features, performance and experience.Looking at the slides, there is a dual BIOS switch on thecard that allows to overclock the card on the fly. The defaultshipping clocks for the card is 830MHz core and 1250MHzmemory and by switching to OC mode, the core clock becomes880MHz but memory clock remains unchanged. However,the VGPU is increased from 1.17V to 1.175V and the TDP isincreased from 375W to 450W. Do your own maths if thatfew percent improvement in gaming performance is worth theadditional heat generated if you are a gamer but definitely, 25
  • 26. March 2nd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone by HTCs announcement. This is due to the fact that the DesireHTC confirms Gingerbread is one of the oldest phones in HTCs current lineup, and it isupdate for Incredible S and understandable that many were worried if HTC would decide to drop the phone from future updates, considering that theentire Desire smartphone Desire has already been given one such update to bring itslineup firmware version up from Eclair to Froyo.Source: Still, we would encourage that owners of the aforementionedincredible-s-and-entire-desire-smartphone-lineup/11373.html smartphone models avoid sweating the small stuff and justMarch 2nd, 2011 enjoy what HTC is bringing to their mobile phones. After all, a firmware upgrade is always a good thing, right?Do you happen to own a HTC-branded smartphone that runsoff Googles Android operating system? Well, if your answer tothat questions is yes, this might be just the news needed tokick off your Tuesday morning to a good start: the OEM hasconfirmed that at least four products in its Android lineup havebeen given the green light for getting Gingerbread by Q2.Firmware upgrades. Dont we all love them? After all, nothingcan be more exciting than pressing the Software Updatebutton on an Android-based smartphone and learning thatthere is a free update in store for your device. And this isespecially so since each subsequent update of the Androidoperating system is supposed to provide additional benefitsover the previous version, such as the introduction of variousnew features or more efficient battery usage.And if you happen to be utilizing a HTC-branded device as yourmobile phone of choice, it would seem that there is much tolook forward to where such firmware updates are concerned.According to a recent announcement made by the Taiwanesesmartphone OEM, the company plans to update at least four ofits smartphones to version 2.3 of the Android operating system(aka Gingerbread) by Q2 this year, and the lucky models are: • HTC Desire • HTC Desire Z • HTC Desire HD, and • HTC Incredible SWhile it is expected that the Desire Z, Desire HD andIncredible S would eventually receive the Gingerbreadtreatment due to them being fairly recent introductions to theAndroid ecosystem, Desire owners would probably be elated 26
  • 27. March 5th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! The vast majority of users are simply not aware of the VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication presence of power supplies because they are integrated into covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. the equipment. Most of them are not replaceable because those devices have no expandability or upgradeability and are (hopefully!) designed to exceed the products lifetime. ForHow power supplies work example, you cannot replace the power supply of your TVSource: because there is no way to upgrade or expand your TV andMarch 5th, 2011 force it to require more power, meaning that ultimately there is no reason to perform a power supply upgrade. Computers are an entirely different matter; they are fully expandable and customizable, meaning that not only each and every one of them has different power needs but that the needs of every single computer can be altered several times during itsEven though power supply units are the most critical part of operational lifetime.almost every electronic device, being a component absolutely A power supply transforming the utility grid AC voltage tovital to their operation, they rarely are given the attention DC voltage for the equipment to use must perform certainthey deserve. Almost no technology equipment can operate functions at the highest possible efficiency and at the lowestwithout them since electronic devices cannot operate using the possible cost. The basic functions usually are:utility grid AC voltage, which also varies in level and frequencydepending on your position on the planet. There are more 1. Rectification - Convert the input AC voltage to DCthan eight types of power supplies currently available; in this voltage.article we are going to focus on only the two types available 2. Voltage transformation - Adjust the supplied voltage tofor household and business equipment: linear and switching the required levels.power supplies. 3. Filtering - Smoothen the ripple of the supplied voltage.Even though power supply units are the most critical part ofalmost every electronic device, being a component absolutely 4. Regulation - Control the supplied voltage regardless ofvital to their operation, they rarely are given the attention line, load and / or temperatures changes.they deserve. Almost no technology equipment can operate 5. Isolation - Electrically isolate the input voltage sourcewithout them since electronic devices cannot operate using the from the output.utility grid AC voltage, which also varies in level and frequency 6. Protection - Prevent any damaging power phenomenadepending on your position on the planet. from reaching or take effect at the output.There are more than eight types of power supplies currentlyavailable; in this article we are going to focus on only the twotypes available for household and business equipment: linearand switching power supplies. IT Show 2011 Promotions:Several people may believe the power supplies are limited tocomputer applications. That is incorrect since almost every ASUSpiece of technology need a power supply to operate. Some Source: include and are not limited to your phone charger, asus/11436.htmlyour TV and your alarm clock. As we mentioned before, no March 5th, 2011electronic equipment can operate on AC voltage. It is thepower supplys job to convert AC voltage to another form,suitable for the equipment. Or, to be even more accurate,the definition of a power supply is that "it is an apparatusdesigned to convert one form of electric energy to another". 1
  • 28. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAside from attractive discounts and promotions, ASUS will ASUS Easy User Interfacealso be launching some new products at next weeks IT Show Enjoy Simultaneous printing and scanning by connecting an2011 at Suntec City Convention Centre. Read on for the various All-in-one printer to the router via the USB port. Also, connectstar products that will be sold at their booth. Booth Location external hard disks to enjoy instant file sharing with family and(Level, Booth Number) Level 4, Hall 402 & 403, Booth 8220 friends.(ASUS) Update: Added ASUS laptops and netbooks 300,000 Sessions Perfect for P2P Download Download Master provides up to 300,000 sessions for unparalleled P2P performance – offering an unprecedented 20 times larger bandwidth than traditional routers. Such a large volume of P2P or BitTorrent downloads are accomplished rapidly with assurance of complete data transfers throughout the day – even when the users’ PCs are turned off. Solid Wireless Performance Combined with its powerful CPU, the ASUS RT-N16 delivers maximum bandwidth, ensuring effortless synchronous file transfers and downloads, flawless video streaming, incredibly low-ping wireless gaming and VoIP calls with minimized jitter. Usual price: S$189ASUS RT-N56U Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router IT Show price: TBADual-band for Lag-free EntertainmentDouble your wireless performance and bandwidth withsimultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands speed up to 300Mbpsconcurrently. While basic internet applications like browsingor file downloading can occur in 2.4GHz, wireless highdefinition content streaming takes place in the 5GHz band atthe same time.Plug-n-surf and Hassle-free ManagementASUS EZ UI offers you an intuitive router setup without readmanuals. What’s more, you can enjoy simultaneous printingand scanning by connecting an All-in-one printer to the routervia the USB port. You can also connect external hard disks to ASUS O!Play MINI Media Playerenjoy instant file sharing with family and friends. Mini in Size – Massive on EntertainmentMulti-Function Twin USB Ports ASUS O!Play MINI media player fits a wealth of high definitionWith effortless connectivity to a range of devices and FTP, content and features in a single small device. It offers true highSAMBA, UPnP AV server and DLNA standard compatible all definition (HD) video and 7.1-channel audio for you to enjoysupported, sharing and networking become easier than ever. great movies, music and photo-sharing with your family andPlus, the RT-N56U can continue downloading FTTP, FTP and friends.BitTorrent file to the USB disk all day even when your PC is The most powerful decoding and most popular media formatsturned off. Additionally, the twin USB ports allow the router supportedto offer printer and file server functions. The O!Play MINI brings new HD experiences to viewers, freeUsual price: S$259 from format compatibility worries. It supports Blu-ray DiscIT Show price: TBA ISO, MKV, RMVB (1080p), H.264, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, OGG, FLAC and many others. Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Channel surround and full HD 1080p bring you theater-like enjoyment Dolby TrueHD digital surround decoding and passthrough take full advantage of Blu-ray Disc quality with 7.1-Channel audio output. Full HD 1080p video through HDMI offers up to six times the resolution of traditional DVD, browse photos, even listen to music. IT Show price: TBAASUS RT-N16 Wireless Router 2
  • 29. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Easy Wireless File Sharing - No more difficult set-up process! Enjoying your PC file is so easy The ASUS O!Play Air provides users with the easiest way to share files wirelessly. If you have the AP, all you need to do is to click the “infrastructure” item and that’s it. Enjoy more Internet media contents in the living room The On-line Media feature allows you to browse over 100 Internet TV channels, 20,000 Internet radio stations, Internet photo sharing sites, and weather updates directly streamed over the Internet to your O!Play. Internet TV: ABC, BBC News, NBC, fox sports, NHK…over 5,000 stations Internet Radio: Over 20,000 stationsASUS O!Play HD2 Weather: You can search World Weather by geographicalExperience the World’s first USB 3.0 Media Player Region or countryInstall any 3.5-inch hard disk and O!PLAY HD2 instantly Usual price: S$249becomes a large-capacity mobile storage device . Transfer IT Show price: TBAmedia via USB 3.0 from PC to the O!PLAY HD2 boasts up to10 times faster than USB2.0.3.5-inch Hard Disk Storage Capacity With Networking- ASUS introduces WL-330N3GAttached Storage (NAS) Support 6-in-1 Wireless-N mobile routerO!Play HD2 offers extensive media center features with Source: functionality for iTunes, Samba and more for fast local wireless-n-mobile-router/11474.htmlnetwork file access and management. March 5th, 2011Use your iPhone as a remote controlThe On-line Media feature allows you to browse over 100Internet TV channels, 20,000 Internet radio stations, Internetphoto sharing sites, and weather updates directly streamedover the Internet to your O!Play.Internet TV: ABC, BBC News, NBC, fox sports, NHK…over The ASUS WL-330N3G offers all the benefits of a standard5,000 stations wireless router, with multi-role functionality and an extremelyInternet Radio: Over 20,000 stations user-friendly setup. All of these features fit in a tiny device that is easy to carry, making the WL-330N3G ideal for travelers andWeather: You can search World Weather by geographical business people who wish to extend their internet access whenRegion or country on the road.Pricing to be announced Singapore (March 5, 2011) - The ASUS WL-330N3G offers all the benefits of a standard wireless router, with multi-role functionality and an extremely user-friendly setup. All of these features fit in a tiny device that is easy to carry, making the WL-330N3G ideal for travelers and business people who wish to extend their internet access when on the road. Incredible flexibility The first thing to note about the WL-330N3G is its compact size - its footprint is smaller than a business card. While this makes it very easy to carry and literally pocket sized, it does not come at the expense of functionality. This is a full wireless router designed for those on the move, especially students, commuters and mobile professionals.ASUS O!Play Air HDP-R3 Media PlayerFull HD 1080p and Full Format Support (including RMVB)O!Play Air takes the trend to bring new HD experience toviewers in the living room. Users do not have to worry aboutthe compatibilities of file formats to the most formats of thevideo, music and picture. 3
  • 30. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone button, and a 10/100 Ethernet connection for hooking up with modems, other routers and various Ethernet-enabled devices. For those looking to replace a fixed line, or to simply take their broadband connection with them when traveling or commuting, the WL-330N3G offers a perfect balance of value and performance. Specifications Ethernet • WAN / LAN x1, RJ-45 for 10/100 BaseT • Ethernet and 802.3 with max. 10/100Mbps bit rate and auto crossoverSix-in-one multi-role functionality for multi-user sharing function (MDI-X)Delivering spectacular utility and value, the WL-330N3G Power adapter • AC input 100V - 240V,works as six different devices rolled into one. 50 - 60HzFirst and foremost, it is a mobile wireless router, connecting • DC output 5V, 2A max.devices such as notebooks and smartphones to one broadbandinternet service. Second, it can be used as a universal repeater Operating frequency 2.4GHzin conjunction with other routers to extend the range of an Data rate • 802.11n: Up to 150Mbpsexisting connection. Third, the WL-330N3G also functions as • 802.11g: 6 - 54Mbpsan access point when combined with a broadband modem,enabling connectivity for a host of devices. • 802.11b: 1 - 11Mbps Encryption / authentication Supports 64 / 128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK Management • DHCP server • Web-based administration • System event log • Firmware upgrade • Save / restore configuration file Internet connection type Automatic IP, static IP, PPPoE (MPPE supported), PPTP, L2TP, HSDPAThe WL-330N3G can also be deployed as an Ethernet adapter USB application 3G USB adapterfor Ethernet-capable devices like game consoles, printers and Dimensions 90 x 38.9 x 12.8mmcable set-top boxes.Finally, the WL-330N3G has both hotspot and 3G sharing Source: ASUS Press Releasemodes built in. As a hotspot, it can serve as a mobile Wi-Fi connection for several PCs, while in 3G sharing mode, itprovides internet connectivity for several devices through the3G network. This mode works in conjunction with a 3G USBadapter Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger Will Run On Android and iOS Source: coverage and speed made simple on-android-and-ios/11468.htmlThe WL-330N3G with up to 150Mbps data rate is easy to March 5th, 2011configure. The fast process is extremely simple thanks to ASUSPlug-n-Surf and network detection. Plus, the numerous waysthis coverage can be extended to a host of different devices,all in a very portable manner, makes the WL-330N3G a verypowerful connectivity enabler.With its streamlined design, the only buttons and connectionson the WL-330N3G are the power port, USB port, reset 4
  • 31. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAre you a big fan of RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger, but have a Description: NZXTs Sentry LXE is a unique and well-executedchange of heart lately? No worries, we just learned that RIM product that allows the PC enthusiast a wide range ofis planning to bring its famous BlackBerry Messenger app to monitoring and fan control options in an attractive remoteAndroid and iOS devices. unit. The fit and finish is excellent and the functionality is first- rate with an intuitive layout incorporated into the touch screen LCD display. Consumer Electronics and Software News: Description: The company announced the service, which is available only in the US, on the Bing blog yesterday. The post said that Bing deals will launch with “more than 200,000 unique offers in over 14,000 cities and towns across the US”. Description: A wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have targeted popular blogging site, the site and security researchers said.It is still unclear what RIM’s strategy is, but it looks like they Description: Sony has admitted that PlayStation 3 consoleswill offer a light version of BlackBerry Messenger to other have been seized by customs officers in the Netherlands.platforms. Meaning, additional features like photo and filesharing only available to BlackBerry users. Description: The system consists of a head or base unit and two bookshelf style speakers that combine to make decent littleSo far no details on timing yet, but Android and iOS users can audio system. It’s also an alarm clock with a built-in snoozelook forward to some time this year. button so the system can even wake you up. The Micro System allows you instant access to hundreds of channels of music soThe Daily VR-Zone News you’ll always find something for you or your family and friends to listen to.Summary - 04 Mar 2011 Description: A top South Korean cybersecurity companySource: says about 40 government and private websites are undermar-2011/11471.html cyberattack.March 5th, 2011 Gaming News: Description: The ex-Blizzard employees of Runic Games, have done the unthinkable and brought their 2009 PC sleeper hit Torchlight to the Xbox Live Arcade.And rounding up the news for the week: Review of the Patriot Description: The Gears of War series has appeared exclusivelyXRB 64GB Solid State Drive; Diamond All-In-Wonder HD on the Xbox 360 for four years, but that hasn’t deterred Epic’sPremium AIW5000 review; Microsofts Bing launches deals desire to get the third-person shooter onto PlayStation.service; Sony says PS3 consoles seized in Netherlands , andEpic Would “Love” to Bring Gears of War series to PlayStation . LUXA2 ready to accessoriseHardware News:Description: SSDs are expensive. However, you can help your iPad 2 Source: this wallet pressure by getting one without too much ipad-2/11472.htmlstorage space. Today we look at one of the smallest available March 5th, 2011SSD sizes, a 64GB from Patriot known as the Torqx TRB.Description: The Battle Hero with its bold graphics is squarelyaimed at gamers. Solid aluminum construction gives it a solidfeel and also helps to dissipate heat. Pop out storage drawersand twin cooling fans should keep most people satisfiedbeyond just the cooling performance. Thermaltakes LUXA2 branding announced the pre-launch ofDescription: The Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! is a heavily pre- Apple iPad 2 product line on the same day Apple revealed theiroverclocked video card. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! Edition’s upcoming iPad 2. And according to them, theyre products arecore clock weighs in at 950 MHz, 128 more from the stock 822 good to go as soon as Apples iPad 2 go on sale.MHz. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti’s memory clock also gets bumpedup from 4004 MHz to 4400 MHz.Description: The HD Premium 5000 (aka AIW5000) bundlesan ATI HD5570 graphics card with an ATI HD 750 tuner. Thisduo has the power to handle the most frequently used videosignals for viewing, recording and other routine multimediatasks. 5
  • 32. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLUXA2 might not ring any bells to most people yet, buthow about Thermaltake? Yes, LUXA2 is indeed a division of Have you started using Apples new Mac App Store to handleThermaltake which specialise in exquisite design with a touch software downloads on OS X? Well, if you do, you might haveof luxury. They has been manufacturing accessories for iOS noticed that a new addition was made to Apples softwaredevices for about 2 years and according to their press release, repository today. Apparently, Operas browser has just beenthey are ready to spoil customers with their wide range of iPad approved by Apples App Store team, and is now currently2 accessories. available for download from the aforementioned service.Besides offering standard protective cases in different However, it will also seem that Apple has imposed somematerials, they also have a iPad car mount and iPad stand restrictions on who can download Operas web browser ontowhich allows your tablet to sit upright for your hands-free their Macs. Indeed, a quick look at some of the requirementsreading or viewing pleasure. And according to their Director, listed by Apple on Operas product page in its Mac App"(they) will be ready to launch our incredible accessory line Store has revealed an interesting fact; the company clearlywhen Apple releases iPad 2,” thinks that web browsers have the potential to frequently feature suggestive or severe adult themes, and has taken action to stem the flow of undesirable content by requiring thatOpera approved for Mac App downloaders be at least 17 years of age.Store; users under the age of To prove that we are not trying to pull a fast one on you, here is a screenshot of the very requirement, taken from iTunes17 need not apply Japan:Source: 5th, 2011Is the browser business moving into adult territory? Well,Apple apparently thinks so: while it has approved of Operasfree web browser being listed in its Mac App Store for users todownload and use, the company has also posted a requirementthat users must of a certain age before they can be allowed to doso. Whod have guessed that dowloading a simple web browsercould be such serious business? The good news is that existing Opera owners need not fret: the copy of Opera available from Apples App Store is the exact version that is currently being offered for download directly from Operas home page. 6
  • 33. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneStill, it should probably come as no surprise that Opera had The wireless HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One E710nsome rather interesting things to say about its browser being produces laser-quality color documents at a low cost perflagged out as unfit for OS X users under the age of 17. page that allows SOHO and SMB users to print high-impact marketing materials in-house. Featuring HP ePrint, users can"Seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, print anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. The HPpeople are ready to use such an application. Its very fast, Officejet 6500A Plus eAIO E710n also uses 40% less energyyou know, and it has a lot of features. I think the download than comparable laser printers and has an automatic two-requirement should be at least 18," quipped Jan Standal, VP sided printing function which helps cut paper usage by upof Desktop Products for Opera Software. to 50%. The printer also has a 2.36-inch color touchscreenSo what happens for potential Opera users who fail the age display to easily copy, fax, print, scan and access apps.verification check? Simple: bypass the check by downloading Key features:the browser direct from the companys home page. • Achieve laser performance at a low cost per page o Get great value, using individual, high-capacity ink cartridges designed for the office. o Print at up to 32ppm black/31ppm color and at laser-comparable (ISO) speeds up to 10ppm black/7ppm color. o Print borderless documents with vivid color graphics and sharp text, using HP Officejet inks. • Stay connected whether you’re in or out of the office o With HP ePrint, you can print from anywhere, anytime by emailing to your HP Officejet 6500A Plus eAIO E710n.IT Show 2011 Promotions: HP o Connect to your network with built-in Ethernet or to your PC with Hi-speed USB 2.0.(Printers) • Reduce your impact and protect your bottom lineSource: o Use up to 40% less energy than comparable laserMarch 5th, 2011 products, with an ENERGY STAR qualified all-in- one. o Cut paper usage by up to 50% with the automatic two-sided printing and PC Fax Send which enables paperless fax sending and archiving. Usual price: S$399HP will be participating in this years IT Show, and needless HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110ato say its offerings will consist of both computing devices likedesktop and notebook PCs, as well as a wide range of imagingsolutions in the form of printers. In this post, we shall take alook at the latter of HPs IT Show 2011 lineup. HPs booth canbe found at Level 4, Booth 8150, Hall 401.HP Officejet 6500A Plus eAiO Printer E710n Print lab-quality photos, everyday documents and web content on the fly, without using a PC. HP ePrint combined with affordable individual inks lets you easily produce impressive prints from anywhere, anytime. Key features and benefits: 7
  • 34. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Print when it’s most convenient for you from across the world or across the room. With HP ePrint, simply email a photo or document to your printer and pick up the pages later. • Create impressive photo projects, and even print directly from the device itself with integrated memory card slots. • The HP TouchSmart frame allows you to print photos, scan, copy and print web content without the use of a PC. • Boost productivity with wireless connectivity at a press of a button, allowing you to share this all-in-one with other Wi-Fi enabled PCs from anywhere in your house.Usual price: S$229 The Core i5-2410M is slightly faster at 2.3GHz, but as this is an i5, it will also turbo to either 2.6GHz for both coresFirst Core i3-2310 and i5-2410 or 2.9GHz on one core. It has the same base graphics core clock of 650MHz as the Core i3-2310M, but it will turbo anotebooks go on sale little bit faster to 1200MHz. So whats different between theseSource: two OEM models and the other models that Intel includesnotebooks-go-on-sale/11466.html on its price list? Well compared to the Core i5-2520M theMarch 5th, 2011 turbo speed boost is much lower, as this 2.5GHz processor will go all the way to 3GHz with both cores working, thats a 500MHz boost compared to 300MHz for the Core i5-2410M. The graphics will also turbo to 1300MHz, although this is unlikely to be as useful. Finally the Core i5-2410M lacks support for Intels AES, TXT and vPro technology and this to us suggests that Intel has designed it as a consumer CPU, butThe first notebooks with Intels dual core mobile Sandy Bridge as a model with turbo boost, something the Core i3s lack.processors have just started to arrive at retailers, at least if As for the notebooks, well, Acer has equipped both modelsyoure lucky enough to live in Taiwan, although other countries with Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics with 1GB of memory,should have them soon too and the first two models weve a 640GB hard drive, an optical drive, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi,spotted are both from Acer. Intels little chipset snafu has Bluetooth 3.0 and handily a USB 3.0 port as well. Otherdelayed the shipment a bit, although the dual core models features include Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI out, a pair of USBwerent really expected until about now anyhow. 2.0 ports, a webcam and various other standard features youd expect to find on a modern notebook. The Aspire 4750G weighs in at 2.25kg and comes with a 6-cell 4400mAh 48WhThe first notebooks with Intels dual core mobile Sandy Bridge battery which Acer claims is good for up to 4.5h of battery life,processors have just started to arrive at retailers, at least if while the Aspire 5750G weighs in at 2.6kg and features theyoure lucky enough to live in Taiwan, although other countries same battery.should have them soon too and the first two models wevespotted are both from Acer. Intels little chipset snafu hasdelayed the shipment a bit, although the dual core modelswerent really expected until about now anyhow.So what were looking at is the Acer Aspire 4750G and theAspire 5750G. The first model is a 14-incher while the secondone is a 15.6-incher and both models are available with either aCore i3-2310 or a Core i5-2410. We should point out that bothof these CPUs differ somewhat from Intels other announced35W dual core mobile processors, but more on that a little bitlater. The Core i3-2310M clocks in at 2.1GHz and it sports IntelHD Graphics 3000 with a base clock speed of 650MHz and itwill turbo all the way up to 1100MHz when needed. Price wise youre looking at S$1,115 for the Aspire 4750G with the Core i3-2310 processor and S$1,249 for the same model with the Core i5-2410M. The Aspire 5750G starts at S $1,163 with the Core i3-2310, but costs the same as the Aspire 4750G with the Core i5-2410M processor. Acer is currently the only notebook manufacturer to offers Sandy Bridge based notebooks in Taiwan with the B3 stepping chipset from Intel, 8
  • 35. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebut it shouldnt take long for other manufacturers to get their • Keeps you safe and connectedproducts ready as well. o VeriFace face recognition software – an interesting and secure way to log in to your PC, and also greatIT Show 2011 Promotions: conversation startersLenovo Integrated Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for internet o on the moveSource: Usual price: starting at S$1,449March 5th, 2011 Lenovo G470If you are heading to this months IT Show with the objectiveof netting a new PC, you might want to make a note not to missLenovos booth this year. Up on Lenovos list of offers are acouple of notebook PCs and a desktop machine up for grabs atdiscounted prices. Lenovos booth will be situated at Level 4,Hall 401, Booth 8358. • Polished and Ergonomic o Sleek exterior design with smooth top cover and single-piece brush-metal interior paneling aroundNow that the world we live in is becoming increasingly the keyboard providing a cool-to-touch surfacedigitized, it should probably be of little surprise that the o Multi-touch touchpad to move things around withhumble desktop and notebook PC have been elevated from two or more fingersbeing luxury toys to essential tools needed to perform a widevariety of tasks today. And if one is going to invest in a PC for o AccuType keyboard with individual rounded keysboth work and play, why not take a look at what Lenovo has for comfortable and accurate typinggot to offer consumers in this years IT Show? • Hassle-free and Fun TechnologyNotebooks o 14.0” HD screen (1366x768), 16:9 widescreenLenovo IdeaPad Z460 o Integrated Bluetooth (optional) & 802.11n Wi-Fi o DirectShare – easily synchronize your files with another notebook without connecting to the internet • User-friendly Security o OneKey Rescue System – makes data backup and recovery simple so you can spend time on more enjoyable tasks o Energy Management – protects the long-term durability of the battery and uses advanced energy- saving technology to increase time spent between charges Usual price: starting at S$1,599 • Trendy and smart-looking o Chiclet keyboard with individual rounded keys Samsung Stealth spotted at Hairline metallic effect cover FCC o • Entertainment on the go Source: o With OneKey Theater II, optimized audio-visual fcc/11463.html settings for brighter images and richer audio are enabled at the press of a button 9
  • 36. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 5th, 2011 March 5th, 2011Samsung has showcased a 4G handset at the ConsumerElectronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Now it looks Its a wonder to me that there werent more Windows 7 tabletslike the phone could be launching soon, since it was recently in the market like the BModo12G. The prevailing logic isspotted at Federal Communications Commission (FCC). that if you need to do "real work", youre better off with a laptop. However, despite having an Apple iPhone 4 and iPad, my experience is that there are quite a few things you do wish could have been better supported by the Apple line-up, and not have to always hunt for ‘alternatives’ to simple tasks like transferring files (e.g. Dropbox), watch Flash videos (e.g. Skyfire Browser), print documents (e.g. Airprint) and using mobile broadband USB sticks with unlimited and inexpensive data plans (separate 3G plan or Sim card cutting). So how does the BModo12G compare with other tablet devices? Read on.Samsung unveiled their first 4G LTE phone at CES in January,which was the temporary codename then, though it willhave a formal name when it goes on retail. Recently, a 4GSamsung handset was spotted at the Federal CommunicationsCommission (FCC), called Samsung Stealth, model SCH-I510.From the FCC documentation, this phone and the Samsung4G LTE look different and it is likely both are not one and thesame. Earlier news reports stated that the Samsung I510 willfeature a 4.3-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display(800x480 resolution), 8-megapixel rear camera, supports Wi-Fi and runs Android 2.2 Froyo mobile operating system. The Bmodo12G: A Windows 7 Touchscreen TabletSamsung SCH-I510 is said to be available in Q2 this year.A new Windows 7 tablet with adifference: the BModo12G Unboxing the BModo12G: Quick Start Guide and Power CordSource: To my pleasant surprise, Bmodo has not fallen into the trap of delivering a crippled product just to save a few dollars (which is in my opinion what a few other tablets have done and ended up being cheap but irrelevant). The Bmodo screen is capacitive (read: pretty responsive) with an acceptable screen resolution. After a few hours with it, I realised that 10
  • 37. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonegiven the Windows interface, Bmodo’s screen size of 11.6-inch Audio 1 x Built-in Speaker (1.5W) xis probably the optimal size (The smaller 10-inch Windows 2, Mic x 1touchscreen tablets may be uncomfortable for some users). If Battery Embedded Lithium-ionthe screen were any smaller, I feel that sidebar scrolling would Polymer 2 cell (7.4V,be quite impossible with adult fingers. Tapping on small icons 5000mAH, 2S1P)and tabs will also be difficult on a smaller screen size. Size Weight 295mm x 195mm x 14mm, The netbook-like specifications on the BModo12G just means 990gthat you’re not going to be playing Mass Effect 2 or otherserious First Person Shooter (FPS) games on it anytime soon.However, anything that runs on a netbook will run on theBmodo tablet. You will probably want to plug in a mouse formoderate gaming requirements, since the on-screen keyboard The Daily VR-Zone Newscould otherwise make things a little tricky.Heres a look at its hardware specifications: Summary - 03 Mar 2011 Source: Module Capacitive Multi Touch LCD mar-2011/11461.html TFT 11.6-inch HD Glare (1366 March 5th, 2011 x 768)OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home PremiumProcessor Type Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 + ICH8M; 1.66GHz, 677Mhz, 512K L2Memory 1GB DDR2 800MHz In todays news roundup: AMD has reportedly contractedInternal Mass Storage SSD 32GB Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to manufacture its Hudson-series chipsets, which support theBluetooth 2.1 + EDR new Brazos platform; Two of ECSs motherboards, the ECSWi-Fi Integrated 802.11 b/g/n H67H2-M Black Deluxe and the H57H-MUS, get reviewed;GPS Mini PCI Interface GPS card. Rumours about what users can expect in an upcoming iPad Support A-GPS and S-GPS 3 have started circulating online; Android pushes ahead of function iOS and RIM to become the worlds most widely used mobileWWAN Module (3G) HSPA/HSUPA/WCDMA operating system, and Epic Games launches a free expansion 2100/1900/900/850 Mhz: pack for Infinity Blade while dropping off 50% of the games Compliant with 3GPP retail price. TS25.101 (R6). GSM/GPRS/ Hardware News: EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz: Compliant with 3GPP AMD contracts TSMC to make Hudson chipset, says paper TS 05.05 (R99) Description: AMD has contracted Taiwan SemiconductorCamera 1.3 M pixel Webcam Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to manufacture its Hudson- series chipsets, which support the new Brazos platform,G-Sensor Display Orientation (3-axis according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. sensing) The paper did not name its source.Graphics Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 500 with Discrete In Win Track Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews 1080p HD Video Accelerator Description: With good cooling performance from the fourI/O Interface 1 x DC-in included fans and an innovative front panel design, In Wins Track chassis is an interesting mid-tower chassis that also 2 x USB2.0 Ports includes several tool-free features and a blacked-out interior 1 x OMTP Jack (Audio Jack) and rear panel. The big 220mm side panel intake fan keeps the graphics and CPU nice and cool and also boasts blue LEDs that 1 x SD/SDHC (32GB Max) can be switched on or off from the panel mounted switch. Slot Exceleram EP3001A PC3-10666 2x2GB Memory Review @ 1 x SIM Card Slot (unlock) Madshrimps 1 x Mini HDMI Description: The new EP3001A memory modules from Exceleram are using Powerchip Rev D 128x8 and even if the 1 x Hotkey rating is PC3-10666, they are very overclockable and come at 1 x 26-Pin Connector (For a very affordable price. docking station. Sold Antec P193 Review - XSReviews Separately) Description: Antec recently announced a refresh to their performance one line of cases and they were kind enough to 11
  • 38. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesend a few for us to take a look at. Today were reviewed the gaming keyboard well-suited to virtually any style of PC gameP193, the top of the performance pile. Lets see how its features —MMO or otherwise.stack up. Mobile editing in Google Docs now in 45 languagesGigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review Description: Last November, we launched the ability to edit@Hi Tech Legion mobile docs in English. Today we’re excited to announce thatDescription: The Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 is Gigabytes first you can now edit your docs on the go in 44 more languages.attempt at the Brazos platform. The GA-E350N-USB3 is on Tablets of 2011: What to Look Forthe upper tier of the Brazos line, featuring the E350 processor. Description: Last year promised to be the year of the tablet,This CPU is dual core clocked at 1.6Ghz and has 1MB L2 cache. and at least for Apple, it was indeed. The nearly ubiquitousPaired on the same die is a Radeon HD 6310. This GPU is iPad managed not only to outsell every other tablet on theclocked at 500MHz and has 80 stream processors. On the market by a wide margin, it also exceeded Mac sales in theboard we get all of the usual Gigabyte features as well. Theres last quarter. But even if Apple is not likely to lose its thronethe 2x copper PCB to reduce electrical waste and improve anytime soon, competition is finally making itself present. Ifsignal quality. Installed are 50,000hr. Japanese solid state Androids gains in the smartphone market serve any indicationcapacitors. Gigabyte includes their 3/3/3 technology, which it should be an interesting year for tablets as well.means USB 3.0, SATA3, and 3x powered USB ports. The extrapower to the USB ports allows greater stability, compatibility, OvisLink AirLive N.MINI 300Mbps Wireless-N Mini-APand the auto charge feature. review @ Madshrimps Description: The AirLive N.MINI AP multifunctional deviceASUS Rampage III Extreme Black Edition - Layout and Design (Router, AP or Client) from OvisLink has very small@ ocaholic dimensions and can be used in various situations like buildingDescription: With the Rampage III Extreme Black Edition, a small hot-spot in an area that has only Ethernet available, orASUS is planning the next strike in the high-end gaming we can use it as a regular Wireless LAN adapter, connected toand overclocking market. This board will come with a lot of our computer via UTP.features like for example an additional Xonar soundcard aswell as a Bigfoot Killer NIC network card. For overclockers iPad 2 Rumors: Which Were True & Which Will Wait for thethey further refined the power design and theyve also iPad 3overworked the BIOS and added some new options. Description: Since the launch of the original iPad, we’ve been keeping you apprised of rumors surrounding the iPad 2. NowCrucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 6GB (3x2GB) PC3-12800 Kit that the iPad 2 has been unveiled, we can officially startReview @ speculating about the iPad 3 — because as far as the AppleDescription: The Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 6GB (3x2GB) rumor mill is concerned, it’s never too soon to start gossipingPC3-12800 kit is very stable and offers solid performance. about gadgets.The extra features that Crucial have added to their standardBallistix sticks not only give the consumer more bang for the Android Pulls Ahead, While HTC Enjoys The Ridebuck, but make this a very attractive kit, considering that Description: Android in the U.S. pushed ahead of smartphonetheyre priced right in line with other 1600MHz triple channel platform rivals iOS and Blackberry in January, accordingkits. to Nielsen Wire, and is finding more popularity among younger consumers. That has helped HTC become the thirdECS H67H2-M Black Edition Motherboard Review @ Legit largest smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. after Apple andReviews Research In Motion, winning both the Android and WindowsDescription: The ECS H67H2-M Black Deluxe motherboard Phone 7 manufacturing race ahead of rivals Motorola andis a very solid board all the way through. Its performance Samsung.rivaled that of the Intel P67 Burrage motherboard and at timesoutperformed it. We expected performance to suffer a bit while How It’s All Coming Together for Ubuntu as the Cloud OSthe on-board graphics were being used but that was not the Description: Canonical, purveyor of the Ubuntu Linuxcase. Intel and ECS have done a brilliant job of sorting out the distribution, is on a quest to make Ubuntu the go-to serverusability of this system.... operating system for cloud computing. If it succeeds, it will validate the stance that there is a definite place for open sourceECS H57H-MUS (V1.0A) LGA1156 Motherboard Review @ in cloud computing, and it’s at the layers where differentiationMadshrimps might well become a non-factor in the years to come.Description: Designed to support latest Intel CPUs withintegrated graphics and built around Intels H57 chipset, the Gaming News:H57H-MUS board from ECS also features a complete bundle GDC: Magicka: Vietnam – Wizards with Napalmcomposed of a USB 3.0 and SATA 6G expansion card, which Description: When Arrowhead Game Studios Magicka camemakes the board a future-proof powerful computing platform, out earlier this year, it took up the number one slot on a lot ofin a mATX board format digital distribution sales sites. Though it may look at a glanceConsumer Electronics and Software News: like a Diablo-style game, thats not an especially accurate description. The gameplay is surprisingly involved, requiringRazer Anansi MMO gaming keyboard review at Examiner you to tap in combinations of eight magical elements and thenDescription: The Razer Anansi MMO gaming keyboard may activate them for various effects.not be revolutionary, but it’s still a capable (and colorful) The challenge of remaking Azeroth 12
  • 39. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Blizzard game director Tom Chilton on the tough special kind of chokes and the board is also equipped with achoices that had to be made when rupturing World of Warcraft user selectable dual BIOS and a POST80 debug LED display.with Cataclysm, and what they got right (and what they didnt).Epic Games Launches Free Infinity Blade Expansion, Cuts FullGame Price 50%Description: Deals. You love em, we love em, and as such,we feel its our duty to direct your attention to an App Storenear you. Epics award-winning touchscreen triumph, InfinityBlade, is now half-off, and a free expansion released todaynearly doubles the size of the game.Sapphires Z68 unveiled atCeBITSource: One other interesting feature we spotted is that SapphireMarch 5th, 2011 has fitted a Proadlizer to the PWM, a feature that so far only appears to be popular on high-end graphics cards. Around the back we find a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a Bluetooth dongle, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and D-sub connectors and 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF out. Overall were not sold on this board, it has some interesting features, but the slotIts easy to forget that Sapphire is back in the motherboard layout isnt what wed hope to see on a Z68, as so far the company has only launched three The mini-ITX H67 board is as far as we can tell currently calledboards, but at CeBIT Sapphire was showing off two additional IPC-CI7S1DH67 but again, were expecting a much bettermodels for Intels Sandy Bridge platform, one full size ATX retail name. Sapphire decided to go with a single x16 slot forboard with the Z68 chipset and one mini-ITX board with the this design, which is pretty much all you can fit to a mini-H67 chipset. Neither board appeared to be retail ready, but ITX board, although hidden at the bottom of the board is awed expect the mini-ITX board to be available before the Z68 mini card PCI Express slot into which something like a Wi-Fiboard. card can be installed. You also get two SATA 6Gbps and two SATA 3Gbps ports and two headers for an additional four USB 2.0 ports. Around the back Sapphire has managed to squeezeIts easy to forget that Sapphire is back in the motherboard in four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernetbusiness, as so far the company has only launched three port, a Bluetooth dongle, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and a D-boards, but at CeBIT Sapphire was showing off two additional sub connector as well as 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIFmodels for Intels Sandy Bridge platform, one full size ATX out.board with the Z68 chipset and one mini-ITX board with theH67 chipset. Neither board appeared to be retail ready, butwed expect the mini-ITX board to be available before the Z68board.The Z68 appears to be going under the name of PI-CI7S33Z68as for now, but Sapphire tends to have much better retailnames for their boards, so well have to wait until the launchto find out what itll be. Were not quite followings Sapphiresdesign either, as the board has three x16 PCI Express slots ofwhich the second one only work in dual x8 mode while thethird one is limited to four lanes worth of bandwidth. This isall fine and good, but the only other expansion slots are threePCI slots, of which two will be unusable in CrossFireX or SLIand there doesnt appear to be a reason why the topmost slotis missing. Sapphires boards are still looking a bit rough and ready, but given some time were confident that Sapphire will come outSapphire has added two additional SATA 6Gbps ports via a with some excellent boards as long as the company listensthird party controller for a total of four SATA 6GBps ports and to customer feedback. Were quite eager to find out whatfour SATA 3Gbps ports. Were not quite sure why Sapphire put Sapphire is working on for AMDs upcoming platforms as well,the additional two ports so far away from the six connected to since Sapphire is a strong AMD partner on the graphics cardthe Intel chipset, but at least it should reduce confusion as to side.which ports goes where. There are also headers for eight USB2.0 ports and as with previous models Sapphire is using its 13
  • 40. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone by the year 2011. This would probably be the highest in theLG launches Optimus 2X world.," Lim says.and Optimus Black Android At the event, VR-Zone has the opportunity to hands-on thesmartphones Optimus Black and Optimus 2X.Source: LG Optimus Blackblack-android-smartphones/11449.htmlMarch 5th, 2011This afternoon, LG Singapore held a media event to launch thehighly anticipated Optimus 2X and Optimus Black Androidsmartphones. (Nope, no sign of Optimus 3D for this event).Both smartphones are going to be available soon. The LG Optimus Black features a 4-inch NOVA display that boasts 700 nits brightness. This means even if you are under the outdoor sun, you will have no problem looking at the screen and navigate the various phone functions you want.James Park, president of LG Southeast Asia, regionrepresentative, said that the LG Optimus devices that areintroduced today feature worlds first technological andinnovative designs that set new standards for the userexperience. At the top, we find the power button, micro USB and 3.5mm audio connectors. Above the display is the 2-megapixel camera for video calls. The Optimus Black is also extremely slim, measuring approximately 9.2mm.Augustine Lim, director for Mobile Communications, LGElectronics Singapore, was there to share the companysaggressive vision to be the leader in the smartphone market."Starting from today, LG will set new standards for On the right are the volume controls and a unique "G" buttonsmartphones in 2011. The range of Optimus devices will ensure (or Gesture button). Pressing and holding the G button allowsthat there will always be a device to meet your requirements. user to do various things with the phone by touching orFrom 2009 to 2010, the world has experienced exponential shaking the phone.growth in the smartphone segment - approximately 67%. Thisphenomenon growth rate will also be seen here in Singaporewhere we expect in excess of 70% adoption of smartphones 14
  • 41. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 802.11n networking gears are now widely used since the approval of IEEE 802.11n standards in October 2009. 802.11n offers wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps as compared to 802.11a/g which is only up to 54Mbps. Right now, Wireless-N routers can be found at less than 100 (Singapore) dollars, making it a good time for users to upgrade from their obsolete Wireless-G ones. In this shootout, we will compare two economically-priced Wireless-N routers, the TL- WR1043ND from TP-LINK and the ESR-9850 from EnGenius which are both below the hundred dollar mark.Opening the rear cover reveals the 3.7V 1500 mAh Lithium- MSI releases R6950 Twinion rechargeable battery, the SIM card slot which is beside the Frozr III Power Editionrear 5-megapixel camera, and the microSD card slot. Source: LG Optimus Black will be available in April 2011 at a power-edition/11404.htmlrecommended retail price of S$768 (before telco subsidies). It March 5th, 2011is currently running Android 2.2 Froyo, though LG mentionedthat it will receive upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in thenear future.Budget Wireless-N RouterComparison: EnGenius MSI has launched the R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition graphics card, featuring AMDs Radeon HD 6950 GPU. TheESR-9850 vs. TP-LINK TL- new R6950 features MSIs latest Twin Frozr III dual fanWR1043ND thermal solution, 6+2 phase power delivery and triple over- voltage support for extreme overclocking.Source: 5th, 2011802.11n networking gears are now widely used since theapproval of IEEE 802.11n standards in October 2009. 802.11noffers wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps as compared to802.11a/g which is only up to 54Mbps. Right now, Wireless- MSI has launched the R6950 Twin Frozr III Power EditionN routers can be found at less than 100 (Singapore) dollars, graphics card, featuring AMDs Radeon HD 6950 GPU. Themaking it a good time for users to upgrade from their obsolete new R6950 features MSIs latest Twin Frozr III dual fanWireless-G ones. In this shootout, we will compare two thermal solution, 6+2 phase power delivery and triple over-economically-priced Wireless-N routers, the TL-WR1043ND voltage support for extreme overclocking.from TP-LINK and the ESR-9850 from EnGenius. 20% More Airflow with Exclusive Propeller Blade Technology The MSI-exclusive Propeller Blade technology found on the latest Twin Frozr III thermal solution features air channels on the edge of the blades to improve total airflow by up to 20%. The dual 80mm PWM-controlled fans, heat pipes, large nickel-plated copper base and high fin density all serve to rapidly dissipate heat from the GPU. Under full load, the R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Editions GPU runs 11?C cooler than the reference AMD card, and noise level is lowered by 13.9 dB. The large improvements shown underlines the cooling efficiency of the Twin Frozr III. 15
  • 42. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone An iPad 2, you say? Well,To cater to the needs of various user groups, MSI developed China got the real deal twothe exclusive P/S Switch function for controlling the speedof the fans. The Performance Mode provides optimal cooling days ago!performance, where low GPU temperature is a priority. On Source: other hand, the Silent Mode can be used while watching real-deal-two-days-ago-/11444.htmlmovies or even during gaming when fan noise is required to March 5th, 2011be as low as possible.21% more performance than reference Board with TripleOvervoltage and 6+2 phase VRM So Apple has unveiled their new iPad 2 tablet to loads of fanfare from the Apple faithful. That is fine, but it would seem that all the hype that arose from the tablets veil of secrecy never made it into China intact. Apparently, a Chinese IT website known as DGtle had managed to get their hands on the real deal as early as two days ago, and even has the photographic evidence to back up its claims. But is that iPad 2 in its article really the actual iPad 2 that was released this morning?Triple Overvoltage is implemented to greatly improveoverclockability by allowing users to utilize the popular MSIAfterburner overclocking utility to adjust the VGPU, VMEMand VDDCI. To achieve maximum performance, the 6+2phase voltage regulation module (VRM) delivers 37% morepower than the reference design, providing more stabilityat high loads. When overclocked, the R6950 Twin Frozr III Apple may have just released its brand new tablet device today,Power Edition offers up to 21% more performance than the but chances are that most people who have been keeping upreference card. with the rumour mill regarding information about the iPad 2 would have had quite a good idea as to what the average user to expect from Apples new new device. Add that to the factHandpicked components for the best quality and stability that leaked renders of the iPad 2 were reportedly making their way around the depths of cyberspace before the actual launch event, and it should probably come as little surprise that many would have had a mental image of how the product would look like as well. However, it also seems that no one can beat the Chinese when it comes to digging out Apples secrets, and a recent article posted a couple of days ago on a Chinese website known as DGtle seems to confirm that fact. Apparently, DGtle was able to obtain actual photographs of the iPad 2 two days before its launch, and had posted them all on its website for readers toMSIs Military Class graphic cards became a favorite among make some comparisons. Here are some of the images:enthusiasts for its military-grade components. To get closerto perfecting board design, MSI has now introduced the next-generation Military Class II components, including tantalumcore Hi-C capacitors that last eight times longer, SuperFerrite Chokes (SFC) that deliver 30% more power, and solidcapacitors which have a lifespan of up to 10 years.Reference: MSI Press Release 16
  • 43. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone What do you think? Did DGtle really get its hands on actual images of the iPad 2 while it was in its final stage of product development, or is that device we see nothing more than a very well-crafted clone? Source and images courtesy of DGtle IT Show 2011 Promotions: Lexmark Source: lexmark/11443.html March 5th, 2011 Are you in need of a new printer? Well, Lexmark will be one of the companies taking part in this years IT Show, and you can be sure that they will have some cool products up their sleeve to offer consumers. Lets take a look at what they have. Lexmarks booth will be located at Level 6, Hall 601, Booth No. 6137, so be sure to look out for it. Star Buy: Lexmark X5650 All-in-One printerTo ensure that we were not being taken along for a ride, we • A Wireless all-in-one with Quick Connect laptop port forcompared some of the pictures with those that were posted easy connectivity and Engadgets hands-on with the actual iPad and it turns outthat the similarities were rather striking. In fact, the only • Delivers print speeds of up to 25 ppm black and 18 ppminconsistency we spotted between DGtles and Engadgets color with 25-page automatic document feeder.images was that DGtles device had a black bezel, while the • Easy-print from a camera or memory device with lab-official iPad 2 sports a white-coloured bezel instead. quality sharpness. 17
  • 44. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneUsual price: S$129 March 5th, 2011Lexmark Prevail Pro 708 For those who want to see how Steve Jobs wow the audience with the announcement of iPad 2 and more, now you can. Apple has just posted the QuickTime video for the iPad 2 keynote address that happened earlier. • A Wireless 3-in-1 with fax inkjet printer for environmentally-conscious and budget-conscious users • Offers the industry’s lowest black printing cost at SGD7.90 for 510 pages • Delivers Wireless-N capability for longer range and more reliable signals for faster file transfer ratesUsual price: S$449Lexmark E260D laser printer IT SHOW 2011 Lucky Draw Source: March 5th, 2011 1st Prize: S$ 20,000 cash 2nd Prize: S$ 3,000 cash 3rd Prize: S$ 2,000 cash 4th Prize: S$ 1,000 cash 5th Prize: S$ 900 cash 6th Prize: S$ 800 cash 7th Prize: S$ 700 cash • An A4 monochrome laser printer that boasts professional print quality and rapid print speeds of 33 8th Prize: S$ 600 cash pages per minute (ppm) • Offers efficient desktop printing for individual users or 9th Prize: S$ 500 cash small groups with a print quality of 1200 x 1200 dpi • Environmentally friendly with built-in duplex printing 10th Prize: S$ 400 cash feature and replacement toner cartridge with a 3,500 page yield 11th Prize: S$ 300 cashUsual price: S$299 12th Prize: S$ 200 cash (* Remember to redeem your IT SHOW lucky draw couponsApples iPad 2 Media Event @ Level 6 - Hall 602 of Suntec Singapore)streaming video now availableSource: IT Show 2011 Promotions:video-now-available/11441.html Microsoft Source: microsoft/11437.html 18
  • 45. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 5th, 2011As always, Microsoft will be making an appearance in thisyears IT Show, which will take place at the Suntec CityConvention Centre from 10 to 13 March. So what does theRedmond giant have in store for bargain hunters this year?Lets take a look.The mouse and keyboard combination is an essential tool forcomputing, and there is no doubt that youd want to have thebest tools when it comes to carrying out your daily computingneeds, right? Well, Microsoft has got a wide variety of electrical The Arc Mouse is designed to be just as fashionable as itrodents and keyboards in store for this years IT Show, so you is functional. With a revolutionary crescent moon shape,are bound to find something that strikes your fancy. Arc folds shut by almost half, providing consumers with the comfort of a full-size mouse with the portability of a notebookMicrosoft Mice mouse.Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse When flipped shut, Arc automatically turns off and can easily be slipped into a bag, or placed in the included black carrying case to protect the mouse while on the go. Usual price: S$89.00 Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000The new Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is revolutionary mousedesign, powered by the award-winning BlueTrack sensor thattracks better than laser or optical. Put your finger on the touchstrip and zip through your documents with absolute ease.Flatten the Arc Touch to power off and slip into any pocket. • New! Unique design pops up for comfort and folds flat for portability. • New! Touch strip offers flick scrolling and customizable touch buttons. • Proprietary Microsoft BlueTrack sensor that exceeds • BlueTrack Technology allows people to ditch their mouse laser and optical technology. Tracks precisely on surfaces pads and use their mice on virtually any surface, like polished marble, carpet and wood. including granite, marble, carpet and wood. • Side Button for increased productivity • Snap-in Nano transceiver gives consumers the option to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or • Plug-and-go nano receiver that you can leave in your conveniently store it magnetically under the mouse. laptop’s USB port. • 2.4GHz wireless technology gives consumers a confident • Up to 10 months battery life. wireless connection. • Battery status indicator light lets you know when your • Two-color battery light indicator warns consumers when battery is running low it’s time to replace the battery. • Confident 2.4GHz Wireless has up to a 9m wireless range • Ambidextrous design and rubber side grips give • Available in 7 colors consumers comfort and durability. Usual Price: S$59.90Microsoft Arc Mouse (original design) Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 19
  • 46. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Proprietary Microsoft BlueTrack sensor that exceeds laser and optical technology. Tracks precisely on surfaces • Transceiver-free and confident wireless connection to like polished marble, carpet and wood. your Bluetooth PC • Modern design and premium finish, with comfort for • More responsive, more precise, and smoother tracking either hand. (compared with standard laser products) • Simply snap in the transceiver for convenient on-the-go • Battery light indicates when your battery is running low storage. • Ergonomist-approved ambidextrous design provides • 2.4 GHz wireless delivers up to a 9m range. comfort in tight on-the-road situations • Use your mouse without power interruption for 8 • Use Back button or press wheel for Auto-scroll for easy months. navigationUsual Price: S$59.90 • Carrying case includedMicrosoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 Usual price: S$74.90 Microsoft Keyboards Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard • Press up to 26 keys simultaneously without ghosting • Assign up to 18 macros per profile • Adjust key-legend backlighting with three illumination • Proprietary Microsoft BlueTrack sensor that exceeds levels plus “off” laser and optical technology. Tracks precisely on surfaces like polished marble, carpet and wood. • Manually toggle from standard mode to one of two gaming modes Record a sequence of keystrokes—macros • Side Button for increased productivity can be easily shared Access Play/Pause, Previous Track, • Premium and sophisticated design Next Track, and Mute • Confident 2.4Ghz wireless connection with up to 9m Usual price: S$89.90 range, even in crowded wireless environments • More responsive, more precise, and smoother tracking. D Microsoft Arc Keyboard • isplays dynamic 3D overlay of all open applications • Scroll side to side as well as up and down • 10-month battery lifeUsual price: S$69.90Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 20
  • 47. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Make every day easier with Taskbar Favorites for Windows 7. These five keys will map instantly to the first five icons on your Windows 7 taskbar, allowing you to access your favorite applications faster than ever before. • Type more comfortably with low-profile Quiet Touch keys. The palm rest and removable feet provide a more comfortable wrist posture. • Microsoft’s Comfort Curve encourages natural wrist posture and is easy to use.The Arc Keyboard shares the same design language withMicrosoft Corp.’s best-selling Arc Mouse, with a beautifully • Bundled Wireless Mouse 5000 offers the highlycurved profile, clean lines, and an ultraportable, lightweight advanced tracking with Bluetrack technology —go moreshape. places than optical and laser. • The 2.4 GHz wireless USB Mini-Transceiver connects • Eye-catching form factor makes the keyboard a stylish wirelessly up to a 9m range. statement piece that fits in with home décor. • Thin and lightweight design weighs less than one pound Usual price: S$119.00 so the keyboard can easily be picked up and moved from Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 room to room. • Snap-in Nano transceiver gives consumers the option to leave the transceiver plugged into the computer or conveniently store it under the keyboard. • Four-way directional pad offers the capabilities of arrow keys while taking up less space. • 2.4GHz wireless technology gives consumers a confident wireless connection and a range of up to 9m, even in a Packed with performance and value, the Wireless Desktop 800 crowded wireless environment. offers:Usual Price: S$89.90 • 2.4Ghz wireless connection that is secure and works upMicrosoft Wireless Desktop 3000 (with Wireless Mouse 5000) to 9m 1000 dpi optical wireless mouse • Compact wireless keyboard with hotkeys • Up to 15 months battery life for keyboard Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 • Spill-Resistant, Quiet Touch Keys • Hot Keys — One-touch access to Windows® Media Player, e-mail, Home, calculator, My Documents, Zoom, instant messaging, and photos. • “My Favorites” Keys — Customize these 5 keys to • Microsoft’s thinnest (16mm) and lightest wireless instantly bring up the photos, folders, files, and Web keyboard ever (415g including 2 AAA batteries) pages you use most. Simply push and hold to set. • No need for a USB transceiver as it uses BluetoothUsual price: S$99.00 wireless technology found on most laptops.Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 • Comes with the long-awaited Bluetooth Number Pad which provides laptop users with their most portable number-crunching companion ever. • Microsoft’s Comfort Curve keyboard layout encourages natural wrist posture for reduced wrist strain. Usual price: S$149.00 • A keyboard and mouse combo that’s designed to work tightly with Windows 7 to provide maximum comfort and performance. 21
  • 48. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 1. A4Tech G10-660L World 1st MeetingMan PresentersHP Palm TouchPad and Mouse 2. A4TECH KL-126 Gaming LED Backlight KeyboardBlackBerry PlayBook share 3. A4TECH GL-5300 G7 No Any Lag Mini Wireless Desktopsimilar user interfaceSource: 1. A4Tech G10-660L World 1st MeetingMan Presentersplaybook-share-similar-user-interface/11439.html MouseMarch 5th, 2011 2. A4TECH KL-126 Gaming LED Backlight Keyboard 3. A4TECH GL-5300 G7 No Any Lag Mini Wireless DesktopHP Palm TouchPad was announced at the recent "A New HPWorld" event in Shanghai, and with Research in MotionsBlackBerry PlayBook launching next month, it seems that bothtablet devices have some things in common.HP and Reseach in Motion (RIM) are pointing fingers at oneanother, well, commenting on the resemblence of their tabletdevices. HP acquired Palm last year and this year, it launchedtheir TouchPad which runs on Palms WebOS platform. RIMis known for their BlackBerry smartphone devices though thecompany has also hopped onto the tablet bandwagon, and hasunveiled the PlayBook at CES 2011 in January. At one glance(above picture), one can easily see the similarities in termsof user interface of both tablet devices: The TouchPad andPlayBook have the same app bar at the bottom with variouscolorful icons; the status/time and date bar at the top; and thehome screens that can be easily navigated with a swipe of yourfinger.It is sometimes inevitable that similarities do exist betweenproducts, and for consumers, it doesnt really matter to themwho is copying who. End of the day, whether the productwill sell depends on its usability, features, performance andprice tag. According to HP and RIM, both companies have saidthey will continue to optimize their products to bring the bestexperience to users.A4Tech New Products at ITSHOW 2011Source: iPad 2 hands-onMarch 5th, 2011 Source: March 5th, 2011 22
  • 49. March 5th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWhile its all impressive on paper, how does the iPad 2 reallyperforms and how does it feel? Well, heres a quick hands-onreview. The new features of iOS 4.3 includes a faster Safari browser, iTunes Home Sharing, AirPlay enhancements, iPad side switch preference (rotate or mute), and the Personal HotspotSo how exactly does Apples new offering feel and look? feature for iPhone 4.Well, here are some hands-on thoughts from the fine folks at "With more than 160 million iOS devices worldwide,Engadget. including over 100 million iPhones, the growth of the iOS platform has been unprecedented," said • This thing is insanely fast. Were not joking -- its Steve Jobs, Apples CEO. "iOS 4.3 adds even more blazingly fast. Everything the iPad 2 does feels like its features to the worlds most advanced mobile on turbo. Were uploading a video of the some evidence operating system, across three blockbuster devices-- of this, youll be appropriately stunned. iPad, iPhone and iPod touch--providing an ecosystem • The design feels great in your hands. Sleek, super thin -- that offers customers an incredibly rich experience much nicer to hold than the previous version. Definitely and developers unlimited opportunities." has more of a magazine than book feel. Everything is So what exactly are the new features? tight and solid. It is pretty amazing how thin theyve gotten the device. Faster Safari - The Nitro JavaScript engine that Apple pioneered on the desktop is now built into WebKit, • Even software made for the first generation device feels the technology at the heart of Safari, and more better here. Safari is definitely sped up. Games looked than doubles the performance of JavaScript execution great on-screen, though obviously there are no updates using just-in-time compilation. to the resolution of screen technology here. iTunes Home Sharing - allows iOS 4.3 users to play • This is an evolutionary step, but we definitely dont feel music, movies and TV shows on an iPad, iPhone or like its lacking for features. People are going to gobble iPod touch® from their iTunes library on a Mac® or these up when they see the new apps. PC over a local Wi-Fi network.Theyve even posted a video on their site on how much faster Enhancements to AirPlay - With iOS 4.3 you canthe iPad 2 is. And it is impressive what you can do with dual- stream additional content including video from thirdcore on a tablet. party apps and web sites, videos from the Photos app and previews from the iTunes app to your TV Personal Hotspot - This feature in iOS 4.3 lets you bring Wi-Fi with you anywhere you go, by allowing you to share an iPhone 4 cellular data connection withiOS 4.3 to launch on March up to five devices in a combination of up to three Wi- Fi, three Bluetooth and one USB device.11th Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rdSource: generation, iPod touch 4th generation, iPad and iPad 2, it willmarch-11th/11434.html be available for download starting 11th March.March 5th, 2011Apple will be pushing out their latest version of their mobileoperating system on March 11th, along with some newfeatures. 23
  • 50. March 8th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! data rate may vary dramatically. The benchmarks will paint VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication this picture a little better... covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Lite-On eNAU608 Slim External DVD/CD Writer Review at Overclockers OnlineThe Daily VR-Zone News Description: Overall, I’m very pleased with the eNAU608. With netbooks not coming equipped with optical drivesSummary - 08 Mar 2011 by default the eNAU608 provides a great alternative. It isSource: slim and easy to carry around and gives you reasonablemar-2011/11518.html performance. It is not nearly the fastest or most advanced driveMarch 8th, 2011 out on the market, but if you don’t need Blu-Ray than this has it all. Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler @ TestFreaks Description: We haven’t done many CPU cooler reviews here on TestFreaks, but I hope to change that, at least add some more from time to time. Evercool sent me two for review recently and that first I’ve got for you is the Buffalo that’sIn todays news roundup: Reviews of AMDs latest dual-GPU compatible with LGA1156 and LGA1136 platforms. The Buffalographics card, the Radeon HD 6990, have started flooding is a rather small aluminum and heatpipe style cooler with athe Internet; Intel announces the launch of its new Core vPro bright red fan on it, and for its size it performs admirably well.processors; a leaked Blackberry roadmap reveals plans for an AMD Radeon HD 6990 Antilles Video Card @ BenchmarkOS 7 sometime in November this year; Adobe hopes to bypass ReviewsApples no Flash stance with a new tool that features the Description: If youre an enthusiast gamer who demandscapability to covert basic Flash files into code recognizable only the highest level of performance that far surpassesby iOS; Japanese fighting game ?gon Mus?kyoku has been mainstream standards, then its your lucky day because theconfirmed to be receiving a sequel, hopefully in time for AMD Radeon HD 6990, code named Antilles, was designed toComiket, and Angry Birds continues to top the PSN charts for do exactly that. Using a new VLIW4 shader core architecturethe month of February. and equipped with 4GB GDDR5 256-bit video frame buffer,Hardware News: dual Cayman GPUs offer a total of 3072 stream processors.Intel launches Core vPro processors While the Radeon HD 6990 accomplishes the performanceDescription: Intel has announced its 2nd generation Intel of two Radeon HD 6970s in CrossFireX, AMD also addsCore vPro processors, which it says will do great things for accelerated multimedia playback and transcoding, AMDtechnologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation. HD3D stereoscopic technology, and support for the 3D Blu- ray multi-view CODEC (MVC). The AMD Radeon HD 6990Plextor M2 Series 128GB SATA 6Gbps Marvell SSD Review @ utilizes several new MSAA modes including Enhanced QualityLegit Reviews Anti-Aliasing (EQAA), which Benchmark Reviews tests inDescription: Plextor is probably best known for their optical some of the most popular DirectX-11 video games.drives so it may come as a surprise to some that they alsooffer SSDs in their product line. Their most recent line is the AMD Radeon HD 6990 Launch Preview @ Rage3D.comM2 series which features a Marvell controller and a 6Gbps Description: AMD launches the Radeon HD 6990 graphicsinterface. Weve got our hands on the 128GB version and well card, a monstrous behemoth of power and performance fromsee how it stacks up against the other drives we have tested. Team Red. Two Cayman XT GPU cores, 4GB of RAM, 5At first blush, the specifications for read and write, 420 MB/ TFLOPs of compute performance, out-of-the box Eyefinity 5s and 210 MB/s respectively, dont seem all that amazing capabilities and stonking BIOS Overclock mode give all thecompared to the newest SandForce drives emerging that hit signs that AMD is not happy to settle for second best - theyabove 500 MB/s on both fronts. However, as we have seen with earned the performance crown with the HD 5970, and theySandForce controllers, they rely on data compression to boost plan to keep it.speed so depending on the type of data being transferred, the 1
  • 51. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom Review @ I’d share that with you today, so read on to learn what I learned(German) about how the new Service Pack affects your system.Description: (Machine translation) There is a new series at You’ve got better things to do than wait in traffic - GoogleGainward: Phantom. Big, strong and black! We took a look at Mobile Blogthe Gainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom. Description: Ever been stuck in traffic, only to find out you’dMSI GeForce N570GTX Twin Frozr II Review (German) have been better off going a bit out of your way to take aDescription: (Machine translation) Along with the Radeon HD less congested route? If you’re like me, you probably hear the6950 and 6970 of the GeForce GTX 570 is currently probably traffic report telling you what you already know: traffic is badthe most interesting high-end graphics card. The performance on the road you’re currently on, and you should have takenis extremely high, but the price still tolerable and significantly another. It doesn’t need to be this way, and we want to help. Solower than the current top model of the fastest GeForce GTX we’re happy to announce that Google Maps Navigation (Beta)580th This can already deliver the reference design of the GTX will now automatically route you around traffic. With more570 from NVIDIA in terms of volume consumption and very than 35 million miles driven by Navigation users every day,good values. this should add up to quite a bit of time saved!AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Dual GPU Video Card Review @ Adobe Hopes Wallaby Can Vault Apple’s Flash BlockadeLegit Reviews Description: Adobe appears to be switching its strategyDescription: The AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB lived up to and launching new products that can cope with Apple’sAMDs marketing hype and proved itself to be the fastest restrictions. The first major example: Wallaby, a system itgraphics card in the world. It easily beat out the Radeon HD is launching today to convert basic Flash files — such as5970 2GB, the previous dual-GPU video card by AMD, and animations and banner ads — into code that will work on iOS.the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 single-GPU video card. With Android Hit Hard by Malware, Google Fights Backa massive 4GB of memory and two Cayman-class GPUs on a Description: It seems that I’m here reporting about a majorsingle PCB we arent surprised by the performance numbers problem with Android at least once every few weeks – whetherwe are seeing from the Radeon HD 6990. it’s their painful text bug or their microSD security issue.Consumer Electronics and Software news: While these issues have been far from minor, they nevertheless pale in comparison to the most recent hole in the AnroidKazaa Disses Apple, Debuts Web-Based Music Streaming system. That hole is made up of a simple security issue . . .Service For iOS, Android that happened to let 260,000 users download malware via 58Description: Atrinsic, the direct and online search marketing different malicious that acquired the assets of former P2P sharingtool Kazaa a couple of months ago, is trying to drum up Gaming newssome attention for the digital music subscription service this Umineko Fighting Game Gets Sequelmorning. In a press release, the company posits that there’s Description: Ryukishi07, the creator for Umineko no Nakubeen a ‘breakthrough’ for iPhone and iPad (and Android) users Koro Ni had announced that a sequel for its fightingbecause its service is now ‘accessible on iOS devices’ simply by game spinoff: Ougon Musoukyoku 2 has been green-lit forvisiting production.Blackberry roadmap leaked including OS 7 in November Open Fire on the Homefront Multiplayer TrailerDescription: Blackberry is an outfit with more leaks than Description: Home is where the war is in THQs upcomingWales. Last year there were shedloads of leaks and roadmaps military FPS, and in the latest trailer for Homefront, developerwhich ended up in the press. Kaos Studios provides a peek at the CoD-meets-BattlefieldAsus RT-N56U Gigabit Router Review @ Tweaknews mayhem that awaits in the games multiplayer. Flank the jumpDescription: Asus RT-N56U router has unique, elegant for the videostyling with an impressive feature set to go along with it. Angry Birds continues PSN domination in FebruaryThe slim, antenna-free design allows the unit to be tucked Description: The PlayStation Store had some noteworthyaway just about anywhere, while the simultaneous dual- releases in February: Explodemon, Stacking, Bionicband connectivity is ready for the most demanding of home Commando Rearmed 2. But none of these new releasesnetworks. managed to chart in PSNs monthly sales numbers. Instead,Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Performance Analysis @ TestFreaks youll see some familiar names on the top 5 list, includingDescription: Windows 7 is the best Windows yet, at least that’s Angry Birds, which continues its second month of bestsellingmy opinion of it. Think what you like, you’re entitled to your sales.own opinion of course. I’m not going to get into an arguingmatch with you about Win 7 and XP, Vista, OSX etc, this isnot what this article is for, take it elsewhere please. If you Genius Launches SlimStarwant to know more about how Windows 7 Service Pack 1 mightaffect your computer then this is where you want to be. I’ve 8000 Wireless Keyboard-taken quite a bit of time to run many test on three separate Mouse Combocomputers with Windows 7 installed, both 32bit and 64bit Source: From my experience I’ve learned a bit and I thought wireless-keyboard-mouse-combo/11520.html 2
  • 52. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 8th, 2011Taipei-based Genius has released the SlimStar 8000 wirelessdesktop combo in North America. Powered by three AAAbatteries, the mouse and keyboard connects to the PC via a2.4GHz wireless technology USB adapter. Turbo Mode: Data transfer rates up to 260 MB/s The new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 is a true Solid State Drive,Taipei-based Genius has released the SlimStar 8000 wireless based on high quality NAND flash memory. It includes andesktop combo in North America. Powered by three AAA innovative device driver engineered to dramatically enhancebatteries, the mouse and keyboard connects to the PC via USB transfer speeds. Once installed, the SSD will switch intoa 2.4GHz wireless technology USB adapter. The keyboard Turbo mode, boosting data transfer speeds up to an incredibleis spill-proof and has various multimedia buttons whilst the 260 MB/s when connected to a USB 3.0 port. This exceptionalmouse has a 1200 dpi optical sensor, and a Magic Roller scroll performance makes the SSD an ideal storage solution for read-wheel. The SlimStar 8000 is available through authorized intensive applications; even an entire DVD movie takes a mereretailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of US24.90. 15 seconds to process. Also compatible with USB 2.0, theNews via [Techconnect] SSD18C3 ensures that users will be able to transfer files on computers not yet equipped with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port.Transcend Unveils SSD18C3Portable SSD Extra durable with rubberized exteriorSource: Due to the absence of moving parts, the SSD18C3s internalssd/11519.html SSD runs silent and cool, and can withstand excessive shockMarch 8th, 2011 or vibration. To add more durability, the SSD is housed in a vibration-absorbing and slip-resistant silicone outer shell. Its robust housing and shockproof storage technology make the SSD18C3 perfect for users who need high performance on the go, without having to worry about accidental impact damage. Aabout the size of a deck of pokerbout the size of a deck of poker playing cards, the SSD18C3 is ultra light and easy toTranscend has announced the SSD18C3 Portable SSD. carry.Measuring 98.7 x 65.7 x 17.45mm and weighing 70g, thecompact portable drive features a "vibration-absorbing andslip-resistant" silicone case, One Touch auto-backup button, a One Touch auto-backup & JetFlash Elite softwareMTBF of 1,000,000 hours, and delivers data transfer speeds The SSD18C3 offers an array of state-of-the-art features,up to 260Mb/s via its USB 3.0 interface. The SSD18C3 including an extremely convenient One Touch auto-backupPortable SSD, backed by a three year warranty, is available in button. The One Touch backup system, which can be enabled64Gb and 128Gb capacities at MSRPs of US$224 and US$448 with the preloaded Backup Manager software, allows usersrespectively. to instantly backup and synchronize their data with one easyTRANSCEND PRESS RELEASE button press. Users can also download Transcends exclusive JetFlash Elite data management tools to help them useTranscend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader their SSD more productively, such as for automatic websitein memory and storage products, today announced a new authentication, or checking non web-based email accountsaddition to its SSD family, the SSD18C3 Portable Solid State remotely just by plugging the SSD into any computer withDrive. The new portable SSD combines the benefits of USB 3.0 Internet access.with all the performance and durability advantages of solid-state technology, providing unparalleled speed and stabilitythat conventional portable hard drives cannot compete with. 3
  • 53. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneTranscends new SSD18C3 Solid State Drive is now availablefor a suggested price of US $224 for the 64 GB model and US$448 for the 128 GB model. Asus launches BrazosiPhone 4 64GB found in Hong powered Eee PCs Source: pcs/11517.htmlSource: March 8th, 2011kong-/11516.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 One of the last companies to announce its Brazos poweredWhile we are unsure if Apple did actually made a iPhone 4 netbooks/ultra slim notebooks is Asus and although thewith 64 GB capacity, this has started to pop up in one of the company was late, it has as of today added two new modelsgrey market in Hong Kong in limited quantity, according to with AMDs E-350 and C-50 dual core processors to its Eee PCthe seller. range. The models are the Eee PC 1015B and 1215B where the 1015B is a 10-inch model and the 1215B is a 12-inch model. One of the last companies to announce its Brazos powered netbooks/ultra slim notebooks is Asus and although the company was late, it has as of today added two new models with AMDs E-350 and C-50 dual core processors to its Eee PC range. The models are the Eee PC 1015B and 1215B where the 1015B is a 10-inch model and the 1215B is a 12-inch model. The Eee PC 1015B is of course the model with the dual core 1GHz C-50 processor and its based on Asus traditional Eee PC design. Optionally Asus will offer the 1015B with a single core C-30 APU, but it wont be available in all markets. The Eee PC 1215B on the other hand comes with a 1.6GHz dual coreTAccording to a Hong Kong site, this suspicious variant of the E-350 APU as standard and is based on Asus larger 12-inchiPhone 4 was first discovered in Sin Tak, one of the biggest Eee PC chassis which so far have been limited to a couple ofgrey market in Hong Kong. The seller claims that these are models combining Atom processors and Nvidia ION graphics.engineered models and are only available in small quantities. Again, Asus will offer the 1215B with the option of a C-50 or C-30 APU, but as previously, only in some markets.On the back of the phone, it states iPhone XXGB, whichsome might find familiar. Leaked prototype which Gizmodobought, ring any bells? Furthermore, besides stating 64GB inthe screen under capacity, the model is 995-6049LL. Common features between the two models include HDMI output, USB 3.0 connectivity (an optional feature availableSo is this really a leaked prototype from Apple? If it is, is Apple only on some SKUs), Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fiventuring into 64GB iPhones for future models? as well as a built in webcam with a manual iris shutter. Asus claims up to 8.5h battery life for both models which seems to be pretty much on par with many of its Atom powered Eee PC 4
  • 54. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemodels, although not quite as good as the most power frugal for up to five displays using AMD Eyefinity multi-displaymodels weve seen. No word on pricing or availability of either technology, with six display support possible via DisplayPortmodel as yet, but wed expect them to be priced competitively. 1.2 components available for purchase later this year.3 The AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards also feature a dual- BIOS toggle switch, allowing enthusiast gamers to unlockAMD Radeon HD 6990 Antilles the card and rev up the clocks and voltages for even moreReview Roundup! performance.4 Finally, AMD HD3D technology provides a cutting-edge stereoscopic 3D gaming and movie experience,Source: thanks to HDMI 1.4a support.5roundup-/11515.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 “Packing more raw performance than any consumer graphics card ever created, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 provides the latest for the ultimate gaming advantage,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, AMD. “Coupled with AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD PowerTune power management and AMD HD3D, this card is so powerful it can take on even the most demandingThe prodiguous penguins @ VR-Zone have not got their wings ultra-enthusiast tasks.”on a Radeon 6990 yet - apparently there are only 2 pieces ofthis monstrous card (both on/off the shelves of 2 popular Sim Leading Graphics with second-generationLim Square retail shops) in sunny Singapore. Nevertheless till DirectX 11-capable Technologythen, weve compiled a list of choice reviews/reactions around • New AMD PowerTune technology: Designed tothe web about our latest 12.4inch king of the (performance) perform real-time intelligent power management, AMDhill / your new third leg... PowerTune technology on the AMD Radeon HD 6990AMD Extends Graphics Performance Lead, Launches World’s automatically enables higher clock speeds and fasterFastest Graphics Card… AGAIN! performance in the hottest games.1 • Increased memory for higher image quality: With 4GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, gamers can enjoy superior detail in their favorite games, even on up to five simultaneous displays. • The Ultimate Visual Experience™: As AMD’s most advanced DirectX® 11-capable GPU, AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics processors also enable an exceptional game play experience in DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10, DirectX® 10.1 and OpenGL titles in single card or multi- card AMD CrossFireX™ configurations.6 • Improved image quality: Advanced anti-aliasing features enable dramatically enhanced image quality for intensely realistic gaming. Enhanced-Quality Anti- Aliasing (EQAA) uses a new sampling technique toAMD Radeon™ HD 6990 utilizes sophisticated AMD help improve visual quality, while Morphological Anti-PowerTune intelligent power management technology, Aliasing (MLAA) uses DirectCompute acceleration todelivers native support for wraparound 5x1 gaming with AMD provide anti-aliasing on any DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10,Eyefinity technology or DirectX® 11 application.SUNNYVALE, Calif. —3/8/2011AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the launch of the An Immersive Gaming Experience withfastest graphics card in the world, the AMD Radeon™ HD AMD Eyefinity Technology and Advanced6990, packing so much raw performance it delivered a new Display Optionssingle graphics card world record score of P11865 in theindustry standard 3DMark11 benchmark1. AMD Radeon HD • Simple, flexible, affordable multi-display computing6990 graphics cards are available immediately from retailers with AMD Eyefinity technology: Providing anworldwide, with select models starting at US $699 MSRP. expanded and more immersive field of view, AMDDesigned for the power gamer, AMD Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity technology continues to be the most affordablegraphics cards include AMD’s second-generation, Microsoft multi-display solution available, offering dozens ofDirectX® 11-capable architecture, advanced image quality possible configurations of up to five simultaneousfeatures for the best looking games, and AMD PowerTune displays.2 New to the AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphicsintelligent technology to enable higher clock speeds and faster processor is the ability to configure up to five monitorsgaming. The AMD Radeon HD 6990 offers the ultimate in in portrait mode. Making innovative technologies moreimmersive HD gaming and computing with native support affordable and accessible than ever before, the AMD 5
  • 55. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Eyefinity Validated & Ready Testing Program helps Extreme Motherboard and DDR3 memory. This score ensure a seamless customer multi-display experience, exceeds the previous highest single (1x GPU) Nvidia with more than 70 tested and validated AMD Eyefinity- GeForce GTX 580 score as well as the highest AMD compatible titles for the greatest assurance of quality and Radeon HD 5970 (2xGPU) 3DMark 11 Performance interoperability. Continued industry leadership in multi- score from display computing: AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards offer support for both DisplayPort 1.2 features benchmark/3dmark11_-_performance/rankings and HDMI 1.4a, offering enthusiasts incredible multi- monitor configuration options, flexibility in display Highest single card Nvidia GeForce selection, and new DisplayPort audio features. 580 = P9213 submission/2113441_romdominance_3dmark11___performanFaster Applications and Brilliant Videowith AMD EyeSpeed Technology Highest single card AMD Radeon HD 5970 graphics card (dual GPU card) = P9643 • AMD EyeSpeed visual acceleration technology lets you do more, faster: Tapping the tremendous power of the AMD Radeon HD 6990, enthusiasts will submission/2115439_atomel_3dmark11___performance_rade enjoy clearer and more vibrant videos, as well as 2. AMD PowerTune technology is an intelligent power improved performance and new features in top media, management technology native to certain AMD entertainment and productivity applications with AMD Radeon™ HD GPUs, which enables higher clock speeds EyeSpeed technology.7 as compared to previous generations of ATI Radeon™ • Incredible compute capabilities: Featuring leading and AMD Radeon™ graphics products. AMD PowerTune support for IEEE 754 double precision floating point Technology may not be implemented on all AMD ops, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 is equipped to dominate Radeon HD 6990 offerings – please check with the card computationally intense workloads. manufacturer. • Enhanced video quality features: AMD Radeon HD 3. AMD Eyefinity technology works with games that 6990 graphics cards feature Unified Video Decoder 3 support non-standard aspect ratios, which is required for (UVD3), a dedicated video playback accelerator that panning across multiple displays. To enable more than helps users get the most out of HD video, online video two displays, additional panels with native DisplayPort™ and Blu-ray™ 3D, while enjoying a range of video quality connectors, and/or DisplayPort™ compliant active improvements such as advanced post-processing and adapters to convert your monitor’s native input to your scaling, dynamic contrast enhancement, color correction cards DisplayPort™ or Mini-DisplayPort™ connector(s), and more. are required. Support for six simultaneous displays may require complementary products compatible with • 3D entertainment choices with AMD HD3D DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Transport. Maximum technology: AMD continues to deliver a broad and number of configured displays may vary - check affordable selection of 3D solutions with AMD Radeon with your component or system manufacturer for HD 6990 graphics cards, featuring AMD HD3D specific model capabilities and supported technologies. technology, backed by AMD’s open 3D initiative for SLS (“Single Large Surface”) functionality requires an stereo 3D gaming and movies.3 identical display resolution on all configured displays. 4. AMD’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled viaAbout AMD AMD hardware or software.AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator 5. AMD HD3D is a technology designed to enableleading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its stereoscopic 3D support in games, movies and/orground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units photos. Requires 3D stereo drivers, glasses, and display.(APU). AMD’s graphics and computing technologies powera variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the 6. AMD CrossFireX™ technology requires an AMDservers that drive the Internet and businesses. For more CrossFireX Ready motherboard, an AMD CrossFireX™information, visit Bridge Interconnect (for each additional graphics card) and may require a specialized power supply.AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Radeon, and combinationsthereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 7. AMD EyeSpeed technology is a set of technologiesOther names are for informational purposes only and may be designed to improve video quality and enhancetrademarks of their respective owners. application performance. Full enablement of some features requires support for AMD Accelerated Parallel 1. The score of P11865 was achieved using a passively Processing (APP) technology and/or AMD’s Universal cooled AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card, AMD Video Decoder (UVD). AMD Accelerated Parallel Catalyst 11.4 drivers, Windows 7 64-bit operating system, Processing technology works with applications designed Intel Core i7 Extreme 990X, ASUSTek Rampage III to take advantage of its GPU acceleration capabilities. 6
  • 56. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Not all products have all features and full enablement o With HP ePrint, you can print from anywhere, of some capabilities and may require complementary anytime by emailing to your HP Officejet 6500A products Plus eAIO E710n. o Connect to your network with built-in Ethernet or to your PC with Hi-speed USB 2.0.IT Show 2011 Promotions: HP • Reduce your impact and protect your bottom lineSource: o Use up to 40% less energy than comparable laserMarch 8th, 2011 products, with an ENERGY STAR qualified all-in- one. o Cut paper usage by up to 50% with the automatic two-sided printing and PC Fax Send which enables paperless fax sending and archiving. Usual price: S$399HP will be participating in this years IT Show, and needless HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110ato say its offerings will consist of both computing devices likedesktop and notebook PCs, as well as a wide range of imagingsolutions in the form of printers. In this post, we shall takea look at what HP has to offer in its IT SHOW 2011 lineup.HPs booth can be found at Level 4, Booth 8150, Hall 401.*UPDATED with HPs range of notebooks and desktop PCsHP Officejet 6500A Plus eAiO Printer E710n Print lab-quality photos, everyday documents and web content on the fly, without using a PC. HP ePrint combined with affordable individual inks lets you easily produce impressive prints from anywhere, anytime. Key features and benefits: • Print when it’s most convenient for you from across theThe wireless HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One E710n world or across the room. With HP ePrint, simply email aproduces laser-quality color documents at a low cost per photo or document to your printer and pick up the pagespage that allows SOHO and SMB users to print high-impact materials in-house. Featuring HP ePrint, users can • Create impressive photo projects, and even print directlyprint anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. The HP from the device itself with integrated memory card slots.Officejet 6500A Plus eAIO E710n also uses 40% less energythan comparable laser printers and has an automatic two- • The HP TouchSmart frame allows you to print photos,sided printing function which helps cut paper usage by up scan, copy and print web content without the use of a 50%. The printer also has a 2.36-inch color touchscreen • Boost productivity with wireless connectivity at a press ofdisplay to easily copy, fax, print, scan and access apps. a button, allowing you to share this all-in-one with otherKey features: Wi-Fi enabled PCs from anywhere in your house. • Achieve laser performance at a low cost per page Usual price: S$229 o Get great value, using individual, high-capacity ink cartridges designed for the office. SMC SMCWPBR-3G Wireless Print at up to 32ppm black/31ppm color and 3G Portable Router Review o at laser-comparable (ISO) speeds up to 10ppm Source: black/7ppm color. router-review/11442.html o Print borderless documents with vivid color graphics and sharp text, using HP Officejet inks. • Stay connected whether you’re in or out of the office 7
  • 57. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 8th, 2011Create a wireless internet hotspot anywhere in just seconds.Road warriors can easily access the Internet on their notebook,tablet or smart phone instantly without having to fiddle with3G dongles or cables. Furthermore, sharing a single Internetconnection with a number of devices would definitely savesome money. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 b A4 Monochrome Printer (PINK) - 24ppm fast print speed - Lowest toner price in the market - 4-year carry-in warranty - 1-hr Express Service guaranteed Usual Price - S$139 IT SHOW Price - TBAThe SMC SMCWPBR-3G offers a portable yet versatilesolution: it converts Internet connectivity from an existing 3GUSB modem into a wireless hotspot instantly. It also allows upto eight devices to be connected simultaneously. This could bethe ideal router for connecting WiFi-enabled peripherals suchas smart phones, laptops, tablets and gaming devices, or whena couple of friends gather for a gaming session.Unlike its competitors, this router does not have an integratedmodem. This offers flexibility if the user decides to upgradefrom a 3G to a 4G connection. Another great feature on therouter is that it has a rotational USB port, allowing the modemto be positioned to get the best reception as possible. It alsohas a built-in battery which offers up to 6 hours of battery life. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 b A4 Monochrome Printer - 24ppm fast print speedIT Show 2011 Promotions: Fuji - Lowest toner price in the marketXerox - 4-year carry-in warrantySource: - 1-hr Express Service guaranteedMarch 8th, 2011 Usual Price - S$169 IT SHOW Price - TBAFuji Xerox Printers will be showcasing their printers andmulti-functional printers at the IT SHOW 2011 includingthe DocuPrint P205 b (Pink) and DocuPrint P205 bA4 monochrome laser, DocuPrint CP105 b A4 color andDocuPrint CM205 A4 Colour Multifunction printers. Thebooth can be located on level 4, hall 401; the booth number is8468. 8
  • 58. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFuji Xerox DocuPrint CP105 b A4 Colour Printer- 10ppm colour /12ppm mono- Brilliant print resolution of up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi- 4-year carry-in warranty- 1-hr Express Service guaranteedUsual Price - S$329IT SHOW Price - TBA MSI has announced its flagship AMD product, the Radeon R6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card. The R6990 has two (downclocked) AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPUs on a single printed circuit board, making it the fastest graphics card on the planet. The 4GB of GDDR5 memory onboard makes gameplay at high resolution smooth, also increases the efficiency of multi-display image processing. The default operating frequencies are 830MHz for the two GPU cores, and 1250MHz for the memory. Via a physical BIOS switch, the GPU core clock can be raised to 880MHz for additional performance.Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 b A4 Colour MultifunctionPrinter The R6990-4PD4GD5 supports AMDs exclusive Eyefinity- Print / Copy / Scan multi-display technology, with four mini DisplayPort 1.2- 12ppm colour /15ppm mono outputs and one DVI output to support up to a maximum of five displays from a single card. By supporting five displays,- Scan direct to USB memory key the additional visual real estate available to professionals and gamers is definitely more than welcomed. Also,- 4-year carry-in warranty DisplayPort 1.2 supports stereoscopic 3D and bitstreaming of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD for the ultimate audio-visual- 1-hr Express Service guaranteed experience. Of course, the new Radeon HD 6990 supportsUsual Price - S$499 DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 for maximum in-game eye-candy.IT SHOW Price - TBA MSI Afterburner is the most complete utility for graphicsMSI announces Radeon card monitoring and overclocking. The latest Afterburner 2.1.0 release supports adjustment of VGPU, VMEM and VDDCIR6990-4PD4GD5 (AMD Radeon values, advanced fan speed control, information monitoring,HD 6990) and offers five customization profiles. Afterburner 2.1 also introduces the new Predator in-game video capture function,Source: allowing exciting gaming moments to be recorded. Gamersr6990-4pd4gd5-amd-radeon-hd-6990-/11495.html can bask in their glory and share them with the world usingMarch 8th, 2011 online video hosting sites. Kombustor 2.0 provides stability testing, and the new KMark mode can measure graphics card performance through several display effects. Reference: MSI Press ReleaseMSI has announced its flagship AMD product, the RadeonR6990-4PD4GD5 graphics card. The R6990 has two(downclocked) AMD Radeon HD 6970 GPUs and 4GB ofGDDR5 memory on a single printed circuit board, making itthe fastest graphics card on the planet. 9
  • 59. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The Killer NIC E2100 part isnt anything out of the ordinary;Asus Thunderbolt Sound and in fact, its the same components that Gigabyte is using on itsKiller NIC card (Rampage G1 Killer series of motherboards as far as we can tell from the picture. That means a Freescale IC, a smaller IC, two bits ofIII Black Edition) - A Close memory and a Marvell Gigabit Ethernet PHY. Were still notInspection sold on the advantages of having a Killer NIC over a regular NIC, but Asus has at least managed to do something differentSource: with the hardware. The Rampage III Black Edition from Asuscard-rampage-iii-black-edition--a-close-inspection/11513.html is set to hit retail in a couple of weeks time according to theMarch 8th, 2011 source, so if youre keen on getting your hands on it and the Thunderbolt card, the wait isnt going to be too long. IT Show 2011 Promotions: EpsonAsus combined sound card and Killer NIC card has been Source: of its shrouding for the first time to revel whats hiding epson/11512.htmlunderneath it and although it doesnt hold too many surpirses, March 8th, 2011there are at least a couple of things that peaked our interest.For now the Thunderbolt card will only be available with theAsus Rampage III Black Edition motherboard, but its possiblethat Asus will sell the card on its own in the future.Asus combined sound card and Killer NIC card has beenstripped of its shrouding for the first time to revel whats hiding Looking for a printer, multi-functional printer or projector?underneath it and although it doesnt hold too many surpirses, You may want to check out Epsons booth at the IT SHOW thisthere are at least a couple of things that peaked our interest. Thursday. The imaging company can be located on level 6, andFor now the Thunderbolt card will only be available with the the booth number is 8115.Asus Rampage III Black Edition motherboard, but its possiblethat Asus will sell the card on its own in the future.What struck us as a bit odd is the fact that the C-Media 6631audio chip appears to be connected via USB rather than thePCI Express interface. The card has a USB pin header at therear, next to the power connector and theres no visible PCIExpress bridge chip which would otherwise be needed. Fora card thats meant to feature a high-end sound card, thisseems like a strange approach, although theres fundamentallynothing wrong with a USB sound card. Epson K100 Single Function Monochrome Inkjet Printer - Offers one of the lowest cost per page (cpp) of any printer at only 1.5 cent. - Built-in duplexer that helps customers conveniently save money by printing on both sides of the paper. - With a default ISO print speed of 16 pages per minute (ppm), K100 is as fast as laser printers in default mode. - Use of Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and water resistant prints.Still, the audio part is rated at up to 192kHz/24-bit with asignal to noise ratio of 116dB which should lead to pretty good - Use of Epson’s highly reliable Micro Piezo print head thatsound quality in the end. Asus has also thrown in a headphone lasts the life of the printer and use far less power thanamp from Texas Instruments which is meant to be one of the conventional laser printers.key selling points of the Tunderbolt card. The card only sportsa pair of 3.5mm jacks for headphone out and line out as well Normal Price: S$188as an optical S/PDIF out. IT SHOW Price: TBC 10
  • 60. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Epson EB-W10 ProjectorEpson ME Office 960FWD All-In-One-Printer - Brilliant, distinctly sharper and clearer images with 3LCD- Uses standard ME141 inks for highly affordable printing at TechnologySGD 5.0 cents (black and white) and an average of SGD 10.0 - WXGA Resolution: 1280 x 800dpicents (colour) per page.- Has the option of using the high capacity ME143 inks for even - 2,600 ANSI Lumenslower running costs at SGD 2.5 cents (black and white) andSGD 7.5 cents (colour) per page. - 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio- Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and - USB direct displaywater resistant prints. - Light Weight 2.3kg- High Print Resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi with Micro Piezoprint head technology. Usual Price: S$1,299 IT SHOW Price: TBCNormal Price: S$478IT SHOW Price: TBC ASUS Radeon HD6990 Graphics Card unveiled Source: unveiled/11511.html March 8th, 2011 PC gamers have a new standard-setting graphics card to look forward to in the form of the ASUS HD 6990. A trueEpson ME Office 900WD Printer powerhouse, it uses dual HD 6970 cores on one printed circuit- Uses standard ME141 inks for highly affordable printing at board, doubling the power while maintaining streamlinedSGD 5.0 cents (black and white) and an average of SGD 10.0 energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltagecents (colour) per page. Tweak, it pushes the card to run at up to 1245 MHz* for sheer- Has the option of using the high capacity ME143 inks for even gaming performance in the highest possible resolutions andlower running costs at SGD 2.5 cents (black and white) and with all effects and details turned up to maximum. The HDSGD 7.5 cents (colour) per page. 6990 represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. PC gamers have a new standard-setting graphics card to- Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks for smudge, fade and look forward to in the form of the ASUS HD 6990. A truewater resistant prints. powerhouse, it uses dual HD 6970 cores on one printed circuit board, doubling the power while maintaining streamlined- High Print Resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi with Micro Piezo energy draw requirements. With ASUS exclusive Voltageprint head technology. Tweak, it pushes the card to run at up to 1245 MHz* for sheerNormal Price: S$298 gaming performance in the highest possible resolutions andIT SHOW Price: TBC with all effects and details turned up to maximum. The HD 6990 represents the very top-end of AMD-sourced technology. 11
  • 61. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Based on AMD Antilles GPU architecture, the HD 6990 offers hardcore PC gamers and DIY builders the fastest dual-core graphics card ever produced using AMD technology. It represents the pinnacle of the Windows® 7 and DirectX® 11-optimized Northern Islands series of GPUs from AMD. • Massive 4GB of GDDR5 video memory surpasses anything previously deployed in the Northern Islands series, giving games and other applications enormous breathing room for enhanced visuals. The extra memory comes in especially handy for DirectX™ 11 tessellation operations, where high quality textures put great *Actual performance may vary based on system configuration demand on resources. and other prevailing conditions. • The ASUS HD 6990 comes at 830MHz and the exclusive Model EAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5 Voltage Tweak overvolting utility allows users to push Graphics Engine AMD Radeon™ HD 6970*2 clock speeds by as much as 50%* with adequate cooling. Bus Standard PCI Express® 2.1 • The two cores run in 2-way CrossFireX™ engaged by OpenGL OpenGL4.1 default on one board, eliminating inter-GPU latency and Video Memory 4GB GDDR5 ensuring the fastest possible performance with the most Engine Clock 830MHz bandwidth ever achieved on a single-board AMD-based Stream Processors 1536*2 card. Two HD 6990 cards can be put together for instant Memory Clock 5000MHz (1250MHz quad CrossFireX™. GDDR5) • AMD Eyefinity™ multi-screen technology enables the Memory Interface 256 bit x2 driving of up to five monitors via a single HD 6990. DVI Max. Resolution 2560 * 1600 The card also supports AMD HD3D™ technology for DVI Output YES X3 (Dual-link DVI-I*1, 3D gaming and movie watching on a compatible TV or monitor. via Mini DP-to-DVI(active) adaptor*1, via Mini DP-to-DVI(passive) adaptor*1) HDMI Output YES X1 (via Mini DP-to- HDMI adaptor) HDCP compliant YES DisplayPort YES X4 (Native Mini DP) Adapter/Cable Bundled Mini DP-to-DVI(active) adaptor x 1 Mini DP-to-DVI(passive) adaptor x 1 Mini DP-to-HDMI adaptor x 1 CrossFire Bridge x1 Power Cable x 1 12
  • 62. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSoftware Bundled ASUS Utilities & Driver a full blown GPU, we can expect variations in the GPUs as well.Dimension 12.4” x 5.1” x 1.6” inches While the A-Series is unlikely to match Sandy Bridge in pure • Specifications are CPU performance, it could be a potent solution for gaming / subject to change multi-tasking workloads. without notice. The final release dates remains to be seen, though should take • PCB color and bundled place shortly after the shipping dates. AMDs official word has software versions are been "Q2 2011" for FX-Series and "Summer" for A-Series. change without notice. • Brand and product IT Show 2011 Promotions: names mentioned are trademarks of their Jawbone Source: respective company. jawbone/11509.html March 8th, 2011About ASUSASUS, the world’s top 3 consumer notebook vendor andthe maker of the world’s best selling and most awardwinning motherboards, is a leading enterprise in the newdigital era. ASUS designs and manufactures products that Just how important is a handsfree headset for ones mobileperfectly meet the needs of todays digital home, office and phone? Well, Jawbone thinks that it is important enough toperson, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, warrant pulling out all the stops in order to deliver a one-of-graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, a-kind headset that boasts superior noise-cancelling featuresservers, multimedia, wireless solutions, networking devices features that are said to deliver nothing but the best experienceand mobile phones. Driven by innovation and committed for uses, and the good news is that this special headset will beto quality, ASUS won 3,398 awards in 2010, and is widely available for consumer purchase at this years IT SHOW 2011.credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with the Eee Jawbone does not have its own booth: however, the headsetPC™. can be found at either Newsteads (Booth no. 3003) or Mojitos (Booth no. 6601) booths.Report: AMD Shipping FX-Series (Bulldozer) in June, A-Series (Llano) in JulySource: 8th, 2011According to a report from Xbitlabs sources, AMD hasfinalized shipping dates for both Bulldozer and Llano. As The Jawbone ICON offers unprecedented ease of use andexpected, Bulldozer will be branded FX-Series, while Llano audio quality as well as an industry-first software platformwill receive the A-Series moniker. FX-Series CPUs are set called MyTALK that lets users personalize and update theirto ship in the week starting June 20th, with A-series APUs Jawbones via the web.following shortly after in the week of July 4th. • Equipped with military grade noise assassin technology,The FX-series will consist of CPUs based on AMDs much the best noise cancellation technology money canawaited next-gen Bulldozer architectures. There will be four buy, giving you the freedom to enjoy quiet phoneFX8000 eight-core CPUs, two FX6000 six-core CPUs and two conversations in places you previously couldn’t.quad-core FX4000 CPUs. While AMD has been remained inthe shadow of Intel in terms of raw performance, the flagship • The headset can also be programmed to respond toFX8000 series will give AMD a fighting chance against Intels the user in six different voices and in seven differentCore i7 990X. Of course, Intels true competitor to the AMD languages, including in Cantonese, Mandarin, andFX8000 CPUs will only release in Q4 2011 in the form of Sandy Japanese.Bridge E. Meanwhile, FX6000 and FX4000 will likely fight offLGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs. • ICON comes with a unique platform called MyTALK, allowing users to try different apps, personalize settingsThere will be no less than 11 A-Series Llano APUs released, inquad-core and dual-core varieties. Since the A-Series includes 13
  • 63. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone and download the latest and greatest features and earphones from premium audio brands like Klipsch, Nixon software updates. and Beyerdynamic. The iPavilion will also have on display popular Apple products such as the Macbooks, iPods and a comprehensive rangeLook out for EpiCentre of audio and storage brands. Other services available atstandout showcase at IT Show the iPavilion include trade-in, memory upgrades and screen protector application.2011 Visitors to the iPavilion can try their hand at interactiveSource: application games with the iPad and iPod Touch, for a chanceshowcase-at-it-show-2011/11508.html to win attractive prizes. The programme line up also includesMarch 8th, 2011 stage performances to entertain visitors while they are shopping for the latest Apple gadgets and accessories. There will also be free Apple workshops by EpiCentre’s in-house Apple-certified trainer and auctions in which participants can bid for their favourite products from as low as S$10, as well as daily specials and lucky draws with over 100 prizes up forApples premium reseller epiCentre said that they will be grabs.taking a "different" approach at the IT Show 2011; it will have astandout showcase on level two, room 201 and 202 at SuntecConvention and Exhibition Centre, and offering consumers a IT Show 2011 Promotions:total digital lifestyle experience. Logitech Source: logitech/11507.html March 8th, 2011 More often than not, merely having a powerful desktop or notebook PC is not good enough, In order to ensure that a user is capable of obtaining maximum productivity out of his or her machine, it is important that they have the right accessoriesSingapore’s Apple Premium Reseller EpiCentre is taking a and peripherals to get the job done. And leave it to Logitechunique approach to this year’s IT Show 2011 that is held to bring in a range of computer accessories for this years ITfrom 10 - 13 March. The retailer has created a standout SHOW to ensure that users are as comfortable as possibleshowcase on level two, room 201 and 202 at Suntec when working on their computers. Logitechs products can beInternational Convention and Exhibition Centre, to give a total found at Newsteads booth at Level lifestyle experience to consumers. Logitech Notebook Kit MK605Covering over 6000 square feet in size, the iPavilionshowroom claims to be the largest Mac Pavilion booth atthe exhibition, offering a wide range of Apple products andlifestyle gadgets, as well as software applications, games andprizes for visitors. In addition, the iPavilion will also showcasean audio demo room for the premium audio brand, Geneva.Other big brand names include David Garibaldi, Baby Phatand Ed Hardy, where limited worldwide editions of the EdHardy black label iPhone and iPad cases retailing at S$1,500and S$4,500 respectively, will be featured.The iPavilion showroom will be divided into different sections,featuring the full range of Apple products, premium Appleaccessories, the latest consumer gadgets from leading globalbrands, catering to fashionistas to technology geeks. Around the house or at your desk, Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 gives you options depending on what you’re doing andThose looking for a unique audio experience can immerse where you’re doing it. When at the office, or even at the kitchenthemselves in an exclusive sonic preview at the on-site table, you get precise cursor control with the wireless laseraudio room showcasing the yet-to-be launched Geneva mouse and a more comfortable and organized setup thankssound systems for iPod and iPhone. Also available are the to the compact wireless keyboard and the pivoting riser that 14
  • 64. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneelevates your laptop to one of three angles. And, with the tinyUnifying receiver that stays in your computer, you need onlyone receiver for both the keyboard and mouse (and up tofour other Unifying compatible devices you might have). TheNotebook Kit MK605 lets you use your laptop, your way.Usual price: S$159Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 Alienware M17x - Power through the most hardcore games and intense applications with the latest Intel® Core i7 processor - Graphics card with 1GB AMD HD 6870 (GDDR5) for ultra- fast frame rates - Powerfully unique design with anodized aluminum case designThe Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 is a clip-on, laptop-powered, USB stereo speaker that’s as portable as your laptop IT SHOW price: TBA—with better sound.Key features: Dell Inspiron N4110 • Clip and go - It clips securely to most laptops and - New Intel i7 processor (pre-order) netbooks, so you can easily use it anywhere you use your - 14-inch wide HD Screen computer. - Intel HD Graphics to deliver superior graphic experience • A sound upgrade - Your built-in speakers just can’t compete with the stereo sound from this lightweight, IT SHOW price: TBA portable speaker. • Ready to play - No need for software or a power supply— a single USB connection delivers power and pure, digital sound instantly.Usual price: S$59IT Show 2011 Promotions: DellSource: 8th, 2011 Dell ST2320L 23-inch Wide Full HD Monitor with LED - Stunning 1920x1080 Full High Definition, mega contrast ratio at up to 8,000,000:1 and fast response time of 5ms typicalIf you are looking for a high performance gaming laptop, - VGA, DVI-D (HDCP) and HDMI connectivityAlienware is one name that comes to mind. Dell will be atthe IT SHOW which begins this Thursday, and do check out - LCD panels are fitted with LED backlights to meet the latestthe various promotions for the desktop and notebook PCs, as ENERGY 5.0 compliance standardswell as high definition monitors. The Dell booth is located on Usual Price - S$239level 4, 8139 and 8230. IT SHOW price: N.A 15
  • 65. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 2011, you might want to pay Nortons booth a visit to see how their products might be able to help you ensure that your PC remains protected at all times. Norton has its own booth at Level 6, Hall 602, Booth no. 6251, although you may like to know that its products can be found at other participants booths as well, namely Cybermind (6859), DA (8318) and Newstead (3008). New: Norton 360 V5.0 (to debut in IT Show 2011)Dell UltraSharp U2311H 23-inch Wide Monitor- Brilliant front of screen performance with In-plane switchingtechnology and full high definition- Remote monitoring and control- Height adjustable stand with tilt, swivel and pivot featuresUsual Price - S$338IT SHOW price: N.A Key features:IT SHOW 2011 Price Lists, • Groundbreaking new reputation service technologyFlyers, Brochures, Promotions provides unmatched real-time threat detection to guard against viruses, worms, spyware, bots, Trojans, rootkits,Roundup identity thieves, and other digital dangers. So users canSource: browse, buy, and bank online without worry.brochures-promotions-roundup/11502.html • Automated set-it-and-forget-it backup with web accessMarch 8th, 2011 lets users quickly and easily retrieve and restore digital photos, music, financial documents, and other important files in case of loss or damage • Norton 360 automatically tunes up users’ PC to help keep it running well. Plus it helps users keep their PCs Check out the latest IT SHOW 2011 Price performing at its best by providing easy-to-understandList, Flyers, Brochures, Promotions including brands like information about applications that may be impactingAcer, AC Ryan, ASUS, Blackberry, Brother, Canon, Cisco performance.Linksys, D-Link, Epson, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lenovo,Lexmark, LG, Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, *Pricing TBAPhilips, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital. IT Show 2011 Promotions:IT Show 2011 Promotions: AcerNorton Source: acer/11498.htmlnorton/11505.html March 8th, 2011March 8th, 2011 Taiwanese computer maker Acer will be at the ITWindows may be the worlds most popular and easy-to-use SHOW with promotions on netbooks, notebook and desktopoperating system, but it tends to suffer from a fair bit of PCs. Check out the good deals at Acers booth on Level 4,security vulnerabilities, as its huge market share makes it 8105 and 8458.a prime target for malware authors. Therefore, it is goodcomputing practise to secure ones PC against online threats,and if that is what you are looking for in this years IT SHOW 16
  • 66. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Featuring an attractive mesh-patterned exterior, the Aspire 4743G-484G64Mn uses Intel Core i5-480M processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (1024MB DDR3 VRAM), 4GB DDR3 memory and 640GB hard disk. Usual Price - S$1,598 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 4750G-2634G64MnThe Acer Aspire 4750G-2634G64Mn is equipped withthe latest second-generation Intel Core i7-2630QM quadcore processor with Turbo Boost technology and NvidiaGeForce GT540M (1024MB DDR3 VRAM) with Optimusswitchable graphics technology to deliver superb performancein multimedia and multitasking. Acer Aspire one HappyUsual Price - S$1,898 Comes in Candy Pink, Hawaii Blue, Lime Green and LavenderIT Show Price - TBA Purple, the Acer Aspire one Happy claims to be the mobile Internet companion. The Aspire one Happy is powered by the latest dual-core Intel Atom N570 processor, 1GB memory, 250GB hard disk and is preloaded with Windows 7 Starter and Android. Usual Price - S$899 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 5820TG-484G50MnPowered by Intel Corei5-460M processor, the Aspire5820TG-484G50Mn features ATI HD 5650 graphics (with1024MB DDR3 VRAM) and a huge 500GB for all yourmultimedia and work. It also features 16:9 LED high definitionwidescreen display and up to 8 hours of battery life.Usual Price - S$1,698 Acer Aspire M3910 (i65MR41)IT Show Price - TBA Packed with an Intel Core i5 processor and ATI graphics solution, the Aspire M3910 claims to meet your daily and multimedia needs. It also comes with a huge hard disk and embedded high definition 7.1-channel audio performance. Usual Price - S$1,199 IT Show Price - TBAAcer Aspire 4743G-484G64Mn 17
  • 67. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone March 8th, 2011 Simply charge your purchases to your CIMB Credit Card and be rewarded with up to 1%# cash rebate. Plus, stand to win fantastic prizes from our Sure-Win Lucky DipAcer Aspire Z5761 (i25MR41TV)The Acer Aspire AZ5761 All-in-one sports a sleek andsophisticated body and comes with the latest secondgeneration Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia Geforce 2GBdedicated graphic card that is capable to run the mostdemanding task. It also has a 23-inch touch display that letsyour flick, zoom and rotate, and interacts via Acer TouchPortal.Usual Price - S$2,499IT Show Price - TBA IT Show 2011 Promotions: Philips Source: philips/11503.html March 8th, 2011 An IT-related exhibition does not have to be all aboutAcer Aspire Predator G5910 (i26MR615T) computer accessories and peripherals: just as important areThe new Acer Predator G5910 has a matte-finish body and consumer electronics which are designed to complement onesangles in the front that makes it stand out among other gaming lifestyle. And if it is lifestyle-related products you are lookingmachines. It is using the latest second generation 2.2GHz Intel for, Philips has got some devices at hand for the bargainCore i7 processor, 1.5GB dedicated graphics card that promise hunters. Philipss booth is situated at Level 6, Hall 602, Boothsuperior performance and entertainment experience. It also No. 6535.includes the latest USB3.0 feature for faster transfer speed. Philips Headband Headphones SHL5800Usual Price - S$2,399IT Show Price - TBACheck out IT SHOW 2011 price listIT SHOW 2011 - CIMB CreditCard 1% Cash Rebate andSure-Win Lucky DipSource: Key features: 18
  • 68. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Enhanced noise isolating cushions for pure music • Ultra soft memory foam cushions and steel spring headband for a comfortable and flexible fit • 40 mm speaker drivers to give you crystal clear sound and deep bass • Stylish and attractive design and colourUsual price: S$169Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones SHN5600Key features: • Sophisticated electronics like active noise cancelling to eliminate unwanted noise by 85% • Super soft memory cushions and easy to adjust headband IT SHOW 2011 - DBS/POSB for long, comfortable hours of listening Credit & Debit Card Sure-Win • ‘Talk mode’ to conveniently filter sound into your ears through the microphones on the side of the headphones Lucky Dip and Promotions Source: • Adapter for in-flight entertainment system connection card-sure-win-lucky-dip-and-promotions/11501.html March 8th, 2011Usual price: S$129IT Show 2011 Promotions:PROLINKSource: 8th, 2011Prolink will be taking part in this years IT SHOW, and ithas unveiled a wide range of network and mobile connectivitysolutions for the always-connected worker. So what canbargain hunters expect from Prolink this year? Read on to findout. Prolinks booth can be found at Level 6, Hall 601, Boothno. 6831 (Fidas booth). *Prices TBA 19
  • 69. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone thereby allowing for enough space to install particularly big and powerful CPU coolers of up to 18 cm height. An entirely tool-less design for the hard drive trays makes installation and removal of 3.5" HDDs and 2.5" SSDs a childs play Top docking station for hot-swap On top of the Chaser MK-1 Thermaltake has implemented a convenient hot-swap docking station for 2.5" SSDs or 3.5" HDDs. This docking station allows for disk exchange on-the- fly, so now users are ready to easily and swiftly access data storage drives right from the top of the case without the need to open the side panel. Advanced Cable Management Users can properly separate cables and channel them throughThermaltake Introduces the grooves strategically placed on the back of the case. NotChaser MK-1 Enclosure only does a properly cable managed computer perform better through improved airflow and ventilation, but also makes theSource: system organized for future upgrades.enclosure/11500.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 Water-Cooling Ready Design With the popularity of performance water-cooling solution for PCs, a true gaming chassis of course has to over this upgrade bath as well. Should the user wish to integrate 120mm orLeading DIY thermal solutions brand Thermaltake is even 240mm water-cooling, the top fan can be easily removedshowcasing the stylish Chaser MK-1, its latest mid-tower and the water-cooling radiator can be quickly installed. Liquidenclosure, at Cebit. Its touted as the worlds first XB (extra cooling hose holes in the back also warrant for the installationbig) ATX mid tower and boasts several convenient features, of external liquid cooling systems.namely support for large CPU coolers up to 180mm in height,tool-less installation of 3.5"/ 2.5" HDDs/ SSDs, top mount hot-swap docking station for one 3.5"/ 2.5" HDD/ SSD, three fans Optimized Airflow and Convenient Dust filters(x2 200mm Colorshift and x1 140mm), and numerous eSATA, Powerful gaming rigs are equipped with demandingUSB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors at the top. Pricing and availability components that require proper cooling where optimizedhas not been announced yet so stay tuned for more updates. ventilation is of utmost importance. Being the industry-THERMALTAKE PRESS RELEASE leading brand in PC thermal management, Thermaltake incorporated two 200mm fans into the Chaser MK-1. AnAt the second day of the worlds largest IT and computer trade additional 140mm TurboFan is also embedded into the backshow CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany, Thermaltake debuts of the case. Each of the 200mm fans can be controlled viatheir latest mid-tower gaming chassis, the Chaser MK-1. At the ColorShift control on the top of chassis. ColorShift enablesthis worlds first debut the Chaser MK-1 shows off a design user to take full control over the color LEDs on each fans tolanguage that is clearly inspired by modern games. Strong match the gaming or working environment. Fan speed controllines and all black coating inside and outside in combination acts as a turbo boost control which users may increase the fanwith blue elements lend it its very dynamic and powerful speed to properly exhaust heat build-up during gaming sessionlooks. The pulsing logo on top only add even further to the or to lower the fan speed while working or simply browsing theoverall mighty appearance. Being the very first XB (extra web.big) ATX mid tower chassis, the Chaser MK-1 is extra wide, 20
  • 70. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMultimedia connectivity at its bestIn addition to these features, the Chaser MK-1 hasimplemented every premium feature a PC enthusiast orhardcore gamer would want. High-speed data transfer can beachieved with two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on top as wellas an eSATA port and two additional USB 2.0 right on thetop of the case. HD audio for headsets and microphone areeasily accessed by the top connectors. Each intake fan comeswith dedicated filter system and can be easily removed forcleaning without having to open the system. Furthermore theChaser MK-1s feet elevate the chassis some centimeters fromthe ground, so airflow from the bottom right to the top. EASYSHIFT[+] GETS ITS KEYBOARD DEBUTRoccat Unleashes IskuIlluminated Gaming Keyboard Patented EasyShift[+] technology that doubles the number of key functions now features for the first time on a keyboard.Source: The ROCCAT Isku - Illuminated Gaming Keyboard featuresgaming-keyboard/11497.html 3 EasyShift[+] Zones (M1-M5, 20 EasyZone keys, T1-T3).March 8th, 2011 EasyShift[+] and the three thumbster keys offer a total of 36 macro functions all perfectly positioned in and around the WASD zone, making them very easy to reach. By default, the Caps Lock key which is of no interest to any gamer is configured as the EasyShift[+] key, but macro keys M1-M5 and thumbster keys T1-T3 can also be used. The 36 easy-to-Roccat, manufacturer of numerous gaming peripherals and reach macro keys offer a total of up to 180 directly executableaccessories, has announced the Isku, a gaming keyboard functions which can be saved in 5 profiles. Thanks to advancedaimed at pro-gamers. The stylish USB keyboard features 123 anti-ghosting, multiple keys can be depressed simultaneously.medium-height, standard-layout keys, 6 levels of brightness, In addition, the 1000Hz polling rate ensures an ultra-fasta 1000Hz polling rate, various multimedia and gaming keys, keyboard response without any lag.ROCCAT Talk, anti-ghosting, and EasyShift[+] technology.Boasting more than 180 functions via 36 macro keys (in5 profiles), it offers more than enough functionalities toplease most gamers. The ROCCAT Isku - Illuminated Gaming ROCCAT TALK - SET BONUSKeyboard is expected to hit store shelves in April at a MSRPof €79.99.ROCCAT Studios proudly presents the ROCCAT Isku - Brand new ROCCAT Talk technology allows the mouse andIlluminated Gaming Keyboard featuring brand new ROCCAT keyboard to talk to each other for the first time ever. The newTalk technology which will get its first global showing at CeBIT ROCCAT Talk protocol is already included in the ROCCATtoday. The ROCCAT Isku - Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is Kone[+] and ROCCAT Isku and allows, among other features,the result of intensive research and extensive design studies one single EasyShift[+] key or button to be configured for thecentered around meeting gamers needs in particular. The mouse and keyboard. EasyShift[+] functions on the mouse canresult is a keyboard equipped with extensive macro functions be executed by pressing the keyboards EasyShift[+] key - andplus, as a special set bonus, its also the first keyboard vice-versa. When the EasyShift[+] is activated on the mousein the world to feature the latest technologies: ROCCAT via the keyboard, the mouse gives visual feedback as usual byTalk and EasyShift[+]. The ROCCAT Talk protocol allows lighting up.mouse and keyboard to talk to each other for the firsttime ever, opening up a host of unprecedented options forgamers. The 123 medium-height, standard-layout keys offeran optimum keystroke response and perfect pressure point. After installing the ROCCAT Talk driver the configurationWith 6 brightness levels, gamers can hit the right key even in options appear in the existing device driver. The gamer canthe dark. decide whether to set one single key/button or two different keys/buttons to activate EasyShift[+] on the keyboard and mouse. The devices communicate lag-free for rapid in-game responses. 21
  • 71. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBrand new ROCCAT Talk technology allows even more micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards, the PC-A04 is one ofeffective use to be made of functions on the Kone[+] and only a handful of cases Im aware of that can do these high-endall other ROCCAT Talk products. For the first time ever, the boards justice.gamer can easily execute critical functions such as EasyAim by Description: You love games and will play them in bestpressing a key on the keyboard. Its even possible to set the resolution and the highest setting? Maybe the Geforce GTXEasyShift[+] key/button to remain active until pressed again 570 SLI is the right choice for you.(toggle on/off). Consumer Electronics and Software News: Description: The iPad 2, unveiled on Wednesday, offers several sleek improvements over its predecessor. But its mostENHANCED MACRO LIVE! RECORDING attractive feature is perhaps the same one its predecessor had: the price tag.The integrated Macro Live! Recording button makes in-game Description: A federal magistrate is granting Sony the right tomacro recording straightforward. After pressing the Macro acquire the internet IP addresses of anybody who has visitedLive! Recording button, the new Sound Feedback feature PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz’s website from January ofguides the gamer through the macro recording process. Up to 2009 to the present.500 actions per macro can be quickly and easily programmed Description: lackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. saidto one of the 36 macro keys. Its even possible to edit recorded Friday its chief marketing officer has decided to leave themacros at any time using the Macro Manager. company—just weeks ahead of one of its most significant product rollouts in years. Description: Apples sexy Macbook Air may have accounted for more than a quarter of Mac sales in the last three months ofThe ROCCAT Isku - Illuminated Gaming Keyboard will be 2010, but that number still lags sales of Apples iPad.available from Q2 2011 for the MSRP of €79.99. Description: Microsofts Bing search engine will soon incorporate data from flight aggregator, meaningThe Daily VR-Zone News when users search for flight information they will receiveSummary - 07 Mar 2011 pricing data directly within the results page.Source: Gaming News:mar-2011/11494.html Description: Nintendo is rumoured to be announcing detailsMarch 8th, 2011 of a forthcoming Wii 2 console at E3 in Los Angeles this coming June. A mere week after 2011s Games Developers Conference in San Francisco, and the pre-E3 Nintendo rumour have already started to percolate across the internet. Description: Reckoning is an open-world single-player action RPG from Big Huge Games and Curt Schillings 38 Studios. ItsIn todays news roundup: Review of the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe set in the fantasy realm of Amalur at a time when magic is justMotherboard; Bitfenix Survivor Core Midi tower case review; beginning to emerge.Judge lets Sony unmask visitors to PS3-jailbreaking site; Morethan one million Apple MacBooks sold are the Thin Air, andRumour: Nintendo to announce Wii 2 in June . Kingston Shopping Festival atHardware News: IT SHOW 2011 Source: The ASUS P8P67 Deluxe is a feature loaded show-2011/11496.htmlmainboard supporting the latest Sandy Bridge processors. The March 8th, 2011ASUS P8P67 Deluxe motherboard uses a 16+2 phase DIGI+VRM design and fully supports Intel’s VRD12 specifications.Description: In early February, MSI took the Radeon HD 6870design and made it their own in the MSI R6870 Hawk with theTwin Frozr ! III thermal design and the worlds first look intopropeller blade cooling technology. Kingston Technology, the world leader in memory products,Description: Todays star is the Bitfenix Survivor Core case. today announced its participation in the coming IT SHOWAt first glance it might look a bit dull and simplistic, but the 2011, held from 10 March to 13 March and will tempt show-Survivor Core cases looks can deceive. On the inside is where goers with the latest IT gadgets at Suntec City in Singapore.the real fun is at ! In the mood for something different? Singapore - (March 7, 2011) - Kingston Technology, the worldDescription: Lian Lis PC-A04 is a real winner in the mATX leader in memory products, today announced its participationworld. With the ever growing availability of very competent 22
  • 72. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonein the coming IT SHOW 2011 and will tempt show-goers withthe latest IT gadgets at Suntec City in Singapore (Booth No. IT Show 2011 Promotions:#6466, Level 6)! BrotherFrom March 10th to March 13th, everyone will be able to take a Source: at the latest technologies at Kingstons booth, and be also brother/11492.htmlrewarded with premium items when one makes a purchase! Do March 8th, 2011check out Kingstons newly-launched products, including theHyperX Grey tailored for Intel P67 Sandy Bridge platforms,SSDNow solid-state drives V100 and V+100, speedy memorycards, and many others!For more detailed information, please visit: If you are looking for a new printer or multifunction printer, do check out Brothers booth at the IT SHOW 2011. The star products include the HL-2140 monochrome laser printer and MFC-6490CW A3 colour inkjet multi-function centre printer. Booth Number: Level 4 , 8305Draw Your Luck with Simple Purchase Brother Monochrome Laser Printer HL-2140Anyone who purchases Kingstons memory products at IT Compact and stylish monochrome laser printer, fast andShow 2011 will be entitled to join the lucky draw and stand a reliable black and white printoutschance to walk away with a digital camera! Prizes also include - Stylish and compact printer that fits easily into modernKingston laptop backpacks, and many more. All in all, there business environments with minimum space availablewill be over 2,500 prizes waiting to be won at Kingstons - Fast printing speed up to 22ppm (monochrome)redemption booth during the 4-day exhibition! - Professional quality prints with high print resolution ofBuy and Be Rewarded Full-handed 2400x600 dpiIn order to show Kingstons appreciation to its loyal consumers - Full-Speed USB 2.0 connectivityfor their full support, anyone who purchases HyperX orBranded memory modules during the 4-day event will get - 250-sheet input trayan exclusive HyperX LoVo show bag. Those who purchaseKingston SSDNow products will get a Kingston thermal mug. - Separate toner and drum – allows users to replace only theAnd if you purchase S$100 (or more) worth of products, you colour that has run outwill get a Kingston red-head penholder. IT Show price: TBAKingston memory cards and modules are backed by alife-time warranty and SSDNow products are backed bya three-year warranty. All Kingston products enjoy freetech support and Kingstons legendary reliability. For moredetailed information, please visit: Kingston Press ReleaseCheck out IT SHOW 2011 price list 23
  • 73. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Brother Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Centre PrinterBrother A3 Colour Inkjet Multi-Function Centre Printer MFC-7340MFC-6490CW - 5-in-1 Print, fax, copy, colour scan and PC Fax- 6-in-1 A3 Print//Copy/Scan/Fax/PC fax/Direct Print and - Rapid print speed of up to 20ppmwireless- Fast print speed of 35ppm (monochrome) and 28ppm - Professional print quality of 2400 x 600 dpi(colour) - Availability of high-yield toner for heavy users to achieve- High resolution of 1200x6000 dpi lower running costs- Specially formulated Innobella Ink and Photo Paper to - Separate toner and drum system to allow users to continueachieve ink droplets of just 1.5 picolitres using drum for a few toner cycles- Direct print ability from USB devices, besides various - Toner Save Mode for printing draft documents to reduceconnectivity options toner usage for non-critical printouts- Wide full colour 3.3” LCD screen to easily access copy and - Availability of Junk Fax Filter that eliminates the printing ofscan settings, and even preview faxes or edit your photos junk faxeswithout the use of a PC - Automatic Document Feeder of up to 35 sheets enables- Automatic Document Feeder up to 50 sheets convenient scanning of large amounts of documents- Wireless and wired networking options - Advanced colour scanning through Scan-to-file, Scan-to-E- mail, Scan-to-OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Scan-- 4 separate high-yield ink cartridges to-image IT Show price: TBA- High capacity dual paper trays for flexible and efficient paperhandling- A copy enhancement feature lets you eliminate shadows, adda watermark, and even adjust skewed documents- Colour optimisation True2life accurately optimises colourprints with the original colours captured- A Secure Function Lock feature allows administrators torestrict user access for greater security and controlIT Show price: TBA Brother Colour LED Multi-Function-Centre Printer MFC-9320CW - 6-in-1 Print/Scan/Copy/Fax/PC Fax/Internet Fax - Unique single pass print technology allows colour printing and copying just as fast as black-and-white - Built-in Wireless Interface 24
  • 74. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone- Print resolutions of up to 2,400 x 600 dpi for consistent and Samsung announces Galaxyhigh quality results S II and Galaxy Tab alongside- Easy-to-use and time-saving advanced scanning options new consumer electronicdistribute and store electronic documents with the use of one-touch buttons devices at Samsung Forum 2011- Secure Function Lock for print, fax, copy and scan Source: and-galaxy-tab-alongside-new-consumer-electronic-devices-at-samsung-- Availability of Direct Print – printing directly from USB Flash forum-2011/11486.htmldrive or digital camera with PictBridge March 8th, 2011IT Show price: TBA Think that the digital world we live in has no more surprises to offer the average consumer? Well, you might want to think again, especially if Samsung has got anything to say about it. In a regional forum held by Samsung at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre today, the Korean electronics giant unveiled its latest wave of consumer electronics products that are designed to offer consumers what it calls a smart lifestyle. Oh, and somewhere among that list of new products are the highly-anticipated Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy TabBrother Colour Inkjet Multi-Function-Centre Printer MFC- 10.1 tablet. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.J415W- 6-in-1 print/copy/scan/fax/PC fax/Direct Photo Print withwireless and wired network capabilities- capable of printing directly from or sending scanned imagesand documents to Apple gadgets with the free BrotheriPrint&Scan application- delivers professional quality documents with a minimum 1.5picolitre droplet size, 1,200 x 6,000dpi print resolution, and afast print speed of up to 35ppm for monochrome and 28ppmfor colour- Direct Print feature allowing printing directly using flashmemory drives and media cards, without the use of a PC Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how big the ecosystem for Samsung-branded consumer electronics devices is? Well, here- Automatic Document Feeder up to 15 sheets is a clue: you can probably outfit your entire digital lifestyle with nothing but Samsung products, and proceed on with yourIT Show price: TBA life as per usual. Yes, that is just how large and extensive the Samsung ecosystem actually is.Check out IT SHOW 2011 price list Of course, merely having a wide range of consumer electronic products for the average consumer to choose from is no longer enough in todays highly-connected era. Instead, Samsung believes that the way to move forward in this day and age is to go beyond products and start offering consumers tightly integrated services. To do so, the Korean electronics giant has announced its new range of products for 2011 in a regional forum held at Marina Bay Sands, which claim to offer consumers the ability to enjoy a Smarter Life. Speaking at the forums opening address was Regional Director of Trade Marketing, Stanley Goh, who explained Samsungs aims and goals for the Smarter Life principle. 25
  • 75. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone more apps and more quality than anyone else on the TV market," he added. Up next was Steven Jacobs, Marketing Manager of Samsung Electronics Australia, who described how smart digital cameras such as the new Samsung SH100 has become a social networking tool due to technological advancements."The path Samsung will take is that of the Smarter Life, and ithas three pillars: smart design, smart experiences and smartconnections," he explained."Smart design is about creating the utility and the tools forproducts to allow them to do more. Smart experiences refers tothe wide variety of applications, games and programing acorssall devices. Lastly, smart connection is about making Samsung "The SH100 is our fourth-generation wireless camera.devices truly easy to connect with each other and creating new In addition to it featuring support for real-time uploadsvalues for the products themselves," he added. to Facebook and Youtube, the SH100 embodies smartThis was backed up by Robert Vu, Director of AV Business connections by being the first camera that can be remotelyfor Samsung Vietnam, who spoke about how Samsungs new controlled by the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Many on-line of home entertainment devices such as the new, near- camera features for the SH100 can be accessed throughborderless D7000 and D8000 television sets and Blu-ray the Galaxy S, such as shutter release. In addition, simplyhome-theatre systems play an integral part in realizing the pressing two buttons on the camera allows SH100 users tocompanys Smarter Life principle. automatically back up their shots to a PC without even turning the device on," he explained. Launch of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 However, it is also clear that no other device short of smartphones and tablet PCs best embody the spirit of a smarter lifestyle, especially when the aforementioned devices have been touted to have the potential to chip away at the importance of netbooks for mobile computing. And Samsung definitely did not disappoint when it announced the launch of both its Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC."The television set will not only continue to be the centraltechnology of our lives; it will become even more dominant inthe years to come. In this new era of Smart TV, the greatestmisconception of it is that people see Smart TVs as TVsembedded with PC functions, This is a myth: Samsungs smartTVs are stil, abvove all, TVs, but a TV does not become asmart TV just because it allows you to access the internet," heexplained. Addressing the forums participants for the launch ofTo back his point, he cited how Samsungs smart TVs delivers Samsungs mobile products was Tyler McGee, Vice Presidentmore than just a PC experience on a large screen. of Telecommunications for Samsung Electronics Australia, who shared some of Samsungs plans for the mobile segment"Samsung s Smart TV offers more content, more convenience in 2011.and more excitement than an ordinary TV. We created SmartHub, a feature that gives you access to all of your informationsources in an innovative and personalized way. Applicationsare also specially designed for Samsungs smart Tv will remainthe most important factor for the success of smart TV.Samsung Apps, the worlds first HDTV-based app store, offers 26
  • 76. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Lastly, in a classic example of saving the best for the last, McGee announced the introduction of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, an Android (Honeycomb)-based tablet which features a dual-core processor for providing consumers with high-performance mobile computing. The spotlight was then passed over to Eka Anwar, Head of Mobile Marketing Division for Samsung Electronics Indonesia, who proceeded to demonstrate some of the new features found in both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1."We believe that the demand for smartphones and tablets willcontinue to grow steadily in 2011. So with 2010 behind us,Samsung believes that 2011 will be the year of the smart mobiledevice," he said, while explaining what Samsung believesconstitutes such a device."We define smart mobile device as a mobile device thatcan fulfill consumer needs and aspirations while enrichingthe mobile experience. Samsungs vision is to broaden thehorizons of ones mobile life through smart mobile devices andthe whole ecosystem around it, from the system infrastructureto services and content. More importantly, getting smarterwill become more easier than ever before. Consumers will benot only enriching their lives, but it will be easy enough foreveryone to enjoy it," he explained.McGee then proceeded to describe some of the new featuresfound in the companys new Galaxy S II smartphone, suchas the new user interface which is said to be entirelycustomizable, as well as the addition of four Samsung Hubsfor easy access to content (the last hub is known as the SocialHub). Western Digital to acquire Hitachi GST for $4.3 billion Source: for-4.3-billion/11493.html March 8th, 2011 Western Digital and Hitachi, Ltd. announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement whereby WD will acquire Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $4.3 billion. The proposed combination will result in a customer-focused storage company, with significant operating scale, strong global talent and the industrys broadest product lineup backed by a rich technology portfolio. Western Digital Press Release 27
  • 77. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone the ongoing satisfaction of our customers and to bring this combination to successful fruition." "This brings together two industry leaders with consistent track records of strong execution and industry outperformance," said Steve Milligan, president and chief executive officer, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.Combination of Hard Drive Companies Will Create "Together we can provide customers worldwide with theIndustrys Broadest Product Portfolio and a Significant Pool industrys most compelling and diverse set of products andof Resources for Innovation services, from innovative personal storage to solid state drives for the enterprise." Hiroaki Nakanishi, president, Hitachi, Ltd. said, "As theIRVINE, Calif. and SAN JOSE, Calif. - Mar. 7, 2011 - former CEO of Hitachi GST, I always believed in the potentialWestern Digital (NYSE: WDC) and Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: of Hitachi GST to become a larger and more agile company.HIT / TSE:6501) announced today that they have entered This is a strategic combination of two industry leaders, bothinto a definitive agreement whereby WD will acquire growing and profitable. It provides an opportunity for theHitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST), a new company to increase customer and shareholder value andwholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., in a cash and expand into new markets. Additionally, it is important to usstock transaction valued at approximately $4.3 billion. The that WD shares common values with Hitachi GST to createproposed combination will result in a customer-focused a more global company that is well positioned to define astorage company, with significant operating scale, strong broader role in the evolving storage industry."global talent and the industrys broadest product lineupbacked by a rich technology portfolio. WDs exclusive financial adviser on the transaction is Bank of America Merrill Lynch; its lead legal adviser is OMelveny & Under the terms of the agreement, WD will acquire Myers LLP. Goldman, Sachs & Co serves as financial adviserHitachi GST for $3.5 billion in cash and 25 million WD to Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi GST. Legal advisers to Hitachi,common shares valued at $750 million, based on a WD Ltd. and Hitachi GST are Morrison Foerster LLP and Skadden,closing stock price of $30.01 as of March 4, 2011. Hitachi, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates, respectively.Ltd. will own approximately ten percent of Western Digitalshares outstanding after issuance of the shares and tworepresentatives of Hitachi will be added to the WD board ofdirectors at closing. The transaction has been approved by theboard of directors of each company and is expected to close Galaxy working on Nvidia cardduring the third calendar quarter of 2011, subject to customary with six display outputsclosing conditions, including regulatory approvals. WD plans Source: fund the transaction with a combination of existing cash and six-display-outputs/11491.htmltotal debt of approximately $2.5 billion. March 8th, 2011 WD expects the transaction to be immediatelyaccretive to its earnings per share on a non-GAAP basis,excluding acquisition-related expenses, restructuring chargesand amortization of intangibles. If youre looking for a different Nvidia card, then maybe Galaxy The resulting company will retain the Western Digital name will have what youre after, at least if you need to be able toand remain headquartered in Irvine, California. John Coyne connect six displays to one card. Its something of a responsewill remain chief executive officer of WD, Tim Leyden chief to AMDs Eyefinity 6 cards, although its no clear as to how itoperating officer and Wolfgang Nickl chief financial officer. works on six displays, as Nvidia generally only allows for twoSteve Milligan, president and chief executive officer of Hitachi screens per card.GST, will join WD at closing as president, reporting to JohnCoyne. "The acquisition of Hitachi GST is a unique opportunity If youre looking for a different Nvidia card, then maybe Galaxyfor WD to create further value for our customers, stockholders, will have what youre after, at least if you need to be able toemployees, suppliers and the communities in which we connect six displays to one card. Its something of a responseoperate," said John Coyne, president and chief executive to AMDs Eyefinity 6 cards, although its no clear as to how itofficer of WD. "We believe this step will result in several works on six displays, as Nvidia generally only allows for twokey benefits: enhanced R&D capabilities, innovation and screens per card.expansion of a rich product portfolio, comprehensive market The main PCB of the card is the same as the one the companycoverage and scale that will enhance our cost structure and uses for its GeForce GTX 460 WHDI card and features a smallability to compete in a dynamic marketplace. The skills and daughterboard which is connected to another small card whichcontributions of both workforces were key considerations in in turn is attached to a mini PCI Express slot on the mainassessing this compelling opportunity. We will be relying on PCB. The card itself houses a dual-link DVI port and a full-sizethe proven integration capabilities of both companies to assure 28
  • 78. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDisplayPort connector, while the daughterboard sports four have been leaked on the Web so far - two Cayman XTmini HDMI connectors. GPUs, 830MHz core clock and 1250MHz memory clock. iPhone 5 features Aluminium Backing? Source: backing-/11487.html March 8th, 2011Its an interesting approach to a problem that doesnt reallyexist, although if youre set on an Nvidia card and need to usemore than two ports at once, you dont have too many options. With Apples announcement of the much-anticipated iPad 2,This is apparently not the final version of the card though, as all the rumours now starts to focus on the next big thing fromits not likely to ship with a GTX 460, especially not as Nvidia the Cupertino giant. It seems that Apple might be giving up onhas moved on to the 500 series of GPUs and if anything, its glass and head back to an aluminium case, which was featuredmore likely to come with a GTX 560 Ti or something similar. in the original iPhone.One problem is that a custom solution like this isnt going tobe cheap either and Galaxys WHDI card is a very expensivesolution, although this shouldnt be anywhere nearly asexpensive as it doesnt have a transmitter or receiver. Thatsaid, there might be some potential niche markets for a cardlike this, especially as it uses four mini HDMI ports whichmakes it easy to connect to many different display typeswithout any special cabling, not counting the fact that you needa mini HDMI to HDMI cable or adapter.ASUS Radeon HD 6990 up forpre-orderSource: According to a source based in Taiwan, Apple might beMarch 8th, 2011 heading back to using aluminium as their material of choice instead of glass. The reason(s)? It seems that Apple has got quite some complains with the weight, cracking and scratching, as well as the white paint issue with glass. By shifting back to aluminium, you can expect a stronger and more durable iPhone.AMDs monster graphics card, the dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 The report also outlines that the antenna will be redesignedhas not been launched yet. However, a Dutch website has and positioned just behind the Apple logo, away from edgesalready started a pre-order for ASUS version of the HD 6990. and corners. Perhaps through this way, chances of getting signal lost due to the infamous "death-grip" would decrease. This also means that the exposed antenna design in iPhone 4 will be abandoned. Last bit, the report also suggest that Apple will be ultising the same dual-core A5 processor recently unveiled in the companys iPad 2, which is somewhat expected. True or not, Apple should announce details of their new iPhone 5 in the upcoming World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June or July this year.More specifically, the model of the ASUS card isEAH6990/3DI4S/4GD5. The card is based on the referencedesign and its specifications are in line with those that 29
  • 79. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePatriot Debuts 128Gb USB 3.0 • Patriot Supersonic Series MagnumSupersonic Magnum Flash • Eight-Channel technologyDriveSource: • Blazing-fast performancesupersonic-magnum-flash-drive/11482.htmlMarch 8th, 2011 • 64GB and 128GB capacities • Sequential read speed: Up to 200MB/s • Sequential write speed: Up to 110MB/sPatriot Memory has introduced the Supersonic Magnum, About Patriot Memorya compact aluminum flash drive with a USB 3.0 chipsetfeaturing eight memory channels. Delivering sequentialspeeds up to 200Mb/s (read) and 110Mb/s (write), the shock- Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets highresistant drive is available in 64Gb and 128Gb capacities. The performance, enthusiast memory modules, flash products,Patriot Supersonic Magnum is expected to start shipping come and computing technologies worldwide. Patriot productsearly April. have become world renown for their extreme performance,PATRIOT PRESS RELEASE reliability and innovation. Patriot Memory sells its products through original equipment manufacturers, retailers, e-tailersFREMONT, CALIF., USA - March 1, 2011 - Patriot Memory, and distributors. It has operations in North America, Asiaa global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, and Europe. Patriot Memory LLC was founded in 1985 and isstorage and enthusiast computer products, today unleashes headquartered in Fremont, California, USA.the Supersonic Magnum -- a 128GB USB 3.0 SuperSpeed flashdrive that combines lightning-fast performance with massivestorage capacities. Canon announces Canon Imaging Academy; new cameras, camcorders and digital SLRsThe Patriot Supersonic Magnum combines a single-chip native Source: 3.0 controller with eight-channels of memory to deliver academy-new-cameras-camcorders-and-digital-slrs/11479.htmlsequential read and write speeds up to 200MB/s and 110MB/s March 8th, 2011respectively - beyond the performance capabilities of internalhard drives."We continually try to raise the performance bar when itcomes to our flash drives. With our new eight-channel memorycontroller, we are able to reach read and write performance Canon has announced the opening of the Canon Imaginglevels previously impossible with external storage," says Les Academy, a new training facility to educate users inHenry, Patriot Memorys Vice President of Engineering. photography and videography. In addition, the manufacturer has also launches new products including IXUS and PowerShot digital cameras, LEGRIA camcorders and EOS 600D and 1100D digital SLR cameras.A lightweight and durable aluminium enclosure enables the The Canon Imaging Academy (CIA) is the companys newPatriot Supersonic Magnum to survive up to 15Gs of shock for training facility to engage, enrich and educate users and thesafe transportation of your data with added style. community who are passionate in photography videography and other aspects of imaging. The CIA has planned over 70 photography courses, 20 local outings, 10 overseas trips and free product training to engage 15,000 shutterbugs this year.Expect the Patriot Supersonic Magnum to ship in Q22011 in64GB and 128GB capacities.General details: 30
  • 80. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The Canon LEGRIA camcorders will be availabie from 10 March 2011. IT SHOW 2011 Contest / VR- Zone Giveaway #5 - Asus U36JC Ultraportable Notebook Source: giveaway-5--asus-u36jc-ultraportable-notebook/11484.html March 8th, 2011Canon has also unveiled the new IXUS and Powershotdigital cameras - Digital IXUS 115 HS, Digital IXUS 220 HS,Digital IXUS 310 HS, PowerShot A1200, PowerShot A2200, Follow 4 easy steps and stand a chance to win differentPowerShot A3200 IS, PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot prizes every week. This week..we are giving away: 1 x AsusSX230 HS. U36JC Ultraportable Notebook Check out http://launch.vr- and find out how you can win these prizesPricing:-Canon IXUS 310 HS - TBACanon IXUS 220 HS - S$399Canon IXUS 115 HS - TBACanon PowerShot SX 230 HS - TBACanon PowerShot A3300 IS - S$299Canon PowerShot A3200 IS - S$249Canon PowerShot A2200 - S$199Canon PowerShot A1200 - S$169The Canon IXUS 310 HS, PowerShot SX230 HS will beavailable at end of March; the other IXUS and PowerShot Biostar shows off its mini-ITXcameras will be available this month. H61 board at CeBIT Source: board-at-cebit/11483.html March 8th, 2011 Back in the glory days of SFF systems, Biostar offered some of the best, if not the best SFF barebones, beating even Shuttle at their own game. However, since then Biostar hasn’t really focused on small motherboard for consumers, although theOn top of that, the company has also launched the LEGRIA company has an extensive line of mini-ITX industrial PCcamcorders - LEGRIA FS406, LEGRIA FS46, LEGRIA HF boards. However, that looks set to change, as the company wasG10, LEGRIA HF M400, LEGRIA HF M41, LEGRIA HF showing off a brand new H61 chipset mini-ITX board at CeBITR26, LEGRIA HF R28, LEGRIA HF S30; the XA10 portable that even has a unique feature we haven’t seen before.professional camcorder, PIXMA iX6560 printer as well asEF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II, EF500mm f/4L IS II USM ,EF600mm f/4L IS II USM lenses. Back in the glory days of SFF systems, Biostar offered some ofPricing:- the best, if not the best SFF barebones, beating even Shuttle at their own game. However, since then Biostar hasn’t reallyCanon LEGRIA FS46 - S$599 focused on small motherboard for consumers, although theCanon LEGRIA FS406 - S$499 company has an extensive line of mini-ITX industrial PCCanon LEGRIA HF R26 - S$849 boards. However, that looks set to change, as the company wasCanon LEGRIA HF M400 - S$1,149 showing off a brand new H61 chipset mini-ITX board at CeBITCanon LEGRIA HF M41 - S$1,449 that even has a unique feature we haven’t seen before. As with pretty much every other mini-ITX H61 board we’ve seen to date, Biostar has fitted four SATA 3Gbps ports, a x16 31
  • 81. March 8th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePCI Express slot and two DIMMs, but the TH61 ITX as theboard is called also features an internal header for two USB3.0 ports (via an ASMedia controller) which is a first on thistype of board. Key features: • 4-corner user interface for easy one-handed usage • Timescape function that shows all your social communication in one place for ultimate simplicityAround the back we have a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, two • Preloaded Android apps that will enhance yourUSB 3.0 ports, a D-sub, DVI and HDMI port and of course 7.1- communication and entertainment experience with yourchannel audio with optical S/PDIF out. However, unlike every smartphoneother motherboard we’ve ever seen, Biostar has fitted a tinyUSB Wi-Fi dongle to the board, much in the same way as some Usual price: $398companies have Bluetooth dongles. It supports 802.11b/g/nalthough it’ll most likely be limited to transfer speeds of up to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10150Mbit due to its tiny size which makes it difficult to fit a pairof antennas need for 300Mbit speeds.Biostar might not be the most prominent motherboard brand,but we’d say that they have a potential winner on their handswith the TH61 ITX as long as it becomes readily available inthe market. Judging by the large amount of mini-ITX boardsthat were announced at CeBIT, it looks like 2011 will be a goodyear for everyone that’s looking at building an HTPC or anyother type of tiny PC.IT Show 2011 Promotions:Sony Ericsson Usual price: S$638Source: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Miniericsson/11480.htmlMarch 8th, 2011Can you imagine life in todays highly connected world withouta mobile phone? For most of us, the answer is a resoundingno, and that is probably the reason why we often find ourselvescompelled to upgrade our phones: to keep up with the timesand take advantage of any advantages brought about by newwireless telecommunication technologies. Lets take a look at Usual price: S$368what Sony Ericsson has got to offer bargain hunters in needfor a new cell phone at this years IT SHOW. Sony Ericssonsbooth will be located at Level 6, Hall 601, Booth no. 6361. Check out IT SHOW 2011 price listSony Ericsson Xperia X8 32
  • 82. March 10th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! computer case. Designed in collaboration with BMW, the Level VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication 10s unique design, with separate compartments hung from covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. the side of a central "spine", was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. But so was its price, at $800.00. The high price kept it out of retail stores and also kept sales low. TheThe Daily VR-Zone News Level 10 GT attempts to incorporate some of the features andSummary - 10 Mar 2011 style of the original Level 10 at a lower price thats still at the high end of the mainstream case market. Benchmark ReviewsSource: takes a look at this latest salvo in the "case wars."mar-2011/11556.htmlMarch 10th, 2011 Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews Description: Noctuas NH-C14 is a huge cooler, both in physical size and performance. The build quality is excellent and the mounting solutions are very robust and easily installed. I particularly like the fan clip design and implementation. With two included fans, a feature richIn todays news roundup: Advances made to MRAM accessory package including LNA and ULNA fan speedtechnology might see it rivaling performance of DRAM reducers, a screwdriver and an enameled metal case badge, theand SRAM soon; Sparkles Calibre X580 graphics card gets NH-C14 would seem to be a dream product for the enthusiast/reviewed; Microsofts Patch Tuesday does little to secure overclockers among us.Internet Explorer from a known security hole; HP drops abombshell on Microsoft by announcing its plans to preload AMD Radeon HD 6990 Review: Sumptuous Dual-GPU Powerits desktop PCs with Palms webOS; A new patch to Catherine Description: The high-end Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 alsounlocks access to a Super Easy mode, and Sony seems to have arrived late last year, while the dual-GPU version of AMDs lastscored a victory against hackers by issuing a new firmware that generation graphics series code-named Antilles was expectedis reportedly capable of blocking the master key hack to arrive shortly after. Coincidentally (or not) both AMD and Nvidia took a few months longer than expected to show itsHardware News: hardcore dual-GPU graphics cards, with the former makingMRAM chip connection manages high speed data storage the first move to finally unveil the Radeon HD 6990.Description: Scientists have managed to significantly speed ASUS EAH6870 1GB Radeon HD6870 Thermal Imageup the data transfer of Magnetic Random Access Memories Analysis @, meaning that the spintronics based memory could Description: The PCB behind the Radeon HD6870s GPU didsoon rival DRAM and SRAM. get to over 72C, and it washed over a large area of the cardAntec Kuhler H2O 620 Liquid CPU Cooler Review @Hi Tech with temperatures exceeding 60C. These numbers themselvesLegion arent of much concern, but it does imply that the actual GPUDescription: The Antec Kuhler H2O 620 CPU Cooler is one is even higher. An aftermarket cooler may not be necessary,of the newest offerings in self contained liquid CPU cooling but it should lower those readings by a fair amount.with zero maintenance. The technologies of the Antec Kuhler Fractal Design Define XL Computer Case @ TweakPC.deH2O 620 would have been available only in the highest priced (German)enthusiast coolers a short time ago, but Antec is now delivering Description: (Machine translation) Fractal Design is wellthem in an affordable, easy to install and maintain unit. The known for midi-tower computer cases. The Define XL is theKuhler H2O 620 offers all of the benefits of liquid cooling, first big-tower. We took a look.including lowered CPU and component temperatures withoutthe complications typically associated with liquid cooling. Sparkle Calibre X580 Video Card Review @ Madshrimps Description: The Calibre X580 graphics card offers impressiveThermaltake Level 10 GT Modular Case @ Benchmark performance in most games and synthetic benchmarks, comesReviews with a beefy but very efficient (and silent enough) air coolingDescription: Thermaltake set the computer case world on solution from Arctic Cooling and if that wasnt enough, itits ear in 2009, when it introduced the amazing Level 10 1
  • 83. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneis overclocked from the factory (810MHz GPU/ 2016MHz 40,000: Dawn of War II -- Retribution. This time around, yourmemory)! units are more survivable, the odds are fairer, and those gnarly bosses go down just a bit easierConsumer Electronics and Software News: Catherine patch makes game easierVideo: Hands-On With An Engineering Prototype 64GB Description: According to Atlus official Catherine homepageiPhone (translated by Siliconera), the PlayStation 3 patch is live andDescription: The backstory isn’t exactly detailed, but somehow will make gamers lives easier with a new difficulty mode calledM.I.C. Gadget got their hands on what seems to be an Super Easy mode.unreleased 64GB iPhone. All they’re stating is that the phoneis not for sale and it was “definitely leaked from Foxconn’s Report: Firmware 3.60 Re-secures PS3factory in Shenzhen.” True? We don’t know, but it at least Description: The PS3s latest firmware does more than bringseems like the real deal. cloud saves to Sonys console, if reports are to be believed; it also re-secures the PS3 against the hacks that have blighted itMicrosoft Patch Tuesday leaves Internet Explorer vulnerable in recent months.Description: The firm’s Patch Tuesday neglected to include thepatch for Exploit-CVE2011-0096, meaning that users will beforced to wait until next month to acquire full protection. Kingston introduces HyperXPlanars SA2311W 23" 3D monitor now shipping for $600Description: The SA2311W is a 23" 3D (active-shutter) T1 Black triple-channelmonitor that features 120hz refresh rate, Full-HD, 2ms memory kitsresponse time and VGA/dual-link-DVI/HDMI inputs. If you Source: 3D, youll need to get Nvidias 3D Vision system. triple-channel-memory-kits/11558.htmliDisplay for Android @ TestFreaks March 10th, 2011Description: I love having more than one monitor, once you trymore than one you can never really go back. Monitors thoughcan be expensive and you have to think do you really need orhave the space for another monitor on your desk? What aboutusing what you already have readily available, something likeyour phone... Kingston has announced the HyperX T1 Black triple-channelFirefox 4 Moves Out of Beta, New Downloads Available Now memory kits, which are designed to meet the performanceDescription: The last beta version, Firefox 4 Beta 10, was requirements of the new Intel Core i7-990X Processorreleased just six weeks ago. Current Firefox 4 beta users will Extreme Edition and Intel X58 Express-based automatically upgraded to the RC version of the browser, Furthermore, the black heatsinks complements black-themedand RC users will be automatically updated to the final release motherboards, such as the ASUS Rampage III and GIGABYTEof Firefox 4 when it is available. G1-Killer series. The HyperX T1 Black will be available in kits (of three or six modules) up to 24GB.Apple Opening Temporary iPad 2 Store to Handle SXSWDemandDescription: South by Southwest (SXSW) starts on FridayMarch 11, and the iPad 2 goes on sale on the same day. Applehas two stores in Austin, where SXSW is held, but when you’rehosting thousands of gadget-hungry geeks, two stores is notenough. That’s why Apple is opening a temporary store (viaThe Statesman) that will exist for only two weeks, beginningMarch 11.HPs shot across Microsofts bow: webOS to ship on all HP PCsDescription: HP CEO Leo Apotheker has said that next year, allPCs sold by Hewlett-Packard will include webOS, the mobileoperating system acquired by HP when it bought Palm lastyear. The operating system will ship alongside, not instead of,Microsofts Windows. Hsinchu, Taiwan - Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, todayGaming News: announced the release of HyperX T1 Black DDR3 triple-Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II -- Retribution Review channel memory kits. The new memory kits are designed toDescription: Even the biggest fans of the original Warhammer meet the performance requirements of the new Intel Core40,000: Dawn of War II will admit it: The game was too i7-990X Processor Extreme Edition and Intel X58 Express-hard. Bosses were unforgiving to the point of frustration, and based motherboards, and are available in kits of three or sixthe punishment for dying or missing an objective reminded modules and in capacities up to of the auto-da-fe. Thankfully, the designers at Relic "Our new HyperX T1 Black triple-channel kits give enthusiastsEntertainment have heard the pleas of all us sinners, and have the opportunity to combine performance and to style into theirloosened up their latest standalone expansion, Warhammer 2
  • 84. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePC build," said Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC brings a number of improvements to the iOS experience,Region, Kingston. "These high-capacity kits are ideal for the most notably, Safari speed performance, personal hotspot forX58 products on the market, especially the new GIGABYTE iPhone 4 and customizing the iPads side switch to serve asG1-Killer gaming motherboards." either a mute or screen orientation lock toggle."GIGABYTE is excited about the launch of Kingstons new This update contains new features and improvements,Black T1 HyperX memory as it comes so soon after the including the following:GIGABYTE G1-Killer gaming motherboard announcement,"commented Tim Handley, Deputy Director of Motherboard * Personal HotspotMarketing at GIGABYTE. "With their similar color schemesand target market, we are looking forward to seeing PC gamers - Share iPhone 4 cellular data with up to 5 devicespair their new Black T1 memory with GIGABYTE G1-Killer (combination of up to 3 Wi-Fi, 3 Bluetooth, and 1 USB)gaming motherboards."Kingston is shipping three HyperX T1 Black 1600MHz DDR3 * iTunes Home Sharingtriple channel kits in 24GB, 12GB and 6GB configurations.HyperX T1 Black is available through Kingstons channel of - Play music, movies, and TV shows from a sharedauthorized distributors, resellers, and retailers. iTunes library on a Mac or PC (requires iTunes 10.2)Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty andfree technical support. * New AirPlay features - Play videos from the Photos app including the Camera Roll album, iTunes previews, enabled third- party apps and websites on Apple TV - Play slideshows from Photos on Apple TV using transitions available on Apple TVSource: Kingston Press Release * Faster Safari performance with Apple Nitro JavaScript engineApple releases iOS 4.3 updateSource: * HD video out using the Apple Digital AV AdapterMarch 10th, 2011 - View 720p HD videos from Videos app, iPod app, Photos, YouTube, Safari, Keynote, and enabled third- party apps on an HDMI display * Ping featuresApple today has push their iOS 4.3 for all users runningon later iOS device hardwares. First mentioned last week at - Push notifications for comments and follow requestsApples iPad special media event, you can now update your iOSdevice to iOS 4.3 through iTunes. - Post and Like songs directly from the Now Playing screen - Parental controls * New Settings - Messages setting for number of times to repeat an alert - iPad side switch setting to lock screen rotation or mute audio notifications and sound effectsApple has just released iOS 4.3 to the public, just a days aheadof the originally scheduled Friday launch. This new release 3
  • 85. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone * Single tap conference call dialing with a pause to It’s also possible to upload media from external storage devices send a passcode to Picasa and Flickr and the Web Surf Station also features DLNA support for media streaming. It’s also supplied with a remote control for easy navigation with a slide-out keyboard * Bug fixes that makes it easy to access webpages. It’s currently on sale in Europe for €299 (S$525) which isn’t exactly cheap for a 24-You can get your copy of iOS 4.3 through iTunes now. inch display, but it might be a suitable solution for someone that only needs basic internet access rather than a full-on computer, or in lieu of buying a second computer for mediaAcer announces its Web Surf playback and web access.Station smart display Lenovo and Intel launch theSource: Classmate+ PCMarch 10th, 2011 Source: classmate-pc/11554.html March 10th, 2011Want a computer screen that’s more than just a screen? Thenmaybe the Acer DX241H is what you’ve been waiting for, asbeyond being a 24-inch full HD 1920x1080 resolution display Intel has been moving from partner to partner with its variouswith D-sub and HDMI input, it can do a lot more. Acer calls iterations of the Classmate PC and now the company haveit the Web Surf Station and it’s pretty much a smart display, signed up Lenovo as its partner for the latest model, thesomething that there has been a lot of talk about in the past, Classmate+ PC. Its still a very basic machine without a lotbut something that’s hasn’t really materialised, until now. of bells and whistles, but as its intended as an educational computer for schools, this isnt exactly expected.Want a computer screen that’s more than just a screen? Thenmaybe the Acer DX241H is what you’ve been waiting for, as Intel has been moving from partner to partner with its variousbeyond being a 24-inch full HD 1920x1080 resolution display iterations of the Classmate PC and now the company havewith D-sub and HDMI input, it can do a lot more. Acer calls signed up Lenovo as its partner for the latest model, theit the Web Surf Station and it’s pretty much a smart display, Classmate+ PC. Its still a very basic machine without a lotsomething that there has been a lot of talk about in the past, of bells and whistles, but as its intended as an educationalbut something that’s hasn’t really materialised, until now. computer for schools, this isnt exactly expected.Although Acer hasn’t revealed what hardware is inside the At least Lenovo has managed to come up with a more attractiveWeb Surf Station, it’s running Acer’s proprietary design for the Classmate+ PC than seen in the previoussoftware which allows playback of various multimedia formats generations, if somewhat industrial in terms of looks. The(no specifics were given). It will play back media from memory carry handle is still firmly in place at the back of the Classmatecards, USB storage devices and even the web. A lot of details + PC and its of course still powered by one of Intels Atomhave been left out of the press release, but apparently the processors, in this case a single core 1.6GHz Atom N455 whichWeb Surf Station features both wired and wireless network is paired with Intels NM10 chipset.connectivity and it has a built in web browser based onGoogle’s Chrome browser. It will also come with up to 2GB of RAM, a standard netbook style 10.1-inch LCD screen, an option of either an 8 or 16GB 4
  • 86. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSSD or a 160 or 250GB hard drive. Other features include802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 10/100Mbit Ethernet, a 1.3Megapixelwebcam, three USB 2.0 ports, a memory card reader, a D-subconnector and a pair of audio jacks.Lenovo will supply three different battery packs for theClassmate+ PC, a standard 3-cell unit which is said to deliver3-3.5h battery life depending on whether its configured witha hard drive or SSD, a 4400mAh 6-cell pack good for between7-7.5h and finally a 5200mAh high density 6-cell battery packgood for up to 8.5-9h of usage. The Classmate+ PC will onlybe available to qualified education and government customersthrough Lenovo or its channel partners.IT SHOW 2011 - BabesSource: 10th, 2011A picture speaks a thousand words therefore in this article, wewill let the pictures do the talking. Get ready...the show babesof IT Show 2011. lovely<3 <3 5
  • 87. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe lovely show babes from Casio booth Sony is hot and sexyTrend Micro babes are pretty too ! 6
  • 88. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonei like her smile ^_^ her friend joins in <3 7
  • 89. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonelovely babe from A.C. Ryan ^^ The M1 booth can be located on level 2 Ballroom Foyer.Did you manage to capture any booth babes in IT Show 2011on your camera ? Share with us your photos and we will beadding it to our booth babe article along with ours.Credits will be given, based on your forum nickname.IT SHOW 2011 CoverageSource: 10th, 2011IT Show 2011 Singapore is upon us, and needless to say thereare going to be lots of IT-related offers awaiting the bargainhunters who have waited months for this day. As usual, VR-Zone headed down to the exhibition grounds at Suntec CityExhibition and Convention Centre to bring you the coverageof the event. *STILL BEING UPDATED!* M1 also started to offer Internet TV services. With the 1box, users can stream media, surf, shop and socialize all at the comfort of their couch. 8
  • 90. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone M1 is bundling thier mobile broadband plans with AndroidThe 1box available for rent from M1 with a minimum of 6 tablets.months subscription. M1 Broadband Offers Fiber 25Mbps 50Mbps100Mbps 150Mbps200Mbps 1Gbps Broadband Monthly $39 $49 $59 $79 $99 $399 Subscriptions Upload 25Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps 75Mbps100Mbps 500Mbps Speeds Up To 9
  • 91. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Home 5Mbps 8Mbps 10Mbps 15Mbps 30Mbps100Mbps Broadband Monthly $25.20 $36.40 $40.60 $42.90 $53.90 $76.70Subscriptions Upload 512kbps 1Mbps 1Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps 10Mbps Speeds Up To Mobile 1Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps 7.2Mbps 21Mbps Broadband Monthly $13.45 $23.23 $30.82 $41.58 $59.40Subscription USB has achieved widespread adoption worldwide as an Data Unlimited interface standard for connecting peripheral devices such as Bundle mouses and external hard disks to PCs and other digital electronic products. In recent years, the increasing data size of video content and emergence of recording media with larger capacities have boosted demand for high-speed interfaces. As Renesas Electronics Debuts a result, USB 3.0, which boosts tenfold the earlier transfer speed of 480 megabits per second (Mbps), has appeared. New USB 3.0 Controllers Source: USB 3.0 has been widely adopted into an increasing number usb-3.0-controllers/11551.html of PCs and peripheral devices such as external hard disks and March 10th, 2011 USB flash memory drives. With the recent emergence of solid state drive (SSD) products offering faster read and write access than conventional hard disks and chipsets supporting the PCI Express Generation 2 high-speed internal bus for PCs, the groundwork is in place to enable the high-speed performance potential of USB 3.0 to be used to its fullest. Against this Renesas Electronics (formerly NEC Electronics), the worlds background, there is strong market demand for host controller largest manufacturers of semiconductor systems for mobile products offering faster effective data transfer speeds with phones and automotive applications, has unveiled the peripheral devices, reduced standby power consumption for µPD720201 and µPD720202 - two new USB 3.0 xHCI host better battery life in mobile devices such as tablet PCs and controllers for PCs and electronic devices. They are Renesass netbooks, and compact package size to enable the use of third generation USB 3.0 controllers and are expected to smaller printed wiring boards. deliver faster speed (40 percent faster than existing host controller products) and consumes less power (better power efficiency). Renesas Electronics µPD720201 (four ports) and The new host controllers add a new four-port product to µPD720202 (two ports) are available now at a cost of US$20 the Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 product lineup and deliver and US$10 respectively. even faster transfer speeds, better power efficiency, and more compact size than the companys previous versions of USB 3.0 RENESAS ELECTRONICS PRESS RELEASE host controllers. Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the Key features of the new µPD720201 and µPD720202 USB 3.0 availability of its two new SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus host controllers: (USB 3.0) xHCI host controllers (part number, µPD720201 and µPD720202) for electronic devices such as PCs and digital TVs that feature faster effective data transfer speeds and (1) Industry-leading high data transfer speed reduced power consumption in low power mode. Improvements to the data transfer processing circuit provide an increase in the effective data write speed of more than The µPD720201 and µPD720202 devices make it easier for 40 percent from Renesas Electronics existing host controller system designers to build electronic devices combining high- products for peripheral devices such as USB 3.0 hard disks. speed data transfer, compact size, and extended battery life. This, combined with excellent read performance, results in an In addition, Renesas Electronics device drivers for Microsoft industry-leading high data transfer speed. Windows with a proven track record, and device drivers with Linux support, are available for the µPD720201 and µPD720202 host controllers at no cost. (2) Industry-leading low power consumption 10
  • 92. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone NEC Electronics) launched the µPD720100 device, the worldsIn addition to a technology implemented on existing products first USB 2.0-compliant host controller chip and an extensivethat reduces power consumption when the peripheral device lineup of other USB devices, and has earned a reputation foris in the unconnected state, circuit improvements have been delivering dedicated customer service and high quality.made to effectively suppress current leakage when in low-power mode. This has reduced power consumption in low-power mode to 4.5 milliwatt (mW), a reduction of 90 percent In May 2009, Renesas Electronics (then NEC Electronics)compared with Renesas Electronics existing products. This introduced the industrys first USB 3.0 xHCI host controllerresults in power consumption among the lowest in the and, only after four months of its release, the company becameindustry, reduced standby power usage in laptop PCs and the worlds first to earn the "Certified SuperSpeed USB (USBother mobile devices, and extended battery life. 3.0)" certification from the USB-IF, and also started mass production of the µPD720200 host controller. In the following year, the company released its second USB 3.0 xHCI host(3) Compact QFN package and firmware download function controller (µPD720200A) and passed the compliance andfor smaller mounting area certification testing in only two months.The µPD720201 and the µPD720202 devices are equippedin an 8 millimeter (mm) square Quad Flat Non Lead (QFN) Renesas Electronics is the worlds largest producer of USBpackage and a 7 mm square QFN package, respectively, which 3.0 host controllers and provides complete USB 3.0 solutions,are reductions in package size of approximately 50 percent which include device drivers for Windows XP, Vista andfrom Renesas Electronics existing products. Windows 7. Renesas Electronics also licenses both host and device-side USB 3.0 IP and offers USB host and device side building blocks within its custom ASIC libraries for companiesIn addition, the companys existing host controllers use wishing to design and market their own USB 3.0 integratedfirmware stored in external serial flash ROM. The µPD720201 circuits.and µPD720202 devices now have a function that makesuse of improvements to the PCI Express interface to allowdownloading of firmware from the system software, such as Availabilitythe basic input/output system (BIOS). The ability to download Samples of Renesas Electronics µPD720201 with fourthe firmware from the system software eliminates the need downstream ports and µPD720202 with two downstreamfor external serial flash ROM. This reduces the number of ports are available now, priced at $20 and $10, respectively.components required for incorporating a USB 3.0 function Mass production is scheduled to begin in September 2011 withand enables a smaller mounting area. a combined production volume of 2,000,000 units per month. (Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.“In addition to contributing to faster data transferprocessing in PCs and digital consumer electronics, Renesas IT SHOW 2011 Price Lists,Electronics µPD720201 and µPD720202 host controllershelp extend battery life by dramatically reducing the power Flyers, Brochures, Promotionsconsumption,”said Yukihiko Matsuda, Associate General RoundupManager, Industry & Network Business Division, Renesas Source: Corporation. “As a core member of the USB-IF, we brochures-promotions-roundup/11502.htmlwill continue to provide robust lineups of USB 3.0 products to March 10th, 2011accelerate the adoption of USB 3.0 in compact mobile devices.”Refer to the separate sheet for the specifications of theµPD720201 and µPD720202.USB 3.0 host controllers. Check out the latest IT SHOW 2011 Price List, Flyers, Brochures, Promotions including brands like Acer, AC Ryan, ASUS, Blackberry, Brother, Canon, CiscoRenesas Electronics will exhibit and demonstrate the Linksys, D-Link, Epson, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lenovo,µPD720201 and µPD720202 devices at the SuperSpeed USB Lexmark, LG, Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic,Developers Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on March Philips, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital.9 and 10, 2011. Zalman Launches CNPS11XLeadership in USBAs a member of the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) since Extreme CPU Cooler1996, Renesas Electronics (formerly NEC Electronics) has Source: a leading role both in defining USB standards and in cpu-cooler/11550.htmldeveloping USB technology. In April 2000, the company (then 11
  • 93. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 10th, 2011Korean cooling specialist Zalman has announced its latesthigh-end CPU cooler, the CNPS11X Extreme. Measuring 132x 80 x 154mm and weighing 600g, the nickel plated coolersports two V-shaped heatsinks, five composite pipes, and isequipped with a 120mm Blue LED PWM fan that operates at1000 ~ 1950 RPM. The CNPS11X Extreme, compatible withmost Intel & AMD processors, is bundled with a tube of ZM-STG2M thermal compound and is expected to start shippingcome end April.ZALMAN PRESS RELEASEA new CPU Cooler lineup has just been released to bringup the Zalman to the next stage. Unlike its predecessors,CNPS11X Extreme comes with the unique V-shape heatsinkfrom any other manufacturers. With a highly optimizedthermal designed heatsink will be certainly outperformingthan any other heatsink in the market. On top, with its stylish Black pearl plating with Blue LED will add more visuals for the Case modders. In addition, by Zalman’s unique Composite Heatpipe Solution, CNPS11X 12
  • 94. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneExtreme will have more than enough to cool any hottest CPUsin the market as well. (Up to 350W TDP). Included ZM-STG2will also boost up to the maximum cooling performance ofCNPS11X. Canon has set up a booth at the Galleria Foyer this year. Canons huge redemption booth is still at the ground floor asKey Features usual, at the lobby of the Convention Centre. • Powerful Cooling performance (Qmax 350W) • V-Shaped Dual Heatsink Design for Optimal Airflow • Composite Heatpipe (Heat Transfer Capacity Rate Enhanced by 1.5times compared to ordinary Heatpipes) • High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2 • Compatible with Various Intel & AMD Sockets. • Ultra Quiet 120mm Blue LED PWM Fan • Elegant, Black-Pearl Nickel PlatingAvailability End of AprilIT SHOW 2011: The PreviewSource: 10th, 2011 Moving up to the second floor, M1 has again taken the space outside the ballrooms. Theres even a corner on the left dedicated to the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN).Held from 10th to 13th March 2011, IT SHOW 2011 Singaporeis the largest IT, digital, mobile and consumer electronicsexhibition here in Singapore. This year, there will be more than830 exhibitors over a combined exhibition space of 350,000square feet. Join as we give you a sneak peek ofwhat you can find at the show. Take a look!Held from 10th to 13th of March 2011, IT SHOW 2011is the largest IT, digital, mobile and consumer electronicsexhibition here in Singapore. This year, there will be more than830 exhibitors over a combined exhibition space of 350,000square feet. Join as we present a preview of theshow grounds! M1 has shifted its counters into one of the ballrooms, possibly to ease the human congestion along the walkway. The number 13
  • 95. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneof counters may be an indication of how large (M1 expects) the Starhubs counters are found inside meeting rooms.crowd can get! Just beside Starhub is EpiCentre. The company also hasIn the neighboring ballroom, we see SingTel getting all cosy in booths at Level 2.there. Nubox is over at the concourse.All three telcos have been at the same spots for the past we-dont-know-how-may shows. On Level 3, we have Starhub atthe foyer. The guys setting up seem to be a little behind timethough... Sony has taken up the rest of the available space at the concourse. Cameras are located at the right corner... 14
  • 96. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Challenger to match IT SHOW 2011 pricings Source: pricings/11540.html March 10th, 2011Followed by their laptops in the middle... IT SHOW 2011 - SingTel Broadband, Smartphones, and mioTV Source: smartphones-and-miotv/11538.html March 10th, 2011PlayStation demos!And a whole range of LCD TVs on the left side. 15
  • 97. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Description: Google recently launched a new version ofIT SHOW 2011 - M1 Broadband Chrome that includes a new password sync feature, syncedand Phone and Prepaid Offers data encryption, an improved settings interface, and promisesSource: 66 percent faster JavaScript Description: HP is getting serious about WebOS integrationMarch 10th, 2011 with plans to have the formerly mobile operating system extend to all of its PCs starting next year. Description: AMD has taken the wraps off its newest high- end graphics solution, the AMD HD 6990. The new 6990 is a monster of a card—its basically a small system all in itself,The Daily VR-Zone News which you can cram inside your PC..Summary - 09 Mar 2011 Description: The current generation of gaming consoles seems to be enjoying a longer life cycle than usual, with peripheralsSource: like Microsofts Kinect and Sonys Move effectively delayingmar-2011/11535.html the launch of next-gen systems by at least a few years.March 10th, 2011 Description: While it sounds miniscule next to Apples App Store and its more than 350,000 apps, the Windows Phone Marketplace now offers 9,000 apps and games and is growing by an average of 100 apps a day. Gaming newsIn todays news roundup: Reviews of ASUS ENGTS450DirectCU OC video card ; AMD Fusion vs Intel Atom: Clash of Description: The original Shift was an intriguing andthe Integrations ; AMD launches a dual-GPU, 350W monster captivating mix of typical Need For Speed excess andcard; HP planning to put WebOS on every PC it ships in 20 convincing handling model – a worrying juxtaposition onand12; Microsoft job postings hint at Xbox 360 successor; the paper that mostly worked in practice – but the sequel (which,passion of Shift 2 unleashed . youll note, has lost its Need for Speed tag) aims at sharpening its focus onto recreating the authentic racing experience.Hardware News: Description: Coming less than a year-and-a-half after itsDescription: The ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU OC video card predecessor -- and in the wake of widespread acclaim overcomes armed with a overclocked GPU running at 850MHz and Biowares Mass Effect 2 -- Dragon Age 2 comes with theslightly overclocked memory frequency of 950MHz (3.8GHz baggage of expectation and apprehension that seems requisiteeffective). It looks good, it does the job, but you wont be able for all major developers, especially one that has become asto turn on all the fancy settings of your favorite game while prolific as the Canada-based juggernaut.playing at a high resolution.Description: The Noctua NH-C14 might win the title ofNoctua’s best performing cooler, but it wasn’t meant to. Acer readying touch friendlyWhat it does offer is the ability to get high-end air-coolinginto smaller cases, while not sacrificing on clearance of remote for clear-fi Source: components or noise. for-clear-fi/11536.htmlDescription: It’s the factual state of affairs that integration March 10th, 2011is our imminent future, reinforced every day throughannouncements and presentation of various new technologies.The lack of upgrade options is something that we seem tobe willing to renounce in order to get complete and efficientsolutions. Intel’s latest CPU series has reduced overclocking toa lower level, thus announcing the direction that new products It might not look like much, but Acers upcoming RMTP-S1Qand technologies are about to take. remote is a step in the right direction as far as were concernedDescription: Zotacs Geforce GTX 570 does prove that is when it comes to basic navigation of a home theatre PC. Ita direct competitor with any reference based HD 6970 at can be used as both a touch pad and a basic remote control,this given time. Through benchmarking and testing, both although its not as fancy as the model Acer offers which alsovideocards won and lost during certain benchmarks.. doubles up as a touch sensitive keyboard.Description: Intel really kicked the SSD world in high gearwhen they released their X-25 series of drives last year. Their It might not look like much, but Acers upcoming RMTP-S1Qperformance was the benchmark that all other drives were remote is a step in the right direction as far as were concernedmeasured against for quite some time. when it comes to basic navigation of a home theatre PC. ItConsumer Electronics and Software news: can be used as both a touch pad and a basic remote control, 16
  • 98. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonealthough its not as fancy as the model Acer offers which also Creative will showcase their latest ZiiO 7-inch and 10-inchdoubles up as a touch sensitive keyboard. Android tablets at this weeks IT Show, among its range of Pure Wireless Entertainment, SoundBlaster and Live!Details of the new remote leaked via the FCC and its made by cam products. The Creative booth will be located on Level 6,a Hong Kong company called Syuin Connector. It has a built in Hall 601, and the booth number is 6298 .rechargeable battery and operates over a 2.4GHz RF link andit looks like the receiver will be built into whatever device thatthe RMTP-S1Q will be paired up with. It has a usable rangeof about 8-10 meters and it also sports a G-sensor which willauto detect which way youre holding the remote so the mousecursor will always move the correct way around. Creative ZiiO 10-inch Pure Wireless Entertainment tablet The Creative ZiiO 10-inch Pure Wireless Entertainment tablet is a sleek Android-based device that claims to deliver the best wireless audio performance to its users. With the Pure Android Audio application, it can stream audio to speakers orIts compatible with Windows 7 and Acers new clear-fi headphones with Bluetooth and apt-X center software which was announced earlier this Usual Price: S$429 (8GB)year at CES. In basic mode, the RMTP-S1Q is a touch pad, IT Show 2011 Price - S$399 (Limited to 50 sets)although it features a backlight which might be handy in darkenvironments, such as a home theatre room. It doesnt haveany physical clickable buttons though, so youll have to livewith tapping the pad instead. However, it does feature multi-touch for scrolling which should make it a bit easier to navigatearound Windows with it.Press the mode button and a selection of icons will light upwhich includes a menu key, a switch key, previous and nexttrack, play/pause, stop, volume up/down and quick accessbuttons for video and music playback. These all work as youdexpect, although judging by the fact its been designed forAcers clear-fi software, its unlike that it can be used withother applications. The switch key enables switching betweenvarious modes beyond audio and video playback, such asimage gallery and what not. Hopefully this will be a standard Creative ZiiO 7-inch Pure Wireless Entertainment tabletfeature on a lot of systems from Acer, as it looks like a neat little The new Creative ZiiO 7-inch Pure Wireless Entertainmentsolution that we wouldnt mind getting thrown in as a bundled tablet is extremely compact, portable and lightweight. Like theextra. ZiiO 10-inch tablet, it also features the Pure Android Audio application to offer audio-enhancing options including X-Fi,IT Show 2011 Promotions: apt-X and Bluetooth connectivity. Usual Price - S$359 (8GB); S$389 (16GB)Creative IT Show 2011 Price - S$339 (8GB) (Limited to 50 sets) ; 16GBSource: Model comes with free leather case worth S$49 (limited to 50creative/11532.html sets)March 10th, 2011 17
  • 99. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCreative ZiiSound T6 2.1 wireless speaker system Creative WP-300 headphonesThe ZiiSound T6 2.1 wireless speaker system offers qualitywireless audio playback, fast and easy connections, and works The Creative WP-300 apt-X enabled wireless headphoneswith all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices like notebooks, are designed for audiophiles who enjoy high quality musicnetbooks, the iPhone, iPad, PCs, Macs and tablet computers. from their favourite Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. TheThrough the USB connection, this three-piece speaker system lightweight headphones come with a foldable frame and ultra-is capable of delivering “full-bandwidth” audio from 5.1 digital comfortable ear cushions even after hours of usage.soundtracks. Usual Price - S$149 IT Show 2011 Price - S$99 (Limited to 50 sets)Usual Price - S$569IT Show 2011 Promotion – Free Creative T12 Wireless worth Logitech announces Z906 5.1-S$129 (Limited to 50 sets) channel speakers Source: speakers/11533.html March 10th, 2011 If youve been on the hunt for a complete 5.1-channel speaker set that doesnt take up too much space or cost a small fortune, then you generally have a choice of Creative Labs or Logitech and the latter company has announced its latest addition in the shape of the Z906 speakers. This time around Logitech has focused the set to fit better in the living room rather than being a solution for PC audio, despite the old Z-5500s finding theirCreative ZEN Touch 2 way into many living rooms.The Creative ZEN Touch 2 is a pocket-sized wirelessentertainment device that lets users enjoy Pure Wireless Audio If youve been on the hunt for a complete 5.1-channel speakerstreamed to their Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Users set that doesnt take up too much space or cost a small fortune,can also access the Internet at the touch of an onscreen icon. then you generally have a choice of Creative Labs or Logitech and the latter company has announced its latest addition in the shape of the Z906 speakers. This time around Logitech hasUsual Price - S$279 (8GB, without GPS); S$319 (16GB, focused the set to fit better in the living room rather than beingwithout GPS) and S$299 (8GB, with GPS) a solution for PC audio, despite the old Z-5500s finding theirIT Show 2011 Price - S$249 (8GB, without GPS) (Limited to 50 way into many living rooms.sets); 16GB model without GPS comes with free adaptor worth The design is completely revamped and were looking at aS$29 (Limited to 50 sets) much more AV friendly control unit this time around, as its horizontal rather than vertical as was the case with the Z-5500s. Gone is the fancy LCD display, but in its place Logitech has added a range of easy to read orange LEDs which clearly indicates whats going on. You still get a remote control, but even that has been simplified and only features a power button, an input selector, a mute button and a four way navigation pad that also doubles up as volume controls and level and effect controls. 18
  • 100. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone BitFenix Unveils Shinobi Gaming Chassis Source: chassis/11527.html March 10th, 2011The inputs have also changed and rather than the controlunit having the inputs, theyre now located at the rear of thesubwoofer. The Z-5500s featured three analogue inputs aswell as an optical and a coaxial S/PDIF input and althoughthe Z906s keeps the three analogue inputs and the coaxial S/PIDF, it scores a second optical S/PDIF input and two RCAconnectors for stereo audio input. Logitech has also moved New start up BitFenix has announced Shinobi, the latestaway from using RCA plugs for connecting the speakers to the addition to its series of gamercentric PC enclosures. The allsubwoofer and has instead gone for traditional spring loaded black ATX chassis, encased in Bitfenixs "SofTouch™ Surface",clips and the same goes on the speakers. The good thing here features three too-less 5.25" optical bays/ eight 3.5" HDDis that if youre not satisfied with the supplied speaker cables, bays, support for up to seven 120mm fans, and a topside I/you can change them to whatever you want. O panel with four USB 2.0 ports and audio connectors. The Shinobi is compatible with all mini-ITX, micro ATX and ATX motherboards and will be available in March at a MSRP of €49/ US$59 (stock) and €59/ US$69 (window). BITFENIX PRESS RELEASEThe Z906 speakers are rated at the same 500W RMS poweras the Z-5500s, but the subwoofer has been down rated from187W to 165W while all of the satellite speakers are rated at67W whereas the Z-5500 satellites were rated at 61W withthe exception of the centre speaker which was rated at 69W. (BitFenix Design Lab, March 7, 2011) - Today, gamingAll of the satellite speakers are wall mountable, although it hardware maker BitFenix is pleased to announce the latestdoes appear as if Logitech supplies the actual mounts in the addition to its lineup of PC chassis designed for hardcorebox. The speakers are of course THX certified and the decoder gamers. Named Shinobi, this mid tower ATX chassis delivershandles Dolby Digital and DTS encoded audio and theres also impressive cooling, excellent expansion possibilities, and asupport for up mixing stereo sound to surround sound. bevy of DIY friendly features all wrapped up in a design that articulates the bold yet clean BitFenix design philosophy. "We wanted to create a no-nonsense gaming chassis that was not only functional, but also exuded the killer design concept that BitFenix is known for. I believe that with Shinobi, gamers will get to see what we mean first hand," says BitFenix ProductThe US MSRP of the Z906s is set at $399.99 which is about Manager David Jarlestedt.S$507, but wed expect the set to cost closer to S$600 whenit arrives in Singapore. Logitech expects to be shipping thespeakers this month in the US, although its unclear as to whentheyll be available in other parts of the world. 19
  • 101. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNamed after some of the most feared assassins of the But the spirit of a true warrior must extend beyond themodern age, Shinobi is designed to allow gamers to silently superficial. Shinobi also brings the tools gamers require toand efficiently dispatch their competition. Available in both remain a cut above their adversaries. Inside, Shinobi canwindow and non-window versions, Shinobi can blend into accommodate a wide variety of hardware - long graphics cardsvirtually any environment. Purists will appreciate the solid are not a problem, and up to three 5.25" optical drives orsteel side panel of Shinobi, while users who want to highlight eight 3.5" hard drives can be installed for maximum expansionthe hardware installed within will love the Shinobi Windows possibilities. With the included 5.25" drive bay adapter, usersuniquely-crafted side panel window. Enveloping the top and can also install a 2.5" SSD drive. To keep things cool whenfront covers is the signature BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface battle heats up, Shinobi can also be outfitted with a bevy of fansTreatment that lends a luxurious matte finish and soft feel - up to seven 120mm fans can be installed, and optionally twowhile resisting fingerprints and stains. of them can be upgraded to 140mm fans. Four high-speed USB 2.0 ports and audio jacks come standard, allowing gamers to effortlessly connect their gaming peripherals. No matter what the situation calls for, Shinobi rises to the occasion. To get the gamer into battle as quickly as possible, Shinobi is equipped with a slew of DIY friendly features. Its easy-to-use tool-free design makes drive installation a breeze, and a large cutout on the motherboard tray enables quicker changing of CPU coolers should the need arise. Finally, removable filtered fan intakes means quick cleanup, shortening the time it takes to charge back into the fray. Of course, Shinobi is also built with the same quality and attention to detail of all BitFenix gaming products. From the brushed gunmetal BitFenix logo, to the luxurious coated interior, Shinobi users can experience the BitFenix difference both inside and out. Shinobi Window users can also look forward to easy-to-use tool-free drive locking mechanisms to help speed their installation along. BitFenix Shinobi will be available on store shelves beginning March 2011 with an estimated MSRP of 49€ (incl. 19% VAT) and $59. BitFenix Shinobi Window will be available at the same time with an estimated MSRP of 59€ (incl. 19% VAT) and $69. For more information on Shinobi, please visit http:// 20
  • 102. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Motorola Atrix 4G hacked:About BitFenix no dock needed for Webtop experienceBitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans Source: both the technology and gaming industries. From the same needed-for-webtop-experience/11528.htmlminds behind some of technologys most venerable products, March 10th, 2011BitFenix creates hardware and peripherals that grant the userthe utmost control, strength, and performance to completetheir computing tasks. Combining a deep understanding ofgaming and other high-demand computing applications withsuperior engineering and design know-how, the BitFenixTeam is dedicated to creating the go-to computing products When Motorola launched the Atrix, one of its biggest sellingand peripherals for those who refuse to quit. For more points was the ability to connect the smartphone to theinformation, check out Webtop docking station and transform the device into an impromptu notebook, complete with its own custom WebtopReport: AMD E-Series refresh user interface. However, a recent hack seems to have removed the requirement of having such a docking station to enjoy thein Q3 2011 Webtop experience. Click on the link to find out more.Source: 10th, 2011AMD is reportedly planning to refresh the E-Series Zacate line-up in Q3 2011, according to Xbitlabs. A slight boost in clockspeed will be complemented by introduction of AMD TurboCore and DDR3-1333 to Zacate APUs and a second dual-coreAPU. The two new APUs will be branded E-450 and E-300.E-450 geatures a minor 50 MHz boost to 1.65 GHz, while anew HD 6320 integrated GPU is featured with a clock speedof upto 600 MHz. The E-450 APU will support DDR3-1333, The Atrix 4G may not be the newest smartphone on theup from the 1066 MHz of E-350. A new dual-core E-300 block, but it sure is the first smartphone to actually blurwill bridge the gap between single core E-240 and dual core the lines between a mobile telecommunications device and aE-350, with a clock speed of 1.30 GHz. It will feature the same portable computing machine. After all, no other smartphoneGPU component as the E-350 and E-240 - HD 6310 and will on the market features the capability to connect itself ontocontinue to support up to 1066 MHz. However, E-300 will a specialized docking station known as the Webtop andfeature Turbo Core unlike the current E-240 and E-350. Both miraculously transforming the device into an impromptuE-450 and E-300 will continue to be part of the FT1 platform, laptop, complete with customized user interface, keyboard andfabricated at 40nm Bulk, and feature a TDP of 18W. trackpad.In addition to the new E-300 and E-450, AMD is also planningto release a Llano E-series APU. Based on the dual-core Llanodesign, the AMD E2-3250 will feature 2 Llano CPU cores atan unknown clock speed. The GPU component of the APU willbe a Radeon HD 6370, featuring 160 SP - twice that of Zacate.E2-3250 will support 1600 MHz DDR3. While the TDP at thisinitial stage is listed at 65W, it will certainly be lower at release- otherwise it will be a regular A-series APU. The E2-3250 isexpected to offer much superior performance to the ZacateAPUs. However, as is the way in the open-source community, any new feature is fair game for hacking, and it seems that the enterprising hackers have found a way to enable the Webtop experience without having to purchase the docking station. 21
  • 103. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneApparently, the hackers found that enabling the featurerequires little more than installing a few modified files intothe Atrix; Once that is done, users merely need to connect themodified Atrix to a large enough display via HDMI, pair itwith a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they are set to enjoythe Atrixs desktop PC-like functionalities.Of course, these kind of modifications fall under a very largegrey area as far as legality is concerned. Needless to say wewill not be providing instructions pertaining to obtaining themodified files and installing them to your Atrix 4G. And shouldyou decide to go with the modifications any way...well, lets justsay that we cannot be held responsible for brand-new Atrix 4Gsmartphones that have found a new purpose in life as a classy-looking paperweight. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 1. System Optimization (Maximum Protection + AdvancedIT Show 2011 Promotions: threat protection-Suspicious, pre-emptive defence)Trend Micro 2. Maximum Protection from online transactions (banking, shopping)Source: 3. 10 G back up (easy to use, access data anytime, anywhere)March 10th, 2011 Usual Price - S$109 (1 year 3 user) IT Show price - TBA Apple 64GB iPhone 4 prototype spotted Source: software maker Trend Micro will be at the IT Show spotted/11525.html2011, at Suntec Convention Exhibition and Convention Centre. March 10th, 2011If you are looking to get a total protection for your PC, theirbooth can be located on level 6, Hall 602, booth number 6266. A prototype 64GB Apple iPhone 4 has reportedly been leaked from Foxconn factory in China, but dont expect to see it on retail shelves soon. It could just be a phone for test purposes and not for sale.Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security1. Advanced protection from Virus, Spyware + Malware, Anti-spam, Firewall and advanced Web Threat Protection (FirewallBooster, Spam Block)2. Essential Data Theft Protection: protection against PersonalInformation hacks.3. Safety for ChildrenUsual Price - S$39 (1 year 1 user) ; S$79 (1 year 3 user) While Apple has yet to announce the new iPhone (whichIT Show price - TBA may be called iPhone 5), it seems that a prototype of a 64GB iPhone 4 has been spotted at a Foxconn manufacturing plant. According to a Hong Kong-based website, you would notice that the phone (above picture) has its storage capacity and model number marked with "X"s. 22
  • 104. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone aluminum fins, and is equipped with two Wing 12 120mm fans operating at speeds up to 1500 RPM. The GX-7, compatible with all Intel LGA 1366/ 1156/ 1155/ 775 and AMD AM2/ AM2+/ AM3 processors, is expected to ship in early April. Microsoft wants your help to kill Internet Explorer 6 Source: internet-explorer-6/11524.html March 10th, 2011 Does anyone remember how big of a deal it was when Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 6 with Windows XP back then? Well, with the browser now in its tenth year ofThe prototype phone claims to be running iOS 4.1, and not service, Microsoft is only too keen to keep people out of thatthe latest version 4.3. Regardless, it is unlikely that Apple will ancient excuse of a web browser and push its newer, morego mass market with a 64GB iPhone 4 as it is probably too polished versions of Internet Explorer to consumers. Heresexpensive, and that the new iPhone 5 could be announced the caveat: it needs your help...sort of.soon. The current Apple iPhone 4 comes in 16GB and 32GBconfigurations.Gelid Showcases GX-7 CPUCoolerSource: 10th, 2011Gelid is displaying the GX-7, its latest high-end CPU coolerat CeBIT. The tower cooler has seven copper heat-pipes, 46aluminum fins, and is equipped with two Wing 12 120mm fans When Windows XP was first released, it brought with itoperating at speeds up to 1500 RPM. a browser that many considered was fairly up-to-date and standards-compliant for its time. Yes, Internet Explorer 6 in its heyday brought many improvements over its predecessor, such as improved support for CSS, DHTML, inline frames and integration with its MSN Messenger. In fact, so popular was IE6 that it was able to achieve a market share of 90% during the XP days. Unfortunately, it is clear IE6 is no longer capable of meeting the needs of todays Internet users, thanks to issues such as security holes and near non-existent support for modern web standards. As a result, Microsoft has started a little campaign in the hopes of getting tech-savvy users to discourage the use of the ancient browser among their circle of friends. Internet, meet the IE6 Countdown webpage.Gelid is displaying the GX-7, its latest high-end CPU coolerat CeBIT. The tower cooler has seven copper heat-pipes, 46 23
  • 105. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone In 2006, Disney had launched Disney Mobile in the US,Microsofts goal is simple enough: to lower the existing market but unfortunately, it ceased operations at the end of 2007.share od IE6 down to an almost non-existant 1%. And to Now Disney has chosen to bring the exclusive Disney Mobileachieve that, it needs the help of the Internet community to phone store to Japan. The company will also run lottery drawsspread the message that IE6 is an antique browser that should for customers with a chance to win prizes including pens,not be used anymore due to its lack of support for modern notebooks, mugs and more.web standards. Users who wish to join Microsoft in its noblecause can follow the instructions available on the website to Remember the Disney-themed Android smartphone news wehelp make the Internet a better place. covered in January? Yes, it will also be sold in the store. In case you missed the news, the Disney-theme smartphoneAnd just so you know, 4.4% of Singapores online community runs Android 2.2 Froyo, has a 3.8-inch WVGA 3D glasses-still makes use of IE6. If you know of any friends who are still free capacitive touchscreen display and 9.6-megapixel rearon that relic of a web browser, lets just say that Microsoft has camera. It also features Disney-themed calendar, clock andpresented you with your chance to do your good deed for the messages. Customers who buy the phone will also own aday. If you need a little help in getting your message across personalized "" email address.the not-so-IT-savvy peers, perhaps this little comic might beof assistance. IT Show 2011 Promotions: HP Source: hp/11465.html March 10th, 2011(image is copyright of and reproducedunder a Creative Commons license)Disney opens first mobilephone store in Tokyo, Japan HP will be participating in this years IT Show, and needlessSource: to say its offerings will consist of both computing devices likein-tokyo-japan/11523.html desktop and notebook PCs, as well as a wide range of imagingMarch 10th, 2011 solutions in the form of printers. In this post, we shall take a look at what HP has to offer in its IT SHOW 2011 lineup. HPs booth can be found at Level 4, Booth 8150, Hall 401. *UPDATED with HPs range of notebooks and desktop PCs HP Officejet 6500A Plus eAiO Printer E710nDisney fans in Japan rejoice! The first Disney mobile phonestore has opened in the heart of Tokyo - Shinjuku - and youcan expect to find, not just phones but phone accessories andother products. 24
  • 106. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe wireless HP Officejet 6500A Plus e-All-in-One E710n Print lab-quality photos, everyday documents and web contentproduces laser-quality color documents at a low cost per on the fly, without using a PC. HP ePrint combined withpage that allows SOHO and SMB users to print high-impact affordable individual inks lets you easily produce impressivemarketing materials in-house. Featuring HP ePrint, users can prints from anywhere, anytime.print anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. The HP Key features and benefits:Officejet 6500A Plus eAIO E710n also uses 40% less energythan comparable laser printers and has an automatic two- • Print when it’s most convenient for you from across thesided printing function which helps cut paper usage by up world or across the room. With HP ePrint, simply email ato 50%. The printer also has a 2.36-inch color touchscreen photo or document to your printer and pick up the pagesdisplay to easily copy, fax, print, scan and access apps. later.Key features: • Create impressive photo projects, and even print directly from the device itself with integrated memory card slots. • Achieve laser performance at a low cost per page • The HP TouchSmart frame allows you to print photos, o Get great value, using individual, high-capacity ink scan, copy and print web content without the use of a PC. cartridges designed for the office. • Boost productivity with wireless connectivity at a press of o Print at up to 32ppm black/31ppm color and a button, allowing you to share this all-in-one with other at laser-comparable (ISO) speeds up to 10ppm Wi-Fi enabled PCs from anywhere in your house. black/7ppm color. o Print borderless documents with vivid color Usual price: S$229 graphics and sharp text, using HP Officejet inks. • Stay connected whether you’re in or out of the office IT Show 2011 Promotions: o With HP ePrint, you can print from anywhere, anytime by emailing to your HP Officejet 6500A Samsung Source: Plus eAIO E710n. samsung/11522.html o Connect to your network with built-in Ethernet or March 10th, 2011 to your PC with Hi-speed USB 2.0. • Reduce your impact and protect your bottom line o Use up to 40% less energy than comparable laser products, with an ENERGY STAR qualified all-in- one. If you thought that trade fairs such as the upcoming IT Show o Cut paper usage by up to 50% with the automatic 2011 serves as nothing more than an outlet for vendors and two-sided printing and PC Fax Send which enables resellers to clear existing inventory at discounted prices, you paperless fax sending and archiving. could not be further from the truth, especially if Samsung has got anything to do about it. The Korean electronics giant willUsual price: S$399 be launching a wide variety of new computing and lifestyleHP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer B110a products at this years IT Show, and here are some of the devices it has in store for bargain hunters. Samsungs booth is situated at Level 4, Booth no. 8321. *UPDATED with IT Show 2011 promotional prices and bundles! *NEW* Samsung Series 9 ultrathin notebook: 900X3A (to be launched at IT Show 2011) 25
  • 107. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone integrated 1.3M (HD) webcam so one will be able to record and play ultra clear, widescreen video clips. • Packed within the RC410E’s sleek and stylish matt metallic casing is the latest in high performance technology, which includes a choice of the latest Intel CoreTM i5/i3 Processor, the genuine Windows 7 Home Premium and a NVIDIA Optimus switchable graphics technology, which dynamically allocate resources where they’re needed most. • Easy Content Share software, based on AllShare technology further makes it easy for users to play multimedia content, including video, photos and music, in multiple Samsung devices, including cameras andKey features: phones. • With a maximum thickness of 16.3 mm and an ultra light • The RC410 comes in Silver, Red and Black and features weight of 1.31 kilograms, the 9 Series Notebook 900X3A an anti-reflective screen. sports a high quality screen boasting market-leading 400nit brightness and 16 million colors. It also comes Usual price: S$1,199 equipped with an Intel CoreTM i7/i5 Processor, solid IT Show 2011 price:S$999 + FREE Trend Micro Titantium state drive and genuine Windows 7 Home Premium*. Internet Security + Extended 2nd Year Local Warranty + Microsoft Office Starter Preloaded + Carrying Case • With Samsung’s Fast Start technology and solid state drive (SSD), users can start the notebook in just 12 *NEW* Samsung RF411 notebook seconds, which is 60% faster than PCs with a hard (it be launched at IT Show 2011) disk drive (HDD). Featuring a 128/256GB solid state drive (SSD), the 900X3A provides plenty of storage and still delivers 60% faster booting than a hard disk drive (HDD), as well as enhanced durability, with less noise and low heat. • Using Samsung’s innovative PowerPlus charging technology and a power-efficient and advanced Lithium- Polymer battery, it has a battery lifespan that lasts up to 6.5 hours.Usual price: S$2,688IT Show 2011 price:S$2,488 + FREE Trend Micro TitantiumInternet Security + Extended 2nd Year Local Warranty +Microsoft Office Starter Preloaded Key features:*NEW* Samsung RC410 notebook(to be launched at IT Show 2011) • The RF411 utilizes the latest 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor, featuring vivid color and amazing image clarity with its 14.0” HD LED SuperBright display. It provides 300nit brightness, while a dedicated graphics card providing 2GB of graphics memory makes it optimal for gaming. • NVIDIA Optimus technology delivers great graphics performance for intensive activities like gaming, but also seamlessly extends the battery life by automatically switching to only using the internal Intel graphics for more basic applications. • A 1.3M HD webcam allows the user to record clearer and smoother images, and play videoclips in widescreen high definition.Key features: • The SRS Premium Sound delivers a more natural and realistic 3D sound for music, movies and games with • The exceptional 300nit brightness of the RC410 its bigger acoustic chambers. The RF411 provides for an notebook on its 14.0” HD display provides outstanding enhanced bass, crystal clear dialog and better definition clarity and true to life color definition to bring the latest control for maximum clarity at high frequency. films and games bursting into life. There is also an 26
  • 108. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneUsual price: S$1,199 - 24mm wide angle lensIT Show 2011 price:S$999 + FREE Trend Micro Titantium - 12.1 high sensitivity CMOS sensorInternet Security + Extended 2nd Year Local Warranty +Microsoft Office Starter Preloaded + Carrying Case - HD Movie recording – 1920 x 1080 resolution - Six Creative FiltersIT Show 2011 Promotions: IT Show price - TBACanonSource: 10th, 2011Canon has recently announced their new range of digitalimaging products such as the EOS 600D digital SLR, IXUS220 IS and PowerShot A3300 IS cameras. Do check outtheir latest products and good deals at the IT Show whichstarts tomorrow. Booth Number Level 4, Hall 401, 8101 Booth Canon LaserShot LBP 6000Number Level 6, 6331 - First Print Out Time is 7.8 secs - Print speeds of 18 ipm - Printing resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi Normal Price - S$179 IT Show Price - TBACanon EOS 600D- 18-megapixel- High speed 9-point auto-focus- High Definition Movie recording – 1920 x 1080 resolution Canon LEGRIA FS 46 (above) and LEGRIA FS 406- Scene Intelligent Auto - SDHC card slots with SDXC compatibility - Used with an optional 32GD card or new SDXC cardsIT Show price - TBA - Bundled VideoBrowser SD software - 27 languages supported - 4 new languages supported (Danish, Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish) - Electronic Image Stabilizer with Dynamic mode - Advanced Zoom - White LED Light for close-up shooting in low light conditions, in colorCanon IXUS 220 HS 27
  • 109. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone- 2.7” Wide Screen LCD with adjustable Back Light function(Bright/ Standard/ Dimmer)IT Show Price - TBA Canon PIXMA MP 497 - Wireless printing available - Print speeds of 8.8 ipmCanon LV 728- Projector - Printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi- XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) - 2 pl- 2200 lumens Normal Price - S$229- 2000:1 contrast ratio IT Show Price - TBANormal Price - S$1,099IT Show Price - TBA Canon PowerShot A3300 IS - 16-megapixelCanon PIXMA MG 6170 - 28mm wide angle lens- Wireless printing available - HD Movie recording – 1280 x 720 resolution- Print speeds of 12.5 ipm - Six Creative Filters- Printing resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi IT Show price - TBA- 1 plNormal Price - S$399 IT Show 2011 Promotions:IT Show Price - TBA Sony Source: sony/11400.html March 10th, 2011 Sony will be at the IT Show 2011, which is happening from 10 to 13 March at the Suntec City Convention Centre. Here are 28
  • 110. March 10th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesome of their promotions at the Show. *UPDATED with Sonys Cycle Time 500line of digital imaging products, LCD TVs and notebooks Output Time (5V/1.0A 120 minavailable for sale at IT Show 2011 constant) *Varies depending on each applicationSony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced their latest USBcharger, which boasts 4,000 mAh capacity. Sporting twoUSB ports, it allows users to power up two mobile devicessimultaneously and was designed to for mobile professionals.The Sony USB Charger is also equipped with USBAuthentication software, allowing instant charging with mostUSB powered devices such as smart phones, mobile phones,Walkman, iPod, iPad, portable game consoles as well asupcoming models of Cybershot and Handycam with USBpower supply function.It features a conventional AC input for fast charging andcomes with a detachable USB output module with embeddedLi-ion rechargeable battery for portable power supply. Usescan detach and carry just the USB output module when theyneed extra power on-the-go for their mobile devices.The USB Portable Power Supply CP-A2L will be launchedduring IT Show 2011 at a suggested retail price of S$49.90inclusive of GST.Input Source AC 100-240 VInput Module Dimension 58 x 56 x 21.5(WxHxD mm)Weight 45gNo. of USB output ports 2Output Source Standard USB 5V 0.5A per port for 2 ports or USB 5V 1.0A for high power output for 1 port onlyOutput Module Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB Standard OutputOutput Module Dimension 58 x 84.5 x 26.4(WxHxD mm)Weight 145gUSB Authentication YesDetachable Yes(Input/Output)Batteries Capacity Li-ion 4,000 mAhCharging Source ACCharging Time Approx. 5 hours 29
  • 111. March 14th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! two video cards, an EVGA GTX 460 SC and a Sapphire Toxic VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication HD 5870. Visit HiTech Legion to get all the details. covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Antec Six Hundred v2 Gaming Case @ Benchmark Reviews Description: Antec has been in the PC enclosures businessThe Daily VR-Zone News for over 25 years. They have many unique and creative cases such as the LanBoy and Skeleton. However, nothing is moreSummary - 14 Mar 2011 iconic than their "Hundred" series gaming cases, from the low-Source: end Antec One Hundred to the Antec Twelve Hundred fullmar-2011/11581.html tower. In order to keep up with competition, Antec has beenMarch 14th, 2011 massively updating their line of products. This time its the Six Hundreds turn. Out of the seven "Hundred" series gaming cases, the Antec Six Hundred V2 is the most balanced. It was designed to be simple but effective. Benchmark Reviews will test the Antec Six Hundred V2 and see where it stands among the fierce competition.In todays news roundup: ASRock shows off some new Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Case Review @ Tweaknewsmotherboards in Germany; BIOSTARs new board featuring Description: When I first got an opportunity to look at anthe P67 chipset, the TP67XE, gets taken out for a review; example of Thermaltakes V9 series, I was less than impressed.InsideHW offers its opinion about the current Microsoft- This new BlacX entry has some nicely executed features andNokia partnership; Famed hacker Comex has already found displays very good cooling numbers. However, the interiora way to jailbreak the iPad 2 and is said to be working design is definitely getting long in the tooth and, frankly wasnton a consumer-friendly version of the exploit for public that good to start with. The chassis itself is thin and flimsy,distribution; Sony is reportedly porting over a variety of cable management is virtually non-existent and the expansionPlayStation 2 titles over to its Xperia Play smartphone, card tool-free clips are, in word, horrible.and Japanese game publishers are suspending various game ASRock Motherboard Preview 2011services and have announced several contributions and cash Description: ASRock invited to a Fatal1ty P67/H67 event indonations in an attempt to support their countrys recovery the Holiday Inn hotel Ratingen, Germany and presented someefforts of their current motherboards. However, their motherboardsHardware News: were not only shown in this presentation, because the well- known gamer Johnathan aka Fatal1ty also visited this productAsus Radeon HD 6950 & 6970 @ presentation. ASRock has developed the ASRock Fatal1ty P67Description: has just posted another Professional in cooperation with Fatal1ty, so it suggest itself,video card review. Last week we have taken a look at the Asus that Fatal1ty presented the product Live in this presentation.Radeon HD 6950 and 6970 video cards. Quake was extremely fast, or lets say it was definitely too fastEvercool Transformer 4 CPU Cooler @ TestFreaks for the opponent ;-)Description: Hello, today I‘ve got another CPU cooler for Coolermaster & Corsair 700-750W 80+ Gold PSU Shoot-outreview. It’s the Transformer 4 from Evercool, and it’s huge but @ Madshrimpsit performs very well. This cooler is one of the best I’ve tested Description: Have you just put together your brand newlately and it’s also one of the quietest as well. The Transformer gaming monster but are you still missing the equivalent strong4 can be a bit tricky to install, and if you have large style ram in power supply to match it. In this article were putting theyour computer it might not fit at all. Anyway, read on to learn Coolermaster Silent Pro Gold 700W power supply unit againstmore… Corsairs Professional Series Gold AX750. Two quality buildMarch Madness Video Card Giveaway @Hi Tech Legion 80+ Gold power supplies in the ~700W market segment, didDescription: HiTech Legion is celebrating March Madness we get double Gold?with a video card giveaway. HiTech Legion will be giving away BIOSTAR TP67XE Intel LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews 1
  • 112. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: BIOSTAR isnt one of the big names in is, that is if you’re looking for a throwaway type headset andmotherboards today, frankly thats a shame. Throughout our not too worried about sound quality and comfort. The producttesting today, the BIOSTAR TP67XE motherboard has kept is the ECO Sound Engineering V268 Wireless Bluetoothme happy. It may not have been top performing board across Headset. I’ve never heard of Eco Sound before until now, andall of our tests today. It did however, do a great job overall. at $10 I wasn’t expecting much, but for the price it’s not thatWhat did impressed me the most was the overclocking ability bad.of the BIOSTAR TP67XE. As we saw on the overclocking page BenQ XL2410T LED Review - XSReviewswe were able to overclock our Intel Core i5 2500K to 5GHz on Description: Despite the high prices of certain internalthis motherboard... hardware like Graphics cards, mobos and CPUs, one of theConsumer Electronics and Software News: biggest purchases you’ll ever make as a hardware enthusiast or gamer is your display. The monitor, the device you use to viewNokia & Microsoft: The Finnish giant in American jeans @ all the content your internals pump out; it’s important.InsideHWDescription: With the release of N95, Nokia was on seventh iPad 2 already jailbrokenheaven - with no obstacles in sight, it was resting contentedly Description: Renowned iOS hacker @Comex has postedon its laurels, basking in the domination it had over any other photographic proof that he has already jailbroken the just-mobile phone manufacturer. The income was such that the launched Apple iPad 2. According to @Comex’s Twitter feed,company could afford buying a giant such as Navteq, just previously used iOS exploits were locked down and he had tobecause they thought that it would be an excellent feat to offer use a new exploit to get around the new measures. The detailsGPS navigation as a standard feature in mobile phones. Money of the hack have not yet been made public, although he iswas being invested boundlessly into the American market, already working towards releasing the hack for the public.where Nokia has never managed to gain a foothold, and the Gaming News:entire thing went as far as financing films where Nokia phoneswould exclusively be the ones displayed. The fact that the PlayStation 2 Games For Tegra 2 ?company had been practically recycling phone models for a Description: Some of the PlayStation titles to look forward towhile, with no significant innovation taking place as far as user on Xperia Play include Wild Arms and Castlevania: Symphonyinteraction is concerned, went unnoticed to many... of the Night etc however, Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor could probably do much more than that.Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Ultraportable Notebook ReviewDescription: Living up to its reputation, Ive generally been Final Fantasy XI and XIV Servers Temporarily Closed Due Topleased with Lenovos overall build quality and performance. QuakeThe recently reviewed IdeaPad U260 was a real work of art Description: Square Enix have their Final Fantasy XI and XIVand excelled in nearly every category except for one -- it servers temporarily closed, in a move to conserve energy innarrowly missed Intels Sandy Bridge processor refresh which Japan. Square explains the temporary closure to “continuouswould have offered even better all-around CPU and GPU quakes occurring in the eastern regions of Japan”.performance. Today well be looking at our first notebook Japans Publishing Community Donates to Earthquake Reliefbased on Intels second generation Core processors, the Description: Faced with the ongoing tragedy in northThinkPad X220. The X220 was just introduced this month and eastern Japan, game publishers have been stepping up withrepresents Lenovos latest ultraportable ThinkPad. contributions of varying forms.RAZER Anansi Expert MMO Gaming Keyboard Review @MadshrimpsDescription: The Anansi from Razer is a membrane-based Report: AMDs 28nm mobilekeyboard, with a nice customizable LED effect, over 100 GPU roadmapprogrammable keys, on-the-fly macro recording and an Source: feature: the 7 thumb modifier keys right under the roadmap/11591.htmlSpace Bar which help to perform even more complicated March 14th, 2011macros or can aid in various productivity applications.Speedlink MYST Touch Scroll Mouse Review @ VortezDescription: The MYST Touch Scroll mouse (abbreviated toMYST from now on), as the name suggests, includes touchsensitive scrolling. This is a very novel feature not seen widelyacross the PC market yet. The MYST is a small and light mouse, Back in December, DonanimHaber revealed the codenamesaimed primarily towards users on the move. It comes in both of AMDs next-gen mobile GPUs - Wimbledon, Heathrow,wired and wireless flavours, and in black or white colours. Chelsea and Thames. Three months on, DonanimHaber hasToday, Ill be looking at the white, wireless version. posted AMDs 28nm mobile GPU roadmap. Much of theECO Sound Engineering V268 Wireless Bluetooth Headset @ details from Decemeber still apply, with some additionalTestFreaks information. The first GPUs, Heathrow, Chelsea and ThamesDescription: What can you get for $10 these days? Not much are set to be produced starting Q4 2011, with a release expectedreally, but if you check over at Wireless Ground you can get in November 2011. The flagship, Wimbledon, will release a fewa Bluetooth headset for $9.95! is it worth it? Well maybe it months later, in Q2 2012. 2
  • 113. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone in 80mm and 120mm sizes, they come in manual or PWM variants.Thanks to the emergence of the APU, the 28nm productlineup sees a significant redefinition of the categories. The"Value" segment will be completely absent, presumably takenover by the GPU part of APUs, with legacy/refresh productssatisfying the exceptional cases. Instead, the first GPU will Enermax has expanded its series of T.B.Silence fans with thebe a mainstream/performance GPU, Thames, with 128-bit addition of four new fans, the UCTB8A, UCTB12A, UCTB8P,memory bus and twice the performance as Seymour, i.e. and UCTB12P. The fans boast twister-type bearings with aRadeon HD 6400M. The thermal envelope will be 15W-25W, MTBF of 100,000 hours, detachable Batwing blades, andwhich is a fair bit higher than the 10W associated previous "modular frames with aluminum rings" for stability. Availableentry level mobile GPUs. in 80mm and 120mm sizes, they come in manual or PWM variants.The division between the mainstream and performance GPUswill be blurred, with TDPs and perhaps performance being Product details:very close between Thames and Chelsea. The Enthusiastsegment is where the future of discrete GPUs lie. First up, will • UCTB8A (80mm / manual control) | 800 - 2500 RPMbe Heathrow, sporting a 128-bit or 192-bit memory bus, with (speed) | 10 dBA (minimum sound output) | €6.99TDP of above 35W. The flagship, Wimbledon, will release in • UCTB12A (120mm / manual control) | 800 - 1500 RPMQ2 2012, featuring a 256-bit bus. DonanimHaber also suggests | 10 dBA | €10.99an MXM solution and a blistering 65W TDP. • UCTB8P (80mm / PWM) | 500 - 2200 RPM | 8 dBA |Presumed to be the Radeon HD 7000M series, the some 28nm €8.99mobile GPUs might end up with TSMC, while others may be • UCTB12P (120mm / PWM) | 500 - 1500 RPM | 8 dBA |fabricated at Globalfoundries. Certainly, neither NVIDIA nor €12.99AMD were pleased with TSMCs 32nm cancelation and 28nmdelays, and a second option will be worth developing.Theres still a long way off to the first 28nm releases - due in 6 Scythe Launches New Cardmonths time. Between now and then, a lot could change. Reader Kama Reader Jr Source: Introduces New kama-reader-jr/11587.html80mm and 120mm T.B.Silence March 14th, 2011Case FansSource: 14th, 2011 Japanese cooling-specialist Scythe has introduced the Kama Reader Jr. card reader (model no: SCKMRDJR), adding on to its line-up of PC accessories. Measuring 101 x 25.5 x 9mm, the 3.5" reader features an USB 2.0 connector and supports a myriad of memory cards on the market. It is available throughEnermax has expanded its series of T.B.Silence fans with the major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of €7.50 (excludingaddition of four new fans, the UCTB8A, UCTB12A, UCTB8P, VAT).and UCTB12P. The fans boast twister-type bearings with a SCYTHE PRESS RELEASEMTBF of 100,000 hours, detachable Batwing blades, and"modular frames with aluminum rings" for stability. Available 3
  • 114. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Card, Mini SD (requires adapter), Mini SDHC (requires adapter), MultiMedia Card (MMC), RS-MMC (requires adapter), MMC Micro (requires adapter), Memory Stick Micro, Micro SD, Micro SDHC • Compatible OS Windows XP Vista 7 • Connector USB 2.0 intern • Mounting 3.5" internal For more information, visit this page. Swiftech Unveils Polaris 120 Source: Japanese manufacturer Scythe Co. Ltd. expands its polaris-120/11586.htmlportfolio of PC accessories with a card reader called Kama March 14th, 2011Reader Jr. The Kama Reader Jr. is a compact multi-formatcard reader which can be installed into a 8.89 cm (3.5 inch)drive bay. It is suitable for quick reading and writing ofvirtually any memory card on the market. Kama Reader Jr. isalso equipped with a front USB port. Kama Reader Jr. is nowavailable for a MSRP of 7,50 € (excluding VAT Tax). Swiftech, leader in high-end thermal solutions for the PC, has announced the Polaris 120, targeting overclockers.Product Details • Model Name Kama Reader Jr. • Item Number SCKMRDJR • Manufacturer Scythe Co., Ltd. • Dimensions 101 x 25.5 x 9 mm 4.04 x 1.02 x 3.74in (WxHxD) • Compatible media • Memory Stick (PRO, ROM), Memory Stick (DUO, PRO- ROM), Compact Flash, Micro Drive, SD Card, SDHC 4
  • 115. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone March 14th, 2011 G.Skill has announced its latest Sniper series designed specifically for PC gamers and modding enthusiasts. Extensive compatibility tests have been conducted on a wide range of Intel and AMD platforms, which guarantee the best performance, quality and reliability. The Sniper series is available in dual-channel and triple-channel kits, up to 24GB. Taipei, Taiwan - March 14th 2011 - G.Skill, the worldwide leading memory designer and manufacturer, has announced the newest concept and development of new Sniper series designed specifically for PC gamers and modding enthusiasts. Extensive compatibility tests are conducted on a wide range of Intel and AMD platforms, which guarantee the best performance, quality and reliability. The New Sniper series is designed for ultra low voltage operation, down to 1.25V. Such low voltage kits can save up to 10% power, allowing for better system energy efficiency and smooth gameplay without any heat problems. High capacity memory kits are necessary as gaming consumes a lot of memory. The G.Skill Sniper series not only fulfils your needs, but also maximizes your gaming experience with its line-up of memory kits from 4GBx2 to 4GBx6.Measuring 135 x 91 x 152mm and weighing 849g, the towercooler boasts five 8mm direct-contact heatpipes, a dense arrayof "nicked" aluminum fins, and is equipped with a 120mm fanoperating at speeds of 750 ~ 1,500 RPM. It is expected to shipcome end March at a MSRP of US$59.95.News via [Techpowerup]G.Skill launches Snipermemory kits for PC gamersand modding enthusiastsSource: The Sniper series comes in two stylish colors: unique pitch- black and metallic army green. "Its unparalleled PC gaming 5
  • 116. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonestyle can enrich all kinds of computer gears. G.Skill is ready to some additional CPUs once Intel has cleared out its inventorypull the trigger, are you?" of older first generation Core i processors.All G.Skill memory products come with lifetime warrantyand the G.Skill technical team is always ready to provideconsumers with complete technical support via online forums, Asus U30s second generationFacebook, telephone and email. Core i notebook gets reviewed earlySource: G.Skill Press Release Source: notebook-gets-reviewed-early/11583.html March 14th, 2011Intel launches first mobileSandy Bridge CeleronSource: Notebooks with Intels second generation Core i processorsMarch 14th, 2011 are slowly starting to trickle out into the market, but so far weve only seen 14 and 15.6-inch models from Asus. However, an early review of one of its upcoming 13.3-inch models the US30s which is an interesting mix of portability and features. This is likely to be Asus budget 13.3-inch model judging by the features, so we can expect a higher-end version to be announced at some stage as well. Intel has added its first budget mobile Sandy Bridge processorto its already wide range of processors higher up in the range.The new model is simply called the B810 and its the most Notebooks with Intels second generation Core i processorsbasic and feature stripped Sandy Bridge based mobile CPU are slowly starting to trickle out into the market, but so farto appear. This is good news for those that want a really weve only seen 14 and 15.6-inch models from Asus. However,affordable Sandy Bridge notebook, although be aware that an early review of one of its upcoming 13.3-inch models thethis 35W CPU might feature reduced functionality graphics US30s which is an interesting mix of portability and features.compared to its higher-end siblings, just like the upcoming This is likely to be Asus budget 13.3-inch model judging bydesktop Celerons. the features, so we can expect a higher-end version to be announced at some stage as well. The U30s should be a direct replacement of the current U30JcIntel has added its first budget mobile Sandy Bridge processor model, but with several key feature changes beyond the CPUto its already wide range of processors higher up in the range. and chipset. The chassis actually appears to be mostly identicalThe new model is simply called the B810 and its the most to the older U30Jc which means that the U30s still packs anbasic and feature stripped Sandy Bridge based mobile CPU optical drive, something that results in it being a rather chubbyto appear. This is good news for those that want a really 13-incher. The model on review came with a Core i5-2410Maffordable Sandy Bridge notebook, although be aware that processor; although wed expect it to be available will severalthis 35W CPU might feature reduced functionality graphics CPU options.compared to its higher-end siblings, just like the upcomingdesktop Celerons.So what were looking at here is a relatively slow 1.6GHzdual core CPU with 2MB of L3 cache which doesnt seemto compare too favourable to the current “high-end” CeleronP4600 which is clocked at 2GHz. That said, the improvedCPU architecture should make up for some of the clock speeddifference, but its too early to tell as yet if this is the case ornot. The main advantage that the B810 might have is bettergraphics performance, but as Intel has as yet to add it to itsproduct pages. The B810 is priced at $86 in quantities of 1,000units, the same as the P4600.Intel is also expected to launch a ULV Sandy Bridge basedCeleron processor at some point in the future which should be The U30Jc featured Nvidias now almost antiquated GeForcecalled the B847 with a TDP of 17W and a clock speed of a mere 310M graphics and this is where the U30s really improves on1.1GHz. Its as yet unclear when this model will arrive. Intel things with a GeForce 520M. In as much as this is an entryhas also as yet to announce any new mobile Pentium models level solution from Nvidia, it should still be a huge step upbased on Sandy Bridge, so its pretty clear that we can expect from the old 310M. Asus has also built in support for Nvidias 6
  • 117. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOptimus graphics switching technology which switches over tothe Intel HD graphics when the additional power of the GPUisnt needed.What Asus missed to add was USB 3.0 support which is areal shame, as the U30s doesnt feature an eSATA port sothe fastest interface for peripherals is USB 2.0. Bluetooth 3.0has been thrown in for good measure though, although this isbecoming an increasingly common feature on notebooks, butdoesnt add much in terms of actually being useful as there arestill very few devices that utilizes Bluetooth 3.0.Battery life is said to be good for up to 6h of light usageand about 4.5h watching HD videos on it. Not amazing bytodays standards, but still decent enough battery life forwhats expected to be Asus most affordable 13.3-inch model, Sure, it sports a low price tag, but one must also take note thatat least for now. Pricing is estimated to end up sub €1000 (S there are going to be various issues and circumstances working$1770) including tax fully kitted out with 8GB of RAM and a against Samsung if the Korean electronics giant intends to use500GB 7,200rpm hard drive. In will be interesting to see what its WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab as a ticket to winningelse Asus has coming over the next few months as the U30s is over potential tablet consumers. For one, the WiFi-only Galaxyreally just an upgrade of an old model, but were hearing that Tab is rumoured to be shipping with version 2.2 (Froyo) of thewe can expect some interesting announcements at Computex Android operating system, which is at least two releases awayin May. from the current version of Android known as Honeycomb (v 3.0). More importantly, one must also take into consideration thatRumour: WiFi-only version of Samsung is due to launch its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet soon, andGalaxy Tab to launch on April that alone is going to put a strain on its previous-generation Galaxy Tab tablets. After all, consumers usually tend to hold4? off purchases in favor of what they perceive as a newer andSource: technologically superior product, especially where consumertab-to-launch-on-april-4-/11580.html electronic devices are concerned, even if it means paying aMarch 14th, 2011 little more for such luxuries. Last but definitely not least, the rumoured price tag of US $399 for the WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab puts it in direct competition with Apples first-generation iPad, which is now currently going for sale at the same price level. While Samsung is undoubtedly one of the largest manufacturers ofThe rumour mill appears to have been working overtime to consumer electronic devices, the truth remains that it lacksproduce news about a WiFi-only version of Samsungs Galaxy the same brand recognition and loyalty that Apple enjoys. AsTab, and it seems that yet another juicy bit of information such, consumers are more likely to choose Apples productsregarding the aforementioned device has started making its over Samsungs, especially if price is no longer a factor.rounds in the vast depths of the Internet. Anyone fancy That being said, the aforementioned details about pricing andguessing how much the device will reportedly sell for once it release date are still but products of the online rumour mill,hits retail? Well, read on to find out. so readers should take this information with nothing short ofEveryone knows that having quick access to a mobile a trucks load of salt.broadband network is one of the key features that no tablet Source: Ecommerce JournalOEM can afford to skimp on today, and for good reason. Afterall, tablets are meant to be used as a replacement for netbooksunder certain circumstances, and the availability (or lack of it)of WiFi hotspots is still a very real issue for those who need VueCube 4GTV broadcastan uninterrupted connection to the Internet at all times, evenwhen on the train or on the bus. trials starts Source: that in mind, how much will the average consumer starts/11576.htmlbe willing to fork out of a tablet that only supports online March 14th, 2011connectivity via WiFi? Well, rumour has it that Samsung hasplans to introduce a WiFi-only version of its Galaxy Tab tabletin April 4 this year, and that the device will reportedly retailfor US$399. 7
  • 118. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVue Networks has announced the commencement of their like AMD isnt aiming to take on anything from Intel beyondVueCube 4GTV broadcast trials over 4G network in Singapore. its Sandy Bridge processors based on details in a leaked slide.The trial will start with multiple channels including 24/7 According to Xbitlabs we have four initial Bulldozer models tostreaming, VOD and 3D content broadcasting over the ZiiMAX look forward to (currently codenamed Zambezi), the quad corehigh speed 4G network. FX-4110, the six core FX-6110 and the two eight core models,Vue Networks, a regional content creation and media the FX-8110 and FX8130P. Each core will have 1MB of L2technology company based in Singapore, announced today the cache and as such the FX-4110 has 2MB L2 cache and so forth.commencement of VueCube 4GTV Broadcast Trials over 4G The L3 cache is listed as up to 8MB and might as yet not havenetwork. The trial will be bringing the concept of TV Anywhere been set in stone. All four models will support DDR3 memoryto Singapore. with speeds of up to 1866MHz, although were fairly certain that faster memory will be supported via overclocking.The 4GTV Broadcast Trial follows the awarding of a NicheIPTV License to Vue Networks by the Media DevelopmentAuthority of Singapore. The Broadcast Trial will kick-off withmultiple channels including 24/7 streaming, VOD and 3Dcontent broadcasting over the ZiiMAX high speed 4G network.ZiiMAX is the 4G WiMAX service of QMax CommunicationsPte Ltd, a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd.With MIMO technology, 4G WiMAX offers wider coverage andenables smooth content delivery. The objective of the VueCubeBroadcast Trial will be to assess and finalise the technicalinfrastructure necessary to provide consumers with unrivalledentertainment on the move. All four models are apparently "Black Edition" CPUs which in AMD speak means that theyre completely unlocked, unlikeThe public will be able to get a sneak preview of VueCube’s Intels K series models which now have locked base clock,4GTV on Creative’s ZiiO tablets exclusively at the Creative something we wouldnt expect to see from AMD. Of coursePlayChinese Expo from 11 to 20 March at Creative Resource. youre looking at support for AMDs second generation of Turbo Core which will allow for dynamic overclocking andAMD Bulldozer details start to under clocking/power saving depending on the CPU load. Apart from the FX-8130P all models have a 95W TPD whereastrickle out the FX-8130P has a TDP of 125W and all four models do ofSource: course utilize the AM3+ socket.out/11579.html Its a surprisingly small launch line-up from AMD, as theMarch 14th, 2011 four CPUs are set to take on Intels Core i5 and Core i7 LGA-1155 processors which currently consist of seven models, not counting the T and S SKUs. Judging by a slide posted by Xbitlabs AMD is pitching its eight core model against Intels Core i7-2600 models and the quad and six core against the Core i5s. Below that AMD is positioning its Fusion models currently codenamed Lynx which are either dual or quad coreSo far not too much have been known about AMDs upcoming models with Integrated graphics.Bulldozer processors, but now new details have leaked ontothe web that reveals at least some of the details that many of ushave been waiting for. Although the actual clock speeds of theupcoming AMD processors have as yet to be unveiled, it lookslike AMD isnt aiming to take on anything from Intel beyondits Sandy Bridge processors based on details in a leaked slide.So far not too much have been known about AMDs upcomingBulldozer processors, but now new details have leaked ontothe web that reveals at least some of the details that many of ushave been waiting for. Although the actual clock speeds of theupcoming AMD processors have as yet to be unveiled, it looks 8
  • 119. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe slide details the upcoming Lynx models as well, whichagain consist of four models, the entry level dual core E2-3250with Radeon HD6370 graphics with 160 shaders, the A4-3350dual core model with Radeon HD 6410 graphics and 160shaders, the quad core A6-3450 with Radeon HD 6530graphics with 320 shaders and finally the quad core A8-3550with Radeon HD 6550 graphics with 400 shaders. Its quiteclear from the graphics shader count that Intel isnt going to LEGO-inspired devices are a dime a dozen in various onlinestand a chance with its Pentium and Core i3 models in terms shopping sites, but the fact remains that most, if not all ofof graphics performance, but itll be interesting to see if AMD the aforementioned devices do not have a license from thecan offer equivalent or better CPU performance. LEGO Group to make use of the likeness of its popular toy construction bricks. However, it seems that the LEGO GroupLego launches official Lego has finally started to realize that there is a market for LEGO- branded products featuring its likeness, and has since movedthumbdrive to launch its own line of thumbdrives based off the MinifigureSource: often found in its construction bricks.thumbdrive/11577.htmlMarch 14th, 2011We may have spoken about a few thumbdrives that featuredesigns inspiration by the coloured toy construction bricksknown as Lego, but it does not change the fact that none of theaforementioned devices are officially recognized by the LegoGroup. However, that is all set to change with the introductionof an official Lego thumbdrive. According to the official LEGO online store, the Classic LEGO Minifigure USB thumbdrive sports a capacity of 2GB and comes preloaded with a copy of the LEGO Ninjago video clip for your viewing pleasure. Last but definitely not least, using the Classic LEGO Minifigure USB thumbdrive on your PC is also a snap; all you have to to is to yank its legs off, as shown in the image below. 9
  • 120. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Apples iPhone 5 will not support NFC technology Source: technology/11574.html March 14th, 2011 When so many websites devoted to sniffing out rumours about Apples upcoming products seem to agree on a certain point,If this thumbdrive has tickled your fancy, you might be it is almost always the truth, right? Well, apparently not: theinterested to know that the LEGO-branded thumbdrive is rumour that Apple will be supporting NFC in its upcomingavailable for sale at the online LEGO store for the handsome iPhone 5 has seemingly been debunked by reports claimingprice of US$24.99. Well, that is the price one has to pay for that the Cupertino giant has gone round to carriers to informofficial LEGO products, no? them that it has no plans to support the technology, at least for now.Apple iPad 2 selling at an Yep, you read the headline right. After months of speculationoutrageous US$2,000 in Hong about the various kinds of technology Apple may support with their upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 5, it seems thatKong the latest turn of events have proven once again that theSource: truth can sometime hurt. Apparently, all the rumours aboutus-2-000-in-hong-kong/11578.html the iPhone 5 featuring a Near Field Communications (NFC)March 14th, 2011 module has been overturned, thanks to a news report made by the Independent.If you think US$900 for the first spot in line to buy the AppleiPad 2 is ridiculous, in Hong Kong, the tablet device is goingfor US$2,000. (The 64GB Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi+3G is selling forUS$829). According to the report, several large mobile operators in the UK have disclosed to the Independent that Apple has confirmed the lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5, with the Cupertino giant attributing its reluctance solely to the "lack of a clear standard across the industry". Ironically, Apple has been said to be working on its own implementation of NFC which will allow an upcoming versionThe Apple iPad 2 went on retail last Friday in US, and within of its smartphone to link purchases via its iTunes software, anda day (or two), Hong Kong has begun selling parallel imports is likely to be a proprietary implementation at that.of the popular tablet. The electronics stores in the Pearl of theOrient are selling the iPad 2 from HK$7,980 to HK$15,000(US$1,024 to US$1,925). The most expensive model is thewhite 64GB iPad 2 with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. Accordingto reports, a shop with 100 Apple iPad 2s arrived on Sunday Report: AMD FX-Series Lineupmorning and all but 20 were sold by the end of the day. Revealed Source: revealed/11575.html 10
  • 121. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 14th, 2011Xbitlabs have revealed a tentative lineup of four incomingBulldozer chips, to be branded AMD FX-Series. The top-of-the-line flagship will be AMD FX-8130P, featuring 4-module,8-core, 2MB L2 cache per module (total 8MB), 8MB shared L3cache, and a TDP of 125W. The launch clock speed is estimatedto be as high as 3.50 GHz. Following the 8130P is the FX-8110,which is presumably a lower clocked version of the FX-8130P. With large-display smartphones coming to market, thereInterestingly, it features a reasonable TDP of 95W. are lesser focus on non-smartphone (or also known asFX-6110 will be a six-core, three-module CPU. Finally, the dumbphone) devices, especially the traditional clamshell ones.Bulldozer line-up will be rounded off by the FX-4110, a quad- However, it seems like Korean manufacturer Samsung has notcore CPU. The six-core CPU is likely to be harvested from the given up on this line of dumbphones. Recently, the Samsung8-core Orochi die. However, whether the quad-core CPU is a Factor has been announced with a clamshell design and lower-heavily crippled 8-core or a native quad-core is unclear. If it is a specification hardware components.8-core with 4 cores locked, it could end up being the unlockers The Samsung Factor is equipped with a VGA camera,delight the Phenom II X2 series was. Bluetooth, supports web email and messenging, GPS andAll FX-Series CPUs fit into the AM3+ socket, feature an hands-free speaker design. Boost Mobile will retail theunlocked multipler (Black Edition) and Turbo Core 2, and Samsung Factor from as low as US$49.99.are fabricated at Globalfoundries 32nm SOI process. AMDs900 series chipsets are due to launch in Q2 2011, althoughmotherboard manufacturers are starting to release 800 series Sandy Bridge-based Pentiumboards featuring AM3+ support. G840 processor shows up inWhile the above four CPUs are due in June, AMD will Chinaintroduce a refresh in Q4, possible minor speed bumps across Source: platform. processor-shows-up-in-china/11573.html March 14th, 2011Samsung Factor clamshellphone announcedSource: 14th, 2011 A month ago, we posted information that Intel was planning to release up to seven new processors based off the new Sandy Bridge microarchitecture sometime in May this year, and that one of these processors would be marketed under the Pentium brand. Well, guess what: screenshots of what appears an evaluation model of that Pentium CPU have been spottedA low cost, clamshell entry level Samsung phone has been in China.announced. Known as Samsung Factor, it features VGAcamera, web email access to your Gmail, MSN and Yahoo andinstant messaging on Yahoo, AIM and MSN. 11
  • 122. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDo you remember the news we posted about some time back level chips once again: by intentionally disabling certainin February this year, where Intel was reportedly planning features on its mainstream release a bunch of processors based off the Sandy Bridgemicroarchitecture in March? Well, if you did, you would haverealized that one of the processors mentioned in that article Logitec launches industryswas supposed to be marketed under the budget Pentiumbrand, and that the Sandy Bridge version of this processor will smallest Ethernet hub forbe known as the Pentium G840. Japanese market Source: being said, it appears that evaluation samples of the ethernet-hub-for-japanese-market/11571.htmlPentium G840 have started making their way around the March 14th, 2011world, for a Chinese IT website known as Inpai has reportedlygot its hands on one such evaluation sample, and have postedboth a photograph of the chip and a CPU-Z screenshot aboutits specifications on its webpage, as shown below. While most of Singapore was caught up in the various discounts and offers taking place at the annual IT Show held at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre, a company in Japan known as Logitec was busy launching a new product that ought to change the way we look at the humble Ethernet hub. Does anyone fancy getting their hands on a palm-sized hub that can house up to eight Ethernet ports? How big is an Ethernet hub supposed to be? Well, various manufacturers often have differing ideas on what the ideal size for this particular networking device should be, but it seems that they all share one common characteristic: they are not meant to be the kind of portable devices that a user can conveniently slip into his or her pocket and walk around without any loss to comfort. However, if you are the kind of person who simply needs to have the best of both worlds in terms of size and functionality when it comes to Ethernet hubs, you might be interested in what a Japanese company known as Logitec has to offer. Apparently, while most of Singapore was caught up in bargain hunting over at the just-ended IT Show, Logitec was showing off its new palm-sized Ethernet Hub, the LAN-SW/PS series, over in Japan.Inpai also claims on its webpage that, based on the According to the official press release, the LAN-SW/PS seriesspecifications found on the Pentium G840, the former is of Ethernet hubs will be available in three different sizes:technically identical to its Core i3 sibling, the i3-2100. The the smallest version, known as the LAN-SW03, features threeonly difference between the G840 and the i3-2100 is that Intel Ethernet ports and measures a mere 73.3 × 42.0 × 13.5mm.merely dropped the clock speed on the latter and disabled Those who need a little more connectivity options can optHyper-Threading to produce the specifications found in the for the slightly larger LAN-SW05, which comes with fiveformer. Ethernet ports; alternatively, users needing an Ethernet hubAs this screenshot contains information about a pre- for more than five concurrent connections have the LAN-release version of Intels CPU, wed strongly encourage SW08 (pictured below), which is a little larger (68.0 × 107.5readers to exercise discretion and regard the aforementioned × 13.5mm), although the eight available Ethernet ports for useinformation with a pinch of salt. Still, if Inpai is correct, it sort of makes up for the increased size.would seem that Intel is taking easy way out with its budget- 12
  • 123. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Sony PlayStation 2 games coming to Tegra 2 mobile devices? Source: tegra-2-mobile-devices-/11570.html March 14th, 2011 With more Android devices being powered by dual-In addition to its size (or lack of it), Logitec also claims that core Nvidia Tegra 2 processors, you can expect to seethe new Ethernet hubs are capable of energy savings of up to better resolution games available. And Sony Computer82%, while N versions of the LAN-SW/PS line of hubs can Entertainment will also be extending its PlayStation games foreven power themselves off a PCs USB port, thus making it these devices, and maybe PlayStation 2 games too.suitable as a mobile Ethernet hub for establishing impromptuLAN connections. The Sony Xperia Play (formerly known as PlayStation Phone) has attracted a lot of attention. Not just because it features a similar PSP Go gaming controls, but also it is equipped with the PlayStation Suite to offer excellent PlayStation gaming experience. Recently, Nvidia has announced that the PlayStation Suite will not just be made available on the Xperia Play; it will also be available to all future mobile devices running the Tegra 2 dual- core processors.Last but definitely not least, Logitec also claims that all thehubs in its LAN-SW/PS series make use of Ethernet ports The PlayStation Suite is an upcoming software frameworkwhich support automatic MDI and MDI-X switching, so users to provide downloadable PlayStation content and PlayStationdo not have to worry about having to bring both straight and gaming experiences for Android devices. Some of the titlescrossover cables in order to set up a working LAN connection. to look forward to include Wild Arms and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night etc, and Xperia Play was the onlyPrices for the new hubs are as follow: smartphone to offer this. Because of the powerful performance of Tegra 2 dual-core processor, it was said that the devices could also be able to run PlayStation 2 games. This will no doubt be a good news for Android users, especially when there arent many emulators out there that can run PS2 games very well. Europe to get universal smartphone charger Source: charger/11569.html 13
  • 124. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 14th, 2011 and as such the EU has reportedly deemed it fit to continue its campaign to make sure that every single manufacturer eventually plays nice with the universal charging port. Curiously, Apples name shows up in the list of original signatories who have agreed to support the universal charging standard in spite of having been using its own proprietary cable for a long time already. Then again, the specifications forHow does the idea of being able to use a single universal the universal charger explicitly allow for the use of adaptors.charger to power all the smartphones in the world sound like? Interesting.Well, such an ideal solution might probably come much soonerthan we have expected it to: the EU has seemingly taken onthe initiative of rolling out such a charger, and several well-known smartphone OEMs have reportedly agreed to maketheir devices compatible with it. US Nuclear experts deployed to Fukushima Source: fukushima/11567.htmlWe all love our smartphones for what they are capable of, March 14th, 2011but that fondness can, and usually quickly turns into one ofloathing when the aforementioned device decides to run out of While Japan is well prepared to brace itself againstbattery juice at the most inconvenient moment possible, and earthquakes, the tsunamis which followed were responsiblethe charger your friend uses is incompatible with your device. most of the damage done. As the Japanese pick themselvesYep, that sounds like one of the most common ways to ruin up after the earthquake, Japan might be facing its greatestyour entire day. challenge yet in a decade.However, it seems that the EU is all too keen on ensuring The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that it has sentthat such situations never happen again, at least in its own two experts to Japan, where authorities were seeking to calmterritories. To that end, the EU Commission has rolled out an fears of a reactor meltdown. The 8.9-magnitude earthquakeinitiative that will see the adoption of a universal charger for damaged the nuclear reactors cooling systems, and workerspopular data-enabled smartphones sold in the region and is are now pumping seawater into the reactor in an attempt toexpected to be available for consumer use by the end of 2011. cool it down. Authorities said that an earlier explosion was not due to a meltdown. Instead, it was due to a buildup in gas pressure as workers pour water onto the reactors. The two experts sent are experts in boiling water reactors, which are used at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.Of course, this might be much ado over nothing, since theaforementioned universal charger consists of little more thanthe standard micro-USB port which most smartphone OEMscurrently make use of for their devices today. However, not allOEMs have adopted micro-USB as the charging port of choice, Boiling water reactor 14
  • 125. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone March 14th, 2011A nuclear meltdown occurs when a severe failure of anuclear power plant system prevents proper cooling of thereactor core. The nuclear core heats up to an extent that itmelts through its container. A meltdown is considered veryserious as radioactive materials could be released into theenvironment.Lost City of Atlantis PossiblyFoundSource: More than a day after being by an earthquake and subsequentMarch 14th, 2011 tsunamis, telecommunications systems in Japan remain severely disrupted. Users in a wide area of Eastern Japan are either unable to access cellphone services at all or face difficulties in connecting their calls as base stations are currently overwhelmed.It looks like Atlantis, the legendary eighth continent on Japans three major cellular carriers have sent mobile baseEarth, have been found. According to news, a U.S.-led research stations to the region to alleviate the situation as base stationsteam may have found the lost city in southern Spain. Read on in the region were either damaged or destroyed. The baseto find out more. stations connect to the telecom network via satellite and are able to provide coverage in a small radius. Retail outlets of the cellular carriers are providing recharging services. Internet services appear to be largely unaffected. Several wireless internet hotspot providers are also doing their part in disaster relief. Fon, Livedoor and Softbank has announced that their networks and access points will be open to public access and remain free-of-charge throughout the weekend. Doing so enables communications through the internet. Woman sells her first spot in Apple iPad 2 queue for US$900 Source:, the famous lost city of lore, might have been found in ipad-2-queue-for-us-900/11566.htmlSouthern Spain by a team of U.S.-led research team. Believed March 14th, 2011to have been eliminated by a tsunami strong enough to wipeout the city located 60 miles (roughly 97 kilometers) inland,the teams findings will be unveiled in "Finding Atlantis", anew National Geographic Channel special."This is the power of tsunamis," head researcher If the Apple iPad 2 is going to be selling at a store near you, willProfessor Richard Freund from the University of Hartford, you queue and later sell your spot for cash? Well, one collegeConnecticut, told Reuters. In wake of the recent Japanese student did, after waiting in line for approximately 41 hours,earthquake, the recent discovery stands as testament to the and for US$900.fearsomeness of Mother Nature.Japan phone networks remaindisruptedSource: 15
  • 126. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneUS$900 was the price for the first spot in the queue for AppleiPad 2, which college student Amanda Foote sold after beingin line at the Apple store in New York for 41 hours. And Footeplans to use the money to but tickets for Lady Gagas concert.The buyer of the spot isHazem Sayen, an app developer, whosaid that he wanted to bring the iPad 2 with him when heleaves for his busienss trip; the Apple iPad 2 starts at US$499.Apparently, Foote isnt the only one who is being paid forher trouble: there are offers ranging from US$100 to US$999to stand in line or sell their spot. (Looks like theres a goodmarket for this isnt it?). Update : Pardon for the mistake, we missed out the bottom part of the cooler which is about a slot thick so GeForce GTXJapan Earthquake Shortens 590 is still a dual slot card. The lenght is 297mm which isthe day similar to its older counterpart GeForce GTX 295. Anyway, the card is still slated for March 22nd launch. The performanceSource: driver closest to the launch is version 267.52 and you can findday/11564.html this string in the inf file : NVIDIA_DEV.1088.01 = "NVIDIAMarch 14th, 2011 GeForce GTX 590". NVIDIA seems confident that this card will win the Radeon HD 6990. Specs will be finalized next week. IT SHOW 2011 Coverage Source: may be unnoticable, but Fridays earthquake off the coast of March 14th, 2011Japan did shorten the day by a tiny bit. Read on.NASA geophysicist Richard Gross was able to calculatethat due to the shift in the Earths mass after Fridaysearthquake, the Earths rotation about its own axis was spedup by 1.6 microseconds. Shortening each Earth day by 1.6microseconds. IT Show Singapore 2011 is upon us, and needless to say there are going to be lots of IT-related offers awaiting the bargainNVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 hunters who have waited months for this day. As usual, VR-Cooler Cover Exposed Zone headed down to the exhibition grounds at Suntec City Exhibition and Convention Centre to bring you the coverageSource: of the 14th, 2011 Update : Pardon for the mistake, we missed out the bottompart of the cooler which is about a slot thick so GeForce GTX590 is still a dual slot card. The lenght is 297mm which issimilar to its older counterpart GeForce GTX 295. Anyway, thecard is still slated for March 22nd launch. The performancedriver closest to the launch is version 267.52 and you can findthis string in the inf file : NVIDIA_DEV.1088.01 = "NVIDIAGeForce GTX 590". NVIDIA seems confident that this cardwill win the Radeon HD 6990. Specs will be finalized nextweek. The M1 booth can be located on level 2 Ballroom Foyer. 16
  • 127. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The 1box available for rent from M1 with a minimum of 6 months subscription. M1 also started to offer Internet TV services. With the 1box,users can stream media, surf, shop and socialize all at thecomfort of their couch. 17
  • 128. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Home 5Mbps 8Mbps 10Mbps 15Mbps 30Mbps100Mbps Broadband Monthly $25.20 $36.40 $40.60 $42.90 $53.90 $76.70 Subscriptions Upload 512kbps 1Mbps 1Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps 10Mbps Speeds Up To Mobile 1Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps 7.2Mbps 21Mbps Broadband Monthly $13.45 $23.23 $30.82 $41.58 $59.40 Subscription Data Unlimited Bundle IT SHOW 2011 - Babes Source: March 14th, 2011 A picture speaks a thousand words therefore in this article, we will let the pictures do the talking. Get ready...the show babes of IT Show Singapore 2011. M1 is bundling thier mobile broadband plans with Android tablets. M1 Broadband Offers Fiber 25Mbps 50Mbps100Mbps 150Mbps200Mbps 1Gbps Broadband Monthly $39 $49 $59 $79 $99 $399Subscriptions Upload 25Mbps 50Mbps 50Mbps 75Mbps100Mbps 500Mbps <3 <3 Speeds Up To 18
  • 129. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonelovely the lovely show babes from Casio booth Trend Micro babes are pretty too ! 19
  • 130. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone i like her smile ^_^Sony is hot and sexy 20
  • 131. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone lovely babe from A.C. Ryan ^^her friend joins in<3 hot razer babe with lovely keyboard Did you manage to capture any booth babes in IT Show Singapore 2011 on your camera ? Share with us your photos and we will be adding it to our booth babe article along with ours. 21
  • 132. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCredits will be given, based on your forum nickname. • GE • Headphones Gallery : AKG, JVC, Shure • HTC • IomegaIT SHOW 2011 Price Lists, • iSmartFlyers, Brochures, Promotions • JabraRoundup • JobySource: • Jubbybrochures-promotions-roundup/11502.html • LinksysMarch 14th, 2011 • Lowepro • Manfrotto • McCoy : JooJoo, Gavio, Viliv, iTwin, DiVoom, Aiptek • NokiaCheck out the latest IT SHOW 2011 Price List, Flyers, • Sony PlaystationBrochures, Promotions including brands like Acer, AC Ryan, • Sony BatteryASUS, Blackberry, Brother, Canon, Cisco Linksys, Dell, D- • Sanyo BatteryLink, Epson, Fujifilm, Fuji Xerox, HP, Lenovo, Lexmark,LG, Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Philips, • SingTelSamsung, Seagate, Sony, Toshiba, Western Digital. • TargusNewly Added IT SHOW 2011 Price List • Toshiba Portable HDDIf you are an exhibitor and would like your companys pricelist/flyer to be on our site, then email us at press@vr- • AcerMarch 10th • Altec Lansing6pm • Astone • Aigo • ASUS • Alcatel • Brother • Apple • Canon • Audio House • Edifier • AVG • eGear • Belkin • Fujifilm • Blackberry • Fujitsu • Case Logic • HP • Casio • Lexmark • Creative • LG • Cybermind • Logitech • Dell • M1 • Drobo • Norton • Edimax • OKI • Epson • Olympus • Eubiq • Plantronics • Freecom • Prolink • Fujifilm • Samsung • Gaincity • Sennhesier 22
  • 133. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • SingTel • Fuji Xerox • Sony • Garmin • Sony Ericsson • Powerlogic • TDK • Sensonic • Viewsonic • Sonicgear • Western Digital 12.00am • Zyxel • East Gear : Galactio, Powerex • Go RockMarch 9th • McGear8.30pm • Hitachi March 8th • Imation 7.30pm • Kingston • EnGenuis • Lexar • Garmin ASUS • Microsoft Hardware • Razer • Microsoft Xbox • SMC • Palit • Sapphire 2.30pm • Viewsonic • A4 Tech • X-mini • Avira • xShine • Cyberlink6.30pm • Energizer • ESET • D-Link • Kaspersky • Filco • KJC Tech : iTech, Mili, MLabs • Thermalright, Noctua, Prolimatech • Lau International : Clic, Hama, Kowa, Konus, Speed, • Steelseries Vanguard, Velbon3.30pm • Palladine • Ranger • Buffalo • Marbella • Wacom The Daily VR-Zone News2.30pm Summary - 11 Mar 2011 Source: • A.C. Ryan mar-2011/11562.html March 14th, 2011 • InFocus • SanDisk12.30pm • Aztech • MSI In todays news roundup: Kingstons high-speed, high capacity HyperX T1 8GB (4 x 2GB) 2133MHz DDR3 memory kit gets11.30am reviewed; Sapphires Radeon HD 6870 FleX graphics card, which comes with its own integrated DisplayPort adapter on • Crazy Pricing its PCB, gets reviewed; Samsung is reportedly planning to test 23
  • 134. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneproduction of 32-inch OLED television sets in the second half Description: Antec has been making computer enclosures forof 2012; The annual Pwn2Own competition sees iOSs Safari as long as I can remember. When I think of popular computerand RIMs Blackberry browser getting compromised, and The chassis, one case from Antec almost always comes to mind:PS3 ban imposed on the Netherlands has finally been lifted their Sonata line of cases. Antec has provided Benchmark Reviews the opportunity to review their latest iteration of theirHardware News: Sonata line, the Sonata IV. The Sonata IV is marketed as beingKingston HyperX T1 8GB (4 x 2GB) 2133MHz DDR3 Memory a Quiet Mid Tower case. It aims to bring the Sonata line ofKit Review @ cases up to date with such features as a front USB 3.0 port, aDescription: The Kingston HyperX T1 8GB (4 x 2GB) spot for a 2.5" SSD drive, and silicon grommets to reduce hard2133MHz DDR3 memory kit is definitely worth considering drive vibration. Also included with the Sonata IV is a 620 wattby those looking for a high speed, high capacity kit to take power supply. Can the Sonata IV live up to its predecessors andtheir system to the next level. An XMP profile at 2133MHz the Antec name? Read the full review to find out...makes the whole process extremely simple, and anyone with a Antec Six Hundred Review - XSReviewscompatible motherboard should be up and running in no time. Description: When it comes to building a killer rig, there areExceleram EP3001A 3 x 2 GB DDR3-1333 MHz CL9 review at many important components you have to consider, the being a big one. You want a case that looks great, is quiet andDescription: The EP3001A modules have a speed of keeps all of your hardware nice and cool. With this in mindDDR3-1333 MHz with CL9 timings, and a tRAS-value of today we look at the Antec Six Hundred.24. The CRT-timing can be adjusted to 1T, which gives Corsair Hydro series H60 Watercooling kit Review @you extra performance. Exceleram have chosen to spare the Madshrimpsheatsinks, to minimize the price. The overclocking potential Description: I was surprised that Corsair launched anotheris big, and by loosening the timings, it is possible to hit complete liquid cooling model, the H60. The H50 beingspeeds over DDR3-2000 MHz. We compare the modules in perfect for tiny spaces and moderate cooling demands. Thevarious benchmark tests against kits from both Exceleram and H70 was able to cope with our overclocked Gulftown setup,Kingston. crushing the H50s performance. Its beefier radiator andSapphire Radeon HD 6870 FleX Video Card Review @ dual fan setup was a big step forward for higher demands. Corsairs new H60 is the first new release of its newDescription: Sapphires Radeon HD 6870 FleX edition partnership with the CoolIT company.integrates an active DisplayPort adapter onto the PCB to allow BitFenix Shinobi Review @ Vortezthree non-DisplayPort monitors for Eyefinity gaming - while Description: As tradition would have it, we are here againretaining the two mini-DP outputs of the reference design. with the first review of a new case from BitFenix, namedWe check out single and crossfire HD 6870 performance in Shinobi. Shinobi is a mid-tower case that differs from its1080HD and Eyefinity 3 resolutions. bigger brothers the Survivor and Colossus cases by bringing aThermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Review @Hi Tech Legion touch of sleekness and elegance to the table. Available in twoDescription: The Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler is variants - window version (being reviewed today) and none-Thermaltakes newest addition into the silent operation window version this case features 2 pre-installed fans, tool-market. The Jing is positioned to offer high performance less mechanisms throughout and of solid steel construction.cooling with a noise level of only 16dBA. There are 41 0.5mm Lamptron Fan-Atic 5-Channel Fan Controller Review @ Legitlarge aluminum fins and 5 6mm heat-pipes. The fins, base, Reviewsand heat-pipes are nickel plated for better heat transmission. Description: The Lamptron Fan-Atic 5-channel fan controllerThe Jing comes with 2 custom made fans for push/pull controls 60W per each channel with 3 different voltage outputconfiguration. - 12VDC, 5VDC, and Off, which correspond to Full RPM, LowXigmatek Loki CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews RPM, and Off setting on the fans connected to the controller.Description: Xigmateks Loki is a terrific little cooler that packs So you get full speed cooling capacity or low speed quietnessa lot of performance into a compact package thats easily at a flip of the switch. Read on to see how this fan controllerinstalled and should fit on just about any board and in most performs when we put it to the test!cases. Widely available online for as little as $25 US, Loki is Consumer Electronics and Software News:also very reasonable and represents an excellent value. Samsung to begin test production of 32" OLED TVs in 2HComputing on Demand: Nexus Real Silent CPU Cooler - 2012, will start investing in a Gen-8 fab in 3Q 2011FLC-3000 R2 Description: There are reports that Samsung plans to beginDescription: Many of todays users seem to look towards a test production of 32" OLED TVs in the second half of 2012.peaceful experience in front of the keyboard instead of the The company will start to invest in Gen-8 OLED TV productiondays when we thought having a computer that sounded like lines in 3Q 2011. LG will be able to make 30" OLED TVs bea hovercraft was cool. A few companies have made a name the end of 2011, and (as we know already) plans a Gen-8 fabfor themselves by offering peripherals and devices that marry for 2011. Sony meanwhile seems to be focusing on professionalperformance with peace and quiet. Nexus thinks they have the OLED monitors, and doesnt have any active consumer OLEDproper balance with their new FLC-3000 (R2). TV program.Antec Sonata IV Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews Google Adds Click-to-Call to Gmail Voice Calling 24
  • 135. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Google has enhanced its voice calling feature in over the reference GTX 460, clock speed upto 700 MHz andGmail with an ability to click on phone numbers and call them subsequently, shaders up to 1400 MHz. The 2Win features 2instantly instead of having to type in the number manually. GB GDDR5 at 3.6 GHz.Forget Apple, the money is in Android Visually, the 2Win is identical to the EVGA Dual-GPUDescription: While the Apple App store is packed full of prototype shown at CES 2011. Thought to be a dual-GF110software and has a better reach, a top developer has pointed card, we reported the PCB footprint suggesting a dual-GF114out that he makes much more cash from writing Android code. card. Now we know that the prototype from CES 2011 was indeed the GTX 460 2Win.Google, Bing Have White Lists Of Sites Not To Be Impacted ByAlgo ChangesDescription: Both major search engines admitted today theyhave white lists of sites that wont be impacted by changesto their algorithms. During the Spam Police session at SMX,Googles Matt Cutts and Bings Sasi Parthasarathy bothconfirmed this, the UK Register noted. "Google has admittedthat it uses whitelists to manually ...Google Brings Instant Previews to MobileDescription: The concept of Google Instant, which couldgive you results before you were even done typing, wasfurther enhanced with the presence of Instant Preview. InstantPreviews allows users to click on a magnifying glass while inthe search page and get previews of the first few results. Now,four months after the original release of Instant Previews, the It is a dual-slot card, featuring three fans. The card uses 2x8-concept is coming to mobile. pin power, with a TDP somewhere between 300W and 375W. It is a long card - at 11.5" it is nearly as long as the Radeon HDPwn2Own day 2: iPhone, BlackBerry beaten; Chrome, Firefox On day two of the Pwn2Own competition, Apples In terms of performance, the EVGA article paints a rosy pictureiPhone and RIMs BlackBerry Torch 9800 were both put against the GTX 580 - the GTX 460 2Win winning bothin the spotlight, and were both successfully compromised. 3DMark 11 and Unigine Heaven benchmarks comfortably.Meanwhile, contestants scheduled to attack Android and However, these are synthetic benchmarks which scale almostFirefox failed to turn up, leaving those platforms unscathed. perfectly with SLI. In real world gaming tests, the GTX 460 2Win may struggle to keep up with the single GTX 580.Gaming News: Certainly, the 2Win will be annihialted by the HD 6990 andPS3 Ban Lifted in Netherlands the upcoming GTX 590.Description: The dispute between Sony and LG has taken The 2Win has a trick up its sleeve, however, featuring 4another twist, with the ban on imported PS3s being lifted in display outputs - 3xDVI and 1x mini HDMI. This makes itthe Netherlands. the first single NVIDIA card to feature multimonitor gaming,Jurassic Park: The Game Q&A - Back from extinction supporting 3D Surround. Previously, two cards in SLI wereDescription: We find out a few more details from Telltale needed to enable 3D Surround. It will surely be the cheapestGames about its upcoming dinosaur action adventure game. single NVIDIA card to support 3D Surround (the other, GTX 590, will be a lot more expensive), and this is something EVGA seems to be actively marketing.EVGA announces dual-GF104 Considering the specifications of the GTX 460 2Win, surely aGTX 460 2Win GTX 560 2Win would allow for better performance in the sameSource: thermal envelope? This suggests that the 2Win - like severalgtx-460-2win/11561.html other dual-GF104 prototypes - have been in development forMarch 14th, 2011 a long time and are now being released. The most important thing now, for EVGA, is the pricing. With the single GTX 460 1GB cards now selling at around $170 (after rebates), the GTX 460 2Win, if priced right, could be an interesting alternative to the HD 6970 or GTX 570. However, if the pricing is off, it will be a simple case of too little, too late. Availability hasnt been mentioned either.Remember the much rumoured dual-GF104 cards from wayback in May 2010? After several unreleased prototypes, EVGAhas finally taken the step of announcing the first retail dual-GF104 card, the EVGA GTX 460 2Win. To put it simply, theGTX 460 2Win puts two GTX 460 GF104 1GB on one PCB.EVGA goes an extra step by giving the 2Win mild overclocks 25
  • 136. March 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWhite Apple iPhone 4 comingin April. For real?Source: 14th, 2011The white version of the iPhone 4 was rumored to launch forthe longest time and until now, there has not been any officialword from Apple about this. The last known news was that itshould be available around end February, but it looks like thatthe phone will be delayed until next month, according to somesources.The recently announced iPad 2 has gotten lots of attention,though there has been no news of the next iPhone 5. However,it seems that the white version of iPhone 4 is still getting peopleexcited. Some online sources said that Apple would launchthe white iPhone 4, but was later denied, probably because ofdesign issues.Recently, Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has toldsome online media that the white iPhone 4 will be launchednext month, and it will be a GSM version. If the news is to betrue, then the wait is finally going to be over.But if the new iPhone 5 is going to be announced soon, wouldyou go for the white iPhone 4 or the newer iPhone 5? 26
  • 137. March 17th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! bit video frame buffer and 3072 stream processors. While VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication the Sapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 can accomplish the covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. performance of two Radeon HD 6970s in CrossFireX, it can do so with less power and heat. The Sapphire 100310SR utilizes several new MSAA modes including Enhanced Quality Anti-The Daily VR-Zone News Aliasing (EQAA), which Benchmark Reviews tests in some ofUpdate - 17 Mar 2011 the most popular DirectX-11 video games available...Source: Xigmatek Asgard II computer case @ (German)mar-2011/11630.html Description: (Machine translation) With Xigmatek the worldMarch 17th, 2011 is upside down. This at least allows the naming of the suspect case series. Here one does that is back to Norse mythology and identifies its case at the three levels of the World Tree. At the bottom is therefore Utgard, who represents the underworld, with Xigmatek but represents the upper class. And above shows the Asgard, the heavenly home of the gods, with Xigmatek but reflects the lower low-budget class. Midgard isIn todays news roundup: ASUS has announced that selected only the golden mean and thus of its name.models of its current socket AM3 motherboards will becapable of supporting AMDs upcoming FX-series CPUs Market for combined CPUs and GPUs on the riseafter performing a certain BIOS update; AMD shows off Description: Graphics-enabled microprocessors are expected3D display capabilities with new HD3D technology which to reach record highs this year with GEM penetration inappears to support more 3D HDTVs than monitors; Samsungs notebook PCs set to reach 50 percent, and 45 percent forAndroid-powered Galaxy Player is reportedly the real threat desktops. This represents an impressive 11 percent increase forto Apples iPod Touch; The worlds first LTE phone, the HTC notebooks in the use of chips which incorporate both the CPUThunderbolt, is now officially available from Verizon; Analysts and graphics processing in one place.are predicting that the announcement of a HD Wii 2 may be ASUS GTX 550 Ti DirectCU TOP Reviewall that is needed to turn Nintendos fortunes around, and Our Description: The ASUS GTX 550 Ti DirectCU TOP hassister site SGCafe tries out the Mortal Kombat demo currently moved away from the NVIDIA reference design chosen byavailable for download on the PlayStation Network some manufacturers. The first change was the mini-HDMIHardware news: connector, replaced by a full-sized HDMI, and the addition of a VGA connection, replacing the second DVI connector seenThe Ultimate Graphics Cards Round-up: Spring 2011 @ in reference design cards. As with the GTS 450 and GTX 460InsideHW it features bitstreaming support for both Dolby True HD andDescription: If you were attentive during the past few months, DTS-HD Master Audio, handy for home theatre PC’re bound to have noticed just how many new graphicscard models have been presented in the past few months. Asustek to Support Future AMD FX "Bulldozer" Chips onTo say that the market situation is confusing would be an Current Mainboards.understatement, since not only have there been plenty of new Description: Asustek Computer, the worlds largest maker ofmodels making their appearance on the market, but an entire mainboards, announced on Wednesday that select currentgraphics card generation has shifted. Besides, NVIDIA seems mainboards with AM3 socket will also support next-to have made a full recovery and got back into the game as an generation AMD FX-series "Bulldozer" microprocessors afterentirely respectable competitor… a BIOS upgrade. A similar move will likely be made by other motherboard suppliers, which will prove that currentSapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 @ Benchmark Reviews platforms can technically support Bulldozer chips.Description: The Sapphire 100310SR Radeon HD 6990 is adual-Cayman GPU product capable of powering five monitors Eyes-on: AMD Shows 3D Capabilities With HD3Dat once, or produce the fastest video game frame rates possible Description: While Nvidias been playing in the 3D spaceof any graphics card to one monitor. Using a new VLIW4 for quite some time now with its proprietary 3D Visionshader core architecture and equipped with 4GB GDDR5 256- technology, AMDs been holding off in what it feels is in the 1
  • 138. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebest interest of the industry and ultimately the consumer. Description: AMD Catalyst Application Profile 11.2 #4 is here!AMDs 3D technology for its Radeon HD products conform to This weeks new Catalyst Application Profile, exclusively atindustry standards – most notably right now is HDMI 1.4a. Rage3D before anywhere else, includes updates for six titles.Sadly, this doesnt include a lot of desktop monitors on the Sandberg USB 5.1 Surround headset Review -market today, but it does include essentially every new 3D in existence today. Description: Our subject today is the Sandberg 5.1 USBCrucial does BoM control on DDR3 Surround headset which is specifically designed for gamersDescription: Crucial is dropping a BoM on enterprise server and PC-multimedia enthusiasts. Sandberg is a well over 20-memory customers with their new BoM-controlled RDIMM years old Danish company that produces computer-relatedline. It may not seem like much if you don’t need it, but to those products such as audio periphials, keyboards, mice, cables andthat do, it is worth more than gold. much more. Altough the brand doesn’t specifically pop up when we are talking audio periphials, I have good hopes forConsumer Electronics and Software news:: this gamer-oriented product.Why Samsung’s Galaxy Player Rivals Apple’s iPod Touch Gaming news:Description: Leveraging the success of its Galaxy Ssmartphone line, Samsung today introduced two models of Can An HD Wii 2 Turn Around Nintendo’s Video Fortunes?Galaxy Player handhelds, expected to launch later this spring Description: Nintendo could announce the next generation ofin the U.S. At first glance, the 4- and 5-inch devices appear its Wii gaming console soon, according to comments madeto be Android-powered Samsung smartphones, complete with by EA Games Label President Frank Gibeau. Analysts believefront and rear cameras, touch screens, and Adobe Flash that the company will announce the Wii2 at this year’s E3support, but these don’t include a cellular radio. Instead, the conference in June, which could mean that it goes on sale earlynew Galaxy Player line uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, just like next year.Apple’s iPod touch. But why would Samsung ever attempt to Quick Review: Mortal Kombat Demotake on Apple’s iPod, which holds an imposing majority share Description: Forget those cheesy finishes in previous Mortalin the digital audio player market? Kombat games or those petty looking finishes in MK vs DCROCCAT Alumic Review @ Vortez universe because the upcoming Mortal Kombat is here toDescription: It was just 2 weeks ago that we got our first break some bone and gut. Simply titled Mortal Kombat, thishands-on look at ROCCATs latest and greatest at CeBIT 2011. new real deal is heading for retail on April 22 for PlayStation 3The first item that ROCCAT showed us at that event is the and Xbox 360, the demo is available on PlayStation Networkitem under review today. A double sided gaming mouse pad now (not sure for Xbox Live yet)with an anodized aluminium core providing ultimate stability Operation Flashpoint: Red River preview: With a little helpand durability, whilst accommodating both low and high- from my friendssensitivity gamers by way of 2 completely different surface Description: The first time we saw Operation Flashpoint: Redtextures. River in action, it was clear that the game was trying to expandCorsair HS1A Gaming Headset Review @ Legit Reviews the appeal of this traditionally "realistic" military shooterDescription: Corsair has hit the PC audio market with a slew series. Played alone, as we did in December, the game stillof new products in the last year. And all of them appear to be requires a fair amount of tactical squad micromanagement,strong performers. The Corsair HS1A Headset is no different. but Codemasters encourages players to experience the ten-It is made with the highest quality materials and adheres to stage campaign, along with the separate co-op mode calledCorsairs tight specifications to let your games immerse you "Fireteam Engagements," with a group of three friends...into their fantasy world. Today we are looking at the HS1Aa inthe Legit Reviews Labs, and what we found might just surpriseyou. Did we like them or not? Read on to find out. Dell launches new Inspiron RHTC Thunderbolt Now Available from Verizon notebooksDescription: The world’s first LTE phone, HTC Thunderbolt, Source: now available from Verizon for $249.99 with a two-year notebooks/11631.htmlcontract or $599.99 if you want the contract-free, unlocked March 17th, 2011version.Samsung PN58C8000 58 Inch Plasma TV Review @TweaknewsDescription: The Samsung PN58C8000 is targeted towardsthe buyer that wants the best Samsung Plasma TV that moneycan buy and have every possible feature other than integratedWifi. No corners have been cut for this model and everything It is spring time and Dell has announced what can only befrom the upgraded remote control to the brushed exterior described as its spring collection which is a refresh of itsbezel and finish look as good as the TV performs. Inpiron R series of notebooks that now features removable display backs, something akin to Nokias swappable phoneNew Catalyst Application Profile for 6 titles, incl. Crysis 2 covers of the past. Of course theres more to the new line thanExclusively @ Rage3D swappable bits of plastic, as Dell has added support for Intels 2
  • 139. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesecond generation Core i processors across the range whichbrings with it some additional changes as well.It is spring time and Dell has announced what can only bedescribed as its spring collection which is a refresh of itsInpiron R series of notebooks that now features removabledisplay backs, something akin to Nokias swappable phonecovers of the past. Of course theres more to the new line thanswappable bits of plastic, as Dell has added support for Intelssecond generation Core i processors across the range whichbrings with it some additional changes as well.So what were looking at here are three new models, the14R (N4110), 15R (N5110) and 17R (N7110) and the model The unusual feature of all three models is Dells new Switchnames give away the screen sizes. Dell is offering all three lid design and this is again an optional feature which will costmodels with an option of a dual core Core i3-3210M or a you extra, on top of the cost of the various lids you can getCore i5-2410M processor, although the 15R and 17R will be which start at US$39.99. The switchable lids also add a fairavailable with the quad core Core i7-2630QM. The 14R and bit of weight to the tune of about 170-270g depending on the15R come with standard 1366x768 resolution displays while model. Its a neat feature for those that want a notebook thatthe larger 17R gets fitted with a 1600x900 panel. stands out and if you get bored by one design, you can always buy another one. The 14R starts at US$579.99, the 15R is a little bit cheaper at US$529.99 and the 17R comes in at the same starting price asThe standard graphics option is Intels HD graphics 3000, the 14R and all three models are supplied with a black Switchalthough dell offers an upgrade to an AMD Radeon HD 6470M lid at this price point. Singapore pricing appears to start atfor the 14R and 15R, while the 14R is also available with a S$949 for the 14R, but this doesnt include a Switch lid asRadeon HD 6640M. For whatever reason Dell decided to go standard and would set you back an additional S$42.80 for thewith two Nvidia graphics options as well, as the 15R can be plain black one. The 15R starts at S$999, although it comeskitted out with a GeForce GT525M, which is also the only with a free upgrade option for the Switch lids. The 17R doesntoption for the 17R, although in this case the 15R only comes appear to be available in Singapore as of now.with 1GB of graphics memory, while the 17R gets 2GB.All three models will be offered with up to 8GB of RAMand will come with either a 5,400rpm hard drive up to Microsoft officially launches640GB or a 7,200rpm hard drive up to 500GB. Otherfeatures include an optical drive, various 802.11a/b/g/n Wi- Internet Explorer 9 inFi and 3G/WiMAX options, Bluetooth 3.0, WiDi support, Singapore: its all about theeSATAp (powered eSATA/USB combo port), USB 3.0, HDMI,10/100Mbit Ethernet, HD webcam and a memory card reader. need for speed Source: all models will come with all features, as generally is the explorer-9-in-singapore-it-s-all-about-the-need-for-speed/11629.htmlcase with notebooks. All three models are available with a 6- March 17th, 2011cell or a 9-cell battery pack. Have you downloaded the finalized version of Microsofts latest browser for use on your Windows-powered PC? Well, if your answer to that question happens to be a resounding no, perhaps Microsofts latest demonstration might convince you 3
  • 140. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto have a change of heart. The Redmond giant has organized browser technology," he said, while adding that this has leda media event at the Singapore Flyer Megu Event Hall to Microsoft to change its focus from the browser to that of theshowcase some of the features available in its new browser, user experience.and VR-Zone is proud to bring you the coverage. "Web developers are doing a lot of amazing things today, but browser technology hasnt been catching up. So now, we start looking at things differently in IE 9. Realistically, it is all about the content. No one goes to a theatre and looks at the theare room: they go there to watch the play. And this is practically the same thing for all types of content we see out there today," he explained. User experience and standards support To prove his point, Hardman demonstrated how IE9 features the ability to pin IE9-optimized webpages onto the WindowsFor a browser that comes bundled as part of the dominant Taskbar, which in turn allows users to access the sites linksoperating system used by more than 80% of the worlds and pages from within its Taskbar icon. Citibanks website wasPC owners, Internet Explorer seldom, if ever, gets any love, used as an example for this demonstration.especially among the more technologically savvy crowd, andfor good reason. After all, Internet Explorer has been knownto come with various security holes large enough for theproverbial bus to drive through, while its lack of speed andpoor support for existing web standards did little to no favorsfor its image.However, Microsoft is also keen to let consumers know thatInternet Explorer has changed for the better, and that it haswhat it takes to be the best browser for consumers once again.And to do that, the Redmond giant has organized a mediaevent held at the Singapore Flyer Megu Event Hall to showcaseInternet Explorer 9s capabilities in bringing out what it callsthe "full beauty of the web".Speaking at the event was Matthew Hardman of the WindowsClient Business Group Lead (Business and Marketing) for According to Hardman, this feature is unique to InternetMicrosoft Singapore, who talked about the ever-evolving Explorer 9 and requires webmasters to make some changesnature of the World Wide Web, and how Internet Explorer 9s to the underlying code in order for users to enjoynew features can deliver the best of the Web to end-users. the aforementioned convenience. However, Hardman also revealed that such a feature does not require a complete code rewrite; rather, webmasters only need to input five additional lines into their sites underlying code in order to take advantage of this exclusive feature. "Research has shown that people who actually implement this feature ever since it was introduced in the beta versions of Internet Explorer 9 are actually experiencing huge increases in terms of visits and time spent on the webpage. This is because it is now so much easier for consumers to get access to the actual website itself," he claimed. Support for HTML5 was also a huge priority for Microsoft, and Hardman showed off Internet Explorer 9s robust support for the new draft standard by loading an online game that was completely written in HTML5. For those interested, the game"At the beginning of the Web, it was all about basic can be accessed by clicking on this link.information, such as text and pictures. Then as we startedseeing the evolution of technology, like video and YouTubebeing a key examples which projected the Web in a wholedifferent direction as well as making content richer, noisierand more interactive. That really drove a lot of innovation in 4
  • 141. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Nikon Singapore has announced the COOLPIX S9100 compact camera, a high performance model with 18x zoom lens and rearside illumination CMOS sensor that suppresses noise in pictures. It is available from today.Also featured in Hardmans demonstration was FoursquaresPlayground page, in which Internet Explorers support forHTML5 was key to ensuring that users could interactseamlessly with the virtual town without needing to installany unnecessary ActiveX plugins such as Adobes Flash or The latest Nikon COOLPIX S9100 features a 12.1-megapixelShockwave player. rating, 18x optical zoom with wide angle capability and a 3- inch LCD display. Incorporating a backside illumination CMOS sensor, it can effectively minimize noise in pictures. The camera also offers ISO settings of up to 3200, various shooting modes including Easy Panorama Mode, Pet Portrait Mode, Night Landscape mode and Special Effects. The S9100 can also record videos in full high-definition with stereo and has a card slot that supports SD/SDHC/SDXC. Rumour: AMD FX-series (Bulldozer) releasing June 11th Source: releasing-june-11th/11627.html March 17th, 2011 Five years in the making, AMDs Bulldozer has gone through a slew of changes in schedule. According to the last report, Bulldozers shipping date was suggested as June 20th. Now, DonanimHaber is introducing a new date - June 11th. AMDs 9-series motherboards will release in May, presumably during Computex 2011 time. Around this time, AMDs FX series is expected to be officially announced and dated.Nikon COOLPIX S9100, now on Five years in the making, AMDs Bulldozer has gone throughsale in Singapore a slew of changes in schedule. According to the lastSource: report, Bulldozers shipping date was suggested as June 20th.singapore/11628.html Now, DonanimHaber is introducing a new date - June 11th.March 17th, 2011 AMDs 9-series motherboards will release in May, presumably during Computex 2011 time. Around this time, AMDs FX series is expected to be officially announced and dated. Considering June 11th is a Saturday, it does seem like an odd time to release a major CPU. The previous date of June 20th seems more realistic. Regardless, AMDs official timeline remains "Q2 2011" and unless there are any major changes, AMDs FX series is set to be unleashed some time in June 5
  • 142. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone2011. A preliminary line-up of FX series CPUs has already been price bracket, DIGITIMES claims that ASUS is hoping to avoidleaked and can be viewed here. direct confrontation with tablet PCs, thus making its netbooks more attractive to those who are seeking a highly mobile PC to use, but without the price premium found on tablets.Rumour: ASUS plans sub To achieve such prices, it is claimed that ASUS will also seekUS$250 netbook to avoid to avoid the Microsoft tax altogether by dropping Windowscompeting against tablet PCs? as the default OS pre-loaded into the netbooks. Instead, ASUS will reportedly go for royalty-free, resource-light OSes such asSource: Googles Android or Chrome OS. In a way, this makes perfectnetbook-to-avoid-competing-against-tablet-pcs-/11623.html sense; after all, netbooks were never meant to be used asMarch 17th, 2011 gaming heavy multimedia consumption machines. By using OSes not known to support heavy gaming, ASUS can not only save some money on the Microsoft tax, but also allow it to target consumers who seek to purchase a mobile PC for only basic tasks such as web surfing and word processing. However, we should probably point out that with the current component shortage faced by manufacturers of NAND flashWith tablet PCs fast gaining acceptance among consumers and display panels, both of which are key components inas the mobile computer of choice for media consumption, netbook assembly, users might want to take this informationwhat does one think netbook OEMs should do to restore about a low-cost netbook with a pinch of salt.the competitiveness of a product that appears to be fastapproaching its use by date? Well, ASUS apparently thinksthat the answer is rather straightforward: make them cheaper. Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS with new Adobe Camera Pack announced Source: with-new-adobe-camera-pack-announced/11624.html March 17th, 2011 Adobe has announced Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS devices. It is now available free on the Apple iTunes Store, and there is also a new Adobe Camera Pack for in-app purchase. Read on for more details.In spite of what people might think, it is going to be quitehard to prove that tablet PCs have not started cutting intonetbook sales, and for good reason. After all, tablets aredefinitely much more suited for consumers who prize mobilityover functionality, and the fact that their price premium overthe netbook is starting to narrow does not bode well for thehumble, performance-limited netbook.With this is mind, what measures are netbook OEMs takingto ensure that demand for their products remain stable? Well,sources close to "upstream component makers" are claimingthat the Taiwanese OEM has got a rather simple answer tothe netbook problem, and that is to simply make cheapernetbooks.According to a report posted on DIGITIMES, ASUS is in Adobe Photoshop Express offers easy, on-the-go support forthe midst of co-operating with Intel on producing a new capturing, organizing, editing and sharing photos on popularnetbook that, when completed, will be released for retail at social networks like Facebook and has gained huge popularityaround US$200-US$250. In contrast, the current batch of on iOS and Android devices. It is a must-have app for usersnetbooks available on the market can retail at prices ranging working with digital photos on new smartphones and tablets.from approximately US$280 for a low-end configuration, or Today, the company announced the availability of Adobeupwards of US$400 for more powerful variants, thus putting Photoshop Express 2.0 software for iOS devices. You canthemselves in direct competition with tablet PCs retailing at download the app free from Apple iTunes Store, and thenear-identical price range. By avoiding the US$280-US$500 6
  • 143. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePhotoshop Express 2.0 also includes a new Adobe CameraPack for in-app purchase. This Camera Pack includes:- Reduce Noise: Even the best phone cameras can introducesmall amounts of grain and speckling—called noise—intoimages. The Reduce Noise feature quickly smooths out thoseflaws to improve photos.- Self Timer: Set a camera timer to three or 10-second intervalsto control when the photo is snapped and capture just thedesired moment.- Auto Review: Ensure a good shot and delete it quickly if not.Auto Review provides a quick look at pictures before the actionpasses by.The Adobe Camera Pack enhances the new camera workflow ARM has had been snapping away at Intels heels ever sincethat debuted in Photoshop Express 1.5 for iOS and enabled its chips had been selected over the latters x86 offerings incustomers to continuously and rapidly shoot photos directly the mobile segment, and the recent news of ARMs designsin the app. starting to make their way into the lucrative server market is definitely something which Intel would want to prevent at allPricing and Availability costs. After all, there is no denying that there is big moneyPhotoshop Express 2.0 for iOS is available worldwide in to be made in the server segment, and ARMs offerings willEnglish for free download from the iTunes store. The Adobe definitely appeal to companies seeking low-power servers.Camera Pack is available for in-app purchase for US$3.99. However, Intel has also got a few tricks up its sleeves whenInstructions for purchase are provided in the app. it comes to competing with ARM, and in this case, it seemsPhotoshop Express 2.0 requires iOS 4.2 or later. To use the that the chip giant is finally going to do what many had alreadyAdobe Camera Pack, customers must have an iPhone 3Gs, speculated about some time back. Thats right: Intel will beiPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd or 4th generation), or an iPad or releasing server-grade versions of its low-power processoriPad 2 (note that Photoshop Express does not include support specially designed to work with microservers.for the iPad 2 camera at this time). According to a report posted by Intel, the server-grade Atoms will be targeted for a 2012 launch, and as many as four suchIntel to sell server-capable processors will be made available for the microserver market. The CPUs will feature relatively low power consumptionsversions of Atom in 2012 spanning from 45 watt high performance to sub-10 watt, allSource: with server features.of-atom-in-2012/11622.html The report also goes on to claim that various features that comeMarch 17th, 2011 standard in its existing CPUs such as 64-bit support, Intel Virtualization Technology and Error-Correcting Code (ECC) will also be implemented in its new line of server-grade Atom processors. Unfortunately, no other details such as core count and clock speeds about the chips were released, so do check back forDo Atom-branded processors have what it takes to run updates on this.server-side applications and tasks? Well, Intel seems tothink so. Apparently, the worlds number one producer ofx86 processors is feeling the heat about ARMs plans to Hardware components incompete in the lucrative server market, and plans to defendits turf by introducing server-grade Atom processors for use in short supply after Japanesemicroservers. earthquake Source: supply-after-japanese-earthquake/11621.html March 17th, 2011 Any you planning to indulge in any high-cost, IT-related purchases such as television sets, smartphones and PCs any 7
  • 144. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonetime soon? If so, be prepared to fork out more cash for that March 17th, 2011product which you have had your eye on for the longest time:the components needed for the assembly of such devices arereportedly in short supply, no thanks to the recent quake whichravaged Japan and its factories. Aside from the 10-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, it looks like pictures of three HTC smartphones have also been leaked online. The three phones are the HTC Ignite, HTC Prime and HTC Pyramid Z710e .Have you been eyeing that shiny, new LCD television set,notebook PC, tablet PC or smartphone that has been sittingon the display shelves of your favourite hardware or computershop for the longest time already? Well, we got some advice foryou: you can either break the piggy bank and get that devicewhile it is still available, or give it a miss altogether and putthat money into the bank instead. HTC is stealing the limelight in the early part of 2011. With theWhy? Well, the truth hurts, but it seems that the recent recent news of their upcoming 10-inch Android 3.0 tablet, theearthquake that trashed Japan around has had a much greater company will also be launching their "heavyweight" productsimpact on the country than just destroying towns and taking in the form of HTC Ignite?HTC Prime?HTC Pyramind Z710eout its nuclear reactors. Apparently, an article posted by (above picture from left to right).IDG claims that major electronics manufacturers such as The HTC Ignite and HTC Prime are Windows Phone 7, thoughSamsung and LG Electronics are reporting shortages in the the difference is that the HTC Ignite is a full-touchscreencomponents needed to manufacture the display panels used phone while the HTC Prime has a slideout QWERTY the aforementioned devices "due to blackouts and transportissues". As display panels are one of the most important The HTC Pyramid Z710e (which has no resemblence to thecomponents that make up such devices, it is highly possible shape of the ancient structure) is said to run Android 3.0,that such shortages will result in consumers having to pay although it is weird that the version is designed for tablethigher prices for such products. devices and not smartphones. Or perhaps the news source mean Android 2.3. Regardless, the three smartphones areIn addition, it appears that display panels are not the scheduled to launch in June this year.only components affected by the natural disaster. Toshibahas reportedly claimed that the earthquake and the rollingblackouts imposed on the power grid has left its silicon wafer Samsung details its Series 9fabrication factory out of commision, and this is expected tohave an adverse effect on NAND flash memory chips heavily notebooksused in smartphones and tablet PCs. Source: notebooks/11618.htmlSimply put, the earthquake in Japan has thrown the countrys March 17th, 2011entire supply chain in to disarray, and there is a very highlikelihood for global consumers to start feeling the aftereffectsof the natural disaster in the form of increased prices forexisting consumer electronic products. Of course, whether thiswill actually happen will depend on how quickly Japan canrestore shipment of supplies needed for the manufacturingand assembly of such devices, but until then, we might all want Samsungs sleek and sexy Series 9 notebooks are finallyto start preparing to pay more for our digital needs. arriving, at least in the US of A, although the company didnt just unveil the pricing of its 13.3-inch model today, but alsoPictures of HTC Ignite, HTC details on its new 11.1-inch model. The 13.3-inch model goes on sale in the US today, although its not clear as to when itllPrime and HTC Pyramid leaked be available elsewhere, whereas to the 11.1-inch model no firmSource: launch date was 8
  • 145. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSamsungs sleek and sexy Series 9 notebooks are finally March 17th, 2011arriving, at least in the US of A, although the company didntjust unveil the pricing of its 13.3-inch model today, but alsodetails on its new 11.1-inch model. The 13.3-inch model goeson sale in the US today, although its not clear as to when itllbe available elsewhere, whereas to the 11.1-inch model no firmlaunch date was given.The 13.3-inch Series 9 model will only be offered with a Core In todays news roundup: AMDs Asif Rehman talks abouti5-2537M which is a ULV model clocked at 1.4GHz with a turbo the companys new PowerXpress technology and how it willspeed of 2GHz for both cores and 2.3GHz for a single core. The stack up against the likes of NVIDIAs Optimus and LucidsIntel graphics has a base clock speed of a mere 350MHz, but Virtu; EVGAs GeForce GTX 550Ti FPB Edition DirectX 11will turbo to 900MHz. This is the most basic ULV processor in graphics card gets reviewed; Twitter introduces a new featureIntels new line-up and as such it only has 3MB of L3 cache, but which allows users to permanently access its services viait supports all the extra features like AVX, AES, TXT and VT. HTTPS; Eurocom adds Intel 510 series SSDs to its line of high- performance mobile workstations; More new updates and surprises awaits fans of the popular smartphone game known as Angry Birds thanks to a certain tie-up with Microsofts Bing, and Battlefield 3 gets a new gameplay trailer. Hardware News: Enermax Hoplite Mid Tower Case Review @ Legit Reviews Description: Today we are looking at the newest mid-tower case offering from Enermax called Hoplite. On paper the Hoplite has loads of features like hot swap bays, hard drive dock, and even ability to have a 2x120 radiator installed internally. So join us as we give the Hoplite a good looking over and see just what it does have to offer. Zalman Z9 Plus Mid-Tower Case Review @ Bigbruin.comOther features include up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, a 128GB Description: Over the years, Zalman cases have won manySSD, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with WiDi support and optional awards, but for many users their cases were just too expensiveWiMAX, Bluetooth 3.0, an HDMI port, three USB 2.0 ports of to justify. Zalman recognized this and set out to offer caseswhich one can charge other devices even when the notebook is that everybody could afford, without sacrificing their typicaloff, a microSD card slot, an Ethernet port, a pair of audio jacks quality. The Zalman Z9 Plus is one of these lower cost casesand an HD webcam. The clickpad (track pad) supports no less that manages to offer features usually found only on morethan 21 different types of gestures and you do of course get a expensive cases.chicklet type keyboard as well. The Lithium Polymer battery is Titan Hati CPU Cooler Review on Technic3D (German)said to be good for up to 7h of usage and the machine weighs Description: (Machine translation) The Titan Hati Heatsinkin at a feather light 1.31kg. arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review the TitanThe 11.1-inch model gets to make do with a ULV Core Hati with one or two 120mm Fans and three 8mm Heatpipesi3-380UM processor which is clocked at 1.33GHz and as this compared with many other Cooler on a Intel Core i7 an older CPU you dont get support for Intels latest and Better than the Fenrir Evo?greatest graphics. It also comes with a mere 2GB of RAM as Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 PLUS dock @standard and a tiny 64GB SSD. Still, it should offer the same XtremeComputing7h worth of battery life and at a weight of just a smidgen over Description: Today I will be reviewing the Sharkoon QuickPort1kg its hard to complain too much. XT USB 3.0 PLUS hdd dock. Sharkoon have been aroundThe 13.3-inch Series 9 notebook will start at US$1,649 (S for quite a while, and have built up a good reputation of$2,120) with Windows 7 Home Premium while itll cost US reliable useful products. Today I will see how this USB 3.0 dock$50 more with Windows 7 Professional, although that SKU compares to a USB 2.0 dock. I am hopeful this dock will beatwont be available until sometime in mid-April. So now the the older standard, and am somewhat excited to be dealingquestion youre going to have to ask yourself, would you go with this product – as it will be my first encounter with USBwith Samsungs new Duralumin clad Series 9 notebook or 3.0!Apples aluminium clad MacBook Air? AMD PowerXpress 4.0 & Interview with AMDs Asif Rehman @ Rage3D.comThe Daily VR-Zone News Description: AMDs new PowerXpress technology has appeared from the depths Chinas Baidu, and indicatesSummary - 16 Mar 2011 how AMD will combat NVIDIAs Optimus technology andSource: newcomer Lucids Virtu technology. Read more about AMDmar-2011/11614.html PowerXpress and the basics of hybrid and switchable graphics in our Interview with AMDs Asif Rehman 9
  • 146. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneEVGA GeForce GTX 550Ti FPB Edition DirectX 11 Video Card Description: Xtrememac is a well known Apple mobile deviceReview @Hi Tech Legion peripheral maker who in the past has provided Tesfreaks withDescription: The EVGA GTX 550 Ti FPB video card is a cases and chargers for review. Today we will look at theirmajor improvement over the GTS 450. The EVGA GTX 550 Bluetooth enabled iPod/iPhone speaker dock – the TangoTi is factory overclocked at 951 MHz (Core) from the default TRX. Besides charging and playing music from a docked900 MHz. The memory clocks are also bumped up on the iPod or iPhone, it can also wirelessly stream music fromEVGA GTX 550 Ti FPB to 4356 MHz from the standard 3600 any Bluetooth stereo capable devices including Android andMHz. Like all EVGA video cards, the GTX 550 Ti FPB video Blackberry models.card comes bundled with EVGA’s Precision and OC Scanner SteelSeries Scope Pro Gaming Glasses Review @ Vortezsoftware. EVGA offers a 3 year warranty on the GTX 550 Ti, Description: SteelSeries are well known within the gamingwhich covers parts and labor and can be extended when the community for their high-quality gaming peripherals. Theyvideo card is registered on EVGA’s website within 30 days of stand out as a brand that are concerned with deliveringpurchase. products that serve a purpose. Knowing their products wellKingwin USI-2535U3 USB 3.0 to SATA HDD Adapter Review and speaking with them recently I know that they are keen@ Tweaknews to design products that are purposeful rather than gimmicky.Description: Kingwin has been effective in creating a product Todays product under review may on initial impressionsthat allows access to data in a quick, easy, and inexpensive appear to be the latter but read over the pages and you will beway. The USI-2535U3 USB 3.0 to SATA adapter is versatile assured otherwise.enough to use with any SATA drive and small enough to carry Eurocom adds Intel 510 series Solid State Drives SATA 6 GB/anywhere. The USB 3.0 interface ensures fast file transfers, s to Mobile Workstationsand backward compatibility with USB 2.0 make this a truly Description: Eurocom Corporation ( tool for computer users of all skill levels. announces support for Intels new high performance 510Antec Twelve Hundred v3 Review - Series of Solid-State Drives inside their Mobile Workstations.Description: While we may have reviewed many Antec cases Google To Test Mobile Payments In NY And SFbefore, do you think Im going to turn down the chance to Description: While Apple has reportedly decided to forgoreview some revamped versions of their entire performance NFC-related hardware/software in iPhone 5 because of a lackone line? Exactly. Today I spent my 9-5 taking pictures and of standards, Google is to begin testing NFC-based mobiletesting the Antec 1200, the big boy of the bunch. This is the v3 payments at selected stores in New York and San Franciscothat comes with a USB 3.0 connector and an SSD drive slot. according to an article in Bloomberg.Lets see how it does in the contemporary arena. Gaming News:Consumer Electronics and Software News: Angry Birds Gets Many Updates, Mini Series On YoutubeLogitech HD Webcam C510 @ TestFreaks Description: It is getting pretty exciting for Angry Birds fans asDescription: Up on the review block today I’ve got another HD Rovio, the company who makes the game is releasing severalwebcam from Logitech, the C510. A little bit ago I looked at the updates this month. Firstly, there is a sneak peek at Rio’sC910, which is pretty much the top end camera, this C510 is gameplay.more middle range offering 720P resolution. The resolution islower but the features are the same like pan, tilt and zoom and Take Out That Sniper in Episode Two of the Battlefield 3numerous special effects. The C510 even includes a nice little Gameplay Trailer Seriescarrying case so you can take it with you and keep it protected. Description: Part two of DICEs ongoing Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer series has arrived, and in this episode of FaultTwitter Adds Permanent HTTPS Setting to Improve Security Line, Good Effect on Target, the squad is pinned down on aDescription: Twitter has taken a big step towards improving rooftop by a sniper. Get ready to see Frostbite 2s version ofaccount security with a new setting that permanently enables destructible environments in action.HTTPS. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) allowsencrypted communication between networks and users. It Pilotwings Resort Soars on the 3DScreates a secure tunnel through the inherently chaotic web, Description: Were firing up our Nintendo 3DS and playing itsdecreasing the chance that somebody will access a user’s games. First up, Nintendos own Pilotwings Resort.account information on an open Wi-Fi network, for example.Computing on Demand: To The Cloud: Windows Live & Roxio launches Game CaptureRemote AccessDescription: Most of you have probably seen the commercials and PC Game Capturefrom Microsoft touting the cloud experience behind Windows Source: and Windows Live. The thing is... many of us that have game-capture/11615.htmlWindows 7 dont really know how to do some of the things they March 17th, 2011show in those commercials. In this multi-part series, we willattempt to demystify the "cloud" and show you how to makeit happen.Xtrememac Tango TRX Bluetooth iPhone/iPod Dock @TestFreaks 10
  • 147. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCapturing quality video from a game console has so far either from the 24th of March while the PC Game Capture will retailbeen a fairly expensive thing to do, but Roxio has announced for US$49.99 and is set to arrive sometime in Q2.a solution that should make it a lot more affordable, at least aslong as you have a PC nearby. The company has also launcheda piece of software that is set to compete with Fraps when it Gigabyte Unveils M7800Ecomes to create in-game videos on your PC. Laser Mouse Source: quality video from a game console has so far either mouse/11613.htmlbeen a fairly expensive thing to do, but Roxio has announced March 17th, 2011a solution that should make it a lot more affordable, at least aslong as you have a PC nearby. The company has also launcheda piece of software that is set to compete with Fraps when itcomes to create in-game videos on your PC.The Roxio Game Capture is a simple USB 2.0 capture devicethat allows you to hook up your console to your PC withthe added benefit of also being simultaneously connected to Gigabyte has annouced the M7800E wireless mouse,your flat screen TV. Roxio supplies software that allows you expanding its diversified product portfolio from motherboardsto record your in-game videos, edit them, add voice-overs, to laser mice. The stylish mouse sports a “matt black” coatingeffects, text and what not and finally upload it to various video and boasts a 1600 DPI laser sensor, on-the-fly DPI switch, asharing sites. So far so good, but there Game Capture has two battery life of up to six months, and an ultra-compact receiver.downsides that there arent really a simple way around. Pricing and availability has not been announced yet so stay tuned for more updates. GIGABYTE PRESS RELEASEFor starters youre limited to recording video over acomponent video connection, so the signal passed through tothe TV will be 1080i at best. The other is that thanks to itsUSB 2.0 connection, youre limited to capturing 480p videowhich might not be high enough resolution for some. A USB3.0 version might solve this problem, but thanks to HDCP copyprotection being part of the HDMI standard, its not going to GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards andbe possible to ever capture 1080p in game videos unless the graphics cards, welcomes a new member to its line of wirelessconsole makers issue an update that allows the consoles to mice, M7800E Wireless Laser Mouse. Designed for men ofoutput an HDCP free signal while playing games. urban chic style, M7800E is coated with a “matte black” layer.The PC Game Capture software suite is pretty much the sameas the software that comes with the Game Capture, but insteadof capturing from an external source, itll do a screencasttype recording of whatever is game is running. Oddly enough,DirectX 11 games and older DirectX 7 and below titles arentsupported. Were not sure this is going to be a big seller,especially considering its US$12.99 more than Fraps which ispretty much the standard when it comes to recording in-gamevideos on a PC. That said, the PC Game Capture software doeshave editing feature, something Fraps doesnt offer.Both solutions support accelerated video encoding usingNvidia Cuda, AMD Stream and Intel Quick Sync Video. TheGame Capture will retail for US$99.99 and will be available 11
  • 148. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Product Features • “Matt black” coating • Ultra nano receiver • Battery life up to 6 months • 800 ~ 1600 DPI switch Harman Announces AKG GHS-1 Gaming Headset Source: headset/11612.html March 17th, 2011 Harman, designer and manufacturer of numerous audio products and electronics for audio professionals, has unleashed its AKG GHS-1 gaming headset. Harman, designer and manufacturer of numerous audio products and electronics for audio professionals, has unleashed itsAKG GHS-1 gaming headset.The ultra sized receiver is 40% smaller than regular receivers,and it highly increases the portability of the mouse. With 8001600 dpi switch, high-precision laser sensor, battery life of 6months, and software for customizable buttons, the refinedM7800E is your best partner at work. 12
  • 149. March 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone With a wide multi-touch touch pad, you can easily enlarge image, turn the page or scrolling with simple hand gestures. The Samsung QX412 is currently retailing at 1.39 million Korean won (or approximately US$1,230). Coming soon: HTC 10-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet Source: honeycomb-tablet/11609.html March 17th, 2011Available in black and orange, white and lime, or camouflagecolor combinations, the light-weight portable gaming headsetfeatures a frequency range of 18Hz ~ 24kHz, 32 ohms of inputimpedance, a Cardioid (directional ) boom microphone, in-line volume control, a microphone on/ off switch, and passive HTC had unveiled the HTC Flyer, their first 7-inch Androidnoise reduction. It is available through authorised resellers at tablet, at Mobile World Congress last month. And it looks likea MSRP of US$80. the company may also be launching a 10-inch Android tablet.News via [AKG]Samsung launches QX412compact and lightweightnotebook PCSource: 17th, 2011Samsung Korea has announced the QX412, a compact and HTCs current tablet offering isnt all exciting compared toportable notebook PC with 1-inch bezel and features a 14-inch the ones on the market. However, it appears that a recentdisplay. It is also using the second generation 2.30 GHz Intel i5 leak of an inventory list from US supply chain store, Staples,Quad Core 2410M processor, 3GB DDR3 memory, and 320GB which shows a HTC 10-inch tablet device. According to thehard disk. above pic, the HTC 10-inch tablet is preinstalled with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, unlike the HTC Flyer that runs Android 2.3. Theres no details on when it will be launched; the status is