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A weekly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #4

  1. 1. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication The Daily VR-Zone News covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Summary - 21 Feb 2011 February 21st, 2011AC and DC current:Fundamental differences anda simple explanationFebruary 21st, 2011 In todays news roundup: MSIs P67-based Big Bang Marshal motherboard gets reviewed; Intel has confirmed that shipment of the silicon-corrected versions of its faulty six-series Cougar Point chipsets have commenced; NECThrough daily experience with common household announces worlds thinnest smartphone based off Googlesequipment, many people should have noticed the terms AC Android operating system; Samsung has unveiled five newand DC voltage and / or current; for example on a car battery lenses for its NX mount; Nintendos 3DS handheld video gamewhich outputs 12V DC voltage or a household lighting lamp console gets ripped about for a little hardware CSI-ing. and Jillwhich needs 230V AC voltage. Yet only very few people can Valantine from the Resident Evil game series shows off someactually realize even that there are differences between AC and spiffy-looking combos in Marvel vs Capcom 3.DC current, let alone understand the differences themselves.The purpose of this article is to explain the main characteristics Hardware News:and highlight the differences of AC and DC current, in terms Lamptron FC-8 Fan Controller Review @ Legit Reviewsunderstandable by people with very low or without technical Description: Lamptron is a company that only a handful ofexpertise, along with providing some encyclopedic knowledge consumers may be familiar with at the time of writing this;on the subject. as they are a brand new company to the enthusiast scene of PC modding & gaming supplies. Lamptron already offers an impressive array of fan controllers with multiple control inputs. Today well be giving the FC-8 a run through an array of tests to see if their newest control really performs as good as it looks. With 30 watts per channel, will the FC-8 be the last fan controller you need to buy? Read on and we shall find out. Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan Review at Overclockers Online Description: Crucial’s Ballistix Active Cooling Fan aims to cool down your memory by eliminating often ignored dead spots around your system memory. Easily installed and compatible all across memory makers the Ballistix Active Cooling FanThrough daily experience with common household makes a great addition to any system even if low noise isequipment, many people should have noticed the terms AC important to you.and DC voltage and / or current; for example on a car battery Sapphire PURE Black P67: beyond the limits of Sandy Bridgewhich outputs 12V DC voltage or a household lighting lamp (Italian)which needs 230V AC voltage. Yet only very few people can Description: (Machine translation) Last week we brought youactually realize even that there are differences between AC and the review of the motherboard X58 Sapphire Pure Black ,DC current, let alone understand the differences themselves. high-performance solution in sight to the preview last CESThe purpose of this article is to explain the main characteristics in Las Vegas and designed the first generation of CPUand highlight the differences of AC and DC current, in terms based on Core i7 Socket LGA 1366. That product was aunderstandable by people with very low or without technical turning point for Sapphire same: always inextricably linkedexpertise, along with providing some encyclopedic knowledge to the combination of AMD-ATI decides to change courseon the subject. and embrace competition from Intels home, diversifying its offerings and to attract the attention of users of high-end or enthusiast. 1
  2. 2. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneInWin Dragon Slayer mATX case Review @ Ethernet driver didnt help; other people that created the sameXtremeComputing Virtual Machine were not having problems (of course), justDescription: InWin is not the most well known brand, at least me. Fixing the problem is easier than you may think...amongst UK enthusiasts, however with the ambitions and Veebeam HD Review @ TestFreaksworking ethic that In Win have set out, I am looking forward Description: Veebeam is a company that I met at last year’sto reviewing their latest PC case." Pepcom trade show and they were kind enough to send us aCorsair Dominator GT 2133 CL9 Review @ ocaholic sample of their Veebeam HD. This device works by streamingDescription: The Dominator GT series is Corsairs flagship. As high definition video via Wireless USB. Not to be confusedsoon as you take a closer look at the specifications youll see with AppleTV, GoogleTV or Roku; it’s not so much a mediathat they are very serious. Accordingly the DIMMs need only center as a media streamer1.5 Volt to operate at 2133 MHz with 9-10-9-27 timings. Sonys VPL-VW90ES high-end 3D projector is now shippingMSI Big Bang Marshal P67 Review @ ocaholic for $9999Description: With the Big Bang Marshal, MSI presents its Description: Sonys VPL-VW90ES is now shipping forabsolute high-end motherboard for Intels latest Sandy Bridge $9999.99 (including two pairs of active-shutter glasses). Theprocessors. Therefore it comes for example with a truly VPL-VW90ES is Sonys first 3D projector which uses active-sophisticated power design as well as eight PCI-Express x16 shutter glasses (at 240Hz). The projector is a part of Sonysslots and numerous other features. Elevated-Standard (ES) family of high-end products. It uses Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRDTM) technology andNZXT Phantom Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews offers Full-HD (1080p,24fps), 1000 lumens, and a 150,000:1Description: The more I played with the NZXT Phantom, the contrast ratio.more I liked it. The white finish with its black accents reallymakes this case stand out from the crowd and the roomy The world’s thinnest smartphone from NEC is only 7.7mminterior was a joy to work in thanks to the excellent cable thickmanagement. Description: Some pictures of NEC’s upcoming Android phone have leaked, and boy it is skinny. Some photographs of theIntel Begins to Ship B3 Stepping of 6-Series Core-Logic to NEC Medias recently leaked online, and it lives up to its 7.7mmMainboard, Notebook Makers thickness by being that width all the way from the top to theDescription: Intel Corp. has initiated shipments of correct bottom of the phone instead of just being slim in one areaversions of its Cougar Point chipset for Sandy Bridge (like the Xperia Arc). The phone will only weigh 105g, haveprocessors. Leading manufacturers of mainboards and a 4″ (854 x 480) display, pack an 800MHz processor, a 5.1notebooks have reportedly received the B3 stepping of the megapixel camera, digital TV tuner and an e-wallet functioncore-logic and will be able to install it shortly. (NFC). It will run on Android 2.2 (unfortunately) and probablyConsumer Electronics and Software News: won’t it’s make over to the US, but we’re keeping our fingersKoribo Leira Wireless Keyboard @ TestFreaks crossed. Head here for larger images of the NEC Medias.Description: Today for review I’ve got another keyboard from Samsung unveils five NX-mount lenses for its 2011 roadmapKoribo called the Leira. It’s a wireless keyboard that features Description: Samsung today brought out details of five lensesa laptop style touchpad and a full set of multi-media keys. It’s for the NX swappable lens system found on cameras likemade to be used with an HTPC, but you can use it for your the NX11. The company is catering first to everyday usersdesktop computer of course, but with an HTPC is where it with an 18-200mm, f3.5-6.3 long zoom lens to cover mostshines surely. With the Leira you’ve got full control of your shooting situations with a single lens. While image stabilized,computer from a distance and quick access to all of the multi- it wont have a silent autofocus system and is likely targeted atmedia functions right at your fingertips. newcomers who want an all-purpose lens.Apple expected to update MacBook Pro line this week Gaming News:Description: Apples MacBook Pro line is due for a refresh Nintendo 3DS torn apartwith all the signs on the magic eight ball that is the Internet Description: The Nintendo 3DS hasn’t even made its way topointing to Thursday February 24 as launch day for updated the stores yet, but it has already received a tear down, thanksMacBook Pros with Intels latest Sandy Bridge processors. As to some folks who managed to get their hands on an earlyusual, Apple has been playing its cards close to its corporate device and posted it up for the world to see. There’s nothingchest and hasnt confirmed (or denied) that new MacBook spectacular or impressive about the console’s innards, so IPros are on the immediate horizon, but a couple of listings guess the magic happens when you actually turn it on. Theof unexplained MacBook Pro part numbers by retailers online Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan this week, so we’ll bemay just have let the cat out of the bag before Apple has had a finding out how much of a hit this device will actually be. Headchance to announce the new models. here to check out more photographs of the 3DS torn apartVMWare: Windows 7 Ethernet is Missing @ Computing on (unfortunately the original page is down, so you’ll have to viewDemand a Google cached version of the site).Description: I recently created a VM for Windows 7 and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Jill Valentine Gameplay Videoproceeded to waste hours trying to figure out why the Ethernet Description: Have you been whipping out those inhumanecontroller was missing from the Device Manager. Installing combos in Marvel vs Capcom 3 ? Looking forward to see someVMWare Tools didnt fix the issue, tracking down the correct 2
  3. 3. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJill Valentine? Her latest gameplay video has been spotted on • Gentle slope reduces neck strain and improves typingyoutube comfortAgarest Senki 2 Review • Extended non-slip protective pads on the base and topDescription: Fantasy RPG games are often accompanied with • Active cooling by one 70mm silent USB powered fancute or hot looking girls, regardless if it is 2D or 3D but inAgarest Senki 2, the game woos fans who stay traditional to the • Portable & small, easy on the go and working on the roadvisual novel and generic RPG elements that comes with lovely • Stylish, lightweight and innovative structure design2D artworks and non-complex visual gameplay. • Telescope bars accommodate 7- to 15.4-Inch laptops • Extends the life of laptops and battery efficiencySpire Releases Juno Notebook • Backed by 3 year limited service warrantyCoolerFebruary 21st, 2011 Compatibility The Juno ergonomic laptop stand and active cooler is compatible with the smaller mini- and larger wide-screen laptop series from 7-inch up to the 15.4-inch. MSRPSpire has unveiled the Juno notebook cooler and stand(SP317AP), targeting mobile users who require a portable and USD$27.99/ EURO 22.95efficient thermal solution for their laptops. Measuring 220 x90 x 20mm, the portable cooler has non-slip rubber pads at the Product Includestop and bottom, retractable bars (supports laptops/ netbooksup to 15.4"), and is cooled by a 70mm fan. Juno is backed by a Multilanguage Owners Manual Attached USB cable Warrantythree year limited warranty and cost about US$27.99. registration card.SPIRE PRESS RELEASE Availability The Juno laptop base and cooler is now available from our factory in Shenzhen, China and from our branch locations throughout Europe and the Americas. For more information or ordering, please contact us utilizing the e-mail Form on our Contact Page, or feel free to give our branch offices a phone call, were glad to be at your service. In-Win Introduces BUC PC Enclosure February 21st, 2011Shenzhen, China - Spire Corp today announced the Juno. TheJuno is an ergonomic laptop base stand and cooler, it is theperfect travel companion when often working on the road orat different locations. The Juno is a great product to makeworking on your laptop more comfortable. The gentle slope, In-Win Development Inc., manufacturer of various computermade by foldable rubber pads reduce the neck strain and cases, PSUs and digital storage devices, has announced thecomfort screen viewing. BUC. The all-black steel mid-tower PC case has three exterior 5.25" drive bays, three EZ-swap tool-free HDD drive baysThe Juno accommodates small mini- and larger 15.4 inch (accessible via a lockable flap on the side panel), and a front-laptops by extending the side bars. When folded in the total side I/O panel with USB 2.0/ 3.0 ports, eSATA, and audiosize is only 22x9x2cm, easily fitting your laptop or carryon connectors. The BUC, equipped with 120mm fans for cooling,bag. Equipped with a 7cm cooling fan your laptop is silently is expected to start shipping soon.cooled whilst working. The Juno is the perfect portable choicefor mobile computing from Spire - Powered by Innovation. IN-WIN PRESS RELEASEMain Features 3
  4. 4. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBuild and protect with ease, in the latest In-Win BUC PCchassisTaiwan - February 2011 - In-Win Development Inc., a leadinginnovator in contemporary PC hardware and multiple winnerof the internationally renowned reddot design award, hastoday launched its new performance PC chassis, the BUC. Finally, three integrated 120mm and several extra fan positions give it excellent cooling potential for all the latest hardware as well. With core design innovations and high quality of construction, the In-Win BUC PC chassis is a great choice for PC builders worldwide. About In Win IN WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, server chassis, power suppliesThe "shield" concept behind the BUCs design is echoed across and storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosureits front panel, while the strong SECC steel construction and solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986,a hard-wearing black interior and exterior create a reliable, IN-WIN provides high quality product that conform to allsubtle and high quality case for PC builders. safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service. Our slogan "Contemporary and Innovative" serves as the foundation of not only our product development but also ourThe BUCs design gem is the clever EZ-swap HDD drive bay, attitudes in serving and catering to our strategic partnerswith a lockable door that allows access to three HDD without wishes. We take the "im" out of "impossible"…having to remove the whole side panel. The tool-less, vibrationreducing drive bays complete the package to give a tripleinnovation. JAMBOX, worlds first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone, comes toWith convenient Super-speed USB 3.0, USB 2.0, audio andeSATA ports on the top of the chassis, users can easily connect Courts Singaporeheadsets, cameras, cell phones, external hard drives and a February 21st, 2011wealth of other devices with ease. 4
  5. 5. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCourts Singapore has introduced Jawbone’s JAMBOX, which automated telephone reminders, and one-on-one coaching toclaims to be worlds first intelligent wireless speaker and cut down on truancy. The program is similar to the onesspeakphone, to Singapore. being implemented in Baltimore and San Antonio. Basically, students with over four absence without valid excuse will beIt can deliver full spectrum audio, and quickly and easily put in this program.connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or anyother Bluetooth device. This allow users to seamlessly stream Every morning during schooldays, students will get anand share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls automated phone call reminder them that they need to get toanywhere wirelessly. school punctually. Each day, they will need to enter a code that tracks their locations - when they leave for school, arriveJAMBOX features two powerful acoustic drivers and ultra- at school, lunch hour, when they leave school and at 8pm. Asmall dome that can produce wide audio spectrum. And with coach will also be assigned to these students who will call theman innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight thrice a week to see their progress and help them find ways toenclosure, it aims to deliver shimmering highs and massive make sure they are punctual in schools.low frequencies. It can be updated with apps, software and newfeatures at Jawbone’s industry-first online platform, MyTALK. Luckily, this program is only available in some schools in US. Hopefully the schools here do not need to implement suchAudio alerts let you know battery life, caller ID, call functions system.and more. JAMBOX can also be personalised with voice andlanguage options. *image taken from www.dailymail.co.ukJAMBOX comes in four designs: Blue Wave, Black Diamond,Grey Hex and Red Dot. The full JAMBOX line is availabletoday exclusively at Courts – Megastore, Orchard, Ang Mo Kio, ZTE tablet from China getsToa Payoh, Jurong Point and Causeway Point for S$328 (GST Android 3.0 treatmentincluded). February 21st, 2011Skipping class? Careful, yourschool can track youFebruary 21st, 2011 Of all the China-brand tablets that we have been covering for news updates, it would appear that ZTE is one of the few OEMs which have the potential to make a name for itself in both the domestic and the global arena. Apparently, the Chinese OEM has just churned out a new tablet that is said to follow the high- quality-at-low-cost trend most Chinese devices are known for.Most students have skipped class at least once during theirschool term. Not exactly an uncommon thing, but schoolsdo not tolerate such behaviour. With the advancementin technology, some education institutes these days haveimplemented a system making use of GPS to trackdown students who played truant. *image taken fromwww.dailymail.co.uk When it comes to purchasing a portable computing device such as a notebook, smartphone or tablet, most of us would only put our money with a reputable OEM, and for good reason. After all, devices belonging to be aforementioned categories are anything but cheap, and more importantly, the role they play in todays digital world means that the word downtime is usually not acceptable at any point of time. Still, it would seem that certain Chinese OEMs are starting to understand that there is a potential goldmine to be had out inAccording to online reports, Anaheim Union High School the global market instead of merely catering to the domesticDistrict in California has participated in a pilot program which market. And it would seem that ZTE is next in line to take theinvolves using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, 5
  6. 6. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneglobal market by its horns by introducing a new low-cost tabletwhich it calls the V11. Will you name your son orAccording to Chinese gadget website Newpad.cn, the ZTE V11is the latests in the companys line of high-performance, low- daughter after popular socialcost tablet PCs. Processing power is reportedly provided by network sites?an unidentified SoC which features a processor core clocked February 21st, 2011at 1.2GHz, while backing up the V11s multitasking andstorage capabilities are 512MB of memory and built-in storagecapacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB.In addition to the aforementioned specifications, Newpad also Finding a good name for your child isnt an easy task. Butclaims that the V11 comes equipped with dual cameras, while would you go to the extend of naming your son or daughterthe 10-inch touchscreen display sports a native resolution after popular social network sites? Well, one Egyptian manof 1280 x 800. Last but not least, the V11 will feature the did, and he named his daughter "Facebook".standard range of wireless connectivity functions such as WiFi,Bluetooth, GPS and support for 4G mobile data connectionsand will come preloaded with the latest version of the Androidoperating system, Honeycomb.However, it would appear that for a tablet touted to be ahigh-performance-low-price device, ZTE has not revealedhow much users can expect the V11 to be. However, we arequite certain that, given Chinese OEMs tendency to competeon price, the largest possible pricetag ZTE could attach to theV11 will still be orders of magnitudes below the size of those According to Al-Ahram, one of the popular newspapers incurrently found on competing products from the global, more Egypt, an Egyptian man has named his daughter "Facebook"established OEMs. Jamal Ibrahim, from the translation. He did so as a tribute to the social network site in organizing protests in Tahrir Square,IT SHOW 2011 Floorplans and verthrow Egyptian dictator Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak. "Facebook" has received many gifts from youthsFebruary 21st, 2011 who were overjoyed by her arrival.Level 4: While it isnt unusual for parents (mostly Asians and even Africans) to name their kids after memorable events, it is surely a first in this case to name after a popular social network website. Would you name your child Twitter or Myspace? Microsoft vs Google: Its a social affair February 21st, 2011Level 6: In the next round of the highly-anticipated battle between Microsoft and Google, it appears that both IT giants will be 6
  7. 7. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonetaking the fight over to where it really counts: the social media of Facebook so tightly within the browser that users canfield. And with Google already having drawn first blood with essentially perform all their Facebook-ing from the comfort ofan update to its social search, what does Microsoft have up its the Bing Bar without having to move around tabs on Microsoftsleeves to take the thunder out of Googles...erm, Google? Internet Explorer. As IT website eWeek puts it, Bing Bar is almost like a miniaturized version of the RockMelt browser in toolbar form.Barely five days ago, Google made a little announcementregarding a slight tweak to its current search algorithms. Byall accounts, there were no major changes taking place overat the California search giants headquarters: all the company At first glance, it might appear that Googles Social Search anddid was to refine its search service a little by mixing. results Microsofts Bing Bar are offering the same feature: the abilityfrom its Social Search service into that of the standard Google to integrate social networking features into the conventionalsearch. browser. However, it is also clear that this is one of the few cases where Microsoft simply has the better offering forNeedless to say, Google wanted to make sure that the users: unlike Social Search which merely integrates socialcombined results did not end up confusing the user. But at the networking results into Google search, the Bing Bar takes thissame time, it did not want to fall back to its previous tactic notion one step further by putting the user in complete controlof having all social-related searches relegated to the bottom of Facebooks services from within the toolbar. For example,of the search page. The eventual decision was to display the Microsoft claims that users can receive Facebook feeds, alertsresults based on relevance, as shown in the images below. and even comment or Like any update from the comfort of the Bing Bar. Needless to say, this feature will be very useful to PC users who feel the need for Facebook-ing on the sly without having to open a new browser tab and getting called out on doing so during official working hours. However, that does leave one major question unanswered. With Googles Social Search integration all but soundly trounced by Microsofts Bing Bar, what does the search giant have in store in order to turn the tide around? Well, according to eWeek, speculation is rife that this latest step from Google is but a stepping stone to a much larger ecosystem known internally as Google +1, which will see even greater levels of integration between typical web content and social networking content. Of course, that sounds nice and all, but one should also keep in mind that Google +1 is only slated to come into existence later this year. And until the Californian search giant can roll out an actual working service that users from all geographic regions are able to use (Social Search integration is not available here yet), Microsofts Bing Bar will probably be the choice for the online social networker in all of us. That is, if you dont mind installing Windows on your Mac, since Bing Bar is an Internet Explorer-only add-on.But once again, one can always count on a little friendlyintervention from the likes of Microsoft to upstage Googlesshow with another formidable offering of its own. Enter thenew Microsoft Bing Bar, which integrates the functionality 7
  8. 8. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone smartphones last year - SH-03C and 003SH - and are likely toSony Ericsson 7-inch 4G- retail in China this spring.capable tablet device spottedFebruary 21st, 2011Sony Ericsson has previously stated that it will not belaunching a Windows Phone 7 smartphone or tablet devicesanytime soon. However, it looks like the company may havea tablet device in the works, and one such prototype has beenspotted. The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C 3D-capable smartphones, which does not require 3D glasses, has already gone on the shelves in Japan since December. And it looks like the two models would be the first 3D smartphones to enter the China market around Q1 this year. The 3D technology works regardless of whether you are viewing in portrait or landscape orientation, and you can also switch between 2D and 3D. According to sources, the Nintendo 3DS that is scheduled to launch this month in Japan, is also using Sharps 3D technology, which makes use of the naked eye parallax 3D grid form, to achieve a true 3D experience. The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C will be preinstalled with the latest Android mobile operating system, though in Japan, theLast June, a top executive from Sony Ericsson has expressed 003SH is running Android 2.2 Froyo while SH-03C is usingthat the company will be focusing on smartphones although it Android 2.1 Eclair. Aside from displaying images in 3D, bothwill also not rule out the possibility of tablet devices. Ever since smartphones also have built-in 3D-capable cameras to captureApple has launched the iPad, various manufacturers have videos and images in 3D. Sharp has also unveiled various appsjumped onto the tablet bandwagon. But not Sony Ericsson such as one that can convert 2D pictures to 3D, and Chinesewho stated there wont be a Windows Phone 7 or tablet product input.at this point in time.Recently, NieuweMobiel has exposed a Sony Ericssonprototype tablet. From the picture, it looks like the device isabout 7-inch and there is a LTE 4G logo on the bottom left ofthe display. The tablet also sports a 3-megapixel front camerawith three buttons below it, and the speakers are on both sidesof the screen. It may still be a prototype and probably wont belaunched anytime soon.It is also obvious that this Sony Ericsson tablet is different fromthe recently exposed S1 tablet. We are led to believe that it willrun Android OS.Sharp 3D Android phonescoming to China this spring Google releases new beta ofFebruary 21st, 2011 Chrome 10 with lightning-fast V8 engine February 21st, 2011LG isnt the only phone manufacturer to come up withsmartphones with 3D display which does not require 3Dglasses. Japanese maker, Sharp, has also launched two 3D 8
  9. 9. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJust how fast does a browser have to be when it comes to In addition to Chrome 10s updated V8 engine sportinginterpreting JavaScript codes and commands from a web performance gains of up to 66% over the current stablepage? Well, it would seem that Googles answer to such release, Chan and Min claim that the beta build of Chrome 10a question will be never enough, especially if its Chrome features rudimentary support for GPU-accelerated video thatbrowser has got anything to do about it. How does a 66% speed is supposedly capable of reducing CPU loads by as much asincrease over a previous version of the browser sound like to 80%. However, no mention about the type of codec the newyou? browser would support was made, which leads us to assume that both Chan and Min had to be referring to either hardware- accelerated WebM or Flash video, since the search giant had made the decision to drop H.264 support from the source tree in order emphasize the importance of an Internet that does not rely on proprietary codecs. Last but not least, it would seem that Chrome 10 would receive a slight UI tweak which allows tech-savvy users to directly modify their browser settings by keying in a specific URL instead of navigating through a bunch of windows, as shown in the video below: Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) If that sounds good enough to warrant a test run on your own PC, feel free to head down to this page and hit up the download link to retrieve the beta build of the Chrome 10Googles Chrome might already be the fastest browser in the browser. Google has confirmed that all three major operatingworld on the desktop and notebook front, but one can be systems are supported in this particular beta release, so gettingsure that the team of developers working under the search a compatible binary for your OS of choice should not begiants payroll are not the kind to rest on their laurels. At an issue. That being said, the usual disclaimers about betaleast, not when the competition for browser market share is software applies: we are not responsible if your PC seizes upstarting to heat up with the advent of HTML5, especially with after installing Chrome 10 Beta.established powerhouses like Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla And dont worry about bugging Google if issues do crop up:keen to fight for a larger share of the pie with markedly this is the company that promised not to be evil, right?improved performance levels and support for both existingand new web standards.As usual, Google has once again attempted to test the grounds Mac OS X Lion to feature aand score a little headstart over the competition by releasing anew beta build of yet another version of the Chrome browser "Safe Deposit Box"? February 21st, 2011which it dubs Chrome 10. However, unlike the current versionof Chrome which was centered around delivering new featuressuch as webGL, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store,Chrome 10 is seemingly built around the premise of sheerperformance, with the updated V8 JavaScript engine takingcenterstage of the new beta release. Not much new features have been known to the public prior to the expected Summer release of Apples upcoming OS, Mac OSAccording to a blog posting made by Jeff Chang, Product X Lion. Besides Launchpad, Mac App Store, Mission ControlManager and Min Li Chan, Product Marketing Manager, the and full-screen enabled apps, what else is installed for us inupdated V8 engine is so fast the browser is now capable of Lion? According to reports, Apple has patented an application.rendering JavaScript as fast as a bunny. Obviously, the team Is that headed for Lion or beyond?was still in somewhat of a Lunar New Year mood when the postwas made, but the results more than speak for themselves. 9
  10. 10. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSimply dubbed as "Safe Deposit Box", it is a new Mac OS Xfeature that might just appear in this summers release of MacOS X Lion. Apples patent is about a safe deposit box for securing important user files. In one aspect, when a user drags- and-drops a file representation onto a safe deposit box icon, the file is secured. In another aspect, when a user selects the safe deposit box icon and verifies his or her identity, the user could access secured files through a safe deposit box window.By simply dragging your vital documents into this all-new With tablets popping up all over the market like popcorn"Safe Deposit Box", files are automatically encrytped and kernels in a microwavable popcorn bag, it should probablystored in a hidden place. Original copies of the file will be come as little surprise that OEMs need to offer more than just asecurely wiped out and even copied into the cloud for backup pretty shell in order to capture the hearts of consumers. Not topurposes. mention that this is especially so when one takes into account One of the key attributes or selling points of Apples that the vast majority of tablets on the market today can only Safe Deposit Box Application or OS X feature is that offer a limited choice of operating systems for the consumer your digital valuables could be stored "off site" or to choose from. beyond the home computer to safeguard your digital And while HTC may have gained a huge deal of publicity valuables which could be something like a Will or with its upcoming HTC Flyer tablet, the fact remains that Living Will, agreements, life insurance policies, home consumers are still in the dark about certain details pertaining insurance policies, a simple home inventory list or to the device. Granted, everybody knows that the Flyer will video or perhaps something thats really valuable to come equipped with a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen, a most every iTunes fan: a copy of your iTunes Library. single-core Snapdragon SoC clocked at 1.5GHz and 32GB ofWell, theres no certainty that this will or will not appear in NAND flash memory, but HTC has yet to reveal just howthe next Mac OS. But this is surely something that Apple is badly the Flyer will hurt ones wallet when the tablet is finallysimplifying for Mac users. released for retail. And the good news is that consumers no longer have to wait for that information anymore.HTC reveals size of pricetagfor Flyer tabletFebruary 21st, 2011Remember how we once spoke about OEMs loving to teaseconsumers by intentionally revealing a lot of informationabout an upcoming product, only to withhold the most According to our sources, the HTC Flyer is expected to retailimportant parts in order to feed the hype machine? Well, for the handsome sum of US$669 (approx S$853), whichHTC is at it again: after talking about its plans for a tablet and makes it one of the more costlier tablets to enter the marketshowing off the HTC Flyer over at Mobile World Congress, in 2011. However, we should point out that the large pricetagthe Taiwanese smartphone OEM has finally spilled the beans was to be expected: after all, HTC had already confirmed in ourabout the elusive pricetag its Flyer will come attached with previous article that the Flyer is not going to be an affordablewhen the device is finally released for retail. tablet due to various features such as its design, processor and more importantly, the unique stylus which none of the competition has yet to offer. However, it appears that there might be some good news in store for consumers who are planning to get their hands on a new Flyer when it officially reaches our shores. After all, most tablets are usually sold at a discounted price as part of a data subscription bundle, so heres hoping that whichever telco that 10
  11. 11. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemanages to secure distribution rights for the device will be ableto offer an attractive pricetag for the entire data bundle.Largest Apple retail store to Apple to adopt Light Peakopen in Shanghai? soon?February 21st, 2011 February 21st, 2011If you have been following closely on "Apple retail store" Various hardware vendors have already adopted USB 3.0related news, you would have heard about the largest Apple as the choice for the next-generation high speed connection.retail store to be located in Manhattans Grand Central Nowadays, USB 3.0 peripherals and computers have startedTerminal in the States. But now, it seems like Apple have set popping up but Apple has yet to adapt it? A report is nowtheir eyes on China instead to build the largest Apple store. pointing that Apple will adopt Light Peak instead of USB 3.0 for its products "in the near future". According to reports by CNet, Apple is set and expected to announce a "new high-speed connection technology" soon.According to an article reported by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is speculated to rebrand Intels Light Peak and usethe Mac makers is continuing its focus in the Far East and another name for it.plans to open the largest retail outlet in Shanghai. Apple is expected to adopt this Intel technology in the The company is planning to open a new store - its near future--but likely use a name other than Light biggest in China - on Shanghais famous Nanjing Peak, a source familiar with this aspect of Apples Road, an Apple spokeswoman has confirmed to plans said. Intel has said in the past that the first China Real Time after news of the plan appeared in products using Light Peak should appear in the first Thursdays Beijing Youth Daily. half of 2011. The newspaper reports (in Chinese) that Ron Johnson, While USB 3.0 is considered fast in todays pace, Light Peak is the companys senior vice-president of retail, said significantly faster. So why would Apple adopt USB 3.0 now if the company is now looking for bigger spaces to Light Peak is going to debut soon enough? accommodate the crowds that routinely pack its We are expecting Sandy Bridge processors to make an China Apple stores, which are visited by more than appearance in the upcoming MacBook Pros and reports point 40,000 people per day?four times the average traffic that there would be additional enhancements. Light Peak? in their American stores. Hmmmmm...If this comes to fruition, this would be Apples third inShanghai, with another two outlets located in Beijing. Bringinga grand total of five retail stores out of the target of 25retail stores spread across China by 2012. But Apple might beslowing the pace if it shift its focus on quantity to quality.Well, this is certainly not surprising if Apples China retailefforts ranks as the companys top performer worldwide interms of human traffic and product sales.Apple has opened its first Shanghai store last year in Pudongdistrict. A second Shanghai store will be opened in Hong KongPlaza in September this year. 11
  12. 12. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGIGABYTE GA-X58A-OCOverclocking FeaturesPreviewFebruary 21st, 2011The folks at GIGABYTE have released a set of pictures The GA-X58A-OC motherboard has dual 8-pin CPU powershowcasing their upcoming Intel X58 Express chipset-based connectors for input up to 720A. A variety of Intersil poweroverclocking motherboard, the GA-X58A-OC. There are quite management ICs handles power delivery on the new board.a number of cool features on the board, so we shall take a quick PWM frequency can be adjusted to 300KHz, 600KHz andlook at them. Join us! 800KHz according to the information we have on hand.It appears that both GIGABYTE and us at VR-Zone.com share The processor voltage regulation module (VRM) is a 12-phasethe same thought: the Intel X58 Express platform is far dual power design supporting up to 600A output, while thefrom dead. During a period where Intels new Sandy Bridge Uncore portion is a 3-phase design, and the memory a 2-phase.seemingly rules the roost, the motherboard maker is about Surface mount POSCAP tantalum capacitors are used as theyto officially introduce its GA-X58A-OC motherboard, based are not only reliable, but save space as well. The low heighton the Intel X58 Express chipset and supporting Intel Socket clearance and added space means enthusiasts no longer needLGA 1366 processors. A decent Gulftown will have a Core to worry if their larger cooling solutions will be obstructed.i7-2600K for breakfast, lunch and dinner under the same In fact, on the GA-X58A-OC, GIGABYTE has completely doneextreme overclocking conditions, which is why the ageing away with the can-type solid capacitors.platform is still the fastest... at least till the end of this year. OC-Touch To make things a little more convenient for overclockers, the GA-X58A-OC has voltage measurement points for: • VCORE, • CPU PLL, • DDR, • DDR VTT, • QPI VTT, • QPI PLL, andGIGABYTE has released some photos of the new board and weshall take a quick look at its five main overclocking features: • IOH • OC-VRM, • OC-Touch, • OC-PEG, • OC-Cool, and • OC-Dual BIOS There is also a debug LED that will flash BIOS POST codes. Debug LEDs almost became extinct the past few years, before making a return starting with higher end Intel P67 ExpressOC-VRM motherboards. The red power switch is um, self-explanatory I guess... 12
  13. 13. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 4G button will help newbies to reach 4GHz. Man, whata way to put it in the material! Anyway, this button will simplytell the motherboard to automatically overclock the processorto 4GHz on the next boot.Overclockers can then use the two sets of buttons to adjustCPU ratio (the set on the left) and BCLK (the set on the right)on-the-fly. The Gear button changes the adjustment step ofthe BCLK back and forth between 0.3MHz and 1MHz.Lenovo ThinkPad T420 withCore i5-2540M pictured in the This particular T420 appears to be a watered-down version,wild equipped with a dual-core Intel Core i5-2540M Processor which runs at a frequency of 2.6GHz. The native screenFebruary 21st, 2011 resolution on this unit also appears to be lower at 1366 x 768. The display is driven by the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 controller as there is no discrete graphics solution onboard. The laptop also sports an Intel 82567LM GbE PHY; this integrated solution has been used starting from the Intel Centrino 2 platform. Lastly, wireless is handled by a new IntelWith the launch of Intels dual-core Sandy Bridge mobile Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WLAN card.processors imminent, VR-Zone.com has already pictured aCore i5-2540M Processor touting Lenovo ThinkPad T420. TheT420 is the successor to the popular T410, although the newlaptop has not been introduced officially so far. RaidSonic Introduces IB-172SK-B 2-Bay HDD Mobile Rack February 21st, 2011The Lenovo ThinkPad T420 looks very much like its outgoingpredecessor, the T410. However, one noticeable difference isthe displays aspect ratio. Lenovo has dropped the 16:10 14-inch screen in favor of a more common 16:9 one.The fingerprint reader, originally beside the touchpad, hasbeen shifted down to the right corner. There are also minorfinishing differences such as the position of rubber bumpers. 13
  14. 14. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone It is a trayless module with support for one 2.5" and 3.5" SATA II HDD/ SSD in a 5.25" bay, and features EasySwap (tool-free installations of any HDD/ SSD). The IB-172SK-B is ideal for users who require data mobility and transfers data amongst different HDDs/ SSDs regularly. Transcend Unveils Stylish JetFlash 560 USB Flash Drive February 21st, 2011 Transcend Information, Inc. has expanded its line-up of USB flash drives with the addition of the JetFlash 560. Measuring 45.2 x 23 x 8.5mm and weighing 7g, the classy flash drive features a retractable USB 2.0 connector and supports data transfer speeds up to 18Mb/s (read) and 10Mb/s (write). The JetFlash 560, covered by a limited lifetime warranty, is expected to cost about US$15 (4Gb), US$21 (8Gb), and US$41 (16Gb). TRANSCEND PRESS RELEASE Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced the launch of its new JetFlash 560 USB flash drive. The new JetFlash 560 features a simple yet exquisite design with easy- to-use retractable USB connector, offering a touch of urban sophistication as well as ultimate convenience. The JetFlash 560 is the newest member of Transcend’s JetFlash series that boasts an excellent combination of style 14
  15. 15. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand performance. Its silver-tone metallic case is embellished Under the terms, Apple will take a 30 percent share of thewith a classic checkerboard pattern, which adds a chic urban revenue. In addition, a "most favored nation" clause states thattouch to an otherwise dull portable storage device. Thanks to subscription rates offered to iOS app users will have to matchits use of ultrasonic welding technology, the sleek and trendy rates offered through external channels.JetFlash 560 USB flash drive is rugged enough to withstand a This basically means that developers who want to tap onfew bumps and falls. Apples dominance over the tablet market and iTunes global reach will have to pay a high price and are forbidden from passing this extra cost over to the consumers. The Justice Department recently sued a Michigan health- insurance company, alleging that the company used similar clauses to block competitors. Apple is currently under preliminary investigations by the US Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, the EU (European Union) is also "closely monitoring the situation". The day after Apple announced the details of its in-app subscriptions, Google revealed a competing service called "One Pass" that will take just 10 percent of revenue. If this years Honeycomb lineup proves to be a hit, Apple might just live to regret offending its developers when they decide to offer their wares on Android instead.In addition to its eye-catching exterior design, the JetFlash560 also features a handy push-out USB connector. With asimple flick of the thumb, users can effortlessly extend andretract the connector for easy one-handed operation. Suchretractable design not only keeps dust and debris out of thedrive, but also ensures there is no cap to misplace or lose. Silicon Power AnnouncesThe entire JetFlash lineup is backed by Transcend`s Limited Velox V20 SSD SeriesLifetime Warranty. For added value, users can freely download February 21st, 2011and install the exclusive JetFlash Elite data management toolsfor better mobile productivity. With the aid of this software,users can easily turn the flash drive into a key to log on towebsite accounts, or temporarily lock a computer to preventunauthorized access. Taipei-based Silicon Power has unleashed the Velox V20Offered with three different storage capacities, the JetFlash series, its latest SSD offering based on the SandForce560 is now available for a suggested price of US$15 for the (SF-1xxx) controller. Measuring 100 x 69.85 x 9.4mm4GB model, US$21 for the 8GB model, and US$41 for the 16GB and weighing 70g, the 2.5" SSDs boast a SATA IIImodel. interface, MLC (multi-level cell) NAND flash memory, TRIM Command, AES-128 encryption, built-in ECC, “Wear- Leveling” technology, shock and vibration resistance, andApples iOS Subscription support data transfer speeds up to 285Mb/s (read) andPolicies Investigated 275Mb/s (write). The Velox V20 SSD Series, available in 40Gb, 60Gb, 120Gb and 240Gb capacities, are covered by a threeFebruary 21st, 2011 year warranty and bundled with a 3.5” adapter bracket. SILICON POWER PRESS RELEASEApple announced its iOS App Store subscription service on the15th of February. Almost immediately, there has been someviolent criticisms from developers regarding the terms of thenew service. 15
  16. 16. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone accepted by millions of end-users in more than 100 countries, becomes the worlds leading manufacturer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers, DRAM modules, solid state disks, and portable hard drives in less than a decade. Headquartered in Taipei, we continuously established various branches throughout the world including Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Mainland China and other emerging market. With superior quality and innovative design, our products stood out in several competitions and awarded Taiwan Excellence and COMPUTEX Design & Innovation Award in 2009 and 2010. Winning trust of global consumers, Silicon Power holds a record of successive double-digit revenue growth for last seven years. For Silicon Power, the product we introduced is not only a digital storage device but also a real promise to create and preserve your most valuable memory in every moment.Taipei, Taiwan, February 15, 2011 ~ World leading flashmemory manufacturer Silicon Power today announces thenew Velox V20 series Solid State Drive (SSD). Instantly Enermax DeButs New Coolerboosting PC performances, it uses the latest SandForcecontroller, featuring a maximum read-speed of 285MB/s and and Fans at Cebit 2011 February 21st, 2011write-speed of 275MB/s so enthusiasts can sit back and enjoythe speedy transfer rates!Tremendous Write-Speed ImprovementSilicon Powers V20 SSD uses the latest SandForce controller,it boasts a continuous read / write speed up to 285MB/ 275MBper second, respectively. An actual test using a 40GB V20required only 13 seconds to boot into Windows and open up a Enermax is ready to introduce its new T.B.Silence fans andprogram. It is the perfect enterprise office PC storage solution high-end CPU cooler at Cebit 2011 in Hannover this March.or the ideal boot-up disk in any PC! In addition, V20 SSD alsosupports TRIM Command and Garbage Collection technologyto counter performance drop issues due to long period of useand continuous write actions.Significantly Extending LifespanUsing SandForce controllers patented DuraClass technology,it can extend the SSD lifespan up to 5 years! The DuraWritetechnology optimizes the to-be written data to a reserved7% flash memory storage block that acts as an intermediatestation before data are written with an amplification lessthan 1 to their final storage blocks. This vastly reduces theoccurrences of bad sectors and thus extending the lifespan. Enermax is ready to introduce its new T.B.Silence fans and high-end CPU cooler at Cebit 2011 in Hannover thisSilicon Power Whole New SSD series V20 Gives You the Best March. The new fans have a 4-pin connector that allows bothof Both Worlds automatic and manual speed control whilst the new cooler hasSilicon Powers V20 SSD comes with a 3-year warranty and three copper heatpipes and boasts a "Vortex Generator Flow"a 2.5inch to 3.5inch adapter bracket for you to install into a design. The cooler is equipped with two Twister fans to providedesktop PC to boost performances! high airflow at relatively low noise levels and will be available in six variants.*NOTE: Performances may vary due to platform differences News via [Softpedia]About Silicon PowerSilicon Power Computer & Communications Inc., foundedin 2003 by a group of enthusiastic specialists of flashdata storage industry. Well dedicated in brand image andproduct quality, Silicon Power has been recognized and well 16
  17. 17. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJetstar Airways to offer in-flight iPad rentalsFebruary 21st, 2011Perhaps the first of its kind around the world, AustraliasJetstar Airways is going to offer in-flight iPad rentals on everyaircraft in its fleet starting as early as April. And you canexperience all of the fun that Apples tablet can offer on-board According to the first report, Italian rumour site iSpazio claimsfor a mere AUD$10. that it has recieved notification from an Apple employee that Apple is preparing to release five new MacBook Pro models. In specific, the model numbers are MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724, and MC725. These five models will span across all three current MacBook Pro sizes of 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17- inch. Currently, Apple offers six standard configurations of the MacBook Pro. It seems likely that Apple will drop a standard configuration from one of the 15-inch models if they were to ever drop to offer five models. Another Italian site, Slide to Mac, reports that Apples new models of MacBook Pro will arrive either on Thursday or Friday next week, and that the update is not merely just a spec bump of the existing offerings.Back in June 2010, Qantas Airways low-cost airline Jetstar Apple Bitch, on the other hands, reports on the tighteninghas been trialing the concept of in-flight rentals of Apples of supplies of MacBook Pro over the last month and it hasiPad. Pre-loaded with movies, music, magazines, books, and affected Apples own retail distribution points around Asia.games, the rental program was suppose to launch at the end Apparently websites for Apple Stores in several Asianof last year, just in time for the holiday season. But due to countries have been updated today to reflect longercontract negotiations and pending licensing agreements with shipping times for the MacBook Pro. For example, theApple, they werent able to get it ready in time. Malaysian Apple Store updated its website today toWith some airlines already offering integration between iPods show that shipping times for the 13 inch MacBookand in-flight entertainment systems and iPads being used as Pro have slipped from 24 hours to 1-5 days. This iselectronic flight bags for pilots, you can say that the sky isnt also reflected in other countries such as Hong Kong,the limit for Apple. Vietnam and Taiwan. It is interesting to note that even though neighbouring countries reflect a delay in shipping date for any MacBook Pro, Singapore still shows "Today" for shipping.Five new MacBook Pro modelsto arrive next week?February 21st, 2011 NYTimes: "Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone" February 21st, 2011A new series of claims have surfaced and continues to pointto tightening supplies of the current-generation MacBook Proline. The latest rumour is that the upcoming refresh of ApplesMacBook Pro line could arrive as early as late next week. 17
  18. 18. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneContrary to reports published by Bloomberg and The WallStreet Journal, The New York Times published a report that Apple iPhone 4 awarded "Bestclaims that Apple is not planning to launch a smaller iPhone. Mobile Device" at MWCHowever, they did report that Apple is planning on launching February 21st, 2011a cheaper iPhone. You can say that the Mobile World Congress isnt one of Apples territory; arguably more of an Android-centric affair this year. But despite the lack of appearance of the iPhone makers, the company was awarded the award "Best Mobile Device" for the iPhone 4. According to the judges of the panel, the iPhone 4 has a "great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers. In a tight race, the iPhone 4 built on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smart phones.” However, despite creating the "Best Mobile Device", Apple still lost to HTC as they were awarded "Device ManufacturerIn a conflicting report to the other various published reports, of the Year." What mounts up to HTCs win includes "greatThe New York Times has confirmed via their sources that communication and good customer service" admist "a strongApple is indeed not working on a smaller version of the iPhone portfolio of devices across many platforms."(or N97, iPhone Nano) as well as integrating voice commands. Check out other awards here. But contrary to published reports, Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone, according to people briefed on Apples plans who requested anonymity because the plans are confidential.That said, the next-generation iPhone is "likely to be similarin size" to the current iPhone. Which make sense as The Daily VR-Zone Newsincorporating a smaller screen would require app developersto rewrite their Apps to fit to the new resolution. Summary - 18 Feb 2011 February 21st, 2011The New York Times piece, however, did conform to some ofthe details spelled out by The Wall Street Journals report. Inspecific, Apple is working on improving its voice commandsystem to allow easier navigation with the iPhone In todays news roundup: The Wintel dominance appears Apple is also working on changing some of the internal to be on extremely shaky ground now that tablets are fastcomponents to reduce costs to possibly sell versions of the replacing traditional PCs and netbooks as the preferrediPhone at a cheaper price. computing platform; TSMC is reportedly taking action to "Although the innards of the phone, including memory further ramp up wafer production capabilities at its fabrication size or camera quality, could change to offer a less plants to meet the growing demand; Sony launches a new expensive model, the size of the device would not premium line of OLED television sets, and... ... starts cracking vary," said the person, who has worked on multiple down on users who have jailbroken their PlayStation 3 versions of the device. consoles by landing the banhammer on the first group ofReports on MobileMe seems to be on par with the others, citing offendersthat MobileMe will be available for free and allow users to Hardware News:wirelessly access their photos and other media files online. Kingston DT Ultimate 3.0 32GB Review - XSReviews Description: Kingston have long been known for producing high quality memory products, from laptop/desktop memory to flash drives and SSDs. What we have today falls into 18
  19. 19. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe flash drive category. Its a 32GB USB 3.0 version of the what I did, my kids were young and they didn’t care too muchDataTraveler series, the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0. Available about TV, but as they got older they needed more, and honestlyin 16, 32 and 64GB versions and boasting some pretty quick I missed it. I tried a few different antennas with mixed results.read/write speeds it certainly looks impressive but how does Today for review I’ve got an over the antenna that can be usedit really do? Lets take a look. indoors and outdoors, it’s small and from what I’ve learned it works well.Inno3D GTX570 1.25GB Review @ VortezDescription: The GTX570 appears to be an amalgamation of Sony launches 25-inch OLED TVseveral graphics cards in one on first impressions. Firstly, it Description: Sony has announced its new Trimaster ELfeatures the tweaked GF110 core found in the GTX580. Like series of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitorsthe GTX480, it has one stream multiprocessor disabled for a for professional applications, such as video production ortotal of 480 CUDA cores and 60 texture units. And lastly, it broadcasting rooms. What is interesting about the newsports the same memory bus and memory/ROP count of the monitors is that the top model, the Trimaster BVME 250, hasGTX470, the latter feature being intrinsically to the memory. a nearly 25-inch panel - 24 5/8 inches, to be precise, or, in metric terms, 623.4 mm. This makes it the biggest OLED panelNow is the Wintel of Intel’s discontent currently in production. In addition, the newest twins alsoDescription: Netbooks are just so passé nowadays, don’t you offer 1920x1080 pixel formats, or full HD resolution.think? Every vendor in the world has decided that after thesuccess of the Apple iPad, they’ve just got to have a tablet. Google Search Finally Going Fully Social With Shared Twitter Links And Even Quora DataLian Li PC-V354 Review @ ocaholic Description: At least a couple times a week we get tipped aboutDescription: With the PC-V354 Lian Li has a m-ATX case in Google testing a new “social search” feature. The truth is thatits portfolio which should offer a lot of space for hardware for the “social circle” results that everyone is pointing to havesuch a compact enclosure. Especially regarding the hard drives been in place since 2009. But Google clearly didn’t think tooLian Li seems to have made its homework. Of course, like with much of them and shoved them all the way down at the bottomall Lian Li cases the timeless design alone would be reason of the results page. I’m not sure I’ve ever clicked on a linkenough to wirte an entire review. served up there. But this social aspect is about to get a lot moreSilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply Review @ interesting starting today.OCIA.net Some Nokia N8 and C7 phones have defective AMOLEDDescription: The 750W Strider Gold has many of the same screens?specifications as the 750W Strider Plus (Silver) such as a 750W Description: It seems that some Nokia N8 and C7 AMOLEDcontinuous rating at 40°C, all modular cables, single +12V rail, displays are defective. The most common complaint (there are19dBA 135mm variable speed fan, 2200uF capacitors on the several actually) is that the screen has a purple tint in darkerPCI-E cables and all the same protection features. How the areas. Its not clear yet whether this is a software or a hardware750W Strider Gold differs from the 750W Strider Plus, aside issue. It is speculated that Nokia uses two kinds of displays -from the name, is primarily in its greater efficiency. although its unlikely as all AMOLEDs are made by Samsung.Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000 Watt Modular Power Smartphone Buying Guide: First Half of 2011Supply Review Description: To help you navigate through the sea of newDescription: Cooler Master already showed in our previous smartphones getting released week in and week out weve putreviews, that they manufacture excellent power supply units together a selection with what we consider are the hottestand their Silent Pro Gold 1000W power supply underlines devices out there. They are listed alongside their respectivethis impressively. The results are so impressive, that the specs, price, and features from newest to oldest. Many devicesCooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W received the ocinside.de listed here are not yet available but will be in a relativelyOverClocking Dream 02/2011 award. In the review we short timespan. We hope this will help you narrow down yourwill examine, among other things, how high the current purchase, and as usual your feedback is always welcome.consumption is with this enormously high power of 1KW andif it is worth to buy such a PSU. Cooler Master Storm Spawn: The Red-Black Fury @ InsideHWTSMC to ramp capacity at Fab 14, hire new staff Description: As evident from the title, Cooler Master’sDescription: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Storm Spawn comes in a combination of red and black(TSMC) is currently equipping 12-inch tools at its Fab 14, colour. The scroll wheel and all buttons are matted black;Phase 4 facility located at the Southern Taiwan Science according to Cooler Master, Omron microswitches were usedPark (STSP). Designed monthly capacity is 40,000 wafers, to manufacture these, which guarantees at least five millionaccording to the company. clicks - a mind-boggling piece of information, sufficient onConsumer Electronics and Software News: its own to make you want to buy this mouse. The rest of thePI Manufacturing Digital Indoor, Outdoor ATSC Antenna @ mouse’s upper body is coloured glossy red, which really has anTestFreaks effect on the overall visual impact…Description: One of the great things about society is free stuff, Koribo Mini Keyboard @ TestFreaksall of the free stuff that’s out there for anyone to have anytime Description: Keyboards are an integral part of our life and theythey want. One of the great free things is TV, it’s just out there come in many shapes and sizes and some have specializedfor anyone to grab right out of the air. For many years that’s uses. A little bit ago I was contacted by a new company and 19