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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #31
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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #31


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A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. May 19th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! Description: The latest Toshiba Enterprise class MBF2450RC VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication 2.5 inch SAS hard disk drive is not only power friendly but covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. it also delivers impressive read/write speeds thanks to a rotational speed of 10k thus offering the same performance levels as the best 3.5 inch 7200RPM drives currently availableThe Daily VR-Zone News in the market.Summary - 19 May 2011 ASUS GeForce GTX 560 1GB DirectCU II TOP Video CardSource: Reviewmay-2011/12285.html Description: Ive become quite a fan of the new GTX 560May 19th, 2011 thanks to the aggressive price tag NVIDIA have chosen to go with. At $199 US its a fantastic valued card and combined with the fact NVIDIA have let its partners go a little crazy straight away with the model helps make the launch more interesting than others. Today well be looking at the ASUS version of the card which carries the DirectCU II label, which we know meansIn todays news roundup: VIA Technologies has claimed that it were going to be looking at an awesome cooler while the TOPhas no imeediate intentions to enter the lucrative smartphone label thats also present lets us know were going to have quiteand tablet market, in spite of having had years of experience the overclock out of the box."in developing low-power x86 chips for various devices; HIShas released the new HIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 graphics card Mobile Monitor Field Monitor Pro 15.4-Inch Portable LCDwhich is said to be feature core clock speeds of 850MHz and Monitor Reviewmemory clock speeds of 4200MHz; Microsoft has released a Description: With the introduction of the laptop, the mobilestrongly worded statement criticising Intels comments about office was created. You could take your show on the road andthe ARM ports currently in development for Windows 8, get some serious work done. Of course, you still had somecalling them "inaccurate" and "misleading"; Overclockers have limitations. Even today you have limitations; unless you wantachieved yet another worlds first with Motorolas XOOM to carry around a laptop that weighs 10-15 pounds you aretablet by successfully pushing the tablets built-in processor stuck with a small screen size. Fortunately, you do not have toto a respectable speed of 1.6GHz, or 100MHz faster than buy a gigantic laptop or one with an extended screen that willthe previous world record of 1.5GHz; Anarchy Reigns release cost you an arm and a leg. Mobile Monitor Technologies hasdate has been delayed from the intended Q3 2011 time something that can help to overcome this limitation; the Fieldframe to January 2012 instead, and Rockstar Games is Monitor Pro.apparently blaming Sonys 3.61 firmware update as the cause MSI N560GTX Ti Hawk Video Card @ Benchmark Reviewsfor PlayStation3 consoles shutting down upon gameplay for its Description: NVIDIA have completely blown away theirrecently-launched title, L.A Noire, although it appears to have previous generation GPUs with the introduction of the GTXbacked off from such claims. 5xx line up and while they are good enough at stock speeds,Hardware news its normal for AIB partners to push these GPUs to their limits. MSI have tweaked the GeForce GTX 560Ti to 950MHz GPU /ASUS Radeon HD 6870 Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews 1050MHz Memory, given it the Hawk moniker, slapped onDescription: There is nothing better than a video card that a Twin Frozr III cooler and sent it out into the wild to showstays fast while it runs cool. There is nothing worse than video the world what it is made of. Price wise the MSI N560GTX-lag because your graphics card is too hot. ASUS has come up Ti Hawk will obviously set you back more than a referencewith an innovative way to try and keep our cards running the GTX 560Ti but in return it delivers stellar performanceway they should. The ASUS Radeon HD 6870 Direct CU Video and excellent cooling capability. Benchmark Reviews aims toCard was made with these concerns in mind. Does it live up to provide you with an unbiased review of the MSI N560GTX-Tiour expectations? You are going to have to take a look inside Hawk and report back our findings, keeping you informed onto see. the latest technologies available on the market today.Toshiba MBF2450RC 450GB SAS HDD Review @ Real WorldLabs 1
  • 2. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVia Remains Serious About Low-Power PCs, Uncertain About users are presently affected, as the flaw hits users who areUltra Mobile presently on any version of the OS lower than the most recentDescription: Via Technologies, once the worlds largest 2.3.4 – So basically anyone who doesnt have an updatedsupplier of core-logic sets, said that it expected its partners Nexus One or Nexus introduce solutions based on its dual-core and quad-core Motorola XOOM overclocked, breaks previous record withalready in May, 2011. In spite of the fact that the company has 1.6GHz speedbeen on the market of low-power applications, it does not have Description: The Motorola XOOM had experienced animmediate intentions to enter the market of smartphones. overclocking experience which we covered at the end ofHIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 released February this year, touching 1.5GHz while taking on theDescription: HIS released the HIS 6790 Fan 1GB GDDR5 mantle of a new record. Well, some months have passed, andgraphics card, delivering an array of advanced technologies while the Motorola XOOM did not burn up the sales charts, itto demanding gamers. Running core clock speeds of has gone under the scrutiny of at least one person who thinks840MHz and memory clock speeds of 4,200MHz, the new that the tablet could be pushed beyond 1.5GHz in terms ofmodel provides dramatic visual and gaming experience speed, touching a respectable 1.6GHz this time an affordable price. The new model is equipped with Microsoft took its own turn at driving computer sales withAMD’s Eyefinity technology, AMD’s EyeSpeed technology a new promo. Anyone buying a Windows 7-based PC worthand is second-generation DirectX® 11-ready. The overall $699 or higher will get an Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB system forconfiguration delivers spectacular visual and gaming free without needing a rebate. Online shops for Microsoft andexperience, making it the ultimate solution for performance other PC builders will give the Xbox to anyone buying usinggamers. a .edu e-mail address, but Best Buy and Microsoft Stores willConsumer Electronics and Software news take student IDs. Description: Microsoft took its own turn at driving computerUnfazed by Facebook, Google Rolls Out Social Search Globally sales with a new promo. Anyone buying a Windows 7-based PCDescription: Google will roll out its somewhat controversial worth $699 or higher will get an Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB systemSocial Search feature to 19 more languages next week, the for free without needing a rebate. Online shops for Microsoftcompany has announced on its official blog. Launched back and other PC builders will give the Xbox to anyone buyingin October 2009, Social Search is a feature that combines using a .edu e-mail address, but Best Buy and Microsoft Storesregular search results with publicly available data created by will take student IDs.your friends’ social media activities. Gaming newsPatriot Memory 32GB LX Pro Class 10 SDHC Card Review @Bigbruin. There Will Be Blood in Alice: Madness ReturnsDescription: As more and more professional devices are Description: Alices mind is in ruins in American McGeesmoving to SDHC, having a high end card like the Patriot upcoming Wonderland re-imagining, transforming herMemory LX Pro provides the ability for fast speed and fantastical sanctuary into a nightmare. Gamers can get a goodresponse time when taking photos or recording HD video. The idea of just how dark things will get in the intro cinematic forcomfort of knowing that your card can react as quickly as you Madness Returnscan on the moments that count the most is unprecedented. Anarchy Reigns delayed until 2012Eurocom launches line of the most powerful Optimus Description: Gamers wishing to bust some heads with eitherNotebooks Ever MadWorlds Jack Cayman or the Black Baron in PlatinumDescription: The Eurocom Optimus line are performance- Games latest will need to wait a little longer. According to anoriented business and gaming-friendly notebooks based update on Anarchy Reigns Japanese website, the game is nowon Intels Sandy Bridge technology with discrete NVIDIA slated for a January 2012 release date instead of its original Q3GT 555M graphics and longer battery life thanks to 2011 time frame.NVIDIA Optimus™ Technology. NVIDIA Optimus technology Rockstar Blames PS3 Firmware For Overheating Beforeintelligently optimizes your notebook PC, providing the Backtrackingoutstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, Description: An item on Rockstar Games support site aboutall the while extending battery life for longer enjoyment. They PlayStation 3 systems shutting down while playing L.A. Noireare built around the Intel Huron River HM 65 platform and pegged the 3.61 firmware update as the cause of the Intel’s mobile line of Sandy Bridge Core i7, i5 and i3 That support page has since been pulled, raising the questionprocessors. of whether that really is the source of such issues.Microsoft tells Intel to wind neck in on Windows 8Description: Just after Intel decided to spill the beans on howdifferent versions of Windows 8 will clash with ARM chip Cooler Master set to unveil aarchitecture, Microsoft has called the comments “inaccurate”and “misleading”. wide range of new products at99% of Android Phones Vulnerable to Data Leak; Google Computex 2011 Source: on Quick Fix range-of-new-products-at-computex-2011/12287.htmlDescription: Researchers in Germany have uncovered asecurity flaw in Android. Frighteningly, 99 percent of Android 2
  • 3. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMay 19th, 2011 designed to works with Apples various tablets and phones. Well bring you more details from the show, both from Cooler Masters booth and from the product launch that Cooler Master will be having on the Wednesday, so make sure you check back with us for all the coverage from Computex.Ah, the first Computex press releases are starting to come in MSIs Big Bang Conquerorand one of the first companies to gives us a glimpse at what renamed 990FXA-GD80will be on display during the show is Cooler Master. This year Source: will be a little bit different though, as the center stage renamed-990fxa-gd80/12286.htmlof Cooler Masters booth will be taken up by entries to its May 19th, 20112011 case mod competition, as Cooler Master has flow in a fewselected system to display during Computex. But fear not, thecompany has plenty of products to show off as well and werefairly certain that far from everything has been revealed in thepress release. If the increase of leaks of upcoming motherboards is anAh, the first Computex press releases are starting to come in indicator of something, then it would be that we’re very closeand one of the first companies to gives us a glimpse at what to Computex and with just over a week to go, MSI’s upcomingwill be on display during the show is Cooler Master. This year 990FXA-GD80 has made an appearance alongside a prettythings will be a little bit different though, as the center stage comprehensive spec sheet. MSI showed off a board called theof Cooler Masters booth will be taken up by entries to its Big Bang Conqueror 990FX board back at CES, but it appears2011 case mod competition, as Cooler Master has flow in a few that this is actually the 990FXA-GD80 now, which makes usselected system to display during Computex. But fear not, the wonder if MSI has something even more extreme in its line-company has plenty of products to show off as well and were up, or if the company has killed off the Big Bang brand.fairly certain that far from everything has been revealed in thepress release. If the increase of leaks of upcoming motherboards is anSo what can we look forward to? Well, for starters Cooler indicator of something, then it would be that we’re very closeMasters CM Storm brand will be showcasing a special edition to Computex and with just over a week to go, MSI’s upcomingversion of the Enforcer carrying a custom AMD design, 990FXA-GD80 has made an appearance alongside a prettycustomized lights and a see through side panel. Then theres comprehensive spec sheet. MSI showed off a board called thethe Sirius 5.1-channel gaming headset which really looks like Big Bang Conqueror 990FX board back at CES, but it appearsits going to be something special compared to whats out that this is actually the 990FXA-GD80 now, which makes usthere today, as it packs multiple speakers that are promised wonder if MSI has something even more extreme in its line-to deliver a real surround-sound experience and theres also a up, or if the company has killed off the Big Bang brand.control unit that lets you control the individual speakers. It’s surprising how little has changed in the six months sinceNext up we have a new series of PSUs called the Silent Pro CES, although it’s a little bit hard to see if MSI has made anyHybrid which will come with a front panel control unit which real changes to the PCB from the pictures that leaked alongsideallows for manual control not only over the 135mm fan in the the specifications. This is of course and AMD 990FX boardPSU, but also for up three standard 12V case fans. The PSU with the SB950 and the board has a 8+2 PWM design goodhas a single +12V rail and can deliver up to 98A of Power for 140W CPUs. MSI claims support for DDR3 memory up to(depending on the model) and its 80Plus Gold certified. 2133MHz, although not officially of course.Were also looking a few other new products, for exampleChoiix will be displaying a few new Power Fort products 3
  • 4. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone May 19th, 2011 Z68 has been stealing all the limelight lately. But for those who want a piece of the Sandy Bridge action for cheap, there exists a lesser known chipset by the name of H61. We pair up the ECS H61H2-M with a Core-i3 2100 to find out if this is a viable budget alternative to H67/P67. Today, well be looking at the ECS H61H2-M, a micro-ATX motherboard from ECS using the Intel H61 PCH.The slot layout consists of four x16 PCI Express slots, of whichthe second and fourth slots are only used in four x8 mode, In case you were wondering, H61 is the cheapest Sandy Bridgealthough due to the board layout it’s not possible to use more compatible PCH currently available.This chipset doesnt reallythan three dual slot cards at once. There are also two x1 PCI have a direct predecessor from the LGA 1156 era - though itExpress slots and a single PCI slot. MSI hasn’t added any brings to mind G41 from LGA 775 days.additional SATA ports, so the standard six SATA 6Gbps ports Chipset Feature Comparisonis what you have to make to with. The board also has a niftyangled front mounted USB 3.0 pin header as well as at least P67 H67 H61two pin headers for an additional four USB 2.0 ports and one CPU PCIe 1 x16 PCIe 2.0 1 x16 PCIe 2.0 1 x16 PCIe 2.0pin header for a FireWire port. Lanes or 2 x8 PCIe 2.0 USB 2.0 14 14 10 SATA 3Gbps 4 4 4 SATA 6Gbps 2 2 0 RAID Yes Yes No Compared to H67, H61 loses two SATA 6Gbps ports, four USB 2.0 ports as well as RAID support. When you look at it, things arent actually that bad. 10 USB ports should be sufficient (theres always USB hubs), and users on a budget probably dont need SATA 6Gbps. Needless to say, CPU overclocking isnt possible with H61.Around the back we have a pair of PS/2 ports (really MSI?), Most H61 motherboards are in the micro-ATX form factor forfour USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, two eSATAp ports reasons of cost, and the simple fact that budget motherboards(combo USB/eSATA), a FireWire port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, dont usually squeeze in a whole lot of features. Lets take a7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIF out and a closer look at the H61H2-M from ECS.clear CMOS button. Overall this is a decent enough board, butfor a flagship product it feels like MSI hasn’t quite gone all theway, especially not compared to what we’ve already seen thatAsus has coming.ECS H61H2-M ReviewSource: 4
  • 5. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCanon Expo 2011 kicks off inShanghaiSource: 19th, 2011The Canon Expo 2011 is officially opened today, and markedthe last stop of the Canon Expo global tour following the Asias superstar Jackie Chan was at the ribbon-cuttingevents which took place in New York, Paris and Tokyo ceremony with Fujio Mitarai, chairman and CEO of Canonduring September-November last year. VR-Zone brings you Group; Jing Dunquan, vice chariman of The Chinese Peoplesthe coverage. Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, vice chairman of Sino-Japan Friendship Association; Tsuneji Uchida, president and COO, Canon Group; Jane Le, president and chairman of Le Bao Minh, Vietnam; Irwan Kamdani, president director, PT DataScript, Indonesia; and Hideki (Howard) Ozawa, managing director of Canon Inc., president and CEO, Canon (China), to officiate the opening of the Canon Expo 2011 at Shanghai International Convention Center. Chan was appointed the publicity ambassador of the Canon Expo 2011.Hideki Ozawa, managing director of Canon Inc., president andCEO, Canon (China), gave an opening speech and said that itwas a prompt time for the company to have this type of big,comprehensive global expo for the Asian region."Asia is becoming the worlds new economic centre and itsgrowth have become the power engine of the global economy.It is for sure Asian market have become bigger and it is thereason why it is important to the contribution to Canonsgrowth. By taking the opportunity of this expo, we would liketo let you know of what Canon is all about and also to give ouragreement to strengthen our business in Asia," Ozawa said. The Canon Expo 2011 in Shanghai is presented to visitors in the shape of a luxury cruise ship. The “Canon Imaging Voyage”, and various exhibition areas are designed to be reminiscent of a cruise ship, including the “Main Deck” and “Captain’s office”. Sony Introduces Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX Source: duo-hx/12284.html May 19th, 2011 5
  • 6. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAvailable in 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb, the Memory Stick PRO-HG May 19th, 2011Duo HX memory cards from Sony have a maximum transferrate of up to 50 Mb/s - the fastest in the world. Kingston Digital, independent world leader in memory products, takes mobility a step further with the launch of its DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2 flash drives. Kingston Digital, independent world leader in memoryAvailable in 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb, the Memory Stick PRO-HG products, takes mobility a step further with the launch of itsDuo HX memory cards from Sony have a maximum transfer DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2 flash drives.rate of up to 50 Mb/s - the fastest in the world. It is basedon the HX Engine controller, operates at 2.7V - 3.6V, andworks with "Handycam camcorders, as well as with the Sony-branded digital cameras like the NEX-5". The Memory StickPRO-HG Duo HX, covered by a 10 year warranty, is expectedto start shipping soon.News via [Techconnect] Measuring 73.70 x 22.20 x 16.10mm, the stylish device deliversIn Win Announces Commander data transfer rates up to 100 Mb/s (read) and 70 Mb/sII Series PSUs (write) on USB 3.0 devices. The DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2, covered by a five year warranty, can be purchased fromSource: major retailers and e-tailers at MSRPs of US$77 (16Gb), USseries-psus/12283.html $116 (32Gb) and US$213 (64Gb).May 19th, 2011 News via [Techconnect] Cooler Master Unveils NotepalAvailable in 750W, 850W and 1200W variants, the second LapAirgeneration Commander PSUs are ATX 12V 2.31 and EPS 12V Source: compliant, have an efficiency of up to 88%, modular lapair/12281.htmlcables, four 12V rails, and are cooled by a 135mm fan. May 19th, 2011Available in 750W, 850W and 1200W variants, the secondgeneration Commander PSUs are ATX 12V 2.31 and EPS 12V2.91 compliant, have an efficiency of up to 88%, modularcables, four 12V rails, and are cooled by a 135mm fan. Pricesand availability has not been announced yet so stay tuned formore updates. Cooler Master has announced the Notepal LapAir cooler,News via [Techpowerup] adding on to its line-up of cooling solutions for notebooks and netbooks. Measuring 430 x 316 x 56mm and weighing 1.2kg, itKingston Unleashes features a topside anti-slip rubber mat, a sponge base, niches for storing cables, and is cooled by a 80mm fan that runs atDataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2 speeds of up to 1,650 RPM.Flash DriveSource: 6
  • 7. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 1) Price - In a perfect world, price would scale with clockspeed. But this isnt always the case across brands. 2) Memory Size - A few manufacturers are offering 2GB versions of the GTX 560. The performance difference, however, will not be evident except at very high resolutions (think 2560 x 1600) or with anti-aliasing turned up. 3) Cooler - Having a good heatsink fan allows higher overclocks. Some manufacturers reuse the same heatsink across differently clocked models - If you get the cheaper model and overclock it yourself, chances are that you can match or even surpass the more expensive model. 4) Clockspeed - For Nvidia GTX 560, having a higherCooler Master has announced the Notepal LapAir cooler, clockspeed in core frequency, shader frequency and memoryadding on to its line-up of cooling solutions for notebooks and frequency will get you better performance in games. However,netbooks. Measuring 430 x 316 x 56mm and weighing 1.2kg, it one need not be so concerened in getting the highestfeatures a topside anti-slip rubber mat, a sponge base, niches overclocked edition GTX 560 as you can do it easily with thefor storing cables, and is cooled by a 80mm fan that runs at help of Nvidia System Tools or other overclocking utilitiesspeeds of up to 1,650 RPM. provided by the manufacturers. 5) Warranty - The longer, the better. Note that the prices listed are estimates based on a search of online stores. After rebates and other discounts, your mileage may vary. Variants which we could not find in stores have no price listed. ASUS Brand Type Core Shader Memory Memory Link (MHz) (MHz) (MHz) Size ASUS GTX 810 1620 4008 1GB 560 DirectCuThe Notepal LapAir supports all laptops/ netbooks up to GTX 850 1700 4200 1GB17" (in size) and is available from selected distributors and 560resellers at a MSRP of US$29.99. DirectCu II OCNews via [Softpedia] GTX 925 1850 4200 1GB 560Which GTX 560 to choose? DirectCuSource: II TOPMay 19th, 2011 GTX 560 DirectCu GTX 560 DirectCu GTX 560 DirectCu II OC II TOP ASUS has three variants of the GTX 560, all of which has aThe recently released Nvidia GTX 560 comes in various forms. memory size of 1GB. ASUS GTX 560 DirectCu is the basicDifferent brands offer different clockspeed, coolers and also model which follows the clockspeed of the reference Nvidiamemory size. How do you decide which one to get? GTX 560. The DirectCu II models are overclocked versions and have a different heatsink fan compared to the DirectCuNvidia is banking heavily on overclocked versions of the GTX models.560 to combat AMD. Most of their partners have at least onespecial edition, with some even forgoing the reference GTX EVGA560. Brand Type Core Shader Memory Memory LinkThe card with the highest overclock out of those listed here is (MHz) (MHz) (MHz) SizeZotacs GTX 560 AMP! edition, which pushes the core clock to EVGA GTX 810 1620 4008 1GBa whopping 950MHz and the memory to 4400MHz. 560The key factors to look out for are: GTX 850 1700 4104 1GB 560 Superclocked 7
  • 8. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone GTX 850 1700 4008 2GB equalizers for decent audio. So what can the average Joe expect 560 2048MB from Creatives new products? Read on to find out... Superclocked Remember the story we published some time back in 2010 where Creative claimed that the preferred mode of entertainment for most consumers is centred around the GTX 560 GTX GTX 560 2048MB need to "go wireless", and that this trend will gain enough 560 Superclocked Superclocked momentum to be the only form of digital entertainment in time? Well, it turns out that Creative had a lot more in mind EVGA has three different types of GTX 560. One is the than just simple tablet devices and wireless speakers. In fact, basic GTX 560 which follows the reference Nvidia GTX 560 the company believes so strongly in the potential of wireless clockspeed. The other two are the overclocked versions of the digital entertainment that it has refreshed its entire lineup of GTX 560 1GB and 2GB models. wireless entertainment tools with new features to "redefine home audio experience for consumers" while ensuring that GAINWARD they do not have to end up smashing the piggy bank to do so. Brand Type Core Shader Memory Memory Link Speaking at a media event held at the Intercontinental (MHz) (MHz) (MHz) Size Singapore to announce the companys new wirelessGAINWARDTX G 822 1644 4040 1GB entertainment devices was Eugene Chong, Creative 560 Technologys manager for marketing, who talked about its Golden new ZiiSound Dx series of Pure Wireless Modularity Bluetooth Sample speakers for consumers. GTX 822 1644 4040 1GB 560 Phantom GTX 810 1620 4008 2GB 560 2048MB GTX 560 GTX 560 Phantom GTX 560 2048MB Golden Sample GAINWARD has three models as well. It has the 2GB version which runs at the default frequency. The other two 1GB versions have the same clockspeed, a slight overclock from Claiming how most wireless speaker systems still require 810MHz (core) to 822MHz. However, they have a different set users to fiddle with the connecting wires used for each of cooler. The Phantom have 2 smaller fans concealed within speaker, Ching explained how Creative was able to completely the heatsink. do away with such cables by implementing "robust wireless technology" in its new ZiiSound Dx series of modular Creative announces launch of Bluetooth speakers. new wireless speaker systems Source: wireless-speaker-systems/12277.html May 19th, 2011 Cables are the nemesis of neat freaks who cannot stand the idea of having any form of foreign material cluttering their otherwise spotless desks, right? Well, the good news is that "What we have done in the ZiiSound Dx series of wireless Creative has been hard at work in eliminating all traces of speakers is to give each speaker the ability to link up to each those pesky cables in its speaker lineup, and its latest line of other without the need for connecting wireless. This gives wireless speakers introduced today in a media event held at the users the new-found flexibility of adding on speakers, piece by Intercontinental Singapore is probably the best proof of how piece, all without the need to deal with cables or invest in a new one does not need to rely on copper wires and cumbersome home speaker system," he claimed, while likening the speakers 8
  • 9. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto audio LEGO building blocks that can be linked wirelesslyto form up to a 3.1 configuration.In addition, Chong also announced the introduction of variousnew wireless products such as the new one-piece D80Bluetooth speakers, the ZEN Style M300 portable mediaplayer and its new WP-series headphones which feature an"invisible mic" for use in most communication devices. Creatives WP-250 wireless Bluetooth headphones...Creatives new D80 wireless Bluetooth speakers. And just sowe make it clear, that coloured speaker grille you see is NOTuser replaceable. ...along with the WP-350...The Creative ZEN Style M300 portable media player. Noticeits size in comparison to a typical smartphone as shown below: ...and finally, the WP-450. Last but not least, Creatives resident acoustic engineer Tan Lip Hwee was also at the event to demonstrate the ease at which typical consumers can link up the various components of the ZiiSound Dx modular Bluetooth speakers wirelessly, as well as its remarkable audio quality its drivers and subwoofers were capable of churning out in tandem. 9
  • 10. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The arrival of Z68 means that enthusiasts can finally make full use of their K-series processors capabilities. Of course, the Z68 also gets x8/x8 CrossFire/SLi like the P67, which is better than the x16/x4 setup of H67. USB and SATA support remains idential to the P67/H67, which means well see manufacturers breaking out the USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps controllers once again. In our preview of MSIs Z68 motherboard, we touched briefly on the limitations posed by the eight PCIe lanes that Z68 supplies. This is a problem mainly on the more expensive models where the peripheral devices have to fight for lanes with a PCIe x4 slot. Some manufacturers have opted to simply disable certainThat being said, we really should point out that the products devices if this third slot is occupied, while others are using athat were announced in todays press release are identical to bridge chip to share one lane among several devices. The latterthe ones which we had put in in a previous news posting option is certainly the preferable one, though using a bridgeexactly two weeks ago. As such, if you want to know more about chip raises costs. Regardless, this is something you should takeCreatives new range of wireless entertainment products , do note of when choosing a motherboard.feel free to hit up the link here for details about their pricingand release dates. The last (and most extravagant) option, which you will only see on the most pricey of Z68 motherboards, is to use a NF200 bridge chip to split the 16 lanes coming from the CPU into 32Intel Z68: The Best of Both lanes, freeing up all the PCH lanes for peripheral use. If its anyWorlds comfort, the upcoming X79 should not have this problem as the CPU alone provides enough lanes that manufacturers willSource: not have to dangle the third PCIe slot off the PCH.worlds/12101.htmlMay 19th, 2011The Z68 combines the best of both worlds, letting youoverclock your processor and still make use of Intel QuickSync. Throw in a few extra goodies, and is this the platform toget your hands on? Or should hardcore enthusiasts just waittill X79?When H67 and P67 were launched, you couldnt always haveyour cake and eat it. It was a choice between being able tooverclock and making use of HD Graphics (and Quick Sync).This awkward situation was best exemplified by the K-series The other noteworthy feature of Z68 is Smart Responsechips, which could only either unlocked multipliers or HD Technology (a.k.a. SSD caching). This brings to mindGraphics 3000. Silverstones HDDBoost from 2010. SRT is different, however, in that it uses the SSD to cache both reads and writes. Well examine SRT in detail soon, but first lets take a look at some Z68 motherboards. Challenger Launches Windows Experience Zone in Singapore Source: experience-zone-in-singapore/12278.html May 19th, 2011 10
  • 11. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneEnter Singapores first Windows Experience Zone (WEZ) rightat Challenger Funan, a unique retail zone that brings thecomplete PC buying experience to every consumer in this 24-hour operations store. What is in store in this unique zone ?More after the jump Coming soon, a 100-inch multi-touch screen will also become operational in the coming months to let customers interact and discover more about Windows PCs and software.The launch of the Singapores Windows Experience Zone(WEZ) happened today, graced by Loo Theong Thye, CEO COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010Challenger Technologies Limited; Mitchell L .Koch, corporatevice president of worldwide retail sales and marketing group, Roundups Source: and devices division, Microsoft Corp and roundups/12275.htmlJessica Tan , managing director, Microsoft Singapore. May 19th, 2011The launch celebration is joined by participating vendors -Acer, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba who will be offering great dealsof their PC models to Challenger members while stocks last. VR-Zone will be compiling roundups for Computex Taipei 2011 in the following categories: 1. Motherboards and Graphics Cars 2. Casings and Power Supplies and Coolers 3. Memory and Storage and SSDs 4. Mobile Devices and Laptops/Netbooks and Tablets 5. PC Peripherals 6. Displays 7. Networking Stay Tuned!The WEZ, located at Challenger Funan will showcase a Sharp successfully developsselection of PCs, laptops and in the future, mobile devices.The zone will showcase devices in different categories such as worlds first 85-inch LCD panelWork, Play and Learn and will also host training workshopsand hands-on sessions.. Tech advisors in the WEZ also known compatible with Super Hi-as Microsoft Captains will be there to provide advice to Visionconsumers. Source: first-85-inch-lcd-panel-compatible-with-super-hi-vision/12274.htmlAn appointment can also be made with the Microsoft Captain May 19th, 2011for a session to walk you the purchase process and how tomaximize the use of your PC with Windows 7, Windows LiveEssentials, Office 2010 and other popular software. The current full HD resolutions of 1920 x 1080 may be the end-all resolution for most home, commercial and industrial uses, but leave it to Japan to raise the glass ceiling once again in digital display technology. Apparently, Sharp has 11
  • 12. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemanaged to successfully develop a gigantic 85-inch LCD panelthat is compatible with Japans domestic Super Hi-Vision Google opens website forvideo format technology, which allows for video output at Japanese to remember townsthe extremely high resolution of 33 megapixels. With displayresolutions like this, who needs yesteryears full HD display lost in the recent earthquaketechnology? Source: remember-towns-lost-in-the-recent-earthquake/12273.htmlIf what people say about obstacles being stepping stones to May 19th, 2011ones eventual success is true, it would seem that Sharp hasbeen a firm believer of this saying, and that today is the day theJapanese company has finally overcome the odds to produceyet another worlds first. Apparently, Sharp has managedto successfully develop the worlds first LCD display that is Googles informal corporate motto of "Dont be evil" may havecompatible with the countrys proposed Super Hi-Vision next- been mocked by many in the industry, but there can be nogeneration television broadcast format, a feat that it has touted denying that the search giant has been known to do the rightto worlds first for direct display LCD panels. things for its consumer base most of the time, barring a few isolated exceptions. That being said, it seems that Google has taken its "Dont be evil" motto to the next launching a new website that is aimed at helping the Japanese to remember the towns that they have lost as a result of the recent earthquake that levelled much of northern Japan.For those who are not in the know, Japans Super Hi-Vision It is always said that memories are as timeless as the universebroadcast format is capable of delivering media content at an itself, but there will always be times that people will wishextremely high resolution of 7680 x 4320 or approximately 33 that they had some physical memento to hold on to as proofmegapixels, which in turn is almost 16 times greater than that that they had indeed gone through certain experiences in life.of full HD. However, in order to cram that many pixels into a After all, memories can only be timeless if they are actuallysingle LCD display, Sharp apparently had to settle for a display remembered, and suffice to say humans today are probablythat measures no lesser than 85-inches, a dimension which one of the most forgetful species on Earth, having have to relyeffectively limits its usefulness to commercial and industrial on both physical and digital tools to assist in the recollectionsettings. of various life experiences.That being said, Sharp definitely appears to have high hopes Apparently, Google is all too aware of the situation, and hasfor its new Super Hi-Vision compatible panel, claiming that since moved to ensure that the towns that were deemed lostthe use of its UV2A*2 LCD technology coupled with the in the recent earthquake that leveled much of northern Japanperformance levels of the Super Hi-Vision video display does not fade into folklore and obscurity any time soon.format will allow for the playback of "ultra-detailed, super- To that end, the search giant has launched a new websitehigh-quality images capable of "immersing the viewer in a known as "Mirai-e-no-kioku", which aims to preserve thevirtual-reality-like experience". Nice. memories most Japanese have of the aforementioned townsNow, all that remains is to wait for Sharp to successfully before they were lost to Mother Natures wrath. Quite fittingly,develop smaller versions of its Super Hi-Vision displays for use "Mirai-e-no-kioku", when translated, describes the cherishingin consumer-grade television sets so that we can all enjoy some of memories for the future.UHDTV goodness from the comfort of the living room sofa.Brief specificationsScreen size: 85 inches (approx. 1.9 x 1.05 m)Pixel count: 7,680 (H) x 4,320 (V) pixelsBrightness: 300 cd/m2Gradation: 10 bits for each RGB color 12
  • 13. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone from the truth; apparently, word has it that Japan is now facing what appears to be the first confirmed case of a trojan gaining access to stored data on a smartphone, and that this problem is only set to become worse as the popularity of such devices continues to grow. Smartphones are supposed to be inherently safer than PCs when it comes to having to deal with nasty stuff such as malware, right? After all, most consumers would rationalize that since virtually no smartphone on the market today runsIn order to do so, Google is actively seeking the contributions on Windows, they should theoretically be safe from the likes ofof both photographs and video footage shot in the various virus and trojans that plague the entire Windows ecosystem.quake-devastated areas from the public. The files collectedby Google will then be made available for public viewing. In Unfortunately for consumers, it seems that their idea of aaddition, Google will reportedly archive the contributions in completely malware-free ecosystem for smartphones and theirits data centre to ensure that the the memories of those areas accompanying operating systems is about to come to an abruptwill never be forgotten for a long time to come. end. Apparently, industrial sources have confirmed that Japan is the latest entry in a long list of countries to have officiallyLastly, claims that Google has also received confirmed the existence of malware-infected smartphones,requests for the long-term archival of data of the area that was and are warning that such malware could potentially becomecollected by Googles Street View vehicles and satellites before widespread within the country.the quake struck, and that an official for Google has reportedlyclaimed that the company is indeed considering the storage According to a report published by The Yomiuri Shimbun,of aforementioned information in its servers "for as long as the malware that was discovered in Japan is believed topossible". have originated from a popular app known as Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako, which features an anime character giving "demonstrations on proper muscle trainingFirst confirmed case of techniques". Apparently, the pirated copy of the app contains a trojan which, when installed, allows an outsider to gain accesssmartphone trojan infection to a users private information such as location data, phoneshows up in Japan book contacts and email messages, as well as making remote phone calls.Source: 19th, 2011Thought that the sleek and flashy little smartphone youcurrently hold in your hands in the answer to getting awayfrom the nasty world of malware that has been plaguing PCsin all shapes and sizes? Well, you could not have been further 13
  • 14. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Yomiuri Shimbun also quoted security research firm In fact, the southbridge heatsink is identical to the one usedSymantec as claiming that the number of smartphone malware on the Sabertooth i55 and X58 and the CeraM!X heatsinksinfections in Japan is set to increase, simply because the are also back. The board has an 8+2 power regulation designcommon platform offered by the operating systems used as revealed in the specifications and once again were seeingto power the handsets makes it easy for programmers to the new split CPU retention mechanism. Due to the extendeddesign malware that can target a wide range of devices, length of the PWM circuitry the top slot has been sacrificed asboth domestically and globally. However, conventional mobile the northbridge is also located here, just below the CPU socket.phones are not affected, simply because they make usedomestically-developed technology which is incompatiblewith mobile systems found in other parts of the world.That being said, if it is of any consolation, there are no knownreports of hackers actually making use of the aforementionedtrojan-infected app to actively steal and exploit sensitivedata from consumers for their own personal gain. Still, ifanything, this report will probably serve as a very good wake-up call to consumers who are still under the impression thattheir smartphones are happily living in the La-la Land ofcyberspace.Asus TUF Sabertooth 990FX As such, the board has four x16 PCI Express slots and agets pictured single x1 PCI Express slot and one PCI slot. The x16 slots areSource: configured in dual x16 or one x16 and two x8 with the grey/pictured/12271.html black slot being a x4 slot. Beyond the native six SATA 6GbpsMay 19th, 2011 ports, Asus has also added a pair of SATA 3Gbps ports, good enough for an optical drive or an older hard drive.About two weeks ago the specifications of Asus upcoming900-series AM3+ boards leaked and today the first pictures ofthe new TUF Sabertooth 990FX appeared on the web courtesyof a Chinese website. The board design is a bit of a flash backto Asus first TUF board, the TUF Sabertooth i55 and theboard has very little in common with the more recent TUFSabertooth P67 which is kind of surprising.About two weeks ago the specifications of Asus upcoming Asus has gone for a pair of ASMedia ASM1042 USB 3.0 host900-series AM3+ boards leaked and today the first pictures of controllers, one of the two rear ports and one for a front pin-the new TUF Sabertooth 990FX appeared on the web courtesy header. One thing that the leaked spec sheet didnt give awayof a Chinese website. The board design is a bit of a flash back is that all of the fan headers bar one (thats a total of five) areto Asus first TUF board, the TUF Sabertooth i55 and the 4-pin fan headers which mean that PWM controller fans willboard has very little in common with the more recent TUF work properly. Beyond that theres little to say about the board,Sabertooth P67 which is kind of surprising. 14
  • 15. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneas weve already seen the full specifications, although if youre The other peculiar thing about this board is the location ofinterested in some more pictures, hit the source link. the chipset, as traditional two-chip designs meant that the northbridge was close to the CPU socket, with the southbridge being located towards the lower front half of the board. InJetways un-named 990X this case, Jetway has put the two right next to each othermotherboard leaks and fitted a rather large heatsink on the two. The only real advantage of doing this is that theres no obstruction in frontSource: of the expansion slots, but in general this has never been anmotherboard-leaks/12269.html issue on most motherboards.May 19th, 2011 The expansion slots consist of two x16 PCI Express slots, although as this board uses the AMD 990X chipset, were looking at a dual x8 configuration when both slots are in use. The board also has two x1 PCI Express slots, a PCI slot and unusually a mini PCI Express slot as well. Due to the unusual board layout, Jetway has lost two expansion slots which isJetway isnt exactly a huge player in the consumer somewhat disappointing, but not something that most peoplemotherboard market these days, although the company seems are going to find to be a great be doing reasonably well in mainland China and now a The board also has six SATA 6Gbps ports, although theyrepicture of its upcoming AMD 990X motherboard has leaked located unusually far up the board. Theres also a single IDEon a Chinese website. Its not clear if this is a model limited to port or possibly a floppy connector, its a bit hard to tellthe Chinese market, or if well be seeing broader availability, from the picture. Wed also dare to guess that the board hasbut its an interesting board in at least a couple of ways. pin-headers for at least another six USB 2.0 ports. Around the back the board has a pair of PS/2 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 7.1-channelJetway isnt exactly a huge player in the consumer audio with coaxial S/PDIF out and what appears to be a clearmotherboard market these days, although the company seems CMOS button. Overall were not blown away by this board,to be doing reasonably well in mainland China and now a but then again, if the price is right were sure itll find a homepicture of its upcoming AMD 990X motherboard has leaked somewhere.on a Chinese website. Its not clear if this is a model limited tothe Chinese market, or if well be seeing broader availability,but its an interesting board in at least a couple of ways. CUPP Computing to demoThe leaked picture isnt very high resolution, so its difficultto see some of the details. However, a couple of interesting PunkThis Hybrid PC module atthings that stand out straight away is the location of the power Computexregulation circuitry and the chipset. The PWM is located at Source: top of the board, rather than between the CPU socket and hybrid-pc-module-at-computex/12268.htmlthe rear I/O ports and in part this is possible because Jetway May 19th, 2011has gone for what looks like a simple 4+1 design. However,in doing so, Jetway also had to rotate the CPU retentionmechanism by 90 degrees. The effect of this is that certainCPU coolers, specifically some models with heatpipes mightnot work as well as intended, as the heatpipes might end upthe wrong way around. If youve never heard of CUPP Computing, dont despair, as the company has as yet not launched a single product. However, CUPP Computing will be showing off its new PunkThis Hybrid PC module at Computex in less than two weeks time and it really could change the way that we use our notebooks. If youve never heard of CUPP Computing, dont despair, as the company has as yet not launched a single product. However, CUPP Computing will be showing off its new PunkThis Hybrid PC module at Computex in less than two weeks time and it really could change the way that we use our notebooks. CUPP Computing has already shown off some early prototypes of its Hybrid PC solution and those prototypes were based on a TI OMAP 3430 ARM Cortex-A8 SoC clocked at a mere 720MHz, paired up with 512MB of RAM. The PunkThis 15
  • 16. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemodule is based on a 1GHz TI OMAP DM3730 SoC, although Reports by multiple sources are suggesting that Apple isit still only has 512MB of RAM, but the big difference this time getting ready to refresh its MacBook Air lines of notebooksaround is that the ARM processor module is in a standard come June or July and as expected well be seeing some Sandy2.5-inch drive form factor and it even has a SATA port. The Bridge hardware inside the new models. The other big additionPunkThis board also has what should turn out to me an is said to be Thunderbolt support, something that could provemSATA port to which an SSD can be connected. to be useful on a system that is otherwise void if high-speed interfaces. Moving from Intels aging Core 2 Duo CPUs to Sandy Bridge should be a huge boost to the performance for the MacBook Airs, although the biggest question that so far remains unanswered is what Apple is going to do in the graphics department. Apple hasnt shipped a single product using Intel graphics since the good old GMA950 which was used in early models of the Apple TV and Apple in general seems to loathe Intel graphics. That said, were seeing switchable graphics on Apples MacBook Pro models, so theres already OS support for Intels HD 3000 series of graphics, which might just be goodBy now youre most likely wondering what the big deal is. enough for Apple.Well, the PunkThis board plugs into a standard notebook andthen allows the user to switch between the high-performance Apple is expected to use the new low Voltage and ultra-lownotebook hardware and the low-power ARM based hardware Voltage Sandy Bridge based mobile CPUs from Intel with aon the fly. What this means is that if you just need to do some TDP of 25W and 17W respectively. Clock speeds range fromsimple tasks, such as edit a document, access the web and so 1.4 to 1.6GHz for the ultra-low Voltage CPUs whereas the lowon, you can do this using the low-power ARM hardware on Voltage models are clocked at 2.1 to 2.3GHz. If Apple goesthe PunkThis board which would double, triple or maybe even down the same route as today, the 11.6-inch MacBook Airquadruple your battery life. should be fitted with the ultra-low Voltage CPUs while the 13.3-inch model would use the low Voltage CPUs.The PunkThis board will run Android, Ubuntu and severalother flavours of Linux. The cool thing is that CUPP Thunderbolt support could make for some interesting externalComputing has figured out a way to hook into the main device options for Apples ultra-thin notebooks that have sosystems of your notebook, so you still have access to the hard far suffered a fair bit in terms of high-speed peripheral (or SSD as it may be), display, keyboard and touch pad, This way the MacBook Air family could also become muchUSB ports, display ports, audio jacks and speakers. By being more productive work tools, especially for those that need aable to switch instantly between the two platforms, youre not very portable notebook to travel with for example. The newgoing to have to sit around and wait for the main operating models are expected to enter production this month for ansystem to boot up if you need to access some more power announcement sometime in June or July.demanding applications. Were going to meet up with CUPPComputing at Computex and well bring you more details ofwhats to come then. The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 18 May 2011MacBook Air refresh rumoured Source: may-2011/12266.htmlfor June or July May 19th, 2011Source: 19th, 2011 In todays news roundup: Technical specifications of MSIs unreleased N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition graphics card, which is expected to debut only at Computex later this month, has been published onto the Internet courtesy of an Italian website; Intels CEO has claimed that he sees noReports by multiple sources are suggesting that Apple is advantages in licensing ARMs processor architecture for usegetting ready to refresh its MacBook Air lines of notebooks in the embedded space, and that the money spent in having tocome June or July and as expected well be seeing some Sandy pay royalties to ARM could be better spent in researching forBridge hardware inside the new models. The other big addition ways to further optimize the x86 architecture for use in chipsis said to be Thunderbolt support, something that could prove which boast extremely low power consumption; 10 tablet PCto be useful on a system that is otherwise void if high-speed devices powered by INtel hardware will reporetedly be makinginterfaces. their debut in the upcoming Computex trade exhibition held at Taipei in June; Toshiba has confirmed that its latest four- inch LCD display which is capable of 367ppi will be making 16
  • 17. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneits way to a smartphone sometime this year, and that it will ES.2 3TB SATA 3 hard disk drive by Seagate has simplynot be Apples upcoming iPhone that will get first dibs on the managed to pull ahead from the display; Microsoft is offering to replace affected Xbox 360 Corsair Obsidian 650D Review @ Vortezconsoles for free after a firmware update designed to enable Description: Having two full tower cases within the range hassupport for a new optical disc format has ended up casuing certainly satisfied the high-end market but what about mid-a small number of consoles to stop working completely, and range? Well today we will be looking at the new 650D. This isSonys woes with the PlayStation Network is set to continue a mid-tower case, offering all the features of the 800D but inafter it was discovered that hackers who have gained access a smaller shell. Not everyone favours a full tower case, manyto compromised personal information could use the acquired have been waiting for this 650D – the smaller brother to theinformation to change a legitimate subscribers password, thus 800D.potentially barring subscribers from accessing their onlineaccounts. NVIDIA Introduces New GeForce GTX 560 GPU and Faster GeForce R275 DriversHardware news Description: NVIDIA has introduced the GeForce GTX 560Zalman CPPS11X Tower CPU Cooler Review @ Legit Reviews GPU, the latest addition to the companys Fermi architecture-Description: Zalman has for years had coolers that were a very based product family, which brings amazing performance andnice balance of unique style and performance. The CNPS11X enhanced features such as NVIDIA PhysX, 3D Vision, SLI andis no different; it has unique looks with solid performance, Surround technologies to this summers hottest PC games.and does it quietly. The overall looks of the CNPS11X are nice. Intel: There Are No Advantages in Going to ARM.The Black Pearl nickel plating and blue LED fan gives the Description: Intel Corps chief executive officer has ruled outcooler some flare while not being overbearing. The new V or any possibility of adopting the ARM architecture for its chipstriangle design is definitely different for a tower cooler, which aimed at ultra-mobile devices. The company believes thatsomething that sets it apart from the crowd. Like the old barrel instead of paying royalties to ARM, it may achieve betterstyle coolers this can be spotted from across the room and you financial results and performance by tuning-up its x86 micro-can know who made it... architecture for low power consumption.Exclusive: MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition specs Consumer Electronics:(Italian)Description: (Machine translation) Just this morning we Acer’s A500 Is a Hefty Honeycomb Tablet on a Budgetshowed you the first photo on the card MSI N580GTX Description: At $449, Acer’s Iconia Tab A500 is among theLightning Xtreme Edition . Now we have also the technical least expensive Honeycomb tablets available today. Acer wasspecifications of the card that the manufacturer will debut at able to keep costs down by limiting the internal flash memoryComputex in Taipei next expected later this month. storage and eliminating the mobile broadband radio: The A500 is available in a Wi-Fi only model. While that limitsOCZ Technology Vertex 3 SSD Form Factor: Bigger isnt where you can use the tablet, it also skips the monthly dataAlways Better plan requirement that often comes with a 3G or 4G tablet. SoDescription: When Vertex 2 and Agility 2 hit the market how does the A500 compare to more expensive models withthings changed again; Vertex 2 shipped with a higher IOPS mobile broadband, such as the Motorola Xoom and T-Mobileprogramming and Agility 2 was shipped with the lower G-Slate? I spent the last two weeks with Acer’s newest Googleprogramming. For the most part this was an acceptable Android tablet to find out.situation, but the BOM was never nailed down for Vertex 2.Eventually OCZ started playing loose and fast with the second Ten New Intel-Based Tablets to Be Unveiled at Computexseries of these SSD products and somewhere along the line in Description: Intel plans to introduce more than 10 new tabletsDecember 2010 Vertex 2 drives started shipping with 25nm at the Computex trade show, which is held from May 31 toflash. June 4 in Taipei, the Wall Street Journal reports. Furthermore, Intel’s general manager for Asia-Pacific, Navin Shenoy, saidIn Win BUC Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews we can expect to see more than 35 tablets based on Intel chipsDescription: Ever dream of a mid tower case that had four hot in 2011. The company doesn’t expect any impact from theswap internal SATA drive bays that you could access easily? Of earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, Shenoycourse the case would have to have plenty of fans for cooling, said.and a pass thru ventilation design for the PSU to reduceheating the internal components. And of course, you would MAINGEAR Launches the Most Powerful 3D enabled 17-inchwant your mechanical drives to be noise isolated. It might also notebook Overclocked up to 4.8GHzhelp if the case had a cool look with a back lit LED fan to kind Description: MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC builderof show it all off. Hey lets throw in water cooling holes just offering custom desktops, notebooks, workstations and mediain case, and what would be nice is if the price was affordable. centers, adds the most powerful 17-inch 3D notebook solutionPerhaps less than a hundred bucks? to their notebook offering. PC gamers will be able to harness desktop-like power wherever they go and enjoy 3D gamingSeagate Constellation ES.2 3TB SATA 3 HDD Review @ Real wherever they go.World LabsDescription: Thanks to its enterprise grade build quality, Toshiba declares victory in pixel density war: 367ppi comingblazing fast speeds and 3TB of space the latest Constellation to a phone this year 17
  • 18. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: We got the lowdown on Toshibas latest four-inch function, using just two pieces of information – a PSN accountLCD a couple of days ago, and today at SID 2011 we got up email address and a date of birth.close and personal with the pixel-packed display. Its one thingto read about a 367ppi screen that shows native 720p video,and its quite another to experience it in person. We can report PSU Review - Club 3D CSP-that it is, in fact, as awesome as it sounds -- onscreen imageswere clear, crisp, and chromatically brilliant. Pixel density X1000CB 1000W Source: will also be happy to hear that Toshiba confirmed x1000cb-1000w/12265.htmlthe display will make it to market this year. Of course, the rep May 19th, 2011wouldnt tell us which phone will take the iPhone 4s crown asthe ppi champ, though we imagine itll be something poweredby little green bots.The Samsung Cube Camera, Too Bizarre to ExistDescription: A recent interview with Samsungs cameradivision yielded some interesting bits about their lenses—butthe real star was this photo of lost prototypes. The model with Today we are going to review a new high performance productthe three vintage-y dials is gorgeous. But the cube? Uhh. Uhhh. from Club 3D, the renowned graphics card manufacturer;Official Pictures Samsung “Hawk” – Exhibit 4G however it is not a graphics card. The company recently made aDescription: T-Mobile, starting this June 8th, will start very surprising diversification move towards the PSU market,offering its new Gingerbread Android phone, Samsung Exhibit releasing six new power supplies.4G. This is going to be a mid range Android phone capable ofrunning under T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network, up to 21Mbps. The 6 new power supplies cover most user categories, with theThe Samsung Exhibit 4G will pack a 1Ghz processor, with a line-up ranging from a mainstream 400W up to a monstrous3MP camera (back) and a VGA front camera. So you can use 1200W. In this review we will examine the CSP-X1000CBvideo calls without any problems. Also will come with Android 1000W unit.2.3 OS, 3G, 4G capable. It will be pre-loaded with sames likeBejeweled 2, Scrabble and Doodle Jump. Retail price for US$325.00. With contract? no words yet.. Manufacturer features and specificationsAndroid vulnerability reflects need for more timely updatesDescription: Researchers say that 99.7 percent of Androidusers are at risk from a ClientLogin vulnerability that impacts ModelGoogles calendar and contact synchronization services. The Product Name: CSP-X1000CBbug has already been fixed in Android 2.3.4, but its not Product Series: High Quality Switching Power Supplyclear how long it will take for the fix to reach users. Itsa compelling demonstration of the need for faster Android Item Code: CSP-X1000CBupdates, a problem that Google is working to solve.Gaming news EAN Code: 87172494087272K Sports, Nexon Target Korea With Online Baseball Sim Technical InformationsDescription: 2K Sports announced an agreement with Nexon Type: ATX Form Factor 12V V2.3 / SSI standard EPS 12VCorporation to develop and publish a new online baseball V2.92simulation for the South Korean market. The partnership PFC: Active PFC (0.99)builds upon 2K Sports’ strategy to leverage its provenintellectual property and expertise, by using Nexon’s deep Input Voltage: 100-240V (Auto Range)gaming roots in Korea to enhance its online game offerings forAsia. Input Frequency Range: 50 ~ 60HzMicrosoft replacing older 360s damaged by new firmwareupdate Fan: Ultra-silent 135mm temperature controlled fanDescription: It seems that the latest Xbox 360 firmware updateisnt compatible with all versions of the console, as a small Power Good Signal: 100 ~ 500msnumber users reportedly cannot play games on their systemsafter updating. To make up for this, Microsoft has confirmed Hold Up Time: > 17msthat it will be replacing consoles for those affected. Efficiency (Load): 85%PlayStation Network Password Reset Exploited, UserAccounts Not Safe Dimensions (W / D / H): Standard ATX 150 x 165 x 86 (mm)Description: Another day of gloom for PlayStation Network(PSN) users as reports are coming in that the password reset Operation Temperature: 0-40°C (nominal Input Voltage)feature of PSN has been compromised. The exploit allowshackers to change user passwords via the PSN password reset 18
  • 19. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSafety: CE M1 and Starhub to sell iPad 280-PLUS Certification: 80PLUS Bronze on May 20 Source: OCP (Over Current Protection), UVP (Under may-20/12263.htmlVoltage Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), SCP May 19th, 2011(Short Circuit Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection)Input CharacteristicsVoltage: 115V - 230V Fancy getting your hands on an iPad 2? If your answer to thatFrequency: 50 - 60Hz question is a resounding yes, lets just say that the time has come to start smashing the piggy banks and rushing down toInput Current: 15A the nearest M1 or Starhub outlets, as both local telcos haveOutput Characteristics confirmed that they will be bringing in the WiFi + 3G version+3.3V: 24A / 170W of Apples recently launched tablet for sale come May 20.+5V: 30A / 170W+12V1: 38A / 864W+12V2: 38A / 864W+12V3: 38A / 864W-12V2: 0.5A / 6W-5VSB: 3.0A / 15W M1 and Starhub have both announced today that they willTotal Max. Output begin selling Apples recently-launched tablet, the iPad 2, at their respective authorized stores. Like SingTel, the version of1000W the iPad 2 that will be made available for consumer purchaseTotal Combined Wattage will the the WiFi + 3G model, and that both carriers will offer+3.3V: 170W the device at subsidised rates based on "select tariff plans on+5V: 170W a two-year contract". In addition, both carriers have also claimed that they will be+12V1: 979W "offering a range of attractive data plans" who wish to purchase the iPad 2 without being tied down to a contract.+12V2: 979W Here are the data plans currently being offered by both M1 and Starhub:+12V3: 979W M1:-12V2: 21W Postpaid Plans Data Lite Data Unlimited-5VSB: 21W Monthly $21.40 $36.38* (U.P. Subscription $43.87)Cable Ioom (mm) Free Data Bundle 3GB Unlimited20+4P Main: 550 Download Speed Up to 7.2 Mbps ~ATX/EPS 4+4P: 550PCI-E 6+2P: 550+ 150 Upload Speed Up to 2 Mbps ~SATA: 550- 150 Maximum Data $51.36 — Charges Capped^PATA+FLOPPY: 550- 150 Prepaid Plan Prepaid Data CardModular Cable Management Card Value $20Yes Free Data Bundle 1GB # Download Speed Up to 7.2 Mbps ~ Upload Speed Up to 2 Mbps ~ 19
  • 20. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneStarhub: iPad iPad MultiSIM MaxMobile MaxMobile Prepaid Ultimate (No Contract) Subscription $0 $40.02/ $10.70 $5.35 month (Valid till 30 June 2011) Bundled Data 2.5GB worth Unlimited As per your $32 selected (Valid for 60 mobile plan Days) Download Up to 7.2MbpsSpeed Upload Up to 1.9Mbps Samsung Notebook Series 9 is a premium notebook thatSpeed offers superior design, performance and durability. It is ultra One-time N.A. $37.45 $32.10 lightweight at only 1.31kg and measuring 0.64-inches in Charges thickness. 16GB WiFi + $848 $399 $8183G 32GB WiFi + $978 $499 $948 Crafted from Duralumin, an ultra lightweight material that is3G twice as strong as aluminum, the Series 9 is equipped with the second generation Intel Core i5-2537M processor, 13-inch 64GB WiFi + $1108 $599 $1078 screen and sports a backlit keyboard.3GSamsung notebook Series 9 The notebook PC’s SuperBright Plus display with 400nit brightness is two times brighter than conventional displays, asnow available well as its vibrant Color reproduction (16 million colors) andSource: Super Contrast ratio (1,300:1). It also claims to be one of theavailable/12262.html most superior ergonomic, aesthetic design and eco-friendlyMay 19th, 2011 notebooks on the market. The Samsung Series 9 is now available at S$2,488.Samsung Asia has announced their notebook series 9 that Apple lowers iPhone 4features an eco-friendly, sleek design and superb performance. shipment volume for 2ndThe Samsung series 9 notebook PC is available now inSingapore. Quarter Source: volume-for-2nd-quarter/12258.html May 19th, 2011 Apple has lowered its expected shipment volume of iPhone 4 for the second quarter of 2011 from 20 million units, to 17.5-18 million units. Read on. 20
  • 21. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone if you are, you are in luck: Dell has officially announced the existence of a brand-new 15-inch notebook up its sleeves which it touts as one of the thinnest such notebooks to exist, and has even released a few teaser images to show off just how thin and well-designed the notebook is.Reasons for the lowered shipment volume are cited to be dueto an inventory volume of about 2 million units of iPhone 4and the upcoming launch of iPhone 4S which is scheduled inSeptember 2011. Sources indicated the production of iPhone4S to begin in August. Of course, Dell had taken measures to ensure that it did notiPhone 4S will be using Qualcomm 3G and CDMA reveal any more information than it needed to in order tochips.The rear camera is expected to be a 8-megapixel capture the audiences attention, and the press release we wereresolution model which OmniVision Technologies and issued with seems to confirm that fact. However, Dell didTaiwan-based Largan Precision will supply. mention that the ultrathin 15-inch tablet will be powered by either an Intel Core i5 or an i7 processor, and that the casingDell teases unnamed 15-inch used to house the notebooks hardware is less than an inch thin. More importantly, the images released by Dell seems toultrathin notebook PC suggest that the unnamed notebooks casing will be built outSource: of metal instead of the tough plastic favoured by most OEMsnotebook-pc/12259.html today.May 19th, 2011Notebooks are meant to be portable, but there will alwaysbe times where portability has to take a back seat, especiallywhere performance, onscreen real estate and user comfort isconcerned. As luck will have it, Dell has apparently receivedenough requests for a 15-inch ultrathin notebook for it toactually start producing its own idea of how such a notebookshould resemble. And based on the teaser images, wed haveto admit that Dell has got quite the looker on their hands.Are you the kind of user to believes that notebooks should As expected, the press release contains no information aboutcome with large displays in order to make it easy for the mobile the notebooks release date and pricing, though Dell didprofessional to read through walls of text without having to mention that it will be keeping us in the loop for any furthersquint like how it is done on smaller-sized notebooks? Well, 21
  • 22. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneupdates about the unnamed notebook, so do check back forupdates.Official launch date of LGRevolution smartphone forVerizon confirmedSource: 19th, 2011 According to a couple of reports published by a community blog known as Droid Life, the LG Revolution will not sport the with Google branding, as the smartphone will reportedly make use of Microsofts Bing search engine instead of theMost people will probably be aware of LGs plans to launch a default Google Search functionality that comes standard innew smartphone known as the Revolution, and that it will be a most Android-powered smartphones available on the market.4G phone which packs some impressive hardware. But the keydetail about the smartphones availability date has always been However, it appears that the lack of a with Google brandinga mystery...until now, that is. Apparently, word has it that the is the smartphones only drawback, for hidden under theRevolution is slated for a May 26 launch, and has gone through Revolutions body lies some rather decent hardware. Forsome minor cosmetic tweaks since it was first unveiled at CES starters, the Revolution has been confirmed to be poweredthis year. by a 1GHz Snapdragon system-on-a-chip (SoC), which should provide sufficient processing power for a wide variety ofLG may have unveiled its 4G-capable Revolution smartphone media-related tasks such as light gaming and HD movieway back at this years CES held in January, but as with playback. In addition, the Revolution also sports a large 4.3-most announcements made during that period, the Korean inch capacitive touchscreen capable of a native 800 x 480OEM had conveniently neglected to make any mention of the resolution, front and rear-facing cameras with resolutionssmartphones release date. However, those who have been of five and 1.5 megapixels respectively, along with built-lusting over the Revolution when it was first announced can in support for wireless charging, HDMI-out, DLNA andthank their lucky stars that the wait is finally over, for word Bluetooth 3.0, along with other networking feature whichhas it that LG will officially launch the Revolution for Verizon currently come standard in most smartphone.on 26 May this year. Which, coincidentally, also happens tobe the day Motorola and Sony Ericsson are launching their Oh, and it will come bundled with version 2.2 of the AndroidDROIDX2 and Xperia Play smartphones respectively. operating system, along with NetFlix as well. Unfortunately, there is no information as to whether the Revolution will be eligible for an upgrade path to Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. That being said, no mention of the LG Revolutions price was made in Droid Lifes reports, in spite it being a mere eight days before the Revolutions official launch. However, considering that Verizon is bound to offer some form of subsidy on the phone, wed say that the lack of any official word on the devices pricing is simply due to Verizon still hard at work in finalizing the amount of subsidies they are willing to offer to customers. 22
  • 23. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLast but not least, the specifications seem to indicate that May 19th, 2011the Revolution has totally no support for GSM networks, sochances are this phone is never going to see the light of dayoutside of the US unless LG decides to add in the hardwareneeded to do so.ASUS to showcase GTX 595 NVIDIA has released a new beta GeForce driver. VersionAres at Computex 275.27 adds support for the newly released GeForce GTX 560,Source: improved display scaling and Nvidia Update.computex/12254.htmlMay 19th, 2011Word has it that Asus will showcase its GTX 595 Ares atComputex 2011. The dual-GF110 card is rumoured to haveclockspeeds even higher than those of the single-GPU GTX580. Beta driver 275.27 adds supports for the newly released GeForce GTX 560. Nvidia cites performance increases in several games compared to the current 270.61 drivers. Examples include: GeForce GTX 580: • Up to 4% in Crysis 2 • Up to 5% in Civilization V with SLI • Up to 9% in Portal 2 • Up to 13% in Bulletstorm with Antialiasing enabled • Up to 15% in Batman: Arkham Asylum with PhysX High GeForce GTX 560: • Up to 6% in Crysis 2 • Up to 8% in Portal 2 • Up to 14% in Batman: Arkham Asylum with PhysX High • Up to 15% in Bulletstorm with Antialiasing enabledWhereas the GTX 590 was clocked slower than the GTX 580in order to accomodate two GPUs, it is rumoured that the Nvidia also says that gaming performance may increase by upGTX 595 will be even faster. Reports say that Asus GTX 595 to 12% for dual-core CPUs in CPU-limited cases.Ares will be clocked at a whopping 875MHz (shader clock1750MHz), with a memory clock of 4800MHz. Memory size Display Scalingis most likely 3GB (1.5GB x 2). If this is true we can expect Display scaling options have been improved and now show aanother Very Large Card from Asus. preview. It is now also possible to set scaling options for all display types including analog displays.Nvidia Releases GeForceDriver 275.27 BetaSource: 23
  • 24. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone May 19th, 2011 Its been a rumour since Intels announcement of its Thunderbolt interface that Sony, as well as potentially HP and Dell were going to come on-board. Now it seems like the first details of what Sony has been up to are starting to emerge, but it all seems a little bit strange. Sony is said to be adding Thunderbolt support to its "Ultimate Mobile PC" which the company teased a little while back, but not via the mini DisplayPort connector that Apple has gone for.An override option has also been added for Windows 7 thatforces games to respect scaling options. For games that don’tsupport custom resolutions, desktop resizing now creates a Its been a rumour since Intels announcement of itscustom, resized resolution with 1:1 pixel mapping and resizes Thunderbolt interface that Sony, as well as potentially HPstandard resolutions. and Dell were going to come on-board. Now it seems likeNvidia Update the first details of what Sony has been up to are starting to emerge, but it all seems a little bit strange. Sony is said to beThis optional component will automatically check for driver adding Thunderbolt support to its "Ultimate Mobile PC" whichupdates as well as the latest game profiles. the company teased a little while back, but not via the mini DisplayPort connector that Apple has gone for. Instead, Sony is said to be using a modified USB port, something were fairly certain that both the USB-IF and Intel arent going to be too happy about. We wouldnt put it past Sony to do something like this, as the company has a long history of coming up with its own standards, some that prevailed and others that wed rather forget about. The Thunderbolt port on the "Ultimate Mobile PC" is said toRelease Notes & Download Links be used for connecting the notebook to a docking solutionRead the full release notes here. which will hold a discrete AMD GPU 6700M series GPU, aDownload the GeForce 275.27 Beta Drivers (64-bit Windows USB 3.0 port, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and even a7/Vista) now. Blu-ray burner. Well have to wait and see how this develops,Download the GeForce 275.27 Beta Drivers (32-bit Windows but lets hope Sony has enough sense to stick to the standard7/Vista) now. that has already been decided upon, even if its an Apple/Intel standard, but even so, a standard is better than everyone doing their own thing.Sony to offer Thunderboltin notebooks, use its own ASMedias USB 3.0 hostconnector? controller gains USB-IFSource: certification Source: gains-usb-if-certification/12252.html 24
  • 25. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMay 19th, 2011 AMD FM1 motherboard to appear and we cant say that were entirely sold on ECS design choices. Although ECS didnt provide a picture with its announcement earlier today pertaining to its AMD socket FM1 boards, a picture of the A75F-A motherboard has now turned out viaIt seems like hell froze over and pigs flew today, at least at a German website. This is the first picture of a productionthe USB-IF as ASMedia has as the first Taiwanese USB 3.0 AMD FM1 motherboard to appear and we cant say that werehost controller manufacturer gained certification. So whats all entirely sold on ECS design choices.the fuss about? Well, for one, ASMedia is the first TaiwaneseUSB 3.0 host controller maker to pass the certification process, Its amazing how much more information you have at yourwhich is a pretty big deal, but its slightly more important than fingertips once a picture is posted of a new motherboard andthat. now we can do a much more detailed breakdown on whats coming. The most obvious part is the CPU socket with the 950-pin FM1 socket and this is also what seems to be theIt seems like hell froze over and pigs flew today, at least at main reason for AMDs change to its CPU cooler retentionthe USB-IF as ASMedia has as the first Taiwanese USB 3.0 mechanism. We saw the split design being demonstrated byhost controller manufacturer gained certification. So whats all ASRock at CeBIT earlier this year and it now makes a lot morethe fuss about? Well, for one, ASMedia is the first Taiwanese sense, as the FM1 socket and the AMD3+ will be sharing theUSB 3.0 host controller maker to pass the certification process, same CPU coolers.which is a pretty big deal, but its slightly more important than The PWM design is really basic, to the extent that were almostthat. surprised had we not seen AMDs in-house testing boardASMedia is a daughter company to Asus, but several already. Were looking at what appears to be a 4+1 phasemotherboard makers have already started to use ASMedias design. The board has a simple 4-pin +12V connector ratherUSB 3.0 host controller – known as the ASM1042 – on their than the now almost standard 8-pin one which together withmotherboards. Not being certified by the USB-IF means that the PWM design is suggesting that were looking at a fairlythere might be some compatibility issues, but it also means power frugal set of CPUs.that you cant use the Super Speed USB 3.0 logo on yourproducts.Oddly enough, all three of the Taiwanese USB 3.0 hostcontroller makers – ASMedia, Etron and VLI – have all gotWHQL certified drivers, yet, until now, none of them hadpassed the USB-IF certification. Ok, so getting MicrosoftsWHQL certification isnt quite the same, but it still suggeststhat the hardware is working as intended.Well have to wait and see now as to when Etron and VLIgains their certification and its worth keeping in mind thatits just ASMedias two port ASM1042 host controller thathas gained certification, not its single port ASM1041 hostcontroller which is found in some notebooks and on somecheaper motherboards. The board has a single x16 PCI Express slot, a single x4 PCI Express slot, two x1 PCI Express slots and three PCI Slots. Were not quite sure why ECS has placed them as it has, as ifECS A75F-A motherboard gets you want to use a dual-width slot in the x4 slot at the samepictured time as using a dual-slot graphics card, then youre out of PCI Express expansion slots.Source: The board has as we mentioned in our previous news story,May 19th, 2011 five SATA 6Gbps ports and there are also pin headers for what appears to be two USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports and a serial and parallel port. Around the back were looking at a PS/2 port, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF out and of course an HDMI, DVI and D-sub connector. Theres also a clear CMOS button located here.Although ECS didnt provide a picture with its announcementearlier today pertaining to its AMD socket FM1 boards, a Despite being part of ECS Black Deluxe series the A75F-A onlypicture of the A75F-A motherboard has now turned out via has solid capacitors located near power regulation circuitrya German website. This is the first picture of a production and elsewhere on the board were looking at traditional electrolyte capacitors, somewhat disappointing on a higher- 25
  • 26. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneend board these days. Apparently there support for DDR3 the universe from a certain doom. However, the story does notmemory up to 1866MHz, at least judging by the silk screening get anything interesting more than that.on the PCB. Overall we have mixed feelings about this very firstAMD FM1 board, but wed expect better things to come. There is no interaction with the AI or heroes in the game and your missions in the story is as straight as a ruler withDarkspore PC Review the narrative briefing you on the story. While the game hintsSource: a possible turn-off for those who are looking forward to anMay 19th, 2011 exciting story, there is something in this game which keeps you going and brings the game back into positive light.Remember Spore? The game where players get to create andexperiment through five stages of evolution. Put that into sci-fi dungeon crawler where you battle worlds of hostile aliencreatures to avoid destruction and you get Darkspore. The mindless hack-and-slash title does offers some meta- gaming choices such as the variety of different items to a pool of 100 pre-created heroes from five genetic traits. In fact, these little customizations to your arsenal of weaponary will determine your overall stats of your hero in the game. You will get to decide how armour is worn and a gamble to hold your loot for greater rewards if you survive the next level.Darkspore is an action role playing game developed byMaxis, renowned for its simulation titles such as The Sims. Itis a brave attempt by the company who tries hard to make a Putting these nifty choices and modifications together, youbreakthrough in this genre. And even though the game might will set out to kill Darkspore minions for experience pointscarry the word "spore" in its title, there is little resemblance to and level up to unlock more heroes. In the game, the player isthe original Spore. put in control of three heroes, switchable with the press of a hotkey. You will navigate and explore areas from lush greenery to space stations killing Darkspores. Rinse and repeat till the final mission. You will gain different items for your heroes and also "DNA" which are necessary to unlock certain abilities and gameplay modes such as PvP.Darkspore tells a tale of crogenitors, a race of scientists wholearnt the technology to create genetic heroes until an outbreakof unstable research mutates creatures aroud the galaxy. Thisis where your own genetic heroes come into play, that is to save 26
  • 27. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOnline gameplay puts you in either cooperative or Player We have with us today the Phantom edition, which usesversus Player (PvP). In cooperative mode, you will pair up an unusual heatsink arrangement. The two 80mm fans arewith three other players to complete the levels. Looting of underneath the aluminium fins. While we dont have any harditems is determined by a dice roll which decides the item your numbers on whether this arrangement helps to reduce noise,team mates and you will get. No doubt the game levels were the card runs quite silently even under load.designed more for teamplay as it gets a steep inclinement indifficulty at later levels. Again, interaction is non-existant evenwith your partners, your mission is a plain obvious: kill allhostiles around you and return to base.PvP is burnt out and lacks competitiveness. Ladder gameplayis not present in Darkspore PvP and there is nothing more thankilling someone who is much weaker than you or get killed bya overpowered opponent. Maxis will probably need to do morethan adding a patch to give PvP some value in the game.Gainward GeForce GTX 560Phantom Preview The positioning of the fans may slightly improve cooling of the power circuitry and memory chips, which are not otherwise inSource: contact with the heatsink.preview/12250.htmlMay 19th, 2011The GTX 560 is aimed at filling in the gap between the GTX560 Ti and GTX 550 Ti, which is presently still occupied by theolder GTX 460 1GB. Gainward has been kind enough to supplyus with a GTX 560 for this preview. Gainward has opted for a VGA+DVI+HDMI output configuration. We would prefer to see double DVI+HDMI though.Gainward will have three version of the GeForce GTX 560 atlaunch. In addition to the plain vanilla edition, there will betwo overclocked models, as detailed in the table: NVIDIA Gainward Gainward GeForce GeForce GTX GeForce GTX GTX 560 560 Golden 560 Phantom Overclocking Sample We were able to achieve a pretty decent memory overclock,Core Clock 810MHz 822MHz 822MHz unfortunately the core topped out at 955MHz. It would haveShader Clock 1620MHz 1645MHz 1645MHz been nice to see the GTX 560 hit 1GHz, which weve seen someMemory Clock 2004MHz 2020MHz 2020MHz GTX 560 Tis do before.Read Gainwards full press release here. OverclockingThe factory overclock on the Phantom is understandably Results -modest as Gainward is aiming for lower temperatures and Gainwardnoise instead. Curiously enough, clockspeeds are no higher GeForce GTXon the Golden Sample even though this has always been 560 PhantomGainwards overclocking focused series. Reference Factory Maximum Overclock OverclockA Closer Look Core Clock 810MHz 822MHz 955MHz 27
  • 28. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneShader Clock 1620MHz 1645MHz 1910MHz performance and can capture up to 12 simultaneous HD videoMemory Clock 2004MHz 2020MHz 2201MHz streams.Gainward bundles an overclocking utility with its graphicscards, known as Expertool.PerformanceOverclocked, the GTX 560 can beat its more expensivebrother. Here are some numbers: This is Western Digitals second 3TB drive, the first coming from the Caviar Green series. The new drives are available immediately, with recommended prices as follows: • WD AV-GP 2.5TB - US$159.99 • WD AV-GP 3TB - US$179.99Look out for our full review of the GTX 560!Western Digital Launches 3TB See the original press release below: WD® Launches Industrys Largest Capacity 3 TBAV-GP Hard Drives SATA Hard Drives for AV PlatformsSource: New WD AV-GP 2.5 TB, 3 TB Hard Drives Offer Cool-May 19th, 2011 Running, Unrivalled Storage Capacity for Reliable 24/7 Video Streaming in IPTV, DVR, Media Center PC and Surveillance Systems IRVINE, Calif., May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Western Digital® (NYSE: WDC), a leader in the desktop, mobile, high-capacity enterprise and consumer markets for hard drives, today announcedWestern Digital has just added 2.5TB and 3TB versions to its the addition of 2.5 TB and 3 TB versions to its familyAV-GP hard drive line. These drives are targeted at the audio- of WD AV-GP SATA hard drives, serving the audio-video market and can capture up to 12 simultaneous HD video video (AV) market. Shipping immediately, the 2.5 TBstreams. They also boast a 1.0 million hour MTBF rating and and 3 TB capacity, 3.5-inch, WD AV-GP hard drivesfeature WD GreenPower technology. offer 24X7 reliability, low power consumption and unrivalled storage capacity for storage-intensive AVWestern Digital has just added 2.5TB and 3TB versions to applications such as digital video recorders, videoits AV-GP hard drive line, which is targeted at the audio- surveillance, single-drive media servers and externalvideo market. The drives have a 1.0 million hour MTBF rating multimedia storage.and feature WD GreenPower technology to reduce powerconsumption. According to WD, the AV-GP is no slouch in 28
  • 29. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone "Designed to go the distance in high-temperature, Western Digital, WD and the WD logo are registered always-on streaming digital AV environments, WD trademarks ; WD GreenPower Technology and AV-GP drives store more hi-def audio and video than SilkStream are trademarks of Western Digital ever before with our new 2.5 TB and 3 TB versions," Technologies, Inc. Other marks may be mentioned said Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general herein that belong to other companies. All other brand manager, of WDs branded products and CE business and product names mentioned herein are the property units. "Combine unsurpassed capacity, power-saving of their respective companies. One gigabyte (GB) = WD GreenPower Technology™, and performance 1 billion bytes. One terabyte (TB) = one trillion capabilities to capture up to 12 simultaneous HD video bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on streams with SilkStream™ technology and the drive operating environment. choice is made clear in optimizing AV applications like PVR/DVR, IPTV and video surveillance." The WD AV-GP family of drives delivers 24X7 ASUS AT5IONT-I Review Source: reliability along with power-saving WD GreenPower May 19th, 2011 Technology. The WD AV-GP drives are field tested to have a 1.0 million hour MTBF rating. Drives with capacities in excess of 2.19 TB currently present barriers for certain PC hardware, firmware and software. For example, drives larger than 2.19 TB are not supported by systems running Windows XP; and systems with 32-bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 relegate drives larger than 2.19 TB to If for some reason you dont quite like AMD and its Fusion be used as secondary drives. Thus, it is important to APU, how about this dual-core hyper-threaded Intel Atom review existing PC specifications prior to installation solution with NVIDIA ION graphics onboard? We pit the of either the 2.5 TB or 3 TB WD AV-GP drives. More ASUS AT5IONT-I against the E35M1-I DELUXE for some information on navigating the 2.19 TB drive barrier Mini-ITX action! is available from a new WD whitepaper, at: http:// Price and Availability The WD AV-GP 2.5 TB (model number WD25EURS) and 3 TB (model number WD30EURS) hard drives are available now in the U.S. at select resellers and distributors. MSRP for the WD AV-GP 2.5 TB hard drive is $159.99 USD and the 3 TB hard drive is $179.99 USD. WD AV-GP hard drives are covered by a three-year limited warranty. More information about the WD AV-GP 2.5 TB and 3 TB hard drives may be found on the companys website at: en/products/internal/av/. With AMDs APU solutions readily available, Intel Atom-based About WD desktop solutions are now easily forgotten. We take a look WD, one of the storage industrys pioneers and at this dual-core Intel Atom D525, coupled with separate long-time leaders, provides products and services NVIDIA ION 2 graphics from ASUS, and find out if this for people and organizations that collect, manage solution is a good alternative to the sea of AMD APUs out there. and use digital information. The company designs and produces reliable, high-performance hard drives and solid state drives that keep users data accessible and secure from loss. Its advanced technologies are configured into applications for client and enterprise computing, embedded systems and consumer electronics, as well as its own consumer storage and home entertainment products. WD was founded in 1970. The companys storage products are marketed to leading OEMs, systems manufacturers, selected resellers and retailers under the Western Digital® and WD brand names. Visit the Investor section of the companys website (http:// to access a variety of financial and investor information. 29
  • 30. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneTaking a quick look at the ASUS AT5IONT-Is packaging, itis compact (just slightly bigger than the board itself) and isdressed in the companys trademark blue color. Next up we have the A75F-M which is the higher-end mATX model which sports four DIMMs, a x16 PCI Express slot, four USB 3.0 ports, six SATA 6Gbps ports, 7.1-channel audio with S/PDIF out and HDMI, DVI and D-sub display connectivity. Finally theres the A75F-M2 which only has two DIMM slots, a x16 PCI Express slot, four USB 3.0 ports, six SATA 6Gbps ports, 5.1-channel audio and HDMI and D-sub connectivity, whereas DVI is apparently somehow optional. The A75 chipset does at least mean that the minimum feature set now includes USB 3.0 which is a nice addition to anyThere are two prominent features printed on the back of the motherboard, even though the uptake has been a little bit onpackaging - fanless design and support for full high-definition the slow side so far. Based on features alone, Intels platformscontent for use as a home theatre PC. are looking less and less attractive and were still some six months off until we get the first Intel motherboards with native USB 3.0 support. Make sure you check back with us next week for some Computex previews and of course from the 30th forECS reveals its AMD FM1 coverage from Computex.board specs ahead of launchSource: Exclusive: First official pictureahead-of-launch/12249.htmlMay 19th, 2011 of MSIs N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition Source: no pictures of a retail ready AMD socket FM1 has n580gtx-lightning-xtreme-edition/12247.htmlleaked as yet, we now have the first specifications of no less May 19th, 2011than three boards from ECS. The company will be displayingat least one ATX and two mATX at Computex which kicks offin two weeks time and we have a feeling that ECS wont be theonly company having boards on display.Although no pictures of a retail ready AMD socket FM1 has MSI is getting ready to launch its insane version, sorry, Xtremeleaked as yet, we now have the first specifications of no less Edition version of the N580GTX Lightning and VR-Zone hasthan three boards from ECS. The company will be displaying scored the first official picture of the new graphics card. MSIat least one ATX and two mATX at Computex which kicks off has pulled out all the stops this time around and this should bein two weeks time and we have a feeling that ECS wont be the one of the most powerful single GPU graphics cards out there.only company having boards on display.First up we have the A75F-A which is the ATX board and itspart of ECS Black Deluxe series of boards. From what few MSI is getting ready to launch its insane version, sorry, Xtremedetails ECS has revealed the board should have one x16 PCI Edition version of the N580GTX Lightning and VR-Zone hasExpress slot, one x4 PCI Express slot and at least a PCI slot or scored the first official picture of the new graphics card. MSItwo. Other features include four DIMM slots, four native USB has pulled out all the stops this time around and this should be3.0 ports thanks to the AMD A75 chipset, five SATA 6Gbps one of the most powerful single GPU graphics cards out there.ports, one eSATA 6Gbps port, 7.1-channel audio with S/PDIF MSI hasnt changed too much with regards to the physicalout and HDMI, DVI and D-sub connectivity. appearance of the card, although the fan shroud is now black instead of gunmetal grey and the fans are blue. The box as announcing dust removal tech although the fan blades are actually the same as on the N580GTX Lighting, so were not quite sure what have changed. Apparently MSI has also added some new kind of smart thermal sensor which is meant to prevent the card from overheating when overclocked. 30
  • 31. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Well take these numbers with a large helping of salt, but some VIA produced benchmark figures of its new QuadCore processor have appeared on a Japanese website. Were not sure why these numbers didnt show up until now, as we havent seen them posted elsewhere. VIA put its 1.2GHz+ CPU up against AMDs 1.6GHz E-350 and well let you guess who came out on top. Both systems were kitted out with 2GB of 1066MHz DDR3 memory, although not much else seems to have been revealed about the system configuration apart from the OS of choice being Windows 7 and that the screen resolution was 1280x1024. Both systems also used integrated graphics, inHowever, none of this makes it an Xtreme Edition card and the VIAs case it was the Chrome9HD and for AMD the Radeonreal selling point of the new card is that it comes with a massive HD 6310 IGP.3GB of GDDR5 memory. Sadly we dont know the clock speedsof the new card, but wed expect them to be close to that of thenon Xtreme Edition version. The card should launch sometimebetween now and Computex. The VIA QuadCore does have one unfair advantage here, it has two additional CPU cores, albeit at a lower speed. As such the QuadCore scored 4426 points over 2215 points in CineBench R10 making VIA claim a 100 percent performance victory.In related news weve also scored a picture of MSIs standard Moving on to SYSMark 2007 that lead is a mere five percent asGTX 560 card, the N560GTX which has a slightly more basic the QuadCore scored 60 points compared to 57 for the E-350.cooler than the Twin Frozr II versions, as it only has twoheatpipes rather than four. The card is still cooled by a pair In 3DMark 06 VIA managed an overall score of 2120 withof fans and should prove to be a bit more affordable than the AMD again falling behind, albeit once again only five percentTwin Frozr II editions. with a score of 2023. The QuadCore manages a much higher CPU score here though of 1615 points compared to 1031 for the E-350, but as these are selective benchmarks, the 3D scoreVIA QuadCore benchmarked isnt provided.against AMDs E-350Source: 19th, 2011Well take these numbers with a large helping of salt, butsome VIA produced benchmark figures of its new QuadCoreprocessor have appeared on a Japanese website. Were notsure why these numbers didnt show up until now, as we Some other selective and somewhat odd benchmark resultshavent seen them posted elsewhere. VIA put its 1.2GHz+ CPU were also provided, but we suggest you hit the source link forup against AMDs 1.6GHz E-350 and well let you guess who them. Maybe the most bizarre one being VIAs 1871 percentcame out on top. lead in AES encryption which isnt so strange considering that 31
  • 32. May 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVIA have hardware AES acceleration, something AMD doesntoffer.We wouldnt take any of this numbers as definite results, butthey do at least show that VIAs new QuadCore has somepotential. Whats more, Impress PC Watch is also reportingthat we should be seeing a 1GHz+ part that will be able toautomatically overclock up to 1.2GHz with sufficient cooling.We might even get to see a 6W 533MHz QuadCore Eden in thefuture; although were not sure if there would be a demand forsuch a low power/performance quad core CPU. 32