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A weekly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #2

  1. 1. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! Xigmateks forthcoming Achilles Plus SD1484 CPU cooler, andThe Daily VR-Zone News I tested it to compares its performance to a variety of air andSummary - 15 Feb 2011 water coolers.February 15th, 2011 ASUS Sabertooth P67 Review @ ocaholic Description: With the Sabertooth P67, ASUS has an Intel- P67 based motherboard in its portfolio that comes with some interesting features. Therefore very suspicious is the so called thermal shield. This plastic cover should allow an optimized airflow over the boards core components. HIS HD 6970 Review - XSReviewsIn todays news roundup: HISs Radeon HD 6970 graphics Description: Each generation of graphics cards is made up ofcard gets reviewed; Seagate officially announces the shipment the kind of GPUs that most people buy, the mid-range and theyof its one millionth self-encrypting hard drive; Apple CEO have the budget ones which quite a lot of others buy. Then youSteve Jobs gets a virtual boot to the face courtesy of LG; Steve have the monsters, dual chip and single. Today we look at theBallmer talks about Internet Explorer 9 and multitasking for latter one from HIS, the HD 6970. A giant card with expectedWindows Phone 7, and Kohime Musou, the popular Japanese impressive performance; though you know this is going to pullvisual novel which features a genderbent version of the Three a lot of power. Lets see how much.Kingdoms, is getting an arcade fighter adaptation. Seagate Ships One Millionth Self-Encrypting Hard Drive.Hardware News: Description: Seagate Technologies, the company that shipsAXLE GeForce GT 430 1GB Video Card Review @ Legit most enterprise-class hard disk drives (SEDs), on MondayReviews said that shipments of its self-encrypting drives (SEDs) haveDescription: Legit Reviews has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 exceeded one millions of units. The company intends to greatlyClassic Edition video card from AXLE 3D up for review today. expand its lineup of SEDs as it believed that the demand forEquipped with 96 CUDA cores on the GF108 Fermi GPU such drives will grow fast.along with 1GB of GDDR3 memory, the GT 430 is geared Consumer Electronics and Software News:toward lower end gaming and the home theater markets. Readon to see what we find on the AXLE GeForce GT 430 and to Watch Steve Jobs Get Kicked In The Face By The LG Optimussee how it performs in games lie Mafia 2 and Batman: Arkham PadAsylum! Description: Nevermind the man is recovering from cancer, LG just kicked Steve Jobs’ in the face. Really. Well, virtually atEnermax Hoplite Review @ Vortez least. But it still counts!Description: Enermax are world renowned for their presencewithin the PSU and cooling departments and are regarded as Mad Catz CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Elite USB Gaminga household name, but would you be shocked to hear that Keyboard Review @ Bigbruin.comEnermax also produce computer cases? Admittedly they have Description: Mad Catz may not be the best known name inonly a very small selection to choose from, but in the last 2 the electronics accessory business, but odds are that you mayyears Enermax have branched off into the computer case genre have used one of their products before. They manufacturewhich will certainly surprised quite a few. These cases have everything from fully licensed console controllers, to Rockbeen directed toward entry level users, so fundamentally the Band and Guitar Hero branded instruments. For this review,hardware enthusiast will be ignorant of their existence. But Geeks.com has sent over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2this year, things are about to change. Elite USB gaming keyboard.Asus Xonar DG Headphone Amp Sound Card Review @ Sony announces pricing for the EX720 3D TVs, ready for pre-Tweaknews orderDescription: Asus Xonar line continues its impressive lineup Description: Sonys Bravia EX720 3D TVs are now pricedwith the Xonar DG, proving to be an exceptional value at $30. and can be pre-ordered. The 32" (KDL32EX720) willIt does a good job providing richer, fuller sound over speakers, cost $949, the 40" (KDL40EX720) will cost $1399, thebut the built-in headphone amp is where this card really excels. 46" (KDL46EX720) will cost $1699, the55" (KDL55EX720) will cost $2299 and the 60" (KDL60EX720) will cost $3299.Xigmatek Achilles Plus SD1484 Heatsink @ Benchmark The TVs will ship soon (in February, except the 60" that willReviews ship in April).Description: One of the benefits of testing computer hardwareis that you occasionally get to look at new kit before its SonyEricssons LiveView finally lands in the US - for $82introduced to the market. In my time at Benchmark Reviews, Description: SonyEricssons LiveView is finally shipping in theIve been fortunate enough to be able to review some cases US - for $82 (its been available in the UK for quite someand CPUs before they were generally available (or in some time now). The Liveview is an Android accessory with a smallcases, before they were even announced). Recently Benchmark (1.3") PMOLED display and can communicate via Android 2.xReviews was given the oppotunity to evaluate a prototype of devices. You can control music, get notifications about phone 1
  2. 2. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecalls, updates from applications (twitter, facebook) and more.The idea is that you can wear it like a watch:Why Apple Will Not Release a Cloud-Based iPhone Nano ThisYearDescription: I like the idea of an iPhone nano. One with a smallscreen with the same resolution of an iPhone 3GS, powered byan A4 processor. Id buy one. But a cloud-based iPhone doesntmake any sense. Not right now.IE9, multitasking goes head to head with Windows Phone 7Description: Steve Ballmer takes to the stage at the HotelSomethingorother here at Mobile World Congress. We donteven attempt to make it and sit on the floor at the MWC booth- watching on with increasing leg cramp as the shy and retiring If you are looking to get a laptop or netbook, yousalesman of Redmond tells us, mostly, what we already knew. may be confused by the sheer number of modelsGaming News: available on the market, not to mention, for differentKoihime Musou Gets Arcade Fighter market segments - ultraportable for the frequent travellers,Description: Heard of Koihime Musou? Girls using popular multimedia powerhouse for those who enjoy watching highnames from Chinese history, welding huge blades and definition movies, and even gaming workhorse for theweapons ? Well, Koihime Musou is getting a fighter game for hardcore gamers.the arcades. Aside from these, some computer manufacturers haveBizarre Creations Closing This Week also collaborated with fashion designers and even carDescription: Bizarre Creations is closing its doors for good this manufacturers to come up with a product for the nicheFriday after Activision failed to find a buyer for the studio and premium market. For example, HP has worked withresponsible for a string of highly regarded games. world-renowned fashion designer Vivienne Tam on a special Vivienne Tam edition laptop, while Acer has produced theNew Assassins Creed in the works Ferrari laptops with the car maker. And ASUS has their line ofDescription: Ubisoft confirms it is readying another entry in Lamborghini notebook PCs too.its award-winning action adventure series; more details due inMay. The ASUS Lamborghini VX6 is the latest addition to the premium line of mobile computers, and that is mainly because of the "charging bull" logo on the netbook.ASUS Lamborghini VX6 Heres a sneak peek at the hardware specifications:-Review: Ultraportable netbookwith great performance ASUS Lamborghini VX6February 15th, 2011 CPU 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525 dual-core Memory Up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM Hard disk 320GB SATA Screen 12.1-inch Graphics Nvidia ION 2 dedicated GPUThe ASUS Lamborghini VX6 is the latest mobile computer Display Resolution 1366x768born from the collaboration between the Taiwanese computer Connectivity 1x VGA, 1x HDMI, 2xmaker and Italian car manufacturer. Like the sports car, it USB3.0, 1X USB 2.0, 1xcommands a premium, but boasts a luxurious design and LAN RJ-45, 2x audiosuperior performance. jack(Headphone / Mic- in), card Reader - MMC/ SD(SDXC) Web camera 1.3-megapixel Battery +10.95V 5200mAh 56Wh OS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Dimensions 297 x 204 x 28.7mm Weight 1.5kg 2
  3. 3. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHTC Flyer: HTCs First 7-inch App Store SubscriptionsTablet recurring your way soonFebruary 15th, 2011 February 15th, 2011This years tablet wars just got more interesting. HTC hasfinally joined the crowd with the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch Android Apple has just unveiled its brand-new App Store subscriptiontablet that comes with a battery-powered stylus. Read on to service which offers recurring billing through the subscribersfind out more. iTunes Store account. This new feature will be stapled to all publishers of content-based apps such as newspapers and magazines, as seen in the debut of News Corp.s The Daily app. Expected to debut as one of the key features in iOS 4.3, the new digital billing service will be similar to In-App Purchases, as currently used in most apps in the App Store. Subscriptions purchased from within the App Store will be sold using the same App Store billing system that has been used to buy billions of apps and In-App Purchases. Publishers set the price and length of subscription (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly). Then with one-click, customers pick the length of subscription and are automatically charged based on their chosen length ofThe new tablet has been launched at the company’s press commitment (weekly, monthly, etc.). Customers canconference during Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. review and manage all of their subscriptions from their personal account page, including canceling theThe device sports a uni-body white plastic design with a automatic renewal of a subscription. Apple processesresolution of 1024 x 600 and is powered by a 1.5GHz single- all payments, keeping the same 30 percent share thatcore Qualcomm chip to run Android 2.4 Gingerbread plus a it does today for other In-App Purchases.new version of HTC Sence, which is optimized for tablets. With regards to whether content may also be offered outside of this new billing mechanism, Apple CEO points out that publishers are free to offer content outside of the app. But if so, the same or better offer has to be given to subscribers of the app. "Our philosophy is simple - when Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30 percent share; when the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing," said Steve Jobs, Apples CEO. "All we require is that, if a publisher is making a subscription offer outside of the app, the same (or better) offer be made inside the app, so that customers can easily subscribe with one-click right in the app.What makes HTC Flyer stands out against the competitors? We believe that this innovative subscription serviceIts the stylus. The stylus automatically connects to the device will provide publishers with a brand new opportunityenabling control over writing or drawing on a new app called to expand digital access to their content onto theNotes rather than being needed for navigation. iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, delighting both new andAll good things always come to an end, HTC says that the existing subscribers."Flyer is not going to be cheap to justify the beautiful looking Besides providing customers an easy way to keep track ofhardware, the stylus and the free case. their subsription and ease of activation and billing, Apple is pushing this new App Store Subscriptions as 30% of the content providers revnue will go to Apple. But for the ease of potential customers and the vast distribution power of the App Store, Im sure many content 3
  4. 4. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneproviders will submit to Apples demand in exchange for a “The partnership with Kingston offers customers more choicepotential 160 million iOS users around the globe. when it comes to hardware. Several device types managed by the same system are in strong demand and we are happy to now be able to service even more customers,” says Anders Kjellander CSO at BlockMaster.Kingston Introduces First “Kingston’s relationship with security software leader BlockMaster enhances our ability to offer enterpriseSecure USB Flash Drive customers the most robust and versatile centrally managedFebruary 15th, 2011 secure USB solution available on the market,” says John Terpening, secure USB business manager at Kingston. The DTVPM secure USB drive is the first SafeConsoleReady Device released from Kingston. The full SafeConsoleReadyKingston Digital, Inc. announced it has joined with technology program from BlockMaster will also be presentedBlockMaster to deliver the SafeConsole Ready DataTraveler at the RSA conference.Vault — Privacy Managed (DTVPM) USB flash drives.Measuring 77.9 x 22.2 x 12.05mm, the compact aluminumdrives have hardware-based 256-bit Advanced Encryption The SafeConsoleReady brand and program will ensureStandard (AES) protection, water-proof, and are managed that BlockMaster partner products work efficiently withcentrally by the BlockMaster SafeConsole drive management SafeConsole management tools and are able to offer customerssystem. The DTVPM support data transfer speeds up to 24Mb/ all the security and management benefits of SafeConsole.s (read) and 10Mb/s (write) via a USB 2.0 interface and areavailable in 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb capacities.KINGSTON PRESS RELEASE Cubitek Readies HTPX-Tank PC EnclosureThe first product to be released from the partnership between February 15th, 2011Kingston Digital, Inc., and BlockMaster is presented today atthe opening of the annual RSA conference in San Francisco.The SafeConsole Ready hardware-encrypted secure USBdrive DataTraveler Vault — Privacy Managed (DTVPM) fromKingston is mandatory managed by the central managementserver SafeConsole from BlockMaster.Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products,is making the secure USB flash drive hardware highlyavailable in its strong distribution channels globally. Thehigh quality DTVPM device is mandatory managed by theleading SafeConsole management server from BlockMaster.The solution will let enterprise customers avoid data loss andget them on the fast track to more productive use of secure Taipei-based Cubitek Co. Ltd has taken the wraps off theUSB flash drives. HTPX-Tank, their latest addition to its soon-to-be released Tank series PC chassis. Measuring 230 x 600 x 610mm, the aluminum full-tower is designed to support all "HTPX (EVGA Classified SR-2), E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, and mini- ITX motherboards". 4
  5. 5. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone cooling tubes, cut-outs on the motherboard tray for cable management, and a top-side I/O panel with two USB 3.0, one eSATA and audio ports. The HTPX-Tank is equipped with four spinners (x1 front 230mm, x2 top 140mm, & x1 rear 140mm fan) and is expected to hit store shelves come end March. News via [Techconnect] Qualcomm wants smartphones to be more powerful than your PC February 15th, 2011 Would you believe that the smartphone you are currently holding how might actually have the raw processing power to completely outclass that full-fledged notebook or desktop PC of yours? Well, Qualcomm seems to think so. And with a new System-on-a-chip that features both a quad-core processor and GPU with clock speeds high enough to rival todays mid- range PCs, it seems that the day of reckoning for the traditional PC is close at hand. Or is it? A quad-core processor coupled with a GPU that features 4 video processing cores sounds like the kind of hardware one expects to find in a mid-range desktop PC or high-end laptop, right? Well, dont be surprised, but consumers can expect to see such top-end hardware making its way to devices as small as smartphones by as early as 2012. And when that happens, you can be sure that Qualcomm will have a major part to play in churning out hardware that delivers near PC-like performance in a smartphone. That is because the American wireless telecommunication company has just unveiled its latest Snapdragon System-on-a-chip (SoC) which features the same specifications that we have listed in the paragraph above. According to an article posted by Toms Hardware, the new Snapdragon SoCs were announced by Qualcomm at this years Mobile World Conference and is expected to be available in three different configurations, namely the MSM8930, MSM8960 and APQ8064. All three configurations will feature the new Krait processor core which reportedly features a completely new microarchitecture, an updated Adreno GPU and will come with the circuitry needed to perform various connectivity-related functions such as WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth, FM and near-field communications (NFC). However, it goes without saying that the star attraction of the trio is the APQ8064 Snapdragon SoC. With four Krait processing cores featuring clock speeds of up to 2.5GHz per core and a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU, Qualcomm claims that the APQ8064 is capable of performance at levels up to 150% greater than the current-generation ARM processor cores, while still consuming 65% lesser energy than the latter. On top of that, the new quad-core Adreno GPU is reportedly powerful enough to output full HD media content onto an external display and deliver graphics performance similar toIt has room for ten PCIe expansion cards, five optical devices, what is found in todays video game consoles.nine hard drives (housed in trays with anti-vibration rubberrings), and features four rear pre-drilled holes for water- 5
  6. 6. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWith smartphones like these, who needs PCs anymore?Rumour: Dell to buy AMD? RIM announces 4G PlayBookFebruary 15th, 2011 for LTE and HSPA+ networks, and BlackBerry Travel App February 15th, 2011There is no denying that AMD is currently facing yet anotherrough patch, but it appears that the situation over at theSunnyvale chip company might be a lot worse than what thecompany is willing to let on. Apparently, the recent string ofdepartures from AMDs senior executive board has sparked offrumours that the higher-ups are planning to put the company At Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Research inup for sale, and well...the logo up there says it all. But what are Motion has announced two models 4G PlayBook modelsthe chances of such an acquisition actually taking place? that support LTE and HSPA+ networks. On top of that, the company has also announced a new BlackBerry Travel App that lets you plan, book, manage and share travel activities easily.It is no secret that things have not been going AMDs wayof late, in spite what the company would attempt to havemost people believe. Granted, the worlds second largest globalsupplier of x86 chips may have been making the headlinesabout various new product launches and plans for the pastfew weeks, but just as attention-grabbing as its product pressreleases were the sudden departures of two of its companyssenior executive board, namely CEO Dirk Meyer and COORobert Rivet. Research In Motion (RIM) has announced two additional BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets in the second half this year,And with AMD offering little information to shareholders and which feature support for LTE and HSPA+ high speed wirelessthe media as to why two members of its executive board would networks.walk out on the company at such short notice, needless to saythe AMD rumour mill is once again open for business. Except RIMs BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets aims to deliverthat this time, it seems the personnel running the rumour mill professional, user-friendly experiences that redefine thehave come to only one possible conclusion: AMDs board is possibilities of mobile computing. The tablets offer greatpreparing to put the company up for sale, and Dell appears to performance with real-time multitasking and symmetricalhave been identified as the party most likely to take up AMD multiprocessing, high-fidelity web browsing with support foron its offer should it ever come to pass. Adobe Flash, advanced security features and out-of-the-box enterprise support.According to Bloomberg News, the possibility of AMDgetting put up for sale is "far-fetched" but entirely plausible, In addition to the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity referenced above,considering that the Sunnyvale company is currently running each tablet can also support Bluetooth tethering, Mobileits day-to-day operations without any managerial directions. hotspots and BlackBerry Bridging.In addition, AMDs established portfolio is deemed to be"highly desirable from the standpoint of several potentialstrategic acquirers based on multiple capabilities, including Intel introduces newboth its x86 capabilities and its graphics processor expertise". XMM platform for mobileNeedless to say, being able to be in control of its own processorand GPU supply has got to be an extremely appealing option communications devices February 15th, 2011for any computer OEM to consider, especially if it meansbeing able to restrict the supply for AMD Radeon GPUsfrom competitors in order give itself an unfair competitiveadvantage. But until we actually get concrete information thatAMD is indeed making plans to put itself up for sale, we haveno choice but to call Internet FUD on this one for the timebeing. 6
  7. 7. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWait just a second...Intel? A leading provider hardware baseband processor X-GOLD 706" and SMARTi 4G RFsolutions for mobile communications handsets? That has transceiver. Intel claims that the tightly-integrated chipset isgot to be a joke, right? As odd as it might sound, that suitable for "integration in LTE-enabled portable devices suchis about as true as it can get: thanks to its acquisition of as mobile handsets, data cards/dongles and other embeddedInfineon Technologies, Intel is now officially one of the leading solutions" when used in conjunction with its "3GPP Release 8providers of baseband processors in the industry. And as proof triple mode protocol stack".that the chip giant is intent on making its presence in the The X-GOLD 706 baseband processor, manufacturedmobile segment felt, the company has just announced the in 40nm process technology, is based on the provenlaunch of its new XMM 7060 compact multimode platform. 2G/3G X-GOLD 626 with an integrated low powerAbout time too! *image shown above is purely for illustrative LTE L1 subsystem. Therefore smart phones andpurposes and is not indicative of the actual product tablets based on the XMM 6260 2G/3G platform using the X-GOLD 626 can be easily migrated to LTE ensuring the customers a high degree of reuse of their hardware and software investment. The new baseband processor is accompanied with the SMARTi4G, incorporating optimized building blocks of the leading-edge 2G/3G SMARTi UE2 and SMARTi LU RF transceiver -- the world’s first commercially available LTE transceiver. The 65nm CMOS RF transceiver employs a proven digital architecture that significantly reduces the number of external RF components such as power amplifiers and filters, and, hence, reduces board space, BOM and power consumption.With MeeGo as good as aNoGo now that Nokia has pulled The XMM 7060 slim modem platform fits in lessout of the alliance with Intel, it would seem that the chip than 700mm² PCB (Printed Circuit Board) areagiants plans for introducing an x86-powered smartphone is including all necessary system components for quadessentially dead on arrival. After all, it has been proven time band LTE, penta band 3G and quad band EDGEand again that the x86 platform is just not suitable for use in applications. It supports LTE category 3 (CAT-3)highly mobile devices such as smartphones, especially when throughputs (100Mbps/50Mbps download/uploadIntels most low-power, energy efficient x86 Atom processors respectively) and is compliant to LTE Release 8pale in comparison to ARMs offerings, which are unmatched standard supporting FDD and TDD mode for allas far as low-power performance is concerned. bandwidth up to 20MHz. In addition Inter-RAT handover features with 3G and 2G systems areHowever, it appears that Intel might just be shifting its naturally included.smartphone strategy a little now that it is seems that itsprocessors will never see the light of day in an actual retail Unfortunately, users hoping to purchase a smartphone thatsmartphone. Instead of attempting to compete head on with features the Intel XMM 7060 compact multimode platformARM, the chip giant is apparently focusing on baseband will probably have a great deal of waiting in store for them.processors which mobile phones make use of to communicate This is because Intel has confirmed that the first platformwith the wireless telephone network, having just announced samples will only be made available in Q3 2011, while massits new compact multimode platform, the XMM 7060. shipments are only expected to commence in the second half of 2012. Samsung launches GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart player February 15th, 2011 The Samsung GALAXY S II was unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and today, the Korean manufacturer has announced the GALAXY S Wi-Fi 4.0 smart player designed to offer music,*image for illustrative purposes only. Actual product is smartphone-like innovation and app experiences.expected to differ significantlyAccording to a press released issued by the chip giant, theXMM 7060 consists of two key components; the "multimode 7
  8. 8. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Intel To Increase X25-E SSD Pricing Next Month February 15th, 2011 Yes, you heard right. Intel is going to increase not cut the prices of their X25-E SSDs. A check on our price comparisonSamsung today announced the GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart engine revealed that X25-E 32GB is now selling for aboutplayer, the latest addition to its Android-powered GALAXY $380 and the 64GB version is going for $720. With effectiveproduct portfolio. It features a 4-inch Super Clear LCD display from March 6th, the price of the 32GB X25-E will increase byand claims to offer rich smartphone-like experiences without $85 and the price of 64GB X25-E will increase by $170. Thisthe expense of operator contracts. The smart player also offers is probably due to the SLC flash price increase. Anyway, if youvideo communications via VoIP services and rich video and are thinking of getting one now, grab it before the price goesmusic entertainment with multi-codec support to keep you up.constantly entertained. Yes, you heard right. Intel is going to increase not cut the pricesVoIP and a world of applications of their X25-E SSDs. A check on our price comparison engineThe Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart player comes with revealed that X25-E 32GB is now selling for about $380 andWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating the 64GB version is going for $720. With effective from Marchsystem. It gives users access to millions of apps, multimedia 6th, the price of the 32GB X25-E will increase by $85 and thecontent and mobile services. With VoIP support via Skype, you price of 64GB X25-E will increase by $170. This is probablycan make video calls over Wi-Fi as well as free calls among due to the SLC flash price increase. Anyway, if you are thinkingSkype users. You can also access to social networking services of getting one now, grab it before the price goes up.like Twitter or Facebook, and with support for the Qik videoservice, you can capture and share videos with friends andfamily. With access to over 230,000 apps available on the Intel updates LGA1366 Core i7Android Market, the Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 is fully 900 pricingcustomizable. It is equipped with integrated GPS that benefits February 15th, 2011users from Google’s turn-by-turn map services and directoryapplications.High definition video and imagesThe Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 supports DivX HD, allowinghigh-definition video playback on the large, high-qualitySuperClear LCD. It also supports for various codec standards Following the release of its new flagship, Core i7 990X, Intelincluding MPEG4, H264, DivX, XviD, WMV codecs ensures has updated pricing for Core i7 900 CPUs. The new line-up isyou can enjoy huge catalogues of content from all over the web. as follows: Core i7 990X - $999 Core i7 980X - ~$950 Core i7Audio excellence 970 - $583 Core i7 960 - $294The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 is designed to deliverthe best audio and video experience. Incorporating SamsungSoundAlive technology, it offers deeper bass and greater tonearticulation and lets you listen to your favorite tracks with itsbuilt-in stereo speaker.The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will be available during thefirst half in global markets starting from the UK. To accommodate the Core i7 990X, the 980X must drop in price. However, this price drop hasnt really shown in e-tail, yet, but the price is expected to stabilize at around $900-$950. It is the Core i7 970 which undergoes a massive cut from $880 to $583, making Intel six-core CPUs that much more affordable. (relatively) 8
  9. 9. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 3.2 GHz Core i7 960, which is a quad-core CPU, dropsfrom $583 to a much more affordable $294. Of course, it is no Microsoft Kinect:match for the similarly priced Core i7 2600, except you cant Now available onreally get a motherboard to use it with.The 990X and these price updates are likely to be the last Android...somewhat February 15th, 2011hurrah for the extremely successful Nehalem generation,with the Sandy Bridge E processors incoming, replacing theLGA1366 platform with LGA2011.Below is the bulk pricing not retail price, just to serve as areference. If there is one truth about the world of hardware, it is the fact that hackers are always on top, especially when it comes to using devices in ways that they were never intended for.Processors Specs Old Price New Price % Change And this latest hack seems to confirm that little fact of life.Model That being said, does anyone fancy playing around on an Android tablet with hand gestures, courtesy of MicrosoftsCore 3.46GHz, - $990 - Kinect motion-based controller?i7-990X 6C/12T,Extreme 12M Cache,Edition LGA1366Core 3.33GHz, $990 $990 -i7-980X 6C/12T,Extreme 12M Cache,Edition LGA1366Core i7-975 3.33GHz, $990 $990 - 4C/8T, 8M Cache, LGA1366Core i7-970 3.2GHz, $845 $555 (34%) 6C/12T, Picture this situation: you are relaxing on a couch after a hard 12M Cache, days work, and that expensive, fututistic tablet powered by LGA1366 Googles Android mobile operating system is connected toCore 3.4GHz, $305 $305 - the home theatre system, churning out your favourite musici7-2600K 4C/8T, files. And with a wave of your hand, the tablet automatically 8M Cache, interpretes the gesture and switches over to another track, thus LGA1155 saving you the effort of having to get up and walk over to theCore 3.4GHz, $285 $285 - device to do so.i7-2600 4C/8T, Sounds futuristic? Perhaps, but dont be surprised if such 8M Cache, features could find their way to Android-powered tablets in LGA1155 a matter of years, especially when hacker inguinity knows noCore 3.2GHz, $555 $285 (49%) bounds. Apparently, one such enterprising hacker known asi7-960 4C/8T, HirotakaSter has managed to craft out a method which allows 8M Cache, the Android operating system to interface with Microsofts LGA1366 very own Kinect motion controller. What makes this actCore i7-950 3.06GHz, $285 $285 - significant though, is the fact that this is reportedly the worlds 4C/8T, first successful attempt to get the Kinect in a semi-working 8M Cache, state on the mobile OS. LGA1366Core i7-930 2.80GHz, $285 $285 - 4C/8T, 8M Cache, LGA1366 9
  10. 10. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNotice that we said semi-working state in the previousparagraph? Well, thats because the Kinect hack on Androidis still pretty much in a work-in-progress state: at the time ofwriting, the Android-powered tablet may be able to recognizethe device, but it is still incapable of translating typical Kinect Hardware enthusiasts rejoice. The Intels flagship six-coregestures into workable commands yet. Indeed, all it can do desktop CPU, the Core i7 990X Extreme Edition, is availableright now is to transfer the Kinects video grab onto the tablets for purchase online. However, dont expect the price to bescreen and interprete user distance information, as shown in affordable though; it retails around US$1,050 with shipping.the short clip below. According to online sources, the 990X Extreme Edition comes unlocked and has a 12MB L3 cache. Built on 32nm Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) manufacturing process, the CPU is clocked at 3.46GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) and has 130W TDP. While Intel has notHowever, the fact that HirotakaSter was able to get the made official announcement about the launch of the chip, weAndroid operating system to even recognize the Kinect motion expect the news to be out fairly soon. For the smart buyers, itsensor means that at least half the battle is already won. In seems like the 980X may be the better buy, though it is onlyfact, the only thing left for the hacker and modding community $50 lesser than the 990X. Of course, that price tag could dropto do is to analyze the calls made by the Kinect controller to in time.the Android OS and attempt to craft out a working API that iscapable of bringing most of Kinects functionality over to theAndroid platform. And when that happens...well, lets just say Pacn Twit: putting thethat the idea of contactless PC interaction is bound to receivea major boost. (Pac)Man into the tweet February 15th, 2011Unfortunately, in order to do so, the community will needaccess to the hack written by HirotakaSter, and this iswhere there is an immediate obstacle to clear. Apparently,HirotakaSter has yet to pony up the source code he has writtenfor Android hack, but it appears that the hacker community When the Japanese say that they are born with the gamingmight not have to wait much longer for it. After all, sharing is DNA infused into them right at birth, chances are that they area key aspect of the hacker culture, no? probably not kidding at all. After all, what other explanation can there be for a Japan-only app for twitter client that seemsIntel unveils Core i7 990X to be more PacMan than Twitter? Now, if only that app actually allowed you to play a full copy of PacMac...Extreme Edition processor It is not often that we talk about specific apps for a mobileFebruary 15th, 2011 platform, and for good reason. Regardless of the platform an app is designed for, one can definitely be sure that clones of it will start appearing on the App Store or Market within 24 hours or lesser. And when that happens, any novelty or uniqueness which the original app once boasted of is immediately reduced to nothing more than meh status. That being said, that does not stop us from combing theIntel has unveiled their new flagship six-core processor for the Internet for interesting mobile apps that we feel ought to bedesktop, the Coire i7 990X Extreme Edition. While no official given a little more publicity, simply because they look uniqueannouncement has been made, the new CPU is expected to enough to warrant a second glance. And once again, one canretail approximately at US$1,050. always leave it to the Japanese to churn out some of the most out-of-this-world apps, like this custom Twitter client below. 10
  11. 11. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone while giving us complete control over environmental and / or power load aspects, all while taking readings and recordings through laboratory interfaces and high accuracy instruments. In order to create a real-world environment for our testing, we decided to modify and use a common SECC steel tower case for housing the power supplies during our testing. We installed three Watlow Firerods inside the case, rated at 500W power each, the output of which is being controlled by a common AC rheostat. The stock rheostat and its axle have been replacedApparently, the Japanese were not kidding when they boasted with a multi-turn precision rheostat for accuracy, driven bythat they were born with gaming genes infused into their DNA, a DC motor with a modified speed control circuit which isand this custom Twitter client is probably the best proof of controlled by our CompuLAB interface and custom software.that. After all, where else in the world can one find a Twitter In laymans terms, we only have to enter our desired ambientclient that has been (very) heavily skinned to resemble the temperature in our software and it automatically adjusts thestage of our favourite yellow dot-munching circle, complete power of the Firerods to match it throughout our testing.with the authentic PacMan fonts that most of us grew up with?That being said, here comes some bad news. Apparently, us Main PT100 sensor and a 500W Firerod installedfolks over in South East Asia will have no chance to downloadthe Pacn Twit Twitter client for our iOS-powered devices,simply because the app is currently exclusive to JapaneseiPhone users only. But then again, considering that it does notactually allow users to play a game of PacMan while twitting tobuddies while on the go , perhaps it is not that great of a lossafter all.Power Supply Unit TestingMethodologyFebruary 15th, 2011 Rheostat controlAt VR-Zone.com, we continuously strive to provide you The Daily VR-Zone Newswith the highest quality and most accurate product reviews.Thoroughly and accurately testing a power supply is a Summary - 14 Feb 2011 February 15th, 2011complicated matter, not only because the testing has to bedone in a controlled environment and with full control overthe power load but also because laboratory grade instrumentshave to be used for taking readings. In order to achieve that,we designed a specialized testing station for computer powersupplies, emulating real world conditions as closely as possible 11
  12. 12. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIn todays news roundup: OCZs RevoDrive X2 PCIe SSD, can be a good contender against the competition, including theJetways Mini-ITX NC98-525E-LF motherboard, Lian Lis highly acclaimed GeForce GTX 460.aluminium PC-V2120 chassis and ASUSs P7P55D Premium ASUS P7P55D Premium Intel P55 Express MotherboardIntel P55 Express motherboard get reviewed, Antennagate Reviewreturns with a vengeance on Apples new CDMA-band iPhone Description: While much of Intels world has been thrown4 smartphones, Skype for iPhone has been updated to support into a tizzy by the Q12011 Intel P67/H67 chipset recall (initialthe H.264 codec for video calls, Nokia confirms its new B2 stepping only), we thought it timely to look in on Intelrelationship with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, effectively P55 motherboards from ASUS that offer some of the bellsleaving Intel and its x86 platform in the lurch with MeeGo, and and whistles of Intel P67 platforms, with none of the badthe popular Final Fantasy musical known as Distant Worlds recall aftertaste. The ASUS P7P55D-E Pro is one such boardhas been confirmed to be making a comeback this year. to consider, this review is going to focus on its nearly identicalHardware News: twin, the P7P55D Premium. Well touch on TurboV Evo, Hybrid Phase, ExpressGate, MemOK, EPU, Fan Xpert andAlpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan Review @ Vortez Stack Cool 3+...Description: Rather unsurprisingly the fan itself looks verysimilar to the Föhn 120 from last year. Its dimensions are of D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 (German)course greater than the 120 and there are two sets of mount Description: (Machine translation) The D-Link Boxee Boxholes to accommodate both 120mm and 140mm fan mount (DSM-380) with Intel Atom CE4100 arrived Technic3D. Theholes. The 4pin PWM cable is covered by a rubberised braid Boxee Box by D-Link brings all the stuff you normally watch onwhich should offer a good deal of protection during install and a computer to your TV; movies and TV programmes streamedusage. from the Internet, 400 different apps that let you access content from most popular websites, and a full web browser.Jetway Mini-ITX NC98-525E-LF Motherboard MultiMedia The Boxee Box will also help you rediscover your own mediaReview @ Madshrimps collection by automatically identifying all the files on a hardDescription: Jetway is well know for their Mini-ITX drive or home network and then building a stunning visualmotherboards. Based on the Intel Atom is this a perfect base media library for you. Technic3D will check the Features in thefor a small energy saving and environmental friendly HTPC following Review...or Home server system. Jetway provided us a D525 CPU andGT218 gpu motherboard and we will take it through a series of Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kitmultimedia tests. Already served well in a previous review for (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) Review at Overclockers OnlineHome Server we will only focus on the HTPC part. Description: The Corsair Vengeance is priced at the lower end of the market attracting educated buyers to pick a brand theyLian Li PC-V2120 Review @ ocaholic know they can trust. Corsair doesn’t blindside them with anDescription: Lian Li is well known for their high qualitiy inferior product, instead they have themselves a great gemaluminium comptuer cases but despite this the PC-V2120 is here. Corsair Vengeance 8GB PC3-12800 CAS 9 Vengeancesomething special. It almost doesnt matter to which other let’s you run all of those memory intensive programs where acase you compare this one to the PC-V2120 has almost no 2X2GB kit wouldn’t cut it.competition. Therefore were really curious whats awaitingwith this excellent looking case. Consumer Electronics and Software News:OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCIe Solid State Drive Review @ OCIA.net HPs ENVY 17 3D laptop now shipping for $2499Description: The RevoDrive X2 is essentially an original Description: HPs Envy 17 3D laptop is now shipping forRevoDrive with a daughter card piggybacked on top. This $2,499. This laptop has a 17.3" Full-HD active-shutterdaughter card adds two additional SandForce controllers 3D "ultra brightview" LCD display powered by AMDs 3Dand room for more memory chips, bringing the total technology. Features include a Core i7-920XM CPU, 8GBcontroller count to four. A RAID0 configuration manages the memory, 1TB H/D, Blu-ray drive and Windows 7. It comesfour controllers and memory chips, resulting in what OCZ bundled with one pair of active-shutter 3D glasses.proclaims is a blazing fast PCIe SSD solution. We were pretty Speck PixelSleeve 13” Laptop and Netbook Case Review @impressed with the original RevoDrive and can only wonder if TestFreaksthe follow-up product is equally as impressive. Description: Speck loves the term ‘Pixel’. I have reviewedASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII TOP Video Card @ Benchmark numerous Pixel dubbed items, mostly for the iPhone and iPad.Reviews Today we will look at a laptop carrying sleeve case designedDescription: Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS ENGTX560 for up to 13” laptops called the PixelSleeve. It can fit mostTi DCII TOP. DCII means this card now comes with an 13” machines including the newest Apple MacBook Air 13”improved version of the Direct CU cooler, now with 2 fans revision.and adding dissipation area. They also tag this product as TOP Sony Ericsson LiveView Micro Display Review @because it sports a 900MHz GPU core instead of the 822MHz DragonSteelModsfrom the reference design and 1050MHz instead of 1000MHz Description: Our phones have become indispensible, they’re afrom stock. Aside from that, ASUS also bundles their very huge part of our lives, they go with us everywhere, and they’veown overclocking/monitoring software to modify frequency become much more than just phones. Sony has decided toand voltage values and add some extra performance for free. ! make them even more useful with the addition of a secondLets have a look at the ASUS ENGTX560 Ti and check if it screen called the LiveView that works with most any Android 12
  13. 13. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonephone. The LiveView is a 1.3” Color OLED screen that has a tonof uses like checking your email, reading text messages, and Quick hands on with OCosmoschecking Twitter and Facebook updates. The LiveView can be OCS1 and a look at futureclipped most anywhere or worn as a watch. It can allow youto control your phone from a distance with the many plug- devicesins available for it like controlling your media player or even February 15th, 2011dialing your phone. It’s a very unique and rather useful littledevice.Google Explains, Apologizes For, CR-48 SpamDescription: Early this morning people who have received aGoogle CR-48 notebook, and people who’ve requested one, OCosmos is not one of the most well-known manufacturersgot hit with 100 or more emails from a newly created Google of hand held devices, but the company is trying its luck withGroup. Google sent out an email this evening apologizing what is a rather unique offering with its OCS 1 which is a 5-inchfor the emails and explaining what happened. Google was Windows 7 tablet PC, although wed say it reminds us moreplanning on launching the group next week for all users of an MID than a tablet, but with the current tablet fad, whywho have been selected to be in the program. But someone use a defunct term to describe your device? The OCS 1 isnt setdiscovered it early and posted to it. to launch for a couple of months as yet, but that didnt stop the company from previewing a couple of mockups of futureSkype for iPhone Update devices at its booth as well.Description: Skype today announced that its Skype for iPhoneapp now supports H.264, one of the most commonly usedformats for the recording, compression, and distribution of OCosmos is not one of the most well-known manufacturershigh definition video. This small, but significant step now of hand held devices, but the company is trying its luck withenables Skype for iPhone users to make video calls to the full what is a rather unique offering with its OCS 1 which is a 5-inchrange of Skype devices, including TVs from Panasonic and Windows 7 tablet PC, although wed say it reminds us moreSamsung. of an MID than a tablet, but with the current tablet fad, whyWith Nokia Dating Microsoft, Intel Was Just Stood Up use a defunct term to describe your device? The OCS 1 isnt setDescription: Now that Nokia has chosen to dance with to launch for a couple of months as yet, but that didnt stopMicrosoft’s Windows Phone 7, where does that leave Intel the company from previewing a couple of mockups of futureat the mobile prom? Without a date, that’s where. MeeGo devices at its booth as well.for Intel has gone been relegated to experimental status and Windows 7 gives away the fact that were looking at an x86without a software platform, Intel has few mobile prospects. powered device here and OCosmos has gone for a 1.5GHz InteliPhone 4 Antennagate Returns, Still a Non-Story Oak Trail based CPU and its paired with one to two GB ofDescription: Antennagate is back in the news thanks to the DDR2 and a 32 or 64GB SSD drive. The 5-inch screen featuresVerizon iPhone 4. The Inquirer has an article about it, decrying capacitive multi-touch and has a resolution of 1024x600Apple’s willful negligence with the sub-title “Can’t keep a faulty pixels. Other features include 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetoothdesign down.” Let’s put this faulty notion to bed, shall we? 3.0, GPS, a micro SD card slot, supposedly HDMI output (judging by the labels on the prototypes), USB 2.0 connectivityGaming News: and optional 3G/UMTS. The OCS 1 sports a rear 3.1MegapixelDistant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert Begins April camera as well as a front facing 1.3Megapixel camera and itDescription: Final Fantasy fans from US, UK and Australia will does of course have integrated speakers and a microphone andbe having it lucky as Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert will headphone jack.be held in these countries, beginning on 1st April in New York.Here is a full scheduleAr Tonelico Qoga English Trailer Unveiled, Has JapaneseDubs OptionDescription: NIS America unveiled the English trailer of ArTonelico Qoga, slated for a release stateside on 15th March2011, the game will include a Japanese vocal option for thefolks who loves the vocals of Japanese seiyuu.Microsoft Announces Defiant Map Pack DLCDescription: Scheduled for this March, the Defiant Map Packfeatures three new maps set on, above, and below the besiegedplanet Reach, and represents the first DL... However, what sets the OCS 1 apart from the competition is OCosmos unique OMOS key interface which are the eight- way cursor buttons located on each side of the screen. These can be set up to work as either a mouse replacement or even a keyboard replacement by mapping keys to each of the directional movements of the cursor keys. Were not sure how 13
  14. 14. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewell this will actually work in praxis, but its an interestingapproach at solving the keyboard problem. OCosmos is still Roccat Unleashes Kulowaiting for the final graphics drives to become available but Gaming Headsetthe company claims that youll be able to play a wide selection February 15th, 2011of games on the OCS 1. On top of that, OCosmos has developedits own UI on top of Windows 7 which makes the OCS 1 easierto use which quick access to most programs through an icondriven launcher. Roccat, a German-based manufacturer of numerous gaming peripherals and accessories, has expanded its diversified product portfolio from performance gaming mice to stereo headsets with the addition of Kulo.Also on display was the OCS 9 tablet which features the samehardware as the OCS 1, but has a larger 9-inch screen with1024x768 resolution. OCosmos is working on a couple ofaccessories for the OCS 9, of which one is a carry case with abuilt in battery pack and the other being a small wireless touchscreen keyboard that also doubles up as a track pad and gamecontroller. Roccat, a German-based manufacturer of numerous gaming peripherals and accessories, has expanded its diversified product portfolio from performance gaming mice to stereo headsets with the addition of Kulo.Also on display was a mockup of the next generation OCS1 which features a detachable tablet part leaving the cursorcontrols attached to a rear plate allowing for a somewhat morepocket friendly device when on the road. As much as we likethe concept behind OCosmos products, we cant say weresold on the overall platform, but OCosmos recon that peoplewant a truly portable Windows device. They wouldnt go intodetails about the battery life, but the standard battery packis a 4,000mAh unit which isnt terrible as long as the CPU isfrugal enough. The final question is how much the OCS 1 willcost when it arrives in a couple of months time, but we have afeeling it wont be entirely cheap. 14
  15. 15. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Thermaltake, leading DIY thermal solutions brand, launch their newest and up to date most powerful CPU cooler, the Frio OCK. Continuing the legacy of the award winning original Frio cooler, the Frio OCK is yet once again setting new standards in the industry. With a whooping heat dissipation capacity of 240 W this powerful cooler is clearly leading the pack. Targeting particularly power users and ambitioned overlcockers, the Frio OCK comes with six 6 mm high-efficiency heatpipes that effectively transport heat from the base into two separate cooling towers. By adopting this dual-tower design the gap between both towers increases airflow and ventilation created by the dual fans. Frio OCKs design approach captures and embodies currentlyWeighing just 178g, the lightweight gaming headset is prevailing computer game elements, in particular the shapeoptimised for gaming, music and voice chat. It boasts 40mm and color scheme is resembling a firm and powerful bunkerdrivers with neodymium magnets (for great stereo audio as inspired by the popular PC game StarCraft II. In doing so,output), Mylar membranes (for comfort), padded ear-cups Thermaltake is trying to bring virtual game visuals into every-(for noise isolation), two 3.5mm jacks, a slim in-line remote day life, resembling a manifestation of the fictional within thecontrol, and a foldable noice-filtering microphone. The Kulo is real.expected to start shipping in April at a cost of €59.99.Thermaltake Unveils Frio OCK The dual-fan module is not only unique by its looks,CPU Cooler but furthermore offers several practical usage advantages.February 15th, 2011 Both fans are designed to work in tandem as a push-pull- combination where one fan pushes cold air over the tower fins, while the other fan on the opposite site pulls out hot air and then exhausts it through the cases back side. A convenient single fan speed control knob adjusts both fans in parallel to guarantee optimized airflow and maximize cooling efficiency. The 130 mm high pressure OC fans can be tuned between 1200 RPM for normal operation and up to 2100 RPM in OC Thermaltake has announced the Frio OCK (OverClocker mode and under mission critical circumstances when in 24/7Kings) CPU cooler, targeting hardcore overclockers. operation.Measuring 143 x 136.8 x 158.4mm and weighing 1,093g, thedual tower cooler features a copper base, 0.4mm aluminumfins, six U-Shaped 6mm copper heat-pipes, and is cooled bytwo speed-adjustable 130mm fans that run at speeds of up to As usual with top-notch Thermaltake products, particular2,100RPM at 48dBA. The Frio OCK CPU cooler, compatible attention is paid to ease-of-use, convenience and an overallwith all Intel LGA 775/ 1155/ 1156/ 1366 and AMD AM2(+)/ satisfying user experience. Therefore the Frio OCK supplies aAM3 processors, is expected to hit store shelves soon. universal installation kit which is meant to keep users futureTHERMALTAKE PRESS RELEASE ready for current CPU sockets, including the recently launched Sandy Bridge 1156 sockets. It probably has never been easier to become a true Overclocking King in your own right. 15
  16. 16. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone For more information about the Frio OCK go to: http://www.thermaltake.com/product_info.aspx? PARENT_CID=C_00001645&id=C_00001646&name=Fr %c3%adoOCK&ov=&ovid=n&parent_cp Introducing the Samsung GALAXY S II; worlds slimmest smartphone February 15th, 2011 In addition to the GALAXY Tab 10.1 Android Honeycomb tablet, Samsung has also unveiled the GALAXY S II, which claims to be the worlds slimmest smartphone. Today, Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S II (Model: GT- I9100), a beautifully thin (8.49mm) and lightweight, dual- core smartphone that boasts amazing viewing experience and impressive performance. Running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the GALAXY S II offers users Samsung’s new content and entertainment hubs 16
  17. 17. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefor instant access to music, games, e-reading and socialnetworking services. Android UI: now inPowerful Performance stereoscopic 3D, thanks toIncorporating a dual-core application processor and advancedwireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity, the Samsung Rightware February 15th, 2011GALAXY S II boasts the speed and power for superior mobileperformance. The processor can deliver compelling featuresincluding fast web browsing, multi-tasking, supreme graphicsquality and responsive 3D user interface on the large screen.With super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, the GALAXY S II offersrapid mobile download speeds. It is a well known fact that in order for a device to standThe Samsung GALAXY S II is equipped with an 8-megapixel a chance of doing well in the market, both its underlyingcamera and can record videos in full high definition 1080p. hardware and software must be a perfect match for each other.With Samsung’s patented AllShare technology, users can Similarly, that concept can also be applied to smartphones.capture, create and then share their experiences hassle-free. After all, of what use is a 3D-capable smartphone if it does notA Next Level of Viewing Experience have a 3D-capable UI for the user to take advantage of?The Samsung GALAXY S II also sports the new crystal-clear Super AMOLED Plus screen that introduces the bestin quality in color gamut, contrast ratio and edge sharpness.With a wider viewing angle and increased visibility in outdoor,the Samsung GALAXY S II provides a more vibrant viewingexperience and is more energy-efficient compared to othermobile devices.A New World of Entertainment and Smarter InteractionSamsung GALAXY S II offers various integrated mobileapplications, called Samsung Hubs, designed to fit everyelement of your life. Smartphones. We all love them, dont we? After all, no other- Social Hub Premium: Communication history, Instant device on the market today offers users the luxury of being ableMessaging status, and updates from social networking sites to experience the full web from the luxury of a highly portableare all readily available. Users can access all types of messages device such as a mobile phone while on the move. And as we all(push e-mail, text, VM and SNS) and respond directly without know, the Internet is just that indispensable to our lives today,resorting to individual applications. especially when searching for Facebook and Twitter updates- Readers Hub: Carry an enormous library of books, magazines about how your best friends friends neighbours sons petand newspapers on-the-go. Samsung Readers Hub offers dog just celebrated its first birthday while on the bus makesover 2.2 million books and novels, 2,000 global and local for more important information than that email from thenewspapers in 49 languages and 2,300 popular magazines in supervisor screaming down your neck over a missed deadline.22 languages. Of course, it goes without saying that any device which is- Game Hub: Featuring a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor, the marked for consumer usage will often find itself getting its gutsSamsung GALAXY S II lets you try games for free, or download routinely upgraded every few months so that trend followerspremium titles from partners like Gameloft. can justify breaking their piggy banks for new products with- Music Hub: Access over 12 million tracks from 7digital. upgraded hardware and features. And with OEMs keen toDiscover whats hot from top charts, search for favorite hop on the 3D bandwagon, it should come as no surprise thatmusic, get recommendations on albums, enjoy previews and smartphones featuring stereoscopic 3D displays are starting todownload them directly to Samsung GALAXY S II. make their entrance in the market. But why stop at 3D displays when you can have a fully functional 3D interface to go alongFor added connectivity, WiFi Direct allows consumers to with the package?connect to wireless-enabled PCs and printers without theneed for wireless access points. The GALAXY S II is able toincorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology tosupport emerging mobile payment service and other serviceswith mobile operators. 17
  18. 18. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone more than 132 million units worldwide this year, amd over 50 tablets expected to support Flash Player in 2011. Adobe is also showcasing their latest Flash Player 10.2 along with additional performance advancements. The new release includes support for innovative new features including Stage Video, which delivers much improved video performance through optimizing hardware acceleration on mobile devices, desktops and TVs. Tests show up to 80 percent CPU savings when playing back 1080p video on Windows and Mac OS. Stage Video support for mobile devices will also be available on Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” and BlackBerry Tablet OS.Apparently, it seems that a company known as Rightware has Arctic Debuts Freezer 13 Promanaged to produce an actual 3D user interface for the mobileAndroid operating system used in the majority of smartphones CPU Cooler February 15th, 2011and tablets today. According to an article by Ubergizmo,Rightwares 3D stereoscopic user interface or Spectrum UI isbased of the compans own Kanzi UI, which is "a platform fordisplaying complex 3D UIs on mobile devices".And since attempting to describe a 3D user interface withwords alone does not do the product any justice, we haveincluded a short video which demonstrates the capabilities and Arctic Cooling has unveiled the Freezer 13 Pro CPU cooler,visual appeal of the Spectrum UI. promising improved performance over its predecessor, theLooks great, doesnt it? Freezer 13 that was launched in October 2010.Adobe showcases better Flashperformance on mobile phonesFebruary 15th, 2011At the Mobile World Congress, Adobe showcased performanceadvancements with their Flash Player 10.2 and the companyhas expressed high expectations on the mobile adoption of Arctic Cooling has unveiled the Freezer 13 Pro CPU cooler,Flash Player and AIR. promising improved performance over its predecessor, the Freezer 13 released in October 2010.Adobe has announced that more than 20 million smartphoneswere shipped or upgraded with Flash Player 10.1 software onover 35 certified devices in the first six months following thelaunch. The company expects Flash Player to be supported on 18
  19. 19. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMeasuring 134 x 96 x 159mm and weighing 902g, the massive It is compatible with all Intel LGA 775/ 1155/ 1156/ 1366 andcooler has four U-shaped 8mm copper heat-pipes, fourty- AMD S754/ S939/ AM2(+)/ AM3 processors and comes withseven 0.5mm-thick aluminum fins, a copper base, and is pre-applied MX-4 thermal grease. The Freezer 13 Pro, coveredcooled by two fluid dynamic bearing fans - a PWM 120mm by a 6-year warranty, is available through authorized resellersand 50mm model that operates at 300 ~ 1250RPM and 700 ~ and e-tailers at a MSRP of US$54.90/ €39.90 (without VAT).2700RPM respectively. MPEG LA declares war on VP8, calls for submission of patents essential to its implementation February 15th, 2011 Remember how Apples Steve Jobs claimed that the MPEG LA was already in the process of forming a patent pool to go after Googles free VP8 codec when the latter was first released? Well, it seems like the MPEG LA has finally drawn first blood by calling for the submission of patents that it deems essential to the implementation of the VP8 codec used in Googles WebM online video format. The cold war between Google and the MPEG LA over the legitimacy of the VP8 video codec currently used in YouTube and a handful of browsers may have dragged on long enough, but it remains clear that the MPEG LA is not about to tolerate any form of action that might see itself losing control of what has to be one of the worlds widely used video codecs today, especially when royalties are concerned. And just as we have expected, the firm that specializes in the licensing of patent pools relating to audio-visual technology has decided that the time has finally come to take action. In an announcement posted on its website, MPEG LA has officially declared a patent war on VP8, claiming that the firm is actively socializing the aid of parties which believe that they have in their possession any patents which would be essential to the implementation of the royalty-free codec. The patents in question would then be submitted to the MPEG LA for evaluation, and submissions which are deemed relevant enough will be included for use in the firms offensive against 19