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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Feb 2011 Issue
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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Feb 2011 Issue


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A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecopper block has been machined to house two Watlow Firerodcartridges inside its body, rated able to generate 150W at 240V Active Media Launches Flipinput voltage each. A small PT100 sensor is installed inside USB Flash Drivea hole at the highest possible point of the copper core, only February 12th, 2011half a mm lower than the top of the copper block. The head ofthe sensor is at exactly the top center point of the copper core,where an actual CPU / GPU core would be. Active Media Products, manufacturer of SSDs, DOMS, and innovative USB drives, has unveiled the capless Flip USB flash drive. Measuring 46 x 13 x 8mm, the tiny device has a USB 2.0 interface, NAND flash memory chip, and comes in 4GB and 8GB capacities. Available in fire orange or white colors, the Flip can be purchased directly from Amazon at MSRPs of US $12 (4GB) and US$20 (8GB). ACTIVE MEDIA PRODUCTS PRESS RELEASE Fremont, California - February 7, 2011- Active Media Products, a leading manufacturer of SSDs, DOMs and USB drives, today announced the new FLIP pivot USB 2.0 flash drive, an ultra-slim pivot style drive. "The FLIP drive isCopper core designed in fire orange and white racing colors, giving it a unique look, and the drive is extremely small and ultra-slim, making it a highly portable storage device," stated ActiveIn order to make our testing station compatible with every Media Products VP of Sales, Jerry Thomson.cooler ever made we went with a very simple design usinginterchangeable PCBs. Creating custom PCBs by drilling exactholes at specific points is very easy, therefore by being able toeasily install different PCBs and adjust their height comparedto the top of the copper core we gained the ability to emulateany CPU core precisely and install any cooler despite itsdesign, size, shape, weight and / or retention mechanism. Bybeing able to use any custom PCB and any size copper core, weensured the usability of our testing station indefinitely. The pivot style lid protects the drive when not in use - and youll never have to worry about losing the lid because it conveniently flips open, giving instant access to your data. Pack 4GB or 8GB of data securely onto the FLIP drive. It is designed to fit easily on a keychain or in a pocket or clipped to a backpack. Load up to 2000 MP3 songs or up to 2400 six megapixel photos onto your FLIP drive to take with you anywhere.CPU test PCB 14
  • 2. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Just weeks ago, hacker GeoHotz released the code to jailbreak Sonys PlayStation 3 console, online. Since the leak, Sony has been working hard to contain the spread of the code, and in what seemed like a victorious end to the episode, had successfully been awarded a temporary restraining order against GeoHotz himself.This new FLIP drive is available today through Amazon, at This prevented the hacker from distributing the code online,approximately $12 for the 4GB model and $20 for the 8GB. and also sent out a stern warning to potential hackers.The FLIP drive is available in fire orange or white. Just today though, a spokesperson for Sony was spotted re- Tweeting the code on his Twitter page.About Active Media Products Kevin Butler, a fictional spokesperson for Sony, re-Tweeted the code from user evixa, an added his own quibble, sayingBased in the heart of Silicon Valley, Active Media Products LLC "Lemme guess... you sank my battleship?"is dedicated to developing creative new media products that Just when it seemed that everything was coming to an end, thisimprove performance and enhance the users experience. Our is yet another embarrassing smack in the face for Sony.focus on innovative product development enables us to bringnew technology to market a step ahead of the competition.AMP is a leader in small form factor SSDs and manufacturesthe Wink and the endangered species line of USB drives. Apple files patents forFictional spokesperson for touchscreen OLED technologySony accidentally retweets currently in use onPS3 hack code smartphones February 12th, 2011February 12th, 2011 It is well known that OLED technology is superior to both conventional LCD and even the recent Super LCD technology currently in use on every single single device that has a screen.When news came out that Sonys PlayStation 3 game console Needless to say, Apple has also got its eye on this particularwas hacked into by hacker GeoHotz, it sent everyone including technology as well, and clearly intends to integrate with itsSony, into a frenzy. Whilst Sony has been successful in line of touch-based electronic devices. But it appears thatstopping the spread of the code thus far, it was conveniently the Cupertino giant might have plans to use this technologybroadcasted to the world again - this time via Twitter. against the competition: why else would the company being filing patents over touchscreen OLED technology which appear to be currently in use? For a company that always claims to be on the bleeding edge of technology, Apples line of consumer electronics products, especially its iPod, iPhone and iPads, have consistently been 15
  • 3. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemissing out on a certain display technology which is currently consideration the fact that Apple has had no prior experiencein use by some of its competitors. Yep, we are talking about in working with OLED displays, it would make sense that it isthat expensive display technology known as OLED, which not possible for them to come up with an entirely new methodsupposedly offers much faster response times and better of implementing such displays so suddenly.power efficiency as opposed to conventional LCD panels. And needless to say, broad patents make for great offensiveNeedless to say, it is hardly surprising that Apple would weapons in patent lawsuits, as it almost grantees thatattempt to discover ways in which it can integrate OLED competitors would find themselves running afoul of Applestechnology into its products and one-up the competition while patented methods. But we can only wait and see if things willin the process of doing so. And as it turns out, Apple is indeed really turned out as speculated.keen, or have at least expressed an interest in doing so. But Source and images: Patently Appleas most people would have already known by now, wheneverApple is interested in any technological-related advances, italmost always means one thing. Fancy a look a some new Sony shows off newpatent applications? translucent DSLR that consumers will never own February 12th, 2011 DSLRs are well known for being available in any colour the user wants them to be, as long as it is black. And once again, leave it to Sony to break the mould by exhibiting a new camera over at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show that sports a one-of-a-kind translucent plastic body. The only problem? This camera will never see the light of day in an actual photographers hands.A quick look at the patent applications reveal that Appleprobably has an intention to implement OLED technology intoa future release of consumer electronic devices. Indeed, thefirst diagram features a rather technical illustration of how If there is one universal feature about DSLRs which appliesan OLED panel might be able to fit into a device that makes to most manufacturers in the market, it has to be the factuse of touchscreen technology, along with the possibility of that most of the cameras available in the market that fallimplementing the touchscreen-enabled OLED displays on under that category typically come with only one availabledevices such as mobile phones, media players and even a colour: black. Of course, that is not necessarily a bad thing:notebook. Also included in the second filling are descriptions after all, professionalism plays a huge part in the selection ofregarding layouts for touch sensors, signal routing, other photography gear, and needless to say totting around candy-details. coloured DSLRs to a professional photoshoot does not do ones professional image much help at all.Still, as informative as this may be, it fails to change the factthat Apple is probably one of the last entrants into the OLED Still, there are times where life needs to be a little moregame. More importantly, it appears that Apple might make colourful that just dealing with things in black and white, anduse of these patents to attack competitors, simply because it would appear that Sonys latest camera which debuted in thethey cover extremely broad methods of implementing OLED CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show held in Japan might justdisplay technology in a wide variety of devices. If one takes into support that fact. Indeed, gracing Sonys exhibit was nothing 16
  • 4. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonelesser than a new translucent Sony Alpha DSLR, complete with come new consumer-centric features. What a waythe companys proprietary translucent mirror technology. to be a wet blanket, Microsoft.Looks rather nice, doesnt it? Apparently, a website knownas PetaPixel claims that this transparent Alpha DSLR spottedin the show is actually the body for the Japanese electronicsgiants upcoming Sony Alpha A77 DSLR. Outfitted withthe same translucent mirror technology as mentioned inthe previous paragraph, the A77 is expected to replace thecompanys current A700 DSLR, and will feature various newfeatures such as 1080p video recording and a high-resolution Well, Microsoft surely took its time with this one. After all,APS-C sensor. Which sounds suspiciously like a certain high- it has been at least an entire month ever since we broughtresolution APS-C sensor we talked about quite some time ago. news of an alleged leak of an RTM release of SP1 build for Windows 7, only for the Redmond giant to step in and cautionOf course, with the A77 being an upcoming model, it should overenthusiastic users against downloading a service pack thatbe expected that Sony is not about to let the cat out of the bag was never meant to be used. And on top of that, Microsoftby revealing too much information about it. And it seems to be apparently started work on SP1 for Windows 7 as far back asworking: apparently, no one has the faintest idea as to when March last year, which makes it one of the longer developmentthe A77 will be released, and how much Sony intends to sell times Windows have spent on a Service for. Needless to say, users from all over the world are anticipatingThat being said, we can at least say that we have positive the day Microsoft makes the inevitable announcement of wheninformation about a certain fact. The translucent body you Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 will be released, and what newsee up there? Well, its not for sale. Yep, you heard that right. features they can look forward to. And this is where we haveWhat, you mean you were actually hoping that Sony would the classic good news bad news situation playing out oncethink of selling its prototype device? Sorry to spoil your hopes, again.dude. The good news is that the wait is officially over: Microsoft hasSource and image: PetaPixel just announced in a blog post that it has signed off an SP1 build for RTM today. As usual, TechNet and MSDN subscribersWindows 7 SP1 finally marked will get first dibs on the update: these users will be able to download it from their respective portals on February 16, whilefor RTM, home users need not normal Windows users have to wait until February 22 to getapply their copy via Windows Update.February 12th, 2011 Unfortunately, this is also where the bad news part comes in. With SP1 for Windows 7 being under development for almost an entire year, chances are that some users would be expecting Microsoft to awe with tons of new features, like what happened for XP and Vista. But this is not the case for Windows 7, for Microsoft has confirmed that SP1 will come with no new user- centric features.As always, one can always count on Microsoft to kill off any According to a blog post made by Microsofts Windowsinterest in what has to be one of the more highly-anticipated Server and Cloud division Senior Technical Product Manager,software releases for the year. After generating a huge deal of Michael Kleef, the update will sport two new featureshype over what would eventually be the first Service Pack ever intended for Windows Server 2008 R2: Dynamic Memory andfor its popular Windows 7 operating system thanks a couple of RemoteFX. The former can be considered as an enhancementsupposed leaks, the software giant has apparently thought that to Windows Servers Hyper-V feature: it allows Hyper-Vit would be a nice touch to announce that SP1 for Windows will 17
  • 5. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneusers to "increase virtual machine density with existing consumer is never the smartest kid on the block, since theirresources...without sacrificing performance or scalability" job mostly comprises sitting around and making unreasonable demands from OEMs and hardware developers under theRemoteFX, on the other hand, appears to be the more pretext of spurring innovation. And with dual-core processorsappealing feature. In his blog post, Kleef claims RemoteFXs starting to find their way into smartphones thanks togrants Windows Remote Desktop and Virtual Desktop consumer demands, it seems that Broadcom is not about toInfrastructure clients the ability to leverage a servers GPU to let itself fall behind. Indeed, the company has just announcedprovide hardware acceleration for applications which make its own dual-core System on a Chip which is specially targetedextensive use of OpenGL and Direct3D. This makes it very for high performance smartphones.useful in certain business environments, where thin clientscan easily be used to run applications which have minimum In an announcement posted on its product page, Broadcomhardware requirements way above what the remote client claims that the new BCM28150 smartphone processor is ansystem can offer. "advanced 1080p Multimedia Smartphone System on a chip (SoC)" which features a dual-core processor based off the ARMAnd if you are thinking of attempting to make use of RemoteFX Cortex A9 architecture. The processor cores reportedly utilizesto play that copy of Crysis sitting on your desktop PC on Broadcoms proprietary Merlyn app processor and VideoCoreyour netbook via Remote Desktop while on the move...well, IV mobile graphics to provide fast and seamless hardware-you might want to stop thinking about it right now, because acceleration of 1080p video content and 3D games at theRemoteFX can only be used over LAN. Ouch. smartphones native resolution. And since a smartphone SoC is mostly useless if it does supportBroadcom launches new commonly-used wireless communication protocols, it shouldSoC for smartphones, boasts probably be of no surprise that Broadcom has taken steps to ensure that its SoC plays nice with existing standards.1080p video playback Accordind to the company, the BCM28150 features built-inFebruary 12th, 2011 support for EDGE, WCDMA, 4G HSPA+ and HSDPA, and is intended to be used with the Android operating system, although Broadcom has claimed that the SoC will also work with other open mobile operating systems. Last but not least, Broadcom has confirmed that the complete BCM28150 smartphone platform (currently codenamedDo you remember the days where totting a smartphone Broadstone) will include the following hardware: the 40nmthat boasted Qualcomms Snapdragon platform and single- BCM28150 HSPA+ system-on-a-chip (SoC) smartphonecore Scorpion processor was an instant passport to large processor, the BCM2091 radio frequency (RF) IC, theamounts of geek credentials? Well, it appears that the days BCM59056 advanced power management unit (PMU) withof single-core processors on smartphone are all but gone, charger and audio support and Broadcoms Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,and Broadcom apparently seems to think so. After all, why FM, A-GPS and NFC connectivity technologies.else would the company launch a new dual-core System on a Technical specifications are as listed below:Chip for specially designed for high-performance smartphonecomputing?Barely as 18 months ago, single-core computing on a mobileInternet device such as smartphones were considered as theonly viable method that provided users with just the right mixof power and energy drain.. After all, one must remember thatsmartphones were originally intended to be used as businesstools and not as fashion statements or mobile entertainmentdevices.Fast forward to the present, and today the smartphonehas moved from being a mobile business tool to amobile entertainment device for consumers, thanks to theintroduction of the iPhone. Needless to say, the average 18
  • 6. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone the U270 and X370 come with user-friendly hardware andMSI unveils X-Slim X370, Wind software, including the MSI S-Bar that lets you control majorU270 and CR650 with AMDs OS and hardware hot keys as well as MSIs own application software with a simple click of the mouse. No pricing detailsnew generation dual core available yet.E-350 processorFebruary 12th, 2011 RunCore launches ExpressCard SSD and USB 3.0 host card in one February 12th, 2011MSI have launched their new powerful performance notebook Notebooks have limited upgradability at best and if yourecomputers which include the 15.6-inch CR650, the 12-inch lucky to own one with an ExpressCard slot, then you will knowWind U270, and the 13.4-inch X-Slim X370. All three how frustrating it is to have to swap between two differentnotebook PCs are equipped with AMD latest generation dual cards. Especially if one of them happens to be a storagecore E-350 processor and AMD Radeon HD 6310 discrete upgrade. Chinese SSD maker RunCore has come to the rescuegraphics that supports DirectX 11, and long battery life. with a product that should appeal to notebook PC users, at least as long as the price is right; the ExpressCard 34 SSD withThe MSI CR650 (above picture) features Turbo Battery+ a built-in USB 3.0 host controller.shortcut that lets you control digital multimedia with yourmouse; SRS PC Sound that can reproduce sound faithfully The card is called the RunCore Pro IV ExpressCard SSD andwhen you listen to your favorite songs or watching videos; it contains a 64GB SSD that connects to your notebook via theand Cinema Pro technology that claims to offer similar audio ExpressCard interface. It also hass a USB 3.0 host controllerexperience of live performances, films and recording studios. which allows you to connect USB 3.0 devices to your notebook which means that youll be able to take advantage of fast, external storage devices. Add to the fact that RunCore has implemented a USB 3.0 host feature that lets you connect the Pro IV to a desktop PC with USB 3.0 connectivity (or USB 2.0 for that matter) to copy data at high speed.The Wind U270 sports a 12-inch 16:9 wide display, weighsa portable 1.3kg, and is less than an inch thick. it featuresMSIs proprietary ECO power-saving design which allows thebattery to last twice as long as conventional notebooks. It isalso sheathed in color film print which not only looks stylish,but protects against smudging and wear. The SSD part may not be all that impressive compared to the latest generation of SSDs and it actually compares more to recent USB 3.0 flash drives with a read speed of 110MB/s and a write speed of 80MB/s. But it is still not too bad considering how unique this product is on the market. Sadly, RunCore didnt announce a launch date or any kind of pricing, but wed expect the Pro IV to sell in excess of US$200 considering it isThe 13-inch MSI X-Slim X370 not only looks good, but it is also a 64GB SSD and a USB 3.0 host controller in one.super slim, yet comfortable to use. It weighs about 1.4kg andboasts powerful multimedia and processing capabilities. Both 19
  • 7. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Specifications:HP unveils TouchPad tablet - Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2-GHzand two smartphones, Veer processorand Pre3 - 9.7-inch diagonal XGA capacitive, multitouch screen (1024x768)February 12th, 2011 - 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage - HP webOSHP has announced their new TouchPad webOS tablet device - Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/nwhich boasts to introduce fun and mobile productivity. Thecompany has also introduced two new smartphones- Veer and - A-GPS (3G only)Pre3 - which also run webOS. - Bluetooth wireless technology 2.1+EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support - 3.5mm headset/headphone/microphone jack - Internal stereo speakers and Beats Audio - Front-facing 1.3-megapixel webcam - Light sensor, accelerometer, compass (magnetometer) and gyroscope - Rechargeable 6,300mAh batteryHP has unveiled their first webOS slate, the HP TouchPad. - Micro-USB connectorIt features a 9.7-inch capacitive multitouch display, virtualkeyboard, instant-on access, support for Adobe Flash Player - Built-in HP Touchstone technology for easy charging (HP10.1 beta in the browser and access to thousands of Touchstone for TouchPad sold separately) and HP touch-webOS applications. Designed for entertainment and mobile to-share to share web addresses between TouchPad andproductivity, the TouchPad boasts to offer unified experience compatible webOS phonesacross various devices.You can answer calls or view your Short Message Service - Dimensions: 190 x 242 x 13.7 mm(SMS) messages from the slate, or use the exclusive touch-to-share feature to share web URLs from your webOS phone - Weight: approximately 740gto the TouchPad. With HP Synergy, simply sign in to yourFacebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn and Yahoo!accounts and your contacts, calendar and email automatically The Daily VR-Zone Newspopulate on the slate. Summary - 9 Feb has also announced that it will launch a free February 12th, 2011Kindle app for HP webOS tailored for TouchPad that will giveuser access to more than 810,000 titles from Amazons KindleStore. You can also buy and sell on, do internetbanking, buy movie ticketsor check the latest news.Other features include 1.3-megapixel front-facing webcam, 16or 32GB internal storage, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetoothwireless connectivity and A-GPS. The TouchPad also comes In todays news roundup: - Review of Kingston HyperX Specialwith built-in HP Touchstone technology for easy charging, Edition Sandy Bridge 1600MHz CL9 - Review of Sunbeamtechand is compatible with the HP Touchstone for TouchPad (sold Twister 120 CPU Cooler - Nokia drops MeeGo phone beforeseparately). You can charge in either portrait or landscape launch - HPs Palm set to unveil tablet - Video Game Review:mode, even without removing the TouchPad case (sold Dungeons, and more..separately). Hardware News:Availability Description: Kingstons KHX1600C9D3X2K2/4GX is a kitHP TouchPad is scheduled to be available this summer. Pricing of two 256M x 64-bit 2GB (2048MB) DDR3-1600MHz CL9and availability will be announced at a later date. SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory modules, based on sixteen 128M x 8-bit DDR3 FBGA components per module. 20
  • 8. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneEach module kit supports Intel XMP (Extreme Memory consoles, without losing any of the irreverence that originallyProfiles). made it a hit. With solo, and multiplayer (online and off) options, its a fun title to stick in when youre not grinding awayDescription: The TWISTER 120 incorporates our newest ISO- in Fallout or fragging people in Black Ops.Turbo Technology for increased cooling. The dual 120mmMFDB fan spins in opposite direction which allows for more Description: Publisher Kalypso and developer Realmformconcentrated airflow, combined with the three 8mm heat Studios have introduced Dungeons, which on first blush lookspipes and large fin area, the TWISTER 120 offers one of the like a spiritual successor to the famed series. You play abest cooling capabilities in its class. Dungeon Lord who builds deathtrap dungeons to spread his influence on the land above, and must protect his dungeonDescription: Xigmateks Aegir CPU cooler does indeed bring heart from invaders, all while trying to keep the denizensa lot to the party. With excellent cooling performance and a happy.robust, yet easily installed mounting solution, this cooler ranksat the top of its class. White LEDs in the fan frame add a bit ofvisual interest to the smoky, PWM fan and will fit nicely intomany color schemes for the enthusiast thet cares about this Enermax readies NAXN Seriessort of thing. PSUs February 12th, 2011Description: ADATA started to introduce speedy USB 3.0 flashdrives to the market, one of them being the Superior SeriesS102 16GB model. These products have different read/writespeeds depending on the capacity and thanks to their veryhigh read speed performances we can use them successfully forbooting Live USB Linux distributions or for transferring theWindows 7/Vista install kits, to speed up the OS installation. Enermax is preparing to release its NAXN line-up of PSUs,Description: With the launch of the GTX 570 series, some designed for both gamers and enthusiasts. Available inmanufacturers including Gainward also came up wit their modular (NAXN 82+) and non-modular (NAXN 80+) models,overclocked GTX 570 models and Golden Sample that provide they feature Heat and Air Guard functions, multiple protectionan increase of performance of almost 2.5 to 9.3% circuitry (OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP andConsumer Electronics and Software News: SIP), active PFC, and are cooled by a silent 120mm (135mm fan for NAXN 82+) fan.Description: Nokia has stopped developing its firstsmartphone using the MeeGo operating system, two industrysources close to the company said.Description: Ever hear of Coloud? I didn’t until one of theirsets of headphones appeared on my doorstep for review. Theirnew line is called Colors and they’re aptly named as you canget them in many different colors.Description: The Vatican put its foot down Wednesday overthe idea of "confessing" by iPhone, after news that US users cannow download an application for the Apple gadget that helpsthe faithful gain absolution.Description: HP has plenty riding on the event, which willshowcase the webOS mobile operating system -- the most NAXN 80+valuable asset the company acquired when it bought handheldpioneer Palm last summer for $1.2 billion. HP plans to roll outwebOS in a number of products across its portfolio. Enermax is preparing to release its NAXN line-up of PSUs, designed for both gamers and enthusiasts. Available inDescription: Korean manufacturer LG Electronics has modular (NAXN 82+) and non-modular (NAXN 80+) models,filed lawsuits over alleged patent infringements in Sonys they feature Heat and Air Guard functions, multiple protectionPlaystation 3 console and Bravia TVs. circuitry (OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP & SIP),Description: It seems in this day and age everybody wants a active PFC, and are cooled by a silent 120mm (135mm fan forpiece of the PC peripherals market. This time Corsair, famous NAXN 82+) fan.for manufacturing PC hardware, released its own lineup ofhigh-end speakers and headsets. Packing in many popularfeatures, the Corsair HS1NA USB Gaming Headset comes with7.1 virtual surround sound and massive 50mm drivers.Gaming News:Description: You Dont Know Jack returns in a packagethat finally brings the game onto the current generation of 21
  • 9. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNAXN 82+ The Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo features a special controller,The 80PLUS certified NAXN 80+ PSUs have two 12V rails and supporting data transfer speeds up to 110MB/s (read) andare available in 350W, 450W, 500W and 600W capacities. The 70MB/s (write) via its USB 3.0 interface. They can be found82PLUS certified NAXN 82+ come in 750W / 850W models in store shelves around EU at MSRPs of €69.90 (32GB) andwith two/ four 12V rails respectively. €124.90 (64GB).Sharkoon Releases Flexi-Drive Thermaltake Ships Level 10Accelerate Duo Flash Drives GTFebruary 12th, 2011 February 12th, 2011Sharkoon has announced the Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo Thermaltake, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its highseries of affordable USB 3.0 flash drives, aimed at mainstream performance thermal solutions and PC cases, has unveiled theusers. Measuring 72 x 19 x 8mm and weighing about 16g, these long awaited Level 10 GT, successor to the best-selling Levelultra-portable aluminum flash drives are available in 32GB 10 Super-Gaming Modular Tower Chassis.and 64GB variants. Thermaltake, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its highSharkoon has announced the Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo performance thermal solutions and PC cases, has unveiled theseries of affordable USB 3.0 flash drives, aimed at mainstream long awaited Level 10 GT, successor to the best-selling Levelusers. Measuring 72 x 19 x 8mm and weighing about 16g, these 10 Super-Gaming Modular Tower Chassis.ultra-portable aluminum flash drives are available in 32GBand 64GB variants. 22
  • 10. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone It supports all microATX, ATX, Extended ATX motherboards and has room for four optical devices, six HDDs / SSDs, and eight PCIe expansion cards. The massive Level 10 GT is cooled by four ColorShift / Turbo fans (x1 top 200mm, x1 front 200mm, x1 side 200mm and x1 rear 140mm exhaust fan) and has three rear pre-drilled holes for water-cooling tubes. It is now available through major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of US$279.99. PhotoFast announces high-Measuring 584 x 282 x 590mm and weighing 12.7kg, the all performance USB 3.0 cardblack full tower boasts a myriad of features: an improved cable readermanagement system, convertible top-vent 240mm water- February 12th, 2011cooling design, hinged side-panel door, five hot-swappablehard drive bays, multiple USB 2.0 / 3.0 / eSATA connectors,and a built-in fan controller. Card readers dont tend to be all that exciting these days, mostly because they all do the same job and perform about the same. Not so with the new CR-8600 from PhotoFast which is one of the first multi-format USB 3.0 card readers to hit the market. It offers three to four times the performance of the best USB 3.0 card readers with current generation memory cards and will potentially offer even better performance with faster memory cards. Card readers dont tend to be all that exciting these days, mostly because they all do the same job and perform about the same. Not so with the new CR-8600 from PhotoFast which is one of the first multi-format USB 3.0 card readers to hit the market. It offers three to four times the performance of the best USB 3.0 card readers with current generation memory cards and will potentially offer even better performance with faster memory cards. 23
  • 11. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Wireless networking has become a ubiquitous technology these days that few of us would want to live without, but the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard isnt without flaws. Most of the problems tend to be related to either range or speed and the latter is looking set to get a big boost by the end of 2012 when the 802.11ac standard is expected to launch with a draft moniker tacked onto its name, much like the 802.11n draft standard that we lived with for so long. The 802.11ac standard will bring with it Gigabit speeds, but unlike the current 802.11b/g/n standards it will not operate on the 2.4GHz band. Instead, 802.11ac will be using a frequency close to 6GHz (802.11a and some 802.11n solution operates at 5GHz today) which means that there might be yet another round of complaints from various countries around the world that are already using that frequency range for other transmissions. The 0.1 draft standard of 802.11ac is expected to be approved by the end of February according to the IEEEE 802.11 task group that are working on ratifying the standard, but we wontThe CR-8600 supports all standard memory card formats see any retail devices until the end of 2012 by which time wesuch as CompactFlash, SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick, HS should see interoperable devices in the market. According toMemory Stick, Memory Stick XC and the various mini and some research done by In-Stat and quoted by CNET we canmicro formats of the SD and Memory Stick cards. So far expect no less than a billion 802.11ac devices by 2015, althoughPhotoFast has tested it with a range of the latest generation wed take this with a pinch of salt as the 802.11n has as yet toof memory cards and have reached read speeds of 96.75MB/s replace the aging 802.11g standard in most places outside theand write speeds of 67.73MB/s using a CompactFlash UDMA home.7 card, read speeds of 84MB/s and write speeds of 48.24MB/ One of the major advantages 802.11ac should bring with its using an SDXC USH-I card and finally read speeds of is sufficient bandwidth for streaming HD video around the43.18MB/s and write speeds of 43MB/s using a Memory Stick home, something the 2.4GHz 802.11n standard isnt quitePro-HG card. up to task to do. There are of course 5GHz implementationsJudging by these numbers its pretty clear that a USB 3.0 card of the 802.11n standard that does a great job of streamingreader makes sense for those using the latest generation of even multiple 1080p HD streams such as the solutions frommemory cards with their digital cameras and camcorders as Quantenna, but these are still fairly rare. By having a singlethe same UDMA 7 CompactFlash card only mustered 34MB/ universal standard, we should see a quicker uptake of thiss read and 33MB/s write performance using a USB 2.0 card technology which in turn should mean more devices that willreader. The CR-8600 should hit retail sometime in March with use it.worldwide availability and a retail price of around US$30. On the downside, the USB Wi-Fi dongle might be dead, at least unless the hardware makers adopts the USB 3.0 interface which is yet another standard that has as yet to gain universal approval. Although this is really only going to be an issue on older devices, but as the 802.11ac standard is expected to beGigabit speed 802.11ac built into both notebooks and other mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, its really just a matter of time beforestandard should launch by end itll gain enough traction in the market. Initially its likely thatof 2012 hardware will carry a price premium over 802.11n solutions, but this is all par for the course when moving to somethingFebruary 12th, 2011 faster and better in the IT industry.Wireless networking has become a ubiquitous technologythese days that few of us would want to live without, butthe 802.11 Wi-Fi standard isnt without flaws. Most of theproblems tend to be related to either range or speed and thelatter is looking set to get a big boost by the end of 2012when the 802.11ac standard is expected to launch with a draftmoniker tacked onto its name, much like the 802.11n draftstandard that we lived with for so long. 24
  • 12. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 1,000,000 : 1(definitely not static) and a fast response timeNVIDIA HDMI 3D: now coming of 2ms. However, the real draw of the GN245HQ still lies in itsto an Acer monitor near you 3D capabilities, and needless to say Acer has clearly pulled outFebruary 12th, 2011 all the stops in this aspect. According to the Taiwanese OEM, the GN245HQ is the worlds first monitor to feature built- in support for NVIDIAs stereoscopic technology over HDMI, along with the more conventional method of transmitting 3D content over dual-link DVI. And since the GN245HQ has the ability to receive and display stereoscopic 3D content via HDMI-in, it should come as littlePlaying games on the PC is definitely one of the more surprise that the monitor is theoretically capable of supportingenjoyable ways to pass the time, thanks to the wide variety a variety of video input device such as digital TV set-topof PC-only titles and the introduction of extremely powerful boxes, Blu-ray disc players and even video game consoles.hardware specially dsigned for such purposes. That being However, chances are these features will be all but useless tosaid, if something is worth doing, then it is definitely worth the average Joe at this point of time, especially if one takesoverdoing as well, and gaming is no exception. And what better into account that most countries still lack a 3D broadcastingway to enhance ones gaming experience than to top of the infrastructure for content producers to take advantage of,package with a 3D capable monitor from Acer for that added essentially rendering the GN245HQ useless in just aboutdegree of realism? everything except gaming. That being said, if the idea of spending good money on a 23.6-inch monitor that can only be used for gaming purposes sounds like the very thing you have in mind, wed suggest that you start fattening up that piggy bank of yours by feeding it with all that hongbao money acquired over the Lunar New Year. With its relatively fat pricetag of US$677, trust us when we say that your wallet will need all the food it can get.Gaming is probably one of the few digital entertainmentoptions which most of use find ourselves unable to give upon, and for good reason. After all, nothing can come close to More than a million AMDreplacing the thrill and exhilaration of blasting the brains off avirtual enemys head with a double barreled shotgun at point Fusion chips shippedblank range, especially after a hard day at work or in school. February 12th, 2011That being said, taking a trip down to virtual reality townwould definitely be a lot more satisfying if one could actuallyfeel as though he or she was being placed directly into thethick of action, as opposed to merely watching animated headsbob around a computer screen. Fortunately, users who cravesuch realism no longer have to take the trouble of investingin a large (and expensive) 3D television set, because Acer has AMDs Fusion chips have been heatedly debated recently.just released its new 3D-capable GN245HQ monitor which The promise of higher performance with less heat, less powerthe company claims is particularly well suited for all forms of consumption and lower cost seems to have proven itself true,media consumption, gaming included. with AMD shipping over a million of these chips in less than six months of the product entering consumer markets. Promising low power consumption, low heat emissions and increased performance, AMDs Zacate and Ontario chipsAcer claims that the LED-backlit, full HD GN245HQ will based on the Fusion platform have been selling like a 23.6-inch form factor along with various features The Fusion chip is basically a core processor as well as asuch as an extremely high but meaningless contrast ratio of 25
  • 13. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonegraphics processor combined on a single die. Also called APU, damage control after the news of the defect in its 6-seriesor Accelerated Processing Unit, these Fusion chips have been Cougar Point chipsets was made public. Needless to say, thisdelivering as promised. led to a abrupt halt on all shipments of the affected chipset. Until today, that is: the chip giant has just announced that itThe HP dm1z equipped with the first of these APU chips was intends to resume the shipment of the affected chipsets , butrecently tested and the results were astounding. The Zacate with a catch.platform for netbooks easily outperforms Intels dual-coreAtom chips, and is hot on the heels of Intel Atom + nVidia Simply put, Intel knows that it has a reputation to uphold,ION based netbooks. Furthermore, these chips consume less and having to deal with hordes of angry consumers whosepower, and as a result develop less heat than their Intel and machines are experiencing premature hardware failures isnVidia counterparts. definitely not going to do itself any favors for its corporate image. As such, the company has just announced in a pressCombine desirable characteristics with a low cost price, and release that the affected chipsets will only be shipped to OEMsthe answer is clear. Manufacturers are snapping up these chips who are "committed to shipping the Intel 6 Series Chipset inat an alarming rate. As of current, the only Fusion-powered PC system configurations that are not impacted by the designnetbook available locally is the Sony VAIO Y series. However, issue will be receiving these shipments".the number of Fusion-based notebooks is poised to increasesteadily in the near future, as the Intel Atom-based netbooks This means that OEMs which want to make use of the faultybegin to phase out. chipsets for their PCs have the responsibility of ensuring that the machines are configured in such a way its boards doThe Fusion platform was announced a long time ago, but it not sport connectors interfacing the faulty Cougar Point part.was only recently that the chips were showcased and later went Examples of such implementations include making use of theon retail. With such effort and time spent on innovating, it chipsets in closed configurations such as notebooks, or in theis no wonder that the results produced from these chips are case of desktop configurations, installing a PCIe SATA card tonothing short of stellar. Such a technological advance shows provide additional SATA ports.that the future of mobile gaming need not mean large laptopswith loud fans, high heat output, and the inability to run on Only when these conditions are met will Intel allow thebattery-powered sources for more than an hour. respective OEMs to continue receiving shipments of the 6- series Cougar Point chipsets.Intel resumes shipments Dell showcases prototypeof faulty 6-series chipsets Windows 7 tablet andto OEMs with one specific business PCs February 12th, 2011conditionFebruary 12th, 2011 Dell has showcased their new 10-inch Windows 7-based device and business PCs at the recent companys "Dell Means Business" event in San Francisco.Remember that whole hoo-ha Intel caused among OEMs,system builders and enthusiasts last week when it found outabout the major blunder it made to the design of its 6-seriesCoguar Point chipsets? Well, it turns out that the chip gianthas decided that decided to resume shipment of the affectedchipsets to OEMs, but only if the latter fulfills a certaincondition. At the recent Dell event, Steven Lalla, vice president and general manager of Dell commercial client product group,As most would have already been aware, Intels PR personnel showed a prototype 10-inch business tablet device that iswere having the time of their lives attempting to perform running Windows 7 operating system. The tablet is designed 26
  • 14. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefor users who want mobility, security, manageability, and cost would be fairly high. The HTC Saga will sport a 4-incheasy integration with existing infrastructures. According to the screen, possibly running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and hascompany, the Intel-based tablet would also come in Android front and rear built-in camera.flavor though it may not be under the Streak family. No pricing It is still not known whether the HTC Saga will have at leasthas been revealed for the Windows 7 business tablet though an 8-megapixel camera and supports LTE 4G network. FromDell said it could be available by June this year. the leaked pictures, the HTC Saga could be named HTC Desire 2 after all. We would only know when the company made the announcement at Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona next week. Eleventh beta for Firefox 4 goes live, prepare for a more private Internet February 12th, 2011Other new products unveiled at the event include laptops, Playing with beta software is never the wisest of choices,desktops, workstations, and Latitude XT3 convertible tablet especially if the developer in question has a release schedule(above picture). which is completely out of whack with what most typical end- users would expect. And if you currently happen to be testingHTC Saga pictured; Is this the out the beta builds of Mozillas browser, youd better prepare to start hitting the download managers, for the company hasHTC Desire 2? just rolled out its eleventh beta release of Firefox 4.February 12th, 2011Photos of a new HTC smartphone were leaked online, just aweek before Mobile World Congress, and it was said to be HTCSaga. Could this be the successor to the HTC Desire? Is there such a concept known as privacy when the Internet is concerned? Many might want to think that they have the right to prevent content providers from tracking visitor behavior such as browsing preferences and online habbits. After all, it does sound a little disconcerting to know that data that could potentially be used to identify oneself is easily floating around the depths of cyberspace, with determined hackers and spammers waiting to spring on the slightest opportunity to blast out spam mails about the latest in mens health supplements. Not exactly the nicest of thoughts. Naturally, the increased awareness about online privacy (or rather, the lack of it) has spurred browser developers into searching for ways that could assist in preventing an ignorant user from unknowingly giving away such information withoutHTC has done very well last year with their Q4 2010 her consent. And it seems that Mozilla has finally settled onfinancial announcement of a net profit of more than US$500 what it believes is the best possible solution: to implement a Domillion. And that is mostly thanks to Googles Android mobile Not Track feature in its just-released eleventh beta of Firefox 4.platform. With recent leak of the new HTC Saga smartphone,many speculated that this could be the successor to HTCDesire, or formerly known as the HTC Desire 2.The HTC Saga looks similar to the Nexus One, except that itdoes not have the trackball below the display. However, thephone looks to be using an integrated design which means the 27
  • 15. February 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone *The eleventh beta of Firefox 4 can be downloaded from the Mozilla 4 Beta page here. And just to make it clear, beta software is usually anything but stable, so the usual warning of VR-Zone not being responsible for unfortunate mishaps such as exploding PCs and data mysteriosuly disappearing off hard disks applies.According to a blog posting made by one of the browsersdevelopers, the" Do Not Track feature allows users to set abrowser preference that will broadcast their desire to opt-outof third party, advertising-based tracking by transmitting aDo Not Track HTTP header with every click or page view inFirefox". When enabled, web sites will be told by Firefox via aheader that the user does not wish to be tracked online."The advantages to the header technique are that it is lesscomplex and simple to locate and use, it is more persistentthan cookie-based solutions, and it doesn’t rely on user’sfinding and loading lists of ad networks and advertisers towork".Of course, one might be tempted to wonder why Mozilla hadto take an entire year to realize that the Internet needed sucha feature to better safeguard user privacy. Unfortunately, itseems that users who have been waiting that long for such aprivacy feature will probably wind up being very disappointedfor now. This is due to the fact that while the feature isconfirmed to be functional on the browsers end, the samecannot be said for the millions of websites in cyberspace todaywhich neither recognize nor support the new Do Not Trackheader.And while Firefox believes that the chicken-and-egg problemcan be solved when content providers and webmasters haveno choice but to honour user preferences after receieve largeenough numbers of the header appearing in their server accesslogs, wed guard against unmerited optimism until someconcrete results finally show up. After all, do users really thinkthat content providers would sacrifice potential ad revenue tobe gained from such tracking over some moral issue aboutprivacy? 28
  • 16. February 15th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! Xigmateks forthcoming Achilles Plus SD1484 CPU cooler, andThe Daily VR-Zone News I tested it to compares its performance to a variety of air andSummary - 15 Feb 2011 water coolers.February 15th, 2011 ASUS Sabertooth P67 Review @ ocaholic Description: With the Sabertooth P67, ASUS has an Intel- P67 based motherboard in its portfolio that comes with some interesting features. Therefore very suspicious is the so called thermal shield. This plastic cover should allow an optimized airflow over the boards core components. HIS HD 6970 Review - XSReviewsIn todays news roundup: HISs Radeon HD 6970 graphics Description: Each generation of graphics cards is made up ofcard gets reviewed; Seagate officially announces the shipment the kind of GPUs that most people buy, the mid-range and theyof its one millionth self-encrypting hard drive; Apple CEO have the budget ones which quite a lot of others buy. Then youSteve Jobs gets a virtual boot to the face courtesy of LG; Steve have the monsters, dual chip and single. Today we look at theBallmer talks about Internet Explorer 9 and multitasking for latter one from HIS, the HD 6970. A giant card with expectedWindows Phone 7, and Kohime Musou, the popular Japanese impressive performance; though you know this is going to pullvisual novel which features a genderbent version of the Three a lot of power. Lets see how much.Kingdoms, is getting an arcade fighter adaptation. Seagate Ships One Millionth Self-Encrypting Hard Drive.Hardware News: Description: Seagate Technologies, the company that shipsAXLE GeForce GT 430 1GB Video Card Review @ Legit most enterprise-class hard disk drives (SEDs), on MondayReviews said that shipments of its self-encrypting drives (SEDs) haveDescription: Legit Reviews has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 exceeded one millions of units. The company intends to greatlyClassic Edition video card from AXLE 3D up for review today. expand its lineup of SEDs as it believed that the demand forEquipped with 96 CUDA cores on the GF108 Fermi GPU such drives will grow fast.along with 1GB of GDDR3 memory, the GT 430 is geared Consumer Electronics and Software News:toward lower end gaming and the home theater markets. Readon to see what we find on the AXLE GeForce GT 430 and to Watch Steve Jobs Get Kicked In The Face By The LG Optimussee how it performs in games lie Mafia 2 and Batman: Arkham PadAsylum! Description: Nevermind the man is recovering from cancer, LG just kicked Steve Jobs’ in the face. Really. Well, virtually atEnermax Hoplite Review @ Vortez least. But it still counts!Description: Enermax are world renowned for their presencewithin the PSU and cooling departments and are regarded as Mad Catz CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Elite USB Gaminga household name, but would you be shocked to hear that Keyboard Review @ Bigbruin.comEnermax also produce computer cases? Admittedly they have Description: Mad Catz may not be the best known name inonly a very small selection to choose from, but in the last 2 the electronics accessory business, but odds are that you mayyears Enermax have branched off into the computer case genre have used one of their products before. They manufacturewhich will certainly surprised quite a few. These cases have everything from fully licensed console controllers, to Rockbeen directed toward entry level users, so fundamentally the Band and Guitar Hero branded instruments. For this review,hardware enthusiast will be ignorant of their existence. But has sent over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2this year, things are about to change. Elite USB gaming keyboard.Asus Xonar DG Headphone Amp Sound Card Review @ Sony announces pricing for the EX720 3D TVs, ready for pre-Tweaknews orderDescription: Asus Xonar line continues its impressive lineup Description: Sonys Bravia EX720 3D TVs are now pricedwith the Xonar DG, proving to be an exceptional value at $30. and can be pre-ordered. The 32" (KDL32EX720) willIt does a good job providing richer, fuller sound over speakers, cost $949, the 40" (KDL40EX720) will cost $1399, thebut the built-in headphone amp is where this card really excels. 46" (KDL46EX720) will cost $1699, the55" (KDL55EX720) will cost $2299 and the 60" (KDL60EX720) will cost $3299.Xigmatek Achilles Plus SD1484 Heatsink @ Benchmark The TVs will ship soon (in February, except the 60" that willReviews ship in April).Description: One of the benefits of testing computer hardwareis that you occasionally get to look at new kit before its SonyEricssons LiveView finally lands in the US - for $82introduced to the market. In my time at Benchmark Reviews, Description: SonyEricssons LiveView is finally shipping in theIve been fortunate enough to be able to review some cases US - for $82 (its been available in the UK for quite someand CPUs before they were generally available (or in some time now). The Liveview is an Android accessory with a smallcases, before they were even announced). Recently Benchmark (1.3") PMOLED display and can communicate via Android 2.xReviews was given the oppotunity to evaluate a prototype of devices. You can control music, get notifications about phone 1
  • 17. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecalls, updates from applications (twitter, facebook) and more.The idea is that you can wear it like a watch:Why Apple Will Not Release a Cloud-Based iPhone Nano ThisYearDescription: I like the idea of an iPhone nano. One with a smallscreen with the same resolution of an iPhone 3GS, powered byan A4 processor. Id buy one. But a cloud-based iPhone doesntmake any sense. Not right now.IE9, multitasking goes head to head with Windows Phone 7Description: Steve Ballmer takes to the stage at the HotelSomethingorother here at Mobile World Congress. We donteven attempt to make it and sit on the floor at the MWC booth- watching on with increasing leg cramp as the shy and retiring If you are looking to get a laptop or netbook, yousalesman of Redmond tells us, mostly, what we already knew. may be confused by the sheer number of modelsGaming News: available on the market, not to mention, for differentKoihime Musou Gets Arcade Fighter market segments - ultraportable for the frequent travellers,Description: Heard of Koihime Musou? Girls using popular multimedia powerhouse for those who enjoy watching highnames from Chinese history, welding huge blades and definition movies, and even gaming workhorse for theweapons ? Well, Koihime Musou is getting a fighter game for hardcore gamers.the arcades. Aside from these, some computer manufacturers haveBizarre Creations Closing This Week also collaborated with fashion designers and even carDescription: Bizarre Creations is closing its doors for good this manufacturers to come up with a product for the nicheFriday after Activision failed to find a buyer for the studio and premium market. For example, HP has worked withresponsible for a string of highly regarded games. world-renowned fashion designer Vivienne Tam on a special Vivienne Tam edition laptop, while Acer has produced theNew Assassins Creed in the works Ferrari laptops with the car maker. And ASUS has their line ofDescription: Ubisoft confirms it is readying another entry in Lamborghini notebook PCs too.its award-winning action adventure series; more details due inMay. The ASUS Lamborghini VX6 is the latest addition to the premium line of mobile computers, and that is mainly because of the "charging bull" logo on the netbook.ASUS Lamborghini VX6 Heres a sneak peek at the hardware specifications:-Review: Ultraportable netbookwith great performance ASUS Lamborghini VX6February 15th, 2011 CPU 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525 dual-core Memory Up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM Hard disk 320GB SATA Screen 12.1-inch Graphics Nvidia ION 2 dedicated GPUThe ASUS Lamborghini VX6 is the latest mobile computer Display Resolution 1366x768born from the collaboration between the Taiwanese computer Connectivity 1x VGA, 1x HDMI, 2xmaker and Italian car manufacturer. Like the sports car, it USB3.0, 1X USB 2.0, 1xcommands a premium, but boasts a luxurious design and LAN RJ-45, 2x audiosuperior performance. jack(Headphone / Mic- in), card Reader - MMC/ SD(SDXC) Web camera 1.3-megapixel Battery +10.95V 5200mAh 56Wh OS Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Dimensions 297 x 204 x 28.7mm Weight 1.5kg 2
  • 18. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHTC Flyer: HTCs First 7-inch App Store SubscriptionsTablet recurring your way soonFebruary 15th, 2011 February 15th, 2011This years tablet wars just got more interesting. HTC hasfinally joined the crowd with the HTC Flyer, a 7-inch Android Apple has just unveiled its brand-new App Store subscriptiontablet that comes with a battery-powered stylus. Read on to service which offers recurring billing through the subscribersfind out more. iTunes Store account. This new feature will be stapled to all publishers of content-based apps such as newspapers and magazines, as seen in the debut of News Corp.s The Daily app. Expected to debut as one of the key features in iOS 4.3, the new digital billing service will be similar to In-App Purchases, as currently used in most apps in the App Store. Subscriptions purchased from within the App Store will be sold using the same App Store billing system that has been used to buy billions of apps and In-App Purchases. Publishers set the price and length of subscription (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly). Then with one-click, customers pick the length of subscription and are automatically charged based on their chosen length ofThe new tablet has been launched at the company’s press commitment (weekly, monthly, etc.). Customers canconference during Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona. review and manage all of their subscriptions from their personal account page, including canceling theThe device sports a uni-body white plastic design with a automatic renewal of a subscription. Apple processesresolution of 1024 x 600 and is powered by a 1.5GHz single- all payments, keeping the same 30 percent share thatcore Qualcomm chip to run Android 2.4 Gingerbread plus a it does today for other In-App version of HTC Sence, which is optimized for tablets. With regards to whether content may also be offered outside of this new billing mechanism, Apple CEO points out that publishers are free to offer content outside of the app. But if so, the same or better offer has to be given to subscribers of the app. "Our philosophy is simple - when Apple brings a new subscriber to the app, Apple earns a 30 percent share; when the publisher brings an existing or new subscriber to the app, the publisher keeps 100 percent and Apple earns nothing," said Steve Jobs, Apples CEO. "All we require is that, if a publisher is making a subscription offer outside of the app, the same (or better) offer be made inside the app, so that customers can easily subscribe with one-click right in the app.What makes HTC Flyer stands out against the competitors? We believe that this innovative subscription serviceIts the stylus. The stylus automatically connects to the device will provide publishers with a brand new opportunityenabling control over writing or drawing on a new app called to expand digital access to their content onto theNotes rather than being needed for navigation. iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, delighting both new andAll good things always come to an end, HTC says that the existing subscribers."Flyer is not going to be cheap to justify the beautiful looking Besides providing customers an easy way to keep track ofhardware, the stylus and the free case. their subsription and ease of activation and billing, Apple is pushing this new App Store Subscriptions as 30% of the content providers revnue will go to Apple. But for the ease of potential customers and the vast distribution power of the App Store, Im sure many content 3
  • 19. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneproviders will submit to Apples demand in exchange for a “The partnership with Kingston offers customers more choicepotential 160 million iOS users around the globe. when it comes to hardware. Several device types managed by the same system are in strong demand and we are happy to now be able to service even more customers,” says Anders Kjellander CSO at BlockMaster.Kingston Introduces First “Kingston’s relationship with security software leader BlockMaster enhances our ability to offer enterpriseSecure USB Flash Drive customers the most robust and versatile centrally managedFebruary 15th, 2011 secure USB solution available on the market,” says John Terpening, secure USB business manager at Kingston. The DTVPM secure USB drive is the first SafeConsoleReady Device released from Kingston. The full SafeConsoleReadyKingston Digital, Inc. announced it has joined with technology program from BlockMaster will also be presentedBlockMaster to deliver the SafeConsole Ready DataTraveler at the RSA conference.Vault — Privacy Managed (DTVPM) USB flash drives.Measuring 77.9 x 22.2 x 12.05mm, the compact aluminumdrives have hardware-based 256-bit Advanced Encryption The SafeConsoleReady brand and program will ensureStandard (AES) protection, water-proof, and are managed that BlockMaster partner products work efficiently withcentrally by the BlockMaster SafeConsole drive management SafeConsole management tools and are able to offer customerssystem. The DTVPM support data transfer speeds up to 24Mb/ all the security and management benefits of SafeConsole.s (read) and 10Mb/s (write) via a USB 2.0 interface and areavailable in 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb and 32Gb capacities.KINGSTON PRESS RELEASE Cubitek Readies HTPX-Tank PC EnclosureThe first product to be released from the partnership between February 15th, 2011Kingston Digital, Inc., and BlockMaster is presented today atthe opening of the annual RSA conference in San Francisco.The SafeConsole Ready hardware-encrypted secure USBdrive DataTraveler Vault — Privacy Managed (DTVPM) fromKingston is mandatory managed by the central managementserver SafeConsole from BlockMaster.Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products,is making the secure USB flash drive hardware highlyavailable in its strong distribution channels globally. Thehigh quality DTVPM device is mandatory managed by theleading SafeConsole management server from BlockMaster.The solution will let enterprise customers avoid data loss andget them on the fast track to more productive use of secure Taipei-based Cubitek Co. Ltd has taken the wraps off theUSB flash drives. HTPX-Tank, their latest addition to its soon-to-be released Tank series PC chassis. Measuring 230 x 600 x 610mm, the aluminum full-tower is designed to support all "HTPX (EVGA Classified SR-2), E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX, and mini- ITX motherboards". 4
  • 20. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone cooling tubes, cut-outs on the motherboard tray for cable management, and a top-side I/O panel with two USB 3.0, one eSATA and audio ports. The HTPX-Tank is equipped with four spinners (x1 front 230mm, x2 top 140mm, & x1 rear 140mm fan) and is expected to hit store shelves come end March. News via [Techconnect] Qualcomm wants smartphones to be more powerful than your PC February 15th, 2011 Would you believe that the smartphone you are currently holding how might actually have the raw processing power to completely outclass that full-fledged notebook or desktop PC of yours? Well, Qualcomm seems to think so. And with a new System-on-a-chip that features both a quad-core processor and GPU with clock speeds high enough to rival todays mid- range PCs, it seems that the day of reckoning for the traditional PC is close at hand. Or is it? A quad-core processor coupled with a GPU that features 4 video processing cores sounds like the kind of hardware one expects to find in a mid-range desktop PC or high-end laptop, right? Well, dont be surprised, but consumers can expect to see such top-end hardware making its way to devices as small as smartphones by as early as 2012. And when that happens, you can be sure that Qualcomm will have a major part to play in churning out hardware that delivers near PC-like performance in a smartphone. That is because the American wireless telecommunication company has just unveiled its latest Snapdragon System-on-a-chip (SoC) which features the same specifications that we have listed in the paragraph above. According to an article posted by Toms Hardware, the new Snapdragon SoCs were announced by Qualcomm at this years Mobile World Conference and is expected to be available in three different configurations, namely the MSM8930, MSM8960 and APQ8064. All three configurations will feature the new Krait processor core which reportedly features a completely new microarchitecture, an updated Adreno GPU and will come with the circuitry needed to perform various connectivity-related functions such as WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth, FM and near-field communications (NFC). However, it goes without saying that the star attraction of the trio is the APQ8064 Snapdragon SoC. With four Krait processing cores featuring clock speeds of up to 2.5GHz per core and a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU, Qualcomm claims that the APQ8064 is capable of performance at levels up to 150% greater than the current-generation ARM processor cores, while still consuming 65% lesser energy than the latter. On top of that, the new quad-core Adreno GPU is reportedly powerful enough to output full HD media content onto an external display and deliver graphics performance similar toIt has room for ten PCIe expansion cards, five optical devices, what is found in todays video game consoles.nine hard drives (housed in trays with anti-vibration rubberrings), and features four rear pre-drilled holes for water- 5
  • 21. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWith smartphones like these, who needs PCs anymore?Rumour: Dell to buy AMD? RIM announces 4G PlayBookFebruary 15th, 2011 for LTE and HSPA+ networks, and BlackBerry Travel App February 15th, 2011There is no denying that AMD is currently facing yet anotherrough patch, but it appears that the situation over at theSunnyvale chip company might be a lot worse than what thecompany is willing to let on. Apparently, the recent string ofdepartures from AMDs senior executive board has sparked offrumours that the higher-ups are planning to put the company At Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Research inup for sale, and well...the logo up there says it all. But what are Motion has announced two models 4G PlayBook modelsthe chances of such an acquisition actually taking place? that support LTE and HSPA+ networks. On top of that, the company has also announced a new BlackBerry Travel App that lets you plan, book, manage and share travel activities easily.It is no secret that things have not been going AMDs wayof late, in spite what the company would attempt to havemost people believe. Granted, the worlds second largest globalsupplier of x86 chips may have been making the headlinesabout various new product launches and plans for the pastfew weeks, but just as attention-grabbing as its product pressreleases were the sudden departures of two of its companyssenior executive board, namely CEO Dirk Meyer and COORobert Rivet. Research In Motion (RIM) has announced two additional BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets in the second half this year,And with AMD offering little information to shareholders and which feature support for LTE and HSPA+ high speed wirelessthe media as to why two members of its executive board would networks.walk out on the company at such short notice, needless to saythe AMD rumour mill is once again open for business. Except RIMs BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets aims to deliverthat this time, it seems the personnel running the rumour mill professional, user-friendly experiences that redefine thehave come to only one possible conclusion: AMDs board is possibilities of mobile computing. The tablets offer greatpreparing to put the company up for sale, and Dell appears to performance with real-time multitasking and symmetricalhave been identified as the party most likely to take up AMD multiprocessing, high-fidelity web browsing with support foron its offer should it ever come to pass. Adobe Flash, advanced security features and out-of-the-box enterprise support.According to Bloomberg News, the possibility of AMDgetting put up for sale is "far-fetched" but entirely plausible, In addition to the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity referenced above,considering that the Sunnyvale company is currently running each tablet can also support Bluetooth tethering, Mobileits day-to-day operations without any managerial directions. hotspots and BlackBerry Bridging.In addition, AMDs established portfolio is deemed to be"highly desirable from the standpoint of several potentialstrategic acquirers based on multiple capabilities, including Intel introduces newboth its x86 capabilities and its graphics processor expertise". XMM platform for mobileNeedless to say, being able to be in control of its own processorand GPU supply has got to be an extremely appealing option communications devices February 15th, 2011for any computer OEM to consider, especially if it meansbeing able to restrict the supply for AMD Radeon GPUsfrom competitors in order give itself an unfair competitiveadvantage. But until we actually get concrete information thatAMD is indeed making plans to put itself up for sale, we haveno choice but to call Internet FUD on this one for the timebeing. 6
  • 22. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWait just a second...Intel? A leading provider hardware baseband processor X-GOLD 706" and SMARTi 4G RFsolutions for mobile communications handsets? That has transceiver. Intel claims that the tightly-integrated chipset isgot to be a joke, right? As odd as it might sound, that suitable for "integration in LTE-enabled portable devices suchis about as true as it can get: thanks to its acquisition of as mobile handsets, data cards/dongles and other embeddedInfineon Technologies, Intel is now officially one of the leading solutions" when used in conjunction with its "3GPP Release 8providers of baseband processors in the industry. And as proof triple mode protocol stack".that the chip giant is intent on making its presence in the The X-GOLD 706 baseband processor, manufacturedmobile segment felt, the company has just announced the in 40nm process technology, is based on the provenlaunch of its new XMM 7060 compact multimode platform. 2G/3G X-GOLD 626 with an integrated low powerAbout time too! *image shown above is purely for illustrative LTE L1 subsystem. Therefore smart phones andpurposes and is not indicative of the actual product tablets based on the XMM 6260 2G/3G platform using the X-GOLD 626 can be easily migrated to LTE ensuring the customers a high degree of reuse of their hardware and software investment. The new baseband processor is accompanied with the SMARTi4G, incorporating optimized building blocks of the leading-edge 2G/3G SMARTi UE2 and SMARTi LU RF transceiver -- the world’s first commercially available LTE transceiver. The 65nm CMOS RF transceiver employs a proven digital architecture that significantly reduces the number of external RF components such as power amplifiers and filters, and, hence, reduces board space, BOM and power consumption.With MeeGo as good as aNoGo now that Nokia has pulled The XMM 7060 slim modem platform fits in lessout of the alliance with Intel, it would seem that the chip than 700mm² PCB (Printed Circuit Board) areagiants plans for introducing an x86-powered smartphone is including all necessary system components for quadessentially dead on arrival. After all, it has been proven time band LTE, penta band 3G and quad band EDGEand again that the x86 platform is just not suitable for use in applications. It supports LTE category 3 (CAT-3)highly mobile devices such as smartphones, especially when throughputs (100Mbps/50Mbps download/uploadIntels most low-power, energy efficient x86 Atom processors respectively) and is compliant to LTE Release 8pale in comparison to ARMs offerings, which are unmatched standard supporting FDD and TDD mode for allas far as low-power performance is concerned. bandwidth up to 20MHz. In addition Inter-RAT handover features with 3G and 2G systems areHowever, it appears that Intel might just be shifting its naturally included.smartphone strategy a little now that it is seems that itsprocessors will never see the light of day in an actual retail Unfortunately, users hoping to purchase a smartphone thatsmartphone. Instead of attempting to compete head on with features the Intel XMM 7060 compact multimode platformARM, the chip giant is apparently focusing on baseband will probably have a great deal of waiting in store for them.processors which mobile phones make use of to communicate This is because Intel has confirmed that the first platformwith the wireless telephone network, having just announced samples will only be made available in Q3 2011, while massits new compact multimode platform, the XMM 7060. shipments are only expected to commence in the second half of 2012. Samsung launches GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart player February 15th, 2011 The Samsung GALAXY S II was unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and today, the Korean manufacturer has announced the GALAXY S Wi-Fi 4.0 smart player designed to offer music,*image for illustrative purposes only. Actual product is smartphone-like innovation and app experiences.expected to differ significantlyAccording to a press released issued by the chip giant, theXMM 7060 consists of two key components; the "multimode 7
  • 23. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Intel To Increase X25-E SSD Pricing Next Month February 15th, 2011 Yes, you heard right. Intel is going to increase not cut the prices of their X25-E SSDs. A check on our price comparisonSamsung today announced the GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart engine revealed that X25-E 32GB is now selling for aboutplayer, the latest addition to its Android-powered GALAXY $380 and the 64GB version is going for $720. With effectiveproduct portfolio. It features a 4-inch Super Clear LCD display from March 6th, the price of the 32GB X25-E will increase byand claims to offer rich smartphone-like experiences without $85 and the price of 64GB X25-E will increase by $170. Thisthe expense of operator contracts. The smart player also offers is probably due to the SLC flash price increase. Anyway, if youvideo communications via VoIP services and rich video and are thinking of getting one now, grab it before the price goesmusic entertainment with multi-codec support to keep you up.constantly entertained. Yes, you heard right. Intel is going to increase not cut the pricesVoIP and a world of applications of their X25-E SSDs. A check on our price comparison engineThe Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 smart player comes with revealed that X25-E 32GB is now selling for about $380 andWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating the 64GB version is going for $720. With effective from Marchsystem. It gives users access to millions of apps, multimedia 6th, the price of the 32GB X25-E will increase by $85 and thecontent and mobile services. With VoIP support via Skype, you price of 64GB X25-E will increase by $170. This is probablycan make video calls over Wi-Fi as well as free calls among due to the SLC flash price increase. Anyway, if you are thinkingSkype users. You can also access to social networking services of getting one now, grab it before the price goes Twitter or Facebook, and with support for the Qik videoservice, you can capture and share videos with friends andfamily. With access to over 230,000 apps available on the Intel updates LGA1366 Core i7Android Market, the Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 is fully 900 pricingcustomizable. It is equipped with integrated GPS that benefits February 15th, 2011users from Google’s turn-by-turn map services and directoryapplications.High definition video and imagesThe Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 supports DivX HD, allowinghigh-definition video playback on the large, high-qualitySuperClear LCD. It also supports for various codec standards Following the release of its new flagship, Core i7 990X, Intelincluding MPEG4, H264, DivX, XviD, WMV codecs ensures has updated pricing for Core i7 900 CPUs. The new line-up isyou can enjoy huge catalogues of content from all over the web. as follows: Core i7 990X - $999 Core i7 980X - ~$950 Core i7Audio excellence 970 - $583 Core i7 960 - $294The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 is designed to deliverthe best audio and video experience. Incorporating SamsungSoundAlive technology, it offers deeper bass and greater tonearticulation and lets you listen to your favorite tracks with itsbuilt-in stereo speaker.The Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will be available during thefirst half in global markets starting from the UK. To accommodate the Core i7 990X, the 980X must drop in price. However, this price drop hasnt really shown in e-tail, yet, but the price is expected to stabilize at around $900-$950. It is the Core i7 970 which undergoes a massive cut from $880 to $583, making Intel six-core CPUs that much more affordable. (relatively) 8
  • 24. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 3.2 GHz Core i7 960, which is a quad-core CPU, dropsfrom $583 to a much more affordable $294. Of course, it is no Microsoft Kinect:match for the similarly priced Core i7 2600, except you cant Now available onreally get a motherboard to use it with.The 990X and these price updates are likely to be the last Android...somewhat February 15th, 2011hurrah for the extremely successful Nehalem generation,with the Sandy Bridge E processors incoming, replacing theLGA1366 platform with LGA2011.Below is the bulk pricing not retail price, just to serve as areference. If there is one truth about the world of hardware, it is the fact that hackers are always on top, especially when it comes to using devices in ways that they were never intended for.Processors Specs Old Price New Price % Change And this latest hack seems to confirm that little fact of life.Model That being said, does anyone fancy playing around on an Android tablet with hand gestures, courtesy of MicrosoftsCore 3.46GHz, - $990 - Kinect motion-based controller?i7-990X 6C/12T,Extreme 12M Cache,Edition LGA1366Core 3.33GHz, $990 $990 -i7-980X 6C/12T,Extreme 12M Cache,Edition LGA1366Core i7-975 3.33GHz, $990 $990 - 4C/8T, 8M Cache, LGA1366Core i7-970 3.2GHz, $845 $555 (34%) 6C/12T, Picture this situation: you are relaxing on a couch after a hard 12M Cache, days work, and that expensive, fututistic tablet powered by LGA1366 Googles Android mobile operating system is connected toCore 3.4GHz, $305 $305 - the home theatre system, churning out your favourite musici7-2600K 4C/8T, files. And with a wave of your hand, the tablet automatically 8M Cache, interpretes the gesture and switches over to another track, thus LGA1155 saving you the effort of having to get up and walk over to theCore 3.4GHz, $285 $285 - device to do so.i7-2600 4C/8T, Sounds futuristic? Perhaps, but dont be surprised if such 8M Cache, features could find their way to Android-powered tablets in LGA1155 a matter of years, especially when hacker inguinity knows noCore 3.2GHz, $555 $285 (49%) bounds. Apparently, one such enterprising hacker known asi7-960 4C/8T, HirotakaSter has managed to craft out a method which allows 8M Cache, the Android operating system to interface with Microsofts LGA1366 very own Kinect motion controller. What makes this actCore i7-950 3.06GHz, $285 $285 - significant though, is the fact that this is reportedly the worlds 4C/8T, first successful attempt to get the Kinect in a semi-working 8M Cache, state on the mobile OS. LGA1366Core i7-930 2.80GHz, $285 $285 - 4C/8T, 8M Cache, LGA1366 9
  • 25. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNotice that we said semi-working state in the previousparagraph? Well, thats because the Kinect hack on Androidis still pretty much in a work-in-progress state: at the time ofwriting, the Android-powered tablet may be able to recognizethe device, but it is still incapable of translating typical Kinect Hardware enthusiasts rejoice. The Intels flagship six-coregestures into workable commands yet. Indeed, all it can do desktop CPU, the Core i7 990X Extreme Edition, is availableright now is to transfer the Kinects video grab onto the tablets for purchase online. However, dont expect the price to bescreen and interprete user distance information, as shown in affordable though; it retails around US$1,050 with shipping.the short clip below. According to online sources, the 990X Extreme Edition comes unlocked and has a 12MB L3 cache. Built on 32nm Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) manufacturing process, the CPU is clocked at 3.46GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) and has 130W TDP. While Intel has notHowever, the fact that HirotakaSter was able to get the made official announcement about the launch of the chip, weAndroid operating system to even recognize the Kinect motion expect the news to be out fairly soon. For the smart buyers, itsensor means that at least half the battle is already won. In seems like the 980X may be the better buy, though it is onlyfact, the only thing left for the hacker and modding community $50 lesser than the 990X. Of course, that price tag could dropto do is to analyze the calls made by the Kinect controller to in time.the Android OS and attempt to craft out a working API that iscapable of bringing most of Kinects functionality over to theAndroid platform. And when that happens...well, lets just say Pacn Twit: putting thethat the idea of contactless PC interaction is bound to receivea major boost. (Pac)Man into the tweet February 15th, 2011Unfortunately, in order to do so, the community will needaccess to the hack written by HirotakaSter, and this iswhere there is an immediate obstacle to clear. Apparently,HirotakaSter has yet to pony up the source code he has writtenfor Android hack, but it appears that the hacker community When the Japanese say that they are born with the gamingmight not have to wait much longer for it. After all, sharing is DNA infused into them right at birth, chances are that they area key aspect of the hacker culture, no? probably not kidding at all. After all, what other explanation can there be for a Japan-only app for twitter client that seemsIntel unveils Core i7 990X to be more PacMan than Twitter? Now, if only that app actually allowed you to play a full copy of PacMac...Extreme Edition processor It is not often that we talk about specific apps for a mobileFebruary 15th, 2011 platform, and for good reason. Regardless of the platform an app is designed for, one can definitely be sure that clones of it will start appearing on the App Store or Market within 24 hours or lesser. And when that happens, any novelty or uniqueness which the original app once boasted of is immediately reduced to nothing more than meh status. That being said, that does not stop us from combing theIntel has unveiled their new flagship six-core processor for the Internet for interesting mobile apps that we feel ought to bedesktop, the Coire i7 990X Extreme Edition. While no official given a little more publicity, simply because they look uniqueannouncement has been made, the new CPU is expected to enough to warrant a second glance. And once again, one canretail approximately at US$1,050. always leave it to the Japanese to churn out some of the most out-of-this-world apps, like this custom Twitter client below. 10
  • 26. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone while giving us complete control over environmental and / or power load aspects, all while taking readings and recordings through laboratory interfaces and high accuracy instruments. In order to create a real-world environment for our testing, we decided to modify and use a common SECC steel tower case for housing the power supplies during our testing. We installed three Watlow Firerods inside the case, rated at 500W power each, the output of which is being controlled by a common AC rheostat. The stock rheostat and its axle have been replacedApparently, the Japanese were not kidding when they boasted with a multi-turn precision rheostat for accuracy, driven bythat they were born with gaming genes infused into their DNA, a DC motor with a modified speed control circuit which isand this custom Twitter client is probably the best proof of controlled by our CompuLAB interface and custom software.that. After all, where else in the world can one find a Twitter In laymans terms, we only have to enter our desired ambientclient that has been (very) heavily skinned to resemble the temperature in our software and it automatically adjusts thestage of our favourite yellow dot-munching circle, complete power of the Firerods to match it throughout our testing.with the authentic PacMan fonts that most of us grew up with?That being said, here comes some bad news. Apparently, us Main PT100 sensor and a 500W Firerod installedfolks over in South East Asia will have no chance to downloadthe Pacn Twit Twitter client for our iOS-powered devices,simply because the app is currently exclusive to JapaneseiPhone users only. But then again, considering that it does notactually allow users to play a game of PacMan while twitting tobuddies while on the go , perhaps it is not that great of a lossafter all.Power Supply Unit TestingMethodologyFebruary 15th, 2011 Rheostat controlAt, we continuously strive to provide you The Daily VR-Zone Newswith the highest quality and most accurate product reviews.Thoroughly and accurately testing a power supply is a Summary - 14 Feb 2011 February 15th, 2011complicated matter, not only because the testing has to bedone in a controlled environment and with full control overthe power load but also because laboratory grade instrumentshave to be used for taking readings. In order to achieve that,we designed a specialized testing station for computer powersupplies, emulating real world conditions as closely as possible 11
  • 27. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIn todays news roundup: OCZs RevoDrive X2 PCIe SSD, can be a good contender against the competition, including theJetways Mini-ITX NC98-525E-LF motherboard, Lian Lis highly acclaimed GeForce GTX 460.aluminium PC-V2120 chassis and ASUSs P7P55D Premium ASUS P7P55D Premium Intel P55 Express MotherboardIntel P55 Express motherboard get reviewed, Antennagate Reviewreturns with a vengeance on Apples new CDMA-band iPhone Description: While much of Intels world has been thrown4 smartphones, Skype for iPhone has been updated to support into a tizzy by the Q12011 Intel P67/H67 chipset recall (initialthe H.264 codec for video calls, Nokia confirms its new B2 stepping only), we thought it timely to look in on Intelrelationship with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, effectively P55 motherboards from ASUS that offer some of the bellsleaving Intel and its x86 platform in the lurch with MeeGo, and and whistles of Intel P67 platforms, with none of the badthe popular Final Fantasy musical known as Distant Worlds recall aftertaste. The ASUS P7P55D-E Pro is one such boardhas been confirmed to be making a comeback this year. to consider, this review is going to focus on its nearly identicalHardware News: twin, the P7P55D Premium. Well touch on TurboV Evo, Hybrid Phase, ExpressGate, MemOK, EPU, Fan Xpert andAlpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan Review @ Vortez Stack Cool 3+...Description: Rather unsurprisingly the fan itself looks verysimilar to the Föhn 120 from last year. Its dimensions are of D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 (German)course greater than the 120 and there are two sets of mount Description: (Machine translation) The D-Link Boxee Boxholes to accommodate both 120mm and 140mm fan mount (DSM-380) with Intel Atom CE4100 arrived Technic3D. Theholes. The 4pin PWM cable is covered by a rubberised braid Boxee Box by D-Link brings all the stuff you normally watch onwhich should offer a good deal of protection during install and a computer to your TV; movies and TV programmes streamedusage. from the Internet, 400 different apps that let you access content from most popular websites, and a full web browser.Jetway Mini-ITX NC98-525E-LF Motherboard MultiMediaReview @ Madshrimps The Boxee Box will also help you rediscover your own mediaDescription: Jetway is well know for their Mini-ITX collection by automatically identifying all the files on a hardmotherboards. Based on the Intel Atom is this a perfect base drive or home network and then building a stunning visualfor a small energy saving and environmental friendly HTPC media library for you. Technic3D will check the Features in theor Home server system. Jetway provided us a D525 CPU and following Review...GT218 gpu motherboard and we will take it through a series of Corsair Vengeance 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kitmultimedia tests. Already served well in a previous review for (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9) Review at Overclockers OnlineHome Server we will only focus on the HTPC part. Description: The Corsair Vengeance is priced at the lower end of the market attracting educated buyers to pick a brand theyLian Li PC-V2120 Review @ ocaholic know they can trust. Corsair doesn’t blindside them with anDescription: Lian Li is well known for their high qualitiy inferior product, instead they have themselves a great gemaluminium comptuer cases but despite this the PC-V2120 is here. Corsair Vengeance 8GB PC3-12800 CAS 9 Vengeancesomething special. It almost doesnt matter to which other let’s you run all of those memory intensive programs where acase you compare this one to the PC-V2120 has almost no 2X2GB kit wouldn’t cut it.competition. Therefore were really curious whats awaitingwith this excellent looking case. Consumer Electronics and Software News:OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCIe Solid State Drive Review @ HPs ENVY 17 3D laptop now shipping for $2499Description: The RevoDrive X2 is essentially an original Description: HPs Envy 17 3D laptop is now shipping forRevoDrive with a daughter card piggybacked on top. This $2,499. This laptop has a 17.3" Full-HD active-shutterdaughter card adds two additional SandForce controllers 3D "ultra brightview" LCD display powered by AMDs 3Dand room for more memory chips, bringing the total technology. Features include a Core i7-920XM CPU, 8GBcontroller count to four. A RAID0 configuration manages the memory, 1TB H/D, Blu-ray drive and Windows 7. It comesfour controllers and memory chips, resulting in what OCZ bundled with one pair of active-shutter 3D glasses.proclaims is a blazing fast PCIe SSD solution. We were pretty Speck PixelSleeve 13” Laptop and Netbook Case Review @impressed with the original RevoDrive and can only wonder if TestFreaksthe follow-up product is equally as impressive. Description: Speck loves the term ‘Pixel’. I have reviewedASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII TOP Video Card @ Benchmark numerous Pixel dubbed items, mostly for the iPhone and iPad.Reviews Today we will look at a laptop carrying sleeve case designedDescription: Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS ENGTX560 for up to 13” laptops called the PixelSleeve. It can fit mostTi DCII TOP. DCII means this card now comes with an 13” machines including the newest Apple MacBook Air 13”improved version of the Direct CU cooler, now with 2 fans revision.and adding dissipation area. They also tag this product as TOP Sony Ericsson LiveView Micro Display Review @because it sports a 900MHz GPU core instead of the 822MHz DragonSteelModsfrom the reference design and 1050MHz instead of 1000MHz Description: Our phones have become indispensible, they’re afrom stock. Aside from that, ASUS also bundles their very huge part of our lives, they go with us everywhere, and they’veown overclocking/monitoring software to modify frequency become much more than just phones. Sony has decided toand voltage values and add some extra performance for free. ! make them even more useful with the addition of a secondLets have a look at the ASUS ENGTX560 Ti and check if it screen called the LiveView that works with most any Android 12
  • 28. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonephone. The LiveView is a 1.3” Color OLED screen that has a tonof uses like checking your email, reading text messages, and Quick hands on with OCosmoschecking Twitter and Facebook updates. The LiveView can be OCS1 and a look at futureclipped most anywhere or worn as a watch. It can allow youto control your phone from a distance with the many plug- devicesins available for it like controlling your media player or even February 15th, 2011dialing your phone. It’s a very unique and rather useful littledevice.Google Explains, Apologizes For, CR-48 SpamDescription: Early this morning people who have received aGoogle CR-48 notebook, and people who’ve requested one, OCosmos is not one of the most well-known manufacturersgot hit with 100 or more emails from a newly created Google of hand held devices, but the company is trying its luck withGroup. Google sent out an email this evening apologizing what is a rather unique offering with its OCS 1 which is a 5-inchfor the emails and explaining what happened. Google was Windows 7 tablet PC, although wed say it reminds us moreplanning on launching the group next week for all users of an MID than a tablet, but with the current tablet fad, whywho have been selected to be in the program. But someone use a defunct term to describe your device? The OCS 1 isnt setdiscovered it early and posted to it. to launch for a couple of months as yet, but that didnt stop the company from previewing a couple of mockups of futureSkype for iPhone Update devices at its booth as well.Description: Skype today announced that its Skype for iPhoneapp now supports H.264, one of the most commonly usedformats for the recording, compression, and distribution of OCosmos is not one of the most well-known manufacturershigh definition video. This small, but significant step now of hand held devices, but the company is trying its luck withenables Skype for iPhone users to make video calls to the full what is a rather unique offering with its OCS 1 which is a 5-inchrange of Skype devices, including TVs from Panasonic and Windows 7 tablet PC, although wed say it reminds us moreSamsung. of an MID than a tablet, but with the current tablet fad, whyWith Nokia Dating Microsoft, Intel Was Just Stood Up use a defunct term to describe your device? The OCS 1 isnt setDescription: Now that Nokia has chosen to dance with to launch for a couple of months as yet, but that didnt stopMicrosoft’s Windows Phone 7, where does that leave Intel the company from previewing a couple of mockups of futureat the mobile prom? Without a date, that’s where. MeeGo devices at its booth as well.for Intel has gone been relegated to experimental status and Windows 7 gives away the fact that were looking at an x86without a software platform, Intel has few mobile prospects. powered device here and OCosmos has gone for a 1.5GHz InteliPhone 4 Antennagate Returns, Still a Non-Story Oak Trail based CPU and its paired with one to two GB ofDescription: Antennagate is back in the news thanks to the DDR2 and a 32 or 64GB SSD drive. The 5-inch screen featuresVerizon iPhone 4. The Inquirer has an article about it, decrying capacitive multi-touch and has a resolution of 1024x600Apple’s willful negligence with the sub-title “Can’t keep a faulty pixels. Other features include 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetoothdesign down.” Let’s put this faulty notion to bed, shall we? 3.0, GPS, a micro SD card slot, supposedly HDMI output (judging by the labels on the prototypes), USB 2.0 connectivityGaming News: and optional 3G/UMTS. The OCS 1 sports a rear 3.1MegapixelDistant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert Begins April camera as well as a front facing 1.3Megapixel camera and itDescription: Final Fantasy fans from US, UK and Australia will does of course have integrated speakers and a microphone andbe having it lucky as Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert will headphone held in these countries, beginning on 1st April in New York.Here is a full scheduleAr Tonelico Qoga English Trailer Unveiled, Has JapaneseDubs OptionDescription: NIS America unveiled the English trailer of ArTonelico Qoga, slated for a release stateside on 15th March2011, the game will include a Japanese vocal option for thefolks who loves the vocals of Japanese seiyuu.Microsoft Announces Defiant Map Pack DLCDescription: Scheduled for this March, the Defiant Map Packfeatures three new maps set on, above, and below the besiegedplanet Reach, and represents the first DL... However, what sets the OCS 1 apart from the competition is OCosmos unique OMOS key interface which are the eight- way cursor buttons located on each side of the screen. These can be set up to work as either a mouse replacement or even a keyboard replacement by mapping keys to each of the directional movements of the cursor keys. Were not sure how 13
  • 29. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewell this will actually work in praxis, but its an interestingapproach at solving the keyboard problem. OCosmos is still Roccat Unleashes Kulowaiting for the final graphics drives to become available but Gaming Headsetthe company claims that youll be able to play a wide selection February 15th, 2011of games on the OCS 1. On top of that, OCosmos has developedits own UI on top of Windows 7 which makes the OCS 1 easierto use which quick access to most programs through an icondriven launcher. Roccat, a German-based manufacturer of numerous gaming peripherals and accessories, has expanded its diversified product portfolio from performance gaming mice to stereo headsets with the addition of Kulo.Also on display was the OCS 9 tablet which features the samehardware as the OCS 1, but has a larger 9-inch screen with1024x768 resolution. OCosmos is working on a couple ofaccessories for the OCS 9, of which one is a carry case with abuilt in battery pack and the other being a small wireless touchscreen keyboard that also doubles up as a track pad and gamecontroller. Roccat, a German-based manufacturer of numerous gaming peripherals and accessories, has expanded its diversified product portfolio from performance gaming mice to stereo headsets with the addition of Kulo.Also on display was a mockup of the next generation OCS1 which features a detachable tablet part leaving the cursorcontrols attached to a rear plate allowing for a somewhat morepocket friendly device when on the road. As much as we likethe concept behind OCosmos products, we cant say weresold on the overall platform, but OCosmos recon that peoplewant a truly portable Windows device. They wouldnt go intodetails about the battery life, but the standard battery packis a 4,000mAh unit which isnt terrible as long as the CPU isfrugal enough. The final question is how much the OCS 1 willcost when it arrives in a couple of months time, but we have afeeling it wont be entirely cheap. 14
  • 30. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Thermaltake, leading DIY thermal solutions brand, launch their newest and up to date most powerful CPU cooler, the Frio OCK. Continuing the legacy of the award winning original Frio cooler, the Frio OCK is yet once again setting new standards in the industry. With a whooping heat dissipation capacity of 240 W this powerful cooler is clearly leading the pack. Targeting particularly power users and ambitioned overlcockers, the Frio OCK comes with six 6 mm high-efficiency heatpipes that effectively transport heat from the base into two separate cooling towers. By adopting this dual-tower design the gap between both towers increases airflow and ventilation created by the dual fans. Frio OCKs design approach captures and embodies currentlyWeighing just 178g, the lightweight gaming headset is prevailing computer game elements, in particular the shapeoptimised for gaming, music and voice chat. It boasts 40mm and color scheme is resembling a firm and powerful bunkerdrivers with neodymium magnets (for great stereo audio as inspired by the popular PC game StarCraft II. In doing so,output), Mylar membranes (for comfort), padded ear-cups Thermaltake is trying to bring virtual game visuals into every-(for noise isolation), two 3.5mm jacks, a slim in-line remote day life, resembling a manifestation of the fictional within thecontrol, and a foldable noice-filtering microphone. The Kulo is real.expected to start shipping in April at a cost of €59.99.Thermaltake Unveils Frio OCK The dual-fan module is not only unique by its looks,CPU Cooler but furthermore offers several practical usage advantages.February 15th, 2011 Both fans are designed to work in tandem as a push-pull- combination where one fan pushes cold air over the tower fins, while the other fan on the opposite site pulls out hot air and then exhausts it through the cases back side. A convenient single fan speed control knob adjusts both fans in parallel to guarantee optimized airflow and maximize cooling efficiency. The 130 mm high pressure OC fans can be tuned between 1200 RPM for normal operation and up to 2100 RPM in OC Thermaltake has announced the Frio OCK (OverClocker mode and under mission critical circumstances when in 24/7Kings) CPU cooler, targeting hardcore overclockers. operation.Measuring 143 x 136.8 x 158.4mm and weighing 1,093g, thedual tower cooler features a copper base, 0.4mm aluminumfins, six U-Shaped 6mm copper heat-pipes, and is cooled bytwo speed-adjustable 130mm fans that run at speeds of up to As usual with top-notch Thermaltake products, particular2,100RPM at 48dBA. The Frio OCK CPU cooler, compatible attention is paid to ease-of-use, convenience and an overallwith all Intel LGA 775/ 1155/ 1156/ 1366 and AMD AM2(+)/ satisfying user experience. Therefore the Frio OCK supplies aAM3 processors, is expected to hit store shelves soon. universal installation kit which is meant to keep users futureTHERMALTAKE PRESS RELEASE ready for current CPU sockets, including the recently launched Sandy Bridge 1156 sockets. It probably has never been easier to become a true Overclocking King in your own right. 15
  • 31. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone For more information about the Frio OCK go to: PARENT_CID=C_00001645&id=C_00001646&name=Fr %c3%adoOCK&ov=&ovid=n&parent_cp Introducing the Samsung GALAXY S II; worlds slimmest smartphone February 15th, 2011 In addition to the GALAXY Tab 10.1 Android Honeycomb tablet, Samsung has also unveiled the GALAXY S II, which claims to be the worlds slimmest smartphone. Today, Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S II (Model: GT- I9100), a beautifully thin (8.49mm) and lightweight, dual- core smartphone that boasts amazing viewing experience and impressive performance. Running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the GALAXY S II offers users Samsung’s new content and entertainment hubs 16
  • 32. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefor instant access to music, games, e-reading and socialnetworking services. Android UI: now inPowerful Performance stereoscopic 3D, thanks toIncorporating a dual-core application processor and advancedwireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity, the Samsung Rightware February 15th, 2011GALAXY S II boasts the speed and power for superior mobileperformance. The processor can deliver compelling featuresincluding fast web browsing, multi-tasking, supreme graphicsquality and responsive 3D user interface on the large screen.With super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, the GALAXY S II offersrapid mobile download speeds. It is a well known fact that in order for a device to standThe Samsung GALAXY S II is equipped with an 8-megapixel a chance of doing well in the market, both its underlyingcamera and can record videos in full high definition 1080p. hardware and software must be a perfect match for each other.With Samsung’s patented AllShare technology, users can Similarly, that concept can also be applied to smartphones.capture, create and then share their experiences hassle-free. After all, of what use is a 3D-capable smartphone if it does notA Next Level of Viewing Experience have a 3D-capable UI for the user to take advantage of?The Samsung GALAXY S II also sports the new crystal-clear Super AMOLED Plus screen that introduces the bestin quality in color gamut, contrast ratio and edge sharpness.With a wider viewing angle and increased visibility in outdoor,the Samsung GALAXY S II provides a more vibrant viewingexperience and is more energy-efficient compared to othermobile devices.A New World of Entertainment and Smarter InteractionSamsung GALAXY S II offers various integrated mobileapplications, called Samsung Hubs, designed to fit everyelement of your life. Smartphones. We all love them, dont we? After all, no other- Social Hub Premium: Communication history, Instant device on the market today offers users the luxury of being ableMessaging status, and updates from social networking sites to experience the full web from the luxury of a highly portableare all readily available. Users can access all types of messages device such as a mobile phone while on the move. And as we all(push e-mail, text, VM and SNS) and respond directly without know, the Internet is just that indispensable to our lives today,resorting to individual applications. especially when searching for Facebook and Twitter updates- Readers Hub: Carry an enormous library of books, magazines about how your best friends friends neighbours sons petand newspapers on-the-go. Samsung Readers Hub offers dog just celebrated its first birthday while on the bus makesover 2.2 million books and novels, 2,000 global and local for more important information than that email from thenewspapers in 49 languages and 2,300 popular magazines in supervisor screaming down your neck over a missed deadline.22 languages. Of course, it goes without saying that any device which is- Game Hub: Featuring a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor, the marked for consumer usage will often find itself getting its gutsSamsung GALAXY S II lets you try games for free, or download routinely upgraded every few months so that trend followerspremium titles from partners like Gameloft. can justify breaking their piggy banks for new products with- Music Hub: Access over 12 million tracks from 7digital. upgraded hardware and features. And with OEMs keen toDiscover whats hot from top charts, search for favorite hop on the 3D bandwagon, it should come as no surprise thatmusic, get recommendations on albums, enjoy previews and smartphones featuring stereoscopic 3D displays are starting todownload them directly to Samsung GALAXY S II. make their entrance in the market. But why stop at 3D displays when you can have a fully functional 3D interface to go alongFor added connectivity, WiFi Direct allows consumers to with the package?connect to wireless-enabled PCs and printers without theneed for wireless access points. The GALAXY S II is able toincorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology tosupport emerging mobile payment service and other serviceswith mobile operators. 17
  • 33. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone more than 132 million units worldwide this year, amd over 50 tablets expected to support Flash Player in 2011. Adobe is also showcasing their latest Flash Player 10.2 along with additional performance advancements. The new release includes support for innovative new features including Stage Video, which delivers much improved video performance through optimizing hardware acceleration on mobile devices, desktops and TVs. Tests show up to 80 percent CPU savings when playing back 1080p video on Windows and Mac OS. Stage Video support for mobile devices will also be available on Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” and BlackBerry Tablet OS.Apparently, it seems that a company known as Rightware has Arctic Debuts Freezer 13 Promanaged to produce an actual 3D user interface for the mobileAndroid operating system used in the majority of smartphones CPU Cooler February 15th, 2011and tablets today. According to an article by Ubergizmo,Rightwares 3D stereoscopic user interface or Spectrum UI isbased of the compans own Kanzi UI, which is "a platform fordisplaying complex 3D UIs on mobile devices".And since attempting to describe a 3D user interface withwords alone does not do the product any justice, we haveincluded a short video which demonstrates the capabilities and Arctic Cooling has unveiled the Freezer 13 Pro CPU cooler,visual appeal of the Spectrum UI. promising improved performance over its predecessor, theLooks great, doesnt it? Freezer 13 that was launched in October 2010.Adobe showcases better Flashperformance on mobile phonesFebruary 15th, 2011At the Mobile World Congress, Adobe showcased performanceadvancements with their Flash Player 10.2 and the companyhas expressed high expectations on the mobile adoption of Arctic Cooling has unveiled the Freezer 13 Pro CPU cooler,Flash Player and AIR. promising improved performance over its predecessor, the Freezer 13 released in October 2010.Adobe has announced that more than 20 million smartphoneswere shipped or upgraded with Flash Player 10.1 software onover 35 certified devices in the first six months following thelaunch. The company expects Flash Player to be supported on 18
  • 34. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMeasuring 134 x 96 x 159mm and weighing 902g, the massive It is compatible with all Intel LGA 775/ 1155/ 1156/ 1366 andcooler has four U-shaped 8mm copper heat-pipes, fourty- AMD S754/ S939/ AM2(+)/ AM3 processors and comes withseven 0.5mm-thick aluminum fins, a copper base, and is pre-applied MX-4 thermal grease. The Freezer 13 Pro, coveredcooled by two fluid dynamic bearing fans - a PWM 120mm by a 6-year warranty, is available through authorized resellersand 50mm model that operates at 300 ~ 1250RPM and 700 ~ and e-tailers at a MSRP of US$54.90/ €39.90 (without VAT).2700RPM respectively. MPEG LA declares war on VP8, calls for submission of patents essential to its implementation February 15th, 2011 Remember how Apples Steve Jobs claimed that the MPEG LA was already in the process of forming a patent pool to go after Googles free VP8 codec when the latter was first released? Well, it seems like the MPEG LA has finally drawn first blood by calling for the submission of patents that it deems essential to the implementation of the VP8 codec used in Googles WebM online video format. The cold war between Google and the MPEG LA over the legitimacy of the VP8 video codec currently used in YouTube and a handful of browsers may have dragged on long enough, but it remains clear that the MPEG LA is not about to tolerate any form of action that might see itself losing control of what has to be one of the worlds widely used video codecs today, especially when royalties are concerned. And just as we have expected, the firm that specializes in the licensing of patent pools relating to audio-visual technology has decided that the time has finally come to take action. In an announcement posted on its website, MPEG LA has officially declared a patent war on VP8, claiming that the firm is actively socializing the aid of parties which believe that they have in their possession any patents which would be essential to the implementation of the royalty-free codec. The patents in question would then be submitted to the MPEG LA for evaluation, and submissions which are deemed relevant enough will be included for use in the firms offensive against 19
  • 35. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVP8. Parties interested in taking part in the MPEG LAs patent for patent submissions over the codec could mean that it haspool process have until March 18 to make their submissions. got no relevant patents to pin any infringement claims on VP8, thus reinforcing Googles claim that VP8 was indeed designed from ground up to specifically avoid getting into trouble over such patent pools. Either way, the die has already been cast, and this time, it is the MPEG LA that has drawn first blood in what appears to be a rather unpleasent patent war over the royalty-free VP8 codec. And if one cannot help but wonder why all these sounds so familiar, this is because a similar case has actually happened before. Remember Microsofts VC-1 run-in with the MPEG LA a long time ago? Oh yeah, Microsoft got thwarted. Lets see how Google will fare this time.Needless to say, Google would not have any of it. In an emailresponse sent to The Register, the search giant rubbished the LG unveils new mobile devicesMPEG LAs move by claiming that its own licenses require thatusers not be allowed to make patent claims against the royalty- at Mobile World Congressfree codec. 2011 MPEG LA has alluded to a VP8 pool since WebM February 15th, 2011 launched - this is nothing new. The web succeeds with open, community-developed innovation, and the WebM Project brings the same principles to webvideo. The vast majority of the industry supports free and open development, and we’re in the process of forming a broad coalition of hardware and software LG has unveiled their latest lineup of mobile devices at the companies who commit to not assert any IP claims Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The devices against WebM. We are firmly committed to the project include the LG Optimus 3D smartphone and Optimus Pad and establishing an open codec for HTML5 video. The tablet. WebM license says that if you use the technology, you cant make patent claims against it.For those wondering why Google would choose to competehead-on with an open and widely-used video codec, onemust remember that H.264 is not royalty free, especiallywhere playback capabilities are involved. This means browsersvendors wishing to implement H.264 support in their productshave to pay licensing fees to the MPEG LA, a move whichpopular browser developers Mozilla, Google and Opera areopposed to, seeing it as a move that hurts the free web.As such, it is little wonder why these developers, along withthe W3C body, are willing to support Googles VP8 over H264.And with Microsofts neutral but generally positive responseto the codec, it is clear that VP8 is gaining traction, and thatis enough to get the MPEG LA concerned about the state of LG has introduced two new flagship devices at Mobile Worldsupport the online ecosystem has for H.264. Congress (MWC) - the LG Optimus 3D, a smartphone with superior 3D performance, and the LG Optimus Pad designedNeedless to say, if enough patent submissions make their way with Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb the firm to allow for the creation of a patent pool, one canbe very sure that the first thing MPEG LA will do is to impose The company have recently introduced the LG Optimus 2Xroyalties on VP8, thus destroying the very reason the codec which claims to be the world`s first dual-core smartphone;was created in the first place. After all, there is plenty of money LG Optimus Black, one of the world`s slimmest and brightestin the form of licensing revenue at stake, considering just how smartphones; and LG Revolution, the company`s first 4G LTEwidely used H.264 is at the moment. network compatible phone. The products are also showcased at MWC.However, one might also be able to take comfort in the fact thatthe MPEG LAs call for patent submission could be consideredas an act of desperation. After all, with patent pools for H.264, LG Optimus 3DMPEG 2 and MPEG 4 under its belt, it would have been very The LG Optimus 3D is equipped with 1GHz OMAP4 dual-coreeasy for the firm to discover instances of patent infringement processor and four times more video decoders than competingon VP8s part. The fact that MPEG LA has to find itself calling designs, which lets users enjoy superb performance while 20
  • 36. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneweb surfing, running applications and enjoying multimedia breaking the piggy bank when the device is released. After all,content. In addition, the LG Optimus 3D provides the worlds smartphones are not the cheapest consumer electronic devicesfirst full 3D experience, from recording to viewing and sharing available on the market today, and chances are youd want3D content. It features a dual-lens camera that enables to have a little more information about whether you will beusers to capture any moment in true 3D which can then getting your moneys worth when the iPhone 5 eventually getsbe viewed immediately on its 4.3-inch WVGA glasses-free released for retail.display. Connectivity options include HDMI and Digital Living While we are not about to go around hoping that an AppleNetwork Alliance (DLNA) for users to transfer their recorded employee might accidently leave an iPhone 5 prototypecontent to other devices. behind for us to play around with, the good news is that the Internet rumour mill is alive and open for business. And apparently, the information we have found seems to concur with what reputable sources have been claiming about ApplesLG Optimus Pad upcoming smartphone.The LG Optimus Pad untilizes an 8.9-inch display in a formfactor that is comfortable to use one-handed. With a 15:9aspect ratio and Full HD 1080p decoding, the tablet offersan immersive multimedia environment on a 1280 x 768WXGA resolution widescreen display. The new device sportsAndroid 3.0 (Honeycomb), Googles latest platform optimizedfor tablet devices with intuitive PC-like interface for runningtablet software. LG`s tablet runs on a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2dual-core processor for outstanding performance and powermanagement. The LG Optimus Pad also claims to be theworld`s first tablet with a built-in 3D camera that allows usersto capture image and video content that can be viewed on ahigh definition 3D TV or shared on YouTube 3D.Yet another iPhone 5 rumour? According to the latest speculation from a Chinese websiteFebruary 15th, 2011 known as GizChina, one of the more significant upgrades users can expect from the upcoming iPhone 5 lies in the proprietary Apple A4 processor. Apparently, the upcoming iPhone 5 will receieve a significant speed bump in the form of an upgraded variant of the A4 CPU which is supposedly clocked at 1.5GHz, or 500MHz faster than the A4 processor currently found in the iPads.The iPhone 5 may have yet to see the light of day outside of In addition to the speed bump, it appears that Apples patentsApples research labs, but one can be sure that with a device regarding OLED technology which we spoke about earlieras popular as the iPhone, speculation and rumours about might come into play here, as GizChina claims that theupcoming products can never be far behind. And needless to upcoming iPhone 5 might ditch the traditional LCD screensay, we have gone down to dig up some of the more recent in favor of OLED displays. Once again, this makes sense, asbits of information about Apples upcoming phone from the a more powerful processor would typically consume morerumour mill. energy, and OLED technology has been known to provide better power efficiency as opposed to traditional LCD displays. By utilizing OLED displays in its upcoming iPhone, Apple would be in a better position to offer users a lethal combination of high-performance smartphone computing and long battery life. Last but not least, the image shown above hints at the removal of the physical Home button, with a slightly smaller touch- sensitive panel taking its place. That being said, all these bits of information are nothing more than rumours floating about the depths of cyberspace. As such, there are bound to be issues with accuracy, especially when Apple has been known to make hardware changes to its devices at little to no notice. Still, it does give users a hint asSo you want that shiny iPhone 5 Apple has been teasing you to what they might be able to expect from the Cupertino giant,with for the past few months, dont you? That is fine and all, but especially when its iconic iPhone is concerned. And of course,like most sensible customers, merely having a device stamped rumours always make for good reading material, as long as youwith the Apple logo is not a good-enough reason to justify 21
  • 37. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneremember that such information should always be taken with super-fast HSPA+ 21Mbps, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and Wi-Fia huge truckload of salt. 802.11 a/b/g/n for fast mobile and wireless connectivity.Source and image: GizChina Super Talent ReleasesSamsung launches Galaxy DataGuardian Secure FlashTab 10.1 Android Honeycomb Drivetablet February 15th, 2011February 15th, 2011 Super Talent Technology has launched the DataGuardian, an affordable secure flash drive for the mainstream users. Available in 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb variants, these USB 2.0 compact flash drives boast a password system and are able toSamsung has announced the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 (model: block auto-play malware attacks.P7100) Android tablet at the Mobile World Congressin Barcelona, Spain. The new tablet is running Android Super Talent Technology today announced the DataGuardian3.0 Honeycomb and claims to provide superb multimedia TM, a password protected USB flash drive that makes dataexperience to users. security easy, affordable and usable. By now almost everyone who owns a PC is familiar with USB flash drives. They are incredibly useful and have become an indispensible part of our computing environments. We all know that we should be using a secure solution, but the fact is security solutions are expensive, cumbersome and limit the usefulness of a flash drive. Most security solutions require the installation of a program, managing public/ private partitions and administrative rights. These limitations often create more problems then they solve and have dramatically slowed the adoption of secure USB devices.Samsung, in partnership with Vodafone Group, has Finally, theres a solution to keep your data safe without publicannounced the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (model: P7100) and private partitions or even the need for software. Simplythat features a powerful dual-core Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) plug in the DataGuardian and an application is automaticallySmart Media Device, designed to deliver superb mobile launched from the drives firmware (on-chip). Simply enterentertainment experience. your password and you will have access to your data; unplugThe Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 sports a 10.1-inch (WXGA the drive and the drive is secure once again. The DataGuardianTFT LCD) display with crystal clear 1280 x 800 resolution also blocks all Auto-run based malware attacks; a malwarefor immersive experience with hundreds of thousands of propagation technique that as become the #1 distributiongames and applications available from Android Market. It also method for recent virus attacks targeted at USB flash drives.comes with dual surround-sound speakers to give a completemultimedia experience. "We developed the DataGuardian based on input from ourThe Samsung features a 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with customers. Security is a basic need for portable data storageAuto Focus and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video and so is the ability to use it anywhere. The challenge was tocalls. With the Android browser and Flash 10.1, the Samsung make it simple. The DataGuardian does just that," says CHGALAXY Tab 10.1 claims to be the perfect tool for consuming Lee, chief operating officer of SuperTalent.the world of the internet content wherever you are.Equipped with a 1GHz dual core application processor, lowpower DDR2 memory and 6860mAh battery, the GALAXY The SuperTalent DataGuardian Secure Flash Drive are nowTab 10.1 offers fast and powerful multimedia and web shipping.browsing experience, in an energy efficient way.It weighs just 599g and measures a mere 10.9mm slim, whichmakes it easy to carry around with. Samsung has also included 22
  • 38. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Arts, Fishlabs, Gamehouse, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, HandySony Ericsson launches the Games, Namco Bandai Networks, Polarbit, PopCap, TrendyXperia PLAY, we go hands on Entertainment and Unity Tecnologies. As for specific titlesFebruary 15th, 2011 were looking at Need for Speed, the Sims 3 and FIFA 10 from EA, Gameloft promised to have 10 of their best-selling games ready at launch with over 20 titles available over the next six months and with version of Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell arriving first and finally GLU Mobile/Activision is said to be bringing Guitar Hero to the Xperia PLAY. Many of these titles should be available via the Android Marketplace and might as such not be exclusive to the Xperia Play.The much anticipated and already leaked Sony EricssonXperia Play was launched last night at the Mobile World That takes care of the games, but what about the hardware?Congress in Barcelona, Spain and VR-Zone was on location Well, dont expect the Xperia PLAY to be the fastest deviceto get an early hands-on with the new PlayStation certified announced during the Mobile World Congress, as it hasmobile gaming Android handset. Although the units on display a single core 1GHz Qualcomm Scorpion SoC with Adrenowerent final production handset, we were impressed with 205 graphics, although Sony Ericsson didnt specify thewhat we saw and its clear that Sony Ericsson is serious about exact model, although its very likely that its the MSM8655,its Android based products. especially as the Xperia PLAY is said to be launching on Verizon in the US first. Whats rather disappointing is the fact that the Xperia PLAY only has 400MB of user accessibleThe much anticipated and already leaked Sony Ericsson memory and there was no mention of how much RAM it has,Xperia Play was launched last night at the Mobile World although its likely to be 512MB.Congress in Barcelona, Spain and VR-Zone was on locationto get an early hands-on with the new PlayStation certifiedmobile gaming Android handset. Although the units on displaywerent final production handset, we were impressed withwhat we saw and its clear that Sony Ericsson is serious aboutits Android based products.Although only four games were playable at the launch event,namely Crash Bandicoot, Star Battalion, FIFA and Asphalt,Sony Ericsson said that the Xperia PLAY will ship with six toseven pre-installed games and as many as 50 downloadabletitles will be available at launch. We got some hands on timewith Star Battalion which is something of a StarFox clone withreasonably impressive 3D graphics and the game was veryresponsive during play. The only games of the ones demoed The 4-inch capacitive multi-touch screen has a nativethat is part of the PlayStation Pocket app was Crash Bandicoot, resolution of 854x480 pixels and can display 16 millionbut more titles are expected here as well, although as these colours. What we did note is that its quite a finger printgames are actual PS One titles, we presume theyre being magnet and it smudges very easily, at least on the prototypesported over to the Xperia PLAY and this might take some time. that were on display, so make sure you have something toSo dont expect to find PSP titles on the Xperia PLAY, instead polish it with handy if you decide to get one. It also has ayoure looking at PS One games, but this might not be a bad 5.1Megapixel rear camera with auto focus and an LED light,thing. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi, aGPS, a micro USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack. The battery life is said to be good for up to 8h and 25min talk time in GSM mode, up to 6h 25min in UMTS/3G and 7h 40min in CDMA2000 mode while youll get about 5h 30min worth of game play time out of it. The downside of having your phone and your handheld console in a single device is of course when youve been playing games for a few hours, there might not be enough battery life left for making calls, but hey, such is life.Beyond games from Sony Computer Entertainment, SonyEricsson has teamed up with several software launch partnerswhich includes Digital Chocolate, Digital Legends, Electronic 23
  • 39. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Dell Streak review: Streaking its way into the hearts of consumers February 15th, 2011 It is a dog-eat-dog world out there where tablets PCs are concerened, and the success of Apples iPad can only mean oneA few other interesting features worth pointing out is the thing: more OEMs are going to get into the game in an attemptability to host multi-player games between to handsets by to deliver their own iPad killer. And with tablets and slatesetting up a Wi-Fi hotspot on one handset and the ability to PCs of all form factors starting to flood the market, VR-Zoneplay multi-player games against users on consoles and PCs. takes a look at Dells Streak to see how it stacks up against theSony Ericsson will also offer an optional dock for the Xperia competition.PLAY called the DK300 and it will be available in black orwhite. Were not really sold on the dock though, as the XperiaPLAY attaches to it via the micro USB port and the 3.5mmaudio jack and these ports are replicated at the rear of the dock.The idea is that its meant to make it easier to charge the phoneand connect it to a stereo while it also has a built in applicationtrigger that launches the desktop alarm application on thehandset. As far as tablets are concerned, consumers often find themselves faced with a wide variety of hardware and software choices which, on closer inspection, actually appear to offer no more choices than what they already had back in the world of desktop and notebook PCs. For all the various hardware configurations offered by desktop and notebook PC OEMs today, consumers generally only had three real choices to make, and that is to get a machine that comes pre-loadedAs far as the phone side is concerned, the Xperia PLAY comes with one of the three most comonly-used operating systems.with the usual selection of features youd expect from an Namely, Microsofts Windows, Apples Mac OS X and in veryAndroid device, although in this case the UI has been tweaked rare cases, a Linux distribution.quite a lot by Sony Ericsson. That said, unlike some customAndroid UIs Sony Ericsson has come up with a version that Unfortunately, things are no different here in the tablet/slate-works quite well. Finally the Xperia PLAY is expected to hit like PC market. While OEMs may attempt to differentiateretail sometime in March in the US, although as far as the rest their products by offering unique hardware configurations,of the world is concerned the launch date is early spring and the fact remains that users are still faced with the sameof course no pricing was announced. three choices. Of course, the main difference now is that the OS choice is now that between Windows 7 (again), Apples closed-is-awesome-because-we-own-your-device iOS and Googles open-is-the-best-because-we-cannot-let-evil-Apple- take-over-the-world Android operating system. But herein lies the question: does an oversized smartphone on steriods even count as a slate-like PC device? Well, we shall see. But before that, here is a quick listing of the Dell Streaks technical specifications. 24
  • 40. February 15th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDell Streak Pocket TabletTechnical SpecificationsBundled Operating System Android 2.2 (Froyo)Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 platformFrequency Bands UTMS 2100 / 1900 / 850 MHz GSM/EDGE 1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850 MHz HSDPA / HSUPA:HSDPA 7.2 Mbps / HSUPA 5.76 MbpsDisplay 5" (12.7 cm) WVGA (800 x 480) in-cell TFT LCD supporting multi-touchCameras 5.0M Rear-Facing Auto-Focus Camera + VGA Front-Facing CameraMemory 512 MB ROM + 512 MB SDRAM + 2 GB non-user accessible MicroSD for system & applications files only 25
  • 41. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Eee Pad Slider, Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad MeMO and a chance to see the ViewPad 10Pro, as ViewSonic had someEee Slate EP121 are available with three screen sizes, and a problems with the demo unit when we visited their booth.choice of either Google Android or Windows 7 Home Premium The ViewPad 10s is a Tegra 250 based 10-inch tablet withoperating systems. 512MB of DDR2 memory and a mere 512Mb of Flash memoryThe Eee Pad and Eee Slate tablets claim to deliver full that is currently running Android 2.2. The display has a nativemultimedia experience with high definition (HD) video, resolution of 1024x600 and ViewSonic is offering a model withbroad connectivity options and the widest range of media Wi-Fi only and one with Wi-Fi and HSPA connectivity. Thecompatibility with standards like Adobe Flash. Capacitive specs arent that convincing though, as you only get 802.11b/touchscreens are standard throughout, as is stylus input and g Wi-Fi and ViewSonic has only fitted a 1.3Megapixel for external HDMI displays. Other features include Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, a micro SD card slot, an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port and a 3.5mm headphoneLocation-Aware Smartphone Services jack. Its not the tablet wed buy, but wed expect it to be fairlyThe ASUS ‘seamless mobility’ concept extends to pocket-size affordable when it launches.devices too, and there are a number of ASUS smartphonesat MWC. Powered by Google Android, the models all includelocation-aware services that help users connect with the widerworld when they’re on the move with intuitive bespoke userinterfaces.Smart Cloud Storage for Every DeviceASUS will also demonstrate its range of cloud-based services atMWC. This includes ASUS Webstorage that offers automaticdata backup, easy access to personal data from any locationand instant file sharing. Webstorage adds to the portabilityand flexibility of user data, freeing consumers from theconstraints of physical hard drives, while providing robustprivacy and security measures.ASUS Webstorage makes massive amounts of online storageavailable, which can then be accessed from any internet- The ViewPad 4 on the other hand is an interesting device, leastconnected device — smartphone, notebook, netbook, tablets not by ViewSonics definition of what a tablet is. The ViewPadsuch as the ASUS Eee Pad range and even a desktop PC. 4 has a 4.1-inch screen and is as such considered a tablet by ViewSonic, while anything 4-inches or below is a smartphone.Entertainment is also part of ASUS’ cloud-based service line- Terminology apart, the ViewPad 4 sports a 1GHz Qualcommup - the @VIBE portal offers a huge range of online multimedia MSM8255 SoC, tri-band HSPA with download speeds of upand educational content, or the MEar music streaming service. to 14.4Mbit, quad band GSM, 512MB of RAM, 2GB of Flash memory, 800x480 pixel screen resolution, a rear 5MegapixelHands on with ViewSonics camera and a front facing VGA camera, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, aGPS, a micro HDMI and USB port and a 3.5mm headset Android devices It should ship with Android 2.4 when it launches and if theFebruary 17th, 2011 price point is right we can see this being another big seller for ViewSonic.After its success with the ViewPad 7, ViewSonic is continuingto expand its lineup of tablets and at the Mobile WorldCongress we got to spend a few minutes with ViewSonics latestadditions, the ViewPad 4 and ViewPad 10s as well as its newdual-SIM 3G Android handset, the V350. Sadly we didnt geta chance to see the ViewPad 10Pro, as ViewSonic had someproblems with the demo unit when we visited their booth. Finally the V350 is more of a budget handset with a 3.5-inchAfter its success with the ViewPad 7, ViewSonic is continuing 480x320 resolution display, a 600MHz processor, Androidto expand its lineup of tablets and at the Mobile World 2.2 and of course Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. What sets the V350Congress we got to spend a few minutes with ViewSonics latest apart from every other Android handset in the market is thatadditions, the ViewPad 4 and ViewPad 10s as well as its new it has a pair of SIM card slots, both supporting HSPA and bothdual-SIM 3G Android handset, the V350. Sadly we didnt get running at the same time. As such you can make and answer calls from two numbers without having to power cycle or 13
  • 42. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesomething similarly frustrating to access the second SIM card.Its also a very light handsets for its size at 125g and althoughwe dont know the price of the V350, were expecting this tobe a fairly budget friendly handset judging by the hardwarefeatures, despite the addition of support for a second SIM card. Intel wouldnt say too much about its upcoming 32nm Medfield Atom processor, although the company is currently sampling processors to its partners which is suggesting that we should see the first devices within the next six months or so. What is clear is that Intel is very serious about getting into the mobile phone market space, one way or another and its announcement that its now officially supporting Android is aIntel talks 32nm Atom and clear indication of this. Its not as if Intel has that many otherAndroid, demoes MeeGo tablet options to be fair, despite the fact that Intel is still pushing MeeGo quite heavily.February 17th, 2011Intel didnt have a ton of new things to show at theMobile World Congress beyond its new XMM platform forsmartphones and tablets, but one thing the company iscommunicating very clearly at the show is that Intel will haveAtom powered phones in the market later this year. These willbe based on Intels upcoming 32nm Medfield Atom processorwhich the company claimed will offer at least the same kindof standby power as the competition, presumably referring To that effect, the company was demoing a MeeGo tablet fromto ARM based products here. Intel also showed off a MeeGo EXOPC running a pane based UI, although we cant say thattablet based on the Oak Trail Atom processor, although the were sold on this approach after a quick play with the will also actively support Android on both tablets and That said, MeeGo is quite flexible when it comes to UIs andsmartphones. this is just one of many options and an attempt at doing something different. Some of the functionality worked quite well, but not the concept as a whole. The navigation experienceIntel didnt have a ton of new things to show at the was kind of peculiar as well, not helped by the fact that theMobile World Congress beyond its new XMM platform for home/back button was an optical sensor at the top left handsmartphones and tablets, but one thing the company is side of the screen. This wasnt a very intuitive way of navigatingcommunicating very clearly at the show is that Intel will have compared to every other touch screen based OS/UI weve usedAtom powered phones in the market later this year. These will in the past and took a little time to figure based on Intels upcoming 32nm Medfield Atom processorwhich the company claimed will offer at least the same kindof standby power as the competition, presumably referringto ARM based products here. Intel also showed off a MeeGotablet based on the Oak Trail Atom processor, although thecompany will also actively support Android on both tablets andsmartphones. 14
  • 43. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone see some very interesting projects being submitted. The voting will be open to the public and will commence on the 16th of May, so for those that want to compete, the projects have to be finished by the 15th of May. The winners will be announced on the 31st of May which happens to be the first day of Computex this year. There will be a first prize, two second prize and three third prize winners in each of the categories and theres also a bonus category where Cooler Master will award a special prize to what they think is the project that had the best effort put into it. Prize sponsors include AMD, EVGA, Gigabyte, Kingston, Patriot, PowerColor, THQ, Zotac and of course Cooler Master themselves.Intel also mentioned that it was disappointed with the fact that Some of the things you can win include SSD drives, RadeonNokia has decided to more or less drop its support for MeeGo HD 6900 series graphics cards, motherboards, memory, abefore the OS has even had a chance to show what it can do. We bunch of different products from Cooler Master including acan sort of understand Intels sentiment, especially as Nokia case of your choice, a 1200W PSU, coolers, portable chargers,didnt give Intel a lot of head warning and it was a very key mice and in the case of THQ, its soon to launch and muchpartner in the project. We have a feeling that MeeGo will have anticipated Homefront. Sounds like a competition worthtoo small of a market share in the smartphone market to ever entering to us if youre skilled with power tools and knows howreally make it, although as a tablet OS it might still have a fair to make a case mod that really stands out.chance. Facebook Launches Facebook Places in Singapore February 17th, 2011Cooler Master kicks off case Facebook today announced the launch of Facebook Places in Singapore. Already available in some countries, Facebookmod competition Places allows you to “check-in” and share with your friendsFebruary 17th, 2011 where you are and who you’re with, find friends who are nearby and discover new places your friends like – all in real time.If you want a chance to win a part of prizes worth an estimatedUS$15,000 and see yourself as the greatest case modder onthis planet, then you want to check out Cooler Masters 2011case mod competition. The registration opened today and itsopen to anyone over the age of 18 worldwide. There are twocategories to compete in this year and three prize categories,so even if youre not a professional case modder, theres a good Ever felt the need to keep tabs on where your real-life friendschance of winning a prize. on Facebook are currently at so that you might be able to know if they happen to be in the very same location you are currently at? If you do, an announcement made by the worlds mostIf you want a chance to win a part of prizes worth an estimated popular online social networking service would probably beUS$15,000 and see yourself as the greatest case modder on the news that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.this planet, then you want to check out Cooler Masters 2011case mod competition. The registration opened today and its Apparently, Facebook has just announced the launch ofopen to anyone over the age of 18 worldwide. There are two Facebook Places in Singapore. For those who are unaware,categories to compete in this year and three prize categories, Facebook Places is a service which allows users to “check-in”so even if youre not a professional case modder, theres a good and share your location with friends in real time.chance of winning a prize.The two competition categories consist of either modifying atower case or building your own case mod from scratch. Thismakes for a very open competition and we should hopefully 15
  • 44. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone specifications. And this especially applies if one happens to want said consumer electronics devices to look almost like the real deal sold globally by established OEMs, but at a mere fraction of the latters asking price. That being said, not every single consumer electronic device in China has to be a clone: apparently, there are originalFacebook Places is available to users in Singapore with products which bear little to no resemblance to the popularmobile access to the Facebook application for iPhone, products sold by established OEMs globally. And PhecdasAndroid, Blackberry, HP webOS, and Windows Phone 7, or latest product: an ultrathin 13.3-inch notebook powered byto When you use Places, youll be able NVIDIAs ION2 platform, is living proof that there is still someto see if any of your friends are currently checked in nearby degree of originality left in the Middle Kingdom.and connect with them easily. You can also check into nearbyPlaces to tell your friends where you are, tag your friends inthe Places you visit together, and view comments your friendshave made about the Places you visit.How to use Facebook Places? 1. Go to the “Places” icon within the Facebook mobile applications or, then tap the “Check In” button, which will pull up a list of places near you. 2. Choose the place that matches where you are. If there isn’t one already in the list, users can search for it or create a new one. 3. Tap the “Check in” button to share that you are at the place. Users can also add comments and tag friends. Currently codenamed the P13, Phecdas ultrathin notebook looks anything but generic. Apparently, Phecda has pulledWith Places, users are in control of what they share and with out all the stops by opting to furnish the P13 with premiumwhom they share. They choose whether or not to share their aluminium for its exterior instead of cheap, generic plastic.location when they check in at a place, and only friends can see Unfortunately, the hardware used in the P13 is anything butwhen they do, unless users choose to set their privacy setting premium: instead of the CULV processor typically found inotherwise. When users check in, they can tag friends who are such thin-and-light notebooks, Phecda apparently decidedwith them but only if their settings allow it. When they are that the dual-core Intel Atom D525 processor would providetagged, they are always notified. sufficient computing horsepower for most of todays basic tasks. Fortunately, it seems that the weak processor was the onlyChinese notebook gets a compromise Phecda has made in order to produce an ultrathin notebook which does not magically shrinks ones wallet afterdiet with ultrathin form purchase. At least, the P13s screen is capable of a respectablefactor, ION2 and even thinner 1366 x 768 resolution and comes with a myriad of I/O and connectivity options such as a 5-in-1 card reader and threepricetag USB 2.0 ports, along with both a VGA and HDMI-out port forFebruary 17th, 2011 external display purposes.China might be a great country for shopping if one desiresto load up on cheap consumer electronic devices which bearmore than a passing resemblance to existing products but ata fraction of the latters selling price. However, that does notmean that the worlds largest clone producer does not haveits own set of original bang-for-buck devices for the domesticmarket, and the release of a new ultrathin notebook fromPhecda should be proof of that.It is probably common knowledge by now, but it stands thatChina is still the best place to buy cheap consumer electronicdevices such as notebooks and tablets with decent hardware 16
  • 45. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Certainly, such bold words bring about much controversy as fanboys of both DSLR and compact cameras argue the pros and cons of their beloved camera. Fast forward to 2011, Panasonic has launched the improvised Lumix DMC-GF2, the successor to the GF1. Our review model (DMC-GF2C) came with a 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens and sports a white exterior and packed in a rather humble looking box. Compared with the GF1, the new GF2 is approximately 19% smaller in size and approximately 7% lighter. The GF2s interface has been redesigned to compliment the touchscreen technology included in the camera. The popup flash unit has been redesigned, it pops forward rather thanThat being said, there seems to be one major flaw with popping up, an improvement to reduce vignetting. Of course,Phecdas ultrathin P13 notebook, and it lies in the fact that the most noticable change is the removal of the physical modelthe bundled 2200mAh lithion-ion battery is reportedly only dial in the camera and includes a dedicated Intelligent Autocapable of sustaining up to two hours of usage on a single (iA) button.charge. But if that does not sound like a serious enough flawto affect your mobile productivity, the P13 can be had for only Technical specifications have been bumped up in the GF2a mere US$365 (approx S$467), though you will have to get a and noticable changes include the highest ISO that has beenChinese friend to purchase one for you: they are exclusive to bumped up to 6400, built-n stereo microphones, support ofChina only. Dang. 1080i video recording and the removal of remote shooting function.Source and images: M.I.C DigiPanasonic Lumix DMC-GF2ReviewFebruary 17th, 2011The micro four-thirds camera has come a long way, bringingthe performance and quality that is almost on-par with of anentry-level Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera while A closer look and you will realise some of the trademark logosboasting the lightweight of a compact camera. With the new on the box - Dolby, SDXC, AVCHD. It seems like we have aGF2 from Panasonic evolving to a slimmer and new re- gem in our hands and we cant wait to unbox it and unravel outdesigned interface, how does it fare ? Read on... the awesomeness it is going to bring.When the first micro four thirds camera from Panasonic came Here is what you get in the retail box of Lumix DMC-GF2,out in 2008, it was a mixed bag of reactions with its bulkinessof a professional camera and uncertainity of a new technology • DMC-GF2 cameraback then. Through the years of constant research, Panasonic • Battery charging cradle and power cablelaunched the Lumix DMC-GF1 in 2009 with a slimmer designsimilar to a compact camera and promising quality. • Battery (DMW-BLD10E / 7.2V / 1010mAh) 17
  • 46. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Startup guide, software CDs [Full HD] 1,920 x 1,080, 60i (sensor output is 30p) (FSH: • A/V cable, USB cable 17 Mbps, FH: 13 Mbps) • Neck strap [HD] 1,280 x 720, 60p (sensor output is 30p) (SH: 17And a loook at the technical specifications of the camera Mbps, H: 13 Mbps) --Type Digital interchangeable lens [Full HD] 1,920 x 1,080, 50i system camera (sensor output is 25p) (FSH:Recording Media SD Memory Card, SDHC 17 Mbps, FH: 13 Mbps) Memory Card, SDXC Memory [HD] 1,280 x 720, 50p Card (sensor output is 25p) (SH: 17Image Sensor Size 17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect Mbps, H: 13 Mbps) ratio) Focus Type Contrast AF systemLens Mount Micro Four Thirds mount Focus Mode AFS / AFC / MFImage Sensor Type Live MOS Sensor AF Mode Face detection / AFTotal / Effective Pixels 13.06 Megapixels / 12.01 Tracking / 23-area-focusing / pixels 1-area-focusingColor Filter Primary color filter Touch (1-area-focusingDust Reduction Supersonic wave filter in Face detection / AF Tracking / Multi-area-Recording Formats JPG, MPO (3D recording), focusing / 1-area-focusing) AVCHD, Quicktime JPEG AF Detective Range EV 0 - 18 (ISO 100)Image Quality RAW, RAW+Fine, RAW +Standard, Fine, Standard AF Assist Lamp EV 0 - 18 (ISO 100) MPO+Fine, MPO+Standard AF Lock Set the Fn button in custom (When attaching 3D lens in menu to AF lock Micro Four Thirds System Others Quick AF, Continuous standard) AF (during motion imageColor Space sRGB, Adobe RGB recording), AF+MF, TouchFile Size (pixels) [4:3] 4,000 x 3,000 (L), 2,816 shutter, Touch MF Assist x 2,112 (M), 2,048 x 1,536 Light Metering Quick AF, Continuous (S), 1,600 x 1,200 (When AF (during motion image attaching 3D lens in Micro recording), AF+MF, Touch Four Thirds System standard) shutter, Touch MF Assist [3:2] 4,000 x 2,672 (L), 2,816 Light Metering Mode Intelligent Multiple / Center x 1,880 (M), 2,048 x 1,360 Weighted / Spot (S), 1,600 x 1,064 (When Metering Range EV 0 - 18 (F2.0 lens, ISO 100) attaching 3D lens in Micro Exposure Mode Program AE / Aperture Four Thirds System standard) Priority AE / Shutter Priority AE / Manual [16:9] 4,000 x 2,248 (L), ISO Sensitivity Auto / Intelligent ISO / 100 / 2,816 x 1,584 (M), 1,920 x 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 1,080 (S), 1,600 x 904 (When 3200 / 6400 attaching 3D lens in Micro Exposure 1/3 EV Step, ±3 EV Four Thirds System standard) AE Lock Set the Fn button in custom [1:1] 2,992 x 2,992 (L), 2,112 menu to AE lock x 2,112 (M), 1,504 x 1,504 White Balance Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / (S), 1,440 x 1,440 (When Shade / Halogen / Flash / attaching 3D lens in Micro White Set 1, 2 / Color Four Thirds System standard) temperature setting -- Shutter Speed Still Image: 1/4,000 - 60 Shutter Timer 10 sec, 3 images / 2 sec / 10 [4:3] VGA: 640 x 480, 30 sec fps / QVGA: 320 x 240, 30 fps Scene Mode Still Image - Portrait / [16:9] WVGA: 848 x 480, 30 Soft Skin / Scenery / fps Architecture / Sports / Peripheral Defocus / Flower / [HD] 1,280 x 720, 30 fps 18
  • 47. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Food / Objects / Night 112.8 x 67.8 x 32.8 mm / 4.44 Portrait / Night Scenery / x 2.67 x 1.29 in (excluding Illuminations / Baby 1, 2 / protrusions) Pet / Party / Sunset Movie - Portrait / Soft Skin / Scenery / Architecture / Sports / Flower / Food / Sony Ericsson announces Objects / Low-light / Party / Xperia neo and Xperia pro Android smartphones Sunset (Activated by selecting February 17th, 2011 Still Image SCN mode then pressing Movie Button. Still Image SCN modes without corresponding Movie SCN mode is recorded in mode suitable for the recording Aside from the Xperia Play (or formerly known as PlayStation situation.) phone), Sony Ericsson has also announced the Xperia neoBurst Shoot H: 3.2 frames/sec, M: 2.5 and Xperia pro Android smartphones. Read on for more frames/sec (with Live View), information. L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)Flash TTL Built-in-Flash, GN6 equivalent (ISO100 · m), Built-in Pop-up -- Modes: Auto, Auto / Red-eye Reduction, Forced On, Forced On / Red-eye Reduction, Slow Sync., Slow Sync. / Red-eye Reduction, Forced Off -- Sony Ericsson has announced the Xperia neo and Xperia pro Sync Speed: Less than 1/160 that promise exceptional multimedia experience on the latest second Gingerbread Android platform.LCD Monitor 3.0 inch; 460,000 dots pixelLive View Digital Zoom - 2x, 4x The Xperia pro features a slide-out keyboard with smart Others: Guide Lines (3 functions for fast messaging experience. Sony Ericsson Xperia patterns) pro has also introduced a subtle but fast Type & Send Real-time Histogram functionality eliminating the need to open a dedicated appInterfaces USB, HDMI, AV/Out for each type of message, and Smart Keyboard for predictiveBattery ID-Security Li-ion Battery messaging when the user slides out the keyboard. Pack (7.2V, 1,010mAh) (Included) Battery Charger The Xperia pro is designed as the ideal businessDimensions Approx. 475 g / 16.75 oz (SD phone for business professionals with functions including Memory Card, Battery, H- syncing email, calendar and contacts in a secure way and pre- FS014042 lens included) loaded Office Suite Pro for users to view and edit office Approx. 365 g / 12.87 oz (SD documents directly on the phone. Memory Card, Battery, H- H014 lens included) Approx. 265 g / 9.35 oz (Body The Sony Ericsson Xperia neo sports a stunning design and is onl ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the user’s hand. -- 19
  • 48. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSony Ericsson Xperia neo Kinect motion sensor is the most highly sought-after console and accessory of this generations console wars. After all, whyKey features - else would Lenovo and Eedoo attempt to market a new video- Exmor R. Great stills and videos even in low light game console that seems to mimic the Xboxs Kinect in more ways than one?- Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine- Built-in HDMI. Your stills and videos on HD TV- More than 100,000 apps on Android Market- Google services. At your service Do you enjoy gaming on a video game console? If you do, well, chances are that you will already own at least one of the current-generation game consoles and are undoubtedly enjoying the unique features it has to offer over theThe Sony Ericsson Xperia neo will be available in Blue competition. That is not surprising though: after all, eachGradient and Red. of the three video game consoles feature various specific characteristics that are clearly targeted at specific kinds of console gamers.Sony Ericsson Xperia pro However, it seems that the console video game market is about to get a little shaking up this year, courtesy of Lenovo. ThatsKey features because the Chinese OEM has announced that it is making- Touch phone with perfect slide-out keyboard and smart plans to launch a new video game console which will mimicfunctions for fast messaging Microsofts Kinect controller for Xbox. And not surprisingly,- Synch your email and edit office documents on the go the new consoles bears a name which all but reveals the fact that the main source of inspiration comes from Microsoft.- Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine and Exmor R for mobile Anyone fancy an Ebox?- HDMI. Connect to an HD TV or a projector- Google services and more than 100,000 apps on AndroidMarketThe Sony Ericsson Xperia pro will be available in Black andSilver.Sony Ericsson Xperia neo will be available globally in selectedmarkets from end Q1 and Sony Ericsson Xperia pro from end According to a report posted by gadget website GizChina,Q2 2011. the Ebox is the result of a collaboration between Lenovo and a Chinese company known as Eedoo, and is expected to be released for retail in China exclusively by June this year. WhichLenovo and Eedoo prepare to is just as well though: considering that the Xbox 360, Nintendolaunch Ebox game console, Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 are officially not allowed to be sold in China, the lack of competition means that the Eboxgoes toe to toe with Xboxs essentially has the entire Chinese video console market all for itself.KinectFebruary 17th, 2011 Disposable thumbdrives: will consumers ever bite? February 17th, 2011Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not? Well, ifthe saying were to hold any truth in todays context, then Wouldnt it be nice if our thumbdrives could be madeit would seem that Microsofts Xbox and its complementing disposable like sheets of paper on a notepad so that users dont 20
  • 49. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonehave to keep hunting for their tiny flash storage devices thatalways seems to have a knack for mysteriously disappearing ?Well, it appears that a design company known as Art LebedevStudio has found a solution to the problem with its newconcept known as Flashkus.Gone are the days where going to a hardware shop to purchasea 4GB thumbdrive would cost the purchaser a limb or a secondmortgage. Thanks to the rapidly falling prices of flash storage,the cost of the humble thumbdrive has dropped to the pointwhere most PC users can easily afford to own a handful ofsuch devices with storage capacities ranging from anywherebetween 2GB to 32GB.That being said, thumbdrives are anything but disposable. And Needless to say, the Flashkus will be ideal for circumstanceswhile their prices have dropped to the point where one can where data needs to be shared and transferred amongeasily afford to own more than one of it, it is still costly enough multiple users without the use of wireless data transferfor the average Joe to not make a huge deal out of it when methods. However, it does not change the fact that the eachit eventually gets misplaced due to various reasons. And this disposable thumbdrive still packs the full performance ofappears to be the kind of problem Art Lebedev Studio intends a standard, non-disposable thumbdrive due to it having theto tackle with its new concept thumbdrives, the Flashkus. same underlying hardware and cirtuitry hidden beneath the cardboard exterior. That being said, shouldnt it be only fair that a disposable thumbdrive offer read-write cycles which are drastically lower than that of an actual thumbdrive in order to reduce wastage? Apple iPhone 5 rumored to have a 4-inch display February 17th, 2011Simply put, the Flashkus essentially consists of four cardboardthumbdrives that are designed to be discarded after use, muchlike how one would rip and dump used writing paper from a Despite various new smartphones announced at Mobile Worldnotepad after it has served its purpose. Users simply rip one Congress, Apple is still getting a lot of eyeball on its upcomingthumbdrive off the bunch when the need for data storage or iPhone 5. Apparently, the Apple iPhone 5 is rumored tosharing arises, plug it into a PCs USB port and everythings incorporate a 4-inch touchscreen display and powered by thedandy. ARM Cortex-A9-based A5 dual-core processor. According to various news sources, Apple was said to be unveiling a lower priced iPhone Nano and that the rumored iPhone 5 may sport a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display and powered by Cortex-A9-based A5 dual-core processor. In fact, rumor of the larger screen size has existed for a few months now, with the first version being a 3.7-inch as 21
  • 50. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecompared to the iPhone 4s 3.5-inch display. The rumored Think that the deal between Microsoft and Nokia was likenews source came from the same parts manufacturer who a match made in heaven? Far from it, especially if Google hasrecently claims that the iPhone 5 is likely to be a 4-inch screen got anything to do about it. According to Google CEO Ericinstead. Schmidt, the search giant had actively attempted to woo Nokia over into taking back their pissing in the pants for short-With various phone manufacturers putting dual-core term relief comment and join the Android fold even beforeprocessor on their devices, Apple is going with the next- Microsoft approached the Finnish handset manufacturer.generation Cortex A5 dual-core processor. From iTunes code,Apple will incorporate Qualcomm chip in the iPhone 5 . Itis likely to be Qualcomms new dual-mode 3G chip whichsupports CDMA/GSM dual-mode 3G network, or that the dualmode means 3G/4G network support. When Nokia made the headlines last year with the announcement that its newest CEO would hail directly from the Redmond software giant known as Microsoft, many startedSpanish hacker arrested for to speculate that it would only be a matter of time beforestealing gamers information the Finnish handset manufacturer dropped its Symbian and MeeGo mobile operating systems in favor of Microsoftsand threatening Nintendo Windows Phone 7 OS. And it made perfect sense too: withFebruary 17th, 2011 Symbian steadily losing market share to the likes of Android, iOS and even the recently-launched Windows Phone 7, it was clear that Nokia needed to take action to stem the tide. However, it appears that Microsoft was not the only contender in the bid to sway Nokia into using its own mobile platform as a replacement for Symbian. According to a statementTechnology news from Mobile World Congress isnt the made by Eric Schmidt at this years Mobile World Congressonly thing coming from Spain this week. Apparently, news of a (MWC), Google had already been actively holding discussionsSpanish hacker has been arrested for stealing gamers details with Nokias board even before Microsoft made its moveand blackmailing game company Nintendo. in an attempt to convince the Finnish company to consider migrating to the popular Android operating system instead of casting their lot with Windows Phone 7. "We had confidential negotiations with Nokia that were every extensive," he said. That being said, at least one analyst thinks that Nokia made the right choice by passing up on the Android ecosystem and opting to strike a partnership with Windows Phone 7. Tony Cripps, a principal analyst for Ovum, claims that there was no doubt that Nokias board had carefully weighed the pros and cons of going with either platform. "Nokia devices in the future would have been vectors for Google services, whereas Microsoft has been relatively good atAccording to BBC news, a Spanish hacker has been arrested for pinpointing ways in which assets could be leveraged on bothstealing 4,000 Nintendo gamers information. On top of that, sides," he said.the unnamed individual has also threatened to contact thecountrys data protection agency, accusing the game company Needless to say, the Google CEO was disappointed that thingsof negligence. did not go his way, although he seemed to have taken it in his stride.The hacker had leaked some details online when Nintendo didnot reply. Authorities said that he planned to release the entire "We would have loved if they had chosen Android. They choseuser information on the web, but the hacker was arrested the other guys," he quipped.before he got the chance to do so. It was unclear if the datatheft was done via Nintendos computer system or through athird-party. Nvidia unveils Quad-Core "Kal- El" chipset February 17th, 2011Google: We tried to woo Nokiaover to our foldFebruary 17th, 2011 Most DC comic fans will recognize the name "Kal-El", which is the Krytonian birth name of Superman. Well, looks like "Kal- 22
  • 51. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneEl" is also the codename for Nvidia quad-core processor for their last release (iWork 09) was more than two years ago (6thmobile devices and tablets that was unveiled at Mobile World January 2009). Even possibly as a Mac App Store exclusive, toCongress 2011. boast awareness and sales through their online sales platform. But Best Buy Mexico has really caught us off-guard with this announcement. Translated from Spanish, it reads "visit Best Buy on February 19th and find out what you can do with iWork 11." While this is obviously not an official announcement from Apple, this event is a good indication that iWork ’11 is nearing release. We hope it is at least, otherwise there’s going to be a fairly unhappy crowd at a Best Buy in Mexico on February 19th. The iWork 11 event is currently still listed on the front page of their website.At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nvidia unveiled"Kal-El" which is the first quad-core processor for mobile Apple fights jailbreak anddevices and tablets. Kal-El is only the first; the company hasalso showed their roadmap with chips called "Wayne," "Logan" piracy through iBooks 1.2.1and "Stark" that claim to offer approximately 100 times the updateprocessing power of current Tegra 2-based phones, by 2014. February 17th, 2011Kal-El is said to offer five times the graphics performance ofthe Tegra 2 and can output to display at 2560 x 1600 pixelresolution. Not only is this higher than high definition, but itis possible to use your mobile phone or tablet as a full-fledgedPC.According to sources, tablets incorporating Kal-El may Even though the United States government explicitly allowsbecome available by August, while the phones will be available users to jailbreak their iOS device, Apple has started to takein Q4 this year. matters into their own hands in the battle against jailbreaking. How? Apples iBook app will refuse to open content purchased from Apples iBookstore if the device has been found to beiWork 11 available on jailbroken.February 19th?February 17th, 2011Best Buys Mexico division has announced and are advertisinga special in-store event for this Saturday involving ApplesiWork 11. What is unusual is, of course, Apple has notannounced or release iWork 11. According to a noted jailbreak author via Twitter, the latest update of iBooks inject a series of unsigned binaries as a test to see if the devices OS has been tampered whenever a user tries to open a DRM-protected eBook purchased from the iBookstore. If the improperly signed binaries works, the device is listed as having jailbroken and refuses to open the eBook, alongside with an error message. This applies even if you have legally purchased your eBooks online through Apples iBookstore. So far, this affects jailbreak users running on a hack dubbed as "Greenpois0n", and have updated their iBooks to the latestMany have speculated that Apple has worked on a replacement version. Apple has implemented such jailbreak checks sinceto their previous release of their flagship office suite, since iOS 4.0 but thus far, it has only been triggered by jailbroken 23
  • 52. February 17th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneiOS devices running "Greenpois0n". The only solution by faris to restore the iOS device back to the orignal iOS and thus,removing the jailbreak.Even though jailbreaking voids your warranty with Apple,the practice of jailbreaking to run unauthorised codes wasapproved and legalised by the U.S. governement last July.With Apple now blocking access to legally acquired iBookstorecontent just because its running on a jailbroken device, thismay draw interference with legal usage in the States. 24
  • 53. February 21st, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication The Daily VR-Zone News covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Summary - 21 Feb 2011 February 21st, 2011AC and DC current:Fundamental differences anda simple explanationFebruary 21st, 2011 In todays news roundup: MSIs P67-based Big Bang Marshal motherboard gets reviewed; Intel has confirmed that shipment of the silicon-corrected versions of its faulty six-series Cougar Point chipsets have commenced; NECThrough daily experience with common household announces worlds thinnest smartphone based off Googlesequipment, many people should have noticed the terms AC Android operating system; Samsung has unveiled five newand DC voltage and / or current; for example on a car battery lenses for its NX mount; Nintendos 3DS handheld video gamewhich outputs 12V DC voltage or a household lighting lamp console gets ripped about for a little hardware CSI-ing. and Jillwhich needs 230V AC voltage. Yet only very few people can Valantine from the Resident Evil game series shows off someactually realize even that there are differences between AC and spiffy-looking combos in Marvel vs Capcom 3.DC current, let alone understand the differences themselves.The purpose of this article is to explain the main characteristics Hardware News:and highlight the differences of AC and DC current, in terms Lamptron FC-8 Fan Controller Review @ Legit Reviewsunderstandable by people with very low or without technical Description: Lamptron is a company that only a handful ofexpertise, along with providing some encyclopedic knowledge consumers may be familiar with at the time of writing this;on the subject. as they are a brand new company to the enthusiast scene of PC modding & gaming supplies. Lamptron already offers an impressive array of fan controllers with multiple control inputs. Today well be giving the FC-8 a run through an array of tests to see if their newest control really performs as good as it looks. With 30 watts per channel, will the FC-8 be the last fan controller you need to buy? Read on and we shall find out. Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan Review at Overclockers Online Description: Crucial’s Ballistix Active Cooling Fan aims to cool down your memory by eliminating often ignored dead spots around your system memory. Easily installed and compatible all across memory makers the Ballistix Active Cooling FanThrough daily experience with common household makes a great addition to any system even if low noise isequipment, many people should have noticed the terms AC important to you.and DC voltage and / or current; for example on a car battery Sapphire PURE Black P67: beyond the limits of Sandy Bridgewhich outputs 12V DC voltage or a household lighting lamp (Italian)which needs 230V AC voltage. Yet only very few people can Description: (Machine translation) Last week we brought youactually realize even that there are differences between AC and the review of the motherboard X58 Sapphire Pure Black ,DC current, let alone understand the differences themselves. high-performance solution in sight to the preview last CESThe purpose of this article is to explain the main characteristics in Las Vegas and designed the first generation of CPUand highlight the differences of AC and DC current, in terms based on Core i7 Socket LGA 1366. That product was aunderstandable by people with very low or without technical turning point for Sapphire same: always inextricably linkedexpertise, along with providing some encyclopedic knowledge to the combination of AMD-ATI decides to change courseon the subject. and embrace competition from Intels home, diversifying its offerings and to attract the attention of users of high-end or enthusiast. 1
  • 54. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneInWin Dragon Slayer mATX case Review @ Ethernet driver didnt help; other people that created the sameXtremeComputing Virtual Machine were not having problems (of course), justDescription: InWin is not the most well known brand, at least me. Fixing the problem is easier than you may think...amongst UK enthusiasts, however with the ambitions and Veebeam HD Review @ TestFreaksworking ethic that In Win have set out, I am looking forward Description: Veebeam is a company that I met at last year’sto reviewing their latest PC case." Pepcom trade show and they were kind enough to send us aCorsair Dominator GT 2133 CL9 Review @ ocaholic sample of their Veebeam HD. This device works by streamingDescription: The Dominator GT series is Corsairs flagship. As high definition video via Wireless USB. Not to be confusedsoon as you take a closer look at the specifications youll see with AppleTV, GoogleTV or Roku; it’s not so much a mediathat they are very serious. Accordingly the DIMMs need only center as a media streamer1.5 Volt to operate at 2133 MHz with 9-10-9-27 timings. Sonys VPL-VW90ES high-end 3D projector is now shippingMSI Big Bang Marshal P67 Review @ ocaholic for $9999Description: With the Big Bang Marshal, MSI presents its Description: Sonys VPL-VW90ES is now shipping forabsolute high-end motherboard for Intels latest Sandy Bridge $9999.99 (including two pairs of active-shutter glasses). Theprocessors. Therefore it comes for example with a truly VPL-VW90ES is Sonys first 3D projector which uses active-sophisticated power design as well as eight PCI-Express x16 shutter glasses (at 240Hz). The projector is a part of Sonysslots and numerous other features. Elevated-Standard (ES) family of high-end products. It uses Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRDTM) technology andNZXT Phantom Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews offers Full-HD (1080p,24fps), 1000 lumens, and a 150,000:1Description: The more I played with the NZXT Phantom, the contrast ratio.more I liked it. The white finish with its black accents reallymakes this case stand out from the crowd and the roomy The world’s thinnest smartphone from NEC is only 7.7mminterior was a joy to work in thanks to the excellent cable thickmanagement. Description: Some pictures of NEC’s upcoming Android phone have leaked, and boy it is skinny. Some photographs of theIntel Begins to Ship B3 Stepping of 6-Series Core-Logic to NEC Medias recently leaked online, and it lives up to its 7.7mmMainboard, Notebook Makers thickness by being that width all the way from the top to theDescription: Intel Corp. has initiated shipments of correct bottom of the phone instead of just being slim in one areaversions of its Cougar Point chipset for Sandy Bridge (like the Xperia Arc). The phone will only weigh 105g, haveprocessors. Leading manufacturers of mainboards and a 4″ (854 x 480) display, pack an 800MHz processor, a 5.1notebooks have reportedly received the B3 stepping of the megapixel camera, digital TV tuner and an e-wallet functioncore-logic and will be able to install it shortly. (NFC). It will run on Android 2.2 (unfortunately) and probablyConsumer Electronics and Software News: won’t it’s make over to the US, but we’re keeping our fingersKoribo Leira Wireless Keyboard @ TestFreaks crossed. Head here for larger images of the NEC Medias.Description: Today for review I’ve got another keyboard from Samsung unveils five NX-mount lenses for its 2011 roadmapKoribo called the Leira. It’s a wireless keyboard that features Description: Samsung today brought out details of five lensesa laptop style touchpad and a full set of multi-media keys. It’s for the NX swappable lens system found on cameras likemade to be used with an HTPC, but you can use it for your the NX11. The company is catering first to everyday usersdesktop computer of course, but with an HTPC is where it with an 18-200mm, f3.5-6.3 long zoom lens to cover mostshines surely. With the Leira you’ve got full control of your shooting situations with a single lens. While image stabilized,computer from a distance and quick access to all of the multi- it wont have a silent autofocus system and is likely targeted atmedia functions right at your fingertips. newcomers who want an all-purpose lens.Apple expected to update MacBook Pro line this week Gaming News:Description: Apples MacBook Pro line is due for a refresh Nintendo 3DS torn apartwith all the signs on the magic eight ball that is the Internet Description: The Nintendo 3DS hasn’t even made its way topointing to Thursday February 24 as launch day for updated the stores yet, but it has already received a tear down, thanksMacBook Pros with Intels latest Sandy Bridge processors. As to some folks who managed to get their hands on an earlyusual, Apple has been playing its cards close to its corporate device and posted it up for the world to see. There’s nothingchest and hasnt confirmed (or denied) that new MacBook spectacular or impressive about the console’s innards, so IPros are on the immediate horizon, but a couple of listings guess the magic happens when you actually turn it on. Theof unexplained MacBook Pro part numbers by retailers online Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan this week, so we’ll bemay just have let the cat out of the bag before Apple has had a finding out how much of a hit this device will actually be. Headchance to announce the new models. here to check out more photographs of the 3DS torn apartVMWare: Windows 7 Ethernet is Missing @ Computing on (unfortunately the original page is down, so you’ll have to viewDemand a Google cached version of the site).Description: I recently created a VM for Windows 7 and Marvel vs Capcom 3: Jill Valentine Gameplay Videoproceeded to waste hours trying to figure out why the Ethernet Description: Have you been whipping out those inhumanecontroller was missing from the Device Manager. Installing combos in Marvel vs Capcom 3 ? Looking forward to see someVMWare Tools didnt fix the issue, tracking down the correct 2
  • 55. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJill Valentine? Her latest gameplay video has been spotted on • Gentle slope reduces neck strain and improves typingyoutube comfortAgarest Senki 2 Review • Extended non-slip protective pads on the base and topDescription: Fantasy RPG games are often accompanied with • Active cooling by one 70mm silent USB powered fancute or hot looking girls, regardless if it is 2D or 3D but inAgarest Senki 2, the game woos fans who stay traditional to the • Portable & small, easy on the go and working on the roadvisual novel and generic RPG elements that comes with lovely • Stylish, lightweight and innovative structure design2D artworks and non-complex visual gameplay. • Telescope bars accommodate 7- to 15.4-Inch laptops • Extends the life of laptops and battery efficiencySpire Releases Juno Notebook • Backed by 3 year limited service warrantyCoolerFebruary 21st, 2011 Compatibility The Juno ergonomic laptop stand and active cooler is compatible with the smaller mini- and larger wide-screen laptop series from 7-inch up to the 15.4-inch. MSRPSpire has unveiled the Juno notebook cooler and stand(SP317AP), targeting mobile users who require a portable and USD$27.99/ EURO 22.95efficient thermal solution for their laptops. Measuring 220 x90 x 20mm, the portable cooler has non-slip rubber pads at the Product Includestop and bottom, retractable bars (supports laptops/ netbooksup to 15.4"), and is cooled by a 70mm fan. Juno is backed by a Multilanguage Owners Manual Attached USB cable Warrantythree year limited warranty and cost about US$27.99. registration card.SPIRE PRESS RELEASE Availability The Juno laptop base and cooler is now available from our factory in Shenzhen, China and from our branch locations throughout Europe and the Americas. For more information or ordering, please contact us utilizing the e-mail Form on our Contact Page, or feel free to give our branch offices a phone call, were glad to be at your service. In-Win Introduces BUC PC Enclosure February 21st, 2011Shenzhen, China - Spire Corp today announced the Juno. TheJuno is an ergonomic laptop base stand and cooler, it is theperfect travel companion when often working on the road orat different locations. The Juno is a great product to makeworking on your laptop more comfortable. The gentle slope, In-Win Development Inc., manufacturer of various computermade by foldable rubber pads reduce the neck strain and cases, PSUs and digital storage devices, has announced thecomfort screen viewing. BUC. The all-black steel mid-tower PC case has three exterior 5.25" drive bays, three EZ-swap tool-free HDD drive baysThe Juno accommodates small mini- and larger 15.4 inch (accessible via a lockable flap on the side panel), and a front-laptops by extending the side bars. When folded in the total side I/O panel with USB 2.0/ 3.0 ports, eSATA, and audiosize is only 22x9x2cm, easily fitting your laptop or carryon connectors. The BUC, equipped with 120mm fans for cooling,bag. Equipped with a 7cm cooling fan your laptop is silently is expected to start shipping soon.cooled whilst working. The Juno is the perfect portable choicefor mobile computing from Spire - Powered by Innovation. IN-WIN PRESS RELEASEMain Features 3
  • 56. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBuild and protect with ease, in the latest In-Win BUC PCchassisTaiwan - February 2011 - In-Win Development Inc., a leadinginnovator in contemporary PC hardware and multiple winnerof the internationally renowned reddot design award, hastoday launched its new performance PC chassis, the BUC. Finally, three integrated 120mm and several extra fan positions give it excellent cooling potential for all the latest hardware as well. With core design innovations and high quality of construction, the In-Win BUC PC chassis is a great choice for PC builders worldwide. About In Win IN WIN Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, server chassis, power suppliesThe "shield" concept behind the BUCs design is echoed across and storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosureits front panel, while the strong SECC steel construction and solutions to system integrators worldwide. Founded in 1986,a hard-wearing black interior and exterior create a reliable, IN-WIN provides high quality product that conform to allsubtle and high quality case for PC builders. safety regulations, as well as unsurpassed customer service. Our slogan "Contemporary and Innovative" serves as the foundation of not only our product development but also ourThe BUCs design gem is the clever EZ-swap HDD drive bay, attitudes in serving and catering to our strategic partnerswith a lockable door that allows access to three HDD without wishes. We take the "im" out of "impossible"…having to remove the whole side panel. The tool-less, vibrationreducing drive bays complete the package to give a tripleinnovation. JAMBOX, worlds first intelligent wireless speaker and speakerphone, comes toWith convenient Super-speed USB 3.0, USB 2.0, audio andeSATA ports on the top of the chassis, users can easily connect Courts Singaporeheadsets, cameras, cell phones, external hard drives and a February 21st, 2011wealth of other devices with ease. 4
  • 57. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCourts Singapore has introduced Jawbone’s JAMBOX, which automated telephone reminders, and one-on-one coaching toclaims to be worlds first intelligent wireless speaker and cut down on truancy. The program is similar to the onesspeakphone, to Singapore. being implemented in Baltimore and San Antonio. Basically, students with over four absence without valid excuse will beIt can deliver full spectrum audio, and quickly and easily put in this program.connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or anyother Bluetooth device. This allow users to seamlessly stream Every morning during schooldays, students will get anand share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls automated phone call reminder them that they need to get toanywhere wirelessly. school punctually. Each day, they will need to enter a code that tracks their locations - when they leave for school, arriveJAMBOX features two powerful acoustic drivers and ultra- at school, lunch hour, when they leave school and at 8pm. Asmall dome that can produce wide audio spectrum. And with coach will also be assigned to these students who will call theman innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight thrice a week to see their progress and help them find ways toenclosure, it aims to deliver shimmering highs and massive make sure they are punctual in schools.low frequencies. It can be updated with apps, software and newfeatures at Jawbone’s industry-first online platform, MyTALK. Luckily, this program is only available in some schools in US. Hopefully the schools here do not need to implement suchAudio alerts let you know battery life, caller ID, call functions system.and more. JAMBOX can also be personalised with voice andlanguage options. *image taken from comes in four designs: Blue Wave, Black Diamond,Grey Hex and Red Dot. The full JAMBOX line is availabletoday exclusively at Courts – Megastore, Orchard, Ang Mo Kio, ZTE tablet from China getsToa Payoh, Jurong Point and Causeway Point for S$328 (GST Android 3.0 treatmentincluded). February 21st, 2011Skipping class? Careful, yourschool can track youFebruary 21st, 2011 Of all the China-brand tablets that we have been covering for news updates, it would appear that ZTE is one of the few OEMs which have the potential to make a name for itself in both the domestic and the global arena. Apparently, the Chinese OEM has just churned out a new tablet that is said to follow the high- quality-at-low-cost trend most Chinese devices are known for.Most students have skipped class at least once during theirschool term. Not exactly an uncommon thing, but schoolsdo not tolerate such behaviour. With the advancementin technology, some education institutes these days haveimplemented a system making use of GPS to trackdown students who played truant. *image taken When it comes to purchasing a portable computing device such as a notebook, smartphone or tablet, most of us would only put our money with a reputable OEM, and for good reason. After all, devices belonging to be aforementioned categories are anything but cheap, and more importantly, the role they play in todays digital world means that the word downtime is usually not acceptable at any point of time. Still, it would seem that certain Chinese OEMs are starting to understand that there is a potential goldmine to be had out inAccording to online reports, Anaheim Union High School the global market instead of merely catering to the domesticDistrict in California has participated in a pilot program which market. And it would seem that ZTE is next in line to take theinvolves using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, 5
  • 58. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneglobal market by its horns by introducing a new low-cost tabletwhich it calls the V11. Will you name your son orAccording to Chinese gadget website, the ZTE V11is the latests in the companys line of high-performance, low- daughter after popular socialcost tablet PCs. Processing power is reportedly provided by network sites?an unidentified SoC which features a processor core clocked February 21st, 2011at 1.2GHz, while backing up the V11s multitasking andstorage capabilities are 512MB of memory and built-in storagecapacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB.In addition to the aforementioned specifications, Newpad also Finding a good name for your child isnt an easy task. Butclaims that the V11 comes equipped with dual cameras, while would you go to the extend of naming your son or daughterthe 10-inch touchscreen display sports a native resolution after popular social network sites? Well, one Egyptian manof 1280 x 800. Last but not least, the V11 will feature the did, and he named his daughter "Facebook".standard range of wireless connectivity functions such as WiFi,Bluetooth, GPS and support for 4G mobile data connectionsand will come preloaded with the latest version of the Androidoperating system, Honeycomb.However, it would appear that for a tablet touted to be ahigh-performance-low-price device, ZTE has not revealedhow much users can expect the V11 to be. However, we arequite certain that, given Chinese OEMs tendency to competeon price, the largest possible pricetag ZTE could attach to theV11 will still be orders of magnitudes below the size of those According to Al-Ahram, one of the popular newspapers incurrently found on competing products from the global, more Egypt, an Egyptian man has named his daughter "Facebook"established OEMs. Jamal Ibrahim, from the translation. He did so as a tribute to the social network site in organizing protests in Tahrir Square,IT SHOW 2011 Floorplans and verthrow Egyptian dictator Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak. "Facebook" has received many gifts from youthsFebruary 21st, 2011 who were overjoyed by her arrival.Level 4: While it isnt unusual for parents (mostly Asians and even Africans) to name their kids after memorable events, it is surely a first in this case to name after a popular social network website. Would you name your child Twitter or Myspace? Microsoft vs Google: Its a social affair February 21st, 2011Level 6: In the next round of the highly-anticipated battle between Microsoft and Google, it appears that both IT giants will be 6
  • 59. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonetaking the fight over to where it really counts: the social media of Facebook so tightly within the browser that users canfield. And with Google already having drawn first blood with essentially perform all their Facebook-ing from the comfort ofan update to its social search, what does Microsoft have up its the Bing Bar without having to move around tabs on Microsoftsleeves to take the thunder out of Googles...erm, Google? Internet Explorer. As IT website eWeek puts it, Bing Bar is almost like a miniaturized version of the RockMelt browser in toolbar form.Barely five days ago, Google made a little announcementregarding a slight tweak to its current search algorithms. Byall accounts, there were no major changes taking place overat the California search giants headquarters: all the company At first glance, it might appear that Googles Social Search anddid was to refine its search service a little by mixing. results Microsofts Bing Bar are offering the same feature: the abilityfrom its Social Search service into that of the standard Google to integrate social networking features into the conventionalsearch. browser. However, it is also clear that this is one of the few cases where Microsoft simply has the better offering forNeedless to say, Google wanted to make sure that the users: unlike Social Search which merely integrates socialcombined results did not end up confusing the user. But at the networking results into Google search, the Bing Bar takes thissame time, it did not want to fall back to its previous tactic notion one step further by putting the user in complete controlof having all social-related searches relegated to the bottom of Facebooks services from within the toolbar. For example,of the search page. The eventual decision was to display the Microsoft claims that users can receive Facebook feeds, alertsresults based on relevance, as shown in the images below. and even comment or Like any update from the comfort of the Bing Bar. Needless to say, this feature will be very useful to PC users who feel the need for Facebook-ing on the sly without having to open a new browser tab and getting called out on doing so during official working hours. However, that does leave one major question unanswered. With Googles Social Search integration all but soundly trounced by Microsofts Bing Bar, what does the search giant have in store in order to turn the tide around? Well, according to eWeek, speculation is rife that this latest step from Google is but a stepping stone to a much larger ecosystem known internally as Google +1, which will see even greater levels of integration between typical web content and social networking content. Of course, that sounds nice and all, but one should also keep in mind that Google +1 is only slated to come into existence later this year. And until the Californian search giant can roll out an actual working service that users from all geographic regions are able to use (Social Search integration is not available here yet), Microsofts Bing Bar will probably be the choice for the online social networker in all of us. That is, if you dont mind installing Windows on your Mac, since Bing Bar is an Internet Explorer-only add-on.But once again, one can always count on a little friendlyintervention from the likes of Microsoft to upstage Googlesshow with another formidable offering of its own. Enter thenew Microsoft Bing Bar, which integrates the functionality 7
  • 60. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone smartphones last year - SH-03C and 003SH - and are likely toSony Ericsson 7-inch 4G- retail in China this spring.capable tablet device spottedFebruary 21st, 2011Sony Ericsson has previously stated that it will not belaunching a Windows Phone 7 smartphone or tablet devicesanytime soon. However, it looks like the company may havea tablet device in the works, and one such prototype has beenspotted. The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C 3D-capable smartphones, which does not require 3D glasses, has already gone on the shelves in Japan since December. And it looks like the two models would be the first 3D smartphones to enter the China market around Q1 this year. The 3D technology works regardless of whether you are viewing in portrait or landscape orientation, and you can also switch between 2D and 3D. According to sources, the Nintendo 3DS that is scheduled to launch this month in Japan, is also using Sharps 3D technology, which makes use of the naked eye parallax 3D grid form, to achieve a true 3D experience. The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C will be preinstalled with the latest Android mobile operating system, though in Japan, theLast June, a top executive from Sony Ericsson has expressed 003SH is running Android 2.2 Froyo while SH-03C is usingthat the company will be focusing on smartphones although it Android 2.1 Eclair. Aside from displaying images in 3D, bothwill also not rule out the possibility of tablet devices. Ever since smartphones also have built-in 3D-capable cameras to captureApple has launched the iPad, various manufacturers have videos and images in 3D. Sharp has also unveiled various appsjumped onto the tablet bandwagon. But not Sony Ericsson such as one that can convert 2D pictures to 3D, and Chinesewho stated there wont be a Windows Phone 7 or tablet product this point in time.Recently, NieuweMobiel has exposed a Sony Ericssonprototype tablet. From the picture, it looks like the device isabout 7-inch and there is a LTE 4G logo on the bottom left ofthe display. The tablet also sports a 3-megapixel front camerawith three buttons below it, and the speakers are on both sidesof the screen. It may still be a prototype and probably wont belaunched anytime soon.It is also obvious that this Sony Ericsson tablet is different fromthe recently exposed S1 tablet. We are led to believe that it willrun Android OS.Sharp 3D Android phonescoming to China this spring Google releases new beta ofFebruary 21st, 2011 Chrome 10 with lightning-fast V8 engine February 21st, 2011LG isnt the only phone manufacturer to come up withsmartphones with 3D display which does not require 3Dglasses. Japanese maker, Sharp, has also launched two 3D 8
  • 61. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJust how fast does a browser have to be when it comes to In addition to Chrome 10s updated V8 engine sportinginterpreting JavaScript codes and commands from a web performance gains of up to 66% over the current stablepage? Well, it would seem that Googles answer to such release, Chan and Min claim that the beta build of Chrome 10a question will be never enough, especially if its Chrome features rudimentary support for GPU-accelerated video thatbrowser has got anything to do about it. How does a 66% speed is supposedly capable of reducing CPU loads by as much asincrease over a previous version of the browser sound like to 80%. However, no mention about the type of codec the newyou? browser would support was made, which leads us to assume that both Chan and Min had to be referring to either hardware- accelerated WebM or Flash video, since the search giant had made the decision to drop H.264 support from the source tree in order emphasize the importance of an Internet that does not rely on proprietary codecs. Last but not least, it would seem that Chrome 10 would receive a slight UI tweak which allows tech-savvy users to directly modify their browser settings by keying in a specific URL instead of navigating through a bunch of windows, as shown in the video below: Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) If that sounds good enough to warrant a test run on your own PC, feel free to head down to this page and hit up the download link to retrieve the beta build of the Chrome 10Googles Chrome might already be the fastest browser in the browser. Google has confirmed that all three major operatingworld on the desktop and notebook front, but one can be systems are supported in this particular beta release, so gettingsure that the team of developers working under the search a compatible binary for your OS of choice should not begiants payroll are not the kind to rest on their laurels. At an issue. That being said, the usual disclaimers about betaleast, not when the competition for browser market share is software applies: we are not responsible if your PC seizes upstarting to heat up with the advent of HTML5, especially with after installing Chrome 10 Beta.established powerhouses like Microsoft, Opera and Mozilla And dont worry about bugging Google if issues do crop up:keen to fight for a larger share of the pie with markedly this is the company that promised not to be evil, right?improved performance levels and support for both existingand new web standards.As usual, Google has once again attempted to test the grounds Mac OS X Lion to feature aand score a little headstart over the competition by releasing anew beta build of yet another version of the Chrome browser "Safe Deposit Box"? February 21st, 2011which it dubs Chrome 10. However, unlike the current versionof Chrome which was centered around delivering new featuressuch as webGL, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store,Chrome 10 is seemingly built around the premise of sheerperformance, with the updated V8 JavaScript engine takingcenterstage of the new beta release. Not much new features have been known to the public prior to the expected Summer release of Apples upcoming OS, Mac OSAccording to a blog posting made by Jeff Chang, Product X Lion. Besides Launchpad, Mac App Store, Mission ControlManager and Min Li Chan, Product Marketing Manager, the and full-screen enabled apps, what else is installed for us inupdated V8 engine is so fast the browser is now capable of Lion? According to reports, Apple has patented an application.rendering JavaScript as fast as a bunny. Obviously, the team Is that headed for Lion or beyond?was still in somewhat of a Lunar New Year mood when the postwas made, but the results more than speak for themselves. 9
  • 62. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSimply dubbed as "Safe Deposit Box", it is a new Mac OS Xfeature that might just appear in this summers release of MacOS X Lion. Apples patent is about a safe deposit box for securing important user files. In one aspect, when a user drags- and-drops a file representation onto a safe deposit box icon, the file is secured. In another aspect, when a user selects the safe deposit box icon and verifies his or her identity, the user could access secured files through a safe deposit box window.By simply dragging your vital documents into this all-new With tablets popping up all over the market like popcorn"Safe Deposit Box", files are automatically encrytped and kernels in a microwavable popcorn bag, it should probablystored in a hidden place. Original copies of the file will be come as little surprise that OEMs need to offer more than just asecurely wiped out and even copied into the cloud for backup pretty shell in order to capture the hearts of consumers. Not topurposes. mention that this is especially so when one takes into account One of the key attributes or selling points of Apples that the vast majority of tablets on the market today can only Safe Deposit Box Application or OS X feature is that offer a limited choice of operating systems for the consumer your digital valuables could be stored "off site" or to choose from. beyond the home computer to safeguard your digital And while HTC may have gained a huge deal of publicity valuables which could be something like a Will or with its upcoming HTC Flyer tablet, the fact remains that Living Will, agreements, life insurance policies, home consumers are still in the dark about certain details pertaining insurance policies, a simple home inventory list or to the device. Granted, everybody knows that the Flyer will video or perhaps something thats really valuable to come equipped with a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen, a most every iTunes fan: a copy of your iTunes Library. single-core Snapdragon SoC clocked at 1.5GHz and 32GB ofWell, theres no certainty that this will or will not appear in NAND flash memory, but HTC has yet to reveal just howthe next Mac OS. But this is surely something that Apple is badly the Flyer will hurt ones wallet when the tablet is finallysimplifying for Mac users. released for retail. And the good news is that consumers no longer have to wait for that information anymore.HTC reveals size of pricetagfor Flyer tabletFebruary 21st, 2011Remember how we once spoke about OEMs loving to teaseconsumers by intentionally revealing a lot of informationabout an upcoming product, only to withhold the most According to our sources, the HTC Flyer is expected to retailimportant parts in order to feed the hype machine? Well, for the handsome sum of US$669 (approx S$853), whichHTC is at it again: after talking about its plans for a tablet and makes it one of the more costlier tablets to enter the marketshowing off the HTC Flyer over at Mobile World Congress, in 2011. However, we should point out that the large pricetagthe Taiwanese smartphone OEM has finally spilled the beans was to be expected: after all, HTC had already confirmed in ourabout the elusive pricetag its Flyer will come attached with previous article that the Flyer is not going to be an affordablewhen the device is finally released for retail. tablet due to various features such as its design, processor and more importantly, the unique stylus which none of the competition has yet to offer. However, it appears that there might be some good news in store for consumers who are planning to get their hands on a new Flyer when it officially reaches our shores. After all, most tablets are usually sold at a discounted price as part of a data subscription bundle, so heres hoping that whichever telco that 10
  • 63. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemanages to secure distribution rights for the device will be ableto offer an attractive pricetag for the entire data bundle.Largest Apple retail store to Apple to adopt Light Peakopen in Shanghai? soon?February 21st, 2011 February 21st, 2011If you have been following closely on "Apple retail store" Various hardware vendors have already adopted USB 3.0related news, you would have heard about the largest Apple as the choice for the next-generation high speed connection.retail store to be located in Manhattans Grand Central Nowadays, USB 3.0 peripherals and computers have startedTerminal in the States. But now, it seems like Apple have set popping up but Apple has yet to adapt it? A report is nowtheir eyes on China instead to build the largest Apple store. pointing that Apple will adopt Light Peak instead of USB 3.0 for its products "in the near future". According to reports by CNet, Apple is set and expected to announce a "new high-speed connection technology" soon.According to an article reported by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is speculated to rebrand Intels Light Peak and usethe Mac makers is continuing its focus in the Far East and another name for it.plans to open the largest retail outlet in Shanghai. Apple is expected to adopt this Intel technology in the The company is planning to open a new store - its near future--but likely use a name other than Light biggest in China - on Shanghais famous Nanjing Peak, a source familiar with this aspect of Apples Road, an Apple spokeswoman has confirmed to plans said. Intel has said in the past that the first China Real Time after news of the plan appeared in products using Light Peak should appear in the first Thursdays Beijing Youth Daily. half of 2011. The newspaper reports (in Chinese) that Ron Johnson, While USB 3.0 is considered fast in todays pace, Light Peak is the companys senior vice-president of retail, said significantly faster. So why would Apple adopt USB 3.0 now if the company is now looking for bigger spaces to Light Peak is going to debut soon enough? accommodate the crowds that routinely pack its We are expecting Sandy Bridge processors to make an China Apple stores, which are visited by more than appearance in the upcoming MacBook Pros and reports point 40,000 people per day?four times the average traffic that there would be additional enhancements. Light Peak? in their American stores. Hmmmmm...If this comes to fruition, this would be Apples third inShanghai, with another two outlets located in Beijing. Bringinga grand total of five retail stores out of the target of 25retail stores spread across China by 2012. But Apple might beslowing the pace if it shift its focus on quantity to quality.Well, this is certainly not surprising if Apples China retailefforts ranks as the companys top performer worldwide interms of human traffic and product sales.Apple has opened its first Shanghai store last year in Pudongdistrict. A second Shanghai store will be opened in Hong KongPlaza in September this year. 11
  • 64. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGIGABYTE GA-X58A-OCOverclocking FeaturesPreviewFebruary 21st, 2011The folks at GIGABYTE have released a set of pictures The GA-X58A-OC motherboard has dual 8-pin CPU powershowcasing their upcoming Intel X58 Express chipset-based connectors for input up to 720A. A variety of Intersil poweroverclocking motherboard, the GA-X58A-OC. There are quite management ICs handles power delivery on the new board.a number of cool features on the board, so we shall take a quick PWM frequency can be adjusted to 300KHz, 600KHz andlook at them. Join us! 800KHz according to the information we have on hand.It appears that both GIGABYTE and us at share The processor voltage regulation module (VRM) is a 12-phasethe same thought: the Intel X58 Express platform is far dual power design supporting up to 600A output, while thefrom dead. During a period where Intels new Sandy Bridge Uncore portion is a 3-phase design, and the memory a 2-phase.seemingly rules the roost, the motherboard maker is about Surface mount POSCAP tantalum capacitors are used as theyto officially introduce its GA-X58A-OC motherboard, based are not only reliable, but save space as well. The low heighton the Intel X58 Express chipset and supporting Intel Socket clearance and added space means enthusiasts no longer needLGA 1366 processors. A decent Gulftown will have a Core to worry if their larger cooling solutions will be obstructed.i7-2600K for breakfast, lunch and dinner under the same In fact, on the GA-X58A-OC, GIGABYTE has completely doneextreme overclocking conditions, which is why the ageing away with the can-type solid capacitors.platform is still the fastest... at least till the end of this year. OC-Touch To make things a little more convenient for overclockers, the GA-X58A-OC has voltage measurement points for: • VCORE, • CPU PLL, • DDR, • DDR VTT, • QPI VTT, • QPI PLL, andGIGABYTE has released some photos of the new board and weshall take a quick look at its five main overclocking features: • IOH • OC-VRM, • OC-Touch, • OC-PEG, • OC-Cool, and • OC-Dual BIOS There is also a debug LED that will flash BIOS POST codes. Debug LEDs almost became extinct the past few years, before making a return starting with higher end Intel P67 ExpressOC-VRM motherboards. The red power switch is um, self-explanatory I guess... 12
  • 65. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 4G button will help newbies to reach 4GHz. Man, whata way to put it in the material! Anyway, this button will simplytell the motherboard to automatically overclock the processorto 4GHz on the next boot.Overclockers can then use the two sets of buttons to adjustCPU ratio (the set on the left) and BCLK (the set on the right)on-the-fly. The Gear button changes the adjustment step ofthe BCLK back and forth between 0.3MHz and 1MHz.Lenovo ThinkPad T420 withCore i5-2540M pictured in the This particular T420 appears to be a watered-down version,wild equipped with a dual-core Intel Core i5-2540M Processor which runs at a frequency of 2.6GHz. The native screenFebruary 21st, 2011 resolution on this unit also appears to be lower at 1366 x 768. The display is driven by the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 controller as there is no discrete graphics solution onboard. The laptop also sports an Intel 82567LM GbE PHY; this integrated solution has been used starting from the Intel Centrino 2 platform. Lastly, wireless is handled by a new IntelWith the launch of Intels dual-core Sandy Bridge mobile Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WLAN card.processors imminent, has already pictured aCore i5-2540M Processor touting Lenovo ThinkPad T420. TheT420 is the successor to the popular T410, although the newlaptop has not been introduced officially so far. RaidSonic Introduces IB-172SK-B 2-Bay HDD Mobile Rack February 21st, 2011The Lenovo ThinkPad T420 looks very much like its outgoingpredecessor, the T410. However, one noticeable difference isthe displays aspect ratio. Lenovo has dropped the 16:10 14-inch screen in favor of a more common 16:9 one.The fingerprint reader, originally beside the touchpad, hasbeen shifted down to the right corner. There are also minorfinishing differences such as the position of rubber bumpers. 13
  • 66. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone It is a trayless module with support for one 2.5" and 3.5" SATA II HDD/ SSD in a 5.25" bay, and features EasySwap (tool-free installations of any HDD/ SSD). The IB-172SK-B is ideal for users who require data mobility and transfers data amongst different HDDs/ SSDs regularly. Transcend Unveils Stylish JetFlash 560 USB Flash Drive February 21st, 2011 Transcend Information, Inc. has expanded its line-up of USB flash drives with the addition of the JetFlash 560. Measuring 45.2 x 23 x 8.5mm and weighing 7g, the classy flash drive features a retractable USB 2.0 connector and supports data transfer speeds up to 18Mb/s (read) and 10Mb/s (write). The JetFlash 560, covered by a limited lifetime warranty, is expected to cost about US$15 (4Gb), US$21 (8Gb), and US$41 (16Gb). TRANSCEND PRESS RELEASE Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced the launch of its new JetFlash 560 USB flash drive. The new JetFlash 560 features a simple yet exquisite design with easy- to-use retractable USB connector, offering a touch of urban sophistication as well as ultimate convenience. The JetFlash 560 is the newest member of Transcend’s JetFlash series that boasts an excellent combination of style 14
  • 67. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand performance. Its silver-tone metallic case is embellished Under the terms, Apple will take a 30 percent share of thewith a classic checkerboard pattern, which adds a chic urban revenue. In addition, a "most favored nation" clause states thattouch to an otherwise dull portable storage device. Thanks to subscription rates offered to iOS app users will have to matchits use of ultrasonic welding technology, the sleek and trendy rates offered through external channels.JetFlash 560 USB flash drive is rugged enough to withstand a This basically means that developers who want to tap onfew bumps and falls. Apples dominance over the tablet market and iTunes global reach will have to pay a high price and are forbidden from passing this extra cost over to the consumers. The Justice Department recently sued a Michigan health- insurance company, alleging that the company used similar clauses to block competitors. Apple is currently under preliminary investigations by the US Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, the EU (European Union) is also "closely monitoring the situation". The day after Apple announced the details of its in-app subscriptions, Google revealed a competing service called "One Pass" that will take just 10 percent of revenue. If this years Honeycomb lineup proves to be a hit, Apple might just live to regret offending its developers when they decide to offer their wares on Android instead.In addition to its eye-catching exterior design, the JetFlash560 also features a handy push-out USB connector. With asimple flick of the thumb, users can effortlessly extend andretract the connector for easy one-handed operation. Suchretractable design not only keeps dust and debris out of thedrive, but also ensures there is no cap to misplace or lose. Silicon Power AnnouncesThe entire JetFlash lineup is backed by Transcend`s Limited Velox V20 SSD SeriesLifetime Warranty. For added value, users can freely download February 21st, 2011and install the exclusive JetFlash Elite data management toolsfor better mobile productivity. With the aid of this software,users can easily turn the flash drive into a key to log on towebsite accounts, or temporarily lock a computer to preventunauthorized access. Taipei-based Silicon Power has unleashed the Velox V20Offered with three different storage capacities, the JetFlash series, its latest SSD offering based on the SandForce560 is now available for a suggested price of US$15 for the (SF-1xxx) controller. Measuring 100 x 69.85 x 9.4mm4GB model, US$21 for the 8GB model, and US$41 for the 16GB and weighing 70g, the 2.5" SSDs boast a SATA IIImodel. interface, MLC (multi-level cell) NAND flash memory, TRIM Command, AES-128 encryption, built-in ECC, “Wear- Leveling” technology, shock and vibration resistance, andApples iOS Subscription support data transfer speeds up to 285Mb/s (read) andPolicies Investigated 275Mb/s (write). The Velox V20 SSD Series, available in 40Gb, 60Gb, 120Gb and 240Gb capacities, are covered by a threeFebruary 21st, 2011 year warranty and bundled with a 3.5” adapter bracket. SILICON POWER PRESS RELEASEApple announced its iOS App Store subscription service on the15th of February. Almost immediately, there has been someviolent criticisms from developers regarding the terms of thenew service. 15
  • 68. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone accepted by millions of end-users in more than 100 countries, becomes the worlds leading manufacturer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers, DRAM modules, solid state disks, and portable hard drives in less than a decade. Headquartered in Taipei, we continuously established various branches throughout the world including Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Mainland China and other emerging market. With superior quality and innovative design, our products stood out in several competitions and awarded Taiwan Excellence and COMPUTEX Design & Innovation Award in 2009 and 2010. Winning trust of global consumers, Silicon Power holds a record of successive double-digit revenue growth for last seven years. For Silicon Power, the product we introduced is not only a digital storage device but also a real promise to create and preserve your most valuable memory in every moment.Taipei, Taiwan, February 15, 2011 ~ World leading flashmemory manufacturer Silicon Power today announces thenew Velox V20 series Solid State Drive (SSD). Instantly Enermax DeButs New Coolerboosting PC performances, it uses the latest SandForcecontroller, featuring a maximum read-speed of 285MB/s and and Fans at Cebit 2011 February 21st, 2011write-speed of 275MB/s so enthusiasts can sit back and enjoythe speedy transfer rates!Tremendous Write-Speed ImprovementSilicon Powers V20 SSD uses the latest SandForce controller,it boasts a continuous read / write speed up to 285MB/ 275MBper second, respectively. An actual test using a 40GB V20required only 13 seconds to boot into Windows and open up a Enermax is ready to introduce its new T.B.Silence fans andprogram. It is the perfect enterprise office PC storage solution high-end CPU cooler at Cebit 2011 in Hannover this March.or the ideal boot-up disk in any PC! In addition, V20 SSD alsosupports TRIM Command and Garbage Collection technologyto counter performance drop issues due to long period of useand continuous write actions.Significantly Extending LifespanUsing SandForce controllers patented DuraClass technology,it can extend the SSD lifespan up to 5 years! The DuraWritetechnology optimizes the to-be written data to a reserved7% flash memory storage block that acts as an intermediatestation before data are written with an amplification lessthan 1 to their final storage blocks. This vastly reduces theoccurrences of bad sectors and thus extending the lifespan. Enermax is ready to introduce its new T.B.Silence fans and high-end CPU cooler at Cebit 2011 in Hannover thisSilicon Power Whole New SSD series V20 Gives You the Best March. The new fans have a 4-pin connector that allows bothof Both Worlds automatic and manual speed control whilst the new cooler hasSilicon Powers V20 SSD comes with a 3-year warranty and three copper heatpipes and boasts a "Vortex Generator Flow"a 2.5inch to 3.5inch adapter bracket for you to install into a design. The cooler is equipped with two Twister fans to providedesktop PC to boost performances! high airflow at relatively low noise levels and will be available in six variants.*NOTE: Performances may vary due to platform differences News via [Softpedia]About Silicon PowerSilicon Power Computer & Communications Inc., foundedin 2003 by a group of enthusiastic specialists of flashdata storage industry. Well dedicated in brand image andproduct quality, Silicon Power has been recognized and well 16
  • 69. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneJetstar Airways to offer in-flight iPad rentalsFebruary 21st, 2011Perhaps the first of its kind around the world, AustraliasJetstar Airways is going to offer in-flight iPad rentals on everyaircraft in its fleet starting as early as April. And you canexperience all of the fun that Apples tablet can offer on-board According to the first report, Italian rumour site iSpazio claimsfor a mere AUD$10. that it has recieved notification from an Apple employee that Apple is preparing to release five new MacBook Pro models. In specific, the model numbers are MC720, MC721, MC723, MC724, and MC725. These five models will span across all three current MacBook Pro sizes of 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17- inch. Currently, Apple offers six standard configurations of the MacBook Pro. It seems likely that Apple will drop a standard configuration from one of the 15-inch models if they were to ever drop to offer five models. Another Italian site, Slide to Mac, reports that Apples new models of MacBook Pro will arrive either on Thursday or Friday next week, and that the update is not merely just a spec bump of the existing offerings.Back in June 2010, Qantas Airways low-cost airline Jetstar Apple Bitch, on the other hands, reports on the tighteninghas been trialing the concept of in-flight rentals of Apples of supplies of MacBook Pro over the last month and it hasiPad. Pre-loaded with movies, music, magazines, books, and affected Apples own retail distribution points around, the rental program was suppose to launch at the end Apparently websites for Apple Stores in several Asianof last year, just in time for the holiday season. But due to countries have been updated today to reflect longercontract negotiations and pending licensing agreements with shipping times for the MacBook Pro. For example, theApple, they werent able to get it ready in time. Malaysian Apple Store updated its website today toWith some airlines already offering integration between iPods show that shipping times for the 13 inch MacBookand in-flight entertainment systems and iPads being used as Pro have slipped from 24 hours to 1-5 days. This iselectronic flight bags for pilots, you can say that the sky isnt also reflected in other countries such as Hong Kong,the limit for Apple. Vietnam and Taiwan. It is interesting to note that even though neighbouring countries reflect a delay in shipping date for any MacBook Pro, Singapore still shows "Today" for shipping.Five new MacBook Pro modelsto arrive next week?February 21st, 2011 NYTimes: "Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone" February 21st, 2011A new series of claims have surfaced and continues to pointto tightening supplies of the current-generation MacBook Proline. The latest rumour is that the upcoming refresh of ApplesMacBook Pro line could arrive as early as late next week. 17
  • 70. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneContrary to reports published by Bloomberg and The WallStreet Journal, The New York Times published a report that Apple iPhone 4 awarded "Bestclaims that Apple is not planning to launch a smaller iPhone. Mobile Device" at MWCHowever, they did report that Apple is planning on launching February 21st, 2011a cheaper iPhone. You can say that the Mobile World Congress isnt one of Apples territory; arguably more of an Android-centric affair this year. But despite the lack of appearance of the iPhone makers, the company was awarded the award "Best Mobile Device" for the iPhone 4. According to the judges of the panel, the iPhone 4 has a "great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers. In a tight race, the iPhone 4 built on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smart phones.” However, despite creating the "Best Mobile Device", Apple still lost to HTC as they were awarded "Device ManufacturerIn a conflicting report to the other various published reports, of the Year." What mounts up to HTCs win includes "greatThe New York Times has confirmed via their sources that communication and good customer service" admist "a strongApple is indeed not working on a smaller version of the iPhone portfolio of devices across many platforms."(or N97, iPhone Nano) as well as integrating voice commands. Check out other awards here. But contrary to published reports, Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone, according to people briefed on Apples plans who requested anonymity because the plans are confidential.That said, the next-generation iPhone is "likely to be similarin size" to the current iPhone. Which make sense as The Daily VR-Zone Newsincorporating a smaller screen would require app developersto rewrite their Apps to fit to the new resolution. Summary - 18 Feb 2011 February 21st, 2011The New York Times piece, however, did conform to some ofthe details spelled out by The Wall Street Journals report. Inspecific, Apple is working on improving its voice commandsystem to allow easier navigation with the iPhone In todays news roundup: The Wintel dominance appears Apple is also working on changing some of the internal to be on extremely shaky ground now that tablets are fastcomponents to reduce costs to possibly sell versions of the replacing traditional PCs and netbooks as the preferrediPhone at a cheaper price. computing platform; TSMC is reportedly taking action to "Although the innards of the phone, including memory further ramp up wafer production capabilities at its fabrication size or camera quality, could change to offer a less plants to meet the growing demand; Sony launches a new expensive model, the size of the device would not premium line of OLED television sets, and... ... starts cracking vary," said the person, who has worked on multiple down on users who have jailbroken their PlayStation 3 versions of the device. consoles by landing the banhammer on the first group ofReports on MobileMe seems to be on par with the others, citing offendersthat MobileMe will be available for free and allow users to Hardware News:wirelessly access their photos and other media files online. Kingston DT Ultimate 3.0 32GB Review - XSReviews Description: Kingston have long been known for producing high quality memory products, from laptop/desktop memory to flash drives and SSDs. What we have today falls into 18
  • 71. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe flash drive category. Its a 32GB USB 3.0 version of the what I did, my kids were young and they didn’t care too muchDataTraveler series, the DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0. Available about TV, but as they got older they needed more, and honestlyin 16, 32 and 64GB versions and boasting some pretty quick I missed it. I tried a few different antennas with mixed speeds it certainly looks impressive but how does Today for review I’ve got an over the antenna that can be usedit really do? Lets take a look. indoors and outdoors, it’s small and from what I’ve learned it works well.Inno3D GTX570 1.25GB Review @ VortezDescription: The GTX570 appears to be an amalgamation of Sony launches 25-inch OLED TVseveral graphics cards in one on first impressions. Firstly, it Description: Sony has announced its new Trimaster ELfeatures the tweaked GF110 core found in the GTX580. Like series of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitorsthe GTX480, it has one stream multiprocessor disabled for a for professional applications, such as video production ortotal of 480 CUDA cores and 60 texture units. And lastly, it broadcasting rooms. What is interesting about the newsports the same memory bus and memory/ROP count of the monitors is that the top model, the Trimaster BVME 250, hasGTX470, the latter feature being intrinsically to the memory. a nearly 25-inch panel - 24 5/8 inches, to be precise, or, in metric terms, 623.4 mm. This makes it the biggest OLED panelNow is the Wintel of Intel’s discontent currently in production. In addition, the newest twins alsoDescription: Netbooks are just so passé nowadays, don’t you offer 1920x1080 pixel formats, or full HD resolution.think? Every vendor in the world has decided that after thesuccess of the Apple iPad, they’ve just got to have a tablet. Google Search Finally Going Fully Social With Shared Twitter Links And Even Quora DataLian Li PC-V354 Review @ ocaholic Description: At least a couple times a week we get tipped aboutDescription: With the PC-V354 Lian Li has a m-ATX case in Google testing a new “social search” feature. The truth is thatits portfolio which should offer a lot of space for hardware for the “social circle” results that everyone is pointing to havesuch a compact enclosure. Especially regarding the hard drives been in place since 2009. But Google clearly didn’t think tooLian Li seems to have made its homework. Of course, like with much of them and shoved them all the way down at the bottomall Lian Li cases the timeless design alone would be reason of the results page. I’m not sure I’ve ever clicked on a linkenough to wirte an entire review. served up there. But this social aspect is about to get a lot moreSilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply Review @ interesting starting today.OCIA.netDescription: The 750W Strider Gold has many of the same Some Nokia N8 and C7 phones have defective AMOLED screens?specifications as the 750W Strider Plus (Silver) such as a 750W Description: It seems that some Nokia N8 and C7 AMOLEDcontinuous rating at 40°C, all modular cables, single +12V rail, displays are defective. The most common complaint (there are19dBA 135mm variable speed fan, 2200uF capacitors on the several actually) is that the screen has a purple tint in darkerPCI-E cables and all the same protection features. How the areas. Its not clear yet whether this is a software or a hardware750W Strider Gold differs from the 750W Strider Plus, aside issue. It is speculated that Nokia uses two kinds of displays -from the name, is primarily in its greater efficiency. although its unlikely as all AMOLEDs are made by Samsung.Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000 Watt Modular Power Smartphone Buying Guide: First Half of 2011Supply Review Description: To help you navigate through the sea of newDescription: Cooler Master already showed in our previous smartphones getting released week in and week out weve putreviews, that they manufacture excellent power supply units together a selection with what we consider are the hottestand their Silent Pro Gold 1000W power supply underlines devices out there. They are listed alongside their respectivethis impressively. The results are so impressive, that the specs, price, and features from newest to oldest. Many devicesCooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W received the listed here are not yet available but will be in a relativelyOverClocking Dream 02/2011 award. In the review we short timespan. We hope this will help you narrow down yourwill examine, among other things, how high the current purchase, and as usual your feedback is always welcome.consumption is with this enormously high power of 1KW andif it is worth to buy such a PSU. Cooler Master Storm Spawn: The Red-Black Fury @ InsideHWTSMC to ramp capacity at Fab 14, hire new staff Description: As evident from the title, Cooler Master’sDescription: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Storm Spawn comes in a combination of red and black(TSMC) is currently equipping 12-inch tools at its Fab 14, colour. The scroll wheel and all buttons are matted black;Phase 4 facility located at the Southern Taiwan Science according to Cooler Master, Omron microswitches were usedPark (STSP). Designed monthly capacity is 40,000 wafers, to manufacture these, which guarantees at least five millionaccording to the company. clicks - a mind-boggling piece of information, sufficient onConsumer Electronics and Software News: its own to make you want to buy this mouse. The rest of thePI Manufacturing Digital Indoor, Outdoor ATSC Antenna @ mouse’s upper body is coloured glossy red, which really has anTestFreaks effect on the overall visual impact…Description: One of the great things about society is free stuff, Koribo Mini Keyboard @ TestFreaksall of the free stuff that’s out there for anyone to have anytime Description: Keyboards are an integral part of our life and theythey want. One of the great free things is TV, it’s just out there come in many shapes and sizes and some have specializedfor anyone to grab right out of the air. For many years that’s uses. A little bit ago I was contacted by a new company and 19
  • 72. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethey asked me to review a few of their products, specifically of Japanese capacitors, enthusiast-grade performance, and awireless keyboards. Today for review I have a small and unique comprehensive fixed cable set that accomodates tall PC chassislittle keyboard from Koribo just called the Mini. It very much and multiple-GPU installations.reminds me of a gamepad, it has a full keyboard, many specialkeys, a joystick for controlling the cursor and a touch sensitiveslider for scrolling. It uses two AA batteries that are supposed “For years, the Enthusiast Series TX PSUs have been a favoriteto give you about three months of use. This little keyboard is of gamers, high-performance PC enthusiasts, and anybodyperfect for an HTPC setup surely or just anytime you might who requires reliable, low-noise power delivery,” said Rubenneed a little wireless keyboard. Mookerjee, VP and General Manager for Components at Corsair. “The new TX V2 power supplies are quieter and evenGaming News: more energy efficient, while providing the same legendaryValkyria Chronicles 3 To Come With Extra Episodes reliability, flexibility, and value that customers have lovedDescription: DLC missions and episodes are heading towards about the original TX PSUs.”Valkyria Chronicles 3 as Sega plans to release them online.Extra episodes cost 600 yen while missions are just 200 yen.Episode one “The Restless” comes out on February 24, which Corsair Enthusiast Series TX V2 power supplies are nowfollows the squad leader of “Nameless”. Sega plans to release available from Corsair-authorized retailers in the Americasthe extra mission a week later on March 3. and Europe, and will be available in Asia in March. The TX850PS3 hacker bans begin V2 is available for a US suggested retail price of $139 USD.Description: Sony is apparently already dropping the The TX750 V2 is available for $119 USD, and the TX650 V2banhammer on PS3 jailbreakers and pirates in Europe and the is available for $99 USD. For more information on CorsairUS. Enthusiast Series PSUs, please visit the Corsair website.Corsair Launches Enthusiast Hands on with Asus Eee PadsSeries TX V2 PSU at MWCFebruary 21st, 2011 February 21st, 2011Corsair has announced the Enthusiast Series TX V2 PSUs, We got a chance to spend a few minutes playing around withtargeting gamers and enthusiasts. Available in 650W, 750W a couple of prototypes of Asus Eee Pads at the Mobile Worldand 850W capacities, the non-modular 80 PLUS Bronze Congress and although it was clear that these models werecertified PSUs boast a single 12V rail, Japanese capacitors, far from production ready units, Asus will have somethingactive PFC, an updated DC-to-DC converter design (for tighter on offer that none of its competitors currently has. The bigvoltage regulation), and are equipped with a 140mm double selling point of both the Eee Pad Transformer and the Eeeball-bearing fan for cooling. The Enthusiast Series TX V2 Pad Slider is the fact that they have near full size QWERTYPSUs, covered by a five year warranty, are expected to ship at keyboards which makes them productivity devices and not justprices of US$99 (TX650 V2), US$119 (TX750 V2) and US consumption devices.$139 (TX850 V2).Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high- We got a chance to spend a few minutes playing around withperformance components to the PC gaming hardware market, a couple of prototypes of Asus Eee Pads at the Mobile Worldtoday announced the Enthusiast Series TX V2 power supplies. Congress and although it was clear that these models wereThe Enthusiast Series TX V2 is the successor to the award- far from production ready units, Asus will have somethingwinning Enthusiast Series TX power supplies, which have on offer that none of its competitors currently has. The bigwon dozens of awards worldwide and received widespread selling point of both the Eee Pad Transformer and the Eeecritical and customer acclaim. The TX V2 PSUs offer Pad Slider is the fact that they have near full size QWERTYimproved energy efficiency, with 80 PLUS Bronze certification keyboards which makes them productivity devices and not justand European Commission Energy-Related Product (ErP) consumption devices.directive compliance. In as much as we dont believe that Android will replace full- fat OSes any day soon, being able to use a tablet for properThe improved efficiency results in lower noise levels than typing without having to carry a Bluetooth keyboard aroundthe original TX PSUs under typical usage conditions, and with you is a boon to us. That said, in the case of the Eee Pada new DC-to-DC converter design provides tighter voltage Transformer, you can of course decide to leave the keyboardregulation, with measurably lower ripple and noise. Features at home and just take the tablet part with you. The obviouscarried over from the acclaimed TX PSUs include the use advantage here is that Asus offers a battery pack that fits inside 20
  • 73. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe keyboard half and which we were told will extend thebattery life to about 15h. Sharkoon Releases DriveLink USB 3.0 February 21st, 2011 Sharkoon has announced the DriveLink USB 3.0, a nifty contraption designed to connect any SATA devices to your PC via an USB 3.0 interface.The Eee Pad Transformer also has the largest keyboard of thetwo and wed say its on par with the best netbooks out there,even in this early hardware state and hopefully Asus will beable to further improve upon it. As for the hardware, well, wedont have a ton of details to add to whats already known,but both the Eee Pad Transformer and Slider are powered byNvidias Tegra 250 SoC. Asus own UI on top of Android willbe used on all of the models and Asus said that it will be usingthe same UI on future Android smartphones as well.Sadly the two Eee Pad Slider units on the show that we sawwere not fully operational as the first one wouldnt switch onand the second one seemed to have a broken touch screen, so Sharkoon has announced the DriveLink USB 3.0, a niftyit was impossible to unlock the screen. That said, the keyboard contraption designed to connect any SATA devices to your PCsliding mechanism might be a concern here as well, at least via an USB 3.0 its current state as it was near enough impossible to openthe keyboard on one of the units. The keyboard itself is smallerthan on the Eee Pad Transformer, but still perfectly usable.The third and final Android tablet is the Eee Pad MeMO, butsadly Asus didnt have a working unit on display. This is alsothe model that is expected to launch last of the three models.The Eee Pad Transformer is expected to arrive sometime inApril with the Eee Pad Slider set to follow in May. For thosethat cant wait until then, Asus should be unveiling its 12-inchvEee Slate EP121 with a ULV Core i3 processor within the nextmonth or so, although this is a Windows 7 tablet/notebookrather than a low power ARM based Android tablet. 21
  • 74. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMeasuring 58 x 56 x 21mm and weighing 54g, the compactadapter is powered by a 12V adapter, supports all 5.25"/ 3.5"/2.5" SATA HDD/ SSD (up to 2TB) and optical drives. It also Other features of the handset includes a 9.6Megapixel CCDhas a OTB (one-touch-backup) button for easy data backup camera that also records HD video, a “mobile wallet” orand a status/ transfer LED. The DriveLink USB 3.0 can be in other words an NFC sensor that allows for payments bypurchased from authorised resellers in Europe at a MSRP of touching your phone on a payment terminal, a one-seg TV-€21. tuner (a solution unique to Japan) and interestingly enough even an infrared transmitter, something we thought was aNews via [Guru3D] dead technology by not as far as data transfers were concerned, but apparently not in Japan.NTT Docomo shows off 3D Some other peculiar handsets that were on display includedisplay Android phone at MWC these cookie and chocolate bar flip phones, also from Sharp and oddly named the Q-pot. Feature wise theyre nothingFebruary 21st, 2011 really special apart from the high resolution 854x480 pixel 3.2-inch displays they sport and the fact that theyre water proof.Japanese NTT Docomo was demoing some of its rather uniquephones at the Mobile World Congress and one of the moreinteresting devices that was on display was the Sharp Lynx3D SH-03C which features a 3.8-inch 800x480 pixel glassesfree 3D display. This Android handset is exclusive to NTT Next we have a Lumix model from Panasonic which sports aDocomo and was developed specifically for the operator by 13.2Megapixel CMOS camera with a 27mm wide angle lensSharp, one of many partners that develop unique phones for and an F2.8 aperture, which is pretty impressive for a phoneNTT Docomo. camera. It too has an 854x480 resolution screen, although a tiny fraction larger at 3.3-inches this time around.Japanese NTT Docomo was demoing some of its rather uniquephones at the Mobile World Congress and one of the moreinteresting devices that was on display was the Sharp Lynx3D SH-03C which features a 3.8-inch 800x480 pixel glassesfree 3D display. This Android handset is exclusive to NTTDocomo and was developed specifically for the operator bySharp, one of many partners that develop unique phones forNTT Docomo.Normally wed say 3D screens are just gimmicky, but theone of the Lynx looked pretty decent, although sadly it wasimpossible to recreate the depth of view that the screen offeredin our pictures of the handset. That said, this is one of the mostpromising 3D screen handsets weve seen to date and the twodemos that were running clearly benefited to a degree from the The fourth and final model is from Toshiba and its yet another3D screen. Its unlikely that 3D displays will take off any time Android powered smartphone, although this one featuressoon, as the displays still suffer from limited viewing angles Toshibas Regza TV technology for the screen and it evenand bright light doesnt seem to help with the 3D effect either. comes with a desktop dock so you can show off th 4-inch 854x480 screen to your friends. Interestingly this handset is also water proof and it was demoed by having water running over a unit inside a small box at the booth. The screen did look very sharp; although were not sure its the best phone screen weve ever seen. 22
  • 75. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Prolimatech, the master of cooling is going a step further after the success of the Prolimatech Megahalems by presenting another revolution in CPU cooling with the Prolimatech Genesis. Besides the immaculate quality - which is present across their entire product line-up - the Genesis sets new standards in cooling capability. Prolimatech continues the trend set forth by the Megahalems and Super Mega by utilizing two separate towers, but instead of placing them next to each other, they have been rearranged for maximum performance. The large array of cooling fins can hold up to three 120 or 140 mm fans, two of which can be installed right out of the box with the included mounting materials. Besides keeping the CPUA representative for NTT Docomo we talked to said that cool, the construction allows for direct air flow across criticalPanasonic is looking at launching phones outside of Japan areas like the memory and power phases of the system.later this year, although as to what models we can expectis anyones guess. The Japanese handset makers have beenpredominantly sticking to their home market in recent yearswith the exception of Sony Ericsson. However, by the soundof things, this might slowly be changing, but the question is iftheres enough space in the market for someone like Panasonicunless they offer something truly unique in the market.Prolimatech Rolls Out GenesisCPU-CoolerFebruary 21st, 2011Taipei based cooling specialist, Prolimatech, is preparing toshowcase the Genesis - its latest high-end CPU cooler, atCeBIT 2011. Measuring 146 X 216.5 X 160mm and weighing800g, the massive cooler boasts six 6mm heatpipes, twoaluminum heatsinks, and supports up to three 140mm/120mm spinners. Its low height and two heatsinks allow "highclearance for better motherboard compatibility" and coolingfor both MOSFET and RAM. The Genesis, compatible withall Intel LGA 775/ 1366/ 1156/ 1155 and AMD AM2/ 2+/ 3processors, cost €59.90 and comes bundled with a tube of PK-1thermal compound.PROLIMATECH PRESS RELEASE Due to the innovative construction, Prolimatech manages to raise the bar and cool down the CPU even more. Adding to the excellent performance, Prolimatech has included additional black mounting screws to add further contact pressure, which translates into even lower operational temperatures. The use of these screws is intended for experienced users, which aim 23
  • 76. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto get the most out of the cooling solution, as the pressuresurpasses the Intel specifications. Overclockers will be happy Shuttle Unveils Sandy Bridge-to hear that Prolimatech continues the trend and allows for based Mini-PCscomplete choice of fans, as none are supplied with the cooler. February 21st, 2011This enables every user, regardless of their preferences orneeds, to select the right models to equip the Genesis. Evenwhen only using a single 120 or 140 mm fan, the Genesismanages to cool the CPU and keep the noise level at aminimum. To make the selection as easy as possible, Casekingoffers various Genesis bundles with specific fans and setpricing. Shuttle has released the XPC Barebone SH67H3 and SH67H7, supporting Intels new 32 nm-technology processors (Intels second-generation Core processor). They feature a H67 motherboard, offering four DDR3 memory slots (up to 16Gb RAM), one 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays, one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (for graphic accelerator), one PCIe 2.0 x1 (for expansion cards), four SATA II/ III connectors, four USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, a mini-PCIe port, DVI and HDMI outputs, and a 300W PSU. SHUTTLE PRESS RELEASE Shuttle Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of multi- form-factor solutions such as the world-famous XPC Mini-The Prolimatech Genesis also features broad compatibility as PC Barebones, showcases two models for Intels new 32 nm-it ships with an AMD mounting kit intended for all modern technology processor generation (code name: Sandy Bridge)sockets like AM2, AM2+ and AM3. Intel users will also be able at CeBIT mount the cooler with the included kit for Socket 775, 1155,1156 and 1366. To enable the most efficient transfer of heat Shuttle, as the Mini-PC pioneer, is set to launch the XPCbetween the CPU and Genesis cooler, Prolimatech supplies Barebone SH67H3 and SH67H7 at the end of March 2011.their high-performance PK-1 thermal paste, while a sturdy Both are based on the Intel H67 Express chipset and boastbackplate guarantees a stable hold, taking the strain off the extremely impressive technical features to support all Intelmainboard and socket. Core 2nd generation i3, i5 and i7 processors with LGA1155.The Prolimatech Genesis CPU cooler will be available from There are four DIMM slots that enable DDR3 memory supportMarch 4th 2011 for59.90 Euro at and with a maximum capacity of 16 available for pre-order immediately. Additional bundlesconsisting of the Genesis and two 120 or 140 mm fans start at64.90 Euro. An list of coolers can be viewed on here. A videopresentation of the Prolimatech Genesis is also available 24
  • 77. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The SH67H3 and SH67H7 are available through major retailers and e-tailers at MSRPs of €239 and €251 respectively come end March. EKL Debuts Alpenfohn Peter high-end VGA cooler at CeBIT 2011 February 21st, 2011 German based EKL will be introducing its Alpenföhn Peter high-performance VGA cooler at CeBIT 2011 this coming March.Furthermore, these Mini-PCs are able to accommodate two3.5" drives and one 5.35" drive with the motherboard offering2x SATA 6 Gbit/s and 2x SATA 3 Gbit/s. Additional drives canbe connected externally via eSATA or via an array of USB ports.On the front and rear of the SH67H3 and SH67H7 modelsthere are for the first time 4x USB 3.0 and 4x USB 2.0 ports aswell as 2x eSATA/USB combo ports. A Gigabit-LAN interfaceis also provided for fast network access and data transfer.All second-generation Intel Core processors have a built-in graphics function. At the rear of both SH67 models aretwo digital monitor outputs. With both HDMI and DVI-I connections, the user can run two monitors and enjoyseamless playback of HD content. The Mini-PCs deliver audiosignals via S/PDIF or HDMI.Additional graphics performance is provided by the PCI-Express 2.0 x16 port which is compatible with the latest dual-slot graphics cards. If a single-slot graphics card is used, onePCI-Express 2.0 x1 port is then available for expansion cards.The third expansion option is the Mini-PCIe port, which canbe used for various applications, e.g. a WLAN module.A 300 W, 80-PLUS-certified power supply unit ensures thecompact PC is able to deliver high performance. The overallsystem is cooled by means of a heatpipe with a large speed-regulated fan. 25
  • 78. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone tablet will sport the PlayStation branding that gamers have come to know and love.Featuring six copper heatpipes and 91 aluminum fins, thenickel plated behemoth is able to support two 140mm (orfour 120mm) fans through a "PCI bracket with a rail fasteningsystem". The Alpenföhn Peter is compatible with all RadeonX1600, X1900, HD 2600, HD 3000, HD 4800, HD 5600, HD5700, HD 6800 series and Nvidia 6600, 7, 8, 9600, 9800, 200,GTX 470, GTX 480 and GTX 580 graphic cards. Very few details about the upcoming PlayStation-branded tablet have been revealed, but what we do know is that theSony reportedly "earnest" in tablet is currently known by its codename of S1 from within Sony, and that the company in intending to outsource thepreparing a PlayStation tablet devices production to Quanta Computer.PC...with Android, of course In addition, the information that we have managed to gatherFebruary 21st, 2011 seems to indicate that the device will sport the Android Honeycomb operating system which Google claims has been specially optimized for larger-than-smartphone displays, while the hardware consists of NVIDIAs Tegra 2 system-on- a-chip, a 9.4-inch display and dual cameras. And of course, the PlayStation branding means that the tablet will be fully capable of playing games released for the new PlayStationHow does the idea of being able to game away on your favourite Suite titles for the Sony PlayStation console from the luxury of Last but definitely not least, it seems that Sony does nota tablet PC sound like? Well, dont be surprised, but that day intend to compete on price with the tablet: it will reportedly bemight actually come a lot sooner than youd expect. According released for retail in September this year for US$ various sources, it appears that the Japanese electronicsgiant is well under way in its plans to bring out a new tablet PCfor consumers that will do more than just enjoy the standard Google woos Delicious usersmedia content supported by most competing devices today. February 21st, 2011The PlayStation might be Sonys bundle of joy when it comesto video game consoles, but it seems that the Japaneseelectronics giant is starting to see that there are many ways in Following rumors that Yahoo is trying to offload its popularwhich the PlayStation brand might be able to prove beneficial social bookmarking service, Delicious, many opportunisticfor its line of consumer electronic devices. After all, the parties have taken advantage of the chaos and come up withrecent scenario of Sony managing to generate a large deal of their own Delicious boomark importers. Google has joined inhype over the supposed PlayStation Phone without having the fray in a bid to market its own Google bookmarks as a safeto do anything should be a testament as to how powerful the haven. Read On.PlayStation brand really is.However, it would seem that the Japanese electronics giant isnot about to stand still, especially when it has the infamousdistinction of being one of the few big-name OEMs that hasyet to hop onto the current tablet PC bandwagon. The goodnews though, is that reports from various sources seem toindicate that Sony intends to remedy that situation with anew multimedia tablet that can reportedly do more than justconnect to the Internet and watch movies. And yes, that same 26
  • 79. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneA few months earlier, Yahoo sent their users scramblingto save their precious collection of bookmarks when a No iTunes? No problem: newleaked slide classified Delicious, a social bookmarking site, as music service offering for"Sunsetting". This probably means "selling" in Yahoo-speak,users take that literally as closing down. Android supposedly in theWhile there have been many bookmark migration works for Honeycombofferings from users, Google has stepped in with its Delicious February 21st, 2011bookmark migration tool. The search engine giant hopes tomake the switch easier for users and boost its user base withits Google Bookmarks.Meantime, Yahoo has been unable to find a buyer for itsDelicious site while Google attempts to steal a few bites fromthe cookie. Mmm, delicious. Think that a new user interface and built-in support for devices with larger display sizes are the only draws that Honeycomb has to offer for the Android lovers out there? Well, it seemsMonster launches Turbine that Google has got one more ace up its sleeve in ensuring thatPearl professional In-Ear the latest version of its mobile operating system has got what it takes to go toe-to-toe against the likes of iOS. How does anspeakers iTunes-esque music service for Android sound like to you?February 21st, 2011Monster has announced the new Turbine Pearl professionalIn-Ear speakers designed for serious audiophile and audioprofessionals. The Monster Turbine Pearl is available now.Monster has launched its new Turbine Pearl In-Earspeakers in Singapore. The Turbine Pearl claims to deliversuperb quality sound to meet the demands of todays musicprofessionals and audiophile listeners. Well, that sure took Google long enough. Apparently, in its quest to wrestle market share over from the likes of iOS, RIM, Symbian and Windows Mobile, the search giant has placedAlong with Turbine Pearl, the company has also introduced its too much focus into improving the usability of its Androidnew high performance "SuperTip" eartips that offer superior operating system and neglecting a key aspect about suchnoise isolation, while improving the overall performance by mobile platform: music. Thats right: while Windows Phonepreventing sound leakage. The SuperTip eartips are being 7, Symbian and iOS users get services such as Zune, Ovi andoffered with the Turbine Pearl in two sizes - small and large. iTunes to play with, it would seem odd that Google is the onlyFor those who love the traditional Monster eartips, three sizes odd player in the group that still does not have its own musicare also included, along with traditional foam tips, and two sets service for users to sync and purchase audio tracks from.of triple-layered eartips for perfect fit. Fortunately, it appears that someone in Google had finally noticed the absence of such a service from the Android ecosystem and taken action to silently plug up the hole in Googles offering of online services. And of course, all it neededThe Turbine Pearl comes bundled with an attractive, super soft was a simple slip of the tongue from Motorolas CEO to revealsewn pouch and a matching clip pouch to house the eartips. the fact that Google does indeed have a music service plannedMonster offers a one-time Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - for a certain future build of Android that a certain tablet willeven if users break the headphones themselves. be making use of. Speaking at this years Mobile World Conference held at Barcelona, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha all but gave away theMonster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers will be available at secret when he talked about the services that the upcomingHarvey Norman, i Studio, and all Stereo Electronics outlets, Motorola Xoom tablet will be able to offer consumers.and retails at S$339. "If you look at Google Mobile services [via Android] today, theres a video service, theres a music service – that is, there will be a music service." 27
  • 80. February 21st, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAccording to Jha, Googles music service for Android will beoperating system-dependant, although he did mention thatthe version of Android Honeycomb that will be pre-installedinto the Motorola Xoom will come with support for the newservice.This would suggest that the new Google Music serviceis likely to form an integral part of the default Honeycomb userexperience when the new operating system is finally releasedfor public consumption.Unfortunately, this also leaves a key question aboutbackward compatibility about the new Google Music serviceunanswered. While it is no doubt good news that Honeycombmight come bundled with the means to access the new musicservice, one must not forget that there are countless otherAndroid-powered devices in the market today that are stillrunning off older versions of the mobile operating system.And if the operating sytem-dependant part of the servicemeans that older Android builds will never have access toGoogles upcoming online music service...well, lets just saythat Googles PR team might want to start preparing itself fora very eventful year ahead when Honeycomb launches. 28
  • 81. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! OCZ RevoDrive and Vertex 2 120GB SSD Review @ VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication Overclockers Australia covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Description: Today we have the opportunity to benchmark a pair of mainstream SSDs from OCZs Vertex 2 and RevoDrive ranges. These are separate products and quite differentThe Daily VR-Zone News implementations of the SSD concept, but were going toSummary - 23 Feb 2011 examine them both in this article. So, lets see what each variant has to offer!Source: Corsair Hydro Series H70 CPU Cooler reviewFebruary 23rd, 2011 Description: In comparison to the previous Hydro H50, the H70 has cut its pump/waterblock height in half, measuring now only 30mm. However it has boosted heat dissipation with a 48mm-thick radiator, double the previous model, and the addition of a second fan. It still maintains a black finish andIn todays news roundup: Enthusiasts ponder ways on how features proprietary hoses that virtually eliminate evaporationone might be able to build the cheapest possible PC based of water, and due to the decrease in hose length and pumpoff Intels new Sandy Bridge platform; OCZs RevoDrive amd height, it now includes rotating connectors on the pump sideVertex 2 SSDs get reviewed; Angry Birds officially crashes to help with varied mounting positions.into Windows; Motorolas Atrix 3G smartphone gets reviewed; OCZ RevoDrive and Vertex 2 120GB SSDs ReviewNintendo might eventually produce a Wii 2 which may Description: The Vertex 2 follows the standard of a SATAfeature support for HD content, and EA accidently leaks a few 3Gb/s data and SATA power connection as found in anydetails pertaining to an upcoming sequel for the popular RTS new mechanical hard drive and most SSDs. However thetitle Command & Conquer RevoDrive is a little more exotic, and utilises an x4 PCI-Hardware News: Express connection for even more bandwidth. Unlike earlier SSDs that utilised a PCI-Express interface, the RevoDrive isXFX Radeon HD 6850 Black Edition Video Card Review @ bootable, meaning that it can be used as primary system drive.Legit ReviewsDescription: There are a lot of video cards on the market today ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II Top review @ ocaholicto choose from, but when one shows up on the market with Description: With its GTX 560 Ti Direcet CU II Top, ASUSkiller performance at the $159 price point and a double lifetime shows a factory overclocked version of the NVIDIAs latestwarranty it is worth a closer look. The XFX Radeon HD 6850 mid-range GPU. Additionally this card got ASUS powerfulBlack Edition costs $20 more than the standard version, but it DirectCU II cooler as well as an attractive design. Theoreticallycomes factory overclocked and to some that is worth it. Read this card even has the potential to outperform a Radeon HDon to see how this card performs against a Radeon HD 5770 in 6950. Amongst other thigs this is what well show in theboth single and CrossFire situations. following review.Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Review - XSReviews PowerColor AX6950 PCS++ Video Card @ BenchmarkDescription: Auzentech have been around for a few years now Reviewsand thats a good thing; as well as being impressive. They Description: When is a 6950 not a 6950? Well, quite often,entered the sound card game when it was all about Creative as it turns out. In the case of the PowerColor PCS++ Radeonand they did so by simply taking a popular chip, the X-Fi, and HD 6950 video card, it just depends on which way you flipthrowing it on a board of their own with some nice tweaks. A the switch. Push it one way and you have a standard Radeonwinning formula. Now though, theyre branching away from HD 6950, with 1408 shaders running at 800 MHz. Push it thethese roots with the re-tooled X-Meridian 7.1, named the 2g. other way and you have 1536 shaders running at 880 MHz,Packing a C-Media CMI8788 audio processor with support which is the exact configuration of the HD 6970. The onlyfor plenty of connectors, a daughter board and replacable difference is! that PowerColor kept the 1250 MHz memoryOpAmps; audiophiles look like theyre in for a treat. Lets see chips in the PCS++, instead of springing for the 1500 MHzif the rumours are true. memory, like a real HD 6970 has. Join Benchmark Reviews 1
  • 82. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneas we investigate this unique product from PowerColor, thats sound adds a level of immersion to games and movies thatsure to cause some excitement in the marketplace. other 2.1 systems cannot reproduce.ECS H67H2-M Black Motherboard Review @ Madshrimps BlackBerry Torch 9800: The Olympic Torch @ InsideHWDescription: The H67H2-M Black motherboard from ECS Description: Research in Motion (RIM), the company behindis the most equipped from their H67 chipset series and the BlackBerry (BB) brand, has been one of the leadingincorporates technologies like USB 3.0, EZ Charger and Dual smartphone manufacturers for a while now. One of the mainGigabit LAN with teaming support. The board supports only reasons for their popularity is the focus on the businessIntel HD Graphics overclocking, the CPU overclocking by environment, in both devices and services offered. A featuremultiplier is locked and the memory frequency is limited at present in nearly all BB devices is the existence of a physical1333MHz. QWERTY keyboard with separate keys, and starting with the Storm line, RIM has also delved into the area of touchscreens.Build an Intel Sandy Bridge budget system - OcUK @ Vortez Torch is their latest product that unifies these two worldsDescription: "Today we will be doing something a little within a single device, as well as providing the latest operatingdifferent from the typical review/article. With many moving system (OS), version 6, with significant advantages…over to the Sandy Bridge platform due to the excellent price :performance ratio, those wanting to upgrade at the current Gaming News:time will be surely considering Sandy Bridge. But not everyone Nintendo To Have Wii 2, Supports HD content ?has the cash to spend on a high-end system, and as our Sandy Description: We have heard of various rumors on the WiiBridge reviews have revealed - mainstream boards are now 2 and possible potential but Nintendo made announcementat a much more affordable cost when compared to any other about four months ago, claiming the company any has got noplatform to launch. Mainstream performance comes at budget immediate plans to work on an upgrade to its existing Wiipricing." video game console.Consumer Electronics and Software News: "There is no next [Dissidia]" says Tetsuya NomuraAngry Birds Available For Windows On Intel AppUp Store Description: As Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final FantasyDescription: Oh, happy day! Angry Birds is now available for approaches its Japanese release date, fans are speculatingthe PC. “But wait,” you say. “There’s no app store on Windows. on where the series will go from here. According to a recentHow will I download it?” Don’t worry: Intel has you covered. issue of Dengeki PlayStation (translated by Andriasang) when producer Tetsuya Nomura was asked about the future of theBacklit LED market drives digital TV semiconductor growth series, he replied "There is no next. Were thinking aboutDescription: The market for digital TV (DTV) semiconductors ending this pattern of Dissidia here." He also states that therewill see double digit growth in 2011, with backlit LED TVs will not be an international re-release for the sequel afterleading the way. launch as was the case with Dissidia Final Fantasy: UniversalMionix Propus 380 Gaming Mouse pad @ TestFreaks Tuning.Description: Mionix who are known for their gaming Command & Conquer Gets New Studio, Next Game in theaccessories have released a high performance gaming Franchise Now in Developmentmousepad named the Propus 380. This oversized mousepad is Description: Nothing to see here is EAs clumsy response afterdesigned to provide an ice like surface for a smooth glide while launching a website yesterday that reveals a new Commandstill maintaining the ability to have precise movements. and Conquer game is currently being developed by new studioMotorola Atrix Review: Great Phone, Weak Netbook Victory Games. The site and its details about the new C&CDescription: Saying that the Motorola Atrix is the best Android game have since been pulled, but the web, she sees all, and shephone isnt a big deal; that throne gets usurped every few never forgets.months. But even though the Atrixs accompanying laptopdock is slow and and expensive, the idea behind it is one of thefirst innovations in mobile technology in quite a while. HP announces redesignedMotorola Atrix 4G Smartphone Performance Benchmarks @ consumer PC portfolioLegit Reviews Source: This morning AT&T began selling the Motorola pc-portfolio/11309.htmlATRIX and since they are marketing it as the worlds most February 23rd, 2011powerful smartphone we had to buy one and take a look at theperformance of the phone compared to several other popularAndroid devices. How will the Motorola ATRIX do against theDroid X, Epic 4G and Droid Incredible on benchmarks likeLinpack, Quadrant and Nenamark? Read on to find out!Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System Review @Tweaknews HP has recently announced their newly redesigned consumerDescription: Antecs Soundscience has made an impressive PC portfolio which include the Pavilion dv4, dv6, dv7, g4, g6,launch into the PC speaker market with the Rockus 3d 2.1 TouchSmart 610 and HPx2301 Micro Thin LED monitor . Thesystem. Not only can a buyer expect to hear sparkling high products are scheduled to to be available next month and infrequencies, clear midrange and tight bass response, the 3D April. 2
  • 83. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHP has revealed a redesigned consumer PC portfolio at their Designed to maximize user‘s multimedia experience, the"A New HP World" event in Shanghai, China, with sleek looks Pavilion dv4 expresses full PC functionality and performanceand latest technologies to enhance the way consumers connect with up to second-generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processorsto the people, entertainment and information that matter to and powerful AMD Radeon 6750M graphics. With a stylishthem to pursue and achieve their personal passions. exterior in Espresso Black lattice imprint, the notebook is just 1.11-inch thin and weighs from 2.2kg. It features a 14-The new HP Pavilion dv series notebook PCs include inch diagonal HD BrightView display and has an optionalimpressive features such as HP CoolSense Technology, HP integrated Blu-Ray player. An integrated six-cell batteryTrueVision HD webcam and HP SimplePass. Select models provides up to 6 hours of battery life.of the HP Pavilion dv series also feature Beats Audio for apowerful audio experience.The latest HP TouchSmart610 Consumer PC reclines fromupright to almost flat, providing increased comfort for longer-term use and the freedom to position the TouchSmart610Consumer PC on a kitchen counter, or anywhere the familygathers. HP Pavilion g-series The new HP Pavilion g-series is ideal for the everyday user, offering up to second-generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, attractive designs at a great value. Available in charcoal grey and sonoma red, the Pavilion g-series notebooks – the Pavilion g4 and g6 – offer full connectivity for surfing the Internet and connecting with friends . The notebooks alsoHP Pavilion dv6 and dv7 include a HD BrightView display, with Altec Lansing speakersThe HP Pavilion dv6 and dv7 boast performance, and SRS Premium Audio for enjoying movies and music.entertainment and security features that suit seamlessly intothe lives of users. Available in a dark umber metal finish,they use HP‘s exclusive Beats Audio that provide excellentdigital music. Both the Pavilion dv6 and dv7 also include newlyoptimized on-board quad speakers, and the dv7 features a HPTriple Bass Reflex Subwoofer for additional depth and power.Available with up to second-generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7processors and optional AMD Radeon graphics, the Paviliondv6 and dv7 provide enhanced performance. HP CoolSenseTechnology combines advanced hardware and intelligentcooling software for a notebook that feels noticeably cooler.The technology automatically adjusts cooling levels accordingto a customer‘s personal preferences. HP TouchSmart610 Consumer PC The new HP TouchSmart610 Consumer PC offers increased range of motion, superior viewing and an intuitive touch experience with a 23-inch diagonal high-definition (HD) display. It has touch-optimized applications from Facebook, Twitter, as well as HP‘s exclusive RecipeBox, webcam and music applications where users can add new applications via the TouchSmart Apps Center . For the gaming enthusiast, select models of the TouchSmart610 Consumer PC are available with an exclusive HP touch-enabled version of Ubisoft‘s real-time strategy game, R.U.S.E.. It also features Beats Audio and the new HP LinkUp application for users to wirelessly link a notebook PC to the TouchSmart using a homeHP Pavilion dv4 network . 3
  • 84. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone As in, iPad 2! Or, as BoomTown is now officially nicknaming it: iPad Too! The report goes on to say that the scheduled date is firm and that the event will take place in San Francisco. Its not clear when Apple will begin sending out its famous invites for gathering, but I am guessing soon, in order to get the Apple faithful to the proper level of froth. Reuters also posted a story and they are also hearing that Apple will introduce the next iPad on the same day. Apple will host an event on March 2, where the company is expected to take the wraps off the newestMonitor that delivers your digital world iPad model, an individual with knowledge of theThe limited edition, stunning, multi-faceted 23 inch HP x2301 situation said. Apple declined to comment.Micro Thin LED monitor, features LED backlighting whichilluminates the display and an edge lit illumination around the The New York Times also ran a similar story announcing thatscreen. The HP x2301 Micro Thin LED monitor comes in a Apple will indeed introduce their flagship tablet on the secondsleek, slim and sophisticated profile and full HD resolution. day of March. Now people with knowledge of the matter say that Apple will host an event on Wednesday, March 2 toPricing and availability showcase its new iPad.— The HP Pavilion dv4 starts from US$749 and will beavailable from mid March 2011 in Asia Pacific. If true, Apple should be sending out media invites for the event— The HP Pavilion dv6 starts from US$799 and will be in the following days.available from early March 2011 in Asia Pacific.— The HP Pavilion dv7 starts from US$899 and will be Update: Engadget just posted on their site that theyveavailable from early March 2011 in Asia Pacific. received the following media invite from Apple indeed— The HP Pavilion g4 and g6 starts from US$549 and will be scheduled on 2nd March. As you can see, they are very likelyavailable in March 2011 in Asia Pacific. going to announce the next iPad from the teaser invite.— The HP TouchSmart610 Consumer PC is expected to beavailable in China from 28 February, Australia and NewZealand from 7 March and Hong Kong from 8 March. Thepricing starts from US$1,399.— The HPx2301 Micro Thin LED monitor is expected to beavailable in April 2011 in Asia Pacific, starting at USD$239.Apple scheduled media eventto unveil iPad 2 on 2nd March?Source: 23rd, 2011Numerous reports have surfaced suggesting that theCalifornia-based tech giants have plans for a media event on2nd March to introduce the much-anticipated next-generationiPad. Update: The rumours are true, Apple has started to send Refreshed 13-inch MacBookout invites. Pro specs leaked, Intels LightAccording to a report by All Things Digital, Apple hasscheduled a media event in the start of March where they are Peak known as Thunderbolt?going to announce the upcoming iPad 2. Source: leaked-intel-s-light-peak-known-as-thunderbolt-/11306.html To those who intensely cares about this kind of stuff - which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem - Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad. 4
  • 85. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFebruary 23rd, 2011 generation versions of Apples flagship iOS devices will be available, he explicitly mentions that any "delays" are false and everything is going like clockwise on Apples side. From what Ive heard this morning both products are on schedule and will ship when they are supposed to. Only Apple knows exactly when that will be, but the products are not delayed.Earlier today, leaked photos and specs of Apples upcoming13-inch MacBook Pro hit the Internet and through the leaked In addition, Dalrymple goes on to note the phenomenon ofimages, we discover this shocking symbol. Is that Light Peak? "delays" for products that havent even been announced to theWell... public.It seems that according to this leaked image, Apple has It seems amazing that rumors of Apple missingincorporated Light Peak into their new machines under the product deadlines are running rampant when Applename "Thunderbolt". And it seems that the new Thunderbolt hasnt even announced the product yet. The onlyport will be a hybrid port found on the new 13-inch MacBook deadlines that have been set are by the media, notPro, sharing the port with the DisplayPort. Apple. Having said that, the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 are not delayed. Without delays, Apple is expected to launch the next iPad between March and April, and June-July window for the next- generation iPhone. GlacialTech Unleashes New Notebook Coolers Source: delay of iPad 2 and iPhone coolers/11303.html February 23rd, 20115?Source: 23rd, 2011 GlacialTech, provider of cooling, power supply and PC enclosure solutions for consumers and industrial applicators,Just yesterday, there were a pair of analyst reports that has released the V-Shield Series Cooling Pads.suggests Apples upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will see a delayon their launches due to "issues" with production. But now,there is a chorus of denials on those claims.Barrons and Reuters are now refuting the claim that the next-generation iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPad 2 is delayed forshipping and will arrive consumers hands later. GlacialTech, provider of cooling, power supply and PC enclosure solutions for consumers and industrial applicators,According to The Loops Jim Dalrymple, these claims of has released the V-Shield Series Cooling Pads.delayed iPad 2 and iPhone 5 launch are simply untrue.While he did mention that he does not know when the next- 5
  • 86. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneV-Shield Series V3 V-Shield Series V7 Last but not least, we have the V7. Measuring 350 x 335 x 45.5mm and weighing 1.3kg, the aluminum cooler has two USB 2.0 ports, four rubber feet, supports laptops up to 15.6", and is equipped with a 200mm LED fan for cooling. Availability and pricing is unknown. Nokia launches E7 business phone in Singapore, available now Source: singapore-available-now/11300.htmlV-Shield Series V5 February 23rd, 2011First up, we have the V3, which measures 340 x 310 x 59mm. Itsupports netbooks/ notebooks up to 15.6”, has anti-slip padsat the bottom, one USB 2.0 port, and is cooled by a 120mmLED fan. The V5, available in red (V5R) or blue colors (V5B),measures 345 x 340 x 43mm. It has two USB 2.0 ports, supportnetbooks/ notebooks up to 15.6", a perforated metal mesh Today, Nokia announced their new E7 that claims to be "Thesurface, and is cooled by a 200mm LED fan. Ultimate Business Smartphone" in Singapore, designed for mobile professionals. The E7 is available now. 6
  • 87. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone from enhancement in performance and functionalities, for the whole range" says Berka. According to Berka, the company is working on the transformation and transitioning from Nokia Ovi Store on specific levels. and what will happen to Ovi Store and Microsoft Marketplace. There isnt a lot of details released yet, though the intention is to port the content into Marketplace and Nokia will be working with the developers to do so. Nokia will also be making sure to look into new and innovative areas in terms of content. Genius Announces NavigatorVlasta Berka, general manager of Nokia Singapore,Malaysiaand Brunei, gave an opening speech and talked abt the trend 905 Vogue Mouse Source: users who are using their smartphones for business. vogue-mouse/11302.html"More and more users are using their personal smartphones or February 23rd, 2011mobile devices for business use. According to IDC, this trendis the biggest contributor to the growth of business mobileemail. It is also forecast by 2014, there is going to be roughly62 percent of all mobile devices being used are in the businessmobility area. But 60 percent of those are personal devices thatare being used in the business and enterprise areas." KYE Systems Corp. (or Genius), manufacturer of the first scroll wheel mouse (Genius EasyScroll) in 1995, has unveiled the Navigator 905 Vogue wireless mouse.Antony Wilson, head of marketing for Nokia Singapore,Malaysia and Brunei, was next to introduce the E7smartphone and its various features which include the 4-inch ClearBlack touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard,8-megapixel camera, mobile office, security, and socialnetworks.So, how will the company convince customers that they will KYE Systems Corp. (or Genius), manufacturer of the first scrollhave the support, say one or two years time, especially when wheel mouse (Genius EasyScroll) in 1995, has unveiled thesecurity features get updated fairly frequently? Navigator 905 Vogue wireless mouse."Nokia has got over 200 million Symbian-based devices on themarket and have also announced to sell another 150 million(or excess of 150 million) Symbian-based devices, which isclose to half a billion in the market. This is by far the largestinstall-base of any other platform and manufacturing in themarket. While the Windows Phone 7 is going to be the primarysmartphone for the Finnish company, we will be mad notto look after the customers. What we have got in store arenumber of improvements and very robust roadmap. For theremainder of this year, we are expecting to release in excessof 50 improvements to the Symbian platform. They will range 7
  • 88. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The market for processors and highly-integrated System-on-a- chip (SoCs) is currently all for ARM and its licensees to take at the moment, and it seems that the status quo is not about to see any sudden upsets, at least in the near future. After all, almostThe mouse boasts a stylish diamond-pattern design, BlueEye every single smartphone and tablet out on the market todayadvanced optical tracking technology (works on any surface), make use of an ARM-based SoC save for a few niche devicesstorage slots for the wireless dongle, two buttons, ‘Magic that sport full-fledged Atom processors.Roller’ scroll-wheel technology, and connects to the PC via a Apparently, this current state of affairs is all the information2.4 GHz RF wireless interface. Powered by one AAA battery, needed to convince AMD that it does not stand much of athe Navigator 905 Vogue is available through major resellers chance in successfully breaking ARMs dominance in thatand e-tailers at a MSRP of US$45. market segment. In a statement made by AMDs interim CEO, Thomas Seifert put an end to any further speculation byNews via [Techshout] declaring that the company has no plans to make an entry into the smartphone chip market, even though it has an extremelyAMD has "no plans" to enter low power, 1W chip up its sleeves in the form of its Bobcat processor which is currently being used by Acer for its newsmartphone market Windows 7-based tablet.Source: "We have no intention of entering the smartphone space atsmartphone-market/11299.html this point of time. We are not in the process of developingFebruary 23rd, 2011 [a] baseband [chip] and this is a clear statement. There are enough players in the is market that have a hard time earning money," he said, when asked about AMDs plans for the smartphone market at the Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology Conference. On a brighter note, it would seem that AMDs Fusion strategyWhile Intel still valiantly attempts to make a break into the might well be starting to pay off handsomely. Accordingmobile and embedded space with its x86 processors, it seems to a report on DigiTimes, unusually high demand for thethat AMD has already given up the fight even before starting. companys 40mm Ontario and Zacate processors is causingAccording to a statement made by the companys interim CEO, supply for the aforementioned chips to dry up. To remedy theAMD has got no plans at the moment about even thinking issue, AMD has reportedly started stocking up on its inventoryof making a break into the highly competitive mobile and levels and placed new orders for more processing capabilityembedded segement. On a brighter node, it appears that the from TSMC.companys line of Fusion APUs are performing much betterthan expected. Windows 7 SP1: Now available for download Source: download/11298.html February 23rd, 2011 8
  • 89. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDo you see that Update button hiding inside the Control Panelin your copy of Windows 7? Well, now is the best time to Rumour: Nintendo Wii 2actually start making use of it if you have not been doing will feature support for HDso. That is because Microsoft has just released the highly-awaited SP1 update for its popular operating system for public content?download. Source: support-for-hd-content-/11297.html February 23rd, 2011 Nintendo may have kept its lips tightly sealed over the possibility of releasing an updated Wii console to compete against the likes of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it seems that the heat competition might be finally starting to get to the Japanese console maker. While the company has confirmed that a console refresh is a distinct possibility, it would seem that Nintendo might have a little extra somethingWell, everybody asked for it, and it would seem that Microsoft planned for the new machine. Read on to find out more.has finally delivered. Remember the few stories we ranabout the highly overdue SP1 update for Microsofts current-generation operating system, Windows 7? Yep, it seems thatthe day has finally come for all Windows 7 users to hit theCheck for Updates button on Microsoft/Windows Updateand start patching the worlds most popular operating systemagainst from the few security vulnerabilities that it has been Barely four months ago, Nintendo made an announcementexposed to in the past year of its life. claiming that the company has got no immediate plans to work on an upgrade to its existing Wii video game console. And itsAs we have stated before, SP1 for Windows 7 does not offer reason was as simple as it could get: its current sales numbersany new user-centric features, so you might want to shelf all did not justify the pouring of additional resources into creatingexpectations of seeing some random new option pop up in a successor for the current-generation console.Windows 7s Control Panel after applying the update. Thatbeing said, what you should preparing yourself for when To top it off, Nintendos US president Reggie Fils-Aime bluntlyyou reach home today is a very, very long updating process. told the media back then that that would be no talk of such aAccording to Microsoft, the 32-bit version of SP1` for Windows console until the company could meet its sales targets:7 sports an astronomical package size of 755MB, while the 64- "As we sit here today were saying the Wii has many,bit version throws all notion of size out the window with a many more units to sell. After weve reached ancombined size of 1GB. installed base of 45m here in the US we can have a conversation about the next generation." Apparently, Nintendo seem to have backtracked on its words, for the companys European MD of Marketing was reportedly telling a reporter from Edge that there will (eventually) be a Wii 2. And when the time is right to release the Wiis successor out to the retail market, it will still sport the optical drive as the main medium for gameplay, although digital game downloads will still be supported. But that is not all. According to the predictions made by Michael Patcher, an analyst with Wedbush, the Wii 2 will come with support for HD content, if only because the console maker is already trailing far behind the competition in this aspect.Needless to say, you will want to hit the Update Now buttonand leave your PC or notebook on overnight while Windowsdoes its work uninterrupted. Heres hoping your ISP is up tothe task of dealing with larger-than-usual data consumptionstonight: after all, nobody wants to see the dreaded ServicePack failed to install error message, right? Of course, much of this information is made up of nothing more than speculations from consumers and analysts, so it is 9
  • 90. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonehighly prudent that readers take these details with nothing less install custom ROMs legitimately into your Xoom sounds like?than a truckloads worth of salt. *Note: the image shown above is NOT that of the real Motorola Xooms bootloader screen!Apple iPad 2 shipmentsdelayed from April to June?Source: 23rd, 2011Apples upcoming next-generation iPad is expected to beannounced later this month and shipped out to consumershands by April. But according to a note, the iPad may bedelayed from April to June. Installing custom ROMs on a smartphone is always considered to be an act that resides well within the grey area between making legal or illegal modifications to ones device. However, the case for smartphones based off Googles Android operating system is a lot more complex, as its open nature means that technically anybody who is savvy enough can potentially cook up their own custom ROM and release it for public use whileAs reported by Bloomberg, they cited a research note by being covered by the various open-source licenses governingYuanta Securities Co. with the claims of the much-anticipated the use of Android.iPad 2 meeting production issues and thus, a delay in Unfortunately, as far as most OEMs are concerned, theshipment. very act of rooting an Android-powered smartphone to gain The report by Vincent Chen and Alison Chen, analysts access to its bootloader is an instant passport to voiding at Yuanta, cited ?production bottlenecks? at Hon ones warranty. But once again, it would seem that certain Hai Precision Industry Co. after Apple made design flagship products are exempt from the need to lock down the changes before the Lunar New year. devices bootloader. In an announcement made on a Twitter,With the delay in release of the next iPad, this might just give Motorolas mobile department has confirmed that the Xooma small gap of oppurtunity for the Andriod 3.0 tablets, which will sport an unlockable bootloader, just like the Nexus Sa number are to be launced in April and May. before it. And lest you think we are making this up, here is the actual Twit in all its glory:Motorola confirms a specialfeature on Xoom for AndroidenthusiastsSource: 23rd, 2011 So what will this mean for both end-users and developers? Well, simply put, it appears to be a win-win situation for all parties involved. End-users who desire a more customizedMotorola has had its fair share of criticism from the version of Android are free to load up the Xoom withAndroid hacker community, especially with its less-than- customized Android ROMs for their own use without havingfriendly policies regarding any act of ROM or firmware to worry about tripping any electronic security mechanism (ifmodification. However, the latest news from the company any) found in the tablet. On the other hand, developers areseems to hint at a complete about-turn of Motorlas Android free to perform all kinds of hacks on both the Xoom and itsstrategy: apparently, the upcoming Xoom tablet will sport firmware to further tweak the device and fix certain bugs, ifa certain feature that should make it highly sought after need the aforementioned enthusiasts. How does the ability to 10
  • 91. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone PQI 64GB SDXC Class 10 Flash Memory Card Review @ Legit Reviews Description: The 64GB PQI SDXC card has a very impressive storage capacity with respectable performance numbers. For example the Canon EOS Rebel 550D/T2i DSLR camera records HD video and the users manual recommends at least Class 6 memory cards in order to record 1080p video smoothly. The PQI 64GB SDXC card should be able to keep up when recording 1080p video and images in continuous burst mode. Having a card that pushes 20MB/s read and write also means you can easily offload all of images and videos from the memory card to computer... Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory Review on*This is NOT the real bootloader screen for the Motorola Technic3D (German)Xoom! Description: (Machine translation) The Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 1600 CL9 Memory-Kit arrived Technic3D.Still, whether Motorola will continue to offer the freedom of an Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclockingunlocked bootloader in future tablet and smartphone offerings against the G.Skill Trident, Mushkin Ridgeback and Corsairremains to be seen. However, it would also seem that the Dominator Memory Kits on Windows 7 64 Bit and theability to install custom ROMs without having to worry about Gigabyte X58 Extreme Mainboard. You can see 1.932MHztreading into what is essentially a legal minefield out there (1,65V) with 9-11-11-24 (2T) and more in the following Review.definitely more than makes up for the lack of Flash support inthe initial batch of Xoom tablets to hit retail shelves, dont you Corsair Graphite 600T Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviewsthink? Description: It seems that vanity has no limit, as there arent many markets more entwined in style and appearance than the consumer electronics industry. It makes sense, since theseThe Daily VR-Zone News are called Personal Computers, after all. Identity is everythingSummary - 22 Feb 2011 to consumers, which is what makes computer cases such a personal choice for system builders. Corsair is helping toSource: make these decisions a little easier for enthusiasts by offeringfeb-2011/11292.html their Corsair Graphite 600T computer case. Like most thingsFebruary 23rd, 2011 that come from this performance-orientated company, the Graphite series of computer enclosures delivers what people want most. In this article, Benchmark Reviews investigates the CC600T model for functionality and value. Crucial Ballistix Tracer Black PC3-12800 Review @ Description: What always surprises me about computer memory, is that for months it can hover around the same priceIn todays news roundup: Gigabyte is expected to launch a range, and then seemingly overnight the bottom will dropnew overclocker-friendly motherboard, the X58-OC, which out. About this time last year I was reviewing some Ballistixwill supposedly feature various options not found on standard Tracer Red in a 4Gb dual channel kit, and now they have thatenthusiasts boards; Intel finally updates its aging Itanium same pair listed for half the cost, even less at some onlinelineup with the new Poulson processor; Microsoft charts out retailers. As far as I can determine, prices fell through the floorits ambitious plans to sway cloud computing and software- sometime between the holidays and prior to CES 2011 lastas-a-service applications to its fold via an extremely large month. For those users still on DDR2 who have been holdingecosystem based on Windows 7, Internet Explorer and off on a memory upgrade, waiting for prices to come down,Windows Live; Apples draconian restrictions pertaining to now may be the perfect opportunity to do subscriptions has drawn friendly-fire from evebn itsown partners; Gran Turismo 5 gets an update, and Sony ASUS GeForce GTX 580 DirectCU II Review @ Overclockershas been rumoured to be hard at work on a new version of Australiathe PlayStation 3 console that cannot be compromised by the Description: ASUS kick-started the year with a new rangemaster key discovered by geohotz and the fail0verflow group. of non-reference Radeon HD 6900 and GeForce GTX 500 series graphics cards, both featuring an exclusive DirectCU IIHardware News: cooler with copper heat pipes and twin cooling fans. TodayATi investigates the top AIB of 2011. Last we overclock and test the GTX 580 version - lets see if its ayear, Sapphire won and so how will it end this year? worthwhile addition to their range.The contenders for this year are Sapphire, HIS, ASUS, Micron: Our 25nm NAND Flash Memory Is Perfectly Fine.XFX, PowerColor, MSI, Club3D, Gigabyte, Vertex3D, GeCube Description: Transition of NAND flash memoryand, Diamond. The survey runs until 21 April 2011 so cast your manufacturing to 25nm fabrication process seems to havevotes today. run into issues. Some customers of OCZ Technology have complained about lower capacities of solid-state drives based 11
  • 92. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneon 25nm memory and also their lower performance. But frequency response. Total output for the Ruckus is 150 Watts.Micron Technology, the maker of 25nm NAND flash memory, SoundScience has also added 3Dsst™. This technology usesclaims that the memory itself has the same reliability as digital sound processing algorithms to simulate a surroundprevious-generation and competing makers of SSDs are to be sound environment. Inputs include 3.5mm, RCA, and opticalblamed. (TOSLINK).Intel updates Itanuim architecture with Poulson Windows Phone 7 update bricks some Samsung usersDescription: Intel is finally starting to talk about the upcoming Description: Uh oh – bad news for Microsoft. After releasingPoulson chip, the first real update to the Itanium architecture the Windows Phone 7 update this week, some folks have endedin years. While the chip may be huge and technically complex, up with an unusable phone and no way of fixing them saveit is hard to see anyone other than die-hard HP big iron shops a factory reset or returning them to the store. Although theactually caring. problem is said to only affect a limited number of people, it makes you wonder whether Microsoft’s decision of pushingGigabyte to release X58-OC overclockers mobo out the updates themselves was a good decision to make.Description: Gigabyte is working on a new X58 motherboard Hopefully this issue gets resolved sooner than later and won’ttotally pimped up and designed for overclocking, as their happen again in the future. On the bright side, this was onlyblog reported. The new color schema is quite wicked alright, a minor update and not the long-awaited copy paste updateanyway the mobo will be called the X58-OC and will come with for the phone – Microsoft could learn from this mistakes tofour PCIe x16 slots and one PCI slot. make the next update a better experience for those who gotConsumer Electronics and Software news: their devices bricked this time around. How many of you haveMicrosofts strategy for cloud devices and development had problems updating your Windows Phone 7 device?of relevant applications: Establish a complete computing Sony makes neon-hued VAIO CA, CB officialarchitecture of Cloud plus Client based on Windows 7, IE 9.0, Description: Sony on Tuesday took the second of its notebookand Windows Live concepts into reality on Tuesday by launching the VAIO CADescription: Estimates by IDC, Gartner, Strategy Analytics, and CB. The line comes in a wrap-around translucent plasticand Wall Street analysts show that the global PC shipment and has the option of rare neon orange and green hues thatin 2014 would be at least 50% higher than 2010, and 18% of create a "glow" around the edges and the trackpad; black,the growth would come from notebooks, compared to only white and (in Europe) pink are also available. TV integration is1% from desktops. According to Jochen Siegl, manager of a cornerstone as they both have the option of WiDi 2.0 wirelessODM Business Development, Microsoft, it is obvious that video streaming to an adapter as well as Remote Keyboard tountypical computing devices such as notebooks, netbooks, steer menus and the keyboard on a Bravia TV, Blu-ray playerand smartphones are replacing desktops and becoming or PS3.mainstream products in the market, but this also helps extend Windows Phone 7 update updates updaterthe average product life cycle of PCs. Description: Microsoft has finally shipped an update toApple Smacks Readability In The Face With Subscription Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, this is not the long-awaitedRules; All SaaS In Trouble copy-and-paste update. For that, we still have to wait untilDescription: We’ve already been over (and over and over and March. No, this new update updates Windows Phone 7sover and over) Apple’s new iOS subscription rules. And the update mechanism. Its an update to allow next monthsinitial backlash has seemingly cooled down as everyone has update to actually work properly.moved on to the next hot topic of the hour. But it’s pretty clear Gaming news:that this issue is going to keep surfacing, because it really doesscrew a lot of developers. And sure enough, it’s already back Sony Developing Hack-Proof PS3?today. Description: Sony is currently working on a hack-proof PlayStation 3 as a counter-measure against recent piracyGoogle May Kill Chrome URL Bar concerns, according to EverythingHQ.Description: Google is working on a “major” overhaul of itsChrome browser user interface (UI). Among the options on Donations pour in for PS3 hacker; Sony court battle continuesthe table is the elimination of the URL bar, which could be Description: George Hotz is in the middle of what could bethe most significant UI change to the web browser since its a long, punishing legal battle with Sony, and his money isinvention. Another feature that appears to be already signed running out. "Media, I need your help. This is the first time Ioff is the support of multiple user profiles that can be used in have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me outparallel. and spread the word," he wrote on his newest blog entry. "I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some ofAntec Rockus 3D SoundScience 2.1 Speaker System Review the hardest hitting lawyers in the business. Together, we can@Hi Tech Legio help fix the system."Description: The Antec Rockus 3D SoundScience 2.1 SpeakerSystem is Antecs entry product into the sound market. The GT5 update revs onto PS3Rockus 2.1 Speaker System offers out-of-the-box professional Description: Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kongquality sound. The Rockus contains two 25 Watt satellite recently announced a new online update for Gran Turismospeakers constructed out of anodized aluminum that offer 5 that is now available upon starting up the game. Theclear highs and mids. There is a 100 Watt active subwooferwith a passive radiator that creates an extended low 12
  • 93. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonenew update adds a slew of features, including remote racing battery combined. For extreme battery life requirements,between PSN friends to level up their drivers. the ThinkPad T420, with its standard 9-cell battery and optional 9-cell slice battery, provides up to 30 hours of computing power. The business class laptops also featureLenovo launches six new NVIDIA Optimus that switches graphics automatically; the TThinkPad laptops Series and W Series laptops provide 33 percent better battery performance over previous discrete graphics models.Source: Ease of UseFebruary 23rd, 2011 Lenovo’s Instant Resume helps to maintain wireless connection on the laptop during sleep mode for up to 99 minutes, eliminating the need to login and reconnect. The ThinkPad T420s claims to be the first business class notebook to offer Dolby Home Theater v4 for clearer audio quality.Lenovo has launched six new ThinkPad laptops - T420s, T420,T520, L420, L520 and W520 - based on the second generation Pricing and AvailabilityIntel Core and Core vPro processors. The ThinkPads are The ThinkPad T, L and W Series will be available starting inscheduled to be available in March. March from Lenovo business partners and Pricing for the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 starts at approximately US$1,329, US$779, US$909, US$719, US$719 and US$1,329, respectively. Additional details on Intels Z68 and Patsburg models Source: patsburg-models/11294.html February 23rd, 2011Lenovo has announced six new ThinkPad laptops - the T420s,T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 - that claim to maximizeperformance and offer higher productivity for mobile business It didnt take long for additional details to make its way onlineprofessionals. about Intels Z68 motherboards that we wrote about earlierThe ultra-thin, sub 1.8kg ThinkPad T420s speeds up boot time today and now a slide detailing both models have appeared30 percent with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0; the T420 over at Xfastest which gives a lot more details than whatboasts battery life of up to 30 hours with extended battery; wed seen so far. It also gives us a few additional details ofthe W520 mobile workstation offers twice the performance Intels upcoming consumer focused Patsburg chipset modelsof previous models; and the L Series gives users recognized codenamed Siler and Thorsby that we wrote about a few weeksThinkPad durability at exceptional value. ago.Smart PC Power & Performance ManagementThe new laptops incorporate self-aware and adaptive It didnt take long for additional details to make its way onlinetechnologies to sense where power is needed most. With about Intels Z68 motherboards that we wrote about earlierIntel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, it can increase processor today and now a slide detailing both models have appearedspeed during performance intensive tasks such as video over at Xfastest which gives a lot more details than whatediting, and 3D applications. Incorporating Lenovo Turbo wed seen so far. It also gives us a few additional details ofBoost+, it enables laptops to stay in Turbo Boost even longer Intels upcoming consumer focused Patsburg chipset modelsby keeping processor temperatures below required thermal codenamed Siler and Thorsby that we wrote about a few weekslimits. In this way, the notebook PCs can achieve up to 30 ago.percent longer battery life. Also on the roadmap are details of Intels first H61 model, the DH61AG which is a mini-ITX board. Although the H61 chipset is Intels budget chipset, this board has a few extra featuresExtended Battery Life that you dont normally get as standard with it, such as SATAWith its standard 9-cell battery, the ThinkPad T420 delivers 6Gbps and USB 3.0 support. The board will also sport DVI andup to 15 hours of battery life, while the T420s offers HDMI connectivity and SO-DIMM slots, the latter most likelyup to 10 hours with its 6-cell and optional optical bay to save space on the PCB. Its also interesting to note that Intel 13
  • 94. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonelabels this as a thin-AIO (All-in-One) board which means it According to this roadmap were looking at the H61 chipsetmight be a low profile board. to arrive fairly shortly and the Z68 towards the end of this half of the year, at least if the scale is corresponding toAs for the Z68 boards, first up we have the media launch dates. This falls in line with what we said in ourfocused DZ68DB which will offer USB 3.0 and SATA earlier post today with most Z68 chipset boards launching at6Gbps connectivity as well as DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort Computex. As for the Patsburg based boards, well, it looks likeconnectors. Its clear that this isnt the board most people were in for a longer wait here and were hearing late Q3 orhave been waiting for, but if you want an ATX size board that early Q4, suggesting a potential IDF San Francisco launch inhas a good selection of display outputs alongside overclocking September. So for all of those of you waiting for new chipsetsabilities and RAID support, this might be the one for you. and motherboards, sadly youre going to have to wait a bitThe board that is interesting in this case is the DZ68BC which longer as Intel doesnt seem to be in too much of a hurry at theagain sports USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps, but it also offers a moment.pair of x16 PCI Express slots (in dual x8 configuration), afeature that should appeal to high-end users and the reasonwhy this board is located in Intels Extreme range of boards. Zalman Unveils 135mm ZM-F4The DZ68BC also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity viaa USB adapter (a feature Intel is already offering on some of its Fan Source: boards) and it does of course feature overclocking and fan/11291.htmlRAID support. Theres no mention of any display outputs on February 23rd, 2011this board, although wed guess there is at least one port onthe board. Korean cooling specialist Zalman has announced the 135mm ZM-F4 fan, targeting overclocking enthusiasts. Measuring 135 x 135 x 25mm and weighing 151g, it can be installed on 120mm mounting fan holes and has a MTBF of 50,000 hours. The ZM-F4 Fan can operate at speeds of up to 1,300RPM (at 26dBa) and is bundled with Anti-Vibration Silicone Pins and a Resistor Cable (to control fan speed and noise). ZALMAN PRESS RELEASEAs for the Patsburg boards, well, still no model number, but It is our pleasure to introduce Zalman NEW fan, ZM-F4. Therethe Siler model is now listed as the DXxxSI so all thats left for are many Case fans in the market, but they only restrict the sizeIntel to insert is the expect 68 or 78 numbers in the middle up to 120mm for the normal cases. With our ZM-F4, you don’t(for X68 or X78) depending on what the company decides have to worry about what kind of cases you have. Once yourit want to call its next high-end chipset. The Thorsby is now case can support 120mm fans, then you can just go ahead withthe DXxxTO and shared features between the two models our new ZM-F4 to enjoy bigger 135mm Fan for higher CFM.include dual x16 PCI Express slots, although it might be worthpointing out that these are PCI Express 3.0 slots and bothboards also sports eight DIMMs (four more than we expected), Please check for your cases if they have mounting holes forUSB 3.0 connectivity, most likely SATA 6Gbps even though 120mm Case fans, then you are ready for ZM-F4!it isnt mentioned, but its part of the chipset spec and ofcourse overclocking and RAID support. The DXxxSI also offersdual Ethernet ports, most likely of the Gigabit variety and the Like our Case fan series, ZM-F4 comes with Silicone pins forDXxxTO sports a TPM module. anti-vibration operation with RC56 (Resistor) to lower fanIts interesting that Intel has chosen to go with eight DIMMs, speed for lower operation this means two DIMMs per channel as the LGA-2011 SandyBridge-E processors use quad channel memory. However, asthe memory controller will throttle the memory speed if you Please go thru below for further information of ZM-F4add more than one DIMM per channel, this seems like a badmove on a consumer motherboard as it could have a potentialnegative impact on the system performance. Pictures that Super Talent Readiesleaked of a somewhat blurred out MSI board about a monthago showed that MSI had decided to go with only one DIMM CoreStore Series SSDs Source: channel for a total of four DIMMs and were not sure why ssds/11290.htmlIntel didnt do the same. 14
  • 95. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFebruary 23rd, 2011 About Super Talent Technology Super Talent Technology Corporation based in San Jose,Well-known flash storage and memory maker Super Talent California, designs and manufactures a full range of DDR,is preparing to introduce its CoreStore line-up of SSDs. DDR2, and DDR3 memory modules and Flash based storageFeaturing mini PCIe/ PCIe interfaces, they boast a Marvell devices for computers and consumer electronics. An ISO 900188NV9143 controller, MLC (multi-level cell) or SLC (single- certified company, Super Talent utilizes its state- of- the-level cell) NAND flash memory, and support data transfer art factories and leading-edge components to produce awardrates up to 350Mb/s (read) and 80Mb/s (write) for MLC winning products with outstanding reliability. Super Talent ismodels and 350Mb/s (read) and 220Mb/s (write) for SLC an active member of the JEDEC and ONFI standards bodies.variants. The CoreStore SSDs are available in capacities With over 250 patents, the company was ranked 38th in theranging from 16Gb to128Gb. 2009 Wall Street Journals Patent ScorecardTM for the ITSUPER TALENT PRESS RELEASE industry.San Jose, California - February 21th, 2011 - Super Talent Sony Singapore unveilsTechnology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions new products at "Inspiringand DRAM memory modules, today announced theirCoreStore TMline of SSD solutions designed to bring a new Innovation" launch for 2011level of performance to the SSD market. By combining the very Source: Marvel controller (88NV9143), new DDR ONFi 2 flash at-inspiring-innovation-launch-for-2011/11288.htmland plugging directly to the PCIe bus, Super Talent is now able February 23rd, 2011to create two solutions that deliver unforeseen performance.Available in two standard formats, mini-PCIe and PCIe Card,Super Talent has a drive to fit many popular applications. Themini-PCIe card (30mm x 50.95mm) is perfect for embeddedapplications, Industrial PCs, All-in-One PCs, Netbook PCs, This morning, Sony Singapore held their "InspiringNotebooks. Dont have a min-PCIe slot, Super Talent also Innovation" 2011 product launch at Marina Bay Sandsoffers a version of this product that will plug directly into a Convention and Expo, showcasing the new products this year.standard PCIe card slot; perfect for any Desktop PC. Note Gen2 PCI slot required for top speeds."By utilizing our relationships with both first tier controllermanufactures and DDR flash manufactures, we are able tocreate innovate solutions such as the CoreStore SSD and offerthem to our customers before anyone else.", CH Lee COO ofSuperTalent. Taisuke Nakanishi, managing director of Sony South East Asia, was at the event and said that this year, the company will launch products that can enhance, engage and redefine the viewing experience. The products unveiled at the launch include full high-YouTube Demo definition (HD) 3D-capable BRAVIA LCD TVs, shot cameras, Handycam camcorders and VAIO personal computers.Available March 2011 15
  • 96. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone on the Intel X58 Express chipset and supporting Intel Socket LGA 1366 processors. A decent Gulftown will have a Core i7-2600K for breakfast, lunch and dinner under the same extreme overclocking conditions, which is why the ageing platform is still the fastest... at least till the end of this year.For the BRAVIA HDTV lineup, there will be 26 new models,with eleven 3D-capable and 20 Internet TVs in the 2011lineup. Some of the new models will also incorporate Sonysnew X-Reality PRO and X-Reality Engine digital videoprocessors to produce the best picture. The new BRAVIA rangeinclude BRAVIA HX925 with LED backlight and supports 3D(available in May); 3D-capable BRAVIA NX720 (availablein April); BRAVIA EX720 with LED backlight and supports3D;BRAVIA BX420 and BX320 (both scheduled for March). GIGABYTE has released some photos of the new board and we shall take a quick look at its five main overclocking features: • OC-VRM, • OC-Touch, • OC-PEG, • OC-Cool, and • OC-Dual BIOS OC-VRMGIGABYTE GA-X58A-OCOverclocking FeaturesPreviewSource: 23rd, 2011 The GA-X58A-OC motherboard has dual 8-pin CPU powerThe folks at GIGABYTE have released a set of pictures connectors for input up to 720A. A variety of Intersil powershowcasing their upcoming Intel X58 Express chipset-based management ICs handles power delivery on the new board.overclocking motherboard, the GA-X58A-OC. There are quite PWM frequency can be adjusted to 300KHz, 600KHz anda number of cool features on the board, so we shall take a quick 800KHz according to the information we have on hand.look at them. Join us! The processor voltage regulation module (VRM) is a 12-phaseIt appears that both GIGABYTE and us at share dual power design supporting up to 600A output, while thethe same thought: the Intel X58 Express platform is far Uncore portion is a 3-phase design, and the memory a 2-phase.from dead. During a period where Intels new Sandy Bridgeseemingly rules the roost, the motherboard maker is about Surface mount POSCAP tantalum capacitors are used as theyto officially introduce its GA-X58A-OC motherboard, based are not only reliable, but save space as well. The low height 16
  • 97. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneclearance and added space means enthusiasts no longer need Chasis + CM Storm Spawn Mice) Check out http://launch.vr-to worry if their larger cooling solutions will be obstructed. and find out how you can win these prizesIn fact, on the GA-X58A-OC, GIGABYTE has completely doneaway with the can-type solid capacitors.OC-TouchTo make things a little more convenient for overclockers, theGA-X58A-OC has voltage measurement points for: New MacBook Pro to be • VCORE, lighter, have larger trackpads • CPU PLL, and dedicated SSD to boot • DDR, Mac OS X? • DDR VTT, Source: • QPI VTT, larger-trackpads-and-dedicated-ssd-to-boot-mac-os-x-/11287.html February 23rd, 2011 • QPI PLL, and • IOH Yes, as mentioned in the (mouthful) title of this news, these are the latest rumours to the upcoming MacBook Pro that is expected to drop on us later this week. A lighter machine with larger trackpad and a dedicated SSD just to store and boot the Mac OS X?There is also a debug LED that will flash BIOS POST codes.Debug LEDs almost became extinct the past few years, beforemaking a return starting with higher end Intel P67 Expressmotherboards.The red power switch is um, self-explanatory I guess...The 4G button will help newbies to reach 4GHz. Man, whata way to put it in the material! Anyway, this button will simplytell the motherboard to automatically overclock the processorto 4GHz on the next boot.Overclockers can then use the two sets of buttons to adjustCPU ratio (the set on the left) and BCLK (the set on the right)on-the-fly. The Gear button changes the adjustment step of Despite the rumour that the latest updated Apple MacBookthe BCLK back and forth between 0.3MHz and 1MHz. Pro will be available later this week and the inclusion of the latest generation Sandy Bridge processors, not much is known about what other new features the new refreshed MacBook Pro would carry. But more details have been leaked from recentVR-Zone Giveaway 3: Its reports.Cooler Master Week A larger trackpad in the new MacBook Pros? Well, thats certainly highly possible as that will allow Apple to developSource: more vivid gestures and flexibility for users.week/11289.htmlFebruary 23rd, 2011 The reports also claim that the new and updated laptops will offer a dedicated solid-state drive of 8 to 16 GB purely to house the Mac OS X system files. The result will be similar to those that we can see in todays MacBook Air: dramatically fast boot- up and performance. Additional storage for other applicationsFollow 4 easy steps and stand a chance to win different prizesevery week. This week..we are giving away: 3x ( CM Elite 430 17
  • 98. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand media files will be available in either traditional harddrives or with solid-drives upgrades. The next bit of information doesnt quite make sense to us, but we have been told the OS on the laptops will be loaded to a separate (internal) 8-16GB SSD while everything else will remain on the regular hard drive. There will be options for just SSD drives but the base models will feature regular hard disks with the SSD combo for the OS.The report ends off with the source indicating that Apple hasapparently reduced half a pound off the weight of each of theMacBook Pro models. The new and improved MacBook Proshas been speculated for release this coming Thursday. The fact that MSI is calling the U160MX a netbook; should be a clear giveaway as to what kind of hardware will come bundled with the device. True enough, a quick look at MSIs press release reveals that the U160MX is about as network-MSI announces new ultrathin worthy as it can be: it sports 2GB of DDR3 memory, a 10-netbook for the masses inch LED-backlit screen makes up the netbooks display, while processing power is provided by the not-so-impressive single-Source: core Intel Atom N455 processor and onboard GMA 3150 GPU.netbook-for-the-masses/11285.htmlFebruary 23rd, 2011 However, it would seem that MSI is also bundling the netbook with various different features in order to distinguish it from the competition. Apparently, the U160MX will come standard with MSIs proprietary TDE Overclocking Engine to give the processor a speed boost needed for certain heavy usage situations, while its ECO energy-saving technology claims up to 8.5 hours of computing uptime on a single battery charge.Is the netbook in danger of getting replaced by the tablet? In all Unfortunately, as is the case with most MSI-relatedhonesty, the likelihood of it happening some time in the future announcements, no release date and pricing details have beenis there, but it would seem that the netbook is still safe for now. disclosed. Bummer. Oh well, at least they left the full list ofAnd with the demand for netbooks still going relatively strong, hardware specifications behind for us:it would seem that MSI has deemed it fit to launch yet anothernotebook and capture a little more market share in the processof doing so.Is the netbook in danger of going the way of the dodo? Severalpundits and analysts might seem to think so, but it would seemthat their eventual death is not about to take place any timesoon, especially when the tablets of today still sport price tagswhich are large enough to warrant the purchase of a morepowerful, full-sized notebook PC that supports the vast libraryof hardware available for the Windows software ecosystem.Of course, there is no denying that technologicaladvancements in hardware fabrication and design will meanthat the prices of tablets will eventually drop given sufficienttime. However, it is also clear that road warriors who desire Nexus One gets Honeycomb,a cheap yet highly mobile computing device are not about tosurrender their handy netbooks for a 10-inch slate that does problems are aplentynot come with a large-enough physical keyboard that is vital Source: for their productivity needs. And it appears that MSI is are-aplenty/11284.htmlbanking on this particular premise with its new netbook, the February 23rd, 2011MSI Wind U160MX. The Nexus One is supposed to be one of only two Android- powered phone that can receive OTA vanilla firmware updates, 18
  • 99. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebut it would seem that such a luxury means nothing to anenterprising developer. Apparently, a group of hackers who Its official: Microsoft openshave gotten a little impatient about having to wait for the Kinect development librariesofficial Honeycomb build have gone ahead and cooked theirvery own such ROM. The caveat? The holes in its usability to hackers, as long as theyoutnumber those found in a block of Swiss cheese. use WindowsDo you own a smartphone which happens to be powered by Source: Android operating system? If you do, chances are development-libraries-to-hackers-as-long-as-they-use-windows/11283.htmlyou should be no stranger to the healthy demand for custom February 23rd, 2011ROMs, which supposedly offers users added benefits overOEM-supplied ROMs such as better battery life, improvedperformance, or even the ability to install newer builds ofFroyo which the OEM has got no intention of supporting.Of course, the last benefit mentioned above does not really Well, it seems that Microsoft has finally understood whatapply if the user happens to be using an official Google- the age-old saying of if you cant beat them, join thembranded smartphone such as the Nexus One or the Nexus means. Apparently, the software giant has decided that theS, especially when these particular handsets are capable of hacker community could prove to be a valuable resourcereceiving OTA firmware updates directly from Google itself. and has thus released a full SDK for the Kinect motionHowever, it seems that a group of developers who have controller for the aforementioned community to play aroundgotten impatient with Googles slow progress on the upcoming with. Interestingly, this sudden turn of events comes exactlyHoneycomb build has taken matters into their own hands. And three months after the Redmond giant claimed that it hadtheir response? A custom Honeycomb ROM cooked specially intentionally left the Kinects interface open for precisely thefor the Google Nexus One. same reason. Remember how we spoke about how the average Joe might soon be able to to look forward to the day where just aboutAccording to a forum posting made on XDA-Developers, the everything in our come could be operated with the humblecooked Honeycomb ROM should install into any Nexus One Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360? Well, it seems thatsmartphone, although its usability is anything but smooth. that day might just be around the corner after all, thanks to aApparently, the successful installation of Honeycomb into the certain act of charity from the likes of the Redmond giant. No,Nexus One is the only thing that works right now for the it is not because they are about to start shipping free Kinects tosmartphone: almost every single other critical feature such as every single hacker who wants to tinker around with the devicephone calls, WiFi, Bluetooth, sound, 3G are non-functional. (though that would be very nice indeed).In short, a Nexus One flashed with the custom Honeycombbuild is nothing more than a black brick with a nice digital user Rather, it is the fact that Microsoft appears to have finallyinterface and more usability holes than an actual honeycomb. recognized that the hacker community could prove to be an extremely valuable asset in helping to promote the Kinect asOf course, this means that the custom Honeycomb ROM for a versatile device that has the potential to change the waythe Nexus One is definitely not intended to be used by end we interact with our daily electronic devices. To that end, theusers. The forum post on XDA-Developers also backs this Redmond giant has gone ahead and done the unexpected:claim, stating that there are easily a million (issues) with the company has just announced in a press release that afunctionality at the moment and is intended for developers complete, non-commercial SDK for the Kinect will be madewho desire a clean vanilla build for tackling very specific available as a free download for hackers who wish to get moreissues. out of the device.And no, we are not going to tell you how you can root your According to the press release, the non-commercial SDK willNexus One and install the cooked Honeycomb ROM, simply contain all the bits and pieces needed to exercise completebecause there is enough information floating about the web for control over the Kinect, and is aimed at igniting "furtherthat kind of instructions. creativity in an already vibrant ecosystem of enthusiasts". 19
  • 100. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBut of course, as is always the case the Microsoft, there will Unfortunately for us consumers, it would seem that thisalways be a few certain conditions that need to be met in is a typical case of Murphys Law in action. Apparently, aorder for users and developers to enjoy the benefits of its microsite hosted by US carrier Verizon to advertise the Xoomcharitable act. While Microsoft has not disclosed the terms has dropped a bombshell which is sure set tongues wagging.of the developer license agreement for the non-commercial According to Verizon, it seems that the first batch of XoomsKinect SDK, the press release seems to suggest that the SDK being sold to consumers will be offered sans support for the all-is not cross-platform compatible and must be installed on a important Adobe Flash plugin, as shown in the image below.Windows-powered system.And we all know what that means, dont we? Yup, it seemslike OS X and Linux users will have to resort to reverse-engineering the Windows-only development libraries in orderto set up their own development environment for the Kinect.Well, thats only fair: after all, Microsoft has to look out for itsown ecosystem, doesnt it? Now, the lack of Flash support for Android devices is definitelyNewsflash: No Flash not unheard of. After all, earlier versions of Android were well- known for not having support for the Flash plugin as well, andfor Xoom + Honeycomb it was only with Froyo that Android users were finally able to experience the full web experience often touted by Google andcombination hardware OEMs as a key factor of its alleged superiority overSource: iOS.honeycomb-combination/11281.html Still, it does not change the fact that the lack of Flash supportFebruary 23rd, 2011 is definitely not going to give Honeycomb users the full web content that they can come to expect, especially after the success that was Froyo and Gingerbread. That being said, it is worth pointing out, if only for consolations sake, that Flash will eventually make its way down to Honeycomb, as long as users do not mind waiting it out for a few more months. AfterIt might not be the case down here in sunny Singapore, but in all, eventual Flash support is still infinitely better than optingother countries, it would appear that the success of a tablet is for a platform that has completely zero support for the plugin,tied to a single critical factor: support for the full Web content. is it not?Which, needless to say, includes Adobes proprietary Flashplugin used in a vast majority of websites today. However, itwould seem that Motorola is about to test the validity of such a Intels first Z68 board modelclaim: after all, what other reason can there be for the former names leakedto even think about shipping an Android tablet sans the critical Source: leaked/11282.html February 23rd, 2011 Intel have been anything but forthcoming with details about its upcoming Z68 chipset, but VR-Zone can now as first publication give you the model names of Intels own brand Z68 chipset motherboards. Intel is planning two models at launch and theyre placed in the extreme and media motherboard sections in Intels line-up.So the Motorola Xoom tablet is well on its way to hitting retailshelves, and certain carriers will get first dibs on the device Intel have been anything but forthcoming with details aboutbefore the tablet is released for saleas a standalone unit and its upcoming Z68 chipset, but VR-Zone can now as firstnot as part of a data contract bundle. That sounds good enough publication give you the model names of Intels own brand Z68for us: after all, just about all the details pertaining to the Xoom chipset motherboards. Intel is planning two models at launchhas already be revealed, so nothing else could go wrong for and theyre placed in the extreme and media motherboardMotorolas and Googles flagship tablet, right? sections in Intels line-up. Sadly we dont have a ton of details at hand, but we wouldnt expect it to be too long until the first real solid details will start 20
  • 101. February 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto appear. What we do know is that the top of the line modelwill be called the DZ68BC and the slightly lower-end mediaboard will go under the name of DZ68DB. Both of the boardsare expected to arrive in the second half of this year accordingto roadmap details weve seen. However, the chipset shouldlaunch some time in Q2 alongside Intels budget H61 chipset.This suggests that there wont be too many Z68 boards ondisplay at CeBIT in March, although there ought to be plenty ofboards on display at Computex which starts on the 31st of May.The slide that leaked some time ago detailing the specificationsof the Z68 proved to be the real deal and nothing has changedin terms of chipset features since then. We would like to pointout one small thing though, the Z68 chipset wont supportSSD caching from day one, as this is a feature that will relyupon Intels Rapid Storage Technology drivers which will onlyadd SSD caching in release 10.5. This would also require afirmware upgrade for the Intel SATA controller, but this wouldbe part of a BIOS upgrade for the Z68 motherboards. 21
  • 102. February 25th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! GIGABYTE’s laboratories, including 24-phase power design, VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication Driver MOSFETs and Dynamic Energy Saver 2 technology. covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Description: The Antec 600 v2 is a slight redesign of the original Antec 600 featuring some new attributes like aThe Daily VR-Zone News larger storage hole for cables, front hot-swap 2.5" bay, top mounted "moon roof" window, and a CPU-Backplate cut outSummary - 25 Feb 2011 for aftermarket cooler installation, like the Antec Kühler 620.Source: Consumer Electronics and Software News:feb-2011/11338.htmlFebruary 25th, 2011 Description: Google made the algorithmic announcement on its blog yesterday and said that the change is significant. However, it is only designed to target low value websites that copy content from other websites. Description: One of the cooler new features not seen before is AirDrop. Say youre somewhere with no Internet connectivity,To round up this weeks news: Overview of the SandForce dont have a USB key handy, and want to transfer a file toSF-2000 Series Solid-State Drive (SSD); Review of Spire another Mac user in the room. Go into an options page andSlimod II GPU cooler; Google launches preemptive strike enable the Office 365 ; Barnes & Noble updates Nook Android app,promises a Honeycomb version this spring; Elder Scrolls V Description: Googles new Cloud Connect collaboration add-preview up on YouTube; Mortal Kombat banned in Australia in for Microsoft Office strikes at the heart of the Office 365etc.. juggernautHardware News: Description: For a six-week period this spring the company will release a series of popular mobile games that have yet toDescription: SandForce DuraClass technology paired to TRIM make their way to the platform. The “Must Have Games” salesupport in Windows 7 has helped with this concern, but it was will include Plants Vs. Zombies, Hydro Thunder Go, Sonic thetheir RAISE technology that provides RAID-like protection for Hedgehog 4: Episode I, geoDefense, Doodle Jump and “more,”single SSD computer systems paired to AES-128 automatic according to Microsoft’s Major encryption that put them on top. Description: Okay, so theyre rather minor updates, but ourDescription: The shape of the heat sink inherits the radiator of guess is that the Nook Honeycomb app thats being promisedthe Super Mega Megahalems cooler because Prolimatech was for some time this spring will be far more exciting. Yep, itsnot an experiment. Between the aluminum fins are now found a lot of B&N Android, but while were on the topic, weve gotscattered copper fins, reducing the weight increased from 790 to admit were wondering about the whereabouts of that Nookgrams to 155 grams once to 945 grams. Color app store, which was announced back in November.Description: Spire are internationally recognised as a premiere Description: Staff Buyers of Apples new MacBook Pro lineupproducer of cooling technology that specialises in cooling for will get the newly out-of-beta FaceTime for Mac free with agaming PCs. But as usual, a name doesnt give you a pass new machine, while existing Mac users can buy the video chatin XSR testing, so lets see how their latest iteration of GPU software on the Mac App Store for 99 cents.cooler, the Slimod II stands up. Gaming News:Description: One of the additions to the Corsair cooling line-up was the original Hydro H50 CPU cooler which provided a Description: Rockville-based game company Bethesdanear plug-and-play water cooling system for your CPU. Now Softworks has released an in-game preview of the latestCorsair is back again with a revamped and beefed up solution installment of its popular Elder Scrolls series of games. Thecalled the Hydro H70. latest installment, called Skyrim, is due Nov. 11.Description: The GIGABYTE P67A-UD7 is not just new in Description: Although many pundits are predicting a changeterms of looks, but also sports all the latest innovations from to Australia’s classification system coming soon, Warner 1
  • 103. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBros. Interactive Entertainments (WBIE) upcoming MortalKombat is the latest game to fall victim to Australias outdatedclassification rules.Intel Began Z68 ChipsetProduction, Launch in MaySource: Do you make heavy use of Western Digital (WD) products inlaunch-in-may/11339.html your daily computing and entertainment life? If so, this latestFebruary 25th, 2011 bit of information direct from the American manufacturer of hard disks should be just the news you need to perk up your Friday night after a hard days work, and that is not because WD is about to start giving away a bunch hard disks as free gifts. Rather, the good news comes from the fact WD has just announced in a media conference held at A*STAR Data We have reported earlier that Intel has started P67 B3 Storage Institute (DSI) that it has established a research andproduction last week and shipment to customers has resumed. development centre right here in sunny Singapore. This newInterestingly, Intel has also started production of their Z68 centre, which is situated in the Singapore Science Park, willchipset this week along with other Cougar Point SKUs like facilitate the leveraging of the local talent pool and expertiseH61 and Q65. All of them are based on the new B3 stepping of research organizations/therefore the SATA port 2-5 issue is fixed before they hit the In his opening address, Western Digitals Chief Operatingmarket. Officer, Timothy Leyden, spoke about how the humble hardWe have reported earlier that Intel has started P67 B3 disk has withstood the test of time, while describing theproduction last week and shipment to customers has resumed. significance of entering such a strategic partnership with theInterestingly, Intel has also started production of their Z68 DSI.chipset this week along with other Cougar Point SKUs likeH61 and Q65. All of them are based on the new B3 steppingtherefore the SATA port 2-5 issue is fixed before they hitthe market. Judging from the specs, it seems Intel hascatered Z68 specially for enthusiasts which allows betterprocessor overclocking, discrete graphics support and SSDcaching capability. With these enhancements, Intel has pricedthe Z68 chipset some US$8 higher than the P67 counterpart.The launch for the Z68 chipset is slated for first week of May.Western Digital establishesR&D centre in SingaporeSource: "Hard drive technology is remarkable, and it is trueFebruary 25th, 2011 nanotechnology. Being more than 50 years old and US$35 billion strong, the hard disk drive industry has survived and thrived because it invested in talented people, built a robust supply chain and has persevered and flourished whenThe next time you head out to a computer shop to purchase a confronted with technological hurdles," he said, while addingWestern Digital (WD) product, dont be surprised if you find that the partnership with the DSI "embodies this spirit".out that part of the technology used to develop the companys Leyden also explained the reason Western Digital had chosenstorage devices hails from Singapores very own laboratories. Singapore to be the location for its new R&D centre instead ofThis is because the American hard disk manufacturer has just other developed countries, citing the countrys infrastructureannounced the establishment of a research and development and location as key factors in the companys eventual decision.centre in Singapore with the partnership of our countrysA*STAR Data Storage Institute (DSI). "Singapore has built a treasure trove of engineering talent. This environment has produced an advanced technology research and human resource culture that makes Singapore an ideal location for investment," he said. In response, A*STARs chairman, Lim Chuan Poh, praised Western Digitals well-deserved success in the data storage 2
  • 104. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneindustry, while speaking about how he envisions the strategic which claims to be the worlds slimmest Android phone on thepartnership as one that greatly benefits both parties. market, measuring just 7.7mm."Our magnetic media research team has built strong Today, NTT Docomo in Japan has officially launched theresearch capabilities since its inception in 1996, (and) MEDIA N-04C Android smartphone. The smartphone willfurther enhancing its strengths and capabilities in research retail on 15 March while consumers can start to pre-order onis the state-of-the-art infrastructure over at DSI. The Master 4 March next week.Research Collaboration Agreement signed today would give Weighing 105g, the MEDIAS N-04C sports a 4-inch capacitiveWD access to there facilities, as well as to the team of touchscreen display (480x854) with a layer of toughenedexperienced researched in DSI in the magnetic media area," guerilla glass. The smartphone runs Android 2.2 Froyo andhe said. the company has stated that the 2.3 Gingerbread update willLast but definitely not least, the agreement was set in black be available this summer. The phone also comes with a 5-and white when both Leyden and DSI executive director Dr megapixel CMOS camera, microSDHC card slot and supportsPantelis Alexopoulos inked their respective signatures onto i-mode, 3G/GSM and GPS, Wi-Fi, HSUPA and Bluetooth.the documents presented before them. The N-04C will be available in black and white, and NEC said it will ship the phone outside of Japan soon.NEC MEDIAS N-04C is worlds ASUS to launch new notebookslimmest Android phone at PCs at IT Show 20117.7mm Source: it-show-2011/11320.htmlSource: February 25th, 2011slimmest-android-phone-at-7.7mm/11336.htmlFebruary 25th, 2011 ASUS will be launching four new laptops at the upcoming IT Show 2011 in Singapore - Eee PC 1015PW, Eee PC 1015B, ASUSWhile NEC phones arent available in SIngapore, they are U41Jf and N73Sv. More details inside.selling pretty well in the land of the rising sun. And it lookslike the manufacturer has just launched the MEDIAS N-04C 3
  • 105. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Pricing information to be announced closer to IT Show 2011. Xoom corporation sues Motorola over tablet name Source: tablet-name/11334.html February 25th, 2011 When it comes to the word "Xoom", most users followingThe ASUS Eee PC 1015PW sports a sleek Seashell design with consumer technology news would naturally link it withelegant "wave" finish on the exterior and inside. Weighing Motorolas latest Android 3.0 tablet that is running a dual-just 1.25kg, the 1015PW is powered by the dual-core Intel core processor. Well, Xoom is also the name of a companyAtom N550 processor and boasts a battery life of up to 10 that provides online international money transfer service, andhours. ASUS also has the 1015B model which uses AMD it is no wonder a lawsuit is filed against Motorola over theprocessor. The Eee PC 1015PW comes in Purple Rain, Gold trademark of the companys name.Dust and Angel Skin. Whenever a company comes up with a new product, giving it a name is probably the most difficult task before it goes to market; you wouldnt want to receive lawyers letters on the infringement over the trademark name. (Well, unless you have the wealth to settle with that company). Law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius has filed a trademark suit against Motorola, on behalf of San Francisco-based moneyThe new U series laptop claims to offer an ultra slim transfer company Xoom Corporation. Yes, this is all about thedesign, and superb performance for the mobile road warriors. Motorolas Xoom tablet device. According to news reports,The ASUS U41Jf is equipped with the latest Intel Core i5/ Xoom has had its name since 2003 and has indisputablei3 processor and you can boost the machines performance trademark over it.up to 15%, thanks to ASUS’ Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) Motorolas purchase of the keyword "Xoom" on Google andtechnology. On top of that, it also features two incredible other search sites could have caused potential disruption to theenergy-optimizing technologies to help extend battery life to financial companys business, which was the main ground ofover 10 hours. complaint. At the moment, Motorola has no comment over the lawsuit. Xooms company tagline may be "The Smarter Way To Send Money", but in this case, it surely is a smarter way to earn money. Dead Space 2 PC Review Source: February 25th, 2011 The game starts from the very moment our engineer Isaac Clarke awakes from a coma after events from the first game on the Sprawl, an offshoot human colony on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. As usual, things do not go favorably withThe ASUS N73Sv boasts SonicMaster audio technology that the already tormented engineer, and there is yet anotheroffers outstanding audio performance on the portable laptop. Necromorph manifestation on board the space station. ForIt is also equipped with the second generation Intel Core those who don’t know, Necromorphs are undead, reanimatedprocessors, and utilizes advanced Smart Performance and corpses that have mutated beyond recognition. And they are asIntel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. blood thirsty as they are intelligent. The usual culprits behind 4
  • 106. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethis outbreak are, of course, the oddball religious fanatics With the new iPad 2 expected to be announced next week,called Unitologists and the Earth Government, who have their many have speculated that Apple will drop its newest iOS 4.3own agenda as well. alongside with their new tablet device. There have been reports that the iOS 4.3 has already hit the golden master stage and the iPad makers are reportedly finalising on the mobile operating system. One of our Apple sources has just informed us that it looks like Apple has finalized the code for its upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The build, were told, is 8F190 for those keeping track. iOS 4.3 could make its debut public appearance sometime next week, possibly at Apples media event scheduled for next Wednesday. The updated mobile operating system is set to add more unique features such as personal Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, enhanced support for AirPlay video streamingThe dynamics of the struggle between the two opposing and more.factions are interesting, and throughout the game, clues aredropped in the form of text logs, audio tapes and video tapesto fill you in as you play. The narrative pacing is excellenthere; the game does enough to educate and yet intrigue youfurther as into what happened. The brief walkthrough from Elpida considers increasinga Unitologist centre that leads to their eerie church near the DRAM price in Marchbeginning keeps a comfortable momentum going, and while Source: isn’t the most talkative of video game protagonists, price-in-march/11332.htmlhe does enough to pull you entirely into his see-saw world February 25th, 2011of desperation and survival. Isaac has serious personal,but equally pressing issues: his bouts of dementia triggerhallucinations and visions, and the mental manifestation of Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) price may increasehis girlfriend are as thrilling as they are terrifying. These come March, as Japanese PC chip maker Elpida considersjarring moments fit in nicely with the gameplay mechanics raising DRAM prices in view of growing demand. Projected- Isaac’s struggle to perpetuate reality from his mental state of price for 2Gb DRAM chips in March could be as high as $2.50,mind directly mirrors his tensed physical encounters with the a 19% increase over the current $2.10.frightening Necromorphs. Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) price may increase come March, as Japanese PC chip maker Elpida considersApples iOS 4.3 available raising DRAM prices in view of growing demand. Elpida President and Chief Executive Yukio Sakamoto suggested thatfor all at next weeks media projected price for 2Gb DRAM chips in March could be as high as $2.50, a 19% increase over the current $2.10.event? Sakamoto also reiterated his hopes for a merger with TaiwansSource: Powerchip Technology Corp, Rexchip Electronics Crop andFebruary 25th, 2011 ProMOS Technologies Inc. The merger would see the new alliance holding a 40 to 50 percent share of the global mobile DRAM market, and be in a better position to combat South Korean giants Hynix Semiconductor Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.Apples upcoming iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Rexchip, which is a joint venture between Elpida andhas reported hitting the golden master stage, and ready for its Powerchip, will start production in the third quarter of thispublic appearance as early as next week. year. Elpida also has plans to buy all of Powerchips DRAM output to bolster its competitiveness and help it focus on higher-end chip production. The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 24 Feb 2011 Source: feb-2011/11328.html 5
  • 107. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFebruary 25th, 2011 selectable on or off accenting a sleek black enclosure design. The Thermaltake Max 5G is, of course, backwards compatible to USB 2.0/1.1, as well as SATA II/I. The Thermaltake Max 5G also offers quick and easy installation to go along with rock solid build quality.In todays news roundup: Intel is reportedly planning to ASRock P67 Profess1onal Fatal1ty - Layout and Design @demonstrate its new Medfield platform for tablet PCs in the ocaholicupcoming Computex 2011 event held at Taipei; The market for Description: With the P67 Profess1onal Fatal1ty, ASRock hasNOR flash memory is set to shrink by as much as six percent a high-end Sandy Bridge motherboard in its portfolio whichthis year; Android and Nokia Maemo users can play with a especially targets the gaming market. Next to a very attractivebeta of the Firefox 4 browser which has been specially made design the board also features three PCI-Express x16 slots andfor both operating systems; The Google Nexus S officially loses ten SATA-Ports.the ability to perform Facebook syncing; A new Crysis 2 trailerhas emerged, and Dead Space 2 is set to gets its first set of DLC Antec LanBoy Air ATX Case Reviewon March 1 this year. Description: At first glance you can tell this is an enthusiast and gamer-oriented product. Antec touts the LanBoy Air forHardware News: its highly customizable and modular design. Weighing 20.3Intel expected to offer 3rd-generation MID platform Medfield lbs (9.2 kg), the case can be outfitted with an insane fifteenin 3Q11 120mm fans -- so you know the "Air" moniker belongs in itsDescription: Intel, in order to compete with ARM architecture name. Perhaps more intriguing, nearly every part of the casedevices which are prevailing in the tablet PC industry, has is modular, even the motherboard and PSU mounts.had Medfield, its third-generation MID platform, enter testing Scythe Mine 2 cooler @ Hardwareoverclock.comby Taiwan-based hardware partners, with products to be Description: The Mine 2 CPU Cooler is based on a twindemonstrated at Computex Taipei 2011 and shipments to cooler Layout. Eight copper heatpipes transport heat to twobegin as early as the third quarter, according to industry generously dimensioned cooling blocks. By placing the fan insources. between the 2 heatsink towers, intake as well as exhale airflowsEdimax ES5500 G Gigabit Switch Review -XSReviews are optimized to provide high performance. By default, theDescription: The easiest way to get yourself some faster Mine 2 will be delivered with a centrally placed, adjustable 140network transfer rates is to throw a Gigabit switch into the mix. mm Slip Stream PWM & VR fan. Although the fan supportsThats what Im looking to do today with the Edimax ES 5500G the PWM feature, the user can manually adjust the PWM5 port gigabit switch. Is it worth the money? Does it give good bandwidth between 470 to 1,370 rpm and 740 to 1,900 rpm.transfer rates? Thats what were here to find out. OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SATA 3 6Gbps SandForce SSD PreviewFSP Aurum AU-600 -600W PSU Review on Technic3D @ Legit Reviews(German) Description: Since the inception of the line, the Vertex nameDescription: (Machine translation) The FSP Aurum AU-600 has been synonymous with performance and helped propel-600W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following OCZ to a prominent position in the SSD market. Not restingReview from Technic3D the next PSU with four +12V rails on their laurels, OCZ has jumped out in front again with the(18A), 120mm Fan, 6x SATA hard disk connectors and 3x PCI- Vertex 3 to be the first to launch a line featuring the lateste 6+2-Pin SandForce controllers paired with a SATA III 6Gbps interfaceNOR flash memory shipments set for 2011 drop and 25nm NAND, while others ostensibly seem a little moreDescription: NOR flash memory is going to take a slight conservative in their speed to market. Just how high has theknocking this year, with IHS iSuppli research claiming that the bar been set? Read on to will drop by nearly six percent. Consumer Electronics and Software News:Deepcool Ice Matrix 400 Review at Overclockers Online New Firefox 4 for Android Available NowDescription: When looking at the entire picture, Deepcool’s Ice Description: Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia Maemo devicesMatrix 400 is a spectacularly assembled piece of equipment. is now available in a new beta version that’s made huge leapsCombining four heat pipes with a simple 120mm fan, the heat in terms of stability and performance.sink does well at keeping the CPU at acceptable operating Coolermaster Spawn gaming mouse: comfortable, powerful,temperatures. portableThermaltake MAX 5G External HDD Enclosure Review @Hi Description: Good things come in small packages, andTech Legion Coolermaster’s Spawn gaming mouse is one of them, packing aDescription: The Thermaltake Max 5G 3.5” HDD Enclosure good balance of features and comfort into a small, inexpensive,offers a solution to data and OS portability. Offering 5Gbs capable gaming mouse.USB 3.0 transfer speeds along with SATA III capability, the A Sleeping OS X Lion StirsThermaltake Max 5G offers portability along with all of the Description: The iPad 2 nears! An iPad 3 is on the horizon!speed one would expect from an internal HDD. The Max iPhone 5 is coming! Maybe an iPhone nano! New MacBook5G is also the first external HDD enclosure offering the Pros! New iMacs! Maybe even an Apple television! Of all thesuperior cooling capabilities of twin 80mm fans. These fansalso offer a little eye candy with glowing blue LEDs which are 6
  • 108. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneApple rumors out there right now, there’s a odd lack of talk out their children were racking up huge purchases withoutabout something we know is coming — and soon: OS X Lion. understanding what they were doing - including one young gamer who managed to download more than $1,400 in virtualEurocom Launches Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Processor in Smurfs currency...its Panther 2.0Description: Eurocom Corporation ( support for Intels new high performance i7-990XExtreme Edition Processor inside the EUROCOM Panther 2.0 Intel announces Thunderbolt Source: notebook. The addition of the Intel Core i7-990X thunderbolt/11333.htmlto the long list of processor options gives Eurocom customers February 25th, 2011even greater choice when customizing their unique systems.What the iPad 2 Needs to Steal From Android and WebOSDescription: Motorola and HP proved that companies canmake tablets with UI as usable, if not more so, than the iPad.Now, with the iPad 2 being announced next week, Apple is theone that needs to play catch-up to others. But is it possiblewithout drastically retooling iOS? So whats all the fuss about? Well, Intel and Apple hasReplace or Add User Profile Fields in WordPress @ Computing announced the launch and availability (at least in Appleson Demand products) of a new co-developed I/O interface previouslyDescription: If you take into consideration that WordPress is known as Light Peak, but it now goes under the namethe most widely used blogging platform, it is confusing why of Thunderbolt. The new interface uses the same physicalthey are still living in the past. I am referring to the usage of connector as the mini DisplayPort interface and its compatibleAIM, Jabber, and Yahoo in the users profile. Currently, within with DisplayPort signals, but it also offers up to 10Gbps of PCIWordPress, there is no way for you to modify these choices. Express data to allow for a wide range of external peripheralsHowever, with a few simple lines of code in our functions.php to be connected to it.file, we can bring WordPress into the 21st century.New Google PageRank Algorithm Debunked So whats all the fuss about? Well, Intel and Apple hasDescription: In my recent article on SEJ about Google announced the launch and availability (at least in ApplesPageRank I suggested that a new formula could be in action. products) of a new co-developed I/O interface previouslyThe article has gone big on Twitter and LinkedIn, with known as Light Peak, but it now goes under the namehundreds of shares. And from some comments, it looks like of Thunderbolt. The new interface uses the same physicalmany people accepted it for a fact. connector as the mini DisplayPort interface and its compatibleGoogle Drops Facebook Sync On Nexus S: Google/Facebook with DisplayPort signals, but it also offers up to 10Gbps of PCIBattle Continues Express data to allow for a wide range of external peripheralsDescription: The reason Google cites is because Facebook to be connected to it.contacts “cannot be exported from the device” and thus do not With so much bandwidth available its clear that Thunderboltallow users to “control their data” as freely as Google would was designed with the future in mind. That said, withlike. companies such as Aja, Apogee, Avid, Blackmagic, LaCie,Gaming News: Promise and Western Digital as launch partners, its pretty clear that the bandwidth is much wanted, especially in theNew Crysis 2 Trailer Focuses On Story, PC Multiplayer Demo video and audio industry. Thunderbolt is at the moment theon March 1 fastest interface youll find on any computer that isnt a high-Description: With about a month to the launch of Crysis 2, end server and then youd end up talking about network cardsthe folks from EA released another trailer focusing on the or Fiber Channel or something similarly advanced that isntstory and giving a sneak of the transition of story from its easily implemented into consumer and business devices.predecessor. The trailer revolves around Jacob Hargreave, aman with an obsession with the Nanosuit for most of a century.Check out “Prophet’s Journey” belowDead Space 2 Gets Severed March 1Description: Finished strategically dismembering an entirespace stations worth of Necromorphs? Go back and do it allover again on March 1, this time from a different perspective,in the first DLC pack for Dead Space 2: Severed.FTC agrees to investigate "deceptively free" iPhone gamesDescription: The Federal Trade Commission has confirmedit will investigate mobile games that are advertised as freebut then entice players into buying virtual goods withinthe game, especially those that target younger users. Thiscomes after several complaints surfaced by parents who found 7
  • 109. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone five devices and one display are supported – its bi-directional and it delivers power. However, on the power side things arent fantastic, as Thunderbolt is limited to 10W, a typical external 3.5-inch hard drive requires 12W, so its not going to be possible to power plenty of external storage device directly from the bus. Something of an oversight in our eyes, but then again, its unlikely that single hard drives will even be kitted out with Thunderbolt interfaces. Another interesting aspect is what you can connect to a Thunderbolt interface, since as it uses PCI Express signalling, pretty much anything that connects to the PCI Express bus can interface with Thunderbolt. In this way Thunderbolt is very much like the external PCI Express interfaces that never really took off, just with a much more compact connector. This means that solutions like laptop docks could become quite advanced and offer a wide range of advanced interface that dont have to be built into the notebook to save space. Another option would be to build a display that acts as a laptop dock with all of the ports built into it rather than the notebook.The use of the mini DisplayPort connector is an odd choicein our opinion, although as the DisplayPort signal runsparallel with the PCI Express signal used for all other data, itsort of makes sense, at least in a notebook implementation.We havent heard or seen anything relating to desktopimplementations of Thunderbolt, although wed expect it to beentirely possible, just something of a hassle, especially as youdneed a motherboard with a mini DisplayPort connector anda way to route the graphics card signal through this port. Wewont put it past the motherboard makers to come up with asolution in due time though, as this would be a differentiatoron high-end motherboards.As for notebooks, so far its only Apples MacBook Pro models One unanswered question is how much itll cost to implementthat will come with Thunderbolt, although others are expected Thunderbolt, but it cant be too expensive considering thatto follow. However, wed go as far as to say that this is a Apple doesnt appear to charge a premium for the that at least for now will be used exclusively on That said, just judging by the picture of the controller Intelhigh-end notebooks due to the additional cost involved. Also, supplied, its going to be vastly more expensive than USB far as the implementation goes, the Thunderbolt controller Its also possible that Thunderbolt will stun the continuedrequires four PCI Express lanes and connects directly to Intels development and deployment of USB 3.0 which in our opinionPCH, so it seems like its an exclusive technology tied into would be a bad thing.Intels platform, at least for the time being. Call it a competitiveadvantage if you like, although its possible that itll work with Thunderbolt was developed with the future in mind and asany other chipset and/or device that have four available PCI such its almost overkill today, but given some time its likelyExpress lanes of bandwidth available. that even Thunderbolt wont be able to keep up. However, with more than twice the practical bandwidth of USB 3.0 and nearly twice that of SATA 6Gbps we can see a lot of companies coming up with creative usages of the new interface. The video and audio hardware creation companies are happy to have been given yet more bandwidth to play with and the storage device manufacturers are some of the first to jump aboard the new interface. The big question is if Thunderbolt will ever become mainstream and this isnt likely to happen for quite some time. Intel Resumes P67 B3 Shipment, Limited Initially Source: limited-initially/11331.htmlIn many ways Thunderbolt is a bit like the old FireWireinterface, as it can be daisy chained – up to six devices or 8
  • 110. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFebruary 25th, 2011 Last week, Intel has began production onthe P67 B3 chipsets and has shipped out tovarious motherboard manufacturers. This week, wesaw ASUS and Biostar announcing that they are shipping outtheir P67 B3 motherboards to their customers and the samegoes for Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock as well. We can expect the newboards to reach by early March. However, full recovery wont First demonstrated last October, we have not heard anythingbe expect till late March or early April therefore replacement from Apple since. But now Apple, along with the release ofboards for end users are expected to be in shortage initially. their updated line of MacBook Pro, has provided us with some info on their new features in Mac OS X Lion which is all set for a public launch later this summer. Apple today released a developer preview of Mac OS X Lion, which takes some of the best ideas from iPad and brings them back to the Mac for the eighth major release of the worlds most advanced operating system. Lion features Mission Control, an innovative new view of everything running on your Mac; Launchpad, a new home for all your Mac apps; full screen apps that use the entire Mac display; and new Multi-Touch gestures. Lion also includes the Mac App Store, the best place to discover, install and automatically update Mac apps. The Lion previewLast week, Intel has began production on the is available to Mac Developer Program membersP67 B3 chipsets and has shipped out to through the Mac App Store today, and the finalvarious motherboard manufacturers. This week, we version of Lion will ship to customers this summer.saw ASUS and Biostar announcing that they are shipping outtheir P67 B3 motherboards to their customers and the samegoes for Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock as well. We can expect the new Apple has also outline a number of key features that will beboards to reach by early March. However, full recovery wont included as part of Mac OS X Lion:be expect till late March or early April therefore replacement - Mail, a new version of Mail, with anboards for end users are expected to be in shortage initially. elegant, widescreen layout inspired by the iPad; Conversations, which automatically groups relatedApple releases first developer messages into one easy to read timeline; more powerful search; and support for Microsoft Exchangepreview of Mac OS X Lion 2010;Source: - Versions, which automatically saves successiveof-mac-os-x-lion/11329.html versions of your document as you create it, and givesFebruary 25th, 2011 you an easy way to browse, edit and even revert to previous versions; - AirDrop, a remarkably simple way to copy files wirelessly from one Mac to another with no setup; - Resume, which conveniently brings your apps backAlong with the updated line of MacBook Pros, Apple has exactly how you left them when you restart your Macalso just announced the release of the first developer preview or quit and relaunch an app;version of Mac OS X Lion. Lets see what is Apple going tosurprise us with in this upcoming version of the Mac OS. - Auto Save, which automatically saves your documents as you work; - the all new FileVault, that provides high performance full disk encryption for local and external drives, and the ability to wipe data from your Mac instantaneously; and 9
  • 111. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone - Mac OS X Lion Server, which makes setting up way. The speed in which it can achieve, is expected to replace a server easier than ever and adds support for the need for USB 3.0 managing Mac OS X Lion, iPhone, iPad and iPod "Thunderbolt is a revolutionary new I/O technology touch devices. that delivers an amazing 10 gigabits per second and can support every important I/O standard which is ideal for the new MacBook Pro."More information on the upcoming Mac OS X can be found onApples feature page for it here. The following new models are available now online at the Apple Store. • 17" 1920x1200 Display. 2.2Ghz Quad i7. 4GB RAM.Apple launches refreshed 750GB HD. AMD 6750M 1GB. S$3398MacBook Pros with Quad • 15" 1440x900 (1680 option) Display. 2.2GHz Quad i7.Core CPUs, AMD GPUs and 750GB HD. AMD 6750M 1GB. S$2988Thunderbolt • 15" 1440x900 (1680 option) Display. 2.0GHz Quad i7. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD. AMD 6490M 256MB. S$2488Source: 25th, 2011 • 13" 1280x800 Display. 2.7GHz Dual i7. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD. Intel HD Graphics. S$2048 • 13" 1280x800 Display. 2.3GHz Dual i5. 4GB RAM. 320GB HD. Intel HD Graphics. S$1648Apple has just formally launched their refreshed MacBookPros and its available right now online. While still retainingthe same body, there has been a lot of changes under the hood. Full specifications are available here. A-Data Launches CH11 USB 3.0 External HDDs Source: much-anticipated refreshment of MacBook Pros are here. hdds/11327.htmlFor the first time ever in the companys history, Apple has February 25th, 2011included Quad Core CPUs into their laptops. The 15-inch and17-inch models offer Quad Core CPUs using the Intel 2.2GHzQuad Core 2720QM and 2.0GHz Quad Core 2630QM.The new Sandy Bridge processors found in these new MacBookPro also feature Intels Turbo Boost 2.0, which will increaseathe speed of the remaining cores when the others are A-Data has expanded its line-up of external HDDs with theunderultilised. addition of the CH11. The compact 2.5" external HDD delivers Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 automatically transfer speeds up to 90Mb/s (read) via a USB 3.0 interface allows processor cores to run faster than the base and comes with custom tags (allowing users to label drive operating frequency if its operating below power, contents). Available in black, white or pink colors, they are current, and temperature specification limits. expected to start shipping in Europe soon.For those who are interested in the Quad Cores, the maximum A-DATA PRESS RELEASETurbo clock speeds for the 2720QM and 2630QM are 3.2GHzand 2.9GHz respectively. Taipei, Taiwan - February 21 2011 - ADATA™ Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, today introduced theAnother new feature that Apple has introduced in this new CH11 external hard drive, the companys latest contenderrefreshment is the hybrid Thunderbolt/ mini Display port. in the high-speed external storage market.This revolutionary technology, which represents Intels LightPeak technology, is expected to surface in other Macs along the 10
  • 112. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Drives (Gartner, May 2010), and the Top 20 global brand in Taiwan, provides complete memory solutions, including DRAM Modules, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives. ADATA products are internationally recognized by Germanys iF Design Award, red dot Award, CES Best of Innovations Award, Japans Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. For more information, please visit the companys website at Last minute MacBook Pro rumoursThe CH11 incorporates the most recent "SuperSpeed" USB Source: standard, and achieves read speeds of up to 90 MB/ rumours/11326.htmlsec. As end-users worldwide become increasingly aware of February 25th, 2011the tremendous performance advantages of USB 3.0 capabledevices, products like the CH11 are expected to displace drivesusing the older USB 2.0 standard in the market. Consumerswho need to transfer large image, video, or other media fileswill find the CH11 an appealing option. The MacBook Pro rumours continue to appear all over the web and the latest one bring with them some additional details that may or may not prove to be true, although it seems like we wont have to wait too long to find out whats true and whats not. On top of that, Intel is readying an announcement related to Thunderbolt for later today together with Apple, but we cant give you all the details quite yet as that is under NDA for the time being, so check back with us later for the full details. The MacBook Pro rumours continue to appear all over the web and the latest one bring with them some additional details that may or may not prove to be true, although it seems like weAn added benefit of the CH11 is the inclusion of custom wont have to wait too long to find out whats true and whatslabels, providing users with a handy solution for labeling drive not. On top of that, Intel is readying an announcement relatedcontents. The unit can be stored and used vertically, making to Thunderbolt for later today together with Apple, but weit an excellent choice for those who frequently work with cant give you all the details quite yet as that is under NDA formultiple external drives of different categories. The CH11 will the time being, so check back with us later for the full available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities. The new rumours are talking to some degree about Thunderbolt and without getting ahead of things, yes, thisAvailability is Intels Light Peak technology, but as we said, more on that later. What is clear now though is that all of Apples MacBook Pro models will feature Thunderbolt support, but itsThe CH11 will be available through ADATAs selected not certain that the vanilla MacBooks will. Its also uncleardistributors and resellers. More information can be found at as to when and if well see this on desktop Apple computers,the companys website at: although wed expect Apple to implement this at least on its Mac Pros. The downside here is of course that Apple wont support USB 3.0 which is suggesting the standard has lost a major promoter for better or worse. Other rumours include dropped support for Nvidia graphics in favour of AMD, something thats been a long term rumour but which might finally prove to be true. Considering that Apple have been using AMD graphics in its Mac Pro and iMacAbout ADATA desktops for quite some time, wed say this is a very likely rumour to come true.ADATA Technology, the worlds 2nd largest vendor of DRAM Sadly it seems like the 13-inch MacBook Pros have to makeModules (iSuppli, May 2010), 3rd largest of USB Flash do with Intels HD 3000 series integrated graphics, at least 11
  • 113. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneif the leaked specs are anything to go by. At least the entire February 25th, 2011range from top to bottom will get kitted out with Intels secondgeneration of Core i processors which in a way is a big win, asApple has finally decided to give up on Intels Core 2 platformin lieu of something much faster.The rumours about SSDs dont seem to have proven to be truethough, but we should find out shortly if this is the case or not.The high-resolution screen rumours have as yet to be proven After the wildly successful original Facebook contest, BitFenixright as the spec leaks for the 13-inch model suggested no is pleased to announce BitFenix Facebook Sweepstakes 2.change here. Apple is expected to unveil its new product range From now until March 9th, users can go to the BitFenixshortly, so stay tuned for more on the new MacBook models, Facebook page and enter the contest by "liking" the page andas well as a detailed look at Tunderbolt. filling out the sweepstakes entry form. At the end of the contest period, one lucky fan will win a brand-new BitFenix Survivor gaming chassis!MSI releases finalized version BitFenix Press Releaseof Afterburner 2.1.0Source: 25th, 2011 Facebook fans can enter to win a brand-new Survivor chassisAfter months of being in beta status, MSI Afterburner 2.1.0has been finalized and is now available for download. The (BitFenix Design Lab, February 23th, 2011) - After the wildlynew version supports the latest graphics cards, including the successful original Facebook contest, BitFenix is pleased toNVIDIA GeForce 500 Series and AMD Radeon HD 6000 announce BitFenix Facebook Sweepstakes 2. From now untilSeries. March 9th, users can go to the BitFenix Facebook page (http:// and enter the contest by "liking" the page and filling out the sweepstakes entry form. At the end of the contest period, one lucky fan will win a brand-new BitFenix Survivor gaming chassis!After months of being in beta status, MSI Afterburner 2.1.0has been finalized and is now available for download. Thenew version supports the latest graphics cards, including theNVIDIA GeForce 500 Series and AMD Radeon HD 6000Series.The latest Afterburner has a new feature known as Predator,which allows users to capture a video of the game you arecurrently playing.Win a Survivor gamingcase: BitFenix FacebookSweepstakes 2 "We had so much fun with our fans last time, so we just had to bring it back," says David Jarlestedt, BitFenix ProductSource: Manager. "The support for the fans has been tremendous and 12
  • 114. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethese contests are meant to give back to the very communitythat helped make BitFenix into what it is today."Entering the contest is easy:1. Go to the BitFenix Facebook Page ( and click "Like"2. Find the Sweepstakes tab and fill in the contest formIn addition, BitFenix will give away one additional chassis ifthe BitFenix Facebook page can reach 2,000 fans during thecontest period! The more people that enter, the more prizeswill be given away! The Playon!HD2 (ACR-PV73700) supports video formatsEnter the sweepstakes by going to the BitFenix Facebook page: including AVI, MKV, TS, TP, M2TS, MPG, MP4, MOV, M4V, VOB, ISO, DVD-ISO, IFO, DAT, WMV, ASF, RM, RMVB, BD- ISO, FLV resolution up to 1080p. Even though it supportsFull contest details can be found here: Gigabit full HD streaming of up to 1000Mbps, wired dataFor more information on BitFenix, visit: http:// transfer only reaches 100Mbps due to the limitation of onboard processor.AC Ryan launches Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 inSingaporeSource: 25th, 2011 The power button is at the front of the Playon!HD2 while on the right holds a card reader, three USB ports (one Type B USB3.0). The USB ports can also connect to an externalThis morning, AC Ryan has announced their new Playon! hard disk as well as a wireless dongle for wireless connectivity.HD2 and Playon!HD Mini 2 full high definition players in However, note that full high definition (HD) streaming will notSingapore. They are available now and you can check them out be that seamless via wireless. According to Wong, the optionalat the upcoming IT Show 2011. wireless dongle can be purchased at S$49, and the Playon! HD2 with built-in wireless is scheduled to be available near end of March.Eugene Wong, senior product engineer for AC Ryan,introduced the two new media players from the company -Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2, which claim to feature More connectivity options are at the rear of the media playerthe latest Realtek 1185 media player processor. According to including composite, component, HDMI, LAN, optical andWong, both media players allow users to interact with friends coaxial.on Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messenger (ebuddy). 13
  • 115. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone It is clear that Microsoft wants Windows to be as ubiquitous in the cloud as it currently is in the desktop and notebook PC market. And while Microsoft is also considered to be one of the latecomers to the entire software-as-a-service ecosystem, it would seem that this minor setback is not about to hinder the software giant in its plans for (virtual) world domination: Microsoft has announced the commencement of a free trial in a bid to attract more users to its Azure Services Platform.The hard disk compartment is on the right and to insert your Cloud computing and software-as-a-service might be merehard disk, simply remove the side cover. blanket terms used to describe the future of computing, but as far as Microsoft is concerned, it would seem that the such services are more than ready to be implemented in todays computing ecosystem. After all, enterprises have been known to be relatively slow on the uptake of new technology, and in most cases, all it needs is just a simple push to get the entire industry moving in the right (or wrong) directions. With that in mind, what would Microsofts plan for pushing people onto the path of cloud computing under the Windows banner and ecosystem be? Simple: to offer a free trial of its Windows Azure Platform, in the hopes that enterprise developers will be able to get their feet wet with Microsofts cloud computing solution and join the Microsoft ecosystem.The Playon!HD Mini2 (ACR-PV73800) is more compact thanits Playon!HD2 sibling though it also supports most videoformats. For those who might not be aware, Microsofts Azure Services Platform is a platform-as-a-service offering and forms a core part of Microsofts cloud computing strategy. It allowsAt the rear are component, composite, HDMI, LAN, optical customers to deploy applications and data into the cloud, andand two USB connectors. is designed to compliment the companys other software-as- a-service offering, Microsoft Online Services.Both the Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini2 are alredayavailable at S$269 and S$199 respectively, and will also beretailing at the IT Show 2011.Microsoft launches free trial ofWindows Azure PlatformSource: 25th, 2011 So whats in the free trial of Microsofts Windows Azure Platform for developers who bite? Well, according to 14
  • 116. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMicrosoft, interested developers can choose between one of immediately after the revised design is released by Intel.two offers, namely 750 hours of an Extra Small Compute ASUS hopes that its fast response will prevent any furtherInstance or 25 hours of a Small Compute Instance. And in inconvenience and interruption to customers.addition to the free computing time offered, Microsoft isalso throwing in a few extra features such as free inboundand outbound data transfer of up to 500MB and 100,000AppFabric access control transactions across two service busconnections, as shown in the screenshot below: As part of an overall recovery plan following the detection of the Intel 6 Series chipset design error, ASUS has implemented various customer support measures, including extensive product replacement and return with additional service hotlines around the world. Based on new information from Intel, ASUS has announced that its updated Intel 6 Series-based motherboards will begin shipping starting this week, immediately after the revised design is released by Intel. ASUS hopes that its fast response will prevent any further inconvenience and interruption to customers.Of course, this complimentary trial is not without its ownset of caveats though. Developers and system administrators As Intel indicated the design error only occurs with certainmight want to take note that Microsoft does not impose SATA 3Gb/s ports, ASUS has created the SATA Verifierhard data transfer or storage caps: this means that system utility to help customers clearly identify all unaffectedadministrators who end up consuming more than the amount SATA 6Gb/s ports for each relevant product. Moreof data allocated to them will be charged at Microsofts information can be found at rates. Last but definitely not least, Microsoft has also Identify_unaffected_SATA_port/.confirmed that the trial is time-bombed to expire on 30 June Customers who already own potentially affectedthis year, and that any subsequent usage of its Windows Azure motherboards may visit after the aforementioned date will be charged at the SandyBridge/ for product return and replacement details andstandard rates as well. registration.If that sounds reasonable enough to warrant getting yourhands and feet wet with what Microsoft has to offer the cloudcomputing ecosystem, hit up the registration link located here.ASUS to begin shippingmotherboards with revisedB3 P67 and H67 chipsets thisweekSource: 25th, 2011As part of an overall recovery plan following the detection ofthe Intel 6 Series chipset design error, ASUS has implemented Users can easily identify revised products by checking forvarious customer support measures, including extensive the New B3 Revision label displayed on the packaging. Theproduct replacement and return with additional service chipset version can also be verified through the sticker affixedhotlines around the world. Based on new information from on the motherboard itself, the BIOS, ASUS SATA Verifier andIntel, ASUS has announced that its updated Intel 6 Series- CPUID’s CPU-Z utility.based motherboards will begin shipping starting this week, 15
  • 117. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneASUS would like to use this opportunity to encourage anycurrent users in possession of affected products to carry outreturn and replacement promptly, so that the transition to therevised hardware is as smooth and fast as possible.Rumour: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Well, this is indeed surprising. For a company that has already590 release during PAX East prided itself on having products which boast some of the longest product lifespans, it would seem that Sony has also got2011 quite a few products which do not seem to live past its firstSource: year of retail life before getting canned from the companysrelease-during-pax-east-2011/11318.html production line.February 25th, 2011 And in this case, it would appear that even popular products are not spared from the hammer, for the latest device to get the heave-ho from Sonys production line is that of the compact- sized DSLR known as the NEX-3. Indeed, a quick peek into Sonys Japanese site reveals that the information was no hoax: the NEX-3 has indeed been dropped, with the product pageAccording to a latest report from DonanimHaber, NVIDIAs listing the cameras status as Discontinued.upcoming dual-GPU flagship, the GeForce GTX 590, is all setto release at PAX East 2011 - which takes place between March11th and March 13th. Prior to PAX East, the GTX 590 willbe introduced behind closed doors at upcoming CeBIT 2011(March 1st to 5th).As has been rumoured for quite a while now, the GTX 590 isexpected to sport two fully enabled GF110 GPUs. The powerconsumption is rumoured to be through the roof - likelybreaking the PCI-SIG certification limit of 300W. The GTX590 is certainly going to be an exclusive, ultra-enthusiastproduct, with limited availability.AMDs competitor - the Radeon HD 6990 - which was earlierplanned for a December 2010 release, is also expected tofinally release some time in March. Unfortunately, Sony has not been very forthcoming with its reasons for the sudden pulling of the NEX-3 from its NEX lineup. And with no press release issued, it would seem thatSony quietly discontinues consumers do not have much choice but to wait for the official explanation from the Japanese consumer electronics giant.NEX-3 series of digitalcameras ImageShack pulls plug onSource: hotlinking to unregisteredFebruary 25th, 2011 domains Source: to-unregistered-domains/11312.html February 25th, 2011The NEX-3 may be one of the more drool-worthy digitalcameras to exist on the market today, but it seems that Sonyhas got other plans in store for the market segment currently Do you make use of ImageShacks image hosting services?targeted by the aforementioned device. In what is probably the Well, if you do, you might want to seriously start consideringshortest-ever product lifespan for a digital camera, Sony Japan moving over to other alternative image hosting services.has labelled the NEX-3 as a discontinued product, despite it Apparently, it seems that ImageShack has made the decisionbeing barely a year since it was launched. to pull the plug on hosted images that have been hotlinked to unregistered domains. And we all know what that means, dont we? Free image hosting services are a dime a dozen, so migrating over to another service should be as easy as pie, should it not? 16
  • 118. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAfter all, the only thing one has to do is to download the entirephoto album from the original hoster, extract the images from Mach Xtreme Technologywithin and re-upload them into the new image hoster. Adds 128Gb Model to FX USBOkay, so maybe it might be a little more tedious that it sounds.However, users who often upload images to a particualar 3.0 Flash Drives Series Source: hosting service known as ImageShack for the sole model-to-fx-usb-3.0-flash-drives-series/11316.htmlpurpose of sharing them on websites or forums might want February 25th, 2011to start considering a migration to alternative services. Notbecause ImageShack is shutting down though: rather, this isdue to a new policy implemented across ImageShacks imagehosting services.Apparently, the hoster has just recently implemented Mach Xtreme Technology has expanded its FX USB3.0a registered domains system: this policy requires that flash drive line-up with the addition of a 128Gbwebmasters register their domains with ImageShack in order (MXUB3MFX-128G) variant. Measuring 78 x 27 x 9.3mm andto ensure that visitors to their site can view all ImageShack- weighing 39g, the compact flash drive delivers data transferhosted images. And because no prior warning about this speeds up to 130Mb/s (read) and 90Mb/s (write). Machsudden change in policy was made to the Internet-going Xtreme has also obtained Asuss USB 3.0 certification forpublic, it seemed that many were caught unaware when the its MX-FX series of flash-drives, offering users full USB 3.0policy was enforced. As such, ImageShack users who have usability and compatibility with ASUS mainboards.hotlinked images to unregistered domains will only see thisimage on the offending site: MX-TECHNOLOGY PRESS RELEASE Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., a worldwide leader in top performance, high reliability and user-friendly designed PC components, announces that MX-FX Series gets “Optimized For ASUS USB 3.0 Mainboards” certification and adds 128GB model to expanding FX USB3.0 flash drives series today. MX has announced its successful certification of MX-FX USB 3.0 series flash drives, confirming close cooperation with ASUS. Only devices rigorously tested with ASUS USB3.0More importantly, it appears that this issue is affecting users motherboards feature a prominent logo. Customers canon a global scale, and is not just limited to users from a recognize this logo and purchase ASUS certified USB 3.0particular geographical region. To remedy the situation, users devices with peace of mind. The extensive compatibility testingcan either attempt to visit the link listed on the image above ensures complete compatibility with ASUS mainboards,and register their often-visited sites with the image hosting offering consumers full USB 3.0 usability.service, or bug the webmasters of those websites to do so ontheir behalf. Besides, Mach Xtreme Technology adds 128GB model to expanding FX series. The MX-FX 128GB flash drive delivers best-in-class read and write speeds clocking in at up to 130MBsOf course, at this point, users can also just opt to ditch read and 90MBs write along with its ultra compact size (78mmImageShack completely and go for an alternative, no-cost x 27mm 9.3mm). Mach Xtreme FX flash drives come also inimage hosting service. After all, as they always say, whatever 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flavors.floats your boat. All this combined with 3-Years warranty and consumer friendly pricing nominates MX-Technology FX Series USB 3.0 flash drive as the #1 choice. 17
  • 119. February 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone128GB FX Series USB 3.0 Flash Drive at A Glance • USB 3.0 Interface • Max. Read Performance up to 130MBs • Max. Write Performance up to 90MBs • Bus Power 900mA (no external power cable needed) • Power Consumption Idle 1.0W Active up to 4.0W • Shock and vibrations resistant • Compact and easy to carry 78mm x 27mm x 9.3mm • Lightweight 39g • Certification ROHS, CE, FCC • Capacity 128GB (MXUB3MFX-128G) • Warranty 3-Years 18
  • 120. February 28th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. Motion-sensing PC entertainment on big screen TV WAVI Xtion integrates motion-sensing technology fromASUS unveils WAVI Xtion PrimeSense® with the exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal usermotion-sensing PC experience interface to bring consumers closer to technology through intuitive interaction with applications. Connections to bothat CeBIT 2011 PCs and TVs via wireless HDMI (WHDI technology) deliverSource: smooth transfers of high definition content such as movies,sensing-pc-experience-at-cebit-2011/11389.html games and photos in 5GHz with a range of up to 25 meters.February 28th, 2011 Software products available on launch include MayaFit Cardio Lite, a motion-sensing fitness training game and BeatBooster™, a multiplayer racing adventure game where users maneuver jet aircraft with their body movements. Enjoying PC games on the living room big screen TV is possible; the proprietary Xtion engine supports the remapping of keyboard controls into motion gestures for a variety ofWere sure youve heard of Microsofts Kinect for Xbox 360, a popular third party games.controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. Well, Speaking on cooperation with ASUS when developing WAVIheres something quite similar. Meet the ASUS WAVI Xtion, Xtion motion-sensing technology, PrimeSense CEO Inonthe worlds first motion-sensing experience package for the Beracha said, "our collaboration with ASUS in providing aPC! 3D sensing solution for WAVI Xtion proves to the industryHeres something similar to Microsofts Kinect. Meet the ASUS that natural interaction technology is the ideal fit for livingWAVI Xtion (pronounced way-vee action), the worlds first rooms, and that intuitive, gesture-based control will bemotion-sensing experience package for the PC! The WAVI the go-to route for operating all devices. We believe thatXtion comprises of two components - the WAVI wireless PrimeSensesolutions like the user interface used on ASUS’media streaming device and the Xtion motion sensor. It WAVI Xtion represent the future of the way people interactstreams high definition media wirelessly from a PC located with consumer electronics, and help break down barriersof usein one room to a TV in another, while infrared gesture-based to allow people to sync with the electronic world around them."multimedia playback, games and applications introduce thefirst ever officially-supported motion-sensing PC interface. Online store offers diverse choice WAVI Xtion enables a wide selection of multimedia content and entertainment applications, working seamlessly with the ASUS @vibe online store* to deliver music, games and apps, all through the cloud. Xtion Pro developer kit Developers interested in creating gesture-based PC entertainment content can make use of the ASUS Xtion PRO developer pack, the world’s first professional PC motion- sensing toolset. It opens up new opportunities for cost and time-efficient development of various applications, including games of every genre. ASUS plans to launch the Xtion Pro 1
  • 121. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDeveloper Challenge in March, with attractive prizes and The ASUS tradition of combining performance and aestheticspublishing deals for winning developers. Selected apps will be across all its notebooks continues. New ASUS K Seriesplaced on the ASUS @vibe online store*. notebooks combine the multitasking power of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors with NVIDIA® GeForce™ graphics to deliver spectacular computing, and are offered in 14", 15.6",*ASUS @vibe integration expected early Q3 2011. 17.3" and 18.4" screen sizes. Models are available in a variety of colors including classic brown and silver, passion red, party gold, urban green, chill blue, seduction pink and simplicity white. These use unique textured aluminum covers that areASUS to showcase latest both stylish and durable. The K Series also includes newinnovations at CeBIT 2011 AMD® Brazos™ processors, with powerful graphics for better gaming and multimedia. All new K Series notebooks featureSource: exclusive ASUS IceCool technology to keep palm rests cool forat-cebit-2011/11390.html increased comfort during the longest sessions.February 28th, 2011 As a mainstay in the gaming community, ASUS continues to develop and widen its product portfolio to serve gaming enthusiasts. An entire line of gaming products including notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, 3D monitors and aEchoing the CeBIT 2011 theme of Work and Life in the Cloud, noise cancelling headset will be well-received by the gamingASUS will showcase four different tablet computers including public.the Eee Slate EP121 and Eee Pad MeMO, along with the latestmotion-sensing technology called WAVI Xtion, the all-newAMD Brazos-packing K series notebooks and a wide range of CeBIT 2011 Informationgaming products designed for a superior gaming experience. ASUS plans an extensive showing during CeBIT 2011, taking place March 1-5 in Hannover, Germany. The ASUS booth can be found at Hall 17, stand J06. Members of the media may contact local ASUS representatives to arrange for interviews and private product demonstrations. Further details on ASUS at CeBIT 2011 may be accessed from: http://cebit2011.asus.comSingapore (February 28, 2011) - ASUS today kicked off Source: ASUS Press ReleaseCeBIT 2011 with a booth media tour where journalists fromaround the world were given the opportunity to explore andexperience the latest ASUS innovations prior to the officialopening of the event. The Daily VR-Zone NewsEchoing the CeBIT theme of Work and Life in the Cloud,ASUS will showcase four different tablet computers at CeBIT Summary - 28 Feb 20112011, along with the latest motion-sensing technology called Source: Xtion (pronounced way-vee action), the all-new K feb-2011/11388.htmlseries notebook and a wide range of gaming products designed February 28th, 2011for a superior gaming experience.ASUS will address various consumer needs with its range oftablet PCs. These include the 12-inch Eee Slate EP121, the 7-inch Eee Pad MeMO (mee-mo), the Eee Pad Slider with asliding keyboard and the Eee Pad Transformer which comeswith the option of a full size docking keyboard that also serves In todays news roundup: AMD plans to showcase its Bulldozeras an extended battery pack. microprocessors at the upcoming CeBIT trade show; MSIs P67A-GD65 motherboard gets reviewed; Googles ChromeAs the industrys leading innovator, ASUS will also showcase browser is slowing starting to wrest control away fromthe first motion-sensing technology for PCs - WAVI Xtion. It standalone software typically installed on a PC; A new versionis a PC peripheral that allows consumers to access content on of Prime 95 has been released for hardware enthusiasts andtheir PCs wirelessly with simple gestures in front of their TV overclockers to download and play around with, and Sony issets. The preloaded Xtion Portal interface provides intuitive starting to make more of Squares classic PS1 games availableaccess to PC content as well as allows users to browse ASUS on its PlayStation Network@vibe for the latest multimedia content. Hardware News: The Future of Computer Enclosures @ Benchmark Reviews 2
  • 122. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: I can remember the lead-sleds that rolled with Therefore the manufacturer wants to convince with a good mixa curb weight similar to moving vans, and it reminds me of price, performance and features.of modern-day desktop computer cases. Originally, giant- In Win Dragon Rider full tower case review at Examinersized computer cases painted in beige were once the de facto Description: The In Win Dragon Rider is a massive, well-standard for system builders wanting to construct their own designed black beauty that is easy to work with and providesIBM clone personal computer from separate components. I ample elbow room and expansion space for demandingbelieved this horrible trend would phase itself out around enthusiasts. Sock Monkey not included.the turn of the century, but when Y2K came and went andthere was still significant demand for large full-tower cases I AMD to Showcase Bulldozer Microprocessors at CeBIT Trade-knew something was wrong. The more things change in this Show.industry, the more they seem to remain the same. Now more Description: At the forthcoming CeBIT trade-show inthan ten years later, were still building our PCs with the same Hannover, Germany, Advanced Micro Devices plans toheft as an Oldsmobile Toronado. demonstrate and announce its new microprocessors that will succeed the companys Phenom II central processing unitsAntec LanBoy Air Case Review @Hi Tech Legion (CPUs). Based on the program of CeBIT show, the companyDescription: The Antec LanBoy Air is unlike any mid-tower will show off the desktop versions of code-named Bulldozercase ever seen before. Nearly all the parts of the Antec chips.LanBoy Air can be re-arranged to fit the user’s needs. TheAntec LanBoy Air mid-tower case has perforated panels for Consumer Electronics and Software News:maximum airflow, utilizing positive air pressure to push all Burning Chromethe hot air out while keeping dust away from your system Description: Little by little, iteration by iteration, the Chromecomponents. The LanBoy Air Case uses the new revolutionary browser is quietly morphing into a full-fledged multitaskingAntec AirMounts™ HDD mounting system to reduce drive operating system in its own right. Oh, sure, technically it’svibration and noise. Users can install up to 15 fans inside the actually running on another OS, but you increasingly neverAntec LanBoy Air and even has room on top for mounting a need to launch anything else. View and edit documents inwater cooling radiator. The Antec LanBoy Air is simply the Google Docs, watch and listen to HTML5 video and audio,most flexible and customizable mid-tower case ever built. communicate via Gmail and its Google Voice plugin, useOCZ ZX Series 850w Power Supply Review @ OCIA Google Docs as a file system – and the line between “ChromeDescription: Like many other manufacturers at CES 2011, OCZ OS” and “Chrome on any other OS” suddenly grows very fine.had a collection of their most recent hardware on display, Prime95 26.5.5 Released @ NGOHQ.comincluding solid state drives, memory and power supplies. Its Description: Prime95 has become extremely popular amongone of the latter that we have for review today, the ZX Series PC enthusiasts and overclockers as a stability testing utility.850W. The ZX replaces the Z Series as OCZs Maximum It includes a "Torture Test" mode designed specifically forPerformance line of power supplies, and is available in 850W, testing PC subsystems for errors in order to help ensure the1000W and 1250W capacities. These models all feature 80Plus correct operation of Prime95 on that system, which effectivelyGold efficiency levels, multi-GPU support and OCZs exclusive stress-tests a PC.five year PowerSwap Warranty TRENDnet TEW-687GA 450Mbps Wireless N GamingTurn an HP SFF Computer Into a Great HTPC @ Computing Adapter Review @ Madshrimpson Demand Description: The new Wireless 450Mbps TEW-687GA fromDescription: Face it, most of us like the idea of having an HTPC TRENDnet is not USB anymore like the previously released(Home Theater PC) hooked up to our TV. The flexibility we products, but offers a Gigabit network interface betweenget with an HTPC over just a DVD player or a gaming console itself and the computer we are connecting the adapter to;is enough alone to justify the cost. I have built a bunch of this way, we dont have to install drivers anymore and isthese for people and until recently, I have never used pre- compatible with any platform (we can even configure itbuilt systems. There are many advantages to building a custom through the Playstation3 Internet Browser). We will performmachine for your theater, but the biggest disadvantage is the some data transfer speeds to see if it is really better in termscost. Lately, I have been using Small Form Factor (SFF) HPs of performance.and believe it or not... they make great HTPCs. RAZER Ferox Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers Review @Kingston SSDNow V100 128GB SSD Review @ Legit Reviews MadshrimpsDescription: Kingstons SSDNow series of solid state drives Description: The new Ferox portable speakers from Razer arehave done very well in the marketplace due to their range of ideal for both normal users that want to get a better sound outvalue to performance oriented drives which cover the needs of their laptop or gamers that are mostly on the go. The soundof just about any user. Available since the end of 2010, the that these speakers deliver is clear even at high volumes, butV100 products land in the middle of the SSDNow lineup with they lack a good bass reproduction. The internal rechargeableexcellent performance without needing a second mortgage to batteries allow them to be used for about 12 hours and they canfinance the purchase. Read on to see how it stacks up against be also used while recharging.the competition. Logitech F540 Wireless PS3/XBOX360 Headset Review @MSI P67A-GD65 Review @ ocaholic MadshrimpsDescription: With the P67A-GD65, MSI shows a motherboardwhich defines the entry point into their high-end classe. 3
  • 123. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: With a battery life of up to 10 hours the F540 VR-Zone can as first publication reveal that Microsoft hasguarantees a delivery of high quality sound to your ears discontinued its range of SideWinder gaming products, for athroughout the longest and darkest of nights. In the unlikely second time. The first time was back in 2003, although theevent that you should run out of juice at some point, the F540 company re-launched its gaming brand in 2007 after some co-allows you to simply recharge it through the use of an usb cable operation with Razer, although this time around its not likelywhile you carry on with your killing spree. Overall the F540 is a that well see a return of the SideWinder brand.well built quality product that does come with a €120-140 pricetag, but surely is worth every penny. If you are one of thosepeople who benefits from using a wireless headset on a daily VR-Zone can as first publication reveal that Microsoft hasbasis, the Logitech F540 sure is worth your consideration. discontinued its range of SideWinder gaming products, for a second time. The first time was back in 2003, although thePatriot PBO Core Media Player Review at Overclockers Online company re-launched its gaming brand in 2007 after some co-Description: Patriot relaunched the Patriot Box Office as operation with Razer, although this time around its not likelythe PBO Core with an improved user interface and added that well see a return of the SideWinder brand.functionality. The new GUI lives up to the relaunch and iseasy to use and with a long list of file compatibility makes This time around its not because of poor sales, but rather tooit a great device for your digital media playback for even the much competition from companies such as Razer, SteelSeriestechnologically challenged members of your family and to a degree also Logitech and just about every other company out there making PC gaming accessories. MicrosoftESET Update Brings Mass False Positive Alerts @ has also failed to keep up with the market a little bit and getting enough new products out in a timely manner.Description: It seems that another antivirus software has gonemad. This time its the reputable ESET aka NOD32 and SmartSecurity. In the past few days, users have been complainingof massive amount of false positive alerts with ESET and thelatest virus definition update. It looks like ESET is flaggingplenty of legitimate 3rd party software as Win32/OpenCandyadware. Even yours truly has encountered the same issue –especially with installation programsGaming News:Bulletstorm GPU & CPU Performance In-depthDescription: As usual our focus with this performance reviewwill be on how Bulletstorm will run on your PC. Afterstruggling with the games configuration settings, we were ableto run all the necessary tests using a large array of GPUs as wellas a number of different processors.Vagrant Story re-told on PlayStation Network tomorrowDescription: Xenogears last week ... Vagrant Storytomorrow ... and Parasite Eve soon. It seems the gears arefinally in motion to bring all of Squares beloved "PSoneClassics" to the PlayStation Network. (Still, North Americahas a long way to go before reaching Japans lofty 600-game The entire SideWinder range only ended up with a handful ofbenchmark.) products in the end with four mice and two keyboards being launched over three years, hardly an impressive track recordBig in Japan Feb. 14-20: Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Catherine for a company the size of Microsoft. In fact, the latest mouseDescription: PS3 and Xbox 360 editions of crossover fighting addition, the SideWinder X8 has already been pulled fromgame storm Japanese sales charts, but adulterous Atlus RPG Microsofts hardware website and no more units are beingtops the list, more than doubling next best-selling title. produced to our knowledge. Time will tell if Microsoft decides to buy out one of its smallerMicrosoft set to discontinue competitors and use their brand instead, something that weits SideWinder products wouldnt be surprised to see happening. Its really a shame that Microsoft didnt decide to stick with it, as the company hasSource: come up with some innovative ideas like the swappable keypadsidewinder-products/11395.html on the X6 and the magnetic cable attachment on the X8, butFebruary 28th, 2011 it seems like this is the end of the line for Microsofts gaming products, at least for now. 4
  • 124. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The MeMic is said to be bundled with Asus 7-inch Eee PadAsus MeMic for the Eee Pad MeMO when it arrives sometime in June this year and wedMeMO revealed expect it to launch at Computex, since this is Asus home show.Source: Its not clear if the MeMic will be bundled with all models ofrevealed/11393.html the MeMO, nor has Asus said if itll sell the MeMic on its ownFebruary 28th, 2011 or if itll be possible to use it with other Android devices, but were sure more details will trickle out this week at CeBIT. Aircraft passengers treated to one of the best views of theWith tablets being all the rage these days, one of the biggest Discovery shuttle launchproblems is not connectivity, but rather making voice calls. Source: wants to hold a 7-inch+tablet to the side of their face, the-best-views-of-the-discovery-shuttle-launch/11387.htmlas it simply just makes you look stupid. Asus has come up with February 28th, 2011what looks like a very reasonable solution to the problem withits MeMic which is a Bluetooth “handset” that connects to itsEee Pad MeMO tablet and handles voice calls.With tablets being all the rage these days, one of the biggest During a flight from Orlando, lucky passengers on a jet had oneproblems is not connectivity, but rather making voice calls. of the best views of the Discoverys launch. Watch the video.No-one wants to hold a 7-inch+tablet to the side of their face,as it simply just makes you look stupid. Asus has come up withwhat looks like a very reasonable solution to the problem with Lucky jet passengers were asked to look to their right by theirits MeMic which is a Bluetooth “handset” that connects to its pilot and there it was, the Discovery space shuttle. This is aEee Pad MeMO tablet and handles voice calls. view they will never forget.The MeMic is about the size of a traditional candy bar phone, The Discoverys launch is one of the last three shuttle launchesalbeit without a keypad and with a translucent display, much by NASA. NASA does not have a replacement for the shuttlelike the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness. The display is for program, for at least the next 10 years.caller ID information and most likely also for things likenavigating contact lists etc, although its not quite clear howit all works at the moment, as the units on display at CeBITdidnt actually work. Huawei asks for US governement to Investigate it Source: investigate-it/11386.html February 28th, 2011 The worlds second largest supplier of communicationsThe MeMic can also work like a more traditional Bluetooth infrastructure, Huawei, has had enough of being accused ofheadset if you attach a wired headset to it, as it has a 3.5mm being linked to Chinese intelligence services. It has just issuedjack in the bottom. Its charged via a micro USB port and an open letter asking the US Government to vet its operations.theres a little hole for a lanyard at the bottom so you can hang Read around your neck if you so wish. On the front it has a call andend call/power button, a back button and what appears to be With an ex-member of the Chinese military as president,a four-way navigation pad with a select button in the middle. it is no wonder why Huawei, the worlds second-largestIn addition to handling calls, the MeMic will also allow you communications infrastructure supplier has been accusedto stream music over Bluetooth and control media playback of espionage. Especially after it suffered several businessfunctionality of the tablet. setbacks this year, most of which can be attributed to the accusation of espionage by the US government. 5
  • 125. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHuawei has since issued an open letter, asking for the USgovernment to vet its operations and prove that it is not some ECS Computer securessort of a trojan horse for the Chinese government. distribution rights for Dell andIn its letter, Huawei quoted two presidents, Obama andLincoln. It also reiterated that it is a fully commercial Lexmark products Source:, not enjoying any additional financial incentives rights-for-dell-and-lexmark-products/11379.htmlfrom the Chinese governement compared to other companies, February 28th, 2011and most importantly, Huawei is a company owned by itsemployees.Apples iPad 2 to come inwhite? In todays local news, ECS has announced that it has signedSource: an agreement with both Dell and Lexmark which will allow itwhite-/11380.html to serve as a distribution partner for a wide range of productsFebruary 28th, 2011 from the aforementioned companies. Read on to find out more.Forget about the white iPhone 4, the upcoming next-generation iPad 2 available in white too? I mean, the thoughtof it isnt as appealing as the iPhone, right? ECS Computers (Asia) Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary of ECS Holdings Limited, has just signed two agreements which will see it gain Authorised Distributor status for two major brands in the IT industry: Dell and Lexmark. According to statements made by the respective representatives of both companies, ECS was chosen to serve as an Authorised Distributor due to the latter sporting an extremely "wide network across the region". Apparently, it wasFor those who are following close to months and months of this asset which made ECS well-suited to cater to the growingiPad 2 rumours would know that the upcoming tablet from needs of the local IT community.Apple would feature front and rear cameras, thinner designand an improved (but not Retina) display. With just about a “We appointed ECS due to their strong and long-termfew days away from Apples iPad media event, this new (and commitment to the imaging solutions and services industry,”rather interesting) rumour pops up from nowhere. said Richard Tan, Country Sales Manager, Singapore and Offshore, Lexmark International (Singapore) Pte Ltd. “WithOriginating from Shenzhen, China, this front bezel in white ECS’ extensive network of resellers specialising in bothdoes include a hole for a front-facing camera. But what really commercial and consumer accounts across the region, and itssurprised us is the colour. Apple originally announced the representation of complementary products with our imagingwhite iPhone 4 alongside with the black iPhone 4, but till this solutions, we are confident that this new relationship will bedate have yet to deliever their flagship phone in white. a success. ECS will play an important role in helping LexmarkBut on a personal note, I feel that having the iPad 2 in white bring our entire range of products to their extensive partners,just looks a tad weird. propelling our market share in the imaging solutions and services space in Singapore.”In white or not, well find out soon on this Thursday morningat Apples iPad media event. Dell also had similar praise for ECS, claiming that the partnership will prove to be beneficial for Dell in attempting to provide customers with immediate benefits, such as faster delivery time and better, more professional support services. 6
  • 126. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone"We are extremely excited about the business opportunities February 28th, 2011that this new partnership brings," said Varinderjit Singh,Managing Director, Dell Singapore and Malaysia. "Ourcollective expertise and extensive marketing and salessupport, coupled with ECSs wide network across the region,will make it easier for us to provide value add and cater to the Apple was the first to get it, and the rest of the PC industryunique demands of our customers." is expected to start mass adoption of the technology as soon as most OEMs successfully iron out any outstanding issues pertaining to the new standard. But it would seem that PCsBlackBerry Torch 9800, now are not the only devices which would play nice with Light Peakavailable in red and white (aka Thunderbolt): rumour has it that Nikons future DSLR might see the first such implementation of the new interfaceSource: on a camera.February 28th, 2011Black has always been the standard color for BlackBerrymobile devices (well, it is Black-Berry, duh). But there areoccasions whereby Research in Motion (RIM), the companywho manufactures BlackBerry, come up with other colors like A new superfast interface that is capable of transferring datathe white BlackBerry Bold 9700. Today, RIM has announced at speeds of up to 10 Gbps sounds like the most practicala red and white version for their BlackBerry Torch 9800. innovation for the digital worker of today, and for good reason. After all, if one takes into account the ever-growing file sizes of digital content today, it would make sense that a PC and its communication infrastructure needs to be well equipped in order to ensure that even the largest file sizes will not be an obstacle to ensuring that the content gets sent to the other party in time. However, will a standalone device that has never been designed to accept and process data from external storage devices require the use of the very same interface that has been designed for use on a PC? Well, rumour has it that Nikon apparently thinks so: apparently, word has been floating around the depths of cyberspace that the Japanese camera manufacturer plans to stuff in a Light Peak (or Thunderbolt)The BlackBerry Torch 9800 claims to be the world’s first port into a future professional-grade DSLR, which is said to besmartphone to offer a BlackBerry keyboard with a full touch the D4.screen experience. And good news to those who dont exactlyenjoy the black phone: it is now available in two new vibrantcolours - red and white. Customers in Singapore will havemore color choices to suit their personality and preference.The BlackBerry Torch features a large touchscreen display,optical trackpad, backlit slide-out BlackBerry keyboard and 5-megapixel camera with continuous auto focus that supportsvideo recording. It also supports high-speed 3G (UMTS/HSDPA) networks and comes with built-in GPS for location-based applications and geo-tagging.Rumor: Nikon D4 to get LightPeak/Thunderbolt?Source: 7
  • 127. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone With most of the tablets on the market still making use of the popular ARM Cortex A8 processor microarchitecture, it would seem like the A8 is safe from being rendered obsolete for at least another year. However, this does not mean that all OEMs are content with using the same technology as the competition: a Chinese OEM has just upped its game with a new tablet that sports the more recent ARM Cortex A9 processor. If there is one thing that most tablet PCs on the market today have in common, it would have to be the humble ARM processor or System-on-a-Chip (SoC) which provides all the processing power needed for such a device to function. Despite how OEMs may claim to have their own SoC which works best on their tablet, it does not change the fact that most of these SoCs still feature processor cores based of ARMs Cortex A8 specifications. However, it would seem that a humble Chinese OEM by the name of Heiner might have gained an early advantage in the battle to feature the most recent hardware in a mobile device. According to reports, Heiner is set to release a new tablet, the HaiPad M703, which will feature a CPU based off what ARMQuite unsurprisingly, many members of the online community calls its current highest-performance processor series for thehave expressed varying levels of scepticism about the ARMv7 architecture: the ARM Cortex A9.likelihood of a DSLR being able to implement the newThunderbolt interface successfully. For one, most usersseldom transfer their images out from a digital camera throughthe use of a cabled connection: rather, the cameras storagemedium (usually an SDHC or CF card) is extracted from thedevice and then connected to a PC via a card reader.As such, users who want to make the most out of theThunderbolt interface in a camera will have to get used toconnecting their cameras directly to the PC instead of goingthrough the card reader route. This also potentially opens thedoor to potential compatibility issues, as any device connectedto a PC needs to have an appropriate driver installed in orderto communicate with the computer. Without this driver, users The seven-inch HaiPad M703s ARM Cortex A9 processingwill have to fall back to the card reader method, which greatly core is clocked at 800MHz and will be provided by AMLogic.reduces the usefulness of having a superfast interface built into In theory, this spec bump should see the M703 claiminga camera. top spot as the faster ever tablet produced by Heiner. Furthermore, various reports claim that the M703 will beHowever, do take note that this is nothing more than a rumour available in two versions: one will feature resistive touchscreenmaking its way around the Internet; as such, whether such a technology, while the other will sport capacitive touchscreensfeature will eventually make its way into a Nikon DSLR is really instead.anyones guess. Until the actual specifications for Nikons D4have been set in stone, wed advice that readers take this Of course, a powerful processor is not the only thinginformation with nothing less than a truckloads worth of salt. consumers will look out for when it comes to selecting a tablet, and it would seem that Heiner understands this as well. Complementing the M703s AMLogic 8726-M processor are aChinese OEM releases new dedicated Mali-400 GPU, 512MB of memory , 8GB of built-intablet with ARM Cortex A9 Flash storage, at least one full-sized USB port and support for HDMI-out.processorSource: 28th, 2011 8
  • 128. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHowever, it would appear that Heiner decided to cut a fewcorners over the choice of OS to be bundled into the M703.Instead of hopping onto Honeycomb bandwagon like whatmany tablet OEMs are currently doing, the M703 will comebundled with Froyo instead. Not that it is a huge loss though, So, Nintendos long-awaited handheld video game console, thesince Froyo does feature built-in support for Flash 10.1, along 3DS, has finally been released for sale in its domestic market.with various utilities such as USB tethering and WiFi hotspot. That is perfectly fine with us: after all, Nintendo and its 3DSStill, the real draw about the HaiPad M703 has to be its price. are both products of the Japanese economy, and it would makeApparently, Heiner is intending to sell the devices for the sense that Nintendo would want to use the domestic market as(very) low price of US$160, or US$180 if consumers prefer a gauge of its devices popularity before making concrete salesto go for the capacitive version. Unfortunately, it also appears targets for the consoles eventual international launch.that the M703 is not intended to be sold anywhere outside That being the case, what would the the reception of theof Chinas domestic market. Well, China always gets the best Japanese gaming public towards Nintendos first forray ontotoys, right? the whole 3D bandwagon? Well, if sales numbers mean anything, the answer would probably go along the lines of awesome, for the lack of a more appropriate expression.Nintendo 3DS sold out in This is because the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (aka Nikkei) hasJapan on first day of retail confirmed that every single last unit of the first shipment ofSource: 400,000 3DS consoles designated for the domestic market hasfirst-day-of-retail/11369.html been completely sold out on the same day the console wasFebruary 28th, 2011 released for retail. But that is not all. When one takes into consideration that Nintendo plans to ship 1.5 million 3DS consoles for the domestic market by 31 March, it would make sense that the company will want to ensure that its production line and resellers remain well stocked up with inventory. Apparently, it has already taken action by ordering another shipmentJust how popular is Nintendos new handheld video game of the new 3D-capable console this morning which, in allconsole, the 3DS? Well, it would seem that any fears of the likelihood, is probably being wiped clean off the shelves as thisconsole makers potentially failing in their attempt to venture article is being posted. Ouch. Oh well, there is always the nextinto 3D gaming would be busted, at least for the time being. shipment...and the next...and the next...right?After all, how else can one explain the complete sell-out of all400,000 available units in the companys domestic market? Sony PSP price drops to US $130 Source: us-130/11374.html February 28th, 2011 Sony has announced the drop of price of their Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game console. It was retailing at 9
  • 129. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneUS$169.99, and now, the price tag has been revised to anattractive US$129.99. Tablets are making their way to the market en masse, andWhenever a new product is going to be available on retail, the based on what we have seen, the current trend and demandsure sign would be that the current ones will face a definite for these devices are not about to slow down anytime soon.price drop. And that is apparent to Sony handheld game After all, it cannot be denied that these devices fill a certainconsole: The Next Generation Portable (NGP) is arriving and niche in the market, especially when they appear to be capablea price drop has been announced for the Sony PlayStation of offering computing performance well above that of a typicalPortable (PSP). netbook. but without their heft and bulkiness of a dedicatedAccording to news reports, the company has lowered the price keyboard and touchpad.from US$169.99 to US$129.99, which seems like a sign to However, it would also seem that most OEMs dealing with"clear the old stocks" in order to make room for the new tablets have got a little problem on their hands. Due to theseNGP. However, the price drop only applies to the PSP-3000 class of devices now being marketed as consumer electronicsmodels, and not the PSP Go. devices as instead of the enterprise tools they once served as,Sony has also rolled out new discounted titles manufacturers are seemingly keen on cramming every singleincluding Assassins Creed Bloodlines, LittleBigPlanet, Metal feature that could think of save for the kitchen sink, into theseGear Solid: Peace Walker and Resistance: Retribution at US mobile devices in an attempt to making it as multi-purpose as$19.99; Monster Hunter Freedom, Killzone: Liberation and possible to suit consumers needs.Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII are selling at US$9.99. But is a multi-purpose device like the Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak really what consumers expect in a tablet? Well, at least7-inch Creative ZiiO tablet one OEM by the name of Creative does not think so. So, how would the companys ZiiO tablet with its less-is-morereview: Because tablets approach fare in the market? We shall see.need their own creative spin Before that, here is a quick list of the various hardware used in the ZiiO, along with their specifications:sometimesSource: Creative 7-inch ZiiO Tabletbecause-tablets-need-their-own-creative-spin-sometimes/11206.html Technical SpecificationsFebruary 28th, 2011 Bundled Operating System Customized Google Android 2.1 Update 2 with Creative Zii apps Processor ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD Media- Rich Applications Processor Display 16.8mill color TFT Resistive Touchscreen with resolutionSo the Android tablet craze is about to hit fever pitch with the of 800 x 480introduction of Honeycomb and Motorolas XOOM. That is Cameras Front-facing VGA cameraperfectly fine with us: after all, tablets are handy little devices Memory and Flash storage 8GB storage, expandable withwhich have the potential to do a whole lot of things. And while capacity MicroSD cards of up to 32GB;most OEMs are busy trying to work on making their tablets Wireless Connectivity options WiFi (802.11 b/g only),as versatile as possible, out comes Creative with its own idea Bluetooth 2.1 EDRof what a tablet should be used for. Or does it? We put theCreative ZiiO tablet to the test. I/O ports and connectors HDMI-out (up to 720p only), MiniUSB, 3.5mm stereo jack Dimensions 207.4 x 133 x 13.7mm 10
  • 130. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGoogle investigatingunexplained erasure of allemails in GmailSource: 28th, 2011Did you wake up yesterday and turn on your PC only to find Based on what we have gathered from both independentout that every single message in your Gmail account has been reports and forum postings in Googles support boards, itinexplicably wiped clean off the face of the virtual world? Well, would appear that the sudden data loss took place at theit seems that there is some consolation to be had: the search early hours of 27 Feb (US time), and that it is more than justgiant has been informed of the sudden loss of data and had an isolated case of compromised accounts, as almost 0.29%started an investigation into the issue. of all Gmail users have been affected by the data erasure. Unfortunately, Google has not been very forthcoming about the root cause of the issue, preferring instead to exercise its PR muscles and assure users that the issue is currently being looked into.When it comes to free online email services, few can matchthe functionality and usability of Googles very own free Gmailoffering, and for good reason. After all, it was the first free Curiously, no mention about the incident was made on theemail provider to offer users access to an astronomical (back official Gmail blog as well. However, surely one can take somethen) inbox size of 1GB, and did not require users to sign up consolation in the fact that a Google employee has alreadyfor a paid account in order to gain access to certain features confirmed that the search giant will be looking into the issuesuch as IMAP and POP3 access. right now, right?However, it would seem that even the best and most popularfree email service suffers from embarrassing outages fromtime to time, and the latest fiasco which the search giant hasfound itself caught in is anything but pleasant, especially for MSI annouces exchangethe end user. Apparently, a few users found themselves on theshort end of the stick when they signed into Gmail on Sunday procedures for P67 and H67only to realize that every single message in their account(including the spam and trash folders) has been inexplicably motherboards Source: off without warning. for-p67-and-h67-motherboards/11361.htmlNeedless to say, this has triggered a huge wave of complaints February 28th, 2011in Googles support forums: MSI has announced it is now ready to swap faulty B2-stepping Intel P67 and H67 motherboards with revised B3-stepping ones. Users can either register online for an exchange and wait for MSIs go-ahead for a swap, or wait till the end of March for a walk-in exchange at the store the board was purchased from. MSI is now ready to provide B3-stepping Intel P67 and H67 Express boards for replacement. 11
  • 131. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Apart from the packaging, the barcode on the box and motherboard labels will also indicate if the motherboard hasAccording to MSI, the following is a list of motherboards in a B3-stepping chipset. A more detailed guide is available atSouth Asia that have the updated chipset: . P67 Express H67 Express H61 Express models models models Big Bang H67MA-E35 (B3) H61MU-E35 (B3) MSI 6 Series SATA SCAN Utility Marshal (B3) If you still happen to be on a board with the older stepping, P67A-GD80 (B3) PH67A-C43 (B3) H61M-E33/ MSIs SATA Utility will indicate which ports are in use. This E23 (B3) will help the user determine if he / she has connected any P67A-GD65 (B3) PH67S-C42 (B3) H61MA-P35 (B3) devices to the faulty SATA 3Gbps ports. The utility will also P67A-GD55 (B3) H67MS-E43 (B3) H61M-P23 (B3) guide users to connect SATA devices to the unaffected SATA 6Gbps ports. P67A-GD53 (B3) H67MS-E33 (B3) P67A-C45 (B3) H67MA-ED55 (B3) P67A-C43 (B3) H67MA-E45 (B3) Source: MSI Press Release P67S-C43 (B3) GIGABYTE shipping new B3 P67 and H67 motherboards,Swap flow for South Asia end-users available as early as this week Source: h67-motherboards-available-as-early-as-this-week/11362.htmlEither register online: February 28th, 2011 GIGABYTE has announced on Friday that they have begun shipping motherboards with the new B3-stepping Intel P67Or, if you are not able to access the Internet: and H67 Express chipsets. The products are expected to be available as early as this week, when shipments start to clear customs in markets around the world.MSI will provide a one-to-one exchange for affected customersand their motherboards once the B3-stepping boards areavailable. On top of the swap, MSI will provide a free SATA3card.For more details, visit . GIGABYTE has announced on Friday that they have begun shipping motherboards with the new B3-stepping Intel P67 and H67 Express chipsets. The products are expected to beHow do I identify the motherboard chipsets version / stepping available as early as this week, when shipments start to clearfrom its outlook? customs in markets around the world.The updated MSI Intel P67 and H67 Express boards will have All new motherboard, retail packaging and product namea MSI B3 Stepping Ready sticker affixed to its packaging. 12
  • 132. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Before chipset replacements were ready, GIGABYTE rolled out a 6 Series SATA Check utility to help optimize SATA performance by identifying the problem-free white SATA 6Gbps ports on B2-stepping chipsets, while advising users not to use the affected SATA 3Gbps ports. As the new B3 motherboards start to ship, GIGABYTE has released an updated 6 Series SATA Check utility that also identifies the chipset and its stepping (either B2 or B3). Motherboard model name as PC bootsThe new B3 motherboards from GIGABYTE have beenredesigned and renamed so that they can easily bedistinguished from the older B2 versions through thesignature ‘B3’ at the end of the model name. For example,the GA-P67A-UD7 has been replaced by the GA-P67A-UD7-B3 and the GA-H67A-UD3H by GA-H67A-UD3H-B3. The newmodel name is highly visible on the retail box, PCB, in the BIOSat start up and on applications such as the GIGABYTE 6 SeriesSATA Check utility and CPU-Z. Another way to identify a B3 stepping chipset motherboard is to look for the motherboard model name as the PC boots. Source: GIGABYTE Press Release Play PC games on your iPhone and iPad now, PS3 games in the near future Source: ipad-now-ps3-games-in-the-near-future/11364.htmlAlso, the new B3 version 6 Series motherboard packaging February 28th, 2011features a large B3 Stepping logo that users will easily be ableto identify.GIGABYTE 6 Series SATA Check Utility While you cant literally install your desired PC games onto your iOS devices for gaming-on-the-go, there has been a way around this: by using remote desktop connectivity to remotely control your PC at home. Now, a developer is working on bringing the PS3 experience to your iOS device. 13
  • 133. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone U3E) and a USB 3.0 expansion card (ZM-PC302 U3), targeting enthusiasts. The stylish aluminium enclosures support 2.5" and 3.5" SATA I/ II HDDs and deliver data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps via a USB 3.0 interface. The ZM-PC302 U3 is a dual USB 3.0 port expansion card with PCI-e 1X interface and 4-Pin auxiliary power support (for stability), allowing users to add USB 3.0 functionalities to their PCs. ZALMAN PRESS RELEASESoftware developer PandaElf has already amazed us with theirunique remote desktop application. How? Well, besides theusual streaming of Flash content and able to access and useyour files on-the-go, their strongest suit is probably gaming.Their app allows users to "stream" and play resource-hungryPC games such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 all throughyour iOS devices. The result; unbelievably smooth and fastframerates.Impressive so far, but the developers caught us off-guardwith what they are working on now. The app has now beentweaked to play PS3 games. Yes, the joy and goodness of Sonys Zalman is pleased to introduce its brand new USB3.0 Externalunrivalled gaming experience right in your hands through H.D.D. enclosure series.your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Mindblowing, isnt it? New ZM-HE250 U3, ZM-HE350 U3 and ZM-HE350 U3E willWell, it isnt as easy as it sounds as it requires a computer make even largest files transfer possible with Ultra fast speedand some other components on top of having a PS3. Not for of 5Gbps.the non-tech-savvy and the faint-hearted, but it is defintelyfeasible and it just shows what is capable with the iOS SDK. As long as Motherboard supports USB3.0, then you can enjoy the cutting edge USB3.0 Speed with these new External H.D.D. Enclosures. In addition, elegant design looks wouldAll excited? Im sorry to say that this version of everyAir that differentiate them from existing products in the market.allows your to play PS3 games isnt available to the public yet.But dont worry, the developers have plans to release this inthe near future. Apart from these new models, we will also release ZM-PC302everyAir is available now for US$4.99 on the iTunes App Store. U3 PCI-e card to sever many users without USB3.0 port on their system. Regardless of any system you have, once it has PCI-e 1X slot, you just install our ZM-PC302 U3 on to your system to boost up your file transfer rate with ZM-HE250 U3/ HE350 U3/ HE350 U3E.Zalman Launches New USB3.0External HDD Enclosures Please go thru below to get more information on these products.Source: 28th, 2011Korean cooing specialist has unveiled its new line-up of USB3.0 enclosures (ZM-HE250 U3, ZM-HE350 U3 & ZM-HE350 14
  • 134. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The "enterprise-class" Vertex 3 Pro features a SF-2500 chip and will come in 100Gb, 200Gb, and 400Gb models. All Vertex 3 series SSDs are covered by a three-year warranty. OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high- performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today unveiled its next generation Vertex 3 SATA III SSD product family, a lineup that caters to both client and enterprise applications. Harnessing the 6Gbps speed of the SATA III interface, the new series delivers double the performance of the previous generation. The Vertex 3 is the first solution to feature the new SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor, and raises the bar in performance with up to 550MBs read and 500 MBs write transfer rates and up to 60,000 IOPS (4k random write). This maximized speed significantly improves gaming, multimedia, and the overall computing experience over traditional mechanical hard drives, as well as other competing SSDs. The new Vertex 3 solid state drive series builds on the success of our previous two generations of products and delivers exceptional performance by utilizing fast synchronous mode 2Xnm MLC NAND flash technology, said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. These storage solutions feature both the highest sequential speeds available with a SATA 6GBps SSD and the highest IOPS of any current 2.5 inchOCZ Preps Vertex 3 and SSD on the market today, allowing us to once again set the benchmark for industry leading SSD performance andVertex 3 Pro SSDs reliability.Source: 28th, 2011 Also included in the new series is the enterprise-class Vertex 3 Pro which not only delivers industry-leading performance, but is optimized to provide unparalleled reliability, security, and endurance. Featuring the premium SF-2500 SSD SATA III processor, Vertex 3 Pro SSDs are the ideal solution for clients seeking enterprise-grade MLC (Multi-Level Cell) SSD storage for their server farms and IT infrastructures. Due OCZ Technology Groups Vertex 3 and Vertex 3 Pro SSDs are to its ability to implement MLC, Vertex 3 Pro provides anpoised to make their debut at Cebit 2011 next week. The 2.5" optimized balance of reliability and component-based cost-SSDs, powered by SandForces SF-2000 series controllers, savings, resulting in superior TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)deliver data transfer speeds up to 550Mb/s (read) and 500Mb/ for enterprise clients.s (write) and feature TRIM support, MLC NAND flashmemory, and a SATA III interface. The Vertex 3, aimedat prosumers, is equipped with the SandForce SF-2200processor and will be available in 120Gb and 240Gb capacities. 15
  • 135. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe new Vertex 3 Series will be showcased at next weeksinternational CeBIT tradeshow in Hanover, Germany, and Biostar unveils its H61will begin shipping following the event through OCZs global motherboardschannel. Vertex 3 SSDs will be available in capacities of 120GB Source: 240GB, while the Pro edition comes in 100GB, 200GB, motherboards/11344.htmland 400GB models. The entire Vertex 3 line features TRIM February 28th, 2011support to optimize performance over the drives lifespan anda 3 year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.GeForce GTX 550 Ti spotted inEU e-tailSource: Ahead of CeBIT, Biostar has unveiled its Intel H61 chipsettail/11343.html based motherboard models and the company will offer threeFebruary 28th, 2011 different SKUs of what is pretty much the same board as well as one more advanced model. The H61 chipset is Intels budget solution for the second generation Core i processors and is really intended to be paired up with the cheaper Pentium branded CPUs which are expected to launch sometime later this year.Several EU e-tailers have listed PNYs take on NVIDIAsupcoming GeForce GTX 550 Ti, well ahead of launch. There Ahead of CeBIT, Biostar has unveiled its Intel H61 chipsetare no major surprises from the details we first reported on based motherboard models and the company will offer threethe GTX 550 Ti earlier. The specifications are remarkably different SKUs of what is pretty much the same board as wellsimilar to the outgoing GeForce GTS 450 - 192 SP, 32 TMU, as one more advanced model. The H61 chipset is Intels budget16 ROP, based on GF116, a tuned GF106. The GTX 550 Ti solution for the second generation Core i processors and isalso continues to have 64-bit of the 192-bit in the GF116 chip really intended to be paired up with the cheaper Pentiumdisabled, for an effective bus width of 128-bit. Where the GTX branded CPUs which are expected to launch sometime later550 Ti largely differs from its predecessor, the GTS 450, is in this year.clocks and pricing (and, of course, branding). First up we have the H61ML which is the most basic, featureThe leaked listings confirm the clock speeds. The GTX 550 Ti is stripped version which uses a compact 24.4x20cm mATXclocked at 900 MHz, 15% over the GTS 450. The 1GB GDDR5 board. Feature wise its nothing much out of the ordinaryis clocked at 4.1 GHz, 13.6% higher than the GTS 450, for a with a single x16 PCI Express slot, two PCI slots and one x1memory bandwidth of 65.5 GB/s. Despite the higher clocks, PCI Express slot. The board also only has two memory slots,the power consumption is only 4W more, at 110W. The biggest but this is part for the course for the H61 chipset alongsideupset is the pricing - starting at €157 (incl VAT), and expected four SATA 3Gbps ports. Around the back you get four USBto be $200 in the US. Of course, these are retail pricings which 2.0 ports, a PS/2 port, a D-sub connector, a DVI connector,must be taken with a grain of salt. a 10/100Mbit Ethernet port and three audio jacks for 5.1-Still, compared to the average GTS 450 prices of €100, the channel audio out. Finally the board has two pin headers forGTX 550 Ti commands an excessive premium of over 50% for four USB 2.0 ports and a pin header each for a serial andwhat appears to be a modest ~15% increase in core/shader and parallel port.memory clocks. Considering the GTS 450 struggles to keepwith the Radeon HD 5770, we are unsure as to how much a15% boost in clock speed would help in competing with muchfaster products - Radeon HD 6850 or GTX 460 1GB - whichthe GTX 550 Ti seems to be priced against.Of course, we are still 2 weeks away from release, and manythings could change. The GTX 550 Ti definitely has potentialto find its own niche between the HD 5770 and the HD 6850 /GTX 460 1 GB. However, at first glance, prices like $200 /€160 seem very overpriced for the specifications leaked withthe early listings. Unless, NVIDIA have made major changesto the GF116 core (over GF106) and/or the specifications andprices leaked thus far are erroneous.The listings can be viewed at Fudzilla. 16
  • 136. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNext up we have the H61MH which adds an HDMI port andupgrades the Ethernet port to Gigabit speed. The third andfinal model in this SKU is the H61MU3 with replaces two ofthe USB 2.0 ports with two USB 3.0 ports connected to anASMedia controller.The TH61U3+ differs by being a larger 24.4x24.4cm mATXboard and although the board has the same rear port layoutas the H61MU3, the rest of the board is quite different. Thistime around we have two x16 PCI Express slots, although thesecond one only has four lanes worth of bandwidth and theresalso a single x1 PCI Express slot and a PCI slot. The board stillonly has two memory slots and four SATA 3Gbps ports andthere are still two headers for four USB 2.0 ports and a serial As you can see, the front bezel of the claimed iPhone 5 partport header, but no parallel port header. This board also uses features a much larger screen as compared to todays iPhone 4.a USB 3.0 host controller from Renesas rather than ASMedia. Chinas 1st iPhone 5 photo has surfaced! From this photo it seems that the screen size will be larger than iPhone 4. There has been a lot of specualtion about a larger screen and maybe this will be one of the upgrades we will see when iPhone 5 is released this summer. If this is indeed for the next-generation iPhone, this would match the claims of a larger 4-inch screen as well as claims of a "edge-to-edge" screen which results in the thinner bezel. But its hard to tell without the currect iPhone 4 next to this screen part. Patriot Launches Wildfire SSD series Source: series/11342.html February 28th, 2011Maybe not the most exciting range of boards, but these shouldallow for cheaper Sandy Bridge builds, especially once Intellaunches the cheaper processors. So now were just waiting forthe first Z68 chipset announcements, which may or may nothappen during CeBIT. Patriot Memory, manufacturer of high performance memory modules and flash products, has unveiled the Wildfire,iPhone 5 to feature larger targeting enthusiasts. The 2.5" SSD is powered by SandForces new SF-2200 processor, supporting sequential read and writescreen and thinner bezel? speeds up to an astonishing 500Mb/s. It is available in 64Gb,Source: 128Gb and 256Gb capacities and sports a SATA III interface.thinner-bezel-/11341.html The Patriot Wildfire, bundled with a 2.5" to 3.5" bracket, areFebruary 28th, 2011 expected to hit store shelves in Q2 2011. PATRIOT PRESS RELEASE Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash, storage and enthusiast computer products, today announces the new Wildfire series solid-It seems that parts of the upcoming iPhone 5 has been leaked state drives powered by a new SandForce SSD China. Yes, the image is the rumoured iPhone 5 screen The Patriot Wildfire series obliterates expectations ofcomponent. storage devices and delivers enterprise-class performance to consumer desktops and notebooks. Storage bottlenecks are a thing of the past with the Patriot Wildfire series SSD. The new SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor enables the Patriot Wildfire series to shatter 17
  • 137. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneprevious performance records with up to breathtakingly-fast February 28th, 2011500 MBs sequential read and write speeds backed by a SATA6.0 Gbs interface. When we talk about consumer wireless routers, we would often think of it as yet another rectangular plastic box with antennas on its back. ASUS, however, has done away with this tradition by coming up with a uniquely-designed piece of hardware, the RT-N56U. The company claims the Black Diamond is not just about its aesthetics but also its feature set and high routing performance. puts this gem to the test!The Patriot Wildfire is the fastest SSD drive we have everreleased to the public, says Les Henry, Patriot Memorys VicePresident of Engineering. SandForce has done a fantastic jobengineering the SF-2200 SSD processor and combined withour research and development, we are able to further tweakthe design and maximize performance with the processor andour flash memory.We are happy to see Patriot Memory is expanding their currentSandForce Driven product line with the new SandForceSF-2200 and SF-2100 Client SSD Processors, said Kent Smith,Sr. Director of Product Marketing of SandForce. Patriot haswon numerous awards and we anticipate they will win evenmore with our latest generation 6.0 Gbs client processor.The Patriot Wildfire series feature a standard 2.5-inch formfactor for compatibility with notebooks and select desktops.A 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch mounting bracket is included with thePatriot Wildfire for compatibility with standard hard drive When we talk about consumer wireless routers, we wouldmounting. often think of it as yet another rectangular plastic box with antennas on its back. ASUS, however, thought out of the box and came up with a uniquely-designed piece of hardware.Expect the Patriot Wildfire to ship in Q2 2011 in 64GB, 128GBand 256GB capacities. The RT-N56Us innovative design is what separates from its predecessors. The Black Diamond is not just about itsGeneral details aesthetics but also its high routing performance and a whole lot of features packed underneath its hood. In fact, ASUS • New Patriot Wildfire series SSDs claims that this revolutionary wireless router is the most • 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities advanced in the market. • SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor ASUS also brags about their Web User Interface the ‘EZ UI’ • SATA 6.0 Gbs interface which offers an intuitive router setup without having the need to read manuals. Setting up the internet connection from • Up to 500 MBs sequential read and write speeds scratch can be much of a hassle to the inexperienced.ASUS RT-N56U Dual-BandGigabit Wireless RouterReviewSource: 18
  • 138. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Japanese cooling specialist Scythe has updated its Gentle Typhoon fan series with the addition of three new 120mm fans. Available in 3,000RPM, 4,250RPM and 5,400RPM models, they boast dual Nidec Servo bearings, a MTBF of 100,000 hours, and stabilizing rings on their fan blades. The Gentle Typhoon High RPM series can be purchased from major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of €16 (excluding VAT). SCYTHE PRESS RELEASE Scythe Co. Ltd. extends the popular Gentle Typhoon fan series by three powerful high RPM models. The new Gentle Typhoon High RPM fans are available with 3.000, 4.250 and 5.400 rpm. These high fan speeds generate an incredible airflow of 141, 197 and 255 m³ per hour (83.0/ 116.5/ 150.1 CFM).While most routers sit flat on a surface, the RT-N56U standsout (and tall) from the rest with its angled-vertical rest. Unlikethe D-Link DIR-685 which has its ports at the rear bottom,the RT-N56Us ones are on the right side. Weighing only 330g,stabilizing the router or even cable management alone can bequite tricky especially when using stiff LAN cables. In direct comparison to fans with similar specs, the Gentle Typhoon High RPM series scores with a significant lower noise. Like the normal GT models, a perfectly balanced Nidec Servo bearing is used, ensuring an average MTBF of 100.000 hours. The reliable motor operates with an almost fluctuation- free rotational torque. Vibrations transferred from the motor to the venturi (fan case) are reduced to a minimum.It also has a WPS button located at the lower corner in thefront. WPS or WiFi Protected Setup allows devices to connectto the router securely with ease.Scythe Unveils New High-Speed Fans In addition, the fan blades of the Gentle Typhoon High RPMSource: series are equipped with a stabilizing ring. In this way, thefans/11340.html air flow is more focused which results in a higher coolingFebruary 28th, 2011 performance. At the same time the stabilization effect further helps to reduce vibrations. The Gentle Typhoon High RPM series is now available for €16 excluding VAT. 19
  • 139. February 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFor more information, visit the product page. 20