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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks 2012 Issue 2

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A monthly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, geek, technology, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, Samsung, iphone, android, …

A monthly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, geek, technology, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, Samsung, iphone, android, internet

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  • 1. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone over the power load but also because laboratory grade instruments have to be used for taking readings. For that purpose, we performed major hardware and software upgrades on the testing station that we have been using for the past couple of years. In order to be able to fully control our testing procedures and emulate real world conditions as closely as possible, we upgraded our reading instruments and replaced our resistive loads with fully electronic loads, thus achieving quality and accuracy in line with the most expensive of power supply testers currently available. In order to create a real-world environment for our testing we decided to modify and use a common SECC steel tower case for housing the power supplies during our testing. Inside the case we installed three Watlow Firerods, rated atBehind the scenes: VR-Zones 500W power each, the output of which is being controlled by a common AC rheostat.PSU Testing Station Mark IISource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/behind-the-scenes-vr-zone-s-psu-testing-station-mark-ii/16485.htmlJuly 1st, 2012Here at VR-Zone we continuously strive to provide youwith the highest quality and most accurate product reviews.Thoroughly and accurately testing a power supply is acomplicated matter, not only because the testing has tobe done in a controlled environment and with full controlover the power load but also because laboratory gradeinstruments have to be used for taking readings. Forthat purpose, we performed major hardware and softwareupgrades on the testing station that we have been using for The stock rheostat and its axle have been replaced withthe past couple of years. In order to be able to fully control a multi-turn precision rheostat for accuracy, driven by aour testing procedures and emulate real world conditions DC motor with a modified speed control circuit which isas closely as possible, we upgraded our reading instruments controlled by our CompuLAB interface and custom software.and replaced our resistive loads with fully electronic loads, In laymans terms, we only have to enter our desired ambientthus achieving quality and accuracy in line with the most temperature in our software and it automatically adjusts theexpensive of power supply testers currently available. power of the Firerods to match it throughout our testing.In VR-Zone we continuously strive to provide you withthe highest quality and most accurate product reviews.Thoroughly and accurately testing a power supply is acomplicated matter, not only because the testing has tobe done in a controlled environment and with full control 6
  • 2. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneApple Users Unlikely ToSwitchSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-users-unlikely-to-switch/16487.htmlJuly 1st, 2012A study by Goldman Sachs has shown that, not only areiOS users unlikely to switch from Apples products to acompetitors products, but that they are also extremelyvaluable to the company, making up nearly half of thecompanys market cap.One analyst, Bill Shope at Goldman Sachs, has estimatedthe value of loyal Apple users, which are unlikely to switchto another platform, at nearly $295 billion. In a note toinvestors on Friday, the analyst said that he believes theaverage iOS customer is worth $1,053, assuming the averageselling price of an iOS device is $535 with an erosion of5%, a gross margin of 45%, and annual defections of 5%.Sharpe wrote that, without considering content, services,peripherals or growth potential, his valuation implies avalue of nearly $295 billion for the current install base. It has been almost five years since Valve released Half-LifeThat represents roughly 55% of Apple’s current market cap, 2: Episode 2, and up until now there have been very littlebefore including the $110 billion cash balance the company signs that Valve will continue or is working on another Half-has, a continuously growing install base or the Mac and iPod Life game. A few days ago, however, some supposed leakedbusinesses. concept art of the next Half-Life surfaced via Valve Time.Goldman Sachs also conducted a survey of 1,000 iOS users,which found that 21% of respondents would never defectfrom Apple’s platform, regardless of discounts. More thanhalf of those who would switch, however, said they wouldneed a discount of greater than 30% in order to do so. 71% ofrespondents said they were “highly likely” to choose Applefor their next tablet or smartphone; only 1% were “unlikely”to stick with Apple.Possible Half-Life 3 conceptartSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/possible-half-life-3-concept-art/16488.htmlJuly 1st, 2012It has been almost five years since Valve released Half-Life2: Episode 2, and up until now there have been very littlesigns that Valve will continue or is working on another Half-Life game. A few days ago, however, some supposed leakedconcept art of the next Half-Life surfaced via Valve Time. The concept art doesnt reveal much about what Valve may have in mind for the next Half-Life because most of the 7
  • 3. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonepictures are depictions of Alyx Vance and some apparel forenduring cold weather. The ending of Half-Life 2: Episode2 suggested that Freeman and Vance were heading to theBorealis, hence, the crashed helicopter in the snow and somesnuggly outfits. To begin with, the ASUS Dragon HD 7850 DirectCU II (SKU: DRAGON HD7850-DC2O-2GD5) features slightly differerent board and cooler designs from those of the ASUS HD 7850 DirectCU II reference (HD7850-DC2-2GD5) and ASUS HD 7850 DirectCU II TOP (HD7850-DC2T-2GD5). The PCB features a strong 6 + 2 + 1 phase VRM, which consists of ASUS SuperAlloy chokes (dont whine onYou can check out all the concept art via this Facebook page, load), high-grade LFPAK MOSFETs, Japanese condunctiveand follow this steam forum thread and decide for yourself if polymer capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and Digi+ VRMValve is indeed working on another Half-Life title. We have controller (likely rebadged CHiL CHL8318), which worksreached out to Valve concerning the concept art, but have with the included GPU Tweak software to provide softwarenot received any response. We’ll update if and when Valve voltage control. The card draws power from two 6-pin PCIedecide to reply. power connectorsASUS Readies Dragon HD7850 DirectCU II GraphicsCardSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-readies-dragon-hd-7850-directcu-ii-graphics-card/16484.htmlJuly 1st, 2012 The cooling assembly of the ASUS Dragon HD 7850 DirectCU II is a slight variation of the cooler featured on the other HD 7850 DirectCU II cards. While its top stage (shroudASUS unveiled pictures of its Radeon HD 7850 DirectCU II and two 80 mm fans) is identical, the heatsink beneathDragon Edition graphics card. The new SKU is designed for is different, in that it appears to make use of five greatlyspecific markets, and is expected to be priced on par with S-shaped 8 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes toreference clock speed models, perhaps even replacing the convey heat from the GPU to the aluminum fin stack. InHD 7850 DirectCU II. Factory overclocked speeds, and a the other HD 7850 DirectCU II cards, there are just three 8revamped DirectCU II cooler give it the edge, even as it steers mm-thick heat pipes, which pass through the length of theclear of the HD 7850 DirectCU TOP. heatsink.Regardless of how high-end graphics card SKUs fare in the While the aluminum fins are stacked along the length of themarkets, its the cost-performance "sweetspot" SKUs ($150- PCB in this design, they are arranged along the height of$250), that provide bread and butter to GPU makers.As the PCB, in the older HD 7850 DirectCU II cooling solution.NVIDIA readies new GPUs for this segment in its GeForce The aluminum fins themselves feature a curvy, turbulence-GTX 600 series, AMD wants to make the most out of its inducing design, for better heat dissipation. Beneath thecurrent offerings. As part of its efforts, it recently altered main heatsink is a base plate heatsink that draws heat fromthe reference clock speeds of SKUs such as HD 7750. the VRM MOSFETs and memory chips. Although there areASUS is ready with a new custom-design graphics card no hot components on the reverse side of the PCB (thattargeting select markets (Greater China region is one such we know of), ASUS strapped the PCB with a back-plate,market), which offers factory-overclocked speeds and noise- complete with a "hot surface" caution sticker.optimized cooling at prices comparable to those of some ofthe most affordable Radeon HD 7850 graphics cards in themarket, perhaps even replacing its own Radeon HD 7850DirectCU II (reference clocks) graphics card. It is namedDragon HD 7850 DirectCU II. To sweeten the deal in theimmensely competitive market segment, ASUS tossed in afew goodies. 8
  • 4. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Judge Koh then ordered Apple to post a $96 million bond — the sum being an estimation of the damage suffered by Samsung from the temporary ban on its sales —should the iPhone maker lose to Samsung in later proceedings, scheduled for 2014. The sales ban in the United States will be effective immediately when Apple posts the bond. With the Galaxy SIII already the subject of preliminary legal proceedings by Apple, there is little doubt that either a settlement or further legal proceedings lie ahead for the Samsung Google partnership. This case has ramifications for future patent disputesThe ASUS Dragon HD 7850 DirectCU II comes with clock relating to fair and reasonable, non-discriminatoryspeeds that are higher than AMD reference specifications, licensing.but lower than those of the HD 7850 DirectCU II TOP. TheGPU is clocked at 910 MHz, and the memory at 1250 MHz(5.00 GHz GDDR5 effective), against AMD reference clock Xbox 360s Future Hangs inspeeds of 860/4800 MHz. It packs 2 GB of GDDR5 memory,across a 256-bit wide memory interface. Based on the 28 nm Balance"Pitcairn" silicon, the Radeon HD 7850 is armed with 1,024 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xbox-360-s-future-hangs-in-Graphics CoreNext stream processors. Display outputs have balance/16482.htmlchanged with the ASUS Dragon HD 7850 DirectCU II, July 1st, 2012compared to the other HD 7850 DirectCU II models. Thiscard features two DVI, and one each of standard-size HDMI1.4a and DisplayPort 1.2, whereas the other cards have twomini-DisplayPort connectors.Pricing of the ASUS Dragon HD 7850 DirectCU II is amystery, though its expected to be highly competitive with Motorolas patent claim against Microsofts Xbox 360the other reference-clocked HD 7850 graphics cards in the gaming console has resulted in a ruling by the ITC that themarket. Expect a US $199-229 price-range, if the card ever Xbox 360 console infringes four Google/Motorola patents;makes it stateside. however it’s not all bad news for US Xbox fans just yet due to a remand ordered by the Federal Trade Commission.Apple Wins Samsung Galaxy Motorolas patent claim against Microsofts Xbox 360Nexus Injunction gaming console has resulted in a ruling by the ITC that the Xbox 360 console infringes four Google/Motorola patents;Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-wins-samsung-galaxy-nexus- however it’s not all bad news for US Xbox fans just yet dueinjunction/16483.html to a remand ordered by the Federal Trade Commission.July 1st, 2012Apple has won a second victory in the space of a week againstAndroid devices today with an American judge granting itsrequest for an injunction against Samsung.The Galaxy Nexus smart phone by Samsung and Google has Motorola’s claim of Standard Essential Patents againstbeen barred from the US market - the worlds largest just Microsoft is allegedly being investigated by the Federalahead of China – due to the probality that it is engaging in Trade Commission, a six-member decision-making bodypatent infringements against competitor Apple Inc. who have now ordered a remand of the decision, referringJudge Lucy Koh of the US District Court for the Northern it back to the Administrative Law Judge. While thisDistrict of California found the Galaxy Nexus probably doesnt necessarily mean that the preliminary ruling will beinfringes four patents belonging to Apple Inc and agreed overturned, it is likely that a variation will be made to theto grant an injunction to Apple while the court considers initial determination in Microsoft’s favour.Apples claim that the South Korean company has infringed The Commissions remand decision has directedits patents. Administrative Law Judge Shaw to apply the Commissions"Apple has clearly shown that it is likely to suffer irreparable opinion in the matter of S3 Graphics v. Apple, a case whereharm in the absence of preliminary injunctive relief," Judge the final outcome was an outright dismissal, despite anLucy Koh stated. initial ruling that established several infringements.The four patents that Samsung has likely breached are: The ongoing patent dispute between the hardware giantsSlide-to-lock/unlock, Data tapping, Auto correct and Siris has seen a rejection by Microsoft of Motorola’s offer ofunified search function. settlement. The future of both Android phones and Xbox 360s in the United States continues to hang in the balance 9
  • 5. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewith a deadline being set for a final decision to be made by July 1st, 2012the ITC on July 2.KT will make indoor LTEspeed faster with One ChipFemto Cell According to a study by Korea Communications CommissionSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/kt-will-make-indoor-lte-speed- (South Koreas FCC equivalent), the Motorola Droid Razrfaster-with-one-chip-femto-cell-/16447.html XT910 emitted 1.38 SAR, the highest amount of radiationJuly 1st, 2012 measured from popular smartphones since 2009. Prolonged exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves may cause ADHD in young humans. The smartphone that emits the most amount of electromagnetic radiation in South Korea is found to be Motorolas Razr. Korea Communications CommissionKT (formerly Korea Telecom) announced yesterday that disclosed the electromagnetic wave data of all theit will eventually expand the commercialization of LTE smartphones that have been registered since 2009 in SouthFemto Cell throughout South Korea. LTE Femto Cell is a Korea. And on July 2nd, they are going to announceminiscule base station that allows users to enjoy fast LTE the measured data of smartphones Specific AbsorptionWARP even in basements, buildings and metropolitan cities. Rate (SAR) through South Korean National Radio Research Agencys website (http://www.rra.go.kr).LTE Femto Cell, a miniscule base station, offers a stableLTE service inside buildings by being installed in gaps withinthe buildings. The installation can increase LTE speed inmajor areas by three to five fold.LTE Femto Cell consists of a modem and a CPU in atypical SoC, built with the aim of small size, low electricityconsumption and low cost.In addition, KTs LTE Femto Cell utilizes the worlds best424,000km optical communication internet cable, whichenables it to provide a stable and fast LTE network, whereasthe standard 3G Femto Cell utilizes VDSL interent cable.Moreover, LTE Femto Cell can send and receive LTE signalsto and from all the gaps within buildings. The feature isbeing recognized as a critical technology for stable VoLTEvoice calls. KT is planning to offer a stable VoLTE service bylinking its service to virtualization technology of LTE WARPand LTE Femto Cell which will reduce any interference ofborders between base stations. SAR means how much electromagnetic wave can be absorbed into bodies. The maximum allowed upper limit in South Korea is 1.6W/kg. Only products that meet theMotorolas Droid RAZR emits standard rate are allowed to be manufactured and sold.most radiation, Korean study So far, there has not been a centralized database of such records, which made it difficult for users toshows check every single time they purchase a new phone.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/motorola-s-droid-razr-emits-most- Korea Communications Commission has been preparingradiation-korean-study-shows/16479.html disclosing a comprehensive list of SARs based on 10
  • 6. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneElectromagnetic wave Comprehensive Policy established inSeptember of 2011.A certain fruit flavoured companys products also showed arelatively high SAR. Among Apples products, iPhone 3Gis tops with 1.18W/kg, followed by iPhone 3GS with 1.13W/kg. The only Apple product that had SAR below 1.0W/kgwas iPhone 4, which emits 0.89W/kg.Samsungs products boasted the lowest SARs among all theproducts that were tested, which were only about 30% of thestandard rate. Galaxy S2 HD was measured to output from0.24 to 0.402W/kg and Galaxy Note 0.269 to 0.405W/kg.Meanwhile, although LGs Optimus LTE Tag had arelatively low SAR about 0.607-0.749W/kg, Optimus LTE2 was shown to emit a high SAR with 1.12-1.2W/kg.In last May, Electronics and Telecommunications ResearchInstitute announced that the more a child uses a cellphone, Next, Star Wars: The Clone Wars complete season four willthe more he or she is likely to develop ADHD (Attention arrive on Blu-ray and DVD October 23. If an animated spindeficit hyperactivity disorder). off of one of the most popular franchise in history has made it past the fourth season then it has some substance to it (personally, I love it). You can save yourself some moneyTodays Announcements: and enjoy watching the CG version of Obi-Wan hack enemiesGuardians of Middle-Earth, with his light saber on DVD or spend extra on the Blu-ray.Star Wars: The Clone Wars, If you opt to purchase the Blu-ray version then you’ll be getting extra content such as an extensive database of specialand Prototype 2 effects footage, concept art, and 3D character and objectSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/today-s-announcements-guardians- turnarounds visualization. More details here.of-middle-earth-star-wars-the-clone-wars-and-prototype-2/16481.htmlJuly 1st, 2012Time for another quick update on what’s going on in thegaming and entertainment world. Today we have newsregarding Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth,Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Prototype 2.Time for another quick update on what’s going on in the To end things off, Activision made it clear that they willgaming and entertainment world. Today we have news no longer create games for Radical Entertainment, thus aregarding Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth, possible indefinite end to the Prototype franchise. However,Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Prototype 2. Activision will release the PC version of Prototype 2 on JulyFirst off, Monolith showed us a preview video of its 24th as planned.upcoming title Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-Earth at E3, but no actual gameplay. So finally it arrives, a “Were very proud of what we achieved with the Prototypevideo revealing some actual game play. Will it be another franchise, but unfortunately, the Blacklight virus didntdisappointing LOTR title or will developers get it right this spread as far as it could,” Radical said on their Facebook.time around. You decide. Expect the game to hit the shelves Activision is looking into what it can do with Radical, andthis fall. one option is to sell the studio. Twitter and LinkedIn call it quits Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/twitter-and-linkedin-call-it- quits/16480.html July 1st, 2012 11
  • 7. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAfter several years of partnering with each other, Twitter games. That’s not including tasks that uses less time thanand LinkedIn have decided to part ways. Their partnership making phone calls. What about for making phone calls?began in 2009, but even a long term relationship such as Well, according to O2, making phone call accounts for lesstheirs was not strong enough to keep them together. a tenth of the total amount of time people spend on their smartphone—12 minutes.After several years of partnering with each other, Twitterand LinkedIn have decided to part ways. Their partnership If you want to analyze it even further, just take 12 minutesbegan in 2009, but even a long term relationship such as and times that by 30 and you’ll find out that (based on O2’stheirs was not strong enough to keep them together. data) people are spending roughly 360 minutes on their smartphones making or taking calls per month!LinkedIn suffered a huge blow recently when over 6 millionusers had their password stolen, and this could possibly So unless people have carry overs on their smartphone plan,be one of the reasons why Twitter decided to distant itself the thousands of minutes they’re paying for are going tofrom LinkedIn. Furthermore, a $5 million lawsuit came waste every month. Now you know why carriers offer highabout when users said that LinkedIn’s security policy had minute plans, and charging outrageous amounts for thecontradictions that did not abide to industry standards. data. Even they know you will most likely NOT use your phone for making or taking calls.Secondly, Twitter has amassed such a huge following thatit simply doesn’t need or want to share its potential adrevenues with LinkedIn. Users can post a Tweet directlyfrom LinkedIn, but they can no longer directly share their Megauploads Kim Dotcompost to LinkedIn from their Twitter account. extradition update Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/megaupload-s-kim-dotcom-The split could be mutual in every respect, but LinkedIn’s extradition-update/16477.htmlrecent security breach suggests that it will take some time for July 1st, 2012LinkedIn to restore its reputation.Talking on a smartphone isnot a prioritySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/talking-on-a-smartphone-is-not-a-priority/16478.html The case against Kim Dotcom has just gotten a little weaker,July 1st, 2012 and there may be a slim possibility that his extradition to the U.S. may not happen. The case against Kim Dotcom has just gotten a little weaker, and there may be a slim possibility that his extradition to the U.S. may not happen. We reported earlier that New Zealand’s High court ruledAccording to analytics from O2, people are using their that the FBI’s warrants for searching and seizing ofsmartphones more for tasks that are unrelated to making or Dotcom’s properties were “invalid.” In the ruling, the courttaking phone calls. determined that the warrants were too vague and that theyAccording to analytics from O2, people are using their didn’t specifically state any evidence or offenses againstsmartphones more for tasks that are unrelated to making or Dotcom’s Megaupload site.taking phone calls. Dotcom’s lawyer, Ira Rothken, told a radio station in New Zealand that his client has been violated not only once but twice during the search and seize process. Rothken is defending his client’s innocence by saying that Megaupload is used for storage and that Dotcom is not directly involved in the distribution of any copyrighted materials. Secondly, after New Zealand’s High court verdict, Rothken claims that the FBI’s seizure of Dotcom’s properties was wrongful because “they weren’t allowed to.” Under New Zealand law, extradition requires that a person must be punishable by jail sentence in both of the countries. Therefore, if somehow Dotcom manages to wiggle his way out of jail sentence in New Zealand then his extradition to the U.S. may not happen. The New Zealand High court ruling is a small victory for Dotcom and company, but he and his supporters still have long ways to go.People spend about 25 minutes on average per day ontheir smartphone surfing the internet, 17 minutes on socialnetworking, 16 minutes on music, and 14 minutes on playing 12
  • 8. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone competitions have got to offer before releasing a product ofUMC and IBM to create 20nm their own.FinFET chip However, it still stands that the opportunity cost of delayingSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/umc-and-ibm-to-create-20nm-finfet- BlackBerry 10 is that RIM has to keep on losing money if theychip/16476.html aren’t making money from their main product.July 1st, 2012 “It is necessary to change the scale and refocus the company on areas of highest opportunity,” Thorsten Heins, RIM’s CEO, answered to the press regarding the company’s decision to delay BlackBerry 10 and laying off workers. RIM is reporting that it’s losing almost much as money thisAfter having reportedly landed a contract to produce year as it earned last year. RIM netted $695 million last yearQualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip, United Microelectronics in profit, but it posted a net loss of $518 million this year.Corp (UMC) has confirmed that they will be partnering with Part of RIM’s refocusing involves reducing the numberIBM Corp to produce a next gen 20nm chip that features of phone offerings to put more resources into developingFinFET 3D transistors. BlackBerry 10.After having reportedly landed a contract to produce Apple is not doing this, but Android and Microsoft areQualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip, United Microelectronics licensing their OS to OEMs, so RIM is said to be looking intoCorp (UMC) has confirmed that they will be partnering with eliminating the exclusiveness of the BlackBerry brand.IBM Corp to produce a next gen 20nm chip that featuresFinFET 3D transistors.FinFET is a space saving, finbased, multigate architecture Google blames Androidaimed at energy efficiency. According to UMC, they are fragmentation onhoping that their 20nm R&D capacity along with IBM’sFinFET know-how will help expedite the development of the manufacturersnext gen 20nm chip. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-blames-android- fragmentation-on-manufacturers/16473.html“We are happy to engage with a recognized technology leader July 1st, 2012such as IBM for this technology advancement effort,” saysUMC’s VP, I.C. Chen.“Leveraging IBM’s technology expertise to shorten our20nm and FinFET R&D cycle will create a win-win situationfor UMC and our customers.”UMC has announced prior that it plans to invest $8 billionto expand its 28nm chip making capacity, and therefore Google has blamed the fragmentation of the Androidestablishing a solid foundation for R&D of 20nm chips in the platform on manufacturers and suggested the nature of thefuture. ecosystem would mean that it would never be the same as Apples approach with iOS.RIMs "refocusing" plans Google has blamed the fragmentation of the Android platform on manufacturers and suggested the nature of theSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rim-s-refocusing-plans/16474.html ecosystem would mean that it would never be the same asJuly 1st, 2012 Apples approach with iOS. Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Engineering on the Android team, said that it was up to manufacturers to provide upgrades to the latest version of Android, and that sinceRIM has confirmed that the BlackBerry 10 will be delayed Android is open source, they have the freedom to make thoseuntil the first quarter of next year because developers cannot upgrades or not, and on their own timeframe.deliver a complete software by the end of this year. Addinginjuries to insult, RIM is hemorrhaging money and has to lay “It’s up to the manufacturers to see what their targets are;off nearly a third of its employees. some may say we want to be the first one, or they may decideRIM has confirmed that the BlackBerry 10 will be delayed a fully customised reskinned experience is what they want tountil the first quarter of next year because developers cannot do,” Lockheimer said.deliver a complete software by the end of this year. Addinginjuries to insult, RIM is hemorrhaging money and has to layoff nearly a third of its employees.At this point, RIM may be better off delaying BlackBerry 10until a highly refined product is completed. iOS 6 and JellyBean will most like make their debut later this year, so thatmight give RIM a competitive edge by looking at what the 13
  • 9. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneFragmentation has long been a major criticism of Android, If you thought Google might start stealing away Applewith hundreds of devices out there on different versions customers, however, youd be wrong, as initial reportsof the mobile operating system, which means many people and benchmarking tests show that Chrome for iOS sufferscannot access the latest features, games, or apps, which speed issues when it comes to JavaScript, with Anandtechrequire the newest version of the software. reporting that MobileSafari works faster, and one reviewer of the app stating that Chrome “runs 3.5 times slower doing JavaScript than Safari.”While Lockheimer argues that this is a natural side-effectof the freedom of the Android model, he also suggestedthat fragmentation would be less of a problem in future, as Apples policy on not allowing custom JavaScript engines,Google is working on a platform developer kit to encourage like Googles open source V8 engine, is the reason behinddevelopers and manufacturers to accelerate updates and to the slower speeds, and, of course, Apple wont share Safarismake sure the manufacturers have time to optimise their Nitro engine either, leaving rival browsers on iOS laggingproducts to ensure those updates are released. behind unnecessarily. BlackBerry 10 delayGoogle brings Chrome drives analyst fears of RIMbrowser to iPhone and iPad bankruptcySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-brings-chrome-browser-to- Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/blackberry-10-delay-drives-analyst-iphone-and-ipad/16472.html fears-of-rim-bankruptcy/16471.htmlJuly 1st, 2012 July 1st, 2012Google has released its Chrome web browser on the iPhone, Research In Motion (RIM) could face bankruptcy, analystsiPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to sync with the browser say, after delaying the release of its BlackBerry 10 mobileon their desktop and laptop computers. operating system and cutting staff numbers by 5,000.Google has released its Chrome web browser on the iPhone, Research In Motion (RIM) could face bankruptcy, analystsiPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to sync with the browser say, after delaying the release of its BlackBerry 10 mobileon their desktop and laptop computers. operating system and cutting staff numbers by 5,000.The 12.8MB download gives iOS users access to version The Canadian firm, which was once a dominant player19.0.1084.60 of Chrome, which will help Google expand the in the burgeoning smartphone market, reported abyssmalreach of the browser beyond the 310 million active users it quarterly results, with losses of $518 million, several timescurrently has, up from 160 million at last years I/O event. more than analysts predicted. This sent shares down by more than 20 percent and lead to some brokerages cutting their price targets by up to 50 percent.Chrome touts high browsing speeds, a bookmark syncoption, and deep integration with other Google products,including Google Drive and Google Apps, so it is interesting RIM had originally planned to release BlackBerry 10 thisto see it show up on Apples tightly-controlled App Store. year, but fans of RIM will need to wait until early next year at the earliest to get their hands on a new smartphone powered by the operating system. The delay comes at a bad time for the company, as it was this software and the range of 14
  • 10. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonedevices built around it that were largely expected to save thecompany. One of the main reasons why Android has drawn so many loyal users is because many Android devices support Adobe Flash. The days of “I can watch Flash videos on phone” will soon be over as Adobe has declared that it will cease to support mobile Flash on August 15th. Okay, we all know (or at least people that care enough to dig into these things) that Steve Jobs—and by extension— Apple had issues with Adobe, therefore iPad loyalists neverNomura Equity Research believes “the company will got official Flash support. Essentially, Jobs decreed that theeventually fail” if it continues its current operational plan, iPad will not have Flash support, and therefore it doesn’t.and even BlackBerry 10 will not help it make a successful Some devs have managed to make some flash contents workturnaround. on the iPad through certain app, but it’s nothing comparable to streaming YouTube contents from a desktop. It’s simple with the iPad, but why is Adobe decidingAnalysts at Citi said the company “could run out of cash” and to stick it to Android users now after several years ofalso expressed doubt about the viability of BlackBerry 10 as supporting mobile Flash? There could be a variety ofthe saving grace many expect it to be. Cannacord Genuity reasons, but one main reason is perhaps there are just tooagreed on this point, suggesting that RIMs only hope would many Android devices (with all sorts of specs) to supportbe to sell. However, Baird Equity Research believes there are —fragmentation. Imagine working on trying to make oneno buyers interested in the plummeting firm. software compatible with literally thousands of devices from different OEMs. On top of that, Android users are all over the place with regards to the OS that’s powering their phone.The delay has also forced RIM to implement new cost-cutting measures, including plans to axe 5,000 jobs, which Albeit, over half of all Android users are still on Gingerbread,amounts to 30 percent of its workforce. With fewer there are many more that are on Froyo, Eclair, ICS, etc… Didemployees and the threat of bankruptcy looming ever closer, I mention that some OEMs also heavily modify their Androidthere are tough times ahead for the BlackBerry maker. OS (i.e. Amazon’s Kindle Fire)? Okay, you get my point by now—that is, it just takes a lot of work to make Flash work on Android devices. People that purchased Android tablets and smartphonesAdobe will stop supporting recently with the intention of using their devices to viewmobile Flash beginning Flash content will just have to live with the fact that their device may not support Flash in the future.August 15 Flash may become obsolete in the future, as HTML 5 isSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/adobe-will-stop-supporting-mobile- supposed the next medium for delivering media online. Soflash-beginning-august-15/16470.html Adobe may not be dropping Flash support for mobile devicesJuly 1st, 2012 based solely on how much work is needed to make it work, but rather they may see HTML 5 as replacing Flash sooner than we expect. It’s unknown when HTML 5 will become the predominant form for delivering online content, but we can’t help it if Adobe wants to stop supporting mobile Flash. Until then, Android users will have to anxiously await a completeOne of the main reasons why Android has drawn so many YouTube transition to HTML 5. Again, Android users willloyal users is because many Android devices support AdobeFlash. The days of “I can watch Flash videos on phone” have until August 15th to get the most out of their “Flashwill soon be over as Adobe has declared that it will cease to enabled device.”support mobile Flash on August 15th. Click here to see Adobe’s reasoning on why they are dropping mobile Flash support. 15
  • 11. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneTodays Announcements: TheExpandables 2, The AmazingSpiderman and Guild Wars 2Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/today-s-announcements-the-expandables-2-the-amazing-spiderman-and-guild-wars-2/16467.htmlJuly 1st, 2012We have a bunch of video game announcements for youtoday. Starting things off is The Expendables 2 Video Game,coming to the XBLA, PSN, and PC. A tie-in to the upcomingExpendables 2 movie, the game will tell the story leadingup to the movie. Players will be able to play one of fourcharacters as they attempt to rescue a kidnapped billionaire.Offering four-player local and online co-op as well as Dropbox adds "undo"challenges to compete with each other in, the game willfeature the over-the-top action the Expendables franchise commandis known for, and has been set up to provide a seamless Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dropbox-adds-undo-introduction to the upcoming movie. While no exact release command/16469.htmldate has been given, look for it to release before the movie July 1st, 2012comes out on August 17th. Undoing an accidental action while using many computer programs is as easy as hitting an “undo” option, and Dropbox has only just started implementing the undo command. Undoing an accidental action while using Dropbox is as easy as hitting an “undo” option, and Dropbox has only just started implementing the undo command.Next up is a game that already released on PS3 andXbox 360: The Amazing Spiderman. While it has garneredmediocre reviews in the press, Activision has confirmed thatthe game is being brought to the PC. PC gamers wanting toget their hands on the web-slinger’s newest game will be ableto purchase the game on Steam on August 10th. “We just launched a quick way for you to unwind those slips of the mouse or gaffes on the keyboard when you’re using Dropbox on the web. Now if you make a mistake when moving, renaming, copying or even deleting a file or folder, you can quickly reverse it. Just click the ‘Undo’ link in the green dialog that appears at the top of your screen. (Ctrl+Z and ?+Z work too!)” So the next time you accidentally uploaded a file to Dropbox, you can instantly undo that action without having to go through the troubles of manual removing those files from your box.Finally, the highly-anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2, has hadits release date announced by NCSoft. Guild Wars 2 will haveits final beta weekend July 20-22, with the game releasing in Microsoft Surface Tablet mayNorth America and Europe on August 28. not come preloaded with Office 2013 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-surface-tablet-may-not- come-preloaded-with-office-2013/16468.html 16
  • 12. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 1st, 2012 July 1st, 2012 Microsoft has begun to share with select partners some specific details about what users can expect when upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Reportedly, the following points were released privately this month byIf you are planning on purchasing the upcoming Windows Microsoft:RT Surface tablet, keep in mind that it may not come withOffice 2013 preloaded. Insiders suggest that Microsoft has • Users upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7only just finished the beta, and therefore Office 2013 may Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium will be ablelaunch a few months later than Windows 8 and the Surface to maintain their existing Windows settings, files andRT tablet. applications. • Users upgrading to Windows 8 Pro from any Windows 7 edition will be able to maintain all existing settings, files, and applications. • Users upgrading to Windows 8 Enterprise (which will only be available to volume licensees with Software Assurance contracts) from Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise will be able to maintain all settings, files and applications. • If upgrading from Windows Vista, only personal files will be maintained, unless SP1 is installed, in which case system settings will also be maintained.If you are planning on purchasing the upcoming Windows • Users can upgrade from Windows XP with SP3RT Surface tablet, keep in mind that it may not come with installed, but only personal files will be maintained.Office 2013 preloaded. Insiders suggest that Microsoft has All other installations of Windows 8 will require a fullonly just finished the beta, and therefore Office 2013 may format, leaving none of the data intact. This includes cross-launch a few months later than Windows 8 and the Surface language installations and cross-architecture installationsRT tablet. (i.e., moving from a 32-bit edition to a 64-bit edition).Now if consumers won’t get a Surface tablet with MS Office Earlier this month, Microsoft launched its latest Windows2013 then what will they get? Chances are MS will preload Upgrade Offer, which will allow users who purchase athe RT tablet with an earlier version of MS Office and Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013offering Surface tablet users opportunities to upgrade to to purchase a copy of Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99 whenOffice 2013 when it’s ready. it becomes available. Analysts expect that Windows 8 will bePeople that are interested in the Pro Surface tablet may shipped to manufacturers in July, with general availabilitynot have to worry as much as MS Office 2013 may launch coming sometime this fall.alongside the Pro tablet.MS does not have a robust app developing community likethat of iOS or Android, so an MS Office preloaded Surface Delta Expanding WiFi Offeringtablet will be one of the main reasons why people will to International Flightsconsider the Surface at launch. Savvy tablet users know Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/delta-expanding-wifi-offering-to-that office suite apps are available for purchase on both iOS international-flights/16456.htmland Android, and for increased productivity they just need July 1st, 2012a small and cheap keyboard add on (some peripherals aremore expensive than others, it just takes a little bargainhunting to find a cheap alternative). Delta Airlines has announced that by early 2013 its fleet ofPolaris Office, Documents To Go, and OfficeSuite Pro, international aircraft will have internet connectivity throughamong others, are some of the popular office software that the use of Ku-band satellites.are available for Android and iPad. The prices of these appsvary, but if paying for a document editing app is not a priority Delta has announced that they will begin offering their in-then people can opt to use free software like Google Doc. flight internet service on their fleet of international aircraft, encompassing roughly 150 aircraft including models such asWe don’t know how robust MS Office is on the Surface tablet, the Boeing 777, 767, transoceanic 757, 747, and the Airbusyet, but hopefully the Office suite that comes preloaded with 330. The satellite-provided service will begin operations onthe Surface tablet is on par with its desktop counterpart. the planes in early 2013, complementing existing air-to- ground service already in place for domestic flights.Windows 8 Upgrade Details Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is amongLeaked the largest WiFi-enabled aircraft providers in the world, with over 3,000 daily flights connected to the web. These flightsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windows-8-upgrade-details- include the entirety of its domestic fleet, some 550 mainlineleaked/16458.html aircraft, and more than 250 additional aircraft, including all of their Delta Connection regional jets. 17
  • 13. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneDelta’s WiFi portal, called “Delta Connect,” provides free the tablet market for Google will result in more developersaccess to real-time travel information, news from The flocking to this area, so this may not be a major problem.Wall Street Journal, People magazine, and other services,including Amazon.com (from March). The new internationalservice will use high-bandwidth Ku-band satellites forinternet coverage. Scheduled for 2015, when the rollout is Nexus Qcomplete, Delta plans to be operating roughly 1,000 WiFi-capable aircraft in its fleet. Those looking for a less mobile device for music may enjoy the Nexus Q, an unusually-designed home entertainmentGoogle unveils Nexus 7 sphere, which plugs into speakers or a TV and allowstablet, Nexus Q music device, streaming of music from Google Play. With a price-tag of $299, however, it is more expensive than Googles new tabletGoogle Glass, and Siri- and does less things, so consumers may not be as enamouredbusting Google Now by it as interior designers appear to be. It will ship in mid- July as well.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-unveils-nexus-7-tablet-nexus-q-music-device-google-glass-and-siri-busting-google-now/16466.htmlJuly 1st, 2012 Google Glass It was only a few short months ago when Google unveiled a new research project to develop augmented-reality glasses,Google has unveiled the Nexus 7 Android tablet, the but a mock demo of its features had fans salivating andNexus Q music device, Google Glass for consumers, and throwing their wallets at Google employees in anticipation.a Siri-like Android service called Google Now, making thesearch giants I/O event this year jam-packed with exciting The company is now going beyond merely a “what if”announcements. scenario, with the only questions remaining being “when?”Google has unveiled the Nexus 7 Android tablet, the and “how much?” Google is hoping to have a version of theNexus Q music device, Google Glass for consumers, and glasses ready for public consumption within two years, witha Siri-like Android service called Google Now, making the a price tag expected to be drastically lower than its existingsearch giants I/O event this year jam-packed with exciting developer cost of a pricey $1,500.announcements. The glasses are effectively a smartphone on your head, albeitNexus 7 without a phone network, allowing users to see, hear and speak in a semi-android experience. The company hopes to bring a Google Maps experience to the glasses, among aThe company showcased the Nexus 7, its 7-inch Android- variety of other features shown in the demo.powered tablet computer with a 1280x-800 pixel high-definition display, a Tegra-3 chipset, quad-core CPU, 12-core GPU, and a dirt cheap price tag starting at just $199, If none of that was impressive, some Google Glass-wearingwith a release date of mid-July in the US, UK, Canada and skydivers almost stole the show.Australia. The low price is for an 8GB model, with a 16GBversion available for $249. Google NowGoogle is hoping to entice multimedia buffs of all kinds bypreloading the Nexus 7 with the film Transformers: Dark of If you were won over by the sweet nothings whispered inthe Moon, the book The Bourne Dominion, magazines like your ear by Siri, you might want to consider cheating with aCondé Nast Traveler and Popular Science, and music from certain little green robot. As part of the Android Jelly Beanbands including Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. There is offering, Google announced a new service called Googlealso $25 free credit provided on Google Play for a limited Now. As the name implies, its all about getting informationtime. to the user immediately, and so it mimics many of the offerings of Siri, such as finding the score of a sports match or locating a nearby restaurant.Not everyone is impressed with the announcement,however. Jan Dawson, chief telecommunications analyst atOvum, criticised Googles approach, suggesting the tablet That is all pretty standard fair, but where Google Nowwould not be sustainable long-term, due to subsidising of differs, and potentially wins out, is that it seeks outthe cost to keep the price down, and that Google has failed information before you even ask it. When you leave yourto address problems with Android for tablets, such as the house it looks for traffic updates. When you go to asparsity of tablet-sized apps. Of course, more success in restaurant it checks the menu and recommends the top- rated choices. So instead of having an electronic friend who 18
  • 14. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewill answer your questions, you have an electronic friend the Pokéstar Studios to make their own Pokémon-starringwho will make suggestions and pre-empt your actions. movies. Some of the Pokémon up for grabs include Eevee, Riolu,Nintendo announces release Tyranitar, Arcanine, and Mareep. Those who get Dream Radar will also be able to catch the new Therian Formes ofdate for latest Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus.gamesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nintendo-announces-release-date- Gamers looking to learn more about the various Pokémonfor-latest-pokemon-games/16465.html will also be able to buy the Pokédex 3D Pro from theJuly 1st, 2012 Nintendo eShop, expanding upon the original Pokédex 3D with details about all known Pokémon to date. Twitter to combat trolling and hate speech Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/twitter-to-combat-trolling-and-hate-Nintendo has announced the release date for the latest speech/16454.htmlPokémon games, including two DS titles and one July 1st, 2012downloadable 3DS game.Nintendo has announced the release date for the latestPokémon games, including two DS titles and onedownloadable 3DS game. Twitter is attempting to combat trolling and hatePokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 will speech on its micro-blogging service, which could see ajoin a host of other Nintendo colour variations of the classic difficult balance between removing offensive material andmonster-catching series on 7 October, playable on both the maintaining freedom of speech.DS and the 3DS in 2D mode. Twitter is attempting to combat trolling and hate speech on its micro-blogging service, which could see a difficult balance between removing offensive material andCollectors will want a 3DS, however, as there are rare maintaining freedom of speech.Pokémon to catch in the downloadable Pokémon DreamRadar title, which lets players use their 3DS camera,motion control and augmented-reality technology for a Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, told the Financial Times thatmore interactive experience. Creatures caught can then be the company was planning to address the issue, which hetransferred into the other two games. said was in some cases “horrifying.” Racial abuse appears to be on the increase on the service, which limits messages to 140 characters. Recent examples of high-profile cases include racist remarks by users against footballers Ashley Cole, Ashley Young, Stan Collymore, and Fabrice Muamba, all of which resulted in police investigations and, in some cases, arrests. Measures to tackle the problem could include censoring responses from accounts that do not have followers, a profile picture, or a biography, making them more likely to be newly-created accounts designed specifically for the purpose of “trolling,” internet lingo for users who go out of their way to cause offence purely for the fun of it.The sequels to the Black and White versions will see thereturn of Cheren and Bianca to the region of Unova twoyears after the events of the original games, with new areasto discover, including Virbank City, where players can visit 19
  • 15. July 1st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneOf course, the problem with such measures is that genuineaccounts that have failed to secure followers or update theirprofile may be caught up in this. That said, if Twitter is clearabout its policy then more users will update their profilesto avoid the restrictions. Trolls may do likewise, however,simply uploading fake photos and biographies, and possiblyeven following themselves from multiple troll accounts.However, Costolo does not want to Twitter to be too heavy-handed with its actions. He said the service will continue toallow pseudonyms, as that is the only way some people canspeak freely in some parts of the world.He expressed frustration at finding the perfect balancebetween the two extremes, recognising that “emboldeningpeople to speak politically” can also embolden trolls and leadto further cases of hate speech.The debacle is a problem for many on the internet, as it isa fine line between protecting people and crossing into thedangerous waters of online censorship. 20
  • 16. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly The number 8 is clearly a big deal for Microsoft over the publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the next year or two, with many considering the next version geeks. of Windows to be a potential game-changer and money- maker for the company. Windows Phone 8 is also lookingNext Xbox could be called promising, and, of course, Xbox is central to Microsofts strategy to entice people to its operating systems.Xbox 8 as Microsoft securesdomains Xbox 8 as the next console name is all about brand unitySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/next-xbox-could-be-called-xbox-8- then, and the gamble could pay off big-time, as it ensureas-microsoft-secures-domains/16528.html that people think of Microsofts collective product line whenJuly 3rd, 2012 approaching any of the three. Using 720 only differentiatesMicrosofts next-generation gaming console may be called the Xbox console from Windows, while Xbox 8 could be theXbox 8 rather than the expected Xbox 720. beginning of a new marketing style for the software giant.The Redmond, Washington-based company managed tosecure a number of domain names from a Chinese national Activision and Tencentnamed Cheng Juan, after bringing two cases to the NationalArbitration Forum. announce Call of Duty Online for China Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/activision-and-tencent-announce-The domains include XboxPhone.com, XboxTablet.com, call-of-duty-online-for-china/16527.htmlXboxLiveTV.com, XboxCompanion.com, Xbox8.us and July 3rd, 2012Xbox8.org, according to Fusible.On the surface of it, Microsoft may simply be pre-emptingany potential future Xbox products it may plan to release andensuring it owns the relevant domain names. However, thenew Xbox would only be the third of its kind, so a literal Xbox Activision and Tencent have announced Call of Duty Online,8 would be decades away, making a move to protect its name a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter targetednow a little hasty. at a Chinese audience. Activision and Tencent have announced Call of Duty Online, a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter targeted at a Chinese audience. Gamers are still gearing up for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is to get a revamped Nuketown map, but players in China will have something potentially just as exciting within the Call of Duty franchise. Details are thin, but a trailer shows that the game plays fairly similarly to other titles in the series, with pretty good graphics to boot, which is often an area that receives some cartoonisation by many studios in order to combat the intense lag possible in MMO games.Xbox 720 is a logical extension of the Xbox 360 name,simply doubling the number, but Xbox 8 seems like an According to reports, the game will be free-to-play, likelyodd potential choice for the console, until we take into charging players for additional content, maps, gear andconsideration Microsofts big investment in Windows 8 and weapons. It will also draw on previous content from otherWindows Phone 8, which will have a shared core. Call of Duty titles, while adding new material from Tencent. 1
  • 17. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone will return lower than previously estimated growth and profits.The game would undoubtedly appeal to players around theworld, but it looks like it will initially only launch in China.This may be a strategic move to entice gamers to buy BlackOps II later this year or localisation may simply be takingsome time to do. It may also turn out that Call of Duty Online Twitter opens up throughnever launches elsewhere in the world, but we expect thatthis is unlikely. transparency campaign Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/twitter-opens-up-through- transparency-campaign/16525.html July 3rd, 2012Microsoft writes off $6.2billion over 2007 acquisitionSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-writes-off-6.2-billion-over-2007-acquisition/16526.html In an effort to make their business more transparent, TwitterJuly 3rd, 2012 has released some rather interesting figures in regards to its compliance to remove copyrighted materials and government requests. In an effort to make their business more transparent, TwitterMicrosoft has written off a whopping $6.2 billion after has released some rather interesting figures in regardsadmitting that one of its largest acquisitions, made five years to its compliance to remove copyrighted materials andago, was essentially worthless. government requests.Microsoft has written off a whopping $6.2 billion after In the category of copyrighted content removal, Twitteradmitting that one of its largest acquisitions, made five years received 3,378 requests from January 1 to June 30 this year.ago, was essentially worthless. Out of the 3,378 requests, Twitter complied with about 600 of them—so the compliance rate is roughly 20%.The software giant bought aQuantive, an advertising agency, However, when it came to government requests for userin 2007, hoping to compete with Google after it bought information and withholding of content, Twitter compliedDoubleClick. It was the largest acquisition in the companys 75% of the time. Another thing to note is that the majority ofhistory at the time, with $6.3 billion spent, dwarfed only by the government requests are through agencies in the Unitedthe $8.5 billion it spent on Skype last year. States. Christine Chen, Spokeswoman for Twitter, told Venture Beat that “the more transparent that companies and governmentsThe deal failed to deliver, however, with Microsoft still are, the more meaningful the public debate can be about thelagging behind its rivals in the advertising market and many free flow of information online.” Get full details on whatof aQuantives executives moving on to greener fields. exactly Twitter is trying to do here. iPhone combusts in teenagers pocket Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-combusts-in-teenager-s- pocket/16524.html July 3rd, 2012It took five years for Microsoft to admit its failure,announcing to investors that it would take a “non-cashcharge” of $6.2 billion, almost the entire amount spent onthe ill-fated acquisition. iPhones are supposed to be of the highest quality, and rarely do we get news about an Apple product exploding while in someone’s pocket.The decision will have a significant affect on the companysprofits this year, and particularly for the companys fiscalfourth quarter. Microsoft is expecting to turn a net profitof $5.25 billion, almost guaranteeing the company will losemoney this quarter.The dire news for Microsoft does not end there, however,as it also admitted that some of its other products are notperforming so well, including Bing and MSN, which it said 2
  • 18. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone under the California sun. Although you can find an article on Samsungs recent Galaxy smartphone explosion here. Orange cones along with yellow caution tape now surround the out-of-commissioned Jelly Bean statue, but prior to that, some passerby allegedly dipped their hands into the Jelly Bean’s torso and stole some of the flavorful organs. Chinese woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing a mobile phoneiPhones are supposed to be of the highest quality, and rarely Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/chinese-woman-sentenced-to-10-do we get news about an Apple product exploding while in years-in-prison-for-stealing-a-mobile-phone/16521.htmlsomeone’s pocket. July 3rd, 2012In a recent Finnish pub SK24 report, 17-year-old HenriHelminen had his iPhone spontaneously began to heatup and nearly drowned him in a cloud of smoke. Thephone’s Lithium battery may have something to do with thecombustive event, and although there are no confirmationsas to what caused the iPhone to fail so miserably, a video may What is a justifiable punishment for a mobile phone theft?help you figure out how. How about a slap on the wrist, reparation, and a month or two in jail? Apparently, a Chinese woman’s phone theft Unprintable Content (Video, Flash, etc.) crime landed her a 10 year prison sentence. The woman’s punishment has sparked a debate on whether or not the sentence is absurd or just.Android Jelly Bean melts What is a justifiable punishment for a mobile phone theft?under California sun How about a slap on the wrist, reparation, and a monthSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/android-jelly-bean-melts-under- or two in jail? Apparently, a Chinese woman’s phone theftcalifornia-sun/16522.html crime landed her a 10 year prison sentence. The woman’sJuly 3rd, 2012 punishment has sparked a debate on whether or not the sentence is absurd or just. Forty-eight year old Zhang Yun stole a mobile phone from her employer—claiming, she did so because she was not compensated for her service. The phone theft was traced back to Zhang through the use of security surveillance. Yun tried to hide her tracks by burying the phone in a radish field,Google’s Android Jelly Bean is hot, so hot that it melted. but ultimately her employer managed to cast a decade long I’m not talking about the actual OS causing smartphones to prison term unto her former employee.melt, but rather the Android Jelly Bean’s head on the lawn ofGoogle’s Mountain View campus melted due to extreme heat According to ecsn.cn, the phone’s value is 60,000 (~$9,444),under the California sun. Although you can find an article and if you think that’s an absurd number then you have everyon Samsungs recent Galaxy smartphone explosion here. right to think so. The average income per year for people in China is less than the value of the phone which Yun stole. On top of her 10 year prison term, Yun has to also pay a fine of 20,000 yuan (~$3,148). A Survey taken on tencent.com has revealed that 95% agreed that the sentence is much too harsh. Will people’s interest in this Yun’s punishment give her a chance at another trial to reduce the degree of punishment? What do you think? Ivy Bridge i7 vs Bulldozer FX @ 4.6GHz - July 2012 Battle of the Flagships Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ivy-bridge-i7-vs-bulldozer- fx--4.6ghz--july-2012-battle-of-the-flagships/16520.htmlGoogle’s Android Jelly Bean is hot, so hot that it melted. I’m not talking about the actual OS causing smartphones tomelt, but rather the Android Jelly Bean’s head on the lawn ofGoogle’s Mountain View campus melted due to extreme heat 3
  • 19. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 3rd, 2012After months of BIOS firmware updates and softwarepatches, both platforms from Intel and AMD should havereached some level of maturity by now. We run a myriadof tests with HD 7970 GHz Edition CrossfireX and G.Skill16GB 2400MHz ram to see how everything goes at a typical4.6GHz CPU overclock.Price ComparisonIntel Core i7-3770K -USD$349AMD FX-8150 - USD$199.99Prices from NewEgg as of 3rd July 2012CPUID ValidationIntel Ivy Bridge i7-3770K setup - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2425748AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 setup - http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2426606Operating SystemWindows 7 SP1 with all Windows Update patches until 2ndJuly 2012Core Parking Fix 4
  • 20. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Apple faces Snow Leopard trademark lawsuit in China Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-faces-snow-leopard- trademark-lawsuit-in-china/16519.html July 3rd, 2012 Apple is facing yet another lawsuit over trademarks in China, and this time it deals with their Snow Leopard OS. Apple is facing yet another lawsuit over trademarks in China, and this time it deals with their Snow Leopard OS. The recent Chinese court decision to award Proview Technology $60 million in its dispute with Apple over the “iPad” trademark may be considered as extortion to an extent, but no one really knows what went on behind the scene three years ago. Move forward a few days, and a Chinese household chemical company by the name of Jiangsu Xuebao is suing Apple for infringing on their “Snow Leopard” trademark. The Chinese translation for “Xuebao” is Snow Leopard, hence, they are claiming that Apple is infringing their trademark based on the translation. The case against Apple this case may not be as strong as Proview’s case since the chemical company registered “Xuebao” and not the English translation. In the end, however, it all depends on how the Chinese court decides to rule this matter. Jiangsu Xuebao is demanding an $80,645 compensation as well as an apology, and a court hearing has already been scheduled for June 10. Apple can settle this matter with money demanded and apologize, but if that Apple does that it may be perceived as a crack in the Cupertino-tech giant’s armor. Whichever method Apple decides to go about the Snow Leopard trademark dispute, it’s almost a guarantee that other companies, individuals, and/or organizations are 5
  • 21. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonecurrently looking into to how Apple has violated their Which leads us to the question - why Microsoft started totrademarks. follow Apple with its OS prices? Is Windows 8 bombing that badly with the user experience groups, media and analysts that the company is going for price dumping so that it couldMicrosofts Risky Move: say that Windows 8 installed on XXX million of computers?Upgrade to Windows 8 forJust $14.99 and $39.99 ITC denies Apples bid forSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-s-risky-move-upgrade-to-windows-8-for-just-14.99-and-39.99/16515.html emergency ban on HTCJuly 3rd, 2012 products Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/itc-denies-apple-s-bid-for- emergency-ban-on-htc-products/16517.html July 3rd, 2012Microsoft chose the first working day of the third quarter toannounce the Windows 8 Upgrade pricing model. We expectto see a lot of fireworks over this one, since the upgrade costdropped beyond belief. Bought a new computer and want In a last-minute ditch to prevent HTC from importing HTC’sWindows 8 Pro? That’ll be $14.99, sir. One series smartphone into the U.S., Apple filed for anEven with all the marketing preparations, Microsoft pulled a emergency ban of HTC’s product with the U.S. ITC, butnever-before-seen move to get as much traction as possible. ultimately the agency denied the request.The whole idea of paying hundreds of dollars for an In a last-minute ditch to prevent HTC from importing HTC’soperating system seems like an idea from 1990s. Faced with One series smartphone into the U.S., Apple filed for anobvious competition in the form of Apple and its continuous emergency ban of HTC’s product with the U.S. ITC, butreductions in upgrade prices, Microsoft pulled quite an ultimately the agency denied the request.unexpected move. Apple filed a complaint against HTC for infringement of a patent that dealt with the detection of phone numbers in emails, and if tapped, the number can be directly dialed without having to manually input the number. After several days of reworking the phones, HTC received approvals of U.S. customs officials. However, Apple remained adamant that HTC had not completed all the requirements necessary to get the ban lifted. HTC argued that the infringement which Apple was referring to was beyond HTC’s control, because the Gmail app which infringed Apple’s patent was a closed-source software from Google. Since HTC’s product bans were lifted, their stock prices rose and today it added nearly 1 percent to its NT$393.50 at closing—a tremendous boost for a company that haven’t seen a figure like that in almost four weeks. HTC’s peaked smartphone market share was 10.7 percent in the second quarter of 2012, but has since slipped to 4.5 percent due to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line.If you own a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operatingsystem, you will be able to upgrade the system to Windows 8Professional for just $39.99. The company released images Todays Announcements:of its Windows 8 upgrade advisor which will take you Assassins Creed III, Rome:through the process. If you wish to order the version on aDVD, you will have to pay $69.99. Total War sequel, StarshipIf you have just bought the computer (Windows 7 SP1), Troopers: Invasion, and Halo 4: Forward unto Dawnyou will be able to upgrade for just $14.99, with that offerexpiring end of January next year (2013). This is a quantumshift from Windows 7 upgrade prices, which ranged from Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/today-s-announcements-assassin-s-$119.99 for Windows 7 Home Premium to $199.99 for creed-iii-rome-total-war-sequel-starship-troopers-invasion-and-halo-4-Windows 7 Professional. forward-unto-dawn/16516.htmlNaturally, if by some odd reason you dont have a Windowslicense already, regular prices will be announced in the nextcouple of weeks. 6
  • 22. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 3rd, 2012Assassin’s Creed III, if you don’t already know, is headed toa retail store near you October 30 along with fandom extras. If RTS is your flavor then Sega has announced that it willrelease a sequel to the 2004 Rome: Total War. If you’renot in the mood for video games then some futuristic sci-fiflicks may tickle your fancies. Starship Troopers: Invasionhits store on Blu-ray and DVD August 24. The game won’t Metacritic raved about Rome: Total War in 2004 and gavedrop for couple more months, but the live-web series Halo it a 92 rating, and in 2012 Sega announced that they will be4: Forward Unto Dawn will begin airing this fall. releasing a sequel. Surprising? Not especially. Rather, it’s surprising that it hasn’t occurred to the developers sooner that they can capitalize on an outstanding game by releasing a sequel. The cinematic of Hollywood’s Starship Troopers may have disappointed many, but perhaps CGI-animated Starship Troopers: Invasion will help the franchise regain the interest of fans. The Blu-ray and DVD is set to hit August 28. Last but not least, Halo 4 the game is taking up much of the spotlight surrounding the Halo brand, but don’t forget that the series Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn is coming this fall. So while you wait for Halo 4 to launch, you can catch some Master Chief live-web action via Halo Waypoint and Machinima. Trailer? Of course. Its a little short, I know. Enjoy!Assassin’s Creed III, if you don’t already know, is headed to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro fora retail store near you October 30 along with fandom extras. If RTS is your flavor then Sega has announced that it will $40release a sequel to the 2004 Rome: Total War. If you’re Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/upgrade-to-windows-8-pro-not in the mood for video games then some futuristic sci-fi for-40/16518.htmlflicks may tickle your fancies. Starship Troopers: Invasion July 3rd, 2012hits store on Blu-ray and DVD August 24. The game won’tdrop for couple more months, but the live-web series Halo4: Forward Unto Dawn will begin airing this fall.In the next Assassin’s title you will take on a young Americanfrontier in the midst of a revolution, but there’s no pointin outlining that now. What’s important at the moment,however, is that Ubisoft will deliver a special edition for An upgrade to Windows 8 won’t set anyone back, and ifNorth and South America. For $119.99 you can purchase the one carpools for a couple days he will be able to upgrade tospecial edition of Assassin’s Creed III for PS3 or Xbox 360 Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7, Vista, and XP.with a 9’’ statue of connor, a special flag, and a belt buckle.If you’re not a console gamer, then the downloadable DigitalDeluxe Edition for PC is available for $64.99. The PC DeluxeEdition won’t come with any physical toys, but there willbe extra in-game contents such as George Washington’snotebook which contains actual stories from the AmericanRevolution. 7
  • 23. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The next step will be downloading the upgrade, and how fast the download finishes varies on network conditions on bothAn upgrade to Windows 8 won’t set anyone back, and if a sides.person carpools for a couple days he will be able to upgradeto Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7, Vista, and XP.In addition to wooing consumers to upgrade with a relativelyreasonable promotional price tag, Microsoft is also taggingon Windows Media Center for free through the “addfeatures” after an upgrade is purchased. Once the upgrade finishes downloading, users will be given the options to install the upgrade now or later via various methods which include USB drive or ISO-to-DVD. If people prefer to purchase the physical backup DVD it will cost an extra $15, and a complete retail upgrade version will also be available for $69.99. The promotions of both retailThe Windows 8 upgrading process is very similar to and downloadable upgrades end January 31, 2013.previous versions of Windows. Users are notified thatthe upgrade may cause incompatibilities among the users’current hardware, and then they will be given the options to Micron Acquires Elpida andkeep all, some, and none of the current Window’s files andsettings. Also, depending on the version of Windows a user the Future of Computeris upgrading from, he may not be able to keep all settings Memory for $5 Billionand or files. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/micron-acquires-elpida-and-the- future-of-computer-memory-for-5-billion/16514.html July 3rd, 2012 The modern world has ton of companies that were on the verge of making a revolution, only to exhaust its cash reserves and crash before they could change the world. 8
  • 24. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneRegardless of are we talking about 3dfx and 48-bit color, orElpida and ReRAM i.e. Resistive RAM - the story remainsthe same.In the very recent past, we saw many of long-lasting industrystandards coming to pass, but the basic principle howcomputer operates - hasn’t changed in a very long time.Regardless of being a mainframe, server, desktop or a If you ask any fan for any company, he or she will tell you thatsmartphone, the principle is the same - computing logic the most important asset of that company are the products,(CPU, GPU, SoC) has several layers of immediate memory be that a mobile phone, graphics card or a Formula 1 team.(Level 1-3), followed by the system memory (Level 4) and However, should you ask the CEO of the said companiesending with storage subsystem (5th level onwards). That “what is the most important asset”, the answer would besubsystem ranges from a hard drive or a USB stick to large almost unanimous: people.external storage boxes (NAS – Network Area Storage). There are no products if there aren’t people behind them,But what if a technology comes along that unifies the and Roy Taylor’s career was quite stellar - from foundingsystem memory with the storage, and offers bandwidth NVIDIA Europe, The Way Its’ Meant To Be Played to firstexceeding the one offered by the Level 1 memory (L1 Tegra design wins with telecoms around the world. Aftercache, for example)? Last year, we saw Micron and Intel leaving NVIDIA, we saw relatively unknown MasterImageDemonstrating Hybrid Cube Memory, a 512MB stacked 3D rising into the technical and mainstream press. Now,DRAM which achieved bandwidth of 128GB/s from a single Roy’s job is to make Rightware a well-known brand.chip (imagine a CPU with 4 memory channels and 512 GB/s).That concept is just the beginning. ReRAM or Resistive RAMis considered to be the next phase of memory, supporting thepairing with DRAM and NAND Cells, and ready to replaceboth in the future. Elpida was considered as the companyclosest to mass production but due to turmoil in the DRAMindustry and as one of consequences of big earthquake inJapan - had to file for bankruptcy in March 2012.Enter Micron - the company announced that “the partieshave signed a definitive sponsor agreement for Micron toacquire and support Elpida.” For 200 billion yen, i.e. 2.5billion U.S. Dollars will be paid off to Elpida’s creditors(secured and unsecured). Furthermore, the company willacquire Elpida as a company for $750 million, as well asadditional $1.75 billion secured in annual payments goinguntil 2019. This caused another shakeup on the Taiwanesemarket as well, as Micron acquired 24% Share of Rexchip This Futuremark spinoff may be creating and shipping itsElectronics Corporation for about $334 million. Elpida creations to Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) or BMW, butowned 65% of Rexchip, bringing Micron’s share to 89%. the real challenge will be to enter one of “big-wigs” such asJointly, Elpida and Rexchip can manufacture more than Samsung, Sony, HTC - you’ve guessed it right - smartphone200,000 300mm wafers (wspm), increasing Micron’s and tablet makers. If you like in China, you can already enjoyoverall capacity to massive 600,000 wafer starts per month their 3D interface for Android operating system made in(all foundries manufacture chips using 300mm wafers). cooperation with Konka, as well as some other designs we’re not able to publish at present. Can Rightware become a household name or will theRoy Taylor, Ex-VP in NVIDIA company end up being acquired by some player? There’s noand MasterImage 3D Joins answer. Just like Dave Perry’s Gaikai and its recent $380M acquisition by Sony Computer Entertainment.RightwareSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/roy-taylor-ex-vp-in-nvidia-and-masterimage-3d-joins-rightware/16512.htmlJuly 3rd, 2012Today, Rightware announced that a former MasterImage 3Dand NVIDIA executive joined the team in the position ofChief Sales Officer (CSO). The person that started NVIDIA’spush in Europe and won many deals for MasterImage 3D willpush its future outside the hardware world - by expandingthe 3D user interface to as many devices as possible. 9
  • 25. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone In a recent investment report from Pacific Crest, analysts predict that Apple will launch a 7.85’’ iPad mini this October priced at around $299. In a recent investment report from Pacific Crest, analysts predict that Apple will launch a 7.85’’ iPad mini this October priced at around $299. Rumors of a 7’’ budget slate from Apple have been on the table for a while, and they’re still rumors. However, many OEMs have been either rumored or confirmed to be developing and launching 7-inchers, so it’s no surprise that Apple don’t want other tablet makers to cannibalize their brand. “Based on our supply checks, we expect Apple to launch a 7.85” iPad in October. We anticipate an entry-level 7.85” iPad with 8GB of NAND capacity to price at $299,” states the report. The late Steve Jobs, was an opponent of a 7-incher, but apparently Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, have something else in mind. An article from Tab Times a couple of months ago rumored that the R&D in Cupertino was testing a 7.85’’ tablet. Also in the report, analysts suggest that the current gen iPad will receive some upgrades which may include a repositioning of the camera, improved touchscreen interface, reduced weight, and improved battery life. As for the iPad 2, the firm predicts that its shelf-life will end with the launch of the iPad Mini. Mozilla announces Firefox Mobile OS Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mozilla-announces-firefox-mobile- os/16511.html July 3rd, 2012 The WebOS platform is virtually extinct due to stiff competitions from iOS and Android, but more than anything else, the WebOS “technology wasn’t there yet.” Paul Mercer, former senior director of the WebOS project, claimed that WebOS was “ahead of its time.” So perhaps now is the time for a web based mobile OS to take on the challenge. Firefox announced today that they will be partnering with various OEMs and carriers to create an open sourced HTML5-drivenApple iPad Mini to launch this mobile platform using the Firefox brand—it’s called, “FirefoxOctober Mobile OS.”Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-ipad-mini-to-launch-this-october/16513.htmlJuly 3rd, 2012 10
  • 26. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe WebOS platform is virtually extinct due to stiffcompetitions from iOS and Android, but more than anythingelse, the WebOS “technology wasn’t there yet.” Paul Mercer,former senior director of the WebOS project, claimed thatWebOS was “ahead of its time.” So perhaps now is the timefor a web based mobile OS to take on the challenge. Firefoxannounced today that they will be partnering with variousOEMs and carriers to create an open sourced HTML5-drivenmobile platform using the Firefox brand—it’s called, “FirefoxMobile OS.” In an earlier presentation this year, Mozilla teamed up with Telefónica’s Digital unit to demonstrate how every featureFirefox claims that they will be able to “unlock many current of a phone such as calling, messaging, and games can belimitations of web development” by utilizing their “Boot to powered by HTML5.Gecko project.” The Mozilla technology, they also claim, willallow HTML5 applications to access capabilities of phones Mozilla is quick to hint that they are not aiming to takewhich have been only available through native applications on the “high-end” smartphone market just yet. Theirpreviously. mobile OS platform will initially be aimed at entry-level smartphones, whereby, they are hoping that the elimination of “unnecessary middleware layers” will allow mobile operators to fully customize the OS for the right price and functionality. OEMs such as ZTE has announced that they intend to produce smartphones featuring Qualcomms Snapdragon CPUs to run the Firefox Mobile OS. The project has already submitted various Web APIs to W3C for standardization, and Gary Kovacs, Mozilla’s CEO, hope that the arrival of Firefox Mobile OS will spark “openness, innovation and opportunity” from users and developers on the web. 11
  • 27. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZonePress Release: the Web as a platform for all. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Mozilla Firefox Industry support is growing behind Mozilla’s plans to discover, experience and connect to the Web on to launch a new fully open mobile ecosystem computers, tablets and mobile phones. For more based on HTML5. The operating system, which information please visit https://www.mozilla.org/ Mozilla today confirmed will use its Firefox brand, will power the launch of smartphones built Supporting Quotes from Operators entirely to open Web standards, where all of the Matthew Key, Chairman & CEO of Telefónica device’s capabilities can be developed as HTML5 Digital commented, “Firefox OS will bring a better applications. smartphone experience to a higher proportion of Mapping to key Firefox footprints around the globe, the population at a lower cost. This is crucial for leading operators Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, us to accelerate the adoption of smartphones in Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and developing markets. The breadth of support for this Telenor are backing the open Firefox OS as initiative across the industry makes it clear that an exciting new entrant to the smartphone there is an opportunity in the market for a new, open marketplace. They have also identified the potential mobile ecosystem.” of the technology to deliver compelling smartphone Fared Adib, Product Chief at Sprint said, “Sprint experiences at attainable prices. continues to support an open mobile ecosystem Device manufacturers TCL Communication that enables choice for Sprint customers and a Technology (under the Alcatel One Touch brand) healthy competitive ecosystem for the technical and ZTE today announced their intentions to community. Firefox Mobile OS can help us drive manufacture the first devices to feature the new an HTML 5-based platform for creating lower Firefox OS, using Snapdragon™ processors from cost smartphone options for prepaid, postpaid and Qualcomm Incorporated, the leader in smartphone wholesale customers.” platforms. The first Firefox OS powered devices are Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product and Innovation expected to launch commercially in Brazil in early Officer at Deutsche Telekom said, “Deutsche 2013 through Telefónica’s commercial brand, Vivo. Telekom’s objective is to provide our customers a The Firefox OS for mobile devices is built on choice from a variety of attractive, and best of Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko project” which unlocks breed, products and services – from DT as well as many of the current limitations of web development from our partners. Partnering is key for Deutsche on mobile, allowing HTML5 applications to access Telekom and our cooperation with Mozilla is one the underlying capabilities of a phone, previously important initiative for us. We support Mozilla’s only available to native applications. Telefónica’s Firefox OS project since we really believe that it Digital unit joined forces with Mozilla earlier this embodies openness, innovation, and competition, year to take this work and showcase a new phone and it is part of a growing cloud and HTML5- architecture where every phone feature (calling, based ecosystem. As a function of our commitment, messaging, games, etc.) is an HTML5 application. our Innovation Laboratory’s Silicon Valley Center is working closely with Mozilla’s development team Due to the optimization of the platform for entry- and e.g. is contributing NFC enabling software to level smartphones and the removal of unnecessary Boot to Gecko Platform.” middleware layers, mobile operators will have the ability to offer richer experiences at a range Orlando B. Vea, Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart of price points including at the low end of the said, “We welcome the introduction of the Firefox smartphone price range, helping to drive adoption OS, and we recognize the exciting potentials of an across developing markets. HTML5-based, fully open mobile ecosystem. As the leading wireless services provider in the Philippines, Mozilla and all other participants are committed to we are keen to work with industry players like ensuring the project is fully open and the reference Mozilla to create relevant and delightful mobile implementation of the required Web APIs is being Internet experiences for Filipino mobile users as we submitted to W3C for standardization. make data connectivity even more pervasive in the “The introduction of the open mobile OS country.” continues the Mozilla mission to promote openness, “Firefox entering the smartphone market is a innovation and opportunity on the Web for users welcome development and we look forward to and developers. As billions of users are expected to seeing HTML5 bring mobile technology to new come online for the first time in the coming years, levels not thought possible before,” Vea added. it is important to deliver a compelling smartphone experience that anyone can use,” said Gary Kovacs, Cesare Sironi, Head of Innovation and Industry CEO, Mozilla. “The large number of operators and Relations, Telecom Italia commented, “Mobile manufacturers now supporting this effort will bring operating systems natively based on HTML5 will additional resources and diversity to our global lower the barriers to provide our customers with offerings.” performing and innovative mobile applications and services. Open web technologies are the key for About Mozilla the development of a sustainable and valuable Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the application ecosystem.” Web for more than a decade. We create and promote open standards that enable innovation and advance 12
  • 28. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO Telenor Digital Services commented, “We are pleased to be part of the coalition supporting the launch of the new open mobile ecosystem. This will enable free and open service distribution to our customers, in addition to providing attractive smartphones at attainable prices, which is especially important for the adoption in emerging markets”. Essa Al Haddad, Chief Commercial Officer at Etisalat Group said: “Etisalat aim to enrich the user experience and improve the life of its customers by providing enhanced services across a complete portfolio of devices and operating systems. Firefox OS will provide an open source platform to our customers and various ecosystem players, such as application developers, to experience innovative services. Thanks to this strategic initiative, the industry will benefit from a sustained growth in mobile data and the development of cutting edge “Multiplayer fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops LOVE applications, as well as the promise of affordable Nuketown,” said Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch. smartphone devices that provide an enriched “Flat out, Nuketown was a blast to play before, and were customer experience.” excited about the reimagined Nuketown 2025 in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. We cant wait to play with everyone come this November.”Call of Duty: Black Ops II toget reimagined Nuketown The map will be given for free as a bonus download acrossmap all platforms to anyone who pre-orders the game before its release on 13 November.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/call-of-duty-black-ops-ii-to-get-reimagined-nuketown-map/16510.htmlJuly 3rd, 2012 Weekend website troubles raise questions over internet reliability Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/weekend-website-troubles-raise- questions-over-internet-reliability/16508.html July 3rd, 2012Treyarch has revealed that it is revamping the popularNuketown map for the upcoming first-person shooter Call ofDuty: Black Ops II.Treyarch has revealed that it is revamping the popular Storms and the “leap second” have caused severe downtimeNuketown map for the upcoming first-person shooter Call of for many websites over the weekend, including popularDuty: Black Ops II. services like Reddit, Foursquare, Netflix, Instagram, and Amazon Web Services, raising questions over the reliabilityThe original Nuketown was a small multiplayer map set in a of the internet in the face of relatively simple obstacles.fake town used for simulating nuclear effects on urban life, Storms and the “leap second” have caused severe downtimereplete with mannequins and other interesting terrain. for many websites over the weekend, including popular services like Reddit, Foursquare, Netflix, Instagram, and Amazon Web Services, raising questions over the reliabilityNuketown 2025 will involve a re-imagining of the classic of the internet in the face of relatively simple obstacles.map, though Treyarch is remaining tight-lipped about whatthis will involve. The combat will remain close-quarters likethe original, but the setting will involve a 1960s conception of The United States has suffered lightning storms in recentwhat a futuristic home would look like, giving that somewhat days, with many along the East Coast left without power,dated science-fiction appeal. which has caused a knock-on effect to any internet-based service operating in the area. This meant that Amazon Web Services was partly knocked offline, with even its back-up generator roasted by the storms. Since many companies rely on this service for hosting, thousands of other websites were affected by downtime. Netflix, Instagram and Reddit were also affected. 13
  • 29. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 3rd, 2012Nature is one thing, but the addition of an extra secondadded to the world clock, designed to address fluctuationsin the Earths rotation, resulted in chaos in the way manyfeared the Millenium Bug would. Samsung has launched the S Health “personal wellness” application for the Galaxy S III, hoping to help improve the health of its smartphone users. Samsung has launched the S Health “personal wellness” application for the Galaxy S III, hoping to help improve the health of its smartphone users. The app, which was first demonstrated at the Galaxy S III Unpacked launch event in May, collects and collates data on the users health to chart changes and help with improvingThe leap second added to Coordinated Universal Time lifestyle.(UTC) at midnight on 30 June meant that many servicesthat rely on the precision of time to deliver data suffereddisruption, including severe errors where data was out of The software is compatible with a number of healthcaresync or missing entirely. sensors, including blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and body composition scales. These currently include the Lifescan Blood Glucose Meter, connected viaWebsites affected by this included Reddit, FourSquare, USB, the OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor and BodyLinkedIn, Gawker, and StumbleUpon, among many others. Composition, and the A&D Blood Pressure Monitor andEven online booking systems were disrupted, and doubtless Body Composition, the latter two connecting via Bluetooth.there were other incidents around the world as a result of theextra second.Google avoided the problem by dividing the extra secondthroughout the day, adding just a few milliseconds at a timeover regular intervals. This meant its clocks had alreadytaken the extra second into account before it was suddenlyadded to UTC.The disruption raises questions about the reliability of theinternet in the face of such relatively simple issues.Electrical storms are a common occurrence, and when evenbackup generators face outage because of them it suggestswe have not yet developed sufficient protection for computerequipment from the forces of nature. Much of the data is added automatically through the above devices, but users can also manually enter information aboutThe leap year issue is a computer problem, but since Google diet, exercise, medication intake, and other relevant healthwas able to bypass any difficulties, and since 25 leap seconds data.have been added since 1972, this is more of a sign of lackof preparation than lack of skill. In fact, Google sharedits "leap smear" solution on a blog last September, giving For those who need a little motivation to improve theirmany services ample time to copy its approach and save health, the app is integrated with Twitter, allowing users tothemselves and their customers many headaches. share goals and achievements, and get the support of others in their quest for better health.Samsung launches S Health The app can be downloaded through the More Services app on the Galaxy S III.app for Galaxy S IIISource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-launches-s-health-app-for-galaxy-s-iii/16507.html 14
  • 30. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Four years ago, he started an adventure called Gaikai i.e.Court Deals Blow To a cloud gaming service which would harness the power ofSamsung Patent Claims GPUs to run multiple virtual instances of the same game andSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/court-deals-blow-to-samsung- give the high-end gaming experience to everybody.patent-claims/16492.html For example, Gaikai technology was able to virtualize sixJuly 3rd, 2012 instances of World of Warcraft onto the single Kepler-based GPU, presumably GeForce GTX 680. Naturally, the problem with pixel streaming services was that in order to serve, let’s say a million WoW gamers you would need to have - in the very best case scenario – 166,666 GPUs. For some other games, they were able to run from eight to twelve instances. Now, while we know of two cases where future Tesla GPUsOn Saturday the ongoing legal battle over patents between will be deployed in a similar volume, you can be sure thattechnology giants Apple v Samsung & Google took another those supercomputers won’t be used for gaming.step forward as California District Court Judge Lucy Koh Thus, when we heard the announcement between Gaikai andrefused all of Samsungs pre-trial summary judgement Samsung, it was clear to us that there is a bidding war goingmotions against Apples smart phone patents. on for the company, and the biggest question was – whoOn Saturday the ongoing legal battle over patents between will provide the biggest ROI to the investors that backed thetechnology giants Apple v Samsung & Google took another project since 2008, as well as who will expand the service.step forward as California District Court Judge Lucy Koh The answer to that is no other than Sony Computerrefused all of Samsungs pre-trial summary judgement Entertainment. While Sony has laid low following one of themotions against Apples smart phone patents. biggest security disasters of our time (70 million accountsSamsung submitted the motions after Apple filed stolen), the company wants to come back swinging intomotions against it for purported smartphone-related IP profitability, and it is obvious that SCE believes Gaikai isinfringments, plus Apples FRAND-related antitrust claims. the “Secret Sauce” the company needs to win over tens ofAs the matter has progressed, Apples defense of its patents millions of gamers.has been found to be mostly sound , while Samsungs Also, big winners are investment groups and companies suchtechnology and Googles programming ethics have been as Benchmark Capital, Intel Capital, Limelight Networks,called into question by Apples string of wins. NEA, Qualcomm, Rustic Canyon Partners and TriplePointIn this decision the Court found Samsung / Google did not Capital. Even though it is not mentioned, we were informedhave sufficient property rights over the patents in dispute that some players at NVIDIA are also quite happy with theto justify an injunction favoring them, and they were all acquisition as there were some green people funds involvedrefused. By rebuffing Samsungs claims to those patents, the in not just one, but several funds which invested in Gaikai.court has put the Samsung / Google partnership on the back What we find especially funny though, is that the executivesfoot in the lead-up to the trial in late July. at Sony Computer Entertainment specifically denied anyThe string of courtroom wins by Apple in relation to takeover attempt. However, we all know when the bigseveral patents as well as procedural issues are highlighting companies are lying e.g. deceiving the general audience andSamsungs design strategy and direction and the ethics its own investors in order to outbid the competitor, which inof Googles programming involvement in the smartphone this case was – Samsung. The Korean CE giant was very closemarket. to Gaikai and announced quite a substantial “get together”Judge Kohs decisions and Apples concise submissions on at the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in early July inthis matter highlight what appears to be a dubious design Los Angeles, CA.and software practices by Samsung and Google. Ultrabook Sales Picking Up:Gaikai Cloud Gaming 11% of the Market Already?Platform Sold to Sony for Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ultrabook-sales-picking-up-11-of- the-market-already-/16401.html$380 Million July 3rd, 2012Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gaikai-cloud-gaming-platform-sold-to-sony-for-380-million/16506.htmlJuly 3rd, 2012Ever since Dave Perry started his big push in the media for According to Intel, 2012 is the year of the Ultrabook.Gaikai, seasoned analysts could see a distinctive pattern – According to AMD, 2012 is the year of the Ultrathin. Nothis will be the year of sale or the last funding series ahead of matter how you look at it, the fall should be marked withthe IPO. In the end, it was the first one, with Sony winning thin notebooks. NPD Group shows that both companies arethe bidding war alongside quite a few interested parties. right, as consumers are starting to purchase more and moreThere is no doubt in our mind that David “Dave” Perry is an compact laptops.industry legend with several multi-million titles that camefrom the era before gaming became “larger than Hollywood”. 15
  • 31. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAll the major players in the industry are pulling forward July 3rd, 2012with the thin notebooks. Regardless of the platformmanufacturer, being thin is not just the obsession in fashion,but the computing world seems to like thin as well.NPD Group, a well-known market analysis firm releaseda report on notebook sales in the U.S. during the firstfive months of 2012. The report states that Ultrabook andUltrathin devices (the group makes no difference between The legal battle for the "iPad" in China is finally over, andIntel and AMD) already make for almost 11% of premium Apple is to pay Proview Technology $60 million.priced notebooks on the U.S. retail market. When it comes The legal battle for the "iPad" in China is finally over, andto premium price, the bar is set at $700. While this sounds Apple is to pay Proview Technology $60 million.quite good, the fact of the matter is that the premiumnotebook market in the U.S. is allegedly dominated by Apple, Apple claimed that it had purchased the rights the iPadas sales of premium Windows-based notebooks dropped by brand in 2009 from Proview Technology, but Chinese17%. authorities said that transferred never happened. The iPad is one of Apples most important products, and China is oneLooking into the report, it seems that Windows devices of the most lucrative markets. So Apple has to swallow thisare pressured from multiple sides. For starters, we are $60 million bullet and move forward.witnessing the rise of mobile devices such as tablets, aswell as the continuing wait for the Microsoft Windows Two Apple stores were said to launch in China, one8 operating system. Most premium notebook customers in Shenzhen and another in Chengdu, but were delayedare well-educated in market trends and the technology in possibly because of the Apple-Proview dispute.general, and in general they want to get the latest and According to the Tech In Asia, the court proceedingsthe greatest. Do note that the analysis did not cover the ended July 25, but it was not until today that an officialgraduation month e.g. June, which we estimate to be one of announcement was made. Apple reportedly offered Proviewstrong pushers for awarding graduates, as well as Fathers Technology $16 million, but that sum was well short ofDay events. Proview Technologys asking price of $400 million.Furthermore, the report served a point on smoke and Investors, creditors, and bankers have been keeping a sharpmirrors. While there seems to be an illusion of Apple eye on Proview Technology since the trademark disputedominating the premium notebook sales, the fact of the began in 2010, and why not? Proview just netted $60 millionmatter is that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system share for the "iPad" name.isn’t growing at the pace stock analysts would like to. Forexample, In August of 2011 Mac OS X had a 6.03% share.Almost a year later, the share grew to 6.72%. At the same Asustek co-brands Nexus 7time, Microsoft Windows OS share dropped from 92.90% to92.23%. Tectonic movements? We don’t think so. It looks to to increase value of their ownus that the company has a core audience that continuously brandupgrades its platform as soon as the new one shows, but most Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asustek-co-brands-nexus-7-to-of new customers come from purchasing tablets and mobile increase-value-of-their-own-brand/16503.htmlphones. July 3rd, 2012Still, seeing Ultrabooks capturing 11% of the market isencouraging, as it helped to drive the ASP (Average SellingPrice) up by $13 for the overall Windows PC platform whencompared to 2011. When Ultrabook platform first appearedon the market, we saw the prices averaging $900 and more,but the prices are now coming down to a more reasonable Asustek and Google are partners in the development andlevel, dipping to an average of $885 in May 2012. distribution of the Google Nexus 7, and, according to analyst, Asustek is utilizing the co-branding opportunity to enhanceSecond half of the year will be a completely different story. their brand rather than to make money.Over the past seven weeks, we attended no less than fivetrade shows and conferences, in which it was clearly shownwhat level of innovation we can expect – Windows 8 willbring a series of touchscreen thin notebooks e.g. Ultrabooks/Ultrathins, and only the end of the year report will confirmor deny real trends in the industry.Chinese court demands Applepays $60 million for "iPad"trademarkSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/chinese-court-demands-apple-pays-60-million-for-ipad-trademark/16504.html 16
  • 32. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAsustek and Google are partners in the development anddistribution of the Google Nexus 7, and, according to an Todays Announcements:analyst, Asustek is utilizing the co-branding opportunity to Super Mario Bros 2, Monsterenhance their brand rather than to make money.The price tag of a Nexus 7 will be $199.99, and that’s the Hunt 4, Gears of War:same price as the production cost. Now, why would an Judgement, Left 4 Dead 2: Cold StreamOEM produce a co-branded device for no profit, and hopingjust to break even? An analyst, Thompson Wu of CreditSuisse, from Taiwan suggests that Asustek is not aiming Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/today-s-announcements-super-to net any profit from the Nexus 7. Contrary to traditional mario-bros-2-monster-hunt-4-gears-of-war-judgement-left-4-dead-2-OEM business methodology, they are seeking to build their cold-stream/16501.htmlbrand in a system where OEMs “have limited opportunities July 3rd, 2012to differentiate” from the brands which Asustek is makinghardware for.“We believe Asustek realizes that in a market where OEMshave limited opportunity to differentiate without contentand operating systems, its demonstrating its edge viaresearch and development and innovation, while buildingupon its brand value,” Wu says. In today’s announcement; the Mega Mushroom returns in the next Super Mario Bros title, a long overdue trailer forAsustek has already cemented itself as a high quality OEM, Monster Hunt 4, Gears of War: Judgment will possiblybut perhaps they are aiming for something more. Perhaps launch in early 2013, and the Cold Stream DLC for Left 4they want to totally dominate the Android tablet market, Dead 2 is due out July 24.and the recent flood of Asus-branded Android tablets istestimonies to how “valuable” the Asus brand is. In today’s announcement; the Mega Mushroomreturns in the next Super Mario Bros title, a long overdue trailer for Monster Hunt 4, Gears of War: Judgment will possiblyApple charges for required launch in early 2013, and the Cold Stream DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 is due out July 24.free service in ItalySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-charges-for-required-free-service-in-italy/16502.htmlJuly 3rd, 2012Apple is constantly going after other companies for patentinfringements, and, ironically, consumers are constantlygoing after Apple for consumer rights infringements. Ina recent article we discussed that Chinese consumers wereunsatisfied with Apple’s support in China, and now it’s theItalian’s turn to take a bite out of the Apple pie.Apple is constantly going after other companies for patentinfringements, and, ironically, consumers are constantlygoing after Apple for consumer rights infringements. Ina recent article we discussed that Chinese consumers wereunsatisfied with Apple’s support in China, and now it’s theItalian’s turn to take a bite out of the Apple pie.It is the law in Italy for consumers to have the right to get twoyears of free assistance on electronics and durable goods,but it just so happens that Apple is only offering one year Super Mario Bros is Nintendo’s most revered franchise andfree and consumer has to pay to get support in the second the release of Super Mario Bros 2 later this summer willyear. Basically, Italians that are paying for an extra year of make many reminisce on the days of the NES and Supersupport from Apple need to get their money back. NES. As depicted in a recent screenshot (above) of the 3DSAccording to Reuters, various Apple divisions in Europe XL, the gameplay appears to remain true to the early dayshave already been imposed with fines of 900,000 euros, and of Super Mario. Mario and/or Luigi begin a stage at point Aif Apple continues to not comply with Italian authorities then and finish at point B, and along the way they collect poweranother 300,000 euros will be imposed. Apple has 30 days ups and coins to receive extra continuations.to respond to the AGCM’s compliance request. 17
  • 33. July 3rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBut wait, what do we have here? Is that a gigantic Mariosmashing and leveling the whole stage? It appears that theMega Mushroom will be among the lineup of power ups inSuper Mario 2. Take that Koopas!Next, Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4 at the TokyoGame Show 2011, but there weren’t any trailers until now. An official release window for Japan is spring 2013, and forNorth American fans, keep nagging Capcom if you want anNA release.Moving onto FPS, the previous rumored launch date forGears of War: Judgement was around the end of this 2012,but according to Game Informer, Microsoft may be releasingit in early 2013 instead.Disappointing news for GoW fans, but cheer up, if you’re afan of Left 4 Dead then just know that Valve has announcedthey will be releasing the Cold Stream DLC July 24. Sohopefully some additional zombie-mutant-blasting can be asubstitute for alien-blasting for another couple of months. Valve also promises some highly requested “surprises” willbe a part of the DLC if you decide to purchase Cold Stream. 18
  • 34. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, faces extradition to VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly Sweden over charges of alleged rape and sexual assault, publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the which he denies, claiming that he is being set up over his role geeks. as a whistle-blower. The case has overshadowed the work of WikiLeaks, but this latest release may take the limelight off Assange and back to the groups efforts.Wikileaks to publish 2.4million Syrian emails Image Credit: WikiLeaksSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/wikileaks-to-publish-2.4-million-syrian-emails/16561.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 Twitter reunites dog with owner Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/twitter-reunites-dog-with- owner/16560.html July 5th, 2012Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks is to publish 2.4 millionemails from Syrian officials and government accounts,marking the latest project in its efforts to show the worldwhat is going on behind closed doors.Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks is to publish 2.4 millionemails from Syrian officials and government accounts,marking the latest project in its efforts to show the world The power of the internet to affect real lives waswhat is going on behind closed doors. demonstrated recently when Twitter helped reunite a dog with his Irish owner.The emails reputedly reveal communication between the The power of the internet to affect real lives wasSyrian government and Western companies, suggesting demonstrated recently when Twitter helped reunite a dogpotential controversy over the alleged collusion between the with his Irish owner.Syrian regime and its supposed enemies. The adventurous Jack Russell terrier called Patch took anSarah Harrison of WikiLeaks told journalists that the leak hour train ride from Kilcock, County Kildare, to Dublin,will cause embarrassment to both Syria and its opponents, where Irish Rail realised this did not look like a normalwith messages dating from August 2006 to March 2012, and passenger.some originating in Syrias Ministry of Presidential Affairs. The company tweeted “Lost dog!” with a picture of the animal and after 500 retweets over the course of just 32 minutes, the owner, Deirdre Anglin, noticed that it was her pet.The source of the leak has not been revealed, but Harrisonclaims that WikiLeaks is confident that they are genuine. Thegroup has already begun posting the emails online, with ahandful available to be viewed from today. 1
  • 35. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone All of the spam detected was from compromised Yahoo accounts, so it probably says more about Yahoo than it does Android, but all of the messages also feature “Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android” at the bottom, as well as an Android-specific Yahoo.com email.Patch disappeared on Tuesday night, possibly to ask other Zink found that most of the infections were in the followingdogs what the best public transport to Dublin was, and countries: Chile, Indonesia, Lebanon, Oman, Philippines,Anglin posted pictures on Facebook to see if anyone saw him. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela. HeLittle did she know that it would be a different social network said that users in developed countries tend to have fewerentirely that would lead to their reunion. malware infections than those in developing countries like many of the above.“It was good she showed up so quickly, because the staff inthe office were getting quite attached to him,” said Barry Zink also suggested that the infections are the result ofKenny, spokesperson for Irish Rail. downloading illegitimate apps, including a possible rogue Yahoo! Mail app.While lamposts might still be a hotspot for dogs tocongregate, it looks like pet owners will be turning to Twitter Smartphones are, in many ways, more computer thaninstead when posting their “missing dog” posters. phone, but users tend to not treat them like they would their PC or laptop, which most people have anti-virus software for. As the smartphone market continues to boom, users will need to adjust their security habits.Microsoft discovers Androidspam botnet Image Credit: Bodo AkdenizSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-discovers-android-spam- FBI to shut internet accessbotnet/16559.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 to thousands of infected computers Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/fbi-to-shut-internet-access-to- thousands-of-infected-computers/16558.htmlMicrosoft has discovered an Android botnet responsible July 5th, 2012for sending large volumes of spam across the web, raisingfurther concerns about the security of mobile operatingsystems.Microsoft has discovered an Android botnet responsiblefor sending large volumes of spam across the web, raisingfurther concerns about the security of mobile operatingsystems. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is to shut down internet access to thousands of computers around the world which have been infected with the DNSChanger trojan.Terry Zink, security engineer for Microsoft, revealed thatspam messages are being sent from the Yahoo! Mail app on The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is to shut downAndroid, showing that at least one botnet exists on Googles internet access to thousands of computers around the worldpopular mobile platform. which have been infected with the DNSChanger trojan. 2
  • 36. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneA whopping 350,000 computer users may lose their internet July 5th, 2012connection on Monday 9 July as the FBI takes extremeaction to deal with the threat posed by this malware. 85,000of the infected computers are in the United States, while20,000 are in the UK.The trojan, which has been in the wild for five years, Olympus announced today that theyre developing a newinfects DNS servers and let Estonian cybercriminals redirect AR glasses prototype, which theyre calling "MEG4.0", thatinternet traffic to websites with adverts on them, from which will incorporate all the know-how theyve accumulated inthey gained millions of dollars of profit. making wearable computing devices thus far. Google made big waves when it announced Project Glass, and chances are they will be the ones to popularise AR glasses when the product finally ships, in the same way Apple popularised voice control. But Google certainly wasnt the first company to envision a future where everyone walks around looking like Vegeta from Dragonball. In fact, Olympuss been trying to make them for over a decade now. First with IBM in 1999, and more recently with NTT DoCoMo. At CEATEC 2010 in Japan, Olympus and NTT DoCoMo even showed off a working prototype, called AR Walker, that was connected to a HTC Touch Diamond Windows Mobile 6.5 handset. Representatives said that the prototype would have to be revised - to make it comfortable for prolonged usage and, well, support anything other than WinMo 6.5 - before it could be commercialised.The FBI obtained a court order in March to allow theInternet Systems Consortium to deploy and maintaintemporary clean DNS servers in order to give users time Two years on, the AR Walker is nowhere closer toto repair their infected computers, but the substantial cost commercialisation. At last years CEATEC it wasnt even oninvolved in keeping such systems in place meant it was only the showfloor.a matter of time before the plug would be pulled and infectedcomputers become isolated from the internet. But who needs NTT DoCoMo when the worlds your oyster, now that Google has effectively captured the wholeThere is a simple fix for the trojan, however, and worlds imagination with Project Glass?those concerned about potentially losing their internetconnections have been advised to use the free DNS Checkweb tool from McAfee to scan for and remove the malware. Olympus announced today that theyre developing a new AR glasses prototype, which they call "MEG4.0", that will incorporate all the know-how theyve accumulated inUnfortunately it is unlikely that all those affected by the making wearable computing devices thus far.trojan will remove it in time, leaving many users withoutaccess to the web, emails, social networks, and other internetservices.Olympus Japan announcesthat theyre "back" in the ARGlasses game with MEG4.0Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/olympus-japan-announces-that-they-re-back-in-the-ar-glasses-game-with-meg4.0/16556.html 3
  • 37. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe MEG4.0, in its current state, is 196mm-long, lightweight People waited over a decade for Diablo III, and that wait hasat under 30g (including battery), and equipped with a high- amounted to a game that doesn’t have enough content forluminance QVGA display (320x240, 10cd/m2?2,000cd/ people to enjoy in the long run. Blizzard admits Diablo IIIm2). According to past reports of Olympus-made AR glasses does have “enough for a long-term sustainability end-game.”(not the MEG4.0), the experience is likely to be similar to In a recent official forum post, Community Manager Bashioklooking at a 7-inch display from a meter away. wrote: “We recognize that the item hunt is just not enoughA gyroscope sensor is also embedded into the MEG4.0, for a long-term sustainable end-game. There arewhich will come in handy when connected to smartphone still tons of people playing every day and week, andapplications via Bluetooth 2.1. Theres also mention of a playing a lot, but eventually theyre going to runpositioning sensor, although theres no confirmation if this out of stuff to do (if they havent already). Killingis GPS. enemies and finding items is a lot of fun, and we think we have a lot of the systems surrounding that right, or at least on the right path with a fewOlympus also described the MEG4.0 as energy-efficient, corrections and tweaks. But honestly Diablo III islasting approximately eight hours under "normal usage not World of Warcraft. We arent going to be ablescenarios", which theyve defined as "having the display to pump out tons of new systems and content everyon for 15 seconds every three minutes". If you were to couple months. There needs to be something else thatleave the display on all the time, a full charge is good for keeps people engaged, and we know its not thereapproximately two hours. right now. Were working toward 1.0.4, which were reallyEven without comparing it to Project Glass specs (er... trying to pack with as many fixes and changes wespecifications), I get the feeling that Olympus will need to can to help you guys out (and well have a bunch offurther re-iterate the MEG4.0 (it doesnt even have a camera articles posted with all the details as we get closer),on it) before I could wear it as happily as this guy here: and were of course working on 1.1 with PvP arenas. I think both those patches will do a lot to give people things to do, and get them excited about playing, but theyre not going to be a real end-game solution, at least not what we would expect out of a proper end- game. We have some ideas for progression systems, but honestly its a huge feature if we want to try to do it right, and not something we could envision being possible until well after 1.1 which it itself still a ways out.” Blizzard may not have spent a whole decade working on Diablo III, so we can’t expect them to deliver a product that will keep gamers entertain for another ten years. And speaking of hindsight, rarely does a major gaming studio step forward and admit they did not deliver “enough” content in their product. Moving onto the solutions for maintaining player interest in Diablo III, Blizzard claims that they are working to include more modes and content in future patches. For Diablo III to simply “end” may not be in the best interest of players, therefore, a progression system will be a very welcoming solution. In essence, if Blizzard opts to go for the progressionBlizzard admits Diablo III route, it means that they will have to dedicate a lot resources and development time into creating new and unique contentdoes not have enough for —which then leads to the question of, “will I have to pay for"long-term sustainability" these new contents?”Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/blizzard-admits-diablo-iii-does-not- If fans know anything about Blizzard, they should know thathave-enough-for-long-term-sustainability-/16557.html Blizzard takes a lot of time to develop a new game and/orJuly 5th, 2012 content. Even Blizzard admits that the progression system that is being proposed is “still a ways out.” If players are willing to wait a decade to dive right back into the Diablo franchise, then there’s a high possibility that they will wait for Blizzard to add more to Diablo III. However, by admitting that they did not provide enough content to keepPeople waited over a decade for Diablo III, and that wait has players interested, Blizzard may also be assuming that if theyamounted to a game that doesn’t have enough content for don’t act quickly to add more things for people to do then thepeople to enjoy in the long run. Blizzard admits Diablo IIIdoes have “enough for a long-term sustainability end-game.” 4
  • 38. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonevalue of the Diablo brand will shrink—which isn’t something his product actually reflects how desirable an Apple productBlizzard wants. is in China. Okay, onto a more serious matter. How is this not someBuy and eat an iPhone for sort of copyright or trademark infringement? According to a staff member of the Shenyang Industrial and Commercialless than a dollar Bureau, the popular iPhone ice cream does not infringeSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/buy-and-eat-an-iphone-for-less- Apple’s copyright or trademark because food and tech arethan-a-dollar/16555.html in two different sectors. Hence, if Apple wants to own theJuly 5th, 2012 logo or trademark in the food and tech sectors, it will have to register the logo and trademark in both sectors. The ice cream sells for 1 yuan (~$0.16) each. Excuse me sir, how many can I get for a dollar?Would you eat an iPhone? Alright, it’s hard to imagine No Retina for iPad Minianyone being able to digest a Lithium battery, silicon chips, Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/no-retina-for-ipad-mini/16554.htmlPCBs, metals, etc… But how about slurping away at an July 5th, 2012iPhone ice cream on a hot day? That sounds a lot moredelectable than a real iPhone. Speculations that Apple will release an iPad Mini has been rampant, but aside from the “Mini” 7.85’’ portion of the rumors, we don’t know much else regarding what Apple may have in store for consumers. Speculations that Apple will release an iPad Mini has been rampant, but aside from the “Mini” 7.85’’ portion of the rumors, we don’t know much else regarding what Apple may have in store for consumers. However, some interesting new rumors have led many to believe that the iPad Mini will come with the displayWould you eat an iPhone? Alright, it’s hard to imagine technology found in the iPhone 3GS. The third gen iPadanyone being able to digest a Lithium battery, silicon chips, has a Retina display boasting a 2048 x 1536 resolution.PCBs, metals, etc… But how about slurping away at an However, the Retina display may not be available on theiPhone ice cream on a hot day? That sounds a lot more iPad Mini as the price point is well below that of the lowestdelectable than a real iPhone. priced version of the third gen iPad.An ice cream maker in the Lioaning Province of China has For the smaller iPad Mini to be compatible with manycreated an iPhone ice cream that is very popular among current Apple iOS tablet apps, it has to have a screenstudents in the area, according to a report from Sina. Before resolution of 1024 x 768. By applying the display technologybeing able to dig into the tasty treat, a person has to tear up that’s in the iPhone 3GS, Apple can produce a 7.85’’ tableta wrapper that has a picture of a product that looks exactly that will have the same resolution as the two previous genlike the iPhone 4. Once the wrapper is off; people can chomp iPads for a much cheaper price.away at an ice cream that looks like Apple’s logo. No iPad Mini with Retina display? I suppose Apple can still compete with other 7’’ tablets without the need of a Retina display. CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/cm-storm-sentinel-advance-ii- review/16552.html July 5th, 2012 Looking for a new mouse? Get ready for CM Storm’sThe owner admits that there’s nothing especially unique latest addition to their premium line of gaming device. Theabout the taste of the ice cream, so perhaps the popularity of Sentinel Advance II comes straight out of a Transformer 5
  • 39. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemovie, complete with a streamlined ergonomic shape, multi- • 128KB Sentinel X Memory – For storage of profiles andcolour LED lights and an OLED display. Everything about macros directly in the mouse itselfthis mouse spells high tech and next generation. • Customizable Profile Light Effects – For changingPackaging colours when changing profilesThe front of the outer packaging features black with red • On The Fly DPI Fine Tuning – Changing DPI byaccents, with the 200 to 8200 DPI capability of the new pressing a buttonAvago ADNS-9800 sensor emphasised as the main selling • Add Your Clan or Community Logo – Personalizing apoint. 32x32 logo for display on the OLED screen • Advanced Driver Panel – For recording of macros, mapping functions to mouse buttons and customization • Weight Fine Tuning System – Adjust the weight and balance of the mouse using 5 x 4.5g weights • Storm Tactics Multiplier Key – Double available buttons to 17 by using combinations of buttons. The contents of the box are pretty sparse - A pamphlet directing you to www.cmstorm.com to download applications and drivers, another pamphlet detailing warranty information, a set of replacement mouse feet and the actual mouse itself. While the lack of a CD is certainly environmentally friendly, the actual size of the software isThe back of the box lists the specifications of the mouse. a considerable 125MB, which could be a drawback for users with slower internet connections or restrictive data caps.The feature flap is cleverly fastened by two Velcro dots. Afterlifting the flap, the actual mouse is revealed while the innerflap explains the specifications in greater detail: • Superior Gaming Grade Sensor – For higher precision and elimination of Z-Axis issues 6
  • 40. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone U.K’s court has determined that HTC does not infringe fourNC State researcher develops of Apple’s patent, and thereby opening the door further"clickjacking rootkits" for other smartphone manufacturers to compete in a $219Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nc-state-researcher-develops- billion global market.clickjacking-rootkits-/16553.html Apple tried to knock out HTC in the U.K. by claiming thatJuly 5th, 2012 its patents regarding photo management, slide to unlock, changing of the alphabet through scrolling, and software allowing users to touch two spots at the same time were infringed. The court ruled, however, that HTC did not infringe three ofAndroid has seen increasing numbers of threats from the patents, and one was invalid.malwares and viruses recently. As the popular open sourced The disappointment continues as Apple is faced withplatform becomes even more widespread, so will the threats. trademark lawsuits in China, and failed attempts at banning Researchers at NC State have found a hole in the Android HTC’s One X, among others, in the U.S.GUI and services that allows malwares to disguise itself asa normal app. The team developed a “clickjacking rootkit” Earlier this year, and late last year, Apple won various patentthat allows malwares to hijack a phone’s regular icon and suits against big brands such as Samsung across the globe,replaces it with its own user-information-theft software. but that rush of victories have been slowed in recent months.Android has seen increasing numbers of threats from “Competition is healthy, but competitors should createmalwares and viruses recently. As the popular open sourced their own original technology, not steal ours,” Appleplatform becomes even more widespread, so will the threats. spokesperson said in an email to the press. Researchers at NC State have found a hole in the Android While Apple remains adamant about protecting its interestGUI and services that allows malwares to disguise itself as in the court room, competitors worldwide are seekinga normal app. The team developed a “clickjacking rootkit” to compete with Apple through innovations in thethat allows malwares to hijack a phone’s regular icon and marketplace.replaces it with its own user-information-theft software. Andrea Sommer, spokeswoman for HTC, addressed theThe clickjacking rootkit allows people to disguise their press by saying HTC was happy with the U.K’s courtmalwares in the form of legitimate Android software. What ruling, and that HTC (among others) was “disappointed thatthis means is that icons of a normal (non-harmful) software Apple continues to favor competition in the courtroom overgets replaced with a malware, and when a user clicks on competition in the marketplace.”the seemingly “normal” icon he will launch an applicationthat may seem to function normally, but underneath it arehijacking codes that steals user information. Samsung GALAXY ChatThis vulnerability, as you will see in the video targets entry-level Androiddemonstration, is apparent in Android ICS 4.0.4. Therootkit hasn’t been tested on previous Androids, but the marketchances of this vulnerability existing on previous platforms Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-galaxy-chat-targets-entry-are high. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is still being investigated, level-android-market/16550.htmland until then we cannot assume that any Android OS is July 5th, 2012secured.The rootkit exposes how various malwares can infect anAndroid phone and steal user information. Even harmfulapps can pass as being “normal” and un-harmful can still bedownloaded from Google Play. All this is possible becausethe vulnerability doesn’t require root access. The Samsung GALAXY brand, seemingly, is attached to higher end devices, and in a bold move, Samsung hasApple loses 4 patent claims decided to market an entry-level Android phone under theagainst HTC in the U.K. GALAXY marker. Samsung is releasing the GALAXY chat this month to markets in Europe, Latin America, MiddleSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-loses-4-patent-claims-against- East, and Asia. This new smartphone, they claim, will behtc-in-the-u.k./16551.html available “at a competitive price point.”July 5th, 2012U.K’s court has determined that HTC does not infringe fourof Apple’s patent, and thereby opening the door even furtherfor other smartphone manufacturers to compete in a $219billion global market. 7
  • 41. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Will this GALAXY device sell? Perhaps, but this candy-bar QWERTY phone is well below the high-end standard of other GALAXY devices. Former Apple exec says Nokia should abandon current CEO and adopt Android Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/former-apple-exec-says-nokia- should-abandon-current-ceo-and-adopt-android/16549.html July 5th, 2012The Samsung GALAXY brand, seemingly, is attached tohigher end devices, and in a bold move, Samsung hasdecided to market an entry-level Android phone under theGALAXY marker. Samsung is releasing the GALAXY chatthis month to markets in Europe, Latin America, MiddleEast, and Asia. This new smartphone, they claim, will beavailable “at a competitive price point.” Nokia, according to Jean-Louis Gassée, should fire current CEO, Stephen Elop, dismiss its current board, ditch Microsoft Windows Phone, and adopt Google Android. Nokia, according to Jean-Louis Gassée, should fire current CEO, Stephen Elop, dismiss its current board, ditch Microsoft Windows Phone, and adopt Google Android. Gassée, former executive for Apple in the late 80’s and 90’s, claims that Elop knows nothing about what makes smartphone, smartphone. “He has zero experience in terms of what makes a smartphone maker tick. And what is his experience in supply chain management? Zero,” he told Computing in an exclusive interview. Elop has been widely criticized for his decision to not offer Windows Phone 8 upgrades to Nokias current line up of phones. This is a puzzling move considering major Android smartphone manufactures—such as Samsung— offer OS upgrades to their smartphones even after the device has been released. Furthermore, Gassée accuses Elop of not carrying outSpecs-wise, the GALAXY chat will have a 3.0’’ touchscreen business strategies that he should have.(240 x 320), full QWERTY keypad, 850MHz single coreprocessor, 4GB internal memory, and Android ICS to boot. “He did a very good thing, which is to tell everyone that These specs closely reflect that of the GALAXY phones from it is an eco-system ‘play, not a platform play. That was2-3 years ago. very insightful. But then he reveals the plans without implementing them. Everyone knew that Symbian phonesYou can’t blame Samsung for trying to sell more phones were dead-enders and Nokias partners – the carriers – ranusing the GALAXY tag, but a “GALAXY” branded phone away from Symbian in large numbers,” Gassée gave Elop awith an 850MHz single core may cause people to think less small compliment but tagged on a lengthy criticism.favorably of a Samsung GALAXY phone—this is relative tocurrent high-end GALAXY devices (i.e. S III, Note, etc…). When Gassée said Elop “reveals the plans” he was referring to a Nokia blog leak that ultimately gave away the company’sAside from the substandard specs, Samsung will release strategy.the Chat with some preloaded software that it hopes willprovide for a complete mobile experience. ChatON will be Now, onto Nokia’s ultimate failure. Gassée says that ElopSamsung’s exclusive chatting software that enables users to should have eloped with Android instead of Microsoft. By“spontaneously” group chat or message. For gaming, the making Windows Phone their primary platform, GasséeChat will come with “Game Hub”, a “pre-packed” software affirms that Nokia did not side “with the winner.”with the “most popular social games.” A multimedia The clear cut winners in the smartphone business, as of thissoftware, AllShare Play, will enable people share and view moment, is Google’s Android and Apples iOS, and since iOScontents from other devices. If I dont know any better, I can is exclusive to Apple, that leaves Android the only alternativesay that the Chat will come with a lot of Samsung bloatware. to siding with the “winner”. However, contrary Gassée’s belief about the winners in the smartphone arena, the International Data Research (IDC) 8
  • 42. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonefirm predicts that Windows Phone will match iOS’s market screen with twice the resolution and prices starting atshare by 2016. $499.00.Gassée has every reason to believe that Elop is not leadingNokia in the right direction, but we will have to wait and see Google plans to release its new small tablet, the Nexus 7if Nokias decision to stick with its current CEO (and hope this month in the U.S, Australia and the UK. The Nexus 7, nothat their bank account doesn’t run dry until 2016) will pay doubt gaining its moniker from its 7" screen, has a 1280 Xoff. 800 resolution display and the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.Google, Microsoft & nowApple vie for the Second Unfortunately, the Nexus 7 doesnt take advantage of the one of the greatest features of the Android OS over ApplesDevice Market iOS - memory expansion. Android system users have alwaysSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-microsoft--now-apple-vie- enjoyed the ability to add memory to their devices by simplyfor-the-second-device-market-/16542.html inserting a memory card into an expansion slot in theirJuly 5th, 2012 device. The Nexus 7, oddly, lacks such a memory expansion slot. While the Nexus 7 is fully featured, other than the lack of a memory expansion port, the price is competitive with other comparable devices at $199. Samsungs entry into this market, the Galaxy Note isBloomberg announced on July 4th that Apple is releasing a confusing. With its 5.3" 1280 x 800 pixel screen - is it a largesmaller and cheaper version of its wildly popular iPad near smartphone or a small tablet? Potential customers dontthe end of this year. This rumor, which has been swirling seem to able to figure it out and predictably sales have beenfor months is also confirmed by the Wall Street Journal disappointing.in an article announcing that production has begun on acompact version of the iPad. With Apples almost cult-likecustomer base, this smaller iPad will no doubt rocket directly Microsoft has also embarked on challenging the tablet PCto King of the Hill status in the second device market. market with Surface. Surface is equipped with Windows 8, aGoogle and Microsoft are fiercely challenging with Nexus 7 10.6-inch touch screen and supports a stylus that uses digitaland Surface. ink. It also supports a full-size keyboard that comes with touchpad which can enable one to use it as a laptop. The price of the Surface has not been announced, but it is expected to be competitively priced with currently available small tablets and slightly less ecxpensive than New iPad. The biggest drawback is that there is no niche established for Windows 8 though. The release of the new small tablet by Apple is expected to solidify its position in the market and pose quite a challenge current small laptop makers.Bloomberg announced on July 4th that Apple is releasing asmaller and cheaper version of its wildly popular iPad near LGs latest smartphone move:the end of this year. This rumor, which has been swirling formonths is also confirmed by the Wall Street Journal in an Apple-like batteriesarticle announcing that production has begun on a compact Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-s-latest-smartphone-move-apple-version of the iPad. With Apples almost cult-like customer like-batteries/16496.htmlbase, this smaller iPad will no doubt rocket directly to July 5th, 2012King of the Hill status in the second device market. Googleand Microsoft are fiercely challenging with Nexus 7 andSurface.The upcoming iPad, rumored to be released in October, isreported to be smaller and less expensive than the currently The latest move by LG ELectronics in the smartphoneavailable model. Early reports reveal a device with a screen market is now an Apple-like battery. Starting this fall, LG hassmaller than 8 inches, screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and decided to follow Apples lead and integrate batteries intofalls in the price range of $200 to $250. The currently the design of its major smartphones. This battery integrationavailable model, the New iPad or iPad 3, has a 9.7 inch with smartphone design results is a much sleeker phone, but the user can no longer replace the battery when it fails. 9
  • 43. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Foxconns CEO resigns for unknown reasons Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/foxconn-s-ceo-resigns-for-unknown- reasons/16548.html July 5th, 2012 Foxconn’s CEO, Terry Cheng, has decided to call it quitsThe latest move by LG ELectronics in the smartphone and is awaiting approval of his resignation from the boardmarket is now an Apple-like battery. chairman. Foxconn’s CEO, Terry Cheng, has decided to call it quitsStarting this fall, LG has decided to follow Apples lead and and is awaiting approval of his resignation from the boardintegrate batteries into the design of its major smartphones. chairman.This battery integration with smartphone design results is a Terry Cheng, an engineering specialist, joined Hon Hai inmuch sleeker phone, but the user can no longer replace the 2007 after serving ten years as Texas Instruments presidentbattery when it fails. of Asian operation. Cheng took over for previous CEO Chen Wei-liang on January 1, 2012.LG is planning to put integrated batteries into its soon to It’s unclear why Cheng has decided to step down only afterbe released Optimus View 2. Insiders at LG Electronics just a few months of captaining Foxconn. Terry Gou, boardconfirmed that beginning with the Optimus View 2, almost chairman, is reportedly trying to persuade Cheng to keep hisall smartphones made by LG will have integrated batteries. post. Foxconn incurred losses of around HKD 218 million (~$28.1Design and size are the major factors cited by both LG million) in 2010, and was able to regain some lost ground inand Apple when asked why they decided to use integrated 2011, netting about HKD 73 million (~$9.4 million).batteries. Integrated batteries allow manufacturers to putthe batteries in between components which can reducethickness. LG indeed took advantage of that when they Zhi Zhen Internet Technologymanufactured the Optimus View, reducing its thickness by sues Apple for "Siri" trademark1mm. Integrating the batteries into the design allows simplerand more elegant design. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zhi-zhen-internet-technology-sues- apple-for-siri-trademark/16547.htmlThe fact that LGs Optimus View sold well in the South July 5th, 2012Korean market helped LG in its decision to go withintegrated batteries, according to analysts. The OptimusView, which was released in March, has sold over 300,000units despite the limelight put on LGs Galaxy Note. Whilethe Optimus View was a bit slower in reaching the 300,000units sold mark, compared to Optimus LTE, sales resultswere considered to be quite good in the relatively obscure 5- After the dust of the Proview-Apple iPad dispute has settled,inch smartphone niche. the barrage of trademark infringement claims against Apple in China is beginning to build up steam again. A few days ago, a chemical company filed a complaint against Apple forA major strength of LGs integrated battery is that it is the Snow Leopard trademark, and today Zhi Zhen Internetconstructed using lithium polymer that is about 40% more Technology has come forth with a complaint about the “Siri”efficient than batteries in current use. trademark.It is harder to exchange old integrated batteries withnew ones but the latest LG batteries have overcome thatshortcoming to a great extent by making the batteries moreefficient. 10
  • 44. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE is making a comeback to the PC, and this time Square Enix hopes that FF7 will grab an even larger fan base through achievements unlocking and sharing of profiles online.After the dust of the Proview-Apple iPad dispute has settled,the barrage of trademark infringement claims against Apple In one of our recent publishing, we revealed that Square Enixin China is beginning to build up steam. A few days ago, registered FinalFantasyVIIPC.com, and now we know why.a chemical company filed a complaint against Apple for It wouldn’t make much sense for Square Enix to registerthe Snow Leopard trademark, and today Zhi Zhen Internet that domain to announce anything but Final Fantasy VII.Technology has come forth with a complaint about the “Siri” As per improved graphics for the game, we speculate thattrademark. there may be minor improvements, but nothing big becauseZhi Zhen is claiming that their “Xiao i” robot is the rightful the DirectX requirement is still based on DX9—late 2002owner of the Siri trademark, because according to the official APIs. The only features that are confirmed for the next PCZhi Zhen website, Xiao i is described as the “Chinese Siri”— release will be 36 achievements to unlock and online profilea “chatting robot system” sharing.Apple’s website describes their Siri technology as being System requirements:able to “understand what you say, knows what you mean • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)and even talk back.” Apple’s robotic-query-answering Siri,Zhi Zhen believes, is similar to their chatting system in • 2GHz Processor or fasterdescription (not so much in function), and therefore ZhiZhen should be the owner of the Siri trademark. • 1GB RAMZhi Zhen reportedly contacted Apple in May to settle the • DirectX 9-compatible graphic carddispute without litigation, but nothing fell through, whichthen led the internet firm to file a lawsuit against Apple on The ETA for FF7 is unknown, and the site is teasing fansJune 21. with the generic phrase “coming soon.” There is a trailer, and while FF7 loyalists wait for the game, they can download some wallpaper from the site with resolution of up to 2048Final Fantasy VII returns to x 1536!PC with achievements andonline profiles New Mac OS X backdoorSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/final-fantasy-vii-returns-to-pc-with- discoveredachievements-and-online-profiles/16545.html Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-mac-os-x-backdoor-July 5th, 2012 discovered/16544.html July 5th, 2012Cloud Strife and AVALANCHE is making a comeback to thePC, and this time Square Enix hopes that FF7 will grab aneven larger fan base through achievements unlocking andsharing of profiles online. Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new Mac OS X backdoor being used for an Advanced Persistent Threat campaign, creating further concern about the security of Apples desktop operating system. Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new Mac OS X backdoor being used for an Advanced Persistent Threat campaign, creating further concern about the security of Apples desktop operating system. 11
  • 45. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneResearchers at the Russian security firm discovered thatUyghur activists in China were being targeted by hackers, RIM CEO denies BlackBerrywho sent customised emails with a zipped attachment is in troublecontaining malicious Mac code, disguised by a jpeg image. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rim-ceo-denies-blackberry-is-in- trouble/16541.html July 5th, 2012The code is a new and primarily undetected variantof the MaControl backdoor, which supports both i386and PowerPC Macs, and once executed, it connects to aCommand and Control server, which gives an operatoraccess to files and the ability to run commands on theinfected Mac. Thorsten Heins, President and CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), has denied that the BlackBerry is facing the strong likelihood of failure, as many analysts predict. Thorsten Heins, President and CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), has denied that the BlackBerry is facing the strong likelihood of failure, as many analysts predict. Heins, who took over the top job in January of this year, is facing increasing pressure from investors and supporters of the BlackBerry platform after recent announcements that BlackBerry 10, the expected saving grace for the company, would be delayed until next year. Despite many questions about the companys future, Heins remains adamant that there is “nothing wrong.” “Theres nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now,” he told a Canadian radio show, according to Reuters. “Im not talking about the company as I, kind of, took it overKasperksy Lab found that the Command and Control server six months ago. Im talking about the company (in the) stateutilised in the infection of its research computer was located its in right now.”in China, suggesting the source of the attack comes fromwithin the restrictive country, where activists frequently riskexposure from targeted malware.“Macs are growing in global popularity, even amongst high-profile people. Many choose to use Mac OS X computersbecause they believe it’s safer,” said Costin Raiu, Directorof Global Research & Analysis at Kaspersky Lab. “However,we believe that as the adoption increases for Mac OS X,so will both mass-infection attacks and targeted campaigns.Attackers will continue to refine and enhance their methodsto mix exploits and social engineering techniques to tryand infect victims. Just like PC malware, this combinationis commonly the most effective and cybercriminals willcontinue to challenge Mac OS X users’ security, bothtechnically and psychologically.”Macs were largely considered more secure than Windows- The problem with this kind of denial is that it appears to bebased computers for years, often leading to many users mostly within the company, as a slew of analysts recentlynot installing any anti-virus software. However, hackers are suggested that, even with BlackBerry 10, RIM faces thebeginning to target Apples software more often and many distinct possibility of bankruptcy, with its shares and profitsusers are paying the price for security complacency. plummeting in recent months.Recently Apple took down a comment from its website which In response to these predictions, Heins said that RIM is notclaimed that Macs are not susceptible to the same volume of “in a death spiral” and that it is not ignoring the world outmalware as Windows computers, showing that the company there.is no longer confident that this is the case. 12
  • 46. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone“We do not believe RIM is a company at the end,” he said.“RIM is a company at the beginning of a transition that weexpect will once again change the way people communicate.”However, it looks like he will have a hard time convincingpeople that the end is not in sight for the BlackBerry.Xbox co-creator reveals $99Android gaming consoleSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xbox-co-creator-reveals-99-android-gaming-console/16540.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 The fact that the console will run on Android means it should theoretically be possible to play any existing Android games, though scaling them for a TV may be a problem. Presumably a separate Ouya Market will be employed for Ouya-compatible games, but undoubtedly someone will find a way to access the normal Android Market and its larger selection of titles.One of the co-creators of Microsofts Xbox is reportedlyworking on a $99 Android-powered game console thatprovides games for free. Those excited about the project will have to wait a while,One of the co-creators of Microsofts Xbox is reportedly however, as it is currently only in the design stage, withworking on a $99 Android-powered game console that a few concept images of the device, which looks like aprovides games for free. slightly rounded cube (and thus reminiscent of Nintendos GameCube, albeit without the bright colours), available.Ed Fries, one of the people behind the original Xbox, anddesigner Yves Béhar, the man behind the design for the One Concept images of the interface show that it looks a little likeLaptop per Child project, are developing what could become Xbox Live.a potential fourth major console for the next generation ofconsole gaming.The project is called Ouya (or Oooh! Yah!, as the phoneticsis obviously designed to convey) and the significantly lowerprice-tag could give all the current players a run for theirmoney, even beating out Microsofts recent $99 Xbox, whichrequires a two-year subscription to Xbox Live to get it at thatprice.Even better for the cash-strapped among us, the games willreputedly be free, which will win over many of those whocannot afford the often extravagant prices of current consolegames. Of course, this point also raises questions about howdevelopers will make profits and how high quality the games As mobile games become a bigger part of the industry, thewill be; chances are ads will be involved to make up the possibility of bringing these back to the traditional consoleshortfall. arena is an interesting one, but the chances of it completely toppling the reign of the existing console giants is likely slim. ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Hands-on Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-transformer-pad-infinity- tf700t-hands-on/16509.html 13
  • 47. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 5th, 2012We first saw during CES 2012 an early engineeringsample of the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T,which is essentially a 1920x1200 screen upgrade of themuch acclaimed Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF200 . Ourcounterparts at Chinese VR-Zone have put it through itspaces to find out why it is probably the best convertibleAndroid tablet around.The ASUS Transformer Pad TF700T is the direct successorof the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. It is equipped with a1920 x 1200 Full HD screen (yey 16:10) and a 1.6GHz quad Obviously the main attraction of the Transformer series iscore NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which also has a 12 core the QWERTY keyboard dock companion which provides anGPU (there is also a LTE SKU with Qualcomms Snapdragon additional battery, SD card reader and USB OTG port. TheS4 dual core). It also comes with 1GB of DDR3L RAM and chiclet keyboard design itself is similar to its predecessors32 or 64GB flash storage capacity. and offers common Android shortcuts and is comfortable for typists .For its chassis, ASUS retained the attractive spun aluminumshell with 3D coaxial hairline polish for the body. This time Built for road warriors, the TF700T will last an impressivehowever, it uses plastic for its antenna housing in order to 9.5 hours of continuous use and 14 hours when docked.avoid interference with its WiFi and GPS functionality. Lightweight and Fashionable The TF700T measures 263mm x 180.8mm x 8.5mm and weights around 598g. The spun aluminum finish is a uniquely ASUS designThe display panel is LGs high definition Super IPS+ andhas a wide 178 degree viewing angle augmented with awhopping 600 nits ultra bright backlight which allowsviewing under glaring conditions or outdoors. In addition,the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protects the screen from cracksand scratches. The TF700T supports 802.11 g/b/n wirelessprotocol, Bluetooth v3.0 and A2DP.Like most other recent ASUS tablets and Ultrabooks, the When docked, it looks like a small notebook computerTF700T uses in-house SonicMaster technology for an aboveaverage audio experience. One can take very sharp photosquickly due to its rear 8MP camera with 5-element lens, largeF/2.2 aperture, LED flashlight and back illuminated CMOS. 14
  • 48. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAlthough the entire setup is still fairly slim even when The bottom is brush metal finished with rubber feetdocked; it is still a wee bit thicker than most Ultrabooks Antec announces theThe power and sleep button is located on the upper side of availability of the Highthe TF700T Current Pro Platinum 1000 Watt Power Supply Unit Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/antec-announces-the-availability-of- the-high-current-pro-platinum-1000-watt-power-supply-unit/16539.html July 5th, 2012 Antec today announced the availability of their new 1000W power supply. The High Current Pro Platinum unit boasts an 80 Plus Platinum certification, modular design, four 12V rails and a 7-year long warranty. Othen notable features include "stealth wires" (darkened wires and connectors that reduce visibility in the chassis when connected and routed)The volume button is located on the left. However, without and a set of slim 8-pin connectors.ridges or raised indications, locating it becomes a bit of achallenge 15
  • 49. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone “Fatal1ty” Wendel to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers in performance, stability, and ease of integration to reduce system downtime. Built for Gamers - The OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W PSU sports a gaming-ready look with a sleek design, clean connectors, and a glowing red LED fan. With a high build quality using 100% Japanese capacitors and a powerful single +12V rail, this PSU is capable of delivering 1000W of continuous power at 50°C ideal for a demanding multi-GPU gaming rig. Efficient Performance - With 80-PLUS Gold certification and powered by a large 140mm thermally-controlled fan to reduce heat in your case, maintain ultimate stability and silence during the most intense gaming sessions by eliminating distracting noises from your PC. Premium Modular Cabling System - Featuring individually-"We wanted to give users the best possible feature set sleeved modular cables, the Fatal1ty Series eliminatesfor their investment in a 1000 watt power supply. We unnecessary wire clutter for a cleaner overall presentationdesigned a highly versatile, practical cabling to maximize and superior airflow in high end systems that are packedcable management options and pushed High Current Pro with components.to Platinum-certified efficiency to create a PSU package Leading Warranty and Support - The Fatal1ty 1000W Seriesunrivaled by competitors at this wattage class." comes backed by a 5-Year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind."OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W PSU • Continuous 1000W output at 50°CReview • Built with 100% Japanese low ESR 105°C capacitorsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ocz-fatal1ty-1000w-psu- • Single +12V railreview/16538.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 • Temperature and load controlled 140mm double ball- bearing fan with Red LED • 80-Plus Gold certified for up to 90% efficiency (typical load) • Individually sleeved modular cables • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) Even though OCZ bought PC Power & Cooling severalyears ago, the firm never stopped developing and marketing • ErP compliant for low power usage in standbypower supplies under their own brand name. Today we are • Heavy-duty protection circuitrygoing to have a close look at one of the latest and mostpowerful units from OCZ, the Fatal1ty 1000W unit. As the • Dimensions: 150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 180mm(L)name suggests, this is a product “approved” by Johnathan • MTBF: 100,000 Hours“Fatal1ty” Wendel, the famous professional gamer. OCZ • 5-Year Warrantygoes as far as to market this unit as a “gaming” powersupply. Although it will certainly not help you attain betterframerates or become a professional gamer yourself, theFatal1ty 1000W certainly has a very distinct set of features Apple granted patent forwhich have it standing out of the crowd. peripheral treatment forEven though OCZ bought PC Power & Cooling severalyears ago, the firm never stopped developing and marketing head-mounted displays Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-granted-patent-for-peripheral-power supplies under their own brand name. Today we are treatment-for-head-mounted-displays/16537.htmlgoing to have a close look at one of the latest and most July 5th, 2012powerful units from OCZ, the Fatal1ty 1000W unit. As thename suggests, this is a product “approved” by Johnathan“Fatal1ty” Wendel, the famous professional gamer. OCZgoes as far as to market this unit as a “gaming” powersupply. Although it will certainly not help you attain betterframerates or become a professional gamer yourself, theFatal1ty 1000W certainly has a very distinct set of features Google’s Project Glass, thus far, has amounted to essentiallywhich have it standing out of the crowd. a camera mounted eye glass, and the possibility of makingManufacturer’s features and specifications personal computing available anytime and anywhere seems out of reach. While Google is hacking away at trying to"Pros dont just play games, pros win games! - Dedicated to make their augmented reality glasses a reality, Apple hasdelivering premium power solutions, OCZ’s latest PSU was been tampering with the notion of computing through head-co-developed with twelve-time world champion Johnathan mounted-displays. 16
  • 50. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneGoogle’s Project Glass, thus far, has amounted to essentiallya camera mounted eye glass, and the possibility of makingpersonal computing available anytime and anywhere seemsout of reach. While Google is hacking away at trying tomake their augmented reality glasses a reality, Apple hasbeen tampering with the notion of computing through head-mounted-displays.A patent granted to Apple today outlined some key featuresthat reveal Apple may be on a collision course with Googlein the future. The patent entitled “Peripheral treatmentfor head-mounted displays” discusses the techniques forprojecting an image into someone’s eyes through the use ofhead-mounted-displays.The Abstract section states:“Methods and apparatus, including computer programproducts, implementing and using techniques for projectinga source image in a head-mounted display apparatus for a Basically, an image will be projected onto someone’s eye viauser. A first display projects an image viewable by a first eye LCD screens, and to fill in the gaps of a user’s peripheralof the user. A first peripheral light element is positioned to vision, the patent include “mechanisms” for coverage ofemit light of one or more colors in close proximity to the a person’s entire field of vision. The distinction betweenperiphery of the first display. A receives data representing Apple’s head-mounted device and Google’s is that Google’sa source image, processes the data representing the source Glass won’t cover all of a person’s field of vision.image to generate a first image for the first display and togenerate a first set of peripheral conditioning signals forthe first peripheral light element, directs the first imageto the first display, and directs the first set of peripheralconditioning signals to the first peripheral light element. Asa result, an enhanced viewing experience is created for theuser.” Promising news for tech junkies, but will Apple make a head-mounted device that appeals to the masses—will it be attractive to wear in public? Or will it be a hideous contraption? US Patent Office expands across major cities, spurs new wave of inventions? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/us-patent-office-expands-across- major-cities-spurs-new-wave-of-inventions-/16534.html July 5th, 2012 17
  • 51. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe US Patent Office announced on Monday that it will open In order to enable the complete platform qualificationfour new satellite branch offices early 2013 in Detroit, Dallas, (processor, motherboard, chipset, memory modules etc.,Denver and Silicon Valley. Samsung started sampling the key industry vendors with DDR4 memory modules. The very first DDR4The US Patent Office announced Monday that it will open server modules come in the shape of "Registered Dualfour new satellite branch offices early 2013 in Detroit, Dallas, Inline Memory Module" with 16GB (128 Gbit) capacity.Denver and Silicon Valley . Performance is no slouch either - while the DDR3 Registered ECC memory featured clocks of 1333 and 1600 MHz,Those wishing to register new patents will no longer have to the official designation PC4-17000 (+16GB/s), shows thattrek to Washington, where there are currently over 640,000 DDR4 is continuing where DDR3 stopped: DDR4-2133 (2.1patent applications awaiting first review. The new offices, billion transfers per second). At the same time, the powereach in a seperate time zone, will enable the Patent Office to consumption was reduced by as much as 40%, with thehire more staff to deal with that backlog. operating voltage being 1.2V, compared to 1.35V. Current (Amps) remained the same.By locating offices at known centers of R&D, the PatentOffice wants to also help spur the innovation economynation-wide by speeding up the application process.“The single most important step we can take to support aneconomy built to last is to bring new inventions to marketas quickly as possible,” said David Kappos, director of thePatent and Trademark Office.It is expected that each new office will form the basis of ahub including local inventors, investors, entrepreneurs andlaw firms. While first memory modules are manufactured in 30nm process node, Samsung announced that the shippingMr Kappos explained that after comprehensive lobbying by memory modules will feature 20nm DDR4 DRAM. Oncevarious cities, Detroit was chosen as a location because of 20nm chips arrive, Samsung will be in position to offerits automotive innovation, Dallas for its energy technology 8GB, 16GB and 32GB DDR4 modules. If we do the mathdevelopment, the Silicon Valley for its ongoing development on Haswell-EP and -EX platforms, were talking aboutof computer science, and Denver for both its status as an 256GB of memory per CPU, or 1TB on a single quad-socketaerospace center and because a high proportion of highly motherboard.educated veterans live there, and the Obama administrationhas a policy to hire more veterans. Besides memory modules, expect DDR4 in SAS/SATA Express controllers, low-end and performance graphics cards, accelerator cards and so on.Samsung Announces 16GBDDR4 DIMM Modules for 2014 4K Video Hits the SweetPlatforms Spot: A $945 4K Webcam?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-announces-16gb-ddr4- Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/4k-video-hits-the-sweet-spot-dimm-modules-for-2014-platforms/16533.html a-945-4k-webcam-/16531.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 July 5th, 2012It takes a long time to certify a platform, especially oneintended for mission-critical tasks. While desktop and While RED Digital Camera and other manufacturers likenotebook platforms typically end up qualified within 2-3 JVC are keeping the prices of 4K cameras in the non-quarters, it often takes up to 2 years to verify that all the parts palatable price range for the vast majority of consumers,of server platform work in order. Point Gray has released a $945 camera capable of recording video in 4K quality (full 4096x2160 resolution).We already wrote about DDR4 memory as the integralpart of the future memory standards, especially with Intel 4K video, i.e. 3840x2160 or 4096x2160 resolution representHaswell and AMDs Post-Abu Dhabi future architectures. the next step, "the beyond HD" resolution in digitalFurthermore, GDDR6 memory is also expected to debut in cinematography. With pioneering cameras such as RED2014, meaning we have about a year to year and a half to go One, Scarlet or Epic as well as JVCs GY-HMQ10 are pricedwith the current DDR3/GDDR5 combination. in thousands of dollars, a small Canadian company is changing the pecking order. 18
  • 52. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZonePoint Grey Research Inc. is a Canadian company out of "PC, Mac, linux,PS3, XBOX360, Wii, iphone, ipad, itouch,greater Vancouver area, with all the design, research and androids, playbook, WD TV Live, Roku, boxee box,manufacturing located on one spot - no Made in China here OpenElec, XBMC, Apple TV, Google TV, LG smart TV,- dedicated to bring the next generation of technology in Sony TV and players, Panasonic VIERA, Samsung TV andsurveillance. While majority of companies are stuck in a race players and all rooters including DD- WRT."to the bottom, Point Grey Research wants to reach the top, When it comes to amount of TV channels, you can accessand Flea3 webcam represents the next stage of evolution in over 70 regionally locked channels and services, rangingthe crowded webcamera space. from Netflix or Hulu websites to BBCs iPlayer, Speed or ESPN TV networks. Furthermore, if youre a law-abiding U.S. citizen and find yourself on the road, youll lose all the access to services such as Amazon Web Player. With Unotelly DNS service - not anymore. The question is, what do you think? Gates asserts that Surface tablet wont hurt OEMs Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gates-asserts-that-surface-tablet- won-t-hurt-oems/16536.html July 5th, 2012Flea3 is one of worlds first, if not the first webcam thatuses the USB 3.0 standard, capable of delivering Full HD(1920x1080) resolution in up to 150 frames per second. Ifthat level of fidelity is not high enough, you can capture up to21 frames per second using the 4096x2160 (True 4K) pixelresolution. The camera uses Sony Exmor R (IMX121) 8.8million CMOS sensor known from Cyber-Shot cameras, with In an eco-system where OEMs and Microsoft are eachelectronics extended in a way that capturing 4K video is not other’s benefactor, MS’s recent decision build its own tableta gimmick, but a real thing. may have been perceived as a blind-sided blow to OEMs. BillIf youre interested in shooting 4K video and are running on Gates, in a recent interview with Charlie Rose, defends thisa very tight budget, this webcam just might be the thing you company’s decision by asserting “you can have a rich eco-need. You can mount various lenses onto the CS mount as system of manufacturers” even if the line between PCs andwell. While not ideal, this just might be the closest thing we tablets is removed.have to a sub-1000 dollar 4K camera. In an eco-system where OEMs and Microsoft are each other’s benefactor, MS’s recent decision build its own tablet may have been perceived as a blind-sided blow to OEMs. BillCan Unotelly Really Remove Gates, in a recent interview with Charlie Rose, defends thisthe Content Borders? company’s decision by asserting “you can have a rich eco- system of manufacturers” even if the line between PCs andSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/can-unotelly-really-remove-the- tablets is removed.content-borders-/16529.htmlJuly 5th, 2012 "I actually believe you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a rich eco-system of manufacturers and you can have a few signature devices that show off, wow, whats the difference between a tablet and a PC?" There’s no doubt that there is a fine line between current PC’s and tablets, and Gates’ statement resonates theRegional restrictions are single most common cause of possibility that OEMs may one day become an extinct breed.content piracy. Today, we live in a internetworked world and Current PC’s are much more powerful in terms of flexibilityfor as long as you try to keep those borders closed, youll have and productivity, but tablets are slowly building momentuma potential legal issue. Until now. in both departments.While you can already watch for example, British television ifyou use apps such as ExPat Shield, Unotelly is the first globalDNS system we can think of. The concept behind the serviceis to rely on multiple DNS (Domain Name Servers) acrossthe globe and give access to US television to the rest of theworld, or UK television etc.According to the information we received from the appmaker Kostas Polichronos, Unotelly works on multipledevices and doesnt exactly have a limitation on what deviceit can work on. The number of supported devices is amazing,which is not uncommon - if you have Internet connection,you can use UnoDNS service: 19
  • 53. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Ultrabooks from various OEMs are under attack in light of the U.S. granting Apple the design patent for the “wedge or teardrop” profile in the MacBook Air.The Surface tablet will come preloaded with an Office suite, Taiwan’s PC brands and laptop makers will meet withnot to mention a cover that conveniently turns into a local government officials to discuss the possible impactkeyboard. of Apple’s 14 year ownership of the design patent. TheProfessionals who rely heavily on their laptop PCs to create meeting is to include major brands such as Acer Inc.,documents and presentations may find the Surface tablet Asustek Computer Inc., Compal Electronics Inc., and Honespecially attractive since it will cover much of the bases Hai Precision Industry Co.regarding productivity, and as for flexibility, the Surface is According to Focus Taiwan, the meeting may spurslim and very mobile. Now, if the Surface possesses both discussions on how to counter Apple’s possible lawsuitflexibility and productivity then how is it distinguishable against Taiwan’s manufacturers. The U.S. market makes upfrom a laptop PC? a huge portion of the Taiwan’s ultrabook exports; therefore,Perhaps the only base that the Surface tablet doesn’t cover it is crucial that these OEMs are ready to face the possibilityis the power aspect. Take for example, if a professional of having their products barred from entering the U.S.needs a device that is powerful enough to encode an HD “We should share our information with Taiwanese vendorsvideo quickly, then perhaps an RT Surface may not be an in case Apple takes action against them,” said Wang Mei-option. The same can’t be said for the Pro Surface tablet, hua, director-general of the Ministry of Economics Affiars’which will most likely boast an Intel processor found in most Intellectual Property Office.ultrabooks. The patent situation is dire if OEMs don’t find a solution,Therefore, the only “wow” factor that coincides with the such as developing a new design for ultrabooks insteadSurface tablet is that it’s more of a PC killer rather than a of cloning Apple’s wedge design. Worse comes to worst,product that will compete with current tablets. OEMs can file an opposition to the validity or applicabilityGates may have contradicted himself by attaching a “rich of Apple’s design patent.eco-system of manufacturers” to the topic of the Surfacetablet. There won’t be any competition if Microsoft is tocharge OEMs for the Windows 8 OS, while negating the cost HP webOS smartphone deadof an OS in their product. Price is one of the main criteria in or alive?competition, and without competition there is no “rich eco- Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hp-webos-smartphone-dead-or-system of manufacturers.” alive-/16532.htmlGates may be referring to the "rich eco-system" between July 5th, 2012Microsoft, Apple, and Google.Ultrabook OEMs facepossibility of U.S. importationban Awhile back, HP was rumored to be working on an all touch interface webOS smartphone to compete with the EVO, butSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ultrabook-oems-face-possibility-of- AT&T did not favor the phone because it did not have LTE—u.s.-importation-ban/16535.html thus HP pulled the plug.July 5th, 2012 Awhile back, HP was rumored to be working on an all touch interface webOS smartphone to compete with the EVO, but AT&T did not favor the phone because it did not have LTE— thus HP pulled the plug.Ultrabooks from various OEMs are under attack in light ofthe U.S. granting Apple the design patent for the “wedge orteardrop” profile in the MacBook Air. 20
  • 54. July 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 5th, 2012 A 19-year-old Japanese college student has been arrested for distributing software that circumvented Nintendo’s copy protection, thereby, enabling Wii console owners to play pirated games via a USB drive. A 19-year-old Japanese college student has been arrested for distributing software that circumvented Nintendo’s copy protection, thereby, enabling Wii console owners to play pirated games via a USB drive.Transparent House, a design firm that worked with HP onthe rumored phone, uploaded a demo video of the phone to The teenager made the software available on his website, andVimeo nine months ago, and left the video live up until now. according to Asahi Shimbun, he told the police “my website The video is no longer available on the Transparent House’s was making money, so I kept it running.” There were noVimeo channel, which then begs the question why are they distribution of any video games, physical goods, or servicedeciding now to remove the video? provided by his site, and the $2,500 which he earned was strictly through advertisement. According to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, “the act of providing devices to circumvent technological restriction measures” is an offense punishable by law. Japanese authority believes that the young man is not the creator of the software which he is accused of distributing. Therefore, he may face charges on the account of distribution while authority hunts for the creator of the software.About a year ago, rumors of an HP webOS smartphone, codenamed “Stingray”, surfaced that looked eerily similar to thatof the Transparent House Vimeo upload. HP’s aspirationfor the smartphone market through webOS ultimatelyfailed, and the company decided to discontinue all webOSoperations last year.Its clear that HP has no intention of reviving the forsakenwebOS hardware development, therefore, the removal of thevideo from Vimeo may be due more to HP’s desire to nothave to deal with the press’ inquiries about the possibility ofa webOS resurrection. That said, we have reached out to HPand Transparent House regarding the removal of the video,but no one is available to comment on the matter.WebOS is practically dead, but well keep you all posted if weget confirmation of a possible HP webOS revival.Japanese teenager arrestedfor distributing Wii softwaremodSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/japanese-teenager-arrested-for-distributing-wii-software-mod/16530.html 21
  • 55. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Michael Fassbender to takemain role in Assassins CreedfilmSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/michael-fassbender-to-take-main-role-in-assassin-s-creed-film/16599.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 The films were originally intended to be a team effort between Ubisoft and Sony, but negotiations failed toActor Michael Fassbender is to take on the main role in produce a deal. Ubisoft has since decided to go it alone,the upcoming Assassins Creed film, which he will also co- setting up Ubisoft Motion Pictures in 2011, giving it aproduce. significant role in the film industry, where adaptations are on demand.Actor Michael Fassbender is to take on the main role inthe upcoming Assassins Creed film, which he will also co-produce. Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, said that Fassbender was their first choice to play the main character. German-born and Irish-raised Fassbender hasThe adaptation of the popular video game series will see starred in many significant roles in recent years, includingFassbender star as Desmond Miles, who explores the lives playing Magneto in X-Men: First Class and Lieutenantof his assassin ancestors through the Animus machine, Archie Hicox in Quentin Tarantinos Inglourious Basterds.allowing him to experience the time periods of the Crusades, He has also voice characters in video games, including Loganthe Renaissance, and, in the upcoming third game, the in Fable III.American Revolution. There is no word yet on co-cast or a possible release date,Ubisoft Motion Pictures is hoping to turn its largest game but we likely wont see the film for around three years.franchise, with 30 million games sold since the series debut Meanwhile, Assassins Creed III will be out on 30 Octoberin 2007, into a blockbuster success, with several films for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and 23 November for PC.planned over the coming years, most likely exploring thedifferent epochs of history that the games traverse through.The fate of the future films will largely rest on the initial one,however, as many planned series have failed to take off dueto poor sales, such as the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Timefilm in 2010. 1
  • 56. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone With Apple seeking to patent the "wedge" shape chassis3rd Gen. Ultrabooks Pack 3D design of its MacBook Air, Ultrabook ecosystem partnersHD Displays, New Sensors seem to be looking up to Intel for solutions that could saveSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/3rd-gen.-ultrabooks-pack-3d-hd- them future trouble with the Cupertino, California-baseddisplays-new-sensors/16598.html company. This could mean that Intel could come up withJuly 9th, 2012 [patent] troll-proof designs that partners could build on. The chassis design could implement two standardizations: the first is a new durable hinge (that joint between the two halves of the notebook), and the second is chassis materials. Intel recently announced a breakthrough in design that allows chassis made of plastic to have durability comparable to those made with aluminum, which could result in reduced manufacturing costs (once the technology has proliferatedEven as the market for super compact notebooks, or enough, and good volumes are reached). Third generationUltrabooks, is a work in progress; sources in the supply Ultrabook could see this chassis become standard.chain have a fair idea of whats in store with third-generation Ultrabooks, based around Intels next CPU Lastly, Intel could mandate the use of solid-state drivesmicro-architecture, codenamed "Haswell." The Ultrabook (SSDs) as storage devices, and quite some R&D could beappears to be going the smartphone way on multiple fronts. carried out for coming up with a newer battery standard.Even as the market for super compact notebooks, or In conclusion, notebook manufacturers will find IntelUltrabooks, is a work in progress; sources in the supply babysitting the Ultrabook specification looking deep intochain have a fair idea of whats in store with third- 2013, as well. The improved display, sensors, and chassisgeneration Ultrabooks, based around Intels next CPU design sure are things to look forward to.micro-architecture, codenamed "Haswell." The Ultrabook With inputs from DigiTimes.appears to be going the smartphone way, on multiple fronts. Activision and Terminal Reality announce The Walking Dead game Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/activision-and-terminal-reality- announce-the-walking-dead-game/16596.html July 9th, 2012To begin with, its no revelation that the third generationof Ultrabooks, super-compact notebooks whose basic Activision Blizzard and developer Terminal Reality havespecifications are governed by Intel, will be based on its announced a video game of the popular The Walking Deadnext-generation CPU architecture, codenamed "Haswell." zombie TV series.The new processors will be built on existing 22 nm silicon Activision Blizzard and developer Terminal Reality havefabrication processes, but will pack architectural changes announced a video game of the popular The Walking Deadthat will yield higher performance, and faster graphics. zombie TV series.According to sources closely associated with companiesthat contract-manufacture Ultrabooks (ODMs), thirdgeneration Ultrabook will pack better displays, better The game will be a first-person action title that allowsdisplay capabilities, improved chassis design, and a suite of players to take on the role of Daryl Dixon, accompanied bynew sensors that add new user-interface elements. his brother Merle, as they try to get to the safety of Atlanta. It is being described as a “do-whatever-you-need-to-survive”There is talk of displays with stereo 3D and HD resolutions. game, suggesting plenty of suspense and grittiness to match1920 x 1080 pixels seems like a plausible resolution standard the show.candidate, as todays Ultrabooks already do 720p. Displaypanel makers achieved extremely high pixel densities withdisplays of certain high-end smartphones and tablets, “The work AMC has done with the TV series has beenand its expected that these could make their way into amazing and were ecstatic at the opportunity to be broughtUltrabooks, without impacting costs significantly. Further, into the fold,” said Drew Haworth, Creative Director atstandardizing multi-touch displays is on the cards, even for Terminal Reality. “The studio is made up of fans of theUltrabooks in the conventional "clam-shell" form-factor. show, and we think other fans will see that the situationsNext up, theres talk of giving the Ultrabook a suite of and walkers featured in our game are every bit as gruesomesensors, that gel with the user interface of Windows 8. and shocking as they are in the TV series — they look, moveFacial recognition and gesture recognition, integrated with and react as expected with full authenticity — and they willthe operating system, seem high on the cards. Other surprise you. The players fight-or-flight survival instinct issensors could include those which are common with todays constantly engaged. Flight is usually a good bet.”portable computing devices, such as accelerometer anddigital compass. 2
  • 57. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZonePlayers will frequently find themselves in situations wherethey need to assess threats and analyse everything as they tryto avoid being spotted by the undead walkers, which will usea combination of sight, sound and smell to hunt them down,making it extra difficult for players hoping to survive theonslaught. There will be a choice of fighting or using stealthto escape, providing an interesting balance of brute force andtactical gameplay.To make things even more tense, players will have a limitedsupply of everything, requiring them to ration supplies.Food, medical equipment, ammunition and other goods willbe scarce and scattered around the in-game world, and The game lineup includes: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigisplayers will be required to use their wit and intellect in Mansion: Dark Moon, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kartchoosing the best supplies. 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Some footage and trailersThe game will release in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, of these can be seen here.and PC.Nintendo to showcase 3DS Other games that will be available to try out will include Pokémon Conquest for the DS, and Kirbys DreamXL and games at Comic-Con Collection: Special Edition and Just Dance 4 for the Wii. There is no word on the possibility of the Wii U being2012 available for demos, but we expect Nintendo might have aSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nintendo-to-showcase-3ds-xl-and- few surprises up its sleeves.games-at-comic-con-2012/16595.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 Comic-Con runs from 12-15 July. Those wishing to attend the Nintendo Gaming Lounge do not require a Comic-Con badge to gain entry. ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU IINintendo is to showcase the 3DS XL handheld console and TOP 2GB Reviewa number of games for the 3DS and Wii at Comic-Con 2012 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-gtx-670-directcu-ii-top-2gb-later this week. review/16580.htmlNintendo is to showcase the 3DS XL handheld console and July 9th, 2012a number of games for the 3DS and Wii at Comic-Con 2012later this week.The gaming company announced the 3DS XL, whichfeatures a screen that is 90 percent larger than standard Everyone already knew back in early May that the Nvidiaversions, in late June, but this event will give the public a Kepler GK104 based GTX 670 is a serious contender for thechance to try it out before its launch on 19 August. price-performance crown. We re-visit that conclusion again with ASUSs factory overclocked GTX 670 fitted with theirNintendo also plans to show off a large number of upcoming DirectCU II heatpipe cooler and run a few tests with thegames for the 3DS and 3DS XL at booth #5135 and at latest 304.79 drivers.the Nintendo Gaming Lounge, which the company will be Quick recap on the GTX 670hosting at the San Diego Ballroom near the Comic-Con As we can see from this block diagram of the GK104 die,event. the GTX 670 has one of eight SMX units disabled, which is a common way of putting crocked ASICs that do not meet full binning standards to good use instead of throwing them away. As a result, the GTX 670 has 12.5% less fillrate/ pixel pushing performance and lower TDP than the GTX 680, much like how the HD 7950 Tahiti Pro is to the HD 7970 Taihiti XT. Given that everything else remains the same (number of ROPs, memory bus bandwidth, fancy AA algorithms and other technologies), do the loss of shaders 3
  • 58. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonereally matter for most use cases? We find out in the following back to the more practical 2-slot design (rather than obtusepages.. 3-slot), allowing for better motherboard compatibility and quad-GPU setups. Having said that, ASUS opted for their own custom PCB which is longer than the surprisingly short 7-inch board from Nvidia, presumably to accomodate the extra power circuitry. No changes at the I/O panel from the reference GTX670/ GTX680 offerings (1 x HDMI, 1 x DP, 2 x DVI).The red slash marks box design of the ASUS GTX 670DirectCU II TOP is similar to the GTX 680 we reviewed awhile ago, which is not too surprising given their commonheritage. There is also a metal backplate at the back spanning across the whole card, adding to the impression that it is a premium product. A beefy four micro-capacitors can be found behind the GPU core, which can give it more instantaneous power as opposed to two on the regular board.Most of the recent graphics cards with the DirectCU IIcoolers that weve seen recently from ASUS have reverted 4
  • 59. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneTwo 6-pin PCIe power inputs add 150W of power on top of Nokia and RIM are sailing in turbulent weather, but HTC’sthe 75W supplied by the slot (GTX 670 has a 170W TDP). situation may not be as bad. The Taiwan-based handheldThere are red/green LEDs to indicate if the connectors are manufacturer is expected to ship 8 million units in the 3Q.plugged in correctly. Unfortunately, analysts also predict that HTC will only ship 7 million units in the 4Q. HTC’s problem is mainly due to stiff competitions from its Asian competitor from South Korea—Samsung. The two Android-favored smartphone makers both have flagship devices that are comparable in specs, but Samsung’s GALAXY SIII seems to be besting HTC’s One X by a slight margin. Nokia, RIM, and HTC are currently under immense pressure to catch up to Samsung and Apple, and hopefully Nokia, RIM, and HTC don’t bow out of the smartphone race— leaving consumers with fewer choices when selecting their next handset. NVIDIA and AMD will likely stick with TSMCs 28nmNokia, RIM, and HTC steadily Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-and-amd-will-likely-stick-losing grounds to Samsung with-tsmc-s-28nm/16593.html July 9th, 2012and AppleSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-rim-and-htc-steadily-losing-grounds-to-samsung-and-apple/16594.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) may have lost its contract with Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon S4, but it’s still holding onto NVIDIA and AMD. Sources familiar with TSMC’s business outlook are confident that NVIDIA and AMD will continue to rely onSamsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone market, TSMC to manufacture their chips.and that trend won’t stop in the second half of 2012. Various Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) mayreports have concluded that Nokia, RIM, and HTC won’t be have lost its contract with Qualcomm to produce theable to compete with Samsung and Apple in the later part of Snapdragon S4, but it’s still holding onto NVIDIA and AMD.this year. Sources familiar with TSMC’s business outlook are confidentSamsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone market, that NVIDIA and AMD will continue to rely on TSMC toand that trend won’t stop in the second half of 2012. Various manufacture their chips.reports have concluded that Nokia, RIM, and HTC won’t be Sources have indicated to DigiTimes that:able to compete with Samsung and Apple in the later part of “TSMC has the upper hand over Samsung in 28nmthis year. technology, yield rate and price and thereforeNokia has been struggling to make its mark on the changing foundry partnership involves high risks,smartphone market ever since Android and iOS became the sources said. In addition, Nvidia is expectedthe predominant smartphone OSs. Windows Phone, being to consider Samsungs ARM-based processors inNokia’s primary smartphone platform, hasn’t helped Nokia competition with its Tegra 3 processors.”regain its market share. Nokia is currently on shaky grounds TSMC worked with AMD on the 28nm Southern Islandsas it is betting heavily on Windows Phone 8—which won’t be graphics chips, and production is scheduled to begin thisavailable to current Nokia devices. fall. AMD is also expected to adopt TSMC’s 28nm Bulk“It will also be more difficult for Nokia to push sales of CMOS technology in 2013, which helps to further confirmWindows Phone 7.5-based models in the third quarter as that TSMC will hold onto other contracts despite losingconsumers are waiting for the launch of Windows Phone 8 Qualcomm.smartphones,” sources told DigiTimes. Update: According to X Bit Laboratories Samsung andOnto RIM’s woes, the once-upon-a-time smartphone goliath TSMC will both manufacture the Snapdragon S4 forwill delay their latest platform until early 2013. BlackBerry Qualcomm. We revealed earlier that UMC reportedly won10 (BB10) is supposed to be RIM’s savior, and if RIM doesn’t a contract to produce the S4, which hints that Qualcommdeliver an OS that can compete with iOS and Android, then may have switched foundry. There are no confirmations asmore people will be out of a job—or even worse, RIM goes to whether or not Qualcomm will continue its partnershipbankrupt. The company is reportedly spending over $1 with TSMC in the future.billion to produce and market BB10. 5
  • 60. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe new iPad to launch July July 9th, 201227 in ChinaSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-new-ipad-to-launch-july-27-in-china/16592.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 Without much fuss, ASUS slipped out a revision of its Radeon HD 7950 DirectCU II graphics card. The revision breaks away from the common board design between the HD 7950 and HD 7970 DirectCU II models, and uses newer,Chinese consumers may not be happy with Apple’s customer compact PCB and cooler. The revision could ready ASUS forsupport, but apparently they’re still consuming Apple future price cuts of the GPU.products like it is oxygen. Apple’s revenue in Greater China Without much fuss, ASUS slipped out a revision of itswas $7.9 billion (20% of global total) according to a financial Radeon HD 7950 DirectCU II graphics card. The revisionreport released on March 31. With the Proview-Apple iPad breaks away from the common board design between thedispute out the way, Apple may now unleash the new iPad HD 7950 and HD 7970 DirectCU II models, and uses newer,unto the Chinese market. How much more money will compact PCB and cooler. The revision could ready ASUS forApple rake in beginning July 27 when the new iPad is set to future price cuts of the GPU.release in China? Who knows, if the trend continues like allother Apple products, the new iPad will definitely be a hotcommodity.Chinese consumers may or may not be happy with Apple’scustomer support, but apparently they’re still consumingApple products like it is oxygen. Apple’s revenue in GreaterChina was $7.9 billion (20% of global total) according to afinancial report released on March 31. With the Proview-Apple iPad dispute out the way, Apple may now unleash thenew iPad unto the Chinese market. How much more moneywill Apple rake in beginning July 27 when the new iPad isset to release in China? Who knows, if the trend continues The new board design will be applied to both the standardlike all other Apple products, the new iPad will definitely be and TOP variants. Its most notable feature is the reduceda hot commodity. length, which appears to be down by an inch, if not more. Its unclear if there are any casualties of this design change. TheAccording to Want China Times, the first batch of iPads will cooler appears to be just a compacted version of the original,only have Wi-Fi, but that doesn’t mean that the 3G version that looks a little less rough on the edges. According to onewon’t appear soon after. Apple has been given network source, the new cooler features denser aluminum fin stacks,license from Chinese authorities some time in May, so the and uses six heat pipes to transport heat, instead of five on3G version will undoubtedly be an integral part of the iPad the original design. A secondary heatsink runs the entireworld in China. length of the obverse side of the PCB, drawing heat fromRecent rumors suggest that Apple will be releasing a memory, MOSFETs, and other hot ancillary components,refreshed version of the new iPad later this fall alongside the and cools them under the air-flow of the main heatsink.iPad Mini, so Chinese consumers who are up to date on theirApple gadgets will most likely hold out until the latest iPadis released.Although the iPad is clear for sales in China, Apple isstill facing multiple trademark lawsuits which include theiroutdated “Snow Leopard” OS and the “Siri” communicationtechnology.Apple may have just lost $60 million to Proview, but that’sa small price to pay considering China is generating 20% ofApple’s total revenue. The display output configuration is also changed, withASUS Shrinks Radeon HD the revision featuring two dual-link DVI apart from one-7950 DirectCU II each of HDMI 1.4a and standard-size DisplayPort 1.2; in comparison to the original featuring two mini-DisplayPorts,Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-shrinks-radeon-hd-7950- and just one dual-link DVI. Apart from the design changesdirectcu-ii/16591.html mentioned, both the base and TOP models of the new HD 7950 DirectCU II graphics cards retain the clock speeds of the originals. The base model ships with 800 MHz core, 5.00 GHz (effective) memory; while the TOP model ships with 900 MHz core and 5.00 GHz (effective) memory. 6
  • 61. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone AMD Piledriver FX and Opteron refresh? After summertime.. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-piledriver-fx-and-opteron- refresh-after-summertime../16588.html July 9th, 2012The revised ASUS HD 7950 DirectCU II graphics cards willinitially sell at the same prices as those of the originals,although its expected that the revisions will give ASUS abetter cushion against falling prices. Based on the 28 nm The eagerly awaited Vishera FX desktop and Abu Dhabi"Tahiti" silicon, the Radeon HD 7950 from AMD features server refreshes of AMD processor lines seem scheduled for1,792 Graphics CoreNext stream processors, 112 TMUs, 32 late summer or early fall (Q3 to Q4 2012) as of now. WhatsROPs, a 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 3 in store?GB of memory, and support for the DirectX 11.1 API. Yes, Bulldozer core microarchitecture didnt exactly impress on the desktop, with the power-performance ratio being theiPad Mini to be manufactured biggest problem even with discounted pricing. On the serverin Brazil and keeps 4:3 front, the dual die 8 core-pair Interlagos implementation of Bulldozer fared somewhat better as there are more apps thatscreen ratio can benefit from many-thread resources, especially integerSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ipad-mini-to-be-manufactured-in- bound Web environments where the shared FP units arentbrazil-and-keeps-4-3-screen-ratio/16589.html that much of a hindrance.July 9th, 2012 Since the Trinity APU already has the updated 32nm Piledriver core included, the question was when will we really see it in the desktop and server general purpose CPUs. While there may be samples of Vishera floating around, thisRecent rumors are suggesting that the iPad Mini will be Bulldozer desktop follow-on is still nowhere near the officialmanufactured in Brazil, a twist on Apples history of having release. The Abu Dhabi dual die follow-on to Interlagos,their products manufactured in China. implementing the Piledriver core, is howewer, pretty much confirmed for the September to October timeframe.Recent rumors are suggesting that the iPad Mini will bemanufactured in Brazil, a twist on Apples history of havingtheir products manufactured in China.Hon Hai plays a big role in manufacturing quite afew iPhones, among other Apple devices, for worldwideconsumption, so the news that the iPad might come viaBrazil’s plants may surprise some. Apple has long employedAsian OEMs to produce their Apple products, but Hon Haiis reported to have outsourced much of their workload to theBrazilians.Thus, although the iPad Mini may be manufactured in Brazil,it will still be under the directions of Hon Hai and Apple. Any reason to wait? Well, there are two expected mainSources that suggested the iPad Mini will be manufactured benefits: one is the supposedly improved instructions per-in Brazil also added confirmation to the torrents of rumors clock efficiency, which could be up to 15% based on thesurrounding the 7.85’’ display of the iPad Mini. The iPad more optimistic figures, and the other one is the higherMini is rumored to have the same height as the Google Nexus clock frequency, up to some 20% vs similar Bulldozer7, but the width may be wider—perhaps to accommodate the cores especially on the Opterons. Finally, yes, Haswell-extra .85’’. compatible FMA3 fused multiply add format. And, oh yes, further improved power management. Note that there willOther Apple tablets have retained the 4:3 aspect ratio, and be no new sockets (meaning AM3+ and G34/C32 still),it appears the iPad Mini will continue that tradition. This everything has to fit within the current TDP, memory and I/is in direct opposition to other major tablet vendors such as O bandwidth limits. No support for PCI Express 3.0 either...Amazon, Google, and Asus who are currently endorsing andimplementing the 16:9 ratio. Now, how would it impact the competitive positioning? NotThe rumored launch date for the iPad Mini is sometime in much as of now - 22nm Ivy Bridge-E / EP updates (moreOctober, the same time frame for the launch of many other on that this week) to Core i7 and Xeon E5 lines will keephand held devices, specifically tablets. This fall will be an the performance chasm as it is today. It would, however,exciting part of the year for many tech enthusiasts. show that AMD is still in the game and continuing to develop its CPU/Heterogenous Computing stuff so that, by the time 7
  • 62. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe Steamroller and Excavator core designs come, it can Hewlett-Packard (HP) decided several days ago that it won’thopefully compete again vs Intel. back Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets at launch, and that announcement left many wondering which OEM giant will fill in the hole left by HP. Wonder no more, according toBitTorrent aims to Bloomberg, Samsung will launch a Windows RT tablet laterrevolutionize the internet this October.again with Torque Hewlett-Packard (HP) decided several days ago that it won’t back Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets at launch, and thatSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/bittorrent-aims-to-revolutionize-the- announcement left many wondering which OEM giant willinternet-again-with-torque/16587.html fill in the hole left by HP. Wonder no more, according toJuly 9th, 2012 Bloomberg, Samsung will launch a Windows RT tablet later this October. Microsoft’s decision to launch its own hardware created quite a stir among partnering OEMs, and HP was not hesitant to express their discontent with the Microsoft Surface decision. We’ve discussed, recently, the various impacts that the Surface will have on the OEMs thatBitTorrent has become an integral part of the internet partnered with Microsoft in the past, and one of the majorsince its inception ten years ago and the folks that helped impacts is the price point in which OEMs has to deal with ifdeliver BitTorrent is aiming to revolutionize the internet they produce a Windows RT tablet.even further—with something they call BitTorrent Torque. The Surface will not incur an operating system cost, butBitTorrent has become an integral part of the internet OEMs that want to produce a Windows RT tablet will havesince its inception ten years ago and the folks that helped to pay for the OS (unless Microsoft decides to offer Windowsdeliver BitTorrent is aiming to revolutionize the internet RT for free, which is unlikely). Therefore, OEMs won’t beeven further—with something they call BitTorrent Torque. able to compete with Microsoft in pricing without having toBitTorrent Torque, according to the official BitTorrent site, cut corners.will allow developers and users to integrate BitTorrent into Despite many OEMs’ opposition to the Surface, Samsungweb browsers. will launch its own ARM Windows RT tablet alongside the“Simply put, it allows anyone to utilize our powerful Surface. We can speculate that Samsung’s hardware costtechnology to create completely fresh and new experiences will be lower than Microsoft’s, and therefore, that may helpfor users with just a couple lines of code.” Samsung to lower the price of their Windows RT tablet.One such integration, dubbed Paddle Over, involves drag Apple’s iPad still dominates the tablet market as it isand drop of files for transfer between computers, social currently holding onto 58 percent of the market share. Thesharing tools, social networks, and more. Another feature ARM-based iPad, along with other ARM devices, outnumberis OneClick, which allows torrent downloads to turn into Intel and AMD-based devices by a longshot.normal in-browser downloads. Intel has been trying to crack into the ultra-mobile marketThe team claims that BitTorrent Torque is their attempt for quite some time, and the relatively successful backingat providing internet developers and users with the of the ultrabooks is a testament to Intel’s persistent. Theopportunity to become even more involved with the Surface Pro will come with an Intel based processor, whichBitTorrent technology. makes the Surface Pro a borderline tablet-ultrabook device.“Torque Labs is part of our ongoing commitment to maintainan open conversation between our developers and ourdeveloper community. We are confident that together we Get ready for CyanogenModcan create some really kick-ass applications.” 10 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/get-ready-for-BitTorrent Torque is currently in alpha, but the team hopes cyanogenmod-10/16585.htmlthat the internet community will help drive their new July 9th, 2012technology “beyond desktop clients.” Interested? Check outthe official BitTorrent Torque page.Samsung to launch WindowsRT tablet this OctoberSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-to-launch-windows-rt- An official stable version of CyanogenMod 9 was releasedtablet-this-october/16586.html last week, and according to developers at XDA, the releaseJuly 9th, 2012 of Jelly Bean may cause CM9 to have a very short shelf life. An official stable version of CyanogenMod 9 was released last week, and according to developers at XDA, the release of Jelly Bean may cause CM9 to have a very short shelf life. Most ICS-capable devices are also capable of running Jelly Bean (JB), and that means the CM team will most likely 8
  • 63. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneswitch to supporting CyanogenMod 10 exclusively. Despite So imagine a chair that rocks and back and forth (or side tonot having early access to the JB source code, the CM team side) when Iron Man is bombarded with enemy firepower.is apparently already prepping to start work on CM10. How about feeling the wind in your face when the Avatar is flying through the air? Sounds a lot like a ride at UniversalThe CM team is awaiting the AOSP JB release, so expect the Studio or any major theme park, right?team to continue to deliver full support for CM9 until then. CM7 will continue to be maintained, but don’t expect too Pair the motorized chairs and real world elemental effectsmuch updates (if any at all) in the future. with a 3D big screen and you have 4DX.Take a ride with 4DX at themovie theaterSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/take-a-ride-with-4dx-at-the-movie-theater/16584.htmlJuly 9th, 20124DX is the next big thing in cinema, as if 3D movies aren’tgood enough. This new method for delivering cinematic CJ CGV owns 700 screens in Asia, and this alone offersthrills at the movie is backed by CJ CGV—a large South the multiplex firm a huge leverage in pushing for adoptionKorean multiplex firm. of 4DX. There are currently 29 4DX theaters spread out across the globe, and CJ CGV is planning to expand the 4DX experience to 1,500 theaters by 2016. A 3D movie ticket costs almost twice as much as a regular 2D ticket, so we can safely assume that a 4DX experience will cost movie goers more than an arm and a leg. I’m sorry honey; we can’t have the overpriced popcorn today. TSMC remains confident in their 28nm manufacturing Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/tsmc-remains-confident-in- their-28nm-manufacturing/16583.html July 9th, 20124DX is the next big thing in cinema, as if 3D movies aren’tgood enough. This new method for delivering cinematicthrills at the movie is backed by CJ CGV—a large SouthKorean multiplex firm. Reports earlier last week revealed that United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) had won a contract with3D movies have been around for quite some time, and in Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon S4 chips, and thatmost cases all that are required is 3D glasses. Moving onto contract came at the expense of Taiwan Semiconductor4DX, and no, the extra “D” does not literally mean an extra Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).dimension. The extra dimension which 4DX is referring toare additional special effects that sync with the movie reel. Reports earlier last week revealed that United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) had won a contract with Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon S4 chips, and that contract came at the expense of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). TSMC is touted as the world’s largest contract chip-maker, but its losing its contracts to the likes of UMC and Samsung. Korea Times has reported Samsung will be producing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chips using the Korean tech- giant’s 28nm manufacturing process. According to various reports, Qualcomm’s decision to switch partners may not be due to TSMC’s production quality, but rather due to quantity. Despite Qualcomm’s lack of 9
  • 64. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneconfidence in TSMC’s ability to keep up with demands, shouldn’t they? The upcoming Google 7’’ slate will beTSMC still believes that their 28nm manufacturing process competing with the likes of the Kindles and Nooks, whichis among the leaders. already have huge development communities.“We do not comment on business with clients. Were XDA developers have already begun working on variousconfident in our leadership status in 28-nm and will fulfill custom features for the unreleased Nexus 7, and whycustomers demands in the fourth quarter,” said a company shouldn’t they? The upcoming Google 7’’ slate will bespokesperson. competing with the likes of the Kindles and Nooks, which already have huge development communities.Galaxy Nexus available once First things first, if you’re wondering if the Nexus 7 will be root-able, then yes it is. The Nexus 7 will come with anagain in Google Play unlockable bootloader, and an instruction guide has alreadySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/galaxy-nexus-available-once-again- been set up. Check it out here.in-google-play/16582.html Next up is full tablet UI for the Nexus 7, as the tablet willJuly 9th, 2012 come with a UI optimized for phones. Google unveiled their tablet at the I/O using a phone interface, and that disappointed many. So the folks at XDA have conjured up a quick hack pack that will allow users to unlock the Nexus 7 to full tablet interface. Now if you don’t want to put in the work to customize the Nexus ROM yourself, download some pre-packed ones.The Galaxy Nexus is once again available in the Google These ROMs and kernel will include: (some, if not all)Play store after a few weeks of going on hiatus due to an insecure, init.d support, overclocking to 1.5 GHz, voltageinjunction from Apple’s lawsuit. tweaks, zip aligned, superflows apps removed, busybox, ad- blocking host file, aroma installer, and DSP manager. RIM Will Burn Through $1 Billion To Launch BB10 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rim-will-burn-through-1-billion-to- launch-bb10/16579.html July 9th, 2012The Galaxy Nexus is once again available in the GooglePlay store after a few weeks of going on hiatus due to aninjunction from Apple’s lawsuit.Although Google Play marks the Galaxy Nexus as availableagain, Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung hasn’t officiallyended. The Samsung-Apple dispute is ongoing, and theavailability Galaxy Nexus is that it “ships in 1-2 weeks” and RIM is currently flushed with cash, and analysts believenot immediately. that they will need that cash in order to get BlackBerry 10 launched.Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court temporarily lifted the banon the Galaxy Nexus sales, but Apple has not responded to Research In Motion is flushed with cash, despite a poorthe court’s decision. Samsung is not ready for clear sailings quarter and an announcement that BlackBerry 10 is gettingjust yet, but if you want to buy the Galaxy Nexus then now delayed. Current cash-on-hand for RIM is around $2.25is the time to do it before Apple files another lawsuit against billion, or about $4.29 per share of the company. AnalystsSamsung. are predicting now that most of that cash will be burned through to launch BlackBerry 10, possibly destroying the book value of RIM stock. Analysts at Barclays are onlyRoot, Kernel, ROMs, and projecting a “burn” of $677 million and targeting RIM stock at $6 per share; this implies that they are valuing the patents,much more for unreleased handset business and BBM network at roughly $1.6 billion.Nexus 7 However, J. Mintzmyer, an analyst from SeekingAlpha, has aSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/root-kernel-roms-and-much-more- different opinion on RIM’s cash situation. He has calculatedfor-unreleased-nexus-7/16581.html the average expense per quarter for the company at $386July 9th, 2012 million for research and development and $690 million for sales. Using these figures, he expects RIM to lose roughly $1 billion in cash over the next three quarters as BlackBerry 10 gears up for launch. Assuming that BlackBerry 10 flops, RIM will have $1.25 billion in cash, or $2.38 per share, along with warehouses filled with Playbook tablets and new BlackBerry phones; even if this inventory has to be sold at 50% of retail,XDA developers have already begun working on various the company will make money. Mintzmyer calculates that ifcustom features for the unreleased Nexus 7, and why the business and inventory is worth $1 billion, the network 10
  • 65. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneis worth $1 billion, and the patents are worth a conservative July 9th, 2012$2 billion, the stock is still worth $10 per share. He says theonly way the shares are worth only $6 would be if the patentswere worth only $1 billion and RIM was out of cash.In essence, Mintzmyer is saying investors should buystock in RIM, as even though the company will burnthrough roughly $1 billion in cash, the stock price is severelyundervalued at the moment. UKFast, a hosting specialist in the UK, has revealed what it believes are the top 10 cyber security failings of 2012, showing a surprising amount of complacency among peopleFBI submits incomplete when going online.evidence in Megauploads UKFast, a hosting specialist in the UK, has revealed what it believes are the top 10 cyber security failings of 2012,Kim Dotcom extradition case showing a surprising amount of complacency among peopleSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/fbi-submits-incomplete-evidence-in- when going online.megaupload-s-kim-dotcom-extradition-case/16577.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 “As a society we rely on technology more than ever nowadays. We communicate through social networks, pay bills and manage our bank accounts online, and carry a wealth of personal data around with us on our mobile phones,” said Stuart Coulson, director of data centres atThe FBI has sparked a debate amongst the lawyers in Kim UKFast. “We are so comfortable sharing information on theDotcoms extradition hearing by submitting just 40 pages of net that people don’t realise that their over-sharing couldemails out of the 22 million stored on Megauploads servers. hand cybercriminals access to their bank accounts and leave them vulnerable to identity fraud.”The ongoing Megaupload saga continues, with argumentsover what evidence Kim Dotcom will be allowed to see inorder to prepare his defense. A New Zealand judge has The top 10 security issues are:ordered the FBI to copy 150TB of potential evidence thatthey seized from the Megaupload servers they seized, thoughit’s still unclear as to how much of the data Dotcom will be 1. Imagesgiven access to. Now, it appears that the FBI has “cherry-picked” just 40 pages of evidence out of some 22 millionemails stored on the cyberlocker site’s servers; they intendto hand over these 40 pages before an extradition hearing, Some users are actually posting images of their creditsparking a heated disagreement between the prosecutors and debit cards online, making it incredibly easy forand Dotcom’s defense lawyers that could delay that hearing. cybercriminals, as they only need the three-digit securityThe head of Dotcom’s legal team has said that the summary number on the back, of which there are only 1,000 possibledocument is inadequate; the legal team is being forced to combinations.argue their case with “their hands tied behind their backs.”The Crown Prosecutor for New Zealand, however, has saidthat having all the information for a hearing that merely The idea of posting pictures of credit and debit cards maydetermines whether or not Dotcom can be tried in the US is surprise many people, as it seems like an obvious oversight.unnecessary. If the case does indeed proceed to an American However, often the reason why people share these images iscourt, this issue will be argued again, delaying any trial even because of what is displayed on the card.further.The Department of Justice has suffered some major criticism Our research revealed that dozens of people shared picturesfor their handling of the case against the eccentric Dotcom; of their cards to show off a photo that has been printed onthe criticism stems from many areas, including the use of the card, either of themselves or the “stock” photo, such as inillegal search warrants in order to secure the evidence for one case of the Manchester United team. These photos alsothe case as well as their refusal to return non-infringing show the full card name and number, however.material to the Megaupload users. The Department ofJustice is still charging Dotcom with running what they callan “international organized criminal enterprise,” though at 2. Sharing Contact Numbersthis rate an actual trial is still a long way off.UKFast reveals top 10security failuresSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ukfast-reveals-top-10-security-failures/16575.html 11
  • 66. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneMany people share their new phone number on Facebook,and while this is bad enough, the “via Facebook for iPhone” 6. QR Codesnote shows hackers that the number belongs to a brandspanking new iPhone. All a hacker has to do is text the phonewith a malware-laced message. QR codes have grown big time with the boom in the3. Location Services smartphone market, but the lack of information surrounding them means that users could be putting their devices at risk. Flyers containing a QR code may provide access to a genuine app, a viral marketing campaign, or some malware waiting for the next victim. Often users are too quick to scan any barcode they encounter, without considering the possible threats.When users have location services enabled, their updates 7. Public Computersto Facebook, FourSquare, and other social media serviceswill tell all and sundry where the user is. This might seemharmless enough, but when one message tells people thatthey are at home, and the next tells people that they are awayon holidays for two weeks, the message would-be burglarssee is: “Here is my home address. It will be empty for thenext few weeks. Make yourself at home and try not to stealtoo much.”4. Password Stealing TricksMany free password strength checks are not designed totest the strength of your password, but rather the strength Clicking “Stay logged in” on a public computer is an obviousof your security awareness, as they often simply log the faux pas, but it is one many do largely from habit, leavingpasswords you enter and then employ them in all kinds their accounts exposed to the next individual who usesof criminal activity. Some people not only hand over their the computer. While many people will simply log out ofFacebook passwords in this manner – some do the same with an account they encounter, not everyone is so honourable.their bank account passwords. Users need to be extra cautious when accessing public computers, which include test products in stores, such as a display iPad.5. Reusing Passwords 8. Public Wi-Fi Public Wi-Fi is not secure, which means anyone can snoop on what users are doing. Certain high security things like online banking are best employed on a private Wi-Fi network. 9. DownloadsMany people still use just one password for all their onlineactivity, which means that if one account is compromised, allof the users accounts are vulnerable to attack. This is sucha common issue that it has been largely to blame for hugeattacks on email servers, with some peoples Hotmail beinghacked, only to give cybercriminals their password for theirGmail and Facebook accounts as well. Each different accountshould have its own separate and unique password. 12
  • 67. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneDownloads remain one of the most common sources of “The Find and Call app has been removed from the Appmalware, as many users download files, software and apps Store due to its unauthorised use of users address bookthat they know next to nothing about. Users should always data, a violation of App Store guidelines,” said Trudy Muller,be extremely cautious with downloads, ensuring they are spokesperson for Apple. The app has also been removedgenuine products from a genuine source, and that they from Google Play.actually instructed the download to begin.10. ShortlinksThe limited space on Twitter has led to a number of linkshorteners like Bit.ly coming on the scene. These providea valuable service, but they also help mask links, whichmeans a user has a harder time finding out if that link toa supposedly cute kitten is not directing them to malware.Twitters implementation of its own link shortener hashelped this issue somewhat, but users still need to be carefulwhen clicking shortened links.First iOS App Store malware Android has suffered with malicious apps for some time now, largely thanks to the openness of its platform, butdetected Apples closed approach to iOS has helped it evade disguisedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/first-ios-app-store-malware- malware until now, making this break in Apples securitydetected/16574.html particularly significant.July 9th, 2012 The developer of the app claims the spam messages are the result of a bug, which is being fixed, but that explanation is unlikely to wash with many people. Even if the incident is genuinely an error, the bad press alone suggests that Apple and Google will be hesitant to reinstate the app.The first malware on Apples iOS App Store has beendetected, marking the latest in a series of security problems Apples reputation for producing devices and software withfor the Cupertino, California-based company. high security has taken several knocks recently. A backdoorThe first malware on Apples iOS App Store has been in Mac OS X is being exploited to target activists, whiledetected, marking the latest in a series of security problems Apple itself has removed its security guarantee as it finds thefor the Cupertino, California-based company. popularity of its products drawing the eyes of more hackers, spammers and cybercriminals.Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab found a trojandisguised as a Russian-language app called Find and Callin both Apples App Store and Google Play, formerly theAndroid Market. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to launch in Sept with 5.5-inchOnce downloaded and installed, the malware grabs GPS Display & 13MP Cameracoordinates and steals the users address book, using Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-galaxy-note-2-to-launch-the emails and phone numbers to send spam messages, in-sept-with-5.5-inch-display--13mp-camera/16568.htmlrecommending friends try out the Find and Call application.Since it appears to come from a genuine user, more peopleget sucked into the malware scheme. 13
  • 68. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 9th, 2012 memo features. The new technologies including the sensor technology introduced to Galaxy S3 are said to be limited on Galaxy Note 2, however compatiblilty with other devices has been improved. Pantech, in second place behind Samsung in the SouthThis fall, Samsung plans to follow up its wildly successful Korean smartphone market, is planning to release a 5.3Galaxy Note and hopefully repeat the performance with inch quad-core smartphone with a capacitive screen thisits latest offering, the Galaxy Note 2. While most sources October.have pegged the release date as sometime in October, othersources have reported that Samsung will release the new As the demands for bigger screen smartphonesmodel in September in an effort to beat the new iPad to the increase smartphone makers are responding accordingly.street. Composing documents and playing games, the features that used to be exclusive to tablet PCs or laptops, are now arriving on big smartphones. Google denies Microsofts Android spam botnet claim Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-denies-microsoft-s-android- spam-botnet-claim/16572.html July 9th, 2012 Google has denied claims by Microsoft about the existence of an Android spam botnet, but security firms are not so sure.This fall, Samsung plans to follow up its wildly successful Google has denied claims by Microsoft about the existence ofGalaxy Note and hopefully repeat the performance with an Android spam botnet, but security firms are not so sure.its latest offering, the Galaxy Note 2. While most sourceshave pegged the release date as sometime in October, othersources have reported that Samsung will release the new Terry Zink, security engineer for Microsoft, blogged earliermodel in September in an effort to beat the new iPad to the this week about a possible threat, citing Android-specificstreet. email addresses and a “Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android” note at the bottom of the message.The latest "phablet" is said to sport a slightly larger 5.5 inchscreen, featuring a precursor to Samsungs flexible screen, Google said its investigation of the issue shows that Androidthe Unbreakable Plane. The new smartphone will come has not been compromised and that spammers operatingequipped with a quadcore processor and is rumored come from PCs are simply formatting their emails to make themwith 2 GB of memory and run the latest Android 4.1 Jelly look like they originate from Android smartphones, a tacticBean OS. An insider disclosed that "the camera resolution designed to help them evade spam filters. Google said thereof the new model is expected to be around 12-13 MP, a was no evidence of an Android botnet.considerable improvement over the 8MP of its predecessor,the Galaxy Note."Galaxy Note 2 boasts improved memo and document editingfeatures. After the introduction of the original Galaxy Note,Samsung offered various writing features including S Notethrough Premium Sweet Upgrade and the Galaxy Note 2 isanticipated to have professional writing features for severalspecialized fields.An insider has reported that the writing features supportedby Galaxy Note 2 will be further specialized into generalbusiness, design, and sales, each of which needs special 14
  • 69. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone a slow uptake in customer adoption of new 4G smartphones capable of taking advantage of the new network; most 4G rollout in the US has been centered on major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Across the Pacific, however, China Mobile has been working hard deploying its 4G TD-LTE network; while no phones yet exist to take advantage of this network for sale in China, the vice GM, Li Zhengmao, recently said that the phones would be coming to the market soon. One such phone is set to be available by the end of the year, with at least ten available by the middle of 2013 and more than 100 by 2014, including a 4G-capable version of Apple’s iPhone. This gives us the first hard deadline for the iPhone’s release in China, though there is a possibility that this timeframe will slip. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, or MIIT, has yet to approve of China Mobile’s plan. In fact, the MIIT has been slowing China Mobile’s 4G plans for some time, so there is a strong possibility that the iPhone could be delayed even longer.Google is not the only one questioning Microsofts claims.Kevin Mahaffey, head of security firm Lookout, said that his Even if the plan is approved of in its entirety, waiting twocompany had found security issues with the Yahoo! Mail years for a China Mobile-compatible iPhone is probably theapp and had advised Yahoo of the problem, suggesting there last thing their customers wanted to hear, but China Telecommight be a threat, but that it is related to a third-party app and China Unicom can breathe a collective sigh of relief; noand not Android itself. matter the new phone released by Apple, they won’t have to worry about fast 4G competition in China until 2014 at the soonest.However, Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor atSophos, said that there was some evidence that the spamcame from smartphones. He said that Sophos could not see Amazon Planning to Createthat the formatting had been faked, and some things, suchas email addresses owned to mobile operators, could not be Smartphone Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amazon-planning-to-create-altered. smartphone/16570.html July 9th, 2012Zink has since admitted that it is possible that the messageswere sent from PCs, with key elements faked to give theillusion of coming from smartphones, but that he believesit more likely that malware on Android has become moreprevalent, that this is motivating spammers to abuse theplatform, and that therefore the spam is being sent from anAndroid botnet. Reports have surfaced of Amazons ambitious plans to incorporate a smartphone into their line-up of inexpensive hardware tied into their digital marketplace.Image Credit: Tom-b It seems like Amazon isn’t done challenging Apple, as several sources have reported that Amazon is developingChina Mobile Announces 4G a smartphone to compete with Apple’s iPhone, along with other handheld devices running Google’s Android operatingenabled iPhone in 2014 system. It’s safe to assume that the phone would run on anSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/china-mobile-announces-4g- Amazon-branded version of the Android operating system,enabled-iphone-in-2014/16571.html similar to the operating system that runs their Kindle FireJuly 9th, 2012 tablet. Reportedly, Foxconn is working with Amazon on the device; Amazon is looking to acquire patents covering wireless technology as well, in order to help protect itself from patent litigation, such as the massive battle raging between Apple and Samsung. Originally Amazon had considered buying patents from InterDigital Inc., though those plans fellChina Mobile has announced, among plans for the through when the Pennsylvania-based company announcedexpansion of their 4G network, that Apple will be releasing in June that they would be selling the patents to Intel foran iPhone compatible with the new network by 2014. $375 million. Amazon is currently looking for new sellersWhile 4G service has been around for a while in the US, it from whom to purchase wireless technology patents.has seen a very limited roll-out due to the cost of placing new A smartphone would give Amazon a foothold in the growing,hardware across essentially an entire continent, along with lucrative handset market in which traditional manufacturers 15
  • 70. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneshipped 398.4 million units last quarter. Amazon took a Even though summer is in the full swing, its not thatstab at the tablet market as well with their release of the companies are taking their time off. According to ourKindle Fire, and a smartphone would help them bolster their sources, AMD is gearing up to launch the dual-GPU card,strategy of focusing on profits from digital books, songs, and illusive Radeon HD 7990 in the second half of July.movies. While sales of the Kindle Fire haven’t been as quick Known under the codename "New Zealand", Radeon HDas Amazon had hoped, it showed that the company could 7990 represents AMDs highest-end part from the Southernprovide solid hardware comparable to its competitors for Islands architecture. Consisting out of two Tahiti XT GPUscheaper than they could. If Amazon can continue this trend, and 6GB GDDR5 memory (special edition 7990s could reachwe might see a new line of cheap, sturdy smartphones tied 12GB), Radeon HD 7990 goes head to head against theinto Amazon’s massive library of digital goods soon. GeForce GTX 690. By default, AMD has the advantage in terms of 50% moreAcer founder recommends video memory (GTX 690 has 4GB), significantly higherMicrosoft stick to software memory bandwidth and the new Turbo mode, technology similar to the Turbo mode used on NVIDIA Kepler-basedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/acer-founder-recommends- cards with a few major differences.microsoft-stick-to-software/16569.htmlJuly 9th, 2012 Our sources are telling us that the boards are starting to be sampled, all in preparation for the product launch in the second half of July. We will release more details as the launch day approaches, as well as the final retail price, which still isn’t decided as we write this story. While we know AMDs press deck, the company has a long tradition of changing the price at the last moment.Acer founder, Stan Shih, has publicly expressed that At the same time, a lot of AMD partners are running the cardMicrosoft should stick with its core business—software. He in their labs but arent aware of the actual product launch.“recommends” that Microsoft should withdraw from the We will see in just a few weeks time.hardware market because it will have a negative impact onthe OEMs that are partnering with Microsoft.Acer founder, Stan Shih, has publicly expressed that All Your Data Belongs ToMicrosoft should stick with its core business—software. He Zuckerberg - Facebook“recommends” that Microsoft should withdraw from thehardware market because it will have a negative impact on Invests in Asian Underseathe OEMs that are partnering with Microsoft. Cable“I think Microsofts getting involved in the hardware Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/all-your-data-belongs-to-business is designed to promote its Win8 OS. But I sincerely zuckerberg--facebook-invests-in-asian-undersea-cable/16562.htmlrecommend they withdraw from the hardware market when July 9th, 2012they get what they want,” Shih said.Contrary to Shih’s belief that Microsoft’s entrance into thehardware market will hurt OEMs, Bill Gates believes thatOEMs and Microsoft can share an eco-system. Gateswants the Surface to eliminate boundaries between PCs and Facebook has announced that it, along with a consortium oftablets. other investors and firms, is investing into the developmentThe PC market has slowed down in recent years due to of the Asia Pacific Gateway, a new undersea cable that aimsincreasing consumer interests in tablets. Shih believes, to increase the speed, availability, and reliability of internethowever, that laptop PCs can remain competitive in the access in South and East Asia.personal computing sector—specifically for students. News has reached us of a new investment made by Facebook“For students, laptops with keyboards will still be the best into an Asian undersea cable project. Called the Asia Pacificchoice,” he said, pointing out that many current tablets lack Gateway (APG), the new cable is designed to improvea physical keyboard. internet speeds and availability for both consumers and businesses. The APG will run from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan, more than 10,000 kilometers, with branchesAMD Radeon HD 7990 Debuts leading to other countries along the route. A spokesmanas a Very Limited Edition in from Facebook said the investment would help support their efforts to boost membership in South Asia, which is alreadyJuly? one of their fastest growing markets. “Our investment inSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-radeon-hd-7990-debuts-as-a- this cable will help support our growth in South Asia,very-limited-edition-in-july-/16567.html making it possible for us to provide a better user experienceJuly 9th, 2012 for a greater number of Facebook users in countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore,” the spokesman said, although he declined to reveal how much the social networking giant had invested 16
  • 71. July 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonein the cable plan, only confirming that a group of investors(including Facebook) had invested a total of $450 million. Is a thinner Sony PlaystationThe construction and maintenance of the APG is being 3 on the way?funded by a group that includes two of the largest Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/is-a-thinner-sony-playstation-3-on-Chinese ISPs, China Telecom and China Unicom. The fiber the-way-/16564.htmloptic cable will allow faster upstream and downstream July 9th, 2012connections to North American servers. “This lowers ourdependencies on Singapore as the main gateway for internettraffic,” said the consortium’s chief executive, Saiful Husni.“We can now channel high volumes of this traffic on ournetwork with the lowest latency, directly to the US.” Inessence, by removing servers in Singapore as a gateway, Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC that seems to indicatethe latency drops as Internet signals have fewer servers and that a new model of PS3 is on the way.cables to go through before reaching North America. It appears that there may be a new model of PS3 on the horizon. Sony has a habit of redesigning their flagship console every few years, taking advantage of cheaper costs and new efficiencies in manufacturing. If history is anything to go by, the new model will be smaller and cheaper than current models; Sony released a compact, cheap version of the PlayStation 2 at the end of its lifecycle and it appears that they might be doing the same thing here for the PlayStation 3. Japanese site Pocket News is reporting that Sony has filed paperwork with the FCC, which a perusal of their site confirms, for a new model of the PS3; the model numbers listed in the paperwork are in the CECH-4000 range, as opposed to the current models, numbered CECH-3000. The pictures included with the filing don’t give any indication of size or capabilities, but there have been rumors of a thinner console on the horizon. This filing may indicate that those rumors were true; at the very least, we expect to hear something official from Sony soon.While Facebook’s growth in the US has shown signs of asharp slowdown according to a report in the Wall StreetJournal, a study by Nielsen suggested that the social networkwas booming in Asia, enjoying a rapid growth rate. Thestudy showed that Japanese-based visitors to Facebook hadskyrocketed to 17.2 million in May, more than doubling fromthe number of visitors at the beginning of the year. Thereport also indicated that South Korea was also enjoyinga similar boom, with room for even more growth in thecoming months. Despite this rapid growth, Facebook stilltrails behind Mixi in Japan and Cyworld in South Korea,both domestic social networks that benefit from havinglocal servers with faster, more reliable connections thanFacebook’s US-based servers.Other markets that Facebook could capitalize on with a morereliable Asian connection are India and the Philippines,both areas with a heavy presence on Facebook but patchyconnectivity. A faster, more reliable connection wouldbenefit both users and Facebook, as usability of the sitewould increase, making users’ interactions easier andleading to more users for Facebook.Facebook is not the first major internet company in theUS to invest in major internet infrastructure, however. In2008, Google announced that it would be investing in a$300 million undersea cable between Asia and the US calledUnity. It was completed in April of 2010, and provides atrans-Pacific link capable of transmitting up to 7.68 Tbit/s. 17
  • 72. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! 3.0, the PCI-Express Gen 4.0, is already underway. PCI- VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly Express 4.0 will be designed to further double bandwidth publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the over its predecessor. A single PCI-Express 4.0 lane will be geeks. able to push 16 GT/s. The SIG also touched on the concept of PCIe-attached storage, pointing out how PCIe add-on card storage devices such as SSDs and HBAs benefit fromPCI Local Bus Turns 20, PCI- processor-integrated PCI-Express 3.0 root complexes.Express 10, PCI-SIG Looks Addressing the issue of portability and proliferation to newer, smaller form-factors, the SIG talked about PCIeAhead OCuLink, a new cable-based standard (such as Thunderbolt,Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/pci-local-bus-turns-20-pci- USB), that lets two devices communicate with each otherexpress-10-pci-sig-looks-ahead/16624.html without a host-device hierarchy, with minimal protocolJuly 11th, 2012 overhead. The standard appears to be based on PCI- Express 3.0 x1, and offers 8 Gb/s bandwidth (single- lane). The connector is designed to support up to four PCIe lanes, resulting in a staggering 32 Gb/s bandwidth. The SIG touched briefly on upcoming standards such as next-generation form-factor thats part of the Mini CEMThe Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) Special Interest specification, and the SFF-8639, a connector standard thatGroup (SIG) celebrated 20 years of the PCI local bus, an I/ will become relevant with PCIe-attached storage devices.O technology in use by computers to this date. This is alsothe 10th year for PCI-Express interface, which drives mostof todays high-bandwidth computer devices. The SIG gave Researchers makeus a glymse of what lies ahead. breakthrough with phone-The Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) Special InterestGroup (SIG) celebrated 20 years of the PCI local bus, an I/O charging t-shirt Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/researchers-make-breakthrough-technology in use by computers to this date. This is also the with-phone-charging-t-shirt/16625.html10th year in market for PCI-Express interface, which drives July 11th, 2012most of todays high-bandwidth computer devices. The SIGgave us a glymse of what lies ahead. Researchers have created a t-shirt that can store electricity and be used to charge mobile phones and other portable devices. Researchers have created a t-shirt that can store electricity and be used to charge mobile phones and other portable devices. A duo at the University of South Carolina, Professor Xiaodong Li and researcher Lihong Bao, managed to convert a cheap t-shirt bought at a discount store into a wearable(Image Credit: Jonathan Zander) power source.The PCI-SIG notes that while the greater part of thepast 20 years posed challenges related to bandwidth, the The t-shirt was soaked in flouride, dried and then baked infuture adds newer ones, including compacting the PCI- an oxygen-free room at a high temperature, which changedExpress interface to newer, smaller form-factors, with the fabric from cellulose to activated carbon, withoutnewer electrical configurations. This leaves bandwidth damaging the flexibility of the material.(performance) and form-factors as the two factors the SIGhas to keep in mind, when drafting future standards.Addressing the issue of performance the SIG noted thatdevelopment of a succeeding standard to PCI-Express Gen 1
  • 73. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe result is that the fabric could be used as a capacitor,which can store an electrical charge. The outcome wasfurther enhanced by coating the fibres with manganeseoxide, resulting in what Li called a “stable, high-performingsupercapacitor.” It will also be open to rooting, which wont void the warranty, and the team behind it say “hackers welcome,” inviting hardware hackers to create their own peripherals.The professor said that when these are stacked togetherthey could be used to charge phones and tablet computers,making clothing that little bit more useful than it currently Supporters of the project have come out in force, pledgingis. anywhere from $10 to $10,000, with rewards for pledges ranging from reserved usernames and a copy of the console to developer goodies and dinner with the creators. AOf course, the potential downside is the unknown risks of whopping $2,925,677 has been pledged at the time ofwearing “charged” clothing. Electric shock is one possibility writing, and growing rapidly.that will need to be addressed, made even more problematicwhen considering what might happen if the fabric gets wet.If these concerns were addressed, however, we might be With the next-generation of consoles just around the cornerplugging into our t-shirts and jeans instead of the wall and such significant support for Ouya, we could see somesockets. major new competition in the market that the big three, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, may find difficult to match.Image Credit: University of South Carolina SteelSeries Ships Siberia V2Ouya console raises $3 Frost Blue Edition Gamingmillion and counting HeadsetSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ouya-console-raises-3-million-and- Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/steelseries-ships-siberia-v2-frost-counting/16623.html blue-edition-gaming-headset/16622.htmlJuly 11th, 2012 July 11th, 2012The Ouya $99 Android-powered gaming console has takena huge step towards reality with the raising of nearly $3 Mark another one to the plethora of Siberia V2 variations.million on Kickstarter in just over 24 hours. SteelSeries announced the retail availability of its Siberia V2 Frost Blue Edition USB gaming headset. The new variant isThe Ouya $99 Android-powered gaming console has taken characterized by a mostly-white body, with soft blue lightinga huge step towards reality with the raising of nearly $3 on its earcups.million on Kickstarter in just over 24 hours. Mark another one to the plethora of Siberia V2 variations. SteelSeries announced the retail availability of its Siberia V2The console, which will run on Android 4.0, will make Frost Blue Edition USB gaming headset. The new variantgaming incredibly affordable, not only because of its low is characterized by a mostly-white body, with frost blueinitial price, but because the games will all be free (though we lighting on its earcups.expect some kind of advertising or locked features to enticedevelopers to make games for this platform).The console will feature a Tegra3 quad-core processor, 1GBof RAM, 8GB of internal flash storage, Bluetooth, Wi-fi,HDMI, USB 2.0, and a wireless controller and touchpad. 2
  • 74. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 11th, 2012 Rovio, the developer behind the popular Angry Birds series, has released a trailer for its next game, Amazing Alex, which promises to bring more physics-based puzzles to mobile gamers. Rovio, the developer behind the popular Angry Birds series, has released a trailer for its next game, Amazing Alex, which promises to bring more physics-based puzzles to mobileThe Siberia V2 Frost Blue Edition is a medium-large size gamers.gaming headset with a native audio processing logic, whichconnects to the system over USB 2.0. The same connectionis used to power the illumination, made up of 16 LEDs (8 The game focuses on Alex, a kid who sets up variouson each earcup), which produce a "frost blue" glow. The contraptions with his toys, giving players over 100 levelsbrightness and illumination mode of these LEDs can be of physics puzzles that will make use of toy cars, footballs,configured by the SteelSeries Engine software, which is also balloons, and any piece of furniture in the vicinity.used to configure the USB DAC driving the headset. Another unique feature of the game is a level creator, which means gamers can expand the possible game experiences with 35 interactive objects, a number which is sure to grow over time. Player-created levels can also be shared online and Rovio is promising plenty of free updates. If the game is as well-crafted as Rovios bird-flinging pig- crushing antics the gaming world could be in for another puzzle phenomenon.The Siberia V2 uses a pair of 50 mm drivers with 18 Amazing Alex launches tomorrow, 12 July for the iPhone,Hz to 28 kHz frequency response, and 40 Ω impedance. iPad and Android devices.The microphone, which is retractable into the left earcup,features 50 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response, -38 dBsensitivity, and a uni-directional pickup pattern, backed by Scientists discover grapheneactive noise-cancellation. The USB cable extends to a totalof 3 m. heals itself Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/scientists-discover-graphene-heals- itself/16619.html July 11th, 2012 Scientists have discovered that the material graphene has the power to heal itself, opening up new possibilities for a number of future applications. Scientists have discovered that the material graphene has the power to heal itself, opening up new possibilities for a number of future applications.The Siberia V2 Frost Blue Edition USB headset bySteelSeries, is priced at US $119.99 (around S$150). The material is made up of carbon sheets that are just a singleAngry Birds developer shows atom in thickness, making them incredibly thin and very easy to damage. Yet their fragility also introduces a majortrailer for next game strength, the ability to self-repair.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/angry-birds-developer-shows-trailer-for-next-game/16621.html 3
  • 75. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe discovery was made by scientists at the University of replacements for Galaxy S3 smart phones because ofManchester and SuperStem Laboratory of the Engineering premature screen burn-in. The AMOLED screen, used inand Physical Sciences Research Council in Daresbury, both the popular Galaxy S3, is often susceptible to burn-inin the UK. The co-discoverer of the material, Nobel Prize or a permanent discoloration of particular areas of thewinner Konstantin Novoselov, was part of the research team. screen. Burn-in is generally caused by a combination of inconsistency in the material used to make the screen and the same image being shown shown on the screen for long periods of time, such as a splash screen or menu screen. For the past week or so, many Korean bloggers and community members have been hotly debating Samsungs recent denials of problems with the new AMOLED screens. The problem showed up almost immediately after Samsung introduced the AMOLED screen with the Galaxy S2. Screen burn-in was a frequent problem with the S2 and Samsung had to offer warranty repair of the screen or exchange of the defective unit with a new one. They apparently learnt their lesson with the Galaxy S3 and have solved the problem - not by rectifying the underlying problem but sneakily changing the product manual to avoid in-warranty repairs.Research on the flimsy sheets frequently produced holes, butthe scientists were shocked to find that nearby atoms would Samsung warns its users in the S3 product manual Do notsnap into place to repair the breach. It did not matter if these operate your device with a paused screen for a long time."were carbon, metal or hydrocarbon atoms – they all did the Further the manual states flatly "We are not responsible forjob at mending the material. However, pure carbon atom any problem arising from the said cause." This effectivelywould push metal atoms out of the way to create an even shifts the responsibility of screen burn-in to the consumer,more perfect repair job. disregarding any manufacturing or technology problem with the new screens, allowing Samsung to avoid any warranty replacements of the screens.“We know how to connect small strips of graphene, to drillit, to tailor it, to sculpt it, and it now seems we might beable to grow it back in a reasonably controlled way,” said Dr. The bigger problem lies in the fact that most customersQuentin Ramasse, co-author of the study, published in Nano do not pay much attention to the product manual beforeLetters. purchasing a new device and wont realize that Samsung is using this tactic to avoid replacement of defective units.It is not yet clear what this could be practically used for, butthe possibilities are endless, as self-repairing material couldbe in used in almost any field. Toshiba Releases AL13SE Series 10K RPM EnterpriseImage Credit: Quentin Ramasse HDDs Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/toshiba-releases-al13se-series-10k- rpm-enterprise-hdds/16618.htmlSamsung denies July 11th, 2012responsibility for Galaxy S3screen burn-inSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-denies-responsibility-for-galaxy-s3-screen-burn-in/16616.htmlJuly 11th, 2012 Toshiba launched the AL13SE series of enterprise hard drives, built in the 2.5-inch form-factor, with SAS 6 Gb/s interface. The drives come in capacities as high as 900 GB, and with spindle speeds of 10,500 RPM. Toshiba launched the AL13SE series of enterprise hard drives, built in the 2.5-inch form-factor, with SAS 6 Gb/sDisputes are arising over the recent discovery that Samsung interface. The drives come in capacities as high as 900 GB,is unwilling to take responsibility for warranty replacements and with spindle speeds of 10,500 RPM.for Galaxy S3 smart phones because of premature screenburn-in.Disputes are arising over the recent discovery thatSamsung is unwilling to take responsibiliity for warranty 4
  • 76. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe AL13SE series consists of four models based oncapacity, the 300 GB AL13SE300, 450 GB AL13SE450,600 GB AL13SE600, and 900 GB AL13SE900. All four Sonys new S-Series XQD cards will be available in 32models offer read/write seek times of 3.7 ms and 4.1 GB and 64 GB capacities, priced at US $260 and $460,ms, respectively. Although with a typical spindle speed of respectively. A media with 168 MB/s of bandwidth allows10,500 RPM, the drives feature Supported Enhanced Power professional photographers to capture approximately 108Condition State (SEPCS) technology, which lowers spindle frames in continuous shooting, in the RAW format. Thisspeed in tune with the amount of drive activity, to conserve would allow photographers covering fast-moving subjectspower. All four models pack 64 MB caches. (such as athletics, motorsport, wildlife in action, etc.,) theMeasuring 69.85 mm x 100.45 mm x 15.00 mm, (W x D x H), ability to pick the best shot from a wider range of shots.the drives weigh about 240 g, and feature typical power draw Higher bandwidth also benefits workflow, where on-siteof 4.7W. The company did not release performance numbers image processing time can be chopped. Data transfer isof its own, but recommended the use of 512 byte sector size. one of the most time-consuming parts of a photographers workflow.Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing at Toshiba’sStorage Products Business Unit, said "The AL13SE Series To let users take advantage of the S-Series XQD cardsprovides enterprise customers with capacities up to 900GB beyond their compatible imaging equipment, Sony alsothat support a broad range of enterprise applications,” launched two new devices a PC/Mac-compatible XQD cardadding “The increased performance and reliability of the reader (model MRW-E80) that uses USB 3.0 interfaceAL13SE reflect our collaboration with our key partners (USB 2.0 backwards compatible); and an ExpressCard 34-to deliver small form-factor hard disk drives that address compatible card reader (model QDA-EX1).market requirements for mission-critical storage.” Commenting on the launch, Viviano Cantu, Director of Consumer Media for Sony Electronics, said "ProfessionalSony Launches S-Series XQD photographers need to shorten their workflow - the time between shooting, processing and editing," adding "WithMemory Cards transfer times up to 30% faster than even the fastest CFSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-launches-s-series-xqd-memory- cards, the S Series gives new meaning to high-performancecards/16617.html digital image capture, more than conventional CF can offer,July 11th, 2012 for pro shooters and advanced photo enthusiasts." Man vs Machine - Biomechanical legs gets an upgrade Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/man-vs-machine--biomechanical-Sony launched what it touts to be the fastest memory card legs-gets-an-upgrade/16614.htmlever made. The S-Series memory cards from Sony conform July 11th, 2012to the XQD specification, and guarantee read/write speedsof 168 MB/s, a tiny bit faster than the fastest CompactFlashcard in the market.Sony launched what it touts to be the fastest memory cardever made. The S-Series memory cards from Sony conformto the XQD specification, and guarantee read/write speedsof 168 MB/s, a tiny bit faster than the fastest CompactFlash The human gait has been tuned over millions of years ofcard in the market. evolution to be as efficient as our anatomy allows. But technology is catching up, according to scientists in the United States. A pair of biomechanical legs that accurately recreates human locomotion has been developed by scientists at the University of Arizona. M. Anthony Lewis and Theresa Klein, researchers from the university’s Robotics and Neural Systems Laboratory, 5
  • 77. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonehave published their findings in the Journal of Neural July 11th, 2012Engineering revealing the development of a highlyadvanced pair of mechanical legs that are able to mimichuman walking in a “biologically accurate, energy-efficientmanner.” The legs are intended for researching how humanslearn to walk, but potential future applications includegiving the ability to walk back to patients with spinal-cordinjuries. Kingston Digital launched its newest line of secure USB flash drives, under the DataTraveler Locker+ G2 series.The scientists, of the university’s Department of Electrical The drives use USB 2.0 HiSpeed interface, and provideand Computer Engineering, claim their biomechanical legs some very mainstream transfer speeds, but provides nativeare the most advanced ever, and the first to accurately data encryption, and a cross-platform user authenticationreproduce human gait characteristics. system.The new legs can adjust for varying surfaces with the help of Kingston Digital launched its newest line of secure USBa small computer taking readings from load sensors in the flash drives, under the DataTraveler Locker+ G2 series.feet, allowing the legs to mimic the up and down movement The drives use USB 2.0 HiSpeed interface, and offerof human legs. some very mainstream transfer speeds, but provide nativeThe legs consist of a copy of the human hip, knee and ankle data encryption, and a cross-platform user authenticationcontrolled by nine “muscles”, which are in fact Kevlar straps system.that move up and down as required. The movements aredetermined by an electronic version of the central patterngenerator (CPG), a neural network in the base of the spinewhich is semi-autonomous from the brain. The CPG gathersinformation from the body and responds to the environmentaccordingly. This is why humans can walk without thinkingabout it.When the elements of the legs were combined with theelectronic CPG, the legs were able to move in much the same The Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 is available in fourway as a human. This was verified by comparing to data capacities, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB; and offers transfer-gathered in human studies, paying particular attention the rates as high as 10 MB/s reads with 5 MB/s writes, a trade-movement at the hip and knee. off for the drives native (hardware) data-encryption feature.While other bipedal robots, perhaps the most famous of The drive uses an auto-run user-authentication system thatswhich is Honda’s ASIMO, are able to walk, run and even password-based, and runs on both Windows and Mac OSclimb stairs, the energy required to do so is so great that X. The system sets a changeable master password on firstbattery life is a major limitation to their widespread use. use, which can then be used to grant access to all theThis design is claimed to be the first which does so without contents of the drive, or select contents, using account-basedusing vast expanses of energy. The implications of this could authentication. Up to 20 accounts, each having access toinclude legs that could walk all day without recharging. This select portions of the drives contents, can be created. Thewould obviously be a huge leap forward in the rehabilitation drive locks down and formats itself after 10 invalid loginof spinal cord injury victims. attempts.This development is an example of what Lewis calls Measuring 58.00 mm x 18.6 mm x 9.75 mm, the Kingston“soft robots, which can be used around human beings”, DataTraveler Locker+ G2 has an operating temperaturecontinuing that “conventional robots derive their heritage range of 0-60°C. It is built in the conventional cappedfrom industrial robots and they are very stiff – they wouldn’t form-factor, with a ruggedised metal body covering mostbe safe around grandma. So this is a step in that direction.” parts of the drive. Commenting on the launch, Andrew Ewing, Flash memory business manager, Kingston, saidWhere to from here? According to Lewis the next "Data security for consumers is simple and affordable withphase includes the addition of tactile sensors and vision the new DataTraveler Locker+ G2. The data encryptioncapabilities “so that if you stumble, the system will correct makes this the perfect USB drive to keep your informationitself and not fall over.” He went on to state that they have safe and out of strangers’ hands in case it ever gets lost."received interest in the legs from two major corporationsand that they “are currently looking at transferring this Backed by a 5-year warranty, the 4, 8, 16, and 32 gigabytetechnology to one of them.” variants of the Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 are priced at $18, $21, $37, and $82 (USD), respectively. Kingston also started a co-branding programme that allows businessesKingston Intros DataTraveler ordering in sizable quantities to have their company logosLocker+ G2 Secure Flash printed on the drives.DriveSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/kingston-intros-datatraveler-locker- Microsoft to release Windowsg2-secure-flash-drive/16612.html 8 in October Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-to-release-windows-8-in- october/16613.html 6
  • 78. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 11th, 2012 July 11th, 2012Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will release inOctober, with enterprise customers and hardware partners Samsung won its latest legal battle with Apple by being, ingetting access as early as August. the words of the judge, “not as cool,” a rare occasion whereMicrosoft has announced that Windows 8 will release in not being hip might actually be a good thing.October, with enterprise customers and hardware partners Samsung won its latest legal battle with Apple by being, ingetting access as early as August. the words of the judge, “not as cool,” a rare occasion where not being hip might actually be a good thing.The highly-anticipated next version of Windows will beavailable to manufacturers in the first week of August Judge Colin Birss ruled that Samsung was not guilty ofand early August for enterprise customers with Software infringing Apples patent for the design of the iPad becauseAssurance benefits. Samsungs Galaxy Tab designs produced a different effect.General availability will be by the end of October, which “They do not have the same understated and extrememeans Windows 8 and Windows RT computers will be simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,” Birssavailable to buy starting in October. Upgrades to Windows said. “They are not as cool. The overall impression produced8 will also be available then. is different.”The Windows 8 commerce platform will be turned on at thebeginning of August so developers can begin earning moneyfor their apps. The judge said that the tablets may seem similar whenThis news suggests Microsoft is well on track for a major viewed from the front, but there were significant differences,Christmas blitz of Windows 8 products, which should particularly with the “unusual details on the back.”include desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets. A whopping 231markets across the world will sell Windows 8, with 109different languages available. The two firms have been at each others throats for several years now after Apple originally accused Samsung of “blatantly copying” its designs. A series of tit-for-tatMicrosoft also announced that Windows 7 has passed the lawsuits in nearly a dozen different countries has resulted in630 million licences milestone, making it the best-selling temporary product bans, numerous appeals, and a generaloperating system of all time. The company will be hoping mockery being made of the patent system.to beat that figure with Windows 8, which has the addedadvantage of functionality for the booming tablet market. Samsung issued a statement saying: “Should Apple continueSamsung wins case against to make excessive legal claims in other countries based on such generic designs, innovation in the industry could beApple by being "not as cool" harmed and consumer choice unduly limited.”Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-wins-case-against-apple-by-being-not-as-cool-/16611.html 7
  • 79. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone RIMs CEO, Thorsten Heins, denied that the company is inRIM to sell corporate jet, trouble, but many analysts believe that even with BlackBerrythinks BlackBerry future not 10 the firm faces the real possibility of bankruptcy.so bleakSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rim-to-sell-corporate-jet-thinks-blackberry-future-not-so-bleak/16610.html Western Digital AnnouncesJuly 11th, 2012 WD Red HDDs for SOHO NAS Systems Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/western-digital-announces-wd-red- hdds-for-soho-nas-systems/16609.html July 11th, 2012Research In Motion (RIM) is to sell one of its corporate jetsin order to raise much-needed funds, while the company hasalso suggested that the delay of BlackBerry 10 might not besuch a bad thing after all.Research In Motion (RIM) is to sell one of its corporate jetsin order to raise much-needed funds, while the company has Western Digitals family of consumer hard drives has a newalso suggested that the delay of BlackBerry 10 might not be member after Blue (balanced), Green (low power), and Blacksuch a bad thing after all. (high performance); the WD Red. The new line of consumer SATA hard drives are designed to fill the vaccum betweenThe Canadian smartphone maker may get between $6 WDs cost-effective consumer hard drives, and expensivemillion and $7 million for one of its two corporate jets, which enterprise hard drives.holds nine people. The firm will keep its 14-passanger jet, Western Digitals family of consumer hard drives has abut it looks like upper management might be flying in less new member after Blue (balanced), Green (low power),style in the future as RIM tries to save $1 billion in operating and Black (high performance); the WD Red. The new linecosts this year alone. of consumer SATA hard drives are designed to fill the vaccum between WDs cost-effective consumer hard drives, and expensive enterprise hard drives. Western DigitalWith heavy cuts being made and analysts fearing the worst is specifically targeting SOHO (small/home office) NASfor the companys success, RIMs new marketing chief, (network-attached storage) systems, with up to five driveFrank Boulben, was remarkably upbeat about the recently bays. Such NAS devices are usually in the desktop form-announced delay of BlackBerry 10, which many saw as the factor, while those with more bays are usually in the rack-potential saviour of the company. mount form-factors, and target larger businesses. The WD Red is designed to offer durability comparable to enterprise segment SATA hard drives. For starters, they are designed for 24x7 operation, with energy efficiency. Think of them as a refined, durable version of WD Green. Since“The short delay is not detrimental if the quality is there performance of NAS devices, particularly SOHO NAS, arewhen we launch early next year,” Boulben told Reuters. limited by local network bandwidth (usually 1 GbE), the“We will have much more attention and focus and ability to design focus of WD Red appears to be reliability, more thanleverage our carriers.” performance.Of course, Boulbens job is to make the company look good,so it is not entirely surprising that he is putting a positivespin on things. The “short” delay is from late 2012 to early2013, missing out on the lucrative Christmas period, and thecompany may not be able to wait that long if things continueto decline. 8
  • 80. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone that could accelerate its fabs acquiring 450 mm wafer manufacturing capabilities. Wafers with 450 mm diameter reduce manufacturing costs, and work to increase yields. Intel initially committed an investment of approximately $1 billion to ASMLs research and development programs that are developing new technologies for 450 mm wafer manufacturing (bigger wafers), and extreme ultraviolet or EUV silicon lithography (smoother transition to finer silicon fabrication processes). The investment could accelerate the two R&D programs by as much as 2 years. Intel also announced purchase 10 percent shares ofThe WD Red hard drives are built in the 3.5-inch ASML issued before the transation, for roughly $2.1 billion.form-factor, with SATA 6 Gb/s interface. The lineup The company committed to purchasing another 5 percentinitially includes three models, the 1 TB WD10EFRX, 2 (at $1.05 billion). Together, the share purchase and R&DTB WD20EFRX, and 3 TB WD30EFRX. All three models investments total up to $4.1 billion.feature 64 MB caches. Western Digital did not mentiona specific spindle speed, and marked it as "IntelliPower." Phase Phase 2 EUV TotalOne would find a similar rating for WD Green, which have 1 450-mm Lithographysub-5900 RPM spindle speeds that vary between 5400-5900 LithographyRPM, depending on the disk activity. R&D €553 million Incremental €829 million Investment in (~$680 €276 million (~$1.0 ASML million) over (~$340 billion) over 5 5 years million) over years 5 years Equity €1.7 billion (~ Incremental €2.5 billion (~ Investment in $2.1 billion), €838 million $3.1 billion) ASML 10 percent (~$1.0 15 percent of pre- billion), of post- transaction 5 percent transaction shares of post- sharesA USP of the WD Red is NASware, a combination of transactiontechnologies that make the drives fit for NAS. These include sharesimproved durability for 24x7 operation, error-recoverycontrols that make the drives better suited for RAID, Total €2.2 billion €1.1 billion (~ €3.3 billion (~improved technical support from WD, and tested support for (~$2.7 $1.4 billion) $4.1 billion)NAS devices. Western Digital will be working with a variety billion)of NAS device manufacturers to ensure compatibility with Status Pending Pendingtheir upcoming products. regulatory regulatory approval and ASMLAvailable through select distribution channels, the 1 TB, 2 shareholderTB, and 3 TB variants of WD Red hard drives will be priced approvalsat US $109, US $139, and US $189, respectively. The two companies will close the transactions after due regulatory approvals, and shareholder vote. Intels seniorIntel Buys 15% Stake in vice president and COO, Brian Krzanich, said "Productivity improvements driven by enhanced wafer manufacturingASML to Speed up Fab technologies, especially larger silicon wafers and enhancedMachines Development lithography technologies with EUV are direct enablers of Moores Law, which delivers significant economic benefitsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-buys-15-stake-in-asml-to- to consumers," adding "The transition from one wafer sizespeed-up-fab-machines-development/16608.html to the next has historically delivered a 30 to 40 percentJuly 11th, 2012 reduction in die cost and we expect the shift from todays standard 300-mm wafers to larger 450-mm wafers to offer similar benefits. The faster we do this, the sooner we can gain the benefit of productivity improvements, which creates tremendous value for customers and shareholders." What does this mean to consumers? Intel is makingIntel just committed to spending $4.1 billion, to grab a an all-out effort to ensure it doesnt hit a fab process15% stake in ASML Holding NV, a company that specializes roadblock to keep its tick-tock CPU development cyclein equipment for semiconductor foundries. The company going. Technologies like 450 mm wafers are important toparticularly values this purchase as it is in the process of re- maintain acceptable yields, as complexities of chips riseequipping its fabs to let them dole out bigger semiconductor exponentially, every few generations. The advancements inwafers, improving yields and cutting manufacturing costs. EUV lithography technology, on the other hand, will enable chips with finer transistors and circuits.In its latest press release, Intel announced acquisitionof a 15 percent stake in ASML Holdings NV, a move 9
  • 81. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThis 21.5" Android 4.0"tablet", from Japanese OEMKouziro, doubles as a 1080pmonitorSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/this-21.5-android-4.0-tablet--from-japanese-oem-kouziro-doubles-as-a-1080p-monitor/16607.htmlJuly 11th, 2012Your typical 10" tablet too small for your tastes? Trythe SmartDisplay FT103, a 21.5" Android 4.0 tablet fromJapanese computer maker Kouziro that can also be used as a1080p full-HD display (via micro-HDMI). It does, however,have some serious shortcomings - find out what after thejump.First of all, although all of the verbiage detailing KouzirosSmartDisplay FT103 describes it as a "tablet", there is really The touchscreen, as with most around this size, uses opticalnothing portable about this device. With dimensions of imaging technology (cameras at the edges of the screen512.8(W) x24.8(D) x353(H)mm and a weight of roughly 5 detect shadows that form when you press on the touchpanel)kilograms, for all intents and purposes this is practically an that supports up to two points of contact at once.Android all-in-one "PC". In their press release, Kouziro did not address if the touch capabilities would be useable while in monitor mode. The fine print at the companys webstore, however, clearly says that touch is not supported when used as a display. This is rather unfortunate, given that the FT103 comes with two USB2.0 ports - hook the device up to your Windows PC via HDMI and USB, and all you really need are some compatible drivers for the functionality to work. Rounding up the Android 4.0 devices features are 802.11g/ n WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, ethernet port, headphone jack and stereo speakers.To that end, the makers deemed it fit not to include anaccelerometer or even a battery. The FT103s AC adapterneeds to be plugged in at all times for it to operate. The Kouziro SmartDisplay FT103 is available in Japan starting today, direct from Frontier, the PC makers webstore.Powered by a Texas Instrument dual-core OMAP 4428processor (1GHz maximum clock speed) with 1GB ofLPDDR2 memory and 8GB of on-board storage (expandablevia SDHC, up to 32GB), the SmartDisplay FT103 isnt exactly Thermaltake Outs BigTypthe fastest Android around either, which is a shame givenKouziros asking price of 34,800 yen (US$438). And thats Revo Top-Flow CPU Coolerwithout a 3G antenna, too - not that you need one, since the Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/thermaltake-outs-bigtyp-revo-top-FT103 is not designed to be carried around. flow-cpu-cooler/16606.html July 11th, 2012Still, the device packs enough horsepower to handle most ofthe apps youll find available on the Google Play market.Its key selling point is a 21.5", 1920x1080 full-HD TFT LCDtouchscreen, and the fact that it can be used as an external Thermaltake is looking to cash in on the PC enthusiastmonitor. Brightness is rated at 250 cd/m2, contrast ratio communitys newfound love for high-end top-flow (down-1000:1, and response time at 5ms. 10
  • 82. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonedraft) CPU coolers. The company rolled out the BigTyp Revo, July 11th, 2012a large C-type CPU cooler, along the lines of Noctua NH-C14. Astronomers in Australia have confirmed a remarkableThermaltake is looking to cash in on the PC enthusiast discovery: the first known “middleweight” black hole.communitys newfound love for high-end top-flow (down- Researchers from Australia, France, Britain and the Uniteddraft) CPU coolers. The company rolled out the BigTyp Revo, States worked together to refine estimates of the size of thea large C-type CPU cooler, along the lines of Noctua NH-C14. black hole, whose existence was first published in Nature in 2009. Prior to this find, the only black holes that were confirmed to exist were so called “stellar mass” back holes, up to 30 solar masses, or 30 times the mass of the Sun, and supermassive black holes with masses in the region of a million to a billion solar masses. The black hole, named HLX-1, or “hyper-luminous X-ray source 1”, is located about 300 million light years away inMeasuring 148 x 141 x 105 mm, excluding the 120 x 120 x a galaxy called ESO 243-49 and falls in between the two25 mm fan, the BigTyp Revo is a medium-large sized CPU previously known categories in terms of mass, at aroundcooler. Its design consists of a CPU base, where five 6 mm- 20000 solar masses.thick copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU,conveying heat to a large aluminum fin stack that is arranged The research team was led by Dr Sean Farrell from thealong the plane of the motherboard. The heatsink is then School of Physics at the University of Sydney. Explainingventilated by a military green coloured 120 mm fan, which the discovery, Dr Farrell said “black holes are areas wheresupports PWM control, and spins at speeds of 800-1,800 the matter is so densely squeezed into a small space,RPM. Other components, such as CPU VRM, and memory that it makes gravity pull strongly enough to stop lightcan be cooled under the air-flow of this fan. from escaping” and “black holes change state from a high luminosity to a low luminosity X-ray state, and back again. As they change state they release jets of superfast moving plasma which can be measured by the radio waves emitted.” Using the Australian Telescope Compact Array and NASA’s Swift satellite, the team analysed radio emissions during two state transitions of HLX-1 in September and December of 2010, and August 2011. They found that it exhibited the same radio activity shown by black holes when they change state.The Thermaltake BigTyp Revo fan can push up to 85.16 In the words of Dr Emil Lenc, “we know that when blackCFM of air, with a noise level as low as 20 dBA. The holes suck in gas they create X-rays, but there’s a sort offan draws power from a 4-pin PWM fan header. Its rated reflux, with the region around the black hole shooting outlife time is 30,000 hours. The BigTyp Revo is designed to jets of high energy particle that hit gas around the black holeshandle thermal loads of up to 160W, meaning most kinds and generate radio waves. So what we tend to see is the X-of CPUs, with moderate on-air overclocking. Most current ray emission and then, a day or two or even a few days later,CPU socket types are supported, including Intel sockets the source flares up in radio waves.” As HLX-1 changes state,LGA2011, LGA1155/1156, LGA1366, LGA775; AMD sockets it undergoes this “transient jet ejection”.AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2, and FM2/FM1. By examining the radio emissions released by HLX-1, the team were able to calculate its size. Dr Farrell said “we’ve been able to refine our estimate of how big HLX-1 is to be around 9 x 103 times the size of our sun and 9 x 104 times the size of our sun.” “It’s further proof that HLX-1 is indeed sized as an intermediate mass black hole.” AMD Does a NegativeThermaltake did not reveal pricing of the BigTyp Revo, Preannounce of its Secondalthough we expect it to be around US $50, if not more. Quarter Results Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-does-a-negative-preannounce-Astronomers Confirm First of-its-second-quarter-results/16604.html"Middleweight" Black Hole July 11th, 2012DiscoveredSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/astronomers-confirm-first-middleweight-black-hole-discovered/16602.html 11
  • 83. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWhen the news aint good, the best thing you can do is When Microsoft surprised the whole world by unveiling itsto divide the bad news into multiple segments, and thats Surface tablet in an event in Los Angeles, the company putexactly what AMD did with its pre-announce of weaker- an accent on its innovative aluminum-magnesium chassis.than-expected quarterly results. Now, it seems that the chassis Microsoft insisted on is bringing more trouble than the company anticipated.Next week will bring us the second quarter earningsfrom players such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft and others. According to a report at DigiTimes, there are troublesomeJust a week after Microsoft announced its "non-cash rumors spreading from the sources very close to theaccounting charge", which will drag down the profit of the manufacturing well where all those Intel and NVIDIAcompany, AMD went through what is called "a negative pre- powered Surfaces are supposed to come from. As we allannounce". know, while it is all candy dandy when western companies announce their products, but given that theyre producingThe company announced that the revenue for the second their wares in Far East, it is only logical where the (bad)quarter (April 1st to June 30th) decreased by around 11% news will come from. During the said press conference,from the first quarter results. When we take the first quarter Microsofts Steven Sinofsky talked a great deal how theresults into account ($1.59B), it looks like AMD will hover company produced the thinnest chassis in the world, usingaround $1.41 billion mark, without any indication of profit MegVapor technology, baking magnesium at ultra-highor loss. Previously, the company stated that they expect to temperatures.see a 3% increase, which means the revenue dropped by asmuch as 14%. What happened for such a dramatic drop?The company quoted the following: "The lower preliminaryrevenue results are primarily due to business conditionsthat materialized late in the second quarter, specifically Unlike its competitors, such as Apples methodology for thesofter-than-expected channel sales in China and Europe as iPads aluminum case, it might be that Microsoft "overdonewell as a weaker consumer buying environment impacting it" in terms of mass production. According to sources inthe companys Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) the know, MegVapor technology suffers from lower yieldsbusiness." and producing five million cases will not be as easy as the company originally planned.Given that AMD is very sensitive to the consumer markets,the problematic economy in China and Europe took a big Microsoft pulled a lot of extra weight in terms of creatingtoll on the company. Good news is that AMD decreased its its first computer e.g. tablet PC, but the lack of experienceinternal spending to just 605 million dollars, meaning there is obviously costing the company a great deal. First sacrificeis around 800 million dollar revenue that could or wont was to quit on the idea of launching the Windows RT andcover for losses. One thing is certain, though. AMD needs to Windows 8 Pro versions together (Intel version will onlystart investing in new business opportunities, otherwise the follow in 3-4 months after the release of NVIDIA-poweredcompany risks to continue being under the pressure as chip version).manufacturer, instead of being a solutions provider. To us, this looks like typical Microsoft behavior, underestimating the engineering and manufacturing effortWar of the Tablets - Microsoft that takes place in creation of every product. For example, even though many engineers think of iPad as an AppleSurface production troubles product, one of Silicon Valleys dirty secrets is a little knownand iPad origins matter of who created the first iPad. Unlike the official stories which get repeated over and over, the first iPad wasSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/war-of-the-tablets--microsoft- created almost five years before Apple launched the product,surface-production-troubles-and-ipad-origins/16601.html in a project which was backed by a large semiconductorJuly 11th, 2012 player that wanted to have a signature product for their newly-acquired ARM division from Intel. Thus, the company went in and spend couple of million dollars, lets say six - to have a small team of people create the complete hardware product, coupled with a Linux version of operating system that ran on ARM core. Fortunately for Apple, and very unfortunately for the said company - management wasnt 12
  • 84. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemarvelous as the name of the company would imply andtheyve canned the project. Coming soon: LargerThose people left the project, got employed by Apple. Fast storage densities thanks toforward a couple of years, and there we have the late SteveJobs with a tablet in his hand. Thus, one might think that Ferroelectric NanomaterialMicrosoft learned on mistakes of the past, but the company breakthroughis acting more like Marvell, and less like Apple… who got Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/coming-soon-larger-storage-almost the finished product in their hands (and still took 4 densities-thanks-to-ferroelectric-nanomaterial-breakthrough/16590.htmladditional years to develop). July 11th, 2012Somehow, we believe that Microsoft will have to join Boeing,its neighbor in the State of Washington and put a tightcontrol over its supply chain. Boeing suffered a three yeardelay and a manufacturing catastrophe with outsourcingand offshoring key components of Boeing 787 Dreamlinerand who knows, Microsoft just may be forced to do thesame with its new supply chain. Because no matter what Electron holography has allowed Brookhaven scientists tocolumnists of reputable publications write, to manage a observe nanomaterials at the atomic level. This discoveryhardware supply chain... its a whole new ballgame called may pave the way for a new generation of storage devices.physics. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have captured images of the electricCorsair Accelerator 30GB fields created by exotic ferroelectric nanomaterials with picometre precision. This trillionth of a metre resolution isCaching SSD Review crucial for understanding these materials. To achieve thisSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/corsair-accelerator-30gb-caching- they made use of a technique called electron holography onssd-review/16603.html two particular ferroelectrics, insulating barium titanate andJuly 11th, 2012 semiconducting germanium telluride. These materials were engineered at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Brookhaven physicist Yimei Zhu said of this, “this kind of detail is just amazing – for the first time ever we can actually see the positions of atoms and link them to local ferroelectricity in nanoparticles. This kind of fundamental One of this year’s most popular system upgrades is the insight is not only a technical milestone, but it also opens upinstallation of a caching SSD, mainly due to their low cost new kinds of engineering possibilities.”and trouble-free installation. There are many approaches Ferroelectrics are related to the better knownwhich manufacturers take when designing a caching SSD; ferromagnetics, which are found in everything from toyothers opt for maximum performance, others strive for magnets to computer hard drives. Ferromagnetic materialsbalance and others aim for the best possible value. Today have magnetic dipole moments, meaning they always orientwe will have a look at a device which falls into the last of towards north or south. On a large scale, these dipolethe three design categories, the Corsair Accelerator 30GB moments align and we observe magnetisation as attractionCaching SSD. The 30GB version of the Accelerator drive can and repulsion. With an external magnetic field, the dipolebe found selling for as low as 60 USD but can the small drive can be switched, allowing the material to be altered. Thisreally provide a noteworthy performance boost? We will find is the basis of modern storage media, as the flipping ofout in this review. individual dipoles is analogous to the ones and zeroes in aOne of this year’s most popular system upgrades is the computer’s binary language. This enables the material to beinstallation of a caching SSD, mainly due to their low cost “written” onto, and, as these materials retain their memoryand trouble-free installation. There are many approaches even when turned off, they are fundamental in our modern,which manufacturers take when designing a caching SSD; computer based world.others opt for maximum performance, others strive for Ferroelectrics also have a dipole moment, but with a positivebalance and others aim for the best possible value. Today or negative electric charge, rather than a magnetic charge.we will have a look at a device which falls into the last of The polarisation of these ferroelectrics can be altered withthe three design categories, the Corsair Accelerator 30GB the application of an external electric field in the same wayCaching SSD. The 30GB version of the Accelerator drive can that the magnetisation of ferromagnetics can be flipped withbe found selling for as low as 60 USD but can the small drive a magnetic field. This characteristic of the ferromagneticreally provide a noteworthy performance boost? We will find materials is due to a subatomic asymmetry, which wasout in this review. imaged by the Brookhaven scientists. One major possibility is a new generation of compact, high capacity storage devices. While on the surface ferroelectric devices may seem very similar to the analogous ferromagnetic devices, they have much greater potential for data manipulation. Like ferromagnetics they are non- volatile, but, according to Zhu, “ferroelectric materials can retain information on a much smaller scale and with 13
  • 85. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonehigher density than ferromagnetics. We’re looking at moving with Huawei, the Western SI vendors better beware. Afterfrom micrometres down to nanometres. And that’s really all, they themselves killed off their only advantage - theirexciting, because we now know that on the nano scale each own CPUs like Alpha or MIPS or HP-PA - to be leftparticle can become its own bit of information.” In the essentially as large scale Intel or AMD system integrators.words of Brookhaven’s Myung-Geun Han, “ferroelectrics At that point, price and little tweaks, plus support, becomecould ramp up memory density and store an unparalleled the only differentiators, and the Chinese can do it justmultiple terabytes of information on just one square inch of as well, if not better. After all, for over a decade, evenelectronics.” IBMs main PC server server design solution, integration and manufacturing facility for Asia Pacific was right inThe next challenge is scaling up individual ferroelectric Shenzhen. The staff must have learned a lot during all thosenanoparticles into useful devices. The key to this is in years, before many of them moved to the local big vendors,understanding how tightly they can be packed without including Huawei...compromising their individual polarisations. This is vitalbecause ferroelectrics require some space between them tooperate effectively. The work done by the Brookhaven teamwith electron holography will instrumental in determining 2013 Haswell Mobile CPUhow this can be achieved. Lineup - Power Sippers to GuzzlersHuawei moves into Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/2013-haswell-mobile-cpu-lineup--supercomputing (too) power-sippers-to-guzzlers/16597.html July 11th, 2012Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/huawei-moves-into-supercomputing-too-/16600.htmlJuly 11th, 2012The Shenzhen giant company which, as its proponents willrepeat, started without any government help - although,of course, it is well linked with it today - is, in line with One may think that the Ivy Bridge 17W Ultrabook bins powertheir next IBM strategy we unveiled here some months ago, consumption is a great feat, but it may pale to next yearwidening its reach. 22nm Haswells 15 watts TDP - including the PCH chipset in the same CPU package! What happens then if you want a bitGeographically, they pretty much covered the Earth, and more performance at a bit more TDP? The answer is...their componentry are bound to go beyond this planet too,in Chinese space missions. Target market wise, the telecoms ... well, nothing! Haswell (Shark Bay platform) will,(both consumer and enterprise related) markets are covered according to the well informed sources, bring in a muchas well, with CPUs and systems markets now under the sharper TDP range distinction, even in the mobile markets.assault. So, above the coveted - and a big focus for Intel anyway - UltraBook domain, there will be a huge chasm above.The newest arena Huawei is entering is at the very top:supercomputers. Why bother, when it rarely makes money? Haswell Ultrabook ULV parts, codenamed Lynx Point LP, allWell, Huawei management, according to our sources, thinks being dual core but offering a choice of one to three graphicshigh performance computing can make money, and not just units, are expected to be all budgeted at 15W TDP for thein China. There is enough differentiation to make the designs whole dual die package, including the CPU and the PCH, theblades and other nodes more HPC optimised, both CPU and old South Bridge. Now, thats something of an advantagememory performance wise, and then use Huawei network over the 17W plus a few watts for a chipset in the current Ivyand interconnect expertise to improve on the inter-system Bridge. You save both on power and on the board space, yetconnection efficiency, where even the Infiniband leaves a lot gain quite a bit of performance, especially in graphics, doingto be wanted. away the need for a power sucking discreet GPU.Huawei, according to our high level sources, already got asubstantial system portion of some of the upcoming ultralarge systems in China, including what would likely be theworlds first 100 Petaflop supercomputer in a years time, atleast five times as fast as the just unveiled fastest US systemtwo weeks ago. This includes the node board design andrack infrastructure, among others. Of course, more of thesame will follow, both above and below that performancethreshold - some of it likely with Chinese - even Huaweisown - CPUs.Since supercomputers are a costly and tough to earn moneymarket with even tougher customer support for most genericvendors like HP or Dell, itll be interesting how Huaweiwill handle the challenges of high performance computing What happens if you either want to go up in performance,marketing, sales, integration and support. If the past is or want to save some bucks (for heavens sake UltraBooksanything to go by, looking how Cisco fared trying to compete 14
  • 86. July 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneshould not cost more than MBAs) and go for standard formatnotebook? Well, youll have to change the socket and andthe TDP. The chipset will not then be in the CPU packageanymore, but youll have a flexibility to choose between twoand four CPU cores. The power envelope? In the first case,37W TDP, and in the second case, 47W TDP. Wow, quite adifference when it comes to cooling and battery life...Of course, we havent covered yet the top end, with fourcores, GT3 graphics and that something extra L4 cacheon a separate die in the CPU package, linked over a widebackside bus. Here we talk about 57W TDP, of course for avery powerful desktop replacement device.The impact? After the migration to Haswell, the massiveTDP distinction between different parts will impact eventhe formats, with ever thinner and lighter UltraBooks onone side, and constant-weight heavy mainstream stuff onthe other. Of course, the uber enthusiast 18-inch or somonster gamer notebooks will also be there for the 57Wparts, driving - hopefully - 4K-quality 16:10 screens atacceptable framerates with those GPUs by then. After all,if todays Apple Mac 15-inch can deliver 2880x1800, whycant a future 18-inch Haswell notebook bring in 3840x2400display? It surely wont take more juice than the CPU drivingit... 15
  • 87. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! than colorably different the specified product and VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly infringes U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the (emphasis added). geeks. As the italicized language provides, the order applies not only to the named Samsung entities, butApple demands retailers also to anyone “acting in concert” with them. Apple thus believes that the order extends to you becauseto cease selling Samsung you may be selling, offering to sell, or importingGalaxy Nexus Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-demands-retailers-to-cease- Please comply with the order by ceasingselling-samsung-galaxy-nexus/16657.html immediately to engage in any of the specified actsJuly 14th, 2012 (e.g., importing, offering to sell, or selling within the United States) in connection with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and any product that is no more than colorably different from it and infringes the ‘604 patent. At a minimum, Apple believes compliance with the Courter’s order requires immediately removing for sale the Galaxy Nexus from allApple recently sent out various emails demanding retailers physical and online venues under your direction orto cease the act of “importing, offering to sell, or selling control.within the United States,” the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It appears that Apple is hell bent on closing down all avenues Apparently, Apple assumes that it’s justifiable to go after of Galaxy Nexus distribution in the United States. Samsungretailers that affiliate themselves with Samsung. may have the pocket to support the legal battles againstApple recently sent out various emails demanding retailers Apple, but the small time retailers may not.to cease the act of “importing, offering to sell, or selling Retailers that have strong ties with Apple such as Wal-Martwithin the United States,” the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. and Best Buy may consider compliance, but there are still Apparently, Apple assumes that it’s justifiable to go after others that may not follow through with Apple’s request.retailers that affiliate themselves with Samsung.The following email was sent to one such retailer: First Unreal Engine 4 Re: Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., et al. United States District Court, Northern District of Game is PC Exclusive, Tim California, Case No. C-12-00630 (LHK) Burtonesque "Fortnite" We represent Apple Inc. in the above-referenced Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/first-unreal-engine-4-game-is-pc- action. exclusive-tim-burtonesque-fortnite-/16655.html July 14th, 2012 We enclose a copy of the June 29 preliminary injunction order entered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in this case together with a copy of Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,086,604 (the “604 patent”). With the posting of the requisite bond, the order is now in effect. With the Comic-Con in full swing in downtown San Diego, The order provides as follows: the time has come for Epic Games to unveil the first title For the foregoing reasons, Apple’s motion based on the fourth generation of its ultra-successful Unreal for a preliminary injunction is GRANTED. Engine. To us, the announced title looks like something Accordingly, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; produced by Tim Burton. Fortnite only goes to show just how Samsung Electronics America, Inc.; and Samsung flexible UE4 is. Telecommunications America, LLC; its officers, E3 came and went, but besides the long awaited public directors, partners, agents, servants, employees, announcement of Unreal Engine 4 - we did not see much attorneys, subsidiaries, and those acting in concert from Epic Games. In the week marked by Comic-Con with any of them, are enjoined from making, using, Conference 2012 which is taking place in San Diego, CA, Epic offering to sell, or selling within the United States, Games hosted a panel with Tanya Jessen and Cliff Bleszinski or importing into the United States Samsung’s discussing the first UE4 game. Titled Fortnite, it looks like it Galaxy Nexus and any products that is no more came straight from Tim Burtons animated movies. 1
  • 88. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone shadow buffers to capture the first ray bouncing off in the scene. Knowing Epic, this game will be quite an amazing gameplay experience. As far as engine goes, we might want to add - its looking to be an epic one (pun intended). Intels Next-Gen Atom Processors to Only Arrive End of 2013 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-s-next-gen-atom-processors-to- only-arrive-end-of-2013/16629.htmlFirst and foremost, the title is PC-exclusive, since no console July 14th, 2012is capable of handling the graphics demands of the brandnew UE4 engine. This title is no kiddy game, though.According to Tanya (producer), Fortnite is a "co-op sandboxsurvival game". Behind the scenes, Intel is trying to raise uncertainty around its competitors in the mobile field which have as crushing share as Intel has on the PC market. However, with continuous delays of their next-gen hardware, one must ask is "Intels manufacturing advantage" really all that? Over the course of last couple of weeks, the author of these lines traveled 38,000 miles back and forth between three continents and the amount of information received sometimes leaves a person analyzing for week or so - where the shift in the industry actually is.Coming in 2013, this game utilizes DirectX 11 engine toits full extent, so dont expect to see the game running on Quite a good example is the comparison between fourDirectX 9 or DX10 capable hardware. This is as next-gen as it recently held conferences - NVIDIAs GPU Technologycan get, so better get those DirectX 11 APUs and GPUs ready Conference, AMD Fusion Developer Summit, Freescalefor an adult bonanza in a world which can only be described Technology Forum and Qualcomm UPLINQ. However,as a combination of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and there was one common thread between all four mentioned"Corpse Bride". conferences - where is Intel, what are they doing with their mobile lineup, have you seen their reference phones etc.When it comes to the features of Unreal Engine 4, it featuresa completely new digital pipeline which enables artists to go Given that we have a tendency for demanding meat ratherfrom demos such as Samaritan to cartoony style animation, than listening to lovely FUD stories, we started digging toall using one workflow. Naturally, all the workflow in the see where is Intel hiding its Valleyview SoC processors whichworld wont help you if the engine itself would not be a threaten to "unleash the power of Intels manufacturing"work of art. One good example just how advanced UE4 is and all other typical marketing stereotypical statements.a quote from Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games and When we spoke with sources within Intel last year, we werelead developer of Unreal Engine 4: told that their true mobile attack will come in 2012. When Mobile World Congress ended in February, we were told that"Global Illumination refers to the calculation of light the full out attack will start on the next MWC (Februarybouncing around a scene. GI is responsible for many of the 25-28th, 2013). According to the latest roadmaps, that targetsubtle shading effects and ambience we see in real-world is becoming more and more distant, with Valleyview SoCenvironments, as well as glossy and metallic reflections. and the corresponding BayTrail platform wont see the lightIntroducing real-time Global Illumination into Unreal of day before the end of 2013, with the proper rollout ofEngine 4 is the biggest breakthrough in lighting since respective products (mobile phones, tablets, microservers)Unreal Engine 1 introduced real-time Direct Illumination during 2014.in 1995."In order to enable Global Illumination (you can see GI atwork in the second screenshot), the company developednew technique called SVOGI, which stands for Sparse VoxelOctree Global Illumination. UE4 is able to maintain the real-time octree data structure encoding all visible direct lightemitters in the scene in multiple resolutions. This way theauthors created a scalable effect which can go from high-end graphics processors to a more mainstream environment.Best part of SVOGI is that Epic did not went to requesta feature-set in new graphics processors, rather utilized 2
  • 89. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone In fact, based on our sources, the physical Socket 2011 format and pin number will be the most widely adopted one across all high end product ranges, from single socket high end enthusiast PCs like those using the Core i7 3960X today and its Ivy Bridge follow-ons later, to all the dual processor Xeon E5 workstations and servers now and in 2013, and all the quad processor and beyond Xeon E7 platforms, from the upcoming Ivy Bridge EX to its socket-compatible follow ons Haswell EX and, sometime in 2015 or 2016, 14 nm Broadwell EX. And, you may have seen from my old friend Charlie Demerjian at SemiAccurate that the (likely early 2014) Haswell EP dual socket Xeon E5 v3 will also keep theOn paper, the whole platform looks promising. We have physical Socket 2011 format, just a very different pinout.Bay Trail-T and Valleyview-T for mobile phones (untilthen, youre stuck with Oak Trail-based Atom Z6xx Obviously, even with the same socket and pin number,processors) which will support LPDDR3 memory from Day the pinouts would differ - in the EX series, there will be1. Valleyview-T will be available in quad-core format as well, more QPI links, at least three, and the memory interfacewhich means that by Q4 2013 both Qualcomm and TI need will be to the external dual-channel buffers rather thanto have their processors candy-dandy, given the lead from directly to the DIMMs. Since the Haswell EX and beyondHiSilicon, NVIDIA and Samsung. are confirmed to support DDR4 memory, dont be surprised to see some sort of unofficial DDR4 support even in theirThe only problem is that taking a look at competitors predecessor, the Ivy Bridge EX, less than a year from now - atroadmaps, they seem to be more than ready for least for validation purposes. Of course, that would requirecontinuously-delayed "Intel chips that will change the clocking the memory controller much higher, up from 1600world". Ultimately, Intel plans to utilize its 22nm fabs to to 2666MHz JEDEC standard speed level, but then, Intel hasthe full extent, with the future migration to 14nm, but the just enabled that memory controller speed in the Ivy Bridgemobile platform is looking to lag one process node behind EX anyway for the lockstep mode functionality. Therefore,the traditional desktop/notebook/server processors. The if keeping the same speed, but using the future externalofficial line is that the company still prepares 22nm mobile DDR4 memory buffer, you possibly could test DDR4-2666node, but that node slipped deep into the 2013 and as we all memory enablement on that CPU too.know, you can buy 22nm processors from Intel… today.All in all, the company has a lot of work on its plate and while The key take is that, seemingly, Intel accepted the Socketyou can never discard Intels size and the will to put billions 2011 format as sufficiently versatile to manage the physicalof dollars (if needed be) to get their products right. But format and cooling issues for the near future at one go - withfor now, Valleyviews main competitor will be custom 64- high TDP parts coming on all high end fronts, having thebit ARM architectures such as Project Denver from NVIDIA unified socket platform for thermal validation will help a lotand Qualcomm, as well as 64-bit ARM processing cores with heatsink, board space and other issues that come along.from HiSilicon, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Marvell and So, the users and peripheral vendors alike have a reasoncountless others. Furthermore, AMD will have their first to cheer up, as their highly valued cooling solutions andgeneration of hybrid x86 + ARM + GPU processors. enclosures should stay relevant quite a bit longer...Love the smell of napalm in the morning. AMD cuts prices on the highSocket 2011 to become the end GPUs - in preparation fordominant Intel high end the dual GPU HD 7990?physical format even on Xeon Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-cuts-prices-on-the-high-end- gpus--in-preparation-for-the-dual-gpu-hd-7990-/16654.htmlEX - but different pin-outs, of July 14th, 2012courseSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/socket-2011-to-become-the-dominant-intel-high-end-physical-format-even-on-xeon-ex--but-different-pin-outs-of-course/16633.htmlJuly 14th, 2012 The sped-up HD 7970 GHz edition came out last month to knock down the GTX 680 from the gaming performance throne. Now, and before another top level announcement, the rest of the high end line up received price adjustments to further attack Nvidia gamers holdout.With all the confusion of different little sockets on the Three weeks ago, the 1050 MHz - in perpetually switcheddesktop end of the story, from LGA1156 to 1155 to, next year, on Turbo mode - HD 7970 GHz edition officially broke1150, will Intel do the same to its high end? The answer is - through the 4 TFLOPs FP per GPU - or any other kind ofno, at least till 2014. Even the 4-socket and above Xeon E7 processor - barrier, and also, with sped up GPU, memory andfamilies will follow suit. drivers - dethroned the Nvidia GTX 680 from the gaming 3
  • 90. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneperformance leadership. While now we await the dual GPU have the OS pre-installed), can be purchased in the storeHD 7990 offering to handle the Nvidia GTX 690, AMD is as "Full Retail" or "OEM" packages, or bought in bulk viatargeting the rest of the high end gamers by reducing the Microsofts various volume licensing programmes. ThoseMSRP prices on the rest of the high end line up as of Monday already with licenses of older versions of Windows canJuly 16th. typically buy "Upgrade" licenses. While "Full Retail" is the package intended for sale to consumers who want full copies of the various variants of Windows, these consumers typically end up buying the significantly cheaper "OEM" version, which is intended for purchase and installation by system integrators. The OEM version is supposed to be sold with hardware, but as far as most retailers are concerned, its not cast in stone. The only differences between the two are superficial (better product presentation and slightly better aftersales support for the "Full Retail" package), and cease to matter once the operating system is up and running. Microsoft wants to change this. According to Thurrott and Foley, there will be three ways in which consumers can get their hands on a Windows 8 license: buy devices that have it pre-installed; upgrade their existing Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 installations using Upgrade copies; or buy what will come toThe AMD Radeon HD 7970 will come down to $429 be known as "System Builder" copy.USD, and the AMD Radeon HD 7950 will be available The System Builder copy, as Thurrott and Foley describe,for $349 USD. Both will be bundled with the Three-for- is similar to todays OEM copies, except that its EULA (endFree promotion, getting three free DirectX® 11 games user license agreement) could allow people to purchase itfor free (a $100 value) with the purchase of any AMD standalone (or with components to build new PCs with),Radeon™ HD 7900 Series product. One key benefit here and install it without needing to be "system integrators."is, of course, getting 3 GB of graphics memory that the The move could simplify the forms in which the operatingcompetition doesnt have, for play at maximum resolutions system will be made available to the public, on the web, andor details. Also, the more mainstream AMD Radeon HD through retail stores. How the move impacts pricing is a7870 GHz Edition will now be available for $299 USD, totally different issue, something well learn more about asinclusive of a free copy of DiRT Showdown (a $50 value). we inch closer to the October 2012 (tentative) launch of theWith this move, the standard GTX 670/680 cards will feel operating system.increased pressure, as well as the impending GTX 660 nextmonth, but the real icing on the cake would be the earlylaunch of Sea Islands at the year end, before Nvidia can bringin the big die GK110 into consumer cards. Apacer Outs SAFD 25A Series Enterprise SSDsMicrosoft Scrapping Retail Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apacer-outs-safd-25a-series-Boxes of Windows 8 in Favour enterprise-ssds/16652.html July 14th, 2012of System Builder Package?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-scrapping-retail-boxes-of-windows-8-in-favour-of-system-builder-package-/16653.htmlJuly 14th, 2012 Apacer launched its newest line of enterprise/industrial SSDs, the SAFD 25A series. Built in the 2.5-inch form-factor with SATA 6 Gb/s interface, the SSDs come in variants with SLC and MLC NAND flash memory. Apacer launched its newest line of enterprise/industrialFull retail copies of Windows could become a thing of the SSDs, the SAFD25A series. Built in the 2.5-inch form-factorpast with Windows 8. According to Windows Weekly co- with SATA 6 Gb/s interface, the SSDs come in variants withhosts, Redmond plans to make the new operating system SLC and MLC NAND flash memory.available in fewer kinds of packages.Full retail copies of Windows could become a thing of thepast with Windows 8. According to Windows Weekly co-hosts Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, Redmond plans tomake the new operating system available in fewer kindsof packages. A license to use Windows is either sold bycomputer manufacturers (on desktops and notebooks that 4
  • 91. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The Kontron KTT30/mITX makes use of an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core (4 + 1 power-saving core) SoC. Its four CPU cores are built in the ARM Cortex-A9 micro-architecture, and are clocked at 900 MHz. It features NVIDIA GeForce ULP GPU. The GPU is capable enough to handle 3D acceleration, 1080p video playback, and an LVDS link with 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution. The GPU also provides h.264, MPEG4 hardware encoding/decoding acceleration. The Tegra 3 SoC is backed by up to 2 GB of DDR3L system memory (RAM). The KTT30/mITX is filled to the brim with connectivity. For expansion, the board has a total of three mPCIe slots, of which one doubles up as mSATA, and another one as reserved for 3G HSDPA MODEM. The board has a SIM cardThe SAFD25A SSDs from Apacer are designed for enterprise slot on-board. Apart from the three, the board has two SDenvironments with demanding data-transaction loads, or card slots, and a bootable eMMC module.large amounts of "hot-data" (data thats frequently accessed, There are a plethora of peripheral interfaces, some moresuch as a database). The company did not reveal what is familiar to the PC crowd, others with embedded/COMthe make of its controller, but specified some performance designers. PC users will find a total of three USB 2.0numbers on its end: up to 475 MB/s reads, up to 360 MB/s ports (two standard type A, one micro-USB), a gigabitwrites, up to 50,000 IOPS random access performance. Ethernet interface, stereo analog and multi-channel digitalWhile the SAFD25A packs single-level cell (SLC) NAND (SPDIF) audio outputs, and HDMI 1.4a display outputflash memory, Apacer also has a cost-effective multi- supporting digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels.level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory-based variant, Embedded connectivity includes two RS232 (8-wire serial/the SAFD25A-M. There is just one capacity option for the COM), LVDS display output supporting up to 2048 x 1536two - 512 GB. pixels @ 18 bpp, three MIPI connectors (1x DSI, 1x CSI, 1x either DSI or CSI), eighteen GPIO connectors, a 2-pin DCKontron Designs Tegra 3 power input, and 4-pin PWM fan output. The KTT30/mITX has a target power draw of less than 7Mini-ITX Motherboard Watts, it should be able to run off a fairly light and compactSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/kontron-designs-tegra-3-mini-itx- AC adapter. It should be able to drive most Linux derivativesmotherboard/16651.html for the ARM machine architecture, including Android andJuly 14th, 2012 Chrome OS. Find finer details in the datasheet. Microsoft unveils Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-unveils-halo-4-xbox-360-Computer-on-module (COM) and industrial PC (IPC) major bundle/16649.htmlKontron designed the first NVIDIA Tegra 3 motherboard in July 14th, 2012the mini-ITX (slim) form-factor. The board measures 17 x 17cm, and should fit in most ITX/ATX cases.Computer-on-module (COM) and industrial PC (IPC) majorKontron designed the first NVIDIA Tegra 3 motherboard inthe mini-ITX (slim) form-factor. The board measures 17 x Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Halo 4 themed Xbox17 cm, and should fit in most ITX/ATX cases. The board 360 bundle, with a copy of the standard edition of the gameis armed with most current and legacy connectivity, and a and a 320GB console.powerful SoC. Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Halo 4 themed Xbox 360 bundle, with a copy of the standard edition of the game and a 320GB console. The bundle was briefly available for pre-order on Microsofts online store with a price tag of $399.99, but was pulled soon after media outlets reported on it, suggesting it may have been put up earlier than planned. The bundle features a very cool Halo-skinned console and two matching controllers. The console features LEDs and even makes different sounds when turned on and when the disc drive opens. It also comes with the standard Xbox 360 headset and, of course, the game itself. 5
  • 92. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone is drawn from Molex connectors, and a 40 mm fan ventilates the whole enclosure.Those who are not enamoured by the aesthetics might stillfork out for this bundle for the exclusive Halo 4 content itoffers, including a unique armour skin, unique weapon skin,unique emblem, matching avatar armour and unique avatarprop. Looks simple enough? The three drive bays of the Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB come with detachable caddies, the drives (HDDs, SSDs, optical drives) have to be installedIt is not clear how many units will be available, but the manually, and the process isnt exactly tool-free:“limited edition” tag suggests theres a set number on offer,which will likely be whipped up over the Christmas holidays.Halo 4 launches on 6 November.Icy Dock Intros Unique Dual2.5" + Slimline Bay InternalEnclosureSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/icy-dock-intros-unique-dual-2.5--slimline-bay-internal-enclosure/16647.html The Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB is made almost entirely ofJuly 14th, 2012 metal. The front bezel, the body cover, and the hot-swap bay lids are made of SECC steel with matte black powder- coating. Each bay has its own activity LED. The enclosure could be a life-saver for those with slim form-factor (SFF) cases that ship with just one 5.25-inch drive bay, and have limited number of other bays.Icy Dock unveiled its newest enclosure, the MB994IPO-3SB.It is designed to reorganize a 5.25-inch drive bay into two2.5-inch hot-swap bays with SAS/SATA backplanes, and aslimline optical disc drive bay. Somebody likes bentos.Icy Dock unveiled its newest enclosure, the MB994IPO-3SB.It is designed to reorganize a 5.25-inch drive bay into two2.5-inch hot-swap bays with SAS/SATA backplanes, and aslimline optical disc drive bay. Somebody likes bentos. The Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB is slated for market release on 31st July. Its price is still under the wraps. Assassins Creed III delayed for PC, next games will go further back in time Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/assassin-s-creed-iii-delayed-for-pc-The design concept behind Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB is next-games-will-go-further-back-in-time/16648.htmlpainstakingly simple: use one to convert a 5.25-inch drivebay in your system into three bays: two 2.5-inch hot-swapSAS/SATA, and a slimline (notebook) optical drive. Thethree bays are wired out directly from behind, where power 6
  • 93. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 14th, 2012Assassins Creed III has been delayed for the PC, while futureinstalments of the popular game series will go further backin time rather than continue their gradual shift towards thepresent day.Assassins Creed III has been delayed for the PC, while futureinstalments of the popular game series will go further backin time rather than continue their gradual shift towards thepresent day.Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director at Ubisoft, delivered thebad news that the third title will not launch on 30 Octoberon the PC, but the console version appears to be unaffected.Hutchinson did promise that the game will be out in time forChristmas, however, and that the delay wont be long, so wecan probably expect it out by the end of November.As for future games, Hutchinson told a Comic-Con panel:“I dont think well necessarily always go forward, or weredooming ourselves to run out of history.” Updates: According to GameSpy, the game is still on for October 30th release. Ubisoft PR just contacted us to let us know that the PC version of Assassins Creed 3 is still "coming out on October 30, day and date with the console versions." Joystiq, who we sourced in our initial post, has updated their story as well. So apparently Alex Hutchinson, who is the creative lead on Assassins Creed 3, simply misspoke at the Comic- Con panel yesterday. Im still pretty skeptical aboutThe first game dealt with the Crusades in the 12th Century, AC3 making that release date on the grounds thatthe second covered the Renaissance in the 15th Century, history is not on Ubisofts side. Nearly every PCand the upcoming third game deals with the American version of a multi-platform Ubisoft game has metRevolution in the 18th Century. If this trend continued with some sort delay, most recently Ghost Recon:then players would only have a small period of time left to Future Soldier and Rayman: Origins. Its hard forplay in, with modern history making for a less convincing me to believe that Assassins Creed 3 is going toplayground for the Templar versus Assasins storyline. break from that unfortunate tradition.Hutchinsons comments suggest the studio is alreadylooking at other time periods for future titles. There is a lot Billionaire Richard Bransonof potential over the course of history and once the games to be first tourist in 2013break the existing sequence the possibility of jumping backand forward to other iconic periods opens up. space voyage Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/billionaire-richard-branson-to-be- first-tourist-in-2013-space-voyage/16646.html 7
  • 94. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 14th, 2012 Digg sells for just $500,000 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/digg-sells-for- just-500-000/16645.html July 14th, 2012Billionaire Sir Richard Branson is to be first amonghundreds of people to travel 60 miles into space in the 2013maiden voyage of the Virgin Galactic programme.Billionaire Sir Richard Branson is to be first amonghundreds of people to travel 60 miles into space in the 2013maiden voyage of the Virgin Galactic programme. Digg, once one of the internets biggest social content voting sites, has been sold for a measly $500,000, highlighting the intense competition in the field.529 people have already booked their holidays for late 2013,but they wont want to be “in the Sun” for this once in a Digg, once one of the internets biggest social content votinglifetime trip, worth $200,000 per ticket. Only 528 people sites, has been sold for a measly $500,000, highlighting thehave been in space since the first mission of Yuri Gagarin intense competition in the field.in 1961, making this a ground-breaking achievement ifsuccessful. Betaworks nabbed the website for the bargain sum, promising to turn it into a cloud-based platform, adding toThe SpaceShipTwo, or SS2, spacecraft will be launched by its existing offerings, which include Bitly, SocialFlow andthe WhiteKnightTwo aircraft into space. Six people can Bloglovin.be flown at a time, making for plenty of flights, with 80successful test launches to date. “Over the last few months, weve considered many options of where Digg could go, and frankly many of them could not live up to the reason Digg was invented in the first place -- to discover the best stuff on the web,” said Matt Williams, CEO of Digg. “We wanted to find a way to take Digg back to its startup roots.”Branson and his children, Holly and Sam, will be the first toboldly go where only a handful of people have gone before.Celebrities and the rich are all lining up for the gravity-defying experience, with those confirmed on the listincluding Sarah Brightman, Bryan Singer, and Stephen Diggs fate was pretty much sealed after most of its staffHawking. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumoured to be left to join Social Code in May, leaving the company withamong the number, and Branson hopes to sell 700 tickets in a skeletal crew on which to operate. The low sale valuetotal by the time of the first flight, a figure that should easily reflects what little Digg now has to offer, both in termsbe achieved. of skilled engineers and a once popular, now quiet social content network.The budding astronauts will required a week of trainingbefore their flight. In addition to the incredible sights from Digg was established by Kevin Rose in 2004, long beforespace, they will also be able to experience the weightlessness most of todays popular social media sites even existed,of zero gravity. allowing users to "digg" stories and content they liked and "bury" stuff they didnt. Its glory days are long gone, however, largely replaced by rival firms like Reddit, not to 8
  • 95. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemention the tweeting of Twitter, +1ing of Google+, and for online forum users to have similar (and sometimes,liking of Facebook. identical) user names and passwords for multiple websites. If you have an NVIDIA forums account, and you think your VR-Zone forums login details are similar or identical, we recommend that you change your password on our forums,NVIDIA Forums Hacked, User immediately.Data CompromisedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-forums-hacked-user-data-compromised/16644.html ASUS Maximus V Extreme isJuly 14th, 2012 a Time Machine - Pause and Un-Pause Benchmark Runs! Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-maximus-v-extreme-is-a-time- machine--pause-and-un-pause-benchmark-runs-/16643.html July 14th, 2012Late Thursday, NVIDIA deactivated its user forums(forums.nvidia.com) on the company website, citing securityreasons. According to the company, a security breach wasdiscovered. Critical user data may have been compromised.Late Thursday, NVIDIA deactivated its user forums Imagine having the ability to pause a prolonged WR(forums.nvidia.com) on the company website, citing security benchmark attempt halfway and walk off for a smoke/snack,reasons. According to the company, a security breach carrying on where you left off later. The latest beta BIOSwas discovered (the forums website was hacked). Critical update for the Maximus V Extreme does just that, whichuser data may have been compromised (stolen). Even as is a godsend for hungry or breathless extreme overclockersinvestigations into the breach are underway, the company around the world.ascertained that the hackers gained access to user data suchas user names, hashed passwords along with random salt Imagine having the ability to pause a prolonged WRvalue, e-mail addresses of the users, and contents of the benchmark attempt halfway and walk off for a smoke/"About Me" field. snack, carrying on where you left off later. The latest beta BIOS update for the Maximus V Extreme (our own reviewThe forum passwords, according to NVIDIA, are not stored coming soon) does just that, which is a godsend to hungry orin plain text, but in a hashed form. Passwords in this form, breathless extreme overclockers around the world.along with random salt values, could have been accessed.Along with user names and passwords, the hackers also Procedure (OCKey must be installed):gained access to the registration e-mail addresses of the CTL + F1 = Pauseusers. These addresses are typically used by forum software CTL + F1 = Unpauseto send administrative messages (about registration status, If reboot during a pause phase, shutdown and use OCKey toprivate messages, friendship requests, infractions, and unpause and turn on again to make sure it boots properlybans), and for password recovery. without being paused. This latest development on the Maximus V Extreme comes after a host of other innovations on the recently released motherboard which includes Subzero Sense (integrated thermometer with subzero support) and VGA Power Control (i2c access to control voltage and OCP/LLC settings). We will update this section again after we ask ASUS engineers about how this time machine works. Samsung doesnt want you to use their smartphones... sort of Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-doesn-t-want-you-to-use- their-smartphones...-sort-of/16641.html July 14th, 2012NVIDIA will likely enforce a password (and possiblyregistration e-mail address) change once the forums areback online. The company also strongly recommended thatpeople with similar login details on other forum websites,change their passwords and relevant info. To avoid havingto remember multiple login details, it is common practice 9
  • 96. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The Galaxy S3 has been under heavy scrutiny recently. a cell phone near or inside a heater, a microwave or anySome people have claimed that Samsung was deliberately cooking equipment, or a high pressure container and Dotrying to avoid its warranty obligations regarding screen not let children or pets lick or bite a cell phone or its battery.burn-in problems by sneaking in new disclaimers. We The latest reported blow-up of Galaxy S3 was because abring to you some other common scenarios where Samsung customer heated the phone near a microwave.doesnt want you to use their phones.The manual is a link between a company and its customers. An insider source explained that "warnings in manuals are It is where all the product use and warranty information to suggest or advise rules and insights that users shouldis found. Although lots of paper manuals are disappearing, observe in ordinary environments rather than companiescompanies are beginning provide electronic versions. They trying to evade any responsibilities," and also added thatalso usually have legal teams to go through and include "unless one purposely and unreasonably messes up awarnings in an effort to prevent anything that could harm product, any user will receive proper warranty services."customers or the companies. Puremate announces 3D protective screen film for Galaxy S3 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/puremate-announces-3d-protective- screen-film-for-galaxy-s3/16638.html July 14th, 2012The following phrase or one like it is always included ina mobile phone product manual: Be cautious using cell Puremate, a protective case maker based in South Koreaphone while walking or moving. However, it is rather has released a 3D fit screen protective film for Galaxy S3contradictory to warn against using cell phone while moving recently. The unique feature of the new Puremate screenbecause cell phone is basically a mobile phone (phone thats protector is that it fits the curvature of the screen perfectly,been designed for mobility!) covering the entire screen. It provides the screen complete protection from any damage. The Puremate 3D fit screenThe reason why this warning has been appearing in manuals protector is the first to be developed in the world using onlyis that more and more customers who have been injured South Korean technologies.in accidents while using a mobile phone have begun suing Puremate, a protective case maker based in South Koreathe mobile phone manufacturers. Similar to the infamous has released a 3D fit screen protective film for Galaxy S3Mcdonalds hot coffee warning, the reason behind ruling recently. The unique feature of the new Puremate screenwhen customers win these lawsuits is usually the lack of protector is that it fits the curvature of the screen perfectly,clarity or information in manuals. Companies have been covering the entire screen. It provides the screen completeforced to include even the most obvious warnings in their protection from any damage. The Puremate 3D fit screenproduct manuals to avoid costly judgments against them. protector is the first to be developed in the world using only South Korean technologies.The warning about recently popular burn-in problem isincluded in the manual because of that reason as well. TheAMOLED display is what Samsung has been employingsince Galaxy S. Ordinary users do not typically experiencescreen burn-in because they occur when a user leaves apaused screen turned on for a long time or lets a screendisplay the same images repeatedly. For any burn-in tooccur because of the reasons mentioned above, a user wouldhave to turn on the screen for a long time on purpose. Buteven before any screen burn-in happens, a phone wouldlikely be out of power.In the past year, however, customers requesting productexchanges due to broken displays drastically increased.After noticing this increase Samsung began to include thewarning about improper usage causing screen burn-in.Similar warnings in the product manual include Do not put 10
  • 97. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWhile screen protectors have previously been available, until makes use of an algorithm to extract useful informationnow protective films only covered a partial area of Galaxy from the data gathered. According to NeuroVigil’s website,S3 screen due to its contour. Galaxy S3 users who wanted “the iBrain is a miniature electronics box attached to a lighta screen protector that covered the entire screen had to and flexible elastic head harness and electrodes that canresort to a flexible urethane film and attaching it with an effortlessly be applied to the head during sleep.” It has aadhesive spray. Although a urethane film offers flexibility rechargeable battery and USB port for data transfer.and complete coverage, it is susceptible to a yellowing effect In a preliminary test of the iBrain’s capabilities, the devicewhen it is exposed to sun for a long time. Urethane films can was fitted to Hawking’s head and he was asked to “imaginealso cause a failure in the device if the liquid adhesive seeps that he was scrunching his right hand into a ball.” While hisinto the device while applying the film. With no adhesive body has long lost the ability to do this, his motor cortexliquids required by the new Puremate screen protector, this can still generate electrical waves in his brain. The deviceis no longer a danger. was able to identify which movement he was imagining byThe optical properties of the new screen protector are monitoring this electrical activity.excellent, allowing at least 93% light transmittance, not The dream is that this technology will enable Hawkingcompromising the vivid visuals of the Galaxy S3 HD Super and others to communicate by using their thoughts andAMOLED screen. The film is currently patent pending. imagination to instruct a computer to generate words on their behalf.Mind Reader: Stephen Low presented this work on July 8 at the Francis CrickHawking Tries Out The iBrain Memorial Conference in Cambridge, UK. The topic of the conference was “Consciousness in humans and non-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mind-reader-stephen-hawking-tries- human animals.” NeuroVigil has gained publicity through itsout-the-ibrain/16642.html association with Hawking, but Low stresses that theJuly 14th, 2012 technology has been developed for everybody. He states that the “mind-mapping” performed by the iBrain is not limited to this particular communication application, but has so many potential uses that Low funded the startup on his own, refusing offers of venture capital. “I knew that if they funded us they would want to concentrateStephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientific minds of our only on one specific use for the device,” he said. “I didn’t paytime, has long relied on technology to communicate. Now he myself for three years. I wanted to build a better telescope –is trialling a device that may one day convert his thoughts one that could be pointed all around the universe.”directly into speech. With his motorised wheelchair and distinctive computerStephen Hawking suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, voice, Stephen Hawking is one of the most iconic figuresalso know as motor neuron disease. This disease involves the in modern science. He is the author of A Brief History ofprogressive weakening and atrophy of muscles. It leads to an Time, which has sold over 10 million copies since its initialinability to move independently and difficulty with speaking, publication in 1988.swallowing and breathing. The 70 year old has been confinedto a wheelchair for decades and a computer speaks for him.In spite of this, he has made a number of important advances Steam deep discount salesin modern cosmology and found time to author a number of hurt developerpopular science books. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/steam-deep-discount-sales-hurt-Since losing his speech in the 1980s, Hawking “speaks” by developer/16637.htmlusing a series of cheek twitches to select words on a screen. July 14th, 2012However, this is a slow process, and as he loses control of hischeek, the need to find another way is becoming more andmore important. In a recent interview with Games Industry, head of EA’s Origin, David DeMartini says that Steam sales are hurting developer by “cheapening” the image and branding of the products. In a recent interview with Games Industry, head of EA’s Origin, David DeMartini says that Steam sales are hurting developer and partners by “cheapening” the image and branding of the products. When asked whether or not Origin will offer the same type of “deep discount” sales like Steam, DeMartini said no. HeEnter Philip Low: founder, chairman and CEO of healthcare believes that developers have poured incredible amount ofcompany NeuroVigil. Low’s device, called the iBrain, records time and resources into their product should be rewardedbrain activity from a single point on the scalp. The device with fair pricings, and therefore the games should not be sold like it’s a “going-out-of-business sales.” 11
  • 98. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone“We wont be doing that. Obviously they think its the rightthing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it The hackers claim that this act was done to demonstratecheapens your intellectual property. I know both sides of it, Yahoos lack of security, not as a threat. It does raiseI understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, questions about Yahoos approach to user data, as accountthat is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of details should always be encrypted, regardless of where theystuff at a low price. The gamemakers work incredibly hard are stored or how secure one believes the servers to be.to make this intellectual property, and were not trying tobe Target. Were trying to be Nordstrom. When I say that, Imean good value - were trying to give you a fair price point, D33DS Company appears to be a new group on the scene,and occasionally there will be things that are on sale you though it is not clear if it has any affiliation with othercould look for a discount, just dont look for 75 percent off hacking groups like Anonymous and Lulzsec. It offers paidgoing-out-of-business sales.” hacking services, promising full privacy for those whoDeMartini also claims that Steam maybe benefitting from request this. It is also considering a Distributed Denial ofthe humungous sales, but the partnering publishers are Service (DDoS) offer if there is enough interest.hurting because they are making next to nothing on thegames they produced. Hacking has become a growing concern for internet users,“Also what Steam does might be teaching the customer that governments and companies, with many high-profile cases,"I might not want it in the first month, but if I look at it in four such as numerous attacks on Sonys servers, including itsor five months, Ill get one of those weekend sales and Ill buy PlayStation Network, highlighting that more needs to beit at that time at 75 percent off." Its an approach, and Im done to ensure account security.not going to say its not working for Valve. It certainly worksfor Valve; I dont know if it works as well for the publishingpartners who take on the majority of that haircut.”Origin, according to DeMartini, is attempting to build a Chinese online stores opencloud gaming platform that doesn’t rely on heavy discountsto attract customers. Rather, Origin will build “long-term” for iPhone 5 pre-ordersrelationships with its customers through other methods Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/chinese-online-stores-open-for-—such as, publishing independent, “crowd-funded”, and iphone-5-pre-orders/16635.htmlcharging no fees for 90 days. July 14th, 2012Steam is currently having a summer blowout sale. Online retailers in China are accepting pre-orders for the unreleased and un-announced iPhone 5, Apples much- anticipated next smartphone.Hackers allegedly steal450,000 Yahoo account Taobao, the countrys largest e-commerce website, listsdetails numerous offers for the iPhone 5, with many sellers showing concept pictures and expected specifications, while alsoSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/hackers-allegedly-steal-450-000- asking for a deposit of as much as 1,000 yuan, which isyahoo-account-details/16636.html around $160. At least one seller wants the full paymentJuly 14th, 2012 up front, totalling a whopping 6,999 yuan, which is aboutAs many as 450,000 account details have allegedly been $1,100.stolen from a Yahoo server by a new hacker group. Reuters reports that sellers plan to buy the new model inThe group, which goes by the name D33DS Company Hong Kong or the US and then bring it back to China for re-(“Leetspeak” for “deeds,” which uses numbers in place of sale, exploiting the delayed release date that mainland Chinaletters), claims to have hacked into a subdomain of Yahoos usually suffers from.website to gain access to unencrypted account information.The data is believed to belong to Yahoos VoIP service, YahooVoices, which runs on the companys instant messenger. 12
  • 99. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWith no delivery estimates and so few details about thedevice to go on, one would think that no one would pre-orderthe non-existant product. However, reports suggest that thepre-orders are selling like hotcakes, with some users buyingtwo of the hallowed phones.China is a major market for technology that Apple has beenattempting to expand further into. It has five stores in thecountry and plans to open more, while consumers thereoften turn to the black market to get their hands on Appleproducts.The new iPad release in China on 20 July.EA and BioWare announceUltima Forever: Quest for theAvatarSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ea-and-bioware-announce-ultima- “As huge fans of the Ultima franchise, the team at BioWareforever-quest-for-the-avatar/16634.html Mythic is not only excited to be able to bring this reimaginingJuly 14th, 2012 of the original rich world to the fans of the classic RPGs, but also to introduce a new generation of gamers who have never had a chance to discover why this is one of our industry’s most beloved worlds,” said Eugene Evans, Studio GM atElectronic Arts (EA) and BioWare have announced the latest BioWare Mythic.title in the popular Ultima role-playing game series, Ultima Details about gameplay are under wraps for now, but EAForever: Quest for the Avatar. promises to show off more at Comic-Con this weekendElectronic Arts (EA) and BioWare have announced the latest (check out booth #5405). Gamers can also sign up now for atitle in the popular Ultima role-playing game series, Ultima chance to take part in the beta.Forever: Quest for the Avatar.It has been over a decade since the last Ultima game, and Windowed Corsair Carbidethe original Quest of the Avatar, the fourth game in theseries, was released all the way back in 1985, when pixelated 300R Launchedartwork was all the rage. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windowed-corsair-carbide-300r- launched/16632.htmlThis latest game will see action role-playing matched with July 14th, 2012BioWare storytelling, reintroducing players to the worldof Britannia. Since BioWare launched Star Wars: The OldRepublic and since Ultima Online is well-known in theannals of gaming history, you would be forgiven for thinkingthis game is another MMO, but it is a standard single-playergame, though there will also be a multiplayer experience. For those in need of taking a peek into their gaming PC build every so often, or showing it off to others at a LAN party, Corsair launched a new variant of its Carbide series 300R value gaming PC chassis, with a windowed side panel. For those in need of taking a peek into their gaming PC build every so often, or showing it off to others at a LAN party, Corsair launched a new variant of its Carbide series 300R value gaming PC chassis, with a windowed side panel. 13
  • 100. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone [Disclaimer: The following views are solely the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the VR-Zone team] The ancient (some 25 years old by now) PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface, developed by IBM for the same- named PC series in the mid eighties, is pretty much adequate for those two input devices, unless youre talking about extreme gamer-style super-responsive mice that send their movements like 1,000 times a second or so. The little Intel 8042 keyboard controller chip handled all the work, not bothering the CPU much there. However, these connectors are, despite the still wide device availability, increasingly rare on the modern mainboards nowadays. Why?The side panel of the new Carbide 300R is decked up witha large, square, clear acrylic window, with two 140/120 mmfan vents. This is a window with a view, letting you seeeverything from the PSU to CPU cooler, nearly every drivebay, and the entire length of installed expansion cards (suchas graphics cards). Well, conspiracy theorists say that when Intel first pushed their Universal Serial Bus, one major issue for them then was that the CPUs werent fully loaded by then-typical OS and apps, so there had to be ways found to coerce buyers to part with their money for ever faster CPUs any possible way. OneThe windowed side panel really is the only thing that sets the way was to load the CPUs with the I/O processing burdens,new Carbide 300R Windowed apart from the original. Made such as software sound instead of Sound Blaster, softwaremostly of SECC-steel, the 300R measures 19.1” x 8.3” x 17.7”, modems, and, yes, USB. The trick with USB was that itsupporting ATX and micro-ATX motherboards. It features constantly had to be polled by the CPU, even if the peripheralthree 5.25-inch drive-bays, and four 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive connected did absolutely nothing, like the case of a keyboardcaddies (without SATA backplanes). without any key pressed. Polling introduces interrupts, taskIts cooling system consists of a total of six 140 mm/120 switching and such overhead, which of course bogs downmm fan mounts, including a front 120 mm intake, a 120 the CPU, introducing the need for more speed. Sometimes,mm rear exhaust fan. The interiors are all-black, with the even PC benchmarks were, and still are, slightly but stillmotherboard tray featuring cutouts for cable and CPU cooler negatively affected by using the USB keyboard and mousemanagement. The front utility panel includes two USB 3.0 instead of the PS/2 one. Not to mention the battery drain onports (standard header), and front-panel HD audio jacks. mobile devices...Carrying the SKU CC-9011017-WW, the Carbide Series300R Windowed case from Corsair is priced at US $99.99. Fast forward to today and USB 3.0. It is the first USB updateIn comparison, the original 300R goes for US $89.99. to finally remove the need for polling. After all, the bloatware of today knows well how to load any CPU, even multi coreBlast from the Past - USB ones, so too-probing I/O interfaces become a liability. Now, if you have a super-speed mouse that needs polling to getpolling induced performance its response speed, it can have it - but a keyboard with aslowdowns few letters typed per second, doesnt need it that much, obviously.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/blast-from-the-past--usb-polling-induced-performance-slowdowns/16620.htmlJuly 14th, 2012 Heres the problem though - there are no USB 3 keyboards. Simply, they dont need USB3 extra speed, so why add the cost? Then comes the Thunderbolt, essentially an extended PCIe v2 lane combined with a DisplayPort link onto a single connection. Now, this goes, via the controller, directly to the chipset or CPU PCIe lanes, with minimal complexity - therefore less CPU load as well. So, both USB3 andYou all remember how USB, even when used by the Thunderbolt peripherals should, where possible, reduce orkeyboards and mice, tend to ever so slightly slow down the eliminate the unnecessary CPU I/O monitoring load leftsystem, due to the often unnecessary CPU polling? Well, from the ancient USB times.once even these key input devices standardize on USB3 andThunderbolt, that sorry story should be over... 14
  • 101. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAgain, youre not likely to see these two interfaces onkeyboards and mice. So, to complete the picture, the oldPS/2 should, in my mind, make the comeback - and yes,both connectors, just like in the good old days without theartificially induced slowdowns. The business end of these price cuts focus on SSD 520 series, the performance-segment consumer SSD family from Intel. Most popular capacity variants, such as 60 GB, 180 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB, are slated for price-cuts: • SSD 520 60 GB: OEM price down from $99 to $89; Reseller pack down from $109 to $99 (9% cut) • SSD 520 120 GB: OEM price down from $179 to $129; Reseller pack down from $189 to $139 (26.4% cut)Intel Mulls SSD Price Cuts • SSD 520 180 GB: OEM price down from $269 to $189;Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-mulls-ssd-price- Reseller pack down from $279 to $199 (28.6% cut)cuts/16631.htmlJuly 14th, 2012 • SSD 520 240 GB: OEM price down from $339 to $249; Reseller pack down from $349 to $259 (25.8% cut) • SSD 520 480 GB: OEM price down from $799 to $494; Reseller pack down from $809 to $594 (37.7% cut) Prices of Intels newest mainstream SSD line, the SSD 330Intel is chalking out a wide range of price cuts for its series, are also boud for cuts. In fact the most interestingconsumer SSD families, which will likely take effect in pack of cuts target this series:August. The updated pricing will see prices go down by asmuch as 37 percent. Prices of several models in the SSD 320, • SSD 330 60 GB: Reseller pack price down from $94 toSSD 330, and SSD 520 series, are on the chopping block. $69 (26.5% cut)Reliable sources told VR-Zone that Intel is chalking out a • SSD 330 120 GB: Reseller pack price down from $149wide range of price cuts for its consumer SSD families, which to $104 (30.2% cut)will likely take effect in August. The updated pricing will see • SSD 330 180 GB: Reseller pack price down from $234prices go down by as much as 37 percent. Prices of several to $154 (34.1% cut)models in the SSD 320, SSD 330, and SSD 520 families, areon the chopping block. In all, Intel is making an effort to capture large swathes of the market with these prices, to compete with other players in the consumer SSD market. Many of these prices are already in effect with competitors SSDs, respective to the capacities, in markets such as the US. All prices mentioned above are in USD, excluding taxes, and the OEM prices are price-per- unit in multi-unit quantities. Genius Outs Lychas HS-G550To begin with, prices of most lower-capacity models of the Foldable Gaming HeadsetSSD 320 series remain untouched. Its the 300 GB and Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/genius-outs-lychas-hs-g550-600 GB models that Intel is after. Given its mainsteam foldable-gaming-headset/16630.htmlperformance, buyers need a bigger incentive to buy higher July 14th, 2012capacity SSD 320 drives. Each of the two are available infour packages, spanning two form-factors: 2.5-inch 9.5 mm-thick, and 2.5-inch 7 mm-thick. The OEM price (in multi-unit quantity) of the SSD 320 300 GB is slated to go downfrom US $499 to $444, a 11% cut. The retail package (off- Peripherals major Genius launched the Lychas HS-G550shelf) of the drive is expected to go down from $519 to $464. gaming headset. The headsets ear cups are foldable, makingThe SSD 320 600 GB, on the other hand, will see its OEM it easy for LAN party-animals to take it places. The HS-G550price drop from $1,039 to $859; and retail price from $1,059 also packs a feature rarely found on headsets in its price-down to $879. range. 15
  • 102. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZonePeripherals major Genius launched the Lychas HS-G550 Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Coloradogaming headset. The headsets ear cups are foldable, making took to Twitter to proclaim the good news.it easy for LAN party-animals to take it places. The HS- “Just announced: Pluto has some company – We’veG550 also packs volume control for each individual ear cup,a feature rarely found on headsets in its price-range, which discovered a 5th moon using the Hubble Space Telescope!”allows you to fine tune the volumes to each of your ears, and the tweet read. Stern continued with “we fully expect tomake it easier for you to hear teammates without voice-chat. discover still more moons”, hinting at an exciting time ahead for astronomers. “Every time we look harder, we find another.” The moon was spotted by Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, while pouring over images captured by Hubble.Each ear cup tilts and swivels along three joints with thehead-band, which allows you to fold the headset. Just oneof the two ear cups has the common cable, reducing cableclutter. The microphone is suspended on a hinged arm,like with most headsets. The ear cups have an eliptical-shaped around-the-ear cushion. Although it doesnt looksotherwise, the head-band is cushioned. The new addition to Pluto’s family has not yet been officially named and is being referred to simply as P5 for the time being. The plan at this stage is to wait and see how many more moons Pluto has before working on names. “If we’re naming them as a group, we’ll just handle it a littleThe headset packs a pair of 50 mm neodymium drivers, with differently,” says Stern.102 ±3 dB sensitivity, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response,and 32 Ω impedance. The microphone, on the other hand, Size-wise, P5 is a tiny dot in space, measuring somewherehas an omni-directional pickup pattern, with 56 ±3 dB between 10 and 25 kilometres in diameter. It joins Charon,sensitivity, 100 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response, and 2.2 Nix, Hydra and the recently discovered P4 in Pluto’s currentkΩ impedance. Both the headset and mic are analogue, and list of companions. While the team are confident of findingconnect to the source using standard 3.5 mm jacks. The cord more moons in the future, they concede it is no easy task.is roughly 2.5 m long, with no pesky volume control modules “We’re looking right next to Pluto, so there’s this bright(theyre on the ear cups). searchlight that we have to deal with.”Available now in the US and Canada, the Lychas HS-G550 This discovery is of interest to Stern as he is the principalgaming headset from Genius is priced at US $49.99. investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission. This will fly by Pluto in 2015, and, as exciting as the discovery of a moon is, it does also represent a potential hazard for the spacecraftDwarfs in Good Company as heading in that direction at 48,000km/hr. Of this SternFifth Pluto Moon Discovered said “the inventory of the Pluto system we’re taking nowSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dwarfs-in-good-company-as-fifth- with Hubble will help the New Horizons team design a saferpluto-moon-discovered/16628.html trajectory for the spacecraft.”July 14th, 2012 There also seems to be hints of some puzzle in the relationship between Pluto and her moons. Charon, the largest, orbits Pluto in 6.5 days. P5 has an orbit about three times as long as Charon’s. Nix’s “Pluto-year” is four times as long as Charon’s, P4’s five times and Hydra’s six. In the words of Showalter, “the moons form a series of neatly nested orbits, a bit like Russian dolls.”The news of a fifth moon discovered orbiting Pluto is exciting “The way these things are spaced in a uniform way – there’sfor astronomers, as there may be more to the dwarfs system a story in that, but we don’t know what it is yet.”than we previously thought. Before it’s demotion to dwarf planet in 2006, Pluto hadThe dwarf planet Pluto has another companion, it has been known as the ninth planet in our solar system since itsrecently been discovered, with the announcement of a fifth discovery in 1930. It was thought to be alone until Charonmoon being sighted by the Hubble Space Telescope. 16
  • 103. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewas discovered in 1977. Nix and Hydra were discovered in of Thales IFEC "The Avant system is the future of IFE for us,2006 and P4 followed in 2011. you can now get on board an aircraft and not just watch the movie in front of you, but perhaps view the moving map, play a game, or order meals or drinks simultaneously whileARM and Google Android own watching whats on the main screen."the skies with Qatars Boeing787Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/arm-and-google-android-own-the-skies-with-qatar-s-boeing-787/16626.htmlJuly 14th, 2012During the Farnborough International Airshow 2012, QatarAirways demonstrated its latest airplane, the Boeing 787Dreamliner. However, for a technology site like VR-Zone Qatar Airways is not the only customer, though - Britishwe encountered something more interesting - the airplane Airways signed on as well, and will be equipping its futureentertainment system is powered by... Google Android. 787s and with the same system as well. When it comes toIf youre an airplane enthusiast, you should not miss out Airbus A380, both Qatar and British Airways signed Thalesvisiting Britain for the Farnborough International Airshow to develop the next generation system, which will debutwhich takes place every second July. Today, Qatar Airways next year. Codenamed i9000, it will bring next-generationwas kind enough to provide us with the information needed hardware, continuing being powered by the Google Androidabout their latest aircraft, the Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner. operating system. Now, would you object having a 17.3" FullThe company configured the aircraft with 22 business class HD tablet with 256GB of onboard storage? Or a 10.1" one?seats and additional 232 in Economy class, both utilizing If youre wondering about the cost, bear in mind that in thethe same IFEC (In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity) airline industry, the only real measurement is the weight,system - Thales Avant TPMU (Touch Passenger Media because this system, with all the crazy terabytes of solidUnits). Under this cryptic name, there are two versions - state memory - weighs 80% less than the previous system.17.3" LCD for Business and 10.1" LCD for the Economy Class. According to our rough calculations, the savings in carrying less weight will reduce the fuel consumption by 0.8% per flight. If the plane consumes 33,000 gallons of (Jet-A) kerosene per long-range flight at 2 flights per day, the plane will save of 528 gallons of kerosene per day. At current prices, we are talking about $4,065 in savings. In a year, were talking about saving $1.48 million. Given that Qatar refurbishes cabins every 5-6 years (and replaces them with even lighter solutions), this system will save at least 7 million dollars. Given its cost (give or take $1.5-2.2M per plane), we would not be surprised if Qatar and other airlines end up putting this system in as much planes as possible. Western Digital Announces WD2Go App, DropboxUnlike the previous-gen systems which all used boxesbeneath seats, i8000 Avant TPMU is a completely integrated Integration Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/western-digital-announces-wd2go-unit consisting out of STMicro airline grade dual-core app-dropbox-integration/16605.htmlprocessors based on the ARM architecture, 1GB of RAM July 14th, 2012and 256GB of SSD. Thats right, a single 787 airplaneentertainment system will feature 508 ARM Cores, 254GB ofmemory and 63.5TB of SSD space. This however, is not all,as the central server comes with a 32-core processor (IntelXeon or AMD Opteron, your guess is as good as ours), 128GBof memory and 4TB storage… all SSD, of course.For operating system, Thales selected Google Android In the past eight months, integration with cloud storagerunning a customized application suite. Furthermore, the services is entering mainstream. First Sony Ericsson (nowairplane comes with Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity, thus you Sony Mobile) packed 50GB (a $99 value) with its Androidwill be able to connect your phones and tablets to Wi-Fi or phones, then Samsung, and now Western Digital is joining3G GSM network and enjoy connecting to your family whileflying 38,000 feet in the air. In words of Alan Pellegrini, CEO 17
  • 104. July 14th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe frame... by not offering any free storage on Dropbox.Confused?Theres no secret that vendors are pushing the cloud storageidea left and right. Going with Windows Phone platformgets you 25GB "lifetime" storage on Microsofts own Liveservice, large amount of smartphone makers made theirannouncements which ranged from 5 to 50GB of free storageand now we have Western Digital offering - none.The company launched second generation of their "WD2Go" app with an appropriate press release touting tighterintegration with their personal cloud products such as MyBook Live, My Book Live Duo (2 HDDs) or their latestentry, My Net N900 - a Wi-Fi router with embedded storage.According to the company, "personal cloud products provideshared storage on the home network, letting customers..."to do this and that. Furthermore, you can move filesbetween mobile devices, Dropbox account and the WDpersonal cloud. In case you exceed the available storageon your Dropbox account or overflow the memory onthe smartphone, you can use email to send a link fordownloading the large file.All in all, a neat package - but it would be much sweeter ifWestern Digital added a bit of a free storage to the cloud- given that their competitors already do so with selectproducts from the GoFlex line of external storage. The appis available for Android and iOS, so if youre interested, headto the respective stores. 18
  • 105. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! “Its for sure somebody who is fluent in Persian, but we dont VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly know the origin of those guys,” Seculert Chief Technology publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the Officer Aviv Raff told the press. geeks. So far the threat has managed to infect infrastructures and computers of companies, engineering students, financialSamsung accuses LG of services firms, government embassies in the Middle East— the majority of the infections are in Iran.OLED technology theft The goal of the campaign is still under investigation, butSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-accuses-lg-of-oled- experts have reported that gigabytes of data have beentechnology-theft/16689.html uploaded. Furthermore, the ongoing Mahdi threat suggestsJuly 17th, 2012 that the campaign is a part of something bigger. “Somebody is trying to build a dossier of a larger scale on something. We don’t know what they are going to do at the end,” said Aviv.Samsung is under attack from Apple on all fronts globally, iPhone 5 to have thinnerbut in South Korea Samsung is attacking competing firmLG. LG and 11 other people have been accused of stealing screen Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-5-to-have-thinner-Samsung’s OLED technology between 2010 and 2011. screen/16687.htmlSamsung is under attack from Apple on all fronts globally, July 17th, 2012but in South Korea Samsung is attacking competing firm Apples much-anticipated iPhone 5 will feature a thinnerLG. LG and 11 other people have been accused of stealing touchscreen, according to sources cited by the Wall StreetSamsung’s OLED technology between 2010 and 2011. Journal.Three of the accused currently work at Samsung. LG isdenying that neither it nor its employees are involved in thetechnology theft. Samsung is also tagging on the accusation The paper cited insider knowledge of the upcomingthat LG has been poaching Samsung’s employees. smartphone, which it said will employ “in-cell” technology that allows for a thinner panel, which should make theLG and Samsung are both prominent display makers, and overall device much thinner as well.their products are shipped worldwide. OLED technologyallows manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter, and evenflexible displays. The technology works by integrating touch sensors into theThe two South Korean tech giants are currently vying to LCD itself, eliminating the need for a separate touch-screenbecome the world’s largest suppliers of OLED displays. layer, which has been the norm for most devices to date. This will not only make the screen thinner – it will also improve the image quality.Mahdi Trojan threatensMiddle East computerinfrastructuresSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mahdi-trojan-threatens-middle-east-computer-infrastructures/16688.htmlJuly 17th, 2012Seculert and Kaspersky have uncovered a cyber espionagecampaign targeting Middle Eastern countries, especiallyIran.Dubbed as the Mahdi Trojan, the threat allows remoteattackers to steal information, monitor emails, hijack instantmessaging clients, record audio, log keystrokes, and takescreen shots of infected computers. Sharp and LG Display are reputed to be producing the ultra-Security experts are suggesting that the attacker(s) are fluent thin panels, which means that Wintek and TPK Holding,in Persian because the communications tools used in the which make panels for the iPhone 4S, have failed to securecampaign are written in Persian. the lucrative contracts for the new device. 1
  • 106. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe iPhone 5 is expected to release in Autumn of this year.Some online stores in China have already started taking pre-orders.Concept Image Credit: HandyFlashUS Navy inks $7.7 milliondeal for robot technologySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/us-navy-inks-7.7-million-deal-for-robot-technology/16686.htmlJuly 17th, 2012The US Navy has partnered with iRobot to deliver robotictechnologies to sea warfare in a deal worth $7.7 million.The US Navy has partnered with iRobot to deliver robotic “iRobot is pleased the Navy is continuing to invest intechnologies to sea warfare in a deal worth $7.7 million. its current fleet of robots. These upgrades will provide our troops with some of the most advanced, life-savingThe money will secure the Navy Sea Systems Command robotic technologies available today,” said Tim Trainer,upgrades to the iRobot Aware 2 software and advanced interim general manager of the Defense & Security unitsensor suites for 248 fielded Man Transportable Robotic at iRobot. “iRobot’s UAP improves mission effectivenessSystem MK 1 MOD 1 robots, which are modelled after the while reducing workload and further minimizing operatoriRobot 510 PackBot. exposure to dangerous environments.”The sesors include the iRobot Wide-Angle Robot Vehicle Robots are used throughout the world by military and civilVision System camera, thermal camera and User Assist defence forces, for a variety of missions, including search,Package, giving more situational awareness via increased reconnaissance and bomb disposal. iRobot has deliveredfields of view and imaging in low light conditions. The over 4,500 robots as part of military contracts to date.User Assist Package also improves the operator control unit,adds GPS mapping and several critical semi-autonomous The robots and upgrades are expected to be delivered byfeatures, such as self-righting, retro-traverse and heading November.hold, which can result in a faster, more successful use ofrobots. Samsung Proves Apple is Not the Only Patent Troll Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-proves-apple-is-not-the- only-patent-troll/16684.html July 17th, 2012 Samsung has purchased the development operations of British chip maker CSR, a move which grants the Korean giant 21 US-registered patents, as well as a perpetual license to use CSR’s handset technology. In exchange, CSR has agreed to cease developing handset connectivity and location technology, and to transfer 310 human brains to Samsung. Resistance is futile... Samsung is already one of the dominant players in the technology market, and with the acquisition of CSR, it has grown even stronger. The more technology that 2
  • 107. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSamsung controls the rights to, the more power it will Electronic Arts (EA) is offering exclusive beta access tohave in the market. This is especially evident with this Battlefield 4 for anyone who pre-orders the Medal of Honormove because Samsung effectively eliminated some of Warfighter Limited Edition.its competition. Through the acquisition, CSR agreed Electronic Arts (EA) is offering exclusive beta access tothat it will no longer develop mobile connectivity and Battlefield 4 for anyone who pre-orders the Medal of Honorlocation technology; i.e., it will no longer compete with Warfighter Limited Edition.Samsung’s development of this technology. Instead ofSamsung competing with another company to develop bettertechnology for the consumer, it just purchased the company, The pre-order bonus confirms the previously unannouncedand eliminated the competition. Again, less competition next title in the Battlefield series and should give players anmeans less innovation and higher prices. exciting first look at what developer DICE has in store. “Though Battlefield and Medal of Honor Warfighter each offer players a completely unique experience, they are united by their underlying technology base – Frostbite. These are two of the hottest shooters, coming together to deliver a one- two punch of action, intensity and shooter entertainment,” said Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels.The patents that Samsung acquired are very important towireless communication, as well. Much of the technologythat CSR developed were in the areas of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – in some ways the core of wireless technology. Now thatSamsung has a perpetual license to use the technology ofCSR, it no longer has to pay royalties. Of course, they didpay $310 million dollar for the acquisition, but now Samsungwill be able to charge its own royalty fees to other companiesthat use this important technology. This will certainly notease the already contentious nature of technology licensing.At the end of the day, the consolidation of power amongst The beta will begin in Autumn 2013, more than a yearthe technology giants means that there is less competition. away. This all but confirms that we wont see the game untilThis undoubtedly leads to less innovation and higher prices. Christmas 2013 at the earliest. Battlefield 3 still has some lifeIt also means that there will be an increase in contentious in it, with several more DLC packs on the way, including Endlitigation regarding the licensing fees that Samsung will now Game in March 2013.be able to charge. The major technology players have madeclear that litigation is preferred over settlement. Pre-orders of the Limited Edition of Warfighter also unlocksUnfortunately for the consumer, settlement is much better the Navy SEAL Sniper and McMillan Tac-300 sniper rifle forthan litigation. roughly 40 hours of multiplayer action.EA offers Battlefield 4 beta Medal of Honor Warfighter launches on Xbox 360,access with Medal of Honor PlayStation 3 and PC on 23 October in the US and 26 October in Europe.Warfighter Limited Editionpre-orders SteelSeries Sensei [RAW]Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ea-offers-battlefield-4-beta-access-with-medal-of-honor-warfighter-limited-edition-pre-orders/16685.html Gaming Mouse Review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/steelseries-sensei-raw-gaming-July 17th, 2012 mouse-review/16573.html July 17th, 2012 3
  • 108. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAll serious gamers will agree that a good mouse is all aboutergonomics, weight balance and tracking accuracy. It shouldnot be a liability during those critical reflex shoot-to-winmoments or tire you out when using it. Read on to find outwe think the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] gaming mouse couldwell be one of the best ambidextrous mouse ever.Steelseries is a Danish maker of gaming-grade computerperipherals founded in 2001, initially selling headsets andmousepads before moving on to keyboards, mice andother accessories. They also have a long history of being atthe forefront of the professional Esports scene, with world-class teams like Evil Geniuses, SK-Gaming and Fnatic undertheir sponsorship umbrella. Sensei is not the only ambidextrous model that SteelSeries sells, with physically smaller offerings like Kinzu and Kana at more affordable price ranges with less buttons and a cheaper infrared sensor.Today we have the opportunity to review the companyslatest offering - Sensei RAW, a no-frills ambidextrous lasermouse targeted at the upper echelons of dicerning gamers.This newcomer is identical to the original Sensei minusgratuitous features like the 32-bit ARM processor, LCDmenu screen and onboard memory. There is also a choice ofa glossy or rubberized surface. Father of Intel 486, Pentium Pro and Net Neutrality Joins VMWare as the New CEO Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/father-of-intel-486-pentium-pro- and-net-neutrality-joins-vmware-as-the-new-ceo/16656.html July 17th, 2012 If you are an industry insider, chances are you heard of Patrick P. Gelsinger. If youre a consumer, chances are youre reading this story through one of technologies which Pat brought to market. Yet with the market opening, Pat will beSpecifications wise the Sensei Raw is no slouch, featuring announced as the new CEO of VMware.a 5670DCPI-12000fps laser sensor augmented by industry We just received information that Patrick P. Gelsinger, anleading Omron gaming-grade switches for the buttons. industry veteran credited with dozens of information is one step ahead of reaching his goal of becoming a CEO of a technology company. This chip engineer joined Intel in 1979 and quickly progressed to the role of Director and later become the first CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Intel. Pat Gelsinger is considered as the key contributor in development of the i286 (16-bit) and i386 (32-bit) microprocessor architectures. 4
  • 109. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneHe was group leader on developing the Pentium Pro With Pat being the CEO of VMware, the company is gainingand a person which brought Internet and Wireless-related a person not afraid to take a bet on technology and insists ontechnologies into Intels product stack. The development of developing that technology until it wins the market. Will itPentium Pro, as well as Intels pushed focus on Internet be enough to take VMware from 11,200 employees and $3.77technologies represents the founding stone of VMware, a Billion going into the future… well see.company which Pat will start leading following the officialannouncement. Silicon Power Outs Velox V70 SSD Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/silicon-power-outs-velox-v70- ssd/16682.html July 17th, 2012 Silicon Power announced its newest line of performance- segment client SSDs, the Velox V70. The drives come in capacities as high as 480 GB, and are driven by SandForce SF-2281 controllers.Like him or not, he was pushing the technologies inside Intel Silicon Power announced its newest line of performance-which would often maddened the competitors, who had no segment client SSDs, the Velox V70. The drives come inother choice but to follow. However, Pats coming of age capacities as high as 480 GB, and are driven by SandForceinside Intel, and being groomed to become a CEO took a SF-2281 controllers.dent downwards with the damaging contract Intel signedwith Rambus on bringing RDRAM to market. Mr. Gelsingerpushed RDRAM to Pentium III and upcoming Pentium 4platform, leading to so-called Caminogate, product recalland a loss of billion dollars. The fall of Intels stock in 2000is something we believe it should be taught in schools, whena company valued almost half a trillion dollars (peak was$436.69 Billion) tumbled down by $174.88 billion in justtwo days. To this date, Intels market cap did not pass thevalue the company lost in just those two days in August andOctober.Still, even with the Rambus story not developing in is groupsfavor, the star darkened when AMDs K7 architecture flatout leveled Pentium III and subsequently less-efficientPentium 4 "NetBurst" architectures. Pat had a good chanceof becoming the CEO of Intel with the success of wirelesspush and the wireless radio strategy, but insistence of The Velox V70 is a client SSD built in the 9.5 mm-thickBig Iron Pentium 4, cancellation of Tejas and the rise of 2.5-inch form-factor, with SATA 6 Gbps interface. The driveIsraeli-developed Core (Yonah, Conroe) architecture sent features a brushed aluminum body thats anodized to aMr. Gelsinger to push for development of Intels first golden color. The drive uses 25 nm synchronous toggle-Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), codenamed Larrabee. Mr. NAND flash memory along with the SF-2281 controller. It isGelsinger then begun a war against NVIDIA at the time when available in 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB capacities.Larrabee extensively used NVIDIA and AMD intellectual All models in the series are rated with the same performanceproperty. With the bill reaching billions of dollars (our numbers - sequential speeds of up to 557 MB/s reads, up tosources estimate that including the settlement with NVIDIA, 507 MB/s writes, and up to 86,000 IOPS 4K random writebut excluding settlement with AMD, Intel lost around 4-4.5 performance. The drives can tolerate shock of up to 1,500G.billion dollars on Larrabee, i.e. LRB). That was also coupde grace for Pat, who was pushed out from Intel and The Velox V70 features nearly all SandForce-exclusives,ended up being the Chief Operating Officer e.g. COO at such as DuraWrite (wear-leveling). Features such as TRIMEMC, a company located on the same street as Intel in (garbage collection), NCQ, ECC, AES-128 native encryption,Santa Clara, California (Intel is 2200 Mission Blvd, EMC is come standard.headquartered at 2831 Mission Blvd, just below the college The drives are backed by 3-year warranties, and althoughcampus). Silicon Power did not release pricing, we expect it to beHowever, he is credited with the development of a competitive.framework with the FCC which later became "NetNeutrality". 5
  • 110. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Sapphire launched its flagship graphics card, the RadeonValve Ports Steam and Left 4 HD 7970 GHz Edition Toxic 6GB. The card has been inDead 2 to Ubuntu development for over six months, and weve been tracking itSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/valve-ports-steam-and-left-4- all the way back since CES. It combines a 28 nm "Tahiti" chipdead-2-to-ubuntu/16681.html on steroids, with 6,144 MB of memory. Yeah, that much!July 17th, 2012 Sapphires "Spruce Goose" finally takes flight, as the company launched it as its newest flagship graphics card, the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Toxic 6GB. The card has been in development for over six months, and weve been tracking Months after beginning work on it, Valve formally it all the way back since CES. It combines a 28 nm "Tahiti"announced that its Steam client and Source game engine chip on steroids, with 6,144 MB of memory. Yeah, that much!have been ported to Ubuntu, and that the two will beintroduced to the Linux crowd with Left 4 Dead 2.Finally, a big game studio and distibution giant took theleap of faith by porting its key IP to desktop Linux. Valve,in its latest official blog post titled "Steamd Penguins,"announced a fully-functional Steam client for Ubuntu.Valves measured steps in Linux territory will be initiallyconfined to Ubuntu, a popular desktop Linux distribution.Sticking to one distribution could help Valve minimize costsincurred in optimizing things for every popular distro. Theclient could work just fine on Ubuntu derivatives such asLinux Mint, and the community is free to get it to somehowwork on other major (more enterprise-oriented) distros suchas Red Hat / Fedora and SuSE, if a few requirements are The Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Toxic 6GB was earliermet. based on the conventional HD 7970 chip, with AMDs out- of-the-blue introduction of the HD 7970 GHz Edition, theValve doesnt indend to make a half-hearted effort, and want company was forced to make some last minute changes. Theit to be as genuine as the Mac OS X port, which drew the card ships with out of the box clock speeds of 1,050 MHzApple crowd to its fold. The company ported its key game core, 1,100 MHz boost frequency, and 1,500 MHz (6.00 GHzdevelopment IP, the Source engine, to Linux. Source has GDDR5 effective). These could have made for impressivealready been rewired to work with the OpenGL graphics API clock speeds, if the HD 7970 GHz Edition hadnt come toon Mac OS X, and wed imagine the Linux porting to have be. Yet, one should appreciate how Sapphire managed to getbeen a bit easier on the developers. 6 GB of memory clocked at 6.00 GHz (taking into accountThe very first game to feature on Steam for Ubuntu is the hit stability and power draw). The 6 GB of memory is spreadmulti-player title, "Left 4 Dead 2" (L4D2). The developers across twenty four 2 Gbit GDDR5 memory chips.are still in the process of optimizing the game to get the mostperformance (frame-rates) out of the Linux platform. Thegame could be launched with SteamPlay capability, lettinggamers who already own the Windows or Mac OS X versionsof the game to simply download and play the game onUbuntu, at no extra cost. Other Valve game franchises, suchas Half Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress, and Portal, willjoin L4D2 in Tuxland, a little later.Valve credits the Ubuntu port to Gabe Newells interest inporting the companys IP to Linux. The company already hassoftware for Linux, but those are merely servers for hostingmulti-player games. To power the beast, Sapphire is using an 8-phase VRMGood one, Gabe! design, which uses "Black Diamond" chokes (lower core energy loss, doesnt whine on load), and InternationalSapphire Debuts Radeon HD Rectifier DirectFETs (quality meets avoinics standards). To improve signalling efficiency, Sapphire is using a 12-layer7970 GHz Edition Toxic 6GB PCB. The card draws power from two 8-pin PCIe powerSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sapphire-debuts-radeon-hd-7970- connectors.ghz-edition-toxic-6gb/16680.htmlJuly 17th, 2012 6
  • 111. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 17th, 2012 NASAs newest Mars rover faces a tricky landing, and scientists face an agonising wait... Nokia Slashes Lumia 900 Price in Half Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-slashes-lumia-900-price-in- half/16678.htmlTo cool the beast, Sapphire deployed an in-house design July 17th, 2012cooling solution, which makes use of Vapour-Chambertechnology. The primary cooler design consists of a vapour-chamber plate and a heatsink surrounding it, that makecontact with the GPU and memory chips on the obverse sideof the PCB; from which the aluminum fin stack draws heat.Heat is conducted directly from the vapour-chamber plate, Nokia has but cut the price of their Lumia 900 smartphoneand by four nickel-plated copper heat pipes (two 8 mm- in half in the US with a two-year contract in a bid to increasethick, two 6 mm-thick). The aluminum fin stack is ventilated anemic sales of their flagship smartphone.by two 90 mm high-airflow fans. An anodized aluminumback-plate cools memory chips on the reverse side of the Just three short months after releasing their flagshipPCB. smartphone, Nokia has cut the price of the Lumia 900 smartphone in half. The cut from $99 to $49.99 (with a two- year contract) is seen by many as an attempt by Nokia to win market share back from Samsung and Apple. The company’s ambitions for the Lumia 900, sold through AT&T, were severely dented by a major software bug that caused many of the phones in the US to lose their data connection. Much of the consumer desire for the Lumia 900 was also damaged by news from Nokia that the device would be unable to run the newest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. A Nokia spokesperson denied that the price cut was an act of desperation, saying that the price cut was “not unusual” at this point in a smartphone’s life, calling it part of the company’s “normal strategy” for handsets.The Sapphire HD 7970 GHz Edition Toxic 6GB packs There has been no word as to whether or not the price cutsa suite of features for overclockers, including the TriXX would be extended outside of the US, however.software, with which clock speeds, fan speeds and voltages Until the beginning of this year, Nokia had been thecan be tweaked, diagnostic LEDs on-board that indicate worldwide leader in handset sales; Samsung has sincetemperatures, and dual-BIOS, with a failsafe BIOS, which overtaken Nokia as the world leader in handset sales.protects against sloppy BIOS updates. According to Strategy Analytics, a market research firm,Display outputs include two-each of dual-link DVI and mini- Samsung sold a whopping 25% of all phones in the firstDisplayPort 1.2, and an HDMI 1.4a connector. The card quarter of 2012, with Nokia in second place at 22.5%,can pair with three more Radeon HD 7900 series GPUs, dropping by 24% in the previous year.in CrossFireX configuration. Based on the 28 nm "Tahiti" In attempting to staunch the corporate bleeding, Nokiasilicon, the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition packs announced last month that it would be cutting another2,048 Graphics CoreNext stream processors, 128 TMUs, 32 10,000 jobs, bringing the total number of jobs lost at theROPs, and a 384-bit wide memory interface. It supports the company to 40,000. Another measure they will be taking isDirectX 11.1 API. to phase out the Symbian operating systems on their phonesThe card will be available from later today, in select markets, in favor of Microsoft’s software.and in limited quantities. The company did not give outpricing. Data Suggests BritishMission Impossible: Mars ISP Block of Pirate BayRover Curiosity Headed for Ineffective Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/data-suggests-british-isp-block-of-Blind Landing pirate-bay-ineffective/16677.htmlSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mission-impossible-mars-rover-curiosity-headed-for-blind-landing/16679.html 7
  • 112. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 17th, 2012 approached Mora demanding money and then assaulting him. Three Chicago teenagers have been charged in connection to the attack and murder of 62-year-old Delfino Mora. Mora was collecting recyclable goods for money when NicholasData from a major British ISP suggests that the court- Ayala (17), Anthony Malcolm (18), and Malik Jones (16)imposed ISP ban on The Pirate Bay has been somewhat approached him demanding money and then assaulting him.ineffective. Mora was found unconscious in an alleyway, and wasAfter only a week of being blocked by British ISPs after a brought to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston in criticalcourt order, a major internet provider in the UK has said condition. He died several hours later, and an autopsythat peer-to-peer traffic has returned to just below normal revealed that head trauma was the cause of death.pre-block traffic levels. This comes as no surprise to many The main suspect in the murder, Malik Jones, was chargedcritics of the ban who pointed out that tech-savvy users, the as an adult with first-degree murder earlier today in court.ones who most frequently use peer-to-peer networks, would What was so twisted about Mora’s tragic death was thatquickly find ways to circumvent the ban. the teenagers took turn recording the beating on their cellBritish music industry executives have defended the move, phone. One of the defendants then uploaded the video ontohowever. The CEO of the music industry trade body in Facebook.Britain announced that they would, in fact, pursue similar The video made its way around the Internet and eventuallyaction in the future, saying they would “take further steps to a friend of Mora’s contacted Mora’s son.deal with illegal sites that line their pockets by ripping offeveryone who makes the music we enjoy.” Mora came from Mexico and worked in construction until an accident took away full functionality of his right arm 15 yearsThe particular ISP, which released its traffic information on ago. His family said that he occasionally roam the streets tocondition of anonymity, said that peer-to-peer traffic had collect recyclable goods to help support his 12 children andpeaked during the court proceedings, in large part due to wife.the increased media coverage. Immediately after the banbecame enforced, the ISP said P2P activity dropped by Angelica Mora (17), his youngest child, said that she wasmore than 11% when compared to average traffic levels. A looking forward to having her father at her high schoolspokesperson said that they “saw a fall at the time of the graduation. The Mora family intends to bury Mora’sblock made more dramatic by the increasing amount of such remains in Mexico sometime this week.traffic in the weeks leading up to it, but volumes are alreadypretty much back to where they were before.” However,they stressed that the figures dealt only with the volume of Marissa Mayer becomes CEO,traffic, not the number of users, meaning that it is possible Yahoo!that hardcore file-sharers have simply become more prolific Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/marissa-mayer-becomes-ceo-while casual users have been discouraged from using peer- yahoo-/16675.htmlto-peer services. Additionally, the data is unable to tell what July 17th, 2012is being downloaded or from where it is being downloadedfrom, meaning that users might be using sites other than ThePirate Bay.The leader of the Pirate Party UK, Loz Kaye, said a renewalin sharing copyrighted files was inevitable. “We’ve alwayssaid that blocking is an ineffective method,” he said. “It’s not Marissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO, and if you must know,in any way productive. Anyone who knows anything about she’s an ex-Google employee. Many expected interim-CEOhow the internet works can get around it.” In fact, the Pirate Ross Levinsohn to end up with the job, but he doesn’t haveParty UK has set up proxy servers to allow users to access Google on his resume.The Pirate Bay even if it has been blocked by their provider. Marissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO, and if you must know, she’s an ex-Google employee. Many expected interim-CEOTeens murder a man then Ross Levinsohn to end up with the job, but he doesn’t haveposts video on Facebook Google on his resume.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/teens-murder-a-man-then-posts- Yahoo has been struggling to keep up with competing searchvideo-on-facebook/16676.html engines such as Google and Bing, and it’s not a shocker thatJuly 17th, 2012 an ex-Google exec will be taking over the helm. Mayer has an impressive 13-year Google career, and that is perhaps the reason why Yahoo decided to pick Mayer over Levinsohn.Three Chicago teenagers have been charged in connection to According to Business Insider, Mayer was Google’s firstthe attack and murder of 62-year-old Delfino Mora. Mora woman engineer. During her times at Google she ledwas collecting recyclable goods for money, when Nicholas development and managed thousands of employees andAyala (17), Anthony Malcolm (18), and Malik Jones (16) contractors. 8
  • 113. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneShe managed Google’s search product for years, and led “The Board of Directors unanimously agreed thatdevelopment of iGoogle, Google News, and Gmail. To Marissa’s unparalleled track record in technology,say that many of those products were a success is an design, and product execution makes her theunderstatement. Google controls the majority of the world’s right leader for Yahoo! at this time of enormousInternet search traffic, and Gmail has 425 million users as opportunity,” said Fred Amoroso, Chairman of theof June 2012. She may not be the main catalyst for Googles Board of Directors.success, but her involvement with the most widely usedsearch engine speaks volume for her resume.Here’s what Yahoo co-founder David Flo had to say about What to expect fromMayer: Samsung at IFA, Germany Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/what-to-expect-from-samsung-at-“Marissa is a well-known, visionary leader in user experience ifa-germany/16674.htmland product design and one of Silicon Valley’s most exciting July 17th, 2012strategists in technology development. I look forward toworking with her to enhance Yahoos product offerings forour over 700 million unique monthly visitors.”A woman of just 37 years old will now lead Yahoo into whatthey hope will be a new era of “renewed focus on productinnovation.” Samsung is calling upon developers and partners far andPress Release: wide to meet up with the South Korean tech-giant in Berlin SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 16, 2012 this August at the IFA. Aside from the demos and flashy presentations, what else can entice people to register for the Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced that it event? has appointed Marissa Mayer as President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Samsung is calling upon developers and partners far and Directors effective July 17, 2012. The appointment wide to meet up with the South Korean tech-giant in Berlin of Ms. Mayer, a leading consumer internet this August at the IFA. Aside from the demos and flashy executive, signals a renewed focus on product presentations, what else can entice people to register for the innovation to drive user experience and advertising event? revenue for one of the world’s largest consumer Samsung’s next big consumer electronics launch includes internet brands, whose leading properties include the Galaxy Note II and the Windows RT tablet. The Galaxy Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Mobile, Note II is the successor to the popular smartphone-tablet Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! Search. hybrid Note, and rumors have led many to believe that the Mayer said, “I am honored and delighted to Note II will launch some time this fall—hence, the IFA will lead Yahoo!, one of the internet’s premier be a perfect event to show off the highly anticipated device. destinations for more than 700 million users. While many OEMs are not too thrilled about Microsoft I look forward to working with the Company’s launching the Surface, Samsung is taking the OEM- dedicated employees to bring innovative products, Surface disagreement in strides. Samsung will launch their content, and personalized experiences to users and Windows RT tablet alongside Microsoft’s Surface (or within advertisers all around the world.” the same time frame). Most recently, Mayer was responsible for Local, Many of us have at least glanced at the Surface tablet during Maps, and Location Services for Google, the Microsoft’s mysterious “announcement” phase, so we know company’s suite of local and geographical products what type of product to expect. Again, the IFA will be a including Google Maps, Google Earth, Zagat, perfect event for Samsung to show how their Windows RT Street View, and local search, for desktop and tablet may trump the Surface. mobile. Mayer joined Google in 1999 as its 20th employee and led efforts for many of Google’s most Registration for the event runs from July 12 to July 29, and recognizable products, including the development of prior announcements will be on August 1. D-day will take its flagship search product and iconic homepage for place in Berlin on August 30 from 2 PM to 6 PM local time. over 10 years. Mayer managed some of Googles most successful innovations, launching more than 100 features and products including image, book Microsoft unveils Office 2013 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-unveils- and product search, toolbar, iGoogle, Google News, office-2013/16673.html and Gmail – creating much of the “look and feel” of July 17th, 2012 the Google user experience. Yahoo! Co-Founder David Filo said, “Marissa is a well-known, visionary leader in user experience and product design and one of Silicon Valley’s most exciting strategists in technology development. I look forward to working with her to enhance Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its popular Yahoos product offerings for our over 700 million productivity software, Office 2013, promising a slew of new unique monthly visitors.” features, a redesigned interface, and complete integration 9
  • 114. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewith Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Skype, and a number of Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft,other services. gave a demonstration of some of the new features users can expect with Office 2013.Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its popularproductivity software, Office 2013, promising a slew of newfeatures, a redesigned interface, and complete integrationwith Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Skype, and a number ofother services.Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, made the announcement ata press conference in San Francisco, calling the new softwaresuite the “most ambitious release of Microsoft Office thatweve ever done.”The main focus of Office 2013, which has gone under thecodename Office 15, is the new Windows 8 experience, witha completely revamped interface that makes it look, feeland act like Metro. Everything can be controlled by touch,menus are hidden, but easily accessible when needed, and Powerpoint will have touch controls, which allows users tothe cloud and social experience are built into the heart of the zoom in and out, change slides, and so on with the use ofapplications. their fingers. Annotations are also a big thing, letting users write notes on slides even in the middle of a presentation – particularly useful if there is an error that needs correcting or some additional information is needed. The stylus can also be turned into a laser pointer tool for more easily directing peoples attentions to certain parts of a slide.Collaboration is also a key feature across all of the programs,with multiple users able to access the same documents fromthe cloud and make use of new annotation tools to makenotes and changes with the use of a finger or stylus. Skypeintegration means that people can set up a Skype call fromwithin the software and anyone in the conversation can load Perhaps the coolest feature, however, is that the presenterup, for example, a PowerPoint presentation for collaborative will have a different view than those watching thework. presentation, showing various extra buttons, how many slides are available, cheat sheets of notes, and even a clock and timer so the talk does not go over time. 10
  • 115. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneOutlook has a new layout, with touchscreen support again,but it also comes with several new features. A quick actionstab allows users to flag, move, or delete emails with a singletap, while in line replies make for tidier email discussions.The “peaks” feature lets users see a preview of the calendar,people and other tabs without having to click into them,kind of like previews of programs pinned to the Windows 7taskbar.It also comes with app support, with two apps demonstrated,including Bing Maps, which will scan emails for addressesand show them on the map, and Suggested Appointments,which allows for easy saving to the calendar. The text will also resize for any device and users can use the live layout feature to insert, resize, and move images, etc. using their fingers, with guidelines set in place and the textOne Note becomes a bigger part of the Office suite, adding automatically wrapping around.to its already popular note-taking abilities with things likea radial menu, a circular context-aware menu that takesaway most of the clutter. Fonts can be changed in size orcolour using this, all with the use of finger or stylus, whileannotation is also easier than ever. Excell becomes more user-friendly in Office 2013, with some of its more complex features opened up to more casual users. There will be “smart filling” of tables, where Excell automatically fills the rest of a column or row with the applicable details based on the first or second input of data,Word gets a new view called reading mode, which displays while “quick analysis” will allow creation of tables and chartsdocuments like ebooks. They look much more impressive with one or two clicks, even previewing what it will look like.and have more functionality, including the ability to playvideos embedded in the document. 11
  • 116. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe cloud is a big thing for Microsoft right now and playsjust as big a role in Office 2013, with users able to save andaccess all their documents on the cloud. Settings and saveddictionary additions will also carry over, and all of this can beutilised form any device. It also has a “last location” featurethat highlights the last place the user worked on a document,which is particularly handy for edits in large files. A preview is available immediately from Office.com. There is no word yet on a release date, but it will likely coincide with the launch of Windows 8 or follow not long after. Lower Intel SSD Prices Take Effect, 240 GB SSD 330 Model IntroducedSocial is also pivotal, with Office 2013 adding people cards Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lower-intel-ssd-prices-take-to Sharepoint, along with a new user interface that is more effect-240-gb-ssd-330-model-introduced/16672.htmlintuitive and easier to use. It can also aggregate a multitude July 17th, 2012of social feeds, and documents can be shared to Facebook,uploaded to a blog, or otherwise become part of a widersocial experience. The reduced suggested retailer pricing for Intels SSD 320, SSD 330, and SSD 520 series that we reported last week, has taken effect, according to an Intel press-release. The company also announced a 240 GB variant of the SSD 330. 12
  • 117. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe reduced suggested retailer pricing for Intels SSD 320,SSD 330, and SSD 520 series, which we reported last week,has taken effect, according to an Intel press-release. Thecompany also announced a 240 GB variant of the SSD 330.Intel reduced the MSRPs of the retail packages of severalSSD 320, SSD 330, and SSD 520 models, by 20-37 percent.The price-cuts make the drives competitive against the According to a SweClockers report, the GeForce GTX 660 Tirest of the market, which typically responds quicker to the will be launched in mid-August, in a date between the 13thmarket in the area of pricing. You can find details of the new and 19th. Seeing as how NVIDIA launched all its higher-endprices in our older article. SKUs in the GeForce Kepler family either on a Tuesday or a Thursday, August 14th and 16th are likely candidates for theBefore these price cuts, Intel appears to have ensured that launch.the higher-capacity variants of SSD 330 series dont competewith SSD 520 series models, as the former has better price- The report also points out a few new details of the GPU. Toper-GB and price-performance ratio, while the latter has begin with, NVIDIA might leave the CUDA core count of thesuperior performance. SSD 330 series was hence capped out GTX 660 Ti to be 1,344 (same as GTX 670), while cuttingat 180 GB. The new pricing appears to have created room for down the memory bus width to 192-bit, holding 1.5 GB ofa new SSD 330 variant. The new variant comes with 240 GB memory, instead. Clock speeds could also be tinkered with.capacity, and could be priced around US $199-210, between NVIDIA will likely price the GeForce GTX 660 Ti at US $299.the SSD 520 180 GB and SSD 520 240 GB. This could just about make it qualify as a price-performanceThe numbers associated with the SSD 330 240 GB dont sweet-spot SKU. Products in this market-segment are solddiffer from the other members in the family. Sequential the most to PC gamers.speeds remain up to 500 MB/s reads, up to 450 MB/s writes,up to 42,000 IOPS 4K random reads, and up to 52,000 IOPS4K random writes. The drive is built in the 9.5 mm-thick GTA V to be biggest open2.5-inch form-factor with SATA 6 Gbps interface. The drive world game to datewill be available in notebook upgrade, desktop upgrade, and Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gta-v-to-be-biggest-open-world-OEM packages. game-to-date-/16670.html July 17th, 2012GeForce GTX 660 Ti InchingTowards Mid-August LaunchSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/geforce-gtx-660-ti-inching-towards-mid-august-launch/16671.htmlJuly 17th, 2012 In a recent Q&A, Rockstar claims that the next installment of Grand Theft Auto will be the “biggest open world game to date.” How will the Los Santos airspace be like in GTA V? Rockstar built the GTA franchise on fun sensless bloodshed and frustrating missions, so hopefully the airspace will incorporate the same elements as the ground. NVIDIAs newest performance-segment GPU, the GeForceGTX 660 Ti, is inching towards a mid-August 2012 launch,according to sources. The new GPU will allow NVIDIA tocapture a key sub-$300 price-point, in a cash-rich regionthe punters commonly refer to as "price-performance sweet-spot."NVIDIAs newest performance-segment GPU, the GeForceGTX 660 Ti, is inching towards a mid-August 2012 launch,according to sources. The new GPU will allow NVIDIA tocapture a key sub-$300 price-point, in a cash-rich regionthe punters commonly refer to as "price-performance sweet-spot." In a recent Q&A, Rockstar claims that the next installment of Grand Theft Auto will be the “biggest open world game to 13
  • 118. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonedate.” How will the Los Santos airspace be like in GTA V? Rockstar built the GTA franchise on fun sensless bloodshedand frustrating missions, so hopefully the airspace willincorporate the same elements as the ground.GTA IV boasted a very impressive open world arena, butGTA V will supposedly be even better. Cruising the streetswith a stolen car in high definition is just dandy, but whatabout flying?The Rockstar crew claims that it was not possible for themto integrate an interactive high definition airspace thatmatched the ground because it took too much work.“The city was simply too small for effective and enjoyableflying. It was the first time we made a high definitionopen world, and it was a massive amount of work to makesomething on that scale – we simply could not make an The design change will delay things for desktop variantsenvironment big enough for planes to work properly. Fear of AMDs A-series "Trinity" APUs till October 2012. Thisnot, they are returning in what is our biggest open world development even affects the launch of the A10-5800K,game to date.” a "flagship" quad-core APU in the series, geared forCan we expect a flight simulation-esque add-on in GTA V? overclocking. An October launch would see the new A- Probably not, but what I’m expecting is massive amount of series APUs launch simultaneously, or hot on the heels of,bullets and bloodshed from gang wars in the air. I wonder if AMDs next-generation FX-series processors, codenamedyou can hi-jack an airplane in mid air and toss the pilot out "Vishera," built on the same "Piledriver" micro-architecturethe side of the plane. that Trinitys x86 cores are derived from. In the mean time, AMD will gradually phase out existingDesktop AMD "Trinity" APU socket AM3 processors in the Athlon II and Phenom II series, and replace them with socket FM1 Athlon II, andLaunch Delayed to October socket AM3+ Phenom II processors in the various price-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/desktop-amd-trinity-apu-launch- points they hold. AMDs Taiwan office declined to commentdelayed-to-october/16669.html on the DigiTimes report.July 17th, 2012 Point of View and TGT Roll Out GT 640 Ultra Charged Graphics Card Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/point-of-view-and-tgt-roll-out- gt-640-ultra-charged-graphics-card/16668.htmlDelays are back to haunt desktop variants of AMDs July 17th, 2012next-generation A-series APUs. According to sources, alast-minute design change forced AMD and motherboardvendors to go back to the drawing boards.Troubles cant seem to end for AMDs next-generation A-series APUs for desktops, even as the notebook variantsare up and running on several designs by top vendors.Sources among motherboard makers told industry observer Point of View and its buddies at TGT Tuning launched a newDigiTimes that a last-minute design change forced AMD GeForce GT 640 graphics card with their "Ultra Charged"and motherboard vendors to go back to the drawing clock-profile, which is basically 12.5 percent overclockedboards. Thats every company with working socket FM2 speeds over NVIDIA reference. The clock speeds and TGTmotherboard designs we spotted at this years Computex branding come at a price.event. Point of View and its buddies at TGT Tuning launched a new GeForce GT 640 graphics card with their "Ultra Charged" clock-profile, which is basically 12.5 percent overclocked speeds over NVIDIA reference. The clock speeds and TGT branding come at a price. 14
  • 119. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The VX2703mh-LED from ViewSonic uses LED backlight illumination for the panel. Illumination is one of the most power-hungry components of a flat-panel display, and this is the area in which the company is looking to score some selling points. Its in-built Eco Mode feature causes a drop in power consumption by up to 40 percent. It has a typical power-draw of 28W, which goes down to 17W with the Eco Mode mode enabled.The Point of View TGT Tuning GT 640 Ultra Charged comeswith factory-overclocked speeds of 1,006 MHz (core) and2,020 MHz (memory), against NVIDIA reference speeds of902 MHz (core) and 1,782 MHz (memory).The card features a full-height PCB, with a single-slot air The 27-incher provides a native resolution of 1920 xcooler. The GPU is wired to 2 GB of DDR3 memory, across a 1080, with a response time of 3 ms (gray to gray), 170º128-bit wide memory interface. Based on the 28 nm GK107 horizontal, 160º vertical viewing angles, 1,200:1 static andsilicon, the GeForce GT 640 is an entry- mid-range GPU 10M:1 dynamic contrast ratios, and 300 cd/m² maximumbased on the "Kepler" architecture. It packs 384 CUDA brightness. The panel surface is matte black, with anti-glarecores, 32 TMUs, and 16 ROPs. hard-coating (3H). Display inputs include HDMI, DVI, and D-Sub (VGA).The card relies on the PCI-Express 3.0 x16 interface(backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0/1.1) for power. Displayoutputs include one each of dual-link DVI-D, D-Sub (VGA),and HDMI 1.4a.Point of View / TGT Tuning are asking 115€ (S$178) for theGT 640 Ultra Charged.ViewSonic Launches 27-inchVX2703mh-LED MonitorSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/viewsonic-launches-27-inch-vx2703mh-led-monitor/16667.htmlJuly 17th, 2012 The stand of the VX2703mh-LED tilts of 3º forward, and 16º backwards. Measuring 644 x 436 x 174 mm (with stand), the monitor weighs about 5.4 kg. It uses an internal power supply (AC input). For extras, the monitor features built-in stereo speakers with SRS Premium sound DSP, which draws signal from 3.5 mm jack, and HDMI. The VX2703mh-LED from ViewSonic is priced at USDisplay major ViewSonic released its newest 27-inch $299.99.desktop monitor targeting small-medium businesses,the VX2703mh-LED. Driven by a conventional TN-filmpanel, the monitor provides 1080p resolution with a fast Man stabs neighbour overresponse time. World of Warcraft disputeDisplay major ViewSonic released its newest 27-inch Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/man-stabs-neighbour-over-world-of-desktop monitor targeting small-medium businesses, warcraft-dispute/16666.htmlthe VX2703mh-LED. Driven by a conventional TN-film July 17th, 2012panel, the monitor provides 1080p resolution with a fastresponse time. A man allegedly stabbed his neighbour in the chest over a dispute about the popular World of Warcraft online role- playing game. A man allegedly stabbed his neighbour in the chest over a dispute about the popular World of Warcraft online role- playing game. 15
  • 120. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone21-year-old Justin Williams faces possible jail time over thebizarre game-related incident, which left 20-year-old Jordan Apple admits mistake,Osborne in hospital. returns to EPEAT green registryOsborne claims that he heard an argument in his neighbours Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-admits-mistake-returns-to-apartment, where Williams was fighting with fellow gaming epeat-green-registry/16665.htmlfriends over his headset. Osborne said he went over and told July 17th, 2012Williams to stop freaking out over World of Warcraft, adding“its just a game,” to which Williams allegedly responded:“Its not just a game, its my life.”At this point Osborne said Williams grabbed his throat,punched him in the face, and then stabbed him in the chest.It is not clear if Williams was holding a knife for the duration Apple has admitted that it was a mistake to removeof the verbal confrontation or went off to get it. Details like its products from the EPEAT green rating system andthis will likely be raised in court. announced that all eligible Apple products are back on the registry. Apple has admitted that it was a mistake to remove its products from the EPEAT green rating system and announced that all eligible Apple products are back on the registry. “We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system,” said Bob Mansfield, SVP of Hardware Engineering at Apple. “I recognize that this was a mistake.” He tried to defend Apples green reputation and commitment to protecting the environment, saying it is “as strong as ever” and citing several examples of where Apple is an industry leader in removing toxins like brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), using recyclable materials in place of plastics where possible, and reporting in detail on greenhouse gas emissions for all of its“Like they say, it takes over your life, man,” Osborne said, products.showing the scar from the stab wound to local media. Mansfield also lauded Apples energy-efficiency, claiming allThe incident shows the potential for obsession and addiction of its products exceed the ENERGY STAR 5.2 governmentto get out of hand, though it is likely that there was an standard. He took a pot shot at EPEAT by criticising theunderlying psychological problem in this case. The vast IEEE 1680.1 standard on which it is based, claiming itmajority of gamers enjoy their hobby relatively peacefully, could be improved by including environmental protectionand any disputes that do occur usually do not end in such a advancements from the ENERGY STAR standard.violent manner.World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard, has over 10million subscribers, making it the most popular massivelymultiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to date.Its latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, is expected to releaselater this year.Image Credit: QMI/Caters News Robert Frisbee, CEO of EPEAT, welcomed Apples change of heart, thanking the share-holders for their support and 16
  • 121. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewelcoming Apples “strong and creative thoughts on ongoingstandards development.”Apple said its relationship with EPEAT “has becomestronger as a result of this experience,” though it bogglesthe mind how exactly pulling out of something and thenreturning to it after widespread complaints leads to a betterpartnership.The company faced widespread criticism after it pulled outof EPEAT earlier this month, with Greenpeace challengingApples environmental record and the City of San Franciscorefusing to buy any Mac products unless Apple returned to So far the number of users impacted by this mess-up isthe EPEAT programme. relatively small, with 300 enterprise customers and 60 consumer customers reporting problems, though the figureWe expect the threat of lower sales and the loss of a number is likely higher than that.of government contracts, many of which require EPEATcertification, played a large role in Apples embarrassing u- Some companies shut down their anti-virus software toturn. prevent the bug from occurring, leaving their computers exposed, and raising questions over whether or notSymantec anti-virus update Symantecs software is more of a hindrance than a help.causes PCs to crashSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/symantec-anti-virus-update-causes- Symantec is reputedly preparing to compensate users hit bypcs-to-crash/16664.html this bug, which resulted in lost work hours and significantJuly 17th, 2012 headache, though it is not clear exactly what this will involve. Something tells us that a free year of anti-virus protection is not going to cut it with the disgruntled customers. Noctua NH-D14 CPU CoolerSymantec made a major blunder with an update to its anti-virus software, which caused a number of PCs to crash, Review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/noctua-nh-d14-cpu-cooler-forcing customers to seek professional servicing to get their review/16661.htmlcomputers working again. July 17th, 2012Symantec made a major blunder with an update to its anti-virus software, which caused a number of PCs to crash,forcing customers to seek professional servicing to get theircomputers working again.The problem, which results in consistent crashes and the Undoubtedly, overclockers and hardcore hardware“blue screen of death,” affects some PCs running Windows enthusiasts are the most demanding target group, especiallyXP with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 or Norton anti- when it comes to cooling, since they rarely settle forvirus software for business users. anything but the best. One of the most reputable CPU coolers among enthusiasts is the Noctua NH-D14. Noctua’s behemoth has been available for some time now and alwaysSymantec said the bug was the result of a compatibility issue is amongst the top 5 coolers an overclocker or enthusiastand could be fixed by manually removing the software from would recommend. We will see how it compares against theaffected computers. However, customers report that they vast competition in this review.were left for hours with little to no help from Symantec, Undoubtedly, overclockers and hardcore hardwareforcing them to try to fix their broken computers on their enthusiasts are the most demanding target group, especiallyown, with one user calling the security firms support “a when it comes to cooling, since they rarely settle forjoke.” anything but the best. One of the most reputable CPU coolers among enthusiasts is the Noctua NH-D14. Noctua’s behemoth has been available for some time now and always is amongst the top 5 coolers an overclocker or enthusiast would recommend. We will see how it compares against the vast competition in this review. 17
  • 122. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSocket compatibility Intel LGA1366, LGA1156, July 17th, 2012 LGA1155, LGA775 AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1 (backplate required)Height (without fan) 160 mm Research in Motion cannot seem to catch a break. AWidth (without fan) 140 mm San Francisco jury determined that RIM infringed one ofDepth (without fan) 130 mm Mformation Technologies’ patents, and awarded damagesHeight (with fan) 160 mm in the amount of $147.2 million. This was calculated basedWidth (with fan) 140 mm upon a figure of $8 per device connected to the BlackBerryDepth (with fan) 158 mm Enterprise Server. Even if this is overturned on appeal,Weight (without fan) 900 g it creates one more obstacle for RIM, and the entire smartphone market, to overcome.Weight (with fan) 1070/1240* gMaterial Copper (base and heat- Research in Motion cannot seem to catch a break. A pipes), aluminium (cooling San Francisco jury determined that RIM infringed one of fins), soldered joints & nickel Mformation Technologies’ patents, and awarded damages plating in the amount of $147.2 million. This was calculated based upon a figure of $8 per device connected to the BlackBerryFan compatibility 140x140x25 & Enterprise Server. Even if this is overturned on appeal, 120x120x25mm it creates one more obstacle for RIM, and the entireScope of Delivery · 1x NF-P14 premium fan smartphone market, to overcome. · 1x NF-P12 premium fan This verdict comes just days after Nokia added additional · 2x Ultra-Low-Noise infringement claims against RIM in Germany, and a few Adaptor (U.L.N.A.) weeks after RIM posted its first operating loss in 8 years. RIM has also announced that it will cut 5,000 jobs in · Y-Split Cable the coming months. The one time leading innovator in · 4x Vibration- the smartphone market seems to be one step closer to its Compensators (for using NF- inevitable demise. P12 as case fan) Unfortunately for consumers, this verdict is terrible news. If · 4x Fan screws (for using the verdict is somehow affirmed by the appellate court, it will NF-P12 as case fan) give companies that do not produce smartphones immense · NT-H1 high-grade thermal power over those that do. For example, if Mformation compound claimed that a smartphone manufacturer had infringed upon a patent, the company could do one of two things. First, · SecuFirm2™ Mounting it could demand that the manufacturer pay huge royalties for Kits the use of its technology. Alternatively, if the manufacturer · Noctua Metal Case-Badge did not want to cooperate, then Mformation could pointWarranty 6 Years to the verdict against RIM to coerce the manufacturerFan specifications into payment. Either way, Mformation would be able to collect massive royalty payments, and drive up the price ofModel smartphones.Bearing It is not just Mformation that would be able to do this, either.Rotational Speed (+/- 10%) 1200 / 1300 RPM If this verdict is upheld, it will send a message to every otherRotational Speed with 900 / 900 RPM company that holds a patent needed for the manufacture ofU.L.N.A. (+/- 10%) smartphones that they too can charge huge royalty fees. IfAirflow 110,3 / 92,3 m³/h Mformation received $147.2 million for the infringement ofAirflow with U.L.N.A. 83,7 / 63,4 m³/h one patent, then why wouldn’t every other company increaseAcoustical Noise 19,6 / 19,8 dB(A) its royalty fees? Moreover, it will act as an incentive to pursueAcoustical Noise with 13,2 / 12,6 dB(A) any claim that might be infringement. The manufacturerU.L.N.A. will then be forced to just pay the increased royalty, rather than taking the risk that a jury may return an unreasonableInput Power 1,2 / 1,08 W verdict, such as this one.Voltage Range 12 VMTBF > 150.000 h For RIM, this is a verdict that must be overturned. If it is not, then the company faces the very possibility that it will cease to exist in its current form. More importantly, however,Research in Motion: One Step this is a verdict that must be overturned for the entire smartphone market. If upheld, this will allow companiesCloser to the Grave that do not even produce smartphones to dominate theSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/research-in-motion-one-step-closer- market, and stifle innovation. In addition, it will allow thoseto-the-grave/16660.html companies to charge massive royalties for the use of their 18
  • 123. July 17th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonetechnology, and it will make smartphones unaffordable for mean that they are acting in concert with Samsung, and fallthe average consumer. within the limits set forth in the injunction. Unfortunately, this is a lose-lose situation for the consumer.Watch Out Samsung First, if Apple’s interpretation of the injunction is correct, it will be allowed to force a product off of shelves that theRetailers! We Are Apple, Hear retailer has already purchased. The retailer then has a stock-Us Roar pile of expensive products that it cannot sell. Moreover, once the case goes to trial and is finally resolved, the Galaxy 10.1Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/watch-out-samsung-retailers-we- could be obsolete and the retailers will have lost out onare-apple-hear-us-roar/16659.html that revenue. Plus, they would be stuck with the outdatedJuly 17th, 2012 tablets. The retailer must make up the revenue somehow, and would likely lead to higher prices somewhere down the line. Second, if Apple is incorrect about the interpretation, it is still going to take time for the court to make a ruling. In the meantime, Apple is able to bully retailers into submission. Again, this forces the retailer to lose valuable sales while theNot only has Apple obtained a preliminary injunction on legal battle continues, and it gives the consumer one lessthe sale of the Galaxy 10.1, but it has sent cease and desist choice when purchasing a tablet.letters to retailers that are selling tablets that they have All of this back-and-forth does nothing but cause morealready purchased. It is one thing to enforce the injunction friction between the two companies, and forces the idea ofagainst Samsung itself, but it is another to unfairly enforce a settlement further away. The best case scenario for thean injunction to hurt the market and the customer. consumer is to have the two companies work out a way to put their differences behind them and settle this dispute out-of-court. This would allow the companies to focus solely on creating new and innovative products for the consumer to enjoy, rather than inhibiting competition through legal maneuvering. Unfortunately, these two companies have again lost sight of who matters the most – the customer.Apple has put on a full-court press against the sale of theGalaxy 10.1 tablet in the United States. Not only has Appleobtained a preliminary injunction on the sale of the Galaxy10.1, but it has sent cease and desist letters to retailers thatare selling tablets that they have already purchased. WhileApple certainly has a strong argument that the injunctionextends to retailers that currently have the Galaxy 10.1, thereis widespread sentiment that it is going way too far. It isone thing to enforce the injunction against Samsung itself,but it is another to unfairly enforce an injunction to hurt themarket and the customer.The preliminary injunction that Apple obtained against thesale of the Galaxy 10.1 states that Samsung and “its officers,directors, partners, agents, servants, employees, attorneys,subsidiaries, and those acting in concert with any of them,”are forbidden from selling the Galaxy 10.1 in the UnitedStates. The important consideration here is whether Appleis allowed to prohibit third-parties that are not involved inthe lawsuit from selling a product that they already have instock. Normally, the conduct of those that are not directlyinvolved in litigation do not have to abide by an injunction.Since the retailers are separate entities from Samsung, aninjunction would have no effect on their business. Apple,however, argues that the last clause (“those acting in concertwith any of them”) allows it to enforce the injunction againstindividual retailers because the retailers work to promoteand sell the product on behalf of Samsung. Thus, this would 19
  • 124. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! The announcements and notices published by Apple must VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly mention the court case and should be designed specifically publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the to “correct the damaging impression” that Samsung’s geeks. products were simply poor imitations design-wise of Apple’s devices. “They do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design,”Apple Ordered By UK Court said the judge at the time. “They are not as cool. Theto Apologize to Samsung overall impression produced is different.” The judge refused Samsung’s request, however, that Apple be forbidden fromSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-ordered-by-uk-court-to- restating its claim that its design rights had indeed beenapologize-to-samsung/16723.html infringed by the South Korean company, saying that theJuly 18th, 2012 mobile giant was “entitled” to their opinion that the judgment was wrong.A UK judge has ruled that Apple must run announcementsin newspapers, magazines and on its website that Samsungdid not, in fact, copy its device design with their Galaxy Tabline of tablets. iPhone 5 has not entered final production phase Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-5-has-not-entered-final- production-phase/16722.html July 18th, 2012 As the speculated fall launch date of the iPhone 5 draws near, the whirlwinds of rumors and speculations are becoming more and more specific. A recent rumor has suggested that Apple’s sixth-gen iPhone development is currently in the third stage “engineering verification test."A judge in the UK has ordered Apple to publishannouncements on its website that Samsung did not copythe design of its iPad. One of those notices is required toremain on Apple’s website for a minimum of six months andothers must be run in various newspapers and magazines.The ruling comes after the Cupertino-based company failedin its attempt to block sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tabtablets. Apple and Samsung have yet to comment. The neworder was not included in Judge Colin Birss’s judgmentagainst Apple, but the possibility of this order was reportedlydiscussed after the verdict has handed down. 1
  • 125. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone With Apple and Samsung both securing major patents, Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry smartphones, seemed to be falling behind in the ongoing smartphone wars. However, this week the USPTO granted RIM a rather broad and general patent on the keyboard for their new BlackBerry 10 keyboard and its logic-based text prediction. The patented system, rather than simply looking for typos, actively tries to predict what you’re trying to type by examining the context of the words or common expressions. With this patent, RIM has ensured that they don’t have to worry about another company poaching one of the key features of their new platform. While the official text of the patent is rather dry, the basic abstract can be read below. A handheld electronic device includes a reduced QWERTY keyboard and is enabled with disambiguation software.As the speculated fall launch date of the iPhone 5 draws near, The device provides output in the form of a default outputthe whirlwinds of rumors and speculations are becoming and a number of variants. The output is based largelymore and more specific. A recent rumor has suggested that upon the frequency, i.e., the likelihood that a user intendedApple’s sixth-gen iPhone development is currently in the a particular output, but various features of the devicethird stage “engineering verification test.” provide additional variants that are not based solely on frequency and rather are provided by various logicThe significance of this rumor is that it contradicts rumors structures resident on the device.that Apple has already begun production of the iPhone 5. The device enables editing during text entry andApple’s products go through various stages before the also provides a learning function that allows theconsumer versions are made available. Since iPhone 5 is still disambiguation function to adapt to provide a customizedin the third stage of EVT, there is a high possibility that it experience for the user. The disambiguation functionwill take another month or two before it enters the “design can be selectively disabled and an alternate keystrokeverification test” stage. interpretation system provided. Additionally, the deviceIf Apple is indeed currently in the final production stage then can facilitate the selection of variants by displaying aconsumers can expect the iPhone 5 to drop early this fall graphic of a special <NEXT> key of the keypad that enables(mid September to early October), but if the later rumor is a user to progressively select variants generally withouttrue then people may have to wait a little longer—maybe well changing the position of the users hands on the device.into November. Micron Technology makesRIM Granted Patent For 45nm PCM available in highBlackBerry 10 Keyboard and volumeText Prediction Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/micron-technology-makes-45nm-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rim-granted-patent-for- pcm-available-in-high-volume/16721.htmlblackberry-10-keyboard-and-text-prediction/16720.html July 18th, 2012July 18th, 2012 Micron Technology has announced that it will begin distributing its 45nm Phase Change Memory (PCM) in high volume. The availability of Micron’s 45nm PCM in high volume, Micron claims, is an industry’s first. Micron Technology has announced that it will begin distributing its 45nm Phase Change Memory (PCM) in high volume. The availability of Micron’s 45nm PCM in high volume, Micron claims, is an industry’s first. The Boise, Idaho based company is aiming to bolster the feature phone market with their 45nm PCM, with future goals of further integrations into the smartphone and media tablet markets. Micron claims that their PCM will boost the performance of respective devices through enhanced boot time, 2
  • 126. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonesimplification of software development, and overwrite today, including NOR, NAND, PCM, LPDRAM andcapability. e·MMC™ embedded memory, meeting the need for increased performance, expanding storage requirements,In addition to increased performance, Micron also claims mature technology replacement, and package capability.that its PCM reduces energy consumption, and provides“extremely high reliability.” As per industry standards, the About MicronPCM is fully compliant with JEDEC standards. Micron Technology, Inc. is one of the worlds leadingSamsung and ST Microelectronics have looked into the same providers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Through itstype of technology awhile back, but Micron Technology is the worldwide operations, Micron manufactures and marketsfirst to make the PCM available in high volume. a full range of DRAM, NAND and NOR flash memory, as well as other innovative memory technologies, packagingPress Release: solutions and semiconductor systems for use in leading-Micron Announces Availability edge computing, consumer, networking, embedded and mobile products. Microns common stock is traded on theof Phase Change Memory for NASDAQ under the MU symbol. To learn more about Micron Technology, Inc., visit www.micron.com.Mobile Devices The Micron Technology, Inc. logo is available at http://BOISE, Idaho, July 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=6950Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:MU), one of the worldsleading providers of advanced semiconductor solutions, ©2012 Micron Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.today announced an industry first with high-volume Information is subject to change without notice. Micronavailability of its 45-nanometer (nm) Phase Change Memory and the Micron orbit logo are trademarks of Micron(PCM) for mobile devices, featuring 1-gigabit (Gb) PCM plus Technology, Inc. e·MMC is a registered trademark of512-megabit (Mb) LPDDR2 in a multichip package. As the MultiMediaCard Association. All other trademarks are thefirst company in the world currently offering PCM solutions property of their respective owners.in volume production, Micron is providing chipset vendors,enablers, and handset manufacturers with a proven product CONTACT: Jacob Ricethat meets the expanding needs of todays wireless marketand paves the way for enhanced features and capabilities.PCM provides enhanced boot time, simplifies software Zeno Groupdevelopment and boosts performance with overwritecapability. It also provides very low power consumptionand extremely high reliability. In addition, the design- jacob.rice@zenogroup.comoptimizing shared interface between LPDDR2 and PCM isfully compliant with JEDEC industry standards.Microns 45nm PCM solution is currently targeted for 650-315-3042utilization in feature phones, with a future roadmap aimedat addressing smartphones and media tablets."Our commitment to innovation and continued Judge Steps Down Fromdevelopment of advanced products to address the voraciousdemands of the wireless industry is clear and strong," said Megaupload Case OverTom Eby, Vice President of the Wireless Solutions Group Controversial Commentat Micron. "We are determined to evolve and innovate Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/judge-steps-down-from-by continuing to offer the best-tailored solutions for both megaupload-case-over-controversial-comment/16718.htmltodays and tomorrows market requirements." July 18th, 2012Microns PCM product line has established a foothold inthe wireless industry, as evidenced by longstanding keyrelationships with global customers and enablers, ongoingengagement with major device manufactures, and strongcooperation with Intel Mobile Communications, whichincludes recent PCM qualification. Judge Harvey has stepped down from the Megaupload extradition hearings after a comment in which he called the"Intels Mobile and Communications Group is at the US "the enemy" had brought his impartiality into question.forefront of new cellular product and technologyenablement, and we see great value in Microns Judge David Harvey, the judge who was overseeing thePCM technology," said Stefan Butz, Vice President, extradition case of eccentric Megaupload founder KimMarketing and Product Planning for Intels Mobile and Dotcom and other employees of the file locker site, hasCommunications Group. "With a commitment to innovation stepped down from the case after a comment he madeand standardization, as well as a long history of cooperation brought his impartiality in the case into question.with Intel, Micron is a trusted supplier." The comment was made at the NetHui internet conferenceFrom entry-level phones to high-end smartphones and on July 12th in Auckland, where he had been part of atablets, Micron supplies virtually every volatile and discussion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Trans-nonvolatile memory product utilized in wireless devices Pacific Partnership is a controversial intellectual rights 3
  • 127. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneagreement in the works, much like ACTA in Europe, with the 30 best performers being invited to take part in ainvolving the US and a dozen other countries. Judge Harvey more complex series of tests in a lab environment.mentioned that, under current laws, citizens of New Zealand “I dont want to give too much away but it involves securingcould legally hack the DVD region codes designed to restrict the control mechanisms of something thats vital to nationalDVDs to specific countries in order to watch those movies; interest and security,” said Neil Cassidy, operations directorthis would no longer be true if TPP were to become law. of defence technology research group Qinetiq.“Under TPP and the American [DMCA] you will not be ableto do that, that will be prohibited,” he said. “If you do, youwill be a criminal, that’s what will happen. There are all sortsof ways this whole thing is being ramped up and if I coulduse Russell’s tweet from earlier on: we have met the enemyand he is US.”For those who didn’t catch it, Judge Harvey was making aplay on words for the quote “we have met the enemy and heis us,” itself a parody of a message sent by Commodore Perryin 1813 after the Battle of Lake Erie, saying “we have met theenemy and he is ours.”The quote didn’t garner much attention or controversyuntil three days later when the New Zealand Heraldquoted Professor Bill Hodge, a law professor at AucklandUniversity, as saying that the comment could possibly“be seen as probably an extra-judicial comment that isn’thelpful.” The story was then picked up by several othermedia sources, including some US-based tech blogs. The ISC Squared security certification firm hopes that theJudge Harvey has ruled several times in Dotcom’s favor, competition will get software developers thinking aboutincluding having his internet access restored and ordering security from the beginning of development, given that itthe US to hand over evidence gathered against him. His most costs 100 times more to retroactively add security to existingrecent involvement with the case came a week ago when he applications.delayed the extradition hearing from August until March in A growing number of attacks against key infrastructure,order to allow more time to resolve various legal arguments such as power grids and water supplies, have caused manyrevolving around the case. Judge Jan-Marie Doogue, the governments throughout the world to invest heavily inchief district court judge of New Zealand, gave a statement cyber security. A report released by McAfee earlier todayexplaining Judge Harvey’s decision to remove himself from highlighted a number of vulnerabilities in the US electricitythe case, saying that “[he recognized] that remarks made in grid, while previously many top oil executives warned ofthe context of a paper he delivered on copyright law at a attacks against oil rigs.recent conference could reflect on his impartiality and thatthe appropriate response is for him to step down from thecase.” ASRock UEFI BIOS Gets Web- Update FeatureUK hosting online treasure Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asrock-uefi-bios-gets-web-update-hunt to hire cyber security feature/16716.html July 18th, 2012expertsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/uk-hosting-online-treasure-hunt-to-hire-cyber-security-experts/16717.htmlJuly 18th, 2012 ASRocks latest innovation is a web-based BIOS update feature within the UEFI Setup program. Say goodbye to USB flash drives and command-line based BIOS flashing. AMI UEFI and its setup program SDK has thrown open aThe UK government is launching an online treasure wave of innovation from motherboard vendors, trying tohunt and lab-based challenges to help find talented cram in every feature they can think of, into the system BIOScomputer users who can work on defending the countrys setup program. Some of the wackier ones are web-browsersinfrastructure from cyber attacks. and media-players, but perhaps a more sensible new one is a web-based BIOS update utility within the setup program,The UK government is launching an online treasure courtesy ASRock.hunt and lab-based challenges to help find talentedcomputer users who can work on defending the countrysinfrastructure from cyber attacks.The initial challenge will require people to find answers to aseries of questions as part of an online treasure hunt event, 4
  • 128. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneASRocks newest UEFI BIOS setup program can update itself ASRocks new Internet Flash feature will come standardby downloading the latest BIOS ROM image from the web, with upcoming products. Some currently-launchedif you can point it to a working Internet connection. Basic motherboards could get the feature with a BIOS update.network/IP configuration, including PPPoE authentication Only this one time, youd have to update the "old" way (usingcan be made within the setup program. Once configured, the a USB flash drive).utility, called Internet Flash, looks up the latest version ofthe BIOS for your motherboard on the web, downloads it,and updates itself. Motorola to avoid US sales ban Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/motorola-to-avoid-us-sales- ban/16715.html July 18th, 2012 Motorola Mobility is to avoid a US ban on the sale of its smartphones by altering them or signing a licensing deal so that they no longer infringe one of Microsofts patents. Motorola Mobility is to avoid a US ban on the sale of its smartphones by altering them or signing a licensing deal so that they no longer infringe one of Microsofts patents.The new BIOS update method from ASRock beats everyother solution in terms of ease of use. You no longer need to The Google-owned mobile firm suffered a setback in Mayfind the right BIOS ROM image from the Internet and copy when the International Trade Commission ruled that itit onto a USB flash drive, or need an OS installation (to use infringed one of nine patents Microsoft launched claimsWindows-based utilities that perform web-update of system regarding. The patent covers technology for schedulingBIOS), or even use ancient command-line based update meetings.methods, in which one wrong command-line argument canbrick your motherboard. “While we cant share specific details, we have employed a range of proactive measures to ensure there is no continuing infringement under the ITCs interpretation of this single Microsoft patent,” said Becki Leonard, spokesperson for Motorola Mobility, according to Reuters. 5
  • 129. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone their capability and demanding a ransom. Espionage and sabotage are two other big fears.The easiest and most cost-effective solution is for Motorolato axe the meeting technology, which is a minor aspect ofwhat it offers. Another possibility, and one that Microsoftis encouraging, is for Motorola to license the technology forwhat will likely be a hefty fee. We expect the company willopt for the former. McAfee discovered that roughly 70 percent of the existingAffected devices include the Atrix, Backflip, Bravo, Charm, energy grid in the US is over 30 years old. These have beenCliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT, Defy, Devour, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, connected to the internet with no encryption or security inDroid Pro, Droid X, Droid X2, Flipout, Flipside, Spice and mind. A decade ago this may not have been such a big issue,Xoom. but with cyber attacks on the increase, this is a growing concern.The sales ban is to go into effect from today. The automation of systems, which has made lives easier for many workers, comes at the price of more openness to attack. The increasing use of generic software to operateMcAfee warns of threat to these facilities means that any vulnerabilities found in that software immediately expose the infrastructure, whereasenergy grid security proprietary software was more commonly used in the past.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mcafee-warns-of-threat-to-energy-grid-security/16714.htmlJuly 18th, 2012 “Security needs to be built into grid components at the planning and design phase,” said Tom Moore, VP of Embedded Security at McAfee. “Because the grid relies heavily on embedded systems it makes them ripe targets for intruders thus it is imperative to integrate security solutions natively in these devices. McAfee is working with its partners in industry and government to make greatSecurity firm McAfee has released details of a report strides on the technical front to mitigate the threats to theseinto the security of energy grids, highlighting significant critical systems we all rely on.”vulnerabilities in older systems to attack.Security firm McAfee has released details of a report Image Credit: Geograph.org.ukinto the security of energy grids, highlighting significantvulnerabilities in older systems to attack. ADATA Outs XPG Gaming v2.0McAfee had a stark warning for those who are complacement Series DDR3-2400 8 GB Dual-about securing key infrastructure like the electrical power Channel Kitgrid, which powers pretty much everything we use. It said Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/adata-outs-xpg-gaming-v2.0-series-that a single targeted attack could compromise lights ddr3-2400-8-gb-dual-channel-kit/16713.htmland home appliances, heart monitors in hospitals, and air July 18th, 2012defence systems, among other things.The report found that extortion was the biggest cyber threatfacing the energy sector, with criminals demonstrating 6
  • 130. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneADATA Introduced a new high-performance 8 GB dual-channel DDR3-2400 MHz memory kit, under its XPGGaming v2.0 series. The kit is optimized for Intel "IvyBridge" Core processors, and comes at an attractive price.ADATA Introduced a new high-performance 8 GB (2x 4GB) dual-channel DDR3-2400 MHz memory kit, under itsXPG Gaming v2.0 series. The kit is optimized for Intel "IvyBridge" Core processors, and comes at an attractive price. The drive powers itself with a rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery, which can keep it running for up to 5 hours, before needing a charge (can be charged by its included AC adapter, or by USB). It features a 802.11 b/g/n WLAN adapter, supporting wireless network bandwidths up to 150 Mbps. The adapter supports most common security standards, including WPA. Patriot has apps for iOS and Android on their respective content stores (App Store and Google Play), which letsThe new XPG Gaming v2.0 series modules ship with an you connect to the drive easily. When streaming data, theIntel XMP 1.3 profile, which runs them at PC3-19200 Gauntlet NODE acts as a WLAN server, with a web-access(DDR3-2400 MHz) speed, with 10-12-12-31T DRAM configuration page.timings, and at DRAM voltage of 1.65V. The module feature “The Gauntlet Node is set to provide the most flexibleactive heatsinks that dissipate heat using aluminum fins. wireless storage solutions available”, says Mike Kroll, PatriotThe modules use 8-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs), with Memory’s Director of Peripherals Product Management.2 oz copper layers to improve signalling efficiency, and help “With a DIY form factor that supports standard 2.5” HDDsspread heat. and SSDs and includes built in features like WiFi andThe XPG Gaming v2.0 series 8 GB memory kit from ADATA USB 3.0 connectivity, the Gauntlet Node is an amazinglystarted selling in US and Canada, at a price of US $89.99. powerful way to expand the storage of popular mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and ultrabook class laptops,” he added.Patriot Releases Gauntlet The Gauntlet NODE wireless drive enclosure from PatriotNODE Wireless HDD/SSD Memory costs US $99.99. It is currently available in the US, and availability in other markets will be announced soon.EnclosureSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/patriot-releases-gauntlet-node-wireless-hddssd-enclosure/16710.html Pico FPGA Hardware BeatsJuly 18th, 2012 GPGPU in Password Cracking Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/pico-fpga-hardware-beats-gpgpu-in- password-cracking/16705.html July 18th, 2012Patriot Memory made an addition to its Gauntlet family ofstorage devices, with the Gauntlet NODE portable wirelessHDD/SSD enclosure. Carry terabytes of data around without Theres no secret that graphics cards such as NVIDIAbothering about cables. GeForce, Tesla as well as AMD Radeon are being usedPatriot Memory unveiled the Gauntlet NODE, its newest by security agencies worldwide. Their goal is to crack thestorage product. Weve been familiar with the drive since passwords of suspects as much as 10-20x faster than thethis years Computex event. The product is now generally most expensive Intel processor is able to do. Today, anotheravailable in the US. The Gauntlet NODE is a DIY portable company is claiming its stake in lucrative security business.HDD wireless enclosure, which can enclose a 2.5-inch hard When it comes to password cracking business, agenciesdrive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) with SATA 3 Gb/s all around the world rely on ElcomSoft software. Yet, theinterface (up to 1 TB volume size supported). Contents of the company proved itself to be brave enough to experimentdrive can then be streamed wirelessly, or can be accessed as a with the new architectures, instead of relying on provenUSB Mass Storage device, thanks to its USB 3.0 SuperSpeed big iron hardware. Back in 2008, I wrote the first articleinterface. on how ElcomSoft is enabling GT200 (GeForce GTX 280) cards to crack passwords 10-20x faster than the Core 2 Duo processor. The article was greeted with a negative reaction from a very senior Intel executive, who threatened 7
  • 131. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneto "destroy NVIDIA" and offer faster computing than thebest of their own products. That faster part was called Judge orders Apple &Larrabee, and even in its ressurected form as 22nm Knights Samsung to reveal moreCorner, there are serious doubts can Intel still claim x86compatibility for Xeon Phi or is that product... another documentsItanium? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/judge-orders-apple--samsung-to- reveal-more-documents/16712.htmlWith the GPGPU or GPU Computing slowly breaking July 18th, 2012into mainstream, ElcomSoft is at it again. The company"discovered FPGA" architecture and accelerated two of itspassword breaking suites using the high-performing PicoFPGA hardware. The two suites in question are the sameapplications which were the first to harness the power ofthe GPU: Phone Password Breaker (EPPB) and WirelessSecurity Auditor (EWSA). As the Apple vs. Samsung patent battles continue, and aAccording to ElcomSoft CEO, Vladimir Katalov; "Field recent order from Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, CA requiresProgrammable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) will fit the bill that Samsung and Apple reveal more business sensitivejust perfectly. A single 4U chassis with a cluster of documents.FPGA’s installed can offer a computational equivalent ofover 2,000 dual-core processors. The power consumption As the Apple vs. Samsung patent battles continue, and aof FPGA-based units is dramatically less than that of recent order from Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, CA requiresconsumer video cards. For example, units such as Pico that Samsung and Apple reveal more business sensitiveE-101 draw measly 2.5 W. FPGA-based solutions don’t documents.even approach the level of power consumption and heat In the ruling, Koh gave the companies one week to refile theirgeneration of gaming video cards, running much cooler sealing request. Filing documents under seal has becomeand comprising a much more stable system." a standard procedure for companies to keep intellectual-Now, truth to be told, were not sure how much talk about sensitive documents out of public eyes during the litigationdual-core processors holds ground, but in order to reach process.the computational power of lets say AMD Radeon 7970, In Koh’s order to Samsung and Apple, she concluded thatyou would need to buy no less than 40 Xeon E5-2687W both companies were hiding information that was not “trulyprocessors. However, if you compare EX-501, a 150W sealable,” and, therefore, the respective parties must providePCIe board with six Pico M-501 modules and 3GB DDR3 more documentations for the case to proceed.memory, you would need to purchase around 400 8- As per the same court order, Koh stated, “only documentscore E5-2687W processors to match its performance. This of exceptionally sensitive information…will be allowed to berepresents another shift in magnitude and serves as a strong redacted or kept from the public.”reminder that the current x86 architecture is simply tooinefficient when it comes to specific computing demands. Samsung has already suffered a several defeats when Koh granted pretrial injunctions against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Armed man scares off Internet cafe robbers Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/armed-man-scares-off-internet-cafe- robbers/16711.html July 18th, 2012If your job is to select the best system for Phone or Wirelesscracking, choosing four hundred 130W processors (whichrequire complete infrastructure consuming thousands andthousands of watts extra) over a single board with six XillinxVirtex-6 processors is something only a fiscally irresponsible People go to Internet cafes to surf the internet, chat,person would do. In fact, we might question sanity (or YouTube, play video games, and more often than notcorruption) of the said individual or organization. it’s a safe place to carry about any tasks requiring anIn phone password cracking, it seems that the new king is Internet connection. However, two armed gunmen recentlytaking place… however, having said that, we find it odd that attempted to a rob busy Palms Internet Café—not realizingElcomSoft does not compare the latest hardware they have that they were not the only one in the building with a firearm.in store. The CPU and GPGPU figures given in this article People go to Internet cafes to surf the internet, chat,come from my own testing, while ElcomSoft is showing its YouTube, play video games, and more often than notresults on yesterday hardware. it’s a safe place to carry about any tasks requiring an Internet connection. However, two armed gunmen recently attempted to rob a busy Palms Internet Café—not realizing that they were not the only one in the building with a firearm. 8
  • 132. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe café’s surveillance cameras recorded the two thieves 10 yuan per day thereafter. After 90 days, Apple assumes noscrambling for their lives as a patron unleashed his own responsibility for the repaired product.gun. Despite being armed, the thieves decided to hightail In the new policy, Apple simply disposed of the time limit,without returning fire. leaving storage fees intact.The two masked men stumbled and tripped over themselves Local law consultants think that Apple’s changes in policiesas they made their way out the door. Luckily, it appears is still not enough to prove that Chinese are being treated(from the YouTube video) that no one was seriously injured fairly. Furthermore, many still believe that there are stillfrom the robbery attempt—maybe a scrape or two on the portions of the policies that violate Chinese consumer laws.robbers during the getaway.Supposedly, this was not the first robbery attempt that thePalms Internet Café had. About a year ago, three armed men Team Intros Xtreem UHS-Ientered the café and robbed patrons of some cash, and unlikethe recent event, there were no armed patrons to shoo away Compliant Micro SD Cards Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/team-intros-xtreem-uhs-i-the uninvited guests. compliant-micro-sd-cards/16707.html July 18th, 2012Chinese consumers stillunhappy with Apples newcustomer service policiesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/chinese-consumers-still-unhappy-with-apple-s-new-customer-service-policies/16709.html Team Group extended its Xtreem brand to its newest lineJuly 18th, 2012 of high-performance UHS-I compliant micro-SDHC/micro- SDXC cards. The Xtreem brand has been associated with some of Teams memory modules for overclockers. Team Group extended its Xtreem brand to its newest line of high-performance UHS-I compliant micro-SDHC/micro- SDXC cards. The Xtreem brand has been associated withApple’s second largest market is China, and according to some of Teams memory modules for overclockers.various reports, Chinese consumers aren’t too happy withApple’s customer support in China. The China ConsumerAssociation (CCA) recently declared that Apple was notproviding enough customer support for Chinese consumers,and the CCA’s position may not change.Apple’s second largest market is China, and according tovarious reports, Chinese consumers aren’t too happy withApple’s customer support in China. The China ConsumerAssociation (CCA) recently declared that Apple was notproviding enough customer support for Chinese consumers,and the CCA’s position may not change.According to Mic Gadget, Apple has amended certain Teams Xtreem UHS-I series consists of three variants, 16 GBportions of their service and repair policies to alleviate and 32 GB SDHC, and 64 GB SDXC. All three come with theChinese consumer dissatisfactions. same performance numbers from the manufacturer, up toIn the previous repair policies, customers allowed Apple to 40 MB/s sequential reads, up to 10 MB/s sequential writes,repair products using new or refurbished parts. However, 1 MB/s guaranteed, up to 500 IOPS random reads, and upthat portion of the policies has been removed, and in the new to 150 IOPS random writes.policies Apple has added: “Customers own repaired spare parts, while Apple owns old spare parts, and customers can forward their specific requirements to Apple’s repair center in advance…”Local IT experts suggest that the terms has not changed,and that regardless of the ownership of parts, Apple shouldrepair their products using new parts—not refurbishedparts.Apple also made a change to its policy regarding the“time limit” that consumers had before fees or ownership Supporting the SD 3.01 interface, with 3.3V core voltage,relinquishment occur. Previously, Apple allowed customers the Team Xtreem UHS-I micro-SDHC/XC memory cards30 days to pick up their repaired products before charging are designed for high-performance smartphones and tablets. When idling, the card cuts down power draw to help 9
  • 133. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneconserve battery. The company did not reveal pricing,but mentioned that the cards will be backed by lifetimewarranties.Microsoft Office 2013 tacklesthe cloud and hardwareoptimizationSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-office-2013-tackles-the-cloud-and-hardware-optimization/16706.htmlJuly 18th, 2012 Microsoft will also provide Office on the go through a temporary solution, dubbed “Office on Demand”, for itsMicrosoft is taking its next Office platform into the clouds, customers. Google Doc users may find this feature especiallyand it’s making sure that the suite is optimized for nearly all appealing since it allows people to collaborate on documentshardware and devices. through group editing and commenting.Microsoft is taking its next Office platform into the clouds, “Office on Demand streams and launches aand it’s making sure that the suite is optimized for nearly all temporary copy of your personalized Officehardware and devices. application without installing it permanently…”An official Microsoft Office blog post states: “Collaboration and sharing - you can now co-author in all four Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and “It doesnt matter if you have your hands on a PC, a OneNote). Weve also integrated commenting and Mac, a touch-enabled Windows tablet, or a mobile sharing into the Web Apps hosted on SkyDrive and phone; Office takes full advantage of your hardware Office 365.” to give you the best possible experience and access to your work wherever you go.” Microsoft is promising cloud features that may blow competitions out of the water. However, the price tag of MS Office may still deter some (evident from past Office products), but by optimizing Office for many devices and hardware, Microsoft may win over consumers that utilize different devices for their tasks. Sharkoon Intros X-Tatic S7 Gaming Headset Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sharkoon-intros-x-tatic-s7-gaming- headset/16704.html July 18th, 2012In addition to optimizing its Office product for differenthardware and devices, Microsoft will also allow users toinstall up to 5 copies on PCs or Macs. Sharkoon released the X-Tatic S7 USB gaming headset, which is a revision of the X-Tatic SR, featuring 7.1-Building upon its Office 2010 Click-2-Run (C2R) technology, channel surround using the Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DolbyMicrosoft claims that they have made “vast improvements” Headphone DSPs.on their virtualization technology, which will “dramaticallysimplify Office deployment for organizations.” Sharkoon released the X-Tatic S7 USB gaming headset, which is a revision of the X-Tatic SR, featuring 7.1 virtual surround using the Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Headphone DSPs. The X-Tatic S7 is otherwise identical to the X-Tatic SR. 10
  • 134. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Taiwanese teen dies from two days of playing a Blizzard game Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/taiwanese-teen-dies-from-two-days- of-playing-a-blizzard-game/16703.html July 18th, 2012The X-Tatic S7 from Sharkoon works both as a digital Activision Blizzard has another death attached to itsheadset, making use of its DAC module, and as a stereo brand. According to The Australian, an 18-year old,analog headset, plugging into the source using a standard surname ‘Chuang’, died from playing nearly two days of an3.5 mm connector. The headset can hence work with a wide unidentified Activision Blizzard game.range of devices, including PCs, game consoles (PlayStation Activision Blizzard has another death attached to its3 and Xbox 360), portable audio, and static/HiFi systems. brand. According to The Australian, an 18-year old, surname ‘Chuang’, died from playing nearly two days of an unidentified Activision Blizzard game. Chuang booked a private room in a café in Tainan, Taiwan around noon on July 13, and two days later on the morning of July 15, an attendant found Chuang resting on a table in the room. The attendant woke him up, Chuang got up, but only took a few steps before collapsing. He was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead due to cardiovascular problems during long hours of being sedentary. Chuang’s death due to long hours of gaming marks the second time in Taiwan that a person has died from extendedThe X-Tatic S7 is essentially a stereo headset, with a pair of gameplay.40 mm drivers enclosed in the ear cups. The DAC module(SCU) takes both digital (SPDIF) and analog (3.5 mm)signals, and applies the Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Apple awarded patentsHeadphone DSP layers, which simulate 7.1 surround. Theheadphones feature 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, for OpenCL and dock with120 dB ±3 dB sound pressure level, 30 mW output, and moveable connector30 ? impedance. The microphone is suspended on a flexible Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-awarded-patents-for-opencl-coil-based arm. It has an omni-directional pickup pattern. It and-dock-with-moveable-connector/16702.htmlfeatures -58 dB ± 3 dB sensitivity, 100 Hz to 2 kHz frequency July 18th, 2012response, and 2.2 ? impedance. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office has awarded Apple 25 more patents, two of which include Apple’s OpenCL, and a moveable connector in iDevices docking systems. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office has awarded Apple 25 more patents, two of which include Apple’s OpenCL, and a moveable connector in iDevices docking systems.Sharkoon is asking 119.99€ (S$185.75) for the X-Tatic S7. 11
  • 135. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWithout going into too many details in regard to Apple’sOpenCL, the OpenCL patent covers the Apple’s hardwareand software leverage of CPUs and GPUs parallel processing. Supposedly, “traditional” GPUs and CPUs are configuredwith different programming environment, and thereforeits difficult for an application to fully utilize the availableprocessing powers of both GPUs and CPUs. “A computer implemented method comprising: The moveable connector patent for iDevices docking is determining, in response to an API (Application straightforward. The connector portion of an iDevice dock Programming Interface) request from an has a swivel-like mechanism that allows the connector to application running in a host processing unit, a move back and forth. total number of threads to concurrently execute one or more executable codes compiled from a single source for one or more target processing units, the API request including a global thread number Apple Most Popular Phone for having a multi-dimensional value; verifying if a thread group size has been specified by a Prospective Buyers? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-most-popular-phone-for- particular one of the executable codes, the particular prospective-buyers-/16701.html executable code to be executed in a particular one July 18th, 2012 of the one or more target processing units, the thread group size to partition the total number of threads; in response to verifying the thread group size has not been specified by a particular one of the executable codes, determining the thread group size for the particular target processing unit based on current resource usage status of the particular A new survey has shown that most people planning on target processing unit; and loading the particular purchasing a new smartphone are likely to purchase an executable code of the one or more executable codes Apple iPhone... as long as they already own an iPhone. to be executed in a thread group of the thread group How many people do you think plan on buying an Apple size concurrently in the particular target processing iPhone? Turns out, it’s almost everyone. At least, as long as unit.” they already own one.According to Patently Apple, OpenCL allows: According to a new survey of 400 consumers by Gene“…an application to perform a task using any available Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, found that 65%processing resources, such as CPUs and one or more GPUs, of phone owners say that they expect their next phonecapable of performing the task.” to be an iPhone. Compare that number to the 19% who plan on buying an Android phone, 6.5% who won’t be purchasing a smartphone, 6% who aren’t sure, and 2.5% who plan on purchasing a Blackberry, and you’ll see that among those surveyed, Apple’s device far outstrips any of its competitors. It is worth mentioning, however, that 52% of the survey group already owned an iPhone, which more than likely skews the results towards Apple’s devices. Munster acknowledges this, but still says that he thinks the iPhone 12
  • 136. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonecan boost Apple’s share in the smartphone market from documents and lists, putting them potentially within Apple’sroughly 20% to roughly 30% by 2015. crosshairs as well. With that said, it’s still not clear exactly how broad or narrow the scope of this patent is and whether51% of those who planned on buying an iPhone are waiting or not Apple will choose to include it in future litigation. Theon the iPhone 5, which to Munster means that roughly 85 mobile giant files for and receives a huge number of patentsmillion iPhones are already as good as sold, based on his every year, but many of them are never utilized.prediction of 170 million iPhones in 2013 and the results ofthis survey. Also, 94% of iPhone users in the survey group With the sheer number of ways this patent can beplan on buying an iPhone for the next phone as well, which implemented, however, it seems to be a very importantis a very good thing for Apple, considering that the iPhone patent and would seem to be geared towards use in litigation.now accounts for more than 50% of Apple’s revenue. Apple writes in the patent that “[in] some embodiments, the functions may include telephoning, video conferencing, e-While very interesting, the weighting of the study towards mailing, instant messaging, blogging, digital photographing,iPhone owners leaves me highly skeptical towards any digital videoing, web browsing, digital music playing, and/conclusions drawn from the data. In fact, after removing the or digital video playing. Instructions for performing theseiPhone users from the data, a surprising shift happens. functions may be included in a computer program productI feel that I should mention at this point that this is back- configured for execution by one or more processors.”of-the-napkin math and should in no way be taken as The patent granting comes just one day before its majorconclusive. opponent, Samsung, announced its plans to acquire 21With 65% of those surveyed planning on purchasing an patents in a $310 million deal inked with semiconductoriPhone, and 52% of the survey group owning an iPhone (with company CSR. Those patents relate to handset connectivity94% of those planning on purchasing another), that means and mobile location technologies.that only around 14% of those surveyed plan on purchasingan iPhone without ever having owned one. After removingiPhone users, 38% plan on purchasing an Android phone, Man Thrown Out Of28% plan on purchasing an iPhone, 13% will not purchase asmartphone, 12% are undecided, and 5% plan on purchasing McDonalds Because Ofa Blackberry. This new set of data seems to indicate exactly Wearable Computerthe opposite of the analyst’s conclusions. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/man-thrown-out-of-mcdonald-s-More studies need to be conducted to confirm or refute because-of-wearable-computer/16697.htmlMunster’s findings, but I personally feel that, outside of July 18th, 2012Apple’s walled garden, Android phones still reign supreme.Apple Granted Patenton Displaying Lists andDocuments A man was assaulted and thrown out of a McDonalds inSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-granted-patent-on-displaying- Paris because of a Google-Glass-like device attached to hislists-and-documents/16699.html skull.July 18th, 2012 With Google’s new Glass making huge waves among developers and consumers, it might be a good time to consider some possible downsides to the technology that might not be immediately apparent as you fork over $1,500 for a prototype. For instance, employees of McDonald’s in France might try and strip it off of your head while you try and enjoy the food you just purchased.Apple has, after waiting five years, been granted a patent on Professor Steve Mann of the University of Toronto wrotehow lists and documents are displayed in a mobile operating an extensive blog post that reveals an unexpected collisionsystem. of privacy, culture, and the future of personal technology;After more than five years, Apple has finally been granted while visiting Paris, Mann alleges that employees of thea key patent relating to the way lists and documents are McDonald’s he went to assaulted him and tried to physicallydisplayed within a mobile operating system. Yesterday, and aggressively remove a wearable computer eyepiecepatent number 8,223,134 was granted to the Cupertino- called the EyeTap, similar to the Google Glass, thoughbased company for “Portable electronic device, method, developed by Mann and worn by him in various iterationsand graphical user interface for displaying electronic lists for over 13 years. Like Google’s augmented reality device, theand documents.” According to the patent’s description, the EyeTap displays information in Mann’s field of view as welltechnology relies on a touch-screen display and includes the as operating as a camera. Unlike Google’s device, however,function for displaying lists and documents as well as how the device is “permanently attached” to Mann and cannot bethey look on a mobile device. removed from his skull “without special tools.”Given the current patent wars raging among mobile Mann says that while he and his family were sitting by acompanies, it is entirely possible that this patent will find window and eating, a McDonald’s employee pulled at theits way into the fierce legal disputes between Apple and device, damaged it, and brusquely pushed him out of theSamsung, though other operating systems display both 13
  • 137. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonerestaurant after tearing up a doctor’s note explaining his With the Google Glass and possible competeing productsmedical need to wear it. form Apple and Olympus, a persistent and pervasive surveillance state could become inevitable as governmentsWhile Mann doesn’t explain in his post exactly what medical and corporations track and subpoena data gathered by thecondition requires him to wear the device, he also doesn’t devices for various purposes. On the other hand, authoritiesexplain exactly why the McDonald’s staff had such a hostile will be under surveillance just as much as the generalreaction to the EyeTap. He implies in the post that the populace, meaning that technology like this might be a hugeemployees may have objected to him using what they force for the protection of individual freedoms and liberties.saw as a recording device, pointing to a story of another However, unless you enjoy being thrown out of restaurantsAmerican who claimed to have been manhandled by Parisian and banned from government buildings, don’t bolt yourMcDonald’s employees after taking a picture of the menu fancy new device to your head.and forced to erase the picture. Mann has yet to respond toquestions about his experience.A spokesperson for McDonald’s said that the company Scary giant snakes intakes “the claims and feedback of our customers veryseriously. We are in the process of gathering information Resident Evil 6 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/scary-giant-snakes-in-resident-about this situation and we ask for patience until all evil-6/16698.htmlof the facts are known.” If the employees’ goal was to July 18th, 2012prevent surveillance in their restaurant, then they failed.Mann’s eyepiece took several photos which show his allegedassailants faces and ID badges, though the versions postedon his blog have been obscured, labeling them insteadas Perpetrators 1, 2 and 3. Mann says that normally thedevice does not record his vision, though if “the computer Zombies aren’t limited to just average sized humanoidsis damaged, e.g. by falling and hitting the ground (or by a (sometimes bigger than the average jock), and Resident Evilphysical assault), buffered pictures for processing remain 6 will have small zombies, medium zombies, big zombies,in its memory, and are not overwritten with new ones and giant zombies. Okay, totally redundant, but too manyby the then non-functioning computer vision.” Therefore, zombies of the same looks and sizes get boring.“Perpetrator 1’s actions” caused images to be captured thatwould not otherwise have been, meaning that he causedhimself and others within the restaurant to be photographedby damaging the Eye Glass. If this account holds true,McDonald’s owes Mann a huge apology. The internetcommunity has already pulled out their proverbial torchesand pitchforks over the story; by early Monday evening,users had posted the personal phone numbers and emailaddresses of McDonald’s CEO David Thompson and othermajor executives within the company, though these werelater deleted. A boycott of the company has also been calledfor.Setting aside the actions of perhaps a group ofallegedly violent luddites, the story still raises some very Zombies aren’t limited to just average sized humanoidstough questions about ubiquitous surveillance, wearable (sometimes bigger than the average jock), and Resident Eviltechnology and even cybernetic enhancement. After all, 6 will have small zombies, medium zombies, big zombies,Mann’s device allows any user to record their experience and giant zombies. Okay, totally redundant, but too manywith almost no indication to those being recorded that zombies of the same looks and sizes get boring.they are on camera, much like Google’s Glass. Despite hisallegations that the device only took images of the employees Fans had a sneak peak and hands on of the next installmentbecause it was damaged, Mann’s work on the device in of Resident Evil last week at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA.the past has emphasized its potential for live broadcasting They were able to play three missions for each of the threeof what it sees over the internet and “sousvelliance,” or main characters—Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jakethe ability for individuals to record authority figures rather Muller.than being recorded. In one essay, he even used the What’s scarier than a zombie? Good question. If you have aterm “cyborglog” to describe recording all of a person’s fear of slithery cold-blooded things then Resident Evil 6 willexperiences with a wearable computer, and that devices like give you a good dose of giant zombie snakes (okay, it mightthis would be to the individual what a “black box” flight not be a zombie, because snakes look like zombies even ifrecorded is to airplanes. they’re not).This also isn’t the first time Mann has had a run-in Whatever Resident Evil 6 have in store for us, we all know forwith authorities over his personal technology. According sure that there will be zombies. Play the game in a dimly litto Wired, he was removed from a Wal-Mart and has had room with an energy drink if you want your senses to tingleconflicts with the New York City police and the Secret just a bit more during those sudden “in your face zombies”Service. He even missed the premiere of a film about him at moments (disclaimer: may or may not work—no studies tothe SXSW Festival in 2002 because airport security refused back up claims).to allow him to board a plane with his gadgets. 14
  • 138. July 18th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneTrailer? Of course: It was not too long ago that Mozilla released Firefox 13, and not surprisingly Firefox 14 is now available. Despite the quick transition from version 13 to 14, Mozilla claims to haveWhen Apple Loses, The fixed a lot of issues that were present in version 13.Consumer Wins It was not too long ago that Mozilla released Firefox 13, andSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/when-apple-loses-the-consumer- not surprisingly Firefox 14 is now available. Despite thewins/16694.html quick transition from version 13 to 14, Mozilla claims to haveJuly 18th, 2012 fixed a lot of issues that were present in version 13. Some of the bugs that were present in version 13 were not intrusive to everyday uses, but they were annoying enough that Mozilla had to provide a quick update to their Firefox browser. Security fixes in Firefox 14 range from critical to moderate, and none of which are significant enough for averageMotorola won a small victory today in Germany where a users to abandon the browser. However, web developerscourt ruled that the Motorola Xoom tablet does not infringe may be happy with some of the fixes help debugging andon the design of the iPad. development a little easier. Check out the full security fixesThis decision is a notable rebuke of Apple’s attempt to summary here.quash any competition through legal maneuvering. Apple Mozilla claims that version 14 has an improved site identityhas notoriously brought suit against both Motorola and manager, which “prevents spoofing of and SSL connectionSamsung, claiming that their products infringe upon Apple’s with favicons.” Also, version 14 addressed the JavaScript-patented designs. In recent weeks Apple has been able to CSS conflict present in version 13. Again, this fix probablyban two Samsung tablets in Germany, and it has obtained applies more towards developers.an injunction on the sale of the Galaxy 10.1 in the UnitedStates. Moreover, Apple has gone as far as targeting specific Version 14 is not completely stable, and there areretailers that are selling their remaining Galaxy 10.1 tablets. “unresolved” issues that Mozilla may address in the nextIt seems that the courts may finally be starting to push back. patch. One key issues in version 14 is that the browser will crash if it’s launched while using a locked profile.Unfortunately for the American consumer, this has no directimpact on pending litigation in the United States. This Check out the full report on Firefox 14.decision does, however, indicate that there may be a growingworldwide sentiment that Apple is going too far. Will thischange the course that Apple takes in enforcing its patentsaround the world? Probably not. But, this could certainlycause some consumers to think twice about Apple’s businesspractices, and punish the company where it hurts the most– the bottom line.Another unlikely winner in this decision may be Researchin Motion. Just last week, Nokia filed three additionalinfringement claims against RIM in Germany. If today’sdecision is any indication, other courts in Germany may begrowing tired of the bickering between technology giants.This is especially evidenced by the fact that both Apple andMotorola’s claims were dismissed. In effect, they both wonand they both lost. A similar decision would be a welcomeresult for RIM.In the end, the real winner here is the consumer. Hopefully,these companies will finally realize that it should be theconsumers who decide which product is better – not judges.Image Credits: AmazonFirefox 14 now available, butstill buggySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/firefox-14-now-available-but-still-buggy/16695.htmlJuly 18th, 2012 15
  • 139. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! Diablo III may have been the biggest PC-game launch ever, VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly but it didnt get the best reception ever. Server side and publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the in-game errors plagued the game from day 1, and after two geeks. months, many fans are still unhappy with the game’s lack of content.CyanogenMod 9 for your Diablo III may have been the biggest PC-game launch ever, but it didnt get the best reception ever. Server side andmothers: RC2 in-game errors plagued the game from day 1, and after twoSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/cyanogenmod-9-for-your-mothers- months, many fans are still unhappy with the game’s lack ofrc2/16747.html content.July 20th, 2012 A few weeks ago, a Blizzard admitted that Diablo III doesn’t have enough end-game sustainability, and yesterday Blizzard CEO, Mike Morhaime, also admitted that the game is lacking. In a rather long message to fans on the official forum, Morhaime pointed out Diablo III’s early missteps, and how Blizzard rectified it. However, he also pointed out that theDespite recent reports that the CyanogenMod team may stop game is lacking in content—which, to many is the ultimatedevelopment of CM9 in favor of the latest Jelly Bean-based failure of Diablo III.CM10, the team has just released CM9 RC2 with support foradditional devices. “…we want people to continue playing and enjoying Blizzard games for a very long time.”Despite recent reports that the CyanogenMod team may stopdevelopment of CM9 in favor of the latest Jelly Bean-based Morhaime is hoping that patch 1.1 will help convince playersCM10, the team has just released CM9 RC2 with support for to stay loyal to the game through an added PvP mode.additional devices. “I know many of you are also looking forward to patch 1.1,The RC2 release adds further stability to CM9, and according our PvP update, which will provide new experiences andto the team, its something that even “your mom” will be able give you a whole new way to apply the skills youve pickedto use. up while battling demons. This patch will also build on the social and auction house changes I mentioned above, and theThe team added CM9 support for the following devices: team will continue to fix bugs and further tune game balance as well.” • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (all variants) He also promises that Blizzard is working on a gameplay • Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T (Skyrocket) system that will “provide players who have max-level, high- • Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile (Hercules) powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative • Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T to the ‘item hunt’.” • Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300, international GSM There are no time frames for when Blizzard will implement model) the new gameplay system or patch 1.1. Read the Morhaime’s full message here.Important: The S3 release is only for the internationalversion with the Exynos chip, NOT the U.S. Snapdragonversion. Zalman Set to Launch CNPS14X by Late-JulyBlizzard CEO addresses Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zalman-set-to-launch-cnps14x-by-unhappy Diablo III players late-july/16745.html July 20th, 2012Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/blizzard-ceo-addresses-unhappy-diablo-iii-players/16746.htmlJuly 20th, 2012 Although shown to the world at this years Computex event, and reviewed by a select few sources, Zalmans new 1
  • 140. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneCNPS14X dual-stack CPU cooler will be generally available of the fans are possible. The central fan spins at speeds ofonly towards the end of July. 950-1,350 ±10% RPM, with noise levels of 17-21 dBA.According to sources among a leading distributor in Japan, The Zalman CNPS14X supports nearly every CPU socketZalman CNPS14X CPU cooler will be generally available type available in the market today, including Intel LGA2011,towards the end of July, 2012. In Japan, it will hit retail LGA1155/1156, LGA1366, LGA775; AMD FM1, and AM3+/stores by the 25th, priced at 5,480 JPY after taxes (S $87.6). AM3/AM2+/AM2. NZXT Hale82 750W PSU Review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nzxt-hale82-750w-psu- review/16744.html July 20th, 2012 NZXT is a renowned manufacturer of high quality computerPictured above, the Computer Noise Prevention System cases, with one of the biggest selections available today.(CNPS) 14X is Zalmans newest high-end CPU air cooler. However, the company has been trying to diversify towardMeasuring 140 x 126 x 159.3 mm (W x D x H), and weighing related products and recently released several new power875 g, it classifies under the "large" category of CPU coolers. supply units with interesting specifications. Thus, today we are not having a look at any of their cases but at the Hale82 750W power supply instead, a promising modular unit featuring an 80Plus Bronze certification. NZXT is a renowned manufacturer of high quality computer cases, with one of the biggest selections available today. However, the company has been trying to diversify toward related products and recently released several new power supply units with interesting specifications. Thus, today we are not having a look at any of their cases but at the Hale82 750W power supply instead, a promising modular unit featuring an 80Plus Bronze certification. • 80+ Bronze Certification - The HALE82 series fromAt the heart of its design is a pair of aluminum fin stacks, NZXT operates with high efficiency: at 20%, 50%,to which heat is conveyed by six 6 mm-thick copper heat and 100% loads, efficiencies are 82%, 85%, and 82%pipes, which pass through a polished copper CPU base. The respectively.heat pipes make indirect contact with the CPU over a slab of • 100% Japanese Capacitors - High quality componentscopper. promote longer lifespan and better reliability. • 120mm Two-Ball Bearing Fan - For smooth, silent rotation and optimal air intake. • Strong Single +12V Rail - A single +12V rail provides stability and ease of use with the ability to deliver clean currents under a heavy load. • Modular Design - Includes a selection of flat cables that allow the user to pick and choose which cables they want to use, maximizing cable management and airflow inside chassis. • Large Tower Support - Extended 8pin connector for bottom mounted cases or large cases. • Dual 8pin connector - For high end motherbaords dedicated to overclocking.A custom-design 140 mm fan is nestled between the two • Keeping it Safe - The HALE80 series offers overaluminum fin stacks, which pulls air from one stack, and voltage, current, power, temperature, under voltage,pushes it through the other. The fan can be augmented and short circuit protection.by two 140 mm fans strapped on to either sides of theheatsink. According to Zalman, a total of 7 arrangements 2
  • 141. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Settings related to AMP are found in similar BIOSECS First Motherboard configuration pages as Intel XMP, the M.I.B. III (systemVendor to Support AMP overclocking) section. AMP-certified modules will typicallySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ecs-first-motherboard-vendor-to- ship with multiple SPD profiles, some JEDEC-certified, andsupport-amp/16743.html one or more AMP certified; again much like Intel XMPJuly 20th, 2012 certified modules.ECS announced that its the first motherboard vendor tosupport the AMP (AMD Memory Profile) standard. Think ofAMP as the companys equivalent to Intel XMP. Its certainlynot the first time AMD toyed with custom SPD standards. An interesting trivia here is that AMP isnt AMDs firstECS announced that its the first motherboard vendor to attempt at custom SPD profiles. The company has had asupport the AMP (AMD Memory Profile) standard. Think of standard known as AMD Black Edition Memory, whichAMP as the companys equivalent to Intel XMP. Its certainly works in a similar way to AMP, except that you need tonot the first time AMD toyed with custom SPD standards. enable the advertised speed profile using AMDs Overdrive software. An example of such memory modules is pictured above. Interestingly, Patriot Memory is an OEM for AMD Radeon-branded memory, which is resold by tertiary partners such as VisionTek. AMD AMP could gain relevance in the coming months,ECS current (by means of a BIOS update) and upcoming when the companys second-generation desktop APUs,motherboards will feature support for AMP, a SPD custom- codenamed "Trinity" launch, with a contingent of socketprofile standard along the lines of Intel XMP (eXtreme compatible FM2 motherboards. Also planned for later thisMemory Profile). The standard allows memory vendors to year is AMDs new core-logic for socket AM3+ "Vishera"ship their modules with tiny bits of firmware that tell the second-generation FX processors. Opportinities aplenty forsystem BIOS what specifications the module is capable the likes of ECS.of, which exceed JEDEC-governed specifications. Theseinclude high DRAM clock speeds, the right DRAM timingsto support it, and just the right DRAM voltages to support Namco embracesthe two. Memory with high advertised DRAM speeds dontrun at them out of the box, and require manual overclocking, Kickstarter-style model forwhich can be avoided by features such as XMP and the newAMP. pre-orders of Ni No Kuni Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/namco-embraces-kickstarter-style- model-for-pre-orders-of-ni-no-kuni/16742.html July 20th, 2012 Namco Bandai is taking a leaf out out of Kickstarters book with a unique approach to pre-orders for the Wizards Edition of its upcoming Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Namco Bandai is taking a leaf out out of Kickstarters book with a unique approach to pre-orders for the Wizards 3
  • 142. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneEdition of its upcoming Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) July 20th, 2012Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.North American customers can take part in the aptly-titled Ninostarter, a crowd sourcing initiative that rewards ahigher number of pre-orders by unlocking additional items Finnish mobile firm Nokia has been downgraded by a creditto be included in the Wizards Edition. ratings agency as analysts fail to see how its deal with Microsoft for Windows Phone devices is paying off. Finnish mobile firm Nokia has been downgraded by a creditThe PlayStation 3 exclusive does not launch until 22 January ratings agency as analysts fail to see how its deal with2013, but gamers only have until 31 August of this year, Microsoft for Windows Phone devices is paying off.41 days away, to make their pre-orders, and to encouragetheir friends and family, and perhaps total strangers, to pre-order too if they dont want to miss out on the higher tiers Credit agency Fitch Ratings lowered Nokias rating from BBof goodies. + to BB- after the company posted a net loss of a whopping $1.72 billion, almost four times the loss it made in the same quarter of last year. The agency also said Nokias long-term outlook is “negative” and that it is “not convinced that the company will be able to stabilise revenues and reach an operating profit breakeven point.”The current version of the Wizards Edition includes thegame itself, a 300-page hardback Wizards Companionspellbook and bestiary, a plushie of Drippy, the helpful guideof the story, and the exclusive Golden Mite and GoldenDrongo in-game familiars.At the time of writing the Ninostarter project has 2507 Shares for Nokia have fallen around 80 percent since thefans and progress towards the first pre-order goal is at 35 seemingly ill-fated deal with Microsoft in February 2011.percent. It does not say what will be unlocked then, but we There was some good news as investors helped shares rallysuppose thats half the fun of it. Lets just hope that it will be 12 percent on Thursday after Nokia revealed it still had aworthwhile after begging all and sundry to grab a copy. large cash pile at its disposal. This was short lived, however, as stocks fell again by five percent today among renewed fears about the companys future.Kickstarter has been a popular way for game studios tosecure funding, but Namcos approach is a relatively newmethod for enticing pre-orders of the limited edition. If it Nokia plans to release a new set of Lumia smartphones incatches on it could be copied by other big name gaming September, but previous Lumia models have failed to takecompanies. the world by storm, and many analysts see Windows Phone 8 as the only saving grace available to Nokia. Even then, it is expected that it will take time for such devices to catch on.The Wizards Edition is available for pre-order for $99.99. Google enhances maps ofNokia gets downgraded as Europe, Africa and AsiaMicrosoft deal fails to deliver Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-enhances-maps-of-europe-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-gets-downgraded-as- africa-and-asia/16740.htmlmicrosoft-deal-fails-to-deliver/16741.html 4
  • 143. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 20th, 2012 HD 7970 Lightning graphics card. The company hopes to put its new FC-7970 LTG up for sale by the end of July. Are you one of those who spent a big chunk of dough on MSIs flagship Radeon HD 7970 Lightning graphics card before launches of NVIDIAs GTX 680 and AMDs own HD 7970 GHz Edition, and are now uncomfortable with how close the two get to beating your card in performance?Google has updated maps of a number of countries in EK Water Blocks (EKWB) has just the thing for you. TheEurope, Africa and Asia, making them more detailed and Slovenian PC water-cooling expert unveiled the FC-7970accurate. LTG.Google has updated maps of a number of countries inEurope, Africa and Asia, making them more detailed andaccurate.The maps for Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland,Italy, Lesotho, Macau, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore andVatican City have all been revamped.The updates add new coverage of previously unmappedterrain, such as the National Heritage Areas of Ireland,provide more detailed coastlines and bodies of water, andhave more accurate names for major points of interest. The FC-7970 LTG from EKWB is a full-coverage water block tailored for the MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning. The block covers most warm components on the obverse side of the PCB, including the Radeon HD 7970 GPU on steroids, the 12 GDDR5 memory chips, and the seventeen sets of International Rectifier DirectFETs. The reverse side of the PCB is left for the back-plate the card shipped with, there are no hot components on that side. The primary material of the block is copper, with stainless steel and acetal tops. The coolant-flow channel covers the VRM and memory areas, in addition to the GPU area. The block uses EKWBs FCLink system that makes plumming for standalone and multi-GPU setups easy. EKWB hopes to get the FC-7970 LTG available on the company website for purchase by 27th July. DetailedFerry routes are also more clearly labelled than before, specifications and pricing will be available then.and Google Maps will estimate a ferry time based on itstimetables if users try planning a route for their journey.Local roads are more easily distinguished from highways, LG Intros New PC Monitorsand multi-lingual names are now available for many of theseroads. with IPS Panel, MHLGoogle Maps for Android is also getting an update, with the Connectivitymaps for the 11 countries previously listed, in addition to Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-intros-new-pc-monitors-with-ips-Egypt, Poland and Ukraine, now available offline. panel-mhl-connectivity/16738.html July 20th, 2012EKWB Readies Full-CoverageWater-Block for MSI R7970LightningSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ekwb-readies-full-coverage-water- LG Display introduced the IPS7 series of premium desktopblock-for-msi-r7970-lightning/16739.html PC monitors. The series was given a worldwide launch. TheJuly 20th, 2012 monitors embed IPS LED-backlit LCD panels, with MHL (mobile high-definition link) feature, letting you plug it to smartphones, tablets, and cameras. LG Display introduced the IPS7 series of premium desktop PC monitors. The series was given a worldwide launch. TheSlovenian PC water-cooling major EK Water Blocks (EKWB) monitors embed IPS LED-backlit LCD panels, with MHLannounced a full-coverage water-block for MSIs Radeon (mobile high-definition link) feature, letting you plug it to smartphones, tablets, and cameras. 5
  • 144. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 20th, 2012 It is no secret that Apple is one of key places where former AMD executives and engineers leave for. Over the course of past several years, weve seen quite a fair share of big names landing at the fruity company.The IPS7 series make use of LGs Cinema Screen design, The amount of people that left AMD for Apple is small ina USP of which is extremely thin bezels around the panel. overall headcount but as Intels ill-fated $4.5 billion projectIn this case, as low as 1.2 mm-thin. LG is one of the most proved, you need key talents in order to design the incrediblypopular in-plane switching (IPS) LCD panel makers, and is complex silicon-copper-hafnium structures which make forquick to deploy its IP in these monitors, which results in processors of today.horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178°. The panelis LED-illuminated, and that helps reduce its thickness Furthermore, over the course of past couple of years, weve(exterior) to 14.1 mm. seen Apple becoming more aggressive in design of its proprietary silicon and in order to control its supply chain. Right now, Apple is in a bit of squeeze with 3rd party chips being in short supply (such as Qualcomms baseband chips) and the company wants to change that. In order to change the reliance on 3rd parties, you need the very best engineers money can buy and if we take a look at a number of key AMD personnel that left the company (or were pushed out), there is no doubt that Apple is cooking something big in its labs.The IPS7 series from LG is being launched with twomodels, the 23-inch IPS237L, and the 27-inch IPS277L.Both models feature 1920 x 1080 pixels native resolution,5 ms response time, mega contrast-ratio, and 250 cd/m² brightness. Its feature-set includes hardware colour-calibration, an aggressive power-saving mode, and 6-axiscontrol. Apart from MHL, the display supports standardHDMI using an adapter cable.Commenting on the launch, J.J. Lee, Executive VicePresident and Head of the IT Business Unit of the LG HomeEntertainment Company, said "by combining CINEMASCREEN Design and MHL functionality with the industrys Both Raja Koduri (CTO, AMD) and Bob Drebin (CTO, AMD)leading IPS technology, the IPS7 series is able to offer left AMD/ATI quite some time ago, and are now servingstunning design and performance," adding "with the rapid senior executive roles (Raja is now CTO at Apple, while Bobgrowth in the number of mobile smart devices such as serves as Senior Director). The most recent addition is notsmartphones and tablets, the availability of content has the one without a mark - John Bruno carries quite a longgreatly expanded. LGs IPS7 expands the user experience, history of roles first at ATI, then at AMD. John was theenabling viewers to take full advantage of this content-rich driving force behind ATIs entrance into the chip business,environment." and his last project at AMD was the 2012 Comal platform,Since this is a worldwide launch, LG did not reveal pricing, with the key part being the Trinity APU.as it varies greatly between markets. Sadly for John, AMDs senior management obviously saw no use of a man whose projects generated vast amounts of revenue for AMD. It is no secret that a lot of industryFormer ATI, AMD Engineers insiders heavily criticize the (in)competency of the currentGather at Apple: Desktop and Chief Financial Officer, who according to the sources "could not see a golden geese even if he tripped on it". This is a directMobile Chips Incoming? quote from a person that generated several billion dollars inSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/former-ati-amd-engineers-gather-at- revenue to AMD, and was swiftly dropped after Rory Readapple-desktop-and-mobile-chips-incoming-/16708.html took office. Forgetting whats going on with AMD, we view the hiring of John Bruno as a key sign that the crew that left AMD in 2009 now has quite a lot of say inside the walls of Cupertino 6
  • 145. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneHQ - and hiring the very best people is something they will branded Surface tablet, which should come in at around thedo. With John Bruno, Apple perhaps gained one last piece of same price as an Ultrabook.the puzzle needed to drive the development of its large-scaleprocessors for powerful processors. Otellini also said that there are over 140 Ivy Bridge-basedNow for the obligatory part to Apple-focused blogs that Ultrabooks on the horizon, ensuring Intels dominance inread news like these - hiring John Bruno does not mean a variety of mobile fields. He expects to see $699 Intel-Apple will come with desktop chips in 2013, because it powered Ultrabooks in Autumn.takes anywhere between 3-5 years to bring a completelynew platform to market. Thus, Apple will be using Intel-AMD-NVIDIA-Qualcomm parts in foreseeable future, but Windows 8 will release on 26 October.the core team that brought miracles with a very tight budgetis now in place. And Apple has enough R&D budget to createeverything Raja, Bob, John wanted to create, but were notallowed to. Microsoft enhances XboxWe wonder, will Carrell Killebrew, the ideological father ofEyefinity and numerous GPU architectures (both at ATI and Live securityAMD) be the next in line to be acquired by Apple? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-enhances-xbox-live- security/16735.html July 20th, 2012Intel reveals more than 20Windows 8 tablets on the waySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-reveals-more-than-20-windows-8-tablets-on-the-way/16736.htmlJuly 20th, 2012 Microsoft has improved the security of its Xbox Live service, including legal action to remove usernames and passwords uploaded to the internet, unique security codes sent to phones and secondary emails, and under-the-bonnet improvements to the software. Microsoft has improved the security of its Xbox LiveIntel has confirmed that more than 20 Windows 8 tablets service, including legal action to remove usernames andare on the way, which makes for a promising mobile device passwords uploaded to the internet, unique security codeslaunch for Microsofts next version of its popular operating sent to phones and secondary emails, and under-the-bonnetsystem. improvements to the software.Intel has confirmed that more than 20 Windows 8 tabletsare on the way, which makes for a promising mobile devicelaunch for Microsofts next version of its popular operating Perhaps the biggest change is one that is behind the scenes,system. a number of enhancements that went live with the Spring update to the service. Microsoft said that these will help it add further security improvements in the near future. ForThe chip giants CEO, Paul Otellini, said that the company obvious reasons it did not specify what these changes were.is “tracking more than 20 Windows 8 tablet designs basedon our low-power and low-cost Clover Trail Atom SOC, inaddition to a number of Core-based tablets.” One change that users will notice is the sending of security codes to mobile phones and secondary email addresses whenever someone makes a purchase or account change that does not come come from the members trusted device. This will act as a significant protection from fraudulent activity, requiring hackers to jump through an extra, much harder hoop.Intel will be competing with ARM, the firm powering theWindows RT tablets, which will likely take up a larger shareof the market, thanks to their lower price tags. However, Microsoft is also embracing a number of legal options toMicrosoft is not leaving Intel out of the picture, embracing protect accounts. It has taken legal action against websitesthe Core i5 processor for the “Pro” version of its own- that host ill-gotten gamertags, usernames and passwords, 7
  • 146. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemany of which are obtained via malware or phishing As many as 20,000 computers are part of the botnet,schemes. The company is hoping to discourage identity but without the command and control servers they aretheft, stealing accounts, and credit card fraud by threatening ineffective.account bans, console bans, and criminal prosecution. Spam, the bane of the internet, may become a thing of the past as more botnets are shut down across the world. Bredolab, a botnet responsible for a whopping three billion“The internet has transformed the way we purchase goods spam emails every day, was shut down by Dutch police inand services and added layers of convenience to our lives.Yet, disappointingly, online fraud increasingly victimises 2010, and its mastermind, Georgiy Avanesov, was jailed earlier this year.millions of unsuspecting consumers each year,” said AlexGarden, GM of Xbox Live. “That is why our resolve at “Grums takedown resulted from the efforts of manyMicrosoft to battle fraud and our commitment to account individuals,” said Atif Mushtaq, security researcher atsecurity is stronger than ever. I hope youll take a few FireEye. “This collaboration is sending a strong message tomoments to protect your account today.” all the spammers: Stop sending us spam. We dont need your cheap Viagra or fake Rolex.”Botnet responsible for 18 London 2012 Olympicspercent of worlds spam embraces social media Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/london-2012-olympics-embraces-taken down social-media/16733.htmlSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/botnet-responsible-for-18-percent- July 20th, 2012of-world-s-spam-taken-down/16734.htmlJuly 20th, 2012 The London 2012 Summer Olympics is embracing social media, including live athlete questions and answers, blogsSecurity firm FireEye, spam tracker SpamHaus, and local of the events, and feeds from a wide variety of websites,ISPs have shut down a botnet that they claim was including Facebook and Twitter.responsible for 18 percent of the worlds spam. The London 2012 Summer Olympics is embracing socialSecurity firm FireEye, spam tracker SpamHaus, and local media, including live athlete questions and answers, blogsISPs have shut down a botnet that they claim was of the events, and feeds from a wide variety of websites,responsible for 18 percent of the worlds spam. including Facebook and Twitter.The botnet, called Grum, had control servers locatedin Panama, Russia and Ukraine, with controllers of the The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has set up thenetwork redirecting to secondary servers as the net closed in Olympic Athletes Hub, which aggregates a variety of socialon them. streams. The Inside the Olympic Village page provides a liveHunting down the servers in Ukraine was particularly Q&A with athletes, keeping fans in touch with their favouritechallenging, given its prior reputation as a “safe haven” competitors.for such operations, but FireEye pressured ISPs to suspendthe servers there, which will serve as a stark warning tospammers who think that relocation is an option. Instagram is collaborating with the IOC for “Faces of Olympians,” which will show a collection of athlete photos throughout the Games. With over 30,000 followers in just 60 days, this medium will be a huge outlet for Olympic fever. The Olympic Challenge social game will launch soon, allowing fans to make predictions for the outcome of each event. A leaderboard will show who is making the most accurate forecasts, and integration with Facebook and Open Graph means predictions can be shared and friends can compete with each other for the winning outcome. 8
  • 147. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone pioneers ASUS and Gigabyte, the three companies have been battling at the top since the early days for the mindshare and wallets of system integrators and DIY builders. Today we look at the MSI Z77A-GD65, a mainstream ATX board that is positioned below their premium GD80 offering. Although Intel Z77 Panther Point based offerings have been released for almost one quarter already, most of us enthusiasts have got the impression the manufacturers have only finally sorted out their pesky BIOS firmware bugs, especially when it comes to overclocking.More Olympics coverage will be found on Tumblr blogs,a special Olympic Ticket badge can be obtained onFoursquare, free tickets are up for grabs on Facebook, andathletes are engaging fans on Google+.“The Athletes’ Hub has already compiled Twitter andFacebook feeds of over 2,000 verified Olympians. Theadditions we are announcing today further demonstratethe IOC’s continued efforts to socialize the Olympic Games The packaging of the Z77A-GD65 is typical of MSIs recentand create a better, more engaging experience for fans and box designs, with the manufacturer keen to stress theOlympic athletes around the world,” said Mark Adams, durability credentials of its "Military Class III" components.Director of Communications for the International OlympicCommittee.“Social media has been a great way to connect with fans andshare not just my stories but the stories of other amazingpeople and athletes,” said Oscar Pistorius, South Africansprint runner. “I regularly use it to share my experiences andprovide inspiration for those who are overcoming obstaclesor just need an extra push to remember that hard work paysoff. I am truly blessed and thrilled to be participating inthe 2012 London Olympics and look forward to sharing myOlympic experiences with the social media community andinspiring young athletes to do amazing things.”MSI Z77A-GD65 Review:Military Class for Ivy BridgeSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-z77a-gd65-review-military-class-for-ivy-bridge/16662.htmlJuly 20th, 2012Over the next few weeks we will be featuring a slate ofmotherboards for mainstream DIY system builders to highend enthusiasts. First up is MSIs Z77A-GD65, a solid valueoffering that should satisfy the needs of most Ivy Bridgeusers who wants to overclock. Accessories wise we get the standard SATA cables and I/OTaiwan based MSI (also known as Micro-Star International), shield, as well as a single SLi ribbon connector and wires foris one of the worlds largest makers of computer connecting to the voltage probe points on the motherboard.motherboards and video cards. Together with fellow early 9
  • 148. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone July 20th, 2012 Ferrari makes expensive super cars, and its brand/logos on anything can, seemingly, make an object worth much more than it is. Logic3 and Ferrari have teamed up to create in- ear and over-ear headphones that may burn a hole people’s pocket—as opposed to burning rubber. Ferrari makes expensive super cars, and its brand/logos on anything can, seemingly, make an object worth much more than it is. Logic3 and Ferrari have teamed up to create in- ear and over-ear headphones that may burn a hole people’s pocket—as opposed to burning rubber. Car enthusiasts, rejoice, or not, totally up to you. If you can’t afford an actual Ferrari, then perhaps you can pick up a Ferrari-inspired headphone for a couple hundred bucks. The Cavallino collection range from $366 to $209, and the Scuderia collection range from $327 to $156. What makes it even more authentic? You can snatch up one of these headphones from the official Ferrari store. Now if you’re feeling like a big spender, you can take yourHere we have the block diagram of the Z77 platform, key passion for Ferrari even further. For $956 you can have yourimprovements over the previous 6-series generation being very own Ferrari Cavallino Rampante GT1, and for $628 youPCIe 3.0 and native USB 3.0 support. can own a Scuderia Ferrari FS1. There are other options in between the two aforementioned. Oh, I forgot to mention that they’re all audio docking stations with a slick remote. Russia labels nonprofits as "foreign agents" Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/russia-labels-nonprofits-as-foreign- agents-/16731.html July 20th, 2012 Russian legislators have recently passed a controversial Internet bill that the United Nations feel will impede the ongoing open conversations between the government and its people. Russian legislators have recently passed a controversialLogic3 and Ferrari team up to Internet bill that the United Nations feel will impede themake slick headphones ongoing open conversations between the government and its people.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/logic3-and-ferrari-team-up-to-make-slick-headphones/16732.html According to The New York Times, the new bill will allow the Russian government to block websites that are considered “dangerous to children,” and nonprofits will be identified 10
  • 149. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneas “foreign agents” if they receive financing from outside of other publishers, it will allow Amazon to create a monopoly.Russia and if the government considers the organization to The e-book monopoly, Sen. Schumer claims, will allowbe engaged in “political activities.” Amazon to set the price of almost all future e-book products.Navi Pillay, UN’s high commissioner for human rights, says Apple filed a 31-page formal response to the DOJ back inthat the legislations are “stif[ling] all criticism of government May, stating that it did not “conspire” with publishers toauthorities and limit the ability of individuals to address the promote sales of e-books on the iPad.issues of transparency, corruption and abuse of power.” “The government starts from the false premise thatShe also urged the Russian government to “avoid taking an e-books ‘market’ was characterized by ‘robust pricefurther steps backward to a more restrictive era.” competition’ prior to Apple’s entry. This ignores a simple and incontrovertible fact: before 2010, there was no realThe Russian Foreign Ministry responded by saying: competition, there was only Amazon.”“We consider Ms. Pillay’s statement as unbefitting to her Basically, Apple accused the DOJ of supporting Amazon’sstatus as high commissioner and attempts to publicly accuse monopolistic quest rather than competition.the leaders of the Russian state of failing to carry out somekinds of ‘promises’ — as outside the framework of diplomatic Sen. Schumer finalized his opinionated piece by saying thatethics.” innovations in the publishing industry will become stagnant if an e-book monopoly is created. This returns to the notionUnited Russia deputy, Aleksandr Petrov, added—in a less that publishing is becoming more and more digitized, andhostile tone: if Amazon controls all aspects of e-books then it will also“We have one goal: to try, with the help of a number of laws, control the innovations.to create a certain stability, to provide for the integrity of theRussian Federation. Yes, there should be political activity,but it should not be allowed to rock the boat which is called Nexus 7 dead pixels andRussia.” lifting screensPresident Vladimir V. Putin has seen increasing opposition Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nexus-7-dead-pixels-and-lifting-from various individuals, groups, and organizations, as he screens/16730.htmlbegins his six-year term, and the recent initiatives and July 20th, 2012legislations are perhaps to help bring about stability duringhis presidency—nothing should “rock the boat which iscalled Russia.”Senator advises DOJ to drope-book antitrust lawsuit Google and Asus should have put a bit more work into quality control before they shipped some of the Nexus 7against Apple units. Apparently, a few users on XDA have already reportedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/senator-advises-doj-to-drop-e-book- dead pixels, displays that are lifting from the shell, and evenantitrust-lawsuit-against-apple/16728.html some light bleeding.July 20th, 2012The publishing industry is quickly transitioning to theclouds and digital copies, and Amazon capitalized on thistransition when it released the Kindle in 2007—thereafter,capturing 90% of the e-book market. A few months agothe Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit againstApple (along with other publishers), but New York SenatorCharles Schumer is advising the DOJ to drop the case againstApple and other publishers.The publishing industry is quickly transitioning to theclouds and digital copies, and Amazon capitalized on thistransition when it released the Kindle in 2007—thereafter, Google and Asus should have put a bit more work intocapturing 90% of the e-book market. A few months ago quality control before they shipped some of the Nexus 7the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against units. Apparently, a few users on XDA have already reportedApple (along with other publishers), but New York Senator dead pixels, displays that are lifting from the shell, and evenCharles Schumer is advising the DOJ to drop the case against some light bleeding.Apple and other publishers.According to Sen. Schumer, Amazon has the majority of thee-book market share, and if the DOJ takes out Apple and 11
  • 150. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone An average Microsoft branded keyboard and mouse may costAdventurous tech junkie may want to concoct home consumers a few bucks more than other brand peripherals,remedies for the lifting screens, and bleeding light, but dead and a recent leaked image of a Microsoft wedge-like touchpixels are in a league of its own. mouse suggests that Microsoft will continue to charge users a premium for an official Microsoft hardware.It’s quite easy to fix the screen lifting issue, and the only toolthat’s required is something thin and a screwdriver. The The Verge reports that the mouse will run for a cool $60.99,process essentially amounts to tightening some loose screws and quite frankly it’s too hard to tell whether or not the oddlyhidden under the back plate. Full instructions can be found shaped mouse is worth the money. The surface of the mousehere. hints that there may be multi-touch functionality.In the end, since almost all recently purchased Nexus 7sare still under warranty, the safest route to fixing anycosmetic and hardware imperfections is to send it back tothe respective retailers.Oddly shaped Microsoftwedge mouseSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/oddly-shaped-microsoft-wedge-mouse/16729.htmlJuly 20th, 2012Microsoft’s software may run all different operating systemsand devices, but that doesn’t mean that its open endedbusiness practice has prevented it from supplying PC userswith it’s own Microsoft branded peripheral. The Windows8 release date is just around the corner, and it seemslike Microsoft will launch a wedge-like mouse that may beoptimized for the latest Windows release.Microsoft’s software may run all different operating systemsand devices, but that doesn’t mean that its open endedbusiness practice has prevented it from supplying PC userswith it’s own Microsoft branded peripheral. The Windows8 release date is just around the corner, and it seemslike Microsoft will launch a wedge-like mouse that may beoptimized for the latest Windows release. QuakeCon Details Announced Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/quakecon-details- announced/16724.html 12
  • 151. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneJuly 20th, 2012 fashion or on a new PC – starting on October 26th. Earlier this month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Tami Reller told attendees Windows 8 would be available in October. But now everyone has a specific date to mark on their calendars. It’s on mine!” Microsoft’s upcoming Windows platform will run on Intel,Details for QuakeCon, the largest North American LAN party AMD, and ARM chips. The Windows RT Surface tablet willand the largest free LAN party in the world, have been have an ARM chip, but the Pro Surface tablet will be Intelrevealed for this years event. based.One of the biggest conferences gamers look forward to The next installment of Microsoft’s Office suite is still in betaevery year is QuakeCon, the annual conference put on by and is not likely to launch alongside Windows 8.id Software. A bring-your-own-computer LAN party held inDallas, Texas, QuakeCon is the largest North American LANparty and the largest free LAN party in the world. It was Assassins Creed: Forsakenfirst held in 1996 among members of the #quake channel ofthe EFnet IRC network and has since grown to its current available on Dec 4 for $9.99 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/assassin-s-creed-forsaken-available-size. More than just a multiplayer frag fest, QuakeCon is id on-dec-4-for-9.99/16726.htmlSoftware’s premiere venue for showcasing new games, along July 20th, 2012with hardware and peripherals developed by companies withties to id Software.This year’s event will open with a keynote address from JohnCarmack, co-founder of id Software. Various panels will takeplace throughout the event, including topics like “The Gameof Making Games”, “Designing Multiplayer Games ThatLast”, and “Idle Thumbs Podcast Live: Arena”. Members of Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken, written by Oliver Bowden, willthe panels will include many big industry names, such as be available on December 4 for $9.99. The book will depictMarty Stratton of id Software and CEO of Insomniac Games another portion of Conner’s life—one in which readers willTed Price. discover his “roots.”Along with the games played for competition and fun,many new and upcoming games will have playable demos,including Dishonored and DOOM 3 BFG Edition. QuakeConwill be taking place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas,Texas, beginning on Thursday, August 2nd and ending onSunday, August 5th.For more information, visit the QuakeCon website here.Microsoft sets October 26 tolaunch Windows 8Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-sets-october-26-to-launch-windows-8/16727.htmlJuly 20th, 2012Whether or not you want to jump the gun and upgradeto Windows 8 once it’s released, you may want to knowthat Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will launchOctober 26.Whether or not you want to jump the gun and upgradeto Windows 8 once it’s released, you may want to knowthat Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 will launchOctober 26.A blog post today on Windows Team Blog states: “…October 26th, 2012! That’s right! Just a few minutes ago, Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that customers will Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken, written by Oliver Bowden, will be able to get Windows 8 – whether in upgrade be available on December 4 for $9.99. The book will depict 13
  • 152. July 20th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneanother portion of Conner’s life—one in which readers will A release date for the iPhone 5 is still unknown, and yetdiscover his “roots.” a Chinese accessories supplier already has an inventory of iPhone 5 cases. TVC-Mall has the iPhone 5 cases in eightA spokesperson wrote that the book is: different colors—black, white, transparent, grey, red, rose,“Set during the American Revolution, Connor has sworn to blue, and purple.secure liberty for his people and his nation and unleashes his There’s absolutely no reason to believe that TVC-Mall’spowerful skills on the chaotic, blood-soaked battlefields of product fits the sixth-gen iPhone, but heck, the listing isthe hostile American wilderness. Assassin’s Creed: Forsakenis the story behind who Connor really is and how he has definitely adding to the iPhone 5 rumor mill.become a deadly killer.”Assassin’s Creed: III, the game that coincides with the Although unconfirmed, the iPhone 5 will supposedly beBowden’s book, is set to drop October 31, and pre-orders of longer in dimension, thinner, and have a smaller dockthe “Join Or Die Edition” is now available. connector. The case displayed on the TVC-Mall site shows a connector docking hole that is indeed smaller.The Join Or Die Edition includes various bonus contentssuch a medallion of the Assassins, and a George Sometimes a manufacturer receives schematics from leaksWashington’s notebook that exposes “all the truths and before an official product launch announcement is made, sosecrets about the Assassins and the Templars during the the TVC-Mall iPhone 5 cases may be legit. However, the siteAmerican Revolution.” itself has a disclaimer that states:What George Washington’s notebook doesn’t include is “As iPhone 5 has not been unveiled, we can’t guaranteeConner’s full background, so, in truth, the Join Or Die this product can be used in iPhone 5. If you have anyEdition won’t tell fans “all the truths and secrets.” So if fans questions, please contact our friendly customer servicewant to uncover Conner’s roots, they have to purchase the representatives.”book—for an additional $9.99. I suppose TVC-Mall isn’t confident enough in the leaks toNext up, Assassin’s Creed: Conner’s Vengeance the motion declare that they are delivering a legitimate iPhone 5 case.picture on DVD and Blu-ray for $29.99 (parody statement,not meant to be taken seriously).iPhone 5 cases availabe froman online supplierSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/iphone-5-cases-availabe-from-an-online-supplier/16725.htmlJuly 20th, 2012A release date for the iPhone 5 is still unknown, and yet aChinese accessories supplier already has an iPhone 5 casesinventory. TVC-Mall has the iPhone 5 cases in eight differentcolors—black, white, transparent, grey, red, rose, blue, andpurple. 14
  • 153. July 23rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks! ground between cheap and slow HDD and fast but expensive VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly conventional SSDs. publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Mushkin Announces CatalystCache SSDSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/mushkin-announces-catalyst-cache-ssd/16787.htmlJuly 23rd, 2012 Mushkins approach to the concept circles around "high" capacity. Its Catalyst series of cache SSDs start at 50 GB, available at capacities as relatively high as 100 GB. Nvelo DataPlex is the governing software, the drive comes with aMushkin may not be the first to the market with cache-SSDs, license to use it. The drives appear to be based on SandForcebut its latest Catalyst series seeks to address the problem of SF-2281 controller.low capacity in this class of SSDs, by being available in higherthan usual capacities, to hold more "hot data."Mushkin may not be the first to the market with cache-SSDs,but its latest Catalyst series seeks to address the problem oflow capacity in this class of SSDs, by being available in higherthan usual capacities, to hold more "hot data." The Catalyst cache SSDs from Mushkin offer sequential speeds as high as 550 MB/s reads, with 525 MB/s writes (495 MB/s on the 50 GB model), with 90,000 IOPS 4K random write performance (85,000 IOPS on the 50 GB model). The drives are built in the 2.5-inch form-factor, with SATA 6 Gb/s interface. Commenting on the launch, Mushkins BrianCache SSDs traditionally come in capacities of around 16-32 Flood (director of product development) said "The CatalystGB, with the most capacious ones available till now, the Cache SSD really is the best of both worlds. Users willCrucial Adrenaline, being available in sizes up to 50 GB. experience amazing speed while maintaining large amountsPure capacity isnt a major factor beyond a point, if you of data on their computer. The best part, its an upgrade thatunderstand how cache-SSDs work. A cache-SSD is that wont break the bank." Unfortunately the bank-saving priceswhich temporarily holds frequently-accessed data on your Flood is talking about, are still under the wraps.hard drive. The frequency of access, and eligibility to resideon the cache-SSD is monitored and governed by the cache-software (such as Nvelo Dataplex or Intel Smart Response Ouya $99 Android console toTechnology). Data that is accessed frequently enough to be be size of Rubiks Cubeeligibe to be stored on the cache SSD is called "hot-data." Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/ouya-99-android-console-to-be-size-The bigger the cache SSD, the more hot data can be stored of-rubik-s-cube/16786.html(or more data can be deemed eligible for SSD storage). The July 23rd, 2012OS access hot-data from the SSD, and hence most commonusage on your PC becomes fast. As data on the cache SSDloses access frequency below a threshold, it is kicked outof the drive, to accommodate more hot-data. A full copy ofall data on the cache SSD is available at all times, on thehard drive. SSD caching thus serves as a potent middle- 1
  • 154. July 23rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Ouya $99 Android-based console will be as small as tied to the PC enthusiast community, high-performancea Rubiks Cube, according to the renowned designer Yves solid-state drives. A picture and data-sheet of its ReflexBéhar. series of client SSDs were leaked to the media.The Ouya $99 Android-based console will be as small asa Rubiks Cube, according to the renowned designer YvesBéhar.“Our console is quite small, around the size of a Rubiks cube,and so it will easily fit anywhere in a room, or be easy tothrow in a backpack,” Béhar said, adding that his team isdeliberately avoiding making the console look like existingones on the market.We noted previously that the box-shaped console resemblesthe Nintendo GameCube, albeit somewhat less colourful, butthe size will make this device considerably different, giventhat a Rubiks Cube can fit into the palm of your hand. MSI is using the trusty LSI-SandForce SF-2281 controller to drive its Reflex series, along with conventional synchronous NAND flash memory. The drive will be available in three models, 60 GB RX-60, 120 GB RX-120, and 240 GB RX-240. The three come with different performance numbers from each other. The RX-60 offers up to 525 MB/s sequential reads, up to 495 MB/s sequential writes, and up to 85,000 IOPS 4K random writes; the RX-120 comes with slightly higher numbers of up to 550 MB/s sequential reads, up to 515 MB/s sequential writes, and up to 90,000 IOPS 4K random writes; with the series being topped by RX-240, and its 560 MB/s sequential reads, up to 525 MB/s sequential writes, and up to 90,000 IOPS 4K random write performance. Being SF-2281 driven, the Reflex series has a conventional feature-set that includes TRIM, NCQ, and AES-128 native encryption. Expect pricing thats typical for similarlyThe gaming system will feature a Tegra 3 quad-core ARM configured drives. Availability information is awaited.processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of flash storage. Games willbe free-to-play, and the console will come with a controllersimilar in size and design to that of the Xbox and PlayStation Silent Hill: Downpourconsoles. developer faces closureThe Ouya console garnered huge support on Kickstarter, Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/silent-hill-downpour-developer-where the $950,000 goal was easily surpassed. At the time faces-closure/16784.htmlof writing, the project has 42,346 supporters and over $5.4 July 23rd, 2012million pledged. With 16 days to go, this is a console that iswell on its way to reality.MSI Enters SSD Businesswith Reflex SeriesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-enters-ssd-business-with-reflex- The developer behind the game Silent Hill: Downpour isseries/16785.html facing the increasing likelihood of closing shop, which marksJuly 23rd, 2012 a premature demise for its new gaming project. The developer behind the game Silent Hill: Downpour is facing the increasing likelihood of closing shop, which marks a premature demise for its new gaming project.After some more than decent motherboards and graphics Czech gaming firm Vatra Games is nearing the end of itscards, MSI is readying its newest product line that is closely days, according to Eurogamer sources.tied to the PC enthusiast community, high-performancesolid-state drives. Pictures of its Reflex series of client SSDs “The new management team at Kuju have been conductingwere leaked to the media. a strategic review of all aspects of the business,” said KujuAfter some more than decent motherboards and graphics Entertainment, which owns Vatra Games. “As part of thiscards, MSI is readying its newest product line that is closely process, the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio 2
  • 155. July 23rd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneare currently under review. However, at this stage, nodecisions have yet been made.” Microsoft requires developers to charge at least $1.49 for a Windows 8 app, which is 50 percent more than Apples $0.99 requirement. This could be the reason why the company is being so generous with its free trial period, as the higher minimum cost could lead to a lot more complaints and refund requests when an app does not live up to the hype.Downpour launched in the US and Europe in March of thisyear to mixed reviews, getting a roughly 66 percent rating onMetacritic. The game won support in some quarters for itsunique approach to some aspects of gameplay, including itsinteresting weather system.Vatra has been working on a God of War-style game, but The length of the trial may not hit home until compared to,that title is believed to have been cancelled, or at least faces for example, the 15-minute refund window for Android appcancellation with the talk of closing down Vatra, which only purchases. 15 minutes is not a lot of time to see if an app isopened its doors in 2009. The company has over 50 staff and any good or not, and a purchase is still required before thisit is not clear what will happen to them, though its parent small grace period kicks in.company will likely move some of them to another division. Microsofts offering may cause rivals to adopt similar trialsThe closure marks another sad tale in recent gaming news, if it really catches on, but what is good for consumers maywhere a number of studios and even game stores are not be so attractive to developers, who may suffer from lowerstruggling to keep in business. “impulse” sales. Windows 8 launches on 26 October.Windows 8 apps to come with"try before you buy" feature Apple to use smaller dockSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/windows-8-apps-to-come-with-try-before-you-buy-feature/16780.htmlJuly 23rd, 2012 connector in iPhone 5 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-to-use-smaller-dock- connector-in-iphone-5/16779.html July 23rd, 2012Microsoft is introducing a “try before you buy” feature forapps in its Windows 8 store, giving users a week to see if theyreally want to pay for the app. Apple is to employ a smaller dock connector in the nextMicrosoft is introducing a “try before you buy” feature for version of its popular iPhone, according to sources close toapps in its Windows 8 store, giving users a week to see if they the company.really want to pay for the app. Apple is to employ a smaller dock connector in the next version of its popular iPhone, according to sources close toThe 7-day free trial is an interesting approach to apps on the company.the upcoming Windows 8 platform, providing a significantperiod of time to give an app a test run. 3
  • 156. July 23rd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneReuters cited two people with knowledge that Apple is July 23rd, 2012ditching its existing proprietary 30-pin port for a smaller 19-pin port, which will also be proprietary.The move could anger many people with current Applegadgets, as it means that none of the accessories, includingchargers and speakers, will work with the new device, forcing Gigabytes latest mid range Z77 entrant has the new IR3550users to buy a slew of new products in addition to the phone DrMOS from International Rectifier and two onboarditself. Thunderbolt ports provided by a Intel Cactus Ridge 4C controller, all in a very competitive price of US$249. What else do we get in the package?The 21mm wide 30-pin dock has been the subject of Back during the initial Ivy Bridge platform launch somespeculation for some time now, particularly given reports of months ago, Gigabyte ro