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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Aug 2011 Issue 2
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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Aug 2011 Issue 2


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VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover …

VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex and local exhibitions like CommunicAsia, IT SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX and SITEX.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebe, considering how the company has announced the releaseof what appears to be yet another such entry-level tablet forsale in its domestic market.Sleek-looking and high-performance tablets may be all therage today, but it does not change the fact that such devices,which are often known for their equally sleek pricetags, areusually way to expensive for the average Joe to afford in thesform of an impulse purchase. However, the good news is thatif you ever happen to find yourself in China, low-cost entry-level tablets, such as Aishuos new A820 tablet here, are readilyavailable for most people to purchase without breaking thepiggy bank. That being said, a quick search on Aishuos product page reveals that the A820 tablet as described by M.I.C Digi does not exist in the companys product lineup at all. However, we were able to find an A816 which, interestingly, boasts near- identical specifications as the ones M.I.C Digi has listed for the aforementioned “A820” tablet device, but with a slightly different design. Interesting.According to a report posted by M.I.C Digi, the new AishuoA820 tablet makes use of a somewhat unconventional eight-inch display which utilizes resistive touch technology andsports the relatively low maximum resolution of 800 x 600pixels. In addition, the A820 also features a paltry 512MB ofonboard memory, although the 4GB of internal flash storageavailable on the machine is somewhat more substantial thansome of the other entry-level tablets that are being sold inChina. Forget Google phones;In addition, M.I.C Digi has also claimed that the A820 willfeature a Samsung S5PV210 processor clocked at 1.2GHz as SoftBank unveils "Yahooits main muscle, and will boast support for wireless Internet Phone" in Japanconnectivity via WiFi only. However, if it is of any consolation, Source: Digi claims that the A820 sports an upgraded WiFi yahoo-phone-in-japan/13337.htmlmodule produced by Samsung which is capable of receiving August 19th, 2011wireless signals from as far as 50m away. And from the looksof it, it seems that the A820 also features a variety of I/O portssuch as a single full-sized USB port, a micro-USB port as wellas what appears to be a mini-USB port, along with a microSDcard reader and audio output jacks. So the Android operating system is a hit and even Google wants to get in to the game by releasing the occasional Google phone that boasts premium hardware and access to the latest firmware version of Android. But for a smartphone OEM to churn out a “Yahoo Phone”? Dont be surprised, but that is exactly what SoftBank in Japan has done with its new smartphone that is every bit the Yahoo-equivalent of those Google phones we have been reading all about. When it comes to Japan, one is almost always assured of an announcement or launch of an unconventional product every 3
  • 2. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneso often, especially where consumer electronics products such competition. According to SoftBank, this comes in the formas smartphones are concerned. And true enough, this latest of 13 preloaded apps and services for Yahoo Japan, such asannouncement from SoftBank only serves to reinforce that Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Calendar and Yahoo Weather, amongclaim, for thhe country;s third largest mobile network carrier many others. In addition, SoftBank has also claimed thathas announced the availability of what is probably the first ever subscribers who purchase the 009SH Y can expect to score“Yahoo Phone” for its domestic smartphone market. two years of free membership to Yahoo Premium, as well as obtain additional points with every purchase made on Yahoo Shopping throughout that time frame. Oh, and one last thing; the Yahoo Phone runs of version 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) of the Android operating system. But you probably know that already, no? Epson announces availability of five new LED printers Source: new-led-printers/13336.html August 19th, 2011The machine translation of SoftBanks press release throws upsome funky interpretations, but from what we have managedto gather, it seems that SoftBanks new Yahoo phone, which ismanufactured by Sharp, is known domestically as the AQUOSPHONE THE PREMIUM SoftBank 009SH Y. This makes it arebranded variant of the original 3D-capable AQUOS PHONE Epson has announced the availability of five new high-THE PREMIUM SoftBank 009SH, which we first spoke about performance LED printers which have been reportedlylast month and was slated to be released for sale in Japan in designed to cater to both home and small business users.mid-August this year. According to Epson, the new LED printers, which are known as the AcuLaser M1400, MX14, MX14NF, C1700 and CX17NF,Specs-wise, it appears that the 009SH Y is virtually identical will be replacing the companys entry-level laser printerto the original 009SH in that it sports a four-inch QHD display lineup.capable of a maximum resolution of 960 x 540, along withan eight-megapixel rear-facing camera. However, it seems Need a new printer? If so, you are in luck, for Epson hasthat the 009SH Y might have a chance of seeing life outside just announced the availability of ive new high-performanceof Japan, for the specifications sheet released by SoftBank LED printers which have been reportedly designed to caterindicates that the smartphone features both CDMA and GSM to both home and small business users. According to theradios, thus making it a world phone of sorts. company, the new line of LED printers, which consists of three monochrome models (AcuLaser M1400, MX14 and MX14NF) and two colour printers (AcuLaser C1700 and CX17NF), will be replacing the companys entry-level laser printer lineup. Epson claims that its new line of LED printers will be capable of a maximum printing speed of 24ppm for the monochrome models, while its colour printers will feature a slightly lower speed of 12ppm. In addition, features common among all five printers include high monthly cycles of up to 20,000 pages a month, along with built-in memory capacities of up to 128MBOf course, with the 009SH Y being a “Yahoo phone”, it would for what the company claims amounts to "better workloadonly make sense that the smartphone comes preloaded with management". In addition, all five printers will also sportvarious Yahoo-centric features to distinguish itself from the lower energy consumption because of their use of LEDs over conventional laser technology. 4
  • 3. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThat being said, the monochrome models will feature a titles that have been optimised for use on its smartphone, andmaximum print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, while the then some.colour models sports slightly higher print resolutions whichtop out at 1200 x 2400 dpi. More information about eachindividual printers specification can be viewed in the tableshown below: Sony Ericsson has announced the availability of what it claims is an “ever-growing ecosystem” of over 150 games that have been optimized for use on its Xperia PLAY smartphone at the Gamescom event that is currently taking place in Cologne. According to the company, its ability to offer such a healthy selection of titles was made possible due to its expanding partnerships with top publishers and leading independent studios.The printers will be made available for sale locally startingfrom August 19 (which happens to be today) at the followingprices: • AcuLaser M1400 – S$138.00 • AcuLaser MX14 – S$218.00 • AcuLaser MX14NF – S$298.00 Some of the new titles include smartphone ports of well- • AcuLaser C1700 – S$300.00 known console and PC titles, such as EAs Need For Speed Hot • AcuLaser CX17NF – S$545.00 Pursuit and Dead Space. In addition, the company has also claimed that that the Android premiere of Polarbits driving game, Reckless Getaway, was featured at Gamescom.Sony Ericsson announces An incomplete list of the Xperia PLAY Android titles thatavailability of new content for were announced and showcased at Gamescon this week are as follow:Xperia PLAY at Gamescom • Dead Space, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and FIFA12 by2011 EASource: • Reckless Getaway, Reckless Racing 2 and Tanks byof-new-content-for-xperia-play-at-gamescom-2011/13335.html PolarbitAugust 19th, 2011 • Lets Golf 3 by Gameloft • Townsmen 6, Guns & Glory WW2 and Clouds and Sheep by HandyGame • They Need To Be Fed by YoYo GamesIf a certain smartphone is going to be marketed and sold • Lame Castle by Be-Rad Entertainmentas a portable gaming device in its own right, it would make • Hyperlight by Catfishblues Gamessense that such a phone will need to boast a strong selectionof popular game titles to ensure that interest in its product • Diversion and Crazy Snowboard by Ezone PTY LTDremains high, no? That is exactly what Sony Ericsson has done • Gibs & Gore Micronyteswith with its first ever Playstation-certified smartphone, theXperia PLAY, where it has announced the availability of new • Protoxide and Battle Boats 3D by Herocraft 5
  • 4. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • EVAC HD and Radient HD by Hexage • PewPew 2 by Jean-Francois Geyelin • Stellar Escape by Orange Agenda • Jumpy, INC and Meganoid by Orange Pixel • Death Worm by PlayCreek LLC • No Gravity by Real Tech VR • Crusade of Destiny by Divide Arts • Desert Winds by Southend InteractiveLastly, Sony Ericsson has also announced the availabilityof new smartphone features for the Xperia PLAY. Thisincludes plans for a new Facebook app which will allowusers to recommend their favourite games in their Xperia For those who are wondering about the Galaxy Tab 10.1sPLAY smartphone on Facebook, as well as upload screenshots specifications, the tablet runs off version 3.1 of the Androidto share their high scores or memorable gaming moments operating system (aka Honeycomb) and is touted to measure awith other users. Sony has also confirmed that the Xperia mere 8.6mm in thickness, thus making it the world;s thinnestPLAY now supports Skype video calling via the official Skype tablet. On the hardware side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will beapp that is currently available for download off the Android powered by a 1GHz “dual-core application processor”, whileMarket. the built-in 3G modem is reportedly capable of achieving network speeds of up to 21Mbps.No details pertaining to availability and exclusivity of theaforementioned game titles has been released by Sony Last but definitely not least, Samsung has also claimedEricsson yet, although the company has claimed that the that the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 will boast “surround soundgames “will be released in the coming months”, and that such stereo speakers”, dual-facing cameras and support for 1080pinformation will follow in due course. video playback, thus allowing for users to enjoy a “rich entertainment experience”.Samsung releases Galaxy Tab Full specifications of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet are as follow:10.1 for sale in SingaporeSource: 19th, 2011Samsungs woes with the current injunctions Apple has wonagainst its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany may have juststarted, but the good news is that local fans of the Koreanelectronics giants mobile computing devices will not have toworry about a potential ban over here. This is because thecompany has just confirmed that its highly anticipated GalaxyTab 10.1 tablet computing device has just been launched forsale in Singapore.So Samsungs new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computing device hasjust been officially shown the door in Germany. Now, that isdefinitely not going to be good for German fans of the Koreanelectronics giants mobile computing products, but the good Intel delays new Atoms tonews is that local fans will not have to fret about the possibility Novemberof a ban over in Singapore. This is because Samsung has just Source: that it has officially released the Tab 10.1 for retail november/13333.htmlin Singapore, where it will be sold at the price of S$848 (GSTincluded) without a contract from a carrier. 6
  • 5. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAugust 19th, 2011 Only a few days ago HP dropped the price of its webOS powered TouchPad tablets by $100 in the US and its less than a week since the TouchPad launched in Singapore, but the company has now announced that its going to discontinue all its webOS devices. That means no more TouchPad and no more Pre phones. Were not quite sure whats going on at HP, but the companyBy the look of things November is going to be a busy month has issued a press release where its talking about its intentfor Intel, at least with all the delays that the rumour mill to join forces with Autonomy Corporation plc., alongsideis currently churning out. The latest rumour is that Intels its preliminary third quarter fiscal results and a three lineupcoming Cedar Trail Atom processors have now been delayed statement that simply states "[HP] will discontinue operationsfrom an expected September launch to November, alongside for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOSthe Sandy Bridge-E processors. phones." It wasnt long ago that the company announced that it had appointed a new executive to lead the development of webOS.By the look of things November is going to be a busy monthfor Intel, at least with all the delays that the rumour mill To call this surprising news is being modest, as althoughis currently churning out. The latest rumour is that Intels HPs webOS products havent been a roaring success, its Preupcoming Cedar Trail Atom processors have now been delayed 3 handset only launched in Europe less than 48h ago. HPfrom an expected September launch to November, alongside only took over Palm just over a year ago and has so farthe Sandy Bridge-E processors. only launched three webOS devices, the TouchPad, the Pre 3 and the Veer. However, the company did indicate that fromThe new Atom processors are the mobile N2600 (1.6GHz) next year, all of its PCs were to ship with webOS alongsideand N2800 (1.86GHz) and the desktop D2500 (1.86GHz) Windows.and D2700 (2.13GHz). All four models are said to have beendelayed, although the reason behind the delay is quite unusual. The very short statement goes on to say "HP will continue toAccording to Digitimes, Intel has run into problems with explore options to optimize the value of webOS software goingthe graphics driver and as such failed to pass Windows 7 forward." Were not quite sure what this means, but maybecertification. This means that Intel is going to have to re- HP is still considering to put webOS on its PCs, but it seemssubmit its drivers to Microsoft for re-certification, something a bit moot if there are no handheld devices to go with the OS.that doesnt happen overnight with complex drivers like the The idea as we understood it was that youd be able to runones for graphics. the same apps on your desktop or notebook as you could on your handheld device. Well see how things develop, but itsThe Cedar Trail Atom processors sports PowerVR graphics not looking good for fans of the we exclusively reported back in May and were lookingat a PowerVR SGX545 graphics core. Were not quite sure In related news, theres also a rumour going around thatwhat kind of snag Intel has run into here, but its obviously HP is considering spin-off its PC business. The potentialsomething fairly crucial since Microsoft has deemed the reason behind this is that HP wants to become a software anddrivers unsuitable for Windows 7. If wed have a guess wed service company, somewhat in line with what IBM is leaning towards something to do with media decoding, as Apparently theres no longer any value in hardware, but wellIntel has struggled with past PowerVR implementations when just have to wait and see how things has come to just that part of its drivers. Hopefully we should ASUS ROG Mars II 3GB - Afind out more from IDF in September.HP calls it quits on webOS Mini Review Source: review/13306.htmlSource: August 19th, 2011devices/13332.htmlAugust 19th, 2011Only a few days ago HP dropped the price of its webOSpowered TouchPad tablets by $100 in the US and its less than Back in 2009, ASUS launched their 1000-piece limited editiona week since the TouchPad launched in Singapore, but the mammoth "Mars" (2 x GTX285 on a single card) and took thecompany has now announced that its going to discontinue performance crown over then GPU leaders NVIDIA GTX295all its webOS devices. That means no more TouchPad and no and AMD HD5970, albeit at a significant price premium. Twomore Pre phones. years later today, we do a mini review on the worlds fastest single graphics card equipped with two GTX580 Fermi cores - the ASUS Republic of Gamers Mars II 3GB. 7
  • 6. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIntroduction (effective) (4008MHz) (3416MHz) (4008MHz) Memory 1.5GB 2 x 1.5GB 2 x 1.5GB Stream 512 1024 1024 Processors TDP 243W 365W ? From the specifications table above, we see that the Mars II is clocked marginally higher (1.3%) than the reference GTX 580 core clock, and 28% over the similar dual chip GTX 590. To sustain the higher frequencies, the ROG team at ASUS designed a custom PCB and power circruitry on the Mars II, allowing the 2 GF110 Fermi cores to perform at their full potential on a single card.A very big box On the triple slot I/O shield, we have two DVI-D ports, a HDMI and a Display Port interface on the card allowing for up to 4 display outputs.Like its predecessor, the ASUS ROG Mars II has limitedproduction run of 999 pieces (ours was the "529th"). At the side of the card, there are 3 x 8 pin PCIE power connectors delivering up to 450W of additional power. There GTX 580 GTX 590 (2 Mars II is also a red-backlit button to override and trigger 100% fan x GTX 580) speeds on the two huge 120mm fans in the cooling system.Core Clock 772MHz 607MHz 782MHzShader Clock 1544MHz 1215MHz 1564MHzMemory Clock 1002MHz 854MHz 1002MHz 8
  • 7. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The upcoming Xperia Ray took about one and a half yearAccesories to develop from product conceptualization to launch, though along the way, changes and adjustments have to be made to meet users requirements. You must be thinking, with so many phone manufacturers coming up with display of 4- inch and larger, Sony Ericsson is going to launch one with a smaller 3.3-inch screen. Well, apparently, the Xperia Ray is designed for youths (with the majority at females) and it promises something unique and stands out with good quality design, features and is easy to use. Another reason is also because it is more of a Japan and Asian-focused phone. Weighing a mere 100g, the 9.4mm slim Android phone is available in four colors - black, white, gold and pink - and Sony Ericsson design team explained the color choices. Black is Xperias signature color with a matte soft exterior which adds to the solidity of the product, while white gives a modern fresh look with emphasis on the metal part of the phone. Gold is a premium color that gives a sophisticated elegance thoughASUS has thoughtfully bundled a "PCI-E sustainer" to protect it is toned down to be less striking to the eyes, and pink isthe motherboard and to aid mounting in obtuse cases. expressive, young and vivid. However, the black flavour is not available in Japan and it is the only one with matte exterior while the other trendy colors are high gloss.Sony Ericsson shares insight So how did the company come up with the name Xperia Ray?on design, concept and The name is taken from the Japanese "rei", of the word Ki-rei which means beauty, of upcomingXperia RaySource: 19th, 2011The Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray was first unveiled at a globalevent in Singapore, in June (same time as CommunicAsia2011) and is scheduled to launch in Q3 this year. Find out inthe next pages on the design, concept and engineering of theAndroid smartphone as we bring the coverage from Tokyo,Japan. Here we see the Xperia Ray (left pic) placed side-by-side with the Xperia Arc. The circuitry and PCB area on the Xperia Ray is significantly reduced compared to the Arc, and 9
  • 8. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneeven the battery for the Ray is smaller but slightly thicker. Note contract. Availability and pricing details have yet to be releasedthat even though the battery for Xperia Ray is smaller, it has for other countries.the same 1500mAh rating to that of the one used in the Arc. Samsung unveils high-capacity 32GB DRAM module for servers Source: dram-module-for-servers/13331.html August 19th, 2011The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 on the left has a display Samsung has announced the availability of its new RDIMMwith defined edges when the power is off. But for the DRAM module for servers, which boasts a maximum capacityXperia Ray, the display is true black and looks more of 32GB and makes use of 3D-TSV technology. According toseamless. According to the company, the Xperia Ray has an the Korean electronics giant, the new high-capacity RDIMM25% increased brightness to the Xperia Arc, even though DRAM module was designed to meet the needs of high-both feature Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine performance next-generation server Unfortunately, for its small footprint, the Xperia Samsung has announced the availability of its new RDIMMRay does not have the HDMI output or camera shutter button DRAM module for servers, which boasts a maximum capacitywhich are found on the Xperia Arc. of 32GB. According to the Korean electronics giant, the new high-capacity RDIMM DRAM module was designed to meet the needs of high-performance next-generation server platforms.At the event (from left) were Tetsuya Okuchi, mechanicaldesign leader; Linda Lissola, color and material seniordesigner; Shigeaki Suzuki, design manager, industrial design;Kozue Tanaka, product planner; Tatsu Nishimura, productmanager; Yoshio Kawahara, electronics design leader; andRyuichi Arai, radio design leader of Sony Ericsson Japan. Touted as the industrys first such high-capacity RDIMMAccording to Tanaka, the most important point for the Xperia DRAM module to be built with 3D-TSV technology, SamsungRays design is the metal part which can be seen on the sides claims that the new 32GB memory stick, which is fabricated viaof the Xperia Ray, which not only gives a premium feel to a 30nm process, consumes a mere 4.5w of energy per hour, orthe phone but also gives the slim form factor; the thickness is almost 30% lower than what LRDIMMs of the same capacityjust 9.4mm. In order to appeal to feature phone users, high typically draw. Samsung has also added that its new RDIMMSspecifications is necessary. Thus, it was decided to re-use all of are able to achieve transfer speeds of up to 1,333Mbits/s, asthe new technologies for viewing and capturing - the Mobile opposed to the 800Mbits/s speed found on older RDIMMBRAVIA engine for viewing quality images and Exmor R for memory.imaging sensor from the flagship Xperia Arc. So it can be saidthat all the high-end features of the Xperia Arc are integrated Samsung has not released any details pertaining to globalinto the smaller, compact Xperia Ray. availability of its new 32GB RDIMM DRAM modules, although it has confirmed that engineering samples of the modulesThe Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray will be available in Japan on 27 have already been released for evaluation purposes, and that itAugust at 37,000 yen (approximately US$482) with two year will continue to produce memory modules based off 3D-TSV 10
  • 9. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonetechnology while working to help shrink down the fabrication of Macbooks. To qualify for the quiz, participants will have toprocess to as low as 20nm. compete in a fastest finger first round of sorts, where they will be tasked with answering 10 Apple-related questions correctly in the shortest amount of time. The top 10 participants fromNubox issues "The Ultimate the qualifying round will then compete in the finals “live” atMac Challenge" to Apple fans Nuboxs Raffles City branch on September 24, where the top two scorers will win for themselves Nubox vouchers worth SSource: $1,300 and S$300 respectively.challenge-to-apple-fans/13329.htmlAugust 19th, 2011 The online qualifying quiz, which is already open to the public, can be accessed via and will run till August 31. Results of the qualifying round will be announced on September 12, while the top 10 participants will be notified of their selection via email,, so mmake sure that you enter the correct email address when attempting the quiz!What processors do Apples Mac computers run on? Whichspecific gesture activates a certain feature in OS X? If you know Monster announcesthe answers to such questions, perhaps the time has come for availability of limited editionyou to walk the talk and show off your in-depth knowledgeabout Apples line of consumer electronics devices in exchange Detox Beats Pro professionalfor prizes. This is because Nubox has just announced the headphoneslaunch of its “The Ultimate Mac Challenge” quiz, which will be Source: from August 15 to September 24 this year. More details limited-edition-detox-beats-pro-professional-headphones/13330.htmlabout the quiz inside. August 19th, 2011If you are a loyal Apple user who can rattle off any informationthat is related to the Cupertino giants line of software titlesor consumer electronic devices, now is your chance to actuallytake all of that knowledge of yours and turn it into a moneyspinner of sorts. This is because Nubox has just announced thelaunch of its “The Ultimate Mac Challenge” quiz, which will beheld from August 15 to September 24 this year. Are you a fan of Monster-branded products? If so, this latest announcement from the Californian-based company might be just be of interest to you. Apparently, Monster has decided to celebrate the release of Dr. Dres latest album, which is known as Detox, by announcing the availability of its new limited edition headphones, Monster Beats Pro Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones, which the company claims is a must-have product for any audiophile or Dr. Dre fan. Monster has announced the availability of its new limited edition headphones, Monster Beats Pro Special Edition Detox Professional Headphones. Said to be uniquely designed by Dr. Dre himself, the company claims that its new limited edition headphones are a must-have product for any audiophile or Dr. Dre fan.According to Nubox, the quiz, which is the first of its kind inSingapore and is designed to help the company engage withthe local Apple community, will be centred around Apples newrange of products, namely OS X Lion, iLife and the new series 11
  • 10. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Internet Explorer 9 tops browser security test once again Source: security-test-once-again/13328.html August 19th, 2011 Remember the news we posted some time back about how Microsofts Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser topped the charts for browser security in Europe?It turns out that NSS Labs has released the results of yet another browser security test that pits IE9 against other popular browsers, except that this time the test consists of socially engineered malware data generated worldwide. And the results? Well, lets just say IE9 came in first yet again. A month ago, we published a story describing how a research company known as NSSS Labs has released the results of its study on browser security in Europe, where Microsofts new Internet Explorer 9 web browser topped the charts with its 100% success rate in blocking socially engineered malware. However, if those results were not enough to convince you to actually start considering IE9 as a suitable web browser for use on your Windows-based PC, the latest results released by NSS Labs might just do the trick. This is because the research company has released yet another report claiming that Internet Explorer 9 has once again beaten its competitorsAccording to Monster, the new Detox Pro headphones are to retain its top position in actively blocking malware fromconstructed out of strong and lightweight aluminium in order entering a users ensure that the headphones is able to stand up to heavy Unlike the previous study, which was centered around theduty use and rough treatment. In addition, the lightweight effectiveness of a web browsers protection against socially-aluminium is also said to be capable of resisting vibrations, engineered malware targeting European users, the new testthus allowing the Detox Pro to deliver what Monster claims is was expanded upon to include users from all over the world.“pure, clean sound” that is free from any form of artefacts. And just as it was in the previous test, Microsofts InternetTopping of the package are “large, plush ear cushions” which, Explorer 9 came through as the undisputed winner, if theaccording to Monster, is designed to provide both passive results below are of any indication.noise isolation and user comfort from extended usage, whilethe use of the companys proprietary driver technology andmaterials reportedly allows the Detox Pro to deliver pro-calibre sound with a deep bass response. Lastly, Monsterhas also confirmed that the Detox Pro headphones will sportdual input/output cable ports that allows users to share theirmusic with other listeners by daisy-chaining other headphonestogether.The limited edition Monster Beats Pro Detox Editionheadphones by Dr. Dre are currently available for sale atthe retail price of S$999 and can be purchased from AudioHouse, Alpha Audio, Best Denki, Courts, DG Lifestyle Store,Epicentre, Farle Innovation, Harvey Norman, HMV, iP Case, iStudio, Macshop, Stereo and Nubox outlets 12
  • 11. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone LinkedIn introduces new mobile platform for smartphones and web browsers Source: platform-for-smartphones-and-web-browsers/13327.html August 19th, 2011 LinkedIn has announced the availability of a new, fasterOnce again, Internet Explorer 9s stellar performance in mobile experience for LinkedIn members on the iPhone,browser security was credited to Microsofts strategy of Android and mobile web platform. According to the business-implementing a dual-pronged approach of actively filtering focused online social networking outfit, the new platform hasout malware via a combination of URL and application- been completely rebuilt from the ground up and is intendedbased reputation scans. NSS Labs claims that Microsofts URL to offer members a richer, simpler, and faster way to get thefiltering system was capable of nabbing as much as 96% of information they need to help them be even more threats, while the added protection offered by ApplicationReputation bumped the filters success rate up to 99.2%. If you are a business user who makes use of LinkedIn to socialize with your colleagues and to network with industryOn the other hand, Chrome managed to block a total of 13.5% experts, this latest announcement by the popular business-of the live threats it was exposed to, a figure which NSS Labs focused online social networking service ought to be of greatclaims is significantly higher than the 3% it was able to manage interest to you. This is because LinkedIn has announced thein last years test, while Safari 5 and Firefox 4 are both tied for availability of updated mobile apps for LinkedIn members whothird place with a successful block rate of 7.6%. access the service via their Android-powered smartphones andIn addition, the report also credits Internet Explorer 9 with iPhones.having the shortest response time in blocking suspicious sites According to a blog posting made by Chad Whitney ofthat might be hosting malware, although this is largely due to LinkedIns mobile team, the new mobile apps that it hasthe browsers Application Reputation feature playing a huge released for both the Android and iOS operating systems arepart in helping it achieve such a low response time, as shown capable of improving performance by up to 10 times acrossin the graph below. all features, including search and updates streaming. Whitney also points out that the new apps sport a more simpler user interface which makes it easier for members to not only accomplish tasks easily, but also makes it more intuitive to find what they are looking for when they download the app for the first time.With results as definitive as this, it seems that Microsoft is welland truly on its way to banishing the previously held stereotypethat it can never make a browser which is secure enough toactively protect users from a variety of online treats that lurkin cyberspace. So, the next time Microsoft Update issues anotice recommending that you upgrade your copy of InternetExplorer to the latest version available, you might want to doyourself and your PC a favor by actually accepting it.The full report can be obtained from NSS Labss website here. 13
  • 12. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone AMD launches its first triple core APU, brings a friend along Source: brings-a-friend-along/13326.html August 19th, 2011 If the current quad core APUs from AMD are a bit on the expensive side for you, then we have good news, AMD has launched a triple core APU today called the A6-3500. The interesting thing tough is the other CPU AMD launched today, the Athlon II X4 631, as this is AMDs first socket FM1 Athlon branded CPU. If the current quad core APUs from AMD are a bit on the expensive side for you, then we have good news, AMD has launched a triple core APU today called the A6-3500. The interesting thing tough is the other CPU AMD launched today, the Athlon II X4 631, as this is AMDs first socket FM1 Athlon branded CPU. The A6-3500 doesnt hold any real surprises as the specs leaked quite some time ago, but this triple-core model is clocked at 2.1GHz with a 2.4GHz turbo frequency, which just happens to be the same as the A6-3600. Losing out on a core also means losing out on 1MB of L2 cache, so the A6-3500 has a total of 3MB L3 cache. The graphics core also remains the same, which is one of the better aspects of this APU as the Radeon HD 6530D should be more than sufficient for anyone that doesnt play demanding 3D games. The GPU core is clocked at 444MHz and has 320 shaders. The TDP also remains the same at 65W. The Athlon II X4 631 on the other hand is a curious beast and we have a feeling that it will cause a lot of consumer confusion. Its comparatively slow to AMDs older Athlon II X4 modes at a mere 2.6GHz which coincidentally is the same CPU clock as the A6-3650 APU. In fact, the Athlon II X4 631 is pretty much identical, as it sports 4MB L2 cache and a 100W TDP, the only thing missing is the graphics found in the APUs. The problem is that it goes into a socket FM1 motherboard and currently every single FM1 board has display interfaces, something this CPU cant take advantage of and something were not sure how AMD is going to highlight towards consumers. The A6-3500 is priced at US$95 in retail packaging or US$89Last but definitely not least, Whitney has announced the in quantities of 1,000 units, whereas the Athlon II X4 631 islaunch of a new mobile version of LinkedIn that is reportedly priced at US$79 in quantities for 1,000 units. Both models arecreated with HTML5 and can be accessed via any modern priced fairly competitive compared to AMDs current Athlonmobile web browser. II CPUs, although both models also have the CPU core clockedThe new mobile apps are now available for download off a fair bit slower.Apples iTunes Store and the Android Market for your Source: AMDrespective platform. 14
  • 13. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFusion Garage rejoins mobilecomputing fray with new Grid10 and Grid 4Source: 19th, 2011So the JooJoo tablet turned out to be nothing sort of adisaster for local startup company Fusion Garage. Usually,most startups would have abandoned ship after such a failure,but it seems that Fusion Garage is a big believer in the sayingthat one should always try again until they succeed. And The Grid 4 smartphone, on the other hand, sports a four-inchwhat better way to get the world to take it seriously once TFT LCD screen which boasts a native resolution of 800 xagain than to announce the availability of two new mobile 480 pixels, and will be powered by a Qualcomm MSM8255computing devices for the masses, complete with their own processor that is clocked at 1GHz. Like the aforementionedunique operating system? Grid 10 tablet, the Grid 4 will also be preloaded with FusionRemember the ill-fated JooJoo tablet that was essentially Garages own Grid OS and will feature 512MB of memory,dead-on-arrival as soon as it was launched for sale globally, along with a healthy 16GB of internal flash storage.due to extremely fierce competition from the likes of Apples That being said, most of the focus is on the companys newiPad and the plethora of Android-powered tablets produced by Grid OS, which, according to its CEO, Chandra Rathakrishnan,various big-name OEMs such as Samsung, LG, Archos at that is essentially an extremely customized version of Googlestime? Well, it appears that Fusion Garage is all set to banish Android operating system. Rathakrishnan has also gone onthose bad memories of the JooJoo by once again attempting to explain in interviews to various media outlets that whatto claim a share of the mobile computing pie with not one, but Fusion Garage did was to take Androids Linux-based kerneltwo new devices. These take the form of the 10-inch Grid 10 and build a completely new operating system over it. This istablet and the four-inch Grid 4 smartphone, both of which will extremely similar to what Apple has done with Mac OS X,be powered by Fusion Garages brand new operating system which consists of the Mach kernel which is reportedly basedknown as Grid OS. off FreeBSD, along with Apples own proprietary APIs layered over it. This probably makes Grid OS the first true blue fork of the Android operating system, much like how most popular Linux distributions are essentially forks of a single parent distribution. More interestingly, it seems that Fusion Garages move has allowed Grid OS to maintain some form of binary compatibility with the actual Android operating system, for the companys website has explicitly claimed that both the Grid 10 and Grid 4 will be shipped with Android applications preloaded into Grid OS. If this is true, Fusion Garage might well have an extremely potent differentiating factor from itsAccording to Fusion Garage, the Grid 10 will make use of a competitors, as it provides a means for users to migrate over ton LED-backlit, 10-inch display that is capable of outputting Grid OS seamlessly without any fears of losing access to theira maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. In addition, the favorite apps they have come to depend on in their Android-Grid 10 will feature an NVIDIA Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip powered smartphones. This is vital, especially if one takes into(SoC) which boasts a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz; consideration the fact that it is the size of a mobile platformsFusion Garage claims that the Tegra 2 will be capable of application repository, and not its technical benefits, whichproviding all the power the Grid 10 needs to run all of the will decide whether an operating system has any chance ofeye candy in the tablets bundled Grid OS. The Grid 10 will surviving in the highly competitive mobile computing space.also reportedly feature a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera foruse in video chats, along with 16GB of internal flash memoryand a 5,800mAh battery pack, although the 512MB of systemmemory comes across as being somewhat limited. 15
  • 14. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Foxconns dual-core Xiaomi smartphone shows up in Beijing Source: smartphone-shows-up-in-beijing/13322.html August 19th, 2011 Most people will probably associate Foxconn with hardware components such as motherboards, but it seems that the Taiwan-based manufacturer has since decided to make a name for itself in the lucrative smartphone market by releasing a handset which will reportedly be sold under its own brand. And the name of the companys first attempt at a smartphone that will soon be released for sale? Why, the Foxconn Xiaomi, of course. We have heard of various Chinese brands such as Meizu, ZTE and and even Huawei making the leap and offering its smartphones up for sale globally under their very own brands,Lastly, our first impressions of the various Grid OS screenshots and this latest piece of news seems to confirm our suspicionsthat have shown up on Fusion Garages product pages seems to that there is indeed a market for low-cost smartphones.suggest that the company might be taking a couple of pages out Apparently, Foxconn, a well-known supplier of computerof Microsofts Windows Phone 7 book over its user interface, a hardware, has decided to branch out to selling smartphonessuspicion which is also shared by popular technology website under its own banner as well, and its first such product will beThe Inquirer. But at the very least, it is quite hard to deny the Xiaomi, as shown below.that Grid OS does look more polished that Android at this verypoint of time, although we can only wait and see how well theGrid 10 and the Grid 4 will perform on the market. Assumingthat Fusion Garage gets everything right this time, of course. 16
  • 15. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDetails about the Xiaomi are scarce, but according to a reportpublished by GizChina, the smartphone will offer consumersa choice between two dual-core processors of differing clockspeeds, namely 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz. While no informationabout the Xiaomis support for 3G wireless connectivity, alongwith its memory and onboard flash storage capacity has beenreleased at this point of time, what we do know from oldreports is that the smartphone will reportedly make use of afour-inch Super LCD panel that sports a maximum resolutionof 854x 480 pixels.Last but definitely not least, GizChina has claimed that theXiaomi is slated to be released for sale some time in Octoberthis year at the price of US$310. And yes, the fact that it is due According to a report published by, the newfor a release in October puts it in direct competition with the hiPhone 5, which is currently available for sale on Taobao atlikes of Apples iPhone 5, Huawei;s Blaze and Meizus quad- the retail price of 850 yuan (approximately US$133), is saidcore MX smartphone. to be built off dimensions and designs that have somehow*Update: It runs out that there has been an error in this report. managed to leak out from the Cupertino giants iron-cladWhile the smartphone will indeed be produced by Foxconn, curtain of secrecy. And apparently, the OEM responsible forit will not be sold under the companys banner. Rather, the producing the hiPhone apparently did a decent job in thephones actual name is the M1, and that it will be sold by a process, as reports have claimed that the hiPhone 5 doesmobile apps vendor known as Xiaomi Tech. We apologize for indeed appear thinner than an iPhone 4 and features lessthe inaccuracy. rounded edges. In addition, the hiPhone 5 is available in a variety of colours such as black, white, red and even pink.Cant wait for the iPhone 5? Unfortunately, no information about the hiPhone 5s technical specifications have been released at this point of time,Get the hiPhone 5 instead although the image above seems to suggest that the bundledSource: operating system has been extensively skinned to mimic thehiphone-5-instead/13321.html iOS user interface.August 19th, 2011 That being said, the fact that the hiPhone 5 is nothing more than an elaborate Chinese clone means that it is not going to give out those HiHi vibes that a real Apple product boasts, but hey, at least it is cheap.Sometimes, you just got to love China for coming out with Samsung hires CyanogenModgadgets such as this. Apparently, OEMs over there are fully lead developer Steve Kondikaware of the fact that there are users out there who will pay Source: money for lookalikes of popular or upcoming products, developer-steve-kondik/13320.htmland the iPhone 5 no exception. That being said, can we interest August 19th, 2011you in a very realistic-looking hiPhone 5 to satisfy your iOSurges?If it looks and feels like the real thing, that it has got to be If you have in your possession an Android-poweredthe real thing, no questions asked, right? Apparently, that was smartphone which has been rooted and flashed to run on awhat the OEM of this interesting smartphone had in mind custom Android ROM, wed bet that there is a very high chancewhen it rolled out its hiPhone 5 smartphone, which reportedly that the ROM which you are currently using hails from whathas the dubious honour of being one of the more realistic is probably the biggest name in the Android hacking scene,iPhone 5 knockoffs, in spite of the latter having yet to see the CyanogenMod. And for those who are into such modifications,light of day on retail shelves. this latest piece of news ought to be interesting, for we have just received word that CyanogenMods lead developer Steve Kondik, aka “Cyanogen”, has been hired by Samsung. When we lasted posted a story about CyanogenMod, it was revealed that Samsung was taking an interest in the outfit, having sent the team some of its smartphones, along with a request that they get the custom ROM working on them. However, it seems that Samsungs love for CyanogenMod has just gone up by another level, for we have received word that the Korean electronics giants mobile division has started to absorb members of the outfit into its very own development 17
  • 16. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneteam, with Steve Kondik (aka “Cyanogen” himself) being thefirst such hire.According to an article posted by AndroidFC, Kondik hasjust recently updated his Facebook profile to reflect his newemployment status as being that of a software engineer forSamsung Mobile. However, as Kondik has kept his Facebookpage private, we are unable to show you any screenshots of hisupdated status.That being said, Kondiks employment does raise a couple of Maybe it is because I was one playful kid back then, butquestions. For one, what Samsung intends to do with Kondiks when I was first introduced to the concept of universal remoteexpertise in ROM hacking and customization remains to controls my immediate thought was about how one could usebe seen, although AndroidFC is currently speculating that such a device for mischief-making, such as turning off theSamsung might task him to work on improving TouchWizs neighbours television set from a distance. However, thoseuser interface. This makes sense, considering how Samsung is days are long gone, and today we cannot help but appreciatecurrently engaged in a legal catfight with Apple over the “look the convenience such remote controls bring to our lives, andand feel” of its GALAXY line of smartphones, which are said to Logitechs new Harmony 200 looks set to continue that interfaces that are too similar to those of iOSs.And if you are wondering about CyanogenMods fate now thatits lead developer has already been snapped up by Samsung,fret not. Apparently, Kondik has assured his user base thathis employment at Samsung and CyanogenMod are twocompletely unrelated issues, and that Samsung has apparentlygiven him permission to proceed with the development ofCyanogenMod. Last but definitely not least, Kondik hasreportedly claimed that Samsung has got no plans to licenseCyanogenMod for use on its smartphones. Oh well.Many thanks to Jacek for sending this in.Logitech announcesavailability of Harmony 200universal remote controlSource: According to Logitech, the new Harmony 200 universalAugust 19th, 2011 remote control is capable of controlling up to three devices. Which, for most people, will probably be the television set, the pay-TV setup box and a surround sound speaker setup. The company also claims that the new Harmony 200 is designed to be easy to configure, as users merely need to register for an online Harmony account, enter the details of the devices they wish to control with the remote and Logitechs servers, which boast a hardware compatibility database of “over 5,000 brandsDo you still remember those good old days where the act of and 225,000 devices”, will automatically handle the rest.turning on the television set to catch a few shows involvedhaving to fiddle with no more than two remote controls? Well, The new Logitech Harmony 200 universal remote control willthe good news is that Logitech is attempting to bring back be available for sale locally at the suggested retail price of S$39such simplicity to a users home entertainment by introducing come early September this year.its new Harmony 200 universal remote control, which isreportedly capable of performing the functions of up to threeremote controls in a single unit. Samsung announces availability of GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 in Singapore Source: galaxy-s-wifi-4.0-in-singapore/13318.html 18
  • 17. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAugust 19th, 2011 According to Samsung, the new GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will feature specifications that are similar to the Super Clear variant of its GALAXY S smartphones. This means that users of a GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will get to enjoy features such as a 1GHz processor and a four-inch WVGA Super Clear LCD screen which boasts a native resolution of 800 s 480, as well as support for 720p video playback and access to Samsung SocialWant a smartphone but do not wish to get involved with costly Hub. However, unlike the original GALAXY S, the new WiFi3G mobile data plans? Dont worry, there is a smartphone for 4.0 variant will sport 8GB of internal flash memory insteadthat, and it comes in the form of Samsungs new GALAXY S of the 3GB found in the former, thus allowing users to storeWiFi 4.0 smartphone, which has just been recently released more data in the new GALAXY S WiFi 4.0s internal memoryin Singapore. According to Samsung, the new smartphone before resorting to the use of microSD cards.In addition, thewill allow users to enjoy what it claims is an “unrivalled GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 will also be preloaded with version 2.2.2entertainment experience” thanks to the variety of features it of the Android operating system.comes bundled with. The new Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 is now available for saleMobile broadband connectivity may be ubiquitous in many at all Samsung retail stores at the suggested retail price of Sparts of the the world today, but it does not change the fact that $328, inclusive of GST.there will be users who will prefer to retain their existing non-data plan for various personal reasons, even as they make themigration from a low-end feature phone to a smartphone. Andthe good news for such users is that Samsung has announcedthe release of its new WiFi-only smartphone, the GALAXY SWiFi 4.0. X79 to have 10 SATA ports after all Source: all/13317.html August 19th, 2011 This is slightly embarrassing, but we have to start by apologizing here, as we got some information mixed up, but then again, no-one else spotted it either so there you go. It turns out that Intels X79 chipset will have a total of 10 SATA ports after all, although there still wont be any SAS support. This is slightly embarrassing, but we have to start by apologizing here, as we got some information mixed up, but then again, no-one else spotted it either so there you go. It turns out that Intels X79 chipset will have a total of 10 SATA ports after all, although there still wont be any SAS support. 19
  • 18. August 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe mistake came to light when looking at a couple ofslides from an updated presentation detailing Intels Patsburgchipset, as the -A version of chipset will have an additional fourSATA ports via the SCU. This was an oversight on our side andif you remember the chipset diagram that weve already posteda couple of times, its even listed as a feature on there.So what were looking at is four SATA 3Gbps ports and twoSATA 6Gbps ports which are part of Intels standard AHCIsetup as per the current 6-series chipsets. The other four portsare added via the SCU, but unlike early details of the X79chipset suggested, were not getting any SAS support and werestill four ports short. One major difference between the X79 aswell as the -A version of the Patsburg chipset compared to thehigher-end versions (-B/-D/-T) is that there will be supportfor RAID 5 for the SCU ports, something thats an optionalfeature on the higher-end SKUs. Note that its not possible torun a RAID between the SCU and AHCI ports at BIOS/UEFIlevel, although it should be possible to stripe drives across thecontrollers in the OS.Once again, apologies for this little snafu, especially as theinformation was right in front of us. To make up for things alittle bit, weve also gotten word that Intels will be bringingout a new stepping of the Patsburg chipset in late Q4, as thereare still a few kinks to work out in the versions beyond the -ASKU. The company is also actively working on validating PCIExpress 3.0 support in the platform, but theres no word as towhen well see actual support. Once all of this has been done,we might, with a bit of luck, finally see a version of the X79chipset that delivers everything that was promised, well, ok, itwasnt really promised, but it was part of what people expectedto get from the X79 chipset based on various roadmap leaks. 20
  • 19. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! The Core i7-2760QM sports 6MB L3 cache just like the VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication Core i7-2670QM, but as it falls in the business category of covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. CPUs it also has support for VT-d, TXT and vPro, features the consumer models have to make without. The other two business models consists of the dual core Core i7-2640MWide range of new mobile which is a 2.8GHz part with 4MB L3 cache, the Coreprocessors coming from Intel i7-2860QM which is a 2.5GHz quad core with 8MB of L3 cache.this autumn Finally we have the Core i7-2960XM which is the new ExtremeSource: Edition model which is clocked at 2.7GHz and it too sportscoming-from-intel-this-autumn/13370.html 8MB L3 cache. Were not sure when Intel is expecting toAugust 23rd, 2011 have the last four models out, but the Core i5-2430M and Core i7-2670QM are both slated to arrive in notebooks come October with Asus, Dell and Fujitsu already having revealed models sporting the new CPUs. According to pricing from Fujtisu, the Core i5-2430M is priced the same as the Core i5-2410 and the Core i7-2670QM is priced the same as the Core i7-2630QM, although theres no official pricing for any of theseIf youre at the verge of splashing out on a shiny new Sandy models from Intel, as the company is considering them OEMBridge notebook, you might just want to gold on to that hard models and as such doesnt provide pricing.earned cash for just a little bit longer if you can, as Intel isgetting ready to launch a few new consumer focused mobileSandy Bridge processors which should arrive in early October, USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Wayas well as a few business oriented models. Its a shame that thecompany is missing the school start by about a month, at least Host Controllers Roundup Source: those that need a new computer for school. controllers-roundup/13358.html August 23rd, 2011If youre at the verge of splashing out on a shiny new SandyBridge notebook, you might just want to gold on to that hardearned cash for just a little bit longer if you can, as Intel isgetting ready to launch a few new consumer focused mobileSandy Bridge processors which should arrive in early October, Believe us when we say that this is one of the most epicas well as a few business oriented models. Its a shame that the reviews weve ever put together. Not because it was thecompany is missing the school start by about a month, at least hardest roundup weve ever done, but its by far the most timefor those that need a new computer for school. consuming one and it doesnt even have anything to do withIntel is set to boost the performance of a couple of its consumer the benchmarks we ran. We thought itd be a good idea to dolevel Sandy Bridge processors, although were not talking a comparative review of the various USB 3.0 host controllersabout any huge performance increases here, but considering out there, as by now weve finally reached a stage where theresthe price points remain the same, itd be madness not getting some competition in the market with at least three majora notebook with one of the new processors if possible. players and a couple of smaller ones. VR-Zone is also proud to have a world exclusive first review of the upcoming RenesasFirst up we have the Core i5-2430M which is a 2.4GHz model D720201 host controller which is launching later this year aswith 3MB of L3 cache which slots in above the Core i5-2410 part of this roundup.which is 100MHz slower. The second new model is a quadcore CPU which will be known as the Core i7-2670QM and To give a little bit of background information to the USBits clocked at 2.2GHz and has 6MB L3 cache. This is the big 3.0 standard we thought wed do a quick rundown of thebrother of the 2GHz Core i7-2630QM and its important not theoretical benefits over USB 2.0. As you most likely alreadyto mix up the Core i7-2670QM with the much more expensive know, USB 3.0 is promising over 10 times the bandwidth ofCore i7-2760QM which is a 2.4GHz model that is also set to USB 2.0 and although in reality USB 3.0 doesnt quite reach itslaunch later this year alongside three additional siblings. theoretical bandwidth of 5Gbps. It is possible to reach speeds in excess of 400MB/s (3.2Gbps) and weve already seen this demoed, but and this is a big but, only if you use very specific 1
  • 20. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonehardware today. Currently we only know of one solution that August 23rd, 2011can provide these kinds of speeds and its a SATA to USB 3.0RAID controller by Fujitsu, but to our knowledge its only soldin one product made by a Japanese company. If you are looking for some good deals on music players, sound card, headphones and speakers, do drop by the Creative Technology booth at Hall 602 (booth no: 6121) on level 6. Offers include the ZiiSound D5x wireless speaker system, ZEN Style M300 portable media player and Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD audio card.On that premise, lets take a closer look at the contestants.The USB 3.0 host controllers we put through the paces are theAMD A75 chipset, the ASMedia ASM1042, the Etron EJ168A,the Fresco Logic FL1009, the NEC/Renesas µD720200, theRenesas µD720201 and the VLI VL800. Sadly we were unableto source a Texas Instruments host controller as the companyrequested to have an FAE present during the testing and thiswasnt possible to arrange from their side.Most of these host controllers can be found on a wide range ofmotherboards with the exception of the Fresco Logic FL1009and the upcoming Renesas µD720201 which wont go intomass production until October. The integrated solution inAMDs A75 chipset was co-developed with Renesas and our Creative ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker Systemunderstanding is that its something of a hybrid between theolder µD720200 and the upcoming µD720201. The ZiiSound Dx series wireless speakers connect independently to stereo Bluetooth devices such as the AppleThe baseline for this test would have to be the NEC/Renesas iPhone, Blackberry, Android smartphone, iPad or other tabletµD720200 as it was the first USB 3.0 host controller on the devices. You can also configure such that more speakersmarket and its become something of the de facto standard. As are connected wirelessly to form a multi-channel home audiosuch we expected the other controllers to outperform it simply system. It also allows link to ZiiSound DSx wireless subwooferon the virtue of it having been developed so much earlier. for deep bass capability or more ZiiSound D5x speakers forHowever, we were surprised to see the old NEC controller keep stereo or surround applications. Featuring renowned apt-Xup with the competition in most of the test we threw at it, audio technology for superb sound quality, the D5x also offersalthough its clear that there are faster options out there. One precision volume control when used with the included BT-D5thing that helps the µD720200 stay ahead of the pack in some Bluetooth transmitter.tests is native UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) support inits drivers, which means that theres a performance boost to be Usual Suggested Retail Price - S$399had in specific tests thanks to the way the UASP drivers work COMEX 2011 Promotional Price - S$349 (limited to 50 sets)compared to the standard BOT (Bulk Only Transfer) driver Special bundles or extra goodies during COMEX 2011 -most of the controllers rely upon. Purchase second unit of Creative ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System at S$249 or purchase Creative ZiiSound DSx Wireless Subwoofer at S$149 (Usual Price - S$199)COMEX Show 2011Promotions: CreativeTechnologySource: 2
  • 21. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone COMEX 2011 Promotional Price - S$69 (limited to 50 sets) Creative ZEN Style M300 (8GB) Usual Price - S$89 COMEX 2011 Promotional Price - S$79 (Limited to 50 sets) Special bundles or extra goodies during COMEX 2011 - purchase Creative WP-300 wireless headphones at S$59 (Usual Price: S$99), free USB Charger worth S$29Creative D80 Wireless SpeakerThe stylish and compact Creative D80 Bluetooth wirelessspeaker claims to deliver high quality wireless music playback.At an unbeatable price of S$49, it is the companys mostaffordable one-piece Bluetooth speaker yet. It can playwireless audio from compatible stereo Bluetooth devicesincluding iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and tabletdevices such as the iPad. Available in white with pink, blue orgreen grille, or black with a black grille, the D80 comes withtwo 3-inch full range drivers for full, dynamic audio. It also hasintegrated AUX-In for connection to other audio devices and Creative WP-350 Wireless Headphonessupports A2DP/AVRCP profile. The Creative WP-350 wireless headphones is designed as anCreative D80 Wireless Speaker - S$49 ideal wireless companion for the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and other devices. One unique feature isSpecial bundles or extra goodies during COMEX 2011 - free the "invisible microphone" which is built into the earpieceEP-570 Earphones Bulk Pack Worth S$39 (whilst stocks last) and users can make superb voice quality calls as well as enjoy the best audio playback quality for music. The "invisible microphone" also comes with noise suppression and speech enhancement processing to deliver clear audio calls even under noisy environment. The WP-350 has a flat-fold design for portable convenience, is lightweight and claims to provide extended music playback of up to 8 hours and talk time of up to 9 hours. Usual Suggested Retail Price - S$139 COMEX 2011 Promotional Price - S$99 (limited to 50 sets per day)Creative ZEN Style M300 Portable Media Player (4GB/8GB)The Creative ZEN Style M300 is a stylish media player thatfeatures Bluetooth wireless music playback, microSD card slotfor expanded memory capacity and 1.45-inch display withtouch-sensitive buttons. Users can enjoy music from the playerwirelessly from all compatible stereo Bluetooth headphonesand Bluetooth speakers. The M300 also comes with FM RadioThe built-in FM Radio lets users add up to 32 preset stations.Creative ZEN Style M300 (4GB) Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 EarphonesUsual Price - S$79 3
  • 22. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePowered by dual balanced armature drivers for precise sonic Android smartphones, the SingPet app only works on Androidperformance, the Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 earphones bring 2.2 and quality audio enjoyment to audiophiles, musicians andcritical listeners. it claims to produce clearer, smoother andmore accurate sound reproduction and angled sound tube Rumour: Samsung to purchasedesign that provides a more natural fit in the ear canal.With the Intelligent AuraSeal in-ear design with comfortable HPs PC business division? Source: eartips, it can isolate noise up to 98%. business-division-/13367.html August 23rd, 2011Usual Suggested Retail Price - S$199COMEX 2011 Promotional Price - S$169 (limited to 50 sets)SingPet iPhone and Android So you have read the news that HP has not only discontinued development on webOS, but is also planning to spin offapp now available its entire PC business ala IBM style. While it is generallySource: acknowledged by many that calling HPs drastic actionsavailable/13368.html surprising is quite a bit of an understatement, it seems thatAugust 23rd, 2011 there is one more surprise up in store for the PC industry, and it comes in the form of speculation that Samsung might just be interested in purchasing the very same PC business HP intends to spin off.If you are pet owner, you probably would have heard ofSingPet online pet centre which was started by a company ofveterinarians and vet nurses, who wanted to bring great pricesand convenience to pet owners. And recently, SingPet haslaunched the free-to-download app for iPhone and Androiddevices. Now this has got to be interesting. In merely a handful of days after HP dropped its bombshell on the computing industry by announcing its plans to not only discontinue development on webOS but also to spin off its PC business unit, it seems that the company might have already found itself a customer for that same business unit. Apparently, a report posted by DIGITIMES have claimed that Samsung has gotten in touch with ODMs such as Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology about the likelihood of outsourcing portions of its notebook orders, and sources who are privy to the happenings taking place in the upstream supply chain are claiming that the Korean electronics giants actions have suggested that it is keen on taking up HPs PC business.Developed by GreeneStep Technologies and launched earlier The justification given by DIGITIMES for this claim is ratherthis month, the SingPet app is designed to allows users to simple; as HP ships “over 40 million” PCs annually, anybrowse and order with convenience from wherever they are company which intends to absorb HPs PC business divisionthrough the use of their smartphone. For example, you can will need to be able to have the capacity to ensure that theorder a fresh bag of cat food from home, simply by scanning production and shipment of such large volumes of PCs is notthe barcode on the package, rather than making unnecessary affected. The fact that Samsung, which is usually known for itstrips to the store to look for the product. The app can also integrated supply chain, would suddenly attempt to outsourceremember your preferences and past choices, which lets you its notebook orders to ODMs have suggested that the Koreanplace orders with one touch. The app also lists up to five recent electronics company is making plans for dealing with a suddeninvoices from your past records such that you can manage your spike in PC orders that will see its own supply chain notmonthly pet expenses. being able to cope with the added demand. Logically speaking,The SingPet app allows you to login to your account, register such a sudden spike could only be brought about if Samsungfor a new account, or you can directly browse and order suddenly experiences an huge growth in PC demands, or if itwithout registering. To check out, you can do so via Paypal. absorbs another companys PC division. This brings us backThe app is available free on iPhone and Android devices. For to the original speculation of the Korean electronics giant allegedly planning to purchase HPs PC business. 4
  • 23. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAlso adding a degree of credence to DIGITIMES claim is a and easy to wear over the ear. This provides comfort wear evenremark reportedly made by Quanta Computer, in which the over a long period of time. With the Jabra EASYGO’s MultiuseODM has theorized that in the event that Samsung does take capability, you can connect to two Bluetooth-enabled devicesup HPs PC business, the company will find itself having to simultaneously for efficient call management. Equipped withship around 50-60 million notebooks in a year. The ODM Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for noise andhas also claimed that attempting to meet such a huge volume echo reduction, it ensures crystal clear conversation for everywill definitely put Samsungs supply chain under sufficient call. The Jabra EASYGO also features automatic volumepressure to justify the need for outsourcing the production of adjustments which provides constant volume even whensome of its computers to external partners. you move between different noise environments.What do you think? Could Samsungs actions be an indication The Jabra EASYGO is available in black, red and white, andof its plans to purchase HPs PC business division? retails in Singapore at Challenger, Apple premium resellers: EpiCentre, Nubox, Digi Lifestyle, Apple Shops at Best Denki, and other authorised Jabra retailers at S$88 (RRP). For theJabra EASYGO headset, now upcoming COMEX 2011 from 1 to 4 September at Suntecavailable in red and white Convention Centre, it carries a special show price tag of S $75 with sure-win lucky dip.Source: Key Specifications of Jabra EasyGo include:August 23rd, 2011 - Bluetooth 2.1, including EDR and eSCO - Great sound with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - Multiuse - Connects to two devices at the same time - Automatic Volume AdjustmentThe Jabra EASYGO was launched late last year and now, thecompany has announced the Bluetooth headset which comes - Jabra Status Display - Shows battery life and connectivityin a fashionable red and white flavors. It will be available inChallengers and other authorised Jabra retailers and also at - Auto-pairing for no-nonsense setupthe upcoming COMEX Show with a special price tag. - Earhooks – in 2 different sizes - are provided for individual comfort - Ultimate Comfort Eargels (2) are included to use without earhook - Talktime - 6 hours; standby time - 8 days - Dimensions - 53.7x15.8x9mm - Weight - 8gThe Jabra EASYGO is designed for smartphone and mobile LG launches first 3D-capableusers who want hands-free conversations while on the move.And with additional colours of red and white, the company is notebook in Korea, calls it theset to deliver its intuitive, no-nonsense experience in a slim- A530line design and expressive colors for headset users. Source: in-korea-calls-it-the-a530/13365.htmlIt claims to deliver the most easy-to-operate Bluetooth August 23rd, 2011experience for users, be they seamless pairing and intuitiveuse, and you can have clear conversations while onthe go. With Jabra Voice Guidance feature, you will beinformed audibly when theres a need to recharge theheadset, or when it gets disconnected from your phone. Otherfeatures include larger icons on the Status Display that lightsup so that you can clearly see the battery level and connectivity Now that 3D technology is fast making inroads into our dailystatus. An easy-to-locate slider on the back of the device also lives, have you ever once entertained the thought of investingmakes turning it on and off hassle-free. in a 3D-capable notebook for your entertainment needs? IfThe Jabra EASYGO weighs a mere 8g comes with an extra so, LGs latest announcement will probably be just the thingUltimate Comfort Eargel that moulds according to ear size for you need to perk up your Tuesday, for the Korean electronicsperfect in-ear fit, as well as a ear hook shaped to fit securely 5
  • 24. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecompany has just announced the launch of its first 3D-capablenotebook which it calls the Xnote A530. Affle announces upgradeLG has announced the availability of its first 3D-capable for Pinch mobile messagingnotebook, the LG Xnote A530, for sale in its domesticmarket. According to the Korean electronics company, the platform Source: LG Xnote A530 is designed to encourage adoption of mobile-messaging-platform/13364.html3D technology among consumers in their entertainment and August 23rd, 2011productivity needs. Mobile media company Affle has announced the upgrade for the popular Pinch mobile messaging platform which includes new user interface, strong cross platform capabilities and real time instant messaging services.Not much about the new Xnote A530 series of 3D-capablenotebooks have been revealed by LG, although a machinetranslation of LGs recent press release has claimed thatthe notebooks will feature a 15-inch display that is capableof resolutions of up to 1080p, and also sports two built-inwebcams which users can utilize for capturing stills or videosin either 2D or 3D. The press release also claims that the newXnote A530 notebooks will be powered by a combination ofIntels second generation Core i7 processors and NVIDIAsGT555M graphics card, although it did not mention which Mobile media company Affle has announced a massivespecific i7 processors will be used for the notebook. upgrade for its Pinch mobile messaging platform. In addition to pure messaging, Pinch enables users to chat with friends, find new friends, access exciting locations services and participate in social contests, all on their data plans or Wi- Fi without incurring any local or international SMS/MMS charges. The Pinch Version 2.0 upgrade claims to offer a completely new brand identity and a sleeker and unified user interface. Pinch version 2.0 runs on all dominating mobile phone platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, J2ME, Mobile Internet and SMS through local carrier partnerships. Through this multi-platform feature, Pinch bridges the gap between smart phone enthusiasts and users of feature phones to bring aboutLast but definitely not least, the machine translation of LGs freedom of communication with anyone on any mobile phone.announcement seems to suggest that the new Xnote A530 With the new navigation of Pinch, sending messages tonotebooks will reportedly come with what appears to be a friends will be faster and easier. Users will be able to send“True 3D PT” tool which allows users to create presentations free text messages to a group of friends at once throughthat can be converted to 3D and subsequently displayed on 3D- the group messaging feature. Invite friends to join studycapable TVs and monitors. groups, organize parties, connect with families and colleaguesNo details about the Xnote A530s pricing and global while planning for a get-together or reunions easily andavailability (if at all) has been announced by LG at this point conveniently with the instant Pinch group messaging.of time. Users of the new version of Pinch will now be able to see friends typing out a reply and be informed of the various delivery notifications including real time updates on the status of each individual message as either "S" for messages sent, "D" for messages delivered, and "R" for messages that has already been read. Pinchs Leaderboard has also been strengthened 6
  • 25. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesignificantly with more ways to accumulate Pinch points usingthe additional user features.In the coming months, Pinch will add Chat rooms to itsfeatures. Chat rooms will allow users to explore and connectwith people with similar interests, create or hang out on freeonline communities, discuss anything and everything underthe sun. Users can enjoy Pinch by downloading the applicationfrom any of the popular app stores across platforms or fromthe Pinch website.More details of Sonysupcoming A77 camera leakedSource: 23rd, 2011We have posted a couple of stories pertaining to Sonysupcoming A77 DSLR, but it seems that the latest leak thatis currently circulating around the depths of cyberspace hasrevealed all of the information any serious photographerwill want to know about the new DSLR. And from thelooks of it, the leak only serves to confirm what many mayhave guessed - that the A77 is a professional camera whichonly photographers with deep pockets need apply, if itsspecifications are of any indication.When we last visited Sonys upcoming A77 DSLR, word has itthat the camera will feature an articulating LCD screen and atranslucent mirror box, while the sensor will reportedly boasta resolution of 24 megapixels and is capable of supportinga very wide range of ISO speeds, as well as shooting 1080pAVCHD videos. Unfortunately, little more about the camerawas revealed, and thus interest in the upcoming camerastarted to wane after a while.That being said, the latest leak has suggested that those earlierreports were right on the money, for a report published bySonyAlphaRumors has revealed what is possibly the completespecifications list of the A77, along with a few addtional imagesof the camera itself. 7
  • 26. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone PL-35STU3-25RZ and PL-35STU3-2VZ. According to Planex, the new external hard disks are designed to be used with a variety of devices such as audio-visual equipment and PCs, where the faster read/write speeds they offer over USB 2.0 will be great assets to users. Planex PL-35STU3-25RZ The Planex PL-35STU3-25RZ can be used with a variety of devices such as PCs, television sets and even game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 3, where it can be used as a program recorder of sorts, or simply as a typical storage device. In addition, the PL-35STU3-25RZ features an array of LED indicators on its front which provides users with a means of gauging approximately how much space is left in the internal 2.5TB hard disk.Specs-wise, the report published on SonyAlphaRumors claimsthat the A77 will feature an Exmor HD CMOS sensor whichis capable of capturing stills at the maximum resolution of24.3 megapixels at ISO speeds from 100 to 16,000 with anexpandeable option for ISO 50, while the autofocus sensorboasts support for up to 19 AF points with 11 cross sensors. Inaddition, the A77 can allegedly record 1080p videos at speedsof either 60fps or 24fps.On the hardware side, the A77 will also allegedly feature aburst speed of up to 12fps, shutter speeds of up to 1/8000, a As a bonus, Planex has also confirmed that theTrueBlack 921k three-way tilting LCD screen, a three million PL-35STU3-25RZ is compatible with OS Xs Time Machinedot OLED viewfinder, a completely new Bionz processor, backup utility, while it can also be used as a typical externalsupport for SD cards only and an electronic first shutter storage device on versions of OS X dating back to 10.4 for bothcurtain. And apparently, the body alone, which is expected PowerPC and Intel be made available for sale in Europe and the US comemid-October, will reportedly cost photographers anywherebetween US$1,000 to US$1,200.Planex introduces new USB3.0-capable external HDDs inJapanSource: 23rd, 2011Now that USB 3.0 has started making its way into mainstreamconsumer electronics devices such as notebooks and certainmedia players, it is only expected that peripherals utilizingthe new high-speed interface will eventually start poppingup all over the market. And from the looks of it, Planex isno exception in the migration to USB 3.0, for the companyhas just announced the availability of two new externalHDDs which make use of the aforementioned interface; thePL-35STU3-25RZ and PL-35STU3-2VZ. The Planex PL-35STU3-25RZ is currently available for salePlanex has announced the availability of two new in Japan at the price of 15,000 yen excluding tax, orUSB 3.0-capable external hard disks in Japan, the the approximately US$195. 8
  • 27. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZonePlanex PL-35STU3-2VZ Sharp announces availabilityEssentially a more basic version of the aforementionedPL-35STU3-25RZ, the Planex PL-35STU3-2VZ external HDD of new RW-T107 enterprisesports similar features to it, such as support for USB 3.0and Time Machine compatibility. However, it lacks the LED tablet Source: array that is present on the PL-35STU3-25RZ, and rw-t107-enterprise-tablet/13361.htmlfeatures a hard disk with a capcity of 2.0TB as opposed to the August 23rd, 2011PL-35STU3-25RZs 2.5TB. With more users attempting to blur the lines between enterprise and personal computing, it should be of little surprise that OEMs are starting to pitch typical personal computing devices like tablets as tools which are suitable for enterprise use after a few tweaks to its feature set. And it seems that Sharp is all set to capitalize on this new trend, especially if the introduction of its new enterprise-centric RW-T107 tablet in Japan is of any indication. More details about this tablet coming right up. Now that Research In Motions BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been given the green light as having met the requirements to be considered for deployment in government offices and Apple is busy pitching its iPad as a device that is suitableFull specifications for the Planex PL-35STU3-2VZ external for enterprise deployment, it would make sense that otherHDD are as follow: tablet OEMs are keen to capitalize on the lucrative enterprise market by releasing their own ideas of what an enterprise- centric tablet should be. And it seems that the latest enterprise tablet offering hails from Sharp, where it comes in the form of the RW-T107. Details about the new RW-T107 are scarce, but accordingThe Planex PL-35STU3-2VZ is currently available for sale to the machine translation of the Japanese companys latestin Japan at the price of 10,000 yen excluding tax, or announcement, the enterprise tablet will make use of a seven-approximately US$130. inch display, although no specifications about its resolution, memory, internal flash capacity and the processor has been released by the company. However, Sharp has confirmed that the RW-T107 will sport support for short-range wireless communication via NFC, while wireless network connectivity is achieved via the devices built-in support for WiFi under the a, b, g and n spectra. Topping off the package is the inclusion of a built-in high capacity 5,400mAh battery pack that Sharp 9
  • 28. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneclaims is capable of proving the RW-T107 with up to eighthours of uptime on a single charge.Last but definitely not least, Sharp has also confirmed thatthe RW-T107 will be preloaded with version 2.3 of theAndroid operating system, although it has not provided anyinformation as to whether it will provide the tablet with anupgrade path to future versions of Android. Also, no detailsabout the tablets pricing has been revealed at this point oftime, but what we do know is that Sharp intends to release theRW-T107 for sale in Japan come September 5 this year.Sony Ericsson announcesavailability of new Live WithWalkman smartphoneSource: 23rd, 2011 According to the company, the new Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman smartphone, which is powered by version 2.3 of the Android operating system (aka Gingerbread), will boast the use of Sonys proprietary xLOUD technology to enhance the audio output. In addition, the smartphone will also feature a dedicated Walkman button which provides instant access toCant live without having those earphone plugged into a mobile its media player, while the “unique social music experience”phone or portable media player while on the move, even if the is brought about by a combination of features such as deepcommute from one place to another is extremely short? If so, Facebook integration with various commonly-used utilitiesthere will be much to look forward to, especially if you are a such as the phonebook and media player and the inclusionfan of Sony Ericssons smartphones, for the company has just of TrackID to identify and download music tracks that areannounced the availability of a new smartphone, the Live With currently being played on the smartphones FM receiver orWalkman, which claims to be capable of delivering a “unique audio music experience” to consumers. Specs-wise, the smartphones processing power is backed upThe ubiquitous smartphone may have replaced portable by a CPU clocked at 1GHz, while its internal flash memorymedia players as the...uh...portable media player of choice for tops out at 320MB, although users can always make use ofconsumers who cannot live without their trusty earphones microSD cards to expand on the limited amount of storageplugged into their ears at all times while commuting from present on the Live With Walkman. Lastly, the smartphoneonce place to another, due to its capability to provide basic will also come bundled with a 1200mAh battery pack which isaudio playback. However, users who crave more than just that reportedly capable of delivering up to 600 hours of uptime onbasic functionality for their mobile music needs will probably standby, or 14 hours and 15 minutes of talktime.have much to look forward to with Sony Ericssons new LiveWith Walkman smartphone, which is reportedly capable of No details about pricing has been revealed by Sony Ericsson,delivering a “unique social music experience”. although the company has confirmed that the Live With Walkman smartphone is expected to make its way onto retail shelves locally come Q4 this year. Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Case Review Source: review/13359.html 10
  • 29. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAugust 23rd, 2011 200 x 200 x 30 mm x 1 (optional) or 140 x 140 x 25 mm x 2 (optional) or Thermaltake’s products lineup feels almost endless; this 120 x 120 x 25 mm x 2month we admired the exotic design of the Level 10 GT case (optional)and we discovered the good value of the Commander MK-Icase. Today we are having a look on yet another product from Bottom (Intake) :Thermaltake, the massive Chaser MK-I full tower case, withwhich Thermaltake hopes to attract hardcore enthusiasts and 120 x 120 x 25 mm x 1modders. (optional)Thermaltake’s products lineup feels almost endless; thismonth we admired the exotic design of the Level 10 GT case Side (Intake) :and we discovered the good value of the Commander MK-Icase. Today we are having a look on yet another product from 200 x 200 x 30 mm x 1Thermaltake, the massive Chaser MK-I full tower case, with (optional)which Thermaltake hopes to attract hardcore enthusiasts and Material SECCmodders. I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2,P/N VN300M1W2N eSATA connector x 1,Case Type Full Tower MIC & Speaker (supportSide Panel Transparent Window AC’97 & HD Audio)Net Weight 11.6 kg / 25.6 lb PSU Standard ATX PS2 (optional)Dimension (H x W x D) 567.9 x 237.0 x 581.6 mm Others CPU cooler height limitation: (22.4 x 9.3 x 22.9 inch) 180mm VGA length limitation:Drive Bays - Accessible: 4 x 5.25’’, 1 x 330mm 3.5’’ (Converted from one 5.25” drive bay) - Hidden : 6 x 3.5’’or 6 x 2.5’’ Symbian Anna updates - HDD Docking: 1 x 3.5’’or 1 x arriving in Singapore for NokiaColor 2.5’’ Exterior & Interior : Black fans Source: Slots 8 singapore-for-nokia-fans/13357.htmlMotherboards 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x August 23rd, 2011 9.6” (ATX)Cooling System Front (Intake) : 200 x 200 x 30 mm Colorshift fan x 1 (600~800rpm,13~15dBA) or Owners of Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, and E7 would love this piece 120 x 120 x 25 mm x 2 of good news. The Finnish company has announced that the (optional) software update for the phones (codenamed Symbian Anna) will be available for download from 2 September next month. Rear (Exhaust) : More details inside. 140 x 140 x 25 mm TurboFan, 1000rpm, 16dBA or 120 x 120 x 25 mm x 1 (optional) Top (Exhaust) : 200 x 200 x 30 mm Colorshift fan x 1 (600~800rpm, 13~15dBA); 11
  • 30. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone COMEX Show 2011 Promotions: Audio House Source: house/13356.html August 23rd, 2011 Audio House will be at this years COMEX Show 2011 that is going to be held at the Suntec Convention Centre from 1 - 4For those waiting for the software update to their Nokia September. Check out their great offers at their booths, locatedN8, C7, C6-01, and E7, the wait is over. Symbian Anna is on Level 4, numbered 8410, 8117 and 8161.finally arriving and promises significant enhancement to youruser experience. It offers a variety of new features including afresh user interface, virtual QWERTY keypad in portrait mode,enhanced Nokia Maps, better web browsing and strongersecurity. Smartphone owners can download Symbian Annausing the latest version of Ovi Suite (version 3.1.1) on a PC orover-the-air directly to the smartphone.Key features with Symbian Anna:- User interface: SymbianAnna brings a fresh new look and feelto the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, and Nokia E7 withcrisp icons and multiple usability enhancements. Typing onthe virtual QWERTY keypad is now available in portrait mode.- Maps and navigation: Symbian Anna enhances Nokia Maps Casio Exilim EX-Z2000with better search functionality, new public transportationroutes and the ability to check-in to favorite geo-social network The Casio Exilim EX-Z2000 is a high-performance digitalsites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter camera that iincorporates the companys newly developed EXILIM Engine 5.0 for improved image processing speed and- Browsing: A faster,easier-to-use browser, delivering quicker the capability of producing beautiful images through advancedpage loads and improved device navigation allowing people to colour reproduction and rich tonal gradation while removingconnect more easily to their favorite sites onthe go. noise in high sensitivity mode. It is equipped with a Dynamic- Better for business: Symbian Anna brings true business- Photo function that allows for combining “moving images”grade security with improved data encryption on Nokia by cutting moving subjects from the background in imagessmartphones. Business users with a Nokia N8, Nokia C7, taken with continuous shooting and combining those imagesNokia C6-01 or Nokia E7 can now easily and securely access on a different still image. With a Premium Auto function, ittheir company intranet with IPSEC and SSL VPN enablers. can take beautiful photos just by pressing the shutter button. Enables the camera to automatically analyse the scene being- NearField Communications (NFC): The Symbian Anna update also activates the NFC hardware in the NokiaC7, so people can now simply tap their Nokia C7s together to Specifications:share contacts, photos, videos and play games; easily pair with - 14.1 megapixelsNFC-enabled accessories from Nokia and others; and read - 5X optical zoomNFC tags to check-in and more. - 26mm wide-angle lens= Symbian Anna software update in Singapore will be available - 3.0” LCD screenfor download via Symbian users areadvised to check the website from 2 September 2011 for - Lithium-ion Rechargeableupgrade user guide and local variant availability. Normal Price: S$479= Method of delivery of the software update differs from Comex Price: TBAmarket to market and operator to operator. 12
  • 31. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone including Pixel Plus HD, Active Control + Light Sensor, Colour Enhancement, 100Hz Clear LCD, Dynamic Contrast Enhancement, Luminance Transient Improver, MPEG Artifact Reduction and HD Natural Motion. It also comes with anti-reflection coated screen that looks to enhance the display. Normal Price: S$1,499 Comex Price: TBACasio Exilim EX-Z33The new Casio Exilim EX-Z33 sports a slim, stylish andlightweight body that is compact enough to slip into a shirtpocket. It has standard sidebar menu for quick access andface detection autofocus and a dedicated button for videorecording. Video is captured at up to 848x480 pixel resolutionat 30fps. The Best Shot system offers special scene programswith 22 scene settings that cover most situations. The Philips 5000 Series 46-inch Full HD LED TVEX-Z33 also comes bundled with software such as the"YouTube Uploader" which allows for YouTube mode for video If you find the 40-inch TV a little small for your liking, checkrecording. out the Philips 5000 series 46-inch Full HD LED TV. The 5000 series also promised similar features including directSpecifications: LED backlight, 1920x1080p panel resolution, Pixel Plus HD,- 10.1 megapixels Active Control + Light Sensor, Color Enhancement and HD- 3x optical zoom Natural Motion. Normal Price: S$1,499- 2.5inch 230k LCD screen COMEX Price: TBA- Lithium-ion RechargeableNormal Price: S$299Comex Price: TBA Samsung 46-inch 3D Full HD LED TV (SMART TV) UA-46C7000 With the Samsung 46-inch 3D Full HD SMART TV, you can enjoy a true 3D viewing experience. Incorporating immersivePhilips 3000 Series 40-inch Full HD LED TV HyperReal Engine, it features LED backlit display that amplified images with rich colors, smooth motion and megaThe Philips 3000 Series 40-inch Full high definition contrast levels. The Samsung also comes with HDMI input,(HD) display features LED backlight, panel resolutionof 1920x1080p and picture enhancement technologies 13
  • 32. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewidescreen flat panel, Internet connectivity and 2D to 3Dconversion.Normal Price: S$3,499COMEX Price: TBA Samsung 55-inch 3D Full HD LED TV (SMART TV) UA-55C7000 For superb 3D viewing experience, a huge display like this Samsung 55-inch 3D Full HD SMART TV should suffice. It features HyperReal Engine, widescreen format LED backlit display, four HDMI and PC inputs, Internet connectivity and 2D to 3D conversion. Normal Price: S$4,999 COMEX Price: TBASamsung 40-inch Full HD LED TV (SMART TV) UA-40C6900The Samsung 40-inch Full HD LED SMART TV (model:UA-40C6900) features 1920x1080 pixel resolution, HDDigital Tuner, LED Backlighting and Internet connectivity for HP Pavilion HPE h8 desktopthose who want some Internet content.Normal Price: S$1,599 PC review: long live the towerCOMEX Price: TBA PC Source: review-long-live-the-tower-pc/13297.html August 23rd, 2011 As far as most enthusiasts are concerned, when it comes to desktop tower PCs, the only proper solution they are willing to go with is to custom-build one with off-the-shelf parts to suit their individual needs. However, it seems that the huge interest in such Do-it-yourself (DIY) PCs have not adversely affected the overall demand for OEM-assembled PCs, most of which are typically designed to be sold to non hardware-savvy users. And currently in our labs is HPs new Pavilion PHE h8Samsung 46-inch Full HD LED TV (SMART TV) UA-46B7000 desktop tower PC, which we shall put under the knife to see ifThis Samsung 46-inch LED TV features claims to offer a it truly the versatile machine that is capable of getting the jobwidescreen Full HD 1920x1080 pixel resolution display. It has done for the average user.a HD Digital Tuner, USB port, full HD input, LED backlightingand Internet connectivity.Normal Price: S$2,499COMEX Price: TBA 14
  • 33. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone LG announces availability of new Optimus Sol smartphone Source: optimus-sol-smartphone/13355.html August 23rd, 2011 Have you had enough of LGs Optimus One, Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D smartphones that have been making headlines all over the Internet in recent months? Well, the good news is that the Korean electronics company has got yet another Optimus-branded smartphone up its sleeves which it reportedly plans to release for sale next year in variousFor most enthusiasts, the only desktop tower PC which they parts of the world, and it is called the LG Optimus Sol. Kindare willing to accept into their lives is one that has been of makes you wonder if the Optimus Sol will have the soul ofspecially built and assembled from ground up with nothing a premium smartphone befitting the Optimus product lineup,but off-the-shelf components to fit their individual needs. no?However, for the vast majority of typical PC users out there,such a course of action, while appealing in its own right, is Looking for a new Android-powered smartphone from ausually impractical in many ways as well, and this is especially reputable Korean electronics company but dont want to get aso for those who have no idea about PC hardware, and whose Samsung Galaxy S II? Well, you are in luck, for LG Electronicsonly perception of a PC is one that allows a user to do thiings has announced the availability of its upcoming smartphone,such as Microsoft Office and play some recent games on it. the LG Optimus Sol, which, from the looks of it, is designed to cater to consumers who desire an ultra-slim smartphone thatThat being said, it seems that the huge DIY scene has not does not compromise on performance in any way.adversely affected the overall demand for OEM-assembleddesktop PCs, especially if one takes into consideration thefact that such machines are usually targeted at non hardware-savvy PC users who just want a versatile machine to facilitatetheir daily work and entertainment needs. And in this review,we take a look at HPs new Pavilion HPE h8 desktop PC to findout just how well it fares in that regard.HP Pavilion HPE h8tower desktop PCspecifications Processor Intel Core i3-2120 clocked at 3.3GHz, 3MB L3 cacheChipset Intel H67 ChipsetGraphics Card 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6570 According to the machine translation of LGs latestOperating System Windows 7 Premium (x64 announcement, it appears that the upcoming LG Optimus Sol version) smartphone, which is slated for a release in various parts ofMemory 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 x 2GB the world early next year, will sport what the company calls an DIMM) Ultra AMOLED display that is reportedly more advanced than a typical AMOLED display. LG has claimed that the 3.8-inchHard Disk capacity SATA2 500GB Hitachi Ultra AMOLED display is not only capable of consuming lesser Deskstar energy than a standard AMOLED screen that can translate toWireless Connectivity Not bundled with review up to a 30% increase in battery life, but also provide better unit, HP-branded WiFi card visibility under bright lighting conditions. on retail unitPSU Rating 300W max Specifications-wise, LG has confirmed that the 9.8mm-slim Optimus Sol will be powered by a 1GHz processor, while the preloaded Android operating system will feature a new Optimus UI 2.0 user interface which is reportedly capable of further reducing energy consumption by minimizing the use of white in its colour scheme. Last but definitely not least, the Optimus Sol will ship with support for a variety of standard features such as support for DLNA and WiFi Direct. 15
  • 34. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNo information about the Optimus Sols pricing has been to provide the Samsung Sense NC 215s battery with enoughreleased by LG at this point of time. juice to deliver up to an hour of uptime. In addition, the Korean electronics giant has also claimed that the Samsung Sense NC 215s battery is capable of delivering up to 14 hours of uptimeSamsung unveils solar- on a full charge, and can easilly support up to 1,000 chargerechargeable notebooks for cycles.Korean domestic market Furthermore, Samsung has also claimed that the Samsung Sense NC 215 has been designed to look sophisticated whileSource: still remaining portable and robust enough to handle thenotebooks-for-korean-domestic-market/13354.html knocks of everyday life. This comes in the form of a total weightAugust 23rd, 2011 that is no greater than 1.32kg, along with a 17.5mm thin display bezel, while the entire notebook body reportedly features Samsungs Duracase technology to protect from scratches. However, no information about the notebooks hardware specifications, such as its processor speed and make, display resolution, bundled operating system and storage capacitiesA notebook which is capable of recharging itself via solar have been made public by Samsung at this point of time. Inpower? This has got to be a joke, right? Well, if it is, suffice to addition, we cannot help but wonder about the amount ofsay Samsung has gone ahead and turned that very joke into heat users have to deal with on the Samsung Sense NC 215,reality, for the Korean electronics giant has just announced especially when it is being operated under the hot midday sunthe availability of its new 10.1-inch mini-notebook which is to take advantage of the notebooks solar charging capabilities.reportedly capable of doing just that. Seems like humankinds Sales of the Samsung Sense NC 215 notebook will commencedream of achieving all-day computing on a single battery in Korea on August 23 (which happens to be tomorrow),charge just got one step closer to fruition. where they will be sold for the price of 599,000 won, orPicture this situation; you are rushing an important report approximately US$553.on your notebook, only to have the entire machine suddenlycut out and shut down due to the lack of power neededto run it because you conveniently forgot to charge thebattery pack the day before. Sounds familiar? Well, the goodnews is that Samsung is seemingly aiming to eliminate suchinconveniences permanently, for the Korean electronics gianthas just announced the launch of its new Samsung SenseNC 215 series of notebooks, which are allegedly capable ofrecharging itself via solar power. And no, we are not makingthis up. LG taunts Samsung and Sony with 3D TV advertisements Source: tv-advertisements/13352.html August 23rd, 2011According to a machine translation of Samsungs latest LG has decided to go with the aggressive approach onannouncement, the new Samsung Sense NC 215 series of marketing their 3D LCD TVs, and to the extend ofmini-notebooks, which feature a 10.1-inch display, will be taunting competitors including Samsung and Sony. Incapable of converting solar energy from the sun into electrical the latest advertisements, the company has provoked the twopower via an array of solar panels affixed to the notebooks manufacturers about the use of active shutter glasses while LGcover. Samsung claims that the solar panels, when placed uses the patented film patterned retarder (FPR) technology.under midday sunlight for a duration of two hours, will be able 16
  • 35. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Fans of Sanrios popular anthropomorphic cat will probably have much to look forward to, especially if they happen to be currently taking up residence in Japan at this point of time, and for good reason. Apparently, SoftBank has announced the availability of a new Hello Kitty-endorsed smartphone which is powered by Googles Android operating system and is slated to be launched in the early parts of September this year.Korean manufacturer LG is looking to establish itself asthe leader in the 3D TV space as it mocks the competitorsof archrival Samsung and even Sony. According to a newsreport from Korea Times, the company is going aggressivefor its patented film patterned retarder (FPR) technology,which claims to offer sharper image quality than rival productswhile allowing viewers to wear less-clunky glasses. LG is alsosaid to be increasing its advertising budget for their marketingcampaigns.Apparently, in an advertisement published in the latest editionof USA Today, LG asks, "Hey Sony and Samsung, remindus why people need those heavy, battery-burdened, left-rightblinkety-sync 3D glasses?", while earlier ads in Wall StreetJournal and New York Times, the company has advisedSamsung and Sony to stick to 2D instead. Such move isnt new,seeing how Apple advertisements show the superiority of Macsto the PCs or even iPhones to other smartphones. Samsungand Sony have yet to comment on the LG advertisements atpress time. Samsung and Sony’s 3D TVs are based on active-shutter 3D technology and claim to provide more vivid images,though the 3D glasses are more expensive, heavy and requirebattery to operate.Android-powered Hello Kitty According to SoftBank, the new Hello Kitty smartphone, whichsmartphone shows up in is based off Sharps clamshell 007SH smartphone, will feature support for a variety of standard features such as My Wallet,Japan as well as wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi. ThatSource: being said, the Hello Kitty variant of the 007SH, which goessmartphone-shows-up-in-japan/13353.html by the model name 007SH KT (we are guessing KT standsAugust 23rd, 2011 for Kitty), will feature radios that support both the GSM and CDMA network systems, so there is a slim chance that the 007SH KT might eventually see the light of day outside of Japan. SoftBank has not provided any information about the processor and amount of internal flash memory present on the 007SH KT smartphone, although it has revealed that theAnother day, another interesting piece of consumer smartphone will be preloaded with version 2.3 of the Androidelectronics-related news from the Land of the Rising Sun. And operating system (aka Gingerbread), and that its 3.4-inch LCDthis time, the whole hoo-ha comes in the form of the worlds display is capable of delivering a maximum resolution of 800most popular cat without a mouth from Sanrio endorsing a x 480 pixels. However, the real deal about the 007SH KTsmartphone that is produced by Sharp and is powered by has got to be the image of the popular cat without a mouthGoogles Android operating system. Kind of makes you wonder adorning the handsets front, along with what appears to be aif the fun will ever stop, no? built-in camera which is reportedly capable of capturing stills 17
  • 36. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneat the maximum resolution of 16 megapixels, if the machinetranslation is to be believed.Last but definitely not least, no details about the smartphonespricing has been announced by SoftBank at this point of time.Iiyama announces availabilityof new widescreen LCDmonitors in JapanSource: 23rd, 2011 According to Iiyama, both the new XB2472HD-B andIiyama, a well-known manufacturer of high-end computer X2775HDS-B make use of what the company describes asmonitors and television sets in Japan, has announced the VA panel technology, which allows its monitors to achieveavailability of two new LCD monitors for its domestic Japanese viewing angles that are significantly wider (up to 178 degreesmarket under the ProLite series; the 24-nch XB2472HD-B and horizontally and vertically) than what is typically possible onthe 27-inch X2775HDS-B. According to the company, the new a typical LCD panel which utilizes TN technology. In addition,monitors have been designed to offer users a high level of Iiyama also claims that both its new monitors boast an activequality in colour reproduction. contrast ratio of 5,000,000 : 1, although the actual contrast ratio is somewhat more modest at 3,000 : 1, while video inputIiyama may not be a very familiar brand to many outside of is achieved via VGA, DVI or HDMI.Japan, but the fact remains that the company is an extremelywell-known in its domestic market, especially where high- That being said, both the XB2472HD-B and X2775HDS-Bend display equipment such as monitors and televisions are also sport various features which differentiate them from eachconcerned. And apparently, users in Japan who want a high- other. For one, the 24-inch XB2472HD-B utilizes a standend monitor to use on their PC are in luck, for the company has which is reportedly capable of allowing users to pivot, elevatejust announced the availability of its new 24-inch XB2472HD- or even rotate the screen, while the 27-inch X2775HDS-BB and the 27-inch X2775HDS-B monitors which will be sold sports four USB ports for the connection of various devices andunder the ProLite banner. peripherals. No details about pricing and availability for either monitor has been announced by Iiyama yet, although a popular Japanese IT website known as Itmedia has claimed that both the XB2472HD-B and X2775HDS-B should be making its way onto retail shelves in Japan sometime in the later parts of August. AMD announces new Brazos APUs Source: apus/13349.html August 23rd, 2011 We have known about AMDs new Brazos APUs for a while now - E-450, E-300 and C-60. We have even seen notebooks based on the new APUs. AMD is finally officially announcing the three new APUs. 18
  • 37. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone is now available for pre- order from the likes of M1. Want to get your hands on Research In Motions new BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone that has been making headlines online recently? If so, the good news is that the wait for RIMs elusive smartphone is close to an end, for the company has officially announced the launch of theThe refresh is headed by E-450, which features a minor 50 BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone in Singapore, where it isMHz boost over the E-350, to 1.65 GHz. However, it is the due to go up on pre-order come September 1 this year from M1.GPU part which receives a more significant upgrade. The HD6310 in E-350 is replaced by HD 6320. A minor boost in basefrequency to 508 MHz is enhanced by Turbo boost to 600 MHzfor the GPU cores when the power usage is under the 18WTDP. In addition, the E-450 now supports DDR3-1333 RAM.Instead of a single-core APU under the top E-series part (likethe E-240), the new refresh features a lower-clocked dual-coreE-300. The E-300 is clocked at 1.3 GHz, but features the sameHD 6310 GPU as the E-350, with no Turbo. In essence, it is anE-350 with a 300 MHz downclock on the CPU part. In addition to the announcing of the BlackBerry Bold 9900s pre-order date, RIM has also taken the opportunity to dropFinally, the C-60 is a 9W APU which brings Turbo to both more information about its upcoming smartphone. AccordingGPU and CPU. The base CPU clock speed is 1.0 GHz - the to the company, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will feature what itsame as the C-50. However, it can Turbo all the way to 1.33 calls a 24-bit Liquid Graphics touchscreen which is reportedlyGHz - an impressive 33% boost. Even more impressive is capable of a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels at 287ppi. Backingthe new HD 6290 GPU. The max speed is specified as 400 up the BlackBerry Bold 9900s processing power is a QC 8655MHz, a whopping 45% boost over the base 276 MHz. In GPU processor clocked at 1.2GHz, along with 768MB of memorybound games, the C-60 APU can bring significant performance and 8GB of internal flash storage. A five-megapixel cameraimprovements over the C-50. capable of recording videos at 720p resolutions, a 1230mAhIn addition, the new APUs feature HDMI 1.4a support and battery pack, BlackBerry OS 7 and support for both NFCDisplayPort++. DisplayPort++ can be particularly useful for and standard wireless Internet connectivity completes theultrathin designs as it allows a single DisplayPort output to package.expand to HDMI and DVI out. RIM has not released any details pertaining to an actual retailIt is not known when notebooks based on the new APUs hit date or pricing at this point of time, or if the BlackBerry Boldretail. However, considering designs have already been leaked, 9900 will be an M1 exclusive or not. More details about theit shouldnt take long. smartphone and its specifications can be found at BlackBerrys product page here.Intels competitors to the new E/C Series APUs are now set torelease in November. unveils newBlackBerry Bold 9900 now Android app and revampedavailable for pre-order from M1 WAP portal for job seekersSource: Source: app-and-revamped-wap-portal-for-job-seekers/13347.htmlAugust 23rd, 2011 August 23rd, 2011We have posted a fair bit of news about RIMs then-upcoming Need to look for a job in a hurry? Well, dont worry, there isBlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9900, for some an app for that, and it comes in the form of Monster.comstime ever since it made its debut in CommunicAsia this year, new Android app which reportedly allows both employers andbut the fact remains that the most important detail pertaining jobseekers to search got candidates and jobs respectively whileto pricing and local availability has been left unanswered on the move. According to, the aim is to provideall this while. This has changed somewhat though, for the consumers with a flexible, on-the-go, 24X7 platform to scoutcompany has finally broken its silence by announcing that the and apply for job opportunities at their convenience.v 19
  • 38. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneApple loves to claim that its iTunes App Store is capable of technology, it makes video calls to loved ones even at night orserving apps for just about every single need under the sun, low-lighting would seem that Googles Android Market is not too far offin making that claim as well, especially where job seeking isconcerned. This is because online job portal hasannounced the availability of a new Android app which allowsboth employers and jobseekers to access “a flexible, on-the-go,24X7 platform to scout and apply for job opportunities at theirconvenience”,In addition, has also announced the launch of itsrevamped WAP portal with newer and enhanced features tocater to both jobseekers and employers as well, such as the useof a new employer/recruiter interface.The respective Android apps are currently available fordownload from the Android Market, although you might wantto take note of the fact that has released twodifferent versions of the app, namely one for jobseekers andemployers respecitvely, so do make sure that you have selectedthe right version for download. Design:Microsoft LifeCam Studio Looking from the box, the Microsoft LifeCam Studio sports a mix of silver and black aluminium finish which looks fairlyReview: Video calls made easy stylish. The 1080p sensor sits behind a high-precision glassSource: which promises to capture high-quality images. The LifeCamcalls-made-easy/13228.html Studio is the first webcam to use a lens hood, which is normallyAugust 23rd, 2011 found on digital SLR cameras, to prevent glare and lens flare.Microsofts latest webcam, the LifeCam Studio, is equippedwith a 1080p sensor with auto focus and a high fidelitymicrophone. Furthermore, with TrueColor and ClearFrame 20
  • 39. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOn the top, we find the high-fidelity microphone that isprotected with a nicely designed mesh. Microsoft has also included in the box, a rubber lens cover to protect the webcam from dust when not in use.The Lifecam Studio has a four-way adjustable joint and athread hole for tripod mount. Users can set up the webcamon the tripod to capture steady high definition videos. TheLifeCam Studio can be adjusted 360-degree laterally andabout 30-degree vertically. 21
  • 40. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Non-slip satin grip surface • True six degree-of-freedom magnetic motion tracking • Lightweight, anti-tangle braided cable (Base station) • Low-power magnetic field, low power consumption • Ultra precise sensor for 1mm and 1 degree tracking • No line of sight to controllers required • Low latency feedback System Requirements PC with 35MB free disk space USB Port Windows XP/Vista/7 Package Bundle Valves award winning Portal 2 PC Game with Sixense MotionPack DLC that features 6 TrueMotion levels that were specifically created for use with the Razer Hydra. Game CompatibilityFirst Look: Razer Hydra PC Apart from Portal 2, Razer claims out of the box compatibilityGaming Motion Sensing with 125 titles (see here for the full list).Controller More Test Subjects Wanted!Source: Leave a verbose comment below on why you think you willAugust 23rd, 2011 make a good test subject (we will then contact you and you will be videoed and made famous on youtube). And oh, there will be cake. First Look The Razer Hydra PC Gaming Motion Sensing Controller, The Boxmuch like the recent deluge of alternative input gadgetslike Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move, allowfor immersive three-dimensional interaction in rich in-game virtual environments. We at the VR-Zone EnrichmentCentre take a quick first look at this futuristic magneticfield powered contraption, and after intensive testing withexpandable human test subjects of varying intelligence anddexterity in devious scenarios, present our findings later in afull review... for science!Technical Specifications(Per controller) • Thumb-ergonomic analog stick for fluid control • 4 Hyperesponse action buttons • Rapid-fire trigger and bumper for faster in-game response 22
  • 41. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone FCC approved (so it probably wont cause cancer), made in China and saps USB power (500mA)Two gamepad-like controllers tethered to the base stationBase station (on the left a proprietary USB connector to thePC, and on the right for the two controllers). This orb structuregenerates a magnetic field to map the exact location andorientation of the controllers in the users hands Analog Stick and Four Action Buttons on the two controllers. A tad disappointed they were not wireless. 23
  • 42. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Today Enermax is one of the largest PSU manufacturers on the planet and a favorite among enthusiasts. In this review we are having a look on a product all enthusiasts will drool over, the very pinnacle of all Enermax power supplies and one of the best power supplies money can buy, the MaxRevo series 1350W unit. If you ask any enthusiast to name the five PSU manufacturers that comes to mind, Enermax is certainly going to be in the list. The company is one of the oldest in the field and started designing high performance power supplies 20 years ago. Today Enermax is one of the largest PSU manufacturers on the planet and a favorite among enthusiasts. In this review we are having a look on a product all enthusiasts will drool over, the very pinnacle of all Enermax power supplies and one of the best power supplies money can buy, the MaxRevo seriesRazer Trademark Green Glow when powered on. 1350W unit.SPAAAAACE! • FMQ Design - Fully utilize transformer’s quad magnetic quadrants energy to provide maximum switching efficiency and outstanding stability. • 88PLUS ready! - World’s leading full modular cables PSU series with 88-94% efficiency @ 20-100% load. Compliant with 80 PLUS® GOLD standard (1200/1350W only). • ErP Lot 6 ready! - Help system meet ErP Lot 6 2010 (< 1W at standby mode) with high efficiency +5Vsb circuitry. (With ErP Lot 6 enabled motherboard.) • Copper-Bridge Array Transmission - Unique Copper- Bridge Array creating wider conduction path greatly helps reduce airflow resistance, voltage drop and energy loss. • C6 & Hybrid ready! - Maximum compatibility with C6 & hybrid states of current and future CPU & GPU generations by ZERO LOAD Design. • DXXI ready! - 100% 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors to support new generation DXXI graphic cards. • Future ready! - 12P modular design for possibly(Credit to budding architect Mervyn Chng for the pretty upcoming new CPU and GPU 10P and/or 12Ppictures) connectors. • Modular ready! - Full modular cable design for easy customized support for various peripheral settings. • SERVER ready! - SSI PSDG support for latest Intel®Enermax MaxRevo 1350W PSU Core™ Extreme/i7, Xeon™ and AMD® Opteron™ andreview SLI® or CrossFireX™ and downward compatible with EPS12V v2.92, v2.8.Source: • CordGuard - Fixing the AC cord tightly to avoidAugust 23rd, 2011 accidental shutdowns of your PC. • HeatGuard - Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolong system lifetime. • SafeGuard - Industry-leading octuple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP If you ask any enthusiast to name the five PSU manufacturers & SIP.that comes to mind, Enermax is certainly going to be in thelist. The company is one of the oldest in the field and starteddesigning high performance power supplies 20 years ago. 24
  • 43. August 23rd, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • SpeedGuard - The world’s leading patented fan control starting with unmatched 900RPM to a maximum of 2000RPM for optimal cooling and minimum noise. • Twister fan inside! - 13.9cm Twister-bearing fan with low noise and long lifetime. (100,000 hours MTBF, Patented) • 100% 105? Japanese electrolytic capacitors - Highest components standards for maximum durability and stability. 25
  • 44. August 25th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.SanDisk revives its MP3 playerrange with the Sansa Clip ZipSource: 25th, 2011Its been nearly a year since SanDisks last MP3 player; theFuze+ which turned out to be a bit of a flop with its touchsensitive controls. On the other hands, SanDisks range ofClip branded MP3 players have proven to be one of the mostpopular, low-cost MP3 players every and now the company isback with a new model, the Clip Zip.Its been nearly a year since SanDisks last MP3 player; theFuze+ which turned out to be a bit of a flop with its touchsensitive controls. On the other hands, SanDisks range ofClip branded MP3 players have proven to be one of the mostpopular, low-cost MP3 players every and now the company isback with a new model, the Clip Zip.Compared to the last Sansa Clip, the Clip Zip has gained animproved display which measures a massive 1.1-inches, ok, soits tiny, but its still big enough for checking the important The control layout has also changed, albeit only very slightlystuff. SanDisk claims that it offers 83 percent more viewing and instead of a home button, theres now a back button.area than the Clip+ and although this might be true, its not The remaining controls remain unchanged, although thequite a fair comparison as the old models featured basic OLED navigation pad has grown in size. SanDisk has also caught ondisplays. Its not a fantastic screen by any measurement, but that the world is moving towards micro USB and as such thekeep in mind that the Sansa Clip series of MP3 players are low- Clip Zip features a micro USB port instead of a mini USB portbudget models. found on the previous models. As SanDisk is a Flash memory maker, the Clip Zip does of course feature a micro SD card slot which accepts 32GB memory cards. Other features include a built-in FM radio (might vary by regions) and a microphone. The Clip Zip supports DRM free AAC, MP3, WMA, secure WMA, OGG and FLAC audio files. SanDisk is offering the Sansa Clip Zip in white, orange, red, purple, blue, grey and black, although the 8Gb model appears to only come in black and grey. The 4GB model retails for US $49.99 (S$61) while the 8GB model comes in at US$69.99 (S $85). 1
  • 45. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSony adds two new SLTcameras to its lineupSource: 25th, 2011If Sonys pocket friendly NEX cameras arent up your street,then maybe its new SLT cameras will prove to be moreinteresting. Sony has announced two new models, the A65and the A77 and both are higher-end offerings than any of itsprevious SLT models.If Sonys pocket friendly NEX cameras arent up your street,then maybe its new SLT cameras will prove to be moreinteresting. Sony has announced two new models, the A65and the A77 and both are higher-end offerings than any of its The more affordable of the two new SLT models is the A65previous SLT models. which sports a 24.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and Sony s new XGA (1024x768) resolution EVF. It also has a rear 3in LCD display that can be tilted and swiveled. It s also Sony s first SLT camera to support the AVCHD 2.0 standard, alongside its bigger brother, the A77. As such it has a built in stereo microphone, as well as a side input for an external mic. On the photographic side of things were looking at 15-point Auto Focus system, up to 10 fps in high-speed mode, face detection, sweep panorama (with a 3D option), an ISO range from 100-16000 and a wired range of picture effects for those interested in some creative photography beyond what you can do with a camera alone. The camera feels chunky in the hand; although in a good way as it feels like youre holding a solid piece of kit, despite being a relatively small camera.SLT stands for single lens translucent and Sony seems tobelieve its custom technology is the way forward for its range ofDSLRs. The key advantage of using SLT technology over SLRtechnology is speed, as the translucent mirror doesnt haveto flip up and down between shots as the mirror in an SRLcamera. For many the downside is that instead of an opticalviewfinder an EVF has to be used and to date EVFs haventbeen able to compete with traditional optical viewfinders interms of quality. With its new SLT models, Sony is aiming tocorrect this thanks to the inclusion of a new XGA (1,024x768)resolution OLED EVF. The A65 is Sonys high-end consumer SLT model and it carries a reasonable price tag to match that target audience. In Taiwan the A65 is priced at NT26,980 (S$1,125), body only, while the 18-55mm kit lens brings the price up to NT$29,980 (S$1,249) and finally with the two lens kit (which adds the 55-200mm lens) youre looking at NT$35,980 (S$1,499). 2
  • 46. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMoving on to Sonys new flagship SLT camera, the A77 were Sony DT lens which is also available on its own with a list pricelooking at a semi-pro camera built around a magnesium alloy of US$700.body. The A77 sports a larger body than the A65 and anoptional battery grip is also available for it as seen on earlypictures that leaked of the camera. It too does of course feature Lenovo Singapore unveils 3Gthe new XGA resolution EVF, although as you can see from thepictures, the A77 features quite a different hinge for the screen, version of K1 and ThinkPada unique design by Sony that none of its competitors come even Android tabletsclose to. Again, were looking at AVCHD 2.0 support, a built Source: microphone and a socket for an external mic. Sony has also of-k1-and-thinkpad-android-tablets/13395.htmladded a top mounted status LCD display, something the A65 August 25th, 2011lacks. It was only last month when Lenovo launched the K1 Android tablet that comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity in Singapore. Today, the company unveiled the 3G version of K1 and the highly anticipated ThinkPad Android tablets.Sony has upped the game quite a bit when it comes tophotographic features with a 19-point Auto Focus system thathas no less than 11 cross type Auto Focus sensors. You canalso manually fine tune the Auto Focus on the A77. Anotherinteresting feature Sony added to the A77 is object tracking,which allows the camera to follow a moving target and keepit in focus. For those that like knobs and control dials, theA77 is littered with them and it also has a flash sync terminalfor studio use. Sony has upgraded the continuous shootingmode to 12fps in high-speed mode and the A77 also has afaster shutter speed mode than the A65 at 1/8000th of a secondcompared to 1/4000th of a second.Common features found on both models include a combinedSD/Memory Stick card slot, a mini HDMI port, a USB port anda port for an external GPS unit. Price wise the A77 starts at NT The new ThinkPad Tablet features a 10.1-inch WXGA$39,980 (S$1,666), body only in Taiwan, while youre looking (1280x800) IPS display with 178-degree viewing angle andat NT$42,980 (S$1,790) for a kit with the 18-55mm lens and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass, weighs 0.75 kg andfinally NT$57,980 (S$2,415) with the new 16-50mm F2.8 SSM comes with an optional Keyboard Folio Case with optical 3
  • 47. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneTrackPoint. The Keyboard Folio Case does not come with a notes. It fits neatly in the ThinkPad Tablet pen storage slotbattery pack or power adapter, and only provides users with and claims to offer 256-degrees of sensitivity. Lenovo also saidthe full-size keyboard for convenience of typing. that the ThinkPad Tablet will come preloaded with Google Android 3.1 Honeycomb, instead of 3.2 at press time, but may get the upgrade in the near future. The 32GB IdeaPad Tablet K1 Wi-Fi version is currently available from select business partners and retail stores for S $699 and will be showcased at the Lenovo booth at COMEX from 1 September. The 32GB IdeaPad Tablet K1 3G version is priced at S$799 and will be available end September. The 32GB ThinkPad Tablet will be available end September, pricing to be advised at a later date.The ThinkPad Tablet comes with 3-in-1 card reader (SD,SDHC, MMC), mini HDMI, USB 2.0, micro-USB, dockconnector, microphone/headphone combo and a sim card slot. Lee Chown How, country general manager of Lenovo Singapore, said that Lenovo is the fastest growing PC company in the world for the past nine quarters and has the great momentum to drive the business and officially entering the global tablet market with the launch of the IdeaPad K1 and the ThinkPad Tablet. "For Lenovo, we looked at the tablet market not as an overall requirement for business and consumers. We see that one size doesnt fit all and thats the reason we have two exciting products: IdeaPad K1 in three colors for consumers looking for mobile entertainment, and business professionals who want productivity, security, durability and manageability features" said Lee. COMEX Show 2011 Promotions: Fujitsu Source: fujitsu/13394.html August 25th, 2011 Laptops are one of the most popular products in any of such PC fairs, especially with attractive promotional pricing offeredBesides the Keyboard Folio Case, there is also by various vendors. Fujitsus star products for the COMEXan optional ThinkPad Digitizer Pen for users to write down 2011 include LIFEBOOK LH531, LIFEBOOK BH531 and 4
  • 48. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLIFEBOOK PH521. Before you start asking where, Fujitsusbooth is handled by AsiaPac Distribution and they are on level4, hall 401, booth 8241. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK PH521 If you prefer the AMD varient for system processor, this LIFEBOOK PH521 is equipped with the latest AMD FusionFujitsu LIFEBOOK LH531 Brazos platform. The notebook PC weighs less than 1.4kg andThe Fujitsu LIFEBOOK LH531 is equipped with the latest offers extended battery life.second generation Intel Core processor technology with Intel Usual Price: S$899Turbo Boost 2.0 to offer superb performance for everyday COMEX Show Price: TBAcomputing. It weighs 2.1 kg, and features a 14-inch screenwith HDMI output, and Nvidia Optimus graphics that canautomatic switch between discreet graphics and internal SoftBank announcesgraphics for great performance and longer battery life. availability of 009SHUsual Price: S$899COMEX Show Price: TBA smartphone in Japan Source: of-009sh-smartphone-in-japan/13393.html August 25th, 2011 Mobile phones produced by Japanese manufacturers seldom, if ever find themselves being put up for sale on retail shelves in other countries, but that does not mean that people from all over the world cannot drool about how the Japanese always seem to have a knack for producing some extremely well-designed handsets. That being said, fans of Japanese smartphones will probably have much to look forward to this week, as SoftBank has just announced the availability of Sharps new 009SH smartphone in Japan.Fujitsu LIFEBOOK BH531 Do you remember the couple of stories we ran about SharpsPowered by NVIDIA Optimus technology with 1GB VRAM, 3D-capable smartphone, the 009SH, which is also knownthe LIFEBOOK BH531 claims to offer a balance between as the AQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM? You know, themainstream features and portability with affordability. ones about Sharp first announcing the availability of theAvailable in Shiny Black and Garnet Red, the BH631 can smartphone in Japan, and with a more recent article thatprovide outstanding HD graphics performance whenever revealed the existence of a Yahoo-optimized variant of theneeded while extending battery life with its Power ECO button 009SH for SoftBank? Well, it seems that the time has arrivedUsual Price: S$1,488 for the 009SH to come full circle, as SoftBank has justCOMEX Show Price: TBA announced that it will begin to start selling the original 009SH in Japan come August 26, which happens to be tomorrow. 5
  • 49. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone No prices for the 009SH smartphone have been released by SoftBank at this point of time.As the 009SH is original smartphone that led to the creation Steve Jobs Resigns as Applesof its Yahoo-topmized variant, the 009SH Y, it should be oflittle surprise that the 009SH sports hardware specifications Chief Executive Source: are identical to those of the latter. For example, it is executive/13387.htmlpowered by the same four-inch QHD display capable of a August 25th, 2011maximum resolution of 960 x 540, along with an eight-megapixel rear-facing camera, and sports radios for boththe CDMA and GSM networks. Also, like the 009SH Y, the009SH will be preloaded with version 2.3 of the Androidoperating system and will feature support for a variety ofstandard features such as wireless connectivity via WiFi andBluetooth, bbut without the various Yahoo-optimized features Amid longstanding health issues, tech luminary Steve Jobsand software, of course. has resigned on Wednesday as Apples chief executive. In a letter to the board that was released by the company, Jobs wrote: "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apples CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come." Jobs will become the chairman of the board, while well-regarded chief operating officer Tim Cook will succeed him as the chief executive. The co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs has been credited as a visionary and the driving force behind a stringHowever, unlike the 009SH Y which is only available in white, of products that revolutionized the consumer-electronicsthe original 009SH will allow consumers to choose between industry. This includes the iPod portable media player, thefour different colours, namely gold, black, white and pink. iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablet, all of which have become a household name around most parts of the world. They have also spawned forth an inundation of i-copycats and created a burgeoning accessories market. Indeed, Apple briefly passed ExxonMobil this month as the worlds largest company in terms of stock value. Jobs departure has been hailed as by many, an end of an extraordinary run for the company. In reports and comments around the world, many have professed support for the 6
  • 50. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecompany and the man, even as others mourned that Applewithout Jobs will no longer be the same.Jobs did not explicitly indicate his health as the reason, thoughit is widely known that he suffered from a rare form ofpancreatic cancer in 2004 and had received a liver transplantin 2009. This means that Jobs not only have to battle cancerbut face life-long organ-rejection treatments. The relativedearth of patients with Jobs condition, however, means thatthere simply isnt sufficient data about long-term survivalrates, reports Mercury News."I believe Apples brightest and most innovative days are aheadof it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to itssuccess in a new role," Jobs wrote in his brief letter, concludingwith. "I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple,and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work The accessory port has also been upgraded to version 2.0 andalongside you." this adds support for a new external EVF which features an> XGA (1024x768) resolution OLED display. Sadly the EVF is an optional accessory which is said to carry an MSRP of US $349.99 (no pricing was announced at the Taipei press event). Sony seems to think it has enough of an install base already toSony announces two new NEX offer owners of previous NEX models a cheaper upgrade path.cameras The starting price for the body only in Taiwan is NT$16,980 (S $706) and the basic 18-55mm kit lens bundle is NT$22,980 (SSource: $956) whereas the 16mm and 18-55m bundle is NT$26,980 (SAugust 25th, 2011 $1,122) and all three options will be available form sometime in September.Much of Sonys NEX announcements had already leaked priorto its global launch, but theres no denying that its new NEXcameras are impressive products. We got a chance to get somehands on time with one of the new models earlier at the Taipeilaunch event, alongside some eyes on at the other model.Much of Sonys NEX announcements had already leaked priorto its global launch, but theres no denying that its new NEXcameras are impressive products. We got a chance to get somehands on time with one of the new models earlier at the Taipeilaunch event, alongside some eyes on at the other model.Starting with the new NEX-5N were looking at a veryaffordable model, even compared to the current NEX-5 andthis is also the first time Sony is offering one of its NEX models The NEX-7 is a camera thats been surrounded by rumours forwithout a bundled kit lens. The design changes are fairly minor quite some time and sadly we didnt get a change to go handsbetween the NEX-5 and NEX-5 and, as most of the chances on with it at todays event, we have a feeling its going to behave been made on the inside. For starters were looking at a favourite second camera for a lot professional users, whilea higher resolution sensor at 16.1 Megapixels (up from 14.2 many hobby photographers would consider it over a full-sizeMegapixels), but Sony has also added support for 1080p60 DSLR, at least based on the spec. Sadly there were no handsand 1080i60 video recording as per the updated AVCHD 2.0 on with the NEX-7 at the Taipei launch event, but we did getspec, at up to 28Mbps at 60p. Other new features include to snap a few shots of it.a touch screen, improved ISO sensitivity, an electronic firstcurtain shutter, an increased maximum shooting rate to 10fpsand lens aberration correction. 7
  • 51. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone options of these menus. The rear wheel is still in place and it will adjust settings from a menu on the right hand side of the LCD as well as any other menu options.With a 24.3 Megapixel APS-C size sensor its clear that Sonyis aiming for a different market with this model, but the highresolution sensor isnt the key feature that sets this cameraapart from the previous models in the NEX range. InsteadSony has created something of a hybrid between a mirrorlessinterchangeable lens camera and a traditional range finder interms of the camera design. The rear of the camera housesthe familiar 3in LCD screen (which can still be tilted up and As with the NEX-5N, the NEX-7 does of course also supportdown), but at the far left corner youll also notice an EVF which AVCHD 2.0 video recording at up to 1080p60. For thoseis the same high-resolution XGA OLED EVF as the optional interested in using the NEX-7 as a video camera, the goodaccessory for the NEX-5N. news is that Sony has added a microphone input with plug in power support for a standard 3.5mm microphone, a feature sorely missing from the other NEX cameras. Sony didnt unveil the pricing in Taiwan at the event, but the NEX-7 is expected to retail for US$1,199, body only and for US$ 1,399 with the 18-55mm kit lens, although it should also be available with the new 24mm F1.8 Zeiss lens as a kit, for a yet unknown price. The NEX-7 is expected to arrive sometime in November.The NEX-7 is bigger and heavier than its consumer focusedsiblings and it has quite a different feature set. Gone is the Sony also announced three new E-mount lenses, the Carl Zeissproprietary NEX accessory shoe in favour of a Sony Alpha Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA, US$1,000, the E 50mm F1.8 OSS,hotshoe. Somehow Sony has also managed to squeeze in a US$300 and the E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS, US$350. The Ebuilt in pop-up flash, although this isnt a particularly powerful 55-210mm will be available in October, with the other twooption, as its slightly weaker than the original flash for the models following in December. In addition to the new lenses,NEX cameras. Sony has also come up with an interesting Sony also announced a new translucent mirror adapter forcontrol system for the menu, with a pair of extra rotary dials the NEX series of cameras which is meant to not only bringat the top of the camera. These dials are directly correlated to support for its Alpha lenses, but also SLT level phase-detectiona pair of on-screen menus as the top of the display and theres autofocus speeds to the NEX series, in fact the adapter sportsa button next to the shutter that will cycle through the various 8
  • 52. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe same 15-point AF sensor as the new SLT A65. The adapteris expected to retail for US$399 and it features a built in AFmotor and its own tripod mount.COMEX Show 2011Promotions: Fuji XeroxSource: 25th, 2011If you are hunting for a printer or a multifunctional printerat COMEX 2011, you may want to drop by Fuji Xeroxs Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M205 fw A4 Wireless Monochromebooth on level 4, hall 401, booth number 8468. You can Multifunction Printerfind the top three best selling printers - DocuPrint P205 b If you require other functions including scanning and copyingA4 monochrome printer, DocuPrint M205 fw A4 wireless but dont need color printing, then you may want to considermonochrome multifunction printer, and DocuPrint CM205 fw this Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M205 fw wireless monochromeA4 wireless colour multifunction printer - with the special multifunction printer. Like the DocuPrint P205 b, this one isshow promotional price tags. also equipped with the latest S-LED printing technology and features print, copy, scan and fax capabilities. The M205 fw offers a 24ppm print speed and mobile printing via Fuji Xerox Print Utility for iOS. It comes with 4-year on-site warranty and 1-hr Express Service guaranteed. Usual Price: S$349 COMEX Show Price: TBAFuji Xerox DocuPrint P205 b A4 Monochrome PrinterAvailable in black, quartz and pink, the Fuji Xerox DocuPrintP205 b A4 monochrome printer incorporates the latest S-LEDprinting technology and claims 24ppm print speed. The toneris easy to replace and is affordably priced at S$55 for 1.1k yield.The DocuPrint P205 b also comes with 1-hr Express Serviceguaranteed. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 fw A4 Wireless ColourUsual Price: S$139 Multifunction PrinterCOMEX Show Price: TBA The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205 fw A4 wireless color multifunction printer uses S-LED Printing Technology and provides copy, scan, fax and color printing for users. It boasts print speeds of 12ppm for colour and 15ppm for monochrome, and supports mobile printing via Fuji Xerox Print Utility for iOS. Usual Price: S$649 COMEX Show Price: TBA 9
  • 53. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone smartphone will ship with version 3.5 of the HTC Sense UI,More images of HTCs Bliss and that its design bears a great deal of similarity to HTCssmartphone show up online Desire S smartphone. In fact, has also confirmed thatSource: the Blisss screen size is identical to that of the Desire S. Nice.smartphone-show-up-online/13390.htmlAugust 25th, 2011Remember the stories we had ran about HTCs upcomingladies-centric Bliss smartphone for the ladies? Well, itseems like the trickle of information about that particularsmartphone is not about to run dry any time soon, and thelatest piece of news seems to confirm that fact, for somedecent-looking (i.e, non-Blurrycam) images of the Bliss havefinally appeared online, courtesy of have posted two stories about HTCs upcoming Bliss ZTE shows off 4G-capablesmartphone for the ladies, but to date, not once had we beenable to provide a proper image of the smartphone, if only smartphone in China Source: HTC appeared to be extremely determined in keeping in-china/13388.htmlthe smartphone tightly under wraps until its eventual release. August 25th, 2011However, the good news is that consumers who have beenwanting to get a good look at the Bliss need not wait any longer,for has just published a handful of Bliss images thatare of rather decent quality. 4G-capable mobile networks are not expected to see mass deployment any time soon, but if anything, it is clear that smartphone manufacturers are already gunning up to ensure that their products will be capable of taking advantage of such wireless communication technology when 4G networks are eventually made available to consumers. And from the looks of it, ZTE has no plans in being left behind in the race to offer 4G- capable handsets, for the Chinese smartphone OEM has just unveiled a new 4G-capable smartphone for China Mobile. ZTE has unveiled its new 4G-capable smartphone in China for China Mobile. The new handset, was unveiled at the Universiade sporting event in Shenzhen and has yet to be named, is claimed to be designed to play nice with the 4G TD- LTE network that is currently undergoing large-scale tests in China.Once again, little is known about the HTC Blisssspecifications, although is claiming that the 10
  • 54. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneNot much about ZTEs new smartphone has been releasedat this point of time, but according to a report published, the device will feature a 3.5-inch touchscreendisplay, although other details about its hardware, such as the Epson TX121 All-in-one Inkjet Printerprocessor used to power it, along with the amount of memoryand internal flash storage, remains a mystery. However, what The Epson TX121 all-in-one inkjet printer lets you print, scanwe do know is that the smartphone will reportedly feature and copy documents easily. It boasts a print speed of 28ppmradios that are compatible with the TD-LTE 4G network, along for monochrome and 15ppm for color, and water resistantwith the 3G TD-SCDMA and GSM networks. prints even on plain paper. The ink cartridges are selling at an affordable S$10.30 each.Lastly, Shanzai.coms report also claims that the unnamedsmartphone from ZTE will be preloaded with version 2.3 Usual Price: S$118of the Android operating system, although it is not known COMEX Show Price: TBAwhether ZTE will provide an upgrade path for newer versionsof Android.No details about pricing and availability for ZTEs newsmartphone has been announced at this point of time.COMEX Show 2011Promotions: EpsonSource: 25th, 2011 Epson ME960FWD All-in-one Inkjet Printer with Fax/Epson will be at the upcoming COMEX Show and Wireless/ Duplex Printingtheir star products include the TX121 All-in-one inkjetprinter, ME960FWD All-in-one inkjet printer with fax/ The Epson ME960FWD all-in-one inkjet printer comes withwireless/ duplex printing, C1700 single-function LED printer fax, wireless and duplex (double-sided) printing capabilities. Itand EB-1775W business projector. The Epson booth is located has a print speed of 38ppm for both monnochrome and color,on level 4, hall 403/402, booth number 8015. 30-sheet automatic document feeder, 2.5-inch LCD display and memory card slots. It supports both Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity and claims to offer a low cost-per-page of S$0.025 per page for black ink. Usual Price: S$478 COMEX Show Price: TBA 11
  • 55. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone August 25th, 2011 Remember Samsungs Bada platform for mobile phones? Turns out that the Korean electronics giant is not about to let the Bada platform fade away into obscurity, even as big-name players such as Apples iOS, Googles Android and Research In Motions BlackBerry OS have cemented their places as the platforms to look out for in the mobile space. This is because Samsung has just announced the availability of its Bada 2.0 SDK for developers, which the company has claimed is designed to encourage the adoption of Bada and reflect the needs of developers. Samsung has announced the availability the SDK for the latestEpson C1700 Single-function LED Printer version of its mobile platform, Bada, for download. AccordingIf you looking for an affordable LED printer, check out the to Samsung, the SDK for Bada 2.0 is designed to encourageEpson C1700 single-function LED printer. The C1700 features the adoption of the Bada mobile platform by featuring supportprint speeds of 15ppm monochrome and 12ppm color and for a variety of new features, as well as making it easy forcomes with USB2.0 connectivity and high memory capacity. developers to write apps for the platform by providing them a comprehensive set of tools for them to make use of.Usual Price: S$300COMEX Show Price: TBAEpson EB-1775W Business ProjectorWeighing 1.71kg, the slim and sleek Epson EB-1775W businessprojector claims to be the worlds slimmest 3LCD projectorwith 3,000 lumens white and color light output. It supportsWXGA resolution (1280x800) and features 2000:1 contrastratio, USB direct display, built-in HDMI terminal, wirelessand automatic horizontal and vertical keystone correction withscreen fit.Usual Price: S$2,149COMEX Show Price: TBA The machine translation of Samsungs latest announcement claims that the SDK for Bada 2.0, which currently available for download at Samsungs developer page, will feature supportSamsung releases Bada 2.0 for WiFi Direct at data transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps, asSDK for developers well as short-range wireless connectivity via NFC. In addition, the announcement also confirms that Bada 2.0 will featureSource: “superior multitasking” capabilities, along with support fordevelopers/13386.html voice commands, push emails, HTML5 and Flash. 12
  • 56. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDevelopers, on the other hand, will get to play with a “more S6200 features a Night Detection mode which automaticallyconvenient development environment” with the release of the determines whether the camera is mounted on a tripod orSDK for Bada 2.0; Samsung claims that the SDK will feature handheld when shooting night scenes, and automaticallytools such as a performance profiler, and a Bada emulator adjusts the ISO speeds for optimum results.which is reportedly capable of replicating a working Bada OSenvironment to allow for the testing of apps. Furthermore,Samsung has also confirmed that Bada 2.0 will allow the useof in-app advertising to help developers monetize their apps.The Bada 2.0 SDK can be downloaded off Samsungs Badadeveloper page here: Lastly, the COOLPIX S6200 also boasts a variety of artistic filters for creative shooting, while AF and shutter lag timingsd have been improved; Nikon claims that the S6200 is capable of locking focus on 0.28 seconds, while shutter lag has been reduced to 0.42 seconds.Nikon releases six newCOOLPIX cameras in JapanSource: 25th, 2011Need a new compact camera? Dont worry, there is a Nikon forthat, especially if the latest announcement from the Japanesecamera manufacturer is of any indication. Apparently, Nikonhas just released a total of six new COOLPIX compact cameras The Nikon COOLPIX S8200 (pictured above), which isin Japan yesterday, the COOLPIX S6200, S8200, S100, positioned as the successor to the COOLPIX S8200, boastsS1200pj, AW100 and P7100, all of which are designed to cater a slightly smaller body as compared to its predecessor, alongto the ever-changing needs of photographs of varying skill with an image sensor that is capable of capturing stills atlevels. the maximum resolution of 16 megapixels, as opposed to the S8100s 12 megapixel sensor. The maximum zoom range hasNikon has announced the availability of six new COOLPIX also been bumped up from 10x to 14x in the S8200, although itcompact cameras in Japan yesterday. The new cameras, which retains the same 10fps high speed shooting capabilities foundconsist of four new additions under the COOLPIX S series in its predecessor.(S6200, S8200, S100, S1200pj) and one new addition forboth the AW series (AW100) and P series of cameras (P7100), The Nikon COOLPIX S100, which succeeds the earlierhave been designed to cater to the needs of photographers of COOLPIX S80 compact camera, comes bundled with avarying proficiency levels. 16-megapixel BackSide-Illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor. In addition, the cameras 3.5-inch, touchscreen-capable OLEDNikon COOLPIX S6200, S8200, S100 and S1200pj display is reportedly capable of display images at a resolutionThe new Nikon COOLPIX S6200 boasts an image sensor of 820,000 dots and a viewing angle of up 180 degrees.which is capable of capturing still images at the maximumresolution of 16 megapixels at ISO speeds ranging from 100to 3,200, while the high-quality NIKKOR lenses used in itsassembly provides the S6200 with a maximum optical zoomrange of up to 10x. In addition, Nikon has added that the 13
  • 57. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLastly, Nikon has also claimed that the S100 is capable ofcaptuing 3D images, which can then be viewed on 3D-capabletelevision sets or displays.The Nikon S1200pj, which is the successor to the S1100pj,is a projector-camera hybrid which allows users to beamtheir captured images onto any surface for easy viewing.According to Nikon, the new S1200pj boasts a 40% increasein projection brightness over its predecessor, while themaximum projection distance it is capable of stands at 310cm at sizes of up to 60-inches. In addition, the company hasclaimed that the COOLPIX S1200pj is capable of projectingimages and videos from iOS devices via a special cable, or evenfrom a PC or notebook.The camera aspect, however, has not been forgotten; Nikonhas confirmed that the COOLPIX S1200pj will sport an imagesensor capable of capturing stills at the maximum resolutionof 14.1 megapixels, along with a NIKKOR lens that is capableof up to 5x optical zoom.No prices for the aforementioned cameras have been revealedyet, although Nikon has confirmed that the S6200, S8200 andS1200pj will be released for sale in Japan come September 22,while the S100 will hit retail at the earlier date of September8 this year.Full specifications for the aforementioned cameras are asfollow: 14
  • 58. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone COMEX Show 2011 Promotions: TomTom Source: tomtom/13382.html August 25th, 2011 Looking for a GPS navigation system for your car? You may want to consider these products from renowned manufacturer, TomTom. The company will be at the COMEX Show in Suntec and their booth can be located on level 6, hall 603, booth 6711. 15
  • 59. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Usual Price: S$299 COMEX Price: S$229 Promotional offer for TomTom XL 550: - Free TomTom USB Home Charger (worth S$45) - a universal power charger that plugs straight into the wall, with adaptors for various regions. - Bonus international map of your choice worth up to S$115TomTom XL 250Sporting a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with easy two-button TomTom GO 750menu access, the TomTom XL 250 South East Asia comes Like its two siblings, the GO 750 features expanded menuwith Advanced Lane Guidance and spoken street names options, Advanced Lane Guidance and spoken street names,that lets you navigate conveniently from place to place. It Help me! Emergency Menu and TomTom Map Share andis preloaded with maps of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, postcode search functions. The Go 750 has a 4.3-inch touchIndonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong (new) & Macau (new) and you screen with maps of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia,will never be lost with the "Help me! Emergency Menu". Brunei, Hong Kong (new) & Macau (new).TomTom also offers free daily map updates with TomTomMap Share and postcode search. Usual Price: S$349 COMEX Price: S$289Usual Price: S$229COMEX Price: S$169 Promotional offer for TomTom GO 750: - Free TomTom USB Home Charger (worth S$45) - a universalPromotional offer for TomTom XL 250: power charger that plugs straight into the wall, with adaptors- Free TomTom USB Home Charger (worth S$45) - a universal for various regions.power charger that plugs straight into the wall, with adaptors - Free original TomTom GO Carry Case worth S$59for various regions. - Bonus international map of your choice worth up to S$115- Bonus international map of your choice worth up to S$115 TomTom Mounts TomTom presents a full range of mounts that bring your deviceTomTom XL 550 within reach, within line of sight. The convenient mounts alsoThe TomTom XL550 features a 5-inch touchscreen and allow simple docking and results in a safer, less stressful drive.expanded menu options, Advanced Lane Guidance and spokenstreet names, Preloaded with maps of Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong (new) & Macau(new), it claims to be the ideal companion for drivers or - TomTom Bean Bag Mount (Recommended retail price: Scommuters who need high-end navigation features. $49) 16
  • 60. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone- TomTom Dashboard Mount (Recommended Retail Price: S$45)- TomTom Air Vent Mount (Recommended Retail Price: S$45)- TomTom Gooseneck Mount (Recommended Retail Price: S$45)(All accessories sold separately, while stocks last)Each TomTom PND purchase will come with a free BonusInternational Map of your choice (valued at up to S$115). DBSCredit Card members will also receive a TomTom AdhesiveDash Disk (worth S$13) for each TomTom purchase madethrough a DBS credit card. Attractive price offers will alsobe announced during the show, in addition to TomTom’sExclusive COMEX 2011 promotional offers.Nokia unveils three newsmartphones on Symbian Weighing 96g and measuring 110 x 50.7 x 9.7mm, the NokiaBelle 700 is the companys most compact smartphone in the Symbian range. It features single-tap NFC sharing and pairingSource: capabilities, 1Ghz processor, 3.2-inch AMOLED ClearBlackon-symbian-belle/13381.html display, 2GB internal memory (with the option of using a 32GBAugust 25th, 2011 microSD card), high definition video capture and 5-megapixel full focus camera with LED flash.Nokia has recently announced three new members to theirsmartphones lineup - Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701.The three new smartphones claim to be feature-packed, massmarket mobile devices that run the latest Symbian Belle. The Nokia 701 is a sleek and slim smartphone with the world’s brightest screen, based on a 3.5-inch ClearBlack display that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor. It comes with active noise cancellation for the clear audio, and single-tap NFC pairing and sharing capabilities that allow content to be shared and streamed wirelessly to headphones and NFC-enabled speakers. Based on the popular Nokia C7 design, the Nokia 701 is equipped with 1GHz processor, 8-megapixel full focusThe Nokia 600 smartphone is a music-lover’s dream. It camera with dual LED flash and 2x digital zoom, front-facingfeatures built-in FM radio antenna for listening to radio camera and high definition video capture. The smartphonewithout headphones and FM transmitter that makes it easy to also comes with 8GB internal memory and is expandablebroadcast music from your phone to any FM radio. It claims to 32GB microSD provide 60 hours of music playback time, has a powerfulexternal loudspeaker and can stream music wirelessly to NFC-enabled accessories. Specifications-wise, the Nokia 600 comeswith 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel full focus camera with LEDflash and HD video capture, and 2GB internal memory andexpandable with a 32GB microSD card. 17
  • 61. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe new Nokia Essence Bluetooth Stereo Headsetincorporates a special active noise cancellation technologythat eliminates 99.8% of background noise, and delivers high-fidelity audio regardless of noisy surroundings. Using NFCtechnology, the Bluetooth headset can be paired with anyNFC-enabled smartphone simply by tapping the two devices ASUS All-in-One PC ET2410IUTStogether. The ASUS ET2410 sports a 23.6-inch 16:9 widescreen FullLocal pricing and availability not announced at press time. high definition (HD) LED screen that claims to deliver moreAvailability of Symbian Belle on newly shipping versions of details of the HD content be it gaming or watching movies. Itthe Nokia N8, Nokia E6, Nokia E7, Nokia X7, Nokia C7, Nokia has an optical multi-touch screen which is said to be betterC6-01 and Nokia Oro as well as by download will be announced than the resistive and capacitive ones available on the marketcloser to availability. today, in terms of better performance, image clarity and reliability. You can also pinch- zoom or rotate images as wellCOMEX Show 2011 as scroll through webpage easily. On top of that, the ET2410 also features the proprietary SonicMaster Technology forPromotions: ASUS pure audio reproduction, the ET2410 series promises richerSource: and more distinct vocals at a wider frequency range, withasus/13379.html superb bass.August 25th, 2011 Usual price: S$1,799 COMEX Show price: TBANotebook PC and all-in-one hunters must definitely take alook at ASUS offerings at the upcoming COMEX 2011 show.The Taiwanese company has a lot of great promotions fortheir range of products including laptops, wireless routers andLCD monitors. ASUS booths can be located on level 4, boothnumber 8310, 8220; and level 6, hall 602, booth number 6261. ASUS ML239H IPS+ LED Monitor If you are looking for a new monitor, check out the ASUS ML239H. It features a high glossy piano-black finish, sleek geometric design with an ultra-slim profile, 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio that can achieve darkest black and brightest white to deliver lifelike images, and an ultra- 18
  • 62. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonewide 178-degree viewing angle. It has a ring stand and full HD bandwidth simultaneously on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with1080p (1920x1080) support with HDMI connector. speeds of up to 300Mbps concurrently. While basic internet applications like browsing or file downloading can occur inUsual price: S$379 2.4GHz, wireless high definition (HD) content streaming canCOMEX Show price: TBA take place in the 5GHz band at the same time, such that users can enjoy smooth, buffer-free HD content streaming. In addition, you can setup the router easier with ASUS EZ UI, and also do simultaneous printing and scanning by connecting an All-in-one printer to the router via the USB port. You can also connect external hard disks to enjoy instant file sharing with family and friends. The RT-N56U can also continue downloading FTTP, FTP and BitTorrent file to the USB disk all day even when your PC is turned off. Usual price: S$219 COMEX Show price: TBAASUS PA246Q P-IPS MonitorThe ASUS PA246Q is equipped with a P-IPS panel that claimsto provide 98% of Adobe RGB coverage and 1.07 billion colors;130% more color compared to conventional LCD monitor. Itis pre-calibrated with a maximum Delta E of less than 5 andensures precise reading of color input and guarantees excellentcolor fidelity. It has an ultra-wide 178-degree horizontaland vertical viewing angles and comes with ASUS-exclusiveQuickFit for real-size document, photo, and grid mode ontop of the operating windows onscreen. Connectivity optionsinclude DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, D-sub, two USB 2.0 portsand 7-in-1 card reader to read your memory cards.Usual price: S$769COMEX Show price: TBA ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (16GB with Docking Station) The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is a 10.1-inch Android tablet that can "transform" between pad and notebook mode for mobile flexibility. It is preloaded with the latest Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb and claims up to 16 hours of battery life, and comes with full QWERTY keyboard with docking station. The Eee Pad Transformer has also won the VR-Zone editors choice in June. Usual price: S$899 (w/GST) COMEX Show price: TBAASUS RT-N56U Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit RouterWith this ASUS RT-N56U dual band wireless-N Gigabitrouter, you can increase your wireless performance and 19
  • 63. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneASUS Eee Pad Slider From the looks of it, the 27-inch S27A850 appears to be the main draw of Samsungs new lineup. According to a machineThe ASUS Eee Pad Slider is the latest tablet product that translation of the Korean electronics giants press release,features an integrated QWERTY keyboard for special typing the S27A850 reportedly features a 27-inch PLS display whichexperience. It can also be expanded with MicroSD card slot. boasts a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, as wellUSB and mini HDMI connectors. as 100% coverage of the entire sRGB colour space. SamsungUsual price: S$799 (w/GST) claims that this allows the S27A850 to achieve exceptionalCOMEX Show price: TBA colour reproduction, while its native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels tops off the premium S27A850s package.Samsung announces new On the other hand, Samsung has also announced that the new S24A650 and S24A350T monitors will feature displays thatadditions to its Professional boast a viewing angle similar to that of the S27A850s, and are capable of a static contrast ratio of 3000 : 1. In addition,Series 3 series of monitors all three monitors will be bundled with Samsungs Eco SavingSource: features that are reportedly capable of reducing their energyits-professional-series-3-series-of-monitors/13380.html consumption by 25-50% under various circumstances.August 25th, 2011 The S27A850, S24A650 and S24A350T have reportedly been released for retail in Korea at the retail prices of 1.2 million won, 590,000 won and 300,000 won respectively. However, wed suggest that users take this information with a pinch of salt, as these prices translate to approximately US$1109, US$545 and US$277 respectively; it is possible that thereSamsung has announced the availability of three new might be an error in the machine translation of Samsungsadditions to the Professional Series 3 series of widescreen LCD announcement.monitors. Known as the S27A850, S24A650 and S24A350T,the Korean electronics giant has claimed that the newmonitors are capable of meeting the needs of professionals, Drumo launches Q&A serviceas well reduce energy consumption with various eco-friendly in Asia and Australiafeatures. Source: has announced the availability of three new and-australia/13375.htmladditions to its Professional Series 3 series of widescreen LCD August 25th, 2011monitors. According to Samsung, the new monitors, whichare known as the S27A850, S24A650, S24A350T and featureLED backlighting and a variety of eco-friendly features, aredesigned to meet the needs of professionals while reducingtheir overall energy consumption. Social networks like foursquare allows you to check-in to places and read about the reviews users have posted. Drumo claims to be the first local Question and Answer platform that is recently launched in Australia and Asia Pacific and 20
  • 64. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneallows the community to ask and answer questions about what mouse that features a built-in scanner. And no, we are notis happening right now in their local area. making this up. Disruptions to ones workflow can be a real pain at times, especially when it involves leaving ones desk to head over to the printer room to scan a single document, walk back to the desk and retrieve the scanned file from the network drives before proceeding to work on it. Fortunately, workers who often find themselves dealing with such issues may now have something to look forward to, for LG has just announced the availability of a new concept device, the LSM-100, which reportedly allows a user to perform such scanning functions right off a computer mouse.Combine Quora and Foursquare and you will get Drumo,a local Question and Answer platform that connects acommunity of users to ask and answer questions about what ishappening right now in their local area. Drumo has launchedthe beta in private, in Asia and Australia and the platformwill also utilize the various deals in location-based manner toeveryones advantage. It is set to first launch in Sydney and According to LG, the LSM-100 concept mouse-scanner hybridSingapore, followed by Tokyo, Melbourne and Hong Kong and features a built-in scanning device in its body which allowsother major Australian and Asian cities. it to scan documents ranging from A4 to A3 sizes, while theAccording to the companys website, there is a reward system use of OCR or Optical Character Recognition reportedly grantsthat lets users earn points and virtual rewards on Drumo, build the device some degree of intelligence. For example, LG haslocal reputation and unlock exclusive merchant offers at local claimed that OCR can be used to convert a scanned documentbusinesses. On top of that, users can also earn points and into a text file immediately, thus allowing for much greaterbadges by giving quality answers, reviews and checking into ease in editing the contents of the scanned file as opposed toplaces using Facebook or Foursquare. Drumo is also available doing so via photoediting a mobile application on the iPhone and the Android version Last but definitely not least, LG has also confirmed that theis coming soon. LSM-100 features a laser sensor for more accurate tracking, while scans can also be shared online via social networks orLG introduces new scanner- email thanks to the bundled Smart Share software. No details about pricing for the LSM-100 has been revealedmouse device in Korea, calls it by LG yet, but the company has claimed that it intends tothe LSM-100 release the product for sale in North America, Europe andSource: other “major foreign markets” in September.device-in-korea-calls-it-the-lsm-100/13378.htmlAugust 25th, 2011 Samsung launches new Sense Series 3 300V notebooks with five colour choices Source: series-3-300v-notebooks-with-five-colour-choices/13377.html August 25th, 2011Picture this situation; you need to scan a copy of a certaindocument, but the blasted scanner is situated at the otherend of the room, and you really do not want to leave yourcomfortable chair and walk over to the device just to scan onesingle document. Well, dont worry; LG has come up with anovel way to solve such needs, and it comes in the form of itsconcept device, the LSM-100, which consists of a computer For the most part, notebooks are typically made available for sale to consumers in any colour they want, as long as it is black, 21
  • 65. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneblue, red, or white, but leave it to Samsung to raise the barfor colour variety with its new line of Samsung Sense Series 3300V series of notebooks that have just been launched today.According to the Korean electronics giant, the new notebookshave been designed with the needs of todays style-consciousyouths in mind.Notebooks are a must-have for most students and workingadults today, but the fact remains that choosing anappropriately coloured notebook to ones liking is not alwaysthe easiest of tasks, and for good reason. After all, most OEMswill prefer to play it safe by offering their notebooks in onlya variety of standard colours for sale, but leave it to Samsungto buckle that trend with the launch of its new SamsungSense Series 3 300V series of notebooks, which are reportedlyavailable in five different colour choices, namely pink, blue,silver, orange and black. On the hardware side, Samsung has confirmed that the new Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks will be powered by Intels second generation Core i7 processors to ensure optimal performance for most daily computing tasks, while graphics is handled by NVIDIAs GT520MX GPU, along with Optimus switchable graphics technology to help maximize battery life. Lastly, the notebooks will also reportedly be bundled with hard disks sporting capacities of up to 640GB and 4GB of memory. Samsung has not provided any information pertaining to the availability of its new Sense Series 3 300V series of notebooks, although the Korean electronics giant has claimed that the 14-inch version of the notebooks will be sold at the price of 430,000 won (approx US$400), while the 15-inch variants will be priced between 890,000 – 1,400,000 won (approx US$454 – US$1,300). NVIDIAs 28nm mobile line-up revealed Source: to Samsung, the new notebooks, which are revealed/13376.htmlreportedly designed to cater to the needs of younger and more August 25th, 2011fashion-conscious consumers, will be available in both 13-inchand 14-inch display sizes. In addition, the machine translationof Samsungs announcement claims that the new laptops willmake use of non-reflective displays to help reduce the problem SemiAccurate have leaked a tentative line-up for NVIDIAswith screen glare. 28nm mobile GPUs. The first 28nm mobile GPUs are set to be sampled in Early October, with mass production commencing in End December if everything goes to plan. Availability is scheduled for Q1 2012. Crucially, these 28nm parts are not based on the next-gen Kepler architecture, but are die shrinks 22
  • 66. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneof the current Fermi architecture powering GeForce 400/500 designed for business users who desire a phone that is toughseries. enough to withstand the everyday knocks of business life. China might be well-known for its extensive lineup of low-cost, generic-looking smartphones and tablets that are currently flooding its domestic market, but it seems that some of its enterprising OEMs sure know how to make their products capture the attention of consumers in one way or the other, and this new smartphone looks to be one such example. World, meet the Coolpad N950 clamshell smartphone.The new 28nm chips are codenamed the N13 family,succeeding the N12 series - the current GeForce 500M Series.The codenames follow a similar pattern to N12, with threecategories - Performance (N13P), Mainstream (N13M) andEnthusiast (N13E). The first and only Mainstream part, theN13M-GS is most likely expected to be a GF119 shrink,replacing the GT 520M. The N13P-GV also appears to be basedon GF119, but featuring GDDR5 memory, pushing it up to theP class. N13P-GL and N13P-LP appear to be GF108 shrinks,while N13P-GS, N13P-GT and N13E-GE could very well bebased on GF116.Finally, the two flagship parts - N13E-GS1 and N13E-GTXfeature 256-bit memory and 2GB GDDR5 memory andcertainly appear to be GF114 shrinks. The top N13E-GTX partis only expected to be in mass production in April/May 2012.3DMark score estimates are also mentioned for the highperformance parts, presumably 3DMark Vantage P scores. Details about this cool smartphone are scarce, but accordingThe current fastest mobile GPU, Radeon HD 6990M, scores to what we were able to piece together from a report publishedin the range of P15500, while the fastest NVIDIA GPU, the on a Chinese gadget website known as iMobile, the CoolpadGTX 580M scores P14500. This puts the N13E-GS1 right N950, which is apparently designed with business users inbetween the GTX 580M and the HD 6990M. The N13E- mind, will be preloaded with version 2.2 of the AndroidGTX, scheduled for Q2 2012, takes performance up a notch operating system. On the hardware side, iMobile claims thatto P20000. It will also lower the TDP to 75W, down from the Coolpad will feature a paltry 256MB of ROM and RAM,GTX 580Ms incredible 100W. However, major performance along with 2GB of internal flash storage, although users canimprovements will need to wait till the true next-gen GPUs in always turn to microSD cards should they ever run into anySouthern Islands and Kepler. issues pertaining to insufficient storage, as demonstrated byOf course, this is only a tentative line-up, and many things the presence of a card reader.could change. The question remains - if we get Fermi refreshesin Q1 2012, when can we expect to see Kepler based GPUs inthe mobile arena? Also, could we see 28nm Fermi shrinks inthe desktop market before Kepler releases?Images of a Coolpad N950smartphone show up in ChinaSource: 25th, 2011 However, backing up the Coolpad N950s processing powerAre you cool enough to own a smartphone? Apparently not, is a reasonably powerful Texas Instruments OMAP 3630especially if you have not heard about this new smartphone processor clocked at 1024MHz, which should provide morethat is currently making its rounds in China. Known as the than sufficient power for most typical smartphone processingCoolpad N950, this new smartphone, which is apparently needs. Oh, and did we mention that the Coolpad N950 makespowered by Googles Android operating system, is reportedly use of the cool clamshell form factor? 23
  • 67. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Last but not least, iMobiles report claims that the N950 will feature support for a variety of standard features found in any smartphone, such as wireless network connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth, JAVA and access to both the mobile MSN and QQ instant messaging clients. Sounds (and looks) like a cool smartphone with a cool list of features for a cool business user. Now, if only there were more information about other cool details, such as the smartphones pricing and availability. Oh well. Sony announces five new 3D- capable Blu-ray players in Japan Source: blu-ray-players-in-japan/13373.htmlAdditional details about the Coolpad N950 reveal the use August 25th, 2011of a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen which sports a nativeresolution of 320 x 480 pixels, along with a built-in three-megapixel camera. Interestingly, the text beneath the CoolpadN950s camera claims that it is capable of a maximum Sony has announced the availability of five new 3D-capableresolution of eight megapixels, and not three, as reported by Blu-ray players, the BDZ-AX2700T, BDZ-AT970T, BDZ-iMobile. AT950W, BDZ-SKP75 and the BDZ-AT770T, for sale in its domestic Japanese market. According to Sony, the new players will boast support for various features such as the ability to record broadcasted programs into its internal hard disk, as well as voice recognition commands to make it easier for consumers to operate the new devices. Gone are the days where Blu-ray players are nothing more than dumb terminals whose only role in a home theatre setup is to provide basic playback support for a variety of Blu-ray titles. Today, a Blu-ray player is expected to function like an intelligent media player of sorts, and leave it to Sony to deliver such a solution by releasing five new 3D-ready Blu-ray players, the DZ-AX2700T, BDZ-AT970T, BDZ-AT950W, BDZ-SKP75 and the BDZ-AT770T that are reportedly capable of fulfilling such needs. 24
  • 68. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAccording to a machine translation of Sonys latestannouncement, the new 3D-ready Blu-ray players are fittedwith digital tuners which grant them the ability to recorddigital TV broadcasts at up to full high-definition (HD)resolutions. In addition, Sony has also claimed that four ofthe five new Blu-ray players (the AX2700T, BDZ-AT970T,BDZ-SKP75, BDZ-AT770T) boast support for simultaneousrecording of up to three programs, while the BDZ-AT950Wis capable of recording up to two programs simultaneously.Furthermore, Sony has also confirmed that users can expandthe storage capacity on the BDZ-AX2700T, BDZ-AT970T,BDZ-AT950W and BDZ-SKP75 Blu-ray players by connectingexternal USB hard disks to them.Additional features include what Sony claims is the use of itsIntelligent Encoder 3 chip, which reportedly allows for high-quality recording by analysing video signals to optimize imagequality for a variety of scenes. Last but definitely not least,the Japanese electronics giant has also confirmed all five Blu-ray players will be capable of wireless network connectivityvia an optional wireless USB adaptor, along with supportfor voice-controlled search via the Koe-Kara app which isavailable for its Sony Ericsson Xperia line of Android-powered RIM launches BlackBerrysmartphones. Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370The BDZ-SKP75 is expected to be released for sale in Japan Source: October 22 this year, while the other four Blu-ray players curve-9350-9360-and-9370/13372.htmlwill be making their way onto retail shelves at the much earlier August 25th, 2011date of October 8. The estimated prices for the respectiveplayers are as follow: Research in Motion (RIM) has announced three new additions to their line of BlackBerry smartphones - Curve 9350, Curve 9360 and Curve 9370. Preloaded with the latest BlackBerry 7 operating system, the three new smartphones feature stylishFull specifications for the Blu-ray players are as follow: exterior design with performance upgrade to offer superb mobile social experience for the users. Research in Motion (RIM) has announced three new BlackBerry smartphones that feature the latest BlackBerry 7 operating system - BlackBerry Curve 9350, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9370. The three models are 25
  • 69. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonedesigned for users who are looking to upgrade their existing a premium product, especially if one takes into account itsfeature phone or existing BlackBerry Curve with an affordable, 800MHz processor speed and 150MB of internal flash storage.easy-to-use, full-featured and socially-connected smartphone.Featuring a slim and stylish exterior, the new BlackBerryCurve smartphones are ergonomically designed with acomfortable and iconic keyboard for fast,accurate typing andan optical trackpad for easy, one-handed navigation. Otherfeatures include GPS, Wi-Fi support, 5-megapixel camera withflash and video recording, microSD/SDHC slot that supportsup to 32GB memory cards for additional storage and built-insupport for NFC (Near Field Communications).The new BlackBerry 7 OS includes a number of otherpreloaded applications and integrated functionality forincreased productivity. The Premium version of DocumentsTo Go is included free of charge, with powerful documentediting features as well as a native PDF document viewer.BlackBerry Protect offers users a peace of mind that personaldata can be backed up and secured in the cloud. The latestrelease of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) also offers real-timeexperience to a range of other apps, such as Foursquare,allowing users to easily interact with each other from withinthe ‘BBM connected’ app.AvailabilityThe BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphonesare expected to be available from carriers in Canada thismonth and from other carriers around the world beginning inSeptember. Pricing details are not available at press time.Images of LGs upcoming That being said, have you ever wondered how the Enlighten would actually look like? Well, the good news is that you do notEnlighten smartphone show up have to wonder anymore, for a website known as PocketNow has somehow managed to obtain pictures of the real deal,online which it has since published.Source: 25th, 2011Have you heard of an upcoming LG smartphone known asthe Enlighten? Apparently, some details about this mysteryphone was first leaked onto the Internet way back in the earlyparts of August, although that information was limited to littlemore than a solitary image and a specifications sheet. Andtoday, it seems that the veil of secrecy over the Enlighten hasfinally been broken, now that more images of the upcomingsmartphone have started making their way online.If you have been combing around the Internet for news aboutupcoming smartphones in the early parts of August, chancesare you might have come across some scattered reports ofan LG Enlighten smartphone, which was supposed to behorizontal sliding phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. Andif you were even luckier, you might have managed to gethold of the Enlightens specifications sheet which essentiallyrevealed that the mystery smartphone is not supposed to be 26
  • 70. August 25th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone tomorrow) at the price of US$100 with carrier subsidies, although PocketNow has speculated that it might soon be offered free with certain plans. With prices as low as this. we wont be surprised if the LG Enlighten is well receieved by enlightened mobile phone users who are thinking of taking the first step in migrating towards the use of smartphones.A quick look at the Enlightens rear reveals that the built-in3.2-megapixel camera does not feature a flash unit, althoughthis makes sense considering how the leaked specificationssheet never made any mention about such a feature tobegin with. However, for what the Enlighten lacks on thecamera front,it apparently more than makes up for it in otherareas, such as being bundled with version 2.3 of the Androidoperating system, a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen whichis capable of HVGA resolutions (320 x 480 pixels) and a1,500mAh battery pack that boasts up to 360 minutes oftalktime on a single charge.Oh, and one more thing; word has it that the LG Enlightenwill be released for sale in the US on August 25 (which is 27
  • 71. August 29th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! Beyond all of this, companies like TDK are being taken into VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication account, as TDK is at least according to Bloomberg the only covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. independent supplier thats left that makes read/write heads for mechanical hard drives. With fewer competitors in the market, TDK would most likely end up with less business andWestern Digitals Hitachi this is considered a bad move in terms of anticompetitivebuyout gets held up by EU terms. Other suppliers of hard drive components would be in similar situations as although its unlikely that overallSource: demand of hard drives is set to decline because there are fewerheld-up-by-eu/13428.html manufacturers, what usually happens is that the consolidatedAugust 29th, 2011 total output after a merger is lower than from the two previous companies combined. Its also worth remembering that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is still looking into both deals and no finalRemember that deal where Western Digital was going to take conclusions have been drawn there either. As such, both dealsover Hitachi Global Storage? Well, it seems like it has run into are still far from being finalized and theres still plenty of reda huge amount of red tape, as EU regulators have filed an tape that has to be cleared before well see a potential changeantitrust complaint against Western Digital over the purchase. in the hard drive market.Remember that deal where Western Digital was going to take Rumor: Native SkyDrive clientover Hitachi Global Storage? Well, it seems like it has run intoa huge amount of red tape, as EU regulators have filed an for iOS, Android and Mac OS Xantitrust complaint against Western Digital over the purchase. Source: android-and-mac-os-x/13426.htmlThe antitrust complaint is with regards to the combination of August 29th, 2011the two companies and its potential effect on the competition,i.e. Seagate and at least for now Samsung. What is interestinghere as well is if well see a repeat event once Seagates dealto buy Samsungs hard drive division will be meet by a similar A new report on enthusiast blog LiveSide has raised thecomplaint from the EU. According to Bloomberg, Seagate intriguing possibility of Microsoft releasing a native Windowsstated that it doesnt expect to run into similar problems, Live SkyDrive client not just for the companys own Windowsalthough its still early days for its filing with the EU regulators. platform, but also for non-Microsoft operating systems. ForBloomberg is also quoting the EUs antitrust chief, Joaquin the uninitiated, Windows Live SkyDrive is essentially a fileAlmunia as saying "[the hard-drive industry] has already hosting service that lets users upload and share files onexperienced significant consolidation and the proposed Microsoft’s cloud storage from a Web browser.acquisitions will further reduce competition". Considering Though the original report attributed the tip as comingthat were moving down to a mere three hard drive makers from a reader, a job posting by the Windows Live DRXonce/if these deals are done, we can sort of see where the EU Team earlier this month appears to lend credence to theare coming from, especially as Western Digital will have about rumors. The Windows Live DRX team is best known for50 percent market share with Seagate sitting on 40 percent. developing Windows Live Mesh, an innovative technology thatToshiba is the third player with a mere 10 percent and this is helps to keep files across multiple computers synchronized inalmost exclusively in the notebook market. real-time.One small snag for Western Digital is that Seagate got in touch Below is an excerpt of the job posting (Note my emphasis inwith the EU commission before Western Digital and as such bold):has a bigger chance of getting its deal with Samsung to beapproved. This brings the players in the market down from The Windows Live DRX team produces the SkyDrivefive to four and Western Digital end up in a situation where client applications that fuel our customers thirst foritll be harder to have its merger with Hitachi Global Storage stable, secure and available online storage. DRX isapproved. That said, Western Digital hasnt been told that the building experiences to deliver all of your contentdeal is off the tablet, as so far its only received a "statement from the cloud and your devices to any of yourof objections" and if the company can respond in the right devices anywhere anytime. Our team develops clientsmanners to the objections the deal might still go through. for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Mac and 1
  • 72. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Android. We are looking for developers that are looking for their next challenge to build the highly distributed platform and multi-platform clients for the SkyDrive suite of products delivered through Windows Live and Windows.While general reports are that Live Mesh storage works well,one disadvantage is that the service is capped at a ratherpuny 5GB, and is not really integrated with SkyDrive. Onthe other end, one weakness of SkyDrive is that despite thegenerous 25GB of free personal storage space, the usability ofSkyDrive has been hampered by its Web-only implementation. Hence combining both offerings into native clients - withthe Windows Live DRX team helming the job, not only makesperfect sense, but offers enhanced usability that is sure to drivethe masses to Microsofts cloud storage service.Finally, as further evidence of Microsofts strategy of creatingnative SkyDrive clients, a TechEd attendee has also claimed tohave seen a demonstration by Microsoft of an official SkyDriveApp - music was apparently played from a folder within theSkyDrive App on a Windows Phone smartphone.Taken together, it appears entirely plausible that Microsoft Build and Constructionplans to unleash a ubiquitous online storage and sync servicethat can be accessed via native applications from the most The Vulcan ANC is anything but a discrete headset in black,popular desktop and smartphone operating systems. If that is red and carbon fibre livery, although its all rather tastefullytrue, then the top (non-Windows) platforms of choice today blended into a design that looks very stylish as long as youwould surely be the iOS, Mac OS X and Android OS. dont mind the R.O.G. logos on the sides. What struck us is how comfortable the Vulcan ANC was in use, as despite being a fairly large and heavy headset at 325g, even during extendedAsus R.O.G. Vulcan ANC periods of wear the headset felt comfortable. It should bereview pointed out that yours truly is wearing glasses and this is usually something that tends to cause ear pain after an hour orSource: two, but not so in this 29th, 2011 Ah, gaming headsets, the one thing where its guaranteed thateveryone has a different opinion of which model is the best.Well, were going to try to do our best to give you our thoughtson the Asus Republic of Gamer Vulcan ANC headset based ona couple of weeks of solid usage in various scenarios, of whichnot all of them are gaming related, as after all, it doesnt makesense buying a headset thats only good for one thing, as most,if not all of us use a headset for multiple things these days.IntroductionAh, gaming headsets, the one thing where its guaranteed thateveryone has a different opinion of which model is the best.Well, were going to try to do our best to give you our thoughtson the Asus Republic of Gamer Vulcan ANC headset based ona couple of weeks of solid usage in various scenarios, of whichnot all of them are gaming related, as after all, it doesnt make According to Asus, the ear pads are made out of memory foamsense buying a headset thats only good for one thing, as most, covered with some form of leather and in all fairness we didif not all of us use a headset for multiple things these days. get sweaty around the ears after an hour or so, this didnt cause any discomfort beyond feeling slightly wet. The ear pads covers the entire ear and provides some noise reduction on their due 2
  • 73. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto the closed design of the ear cups. It should also be noted thatthe headband features a thick cushion made out of the samematerials as well and it helps further improve the comfort ofthe headset. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has a super-slim form factor, is lightweight with perfect ergonomics and is the flagship Android smartphone that was launched this year. It features an extra wide 4.2-inch multi-touch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, Sony Exmor R for low- light photography and video capture, 8.1-Megapixel camera and high definition video recording capability, and you can hare pictures and videos on your HDTV via the HDMI connector. Usual Price: S$888 COMEX Show Price: TBAAsus has also made sure that the headband offers enoughadjustment even for those with fairly big heads, as someheadphones and headsets can be quite tight around the head.The ear cups are also mounted in a kind of pivot that allowsthem to further adjust to a comfortable position around yourears. Lets not forget that the headset is foldable which makesit easy to store and transport. Theres no flimsy plastic to beseen in the hinge construction either, as Asus has gone forwhat appears to be really sturdy metal hinges which shouldhopefully make the Vulcan ANCs long lasting.COMEX Show 2011Promotions: Sony EricssonSource: 29th, 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play claims to be the world’s first PlayStation certified smartphone that offers immersive gaming experience with super fast graphics and dedicatedSony Ericsson will be at the COMEX Show 2011 this week, with slide-out gaming controls. It runs the latest version of Google’sstar products including the flagship Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, Android platform Gingerbread (version 2.3) and is preloadedXperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro and W8 Walkman phone. with six games to enhance gaming experience with yourThe booth will be on level 6, hall 602, booth number 6341. In you are wondering how you can get the Smurf plus toy Usual Price: S$888(from the above pic), it comes as a free gift for every purchase COMEX Show Price: TBAof the Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro. 3
  • 74. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman phone The W8 Walkman phone features Walkman designedSony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro hardware and UI and Walkman widget on home screen. ItIf you want a smartphone with QWERTY keyboard, check has a corner user interface for easy one hand use andout the Xperia Mini Pro. It features an ergonomic keyboard one touch access to applications. With the proprietaryand smart functions for fast messaging, HD video and Reality Timescape, you can see all your communication in one placeDisplay with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, and is equipped with a with great simplicity.powerful 1GHz processor for an seamless experience. You can Usual Price: S$348also sync your email and view office documents safely on the COMEX Show Price: TBAgo.Usual Price: S$458COMEX Show Price: TBA COMEX Show 2011 Promotions: SOUL by Ludacris Source: ludacris/13423.html August 29th, 2011 Audiophiles would probably like the range of headphone and in-ear headphone products from SOUL by Ludacris. Carried by epiCentre on located on level 2 foyer (rooms 201/202) and Orange Communications (level 6, booth 6331), the star products at the COMEX Show include the SL300, SL150, SL100, SL99 and SL49.Sony Ericsson Xperia MiniThe Xperia Mini claims to be the world’s smallest Androidsmartphone with HD video recording. Powered by 1GHzprocessor, it also comes with Reality Display with MobileBRAVIA Engine.Usual Price: S$398COMEX Show Price: TBA 4
  • 75. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone SOUL by Ludacris SL100SOUL by Ludacris SL300 Available in red and black, and blue and black flavors,The SOUL by Ludacris SL300 features advanced driver the SL100 has a sleek folding design and claims to offerand circuitry design for superb bass, clear mids and highs superior audio experience to the users. Compatible withand high-precision audio balance, It also incorporates Active iPhone 4G and 3GS, iPad and iPod, the SL100 featuresNoise cancelling technology to eliminates unwanted noise. gold-plated connector for seamless signal transfer and comesCompatible with iPhone 4G and 3GS, iPad and iPod, it has with advanced breathable headband pad and ear over-ear design with full ear cup articulation to ensure the Usual Price: S$349best comfort fit, as well as sleek folding design for easy storage. COMEX Show Price: TBAA protective road case is also included for convenience andstorage.Usual Price: S$599COMEX Show Price: TBA SOUL by Ludacris SL99SOUL by Ludacris SL150 The SL99 offers a superior quality, full-range listeningThe SL150 is a sleek and comfortable option for any experience in a state-of-the-art, in-ear design. Whether youprofessional or avid music lover looking for a powerful and are on the road or at home, the SL99 is expertly built toprecise audio mix experience on the go. It comes with with complement any lifestyle. It features an ultra-comfort, in-ear3.5mm or 0.25-inch headphone input jack, straight audio design that seals music In and noise out. The manufacturercable with in-line remote control and standard straight also includes small, medium and large ear tips for an ideal fitaudio cable, as well as tangle-resistant cable for easy cable regardless or your Usual Price: S$249Usual Price: S$449 COMEX Show Price: TBACOMEX Show Price: TBA 5
  • 76. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone According to Sonys press release, the new SRF-18 will make use of an analogue tuner knob for setting ones desired frequency, instead of the typical digital tuners which are found on most hi-fi systems. In addition, the company has also confirmed that the SRF-18 will support both the FM and AM broadcasting frequency bands, and that it can also be used as a stereo speaker for most devices thanks to the presence of an audio input jack. Last but definitely not least, Sony has also revealed that users can make use of the SRF-18 to record radio broadcasts into compatible devices such as its Walkman line of portable media players via the use of an audio output jack.SOUL by Ludacris SL49High precision sound comes in a very small package withthe SL49. It is stylishly designed and perfect for the musiclover. Comes with a protective road case for convenience andstorage, the SL49 also includes small, medium and large EarTips for an ideal fit.Usual Price: S$169COMEX Show Price: TBA No prices for the SRF-18 have been released by Sony yet, although the company has confirmed that JapaneseSony releases new portable consumers can expect to see the portable radio on retailstereo FM/AM radio in Japan shelves come October 21 this year.Source: Samsung refreshes GalaxyAugust 29th, 2011 S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 with hardware support for 4G LTE Source: needs radios now that most of our smartphones boast galaxy-tab-8.9-with-hardware-support-for-4g-lte/13422.htmlbuilt-in FM receivers? Well, tell that to users who have to August 29th, 2011live in areas where natural disasters such as earthquakes andhurricanes are common occurrences, and suddenly the ideaof using a mobile phone for a radio quickly loses its appeal,especially when the electricity needed to charge the device hasbeen cut off. However, if you cannot stand having to deal withugly black radios any longer, the good news is that Sony hasjust announced the availability of its new portable radio which There is no denying that the Galaxy S II is one of the betteris available in any colour you want, as long as they are white, smartphones on the market today, but leave it to Samsung topink or black. kick the S IIs awesome factor up by yet another notch withSony has just announced the availability of its new portable its recent announcement. Apparently, the Korean ElectronicsFM/AM radio for Japan. The radio, which is known as the giant has revealed its plans to showcase a variant of its GalaxySRF-18, has been touted by the Japanese electronics giant to S II smartphone at IFA 2011 in Berlin that will reportedly boastbe designed with the needs of young consumers in mind, due support for wireless mobile networking via 4G LTE. Seemsto the growing popularity of various radio program broadcasts like Samsung is taking no chances with the next generation ofamong such the younger generation today. mobile broadband connectivity. If you have been holding off the purchase of Samsungs Galaxy S II smartphone in the hopes that the Korean electronics giant might just eventually upgrade the device with new features of sorts, considering your prayers answered. Apparently, it seems that this is exactly what Samsung has done, for the company has recently announced in a press release that it intends 6
  • 77. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneto showcase a variant of its Galaxy S II smartphone in theInternationale Funkausstellung Berlin consumer electronics COMEX Show 2011trade fair (otherwise known as the IFA) that is due to take place Promotions: Gami Lightfrom September 2 to September 7 this year. Concepts Source: light-concepts/13421.html August 29th, 2011 Gami Light Concepts will be officially launching its full range of photography lighting modifier products at the COMEX Show 2011. Distributed by Schmidt Marketing in Singapore, the booth is located at the Red Dot Booth (booth 6701) on level 6 with attractive prices ranging from S$35 to S$75.According to the machine translation of the aforementionedpress release, the LTE-capable variant of the Galaxy S IIsmartphone, which will reportedly be dubbed the Galaxy SII LTE, has been touted by Samsung to be the worlds firstWCDMA/GSM multi-mode smartphone to support the 4GLTE network. While the company has not provided any detailsabout the maximum data transfer speeds users can expectto receive on the new Galaxy S II smartphone, Samsung hasconfirmed that the LTE-capable version will boast enhanced Gami Light SPOT 2features and specifications, such as the use of a more powerful The Gami Light SPOT 2 comes with an adapter that is designeddual-core processor that has been clocked at a speed of 1.5GHz, to produce two different spot sizes. It can provide a full studioa 4.5-inch Super AMOLED+ display, an eight-megapixel honeycomb effect on off camera shooting and is ideal forcamera, support for short range wireless communication via highlighting gradual circle spots for portraits and productNFC and Bluetooth 3.0, as well as the use of a 1850mAh battery shotspack to provide users with “long hours of usage”. COMEX Show Price: S$35In addition, Samsung has also added that its Galaxy Tab8.9 tablet will also be given the LTE upgrade some time inMarch next year. The upgraded tablet is said to feature an 8.9WXGA screen (1280 x 800), and will sport a 1.5GHz dual-coreprocessor and a three-megapixel camera. On the OS side, thecompany has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be pre-loaded with version 3.2 of the Android operating system (akaHoneycomb).No further details about availability, pricing and hardwarespecifications for the LTE-capable versions of the SamsungGalaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 have been released bySamsung at this point of time. That being said, we will bekeeping track of any further notifications, so do check back forupdates. Gami Light EVENT PRO 7
  • 78. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Gami Light EVENT PRO is designed for full eventphotography. It gives the freedom to adjust different degree of COMEX Show 2011lighting controls and enables the transformation from bounce Promotions: Motorolalight to mini soft box in mere seconds. Source: Show Price: S$35 motorola/13419.html August 29th, 2011 Even though Google may have acquired Motorola, the phone maker will still be making an entrance to the COMEX Show 2011. This year, the company has launched the XOOM tablet and ATRIX smartphone, based on Googles Android mobile operating system. Both the XOOM and ATRIX are available at all three telco operators on level 2 and level 3 at the COMEX Show 2011.Gami Light SQUARE 43The Gami Light Square 43 is one of the largest diffusers thatcan mount directly onto a flash head without the use of anykind of bracket. It is a flash photography accessory for offcamera lighting applications. Light is diffused and softenedthrough the fabric diffuser to give your subject a richer toneand softer shadow.COMEX Show Price: S$75 Motorola ATRIX The Motorola ATRIX claims to deliver both the power and performance of mobile computing like a computer. You can connect the ATRIX to an HDMI compatible monitor, high definition TV, Motorola Laptop Dock or HD Multimedia Dock accessories to surf the web and access your files easily via the webtop application. Powered by dual-core processor, the phone offers 16GB onboard memory with optional 32GB microSD card for expansion, and features qHD display. Usual Price: StarHub offer - ATRIX bundle with Superdock - S $988 ; ATRIX bundle with Lapdock - S$1,288 COMEX Show Price: TBAGami Light BOX 21Unlike most soft boxes that are assembled in similar fashionto a tent or an umbrella, Box 21 packs flat and snaps into shapein seconds. Smaller soft box that can be used on board and offcamera setting.COMEX Show Price: S$39 8
  • 79. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone under the Walkman branding. Known as the Sony Walkman MWD-W263, the Walkmans are claimed to be suitable for use in activities such as exercises and sports because of their lightweight and waterproof designs. According to Sony, the new MWD-W263 boasts a 25% weight reduction over its predecessors, while the lack of a headphone cord ensures that users do not have to worry about anyMotorola XOOM potential distractions in the midst of their exercises. In addition, the MWD-W263 comes preloaded with various frillsThe Motorola XOOM is said to be the world’s first device to run associated with the Walkman brand, such as Sonys ClearAndroid 3.0 (Honeycomb) and comes with support for Adobe Audio Technology and Quick Charge feature, which allowsFlash Player that allows you to browse Flash sites, videos and users to enjoy up to 60 minutes of audio playback uptime withgames easily. It sports a 10.1-inch high definition widescreen just a mere three minute charge.display that lets you enjoy rich, clearer high definition videocontent. Last but not least, Sony has confirmed that the MWD-W263 will feature 4GB of internal flash storage and will supportUsual Price: Motorola XOOM 3G - S$988 ; Motorola XOOM a variety of common audio formats, namely MP3, WMA,Wi-Fi - S$888 ATRAC, Linear PCM and AAC. Unfortunately, it seems thatCOMEX Show Price: TBA FLAC support is still not present in the new NWD-W263 Walkman. Oh well.Sony releases new additions Sony has not released any details about the new Walkman MWD-W263s pricing or global availability, although theto Walkman W series of Japanese electronics giant has confirmed that the mediaportable media players in player is expected to be released for sale in Japan in four different colours (blue, pink, white and black) comeJapan September 10 this year,Source: 29th, 2011Need a new portable media player that is rugged enoughto withstand the knocks and perspiration involved whenengaging in some serious exercise? If so, Sony has got thesolution for you, and it comes in the form of its latest additionsto its Walkman W series of rugged portable media players.According to Sony, the new W series of Walkmans will boastvarious features which make them ideal for use in variousphysical activities such as sports.Sony has announced the availability of its latest additions toits W series of rugged portable media players that are sold 9
  • 80. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneImages of upcoming HTCVigor smartphone show uponlineSource: 29th, 2011Just like how Darth Vader would say how the circle isnow complete, it seems that the couple of years worth ofspeculation about the elusive HTC Vigor smartphone mightnow be close to an end, and for good reason. Apparently,leaked images of what appears to be the mysterious Vigor hasfinally showed up online, and from the looks of it, it appearsthat HTC might be intending to target consumers with a boldsense of fashion with the smartphone.While HTC might not be be very good in keeping details of theirupcoming smartphones under wraps for long, it sure managedto do so with its elusive HTC Vigor smartphone, which firstsurfaced as rumours from as far back as two years ago. Eversince then, interest in the smartphone has surged and waned,in part due to the rumour mills failure to churn out a singlepicture that could prove its existence to the world. However, itseems that today is the day HTC fans from all over the worldwill get a chance to say hello to this mysterious smartphone,for images of what is allegedly the HTC Vigor have surfacedonline in all of its glory. According to a report published by Droid Life, the website which was responsible for getting its hands on what it claims is the HTC Vigor itself, the smartphone bears certain design elements similar to that of the older Incredible smartphone. However, its capabilities are probably the key attraction of the Vigor, for Droid Life is claiming that the smartphone features a dual-core processor which is clocked at 1.5GHz, along with 1GB of memory and 16GB of internal flash storage. 10
  • 81. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Lexmark Genesis S815 The Lexmark Genesis S815 boasts to be the industry’s first A4 web-connected all-in-one inkjet printer with Flash Scan technology that can scan a document in just three seconds. It has a 4.3-inch touch screen that provides instant previews of documents loaded for scanning, and Wi-Fi N connectivity for fast transfer speeds. Usual Price: S$499 COMEX Show Price: TBAMore importantly, Droid Life is also claiming that the Vigor,which sports a 4.3-inch HD screen, will be preloaded withthe Beats by Dr. Dre audio enhancement technology, andthat this feature will probably be software-based. This lendssome credence to an earlier report about what was allegedlyleaked benchmark results of the HTC Vigor, which claimsthat the smartphone sports a 720p screen and a QualcommAdreno 220 GPU. Oh, and it will reportedly come with built-in modems for 4G LTE data connectivity. Sweet.COMEX Show 2011Promotions: Lexmark Lexmark E260dnSource: The Lexmark E260dn is a compact monochrome laser printerAugust 29th, 2011 with network and duplex printing that boasts print speeds of up to 33 ppm. It is easy to set up and has a user-friendly operator panel for hassle-free printing. Backed with three-year LexExpress warranty, the E260dn comes with eco-conscious features like Eco-Mode and an instant warm-up fuser to help save paper and energy. Usual Price: S$359If you happen to drop by Lexmarks booth at the COMEX Show COMEX Show Price: TBA2011, the company is having an attractive promotion for theirLexmark Genesis S815 and Lexmark E260dn, in addition totheir other printer products. Their booth is located on level 4,hall 401, booth 8480. 11
  • 82. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCOMEX Show 2011Promotions: LenovoSource: 29th, 2011If you have been following the news, Lenovo has recentlylaunched their own version of the Android tablets which comein the form of IdeaPad K1 and ThnkPad Tablet. The companywill be having some great promotions at the upcomingCOMEX Show 2011, which will also include their ThinkPadand IdeaPad laptops and IdeaCentre desktop PCs. Lenovos Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420booth is on level 4, hall 401, booth number 8358. The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 sports a sleek and stylish midnight black finish with silver frame, comes with a 14-inch LED widescreen panel and spill-resistant keyboard. The E420 is equipped with second generation Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost Technology, and boasts faster startup and shutdown times with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7. Other features include low-light sensitive 720p HD webcam, up to seven hours of battery life, Integrated fingerprint reader and ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery for restoring the system in the event of system crash. Usual Price: From S$1,499 COMEX Show Price: TBALenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 (Wi-Fi)The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 (Wi-Fi) allows you to connectto your network of friends and social sites all in one placewith the companys proprietary SocialTouch app. With its1280px720p display screen, you can enjoy movies and videosin high definition. On top of that, you can also get accessto hundreds of apps optimized for the IdeaPad Tablet at theLenovo App Shop.Usual Price: S$699COMEX Show Price: TBA Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 The Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 features a space-saving all- in-one design offers advanced cable management to avoid cluttering and VESA Mount allows flexible fitting anywhere in the home. Comes with wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the IdeaCentre B320 has a responsive multi-touch NatrualTouch panel and integrated High-Sense webcam for clear video chats. Usual Price: From S$1,199 COMEX Show Price: TBA 12
  • 83. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Upcoming Galaxy W smartphone shows off its (white) rear Source: shows-off-its-white-rear/13416.html August 29th, 2011 Samsung may have announced its plans to release a chunk of new additions to its bestselling Galaxy line of smartphones, but one aspect which the Korean electronics giant hasLenovo IdeaPad G470 seemingly kept mum on is about the availability of variousThe 14-inch IdeaPad G470 has a sleek exterior design colour choices for the new smartphones, if at all. And aswith smooth top cover and single-piece brush-metal interior luck would have it, it seems that at least one such productpaneling around the keyboard that provides a cool-to- in Samsungs new lineup will come with additional colourtouch surface. It comes with optional integrated Bluetooth, choices, especially if the image of a white Galaxy W is of any802.11n Wi-Fi, OneKey Rescue System for data backup and indication.system recovery, and DirectShare for file synchronization with Remember the news about Samsung reportedly planning toanother notebook PC. release a whole bunch of new additions to its Galaxy lineUsual Price: From S$1,149 of smartphones? Well, some details about a Galaxy W wereCOMEX Show Price: TBA also included in Samsungs plans, namely the fact that the upcoming smartphone will be powered by a processor that is clocked at 1.4GHz, and that it will be reportedly sport a HSDPA modem that is capable of transfer speeds of up to 14.4Mbps, but nothing about its design and colour were mentioned. That is set to change though, now that images of what appears to be a white Galaxy W have started circulating online.Lenovo IdeaPad Z370The Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 is designed with a brand newfuturistic look, using metallic and transparent materialsin multi-color offerings. It has an AccType keyboard withindividual rounded keys for comfortable and accurate typingand multi-touch trackpad. The Z370 also comes withintegrated Wi-Fi and WIMAX connectivity, think and lightdesign for mobility and long battery life for extended use. According to Engadget, the images of the white Galaxy W smartphone, which were retrieved from a website knownUsual Price: From S$999 as Mai Nguyen, shows off the smartphones backside inCOMEX Show Price: TBA remarkably decent detail (i.e. non Blurrycam). In addition, it seems that the white version of the Galaxy W will not feature any major changes from the original save for cosmetic details, and as such will retain the same processor and HSDPA 13
  • 84. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemodem, along with a five megapixel rear camera and a 3.7-inch display capable of WVGA resolutions. Toshiba to release an iPad- killer at IFA 2011? Source: ifa-2011-/13415.html August 29th, 2011 Even though it has already released a handful of tablets for sale, Toshiba remains relatively unknown in this particular market segment, although it seems that the Japanese electronics company about to make an attempt to change that situation. Apparently, word has it that Toshiba is planning to release an iPad-killer of sorts come IFA 2011, and that its new tablet will compete against Apples offerings in both the design and performance departments. If there is one certainty in the ever-evolving world of consumer electronic devices, it is that the market for mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets is never silent, a fact that is backed up by the latest piece of news concerning Toshiba. Apparently, the Japanese electronics company plans to introduce an iPad-killer of sorts in IFA 2011 this year, which will be held from September 2 to September 7. Details about the new device are scarce, but according to a report published by Italian website NotebookItalia, Toshibas yet-unnamed iPad-killer tablet will sport a significant reduction in thickness from its previous models. The website also claims that this slimmed-down design was made possible due to Toshibas decision to make use of micro-sized interfaces exclusively, although variety does not appear to be compromised, as essential ports such as a micro-USB, micro- HDMI and microSD card readers are still present on the new tablet.No other details about the Gakaxy W have been released at thispoint of time. 14
  • 85. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone very affordable next gen Atom processors, its upcoming Cedar Trail processors might just be what the netbook market space needs to catch a second wind. VR-Zone can exclusively unveil the first benchmark figures for Intels upcoming mobile Atom processors and although theyre unlikely to blow anyones mind, theyre a huge improvement over the previous generation. Look at graphics performance we can see that the Atom N2800 performs about three times as fast as the current Atom N570 which goes to show how much faster the new PowerVR graphics engine is compared to Intels old GMA950 which was tweaked to become the equally poor performing GMA3150. In all fairness, were looking at a GPU thats clocked over three times as fast as well, so we arent exactly surprised here. The slower Atom N2600 doubles the graphics performance, or near enough at least, which makes sense as its GPU is only clocked twice as fast.NotebookItalia also claims that the new tablet will sport abrushed metal finish, while the Toshiba branding appears tobe embossed onto the cover itself, as shown. Unfortunately,no details about the tablets hardware, such as its displayresolution, battery life, processor speed and bundled operatingsystem are forthcoming, although it is accepted that Toshibawill most likely spring for an updated version of theHoneycomb operating system. The only graphics metric is 3DMark 06, an out-dated benchmark that doesnt really say much about real worldExclusive: First Intel Cedar performance and it shows that Intel doesnt care too much about the 3D performance in the first place. It should also beTrail benchmarks noted that this is unlikely to be with the DirectX 10.1 drivers,Source: as Intel is having enough of a hard time getting its DirectX 9benchmarks/13413.html drivers certified by Microsoft.August 29th, 2011 Moving on CPU performance the new models dont have as much of a gap compared to the Atom N570, although the higher core clock of the N2800 puts it in a comfortable lead in all of the CPU tests as you can see from the slide above. Oddly enough, the Atom N2600 is falling behind in all but the 3DMark 06 CPU test, which is surprising as its clocked at the same 1.66GHz as the Atom N570.Were not sure how much life theres left in the netbook The question is if Intels new Atom processors are goodmarket, but considering that Intel is looking to offer some enough, as although Intel will have a more power efficientvery affordable next gen Atom processors, its upcoming Cedar platform than AMD, Intel cant compete in terms of graphicsTrail processors might just be what the netbook market performance so the company is now making the AMD playspace needs to catch a second wind. VR-Zone can exclusively by saying its Atom processors are more power efficient thanunveil the first benchmark figures for Intels upcoming AMDs Bobcat based APUs. Its funny how quickly thingsmobile Atom processors and although theyre unlikely to blow can change, but then again this market space isnt exactlyanyones mind, theyre a huge improvement over the previous a huge money maker and Intel already has tie-ins with thegeneration. embedded board makers and we cant see those guys jumping over to AMD overnight. Still, Intel has at least managed to addWere not sure how much life theres left in the netbookmarket, but considering that Intel is looking to offer some 15
  • 86. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHDMI support to the Cedar Trail Atoms which must count for comes in the shape of an ISO image that has to be burned ontosomething, right? a CD, not exactly the smoothest way of doing things, in fact, were not even sure we got a blank disc lying around…Crucial issues firmwareupgrade for its m4 series of Razer Blade 17-inch GamingSSDs Laptop - Not Quite the SaviourSource: of PC Gamingits-m4-series-of-ssds/13412.html Source: 29th, 2011 not-quite-the-saviour-of-pc-gaming/13411.html August 29th, 2011Apparently there is such a thing as a free lunch, at least if Looks like our grandiose next generation Intel UltraBookyou consider a free performance boost a free lunch. Crucial Platform prediction was wrong. Instead, the just announcedhas issued a firmware update for its m4 series of SSDs and Razer Blade is a slim 17-inch notebook equipped with anpromises a range of performance improvements, beyond the underwhelming Intel Sandy Bridge Dual Core Processor andusual fixes youd expect to see. Nvidia GT555M GPU, going for a not very competitive US $2799. Where is the salvo against "shoddy console portsApparently there is such a thing as a free lunch, at least if and sub-par console graphics"?you consider a free performance boost a free lunch. Crucial Our Take:has issued a firmware update for its m4 series of SSDs and Disappointing. Where was the "stand against shoddy consolepromises a range of performance improvements, beyond the ports and sub-par console graphics"?usual fixes youd expect to see. For a US$2799.99 "console-killer" and in a not so mobile-SSDs are one of the few pieces of hardware that are currently friendly 17-inch form factor, we expected it to have at least aso heavily dependent on the firmware version when it comes Intel Quad Core processor, 120Hz 3D screen, a decent SSDto performance and Crucial is far from the only company to and a higher-end GPU (or even SLi/Crossfire dual graphicsoffer performance increases via firmware upgrades, but the like some gaming laptops in the market today) for acceptablecompany is claiming a 20 percent boost in sequential read framerates during 1080p HD gaming. The 60Wh battery andspeeds which is no small feat to do with a simple firmware 35W standard voltage CPU does not inspire much confidenceupgrade. We actually happen to be working on a review of about its battery life either.the 256GB Crucial m4 and well be making sure we do somecomparisons pre and post firmware upgrade. At its price tag and specifications, the Razer Blade is hardly competitive against the following Quad Core 17-inch offerings: Apples MacBook Pro 17-inch (US$2499, AMD Radeon 6750M) HPs Envy 17 3D series (US$2048, AMD Radeon 6850M, 1tB 5400RPM) Alienwares M17x-r3 (US$2809, 16GB of RAM, a beastly AMD Radeon 6990M and 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive). ASUSs G74 (US$1749, 12GB of RAM, Nvidia 560M, 1.5tB Hard Drive) Razer cultists might argue that we are overlooking the "revolutionary" SwitchBlade User Interface (10 adaptive tactile keys and multi-touch LCD), the much vaunted selling points thinness (0.88 inches) and "light" weight (6.97lbs, 3.13kg) - these are nothing a real gamer or mobile warrior would sacrifice for the essentials (being CPU/GPU horsepower or Battery Life/Portability).Other improvements in the firmware upgrade includesincreased throughput performance, lower write latency, To put things in perspective, my soon to be replaced 1-yearimproved chipset compatibility and it also fixes a problem old Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG (13-inch, Intel Dual Corewere the drives have failed to cold boot in some systems. 2.4ghz, AMD Radeon 6570M, 6 hours Battery Life, 1.8kg,Theres one small downside though, the firmware upgrade aftermarket Intel X25-M G2 SSD) which cost just over US 16
  • 87. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone$1000 last year, has almost the same gaming performance asthe Blade, is more road warrior friendly and still has betterbattery life. And I know for a fact it can only run Battlefield 3with most graphical options turned down..I guess theres still a reason why not every company can makea notebook - or should for that matter.Specifications of the Razer Blade:2.8GHz Intel® Core™ i7 2640M Processor8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory17.3" LED Backlit Display (1920x1080)NVIDIA GeForce® GT 555M with NVIDIA® Optimus™Technology2GB Dedicated GDDR5 Video MemoryBuilt-in HD WebcamIntegrated 60Wh Battery320GB 7200rpm SATA HDDWireless Network 802.11 b/g/n Compatible16.81" (Width) x 10.9" (Depth) x 0.88" (Height); 6.97lbs(Weight)Price:US$2799.99Availability:North America Q4 2011Pretty Pictures: 17
  • 88. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneFull Press Release: battery life, thin/light design and probably discreet graphicspress-releases/razer-unveils-the-worlds-first-true-gaming- performance.laptop Philips releases new range of in-ear earphones for sale inRazer debuts Gaming LAPTOP Singaporeat PAX Prime Source: earphones-for-sale-in-singapore/13407.htmlprime/13409.html August 29th, 2011August 29th, 2011 Philips have announced the availability of its new range of in-In a photo teaser on their Facebook site, Razer has finally ear earphones, the SHE9000, SHE8000 and SHE7000, forrevealed to the world that their "PC Gaming IS NOT DEAD" sale in Sinagapore. According to Philips, the new earphonesviral campaign is actually a prelude to their new gaming have been built with “efficient speakers” and “specially-laptop, which will be unveiled to gamers in just under an hour designed ear buds” to deliver both comfort and precise soundat Penny Arcade Expo. Will it be the newest incarnation of in a single package.the previously showcased Intel Atom powered SwitchBlade or Now that just about any mobile device under the sun boastssomething more awesome? the capability to deliver basic audio playback support, it isJust prior to this article, Razer posted a picture with a hardly surprising to walk into a bus or train and see mostmysterious code on their Facebook for their PC Gaming IS of the commuters having their trusty earphones hooked upNOT DEAD Campaign: to their smartphones and tablets to indulge in some music while on the move. And if you happen to be looking for a new set of earphones to replace the one that has somehow managed to die mysteriously, you are in luck; Philips has announced the availability of three new in-ear earphones for sale in Singapore, the SHE9000, SHE8000 and SHE7000. Philips SHE9000This is a sea change for gaming peripherals-only maker Razer,putting them head to head with traditional notebook giantslike Acer, ASUS and the (soon to be defunct) HP.The question is now what this alleged Razer Laptop willspeced with - popular speculation points to the previousSwitchBlade concept device which had a Intel Atom Z670Oaktrail Processor (which would really suck for seriousgaming), but we have a hunch that it will be the first of manySandy Bridge powered Intel UltraBooks (also co-incidentallygoing to be unveiled in September 2011) which would bringpowerful ultra low voltage dual or quad core CPUs, long 18
  • 89. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe SHE9000 In-Ear earphones features what Philips claimsis a “vibration-absorbing, premium metal housing” that isreportedly capable of allowing users to enjoy their music theway it was meant to be listened to. The company has also addedthat the SHE9000 has been designed with comfort in mind,with its unique shape allowing for the “perfect in-ear fit” forusers.Philips SHE8000 Last but definitely not least, Philips has also introduced the SHE7000, which like the aforementioned SHE9000 andThe SHE8000 In-Ear Headphones features Philips Angled SHE8000, features “super-soft ear caps for ultimate comfortAcoustic Pipes and soft sealing ear buds which are reportedly and passive noise isolation”. The new SHE9000 and SHE8000capable of significantly reducing background noise, while the in-ear earphones are already available for sale locally at theuse of “ultra-soft silicon ear caps” provides users with “perfect retail price of S$49.90 and S$36.90 respectively, while thefit and comfort” in their audio playback experience. SHE7000 will only be available by the end of the year, where it will be sold for S$29.90.Philips SHE7000 COMEX Show 2011 Promotions: Huawei Source: huawei/13405.html August 29th, 2011 Huawei may not extremely popular in this part of the world, but the company is known for their telecommunication products like the wireless 3G modem. This year, Huawei launched new smartphones including the IDEOS X3, X6 and the MediaPad. Well, you can check out their offerings at the upcoming COMEX Show 2011. Managed by AAAs Com, their booth is located on level 6, booth 6711. 19
  • 90. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneHuawei Media Pad (WiFi + 3G, 8GB) Huawei IDEOS X3The Huawei Media Pad claims to be the world’s first Android The Huawei IDEOS X3 smartphone runs Google AndroidHoneycomb 3.2 tablet and it is going to be available in 2.3 Gingerbread that features a more intuitive and powerSingapore. and you can be one of the first to own it at a special efficient experience for users. In an ultra-slim uni body design,pre-order available only at COMEX 2011. Weighing at only it can seamlessly sync your social communication channels;390g, it features 7-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, is Facebook and Twitter contacts are integrated for the sociallyequipped with Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1.3- connected.megapixel front and 5-megapixel rear cameras, supports Usual Price: S$238Adobe Flash 10.3 and boasts over six hours of battery life. COMEX Show Price: TBAUsual Price: S$628COMEX Show Price: TBA Huawei IDEOS X6 Get connected anytime and anywhere with this HuaweiHuawei Sonic IDEOS X6. It sports a 4.1-inch capacitive touchscreenThe Sonic is Huawei’s latest Android smartphone with and claims to offer superb high-definition multimediaenhanced connectivity and voice features. It is preloaded performance for users on the go. The smartphone is poweredwith Google Android 2.3 operating system and sports a 3.5- by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, runs Googleinch capacitive touchscreen for widescreen views. The Huawei Android 2.2 Froyo and supports Adobe Flash 10.1 and 720pSonic also features Diversity RX which claims to improve video recording. You can also display your videos to the TV viasignal reception sensitivity of handset, and superb voice the phones HDMI port.quality with Double MIC noise reduction feature. You can also Usual Price: S$498convert the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect other social COMEX Show Price: TBAdevices easily.Usual Price: S$268COMEX Show Price: TBA 20
  • 91. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone users ensure that they can enjoy their favourite audio tracks wirelessly, without having to worry about missing a single voice call.Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Smart Pro Wireless Modem E586The pocket-size Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi Smart Pro WirelessModem E586 is all you need to connect your multipledevices. With Smart Media, it supports connections up to fiveconcurrent users or devices and provides easy file sharingand media compatibility across various operating systems. It In addition, Jabra has also claimed that the STREET2 willcan also intelligently identifying and connecting the user to feature AM3D Power Bass & Virtual Surround technologythe Internet connection or WiFi hotspot with the best signal which is reportedly capable of enhancing audio output byintegrity, thanks to its Smart Down, Smart Switch and Smart delivering “a clear and deep bass sound”, while a high-Repeater. The E586 supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac performance set of earphones complete with noise-blockingOS X. ear-buds will also be bundled into the package to help usersUsual Price: S$248 get the most out of the STREET2. Last but definitely notCOMEX Show Price: TBA least, Jabra has also confirmed that the STREET2 will feature multi-use capability, where the device can be used to provide “two hands-free connections simultaneously” with differentJabra announces availability devices, and that it will feature a built-in battery that is capableof new STREET2 Bluetooth of delivering up to eight hours of talk time or audio playback, and up to 9.5 days of uptime when left in Standby mode.device in Singapore The Jabra STREET2 will be released for sale in Singapore atSource: Comex 2011, which will take place at the Suntec Conventionstreet2-bluetooth-device-in-singapore/13406.html Centre from 1-4 September this year. It can also be purchasedAugust 29th, 2011 from Challenger, EpiCentre, Nubox, Digi Lifestyle, Apple Shops at Best Denki, and other authorised Jabra retailers at the recommended retail price of S$108. And yes, there is a white version of the STREET2 up for sale as well.If you are a heavy media consumer who have on manyoccasions wished for a device that not only allows you tooperate your mobile phone via Bluetooth and still listen tomusic while you are at it? If so, Jabras new device may be ofinterest to you, and it comes in the form of its new STREET2,which is designed to do exactly just that. Oh, and it reportedlyboasts technology that is capable of enhancing your audiotracks at the same time, too.Jabra has announced the availability of its new JabraSTREET2, a Bluetooth device which is capable of connectingto a mobile device such as a smartphone via Bluetooth, andcan be used to both listen to music wirelessly, as well as serveas a means of remotely controlling the aforementioned mobiledevice. According to Jabra, the STREET2 is designed to help 21
  • 92. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Bose SoundDock Portable The Bose SoundDock Portable features a slim designFull specifications of the Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth device are and is re-engineered for portability. It incorporates aas follow: proprietary wavefuide speaker technology and powerful neodymium speakers which claim to deliver the performance of SoundDock digital music system with added portability. With the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it also provides longer playtime for hours of listening enjoyment. Usual Price: S$749 COMEX Show Price: TBACOMEX Show 2011Promotions: BoseSource: 29th, 2011 Bose MIE2 mobile headsetAtlas Sound & Vision, the distributor of Bose, has some The Bose MIE2 mobile headset is exclusively designed fornice COMEX promotions for the audiophiles such as Bose select Apple products. It works with most smartphones andSoundDock Portable, MIE2 mobile headset and Companion 5. mobile phones that let you take calls with just a touch of aWhile the distributor may not have a presence at the COMEX button. You can also enjoy high-quality music on your phone,Show, you can find the Bose products at epiCentre on level 2, and with the proprietary StayHear tips, it delivers comfort androom 201 and 202. greater stability on the go. Usual Price: S$199 COMEX Show Price: TBA 22
  • 93. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneBose Companion 5 According to the official report posted by Panasonic (inElegantly designed, the Bose Companion 5 claims to offer Japanese), the white versions of the G3 and GF3, beingsuperb 5.1- channel surround sound experience be it sitting identical to their standard-coloured counterparts, will shareat the keyboard for gaming or enjoying music or movies. It the same features and specifications sported by the latter. Forconnects to your PC easily via a single USB port and requires the GF3, this means having access to the same tiny body,no sound card upgrade, adapters or complicated wiring. The operating modes and built-in flash, while the white G3 willCompanion 5 also comes with a hideaway accoustimass gain access to the same 0.1 second AF lock timing, as well asmodule that offers deep, accurate lows. its ability to record 1080p videos with full autofocus found in the black G3, among many others.Usual Price: S$749COMEX Show Price: TBA Panasonic has not released any details about pricing for the white G3 and GF3 cameras, although the company did confirm that the products will be made available for sale come OctoberWhite Panasonic G3 and GF3 13 this year.system cameras shows up inJapanSource: 29th, 2011 LG unveils new "Aurora" Xnote“When in doubt, make a white version of it” seems to be the S series notebooks in Korea Source: many consumer electronics manufacturers abide by in notebooks-in-korea/13403.htmlrecent months, and from the looks of it, Panasonic is the latest August 29th, 2011such player to have bought into the aforementioned saying.Apparently, a quick visit to Panasonics Japan site reveals thatthe company has officially unveiled its plans to introduce awhite version of its G3 DSLR and GF3 micro Four Thirdssystem cameras.Now that Apple has its white iPhone 4 and Samsung has its Seems like LG is all geared up to go up against the likes ofwhite Galaxy S, it seems that even camera manufacturers are Samsung, especially where classy notebooks sporting brightstarting to get into the practice of producing an additional and funky colours are concerned. Apparently, in a bid towhite variant of their products to offer up for sale in the score some points with the back-to-school crowd, the Koreanmarket. And from the the looks of it, Panasonic is all ready to electronics company has launched its new “Aurora” Xnote Sjump onto the bandwagon, especially if the announcement of series of notebooks which are reportedly designed to appealits plans to introduce white variants of its G3 and GF3 cameras fashion-conscious consumers.are of any indication. Dont look now, but it seems that this might just be a good time to be in Korea, especially if you happen to be scouting for a new notebook as part of your back-to-school shopping list. Barely two days after we posted the story of Samsung releasing its colourful lineup of Sense Series 3 300V notebooks, out comes 23
  • 94. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLG to showcase its offerings to fashion-conscious consumersby unveiling its new “Aurora” Xnote S series of notebooks. Seagate introduces GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage in Singapore Source: mobile-wireless-storage-in-singapore/13400.html August 29th, 2011 The Seagate GoFlex Satellite started retailing in US in July, and today, the company had a media event announcing that the mobile wireless storage would soon be available in Singapore. VR-Zone was one of the media to get close and personal with the GoFlex Satellite. Read on.According to the machine translation of LGs announcement,the new “Aurora” Xnote S series of notebooks will sportwhat the Korean electronics company calls an NCVM orNon-Conductive Vacuum Metallization coating which allowsthe devices to feature bodies with metallic and shimmeringcolours. The company also claims that the new design, whichfeatures a “perfect balance of straight lines and curves”signifies its move away from designs that are typicallyassociated with “traditional low-end notebooks”.On the specifications side, the notebooks will feature either a15.6-inch screen (S530 series) or a 14-inch LED-backlit display(S430 series), although the announcement claims that boththe S530 and S430 series of “Aurora” Xnote notebooks willfeature similar hardware, such as a second-generation Corei5 processor, 4GB of memory and an AMD Mobility RadeonHD 6470M graphics card. In addition, LG has also claimedthat both the S530 and S430 series of notebooks will feature aremovable optical disc drive which allows for a further weightreduction from 2.6kg to 2.45kg. The Seagate GoFlex Satellite claims to be the first battery- powered external hard drive that can stream multimedia content wirelessly to other mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops. It features 500GB capacity and Wi- Fi connectivity via 802.11b/g/n, and the rechargeable battery offers up to five hours of streaming video continuously. 24
  • 95. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The GoFlex Media app is available free for Apple iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as Android smartphone and tablet devices. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab, simply go to the settings and turn on the wireless connectivity and select the GoFlex Satellite to connect to. After that, launch the GoFlex Media app to browse the content. Owners of the mobile wireless drive can also set passwords to deter unauthorized access. The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is scheduled to go on sale at major retailers and resellers in mid September at S$299. If you are heading down to the COMEX Show next week, there is a demo booth of the product and you can also place your preorder.One GoFlex Satellite supports up to three connections andaccording to Seagate, it can stream high definition videossimultaneously to three devices. The mobile wireless storagealso comes with superfast USB 3.0 cable that lets youtransfer files conveniently from your computer to the GoFlexSatellite drive. The GoFlex Satellite drive also comes with a carcharger and a compact wall charger. Ganesh Kumar Panadam, senior manager, customer service organization, Seagate Singapore, says that with the GoFlex Satellite, users can carry their library of multimedia content with them wherever they go, and wireless stream the files to their devices easily. "The Seagate GoFlex Satellite is designed for more than one users at home using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones; for users who want more storage to their mobile devices. It only comes with a 500GB capacity which can store approximately 1,000 songs, 60,000 photographs, or up to 500 movies (and 300 high definition movies". 25
  • 96. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMonitor Aspect Ratios -Beyond 16:9, iPad to therescue?Source: 29th, 2011PC displays have evolved from bulky CRT to superslim LED-backlit LCD units, but the resolution hasnt really improvedover the years - in fact, with the monitor aspect ratioshenanigans by the panel vendors pushing 16:9 movie screens The problem with the lower end of these resolutions wasto everyone just to save a few cents, it, and the associated that, now, the vertical component of the screen would haveproductivity, has effectively decreased. Will users complaints shrunk yet the existing menu bars and buttons on the topand developments like iPad 3 2048x1536 4:3 screen change and bottom still consumed the same pixel space. So, therethe situation? was even less for the visible document - or web page - space, requiring more scrolling during the work. On the high endVR-Zone regularly reports on new monitor announcements, like WUXGA 24-inch or 26-inch monitors, though, the benefitat least those that seem interesting from the point of features of this 16:10 ratio was that you could very comfortably seeor unique looks. However, over the past year or so, the new TWO pages side by side, in perfect size almost matching theproducts in this category - and Im talking computer monitors, real A4 paper - without ANY scrolling required whatsoever!not TV sets - have become very uniform in one aspect: the Until today, for such document, Web, spreadsheet, CAD or,aspect ratio, pun intended. Whether consumer or professional, yes, multimedia, editing - these monitors are unmatchedlarge or small, they all have that HDTV or DVD proportioned as a solution. And, their larger brethren, like the 30-inch16:9 sizing. Since the IBM PS/2 series 25 years ago, most PC 2560x1600 monitors from the likes of Apple or Dell, capturedmonitor resolutions were in 4:3 format - from 640x480 VGA even the gamers hearts with the huge screen real estate 800x600 EVGA, 1024x768 XGA (the same resolution is nowstandard on the first two Apple iPad resolutions) as well as Do keep in mind that WUXGA monitors exist in the consumer1600x1200 UXGA and, in rare cases, 2048x1536 QXGA. The market for some 12 years already, and that even since then5:4 aspect ratio 1280x1024 SXGA was one notable exception, they also provided probably the best way to watch or editinherited from early workstation markets where it appeared 16:9 1080i/p HD content since you would always have extrafirst around 1984, together with the very first 2-D GPU, space for titles, buttons or controls without blocking the videothe NEC 7220 - yes, that far! That particular resolution was, content visibility. For the QuadHD content or super high-though, dominant on general purpose PCs some 5 years ago, res CAD, photo or document work, there was a solutionEverything seemed to be fine when using these aspect ratios a decade ago, the IBM T221, which, in a compact 22-inchon a typical PC. The application menu bars & buttons were format, provided stunning 3840x2400, or call it QWUXGA,on the top, the system menu bar on the bottom, and what resolution, in 2002 !remains of the available screen real estate was there for youto edit your document page. at most, one full page downscroll was enough to fully switch between and properly seeeither upper and lower half of the page, without multiple scrollsteps needed. Then came the golden ratio proportioned 16:10monitors, already sized pixel-wise to support the then up-and-coming HD formats. From the 1280x800 and 1440x900 sizesoften seen in notebooks, to a very odd yet common 1680x1050size which somehow doesnt have anything in common withany PC or TV resolution, to the widely popular 1920x1200, akaWide UXGA or WUXGA. I had the honour to have this monitor in my home for a few months, and the troubles of connecting four DVI connectors - yes, four - from one GPU to drive it at 41 Hz, and complex Nvidia Quadro driver setups to make it all work, were worth it, when the on screen PDF looked like freshly printed on colour laser printer, and 3-D CAD walkthroughs could distinguish every window on every building in a whole city model back 26
  • 97. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethen. Unfortunately, neither IBM nor the Taiwanese who Of course, such a screen could also display two pages of atook over Japan IDTECH plant where this monitor was document at high-end colour laser printer-like quality.manufactured, ever continued its development - so it still The next step for the community is to gather critical massawaits another supported to produce something along this and demand getting back the desired aspect ratio for theline, maybe in the same 30-inch format like the current Apple computer users, not movie watchers - LCD TV sets are thereand Dell hi-res monitors. for movies and TV, and a bit of extra cost on the monitor for proper productivity is a small sacrifice when lookingLets hop to today: what we have now are computer monitors at mainstream and high end segments. At the same time,with aspect ratios and resolutions identical to TV sets; the over use the momentum to finally get the long overdue screenelongated 16:9 movie watchers format and either 1366x768 or resolution quantum leap, which is awaiting in the wings1920x1080 resolution. Wait a moment - even if we just count since the beginning of this century.the pixels, we all had better resolutions on most PC monitorseven a decade ago! After all, 1280x1024 has more pixels than The fact is: computers are not TV sets or cinemas, and most1366x768, and also arranged in much more useful proportion PC users use the PC for computer work, not movie watching,from a typical computer users point of view - 5:4 or 4:3 most of the time. And, most of the content they work with,aspect leaves you with MUCH more useful document viewing whether documents, spreadsheets, or web pages, is eitherand editing space. Same applies for the 1920x1080, where vertical or, in some cases, squarish shaped. So, widescreencutting the vertical resolution makes the screen just unsuitable monitors make NO SENSE AT ALL for the PC community.enough for full 2-page document or web page viewing or Does few cents savings for cheaper cutting justify billions ofediting. The extra scrolling steps just destroy the whole idea or dollars of wasted productivity time by hundreds of millions ofseamless, productive work experience. PC users worldwide?Now, since some 15 months ago, I spoke to both computer and Maybe the PC vendors need to take a page from Applesdisplay vendors, and even panel guys on shows like Computex behaviour book. They take what they want and tell theor Taiwan Display expo. The arguments were silly, like "ohh component vendor accordingly. The 13-inch Macbook Air stillwe have to save a few cents by cutting all panels, TV and has a nice 16:10 1440x900 display, while the 17-inch Pro hascomputers, the same" or, from a HP notebook top exec at one 1920x1200 one. And, the iPad keeps the 4:3 aspect ratio - fromrecent conference, "we cannot influence the panel vendors, but the current 1024x768 to the expected 2048x1536 in the nextmust take what they give us"! No wonder a company like that, model. Now, wouldnt it be a shame that a 10-inch tablet has awithout guts, is selling off its PC business. better and, aspect ratio wise, more useful display than the high end PC? Think about that...IDEAL ASPECT RATIO AND RESOLUTIONWith the advent of hi-res smartphones and tablets witha variety of aspect ratios and resolutions, a bit of the Sony Ericsson announces new Xperia neo V, Android updatesexcitement at possible developments and usage models. Atthe same time, the advent of 4K camera recording for superhigh-res movie content, and associated QuadHD resolution Source:, helps redefine the borders of the high end too. neo-v-android-updates/13398.html August 29th, 2011First, there was appearance of a new format, 3:2, brought byiPhone 4 960x640 resolution. This is actually quite a niceformat to scale up on tablets and even laptops, being notso bulky as 4:3, yet even more usable than thr 16:10, not tomention the irritating 16:9 screens. doubling the resolutionon each axis produces a 1920x1280 display, which not onlyhandles the FullHD well with spare room on top and bottomfor extra content, but also, when pivoted to vertical position If youre looking for an affordable Android phone with aor used as vertical tablet, lets you play 1280x720 or 720p high-resolution display and decent performance, then SonyHD content on top of the screen, with most of the bottom Ericssons new Xperia neo V might be what youve beenstill free to view a 1280 pixel wide full web page in a squarish waiting for. In addition to the new handset, Sony Ericssonwindow with most of the page visible without having to also announced that itll be updating its Xperia range ofscroll. 3:2 1920x1280 could be a very nice desktop monitor smartphones to Android 2.3.4 come Octoberresolution as well.Second, with the advent of updated DisplayPort and If youre looking for an affordable Android phone with aHDMI versions able to handle 3840x2400 or even higher high-resolution display and decent performance, then Sonyresolutions over a single cable, it makes sense to look at Ericssons new Xperia neo V might be what youve been27+ inch class of monitors supporting such resolutions and waiting for. In addition to the new handset, Sony Ericssonkeeping the useful 16:10 format. In fact, to accomodate also announced that itll be updating its Xperia range of4K video recording display and editing, a 4096x2560 10 smartphones to Android 2.3.4 come October.megapixel monitor in 30-inch size can be a reality now. Sony Ericsson didnt specify which Xperia handsets will receive the 2.3.4 update, just that itll be available in selected 27
  • 98. August 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonemarkets starting in October and that itll be a phased roll out.Beyond the small additions in functionality that Android 2.3.4adds, Sony Ericsson is combining the update with an improvedversion of its Facebook inside Xperia and adding a 3D sweeppanorama feature. Phones with a front facing camera will alsoget support for Google Talk with Video Chat.As for the Xperia neo V, well, its a slightly feature light versionof the Xperia neo and keeps the same overall body design butgains a white colour option in lieu of the red one offered forthe Xperia neo. Sony Ericsson hasnt cut too much in termsof features as the Xperia neo V still sports a 1GHz QualcommMSM8255 SoC, 512MB of RAM, 320MB of user accessiblememory and a 3.7-inch 854x480 screen.In fact, the only difference that weve managed to find is thecamera, which has been changed to a 5 Megapixel unit over an8 Megapixel model in the Xperia neo. The Xperia neo V willalso be Sony Ericssons first handset to ship with Android 2.3.4as its default OS, but as the other models are getting updated,this isnt exactly a key selling point either. In fact, we cant quitefigure out why Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia neo V, asits so similar to the Xperia neo that its hard telling the twoapart. No word on pricing yet, but wed expect the Xperia neoV to come in at less than Xperia neo when it arrives sometimein Q4. 28