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SGcafe Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Vocaloid News For Otaku 2012 Issue 3
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SGcafe Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Vocaloid News For Otaku 2012 Issue 3

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A monthly roundup of SGcafe.com News covering anime, manga, cosplay, vocaloid, dollfie, hatsune miku, otaku, akb48, jpop

A monthly roundup of SGcafe.com News covering anime, manga, cosplay, vocaloid, dollfie, hatsune miku, otaku, akb48, jpop

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  • 1. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CulturePre-Orders Open For GoodSmile’s “Penguindrum”NendoroidSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/pre-orders-open-for-good-smiles-penguindrum-nendoroid/By Mello on May 22nd, 2012 The Princess of the Crystal nendoroid will include three different facial expressions, two leg poses, as well as Penguin number one, two and three, allowing you to pose her standing on top of their heads. Her skirt, scarf and frilly parts on her arms can be removed allowing you to pose all the stages of her famous transformation scene as well. The pre-painted PVC nendoroid stands about 100mm tall and is priced at 3,334プ.Good Smile Company will be releasing Nendoroid No.243,Princess of the Crystal ( ププププププププププププププププ ) from theanime “Mawaru Penguindrum” ( ププププププププ ) in September2012.Mawaru Penguindrum is about a terminally ill girl, HimariTakakura, miraculously saved from death by a strange spiritwho lives in a penguin-shaped hat. However, in exchange forextending her life, the spirit tasks Himari’s brothers, Kanbaand Shouma, to seek out an item known as the PenguinDrum with assistance from a trio of strange penguins. WhenHimari puts on the hat, she is magically transformed into thePrincess of the Crystal. Pre-orders for the nendoroid can be made at Play-Asia or CDJapan. Soucre: JPopAsia 1
  • 2. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSanrio x Puella Magi MadokaMagica Collaboration: MyMelody ★ KuromiSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/sanrio-x-puella-magi-madoka-magica-collaboration-my-melody-%E2%98%85-kuromi/By Mycstea on May 22nd, 2012Hit TV anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica to receive a crosscollaboration between Sanrio, with My Melody and Kuromidrawn with a distinctive Madoka and Homura look. My Melody and Kuromi merchandises will be available in July. Source: Walkerplus PlayStation Vita “Crystal White” Wifi-only and 3G/ Wifi dated and priced, Hatsune Miku Limited Edition available for Singapore releaseSanrio, company famous for it’s franchise of Hello Kitty, has Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/playstation-vita-crystal-white-wifi-modified their characters My Melody and Kuromi to look only-and-3gwifi-officially-dated-for-singapore-release/like the main characters Madoka and Homura from hit TV By shia on May 22nd, 2012anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.My Melody and Kuromi are both rabbits from the Hello Kittyfranchise and reflect well on the personalities and look of Sony Computer Enterainment Hong Kong(SCEH) hasthe PMMM characters. Similar to Madoka’s personality to announced 21st May 2012, the availability of the PlayStationa certain extent from her own anime Onegai My Melody, Vita “Crystal While” Wifi-only(PCH-1006 ZA02) and 3G/My Melody is a cheerful and optimistic rabbit who is Wifi(PCH-1106 ZA02) for the Singapore market on 10thscatterbrain at times. Kuromi however is similar to Homura July, 2012 at the suggested retail price of SGD399 andmore on her “cool” exterior but passionate inner self. SGD469 respectively. The Hatsune Miku Limited EditionA range of products are to be released from this line 3G/Wifi Pack will be released on the 30th August 2012;as ofincluding mugs, phone straps, notepad, handkerchiefs and post time, there has been no confirmation of the price or theplush toys. availability of the Wifi-only model. In celebration of the offer , SCEH will be giving customers(for a limited time only) who purchase any PS Vita 3G/Wifi model(Crystal White/Black) a special voucher code for the games WipEout ™ 2048 and Touch My Katamari™ which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network . 2
  • 3. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The Hatsune Miku pack will be of limited quantity and will include the following. • PlayStation®Vita HATSUNE MIKU Limited Edition 3G/Wi-Fi Model • PS Vita Exclusive software NEXT HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVAプTentativeプ • Memory Card 4GB • Original Design Protective Film • Original Design AR Card • Trooper Pack for PlayStation®Vita (WHITE)Exclusive to the Asia region, SCEH is offering a TrooperPack(White) at the suggested retail price of SGD17.90. • USB Cable ×1 • AC Adaptor ×1 • Power Cord ×1 • Booklet ×1 Source: Sony Asia, Next Hatsune Miku Project DIVA(Tentative) OHP Kannagi Manga’s Takenashi Reveals Ailment Behind Her Hiatus Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/kannagi-mangas-takenashi-reveals- ailment-behind-her-hiatus/SCEH will begin selling IN-Ear headset Crystal White(PCH- By Mello on May 22nd, 2012ZHS1 GYW) for the Playstation Vita in Singapore at thebeginning of July at the price of SGD 19.90.NEXT HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA(tentative) is thelatest installment in the HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVAseries of games. While preserving the original game play of“pressing the buttons as the vocaloid sings”, the addition ofthe “scratching” action will give rise to a new dimension ofentertainment. The graphics has been given an upgrade ,new costumes are also added along with new songs to The seventh volume of Eri Takenashi’s manga, Kannagi, hasprovide a experience for new and old players of the series. finally shipped after three and a half years. She revealed in the manga that she had been on hiatus since early November 2008, when she was admitted to hospital for a surgery for cubarachnoid hermorrage, a disease which causes bleeding in the area between the brain and the tissues that cover the brain. The surgery was successful with no major side effects, however, she finds that she is easily tired as compared to before. With her health at stake, she has now decided to put her health before her work. Takenashi also mentioned that she has choosen to reveal her illness only now as she was in a state of frustration and anxiety at that time. She hopes to be able to draw more soon. Kannagi is about Nagi-sama, a goddess who comes to life before an art student when he carves a statue from a Kannagi tree. Takenashi had been creating the manga in Comic Rex 3
  • 4. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonesince the magazine debuted in December of 2005. At least 2million copies of the first six volumes have been printed.Bandai Entertainment has released both the Kannagi anime(2008) and the original manga in North America.Source : Comic Natalie, Anime News NetworkBorderlands® 2 LimitedEdition Ultimate loot chestannounced for Singapore The Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition comes with theSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/borderlands-2-limited-edition- following :ultimate-loot-chest-announced-for-singapore/By shia on May 22nd, 2012 • Borderlands 2 Game • Marcus Kincaid bobblehead • Replica Borderlands loot chest • Field notes from Sir Hammerlock • Inside the vault hardbound book • Set of 4 stickers • Cloth map • Set of 4 lithograph postcards • Creatures of Pandora wide format ID chart • Numbered certificate of authenticity • Comic book(digital) download codes The Ultimate Loot Chest will be available for the PC, PS3 and XBOX360 version of the game. Pricing and pre order details are not confirmed as of post time. The game will be out on September21, 2012 and has yet to be rated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.2K Games and Gearbox Software announced over the Source : OHP,weekend the Borderlands® 2 Ultimate Loot Chest LimitedEdition.Borderlands 2 is the Sequel to the the hit game Borderlands, Persona 4′s Naoto gets awhich was a four-player cooperative shooter that combined spin-off Novelfast-paced first person combat with character building . Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/persona-4s-naoto-gets-a-spin-off-Borderlands 2 is set 5 years after the events of Borderlands, novel/where the four vault hunters exposed the secrets of the By Mello on May 22nd, 2012Eridian Vault. A man called Handsome Jack has taken creditfor the vault hunters’ actions and claimed the wealth of theVault, allowing him to take over the Hyperion Corporationand effectively gain dominion over Pandora. Promisingto clean the lawless planet up, Handsome Jack embarkson a campaign to exterminate Pandora’s existing colonistpopulation and industrialize the planet.The player begins fighting to the death to win a pricelesscache of loot in a gladiatorial tournament run by HandsomeJack for his personal amusement. The player succeeds butHandsome Jack betrays him and leaves the player for dead.The player is rescued by the mysterious Guardian Angelfrom the first game and directs the player to rescue the fouroriginal vault hunters from Handsome Jack. 4
  • 5. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneRecently, Persona 4 seems to be slowly taking over the worldby storm, figures and merchandise have been popping upeverywhere, early waiting for us to place our orders. Sincethe game’s original launch, we’ve seen the game inspiringboth an anime series, manga series and even a fighting game.Next in line however, is a spin-off novel series to the PS2game.Persona 4 X Detective Naotoプププププ×ププNAOTO プ, is set ayear after the events of the original game. It stars 17 yearold ace detective Naoto Shirogane, the only member of theoriginal Investigation Team with actual detective experience(and a gun license). The story will feature Naoto at a newschool in a new town, investigating a rash of mysteriousdisappearances, as well as sporting a new hairstyle. The phone will have a customized 3D launcher “Magi” which uses the SH-06′s 3D technology to give users a 3D menu that does not require any special glasses.Front cover of the first volume. Pardon the small image,as it is currently available at a resolution friendly only toJapanese cellphones.Persona X Detective Naoto will be written by NatsukiMamiya and Illusturated by Shuji Sogabe (who drew theother Persona mangas). The front cover is drawn by originalPersona 4 artist, Shigenori Soejima. The novel will bepublished by Degenki comics and priced at 704プ. No releasedate is issued yet for the novel, but rumors are that it will beout next Spring.Usually, there’s a good reason to be suspicious of most game“tie-in” properties, but with this one it’s not going to beyet another retelling of the main story. Fans of Naoto, itseems like we’re all in for a treat. Meanwhile, do commenton whether you’re in favor of Naoto’s new hairdo. It comes loaded with lots of unique contents. Featured belowSource: Dengeki Bunk is the game “Attack of The 8th Angel”.Evangelion 3.0 andNTTDocomo tie-up for NervphoneSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/evangelion-3-0-and-nttdocomo-tie-up-for-nerv-phone/By shia on May 22nd, 2012In commemoration of the Evangelion 3.0 movie, NTTDocomo has launched a limited edition Nerv mobile phonerunning on the Android platform. The phone would be madeby Sharp and the base model would be the Sharp AquosSH-06D and there will only be 30,000 units.The phone will have its own custom casing. 5
  • 6. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneOne notable feature is the inclusion of a 3D model viewerthat utilizes the 3D feature of the phone to let the user view Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae3D model data that will be in the Evangelion 3.0 movie. Areba Kankei Nai yo ne anime announced Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/onii-chan-dakedo-ai-sae-areba- kankei-nai-yo-ne-anime-announced/ By shia on May 22nd, 2012Other notable contents are the inclusions of original themes,wallpapers and emoticons that are only unique to this phone. Media Factory has just announced the conversion of popular light novel, “Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne”(Even if (he is)my brother, as long as there is love everything is ok) into an anime. The teaser site will be opened on the 23rd of May. The story revolves around Akito, who was separated from his twin sister, Akiko while they were young, and after some circumstances, They are living together again and going to the same high school. Akiko has a severe brother complex while Akito fends off his younger sister’s advances in a light hearted romance comedy. The story is written by Daisuke Suzuki since 2010 with illustrations by Gekka Uruu. It is currently in its 6th volume and there is a manga adaptation going on in Comic Alive magazine. Suzuki’s previous works include the hilarious “Goshuusho- sama Ninomiya-kun“. It is a romance comedy about a hetero-phobic succubus who lives in with the male protagonist. Image © 2012 Daisuke Suzuki, Media Factory/Oniai Production Committee Source : ANN, Yaraon!, Japanese Wikipedia Devil Summoners: Soul Hackers 3DS Official Site Launched Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/devil-summoners-soul-hackers-3ds- official-site-launched/The pre-order for the phone begins on the 16 of June and itwill be on sale in the latter half of June. No price has beengiven yet.Source : OHP 6
  • 7. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Mello on May 22nd, 2012The official site for the 3DS remake of Devil SummonerSoul Hackers has opened, as of now, only the Characterinformation and World sections are partially revealed. Asection detailing what’s new for the 3DS will be revealed at alater date, as well as the availability of wallpapers and twittericons. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers was first released for theThe website confirmed that the port will be released in Japan Sega Saturn in November 1997, the tenth anniversary ofin August 30th 2012. The game will be priced at 6279プ. “Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei”, the first game in the Megami Tensei series. It was then released for the Playstation in 1999. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is the second installment of the Devil Summoner series and is set at a lower difficulty than other games in the Megami Tensei series, allowing an easier introduction to new gamers to the series. Source: Famitsu Hyouka Real Life Locales a Sight to Behold Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/hyouka-real-life-locales-a-sight-to- behold/ By Mycstea on May 22nd, 2012Various enhancements known for the port include improved Japanese fans of TV anime Hyouka has visited the Chitandaloading times, additional battle animations and full voice estate, in real life.acting. Atlus is also working with animation studio Statelight(Macross Frontier), who created a new opening anime forPersona 2: Innocent Sin to create a new opening video forthe game. (the original opening will also be included in thegame.)Cast list information for now include:プ Masahiro Sakurai – ププ ププ Kazuya Nakai » Late night TV anime Hyouka has always been the subjectShinjiro Aragaki (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3), Soma of praise with regards to it’s high production values and(God Eater), Hyoun (Shining Wind) gorgeous visuals. Based on a novel by Hobobu Yonezawa, TVプ Shingo Sako – ププ ププ Daisuke Ono » anime Hyouka (ププ) is an anime adapted by acclaimed animeSebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji), Nine (Final Fantasy studio Kyoto Animation.Type-0), Fredrick (Fire Emblem: Kakusei) Houtarou, a regular student in Kamiyama High School, is compelled to join the Classic Literature Club in his school 7
  • 8. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneon his sister’s “request”. He meets an interesting cast ofcharacters who eventually join the club as well, one of whichis Eru Chitanda, the leader of the Classic Literature Club.During a progression in the plot of episode 4, the group goesto Chitanda’s home in an effort to analyze and solve theevents that happened 45 years ago.Similar to the reaction of the cast, fans of the anime havevisited the estate Chitanda’s house was based on and was inawe at the accuracy and beauty of the giant complex.With it’s rich heritage preserved, Kamoso (プププ), is a wellpreserved tourist attraction located along the Shin-ToumeiExpressway. It is known for it’s great range of flowers in theirorchards (not featured in the anime), as well as their restingkiosk which sells traditionally made food. The Chitandaestate in Hyouka is based on Kamoso.One can surely enjoy a leisurely time sipping away green teaand munching on traditional snacks while gazing upon thegreat variety of flowers. You can visit Kamoso’s website here. 8
  • 9. May 22nd, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Source: Otanews 9
  • 10. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureNippon Ichi opens teaser sitefor new PS Vita game; part of20th anniversary projectSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/nippon-ichi-opens-teaser-site-for-new-ps-vita-game-part-of-20th-anniversary-project/By KarbyP on May 24th, 2012A visually-arresting piece of artwork depicting a girl andseveral silhouettes, plus a line of Japanese text that roughlytranslates to “for inspiration, we looked at things that liebeyond the veil of everyday life” – that’s what you get Kadokawa Comic’s “Another”, story by Yukitowhen you head over to Nippon Ichi’s new teaser site for an Ayatsuji, illustrations Hiro Kiyoharaupcoming PS Vita title; the second part in the company’s Like we mentioned, this mysterious Vita title is but the20th anniversary project. second in a series of games being developed as part ofAt this point in time we know absolutely nothing about this Nippon Ichi’s 20th anniversary project. The first title undernew PS Vita title – who the characters are, what kind of the project was previously revealed to be an RPG featuringsetting, game genre… heck, we don’t even know what the character designs by Noizi Ito, whose name you mightgame’s supposed to be called! Nippon Ichi has chosen to play recognise as the illustrator for the Suzumiya Haruhi seriesit coy, so we’ll just have to wait until they decide to spill the of light novels.beans.That said, judging from the teaser site artwork, Japaneseforum-goers are speculating that Hiro Kiyohara, themangaka behind Another, might possibly be responsiblefor the game’s visuals. An anime adaptaion of Anotherpreviously ran in Japan from January to March. 1
  • 11. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone has launched a new collborative project with Good Smile Company. Sakuma Drops: Character Vocal Series features your favorite fruity hard candy in special Vocaloid packaging, plus a bonus phone strap.Above: artwork for the first game under Nippon Ichi’s 20thanniversary projectSource: Nippon Ichi Software 20th Aniversary Project #2Vocaloid Sakuma Drops HitsStore Shelves in JapanSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/vocaloid-sakuma-drops-hits-store-shelves-in-japan/By magnetic_rose on May 24th, 2012Sakuma Drops — best known for their pivotal role in theStudio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Hakka), 2
  • 12. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Akito Himenokouji – Ryota Ousaka (Yuki Sanada from Tsuritama) Akiko Himenokouji – Ibuki Kido (New comer) Haruomi Ginbei Sawatari – Asami Shimoda (Ami from Idolm@ster series) Anastasia Nasuhara – Minori Chihara (Nagato from Haruhi) Arashi Nikaido – Eri Kitamura (Karen from Nisemonogatari) The story revolves around Akito, who was separated from his twin sister, Akiko while they were young, and after some circumstances, they are living together again and going to the same high school. Akiko has a severe brother complex while Akito fends off his younger sister’s advances in a light hearted romance comedy. Source : Official Site,ANN Sea☆A’s 3rd Single Friendship Birthday ☆Arashi no Yoru ni☆ on sale now Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/sea%E2%98%86as-3rd-single-Each tin will retail for JPY 500 each, and are available in friendship-birthday-on-sale-now/Japanese convenience stores, or online via Karuwaza Online. By shia on May 24th, 2012Source: Mikatan Blog Sea#A an anisong unit from south east asia under the care of Lantis has released their 3rd single on May 23, 2012.Brother Complex love comedy“Oniai” cast announcedSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/brother-complex-love-comedy-oniai-cast-announced/By shia on May 24th, 2012 Their 3rd single #Friendship Birthday ########## (Friendship Birthday ~Like a hurricane~) is the opening theme for the anime######## ###########(Like a hurricane ~Secret friends~). The Limited Edition includes a CD and DVD which includes the following CD -The webpage for Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei 1. Friendship Birthday #########(FriendshipNai yo ne (Oniai) anime adaptation has been updated with Birthday ~Like a hurricane~)cast and staff information . The animation staff will be from 2. ###########(Shiawase#ranranran)Silver Link (Baka Test, Tasogare X Amnesia) and will be out 3. Friendship Birthday ##########English version#this fall. 4. Friendship Birthday ######### (instrumental)The cast will feature new talents and old veterans alike. 3
  • 13. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 5. ########### (instrumental) By Mello on May 24th, 2012DVD - 1. Friendship Birthday######### (Music Clip) 2. Friendship Birthday######### English ver. (Music Clip) 3. Behind the scenesLimited Edition(DVD included)Product code#LACM-34937Price #1,800 Yen With the ton of Persona 4 merchandise rapidly being churned out, seeming to put the likes of Persona 3 on theNormal Edition back of our minds, here’s one piece of Persona merchandiseProduct code#LACM-4937 to remind us of the well loved PlayStation RPG. The protagonist of Atlus’ Persona 3, also known as MinatoPrice #1,200 Yen Arisato, will be released by Figurearts as a non-scale PVC figure on September 27, 2012. The figure will stand at 155mm tall and is priced at 2,940 yen. The figure will come with 2 right arms, one holding a tarot card, and the other an evoker. He is seen being posed with Death, who is not included in the set.The limited edition comes with the DVD and costs 1,800yen,while the normal edition costs 1,200yen.Sea#A is an anisong unit comprising of 3 Singaporeans and aMalaysian, the name Sea#A is a acronym of “South east asia# Anime” as they come from South East Asia (SEA), the starin the name is used to signify to aim to become a top idol andanime is to represent their love for Japanese animations.Sea#A will be performing at Anime Festival Asia Malaysiaon the 10th of June 2012. More information can be found atAFA:Malaysia’s Homepage here.Source : Sea#A OHPFor pre-order: Persona 3′sprotagonist (155mm-tallfigure) Persona 3 was first released in July 2006 for the Playstation 2, the well received game was then ported to the PSP inSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/persona-3s-protagonist-for-pre- November 2009, with additional character routes, eventsorder/ and relationships added to the original game. The game has since inspired a manga series, a spin-off anime series, drama CDs and various merchandise as well. 4
  • 14. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZonePersona 3′s Protagonist figure can be preordered atTamachii.Source: BandaiDmC: Devil May Cry to launchin 2013Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/dmc-devil-may-cry-to-launch-in-2013/By Mello on May 24th, 2012 Capcom has also released details of a new character, Kat. A former runaway that joined The Order early in her life, she is a psychic and therefore can see demons in Limbo. However, she cannot physically interact with them, only acting as a guide to Dante. DmC: Devil May Cry will be the first installment in the series since January 2008′s Devil May Cry 4. The game will be fully playable at Capcom’s booth at E3 next month. Source: MTV MultiplayerNinja Theory’s Devil May Cry title, DmC: Devil May Cry willlaunch this coming January in North America, Europe and The 6th International MangaJapan. Capcom has confirmed that the game will hit the AwardsXbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 15 2013 in N.A. and Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/the-6th-international-manga-Europe, and on January 17 2013 in Japan. A PC version is awards/scheduled for release later in the year.DmC Devil May Cry will be fully localized with voice talentin English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Polish,Dutch, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese languages will besupported via localized text.Ninja Theory’s DmC will feature a redesigned version ofDevil May Cry’s protagonist, Dante, a younger version of thefamiliar character in the modern world. A prequel to thecurrent series, the Dante of this game is still coming to termswith being the child of a demon and an angel. However, thiscould be seen as an advantage as he will be able to call uponangel and demon abilities at will, transforming his Rebellionsword into a holy scythe or a devilish axe. 5
  • 15. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy magnetic_rose on May 24th, 2012 that their Manga artists consent to their works being submitted. How to Apply - The application period is from 27 April 2012 to 15 June 2012 (entries must arrive by 15 June). - Applications should be sent to either: P.O.Box MBE 703 The Sixth International Manga Award Executive Committee, Yanagiya Taiyo Building 1F, Nihombashi Muromachi 4-3-16, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, JAPAN; OR Local Japanese Embassies or Consulates General; -Two copies of the works must be submitted (additional copies may be requested for works which win the award). - Please ensure the entry form, filled in either in English or Japanese, is attached to the works. - The submitted works will not be returned to applicants. Therefore, if works have not yet been published, the original should be retained by the artist. We might donate submitted works to public organisations, or exhibit them. Prize - The Gold Award of the Sixth International Manga Award will be given to the best Manga and approximately three works of merit will receive the Silver Award. - Winners will be invited to Japan for around 10 days asThe International Manga Award was established to share supplementary prize for the award ceremony (except forJapanese pop culture and to help promote understanding Bronze Award).of Japan. It was created to honor Manga artists who havecontributed to the promotion of Manga overseas. This is the - The award ceremony will be held in Tokyo in January 2013.6th such award, the selection of which was officially decidedto be carried out at the 6th International Manga Award For more information, complete rules, and entry forms,Executive committee. visit: manga-award.jp/.Entries will be accepted for the 6th International MangaAward from April 27. Application Period is until 15 June Famitsu unveils Next Hatsune2012.The Golden Prize of the 6th International Manga Award will Miku’s official name, ARbe given to the best Manga from all the entries and three mode, 2 new songsdistinguished works will receive the Silver Prize. In addition, Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/famitsu-unveils-next-hatsune-mikus-the Japan Foundation will invite the prize winners to Japan official-name-ar-mode-2-new-songs/to attend the award ceremony. They will also have meeting By KarbyP on May 24th, 2012with Japanese Manga artists and visit publishing companies,etc., in Japan.Conditions of Entry- The Manga works (24 or more pages) must be producedin countries outside Japan. Both published and unpublishedworks are eligible except works which received the pastManga Awards.- The Mangaworks should be produced within three years ofdate for apply.- The works must be submitted in printed form as a rule. Sega has finally decided on an official name for Next Hatsune- Overseas publishing companies are permitted to apply for Miku Project Diva (working title). The game is now knownthe Sixth International Manga Award only if they confirm as “Hatsune Miku Project Diva f”, this week’s Famitsu magazine reveals. 6
  • 16. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe “f” in the title most likely stands for “Future”, which iswhat the kanji writing for “Miku”, or ##, translates to (thesame kanji characters are more commonly read as “mirai”).Also in this week’s issue: a quick look at the game’saugmented-reality feature, and screenshots depicting themusic videos for two new songs - ”Melancholic” and“Himitsu Keisatsu” (Secret Police).Augmented Reality (Pic 2) Hatsune Miku Project Diva f will feature an augmented- reality mode that allows you to take photos with the virtual idol using the PS Vita’s built-in cameras. Details are scarce in the Famitsu story, and not much is known – it’s not mentioned if the functionality will work with both the front and back-facing cameras, or just one of them – except that you will be able to play around with Miku’s poses and expressions to better fit the environment. To demonstrate this, the Famitsu article shows pictures of Hatsune Miku resting on your bed, standing around in your kitchen, stretching in front of a window pane, and even one of Miku sharing an umbrella with a person in the rain. The Famitsu story also hints at other AR features besides photo-taking. Melancholic (artist: Junky) 7
  • 17. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneA popular Kagamine Rin song with over 1 million views Buriru’s Himitsu Keisatsu (Secret Police) is a tune whoseon Nico Nico Douga, Melancholic tells the story of a 14- high-tempo beats have a certain evocative energy to it.year-old girl who’s not very honest with her feelings of Unlike Melancholic, Famitsu notes that this is the first timeromantic affection. Famitsu mentions that this is the first the tune has been included – ever – in a rhythm-action game.time Melancholic has been included in a Project Diva title. The PV takes place in a live house with an atmosphereWhat they didn’t mention, however, is that the song was resembling that of the interrogation room at a police station,previously featured in Hatsune Miku and Future Stars and the entire performance is set-up in a way that makes youProject Mirai for the 3DS. feel like a criminal suspect getting grilled by officer Hatsune Miku. Interestingly, in this PV Miku is carrying and singingThe song comes with a matching “Melancholic” Kagamine into one of those police radio mics instead the usual karaokeRin module (see: bottom-left of scan) that, if past games type.are any indication, will be unlocked when you clear thissong under certain conditions. This module and many of the The matching module for this song is “Dark Agent” Hatsuneobjects used in the music video – such as the giraffe you Miku.see in one of the screenshots – are designed by renownedVocaloid illustrator Chiho-P. KEI’s Hatsune Miku module Last but not least, the Famitsu story also mentions a HatsuneHimitsu Keisatsu (artist: ### or Buriru) Miku module that’s being done by KEI, the illustrator who originally designed Hatsune Miku and did all the initial sketches. 8
  • 18. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The staff and cast will be unchanged from the TV anime series. As of post time the theatrical release date is unconfirmed. Hanasaku Iroha revolves around Matsumae Ohana, a girl who was sent to live with her grandmother in a Taisho period style hotsprings inn after her mother leaves her for her boyfriend. Hanasaku Iroha is a heartwarming story about her adapting to a new environment and overcoming difficulties that life throws at her. The anime aired from April 3rd, 2011 to September 25th, 2011. There are a total of 9 DVD/Blu-ray volumes and the last volume was released on March 21st 2012. The character designer for Hanasaku Iroha is Kishida Mel who was here in Singapore during STGCC 2011. Source : OHP, ANN, STGCC 2011 Next “Tales of” game teased in commercial Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/next-tales-of-game-teased-in- commercial/ By Mello on May 24th, 2012That’s all we know about Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, fornow! We’ll let you know as soon as more details emerge. Inthe meantime, read more stories about Hatsune Miku hereon SGCafe!For the full story on Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, grab a copyof this week’s Weekly Famitsu, on sale in Japan ThursdayMay 24. In Singapore, Kinokuniya usually has the magazinesin either on a Friday or the following Monday – let us knowin the comments below if you know when! A teaser commercial for the next “Tales of” game has beenHanasaku Iroha Movie released by Namco Bandai during the broadcast of JapaneseAnnounced music program Hey! Hey! Hey! The commercial recaps previous games in the “Tales of” series, listing their variousSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/hanasaku-iroha-movie-announced/ catch phrases and then ending with some artwork for theBy shia on May 24th, 2012 new game. It also includes the catch phrase, ”Are youThe Hanasaku Iroha production committee has finally prepared to destroy the world for a girl”, for the new game.announced that “Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home” will Created in 1994, the “Tales of” series now spans overbe a theatrical release. twelve flagship titles, fifteen side games and four animated productions. Similar to many Japanese role-playing game series, most games or media of the series are unrelated to each other beyond certain elements. The games in the series have been divided into two types: Mothership Titles, the flagship games of the series, and Escort Titles, which are side-stories from the series. The new game is said to be a Mothership title. 9
  • 19. May 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe game will be officially announced at the Tales of Festivalwhich is held on the 2nd and 3rd of June, but keep your eyespeeled for another commercial which will be released on the28th.Source: Famitsu 10
  • 20. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku Madoka Kaname emerges and Japanese Pop Culture from the anime series and into your life [doll mode]New Atelier Ayesha trailer Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/kaname-madoka-doll-to-be-(Events chapter) doesn’t cut released/ By Mello on May 26th, 2012you off so abruptlySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/new-atelier-ayesha-trailer-events-chapter-doesnt-cut-you-off-so-abruptly/By KarbyP on May 26th, 2012If you’ve been wondering about how Atelier Ayesha: The Mediacom Toy will be releasing the Real Action HerosAlchemist of Twilight Land (アアアアアアアアア アアアアアアアアアアア MGM: Kaname Madoka doll. MGM stands for Mediacomア) – the 14th main entry in the Gust’s long-running Atelier Toy, Good Smile Company and Max Factory as this dollseries of RPGs – stacks up compared to past titles, maybe is a collaboration between the three companies. ProjectGust’s latest trailer for the game can help. planning was done by GSC, the head is made by Max Factory based on the figma faces, and the body and clothes are fromUnlike the previous digest trailer or the mesmerising Medicom Toy.opening intro, this one doesn’t cut you off just seconds into ascenario, giving you a better idea of the atmosphere in threeevent scenes from the upcoming PS3 title.Event 1 – Ayesha visits a grocery store, and casually asks theshop owner, Regina, about business.Event 2 – Wilbell Voll-Erslied, who appears to be a mage, isattracted to Atelier’s “scent”. Wilbell: “The scent of a magicuser… sweet as candy.”Event 3 – Ayesha visits the grave of her sister, Mio, and isshocked when Mio’s spirit suddenly manifests in front of her.Atelier Ayesha comes out for the PlayStation 3 on June 28in Japan.アアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア. 1
  • 21. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe non-scale doll from the anime Puella Magi Madoka By Mello on May 26th, 2012Magica ( アアアアアアアアアアア ) will stand at around 275mm,more than 1 and a half times bigger compared to bthe 1/8PVC figure and figma. The queue at 10pm the night before. Diablo III has somehow given fans a boost of energy. That is, enough energy to queue from night to the next day to receive their game. Thousands of fans turned up from 9pm the night before the launch, waiting in line to collect their copy of the game. The number of people in queue only dwindled around 5pm the next day.The skirt and petticoat of the doll will be made with realfabric, enhancing the look of the puffy frills, while the top ofthe dress and gloves will be made with PVC. The companieshave tried to make it seem as if Madoka just walked out ofthe anime world into reality, hence they took special careto select the right materials for each part. She will alsocome with several replaceable expressions and hand poses.Optional additional parts such as her bow and arrow andKyubey will be announced at a later date. The launch event was held at Funan It Mall, (supposedly) from 9am to 9pm at the main atrium of the mall. Collection counters were set up as well as booths selling Diablo III Razer merchandise and Diablo Tshirts. Blizzard Brand Director Ben Hsieh and Cinematics Dircctor, Mark Messenger, were here to grace the event as well asShe will be released in December 2012, mean while keep autograph any Diablo III merchandise you wanted them toyour eyes peeled for preorder slots. sign.Source: MikaTan The countdown ended at 3pm with a rain of confetti, while gamers continued queuing in line to receive their copy ofDiablo III’s launch opens the the game. Hourly lucky draws were also being drawn and winners walked away with Diablo III mice, mousepads,Gates of Hell headsets as well as tshirts.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/diablo-iiis-launch-event-draws-crowds/ 2
  • 22. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 11-year wait had finally come to an end, as Diablo IIIcontinues the critically-acclaimed series, returning playersto Sanctuary to confront evil once again. Sanctuary, a world Systemsaved many years ago from the forces of the underworld by The new banner system as well as the recurring Hardcoreseveral powerful heros. No doubt they all faced the armies of mode will be welcomed by seasoned players of the game asthe Burning Hells, not all of them were fortunate to return. the banner system will visually represent the achievementsSome even went mad from the experience. players earn throughout the game such as defeating bosses,The game boasts new indoor and outdoor regions in the progressing in PvP and playing a Hardcore-mode character.world of Sanctuary, a new auction house system, interactive Much like a trophy display for Diablo III achievements. Theenvironments, a new quest system and characterization Hardcore mode is available in all four difficulty levels andoptions, as well as a new skill system and advanced social players can create Hardcore characters once they are at levelfeatures. 10. however, players choosing to play in Hardcore mode will only be allowed to play and trade items with other Hardcore characters in the Hardcore version of the auction house. Tales of the World: Tactics Union to be released on Android Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/tales-of-the-world-tactics-union-to- be-released-on-android/ By Mello on May 26th, 2012ClassesUnlike it’s predecessors, the only recurring class availableis the babarian, the other four classes are the witch doctor,wizard, monk and demon hunter.BabarianThis heavily armed guardian of Mount Arreat is equippedwith powerful abilities and moves to eliminate the demonicbeings. Armed with various heavy weapons, this class isdefinitely ready to face the horde of the Burning Hells.Witch DoctorHailing from the Tribe of the Five Hills of the Umbaru race,this class has the spells and alchemical powers to summonally creatures as well as produce fiery concoctions to destroyany demon who dares to step in their path.WizardThe wizard eliminates hordes of the Burning Hells bystriking them with lighting bolts, channeling explosivearcane energies and manipulating space and time.Monk There’s yet another upcoming new Tales of game, but it won’tA need for speed can certainly be used to describe the be found on a console or handheld system. Namco BandaiMonk. This class defeats demons by sending out a series of has announced a new mobile Tales of game, Tales of thelighting-fast blows. Also armed with holy fevor, the journey World: Tactics Union, but sorry iPhone owners, you won’tto physical and spiritual perfection leaves this warrior a get to enjoy this game as it will only be released for Androiddeadly apparition. devices. The game will be distributed by Japanese mobile provider, KDDI.Demon HunterTo track down and destroy all demonic beings that threatenhumanity is the demon hunter’s creed. Armed with a pair ofdual crossbows, this deadly class can craft a load of gadgetsand traps for use at the battlefields of Sanctuary. 3
  • 23. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone to be able to take advantage of the features of controlling the game on a touch screen compared to on a console or handheld device. Gamers will also be able to fight as party unlike other Tales games where you have to control each character individually even as a party. Namco Bandai will also be creating new artwork for the game’s conversation scenes. Other details will be released at a later date.This game brings Tales of characters from previous gamestogether in a crossover tactics RPG game. The charactersconfirmed for the game are:Lloyd Irving from Tales of SymphoniaNorma Beatty from Tales of LegendiaGuy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss The game will be free to play with options to purchaseNatalia L.K. Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss additional download items. Users are also required to subscribe to KDDI’s Smartpass program to access the game,Rubia Natwick from Tales of Tempest which costs an additional 390 yen per month. The game will be released on 2nd July 2012. MoreFlynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia information can be found on the game’s main site.Sophie from Tales of Graces Source: 4GamerAsbel Lhant from Tales of Graces Yakuza 5 reveals newThe game will take place in a newly created world, Revaria,and two new mascot characters have been created for the character, Haruka nowgame. Terun resembles a star, Nahato looks like a moon. playable Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/yakuza-5-reveals-new-character- haruka-now-playable/ By Mello on May 26th, 2012Terun The new website for Yakuza 5 has been revealed, and with it comes information of the new characters and locations that will be in the upcoming game. Recurring characters include Kazuma Kiryu, Taiga Saejima, Shun Akiyama and Haruka Sawamura, with Haruka being one of the main characters this time, in other words, she will be a playable character.NahatoTales of the World: Tactics Union will make use oftouchscreen controls for gameplay. Namco Bandai hopes 4
  • 24. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneTatsuo Shinada, the newest addition to the group is a former Nagoya – Kineichobaseball player. He was fired fifteen years ago based on asuspicion that he delt with baseball bettings, but there is apossibility that he may have been innocent. He is currentlystruggling withe debt and lives in poverty as a writer.The new locations for the game are as listed:Tokyo – Kamurocho Yakuza 5 continues where the previous game has left off, Kiryu has since left Okinawa and is now a taxi driver in Fukuoka. Charged with killing 18 people, Saejima is currently serving a prison sentence when he hears that Akiyama has come to Osaka on business. Haruka has also arrived in Osaka, choosing to leave Okinawa to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an idol. She lives on her ownOsaka – Soutenbori and rehearses her performances by herself, but it turns out the talent agency she’s with has other plans. She will also have a surprise reunion with Shun.Fukuoka – Nagasukai The game is set for release on the Playstation 3 in December. Source: Famitsu My Melody x Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collabo Merchandise Out in Summer Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/my-melody-x-puella-magi-madoka-Sapporo – Tsuimino magica-collabo-merchandise-out-in-summer/ 5
  • 25. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy magnetic_rose on May 26th, 2012 By Mello on May 26th, 2012Sanrio — the company behind Hello Kitty and other famouskawaii properties, will be putting out a collaboration linewith seminal anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Dubbed the My Melody x Puella Magi Madoka Magicaproject, the line will feature My Melody as Madoka andKuromi as Homura. Namco Bandai will be opening the Tekken Museum setAll merch will first be available in July via Animega retails up in a special corner of the Osaka Nihonbashi Namcostores in Japan. Other locations will be supplied soon after. tomorrow. The museum will showcase goods, figures, artwork as well as life-size statues of your favorite Tekken fighters. Fans of the franchise who are entering the special tournament to commemorate the museum’s opening will be able to recieve tips from WCG Tekken Champion Novi (ア ア) and top female Tekken player Yuyu (アアアア) at the launch event.Source: CrunchyrollNamco Bandai opens TekkenMuseum in OsakaSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/namco-bandai-opens-tekken-museum-in-osaka/ 6
  • 26. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Apart from the touchscreen gestures, the game will also make use of the Vita’s back-facing camera.In addition to the launch event, the museum will alsohold mini tournaments every second and fourth Sunday ofthe month during which players can receive special prizes.The items showcased at the museum will also be switchedmonthly, so it’s worth more than just one visit. Best of all,admission is free.Source: 4Gamer Source: EurogamerGet ready to Jet Set Radio onyour PS Vita Street Fighter 25thSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/get-ready-to-jet-set-radio-on-your-ps-vita/ Anniversary Collector’s setBy KarbyP on May 26th, 2012 announced Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/street-fighter-25th-anniversary- collectors-set-announced/ By Mello on May 26th, 2012PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 won’t be the only platforms privy toa remastered HD version of Jet Set Radio. Sega announcedtoday that the Dreamcast cult classic – quite possibly one ofthe grooviest games I’ve ever played, if I might add – will bemaking its way to the PS Vita as well.Better yet, it’ll make use of the Vita’s touchscreen duringthe sections where you graffiti-tag everything into oblivion!Deck the halls with Poison Jam (a rival gang in the game)graffiti! In conjunction with Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary,(Note: in case you’re wondering why the video in the link Capcom will be releasing a collector’s edition set. Thisabove says “Jet Grind Radio” instead of Jet Set, that’s treasure chest is choked full of Hadouken, containing fourbecause that was the name for the Western release of the Street Fighter games plus all DLC, will be released in twogame. Because Sega was being dumb of trademark issues versions, one for PS3 and the other for the Xbox 360.and additional content in the US version )“The fan reaction to our recent reveal of Jet Set Radio has The set will include:been incredible,” Sega’s Senior Vice President of Digital Games:Business Haruki Satomi said with regards to the previously • Street Fighter x Tekken (including all DLC character andannounced HD-remaster on PC, PSN and XBLA. Swap Costumes)“As Jet Set Radio is focused on creativity, the touchcapabilities of the PlayStation Vita are proving to be a perfect • Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (with all DLC costumes)fit.” • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition 7
  • 27. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Can’t decide if this is something you’d actually play,• Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix especially given that you can just catch all the futuristic teenage drama action (the story is about a group of high-Two Blu-Ray Disc Sets that include: school students who overcome various obstacles – technical• A documentary that highlights the influence the franchise and otherwise – in order to build a Gundam-esque gianthas had on fans throughout the years robo for JAXA) in anime form later this year?• Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV Anime Movies Or maybe you’ve been learning the Japanese language, can understand a great deal of it in fact, but just aren’t sure if• Complete episode of Street Fighter animated series your level of proficiency is high enough to read the visual novel comfortably.• Street Fighter II: the Animated Movie Either way, boy, has 5pb got the solution for you!Other goodies: Today the publisher announced that it will put out a• Light up Ryu statue that stands 8″ tall Robotics;Notes demo on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live a full two weeks before the game’s release (so that• 11-Disc Soundtrack of the past 25 years of Street Fighter you’d have enough time still to make your pre-orders) onincluding, remixes and fan-created music inspired by past June 12. You’d need a Japanese account on either service toStreet Fighter games download the demo.• a 64-page Hardcover artbook including fan workssubmitted by both professional and aspiring artists• Ryu’s martial art black belt with アアアア (Furinkazan)written on it. Created according to replica specifics.• A Certificate of Authenticity, which comes individuallynumbered The demo will be made available to all PlayStation Network/ Sony Entertainment Network users on that day. On Xbox 360, however, only Gold members will be able to downloadThe collector’s set is priced at $149.99USD and will be the demo on June 12. Xbox Live Silver members will have toreleased on the 18th September this year. Considering the wait a full week before they’re given access to it.the amount of stuff in the set, this collector’s set is definitely Still plenty of time to lock in those pre-orders!worth your cash! It is now up for preorder here at Capcom’s 5pb also took the opportunity to unveil the box art and someonline store. Limited sets available. sample pages of a special booklet you’ll receive in the limitedCapcom is also working on a mini site for Street Fighter fans edition of the game, so you might want to swing over toto share their love for the game. Famitsu for all the images. Nothing earth-shattering per se,Source: Capcom but we did spot a mock-up of what a gaming handheld a decade from now would look like on one of the pages. Behold: the PS-DS (that’s not really what it’s called)Robotics;Notes demo hitsPlayStation Network andXbox Live on June 12Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/roboticsnotes-demo-hits-playstation-network-and-xbox-live-on-june-12/By KarbyP on May 26th, 2012Robotics;Notes, the third entry in 5pb and Nitroplu’sScience Adventure visual novel series and a direct sequel toSteins;Gate, comes out in Japan next month, on June 28.Have you made your pre-orders yet? What, no? 8
  • 28. May 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSource: 5pb [via Famitsu] 9
  • 29. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureIdolmaster 2 (PS3) DLCCatalogue #08 is all aboutOvermasterSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/idolmaster-2-ps3-dlc-catalogue-08-is-all-about-overmaster/By KarbyP on May 28th, 2012This month’s DLC catalogue for Idolmaster 2 (PS3) featuresOvermaster, which was previously one of the new songsadded to the PSP version of the first game, Idolmaster SP.Miki, Hibiki, and Takane served as your rivals in that game,managed under 961 Productions – who manages Jupiter inIdolmaster 2 – and Overmaster was the unit’s debut song.So with this release, you could say that Overmaster has sortof gone full circle on PlayStation platforms.Apart from Overmaster, there’s really not much going on thismonth in terms of DLC for Idolmaster 2 – just your usualstack of new costumes and accessories. As with the previous DLC catalogue, most of the content here has already been released to Xbox 360 users last year. That’s two packs in a row now where Namco Bandai has recycled content. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that they were running out of content ideas. But the fact remains that there are still plenty of Idolmaster songs yet unreleased in the videogames - Nemuri Hime (live version here), for one, is an often-requested track that hasn’t been. 1
  • 30. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneCould the slate of slow DLC releases mean… that Namco stores will get you a poster featuring the key visual whileBandai has something big planned very soon? A new tickets bought from one of the ten theaters screening theIdolmaster game, perhaps? movie will get you a set of postcards.Source: 4GamerPersona 4 movie – anabridged version of the animeseries – to screen in JapanSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/persona-4-movie-an-abridged-version-of-the-anime-series-to-screen-in-japan/By Mello on May 28th, 2012 In conjunction with the film, there will also be a “Live TV” session broadcasted on Nico Nico TV on June 6 at midnight for those who are not attending the opening night screening. Cast members Daisuke Namikawa & Shotaro Morikubo will be in that episode and Atlus is intending to release new information then… but on what? We’ll just have to wait to find out. Don’t we all wish there would be a screening here in Singapore too? With the amount of Persona fans here, hopefully the sales of Persona games might convince Atlus to hold a screening here in the future. Source: Persona 4Starting June 9, Persona 4 the Animation -the Factor ofHope-, will be up for a limited theatrical release in Osaka,Nagoya and Kanto in Japan. The re-edited version of the Zone of the Enders HDPersona 4 anime which includes “True End Story”, an release, plus sequel in theunaired episode of the show that was included on the10th DVD and Blu-ray of the 25 episode TV Show, is now making Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/zone-of-the-enders-hd-release-plus-complied into a film that will run for a total of 90 minutes. sequel-in-the-making/It features content on the serial murders and abductions in By Mello on May 28th, 2012the town of Inaba.Persona 4 cast members, Daisuke Namikawa (YuNarukami), Shōtarō Morikubo (Yosuke Hanamura) andKappei Yamaguchi (Teddie) will be at the opening night ofthe screening to grace the event. Tickets for the openingnight screening in Shinjuku at midnight on June 9, will costaround 3,000 yen. All attendees will receive a set of of filmstickers. Zone of the Enders HD Edition, the HD remake of the Playstation 2 game, will be released on October 25th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The standard version of the game will be price at 3,980 yen in stores and 3,480 yen as a digital download. Konami is also intending to take advantage of the PS3′sPre-sale tickets have been available since Monday and ability to share save data and intends to implement thatdifferent premiums will be given out with purchase of those function as well as release a portable version of the game intickets at different locations. Pre-sale tickets at the Animate 2012. An official site for the game has also been opened. 2
  • 31. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone By Mello on May 28th, 2012Zone of the Enders HD includes the remakes of both the Fancy having your wedding aboard the Thousand Sunny?original Z.O.E. and it’s sequel, Anubis. Z.O.E. was released Now you can. One Piece’s newly published 668th chapterin 2001 and the sequel, in 2003. The 2D visuals in both has announced that from the beginning of next month, a fullthe original games are redrawn with new HD elements scale replica of One Piece’s Thousand Sunny pirate ship atfor the remake, this includes text as well as animations. Nagasaki Prefecture’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park will beThe visuals have been improved to 720p HD and from 30 available for rental for wedding hostings.frames per second to 60 frames per second. The quality ofbackground music and sound effects have also been greatlyimproved. New features for the games include Trophy andAchievements support as well as a new opening animationfrom Sunrise.Other than the standard edition, ZOE HD will also be sold intwo other packages, namely the Premium Package and theKonami Style Premium Package. Couples registering for the wedding package hosted by the Straw Hat crew will be treating their guests to a very special cruise. The ship is known to be able to hold 250 people although the cost of booking has not been announced. In the past year, the cruise has been taking children and adults alike for a 20-min cruise per ride. Boarding passes cost ¥1,000 for adults and and ¥600 for kids below the age of four.The Premium Package includes a Special Box, a Zone of Other than being fascinated by the overall likeness of thethe Enders reBOOT Edition remix CD, the Chronicle Book ship from the manga, passengers can also have their photoswhich recreates booklets from the 2001 and 2003 releases, taken with statues of the Straw Hats, visit the souvenirand the ReBOOT Book, which features dialogues between shop that sells exclusive merchandise or have a snack at theHideo Kojima and art director Yoji Shinkawa and a look at aquarium bar. The ship also have a working Gaon Cannonthe remake’s development, all for a price of ¥8,980. The that the crew will fire during the short cruise.Konami Style Premium Package will be sold exclusively at There are also rumors that the ship might hire a “live Strawthe Konami Style e-Shop includes all of the above as well as Hat crew” for weddings, but I guess we’ll have to wait anda Zone of the Enders blu-ray with it’s cover specially drawn see. After all, if they do, we’d have to keep Cap’t Luffy awayby Yoji Shinkawa. from that buffet table no?Hideo Kojima of Kojima productions has also revealed that a Source: Crunchyrollsequel is now in the works, under the name “Enders Project”.The game will be making use of a technology that convertsreal character models into Fox Engine assets. Puella Magi Madoka MagicaSource: Famitsu online game lets you manage a party of SD magical girlsLife-size One Piece pirate Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/puella-magi-madoka-magica-online-ship to host weddings game-lets-you-manage-a-party-of-sd-magical-girls/Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/life-size-one-piece-pirate-ship-to-host-weddings/ 3
  • 32. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Mello on May 28th, 2012 map). They will face “Witch barriers,” traps, treasure chests and more that will appear on the board’s spaces. Characters will gain abilities and weapons as they progress through the game and their equipment will become stronger and level up as well. The game will also be playable in two modes, allowing players to either party with or play against fellow gamers. The game is free-to-play, but additional in-game items will be sold for money. The game was scheduled to be released in early Spring this year but has yet to see an announcement of the launch, however, the website has recently announced that they will be accepting applicants for a closed beta test shortly. Source: Anime News NetworkAn announcement has been made on the Puella MagiMadoka Magica Online website that the browser-based Evangelion PS3 gamegame will feature super-deformed magical girl playercharacters. Character customisation will be available and and pachinko machineswill provide players with over 400,000 combinationpossibilities to create their own unique magical girls.The announced Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/evangelion-ps3-game-and-pachinko-characters will also feature a variety of detailed facial machines-announced/expressions. By Mello on May 28th, 2012 A new Evangelion simulator game, Gekiatsu Pachige- Damashi MAX Evangelion “7″ X “Seimei no Koudou” (Existence’s Pulse) [激激激激激 激激激激激MAX 激激激激激激Gamers will be able to create their own magical girl or play 激激 “7” × “激激激激激”] will be released for the Playstation 3 thisas Madoka or her friends, befriending five other magical coming September 6. The official website for the game hasgirls, including other players to form a party to take on been opened recently, as well as pre-orders for the new gamethe powerful witch, Walpurgis Night. The six player party which is priced at 7,329 yen. More information on the gamesystem will allow for multiples of the same character. A new will be announced on their website at a later date.storyline is also said to be written specially for the game. The game will be released in conjunction with two Evangelion pachinko machines, the “CR Evangelion 7″ and “Seimei no Kodou” pachinko slot machines. Both machines are based on the Rebuild of Evangelion film series and will feature footage from the films, as well as exclusive CG scenes created specifically for the machines.The game takes on a board game style gameplay system.Players have to roll the dice to navigate the gameboard (aka 4
  • 33. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe machines also include two additional modes, the“research and “appreciation” modes. The “research” modeequips players with the ability to gather and analyze dataon the machines to help you with your game while the“appreciation” mode enables players play videos and musicthey have seen and heard in the past while playing the game.This includes several rare scenes that cannot be found in The manga is based off Kenji Inoue’s Baka to Test toother media forms. Shōkanjū (Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts) light novel series and have been published on Famitsu Comic Clear, an online magazine that offers free to read titles. Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Spinout! has been made into an anime adaptation consisting of shorts that is available as bonuses on the DVDs and Blu-rays of Season 2 of Baka to Test to Shōkanjū. The first season of the anime was released in North America by Funimation in 2011. Spinout’s story is set in a school where class placements and facilities are determined by virtual battles. StudentsLimited edition clear files featuring new artwork created fight it out with avatars, whose strength levels are basedfor specifically for Rebuild of Evangelion pachinko and slot on the students’ test results, for better facilities and classesmachines by Takeshi Honda, Shunji Suzuki, and Akemi in school: A class gets all the best facilities, like high-Hayashi will be given out to those who purchase the game. class dining rooms, plasma television sets, and fully airSource: Famitsu conditioned facilities, while students in F class are stuck with junk rejected from all other classes. Source: AnimeNewsNetworkManga series Baka to Test toShōkanjū Spinout! to end its Hatsune Miku and Vocaloidrun stars invade Jubeat Plus forSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/manga-series-baka-to-test-to-shokanju-spinout-to-end-its-run/ iOSBy Mello on May 28th, 2012 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/hatsune-miku-and-vocaloid-stars- invade-jubeat-plus-for-ios/ By KarbyP on May 28th, 2012 Sega’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva has been hogging all the limelight lately. And now rhythm-action rival Konami wants to get in on the action too. This week the Roppongi-based publisher released for its Jubeat Plus iOS game a “Nico Music” pack, containing four popular Vocaloid songs, a first for the series:Fans of the manga Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Spinout! (激激激 - Romeo and Cinderella (Hatsune Miku)激激激激激激激) from Famitsu Comic Clear, will be sad to know - Senbonzakura (Hatsune Miku)that the manga will be coming to an end in the next chapter,the 30th in the series. - Migikata no Chou (Kagamine Rin & Len) - Happy Synthesizer (Megurine Luka & Megpoid Gumi) Click on the links above for corresponding YouTube videos showing off the respective songs in the Extreme mode of play. If you don’t mind knocking around your PC monitor for a bit, you might be able to simulate the experience through the YouTube videos alone (at least, that’s what I tried to do). 5
  • 34. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone It will come in 2 designs, red “Dead End” and black “Yuno’s Eyes”. Both designs are 3,990 yen. Pre-orders are now available here until the June 3, 2012. The Swiss army knives are expected to retail in the second half of July 2012.The Nico Music pack is available now through the JubeatPlus app (free to download) and costs 450 yen. You will,however, need a Japanese iTunes account to even access theapp.Although there is a “Jukebeat” app by Konami in the US Mirai Nikki is a psychological thriller that thrusts the mainiTunes app store, this music pack is currently not available character Yukiteru into a deadly battle royale with eleventhere. others where the winner gets to make any wish come true,Source: 4Gamer after killing the rest. Each of the participants are given a diary that has a unique feature that can aid them in survivingRead more stories about Hatsune Miku here on SGCafe! the treacherous game. Source : OHP, Pre-order, ANN, VictorinoxMirai Nikki teams up withVictorinox for thematic Swiss Soul in their eyes – K-On’sarmy knife characters follow your everySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/mirai-nikki-collaborates-with- movevictrinox-to-make-mirai-nikki-themed-swiss-army-knives/ Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/soul-in-their-eyes-k-ons-characters-By shia on May 28th, 2012 follow-your-every-move/Mirai Nikki’s site announced that they would be By Neubronner Eugene on May 28th, 2012collaborating with Swiss army knife maker Victorinox toproduce Mirai Nikki themed Swiss army knives. Adding to the “I’m not entirely sure why they came up with this” category of Japanese anime goods is the news that goods makers Run’A have released a series of photoframe/ coinbanks of the cast of K-On. These photoframes are more than just a picture of Azu-nyan and others however. Each picture’s eyes have been carefully calibrated to follow you around the room. I’m all for having our favorite characters looking at us adoringly, but take a look at those pictures of Miu again. Is that not creepy or what? 6
  • 35. May 28th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneIf you’re still interested in picking these up however, Run’Ais selling them online at 1050 yen per pop (Approx SGD$15before shipping etc) here.Via Hachima Kiko 7
  • 36. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture each enemy gives you an additional weapon morph for your A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku scarf. It may sound easy, but the game is not as easy as it and Japanese Pop Culture seems, some bosses cannot be attacked straight on and you will have to put your mind to use to defeat them.PS3 Malicious announced for The game is set to be released this summer. More information will be announced soon.Vita as Malicious Rebirth Source: RemoonSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/ps3-malicious-announced-for-vita-as-malicious-rebirth/By Mello on May 29th, 2012 1/8 figure & nendoroid Famima Hatsune Miku for raffle prize Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/18-figure-nendoroid-famima- hatsune-miku-for-raffle-prize/ By Mello on May 29th, 2012A Playstation Vita version of the download-only PS3game, Malicious, has been announced recently in DengekiPlaystation as Malicious Rebirth. Game developer, Alvionannounced a Vita port of the game some months back,but has not made any announcements since then. Alvionis looking into adding new stages as well as abilities forthe main character that you will control. A teaser site was A 1/8 scale Hatsune Miku: Family Mart figure as well as alaunched last week, but as of now there is only a slideshow Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Family Mart version (also knownthat states “Malicious is coming”. as Famima Miku) will be released in August 2012 as prize A and prize B raffle prizes in a Happy Kuji event. (Kuji means lottery in Japanese)Each raffle ticket will cost 800 yen. A website has recently been opened for the Famima Mikus as well.Malicious brings you into the world of spiritual beings. Youare given the option to play as the guy or girl version of thespirit who has to defeat enemies a ton bigger (or stronger)than you.The game has however been given double takes as theclothes and physical body of your character will tear off anddisappear as you receive damage from the enemies. You willbe up against a main boss in each stage as well as manyother tiny soldiers, cannons and such that will rush at youruthlessly.As a spirit, you have the ability to jump, spin and soar ashigh as you wish. Your first bestowed powers allow you touse your “magical scarf” to shoot at the enemies, defeating 1
  • 37. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe 1/8 Famima Hatsune Miku is sculpted by YOSHI andwill stand at 18cm tall. Originally serialized in Ribbon magazine, Akazukin Chacha is a manga illustrated by mangaka Min Ayahana. The storyline of Akazukin Chacha tells the adventures of magical girl Chacha and her friends as the stage revolves around theirNendoroid Famima Miku is seen holding a pack of school Urara School. Recently, Mainichi JP reports of theFamichiki, one of Family Mart’s (Famima) signature snack. revival of the classic manga after a long 12 year conclusion.It is a slice of fried chicken put inside a small bag for take- Immensely popular in Singapore despite its short run onaway snack, much like the Taiwanese fried chicken we can Channel I, Cartoon Network and AXN, the original TV animebuy in shops here in Singapore. No doubt there are other series Akazukin Chacha is an anime that brings back a senseshops like 7-eleven and Lawson that sells a similar fried of nostalgia to senior anime fans. One of the biggest factorschicken snack, Famichiki is known to be one of the best. The for the anime’s popularity was due to the performance of thenendoroid will also come with an alternate hand poses of opening theme, performed by hit Japanese boy band SMAP,Miku greeting customers and standing normally. “Kimi Iro Omoi”. Following it’s roots as a shoujo manga, the new Akazukin Chacha is to be serialized in Cookie magazine with the name “Akazukin Chacha N”. The new storyline is supposedly set in the city of Tokyo, leaving those familiar with the original work anticipating the twist to modernity. More information of Akazukin Chacha N will be announced in the July issue of Cookie, with the first chapter to be released in the August issue, on sale on June 26th. Source: Mainichi JP Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate airing date announced, moreThere are a total of nine prizes in the raffle, the rest of the cast membersprizes will be announced at a later date. Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/koi-to-senkyo-to-chocolate-airing-Source: Tomopop date-announced-more-cast-members/ By Mycstea on May 29th, 2012 Leaked magazine scan reveals the airing date of TV animeAkazukin Chacha manga Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate and extended list of castrevived after 12 years members!Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/akazukin-chacha-manga-revived-after-12-years/By Mycstea on May 29th, 2012Classic TV anime Akazukin Chacha is getting a new mangaserialization titled “Akazukin Chacha N” after 12 years. 2
  • 38. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneTo follow up on our previous report, Koi to Senkyo to By Mello on May 29th, 2012Chocolate, has finally released an airing date in the latestedition of G’s Magazine. From the favorable responsefrom both Japanese and local observers, Koi to Senkyo toChocolate is garnering a good momentum as an anime tolook forward to. Gameart’s next Vita title, Dokuro, a side scroller puzzle game will release a demo this coming June 6. A three-stage demo which includes thirty areas will be available for download on PSN, however, the full demo will only be immediately downloadable for those who have obtained a download ticket from shops.From the leaked photo above, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate will Gamers without a ticket can only get the download frombegin airing on TBS channel on Wednesdays starting June June 14, when the first stage is made publicly available. The5th 2525hrs (which is actually June 6th 1.25am) in Japan. following two stages will be released on June 21 and 28.Other broadcast timings have also been listed as follows: The stage one of the demo will also be available at PS Vita • KBS Kyoto from July 13th, every Friday at 2500hrs demo stations in shops for the first half of June. If you’ve (Saturday 1am) decided to purchase the game after trying, your save data from the demo can be carried over to the actual game. • Sun TV from July 15th, every Sunday at 2430hrs (Monday 12.30am) Source: Famitsu • CBC from July 19th, every Thursday at 2600hrs (Friday 2am) Good Smile Opens Official • BS-TBS from July 28th, every Sunday at 2500hrs English Nendroid Page (Monday 1am) Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/good-smile-opens-official-english- nendroid-page/There has also been an expansion in cast, with the following By magnetic_rose on May 29th, 2012roles and voice actresses confirmed: • Nozomi Edakawa played by Yuuko Gibu (Yui Amagi – Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata) • Ai Sarue played by Yuka Inokuchi (Tabitha – Zero no Tsukaima) • Kii Monzennaka played by Ayumi Fujimura (Kneesocks – Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) • Hazuki Shinonome played by Chiemi IshimatsuSeiyuu observers be assured, these voice actresses are all thesame voice actresses from the visual novel game.Visit the website of TV anime Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Good Smile Company — in its effort to reach its worldwidehere. fans, has officially opened an English-language info page for its popular Nendroid line.Source: Otanews The new page is in English and features extensive information on all Nendroid products — including productDokuro demo to release on details, photos, and release information.June 6 Visit the site today at: http://nendoroid.jp/enSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/dokuro-demo-to-release-on-june-6/ Source: http://nendoroid.jp/en 3
  • 39. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSega: songs and modules in K-ON High School andHatsune Miku Project Diva F College manga to end soonwill be “all new” Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/k-on-high-school-manga-to-end-in- june-2/Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/sega-songs-and-modules-in-hatsune- By Mello on May 29th, 2012miku-project-diva-f-will-be-all-new/By KarbyP on May 29th, 2012So far five new songs have been unveiledthroughthreetrailers for Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. The High School edition of the manga, K-ON, featuringHow many more songs to go? Plenty more, apparently, if characters Azusa, Ui, Jun and more will be ending it’s runa pamphlet for the game is to be believed. shortly. Since April 2011, K-ON! manga have split theirThe pamphlet claims in bold-faced font (bullet point number characters into two series in two magazines. The collegetwo) that all the songs and modules will be completely new. version featuring the graduates from the high school hadThen, of course, in fine text it says that all the songs their stories in Manga Time Kirara, while the second seriesand modules are only new in the context of the Project featuring high school light music club members was inDiva series. If a song has only been in Hatsune Miku and Manga Time Kirara Carat.Future Stars Project Mirai (3DS), recycling it for ProjectDiva is apparently fair game, live how we’ve seen last weekwhen Famitsu described Melancholic as “a new song for theProject Diva series” (but already featured in Project Mirai,which I guess is not officially part of the series).This is as opposed to Project Diva F’s inclusion of HimitsuKeisatsu, or “Secret Police”, which Famitsu said is “the firsttime any rhythm action game has featured the song” –Sega’s Music GunGun, Namco Bandai’s Taiko no Tatsujinand Konami’s Jubeat also features Vocaloid songs.Well, that works for me. And just about everyone who’smiffed at Nintendo for region-locking the 3DS.According to the pamphlet, even though all the songs andmodules are new, the volume of content in Project Diva Fwill certainly not be paltry by any means, relative to previousseries entries.Hatsune Miku Project Diva F goes on sale in Japan,Singapore, Hong Kong, and most other Asian territorieson August 30. Check with your local retailer for pre-orderdetails.In the meantime, here’s some gameplay footage – over10 minutes of gameplay, demonstrating everything from“scratching” to Chance Time changing things up in the PV –to tide you over:Source: Hachima 4
  • 40. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneIn the beginning of this month, Manga Time Kirara hadannounced that its next issue, which will be on sale on June6th, will feature the final chapter of the latest run of Kakifly’sK-On! The July issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat has alsoannounced that its high school counterpart will end in thenext issue.Source: OtakuLivedoorFan creates custom HatsuneMiku skin for his black PSVitaSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/fan-creates-custom-hatsune-miku-skin-for-his-black-ps-vita/ In fact, he went as far as skinning the rear touch panel onBy KarbyP on May 29th, 2012 his PS Vita as well, modelled after the design as seen on the limited edition Crystal White version.In Japan, if you pre-order a copy of Hatsune Miku ProjectDiva F from a games retailer, you’re promised a special Miku Here’s a shot of the limited edition Crystal White PS Vita forskin protector for your PS Vita. comprison:But if you decide to go the digital route and buy directlyfrom the Sony Entertainment Network, however, you do notreceive the skin. To make up for the lack of a pre-orderbonus, the price you pay for a digital copy is slightly lower.So what if you’re a big Hatsune Miku fan, and you wantthe digital copy (so that it’s in your PS Vita always) and thespecial pre-order skin? You could buy both retail and digitalcopies, I suppose.Or you could make your own Hatsune Miku skin – which iswhat one fan did. 5
  • 41. May 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneHow’s that for a truly limited – one of a kind! – PS Vita? Ourhats off to him.Source: OtanewsAtelier Ayesha “enemyencounters” trailer shows offWilbell Voll-Erslied’s magicSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/atelier-ayesha-enemy-encounters-trailer-shows-off-wilbell-voll-erslieds-magic/By KarbyP on May 29th, 2012 What do you think? Which is your favourite Atelier Ayesha character? Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Twilight Land comes out for the PlayStation 3 on June 28 in Japan.Another week, another Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of アアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアアア.Twilight Land (アアアアアアアアア アアアアアアアアアアアア) trailer! Thisone focuses on enemy encounters and the game’s combatsystem. As you’d expect from a Gust JRPG, the battles offerplenty of options!As adorable as Ayesha may be, Wilbell Voll-Erslied (whomyou’ll recognise from Event 2 of the previous trailer) is reallythe star of the show here. 6
  • 42. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureMalicious Rebirth: newbosses revealedSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/malicious-rebirth-new-bosses-revealed/By Mello on May 31st, 2012 One of the new bosses is a senior knight of a ruined country. Large machines covered in thick armour, his puppet soldiers line up with him in the battlefield ready to attack. Now it is time for you to fight him and avenge the others he have killed. He will be waiting in the “Triumph Square”, a tomb where many warriors who have died in battle are buried.Two new bosses and scarf transformations for MaliciousRebirth, the PSN-only game port to PS Vita has beenrevealed today. I’m sure players of the PS3 version wouldgladly welcome the two new transformations, one allows youto transform your scarf/cloak into a huge tornado lookingobject, which is said to be a hammer that can be used as apowerful ranged attack. You can store power by charging itto increase the attack rate.The other turns it into a double-barrel cannon allowing youto shoot multiple magic bullets at once. However, thereis a catch, two new bosses are revealed as well, and asusual, you would have to kill them both to receive the twotransformations. 1
  • 43. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe second boss managed to become immortal by a formula From the look of the screenshots, this ain’t going to be anit discovered that combines the art of numerology and easy feat. Then again, how many of the Malicious bossesmagic of the prophets. It has fused the body of the spirit were actually easy? After spending hours attempting to killof righteousness with its own via a surgical procedure. This the bosses, I’d say you might need some patience and a littlebattle is fought in the basement of the old Shine temple city quick thinking to get the two new ones down. Then again,in the northern lands. It has previously been used to produce the visuals are great, retaining the watercolour based feelimmortal soldiers. seldom found in video games, I think the challenge of finally defeating the bosses and the visuals, would be my main reasons to pick up this game. Source: Famitsu “Your Tales of” project launched by Namco Bandai UK Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/your-tales-of-project-launched-by- namco-bandai-uk/ By Mello on May 31st, 2012 A project named “Your Tales of” was launched today in the U.K. by Namco Bandai. The community inspired project invites fans to submit their best fan art of the Tales of series. You are allowed to submit fan fiction, art, video, music and cosplay photos for the project. The best ones will be choosen to be in a 16-page limited edition booklet titled “Your Tales of”, and will be given out with Issue No. 101 of the NEO Magazine, which will be on sale this August 9. Although it is held by Namco Bandai U.K., the terms and conditions do not state that you have to be in the U.K. to join, you only have to abide by and agree with the U.K. 2
  • 44. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneregulations, so guys, get cracking! You have until June 30 tosubmit your creative works here. The book will also featurea foreword from Tales series producer Hideo Baba.Hollie Bennet, the Community and Consumer PR Executiveat Namco Bandai UK has said that Namco wants to rewardfans for their loyalty and for constantly working together totell others how great the Tales of games are. Tales of Graces fis also set to launch in the UK in August, and as the storylinefeatures a strong focus on teamwork and friendship, theyhave decided to organize this project to reward the Tales ofcommunity by giving them a chance to participate in thisspecial project.Source: Namco Bandai UKZone of The Enders iPhonecase up for saleSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/zone-of-the-enders-iphone-case-up-for-sale/By Mello on May 31st, 2012A Zone of The Enders iPhone case was put on sale at thedemo event last week, but fret not if you were not there to getit. Starting from 10am on friday, fans will be able purchasethe iPhone cases online for for 9,800 yen at Gild Design’swebsite.The “iphone trick cover” (designed in a way to make othersthink that the phone is some other digital device) are madefrom the type of aluminum that is used to make planes,therefore you can be assured that your phone will be safe inthe hands of this unique case. The cases come in two designsthat are laser etched to prevent it from disappearing with thenormal wear of the case. Source: Famitsu Remainder of Happy Kuji raffle prizes revealed Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/remainder-of-happy-kuji-raffle- prizes-revealed/ 3
  • 45. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Mello on May 31st, 2012Remember the raffle that will give one lucky winner thechance to bring the super cute Famima Miku home? Photosof the remaining prizes of the Happy Kuji have appeared onthe Internet. Here are the details for the remaining prizes:Prize C: Print of the original Hatsune Miku illustration byKEI. Prize F: Clear folders. It’s listed as 5 types but only 3 have been revealed.Prize D: Mini Bolster cushions. 2 designs.Prize E: Glasses. There are 3 designs but only one is shownon a glass. Illutration by CHAN X CO. Prize G: Original figure gift cards. 4
  • 46. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone According to Joystiq, Final Fantasy Dimensions will be available for Android devices too, even if the official website appears to be keeping mum on that front, for no good reason. In a statement from Square Enix’s pre-E3 press release: “Drawing upon the roots of the series with such features as beautiful 2D pixel art, job-driven character growth, additional scenarios in which to inherit the jobs of your adventuring companions, and a classic story of light, darkness, and crystals, FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS delivers the best of FINAL FANTASY, retro and fresh alike, directly toLast Prize: Original 3D poster, illustrated by KEI. your smartphone.” That description doesn’t really tell us anything. The logo, on the other hand, tells everything as Joystiq’s JC Fletcher has cleverly made a connection between FF Dimensions and Final Fantasy Legends: The Warriors of Light and Dark:, a mobile game previously released in Japan for iMode and EZmode feature phones. This wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese game maker has refreshed an older feature phone game and re-release it for smartphone owners.Unfortunately, these are only released for the raffle andtickets are only available at Family Marts in Japan.Source: NekoMagic We don’t know a single thing about FF Dimensions. FFFinal Fantasy Dimensions for Legends, on the other hand, has plenty of details illustrated on its official website – so we’ll tell a few things about thatiOS announced, releases in game instead (which is most likely the same game). Here’sSummer what you need to know:Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/final-fantasy-dimensions-for-ios- - Made by members of the Japanese Final Fantasy IV (Finalannounced-releases-in-summer/ Fantasy II in the US) team.By KarbyP on May 31st, 2012 - Was episodic in its previous incarnation on the feature phone (it may not be so for this smartphone retelling). - Old-school Final Fantasy gameplay, with 2D sprites and a Job system that lets you learn abilities by accumulating AP through battles. Equipping certain combinations of job abilities may allow you to learn Fusion Abilities. - Has a crap-load of characters:The new Final Fantasy pre-E3 announcement we reportedon a couple of hours back is probably a big bogus.Nevertheless, in some strange fit of coincidence, Square Enixhas indeed unveiled a new Final Fantasy game. Except thisone is for the iOS, entitled “Final Fantasy Dimensions”. 5
  • 47. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone bio-terrorist Albert Wesker, escapes from the authorities during a bioterrorist attack and ends up partnering with a much more mature Sherry Birkin. Meanwhile, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance Captain Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and their team members arrive in the Chinese city of Lanshiang, under the threat of an attack. Capcom has planned a stage event for Resident Evil 6 at their Capcom Summer Jam and will be releasing more details then. The game is set to release on 2 October 2012. Source: Capcom Europe Capcom Summer Jam to reveal Monster Hunter 4 details Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/capcom-summer-jam-to-reveal-mh4-For more information on FF Legends, head over to Wired details/where they’ve got a preview of the game from way back in By Mello on May 31st, 20122010.Source: Joystiq, WiredFINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS | SQUARE ENIX.Resident Evil 6 charactersrevealedSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/resident-evil-6-characters-revealed/By Mello on May 31st, 2012 Capcom Summer Jam, to be held at Tokyo Big Site on June 30 and July 1, will reveal details on Monster Hunter 4, which was announced for the 3DS last September. Very little has been revealed about the game other than a short teaser video and that it will incorporate the Circle Pad Pro. Capcom is intending to hold a Monster Hunter stage event discussing the series and announcing new information on Monster Hunter 4. There will also be stage events for Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet spin-off, E.X. Troopers. Here is Capcom’s full Summer Jam lineup: • Resident Evil 6 (PS3, 360) – Stage event • Monster Hunter Tri G (3DS) – Tournament, Playable demos • E.X. Troopers (PS3, 3DS) – Stage event • Street Fighter X Tekken (PSV) – Playable demos • Sengoku Basara HD Collection (PS3) – Playable demos • Browser Sengoku Basara (PC) – Playable demosA new Resident Evil image has been released, revealing themain characters of the upcoming sequel to the franchise, • Sengoku Basara Card Heroes (Mobage) – PlayableResident Evil 6. Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper have demosreturned and will be fighting their way through Tall Oaks • Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor (360) – Playable demoswhile Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans will take the action tothe streets of China. Newcomer Jake Muller and a grown up • Airu de Puzzle (PSP) – Playable demosSherry Birkin will be battling melee style. What do you hope will be announced for the new MonsterThe new game will be set in 2013, the president of the Hunter? I’m yearning to know what new monsters there willU.S.A. revealed the truth behind the 1998 Raccoon City be in the upcoming game.Destruction Incident, believing that it will reduce the Source: Capcomcurrent resurgence in bioterrorist activity. Leon is facedwith making the decision to end the President’s life afterhe gets infected and mutated. Jack Muller, son of late 6
  • 48. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThis Nendoroid Matryoshka(Hatsune Miku & Gumi) set isnot for saleSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/this-nendoroid-matryoshka-hatsune-miku-gumi-set-is-not-for-sale/By KarbyP on May 31st, 2012Good Smile Company’s Mikatan is back with more adorable Steins;Gate’s Makise Kurisu doing the “mad scientist” pose,pictures of Nendoroid figures on her blog. This time around, from the episode where she tries to cheer Okabe up.however, all the figures featured in her latest blog post aremodels that are not currently in production – they weredesigned and made by individual employees, for an internal Matryoshka (Hatsune Miku & Gumi)contest. Just for fun.Still, just because they won’t be put in a production line andsold for money, doesn’t mean there aren’t any gems in here.Let’s take a look, shall we?Nendoroid Homura & Madoka set This set of Nendoroid Hatsume Miku and Gumi is based on the following song!Nendoroids are usually cute and adorable. This particular Tricolore Airline Hatsune Mikupair of Homura and Madoka nendos, however, inspires awerather than try to whack you over the head with cuddlycuteness (although there’s a little bit of that too). The designseems to be inspired by the epilogue of Puella Magi MadokaMagica.Makise Kurisu 7
  • 49. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBased on the following music video:Nana Mizuki Tingle… really?! Of all the possible characters you could sculpt a figure of. Does it really have to be Tingle? For more craziness, head over to Mikatan’s blog. Source: GSC’s Mikatan Blizzard and Diablo 3, perfect launch or storm? Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/blizzard-and-diablo-3-perfect- launch-or-storm/ By Xharky on May 31st, 2012What the?! Nana Mizuki?! Well… nobody said that figureshad to be based on 2D characters. The world of 3D worksjust fine too.Tingle With the release of long awaited Diablo 3, with its ‘always on’ DRM forcing players to be logged onto Blizzard’s servers even when playing solo, comes a multitude of issues faced during these first two weeks. In the first few days, the majority of errors players encountered were the lack of server capacity and disconnections. Players who took a day off from work, school, etc. and bought a game they paid upwards of S 8
  • 50. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone$90 for faced a waiting game for server resources to free “I looked in my “recently played” and identified the accountup, and to be able to login and create their characters. that was used to hack me. I joined a game with him, andNot only that, gameplay was interrupted by constant WATCHED him hack other accounts. Lvl 60 charactersdisconnections and additional lag during the game itself. would join the game, go to their stash, and then sell off mostCharacters based on keeping their range from monsters of their stuff to a merchant. They would then trade with thesuch as the Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor had “mule” account (a lvl 10 DH), I presume transferring theto deal with unresponsive controls, ‘teleporting’ monsters, gold. The naked lvl 60′s would then leave the game.”or getting shunted into groups of monsters due to server Players then have to either go through a lengthy recovery anddelays. restoration process, or ‘suck it up’ and grind their gear over again. With the amount of people on the forums claiming that they were hacked and had their accounts emptied, it doesn’t seem to be a minor issue anymore. Blizzard appears to be trying to keep everything under wraps, with claims and counter claims about malware, key loggers, trojans, and the like. Counter accusations of players buying game currency from third party companies have appeared too. Not only that, threads with discussions have been constantly deleted (original), most likely to keep everything as quiet as possible.Issues that were not faced in Diablo 2 were surfacing. Playerswho never intended on making use of the auction housesystem, and who were planning to solo run and farm throughthe entire game were being shafted by having to be onlineand contributing to the server strain. Also, the fact thatBlizzard can take down the servers at any time, and tosseveryone out, is inexcusable. Now, there were argumentsthat people should stop whining and complaining, but the Some players have speculated that using the auction housefollowing quote covers it entirely. and joining public games are in some way contributing to the account compromises, that somehow the perpetrators were“If Blizzard expects us to always be online to play their getting player’s login information through these sources.game. We should expect Blizzard to always be online when It is unknown at the moment whether there truly haswe want to play it.” been a server compromise on Blizzard’s side, or thereThe above argument holds true when applied to Diablo 3. It suddenly have been an increase in the amount of virusesisn’t a single player game, but it isn’t an MMO either. Some and backdoors specifically targeting Diablo 3. Nonetheless,may try to justify it by saying it is required to tackle dupers with how high profile Diablo 3′s release have been, itand cheaters, but the system present in Diablo 2 worked brings upthought on whether the current compromises haveperfectly fine. There were battle.net based characters that something in common with what happened during Rift’swere completely online, and offline characters (open games) initial release.where duping, cheating, modding, whatever floats your boat Blizzard representatives have been giving the usual excusewere the norm. Arguments that mentioned the auction that if no one bought game currency and items from third-house or the real money version of it are irrelevant. Offline party companies, there would be no account compromises.(single player / open battle.net) characters can be keptcompletely separate, as Diablo 2 has proved. “The sad thing is, if no one bought game currency (gold, credits, whatever) from these third-party companies, thenNot only do players have to deal with server issues and essentially no account compromises would be occurring.downtimes, they have to deal with other problems. Having Compromises not done by gold selling companies are veryyour characters located on Blizzard’s servers even if all you rare indeed. “do is play private games, also means opening yourself upto account compromises, which is causing quite a storm What they, as a company has done, is to implementon Diablo 3 forums. There have been widespread reports an auction house system that enables players to tradeof accounts being accessed and stripped of all their items equipment and items for gold and vice versa. Alone, thisand gold. Some have managed to track down the culprits, wouldn’t change a thing on whether players would buythrough the recently played list, or friends list (whom the third-party gold. However, with their upcoming (delayedculprits added their throwaway characters to), and watched repeatedly) implementation of the Real-Money version ofas it happened to other players. the auction house, one must wonder if the amount of account 9
  • 51. May 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonecompromises will increase, as Blizzard has effectively found By KarbyP on May 31st, 2012a way to put a real life price equivalent to items withinthe game. The third-party companies now have a way tolaunder stolen items directly to real money. The entiresystem provides incentives for gold selling companies tocompromise more accounts, perhaps more than if playersactually bought gold and items from them. Update: According to Erren Van Duine, senior US editor at RPGSite.net, the “invite” is fake.And if you thought open battle.net had dupers, what wouldyou think about Blizzard contributing to the problem? Forexample, in a situation with Person A, B, and C. B steals A’sitems, and then sells it through the auction house (eithergold, or real money) to C. A reports it to Blizzard, andgets his account rolled back. Right now, there would betwo copies of the item, one present on C, and one presenton A. Unless Blizzard finds a way to reasonably reverse Original story: We could be hours away from the unveilingtransactions, especially the real money ones, that have been of a brand new Final Fantasy, if this image of what appearsdone through the auction house system, they are in effect, to be a media invite Square Enix sent out is to be believed:duplicating items. “We are very glad to invite you to our big pre – E3With all these problems and issues faced, is Diablo 3 truly a announcement, it will include a new announcementgreat buy? Metacritic thinks not, with D3 currently standing about the new FINAL FANTASY in the series. Seeat a low 4.1 on the User Score scale. What do you readers you soon at the booth A4 – B7 this wednesday thethink? 30th at 10:00.”And how long until Torchlight 2, so we can play offline when What could this possibly be? Final Fantasy XIII-3 (theservers are down? ending in XIII-2 is a cliffhanger, after all)? Final Fantasy VII remake? Or just – and this would be incredibly lame if it were true – Final Fantasy XIV 2.0?Square Enix to unveil new What do you think?Final Fantasy tomorrow at We’ll find out at roughly 10AM Los Angeles time (GMTpre-E3 briefing [Updated] -0700 hours) on May 30… which is just a couple of hoursSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/05/square-enix-to-unveil-new-final- from now! Stay tuned for morefantasy-tomorrow-at-pre-e3-briefing/ Source: FF-reunion 10
  • 52. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureFinal Fantasy Type-0 scenariodirector Hajime Tabata:English release plans “aclean slate”Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/final-fantasy-type-0-scenario-director-hajime-tabata-english-release-plans-a-clean-slate/By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012 Final Fantasy Type-0 first started life as a mobile phone game when it was announced way back in 2006, under the title “Final Fantasy Agito XIII”. The platform for the game was eventually shifted to the PSP, but the concept of Type-0 remained the same: it would be one of several games under Square Enix’s Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy project, which would tie all of the titles released under this series with a common mythos (although each game would have its own world and characters). Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Versus XIII, and Lightning Returns are the four other games in the Fabula NovaIn an interview with GameSpot, Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP) Crystallis series.scenario director Hajime Tabata says that Square Enix has Source: GameSpottaken “a clean slate” in terms of localising the game forUS and European gamers. Type-0 was released in JapanOctober 2011. MapleSEA Justice launched Will FF Type-0 be localized for North America and with “Zen” pirate class; Europe? If so, when? “Phantom” thief class to Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our plans. We feel strongly about come November 14 bringing this title to the fans in North America and Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/maplesea-justice-launched-with-zen- Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become pirate-class-phantom-thief-class-to-come-november-14/ a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012 consideration right away.”Depending on your perspective, that localisation plans onthe title are a clean slate for now could be a good or bad thing.On the positive side of things, it could mean that Square Enixmay be considering to remaster the game for the PlayStationVita (which would take a considerable amount of work giventhat the game in its released form used assets and graphicalengines designed for the lower specs on the PSP).On the other hand, you could also take the statement tomean that an English version of the game is not goingto be announced any time soon. Certainly not before “an The long-awaited has “Justice” content update patch foropportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor”, MapleSEA has finally gone live.whatever that might mean. If you haven’t checked out the free-to-play title in a while,In the meantime, the Japanese version of Type-0 can be the new patch adds a “Zen” pirate classpurchased digitally via the Japanese and Asian PlayStation ; major revamps to all other existing pirate and thief jobs;Store (it might just be Hong Kong for Asia; I’m not sure if it’s minor tweaks to all jobs in the Legends, Explorer andon the Singapore store) and played on your Vita through that Resistance classes; and two new gameplay features – Partroute (if only Square Enix would localise and release the title Time Job, and Character Class systems.for US and Europe directly through the PlayStation Store…). 1
  • 53. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Part Time Job feature allows players to receive benefits This promo movie comes courtesy of Megpoid the Music♯’sfor their characters even while they’re offline. Meanwhile, official website, which has also listed Rosetta as the fifththe Character Card system is one additional way for gamers song revealed for the game.to improve their characters’ statistics and performance incombat.Like with most other MapleStory content updates, Justice issplit-up into several update patches. Everything describedabove is in the game as of right now.But come November 14, Justice will introduce a second newclass called the “Phantom”. This is a thief-based class who’sbackstory is that the character is on a journey to seek revengefor his beloved.On December 5, a new party quest – the Azwan Liberation –will go live. In this quest, players will have to work togetherin order to free the town of Azwan from the control of a big-bad known as the Black Mage Commander, and his forces Rosetta was produced by “Tooka-P” or “10 Days P” (10♯P)of evil. Like with past party quests, players can expect to be who’s also known by the name “monaca:factory” (creditedrewarded handsomely as they complete Azwan Liberation for the song’s lyrics, composition, arrangement).missions. Dance choreography for the PV was done by Sacchaso (♯♯“The Justice content update has been the talk of town among ♯♯♯).MapleSEA gamers for months,” Sherman Tan, chairman ofAsiasoft Online who runs MapleStory SEA, said. Here’s the full version of Rosetta in its original form on Nico Nico Douga, for those of you readers who haven’t had a“Many players have been looking forward to the arrival of chance to hear the entire song:Phantom, the new thief based class who utilizes the powersof the cane and card. Also, another major content that the <a href=”http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11970630″gamers have been looking forward to is the major revamp of rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯GUMI♯ ♯♯♯the Thief and Pirate class. ♯ ♯♯♯♯♯♯PV♯</a>Megpoid the Music♯ for the PSP comes out in Japan Spring 2013.“With most of the other Explorer classes who went throughmajor revamps in the past content updates, now it the time No overseas release has been determined.for the Thief and Pirate classes to shine and show off theirtrue prowess in the game,” he added. Perfume 1st World TourMapleSEA is a localised version of free-to-play MMOMapleStory for the Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines Singapore performanceterritories. The client for this side-scrolling 2D online game tickets sold for over UScan be downloadable at its official website here: http://www.playpark.net/downloads/maplestory/ $1,000 on Yahoo! Japan AuctionsMegpoid the Music♯’s Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/perfume-1st-world-tour-singapore- performance-tickets-sold-for-over-us1000-on-yahoo-japan-auctions/1st promo movie has By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012Gumi dancing to the song“Rosetta”Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/megpoid-the-music%E2%99%AFs-1st-promo-movie-has-gumi-dancing-to-the-song-rosetta/By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012 If you’re one of those lucky folks who managed to snag a VIP ticket to Perfume‘s Singapore concert, you might be holding on to a piece of paper that could be worth over S$1,000 online – if you’re willing to let go of it, that is. A Yahoo! Japan Auctions user going by the online handle hisanyack put up an auction for a pair of Perfume 1stMegpoid the Music♯ (read as “Megpoid the Music Sharp”) World Tour Singapore Performance VIP tickets with entrydeveloper ParaPhray today put up the game’s first promo reference numbers somewhere between 201 and 250.movie, which offers a look at the fantastic animation work As concert-goers would be admitted into the concert locationthey’re doing for the title as Vocaloid Gumi dances to the in batches of 50, this meant that the ticket holders wouldsong Rosetta. 2
  • 54. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonebe part of the fourth group of folks to be admitted, allowing Part of that appeal could be due to the “cosiness” of thethem to view the performance pretty up close. location; unlike Perfume’s nationwide concerts in Japan, their Singapore concert is said to be a cosy, “standing roomStarting price for these tickets? 8,000 yen (regular retail only” performance that’s a return to their roots.price for VIP tickets were at S$120).Over the course of the next week, however, the auction price The high prices at which hisanyack were able to get for his pair of Perfume Singapore performance VIP ticketswould soon balloon from its humble 8,000 yen starting bid, has prompted a surge in Yahoo! Japan Auctions listingsto well over 80,000 yen (approx. US$1,070). And that’s priceper ticket; if you wanted both of the pair, the winning bidder for more tickets – several other users have begun listing GeneralAdmission tickets on the site, although there havewas to pay the same auction price for each of the pair, plus not been any bids made for those due to their exorbitant1,000 yen for shipping. starting prices. Besides the fact that they are, well, General Admission tickets. There is, however, one ongoing Yahoo Japan! Auctions that should prove interesting to watch for in the coming days. User toma09103 has put up an auction for a pair of VIP tickets with an entry reference number within the single digits (001 to 009). Whoever wins the auction for these tickets will literally be amongst the first to go in, and stand in the very first line of the audience.The much-coveted Perfume 1st World Tour Singaporeperformance tickets first went on sale at the AFA Shop atScape shopping mall on October 14 at 10AM on a Sundaymorning. J-Live Asia, the organisers for the concert, allottedhalf of the available tickets to physical shop sales, withthe remaining half to be won through online ballots at theconcert’s official website.Knowing that the number of tickets would be extremelylimited, not only because of the 50% allotment but also ofthe event venue’s physical size, at least 150 Perfume fans inSingapore queued up overnight to guarantee their victory Currently, the highest auction price for these single-digitspoils. tickets are at 30,000 yen. But there’s still three more days toAnd they were right on the money – VIP tickets to the concert the auction’s closing.were sold out shortly after ticket sales began in the morning, We’re almost terrified to find out how much these tickets willleaving many in the queue disappointed as they had to settle eventually go for. God help us all.for the S$80 General Admission ticket. By 12 noon, a short Source: Yahoo Auctions! Japantwo hours after sales began, even the General Admissiontickets were all gone.So the fact that the pair of tickets being auctioned online bore Egoist 3rd Single: “Namaean entry reference number between 201 to 250, is a prettybig deal. no nai Kaibutsu” out onJudging from the description on the auction page, where December 5 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/egoist-3rd-single-namae-no-nai-it explicitly says that the tickets will only be shipped to kaibutsu-out-on-december-5/Japanese addresses (“from Singapore to your home addressin Japan via Kuroneko Yamato express home delivery withpackage tracking”), we’re assuming that both of the winnerbidders are residents of Japan who would be travelling hereto watch the performance.We’re quite surprised to see that even Japanese fans ofPerfume – who could always go to see the popular electropoptrio perform whenever they go on tour in their home country– were willing to fork out this much money for tickets to theSingapore concert, despite the fact that it would be streamedlive to Japanese audiences at 62 theatres all across Japan. 3
  • 55. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy walz on November 4th, 2012 Psycho Pass Ending theme: Namae no nai Kaibutsu – EGOIST “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F” (PS3) teaser site opens; its 6 new songs might make it into Vita version as DLC Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-ps3- teaser-site-opens-its-6-new-songs-might-make-it-into-vita-version-as- dlc/Egoist composed of Producer: Ryo of supercell and vocalist By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012Chelly (who provided the singing voice of Inori Yuzuriha)following their release of Extra terrestrial BiologicalEntities just this September 19, will be releasing their 3rdSingle Namae no nai Kaibutsu (Monster with no name) onDecember 5 2012.The CD+DVD set will retail for 1680 Yen while the CD onlywill be 1223 Yen (tax included for both). The single willbe featuring a total of 7 songs, 2 new ones a with theirinstrumental and tv versions. The DVD bundle will includethe music video of Namae no nai Kaibutsu plus the credit-less ending of PSYCHO-PASS. Sega has opened a teaser site for Hatsune Miku Project Diva♯Disc1 / CD♯ F, a port of the PS Vita rhythm-action title for the PS3 that01♯prelude will feature six new songs. The developers also shared a new CG visual for the game, as well as the rationale behind the02♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ (Namae no nai Kaibutsu) capital “F” in the title.03♯♯♯♯♯♯ (Kanadenaru)04♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ (TV Edit 92s ver)05♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ -Instrumental-06♯♯♯♯♯♯ -Instrumental-07♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ (TV Edit 92s ver) -Instrumental-♯Disc2 / DVD♯01.♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯Music Video According to the developers’ blog, they decided to go with a capital “F” for the title not merely because it’s clever, but02.♯PSYCHO-PASS ♯♯♯♯♯♯Ending ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ also that they wanted the title to convey the message that this game is based on the PlayStation Vita’s Hatsune Miku:03.♯PSYCHO-PASS ♯♯♯♯♯♯Ending ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ Project Diva f, but with some a few extra additions andpre-orders are up on sonymusic.co.jp changes.source: egoist-inori.jp Plus, they didn’t want to make the title any longer which might be hard for people to remember. So what are the changes made in Project Diva F? We’ve already detailed some of them here in yesterday’s post. But the gist of it is that there will be six new songs, as well as new modules based on the image of these songs. There will also be additional module customisation items – in Famitsu magazine’s story, Sega hinted at the possible appearance of a certain character that’s been quite popular with Miku fans lately (very likely to be Mikudayo-san, whose name Sega recently trademarked). With regards to the six additional songs, apparently the developers had originally intended for them to make it into the PS Vita version, but ultimately did not have the time to make the songs under the Vita version’s development schedule. Fortunately, there’s extra development time 4
  • 56. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonebudgeted the for PlayStation 3 port, so they can finally workon those songs and modules. Or so the developers say. Watch Raiden fight his would-With regards to fans who’ve already picked up the Vita be robo-canine pal in thisversion of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f, Sega says that theyare looking into whether or not they could roll out the new official Metal Gear Rising:songs and modules to the Vita version via DLC. Revengeance “technical playAt the moment, the development team is apparently working movie”hard to ensure that as much of the data from Project Diva f Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/watch-raiden-fight-his-would-be-can be carried over to Project Diva F, especially with regards robo-canine-pal-in-this-official-metal-gear-rising-revengeance-technical-to custom creations in Edit mode, and porting your save data play-movie/back and forth. By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012For details and confirmations on that, we’ll just have to waitfor a future announcement from the developers.For now, this week’s Famitsu magazine has got interviewswith seven creators or members of the development teaminvolved with the Project Diva f/F (Producer, R&D Producer,Director, Lead Programmer, PV Production, CharacterModeler, and Rhythm Game Design), so make sure to pickup a copy of the Japanese magazine at your local import bookstore (if you can). In Singapore, Kinokuniya Books usuallyhave them in on a Friday.Finally, here’s the new CG visual for Project Diva F that theyrevealed, in which Hatsune Miku stretches out her left hand At Gamescom earlier this year, Kojima Productions andto the viewer, as if inviting them to join her onto the next Platinum Games revealed LQ-84i K-9000 (code-namedstage. Bladewolf), a robo-canine that will eventually assist Raiden in combat – after he’s defeated and reprogrammed, that is. How hard could it be to beat the LQ-84i? Well, for starters, it’s not just a simple robodog – it’s got a chainsaw on its back which its whip-like tail can wield and swing around like a giant, menancing chainsaw katana. Also, the AI on-board the LQ-84i appears to be some sort of bigshot. As you’ll see in this official “technical play movie” below, the LQ-84i taunts Raiden every now and then, and can even summon underlings like soldiers and Metal Gear Gekkos to do its bidding. The footage here is from the same Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo that was issued out via a download code to gamers who pre-ordered and bought Zone of the Enders HD Collection/Edition last Thursday (October 25) in Japan, or this past Tuesday (October 30) in the US. So if you’ve already cleared the demo, you probably don’t need to watch it unless you’re looking for tips to beat the boss fight more efficiently. This game just keeps looking better and better. What’s your favourite part of the boss fight? Mine’s near the end when LQ-84i is seen pleading for his synthetic life. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (no X360 version in Japan) 19 February 2013. Source: FamitsuSource: Famitsu, Sega Kumi Koda Tops oricon charts with new single Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/kumi-koda-tops-oricon-charts-with- new-single/ 5
  • 57. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy walz on November 4th, 2012 are priced at 6,280 yen and 5,750 yen for the PS Vita and PSP respectively. Meanwhile, the limited edition will be sold for 11,004 yen for the PS Vita version or 10,479 yen for the PSP one, which may be a little pricey for some, but it comes with a drama CD, a towel, and figure of Misaki Kamiigusa, one of the heroines. Source: mantan-web This is how Tales of Hearts R (PlayStation Vita) looks likeJust a week after it was released, Kumi Koda’s new single “Go with full 3D graphicsto the Top” has reached the no.1 spot on the oricon charts, in Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/this-is-how-tales-of-hearts-r-an odd coas the title itself says it. Since the single’s October playstation-vita-looks-like-with-full-3d-graphics/24 release, the has reached more than 55,000 sales. By KarbyP on November 4th, 2012The new single (which is also the opening theme songof Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse) marks Kumi Koda’sreturn to the industry since giving birth to her first son withKenji03 (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Japanese Rockband “Back-on”).“I languished, not knowing what direction I was going totake after life-changing events such as marriage and havinga baby,” she said in a statement. “But I decided to come backto the stage and I am thrilled beyond words to be back in theNo. 1 spot.”Source: japantoday.com, oricon.co.jp A few extra details onTales of Hearts R have emerged in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. Development work on the game is said to be at the 50% mark, and the combat willSakurasou no Pet na Kanojo feature a new mechanic called “Chase Link” that’s similar to air combos in fighting games.to become a PSP and PS Vita Here’s a scan we found of the Tales of Hearts R feature ingame this week’s Famitsu (bigger here):Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/sakurasou-no-pet-na-kanojo-to-become-a-psp-and-ps-vita-game/By Kirandra on November 4th, 2012Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, a TV anime series currently onthe air in Japan and adapted from the popular light novel ofthe same name, is due to get a dating game for the PSP andPS Vita.Scheduled to be released on January 24 next year, the gamehas the player taking on the role of Kanda Sorata, theheroine, whose goal is to win both a game-making contestand the affection of the heroine(s). The story will likelyfollow that of the anime. The original Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS was rendered mostly in 2D dot-matrix graphics – event cutscenes, on the other hand, were done in a photo-realistic CG style. For the PlayStation Vista remake, Namco Bandai is switching to a different graphics engine that has everything done in a unified 3D rendering style. The original’s 2D dot-matrix graphics (as seen in King of(In the screenshot above, she’s asking: “Sorata, do you want Fighters XIII) lent a fighting-game-esque feel to the combat.me?”) Namco Bandai Games may have switched to 3D now, butThe game comes in three versions – standard, limited and Famitsu says that the developers have tried to preserve thatdownloadable. The standard edition costs 6,804 yen for the fighting game feel as much as possible.PS Vita, and 6,279 yen for the PSP. Downloadable editions 6
  • 58. November 4th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneLike we mentioned earlier, there will be at least one new playmechanic in the game’s combat system: Chase Link.In battle when certain conditions are met, the character youcontrol will go into Chase Link mode, launch the enemy intothe air, and follow-up with an aerial rave assault – duringwhich the camera will close-up on the action.Finally, although the graphics are in 3D, when charactersperform their super attacks, a 2D cut-in animation will occur(pictured right in the above image). These are all newlydrawn for the remake.Tales of Hearts R is scheduled to be released for thePlayStation Vita Spring 2013.Source: Famitsu 7
  • 59. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture According to the developers, in the video below you’ll see A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku an “intense” Akita Neru perform in Secret Police, a “sexy” and Japanese Pop Culture Yowane Haku strut her stuff in Eh? Aa, sou, and a “cute” Kasane Teto bop around in Melancholic. The three of them also come together for wowaka’s Unhappy Refrain afterHatsune Miku: Project Diva that.f DLC (Akita Neru, Yowane Finally, if you want to hear how Neru and Haku sound like (Teto doesn’t have a voice in Project Diva f), stay tuned toHaku, Kasane Teto) released the very end.on PlayStation Store today[trailer] Final Fantasy TributeSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-dlc-akita-neru-yowane-haku-kasane-teto-released-on-playstation-store- ~Thanks~ CD jacket featurestoday-trailer/ characters from FF1 throughBy KarbyP on November 6th, 2012 13 done in 8-bit style Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/final-fantasy-tribute-thanks-cd- jacket-features-characters-from-ff1-through-13-done-in-8-bit-style/ By KarbyP on November 6th, 2012Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f‘s first DLC pack has beenreleased on the PlayStation Store today – not just in theJapanese store, but also the one for Asia (we checked ourHong Kong and Singapore accounts).The pack, which adds the Akita Neru, Yowane Haku and Square Enix today revealed the CD jacket art toKasane Teto modules that are useable in a variety of modes, the Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ 25th anniversarycosts 600 yen in the Japanese store, HK$68 in the Hong commemorative album that’s scheduled to be releasedKong store, and S$10.90 for Singapore. December 5.I do not personally hold PSN accounts for Philippines and Illustrated by Kazuko Shibuya, who was responsible for thethe rest of the Asian PSN countries, so I can’t vouch for dot graphics and general design for many of the characters,any of those country-specific PlayStation Stores, but if the monsters, and backdrops in Final Fantasy I through VI, thegame was sold in your home country, chances are the DLC is CD jacket features 24 of the series’ most popular charactersavailable in your native PS Store too. from I to XIII (determined through a fan poll) in 8-bit dot-matrix graphics style, beginning with the cast of Final Fantasy I in the upper-left-hand corner, and finishing with Lightning (FFXIII) on the bottom-right-hand side. Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Aeris, Squall, Laguna, Zidane, Tidus… they’re all here. This is the first time characters from FFVII and onwards were done in an 8-bit style, according to Famitsu. Here’s what the CD jacket artwork looks like:Just in case you’re not quite sure whether you should plonkthe money down for this DLC pack, Sega has prepared a newtrailer in a bid to persuade you. 1
  • 60. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Rurouni Kenshin movie to hit Singapore theatres 29 Nov, stay tuned for updates and a special SGCafe giveaway! Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/rurouni-kenshin-movie-to-hit- singapore-theatres-29-nov-stay-tuned-for-updates-and-a-special-sgcafe- giveaway/ By Rika on November 6th, 2012A tribute album that celebrates 25 years of the beloved JRPGfranchise, Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ is a compilationof 25 classic FF tracks re-arranged by an assortment ofartistes, all of whom are special guest musicians Square The highly anticipated live-action Rurouni Kenshin filmEnix extended an invitation to for the occasion. The 25 re- starring Takeru Satoh as the titular samurai, Kenshinarranged tracks are spread across two CDs. Himura, hits Singapore shores at the end of this month!Previously, all but one of the artistes were already revealed In conjuction with Anime Festival Asia 2012, Amuse, Inc.back when the tribute album was first announced. has a special zone set up at their booth at this year’s AFA specially for Kenshin fans. Besides having Kenshin’sToday, Square Enix revealed the name of the final guest costume and sakabatou sword prop used in the film will beartiste who would be contributing to the album: Aoi Teshima on display, fans will also be able to catch a sneak preview& De De Mouse (手手手手DE DE MOUSE), who has been of the movie before seeing it in cinemas and take picturesenlisted to do a dreamy arranged cover of Final Fantasy XI‘s with a life-size Kenshin standee, all at Amuse, Inc.’s RurouniMelodies of Life, originally performed by Emiko Shiratori. Kenshin zone.The 2CD compilation V.A. Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ As a treat, SGCafe will be hosting a giveaway for a few luckywill be released 5 December 2012 in Japan for a retail price fans very soon! Keep your eyes glued to your newsfeeds forof 3,000 yen. more exciting updates!First press editions of the tribute album, when purchased ateither Tower Records or Village Vanguard stores in Japan,will come with a bonus Rare SQ disc, which contains a The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim:further nine tracks. Details on what’s included in Rare SQwill come at a later date. Dragonborn DLC to hit Xbox Live December 4 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-V.A.「FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE 「Thanks「「Full dragonborn-dlc-to-hit-xbox-live-december-4/list of participating artistes (in Japanese): By KarbyP on November 6th, 2012手手手手手手手手手手手手手手手 / 手 Pia-no-jaC 手 / Drakskip /Kenmochi Hidefumi / DAISHI DANCE / 手手手手手手手手手手 /NOISIAVISION feat. REXER / Sword of the Far East /millstones / So many tears / Serph / 手手手 / Calla Soiled /AVTechNO! / ALLY BAND / SPANOVA / jizue / Schroeder-Headz / 手手手手手手手手手 / JABBERLOOP / mudy on the 手手 /Nabowa / Open Reel Ensemble / 25th Anniversary FAN-CHESTRA / 手手手手DE DE MOUSESource: Natalie, Famitsu Details for the Dragonborn DLC pack for PlayStation 3 and PC Skyrim players have not yet been announced yet, but if you’re on the Xbox 360, you’ll be able to purchase the 2
  • 61. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonenew content December 4 for the price of 1,600 MS Points (S By KarbyP on November 6th, 2012$35.20).The third downloadable add-on for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,in Dragonborn players will travel to and visit the Dark Elves’homeland of Morrowind – yes, the same Morrowind asElder Scrolls III: Morrowind – in a quest to take down arival Dragonborn who’s been collecting dragon souls (afterslaying them) for a malicious plot.This DLC pack will also introduce a number of new enemiesto fight, and new loot to hoard – including a draconic armourset. Muramasa: The Demon Blade was easily the most beautiful Wii game that I’ve ever played. Although I’ve finish the 2D action game in its entirety, the gameplay and graphics were so ravishing that I would absolutely buy it again on the PlayStation Vita (now that it’s being ported over). These first batch of screenshots that publisher Marvelous AQL have released should give you a sense of the game’s splendour (it’s called Oboro Muramasa in Japan, by the way; “Oboro” meaning “demon blade”). But to truly appreciate the game’s viscerality, you need to see it in motion. Only then will your heart be set aflutter by its fluid, picturesque 2D graphics. This game looked so pretty that I enjoyed running endlessly in one direction for severalToday’s announcment of Dragonborn’s pricing and minutes and looking at the backdrops cascade by.availability for Xbox 360 players – and only them – strikesmany as a little strange. Under a deal that developer Thankfully you can get a taste of that by heading over toBethesda made with Microsoft, the first two pieces of Elder Oboro Muramasa PS Vita’s official website, which let youScrolls V: Skyrim DLC must be made available to X360 sample some of the game’s animated backgrounds via theowners at least 30 days before they are available on other arcane art of Macromedia Flash.platforms… but it was supposed to be for the first two:Dawnguard and Hearthfire.Dragonborn is the third DLC pack, but given that Bethesdadid not announce a date for PC users today, could they becounting Dragonborn as the second piece under their dealwith Microsoft, since the scale of Hearthfire – a 400-MS-point that let players buy land, build a house and raise afamily – isn’t quite on the same level as Dawnguard andHearthfire?If that’s the case, then PC Skyrim players can probably expectto see the new content sometime in January 2013. As for PS3users, well, Bethesda is still working on getting Dawnguardand Hearthfire to you, so there’s no rush!Source: CinemablendOboro Muramasa’s (PS Vita)1st batch of screenshots donot do the game’s visualsjusticeSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/oboro-muramasas-ps-vita-1st-batch-of-screenshots-do-not-do-the-games-visuals-justice/ 3
  • 62. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Set in mythological Japan, and based loosely on the Genroku era in history, Oboro Muramasa or Muramasa: The Demon Blade tells the story of two playable characters – amnesiac ninja Kisuke, and young princess Momohime (accidentally possessed by the spirit of swordsman Izuna Jinkuro) – as they each travel across Japan to accomplish their individual goals. Kisuke starts out from the western part of Japan (Kyo) and heads for the eastern Edo area, while Momohime goes in the opposite direction. The two playable characters only meet once during a hot springs scene somewhere in the middle, and do not know about each other’s quest. However, as players eventually find out, their fates are actually related. Throughout their journeys, players will get the chance to collect up to 108 different demon blades, each possession different attack and super moves. At the moment, not too much has been unveiled about the PlayStation Vita port of Oboro Muramasa, other than that downloadable content will be released for it. Through DLC, Marvelous and developer Vanillaware plans to add four short-story episodes, each featuring a different protagonist, that will be fully voiced and serve to expand the game’s universe for fans. It stings a little to learn that the new content would not be included with the base package. But since this is developer Vanillaware (who champions 2D, sprite-based design with their games) that we’re talking about, I’d say they deserve every last penny. Oboro Muramasa for the PlayStation Vita is slated for a 28 March 2013 release in Japan. Source: Oboro Muramasa Get into the Electric Groove at this year’s AFA I Love Anisong string of concerts Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/get-into-the-electric-groove-at-this- years-afa-i-love-anisong-string-of-concerts/ By Rika on November 6th, 2012 Blow your mind with a rockin’ lineup of artistes at this year’s Anisong World Stage! 4
  • 63. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone By KarbyP on November 6th, 2012For the first time ever in Singapore, catch the legendary T.M. Sega today announced concrete details to a Sakura WarsRevolution in a full-fledged solo concert as he dominates the Paris Assault Force Live 2012 ~Revue mon Paris~ (手手手手Electro Stage on November 9. Since his debut in 1995, T.M. 手 手手手手手手手2012 手手手手手手手手手手手手) musical that the gameRevolution has become well-known for his contributions publisher plans to stage at Tokyo’s Aoyama Theatre into the Gundam series and Capcom beat-em-up Sengoku December.BASARA among countless others, with the Rurouni Kenshin Over the course of four days – from December 26 to 29 – aending song Heart of Sword ~yoake mae~ being the first of total of six runs of the musical will be held: 6.30PM eveninghis many works to be featured in anime and game series. shows on the 26th, 27th, and 28th, and daytime shows onTaking the Jump Stage on November 10, also for the 28th (1.30PM) and 29th (1PM).their maiden performances in Singapore, are idol group Unlike most live-action musicals, Sega’s Sakura WarsBABYMETAL, trance and pop duo fripSide and m.o.v.e., a theatricals actually feature the same voice actors andname Initial D fans would surely recognise. Also returning actresses from the original games and animation series.to the stage is the energetic rock group FLOW and J-Pop The 2012 Sakura Wars musical puts the spotlight on theartiste LiSA, who fans will know as the voice behind Girls cast from the Paris Assault Force, who were first introducedDead Monster from Angel Beats!. into the series with Sakura Wars 3. There will also be newSunday’s Diamond Stage will feature songstress May’n, characters portrayed at this year’s musical.already a familiar face to veteran AFA goers, our very This is not the first time Sega has held a live-action musicalown local idol group Sea手A, as well as singer/seiyuu show featuring the Paris Assault Force or Sakura Wars 3 cast.group Sphere which consists of Haruka Tomatsu, Minako They’ve been doing this all the way since the early 2000s:Kotobuki, Ayahi Takagaki and Aki Toyosaki. The multi-talented Minami Kuribayashi, yet another artiste to perform The last Paris-only musical was held in 2009 Sega held thefor the very first time here in Singapore and well-loved for first Sakura Wars Paris Assault Force Live ~The Wingsher works as a singer, seiyuu and a songwriter will also join of Freedom are Burning~ (手手手手手 手手手手手手手手手手手手手手手手the lineup on November 11! 手手).The artistes have special messages for all their fans in The 2009 show was followed up in 2010 with a Sakura WarsSingapore! live-action musical (手手手手手 手手手手手手手手手手手手2010手手手手手手 手手手手手) that expanded the ensemble cast with those from Sakura Wars V’s New York Combat Revue.Tickets to this phenomenal event are selling out fast; get Finally, in 2011 Sega staged the biggest Sakura Wars musicalyours here! of them all to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary. The Sakura Wars Budokan Live 2 ~Imperial, Paris, and NewSega to stage Sakura Wars York~ (手手手手手 手手手手手手2 手手手手手手手手手手) musical featured the voice cast of just about every major character from theParis Assault Force Live 2012 series.musical in December Of course, it’s not possible for the musical to simply getSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/sega-to-stage-sakura-wars-paris- bigger and bigger with every impending year, so this timeassault-force-live-2012-musical-in-december/ around Sega is restarting the theatrical series again and doing an entire show based on the Paris cast – which was something fans said they wanted to see, as it’s been three years since they’ve had a Paris-only show. Tickets for Sakura Wars Paris Assault Force Live 2012 ~Revue mon Paris~ are priced at 6,000, 8,000, and 9,000 yen respectively for A, S, and SS category seats. Source: Sakura-Taisen.com, 4Gamer 5
  • 64. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAnime Festival Asia 2012Main Stage featuresSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/32507/By Rika on November 6th, 2012With much to look forward to at Anime Festival Asia 2012,we offer you a brief glimpse at what’s not to miss at the AFAMain Stage this year! “Eden of the East” director Kenji Kamiyama opens the stage on Sunday at noon to give audiences an insight into his creative experiences, and Lis Ani! editor-in-chief Fumiaki Nishihara is set to introduce visitors to the magazine and its workings. Catch Aimi, seiyuu of Suiko of Ultra Rare from Cardfight!! Vanguard at the Bushiroad Stage, and anisong artistes May’n, Minami Kuribayashi, Sea手A when they make their special guest appearances before the night’s concert at Max Pavilion Concert Hall. Joining them is four- member seiyuu idol group Sphere for a Q&A and exclusiveStarting at 12:20pm, the stage events promise to give live dubbing session, after which AFA welcomes back hostaudiences a special treat for the duration of AFA! Catch Danny Choo to the stage to share with us what he’s beenAmuse Inc.’s BABYMETAL, FLOW and Perfume showcase, up since we last saw him at AFA 2011. The AFA Regionalas well as a sneak preview of the Rurouni Kenshin live- Cosplay Championship competition will also be happeningaction movie. King Records’ special presentation for at AFA’s Main Stage, and you’ll get to see the best teams fromthis season’s hit anime K featuring a discussion with K’s Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesiaproducer Go Nakanishi. Day 1′s program also features as they duke it out for the title! Not to miss after theguest appearances by anisong artistes fripSide, m.o.v.e. competition is a special screening of Fairy Tail: Priestess ofand LiSA, and HoriPro’s showcase featuring May’n, Sea手A the Phoenix, a movie feature based on the hit series Fairyand seiyuu Daisuke Kisho, known for his portrayal of Tail by Hiro Mashima.Vampire Knight’s Kaname Kuran and Final Fantasy XIII-2 To enjoy this thrilling line-up, visitors should purchase aprotagonist Noel Kreiss. The man behind Cowboy Bebop Festival + Stage Access ticket for each of the days. They canand Macross Plus, Shinichiro Watanabe, will be sharing his be purchased at the AFA Shop at *SCAPE or at the eventinsight with fans, and producers BONES’ Masahiko Minami venue itself at $20 per day.and Bandai Visual’s Motoki Mukaichi will also be taking thestage to share their experiences making Eureka Seven AOa reality. Many talented costumers will be showcasing their The World Ends With You Liveworks at the AFA Cosplay Singles Competition, and fans ofNaruto wouldn’t want to miss the special screening of the Remix – everyone will playninth Naruto movie “Road to Ninja”, happening right after as Neku Sakuraba at firstthe competition. (Famitsu interview) Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/the-world-ends-with-you-live-remix- everyone-will-play-as-neku-sakuraba-at-first-famitsu-interview/ By KarbyP on November 6th, 2012 6
  • 65. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneIn The World Ends With You Live Remix, players tackle putting together the blueprints for a new entry in the seriesweekly Reapers’ Game missions in teams of 20 – but you’re so quickly after the port.not playing as yourself. According to director Tatsuya Kando, Live Remix originallyEveryone in the team will still play as Neku Sakuraba, the started life as an extra mode for the iOS version of theprotagonist from the original DS/iOS title, with options to game (-Solo Remix-). The development team wanted to addplay as Joshua and Beat at some point in the future, a recent some kind of new social element to the game that wouldinterview Famitsu did with the Live Remix’s producer Ichiro give players even more reason to delve into the game’s deepHazama, director Tatsuya Kando, and co-director Hiroyuki combat mechanics.Ito (pictured left to right) revealed. However, at some point, the plans to implement such a mode grew exponentially and became something far bigger than they imagined, so they thought it would be a better idea to make this into a separate game instead. From there, they decided to bring in a concept that they previously shelved while working on the original DS game – the concept of “playing hide-and-seek and treasure-hunting in the setting of Shibuya” – and then looked at how they could structure everything as a free-to-play social game. With regards to why Square Enix decided to work with GREE on the title, Hazama explained that when they were speaking to social network service partners, it just so happened thatThe interview also addressed many other questions that fans the representative from GREE was a big fan of the originalhave been wondering about, such as the actual details of TWEWY. And so the collaboration from there just wentgameplay, whether elements from the original game like really smoothly.eating food would come into play here, and just who the heckthe new character from the secret ending of The World EndsWith You -Solo Remix- might be. Square Enix’s role in developing Live Remix Although the actual development work and server/game management for Live Remix will be handled by GREE, Kando says that on Square Enix’s part, they’re providing direction and supervision. And this will involve the Square Enix team coming up with event ideas, and various other forms of collaboration.What’s The World Ends With You Live Remix?Before we go on, first, a brief primer on Live Remix. This isa social game that Square Enix is working on in conjunctionwith Japanese social network service GREE, that’s slated In particular, what Square Enix and GREE are trying to doto be released for smartphones (not just iOS) in Japan this with Live remix, according to co-director Hiroyuki Ito, is tocoming Winter. challenge the concept of social games, and come up with a social game app that’s different from the basic structureSet in a world parallel to the one in the 2007 Nintendo DS (“theory”, they said) that just about everybody else has beenRPG The World Ends With You (手手手手手手手手手手, literally “It’s adhering to. They want Live Remix to possess both thea Wonderful World”), in Live Remix players compete against qualities of what makes a social game fun, as while as thosea rival team to see who can find and defeat a boss monster that make a retail game enjoyable.called the “Noise Ringleader” (手手手手手) first. Another objective that Square Enix wanted to achieve, producer Hazama said, was to have “Live Remix as a point ofHow did The World Ends With You Live Remix project entry for gamers, and to get them interested to go on to playbegin? the DS version or the iOS -Solo Remix-”. That was apparently the only order producer Hazama issued to directors KandoSince Square Enix recently released (August 2012) The and Ito. Hazama felt that it was safe to leave all other majorWorld Ends With You – Solo Remix-, a port of the DS game decisions to the duo, who had previously been part of theto the iOS with several major changes to gameplay, Famitsu DS game’s core staff, and who fussed over all the tiny detailsbegan the interview by asking the creators how they came to right from the beginning to make sure this project doesn’t go south. 7
  • 66. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneFinally, Hazama also talked about two points of designs thatthey absolutely want Live Remix to adhere to: 1) that thegame’s free-to-play portion is fun for folks who do not wantto spend any money, and that 2) that players should nevernot know what they should do next when they’re looking atthe game’s screen.Kando agreed, commenting that as this game is all aboutteam battles, even though the “heavy users” will be the onesleading the charge for their teams, that it’s important for“light users” to be able to contribute to the team’s efforts.The World Ends With You Live Remix’s game structureDifferent from the original RPG where participants in theReaper’s Game go at it in pairs, this time around the conceptis to have a large team search the whole of Shibuya to solvethe weekly Reaper’s Game quizzes, Kando and Ito explained.As players in the same team search through the differentareas of Shibuya and fight normal Noise enemies, they raisethe team’s overall score. Get it above your rival team’s, andyou’ll earn rewards.While exploring the streets of Shibuya, occasionally a playermight discover a hint as to where the Noise Ringleadermight be hiding. “At 104, Search Level 5, the big bad mightbe there”, for instance. Such hints will show up in the Also, at the beginning of the game’s service, there willteam message board to allow individual players to find not be any abilities that require the “rubbing” touchscreenthe ringleader more easily. The Noise Ringleader’s location command (there was in the original DS game), as this is achanges from day to day, however. command motion that many smartphone users have saidThe “Live” part of the title refers to the fact that in-game time that they’ve found difficult to perform, as you don’t normallywill match that of the real world, Kando notes. At the end do that in other smartphone apps.of a week, the team of 20 is disbanded, and new teams are Combat play, at the beginning, will be restricted to theformed again. tapping and flicking commands, as these are motions that allThat said, if you and certain other members of the team smartphone users are familiar with.found that you work well together, you may choose to remain However, at some point in the future, Ito says that they planin the same team. to roll out badge abilities that require rubbing or mashing (well, repeated tapping) to activate, once folks are more familiar with the basic controls.Combat mechanics Before you go into combat, you’ll need to furnish your SkillBattles in Live Remix will be pretty similar to their Deck with up to four badges. This number is down from sixcounterparts in Solo Remix, where you’ll attack enemies in -Solo Remix-.by interacting with the touchscreen. Neku’s movement,however, will be automatically controlled. However, a game update in the near future will let you equip four additional support badges, for a total of eight. Ito saysThis is being done to make the game more manageable for that he hopes allowing players to level up up to eight badgessingle-handed play – as it is, after all, a social game. Ito says at once will motivate them to play the game more.that care is being taken to ensure that you’ll be able to holdthe smartphone in your right (or left) hand, and play simplybe using your thumb to interface with the touchscreen. 8
  • 67. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Famitsu then moved on to asking if players would assume control as Neku Sakuraba, since in combat (as you can see in the screenshots) you appear to be playing as him. “Yes, you enter the Reapers’ Game as Neku. And so what ends up happening is that every player in the game is Neku Sakuraba, but that’s done for story reasons, and this will be explained in the story. In time we also plan to let you play as Beat and Joshua.” Other characters from the original game may also make their appearance at limited-time events. For instance, Uzuki Yashiro, Kouki Kariya, Sho Minamimoto and other Reapers that fans may be familiar with may appear to issue missions as Game Masters from time to time. As for new characters, a new Reaper by the name of Koko Atarashi (her last name literally means “new”) will serve as your guide to the game. Like all other Reapers, a member of the 12 Chinese Zodiac members is embedded in her name by means of word association. In her case, “Ko” apparently has something to do with “Nezumi”, the Japanese word for rodent or mouse.To gain increasingly powerful badges, you can merge yourexisting ones, go through Gacha, or defeat “Big Noises” whomay drop rare badges.Finally, when asked if wearing different clothes or eatingfoods will play a part in Live Remix just like they did in theoriginal game, Ito says that at the current stage they don’thave any plans to implement these features whatsoever, butthat they’ll look into feasible ways to do so. At the momentthe gameplay is focused on badge abilities.Live Remix’s universe and charactersSince this game is said to take place in a parallel world to thatof the original, Famitsu wanted to know if there will be anylinks to the original game’s canon.To that, Kando explained that these are completely differentworlds severed from one another, with no connectionsbetween the two. However, the characters and otherelements universe are almost the same – only the canonwould be different.“It’s something like the ‘Another Day’ scenario that you Koko Atarashi, in case you were wondering, is not thecould play after finishing the main game in the original mysterious new character that was shown in the secretTWEWY,” Kando said. ending of the iOS’s -Solo Remix-. Kando confirmed this to Famitsu when he was asked about it. 9
  • 68. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSo who or what exactly is that new character in the iOSversion’s secret ending?For that, Kando deferred Famitsu to something he hadsaid in a previous interview that focused on -Solo Remix-:that the character in the secret ending is preparation for“something else”.“Our goal with -Solo Remix- and Live Remix is to get moreusers to experience the world of TWEWY. If we’re able to dothat, then we move on to making the next thing [to expandthe games universe],” Kando said.Finally, in closing, Ito and Kando added that fans of TWEWYcan look forward to new BGMs being recorded for LiveRemix. Source: Famitsu Ladies and gents, ready your wallets and cameras for AFA2012′s exhibition and merchandise booths Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/ladies-and-gents-ready-your-wallets- and-cameras-for-afa2012s-exhibition-and-merchandise-booths/ By Rika on November 6th, 2012 Excited for the line-up of fabulous exhibitors at AFA2012 this year? We sure are! Expect long lines at the Cospa booth where limited quantities of exclusive Hatsune Miku and Accel World goods will be on sale, and break your bank accounts at the Sword Art Online concept booth and Madoka movie booth where T-shirts, calendars and other special edition items will be sold. Other booth exhibitors include Mighty Media Anime 10
  • 69. November 6th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneMerchandise, PROWARE and MY-CARTOON where fanscan find items from Shakugan no Shana, Guilty Crown,Nurarihyon, Angel Beats!, Infinite Stratos and a whole lotmore. Mirai-chan goods can also be found aplenty at theCulture-Japan booth, and those who missed out on DannyChoo’s famous Moekana card collection can purchase theirown set at the official AFA shop.Fans of the classic anime and manga series Rurouni Kenshinwill be treated to a special preview of the movie starringTakeru Satoh as the titular Kenshin Himura at AMUSE’smassive exhibit, where Kenshin’s costume as well as thesakabatou prop used in the movie will be on display. Perfumeand BABYMETAL fans will also be delighted to visit therespective groups’ experience zones. At the AMUSE officialshop, fans can purchase BABYMETAL and FLOW CDsand a few lucky buyers will have the chance to get theirmerch autographed by the bands. Gunpla enthusiasts willfind an impressive lineup of Bandai’s Mazinger Z Chogokinshowcase at the Bandai Experience Zone, and one luckywinner at TCG giant Bushiroad’s booth will win the chanceto be featured on their very own personalised Cardlight!!Vanguard card.This year’s booth layout is as follows:The full-sized version of this floorplan can be found here.For more information on what’s in store for AFA visitors thisyear,visit the event’s official page overat http://www.animefestival.asia/afa12/ 11
  • 70. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture insane,” says Harrison. Kutaragi was upset that A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku SCEA was spending its limited budget on an and Japanese Pop Culture alternative brand. “But the thing that really upset Ken was that the Polygon Man design wasn’t Gouraud shaded, it was flat shaded! So PolygonGuess who’s the final boss in Man was taken out into the car park and quietlyPlayStation All-Stars Battle shot.”Royale (PS3, PS Vita)?Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/guess-whos-the-final-boss-in-playstation-all-stars-battle-royale-ps3-ps-vita/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale comes out for the PS3 November 20. Come try out the game at Funan DigitaLife MallIn PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, developer Superbot (atrium) this weekend, where Sony has set a “cross-play”Entertainment’s upcoming frenzied fighter for the PS3 and demonstration booth where the 4-player fighter is playedPS Vita, characters from some of the hottest first and third- with two Dual Shock controllers and two PS Vita consoles.party PS game franchises come together to slug it out, first Until November 11.against their individual rivals (from a different franchise),and subsequently against a final boss who, interestinglyenough, is not actually from a video game. An orc, a goblin and a humanYou’ll catch a glimpse of the mysterious final boss from walk into a watchtower… Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/an-orc-a-goblin-and-a-human-walk-the all-stars fighter in this opening cinematic video, into-a-watchtower/which Superbot Entertainment’s Seth Killian has shared to By Neubronner Eugene on November 9th, 2012commemorate the game’s gold mastering. It’s near the end,right after all 20 of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’sensemble cast settle their personal rivalries (ten pairs of twologgerheads).Can you guess who the enigma of a final boss is?Give up?If you plan to find out who the final boss is only once thegame is out on November 20, you should probably stopreading now.For the rest of you still reading, your PS All-Stars BattleRoyale final boss is Polygon Man, who originated as acharacter from a Sony Computer Entertainment Americathat never truly materialised. We could think of worse jokes than that, but we’ll spare yourIt was canned before the launch of the Sony PlayStation ears. (What do you mean we’ll spare their ears? I’ll haveconsole in America when the father of the PlayStation, Ken your ears if you give those bad jokes to them! - Ed) What weKutaragi, freaked out upon seeing his jagged polygonal mug. won’t spare you from though is a decent B-grade title that’sAccording to former Sony exec Phil Harrison in a 2009 likely to be overlooked in the sea of Christmas titles currentlyarticle from Edge magazine: swamping the gaming scene. Of Orcs and Men, from Cyanide Studios, takes a hard look at what happens when the good I remember walking onto the E3 booth in 1995 guys win and the bad guys have been enslaved for a few with Ken and seeing the Polygon Man design on decades or so. the side of the booth. Ken just went absolutely 1
  • 71. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWe’ve got a review up here for you to consider if you’ve gotsome spare cash to throw around right here, at SGCafe.Nana Mizuki to performtheme song, voice characterin Sega JRPG Shining ArkSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/nana-mizuki-to-perform-theme-song-voice-character-in-sega-jrpg-shining-ark/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012Sega today reveiled details on the theme song to itsupcoming PSP JRPG Shining Ark.The title of the song is Kiseki no Melodia / Melodia ofMiracles (奇奇奇奇奇奇奇奇), and it will be performed by noneother than veteran anisong artiste Nana Mizuki. Sega also confirmed today that Nana Mizuki will be part of Shining Ark’s voice cast.Some screenshots from Shining Ark’s opening animatedsequence were also shared: However, at this point the Tokyo-based games maker has declined on reveal which character in the game Ms Mizuki will voice. We’ll have to wait a little longer before Sega’s willing to tell. It could be a yet-to-be-announced character, or it could be one of the following: 2
  • 72. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Shining Ark will be released in Japan Winter 2012/2013. Ryu Hayabusa’s HP level, and numerous other gameplayUMD and downloadable versions of the game are priced at tweaks.6,279 and 5,600 yen respectively. Plus, of course, standard Wii U GamePad functionality such as using its touchscreen as a command list viewer orLet the launch trailer for to quickly change weapons or Ninpo attacks. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja also plans to release additional playableNinja Gaiden 3: Razor’s characters for the game as free DLC.Edge show you what All of that (or maybe just Ayane) makes me want this game. Really badly.a big difference limb I just don’t know if I want it bad enough to purchase a Wiidismemberment makes U for it.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/let-the-launch-trailer-for- Would you?ninja-gaiden-3-razors-edge-show-you-what-a-big-difference-limb-dismemberment-makes/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012When Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge comes out alongsideNintendo’s new Wii U console at launch, it will add abloodied bucket-load’s worth of new features.Chief amongst them? Limb dismemberment. Or maybeAyane as a new playable character. To be honest, I can’tdecide which is more appealing.Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not a big fan of gore in myvideo games, by any measure. To me, digital blood is justanother fancy-schmancy graphical effect splashed onto thescreen like the dozen other ones rendered simultaneously inthe game (well, unless it’s done artistically).For instance, I like the latest Mortal Kombat for itsexcellent story mode and interesting (though buggy)psuedo-2D fighting game combat. But I actually think someof the violent or gory moves are actually pretty stupid ordownright disgusting.Yet, somehow when I saw Ayane slice off some randommercenary’s arm like knife on butter in the launch trailerfor the game, something stirred in my heart. I’m thinkingit’s the intense contrast between the speed at which Ayane’sblade swung and that of the poor man’s dismembered limbfalling off in slow motion. That was quite remarkable to see.(Or maybe it’s Ayane that I’m actually mesmerised with…just look at that… speed!)But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s the launchtrailer for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, in English andJapanese respectively:Other than limb dismemberment and Ayane as a playablecharacter, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge also introducesnew weapons (a total of six are useable now: Sword,Claws, Scythe, Dual Katana, Staff and Kusari-Gama), animproved enemy AI system, hidden Test of Valor battlearenas that let players fight classic Ninja Gaiden bosses, anew character progression system that lets you upgrade even 3
  • 73. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone As you raise Miku’s stats through lessons selected from a training menu, you’ll eventually be able to enter her in song, style, and talk contests. Do weel in these contests, and you’ll not only earn moola in the form of LSP’s currency but also unlock furniture and interior decoration options for your live house. You’ll also be able to hold Hatsune Miku performances in your live house to earn even more money. But before you do that, you should try to “produce” the look of your live house first, as it has an effect on the number of customers you bring in and how satisified Miku’s performance leaves them.Source: FamitsuHatsune Miku: Live StageProducer “open beta service”goes live on AndroidSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/hatsune-miku-live-stage-producer-open-beta-service-goes-live-on-android/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012 Open beta service…?After two Hatsune Miku game apps that were exclusive to the Downloading and installing the beta service version ofiOS platform, Sega is finally throwing a bone to Miku fans on Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer on your Android deviceAndroid devices. Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer today is free. Available from the Google Play store.went into open beta service, and it’s only for Android users However, not all Android devices will be able to run it – it’llfor now. depend on your smartphone or tablet’s specs.The free-to-play mobile game app (with paid downloadable On top of that, as the game is currently in beta service, it maycontent) is also slated for release in the near future for iOS be prone to bugs or performance issues. In fact the purposedevices, but there’s been no information on when this might of this open beta is to allow Sega to tweak game balancedbe, so far. based on users’ experience and feedback, as well as to checkUnlike the Project Diva and Miku flick series, in Live for animation and framerate issues.Stage Producer (or LSP)is not a rhythm-action game by Within the app, there is also a “submit feedback” feature thatany means. Rather, the genre here is simulation: you you can use to tell the developers any issues with the gamemanage a live house in which Hatsune Miku is your joint’s that you might have faced.entertainment, and your job is to groom Hatsune Miku intothe finest virtual singer the world has ever seen, and profit.The game measures Hatsune Miku’s performing talents bysix statistics: song, cuteness, “variety” (I’m not quite surewhat this is, but I believe it’s something like a sense ofhumour), style, talk, and dance. 4
  • 74. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneHatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer is not the first idol-producing simulation game to have featured a beta testfor one platform, and subsequently launched on anotherplatform.Namco Bandai’s Idolm@ster 2 game did something similar:the “beta” version of the game was launched on the Xbox 360first. Subsequently, a “full” version of the game came out forthe PS3, With some new content that X360 users never got.The difference between Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producerand Idolm@ster 2? The former is free-to-play, while both theX360 and PS3 versions of the latter were sold as full priceretail titles. /sarcasmSource: Famitsu“Cosmic Red” and “Sapphire If you’re not already using headphones while playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f or DJ Max Technika Tune,Blue” PS Vita models, in-ear you might want to consider picking a pair up, regardless ofheadsets comes to Singapore the colour of your Vita unit. Headphones would certainly make it easier to detect footsteps in Call of Duty: Black OpsNovember 22 Declassified (watch out for our hands-on for the upcomingSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/cosmic-red-and-sapphire-blue-ps- PS Vita FPS soon).vita-models-in-ear-headsets-comes-to-singapore-november-22/ The new headsets colour will begin retailing on the sameBy KarbyP on November 9th, 2012 date: November 22. PS3™ Wireless Stereo Headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound“Cosmic Red” and “Sapphire Blue” coloured models ofSony’s PlayStation Vita portable gaming console willhit Singapore stores November 22, Sony ComputerEntertainment Hong Kong announced today.First announced for Japan at the Tokyo Game Show earlierthis year, these new models will retail here in Singaporeat the same price as their Crystal Black and Crystal Whitecounterparts: S$469 for the 3G/Wi-Fi model, and S$399 forthe Wi-Fi only unit.Apart from the Vita console unit itself, games can also pickup an official PS Vita in-ear headsets – priced at S$19.90 –in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue to match the portable. In other related PlayStation accessories news, Sony will also be releasing an official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset (with 7.1 5
  • 75. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonevirtual surround sound) in Singapore on November 13, to be subsequently fell into infamy due to a sex scandal? She’ssold at a suggested retail price of S$179.90. The PS3 Wireless recovered from that blip and is actually doing pretty alrightStereo Headset will work with the PS3, your PS Vita, and for herself now.other mobile devices. Her latest voice role is a new character that will beAlthough Sony’s simply calling it the “official PS3 Wireless introduced in the console-exclusive Arrange Mode of Cave’sStereo Headset” here for the Singapore market, this headset 2D plane shooter, Dodonpachi Saidaioujou, slated to beis actually the new and improved, second-generation “Pulse released Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360. Not only that, but theWireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition” that the PlayStation seiyuu-on-a-comeback will also be performing the openingBlog detailed right around the E3 period. theme for the console version. Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset – Elite Edition, As part of today’s announcement from Dodonpachi featuring “BassImpact” technology developer Cave, an illustration of Saya - the new character that Hirano Aya will be voicing as – was shared. Here’s what BassImpact technology translates bass sounds into she looks like, in three different costumes. ‘pulses’ around the earpads of the headset. Pulse – Elite Edition combines 7.1 virtual surround sound with BassImpact to deliver an unprecedented level of immersion, while sharpening your perception on the battlefield or anywhere else you play. This is truly the ultimate audio advantage. Additionally, Pulse – Elite Edition incorporates all the great features of the Wireless Stereo Headset and these new features: • Higher fidelity speaker drivers for dynamic sound • Preset Modes to optimize your audio experience for select gaming genres, movies, and music Each costume has a different weapon setting: the one on the • Hidden noise-cancelling microphones deliver left (combat suit) has a stronger normal shot, the one in the crystal clear voice chat and allow for a more middle (personal clothes) has a stronger laser attack, and streamlined design the last one (swimsuit) is an “Expert” setting which gives • Compatible with your PS3, PS Vita, favorite you stronger shot and laser weapons, but also increases the mobile device or MP3 player (connects via enemies’ offensive capabilities. built-in 3.5mm audio jack and included auxiliary cable)Hirano Aya to voice newcharacter, perform openingtheme to DodonpachiSaidaioujou for the Xbox 360Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/hirano-aya-to-voice-new-character-and-perform-opening-theme-to-dodonpachi-saidaioujou-for-the-xbox-360/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012 Saya, or Element Doll Extra Z-002: Saya, is related to Hipachi the extra boss in the arcade version of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou (which has been released in Japanese arcades – or “game centers”, as they call them over there – since April of this year). Both Element Dolls were produced at the same time at the Element Doll Electronics factory, as partRemember Hirano Aya? You know, the voice actress who of the same assembly line. Except, during a live firing test,rose to fame with her portrayal of Haruhi Suzumiya, and 6
  • 76. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonesomething went wrong and now Saya faces Hipachi in aerial DS version – as well as tweaks to the game’s combat system.combat. Tales of Hearts R is also said to be fully voiced.So you’ll essentially be playing as the robo-sister of Tales of Hearts R is scheduled to be released for theDodonpachi Saidaioujou’s extra big bad in the Arrange Mode PlayStation Vita Spring 2013.of the game – how bad-a** is that? Source: Tales of Hearts R – First PV 奇奇奇奇奇奇奇奇奇奇R PV奇奇Tales of Hearts R’s 1st PV Hatsune Miku: Project Divaputs fans at ease: yes, there Arcade – Songs for Novemberwill be anime [video]Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/tales-of-hearts-rs-1st-pv-puts-fans-at- Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/hatsune-miku-project-diva-arcade-ease-yes-there-will-be-anime/ songs-for-november-video/By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012 By KarbyP on November 9th, 2012The last time we visited Tales of Hearts R, Namco Bandai This month, three songs from Hatsune Miku: Project DivaGames’ upcoming PlayStation Vita remake of Nintendo DS Extend are making their way to Diva Arcade. There’s a littleJRPG Tales of Hearts, we told you that it’s going to utilise bit of wowaka, a little bit of Jimmy Thumb P, and even somean all new 3D graphics engine that replaces the original’s 2D Toku to boot. What’s not to like?dot-matrix sprites. All three songs will hit Hatsune Miku: Project Diva ArcadeThe new 3D visuals are lovely. It’s 3D, but it still looks like on November 13, a Tuesday.2D, if you know what I mean. There’s actually a semblanceof the original 2D character designs in the 3D polygonal Here’s a trailer Sega put up today featuring the threegraphics. Unlike the bizarre photorealistic 3D approach that November tracks, as well as a brief description of each song’sNamco Bandai took when they made the cutscenes for the claim to fame.DS’s Tales of Hearts.So yes, the 3D visuals are great. So great that we wonderedif Namco Bandai might possibly stick with rendering every Rolling Girl / ロロロロロロロsingle scene in the game with real-time 3D graphics.As it turns out, the answer is a reassuring ”no – it’s not 3Donly”.Today the Tales Channel Plus portal uploaded the first PVtrailer for Tales of Hearts R, and in it you clearly see that,like many other Tales of JRPGs, this remake would feature2D animated cutscenes in addition to the 3D visuals.Yes, there will be anime.In the world of Tales of Hearts R, a war is being waged Music, lyrics and jacket picture designed by wowakabetween humans and Zerom – monsters that hunt for andeat human hearts. In an attempt to banish these monsters, Wowaka’s second release after Ura-Omote Lovers, and thehumans forged spirit weapons that they call Somas. song that took him almost to the top of the Vocaloid charts, Rolling Girl finally makes her appearance in the arcadeAnd that’s where our hero Shing Meteoryte (CV: Tetsuya version.Kakihara), 17 years old, comes in. Having inherited theability to use a Soma from his mother’s side of the familytree, Shing joins Kohak Hearts (CV: Marina Inoue) anda group of other party members on a quest to slay theseatrocious monsters and avenge his slain grandfather.Other than a visual makeover, Tales of Hearts R also addsa new playable character to the list of party members youcan control - Calcedny Arcome, a commanding officer in theCrystal Knights who was just a non-playable character in the 7
  • 77. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThis song earned a reputation for having a PV that projected Try playing from Y to Y and then Starduster on a single creditan incredibly speedy flow to its proceedings – and now it’s an, who knows, you might just find your self exploring thehere presented in high-end quality! The developers were arbitrary concepts of love and the cosmos simply by doingpretty fussy, in particular, with the lighting in this PV. They so! It feels great to play those songs while whispering “Lovealso tuned the note patterns quite a bit to evoke a thrilling is…” (奇奇奇) deep down in your heart!sense of speed. The matching module for Starduster is White Eve, designedThe matching module for this song is Kaiten Shoujo, which by Sayukichi who also did the jacket illustration.we detailed in Monday’s post. SPiCa -39′s Giving Day Edition- Music by Toku (奇奇) Lyrics by kentax vs Toku (奇奇) Illustration by refeia The song that appeared in the 9 March 2010 Miku no Hi Kanshiesai concert as the last song in the setlist (prior to the encore), finally makes it to the arcade version! The developers have tried to replicate the concert experience here through something they call “live motion”. Another thing to look forward to in the PV for this song is when the SPiCa cannon fires a blast.StardusterMusic & Lyrics by Jimmy Thumb P (奇奇奇奇奇P)Illustration by Toyukichi (奇奇奇) The recommended module for this song is Orbit, which was also designed by the same guy who did the cover illustration,Although Starduster first came into vogue as the ending refeia.theme to one of the MikuPa concerts, when it was time tomake the PV to this song for Project Diva, the team did it asa pseudo-sequel to from Y to Y. 8
  • 78. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone There are fast food restaurants nearby Hall 3-6. However, the new mall, Changi City Point has recently opened. They have a foodcourt and other food stalls there which are quite affordable and has more variety than if you just stuck to the food at Expo. Money The only ATM nearest to the Expo Halls would be the one just near the Expo MRT. So make sure you have your cash first before you head to the event since it’s quite a walk to get to the machines. The other nearest ATMs would be at Changi City Point. AT THE EVENT These are some tips for those who haven’t been to a convention in Singapore before. Some are simple enough to remember and some are things that you should take note of. • Photographers or anyone wanting a picture, always ask the person you wish to take a picture of before doing so. No means no. The cosplayer might not be ready or comfortable, so please respect their wishes.Beginner’s Guide to AFA 2012 • Don’t glomp people or touch props or costumesSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/11/beginners-guide-to-afa-2012/ without permission. People don’t like it when strangersBy SarahColdheart on November 9th, 2012 just do that randomly without asking. • For cosplayers, don’t mess up the area while preparing your cosplay such as dyes or any other messy materials. Always clean up before you leave. • Remember your budget. Plan what you want to buy before buying it. Sometimes, if you can wait till near the end of the last day, there might be more discounted sales but if the item or artwork you want is popular, it might be gone before you want to buy it.Hello everyone! For the first time in AFA‘s history, the eventwill be at Singapore Expo Hall 7 and 8. This will be a guidefor all of you visiting Singapore or if this is your first time tothe event! The event guide is up on AFA’s website so do read • If buying stuff from the artist booths, try to give exactit to know the timing for any of the concerts, presentations or small change because they are not big businesses.and competitions. Here are some tips for those going this They’re independent artists or crafters, etc. You will beweekend. hated if you give big money on purpose. NETs or credit cards will only be available to be used at bigger shopsBEFORE THE EVENT at the event.Getting thereIf you’re going by the MRT, note that from the east, it is thegreen line. You’ll have to change at Tanah Merah to the train • Don’t block the walkways! If you want to take a picturegoing towards the airport. Stop at Expo station. Once you’re of a cosplayer, try to make it quick or move to the side.from the station, go to the RIGHT from the exit. When lost, Or, there are usually areas to take pictures at, especiallythe map is there but Hall 7 and 8 is to the right of the station, at AFA.separate from the other halls.ToiletsFor cosplayers, Hall 7 and 8 have limited toilets and they’re • Do check out the schedule for the events happening onnot spacious. If you need to change it is advisable that you do stage (if you have a stage ticket access). Either to makeit at the toilets in the other halls like 1-6. They have second sure you get there on time OR most of the maid/butlerlevel toilets too. Just cross over once you’re ready! cafe and other booths will be less crowded to visit when something big is happening at the stage area.Food 9
  • 79. November 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • There are rules for maid/butler cafe at AFA. Please follow them and no photography is allowed in there. You can however buy a photo in the cafe itself. • If you see anyone in distress or spot a creeper/pervert/ etc harrassing someone, either help the person in distress by calling on the AFA staff or security. It should be a safe environment for everyone to have fun at!That’s it. You should have fun at the various stalls, boothsand events at AFA! Make friends, take pictures. Join the minicontests at other booths or try out their demos and games.See you all at AFA 2012! 10
  • 80. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CulturePose for pictures withRobotics;Notes’ main heroinein this official AR appSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/pose-for-pictures-with-roboticsnotes-main-heroine-in-this-official-ar-app/By KarbyP on October 9th, 2012An official Robotics;Notes iOS app has been released on theiTunes app store, just in time for the anime series’ debut onFuji TV’s “Noitamina” late-night anime timeslot this Fridayin Japan (at 1:15AM, or 25:15 hours on Thursday night)The app’s key feature is an AR camera that lets userstake pictures with the heroine in Robotics;Notes, AkihoSenomiya. You can do this through two methods, dependingon if the AR camera is set to “Portrait Mode” or“Marker Mode”.Portrait Mode works like most other AR apps out there:Akiho will appear on-screen, plastered upon a video feed Outside of the AR features, the Robotics;Notes app will alsoof your actual surroundings as picked up by your iPhone’s have a page for news and announcements published oncamera, and you can adjust Akiho’s pose or expression the series’ official website, a “shop” menu where you canbefore taking the shot. More poses and expressions can be download wallpapers and addition AR camera poses andadded via a “shop” menu from November onwards. expressions (paid content), and a “tips” page that will be refreshed every week, prior to the airing of a new episode,Marker Mode, on the other hand, is more like a QR code containing explanations for new lingo or terms that will bescanner. That is, when the iPhone camera picks up a certain used in the upcoming episode.image – such as a particular poster illustration found atshop fronts or on the Robotics;Notes official website - a 3D In other words, this nifty feature will serve to replicatecharacter will appear on the touchscreen. the visual novel experience for anime viewers somewhat. In visual novels, “tips” are often trivial explanations aboutSaid 3D character’s position is tied to the AR marker (the specific items that writers add in to give players a bettershop poster or an online image), so you’ll be able to look understanding of the fictional universe (but are otherwiseat the character model from different angles and sides by not required to understand the plot).physically moving your iPhone around. Future updates planned for the app include a group-chat functionality, more AR features related to Robotics;Notes merchandise (we’re not too sure what this refers to; could 1
  • 81. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonejust be more AR markers for users to scan), and the ability it’s a double-A-side release, this also means that both tracksto access “special contents”. will be featured in the forthcoming 2013 album, which will be Luna Sea’s eighth full release and the first in 13 years, after“TV animation 「ROBOTICS;NOTES「 official application” is 2000′s Lunacy.free to download, and available now on the Japanese iTunesapp store. Supports iPhone and iPad models running iOS Today’s announcements augment the second coming of the4.3 and up. iPod Touch compatibility will be added at a later Kanagawa-based act, and a return to their roots; Luna Seadate. was originally formed in 1986 and disbanded once back in 2000. For the entire period, the band belonged under the Univeral Music recording label. Following disbandment in 2000, several Luna Sea members went on to furthering their solo music careers. In 2010, the members got back together and held a press conference in Hong Kong to announce that the band would be doing a reunion concert tour. At that point the band, collectively, was signed on to Avex Group-owned record label HPQ (individually, several members of the band were signed on to various other labels for their solo work). This year, Luna Sea is scheduled to go on a “Zepp concert tour” all across Japan in November. At this tour the band also plans to unveil both of the tracks from their December single release to their fans live for the first time. Thereafter, the band will hold a six-day concert at Tokyo’s Budoukan in January 2013, and after that an overseas concert tour is lined up next but details are sparse on that at the moment. Moving forth, Universal Music also plans to release Luna Sea’s music internationally in 63 countries through iTunes, including the new single in December and the full album next year. Source: Oricon StyleSource: 4Gamer Tiger & Bunny : The Beginning Movie PremiereLuna Sea returns to Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tiger-bunny-first-movie-screening/Universal Music label; new By sakurazaki on October 9th, 2012 The weekend has just passed and the first batch of Tigersingle release planned for & Bunny fans have experienced the premiere of the Movie!December, 8th full album in Ticket sales started only a few days before the movie and were sold out almost immediately. The premiere of Tiger &2013 Bunny: The Beginning, held at Vivo City’s Golden Village,Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/luna-sea-returns-to-universal-music- did not disappoint its fans.label-new-single-release-planned-for-december-8th-full-album-in-2013/By KarbyP on October 9th, 2012 J-rock band Luna Sea announced today that they havereturned to the Universal Music recording label, and willbe releasing a new single this December, whilst working Completely Sold Out!gradually towards a full album release scheduled for 2013.The single release in December will be a double-A-side,meaning the band considers both of the new songs includedin the release to be good enough to stand on its own. Since 2
  • 82. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Cosplayers Spotted!Fans gathering early to catch the premiere! Even Cosplayers did not miss the opportunity to express their love for the movie by dressing up as the main charactersExcited movie goers equipped with their own poster holder’sfor their exclusive movie posters& Kotetsu / Barnaby Tshirts! Cosplayer Selicia displaying her exclusive movie posterDonning the “Let’s Believe Heroes” T-shirt from Uniqlo 3
  • 83. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone awesome cosplayers? Wait no further, apply a position with us as a writer or a journalist! Here are some of our requirements. Tasks/Description:1. Fluent in written English 2. Work a minimum of 4 days per week, including weekends 3. Work a minimum of 6 hours per work day 4. Have in-depth knowledge of any of the following: - anime, manga, cosplay, console/arcade games, J-pop music, Japanese movies, Idols, voice actors 5. Having in-depth knowledge of 2 or more of the above categories is a plus 6. Ability to read and understand conversational Japanese is a plus 7. Event coverage and report skills are a plus 8. Able to work independently Interested? Fill up this form! Take note, only shortlisted applicants will be notified. STGCC Interview: TouyaFor Tiger & Bunny Fans who missed the opportunity to Hibiki and Kousaka Yuncatch the movie on 7th Oct, Golden Village is extending its Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/stgcc-interview-touya-hibiki-and-screenings to 5 different slots at two GV Theatres, Grand kousaka-yun/Europa and GV Vivo City. By Mello on October 9th, 2012Do not miss the coming slots this week on the following dates This STGCC, our interviewer was given the chance to chatand times: with the event’s special cosplay guests Touya Hibiki and Kohsaka Yun. Hibiki, famous for her cool portrayals of11 Oct (Thursday) – 7.15pm many popular male characters such as Lelouch Lamperouge12 Oct (Friday) – 7.15pm of Code Geass and Uta no Prince-sama’s Tokiya Ichinose, frequently partners with fellow Japanese cosplayer Yun, who13 Oct (Saturday) – 7:30pm is well-known for her cosplays of sweet, cute characters such as Kaname Madoka of Puella Magi Madoka Magica fame and14 Oct (Sunday) – 1:00pm, 5.15pm Araragi Tsukihi from Nisemonogatari.Visit the Golden Village Website to book your tickets now! Which is your favourite character you have cosplayed soWhat are you waiting for? far?Yun: Sakura from Cardcaptor SakuraLink : http://www.gv.com.sg/moviedetails/ Touya: Prince of Tennisgv_moviedetails_3052.jsp Do you sew all of your own costumes? Yun: Some are sewn while some are bought. How do you feel about cosplaying overseas?[Recruitment drive] Touya: People we meet overseas are more enthusiastic and kind.writers and journalists for Being given the opportunity to travel overseas as cosplaysgcafe.com wanted! guests, how has the experience been like for you?Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/recruitment-drive-writers-and- Touya: We are very thankful to be chosen to cosplayjournalists-for-sgcafe-com-wanted/ overseas. Cosplaying is also more accepted outside Japan.By sentinel011 on October 9th, 2012So you brag about knowing everything when it comes to Yun: I am not too sure why I am chosen, but I am very happyotaku culture, including video games and cosplay. Well, and thankful too.here’s your chance to be part of the media industry by writing Is this your first time in Singapore? What is your impressionfor SGCafe! on Singapore’s cosplay scene? Is it different from Japan’s?Are you updated with the latest in anime, manga, video Touya: Yes, it is our first time here. Actually, we have notgames, cosplay, or anything related to Japanese pop culture? heard much about Singapore’s cosplay scene and have notDo you wish to interview the hottest Japanese artistes and been here before, so we are looking forward to the event tomorrow. 4
  • 84. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone By Neubronner Eugene on October 9th, 2012Yun: I have interacted with my Singapore fans online so I amexcited to meet them in person. The crew at SGCafe recently got to sit down with the devs from IO Interactive, creators of hot and upcoming title Hitman: Absolution at a press event with some hands-on time. The verdict so far? The game looks great, despite some niggling issues, and we’ve got the preview to prove it. Read the rest of our preview here. Plamodeller mods a Fate/Zero Berserker out of HG AGE Gafran Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/plamodeller-mods-a-fatezero- berserker-out-of-hg-age-gafran/What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment By sentinel011 on October 9th, 2012in cosplay so far?Touya: When I do a photoshoot even though it’s all different, Kit builders have been around for ages, but anime-themedI feel satisfied with it. modifications of existing kits are few. Kit builder ‘okajo‘ created his own version of Berserker from Fate/Zero.Yun: I feel satisfied when I get a nice photo.What is your most challenging costume and which is yourfavourite?Touya: Cosplaying female characters.Yun: Cosplaying male or boyish characters (laughs)How do you choose a character to cosplay?Touya: We choose characters from series that we like.(To Touya) As a cosplayer who cosplays male characters,do you look at fellow female cosplayers’ portrayal of malecharacters or male cosplayers when looking for cosplayreferences?Touya: I don’t look at other cosplayers for reference, only thedrawings of the character. (To Touya) Through your experiences, what are thechallenges for a female taking on a male character cosplay?Touya: Actually, I find it easier for me to cosplay a malecharacter, but it’s difficult when I try to cosplay a femalecharacter.Hitman: Absolution’sContracts and AI will blowyou awaySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hitman-absolutions-contracts-and-ai-will-blow-you-away/ 5
  • 85. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone ^ Design Comparison ^ Modification areas Heavy modifications were made to the kit, with the HG Gafran only used as the base. Other parts that were present in the mod include HG GN-X’s legs, HG Thrones Zwei’s buster sword, and of course many pla-card and epoxy putty used. While the end result’s colour is different from Berserker’s actual colour scheme, the design does have the same menacing feel of Berserker. What sort of modification ideas do you have, or would like to see? Source: modelers-g | gundammodelkits 6
  • 86. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Malay for me? Just for kicks) – has already gone live. Here,New dates for J-Live ASIA’s take a gander below.Perfume World Tour ticket Future episodes will be uploaded to Machinima Prime everysales announced Friday. If you like the series enough, make sure to pre- order a limited edition copy of Halo 4, which comes withSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/new-dates-for-j-live-asias-perfume- an extended 90-minute-long version of the Forward Untoworld-tour-ticket-sales-announced/ Dawn along with making-of featurettes.By Rika on October 9th, 2012 Although this isn’t quite the live-action Halo movie that Peter Jackson was supposed to have produced, Forward Unto Dawn is still a worthwhile endeavour from Halo 4 developer 343 Industries. One that certainly inspires confidence in the troops – those brave men (and women) who shall rally (online) for a common cause (to frag the hell out of the Forerunners) come November 6, when the game finally drops.Fans left disappointed by the cancellation of J-Live ASIA’sPerfume ticket sales last month will be glad to know the newdates have been confirmed!J-Live ASIA has recently updated their Facebook page withnew information pertaining to both physical ticket sales andonline balloting.PHYSICAL TICKET SALESStart time: 10am, 14th OCTOBER 2012 (SUNDAY).Available from the AFA SHOP at *SCAPE SingaporeONLINE APPLICATION (BALLOTING)Application period: 12pm, 15th OCTOBER 2012 (MONDAY)– 21st OCTOBER 2012 (SUNDAY)The special balloting link will be available online from theofficial JLIVE Website! Don’t miss out!“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”live-action series offers aglimpse of UNSC military lifeSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/halo-4-forward-unto-dawn-live-action-series-offers-a-glimpse-of-unsc-life/By KarbyP on October 9th, 2012 In case you’re interested to find out who the folks behind Forward Unto Dawn are: “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” tells an exciting story of heroism and sacrifice on a scale never before seen in the “Halo” universe, taking fans backCan you say, “Hail to the (Master) Chief?” to the beginning of the human and Covenant war, and leading into the events of “Halo 4.” Set againstAs part of the promotional materials for Xbox 360 sci-fi the backdrop of a United Nations Space Commandshooter Halo 4, Microsoft and 343 Industries have made an (UNSC) military academy, “Halo 4: Forward Untoepisodic, live-action digital series and are putting all of it up Dawn” follows a group of cadets who are trainingon the InterWebs, right on the Machinima Prime YouTube to be the next generation of soldiers in the UNSC’spage. ongoing war with insurrectionists in the outerThe first episode of the digital series – entitled “Halo 4: colonial planets. Among these cadets, Thomas LaskyForward Unto Dawn” (can someone translate that into struggles with his doubts about the war, and with 7
  • 87. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone the burden of expectations he may not be able to By KarbyP on October 9th, 2012 carry. As Lasky comes to terms with his potential as a military leader, the terrifying alien alliance known as the Covenant arrives and turns his world upside down. Inspired by the Master Chief, he must decide what it means to be a hero. “Halo” fans who experience Lasky’s thrilling origin story in “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” will be rewarded with special insights into the story of “Halo 4” and the “Halo Infinity Multiplayer” experience. The story will unfold weekly through a series of five episodes, setting the stage for the worldwide launch of “Halo 4” on Nov. 6. Directed by Stewart Hendler (“H+,” “Sorority Row”), written by Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing (“Smallville,” “Spartacus”) and backed by A major reshuffling in AKB48‘s team line-ups – which a top-tier production team, including Executive will also reduce the number of teams within the popular Producers Lydia Antonini and Josh Feldman, Japanese idol group from the current four to three (just A, former Warner Bros. and Playtone executives, K, and B; Team 4 members to join their seniors in the other respectively, “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” teams) – will take effect on November 1 onwards, the group’s features a diverse cast of established and up- management announced at a concert and handshake session and-coming Hollywood talent, including Tom in Iwate prefecture yesterday. Green (“Dance Academy”) as Thomas Lasky, Minami Takahashi, the current captain of Team A will be Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia) as promoted to General Manager of the entire AKB48 group, Chyler Silva, Daniel Cudmore (X2, X-Men: The with Mariko Shinoda assuming the role of Team A’s captain Last Stand, The Twilight Saga) as the Master in Takahashi’s stead. Yuko Oshima will keep her position Chief, Ayelet Zurer (Angels & Demons, Munich) as the captain of Team K, while Ayaka Umeda will lead as Mehaffey, Mike Dopud (Mission Impossible – Team B as its captain. Key positions aside, numerous AKB48 Ghost Protocol) as General Black, Enisha Brewster members have also been reassigned to a different team. (Footloose) as April Orenski, Masam Holden (“Grey’s Anatomy,” Elizabethtown) as Michael For the most part, the line-up reshuffle will only affect “Sully” Sullivan, Osric Chau (“2012”) as JJ Chen, AKB48′s live performances, especially the ones held almost Iain Belcher (“Supernatural”) as Vickers, and Kat daily at the AKB48 Theatre in Akihabara. A different team De Lieva as Dimah. performs there each day, and every team has its own setlist. At the moment, Team B’s setlist is entitled “Theatre no “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” is Megami” (「「「「「「「, last performance: October 22), Team produced in association with Emmy®-winning K’s is RESET (October 24), Team 4′s is Boku no Taiyou (「「「 production company Herzog & Company/HCO 「, October 25), and Team A’s is Mokugekisha (「「「, October (Gettysburg and the forthcoming Killing Lincoln). 29). Continuing its involvement with the “Halo” franchise, Legacy Effects (The Hunger Games, The Although the team reshuffles officially take effect November Avengers, Avatar) is creating specialized costumes 1, brand new setlists for the reorganised teams will not be and armor, and visual effects are being created by ready in time. Until they are, each AKB48 team will instead Toronto-based Arc Productions bringing the Halo be performing a generic “Waiting Kouen” (「「「「「「「「「) universe to life with fidelity never before seen. set that features a specific list of songs hand-picked for the Emmy-winner John Sullivan (“The Pacific”) is occasion. serving as the Visual Effects Supervisor for the Previously, each team comprised approximately 16 production. members. After the reshuffling, each team will have 22 or 23 members instead. As the Waiting Kouen setlists were designed with a maximum of approximately 16 members inAKB48 team reshuffles go mind, during this period each team’s members will performinto effect November 1 on a rotational basis.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/akb48-team-reshuffles-go-into-effect-november-1/ 8
  • 88. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Yuuka Tano Tomomi Nakatsuka Shiori Nakamata Moeno Nitou Sakiko Matsui AyakaMorikawa Yui Yokoyama (NMB48 / AKB48 Team A) Mayu Watanabe Team K [23 people] Yuko Oshima (new Team Captain) Sayaka Akimoto Maria Abe Tomomi Itano Mayumi Uchida Rie Kitahara (SKE48 and AKB48 Team K concurrent posts) Asuka KuramochiThis is the second time in AKB48′s five-year history that theteams line-ups have been reshuffled, and it is one that many Kana Kobayashifans consider inevitable given that Atsuko Maeda – wildlyregarded as the “face” of AKB48 – graduated on August 27. Amina SatouThe team reshuffling was announced August 24. Haruka ShimadaHere’s what the line-up looks like after the reshuffle:Team A [22 people] Shihori SuzukiMinami Takahashi (appointed General Manager) Rina ChikanoMariko Shinoda (new Team Captain) Chisato NakataKaren Iwata Sayaka NakayaRina Izuta Mariya NagaoAnna Iriyama Nana FujitaRyoka Oshima (promoted) Ami MaedaTomomi Kasai Yuka MasudaRina Kawaei Jurina Matsui (SKE48 Team S / AKB48 Team K)Ayaka Kikuchi Natsumi MatsubaraRiho Kotani (AKB48 Team A / NMB48 Team N) Kaoru Mitsumune (promoted)Marina Kobayashi Miho MiyazakiSumire Satou Tomu Mutou (promoted)Natsuki Satou Team B [23 people] Ayaka Umeda (new Team Captain)Juri Takahashi 9
  • 89. October 9th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAnna Ishida (SKE48 Team KII / AKB48 Team B)Haruka IshidaMiori IchikawaMisaki IwasaMina ObaShizuka OyaYuki KashiwagiHaruka KatayamaRena KatoHaruna KojimaNatsuki KojimaMika KomoriHaruka ShimazakiMiyu TakeuchiMiku TanabeMariko NakamuraWakana NatoriMisato NonakaReina FujieMinami MinegishiSuzuran YamauchiMiyuki Watanabe (NMB Team N / AKB48 Team B)HKT48Aika OotaJKT48 (Overseas Attachment)Aki TakajoHaruka NakagawaSNH48 (Overseas Attachment)Mariya SuzukiSae MiyazawaGraduatedAtsuko MaedaSource: Natalie 10
  • 90. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture The new version of Shabette-Concier is free to all NTT A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku DoCoMo customers who’ve subscribed to the sp-mode and Japanese Pop Culture Internet connection service, and will come pre-installed in smartphones and tablets (well, tablet) announced today under the telco’s Winter 2012 line-up, some of which willK-On! and Hello Kitty are part begin going on sale in Japan from November.of NTT DoCoMo’s answer to All of the devices in the line-up are Androids; NTT DoCoMo is the only carrier in Japan to not offer Apple’s iPhoneiPhone’s Siri in Japan products.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/k-on-and-hello-kitty-are-part-of-ntt-docomos-answer-to-the-iphones-siri-in-japan/By KarbyP on October 11th, 2012Want to have long, endearing conversations with the galsfrom Kyoto Animation’s hit TV series K-On!? No problemo!All you’ve got to do is go to Japan and buy a new phone fromNTT DoCoMo.Japan’s leading telco NTT DoCoMo announced today thatit’s giving its cloud-based voice-command concierge service,Shabette-Concier, a major upgrade for the Winter 2012season: more functions, more apps supported, and theaddition of over 30 interactive avatars, including K-On!characters.A partial list of these interactive avatars can be found atNTT DoCoMo’s official website over here. Besides the K-On! girls, other licensed avatars include Chibi Maruko-chan,Hello Kitty, and Snoopy & His Friends. 2012冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬 : 冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬 : 冬冬冬 冬冬冬冬 冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬 | 冬冬 | NTT冬冬冬 Jrock Evolution 2012 report – UniTE & MUCC [Singapore] Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/jrock-evolution-2012-report-unite- mucc-singapore/ By sentinel011 on October 11th, 2012Shabette-Concier works similar to Siri, in that uponactivation of the app, a voice will playback on your phone 5th October was a big night. Despite rushed marketingprompting you for a query. The service was first launched efforts (the event was only confirmed and announced inin Japan in March of this year, and has since been updated September) and the fact that it was a weekday night, the longperiodically to support more questions and applications over time J-Rock faithful in Singapore turned up in droves forthe months. what is the second major J-Rock event in 2012, MUCC’s first ever live performance in Singapore. 1
  • 91. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Ageha was next, and every time I hear the guitar intro the sound reminds me of Ken’s playing (Ken , which made a lot of sense since Ken (L’Arc~en~Ciel) was their producer for Ageha.. Super favourites Utagoe and Saishuu Ressha were next, and Tatsuro executed both perfectly, even better than any recorded live versions I have watched before. Maybe I’m just biased, or maybe I’m just really intoxicated by this point, like the rest of the crazy crowd were.The now-legendary band from Maverick DC Group (whoseseniors are L’Arc~en~Ciel), performed together with theirjuniors, newly formed (in 2011) Visual-Kei band UniTE, aspart of J-Rock Evolution, a world-tour unit of some of thebig name J-Rock artistes in the industry from Maverick DCGroup and PS Company. While some fangirls were arguablypissed at the absence of Alice Nine, who were scheduledto perform in Jakarta but not in Singapore, they reallyonly have the rowdy local K-pop fans to blame (Google orFacebook if you do not get what I mean). Their MC session came up, and unlike UniTE who seemed a little bit tensed up during what was their first ever overseasFriday marked the first successful attempt by MUCC to hold MC session, MUCC pulled it off easily like the seasoneda live performance in Singapore, two years after they have veterans they are. Tatsuro was funny as hell as usual, evenfailed to come as part of another event that is best left as the whole band struggled to speak in English.unmentioned. MUCC fans were left waiting for the last twoyears, and came Friday it was all worth it. The band went on to perform several more of their recent songs such as Nirvana, as well as their new song MotherUniTE opened the show for MUCC with eight songs which (which will be the new EP for Naruto) and came back duringgot the crowd up to the right temperature. The one-year old the encore with Flight (One Piece) and Libra, completelyband, made up of five really, really, pretty boys (especially their first live in Singapore (which hopefully won’t be theirLIN!! Oh mine how much more pretty can a guy gettttt), last) successfully with a loud bang. All in all, a great mix ofwowed the crowds with their energy and constantly provided old favourites and recent stuff from MUCC’s set list, whichfan service for the fangirl crowd, who were mostly there read like a list of songs someone starting out on MUCC songsfor UniTE. They did a relatively short live (roughly forty should first listen to.minutes), with no encore, and for some reason forgot to do aself introduction of their members during their MC session.It would have been nice to see more of them though. After the live though, the VIP ticket holders were treated to a surprise event – a photo taking session (where the two bands were asked to pose on the stage for the audience to fire theirAnd then MUCC came on. The crowd roared. Tatsuro came camera phones away from the floor) and gosh! a handshakeon cloaked and barefooted (that rumour about him never session!!! Miya, Yukke and Satoshi looked slightly stonedwearing shoes on stage is true!) opening the show with during all the fan service sessions, probably from all theChemical Parade, FALLING DOWN and Howling. ‘high’ prior.Out came Yukke’s EUB (electric upright bass)…..and MUCC Possibly the one and only chance to shake hands with MUCCstarted playing the intro to Fuzz! Fuzz, one of my favorite (something probably quite impossible in Japan consideringMUCC songs, was also regularly played in many of their lives. how big they are) I shook each member’s hand and toldJust seeing Fuzz performed live alone justified the price of them I am a big fan of theirs and asked them to definitelythe VIP ticket. come back to Singapore (Yukke and Miya looked shocked at 2
  • 92. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemy super exaggerated reaction) and Tatsuro handed me my By Rika on October 11th, 2012signed poster. That made my night. And my weekend. Andmy October. And my 2012.For those who are interested in the exact set list, here it is:UNiTE.intro melt into UNiTE.1 Io2 U -s m e h-3 AIVIE4 re:make5 Distory6 world wide wish7 EniverMUCCintro Chemical Parade1 FALLING DOWN2 Howling3 Fuzz4 Ageha SGcafe was proud to be one of the preferred media to cover Cosplaymania earlier this month, which featured guests5 Utagoe such as KANAME冬, REIKA and our very own JESUKE.6 Saishuu ressha Aside from them, there are quite a number of cosplayers who TALK are pretty good themselves too. Here are some of the many!7 NIRVANA8 ARCADIA featuring DAISHI DANCE9 Kaze to taiyou10 Mae he11 Ranchu12 MOTHEREn1 FlightEn2 Libra(Set list provided courtesy of the organizers)[Reported by freelance writer Ryu, who has been a longtime Jrock fan; Published by sentinel011]Cosplaymania 2012: Cosplayfeature!Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/cosplaymania-cosplay-feature/ 3
  • 93. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSee more in our gallery below (Photos by Z3LL Photography) 4
  • 94. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone megpoid the Music# – a PSP rhythm-action game starring Vocaloid Gumi [images] Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/megpoid-the-music-a-psp-rhythm- action-game-starring-vocaloid-gumi-images/ 5
  • 95. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy KarbyP on October 11th, 2012That’s right, folks! Vocaloid Gumi, voiced by MegumiNakajima (Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee), is getting her owngame! “megpoid the Music冬” from developer ParaPhray or冬冬冬冬 (we’ve never heard of them either) is a Gumi-basedrhythm-action title that will head to the PSP in Spring 2013.Gumi is a Vocaloid character created by Internet Co., Ltdas the official mascot for its line of Megpoid software,powered by Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 technology. The name“Gumi” was originally voice actress Megumi Nakajima’schildhood nickname. Both Internet Co. and ParaPhray willshare the copyrights for this PSP title.There’s a two-page feature on the game in this week’s issueof Weekly Famitsu (on sale in Japan October 11), so if youwant the full details, be sure to pick up a copy from yourlocal import bookstore. In Singapore, the latest issue ofFamitsu can usually be found in Kinokuniya book stores onFridays. Alternatively, just wait for a full reveal on the gamefrom official sources tomorrow – a website or something to No details on the rhythm-action gameplay have beenintroduce the game is bound to come up. unveiled thus far. However, the info-box on the game doesIn the meantime, here are a few images/scans and details to say that megpoid the Music冬 will support “1 to 4 players”.tide you over: Costumes-wise, expect to see over 40, not including items or accessories that Gumi can equip. Four songs have been confirmed in the megpoid the Music冬: • Ame ga Futte (冬冬冬冬冬冬 or It’s Raining) by Reruriri (冬 冬冬冬) • Koi wa Kitto Kyuujoushou (冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬 or Love Will Surely Soar) by Noboru (冬冬冬冬) • KiLLER LADY by HachioujiP (冬冬冬P) • MeguMegu Fire Endless Night (冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬冬 冬冬冬) by samfree More songs will be announced at a later date. That said, Famitsu did drop a little hint in the article on what fans can expect to see: popular songs that have accumulated over 4,800,000 views on Nico Nico Douga. Does this mean DECO*27′s Mosaik Role (冬冬冬冬冬冬冬) will make it in for sure? We’ll just have to wait to find out. Like in Sega’s Project Diva series, outside of the main gameplay modes, megpoid the Music冬 will include a Gumi Room (GUMI冬冬冬) as well. Some of the features in Gumi Room are: • Costume Change – modify Gumi’s look by making her change into costumes and accessories purchased in- game (with points accumulated through play) • Diary – once certain conditions are met, you’ll be able to read diary entries made by Gumi. 6
  • 96. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • Gallery/PV – a mode where illustrations and PVs can from various Fate series battling it out in a Holy Grail Hot be viewed. Some of the pieces contained here include Springs war. the works of Nou (冬冬) and Tsukasa Ryugu (冬冬冬冬冬) Six teams for Super Dimensional Trouble Hanafuda Epic Battle (ととととととととととととととととと) have been unveiledSource: 1, 2 previously: Saber, Lancer, Caster, Archer, Rider, and Berserker camps.Resident Evil 6 – More horror Today, the game’s official website reveals three more teams:than action this time? Extra, Prototype, and Prisma Illya camps.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/resident-evil-6-more-horror-than-action-this-time/By sentinel011 on October 11th, 2012The Resident Evil franchise, also known as Biohazard inJapan, started off back in the late 90s with corny B gradedialogue and cheap scares. Serious lack of ammunition andmonsters at every turn made it a commercial success andcoined the term “survival horror”.Players will notice that the game’s graphics looks similar toits predecessor as both are utilising the same game engine.This is where the similarities stop, though, as Resident Evil6 is a heavily action oriented game with tons of Quick timebutton mashing, thumbstick wiggling events that lets you,run away from explosions, release holds from enemies, avoidhaving your face meet a grinder, and even climb ladders!Sadly, the graphics suffers dithering in intense scenes andends up looking not as polished.Want to read more on what we say about Resident Evil 6?Check out our full review!Fate/stay night [Realta Nua]:Extra, Protytype, and PrismaIllya teams join the Holy GrailHot Springs warSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/fatestay-night-realta-nua-extra-protytype-and-prisma-illya-teams-join-the-holy-grail-hot-springs-war/ Unlike the regular Holy Grail war, the Holy Grail HotBy KarbyP on October 11th, 2012 Springs war does not involve actual combat. Instead, the various teams will play Hanafuda cards against one another until a victor is decided – so yes, the bonus PSP title is little more than a card game. That said, the bonus game will feature scenarios penned by various creators who’ve worked on Fate properties over the years, such as Kinoko Nasu, Gen Urobuchi, Hoshizora Meteo, and Yuichiro Higashide. Of the three teams revealed today, Kinoko Nasu will be providing the scenarios for theGamers who pre-order Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] will Extra and Prototype camps.receive a bonus downloadable PSP title – Take Off! SuperDimensional Trouble Hanafuda Epic Battle- that has teams 7
  • 97. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneHiroshi Hiroyama, the manga artiste and writerbehind Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya will naturally be Kalafina’s MV for Hikari Furuhandling the storyline for the PI camp. – theme song for 2nd MadokaFate/stay night [Realta Nua] for the PlayStation Vita goeson sale in Japan November 29. Magica movie – to debutPS VITA冬冬冬冬Fate/stay night [Realta Nua]冬冬冬冬冬冬 on a Nico Live stream this[via Otanews] Saturday Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/kalafinas-mv-for-hikaru-furu-theme- song-for-2nd-madoka-magica-movie-to-debut-on-a-nico-live-stream- this-saturday/Does the world need XCOM By KarbyP on October 11th, 2012to save us from unknownenemies? [Video]Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/does-the-world-need-xcom-to-save-us-from-unknown-enemies-video/By KarbyP on October 11th, 2012 Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Kouhen) -Eien no Monogatari- hits theatres in Japan this Saturday. To commemorate the occasion, Kalafina, the artiste behind Eien no Monogatari‘s theme song Hikari Furu, will appear as guests on a special Nico Live stream.“Nay,” says this particular Russian ambassador at a global So if you’re fan of the neoclassical-slash-gothic Anisong popcouncil meeting held to determine if XCOM – a multi- group, make sure to tune in to the stream this Saturday,national special task force that was deactivated after they October 13 at 9PM Japan time (GMT+0900 hours) orsuccessfully defended Earth from an alien threat at the turn 8PM Singapore time (GMT+0800 hours). Here’s the URLof the 21st century – should be reinstated. in case you want something to copy-and-paste: http://Those flying saucers you see running amok in the skies live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv109250007outside? “Those are probably just weather balloons.” Most of the stream will consist of a talk corner whereWhat about the reports of alien abductions and the members of Kalafina share their thoughts on theattacks? ”Weather balloons often probe and abduct humans movie and other Madoka Magica related material withand it is nothing to worry about.” MC Akihito Tomita. After the talk segments, Kalafina will perform Hikari Furu “live”.XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a turn-based strategy title forthe PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from developer FiraxisGames (who also made Civilization V) hits retail shelvesinternationally on October 12, 2012.Recommended retail prices for XCOM: Enemy Unknown inSingapore are as follows:PC – S$59.90PS3 – S$79.90Xbox 360 – S$69.90A single-player demo containing two tutorial missions isavailable from Steam for Windows PCs. And if that’s not enough, the full music video for Hikari Furu will also be shown for the first time on the livestream, alongside that of ClariS’s Luminous (とととと), which was the theme song for the first Madoka Magica movie. The two films are a re-compiled version of the award- winning anime series that aired on TV in Japan last year, with Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Zenpen) -Hajimari no Monogatari- [Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie (Part 1) -The Story of the Beginning-] setting up 8
  • 98. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe premise and introducing key characters and themes in winning the Tekken tournament through his unique fightingthe series. techniques that emphasize on “speed and weight”.Part 1 made its way to theatres in Japan last Saturday.Part 2 [(Kouhen) -Eien no Mongatari- which translates to Stages"The Story of Eternity"] will unveil the dark secrets behind Trailers for the new stages were also published on themagical being Kyubey’s source of powers, and ultimately kill game’s YouTube channel. From top to bottom: Poland, Saudioff several of the series’ key characters before getting to a Arabia, Russia, and Chile.bitter-sweet ending. In other words, this is not a children’s Which is your favourite?show.Source: Nico Video TGS2012 – Even moreTekken Tag Tournament 2 cosplayers [Part 2]1.02 online update unlocks Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tgs2012-even-more-cosplayers-Miharu, Sebastian, and Slim part-2/ By Rika on October 11th, 2012Bob [Updated]Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tekken-tag-tournament-2-1-02-online-update-unlocks-miharu-sebastian-and-slim-bob/By KarbyP on October 11th, 2012The newly-released 1.02 game patch unlocks three of sixconfirmed additional characters – Miharu, Sebastian, andSlim Bob – fixes two glaring bugs (Kunimitsu ducking undercertain “mid” attacks, and an Ancient Ogre infinite combo),and adds a couple more stages for you to Knocc ‘Em Down in.All of this downloadable content will, of course, be Liking our cosplay features from Tokyo Game Show thiscompletely free to all Tekken Tag Tournament 2 players. So year? We have even more!make sure to jump on the PlayStation Network and Xbox We spot several Sengoku Basara cosplayers as well, and quiteLive to download all the new stuff pronto; we’ll see you and a few other high quality cosplays. Tokyo Game Show isthe rest of the fighting games community online on Ranked just one of the many events in Tokyo that cosplayers allMatch and the World Tekken Federation network. over Japan participate in. Other events include the bi-yearlyUpdate: We’ve added video move lists (made by YouTube comic market, also known as ‘Comiket’.user BloodBurger) for all the three characters unlocked in Enough banter. Enjoy the photos!this update.MiharuA classmate of Ling Xiaoyu’s, Miharu is the Chinese fighter’sbest friend and often hangs out with Xiaoyu and her petPanda after school.SebastianSebastian is Lili’s butler, and as such, shares many moveswith the ”Monegasque-Gymnastic” style fighter. Lili was firstintroduced in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection.Slim BobSlim Bob’s origins can be attributed to Bob’s ending inTekken 6, where he somehow lost a bunch of weightwithout realising after he attracted mass media attention for 9
  • 99. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneMore pictures in our gallery below: 10
  • 100. October 11th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 11
  • 101. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture funny, and have a fantastical touch to it,” she added when A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku asked about her thoughts on the design. and Japanese Pop Culture “We’d like to continue putting out such quirky and funny- looking designs for our future releases.”Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s debut Steve Nakamura, the CD jacket’s art director, also explained the concept behind the award-winning design: “Since it wasalbum wins an award for its a debut work, we hedged our bets on make-up and [KyariCD jacket design Pamyu Pamyus] facial expressions to create a look akin toSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/kyari-pamyu-pamyus-debut-cd-wins- that of a unique character.”an-award-for-its-jacket-design/ “In today’s world, I believe that rather than going withBy KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 something conservative and typical, a quirky CD Jacket would brighten up the day of those who see it. I’m glad that we managed to pull it off,” he continued. Music Jacket Taisho (ミミミミミミミミミ ミミミミミ) Japan’s “Music Jacket Taisho” (ミミミミミミミミミミミミミミ) award was founded in 2011 to highlight to music lovers in Japan the appeal of a good CD jacket design, and to encourage music makers to continue the culture of inventing inspirational designs for their releases by recognising the artistes andKyari Pamyu Pamyu‘s debut album, Moshimoshi Harajuku, designers who make an effort to do so. The award is now inhas been selected as the winner of the prestigious Music its second year.Jacket Taisho 2012 award for its impactful spin on the All domestic music CDs (including works from foreignrenowned model and singer’s close-up portrait, the award’s artistes) released between 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012committee announced today. by record companies affiliated with the Recording IndustryThe CD Jacket design, in which a giant, cartoon mouth was Association of Japan (RIAJ) were eligible and considered forpainted on Kyari Pamyu Pamyu’s face, was said to be so eye- 2012′s award. A committee looked through the releases andcatching and impactful that the entire CD jacket design could came up with a shortlist of 50 nominees, which the generalbe seen as the 19-year-old singer’s calling card. public then voted on via a specially-created site. Incidentally, the winner of the first Music Jacket Taisho was Keisuke Kuwata’s Musicman.“To be named the receipient of such a prestigious award formy debut work, I’m extremely elated!” Kyari Pamyu Pamyusaid.“It was a jacket design that we fussed over a lot because we Source: MyNavi Newsdidn’t want it to just be cute. We also wanted it to be quirky, 1
  • 102. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Did you know that Yahoo! Japan – and only in Japan –Fairy Tail movie “Priestess has a marketplace where they sell apps for Google’s Androidof the Phoenix” to air in OS? No? See, that right there is precisely why the Yahoo! folks have secured an early-access exclusivity deal this thirdSingapore theatres this week Madoka Magica TPS app.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/fairy-tail-movie-priestess-of-the- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica TPS Featuring Miki Sayaphoenix-to-air-in-singapore-theatres/ & Sakura Kyoko (ミミミミミミミミミミミ TPS FEATURING ミミミBy Rika on October 16th, 2012 ミミミミミミミ) is the third entry in this game app series, and the first to feature two playable characters; the first two instalments only let you play as Homura Akemi or Mami Tomoe, respectively. The gameplay in all three apps is similar: you explore dungeons and defeat witches from an over-the-shoulder view much like in a typical third-person-shooter.Singaporean anime fans rejoice for another movie based onan existing animated series looks set to hit local shores thismonth! While there is no confirmed release date yet, its entryon Yahoo! Movies Singapore says that it will premiere onFriday, October 19 (we think maybe they meant October 18,as movies in Singapore typically premiere on a Thursday).[UPDATE] Cathay Cineplex have revealed to premiere themovie at Cathay Cineleisure. Internet booking hasn’t been Multiple stages are available, and what’s interesting aboutup on the booking website as of press time. this new version is that in the first stage you’ll begin playingThe Fairy Tail movie “Priestess of the Phoenix” premiered as the pre-Magical Girl version of Sayaka, who’s equippedin August in Japan on 73 screens, debuting at ミ9 and raking only with a baseball bat.in US$768,533 in its opening weekend. The film features Stage 2 has you assuming control of Sayaka after she’sthe titular Fairy Tail, a notorious guild of magic-users and gotten her Magical Girl or Mahou Shoujo (or… Puella Magi?)their adventures with a new original character Eclair, voiced powers. Her default weapon is a sabre, but as you clear stagesby Aya Endou of Macross Frontier fame. Jang Keun-suk and defeat witches, you can unlock other weapons that haveprovides the opening theme “200 Miles” while the ending varying attack ranges and strength attributes.theme is “Zutto Kitto” (ミミミ ミミミ; “Assuredly Forever”) byAya Hirano, the voice of Lucy Heartphillia. After clearing a few more stages you’ll eventually get to play as Kyoko Sakura, who handles differently as she fights withWatch the trailer here! a staff.“Madoka Magica TPSFeaturing Miki Sayaka &Sakura Kyoko” Android appexclusive to Yahoo! Market(for now)Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/madoka-magica-tps-featuring-miki-sayaka-sakura-kyoko-android-app-exclusive-to-yahoo-market-for-now/By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 Outside of physical attacks, both Sayaka and Kyoko will also be able to use magic spells, cast by tapping the Soul Gem icon in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen. Each use of magic will cause the Soul Gem to get increasingly dirty. When it’s covered completely in impurities, you won’t be able to cast any more spells, but unlike in the actual animation series, Sayaka or Kyoko won’t die (Game Over) right away. Since this new version is focused on melee attacks, naturally the difficulty level here would be higher than past entries. 2
  • 103. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThat said, you’ll be able to choose from three difficulty By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. Update [11:22AM]: It’s back up! Update 2: The buy button has been pulled again due to an error (Square Enix gave Amazon Supreme Commander 1 codes instead of Supreme Commander 2). For further updates on the deal, check this NeoGAF thread. Original story: Seven digital-download games for US$9.99. How crazy is this deal? So crazy that Square Enix has told Amazon that they will no longer provide them any more codes for the deal; this is the very last batch ofAbsolutely Great Square Pack codes Amazon will sell. To purchase the deal, log-in to Amazon, and keep refreshing the product page until you can buy it (they’re experiencing some problems due to the huge number of users trying to access the page). You will need to register a credit or debit card with Amazon, and – this is the most crucial part - enter an American billing address. Just type in one you find on the Internet or something. With a working 5-digit postal code. For more information on the status of the Absolutely Great Square Pack – whether it’s completely gone or not – check this NeoGAF thread and look for posts by “Amazon Video Gamer”. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings Tony says so. Alternatively, scroll down and check the first detailedMahou Shoujo Madoka Magica TPS Featuring Miki Saya customer review by Ellen Ripley, who says that more keys& Sakura Kyoko is available from today (October 16), sold are being entered in small batches.exclusively at the Yahoo! Market for Android at the moment. The Absolutely Great Square Pack is Amazon’s deal of theAlthough a version of this app will probably make it to the week that went live on Sunday, October 14 US time, and wasGoogle Play store and iTunes app store at some point in the supposed to last all the way till Thursday, October 18. Butfuture, Yahoo! claims that its version will feature a bonus: the pack was sold out on Sunday mere hours after it cameSayaka and Kyoko’s voice actresses – Eri Kitamura and Ai online. Amazon has restocked it the pack with codes fromNonaka – have recorded a few extra voice samples (yes, this Square Enix at least twice since then, all of which sold outgame is voiced) that will not be included in future versions incredibly quickly.offered elsewhere. And now Square Enix is telling Amazon that this will be theSource: 4Gamer, Yahoo! Market last batch of codes they will provide for the deal. Once it’s sold out, Amazon will replace the deal with a “25% off Digital Games” deal that will begin tomorrow.Last chance to buy Deus Ex: Here’s what the pack contains:HR, Hitman: Blood Money and 1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Augmented Edition5 other games for US$9.99 on [Download]Amazon [Updated X2] 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLCSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/last-chance-to-buy-deus-ex-hr- [Download]hitman-blood-money-and-5-other-games-for-us9-99-on-amazon/ 3. Hitman: Blood Money [Online Game Code] 4. Just Cause 2 [Download] 5. Just Cause [Online Game Code] 6. Quantum Conundrum [Download] 7. Supreme Commander 2 [Download] 8. The Last Remnant [Online Game Code] 3
  • 104. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSource: NeoGAF“The Story of Rebellion” isyour 3rd Puella Magi MadokaMagica movieSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/the-story-of-rebellion-is-your-3rd-puella-magi-madoka-magica-movie/By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 So, like I said earlier, the new movie will focus primarily on Mami Tomoe, Anzu, and Homura Akemi. What about Sayaka Miki? Her fate was actually revealed through a short scene back in the last episode of Madoka Magica: she died, remember? She died even in the new word created by Madoka’s wish, due to over-expending her magical abilities for the sake of protecting Kyoko. In the original universe, prior to Madoka making her wish, Mahou Shoujos or Magical Girls would turn into witches – the very enemies Magical Girls swore to fight and protect people from – after their Soul Gems are turned completely black due to the use of magic. As a result of that, Sayaka was supposed to turn into the witch, Oktavia von Seckendorff.The subtitle for the third Madoka Magica movie, duesometime in 2013, has been revealed to be “The Story But in the new world created by Madoka’s wish, Mahouof Rebellion” (ミミミミミ or Hangyaku no Monogatari), Shoujos do not turn into witches when they use up theiraccording to tweets from Japanese movie-goers who just saw magical powers, a fate that she thought was too cruel. Sothe second flick. Sayaka’s existence simply vanishes, instead of turning into a witch.A brief teaser was shown at the end of the second film, andaccording to one movie-goer, the third movie looks to be This process of Magical Girls vanishing after they’re donea story that focuses on Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, and is referred to as “Enkan no Kotowari” (ミミミミ the “Law orHomura Akemi. A cutscene where Ultimate Madoka fights Circles”, named after Madoka which is one of the readingsalongside Homura was also shown. for the Kanji ミ), and there is a huge flaw with it, as Mami, Homura, and Kyoko finds out in the new movie. Sounds pretty epic, huh? Almost as epic as this fan-made orchestral re-arrangement of Luminous, ClariS’s theme song for the first Madoka Magica movie: Source: Alfalfalfa, Hachima, Madoka Magica wiki Perfume’s Singapore performance to be broadcast “live” to 62 theatres allUnlike the first and second parts, which are a condensed re- across Japantelling of the original hit TV anime series, the third Puella Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/perfumes-singapore-performance-to-Magi Madoka Magica movie is based on a completely new be-broadcast-live-to-62-theatres-all-across-japan/script. By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012If you’re not already familiar with the story told in theMadoka Magica series, it might be a good idea to stopreading right now, and just wait till you’ve had a chanceto watch both movies, which will be shown in cinemasin Singapore (and seven other countries outside of Japan)sometime between October and December.Beyond this point it’s not possible to delve into what wasshown in the teaser at the end of the second movie withoutgoing into spoiler territory. 4
  • 105. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWhen Japanese electropop trio Perfume comes down The film will star Tori Matsuzaka as Ken Washio/Ken theto Singapore on November 24 to hold a one-day-only Eagle, and Ayame Gouriki as Jun/June the Swan.performance at SCAPE as the last stop in their Asia tour, fans Gou Ayano, Ryohei Suzuki, and Tatsuomi Hamada will playhere won’t be the only ones swinging their glow-sticks and the roles of Jo Asakura/Joe the Condor, Ryu Nakanishi/tapping to the beat. Rocky the Owl, and Jinpei/Jimmy the Falcon respectively.Some 3302 miles away, Perfume fans in Japan will also be Cast members for Gatchaman’s enemies will be announcedjoining in on the fun too; the tour’s management announced at a later date.this week that the concert would be broadcast “live” to 62theatres all over Japan.The “live viewing” sessions will commence at 8PM Japantime at the theatres listed (full list in Japanese over here) andentry tickets will sell for 3,000 yen a piece, available to thepublic beginning October 27, 12PM Japan time.Perfume’s Asia tour, also known as “Perfume WORLD TOUR1st” is the first time the electropop group has ventured outof their home country to perform overseas, and a part of thegroup’s strategy to go global after they were transferred fromrecord label Tokuma Japan Communications to UniversalMusic.Although the news of the live viewing sessions does not affectPerfume fans outside of Japan, the fact that they’re able toarrange something like this is significant as it opens a doorof possibilities: could future Perfume concerts in Japan alsobe broadcast to theatres in countries like Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan and Korea (the countries covered in the Asiatour)?We’re keeping our fingers crossed.Source: NatalieScience Ninja TeamGatchaman live-action moviein the worksSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/science-ninja-team-gatchaman-live-action-movie-in-the-works/By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 Renowned TV and movie director Touya Satou (Kaiji 1 and 2, Gokusen) will lead the production crew. The movie’s script will be penned by Yusuke Watanabe who also did the ones for the Gantz and 20th Century Boys live-action adaptations. Action-scene stunts will be directed by Tatsuro Koike, who’s worked on Hollywood movies such as The Last Samurai andTatsunoko Productions’ classic anime series Science Ninja Daredevil. Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina‘s ShinjiTeam Gatchaman is getting a live-action movie adaptation. will handle character designs. VFX work will be done byNikkatsu Corp will produce the movie, which begins filming Shirogumi studio, which film director Takeshi Yamazaki ison October 15, and Toho Co., Ltd will distribute the flick to a member of.Japanese theatres Summer 2013. Director Satou says that he hopes to deliver a movie that willMade in part to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tatsunoko surpass Hollywood superhero flicks in terms of impact.Productions and the 100th year anniversary of Nikkatsu’s,Gatchaman the movie is said to feature more CG cutscenes “We’re approaching the production of this film with thethan Yatterman (1,300 cutscenes) and Gantz (over 1,000 utmost care and respect for the world of the original animecombined in parts one and two). series. We’ve got a cast of young, talented actors. And the entire production team would truly like to make a film that 5
  • 106. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneeven viewers who have never heard of Science Ninja TeamGatchaman will enjoy,” he said in Japanese.“We’d like to put together the type of superhero moviethat only Japan can make, and we’re pinning our hopes onsucceeding because the times are ripe for us to achieve thisdream.”Source: Eiga.com“Street Fighter X Tekken2013″, a free update for thegame, will be released mid- • Tekken characters’ anti-air moves have beenDecember 2012 [Update X2] improved. Specifically, upon hitting your opponent inSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/street-fighter-x-tekken-2013-a-free- the air with certain moves, you will now be able to doupdate-for-the-game-will-be-released-mid-december-2012/ juggle combos similar to in, well, the Tekken games (“ミBy KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 ミミミミミミ”ミミミ in Japanese, in case we somehow mis- interpreted this).Free online update for Street Fighter X Tekken will improveTekken characters’ anti-air moves, change throw start-upfrom 7 frames to 5 frames, and more, Capcom announced atNew York Comic-Con today (Thursday afternoon NY time). • Life recovery speeds have been adjusted, so that there[8.25AM] Post update: Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono said we can are less time-outs.expect to see more changelog details in one or two weeks’time. Ver.2013 is still under development, so outside of thechanges they’ve announced today, no other change has beenconfirmed.The update, called “Street Fighter X Tekken 2013” or“Ver.2013″ (following Super Street Fighter IV ArcadeEdition Ver.2012′s naming convention), will come to allversions of the game (PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PC, and Xbox360) in the middle of December, 2012.Although Capcom has not unveiled the full changelog for thepatch yet, here are a few details that 4Gamer has uncoveredso far: • Throw start-up has been changed from 7 frames to 5 • The camera or special animation activated during a frames (note: in Street Fighter IV throws are 3-frames Boost Combo (light, medium, heavy, heavy combos) on start-up) has been adjusted so that the battle moves along more swiftly. 6
  • 107. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • Recoverable health’s colour in the health bar has been • At the start of the round, the “FIGHT” graphic will changed, so that it’s easier to see. Comparison shots dissipate more quickly. before and after: Outside of system changes, the game’s characters will also receive balance tweaks: • Ken – Shippuu Jinrai Kyaku will have more horizontal range (move forward further). Damage will also be increased. • Kazuya – EX Wind God Fist is fully invincible from start-up to first last hit frame. • M.Bison – Kneepress Nightmare is invincible to projectiles. • Bob and Paul – movement speed has been increased. • Etc Will members of the fighting games community take to the game now that it’s being, in a way, rebalanced? Will you go back to SFxTK, Tokido’s main competitive fighting game? Let us know in the comments. Street Fighter X Tekken is out now for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. A PlayStation Vita version is slated for release October 23. Here’s the latest trailer for the PS Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken: Source: 4Gamer • The glowing effect that accompanies a gem’s activation Launch of Mahou Shoujo has been changed (less glowing now). Before and after shots: Madoka Magika: The movie Part 1: The Story of Beginning Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/launch-of-mahou-shoujo-madoka- magika-the-movie-part-1-the-story-of-beginning/ By Cubie on October 16th, 2012 7
  • 108. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneMahou Shoujo Madoka Magika: The Movie Part 1: TheStory of Beginning was launched on 6th Oct 2012 in anundisclosed location in Tokyo. To add on to the excitement, aspecial appearance of the voice actresses was arranged forthe launch event.The voice actresses were also there to stage greeting with Lift doors doubling as huge posters!all the fans of the series. The voice cast consisting YukiAoi, Saitou Chiwa, Kitamura Eri, Mizuhashi Kaori, Nonaka Original Series of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika wasAi, Kato Emiri attended the launch event as enthusiastic produced by Director Shinbo Akiyuki of Bakemonogatari,audiences waved and show huge support to the guests on Urobuchi Gen of Phantom (Game) and Aoki Ume ofstage, creating a huge hype for the event. Hidamari Sketch (Manga). The movie is adapted from its anime series, which was aired in 2011. The story revolves around a magical girl who faces a harsh fate, ironically for a typical “shoujo” genre. Set in a grand setting with a heart- warming touch, the dark fantasy series has gained popularity for its grim and dramatic story development. All 12 episode were reconstructed and split into 2 parts: Part 1: The Story of Beginning and Part 2: The Story of Eternity Part 2 will be launched nationwide on the 13th Oct 2012. On top of that, they will also announce their new title hereafter, so avid fans of this series keep an eye out for more updates! Source: Mantan Web XCOM: Enemy Unknown – the modernisation of a well-lovedFancy a magical ride? classic [Game Review] Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/xcom-enemy-unknown-cover- mechanic-done-right-game-review/ By KarbyP on October 16th, 2012 In our review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis Games’ latest turn-based strategy title, we compare it to first and third-person shooters like Gears of War. Why in the world would we do that? Find out after the jump.Added to the fans delight was a booth selling limited moviemerchandises, specially set up at the venue. Six hours beforethe sale starts and there were already an estimated numberof 120 people queuing up for it, some even admitted toqueuing from 12 midnight the day before. Notably, thepopular goods were sold out within 2 hours! 8
  • 109. October 16th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe modernisation of a well-loved classicXCOM: Enemy Unknown has big shoes to fill. This turn-based strategy title from developer Firaxis Games (makers ofCivilization V) is a remake of 1994′s X-COM: UFO Defense, abeloved sci-fi classic that’s hailed as one of the best PC gamesever made, much less the definitive title in the TBS genre.So, how does Firaxis Games attempt to modernisethis venerable classic? Outside of putting together anexceedingly competent strategy game that can arguablystand up to the original? Two words: “cover mechanic”.Yes, the boon (some say bane) of modern first and third-person shooters, whose popularity can be attributed mostlyto Gears of War’s success, is here in this game.And when interpreted in the context of a turn-based strategygame, it’s quite refreshing. At every turn, you always have theoption to maximise your mobility (and decrease the numberof turns taken to finish your mission objective) by runningout into the open, or go from cover to cover in your approachwhich will take more turns to cover the same ground. Thenumber of turns you take might make the difference betweenbeing able to save a whole bunch of innocent civilians fromthe alien threat, or having to kill them all after a four-legged,death-spewing creature called the Chrysalid converts theminto mindless zombies.Read our full review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown throughthis link! 9
  • 110. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture What’s Minna to Issho: Friend Network, you ask? Why, it’s A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku a little-known free-to-play PS Vita social game app that’s and Japanese Pop Culture only available for download via the Japan-region PlayStation Store. So unless your Vita’s hooked up to a Japanese PSN/ SEN account, chances are you’ve never heard of it.Hatsune Miku “hijacks” Minna The point of Minna to Issho: Friend Network is to basicallyto Issho: Friend Network (free allow fresh new PSN users (this app was launched alongside the PlayStation Vita in Japan back in December last year)game on PS Vita) [video] to make friends online who may share their interests (everySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hatsune-miku-hijacks-minna-to- player in Friend Network creates a publicly viewable nameissho-friend-network-free-game-on-ps-vita-video/ card with some details about their interests), for the purposeBy KarbyP on October 19th, 2012 of doing multiplayer games, comparing trophies, and taking advantage of the other features on PSN.Sega claims that this is a “collaboration” between HatsuneMiku Project Diva f and Sony first-party app Minna to Issho:Friend Network, but – as you’ll see in this video – this looksmore like a hijack than any sort of consensual collab to me. I haven’t checked out Minna to Issho: Friend Network for a while, but it looks like the current version supports RPG- esque dungeon exploring as a mini-game. Or at least, that’s the main draw in part five of a “Hatsune Miku Project Diva f X Minna to Issho: Friend Network” collaboration that started on September 28 and will last all the way till November 2. Parts one to four of the collaboration were tinier updates that mostly involved Hatsune Miku-themed name cards, items, and avatar accessories. Part four (KAITO and MEIKO name cards and costume items) goes live today. Here are some images of the collaborative content that’s available right now: 1
  • 111. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone and Hachune Miku. Kuro, Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends serve as bosses in the dungeon. There’s apparently a story to this nonsense dungeon too (Hatsune Miku the bad guy? C’mon Sony and Sega, are you kidding me?). It all started one day when Kuro went about his usual business of praising Hatsune Miku for being the lovely angel that she is. Toro, sick of hearing Kuro raving about the virtual singer, yells at him: “If Miku is so great, then why don’t you just get outta here and go live under Miku-san’s roof… I mean, meow!” (「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「 「「「「「 in Japanese). And so that’s what Kuro did. Seeking to stop Kuro’s rampage, Toro enlists the help of you and your Minna to Issho friends, as well as Hachune Miku who serves as your guide to the dungeon. I don’t think the story’s supposed to make sense, but if you’re interested in finding out, the Hatsune Miku Special Dungeon (1,200 coins) will be accessible in the game from next Friday. Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children – The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke spin-off anime to be broadcast 2013 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/courtesy-of-zettai-karen-children- the-unlimited-hyoubu-kyousuke-spin-off-anime-to-be-broadcast-2013/Part five’s content will go live next Friday, October 26.The big deal this time around is a Hatsune Miku SpecialDungeon that you can buy (yes, unfortunately it’s paid DLC)where you’ll lead a team of your Friend Network friendson an excavation adventure alongside Toro (the white cat) 2
  • 112. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Shining Ark’s 1st screenshotsBy KarbyP on October 19th, 2012 show us what life on a secluded island with a one- winged angel’s like Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/shining-arks-1st-screenshots-show- us-what-life-on-a-secluded-island-with-a-one-winged-angels-like/ By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012A spin-off of otaku comedy anime series Zettai KarenChildren is headed to TV Tokyo’s programming beltsometime in 2013, Shounen Sunday magazine reported.Called Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children – The Unlimited– Hyoubu Kyousuke, this spin-off anime revolves aroundKyousuke Hyoubu who’s an ultrapowerful ESPer and oneof the main heroines’ toughest adversaries in the originalanime series.This was likely the Zettai Karen Children anime project thatthe creators were talking about back in July. That’s literally what the concept behindShining Ark is,Unlimited is said to be a “hard-boiled action” anime series according to the press release. Experience life on thestarring the military-major-turned villain ESPer Kyousuke secluded island of Arcadia, surrounded by nature. An RPGHyoubu, and will feature an original storyline different that whose story revolves around islandfolks, whose heartsfrom that in the ongoing Zettai Karen Children manga are connected as one. A story that begins with the meetingseries, which will see its 32nd tankoubon (paperback comic with a young girl (Panis) who’s praised as an angel.book) volume released in Japan on December 18.Here’s a picture of the anime’s exclusive unveiling in thelatest issue of Shounen Sunday (bigger version here):Source: Manga News 3
  • 113. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBut there’s more to Panis and the game’s plot than meetsthe eye, for when the moon in the sky shines a bright red atnight, a gigantic enigma will reveal itself. And the young girlwith the single black wing on her back will be entranced byit. Like firefly to a flame.What is this mysterious enigma? I don’t know, but I’mguessing it has something to do with the “Ark” in “ShiningArk”.Between that tease of a plot, and Tony Taka’s (T2 Art Works)excellent character design work, consider us intrigued fornow.Shining Ark will be released in Japan Winter 2012/2013.UMD and downloadable versions of the game are priced at6,279 and 5,600 yen respectively. In addition, four different editions of the double-A-sideLuna Sea’s latest single – The single will be available in Japan: first-print editions A, B, C, and a regular edition.End of the Dream / Rouge – First-print edition A contains the CDs as well as a Blu-raycomes out on December 12 disc that has both the music videos for The End of the DreamSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/luna-seas-latest-single-the-end-of- and Rouge. First-print editions B and C will come with athe-dream-rouge-comes-out-on-december-12/ DVD containing either the MV for The End of the Dream (B)By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012 or Rouge (C) on top of the CDs, and the regular edition is CD-only. Source: Excite News Megpoid the Music#’s official website opens; list of producers and multiplayer support revealedJ-rock band Luna Sea‘s first new single after the recent Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/megpoid-the-musics-official-website-transfer to Universal Music will come out on December 12, opens-list-of-producers-and-multiplayer-support-revealed/it was announced today. The End of the Dream / Rouge is By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012a double-A-side single release that will come as a 2CD set,each containing one song.Usually, a CD single release comes with an A-side song (amain, titular track that’s played on radio stations) alongwith a B-side song (a bonus track that doesn’t go under thelimelight). Album releases feature mostly A-side songs.A double-A-side release means that the artiste in question– Luna Sea, in this case – felt that both tracks included inthe release are good enough to stand on its own, and wouldunder normal conditions, be released as separate singles. The official website for Megpoid the Music# has finallyThus both The End of the Dream and Rouge will come in opened today. Still no details on the PSP rhythm-actionseparate CDs for this release. title’s gameplay, but at least we’ve got a partial list of participating creators (Vocaloid song producers, illustrators, and dancers), and confirmation on multiplayer. Over on the game introduction page, it’s said that Megpoid the Music# can be enjoyed in two different play styles: single-player (「「), and wireless co-operative play (「「「「「「 「). 4
  • 114. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThere will also be some sort of “communication”functionality where you’ll be able to interact with VocaloidGumi, most likely in the “Gumi Room” mode that waspreviously confirmed in Famitsu’s reveal last week.Here’s the list of creators unveiled on the website:Vocaloid producers「「「「「「「「「 a.k.a 「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「P「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「P × Silent Symphonia「「「P「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「P「「「「「「「「「「「「「「buzzG「cosMo「「「P「DECO*27「Dios/「「「「Potetsu「kemu「maya「MaidenKnight「OSTER project「PIROPARU「samfree「YM「10「P「164「40mPIllustrators「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「eb「hatsukoDancers「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「「 Megpoid the Music# for the PSP is slated to be released in Japan Spring 2013. The game will be sold in both regularOh, there’s a fresh batch of screenshots too… well, partial- (6,090 yen including tax) and limited editions (9,429 yen).screenshots, that is. The image dimensions do not matchthat of the PSP. Source: Megpoid the Music「 Official Site Singapore: Pre-orders for Assassin’s Creed III PS3 and PS Vita bundles start today Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/singapore-pre-orders-for-assassins- creed-iii-ps3-and-ps-vita-bundles-start-today/ By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012 The new PlayStation 3 500GB super slim model (Charcoal Black*), standalone, will retail in Singapore on October 23. But if you’re looking to pick up a copy of Assassin’s Creed III with your spanking new console, 5
  • 115. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSony and Ubisoft have teamed up to offer a handy all-in-onebundle.Retailing at a recommendeded retail price of S$439,the Assassin’s Creed® III (Eng ver.) PlayStation®3 BundlePack is only $30 more than the PS3 500GB super slimmodel standalone, but comes with a bunch of specialAC3 premiums on top of the console and a copy of thegame: you’re also getting a limited-edition Assassin’s CreedIII jacket, a PS3-exclusive DLC pack, and an “Uplay” leafletthat details what actions you need to perform in the gameto earn points and rewards under the Ubisoft cross-platformtrophies/achievements programme.The bundle will go on sale November 2, and pre-orders canbe made at selected stores from now to October 30. A regularcopy of Assassin’s Creed III (PS3) will also retail for S$78.90on the same date. *Only the Charcoal Black version of the new PS3 500GB super slim model will be available on October 23. A Classic White model is expected to hit stores in Singapore November 22. Apart from 500GB models (S$399), there will also be a version of the new PS3s super slim with 250GB of storage (S$369), available in both colours at their respective launch dates. Assassin’s Creed® III Liberation PlayStation®Vita Special Bundle Pack November 2 also marks the release of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for the PS Vita, and a bundle for that will be available as well, to be sold for the suggested retail price of S $399. In the bundle you’ll get a PS Vita Wi-Fi model (Crystal Black), a copy of Liberation, a “Mysteries of the Bayou” DLC pack, and an AC3 Liberation protection film. 6
  • 116. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneLike the PS3 bundle, pre-orders for the PS Vita pack starttoday. Until October 30.Assassin’s Creed fans who own both AC3 (PS3) and AC3Liberation (Vita) will also be able to access the followingexclusive cross-play content: • Exclusive New York mission to play as Connor; • Connor’s Tomhawk • French Agile Multiplayer Character • Ammunition Pouches Upgrade Loads of gunpla updates at 52nd All Japan Model Hobby Show 2012 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/loads-of-gunpla-updates-at-52nd-all- japan-model-hobby-show-2012/ By sentinel011 on October 19th, 2012 Winter 2012/2013 will be a great period for all gunpla kit builders and appreciators, as Bandai updates their upcoming line-up at the 52nd All Japan Model Hobby Show 2012. We focus on the top 3 upcoming kit releases for its Winter 2012/2013 release. HG Gundam Delta Kai (December 2012 release) | 2600 yen ; 2790 yen after tax 7
  • 117. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The new Mobile Suit as seen in Gundam Unicorn Episode 4 as piloted by Angelo Sauper. The kit bears great details and proportions as shown in the anime, but we can’t help at wondering about its hefty price tag. At 2940 yen, it is about the cost of a small MG kit. We hope that the size and details are comparable to the HG Kshatriya. MG Tallgeese EW ver. (January 2012 release) 3990 yen after taxThis MSV kit based off the mass produced Delta Plus issure an eye-catcher for any Gundam kit builder. The kit willcomplete the set of the existing release of Delta and DeltaPlus HG kits on sale.HG Rozen Zulu (December 2012 release) 2940 yen after tax 8
  • 118. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe Endless Waltz Master Grade series ends with a Tallgeeserelease, slated for a January 2013 launch. The decent pricetag of almost 4000 yen is affordable, and we hope that it iscustomizable to the Tallgeese 1 and 2 variants, consideringthat the photo featured the base model with a Tallgeese 1beam rifle.More releases from the Unicorn series, as well as RG ZetaGundam and Gundam AGE series, are featured in the gallerybelow: 9
  • 119. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Source: Moeyo | hobbysearch Madoka Magica the movie’s key visual for Singapore has the Merlion in the background Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/madoka-magica-the-movies-key- visual-for-singapore-has-the-merlion-in-the-background/ By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012 When it was first announced that the pair of Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies would be screened in eight countries (18 cities total) outside of Japan, the films’ official website said that a different key visual artwork would be provided for each city. To make every piece stand out, these key visual artwork pieces were said to each contain something instantly recognisable from the country it’s talior-made for. For Singapore, that naturally meant the Merlion at Marina Bay. Here’s what that movie’s key visual artwork for Singapore looks like: 10
  • 120. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone USAThe Merlion isn’t the only point of interest in the imageabove. See that AFA2012 logo in the upper-right-handcorner? You know what that can only means, right? Thepair of Madoka Magica movies were said to be screened ineach of the eight countries sometime between October andDecember.Anime Festival Asia 2012 in Singapore takes place inNovember. Concrete details for the movie screenings inSingapore – such as the exact day and time – have yet to berevealed, but should come very soon.In the meantime, here’s a look at the movies’ key visualimage for USA, as well as the original one that was used forJapan: 11
  • 121. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Whatever it is, it probably has something to do with:Original 1. Virtua Fighter – Akira Yuki yells “You’re ten years too early [to challenge me]“, 2. A mysterious second game that has Japanese voiced dialogue (Shenmue?), 3. Sonic the Hedgehog (sound of rings dropping), 4. Virtua Striker (that’s the only Sega soccer game I can think of), and 5. Virtua-On (I could be wrong, but that “Get Ready” sounds like it came from Sega’s mecha fighter… or it could be from Fighting Vipers). Another classics compilation perhaps? I’m thinking “2×5” refers to five games that are all the second titles in their respective series. Or the number “2″ could refer to “AM2“, who has worked on all five video game franchises above, if the Sonic sound clip is referring to Sonic the Fighters, which according to Eurogamer may be coming to XBLA. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: 5 new characters unmasked in this week’s Famitsu [Updated] Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/senran-kagura-shinovi-versus-5- new-characters-unmasked-in-this-weeks-famitsu/ By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012Which of the three do you like best?What could Sega possibly beteasing at in this mysterious“#2×5###” video?Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/what-could-sega-be-possibly-teasing-at-in-this-mysterious-%E3%80%8C2x5%E3%80%8D%EF%BC%9F%EF Update [9.33AM]: now with magazine scans.%BC%9F-video/ Bigger versions here: 1, 2, 3By KarbyP on October 19th, 2012Sega has released a mysterious teaser video, entitled“「2×5「「「” , on YouTube today. The video, which plays backsound effects from five past Sega games somewhere in themiddle, ends with the cryptic message: “See you tomorrow!”What do you think it is? 12
  • 122. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone CV: Hiromi Hirata 21 years old and a former member of the Hanzo Academy before Homura (lead character, voiced by Eri Kitamura). Although Miyabi once lost her memories and abilities after an accident in a past mission, she’s recovered them due to an incident. Now, she fights to restore the Viper clan’s former glory. Imu (「「)Source: 1, 2, 3Original post: When NFSW ninja game-turned-anime seriesSenran Kagura comes to the PlayStation Vita in Februarynext year, it’ll introduce ten new characters. Details on fiveof them were unveiled in this week’s issue of Famitsu.Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus -Shoujotachi no Shoumei-(「「「「「 SHINOVI VERSUS -「「「「「「-) is a hack-and-slash action title for the Vita that features twenty playablecharacters (ten of which are new), the series’ trademark…“bounce” physics, and local Wi-Fi multiplayer (ad-hoc) forup to four. The game is scheduled for a February 28, 2013release.Images on these five characters have not been posted on theNet at this point, so we’ll have to go with the next best thingfor now: silhouettes from the developer’s official blog. CV: Chiwa SaitouAll five are members of the Viper Academy (「「「「「「「),the antagonists in the series who oppose the heroines from 21 years old. Was caught in the same accident as Miyabi, andHanzo Academy (「「「「「「). spent a year recovering in the hospital with her. Imu nowMiyabi (「「) aids Miyabi in her plan for the Viper clan’s restoration. Murasaki (「) 13
  • 123. October 19th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 16 years old, Ryouna’s twin sister. In the Famitsu feature, there’s apparently a screenshot of her… clothes being torn apart. Fortunately, some kind of adhesive tape is holding her assets together (unfortunately?). We’ll update this post again later when we find more concrete information or images. For now, here are some previous magazine scans from Kotaku’s gallery that should give you a good idea of the art style in Shinovi Versus.CV: Sayuri Yahagi16 years old. A shinobi student who often plays truant.Ryoubi (「「)CV: Youko Hikasa16 years old, and Ryouna’s twin sister. Prior to beingtransferred to the Viper Academy, Ryoubi wasn’t quite sowell-endowed.Ryouna (「「)CV: MAKO 14
  • 124. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureSQUARE ENIX ANNOUNCES“THE WORLD ENDS WITHYOU: LIVE REMIX”Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/square-enix-announces-the-world-ends-with-you-live-remix/By walz on October 24th, 2012 Square Enix also unveiled info on another release Final Fantasy X GREE, a card based RPG game that will feature characters from the Final Fantasy Franchise. And lastly Circle of Mana and Chocobo’s Chocotto Farm were also announced, but no further info was given.Square Enix in collaboration with social game maker GREEannounced a new addition to The World Ends With You. TheWorld Ends With You: Live Remix is set for a winter releaseon smartphones. Sadly though no gameplay details have yetto be announced aside from the game making use of touchscreen features of smartphones and will feature some songsfrom the original game. For Honorable Reasons… SGCafe’s Dishonored Review Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/for-honorable-reasons-sgcafes- dishonored-review/ 1
  • 125. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Neubronner Eugene on October 24th, 2012 hearts (and thus their personalities) – as long as you’re within the confines of a blue spherical space he conjures. At the Osaka leg of Eiichiro, you can experience for yourself what that’s like. A life-sized figure of Trafalgar Law will be exhibited in a special “Punk Hazard Arc” experience corner, not featured at the One Piece Exhibition’s original run in Tokyo, and through the use of cutting-edge imaging technologies projected onto the figure, the corner will attempt to simulate what it might be like to witness Law’s Ope Ope no Mi (Op- op Fruit) ability in action. Outside of the Osaka-exclusive Punk Hazard Arc corner, allWhat do you do with a pissed off personal bodyguard to a of the exhibits from the One Piece Exhibition’s Tokyo leg,murdered Empress? held from March to June of this year, will be displayed asA) Kill everyone he knows well. Most of these exhibit installations were themed afterB) Throw him in a jail cell for public execution to pin the the Fishman Island Arc that was covered in the manga series’blame on volumes 61 to 66. Here are images of four of the installations from theC) Tell the man everything a day before he dies so he can Tokyo run. From left to right: ”Comics Gallery”, “Boukenbreak out and wreck vengeance (Adventure) Panorama Theatre”, “Nightmare of Impel Down”, and “The Place Where ‘One Piece’ was Born”.D) Give him supernatural powersIf your answer was all of the above, congratulations! You’rewrong. Well, mostly wrong. Dishonored, the newest titlefrom Bethesda, is really all about… rats. Giant, plague-bearing, rats. That will gnaw your face off, strip your bodyof its flesh in moments, and then hunger for more. So muchmore.So much so that our review is here, for you to scream alongwith us at just how good that feeling of rats biting into yourflesh feels.Osaka leg of Eiichiro Oda’sOne Piece Exhibition tointroduce Punk Hazard Arc /Trafalgar Law experiencecornerSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/osaka-leg-of-eiichiro-odas-one-piece-exhibition-to-introduce-punk-hazard-arc-trafalgar-law-experience-corner/By KarbyP on October 24th, 2012 The Punk Hazard Arc, on the other hand, takes place from volumes 66 to the currently on-going chapter in Japan. Outside of the Trafalgar Law installation, concept art or original sketches for the Punk Hazard Arc will also be displayed at the Osaka exhibition. Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece Exhibition in Osaka will be held at the Osaka Tempou Special Installation Gallery [大大大大 大大大大大大大大大大大大大大大大] (mapfan, Google Maps) from 24Trafalgar Law is the user of the Ope Ope no Mi, which allows November 2012 to 17 February 2013. The exhibition is sevenhim to dismember people from a distance without harming days a week, from 10AM to 8PM daily.them, lift or displace objects of any size and switch peoples’ 2
  • 126. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneFrom now till October 31, fans can visit and the exhibition’s enemy is going to win with a self-pick “Tsumo”? Block itofficial website to vote for one of 35 shortlisted pieces of completely with your special skills!illustration taken from the One Piece manga series. Prints of You can check out the beta here, and be assured we’ll bethe winning illustration will be sold at the Osaka exhibition. covering a review soon enough. Oh, and that’s my winning piece. RON!Source: Yahoo! Japan NewsRON! I just won me…TsundeRIE and friends? Puella Magi Madoka MagicaSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/ron-i-just-won-me-tsunderie-and-friends/ Movie screening details; earlybird package goes onBy Neubronner Eugene on October 24th, 2012 sale October 24 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/puella-magi-madoka-magica-movie- screening-details-earlybird-package-goes-on-sale-october-24/ By KarbyP on October 24th, 2012Asiasoft sent us word that there’s been a quiet launch fortheir newest Free2Play game, Mahjong Hime. They failed to Parts 1 and 2 of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica moviemention exactly who was voicing the anime-styled, moemoe will be screened at 9.30AM on Saturday and Sunday,blobs who’ll be your opponents. respectively, during the Anime Festival Asia 2012 weekendImagine our shock when we spotted that Queen of Tsundere, in Singapore (November 9 to 11).Rie Kugimiya was voicing! Alongside her are only slightly There appears to be only one screening for each part of theless well-known stars Shiho Kawaragi (Maki from Black movie, so don’t wait to get your tickets if you’re planningLagoon, Mana Kuzunoha in Tenjou Tenge) and Chiaki to catch the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie! AdvanceTakahashi (The most impressive lineup of cameo’s we’ve ticket sales will begin this Wednesday, October 24 at 12PMever seen, such as Haineko from Bleach) from the AFA Shop in *SCAPE or online via EventCliQue.What’s more, while the game was originally from Japan, A ticket to each day’s screening costs $28, and that priceAsiasoft managed to coddle/coerce/bribe/blackmail the includes premiums like a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Moviedevs into creating an additional new mode – Singapore style! Promo Autographed Shiki (Replica) and an informationFans of Taiwan-style or even Japan-rule mahjongs fret not, booklet for the part you’re watching.those are also available. Playing well nets you medals tounlock further characters, voiceovers and pictures of your If you plan on catching both parts, a $45 “earlybird special”favorite anime ladies. 2-Day Screening Package is also available that will – on top of entry to both screenings – come with the AutographedThese character cards can be used while playing, adding Shiki (Replica), information booklets for both parts, as wella new dimension to your favorite mahjong style. Think an 3
  • 127. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zoneas an A2-sized poster (of the Singapore main visual). But this faced, after 2010′s to be continued 10少少少少少少少少少少少少少少少deal is only available from October 24 to November 1, 11AM. 少少少少少少? (10 years later, what will these maidens think of themselves?) and 2012′s Show must go on 少少少少少少少少少少少少From November 1 onwards, the earlybird deal will be 少少少少 (Despite their pain, the maidens see a dream).replaced with a $52 2-day Screening Package that won’tcome with an A2-sized poster. In particular, No flower without rain is said to focus mainly on two headline-grabbing AKB48 topics: former ace AtsukoAll ticket packages do not include entry to AFA2012. For Maeda’s graduation, and the members’ thoughts on finallymore info, check out the info chart below (bigger here): having made it to Tokyo Dome (AKB48 held their first concert there on August 2012, for the first time in its 5-year history). Other topics covered will also include the members’ fierce battle for the group’s center position now that Maeda has left, AKB48′s rule against romantic relationships (although it’s not specified, this probably refers to Rino Sashihara’s former boyfriend scandal and subsequent transfer to HKT48 as a punishment), as well as a look at the differing qualities of various members. Advance ticket sales for the movie-slash-documentary begins late November at various theatres and the AKB48 Shop in Japan. Source: NataliePuella Magi Madoka Magica Movie is a condensed re-telling of the 2011 hit TV anime series, split into twoparts: “Beginning” and “Eternal”. The pair of movies will Tales of Xillia 2 x PUTUMAYO collaborationbe followed by a third one sometime next year, “Rebellion“,which will feature an original script. Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tales-of-xillia-2-x-putumayo-A teaser for Rebellion that includes a brief scene of Ultimate collaboration/Madoka fighting alongside Homura will be shown at the end By IceTea on October 24th, 2012of Part 2: Eternal, after the credits.AFA : Anime Festival Asia 20123rd AKB48 documentary– “No flower without rain”– to hit theatres in JapanFebruary 2013 Similar to the launch of Tales of Xillia in 2011 in Japan,Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/3rd-akb48-documentary-no-flower- Putumayo is collaborating with Tales of Xillia 2 once again,without-rain-to-hit-theatres-in-japan-february-2013/ featuring outfits inspired from all the main characters in theBy KarbyP on October 24th, 2012 game. Their recently revealed line-up includes all the game’s playable characters, including Elle, for a a total of 10 fashion styles created based on them. There will also be a pair of socks inspired by Tipo.A new documentary that examines the recent ups and downsof popular Japanese idol group AKB48 has been announcedto be in the works, scheduled to hit theatres in Japan 1February 2013.Documentary of AKB48 No flower without rain 少少少少少少少少少少少少少少 (After the tears, what do these maidens see?), is thethird such feature-length documentary to offer a back-stageglimpse at the obstacles and achievements the idol group has 4
  • 128. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone The clothes will be available for sale as sets at Shinjuku Marui One Department Store from November 1~14, although Elle’s beret (~SGD130), Leia’s cap (~SGD130), Elise’s headdress and Tipo’s socks can be purchased separately. Reservations over the counter will also be opened starting on October 22. Online sales through the Putumayo 5
  • 129. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewebsite will start on November 16 and all other Putumayo By KarbyP on October 24th, 2012outlets will carry stock only in December.Source: [Putumayo x Tales of Xillia 2]“A Certain Scientific Railgun”TV anime is getting a 2ndseasonSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/a-certain-scientific-railgun-tv-anime-is-getting-a-2nd-season/By KarbyP on October 24th, 2012 A new trailer for the film A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion was shown at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival today, and somebody managed to get it all down on digicam. It may be shaky-cam footage you’re looking at, but it’s still pretty watchable and the audio quality is great; I could hear every single line of dialogue clearly. Most of the lines you hear in the trailer has to do with the movie’s main conflict: for some unexplained reason, a Level 0 girl named Arisa Nago (who Index and Kamijou meets at the outset of the movie) appears to be targeted by Stiyl Magnus and his team of magicians. When all she ever wanted‘The announcements just keep coming out of Dengeki’s 20th was to sing and perform for everyone like an idol.Anniversary Festival over at the Makuhari Messe in Chibathis weekend. The latest? A Certain Scientific Railgun has If you missed the previous trailer for the movie (shown atgotten the green light for a second TV anime season. Summer’s Comic Market back in August), check it out over here in our previous story along with the movie’s synopsis.Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for October 27, when thelatest issue of Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh (大大大大大大大大 A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion (大大大大大) goes on sale for the actual juicy details on Railgun’s 大大大大大大大大大大大 大大大大大大大大大大大) hits theatres in Japan 23second season. For now, all that’s revealed so far is that the February 2013.title of Railgun’s second season will be Toaru Kagaku noRailgun S or A Certain Scientific Railgun S (大大大大大大大大大大S). Puchimas! -Petit Idolm@ster-In this spin-off series to A Certain Magical Index, spin-off anime is puchi-sized,Railgun tells the story of Mikoto Misaka, an Electromaster ofthe highest level (Level 5) nicknamed Railgun for her ability begins 1 January 2013 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/puchimas-petit-idolmster-spin-off-to flick a coin and fire it like a shot from the electromagnetic anime-is-puchi-sized-begins-1-january-2013/weapon, as she goes about her daily life with her group By KarbyP on October 24th, 2012of best friends – Level 4 Teleporter Kuroko Shirai, Level 1“Thermal Hand” Kazari Uiharu, and Level 0 WindmasterRuiko Saten.The first season of Railgun went on air in Japan betweenOctober 2009 and March 2010, and was followed by an OVArelease in October 2010.Source: Dengeki Online, mantan-webThis new Toaru Majutsu noIndex: Endymion no Kisekitrailer conjures vibes of More details on the anime adaptation of Akane’sPuchimas!Macross F [Shaky-Cam -Petit Idolm@ster- 4-panel manga strips were revealedFootage] earlier today at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival. For starters, the series was described as a “puchi anime” withSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/this-new-toaru-majutsu-no-index- each episode being roughly two minutes in length.endymion-no-kiseki-trailer-conjures-vibes-of-macross-f-shaky-cam-footage/ The upside of the super-short length, however, is that new episodes will be served daily from Mondays to Fridays (repeats on Saturdays and Sundays), and that all of it will be 6
  • 130. October 24th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonestreamed on Animate TV and Nico Nico Douga. The seriespremieres 1 January 2013. Haruka Amami & Harukasan 大大大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大大No word yet on whether the puchi anime series will be aired ●大大大大2013大2大6大on TV in Japan or not, but chances are the series will be net- Ami/Mami Futami & Koami/Komami 大大大大大大大大大大大大大大only (until they come out on DVD/Blu-ray, of course). 大大CV大大大大大大 Ritsuko Akitzuki & Chicchan 大大大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大 ●大大大大2013大2大27大 Azusa Miura & Miurasan 大大大大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大大大 Makoto Kikuchi & Makochi 大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大 ●大大大大2013大3大6大 Iori Minase & Io 大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大 Hibiki Ganaha & Chibiki 大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大 ●大大大大2013大3大27大 Miki Hoshii & Afuu 大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大大 Yukiho Hagiwara & Yukipo 大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大 Read more Idolm@ster stories here on SGCafe!Details on the series’ production staff were also unveiled Source: Dengeki Onlinefor the first time at the event. Gathering Co. (Kakko-Kawaii Sengen!, Tono to Issho, 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku) willhandle the animation work, with Tono to Issho (watch it onCrunchyroll here) and Kakko-Kawaii Sengen!’s Mankyuuserving as director and 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku‘s TamadoSao taking up character design duties.Outside of the Net anime series, fans can also look forwardto a throng of single CD releases (12 in total) featuring thedifferent Idolm@ster and Puchimas characters. Each CDwill feature a pair of characters – Takane & Takanya, forinstance – and these will gradually roll out beginning from9 January 2013.Each CD, priced at 1,260 yen including tax, contains the soloversions of the Net anime series’ opening and ending themes(the ending theme will change every month; at least threeEDs have been produced), as well as an original track(s)tailored for the character in question.Herre’s the full CD release schedule:●大大大大2013大1大9大Takane Shijou & Takanya 大大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大Chihaya Kisaragi & Chihya 大大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大●大大大大2013大1大30大Yayoi Takatsuki & Yayo 大大大大大大大大大CV大大大大大大大 7
  • 131. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture At the land party there will be two activities. One is called A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku the “Free Play”, and it is designed for humans to try out and Japanese Pop Culture the game by completing a simple tutorial and two in-game missions. Successfully complete the missions and you’ll win a free XCOM-themed T-shirt.Singapore – Win T-shirts and The other is a mini-competition where you will take on$20 shopping vouchers at the a fellow human participant in a one-to-one XCOM versus match. The human who emerges victorious will win a $20XCOM: Enemy Unknown LAN shopping voucher to buy earthly objects with.party tomorrow If you have played XCOM then you are fantastic human whoSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/singapore-win-t-shirts-and-20- stays tuned to good news and have great taste in your taste-shopping-vouchers-at-the-xcom-enemy-unknown-lan-party-tomorrow/ tasting organ. You should come down and show us yourBy KarbyP on October 26th, 2012 XCOM tactics so we can learn and adapt to them. If you don’t know what XCOM is, relax earth human, for it is only a video game. It will not harm you, so come down and try it because I have heard through my shapely human ears that it is a good video game (our full review of it here). Need tips on what to do in the game? We have kindly shared all the human tactics we know over here in this feature. Here is a piece of image which my humanly ears have been told is called a flyer. But that makes no sense whatsoever because it cannot fly like my flying saucer… that I throw into the sky to play catch with the earthly creature known as a dog.2K Games is holding an XCOM: Enemy Unknown LAN XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available now for the PC, Xboxparty this weekend, and guess what, fellow earth humans? 360, and PlayStation 3.You’re all invited. So come on down and do whatever it isfellow earth humans do at a land partywhich I know involveslots of ground, sand, and maybe some gravel.The land or LAN party will be held tomorrow. October 27(Saturday) from 3 to 7PM at the Alienware Arena Cybercafe(formerly known as JCube Cybercafe), located within DhobyGhaut MRT Station.I have highlighted the all the key information in darkerblack tone by pressing on the weird giant “B” button so yourhuman eyes and its sub-eye-part-thing-called-the-iris canbetter take in the information (don’t you humans… I mean…don’t we wish that our eyes were just entirely black so youreyesight is not so restricted?). 1
  • 132. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone No? Still don’t agree? You really want to see what I mean by “over-the-top”? Sure, help yourself then [very NFSW]. That link will take you to the trailer for the upcoming PlayStation Vita entry in the series, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, which actually looks like a pretty fun game. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Senran Kagura, the series is about two factions of modern- day ninjas – our heroines are students in the state- recognised Hanzo Academy for young shinobis (国国国国国国), and their adversaries are from the Viper Academy private institution (国国国国国国国) – carrying out missions for clients that inadvertently clash at some point. There’s more to the plot than just that, of course. The story in the Senran Kagura TV anime series will follow that in the 3DS games, and lead into Shinovi Versus, a sequel that features ten new characters never before seen in the 3DS games (and anime series). Five of them have been revealed so far (pictured below).Senran Kagura TV anime’s2nd promotional videoshows you the meaningof “saucy” (after it’s beenthrough the censors)Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/senran-kagura-tv-animes-2nd-promotional-video-shows-you-the-meaning-of-saucy-after-its-been- Senran Kagura the TV anime is slated for a January 2013through-the-censors/ broadcast date. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus comes to theBy KarbyP on October 26th, 2012 PlayStation Vita February 28, 2013. Source: 4Gamer Nintendo 3DS LL Lizardon / Charizard limited edition to arrive just in time for Christmas (in Japan) Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/nintendo-3ds-ll-lizardon-charizard-NFSW ninja hack-and-slash action game Senran Kagura has limited-edition-to-arrive-just-in-time-for-christmas-in-japan/lots of over-the-top saucy scenes. When the franchise finallymakes its transition from TV game to TV anime next year,the saucy scenes will stay, but “over-the-top” goes out thewindow, as censors need to ensure that the programme is atleast decent enough to go on TV (even though it’ll be airingin the middle of the night).That, in my opinion, may actually be a good thing.Just watch the trailer below, and see if you don’t agree. 2
  • 133. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy KarbyP on October 26th, 2012Only in Japan (for now): Nintendo today announced anew limited-edition 3DS LL model that’s designed after aCharizard motif (or “Lizardon”, as they call him over there).The Charizard/Lizardon limited-edition 3DS LL isenveloped in a coat of black paint, like with the regularedition “black” model that Nintendo recently announced,as well as streaks of gold that trace out the outline of themajestic Pokemon creature in style.As with a regular 3DS LL unit in Japan, the Charizard/Lizardon limited-edition will be sold for 18,900 yenincluding tax (but excluding a power adaptor; you can use Source: Pocket Monsters Official Siteyour existing 3DS or DSi chargers, or just get it separately).All Pokemon Center retail stores in Japan will begin to takepre-orders for the Lizardon/Charizard limited-edition 3DS Vocaloid MAYU to beLL from November 3 to 26. Unlike the previous pre-order released on December 5campaign that Nintendo did for the Pikachu Yellow editionNintendo 3DS LL, however, the Charizard edition will not be along with 2 compilation CDssold on a first-come, first-served basis. Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/vocaloid-mayu-to-be-released-on- december-5-along-with-2-compilation-cds/Nintendo sure has learned their lesson – although the pre- By walz on October 26th, 2012order campaign for the Pikachu unit was three-weeks-long,all of the available allotment sold out within hours on thefirst day.Instead, all Pokemon fans who apply to the pre-ordercampaign will have a real shot at landing one of these units,through a raffle lottery system.To apply, you’ll have to fill up a form that Nintendo says willbe uploaded to the official website on November 2, and mailin your entry to them. Alternatively, you can also head downto any branch of the Pokemon Center retail chain in Japanand fill in the form there.Winners of the pre-order raffle will be notified on December EXIT TUNES’ first original Vocaloid MAYU will be making7, and the actual units themselves will be delivered to those her debut release on December 5.lucky, lucky folks sometime between 15 Decmber 2012 and14 January 2013. Introduced back in May 2012 at the live event “EXIT TUNES ACADEMY”, the yandere and gothic-lolita-styled VocaloidAlthough currently the Charizard limited-edition in Japan package will bundle a copy of Vocaloid3 software installedonly. But given that the Pikachu Yellow edition 3DS XL is with Mayu’s voice library with 2 compilation CDs featuringmaking its way to Europe this year, chances are we can 30 different artistes according to Mayu’s website.expect to see the Charizard edition “HM02 Fly” outside ofJapan at some point in the future. 3
  • 134. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone K-ON x Glico: 3000 people to receive original K-ON! goods Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/k-on-x-glico-3000-people-to-receive- original-k-on-goods/ By Kirandra on October 26th, 2012 While a K-ON! and Glico collaboration might sound a little silly, the results are anything but. Called Houkago Icetime Campaign, it will reward buyers of Glico’s Ice no Mi products – basically small flavoured ice candies – with the chance to win exclusive K-ON! products designed by the members of Houkago Teatime (HTT), the band the anime characters belong to.VOCALOID3 MAYU will also come in with limited editioncell phone straps and mouse pad featuring 6 differentdesigns. Amazon is now accepting Pre-orders and the wholepackage is priced at 11,500 yen Over 3000 lucky people will receive the goods in this campaign, which takes place in 2 rounds – a Christmas Presents one in December, and another Valentine Presents one next February. In the first round, 10 people will receive a BIG Pick Set containing picks featuring the HTT members and signed by their seiyuus, and in the second, 10 more will receive a GOLD Disc Set with the HTT members drawn in its center and also signed by their seiyuus. In each round, another 1500 people will win an 3000 yen Amazon gift card with an original drawing of the HTT members on it. You can see the two sets below. Unfortunately, taking part requires a Japanese address, so K-ON! fans in Singapore will find it hard to participate. Source: mantan-web, GlicoEXIT TUNES also released a promotional video to introducetheir new vocaloid as well as some tracks that will beincluded in the 2 CD’s. Nyaruko x OreShura specialSource: collaboration videosMayusan.jp, Amazon.jp, japantoday, RocketNews24 uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/nyaruko-x-oreshura-special- collaboration-videos-uploaded-onto-nico-nico-douga/ 4
  • 135. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Kirandra on October 26th, 2012Popular anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, scheduled to geta second season, and not-quite-as-popular anime Ore noKanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (OreShura forshort) which is scheduled to air in January 2013, have joinedforces to upload two special collaboration videos featuringseiyuus from both animes on Nico Nico Douga.Released via the official Nyaruko Twitter as a messagefrom Nyaruko herself to the offical OreShura Twitter, onevideo features Nyaruko (CV: Asumi Kana) introducing theOreShura cast during the “Uu国-! Nya-!!” section of TaiyouIwaku Moeyo Chaos, the opening theme of the Nyarukoanime.This is a response to a video uploaded the previous day, inwhich one of the heroines of OreShura, Natsukawa Masuzu(CV: Tamura Yukari), sings the song Konton yo, mou ichido!- which roughly translates to Chaos, Once Again! – tocelebrate Nyaruko’s 2nd season.The videos were originally uploaded here and here on NicoNico Douga, however it seems that non-Japan users areunable to watch them.Source: Yahoo!Tales of Hearts R – a remake Tales of Hearts isn’t the first Nintendo DS Tales of title toof the original DS JRPG title – receive the PS Vita remake treatment. Earlier this year in February, Namco Bandai Games released Tales of Innocencecomes to the PlayStation Vita R, a remake of the DS’s TOI with overhauled graphics, a newSpring 2013 opening theme, and numerous other improvements.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tales-of-hearts-r-a-remake-of-the- Source: Twitpicoriginal-ds-jrpg-title-comes-to-the-playstation-vita-spring-2013/By KarbyP on October 26th, 2012 Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed speeds to stores in Singapore November 16 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed- speeds-to-stores-in-singapore-november-16/ By KarbyP on October 26th, 2012A remake of the Namco Bandai Games’ Nintendo DS JRPGTales of Hearts is making its way to the PlayStation Vita,next week’s issue of V-Jump has revealed. Entitled “Talesof Hearts R“, the game adds Calcedny Arcome to the list ofplayable characters, and features reworked visuals and animproved battle system, among other things.The game is also said to be “fully-voiced” for the mainstoryline, although side-events that focus on conversations Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3, PS Vita, X360)between your party members, a trademark in Tales games, will reach game stores in Singapore Novembe 16, which iswill not be voiced as per usual. the same day as the title’s European release date, and two days before the North American release. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is the sequel to 2010′s Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, a game that in my opinion truly gave Nintendo’s Mario Kart series a run for its money (few mascot-based arcade-style racers ever do). 5
  • 136. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThe tracks were varied and spread across many of Sega’sfranchises – Sonic’s the main star here, but Super MonkeyBall, Jet Set Radio, and even Samba de Amigo all shared thelimelight – and the game just had a speedy feel to it, with afantastic power-drift mechanic that rewarded skilful play.And now for the sequel, Transformed is stepping up the All-Stars Racing game with gates that you can drive throughto turn your race car into an aircraft or sea-based vehicle(leading to shortcuts), and the addition of several otherclassic Sega franchises: Nights and Reala from Nights intoDreams, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, Gillus Thunderheadfrom Golden Axe, Shinobi’s Joe Musashi. Ralph fromupcoming Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (which Sonic andDr Eggman appears in) is also here. Hatsune Miku-style “Ita Yakisoba” green-lit for general sales at Akihabara- based izakaya (but only in November) Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hatsune-miku-style-ita-yakisoba- green-lit-for-general-sales-at-akihabara-based-izakaya-but-only-in- november/ By KarbyP on October 26th, 2012Sure, vehicle transformations aren’t something we haven’tseen before. Many other kart racers have had that. In fact,in Mario Kart 7 (3DS), taking the race to the skies and intooceans was something Nintendo really focused on.Mario and Sonic have been fierce rivals since as far backas any gamer (even those who don’t game regularly) canremember. While it remains to be seen if Sonic All-StarsRacing Transformed can finally overthrow Mario’s iron-fisted dominance over the arcade-style kart racer genre, thisgame does have one advantage over Mario Kart 7: since Segais a third-party games publisher now, Sonic All-Stars Racing Akihabara-based izakaya Little BSD has confirmed todayTransform is a multi-platform title. that it will sell a Hatsune Miku-style “Ita Yakisoba” – which first made headlines on the Web two weeks ago when it wasWhich is a big deal if you and your pals are looking for a sold at a “Moe 1 Grand Prix” event – at its store for the monthnew kart racer to take on each other at. Regardless if your of November.preferred platform is Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStationVita, or PC (note that the PC version will launch at a later The Ita Yakisoba – “Ita” being the word in Japanese fordate), Sega’s got all your bases covered. “pain” (国) and a slang word that’s short for “painfully embarassing” - would not be the first food item created basedSo pick a platform, round-up some friends, drop by your on the image of popular Vocaloid virtual singer Hatsunefavourite games retailer to make a pre-order, and get ready Miku. Back in August, convenience store chain Family Martto put that pedal to the metal come November 16. made a whole bunch of them.We’ll beat you to the checkered flag online. But unlike those fine creations from Family Mart (the production of some of which were supervised by Good Smile Cafe), LittleBSD’s Hatsune Miku-style Ita Yakisoba stirred a commotion unlike any other: the noodles were dyed to a vivid-green hue, which many netizens found to be unappetising and shockingly bad. Nevertheless, the “Negi Shio Ita Yakisoba” (国国国国国国国国, Painful Yakisoba with Leeks and Salt), priced at 700 yen at 6
  • 137. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe event, was pretty well-received and completely sold outin two hours. NINJA GAIDEN 3: RAZORS EDGE SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE WITH WII U Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/ninja-gaiden-3-razors-edge- simultaneous-release-with-wii-u/ By walz on October 26th, 2012Kuu-tan (国国国国), the manager of Koakuma no Utage LittleBSD (that’s the izakaya’s full name), speaking to J-CastNews explained that the dish was conceived because theywanted to create something that could only exist given thesensibilities of Akihabara.“In other words, we wanted to create a dish that wouldstimulate one’s appetite in a way completely opposite to theusual manner: by using a vivid colour and basing it on the Earlier this month SGcafe had an opportunity to demo theimage of a certain ‘musical android’,” Kuu-tan said. gameplay of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge, to follow up on some updates on the news for the game, Players can“Many of our male patrons told us that they found the dish expect a lot from this game not only from our good old Ryuto be a little too unappetising for their tastes. However, there Hanabusa but also with the added benefit of having to playwere also many female patrons who were just happy to snap Ayane with her own set of moves as well as added screentimeit up.” and story.Although the Ita Yakisoba was originally planned to be aone-off item conceived only for the special event, due to theoverwhelming response to the dish, Little BSD was said to beconsidering selling the dish at their store. But that was twoweeks ago.Today, the izakaya has confirmed that they will indeed carrythe item at their izakaya, available only for the month ofNovember.If you happen to be in Akihabara in November and wouldlike to go down to try the dish, here’s a simple mapthat Koakuma no Utage Little BSD has provided (GoogleMaps here): With Nintendo’s upcoming new hardware console successor to the Wii, this updated version of the Game will feature intuitive touchscreen controls to control weapon change, Ninpo usage and more. Also, AI battles will be more intense since enemies with their improve AI will not wait any longer for you to take them out and veteran players/fans of the series can expect more challenge. 7
  • 138. October 26th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • • •North American release dates for both the Wii U and theGame will be this coming November 18, whilst Japan will behaving the simultaneous release on December 8 (talk abouta great present for the Holiday season) • • • 8
  • 139. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture Fans looking to learn more about the project and perhaps A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku make a donation can do so at the official Kickstarter page and Japanese Pop Culture here!“Kick-Heart” Kickstarter goal Demon Gaze, a next-genreached, prompts addition of Dungeon RPG for the thenew goals PlayStation Vita [1st trailerSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/kick-heart-kickstarter-goal-reached-prompts-addition-of-new-goals/ and screens] Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/demon-gaze-a-next-gen-dungeon-By Rika on October 29th, 2012 rpg-for-the-the-playstation-vita-1st-trailer-and-screens/Earlier this month, we shared a report on director Masaaki By KarbyP on October 29th, 2012Yuasa’s endeavour to utilize crowd-source funding siteKickstarter as a means to collect donations for work on a newfeature entitled “Kick-Heart”. Kadokawa Games today announced that it will publish Demon Gaze, a new dungeon RPG for the PlayStation Vita from Students of Rounddeveloper Experience, slated for release sometime in January 2013. Here’s a first trailer: Set in the cursed land of Mislid, Demon Gaze tells the story of Oz, an amnesiac young man who possesses a spirit eye that allows him to capture “Demons” – mysterious half-machine life forms that humans do battle with – the way Ash Ketchum does with Pokemon. Oz now earns his keep as a Demon bounty hunter, and stays at the Tatsuki-tei or Dragon Princess Pavilion, run by its young owner Fran Pendor.The fund has thus far surpassed its initial $150,000 goalamount, and with just a couple more days to go ’til thedonation pool closes, new goals have been added! • 175k = Spanish Subtitles, +2 minutes (Total: 12 minutes) • 200k = English Dub, with help from Richard Epcar, the voice of Batou in the English dub of the Ghost in the Shell Films/Series. LA Premiere Screening and Party sponsored by Titmouse Animation Studios (date to be announced). • 225k = 3-5 minute animated Oorutaichi music video directed by Masaaki Yuasa • 400k = +30 minutes of extended animation (total length 40 minutes) • 1 Million = Kick-heart Feature Film 1
  • 140. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAs you make repeat trips to the labyrinth in Mislid tohunt and return with treasures from, the Dragon PrincessPavilion will serve as your base of operations in the game.It’s where you store your loot, recruit party members, andstrengthen the members’ weapons and abilities.Although Fran won’t be joining you as a party member, thegame’s first screenshots appear to be hinting at certain eventcutscenes where you might be able to interact with her fromwithin the Dragon Princess Pavilion (NFSW).Outside of Fran and Oz, you’ll be able to customise the raceand occupation for all your party members. You’ll need tostrategise ahead if you plan on surviving the labyrinth –Demon Gaze is said to be an orthodox “next-gen” dungeonRPG, after all. And that sense of character design extends to even the boss Demons you fight with, two of which have been revealed so far: Mars and Comet. Mars is a war fanatic who loves nothing more than to test her strength and beat up bounty hunters all day and night. Comet, on the other hand, is a witch-type who rides on a mechanical broomstick and conjures magical spells out of a book that she carries with her.Although you won’t be able to select a race or occupation forOz, you will however be able to pick a voice for him, to betterfit your image of the kind of protagonist you want to play.Judging from these screenshots, it’s clear that characterdesigns – even though your party members are custom-generated – are a very vital part of Demon Gaze’s appeal. 2
  • 141. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone There is a catch to using Demons as your allies, however: from time to time they will go into berserk mode and attack both foes and allies indiscriminately. Fortunately, players will be able to decrease the likelihood of Demons going berserk by raising their loyalty gauge. But if you ask me, it’s a lot more fun to see your summoned Demons kick into berserk mode. For instance, this is how Mars and Comet look like when they’ve gone berserk:When you defeat these Demons and bring their souls backto the Dragon Princess Pavilion, you will be able to summonthem into battle as allies for future trips to the labyrinth.Each summoned Demon possesses its own loyalty gauge,which grows the more you use them in combat. Source: 4Gamer Talk to four “Tales of” characters over the phone in new campaign launched by Tales Channel Plus portal Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/talk-to-four-tales-of-characters-over- the-phone-in-new-campaign-launched-by-tales-channel-plus-portal/ By KarbyP on October 29th, 2012 The best part? If you talk to your favourite “Tales of” character enough times, he or she will actually call you back. 3
  • 142. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Different conversation topics are available each time you call – in fact, the site warns that there may be content that you will only be able to hear once, so if you missed it due to a bad cellphone connection, you’re out of luck. New to this version of Voice World is a “Combi Do” (コココ コ) or “Friendliness Factor” which tracks how close you are to a specific character as you call him or her over time. Once the Friendliness Factor reaches a certain level, and other conditions are met, these Tales of characters will actually call you back to chat.Tales Channel Plus, Namco Bandai Games’s portal sitefor their “Tales of” series of JRPGs, today launched apromotional campaign that would let fans converse over thephone with four characters from the games.Which four characters? They are: Yuri Lowell from Tales ofVesperia, Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny, Asbel Lhantfrom Tales of Graces, and Elle Mel Mata the heroine fromTales of Xillia 2(which launches in Japan this Thursday,November 1). Do note that the service availability for eachcharacter is different. The service has already gone live in Japan, launching today with Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri Lowell. If you’re eligible to use the service, go over to this Tales Channel Plus page to either login or sign up for a new account. Alternatively, if you’re somehow not convinced that this is something that you might want to spend five minutes of your life to register for, Tales Channel Plus has also set-up a trial service line that you can call to see how Voice World is like, without having to register (but remember, Friendliness Factor only kicks in after you’ve signed up and registered your phone number.) Here’s Yuri Lowell’s calling card.The service is powered by Voice World, which is the sametechnology that enabled Idolm@ster fans to talk to theirfavourite Im@s starlet if they bought some deliciously-packaged waffer biscuits. Source: 4Gamer, Tales Channel PlusThis time, however, no purchases will be required. To usethe free service (you only pay your mobile service providerfor the amount of talktime used, typically charged at 30 ATELIER TOTORI PLUS FORyen per minute), all you have to do is sign up at the TalesChannel Plus portal site, register a valid Japanese mobile THE PLAYSTATION VITAphone number, and call the service number listed on the site. GETS MORE COSTUMES ANDWhen you call the number listed, a pre-recorded message ina specific character’s voice is played back to you. The service TOUCH FUNCTIONS Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/atelier-totori-plus-for-the-then waits for you to reply to the pre-recorded message, playstation-vita-gets-more-costumes-and-touch-functions/interprets what you just said through voice recognition,and plays back a corresponding pre-recorded response, thussimulating conversation. 4
  • 143. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy walz on October 29th, 2012 •Atelier Totori Plus by GUTS will soon be released onNovember 29, 2012.The 2nd story from the Atelier series PS Vita release willsee new costumes, added touch functionality from the vitaand familiar elements reminiscent to the PS3 release (see thefull review of SG Cafe here). Downloadable content for thevita will also include Othrogalaxen from Atelier Rorona as apost-game dungeon.Totori’s Costume that can be usedon events, battles and on the field • • • • With the use of the right analog stick the players can now • zoom in and out on the field map as well as fast forward through the text from the events in-game. Camera Zoom operation • • 5
  • 144. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • • • •The Vita edition will still have similar elements such asincreasing your adventurer rank through questing andearning points to discover new locations. The battles are stillturn based and the game will still be time-limitedIn-game Screenshots • • • Atelier Totori Plus Game Trailer Source: famitsu.jp (C) GUST CO.,. LTD. 2012 All rights reserved screen コ are under development. Organize your schedule with this Kyubey notebook, and become a magical girl Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/organize-your-schedule-with-this- kyuubey-notebook-and-become-a-magical-girl/ 6
  • 145. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy Kirandra on October 29th, 2012Ever wanted to become a magical girl too? Soon you can,with this notebook that will be released on November 11.Officially called the Puella Magi Madoka Magica KyubeyNotebook 2013, it can do more than just organize yourschedule.The organizer features a quote from the charactersthemselves each day, as well as a quote from Kyubey for eachweek.Drawings of the characters in the organizer are, of course,present. But what separates this from any other notebook Source: mantan-webis the New Magical Girl Personal Data Memo page, a pagewhere you can fill in your particulars and details – or rather,the details of your magical girl self. Sword Art Online: InfinityFull colour pages with character profiles and episodesummaries are included too. The notebook also comes with Moment limited editionstickers of the characters and Kyuubey’s signature line: to feature Asuna dating“Make a contract with me, and become a magical girl!” experience Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/sword-art-online-infinity-moment-Should you wish to contract with this notebook, it will set limited-edition-to-feature-asuna-dating-experience/you back 1,260 yen. By walz on October 29th, 2012 NAMCO BANDAI Games’s Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment will see a release date in japan this spring. Details regarding the Limited Edition set of the game have been announced: • An exclusive limited edition box • Infinity Moment Special Content DVD1 • Infinity Moment Special Content DVD2 • A soundtrack CD • Special booklet with Illustrations by Abec 7
  • 146. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • Custome PSP theme •The special content in the bundle will feature a “gamespecial movie” that will connect with the Aincrad story arcas supplementary material.The edition will also feature a “Together with Asuna AincradDate Edition” chapter where you will be able to be Kirito andask Asuna out. In this special the 3D models will be differentfrom the models used in the actual game itself. • • 1st SAO gameplay trailer 2nd SAO gameplay trailer The game will be released on March 14, 2013 with the regular version priced at 6,280 yen and the limited edition at 9,980 yen. Check out the site for the game here. No announcements have been made for release outside Japan. • Source: 4gamer.net Image © Reki Kawahara/ ASCII Media Works/SAO Project © 2012 NBGI 1st trailer for Nagi no Asu Kara – studio P.A. Works and Dengeki Daioh magazine’s collaborative project – • streamed Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/1st-trailer-for-nagi-no-asu-kara- studio-p-a-works-and-dengeki-daioh-magazines-collaborative-project- streamed/ By KarbyP on October 29th, 2012 8
  • 147. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAt Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary Festival last weekend, a By KarbyP on October 29th, 2012promotional video was shown for Nagi no Asu Kara, thehighly-anticipated TV anime series that studio P.A. Workshas been working on in conjunction with Dengeki Daiohmagazine.Unfortunately, the stage event for Nagi no Asu Kara was notstreamed live on the Net that day, so the only way you couldhave caught the promo video was if you were at the eventshow. Until today, that is:Nagi no Asu Kara stars Kana Hanazawa (Steins;Gate‘sMayuri Shiina) as the voice of Manaka Mukaido, the middle-school girl you see running around and swimming in theocean in the trailer above. Every Tales of RPG has had a lead hero and heroine, andThe anime series also co-stars Natsuki Hanae (Tari Tari‘s Tales of Xillia 2 is no exception.Atsuhiro “Wien” Maeda) as male lead and Manaka’s There is, however, something different about TOX2′s mainchildhood friend Hikari Sakishima. heroine, eight-year-old Elle Mel Mata: unlike all female leads who’ve come before her, Elle doesn’t fight. She’s not a playable character. (Correction: most of the female leads that have come before Elle; SGCafe reader Linz pointed out that Tales of Rebirth’s Claire could not fight either.) So why did the game’s developer make her – an NPC – the heroine? It’s quite simple really, as the following launch trailer for the game will show: Elle is easily the most charming and relatable character amongst the entire cast. Elle has to be endearing. By design. After all, Tales of Xillia 2‘s tagline reads ”Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl?” The entire game’s concept rides onNot much is known about the plot in Nagi no Asu Kara at whether or not the Tales team can make Elle a character thatthe moment, but the text narration in the promo video is you’ll grow to care enough about to have to contemplate suchhinting at slice-of-life youth romance, and – near the end a hard choice.of the video – some fantasy elements as the narration ends And if this trailer below is any indication, I’d say the TOX2off by calling Nagi no Asu Kara an “otogibanashi” (fairytale) stands a really good chance of pulling it off.in kanji writing, with its meaning changed to “fantasy” viafurigana spelling above it. Apart from showing us Elle’s whimsical side, this launch trailer also gives us an idea of what main hero Ludger is like as a silent protagonist – did you notice that throughout the entire trailer, our hero did not appear to be reciting any lines of dialogue whatsoever?Nagi no Asu Kara is expected to go on air on Japanese TVsometime in 2013.Source: Jamguru On your first playthrough, Ludger will not have any spoken lines of dialogue, as the development team felt that it wouldTales of Xillia 2′s launch shatter the illusion that you are him, something that’s never been done before in the series.trailer reminds us again why The Tales team has taken the silent-protagonist approach8-year-old Elle is the game’s specially for Tales of Xillia 2 to heighten the sense that this is your adventure, the outcome of which determined by yourheroine choices: throughout the game there will be many decisionSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tales-of-xillia-2s-launch-trailer- points where you will have to pick between two differentreminds-us-again-why-8-year-old-elle-is-the-games-heroine/ courses of actions that may affect the story drastically moving forth. 9
  • 148. October 29th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneOn a second playthrough of the game, however, Ludger will By Neubronner Eugene on October 29th, 2012have voiced lines and speak his mind on all matters big andsmall.Tales of Xillia 2 for the PlayStation 3 comes out in JapanNovember 1.Source: FamitsuTanabe Miku of AKB48promotes Mazinger Z incosplaySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tanabe-miku-of-akb48-promotes-mazinger-z-in-cosplay/By Kirandra on October 29th, 2012 Fans of Harajuku gals, Shibuya-kei 109 chicks or the sweet sweet styles of da ladies from Akiba are in for a treat it seems. Anime Festival Asia has secured the rights to Marble, the Tokyo Street Fashion collection fashion show that mixes theatrical performances with street fashion for a show to wow consumers. It won’t just be fashion on show though, as pop fashion idols such as Hikari Shiina, Aki Poyo and more (you may have seen them in mags like Egg) will be strutting their stuff on November 11 during the afternoon show. Rounding it off are performances from the lovely Love La Doll (who will release their new album Honey Bee just in time for the event) Kikkie and dance troupe Ginyu Force. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill fashion walk mind you. While it’s only been around since last year, these guys have been headlined by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu herself, and the line- ups coming down to Singapore are showing some seriousAnime Mazinger Z turns 40 this year, and on the 26th, an street cred in the fashion business as well.event was held to celebrate its Blu-Ray release. If you’re looking to catch up on the latest fashions in theCalled Ankoku Daishogun Night, the event had AKB48 flesh, be warned: The base ticket is $28, although it netsmember Miku Tanabe cosplaying as the series’ heroine you a limited edition PRISILA partial wig. The VIP seatsSayaka Yumi. A self-proclaimed otaku who enjoys are a whopping $88, and in addition to the wig you’ll alsocosplaying, Tanabe said that she was extremely excited, as nab some presumably brilliant fake eyelashes that’ll makeshe had order-made her costume and done up her hair you look just like a Shibuya lass as well as a quick photo opspecially for this event. Upon seeing the giant statue of session with the idols. If that sounds like heaven to you, don’tMazinger Z on display, Tanabe was extremely moved. wait, as tickets are limited and the goodie bags are on a first-“Yumi Sayaka really is a symbolic heroine,” said Tanabe, who come-first-served basis.has been a fan ever watching the series with her father, also Source: AFAa fan. “She’s strong, a little vain, and has plenty of hopes anddreams,” Tanabe answered excitely when asked what kind ofperson Sayaka was.Source: mantan-webLosing our Marbles: Japanstreet fashion showing up atAFA ’12Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/losing-our-marbles-japan-street-fashion-showing-up-at-afa-12/ 10
  • 149. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku Tales of Xillia 2: Fight Tales and Japanese Pop Culture of Destiny’s Stahn Aileron and Phantasia’s Cress AlbaneHatsune Miku Project Diva F in arena modefor the PlayStation 3 set to be Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/tales-of-xillia-2-fight-tales-of-released Spring 2013, adds 6 destinys-stahn-aileron-and-phantasias-cress-albane-in-arena-mode/ By KarbyP on October 31st, 2012new songsSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-for-the-playstation-3-set-to-be-released-spring-2013-adds-6-new-songs/By KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 Like with the first Tales of Xillia, Xillia 2 will featureAs opposed to a lowercase “f” used for the title of the an arena mode where you can take on various high-levelPlayStation Vita rhythm-action title, the PS3 version of the challenges under certain limitations. What’s interesting thisgame is referred to with a capital “F” – Hatsune Miku Project time around is that you can actually battle past “Tales of”Diva F. characters.Six new songs, as well as an unspecified number of Two of these characters have been revealed in the leakedadditional modules and customisation items, will be added magazine scan (of this week’s Jump magazine) below. On theto the PlayStation 3 version of Project Diva F. left is Tales of Phantasia’s Cress Albane, and on the right,There will also be a new mode introduced, although details Tales of Destiny’s Destiny’s Stahn Aileron.on that are still top-secret for now.The PS3 version of Project Diva F will be compatible with theVita version’s system data and edit song data.Certain features in the Vita version like the scratch mechanicand AR functionality will not make it into the PS3′s ProjectDiva F for obvious reasons. But Sega is at least keeping thestar-shaped notes in Project Diva f for Project Diva F.A different form of control mechanic will be used to playthose star-shaped notes.We’ll update this story later with images of this week’sProject Diva F details if we find any.Hatsune Miku Project Diva F for the PlayStation 3 is nowslated for a Spring 2013 release, moved up from its previous“sometime in 2013″ date. We don’t know if there will be more at this point, although Destiny’s Rutee Katrea has been confirmed as an NPC in the game. In other related Tales of Xillia 2 news, this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu is introducing two more “resonance” super 1
  • 150. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonemoves: Bassaizan Ayami (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓)andMatter Destruction (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓). More details on thesemoves later.Tales of Xillia 2 for the PlayStation 3 is slated for aNovember 1 release in Japan.Source: Twitpic“Call of Duty: Black OpsDeclassified” PlayStation Vitabundles land in SingaporeNovember 14Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/call-of-duty-black-ops-declassified-playstation-vita-bundles-land-in-singapore-november-14/By KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 First announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June this year, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is a brand new instalment of Activision’s award-winning CoD: Black Ops franchise that is set, story-wise, sometime between Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 (to be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 November 13). On top of a classic CoD single-player campaign, Black Ops Declassified also has 4-on-4 multiplayer modes – complete with Care Packages, Create-a-Class, Killstreaks, Perks, and even Prestiging – that can be played online through Wi-Fi, as well as intuitive controls thanks to the Vita’s dual analog sticks and touchscreen controls: a melee is performed by swiping at the touchscreen. Lob a grenade in the precise location you want it to land at by pressing on the touchscreen. Players will also be able to hold their breath while aiming with a sniper rifle by using the Vita’s rear touchpad.Stores here in Singapore will take pre-orders for these bad Like the bundles, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified isboys between November 2 and 12. available in stores November 14.Two versions of the PlayStation®Vita Call of Duty®:Black Ops Declassified Special Edition bundle pack will beavailable, depending on if you’d like to pick up a 3G/Wi-Fimodel, or a Wi-Fi only unit.Both bundles will include a special edition of the PS Vitaportable console that has the Call of Duty: Black OpsDeclassified logo printed neatly on its rear touchpad, as wellas a copy of the game.For gamers looking to pick up a 3G/Wi-Fi model, Sony issweetening the deal by throwing in a bonus 4GB memorycard in the package for free. The 3G/Wi-Fi bundle (picturedabove) will retail in Singapore for S$519.On the other hand, the Wi-Fi only bundle will not include amemory card (sold separately), and will be sold for S$439.Here’s what the Wi-Fi only package looks like: 2
  • 151. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS – they let you visit special dungeons filled with exclusive booty that you will find nowhere else in the game.Dragon Quest VII remake Source: Twitpicsails to the 3DS February Hatsune Miku Project Diva f2013 DLC pack adds Akita Neru,Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/dragon-quest-vii-remake-sails-to-the-3ds-february-2013/ Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto modules on November 6By KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-dlc- pack-adds-akita-neru-yowane-haku-and-kasane-teto-modules-on- november-6/ By KarbyP on October 31st, 2012Square Enix is working on a remake of Dragon Quest VII,originally released on the PlayStation in Japan in 2000, forthe Nintendo 3DS, a leaked magazine scan has revealed.The Dragon Quest VII remake (Dragon Warrior VII in theUS) will be released sometime in February 2013, and is saidto capitalise on the 3DS’s strengths. One feature mentionedin particular was Street Pass functionality.At some point in Dragon Quest VII you will receive a key Hatsune Miku Project Diva f players looking to spend someitem called a “special lithograph” (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓) that you can quality time with the Vocaloid modules Akita Neru, Yowanethen send a copy of to other players – and receive theirs – Haku, and Kasane Teto will finally be able to do so nextvia Street Pass. Tuesday, November 6, when Sega makes available on theWhat can you do with these lithographs once you’ve amassed PlayStation Store a DLC pack for the game.them? I’m not sure, to be honest (the text in the magazine The DLC pack, which costs 600 yen on the Japanesescan was a little too small for me to make out all the concrete PlayStation Store, will grant access to all three characters,details) so I’m guessing this is a feature that’s similar to useable in the Rhythm Game, Diva Room, and Edit modes. 3
  • 152. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneYou select these characters from the EXTRA Vocaloidmodule slot.Although the three Vocaloid characters can be used in DivaRoom mode, Sega wants fans to understand and note thatthey will not have individual rooms (all three will share anEXTRA Room), that these characters’ animations might notfeel as varied as the mainstay Project Diva f Vocaloids, andthat the intimacy meter for these three will not increase ordecrease regardless of how much you interact with them inthe mode.Additionally, in Rhythm Game mode, Akita Neru andYowane Haku will only speak in their own voices in the Yowane Hakuresults screen section after a song.Kasane Teto, on the other hand, will not speak in ProjectDiva f at all, because Teto has her own voice bank, and (I’mguessing) Sega and Future Crypton Media were unable tolicense it in time. This is as opposed to Neru and Haku whodo not have official voice banks.Akita Neru 4
  • 153. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Teto (“piled-up sound Teto”) started off as fan-made derivatives of Hatsune Miku or Vocaloids in general. However, they were eventually recognised by Crypton Future Media (who holds the copyright for Hatsune Miku) due to their popularity, and subsequently featured in Sega’s Project Diva games. Source: Sega Try your hands at at DJ-ing your own anime song mix atKasane Teto AFA12 Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/try-your-hands-at-at-dj-ing-your- own-anime-song-mix-at-afa12/ By sentinel011 on October 31st, 2012 This year’s AFA in Singapore proves to not only have interesting content from the organizers, there are also interesting booths that await visitors in just 10 days time! Try your hands in DJ-ing your favourite tunes (eventually) once you learnt the basics over at Show Ning DJ Lab. DJ-ing is often thought to be a vice hobby that involves drinking tons of alcohol and the like. However, Show Ning DJ Lab will show you how to learn the art of DJ and music mixing like you never thought possible. The DJ instructor is no slouch, winning several awards in DJ challenges in New York and Japan over the past 10 years, so rest assured that you will be taught by professionals. The people involved have produced an exclusive anime pop mix in preparation for AFA12! You can listen to the mix here. Let us know if you can tell which anime songs are being featured in the mix! You can read more about them in their official press release below: Interested participants and vendors may now have a new lease of exposure to acquiring the skills for meddling with the various genres of music: Show Ning DJ Lab who would be showcasing their DJ-ing talents live for the first time at the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012! Show Ning DJ Lab invites both local and international interests into widening their talentsAkita Neru (which literally means “I’m bored, going to into the field of DJ-ing, helping to master thesleep”), Yowane Haku (“say negative thoughts”), and Kasane skills and understanding of the different cultures of 5
  • 154. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone music. Be entertained and mesmerized by themes yakisoba noodles are themed after the ZANEEDS-produced ranging from various japanese animated series to song Pair & Young Davah: the familiar radio hits, something which has yet to The new Hatsune Miku Baby Star snack (Baby Star being a be seen this year at the Anime Festival Asia. line-up of delicious munchies under The Oyatsu Company in Japan) is said to be similar to the Peyoung Dabaa cup yakisoba in taste, as the Peyoung sauce used for this product Led by professional and talented well-known comes from the same maker – Maruka Foods. instructors such as DJ toMU, the DMC NEW YORK 2005 (1st Runner Up)/RedBull SOUNDCLASH “It’s good as a standalone snack, and also good to go 2008 JAPAN Champion, the crew of Show Ning DJ alongside beer,” Family Mart added. Lab promises to leave their students enriched with We’ll have to take their word on that for now, but at the very the skills on not only DJ-ing, but also to understand least it’s pretty much guaranteed that the snack will look and music on a wider perspective. taste much more palatable than that other Hatsune Miku More about DJ toMU performance on YouTube yakisoba. here: http://youtu.be/jF6q9h2u0e8 Given that this new product is also themed after a ZANEEDS song, naturally Family Mart has asked ZANEEDS’s illustrator CHAN×CO to do the honours for the For those who are interested to know more about snack’s packaging illustration. the art of DJ-ing, you are encouraged and welcomed to checkout our Show Ning DJ Lab booth located at the Singapore Expo Hall on both dates 10 & 11th of November in conjunction with Anime Festival Asia 2012. Detailed information on our DJ classes would be provided at our booth so as to clear any doubts and queries anyone might have. Further information on our updates, affordable classes and course packages can be found in our link below. http://showningdjlab.com/ Like Us on Facebook today: http:// www.facebook.com/showningdj Details on when and for how much the new snack will be soldFamily Mart to sell “Baby in Japan have not yet been revealed. Hatsune Miku foodies will just have to wait a little longer to find out more.Star Peyoung Yakisoba feat. To make the wait a little more enticing, Family Mart isHatsune Miku” snack teasing that there’s also some sort of secret to the Baby StarSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/family-mart-to-sell-baby-star- Peyoung Yakisoba feat. Hatsune Miku snack – something topeyoung-yakisoba-feat-hatsune-miku-snack/ do with its “祓祓祓” which can mean the snack’s packaging, orBy KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 the plastic-bag carrier that you will take home the snack in – that it will detail in the near future. So stay tuned for that. Source: Family Mart X Hatsune Miku Hyperdimension Neptunia anime will indeed be aired on TV in JapanThe Family Mart chain of convenience stores in Japan today Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/hyperdimension-neptunia-anime-revealed that it is collaborating with snack maker The Oyatsu will-indeed-be-aired-on-tv-in-japan/Company and convenience foods maker Maruka Foods on anew Hatsune Miku-themed product.Called the “Baby Star Peyoung Yakisoba feat. HatsuneMiku”, this item is a crispy-noodle snack version of the“Peyoung Dabaa” cup yakisoba noodles that the chainpreviously sold. Both the new snack and the previous instant 6
  • 155. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 By walz on October 31st, 2012We knew that Compile Heart’s Hyperdimension Neptunia Square Enix has released a trailer and screenshots for theJRPG series would be getting an anime adaptation. But new character creation for its revamp of Final Fantasy XIV.would it be a TV anime series, original video animation, or The new shots also feature the new addition to the fray ofnet anime (like Puchim@s)? classes for the game, the miqo’te. As this was just the alphaTurns out, the series will indeed be a TV anime. Late last test version, other features would also be later added.night in the wee hours of the morning, Rie Tanaka – the voice Players who are playing the current version will still be ableof Neptune in the games – confirmed that for fans on Tokyo to keep their characters and carry them over to the newMX’s broadcast of ani-world news and variety programme version as there will be an “All Worlds Character Data FinalAnimeTV. Save Maintenance” on October 31.The voice actress was invited on as a guest in the last offive special Hyperdimension Neptunia introduction corner •segments that AnimeTV ran over the course of several weeksto promote the recently releasedKami Jigen Game NeptuneV. •Still no concrete details on who’s making the TV anime seriesor any sort of preview whatsoever, but at the very least we’relooking at a full TV season’s worth of episodes, so that’ssomething Neptune can be cheerful about.Source: AnimeTVA look at character creation •in Final Fantasy XIV: A RealmReborn (Alpha Test)Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/a-look-at-character-creation-in-final-fantasy-xiv-a-real-reborn-alpha-test/ 7
  • 156. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone • As much as I’d love to bemoan the lack of genuinely new content, at this point it’s just nice to see NBGI still releasing DLC for those who would care to pay for it, really. Apart from Mahou no Kakete!, DLC Catalogue 13 also adds a few extra costumes you can buy. From left to right: Halloween Tricker (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓), Happiness Lupiness (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓), Snaky Showgirl (祓祓祓祓祓 祓祓祓祓祓祓), and Visitor From Space (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓祓). •As for the alpha test, notification messages to those whoregistered for the alpha test have been sent out and currentlythe game will be limited to those who are residing in japan.Tests for those outside japan though are expected to followshortly.Idolm@ster 2 DLC Catalogue13 wants to cast a spell onyouSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/10/idolmster-2-dlc-catalogue-13-wants- Oh, and if you buy all the costumes, accessories, and songto-cast-a-spell-on-you/ from this catalogue, Namco Bandai’s throwing in a completeBy KarbyP on October 31st, 2012 bonus for free: Blue Bird Wings (祓祓祓祓祓祓祓), themed after Chihaya’s single, Aoi Tori.Just because the latest Idolm@ster title – Idolm@ster ShinyFesta (PSP) – is out already doesn’t mean that NamcoBandai Games has to drop support for Idolm@ster 2 on thePS3. On the contrary, they’re releasing Halloween-themed If you’re part of that devoted, faithful following who’d stillcostumes and song: Mahou no Kakete! pay for Idolm@ster 2 DLC, you’ll be glad to know that all of the content as seen in the trailer above will be released onFor those of you who don’t already know, Mahou no Kakete! the PlayStation Store this Thursday, November 1.was one of the ten songs originally conceived in the veryfirst incarnation of The Idolm@ster, even back when it was Which happens to be the day this other Namco Bandai gamestill an arcade game played with a standard-definition 4:3 is coming out. That also has costumes – both real, and digitaltouchscreen panel (complete with interlaced scan lines). ones. 8
  • 157. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 9
  • 158. October 31st, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 10
  • 159. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture And up until now you’ve never seen skirts of this length in the A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku Tekken series too, because in fighting games, characters do a and Japanese Pop Culture lot more animation than in other action games. They might be doing a handstand and such. So this was kind of a new challenge we did with Havok Physics, and our fans are goingInterview with Tekken’s to benefit from that by having an extra pre-order bonus toKatsuhiro Harada: Lili’s play with. —Also not too long ago, you revealed a set of six character“fluffy” skirt was an costumes created in collaboration with various Japaneseexperiment with Havok illustrators you’ve worked with in the past, as well as with UK comic artist Simon Bisley, who came up a helluva lookPhysics for Heihachi. How did Simon Bisley get involved in the artistSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/interview-with-tekkens-katsuhiro- collaborations?harada-lilis-fluffy-skirt-was-an-experiment-with-havok-physics/By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012We caught up with Tekken Project’s Katsuhiro Harada(development lead) and Michael Murray (senior gamedesigner) when they were here in Singapore yesterday for anexclusive Xbox blockbuster games showcase.Time was short – they had to leave for Korea shortlyafter the event – so we weren’t able to ask them a wholelot this time around. But we did speak with the Tekkenduo on a couple of interesting extras they’ve created forTekken Tag Tournament 2: Lili’s fluffy skirt, a Heihachicostume designed by UK comic artist Simon Bisley, and theinspiration behind customisable character panels.—Recently you unveiled a video of Lili fighting in the gamein a knee-length skirt that had amazing cloth physics. Whatwas that all about?Katsuhiro Harada (interpreted by Michael Murray):Essentially it’s an extra piece of DLC that’s being offered asa pre-order incentive, that we’ve created using Havok clothphysics.In most other games that utilise the Havok Physics engine,the technology usually surfaces as these objects that canbreak apart. You don’t really see it being used a whole lotto animate things like the movement of clothings, so wepartnered up with Havok to try and accomplish somethingin that nature for Tekken Tag 2. 1
  • 160. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneIn Tekken we’ve always done this [putting out a call forcreators who love the Tekken series to design something forus] in the past with Japanese manga artistes who are quiteinterested in Tekken, and some of whom are fans of theseries. So for extra costumes, we essentially chose based onthat criteria, because it’s easier to work with them if theyunderstand the title and the characters and such.This time we wanted to find a similar situation with a non-Japanese artist if possible. And when we reached out tofind out if anyone might be interested, we were told [by theoverseas marketing/PR team] that Simon Bisley was quiteinterested. So we were able to have our artists work with himto come up with something unique. We understand that the character panels were already part—So is this similar to your collaboration with Snoop, in that of the arcade version of the game, but will all the newyou wanted to work with an overseas artist to come up with characters you’ve announced have the panels too? Also, whatsomething that might appeal to people who traditionally was your inspiration behind giving players the option ofhave not played Tekken? customisable character panels? I don’t think I’ve seen it doneWell, it’s not just Snoop. Different from the arcades, for the in any other fighting games before.console versions of Tekken, 70% of our audience are not very Well, first of all, yes, the three artists have each drawn a panelhardcore fighting gamers. They’re just your average gamer, for all the characters in the game.thinking of picking up the title. And this was, like you said, probably the first time it’s doneSo this [working with Simon Bisley] is the same not just with in a fighting game. We decided to do it because we wanted[the collaboration with] Snoop, but also some of the other to give the player freedom to customise as many areas in thethings we’re doing like Fight Lab. game [as possible].We just wanted to add a variety of different entrances for As we said before, with the Combot you can customise hispeople to get hooked on the game. So maybe someone who moveset, and that’s kind of a first as well. Then there’swouldn’t traditionally play Tekken, maybe they might find customising the soundtrack of the game, for example youthis particular element interesting, and then from there they can pick which music track you want for the loading screen…can come in and explore all the other great [core gameplay] so we really want to give the players as much freedom asfeatures we have in the game already. We just wanted that possible.extra hook, to get more poeple to at least take a look at thegame first. Another reason we decided to include this feature, is that the 2D character panels really stand out in the game because—The last time we talked, you said that if more people pre- Tekken is a 3D fighter. Since with a 2D fighter, the characterorder Tekken Tag Tournament 2, then the more free DLC panels are already drawn in that manner, so if you were tocontent you’ll be able to make for players – outside of things have a customised panel like that, it wouldn’t really standlike characters, stages, and techniques. So I’m guessing by out because it doesn’t look so different. But since this gamethat you’re referring to cool extras like the customisable is rendered with 3D polygonal models, to have the optioncharacter panels illustrated by artists Shunya Yamashita, to use 2D illustrations for the panels, that’s something weTomio Fujisawa, and Junny. thought would be well received. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be available in Singapore on September 11. Pre- order your copy at your favourite video games retailer today to receive a bunch of bonus premiums including over 150 swimming costumes for the game’s characters. More details can be found at the end of this post. 2
  • 161. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneFive Things we Love andGripe on at STGCC2012Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/five-things-we-loved-and-hated-at-stgcc2012/By Neubronner Eugene on September 5th, 2012This year’s Singapore Toys Games and Comics Conventionmoved to the still brand new expanses of Marina Bay Sands(MBS). Many wondered how the event would fare, especiallywith some great run-up news in the form of a Sunday splashfeature on cosplay just a few weeks before.Well, let’s be frank. It was all sorts of great and problematic.As any event really is. So for those who didn’t make it, orthose who wanna recall the moments alongside us, here’sSGCafe’s Top 5 Loves and Gripes. We’re also loving the sequence plan outs. Events throughoutDisclaimer: This is in no way in order of relevance, and the day – some held on both such as FightSaber’s – meantmay or may not be tongue-in-cheek. that we could hit either the main stage or side stage and there was always something going on. From wandering around and spotting Tristan Eaton doing his unique illustration toThe Loves being surprised by Piko’s sudden mini concert (Didn’t seeLove 1 – Big spaces for big costumes that one coming!) or being wowed by Touya Hibiki (You did read our news on her exclusive early release right here atIt seems the local cons have settled on shaving off a SGCafe, right?) there was always something going on. Wegigantic space for their main stage events that doubles as never felt like the place was dead in any aspect or respect,a cosplay location. That’s great, giving plenty of space for especially with the rocking DJ clash between ZANEEDS andgood shots without blocking everyone else’s path. It also MONOMIND to cap things off.means cosplayers don’t miss out on stage events, which is amajor peeve of ours whenever we’re at Comiket and movingbetween the cosplay section and the rest of Big Site. Love 3 – Solid lineup of goods The variety of goods and exclusives on hand was a success as well. True, we didn’t get any massive reveals such as the big ComiCons would get, but there were more than enough exclusives and special releases around to make it worthwhile. Hot Toy’s was doing some crazy business, with queues snaking all over for their lineup of Avengers, Batman and other Western releases. I just wish more of the stuff at their booth was actually for sale instead of merely on display. But hey, we did get exclusive EvilRob releases, the exclusive worldwide re-release of the freakin’ Thundercats Lion-O (It’s ok kids, your dad’s are geeking out for that one) a special release of NANOBLOCK’s Miffy-chan collabo, and more. That ain’t half bad for our little red dot.We also fell in love with the fact that Hall C (Which, take noteguys, was not actually part of the event’s scheduled locales)was opened up for use by cosplayers and photogs. Whetherthe organizers actually paid to use that room or the MBScrew relented (Especially since Day 1 had hellish congestionalong its corridors) to more space is up for debate. But whocares? It was fantastic!Love 2 – Events all day, all night Love 4 – Bringing the GAME to STGCC It was also a pretty good thing to see both EA and Bandai Namco bringing out games supporting the event, alongside 3
  • 162. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonea mini tourney and several free play booths. There was Gripe 1 – There’s a staging area folks…some serious hilarity watching whoever was brave enough So that stage area. Great stuff. Why aren’t more people usingto step into the cordoned off area and bust out the super that space? Now, far be it for me to tell you where to sit, standsaiyan moves to Bandai Namco’s Dragonball Kinect title. and eat, but there were lots of people filling up every cornerMan, do I look that bad when I play Dance Central? (Editor of the exhibition hall’s sides just lounging around. And let’sSentinel011: Yes, yes you do) not even get started on those outside or who decided to cannibalize Hall C. Hang on, hang on, I did say it ain’t my place to tell you where to go. But why weren’t more people choosing to sit in that nice area in Hall B where the stage was at? If there’s one thing Comiket has taught us, it’s that shoving all your cosplayers in the same place does everyone – cosplayers, photogs and harried staff – a big favor in organization.We don’t know who you are, but you sir, are a braver manthan us….We did wish there was more space set aside for card games.Or did we miss that out? We do know Vanguard and othertitles are picking up steam here in Singapore, and we’ll bebringing you more coverage on that in the future, but wherewere the card games at guys! I only saw a handful of folksplaying quietly in corners. I could have sworn I saw Magic This is actually Hall C, and not part of the event. Great idea,making a splash here last year… fortune smiling, who knows!?! But there’s that big hall next door too…. If we had to guess, we’d probably pin it to the fact that the lights pretty much never came on in Hall B. Only a small bit of the back of the hall was lit, and that was mainly covering the graffiti section. The rest of it was plunged in semi- darkness to give the stage ambiance and let the projectors do their work during various events. Another good chunk was taken up by whatever was the queue for the next event. I’m still not convinced it’s the best way to do things, but whatever works I guess. Gripe 2 – Paging for Mister Spencer, Paging for Mister Spencer And while we loved that we could wander around and findYou see this crowd? This is because it was stupidly easy to something going on anytime, anyplace, it wouldn’t haveget to the event on time. Before time. VERY before time. killed them to give us some announcements on a public announcement system maybe?Love 5 – Ease of Transport Yes, I have a map layout pamphlet that lists down who’sThis is in no way a snub at other events in Singapore, but doing what when.Yes, I have a schedule to follow to hit upMarina Bay Sands may be the best damn venue yet for all the big highlights. Yes, my editor told me which eventseveryone. Not only was it easy to get to the event with the he wants me taking a look at so I know where I have to beMRT, but once we exited from the station it was basically two all day.escalators up and there you were. Compared to other events,this was a serious boon for cosplayers lugging huge props,photogs tugging their cameras, people going home with theirloot and great coverage for random passerbys who wanderedinto the event.Want to know what we here want at SGCafe? More such easytransports at events. Ah, we can dream.The Wha? Why?!?! Top 5 Gripes 4
  • 163. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is the line for Piko’s audition (You can’t even see Piko!!)Awesome if you knew about it. Not so awesome if you werechilling at the main stage instead….I’m also busy taking photos, lining up interviews, touchingbase with both consumers and booth owners, houndingdown celebrity guests for exclusive voice clips and being As kickass as Clive is in his Gundam suit, this is pretty muchwaylaid by friends who have more free time than I did at the hell for anyone trying to get around the hordes of photogs….event. Want more people at a event than just the rabid fans? For the cosplayers and photogs who are probably champingMake it known guys. at the bit to flame me right now, it’s not about appearing “stuck up” or grabbing a shot before the cosplayer disappears. It’s just plain common courtesy for everyoneGripe 3 – Take those photos in the right spot folks involved. The cosplayer is probably taking a break andThis kinda goes hand in hand with the staging area issue, but shopping around for their own goods. The people aroundwe figured it was big enough to warrant its own gripe. Look, you are trying to squeeze past to wherever they want to go.the event organizers know we’re all nuts about cosplay. You And if you happen to take it in front of someone’s booth and,love it, I love it, we all love it. Will it kill everyone to please God forbid, deprive that booth owner of a sale somehow, dotake photos in the right place (i.e. the area set aside for it)? you think the booth owner is gonna be happy?Yes, we all have those fanboy/girl moments where we Spare everyone a thought, ‘ey?suddenly see a really cool Marvel Girl, Bane, Yuna etc.costume and scream out WE MUST HAVE OUR PHOTOSNAOOOOO11!!!!1111!!!!!! But please, if you’re the photog askpolitely if they could accompany you to the right spot to takea photo or if they’ll be there later and then take it there.Here’s an example off the top of our heads of a greatcosplayer. Some nice lady was cosplaying KOS-MOS fromthe Xenosaga series on day one. She must have stood posingfor what must be five minutes or more while The Horde(TM) descended on her. She did it at the staging area. Nocomplaints from anyone, right there. Can we all try to be likeher? We almost walked out the door without even realizing there WERE tote bags for sale… Gripe 4 – Why’s the tote bag at the exit and what’s with this ticket? We applaud STGCC’s team for helping to save the Earth by selling con-limited bags and using simple, basic paper slips for tickets. Anyone who still thinks global warming isn’t happening and we don’t need to do anything is living a bigger dream than we can help them with. But would it be a little bit more realistic to have placed the booth selling these exclusives someplace that wasn’t, say, right by the exit? By 5
  • 164. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe time I even realized there was such a booth, I’d already By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012stuffed purchases into a dozen different plastic bags.The tickets, too, were ridiculously easy to lose. This isn’t asmuch of a problem if you bought a one-day pass and used thestamp at the exit to get back in. It became a problem for a fewfolks who showed up on day 2 sans pass. To be fair though,it was probably the folks fault for losing it in the first place…No such luck for us with our lanyards.Gripe 5 – Con food is overpriced.This is a normal, natural and absolutely expected part of Gravure idol Ran Sakai will play the lead role of Konatagoing to a con – realizing that you’re about to be ripped off Izumi in a Lucky Star On Stage live-action musical thatwith 6 dollar bottles of tea and more. Still doesn’t stop us will run from September 20 to 30 at the Tokyo Dome Cityfrom complaining. Over and over. Thank God for the free cup Theatre.of coffee!This. This right here would’ve cost us 10 dollars at the con!!!! Sakai was chosen over some 13,000 other hopeful starlets, all of whom made their way down to Saitama prefecture’sIn closing, STGCC made a good choice moving to MBS. Sure Washinomiya Shrine (the same shrine as depicted in the TVit’s a little more annoying to get to than, say, Suntec City, but anime series) this past Sunday for an open audition.the ease of transport worked that problem out quick. Tons of The musical also stars Yurimo Sakurai as Kagami Hiiragi,events, which we’ve heard no complaints about (and have no Mana Ogawa as Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Wakana Hagiwara ascomplaints about), solid lineups of toys, comics and doujin Miyuki Takara.artists. Great guests, good cosplay, the list goes on. Not to be mean-spirited or anything, but something tellsThere’s still like, half a dozen more events before the year me that “looking good in cosplay” wasn’t exactly one of thecloses, but so far, STGCC is kicking it Gangnam style over criterion the casting crew were looking for.the others. Just sayin’. I’m sure the musical performances are top-notch. Because something else clearly isn’t. We’ll let you be the judge.“Lucky Star On Stage” live-action musical casts gravureidol Ran Sakai as KonataIzumiSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/lucky-star-on-stage-live-action-musical-casts-gravure-idol-ran-sakai-as-konata-izumi/ 6
  • 165. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone …Okay, the last trailer above is actually really good. But do you think it will be good enough to justify paying 6,800 yen to go see the musical, if you happen to be in the area? Source: Crunchyroll, Walker Plus Singapore: Halo 4 pre-order details, launch-day Ultimate Deathmatch tournament announced Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/singapore-halo-4-pre-order-details- launch-day-ultimate-deathmatch-tournament-announced/ By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012 Microsoft Singapore today announced price and pre-order details for Halo 4, its flagship Xbox 360 first-person shooter that will be released here on November 6. Three SKUs for the game will be sold here: a standard edition (SRP $69.00), limited edition (S$99.00), and a limited edition console plus game bundle (S$599.00) that will come with two controllers and a headset, all covered in skin designs themed after the sci-fi shooter. StarHub customers in Singapore will be able to pre-order the game – any of the three SKUs – from the telco beginning September 18. Between September 18 to 25, StarHub will be the only place where gamers here can pre-order the game. Microsoft has 7
  • 166. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonegranted the telco, who is a launch partner for Halo 4, anexclusive one-week headstart. Launch festivities When Halo 4 launches in Singapore on November 6 at FunanThereafter, game retailers in Singapore will begin taking pre- DigitaLife Mall, the day’s festivities will include a “Halo 4orders for Halo 4 on September 26. Ultimate Deathmatch” tournament – presented by StarHubAll “early bird” pre-orders will come with three pre-order – where fans will compete in the confines of a caged arenapremiums, instead of the standard two premiums. to see who can outlast everyone else, in order to emerge asAt this point it’s unclear if early bird pre-orders refer only to Singapore’s first ever Halo 4 champion.those made with StarHub, or if those made with retailers will Rules and other specifics pertaining to the StarHub Halo 4count too. We are currently awaiting confirmation on this Ultimate Deathmatch challenge will be announced at a laterfrom Microsoft. date. PepsiCo, Sony Music Apart from StarHub, Microsoft has also tied up with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and Sony Music for Halo 4′s launch in Singapore. PepsiCo will be launching limited edition Halo 4 branded Mountain Dew bottles nationwide here beginning October 15. There will also be a Mountain Dew consumer campaign on Facebook with activities that fans can participate in to win exclusive Halo 4 prizes, worth over S$100,000 in total. Game music lovers can also look forward to purchasing the official Halo 4 soundtrack here, to be published in the region by Sony Music. 8
  • 167. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneFans who pre-order the soundtrack between October 22 toNovember 6 will enjoy a special discount. STGCC 2012 at Marina BayLook out for more Halo 4 announcements to come from Sands!September 18 onwards, once the pre-order campaign has Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/stgcc-2012-at-marina-bay-sands/kicked off. By SarahColdheart on September 5th, 2012Halo 4 is slated for a November 6, 2012 release exclusivelyfor the xbox 360.Sayuri Sugawara of FinalFantasy XIII fame to gracethe stage at EOY 2012′s J-pop LiveSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/sayuri-sugawara-of-final-fantasy-xiii-fame-to-grace-the-stage-at-eoy-2012s-j-pop-live/By Rika on September 5th, 2012EOY has announced their first artiste to join EOY2012′s J-pop Live lineup! Hey everyone! This is Sarah here and I went to the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention held at the Marina Bay Sands convention halls, level 1 on 1st and 2nd September 2012. The first day’s queue was quite long especially for the internet pickup while the cash only booth was moving steadily fast. For those who had bought the actual tickets from the various stores that had it, you could have picked up your free STGCC bag from the ticket counter or from their bag counter inside where a lucky draw was held for those who wanted toSayuri Sugawara, a young singer from Akita, recently purchase it. Only those who bought their tickets before thegained international attention with her performance of Final event would get the free bag.Fantasy XIII’s theme song 『Kimi ga Iru Kara『(Because YouAre Here) and subsequently enjoyed success touring stagesthroughout Japan.Having debuted in December 2008 after winning a contractwith For Life Music, she has released six singles, two mini-albums and one full compilation, one of which has peaked at『14 on the Oricon Daily charts.December 11 will mark the songstress’ first internationallive appearance at Singapore’s very own Esplanade ConcertHall. Music lovers will not only be treated to the smashhit from FFXIII, but re-arrangements and originals from thebeloved JRPG franchise whose soundtracks have achievedcritical acclaim over the years. Sayuri, whose second full-length album is due to be released soon, will also performher own soulful originals, both familiar and new. Since I arrived early, the first performance on the mainTickets go on sale October 1 via SISTIC, so don’t miss the rare stage was by Fight Saber, they would perform for theopportunity to catch Sayuri live on stage! Fans will also be afternoon session on both days too. The stage was held ingiven the chance to meet the singer in person for autographs Hall B, separate from where the art booths, stores and otherafter the concert! activities in Hall A.To learn more about Sayuri, visit her official channels here: It was quite spacious and if you ever needed a break, youWebsite: http://sugawarasayuri.jp could just stand or sit behind the allotted seated area for theAmeblo: http://ameblo.jp/sayurisugawara audience.MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/sugawarasayuriFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/sugawarasayuri 9
  • 168. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Click any of the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. TheseThe first panel of the day was with Jacky Dosai, Toya Hibiki were from Play Imaginative’s booth. Super Alloy Batmanand Kousaka Yun. The emcee (first on the right) asked how was sold there as their special edition product.did they find Singapore. Jacky commented that he enjoyedthe Marina Bay Sands very much and would be going to thecasino to play some more.The session talked about the differences between cosplaying18 or so years ago and now. At first there was a 50/50 ratioof males and females cosplaying. In the present, there aremore females cosplaying or even crossplaying. It is perceivedthat there are more females because they would like toexperiment with makeup, dressing up and shopping itemsfor their characters more. The layout of this year’s convention was pretty good. You could pass through the artist alley where original artists and doujin artists sold their merch before you either entered the hall where the stage area is or to the other major big stores. Many of them were from out of Singapore too, like Indonesia and Malaysia. A lot of different fandom prints, artwork, pins, toys and much more could be bought.After the panel ended, I checked out the various booths inHall A. The walk way was spacious enough to not be toodifficult to walk by and see the merchandise. This is an artist rendition of Itou Noizi. I am not an artist. Out of respect to her, the creator of Suzumiya Haruhi, Shana and much more, the emcee told everyone that videography and photography was not allowed during her panel. The stage 10
  • 169. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonehelpers would tell people not to take any pictures or videosif anyone was seen holding up a camera at her.As the emcee asked her questions, she sketched somecharacters for the audience to see while the camera zoomedin on her illustration. She only uses mechanical pencils andnormal markers! Her pencil case was big and cute too, filledwith all other stationery.As Itou drew, she answered questions like “What food didshe like here in Singapore?” – She didn’t know what thename was but she liked to eat the big crab. (Guests were allshown around for a food tour and most of them got to eatthe chilli crab.) Prior to coming to Singapore, she wonderedif anyone outside of Japan would know her work. She washappy and nervous as she talked on that there were fans outof Japan! Just for STGCC, Tristan Eaton illustrated this during the media launch of the event and completed it by the next day when it was open for the public. This must be one of the most tiring games to play at Bandai Namco. It’s a Dragonball kinect game. You have to punch and do supersaiyan moves to defeat Vegeta and other characters. Perhaps to get to the boss of the game, you need to be OVER 9000!Zaneeds had their own store for posters and their ownrecords. Yes, that’s Hatsune Miku in Merlion cosplay!Heheh, so cute. A lot of different toys were sold in thenumerous toy stores too. Movie posters or Middle Earth’smaps could be purchased at Popcorn and candy or Japaneserelated toys and stationery could be bough at Bon Japan!They had the limited edition KitKats that had green tea orother flavours not found in our local markets that do notimport Japanese food stuff. This is more relaxing. Generally relaxing anyway sit you get to sit down as you DEFEAT YOUR OPPONENT IN TEKKEN. There was also an EA booth that had sports games to play on 11
  • 170. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonethe opposite side of the hall. You could sign up in the varioustournaments for the games too. Maybe they’d have to take the Avengers blimp on top of HotYes. Another artist rendition of Piko. No unauthorized Toy’s booth to get home with a giant Cirno.pictures or recordings of Piko (although, if you do searchonline, there are people who have posted them up) duringhis mini concert. Yes, a MINI CONCERT. His panel wasn’ta talking session, he gave us all a mini concert in that hourhe had with us!The second thumbnail is the line for his autograph at theWalk of Fame! If you click to see the larger version, you’llnotice that there are a lot of people in line to get his signatureor meet him. You can’t even see him since he’s being blockedby everyone in the queue! Or maybe not. Hot Toys brought in exclusives like Captain America, Jim Gordon and Angelica. They looked so realistic! There were other toys displayed at Hot Toys but you couldn’t purchase them all. They were just for us to appreciate the workmanship on them.If you weren’t interested in getting autographs, you couldstill walk around the stalls where people tend to slash pricesdown on the second day. Yes. That is a giant Cirno. No, it isnot a mascot. It’s actually a giant doll that you could win inan auction. I have no idea if anyone won it and if they did,how would they bring Cirno home?Baka, baka, baka… Of course, there was cosplay at the event. It would be weird if there weren’t any. On day one, there were more children cosplayers, which was really cute since some of their outfits were handmade by their parents! The Gundam in the picture 12
  • 171. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonewith Jake the dog and Finn the human is not a prop. That’sa cosplayer (Clive) in there and yes, he does move!It’s very good that the organizers opened up Hall C. It wasempty and you can’t enter the stage or the actual events fromthere. However! It was used as a place for photographersand cosplayers to have photoshoots and a lot of mini photostudios popped up there. This was the same hall wherepeople were held in to queue in the morning when the actualhalls were closed. It’s a cool air conditioned place and goodfor waiting or walking around for people without making acrowd outside the halls’ corridors. The first evening’s closing performance was Monomind and Zaneed’s DJ party! The first segment was by Zaneeds, then Monomind, closing with a DJ Battle between the two groups.Not a cosplayer? Maybe you’re an artist or you just want todoodle something at the Graffiti Wall! It’s a tradition herefor comic or anime conventions in Singapore to have one. And the second evening’s final stage event was a cosplay runway featuring both western and eastern cosplay. From anime, movies and even games! The two days of STGCC were fun. You got to meet artists, talk to them. Find people in the same fandom as you, play the games or buy merchandise. It was quite a good event.You can tell Gangnam Style is this season’s popular trend. Hopefully next year’s STGCC will have even more guests.The one in the middle is actually done by Sonny Liew! This was the first time it was held at the Marina Bay Sands. Besides the small hiccups with ticketing (they need to figure out somehow since the paper tickets are very easy to lose especially if you buy a two day ticket), the staff and the volunteers have been very polite and good. See you all next year for STGCC 2013! 13
  • 172. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneAKB48′s Mayu Watanabe toperform ED theme and voicethe lead role in Sunrise’sNerawareta Gakuen animefilmSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/akb48s-mayu-watanabe-to-perform-ed-theme-and-voice-the-lead-role-in-sunrises-nerawareta-gakuen-anime-film/By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012 Source: Natalie Petite Rock Shooter X iPhone project: 2 free game apps toMayu Watanabe, better known to AKB48 fans as “Mayuyu”, come in Septemberhas been cast as Natsuki Suzuura (『『『『『) the female lead Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/petite-rock-shooter-x-iphone-character in Sunrise’s anime film re-interpretation of Taku project-2-free-game-apps-to-come-in-september/Muyumura’s classic sci-fi children’s novel, Nerawareta By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012Gakuen.On top of voicing the lead role, the 18-year-old will alsoperform the movie’s ED theme song. This is a different trackfrom the opening theme that was previously revealed to becomposed and performed by doujin music group Supercell.The anime movie, which opens in theatres in JapanNovember 10, is not an adaptation (like many animesites presumed) but rather a re-interpretation of TakuMuyumura’s original work. Whereas the 1981 children’snovel revolved around students – lead characters MichiruTakamizawa and Koji Seki – from a middle school in Osaka’sAbeno prefecture, this new film is instead set in a Kamakuraschool, and tells the story of Natsuki and her childhoodfriend Kenji Seki. Imageepoch ’s Petite Rock Shooter browser game, a BlackRyosuke Nakamura (TV anime Monster) takes on directing Rock Shooter spin-off that features illustrations fromduties in this Sunrise’s Studio 8 production. Zaneed’s CHANxCO, is getting its own slew of spin-offs inThis is the first time Nerawareta Gakuen (『『『『『『『) has the form of several iOS game apps.appeared in animated form. Previously the children’s novel Today two of these apps were officially announced: Pursuehad been adapted into a total of six live-action productions: the Mystery of the Sexy Planet, and Maya-tan’s Worldfour serial TV dramas, and two films. Destruction Diary. 14
  • 173. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Sexy Enemies are thus named for the responses they let outPetite Rock Shooter: Pursue the when you manage to hit their weak points.Mystery of the Sexy Planet(ぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷ ぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷ) Defeat a Sexy Enemy to earn a rare treasure. Then head back to HQ, pick out new weapons, bullets, and avatar customisations, before moving on to your next sortie.Described as a “Shooting X RPG X Sexy” game, Pursue theMystery of the Sexy Planet (Sexy Wakusei no Nazo wo Oe) Here’s a partial list of Sexy Enemies and their respectivehas players exploring an “Onsen Sexy Planet” (『『『『『『『『) character voices (CV):as the titular petite heroine, fending off against waves and Great Zukka Seijin (『『『『『『『『『)waves of Onsen Planet denizens who drop treasure whendefeated. CV: Kaori Nazuka (『『『『)To attack these enemies, you perform a flick on thetouchscreen in the direction you’d like the heroine’s bulletsto fly. Great Cande Seijin (『『『『『『『『『『) CV: Hitomi Nabatame (『『『『『)Apart from regular enemies, each level in the game appis also concluded with a boss encounter: giant-sized foes,officially called “Sexy Enemies”, who are played by variousrenowned voice actresses. 15
  • 174. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Great Puchitto Seijin (『『『『『『『『『『) CV: Asami Imai (『『『『)Great Garnett Seijin (『『『『『『『『『『『)CV: Akane Fujita (『『『) Great Tippo Seijin (『『『『『『『『『『) CV: Shizuka Itou (『『『)Great Marakana Seijin (『『『『『『『『『『)CV: China Kitahara (『『『『) 16
  • 175. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone (Seriously, folks, I’m not making this up. This is quite literally what the Japanese press release says)” The goal of this game appears to be improving your Petite Hunters’ stats and going on raids to attack the king of the Mayans for points. Players are also encouraged to fill up a book of Petite Hunter illustrations.Black Rock Shooter: Pursue the Mystery of the SexyPlanet is a free-to-play title (with paid premium items)that will be released on the iTunes app store sometime inSeptember. Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, andall iPads running iOS 5.0 and above.Petite Rock Shooter: Maya-tan’sWorld Destruction Diary(ぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷ ぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷぷ)Mayatan no Seikai Metsubou Nikki is a simulation slashcalendar app where you raise Petite Hunters in order to stopthe world from ending.Translated from the press release: According to the Mayans, the world is slated to end on December 23, 2012. In other words, the countdown towards world destruction has already began. And the only folks who can stop the world from ending, are the Petite Hunters. Who love cosplay. Only through the Petite Hunters’ combined power can you stop the world from ending. So raise them in this simulation game, and save the world from danger. 17
  • 176. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneOutside of the core game, Maya-tan’s World DestructionDiary is also a calendar app that will notify you of variousPetite/Puchitto Rock Hunter anniversaries, read out to youby various voice actresses.Maya-tan’s World Destruction Diary will also be free todownload, available from the iTunes app store sometimein September. Again, iPhones 3GS/4/4S and all iPads aresupported, as long as it’s running iOS 5.0 or above. 18
  • 177. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Don’t miss out on these stunning acts and more at Anime Festival Asia 2012′s I Love Anisong live this November! Hatsune Miku S Series limited edition Walkman is back – but only in black Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/hatsune-miku-s-series-limited- edition-walkman-is-back-but-only-in-black/ By KarbyP on September 5th, 2012LiSA returns to AFA2012anisong artiste line-up, joined When Sony first announced the Hatsune Miku S Seriesby Minami Kuribayashi and Walkman, created to commemorate the Vocaloid’s 5th anniversary, pre-orders for the much coveted music playerm.o.v.e. sold out within the span of a few hours.Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/lisa-returns-to-afa2012-anisong-artiste-line-up-joined-by-minami-kuribayashi-and-m-o-v-e/ After all, only 3,939 pieces were available in each of twoBy Rika on September 5th, 2012 colours: blue, and black.AFA has announced crowd favorite LiSA to take the stage Fortunately for Miku fans, there is now a second way to getonce more this November together with singer-seiyuu one: Sony today announced that they will once again openMinami Kuribayashi and rap-rock duo m.o.v.e. as part of pre-orders for a second batch of “general sales” (non-limitedtheir I Love Anisong experience. edition) Hatsune Miku S Series Walkman, due to popular demand.Angel Beats fans will be thrilled with the return of LiSA, whofeatured in the series as a vocalist of in-story band Girls Dead But there’s a catch: the new batch is only available in black.Monster. The singer, who began her career as the frontman Sony does not have plans to release a “general sales” modelof indie band Chucky in 2005, took Oricon charts by storm for the blue version.with her singles from the series, as well as the opening theme And since these new pieces are not considered “limited”of Fate/Zero. Her new single Crossing Field, theme of Sword anymore, don’t expect to see a “『『『『/3939″ engraving onArt Online, was just released less than a month ago. the backs of these new pieces.Minami Kuribayashi, propelled to stardom by her Apart from that, however, the new batch appears to beinvolvement in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, has a multitude of similar to the initial pieces offered in all other areas.series and games from over the years under her belt: ChronoCrusade, My-HiME, Super Robot Wars Original Generation:Divine Wars, and recently, summer 2012 anime Muv-Luv:Total Eclipse as well. An accomplished vocalist, she can alsobe heard as part of fantastical story-musical group SoundHorizon.m.o.v.e. should prove to be a familiar name to fans whogrew up in the years of classic street-racing series InitialD, whose opening and ending themes such as Around TheWorld, Gamble Rumble and Dogfight were performed by theiconic pair.Newer fans may recognise vocalist yuri as the voice behindVocaloid Lily, and rapper motsu is no slouch himself as partof trio ALTIMA, which debuted last year performing themesfor Shakugan no Shana Final and Accel World with MaonKurosaki and fripSide’s Satoshi Yaginuma. 19
  • 178. September 5th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneIf you want one, best head over to Sony’s official onlinestore in Japan and place an order right now – if you havea Japan shipping address. Sony Store Japan does not shipinternationally.Pre-orders are open from now till September 10, 13:00 hoursJapan time (GMT+0900), while stocks last.Source: Sony Store Japan 20
  • 179. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneSGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop CultureFirst look: Persona 4 TheUltimate in Mayonaka ArenaOfficial Setting Materials(artbook)Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/first-look-persona-4-the-ultimate-in-mayonaka-arena-official-setting-materials-artbook/By KarbyP on September 7th, 2012Famitsu today shared a number of sample images from theA4-sized Persona 4 Arena artbook, which is slated to hitbookstores in Japan September 26.Not only does the artbook contain many of the originalillustrations for the fighting game as sketched by Personaseries character designer Shigenori Soejima, it will alsoinclude many storyboards used for Madhouse’s animatedscenes, long interviews with the developers with characterbackground details that never came to light, and more. 1
  • 180. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Last week Udon Entertainment published an English localised version of the original Persona 4: Official Design Works. So for those of you hoping for an English version of the Persona 4 Arena artbook, keep your fingers crossed (and make sure you pick up a copy of P4:ODW). Who knows, Udon may bring this one over to the West as well. Source: Famitsu CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC to getThe recommended retail price for Persona 4 The Ultimate in live-action TV adaptationMayonaka Arena Official Setting Materials (ペペペペ4 ペペペペペペ Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/clamps-xxxholic-to-get-live-action-ペペペ ペペ ペペペペペペペペ ペペペペペペペ) is 2,520 yen. tv-adaptation/Although most major bookstores in Japan will stock the By IceTea on September 7th, 2012artbook, customers who purchase it from Enterbrain’sEbten online store will receive an exclusive bonus: two A4-sized clear files featuring, respectively, an illustration ofYu Narukami by Shuji Sogabe (Persona 3 and Persona 4manga), and one of Fuuka Yamagishi done by ShigenoriSoejima. Fans of CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC rejoice! The manga/anime series by CLAMP will be adapted into a live-action series in 2013 to be broadcast on Japan’s WOWOW premium television station. It is slated to air in early 2013 and actress/model Anne will play the role of Yuuko, while Shota Sometani will play the role of Watanuki. The TV serial will follow the manga, and will be directed by Keisuke Toyoshimi. xxxHOLiC was originally published by Kodansha in Young Magazine and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, telling the story of a mysterious shop run by Yuuko, a witch, who grants people’s wishes in exchange for something precious from the person. Watanuki ends up in her shop one day while trying to escape from the torment of spirits and she agrees to help him get rid of them. In exchange, he works in her shop and assists Yuuko in granting other people’s wishes. Source: MANTANWEB | Clamp-Net | WOWOW 2
  • 181. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneProject Diva Dreamy TheatreExtend lets you recreatethe Hatsune Miku concertexperience at homeSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/project-diva-dreamy-theatre-extend-lets-you-recreate-the-hatsune-miku-concert-experience-at-home/ “Hatsune Miku Concert: The LastBy KarbyP on September 7th, 2012 Miku’s Day Thanksgiving Festival” (初初初初初初初初初 初初初初初初初初初初) New to Dreamy Theatre Extend, however, is 3D stereoscopic support (a 3D-enabled display is required), as well as a Live Appreciation mode featuring content (songs, dance routines, modules) from the Miku’s Day: Big Thanksgiving Festival concert held back in March 2012.Sega today announced not only the price and release datedetails for Hatsune Miku Project Diva Dreamy TheatreExtend, but also a new feature that will be included in thisPS3 app: Live Appreciation mode, which lets you recreatethe Miku no Hi: Kanshasai concert experience at home.The Dreamy Theatre Extend PS3 app – which requires thatyou connect a PSP loaded with Hatsune Miku Project DivaExtend to the PS3 for the app to work – will be released onthe PlayStation store on September 13, downloadable for theprice of 3,900 yen.If you’re not familiar with the Dreamy Theatre series, for themost part these apps are just a way for you to play the PSPProject Diva games on your PS3 in full HD (which is why theoriginal PSP games are required). Each version of DreamyTheatre only supports the content in one of three PSP titles– this new one correlates to Project Diva Extend. A total of 11 songs are supported in Live Appreciation mode: 1. ペペペペペペペペペペペペペ (Electronic Angel) 2. ペペペペ (Meltdown / Roshin Yuukai) 3. StargazeR 4. ペペペペペ (The End of Solitude / Kodoku no Hate) 5. ペペペペペペペ (The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku / Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu) 6. ペペペペペペペ (Time Limit) 7. ペペペペ (Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder / Migite no Chou) 8. ペペペ (Puzzle) 9. Just Be Friends 3
  • 182. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone 10. SPiCa 11. ペペペペペペペペペペペペペペ (World’s End Dance Hall)Modules from Project Diva ArcadeSix additional modules from Project Diva Arcade havealso been added to Dreamy Theatre Extend, bringing thetotal module count here to 160. These were not originallyselectable in the PSP Project Diva Extend.(From left to right: Snow Miku, Americana, Sakura Miku,Megurine Luka Conflict, Kagamine Rin Suou Youko,Kagamine Ren Aitetsu Youko) 4
  • 183. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone it was a well-timed release in tandem with The Avengers Initiative. So what exactly can we expect out from the game? We peer into what’s in store for us: Download the first installment of Marvel’s biggest cross‐over mobile gaming event. Level up, gear up, and fight as Hulk in the first adventure of an episodic series built exclusively for touch screen devices. Track down and defeat some of the world’s most notorious villains like Wendigo, Abomination, The Kronan, and The Skrulls, and help THE AVENGERS pull the world back from the brink of catastrophe. Marvel’s Avengers Initiative, an episodic mobile gaming event unlike any other. In the wake of The Pulse, The Vault, a top‐secret S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in the Rocky Mountains, has busted open, releasing all of the super‐powered criminals and monsters imprisoned there. Aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Nick Fury recruits a reluctant HULK to round up all the monsters he can while S.H.I.E.L.D. can assemble the rest of THE AVENGERS to figure out who opened the doors to The Vault‐ and why. VISCERAL COMBAT Experience raw, SUPER‐POWERED COMBAT with blazingly responsive swipe, attack, and combo controls in a complete gesture based action game.Disney Marvel releases newAvengers Initiative game foriOS, Android devices; brief byproduction crew, hands-onwith gameSource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/disney-marvel-releases-new-avengers-initiative-game-for-ios-android-devices-includes-brief-by-production-crew-hands-on-with-game/By sentinel011 on September 7th, 2012SGCafe has attended a briefing on the latest MarvelAvengers game in Disney’s office early yesterday. We spoketo TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Production for Gamesat Marvel Entertainment as well as Patrick Moran, a veteran STUNNING HD VISUALSGame Director at Wideload Games, an internal video game Stunning HD visuals with huge boss-sized enemiesstudio at Disney Interactive. and amazing special effects.The Avengers has been around for years, and with the recentmovie and its DVD/Blu-ray release, one can’t help but feel 5
  • 184. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone unlock achievement badges, character dossiers, and other bonus content exclusive to the Marvel XP community. Here are some points of the game that Patrick shared with us: - The Avengers Initiative will be released in an episodic format. It is slated to be 4 episodes, with the first episode of the player controlling Hulk. The next few episodes will come free with the game as more updates release - The next episode of The Avengers Initiative is slated to release before the end of the year, possibly in December - It has its own Gaming Universe lore, seperate from UNIQUE CUSTOMIZATION the Comic book and Movie Universe, but not without FULLY CUSTOMIZE Hulk to play the way influences that the public can relate to you want to play. Acquire exclusive costumes, unlock incredible super‐powered abilities, discover - The play style follows closely with current explosive augmentations, and upgrade all of Hulk’s generation consoles to bring up the experience. combat stats. - The game take roughly 4 hours long to complete - Combat is simple on early levels, but gets progressively tougher as you advance the game, which you will need different skills and tactics to beat your enemies - The Rage meter unlocks abilities and Power attacks, which can deal damage or provide supportive abilities like Health Drain - Syncing your results and achievements with Facebook game Avengers Alliance with The Avengers Initiative will be through common email address when you register both games under Marvel XP - Superb visuals and sound, as well as a stellar voice cast for the characters EPISODIC CONTENT Marvel’s CROSS‐OVER MOBILE GAMING EVENT - Reason the game wasn’t produced for the 3DS and continues with updates, scheduled events, and PS Vita was that they felt the game can reach out anticipated character reveals, setting a new more onto the mass market via iOS and Android standard for mobile gaming. Apps, providing more accessibility to the public - The reason why Hulk jogs instead of leaping or hopping is because they had to come up with a compromise on the gameplay and the accuracy on the way Hulk moves (Editor: I personally felt that it was also that the Hulk felt more intelligent in the game as well) - High-end Android Smartphones with Tegra 3 chip will have improved visuals over their iOS counterparts, as the game was made using the Unity Engine - Versions that support Windows tablets and smartphones are not planned at the moment We managed to try the app on our iPhone 4S a couple of days MARVEL XP back. So how did it fair in our books? Let’s find out! Now featured in Avengers Initiative and newly optimized for touch screen devices, Marvel XP Visuals are stunning on the 4S, with great textures and is a FREE LIVE SERVICE that TRACKS YOUR sound. The starting tutorial is good as well, teaching you PROGRESS, REWARDS YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, how to block and side-step to avoid your enemy’s attacks. As and helps you experience Marvel on a whole new you play as Hulk, you face an individual enemy at any given level across multiple games, including Avengers battle, which is reminiscent of old school games. Attacks are Alliance on Facebook. REGISTER NOW and done by swiping horizontally or vertically, with chances to 6
  • 185. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonedish out extra damage via combos when you counter, dodgeor block their attacks. The more flashy combos, the more XPyou gain and the faster you gain abilities.There’s a crystal where you gain to purchase Powers thatis unlocked when your Rage meter is filled, Augments thatenhance your overall damage, increase health, improve yourRage Powers and make your enemies stunned longer, andStamina that reduces the amount of Damage received. Thesecrystals also let your purchase Costumes that enhance Hulk’sstats. You can obtain these crystals by defeating enemies,smash large crystal shards growing out of the ground, or pickup the shards littered throughout the battlefield.The game’s mechanics are simple enough, but there are a Gearbox Software’s CEO Randy Pitchford was here infew gripes about the game. The game’s quite repetitive, and Singapore recently to promote Borderlands 2, sequel to thethe initial loading screen is quite a put-off as it takes one first-person-shooter slash role-playing hybrid that won theabout 5-10 seconds for the game to load. But from there, the Guiness World Record for having the most weapons in agame’s menu and gameplay are quite smooth. The bad thing video game.is, as your level gets higher, your enemies and their levels get On top of talking to us about the new features in Borderlandsexponentially higher as well, which defeats the purpose of 2, Randy – who’s extremely open and transparent in mediagrinding through the levels to gain more abilities. The game interviews – also shared with us his thoughts on exploits inactually gets harder and harder as you continue, regardless the original game (weapons duping, “Armoury” glitch), asof your level, no matter how much you level up. We had to well as the thought process behind some of the crazy stuffgive up momentarily as we are Unable to go past the Level (crazy awesome, that is) included in the game, such as Axton50 Hulkbuster Ironman at our current Level 12 Hulk. the Gunzerker’s double-middle-finger taunt.There is, however, and option to purchase more crystals This is gonna be long, so it might be a good idea to go andusing Real World Money. We are not sure if by purchasing grab some popcorn.these crystals, will the enemies gain in level and difficulty asbefore the purchase. If you have anything less than a Dual-core Smartphone, you can give up on running this game —The original Borderlands had characters who weren’t likeat the minimum 30 frames per second. Sadly, we are not your typical NPCs/bosses in other RPGs or quest-basedable to test out the Android version of this game, to test the games – Dr Zed, T.K. Baha,, Nine-Toes, to name a few – thatdifference between the iOS and Android devices. really established a wicked tone for the game right from the get-go.All in all, we had mixed feelings about the game. What wedo hope is that the format of gameplay will be different with And in Borderlands 2 we’re getting folks like Tiny Tina,the rest of the Avengers team. At US$6.99, it might be hard Handsome Jack. and Ellie (who PC Gamer described as “theto stomach for casual fans of The Avengers, but we are sure opposite of how most females tend to be represented inthat the hardcore ones will lap it up happily. games”). How does Gearbox come up with these characters? WhatBorderlands 2: An Interview do you guys do in the office, when not making games, to generate that kind of creative culture? The sort thatwith Gearbox Software CEO would take a word written down on the whiteboard – Mechromancer – and turn it into wicked character class inRandy Pitchford the game?Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/borderlands-2-an-interview-with-gearbox-software-ceo-randy-pitchford/ There are so many creative and inventive people I have theBy KarbyP on September 7th, 2012 pleasure of working with every day that character creation emerges organically as a team experience. Any given thought comes from somewhere – an individual – and the stickiest or most interesting thoughts tend to be iterated upon and built upon by the other people on the team. It tends to go around and around until a character almost develops a life of its own. When you get to a point with a character where you can imagine “What would Tiny Tina do here?” and you can actually imagine the answer to that question for any given situation, you know you’re there – you’ve created a character. Whether the character is memorable or not, or believable or not, is really just a function of who has created it, what their goals are and how inventive they are capable of being. At Gearbox, we tend to try to amplify and explore creativity very freely, so you can get some pretty interesting things that come from that. 7
  • 186. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone—Vault hunters Roland, Lillith, Brick, and Morecai, weresilent brooding protagonists in the first Borderlands. Younever really got a sense of who these characters are, apartfrom a quick cutscene that introduced them at the beginningof the game.In Borderlands 2, these original vault hunters return as non-player-characters, each with their own personalities andmotivations.How was the process of re-imagining these classicBorderlands 1 player characters as NPCs like?One of the most exciting aspects of the decision tobring the Vault Hunters from the original game back inBorderlands 2 as non-player characters, aside from theinherent awesomeness of getting to introduce a new set ofvault hunters will all new skills and abilities, is that we canexplore the identities of these characters in a way that wasnever possible when they were playable characters.“Who is Roland? What would Lilith do with decision X orY?” We feel intimate with the characters if we played the firstgame because we became them, yet we never really got toknow them. Borderlands 2 offers us that experience: to getto know these characters.We did start to explore the characters in making the firstgame, but couldn’t rightly justify acting much on thoseexplorations without taking control or identity away fromthe players.Borderlands 2 gives us that opportunity and it’s been a funexperience. I like to think of it as reading a book that laterbecomes a movie. Usually, the movie version of the characteris a little different (or a lot different) from the image I had inmy head. But, if the film makers do a good job of entertainingme and if I believe it, then the new image they create for me —Each character now has a new type of skill called thetakes over and fills in all the visual blanks. “Melee Override” that replaces their default melee attackThis is an odd experience for anyone who loves the content with a special technique (Zer0 gets a lunge attack at enemiesthey expose themselves to. I like the experience – thinking up to 5-feet awa, Maya can shoot out an orb slag thatabout how my mind’s eye version is different from what the damages enemies around it).creators show me is really enlightening. How did the Melee Override skills in Borderlands 2 comeIn the case of books to films, rarely does the author have about? What gave the team the inspiration to create thesesuch a command over the character in the film. Casting, skills?script writing, costume design and film direction are almost For Borderlands 2 we had a general goal of making morenever the same person as the original author. In the case of varied, interesting and meaningful skill possibilities than inBorderlands, it’s us through and through, so it’s authentic in the original game. So, some of the invention came from thata whole new way that is interesting. general goal. We also have amongst us arbitrary and often unpredictable inspiration that can happen from anywhere within the team. I think the orb slag (known as Scorn) was derived from an idea to allow Maya to cast her Phaselock ability (which traps your target in an orb) at enemies. In practice, it was simply more fun for this to be on a different cool-down than her standard Phaselock ability and it was more fun for this to be an instantly accessible feature. So, doing the orb slag as an addition to the melee attack became a natural solution to that design puzzle. With Zer0, I think it really was as you imagine – between Paul Hellquist (Creative Director, Borderlands 2) and Jonathan Hemmingway [Lead Designer, Borderlands 2 - responsible for most of the implementation of the character skills] they just talked it through and decided they wanted to do it. 8
  • 187. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneThere was a moment where I even tried to kill it because I How useful will players find the jackpot machine? Is itdidn’t think it was going to work. Originally, they wanted to possible to get a Legendary (Orange) or Pearlescent weaponsbuild the entire active ability around it! in an end-game scenario? Since the loot you get is typically scaled to your character level.I was wrong, thankfully, and not only did they get it to workbut it became extremely fun. One of my favorite skill trees in The slot machines were added because they’re fun and therethe game is built around the function. are some areas in the game where it felt natural. The guys that worked on them decided that the slot machines couldBut, I guess my influence helped too because I think weended up with a much more suitable active ability and be more than just cash generators – that they could open up to share loot in a cool way, like the best of the chests in thea much more varied skill tree. It’s interesting how that game.happens – how the interests and influences of the differenttalent on the project will morph and shape ideas in an I asked Paul Hellquist (Creative Director, Borderlands 2),almost chicken-and-egg kind of process where the resulting who personally engineered the reward logic, what the oddscollectively-inspired material is often better than what any were of getting a three-vault-icon jackpot and he said hesingle individual would’ve offered and delivered on their couldn’t remember the exact probability, but the odds wereown. around one in a thousand. In Borderlands 2, you can get some really unique stuff from the slot machines – even—Right. What about Zer0′s ability to throw kunai knives, custom skins and heads for your character, or vehicleor Salvador the Gunzerker’s double-bird taunt (flipping customizations if you’re lucky – but it ultimately turns out tomiddle-fingers up on both hands), which are activated be a bit of a currency sink, just like a real life slot machine.by hitting the “class skill activation” button, after yourcharacter’s class skill is already activated ( Zero’s Decoy or —Bosses in Borderlands 1 never really gave you any goodSalvador’s “Gunzerking” dual-wielding ability)? Effectively loot. All the good stuff came from chests that you can accessyou’re mapping two active abilities to the same button, after beating a boss fight.which I thought was pretty clever. In fact, the only boss in the game that dropped really goodThe Gunzerker skill “Come At Me Bro”, which allows him loot was the Crawmerax – which you can’t kill unless you’reto hit the active ability button to flip a double bird while literally at the maximum level.Gunzerking [dual-wielding], was actually derived from our Does Borderlands 2 handle boss-loot differently?first demonstration of the game. Crawmerax was our first attempt at a raid boss. We learnedAt PAX Prime 2011 and at the GameStop manager’s event a lot from that, and from the way loot was handled inaround the same time, we presented Borderlands 2 for the first game. Borderlands 2 reflects all of those lessonsthe first time and played as the Gunzerker in a mission learned. There are some great chests and some great farmingto rescue Roland from the Hyperion prison bot that opportunities. There are also some amazing bosses, some ofhad kidnapped him from the Bloodshot Bandits who had which will drop the best loot in the game.previously captured Roland. Borderlands 2 is all about iteration and perfection of theWe ended that demonstration with a little dramatic flair: a systems we invented all brought together in an entirely newgiant Hyperion constructor bot nuking the Gunzerker off the experience of adventures, environments, enemies and loot.edge of a giant dam. As the Gunzerker was flying backwardsoff the dam, someone thought it would be funny if he flipped —New in Borderlands 2: quest objectives aren’t just simpleoff the constructor bot that knocked him back with a big, first affairs of killing bad guy A, collect dropped item B, bringingperson double bird. it to NPC C now.Once others at Gearbox saw the animation, well, that just In this sequel some of the mission objectives will actuallyhad to become a skill! There was already a lot of intent require you to do specific actions, such as purposely leavingand design at the time for the Gunzerker’s tanking tree (his three robot enemies in a stunned, critical state (but not“Brawn” tree), so the idea of the double bird serving as a killing them), lighting a Vorkid on fire with an elementaltaunt was a natural fit. weapon, and luring an enemy into a trap – objectives that threw me for a loop because I was so focused on killing stuffI think elsewhere in the game there already were I hadn’t realised that the game would not let me proceed if Iexplorations of follow-on effects using the active ability just went on a killing spree.button, so it was a pretty naturally designed andimplemented feature at that point. So I suppose this is another example of that iteration of the first game’s systems that you talked about? What’s yourThe kunai is another one of those “wouldn’t –it-be-cool- favorite quest or quest objective so far?if” discussions that not only gets out of hand, but becomesa thing. It’s one of the things I love most about working I think you got it – it’s about variety of experience and aboutwith the team at Gearbox – just so many passionate and memorable adventures. It’s about fun. The first Borderlandsclever people that creativity can come from anywhere and game only scratched the surface of what is possible and weeverywhere and everyone is just so excited to allow this really applied the lessons and experience we had to bringthing we created to be the vehicle for everyone’s passion and things to a whole new level in Borderlands 2.capability to produce entertainment for our customers. It’s To answer your question about my favorite – and I don’ta blast! want to spoil anything here so I’ll be a bit vague – but among—The last time we played a build of Borderlands 2, we my favorite missions are the ones with mutually exclusivenoticed that a jackpot weapons vending machine was added turn-ins.to this sequel. To explain, imagine a character who is important to you needs something that you can provide. Imagine it’s a unique 9
  • 188. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zonething. One of a kind. Now imagine that as you are ready After all, you did say that the General Knoxx DLC was reallyto provide that unique item, another character for a totally meant as a way to give players their “vault treasure” that wasdifferent, but interestingly conflicting reason, begs for the promised to them throughout the game’s storyline (in thesame thing. It’s entirely unique and you can only help one end, the vault was just a prison for an ancient monster). Didof the two characters. You can choose to help one or help someone on the team decide to just sneak it in and leave itneither, but you cannot resolve the mutual exclusivity of the there for players who want to get more guns to play with? Ifconflict. The choice isn’t about branching paths or anything, not, when did you first realise this was in the game, and whythe choice is about you as a player. did you decide not to remove it?The choices we all make in such situations teach us This is a great question. I’ve seen this one debated on-linesomething about ourselves. It’s a really interesting construct quite a lot. I’m pretty sure none of us have ever gone onwe’re exploring in a few different ways in the objectives record to answer this question and there is a reason for that.and missions of Borderlands 2 and I’m really interested I’m going to maintain status quo and invoke magician rulesand excited to discover what, if any, impact these kinds of here: “A magician never reveals his secrets as that wouldmissions have. destroy the illusion.” Hopefully, if you enjoy the reality—In the original Borderlands, it was possible to dupe of the situation you have on your hands, you’ll appreciateweapons in multi-player games by having one player drop that answer in the same way as a magician’s audience thathis entire inventory onto the ground, and quit the multi- has just experienced the joy of wonder from witnessingplayer session without saving. something that they know is impossible would not *really* want that feeling of wonder spoiled by being told how it wasThis turned out to be a godsend for many Borderlands done without any magic at all.players, as friends didn’t need to bicker over who gets whichlegendary weapons in a co-op playthrough. It also made The intellectual side of each of us knows that there is nomoney a non-issue in the game – which was great because magic, but the illusion lets us all feel like children againpeople could focus on playing it, rather than grind for money for just a moment. I like that feeling and I love that we’reor weapons. sometimes able to create that feeling for others. It’s why we do what we do. So, thanks in advance for letting us keep someWas this intentional design, or was it something you guys of the wonder safe.didn’t realise was possible until the game had launched? If ithad been the latter, could you talk about why you ultimately —I love that you guys didn’t want to ruin the fun for folksdecided not to patch the game to remove the exploit (which who enjoyed doing that.for the most part did not negatively impact players’ game Speaking of weapons, so in Borderlands 2, each weaponsexperience)? And more important, will players be able to do manufacturer now has its own signature trait for all theirthis in Borderlands 2? wares. For instance, Tediore weapons are disposable –We realized that duping was possible. There are a lot of instead of reloading, when it’s out of ammo you just throw itthings that are possible that are, at their roots, a form of at your enemies and it’ll explode like a grenade, and a newcheating. We could’ve stopped it, but we would’ve had to piece of the same weapon would appear back in your hands.do some nasty things under the hood or require an always- How is the damage for Tediore weapons’ explosionson experience [like in Diablo 3], which we’re not really calculated? Will the discarded weapons do more damage ifmotivated to enforce since there are so many users who have it were a rocket launcher, versus if it were a pee-wee pistol?offline use cases that we do not want to interrupt. That is a geeky technical question! I’ll give you a solidAlso, it would’ve taken a lot of resource and attention to stop answer: the damage done by a thrown, exploding Tediorethat kind of behavior, and for what? We think it’s kind of weapon is a function of the weapon’s capabilities and statsfun for some people to exploit systems. We don’t like it when and the amount of ammunition that remains inside theplayers purposefully try to ruin the experience for others weapon that is thrown, modified by other player stats ofand we have taken pains to do a better job of making that course. There are some pretty cool follow-on effects of theharder to do, but we think players who are having fun with thrown Tediore that are a joy to discover, so I won’t spoil allthe systems are still having fun. There’s a fuzzy line there of those follow-on mechanics here.that is difficult to see, but I’m pretty certain our philosophiesare right on the matter and we do our best to try to make our —Finally, do you have any examples of how powerfulsoftware and our priorities fit with our philosophies. There characters can eventually get? In the original game, buildingare always limits in time and space and human capability, a “gold class” character was a matter of finding the bestbut I think if I focus on our intent the right solutions tend to class mods, and smart stat pumping so that you had a “8/5″naturally follow. instead of “5/5″ skill points for the skills you need. But now that Bad-ass ranks are also in the mix, did anybody in theIn the Secret Armoury of General Knoxx DLC, there is development team tried to mess around and see just howa quest (Armoury Assault) where you can infiltrate the ridiculously powerful they could become?armoury and loot dozens and dozens of rare weapon chestsunder a three-minute countdown. You were supposed to be (Bad-ass ranks and class modes are explained from 4:38 inable to do it only three times per playthrough (after which, the following video)the quest is activated only on a second playthrough), but We have some end-game raid-type encounters that demandplayers have since found an exploit that made use of a hole some pretty well built characters. The QA team has had ain the entrance to drop in, loot nearly the entire armouy LOT of time to develop and iterate some pretty high endwithout triggering the countdown, and do it over and over. characters and we’ve been collecting an absurd amount ofAgain, was this something intentional? telemetry during this game’s development. 10
  • 189. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneWe know a lot about optimal builds for throughput. Weknow a lot about best support builds. We know about bestbuilds for keeping up rate of fire. We know a lot about burstdamage. We know a lot about a lot with this game.Having said that, given the nature of the procedural weaponsgeneration system and how big and complex the game is, itis impossible for us to know everything. We’ve included theability to inspect weapons from the menu. On the PC, onecan take a screenshot that includes a picture of the weaponand the item card with its stats.I imagine that some industry folks out there will be using thisfeature to populate online databases that, coupled with skill The story tells of the trials and tribulations endured bytree builders and other bits and pieces of information, can Hana and half-wolf children Yuki and Ame, both of whomlet one really min-max the hell out of this game if one is so constantly shapeshift between their human and animalinclined. forms, in this charming animated feature that is sure to capture the hearts of its viewers with its tender, sincereThere are some unbelievably difficult optional or end- themes of family and growing up.game encounters in the game that even the best of ushave a difficult time beating in near perfect raid-team Screenplay co-writer Satoko Okudera, who also worked onconfigurations, but I imagine through good data and Hosoda’s previous two feature films, weaves a touchingcleverness, some players will be able to discover ways to narrative with the talents of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s (Chronosolo the same content. It’s one of the things that is exciting Cross, .hack series) simple yet memorable character designs.about making a game like this. We cannot imagine all of the Ghibli fans will be glad to know that executive producer Seijipossibilities and we have learned never to underestimate the Okuda (Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service) is alsopower of a hard-core gamer! on the movie’s impressive team of staff. Wolf Children officially hits theaters today 6 September, only at Filmgarde Cineplex!Borderlands 2 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 will bereleased on September 21 in Singapore.For pre-order details, read our previous story here. ペペペ SPECIAL GIVEAWAY ONLY FOR SGCAFE’S FANS! ペペペ Entering this lucky draw is easy!Summer Wars’ Mamoru Step 1: Make sure you already ‘Like’ SGcafe’s Facebook pageHosoda tells a folktale with a at http://www.facebook.com/sgcafe.cosplaymodern twist Step 2: ‘Share’ this picture before Wednesday 12th September, 11:59PM (make sure your share is public!)Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/summer-wars-mamoru-hosoda-tells-a-folktale-with-a-modern-twist/ Step 3: Comment on the picture with “I want to win SGcafe’sBy Rika on September 7th, 2012 exclusive Wolf Children giveaway!”Directed by Mamoru Hosoda of The Girl Who Leapt Through Five lucky winners will receive a pair of season passes toTime and Summer Wars fame, Wolf Children chronicles the watch Wolf Children and an exclusive movie premium!life of two children born of a human, Hana, and a wolf-man, ペ RULES:Takao. ペ You must be located in Singapore to qualify (how would you receive your prizes otherwise?) ペ Only shares made viewable to the public will be considered. 11
  • 190. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Tokyo apparel brand A Bathing Ape today announced thatKyary is g.u.’s FASHION they will be releasing a collection of six t-shirts themed afterMONSTER Street Fighter II, to commemorate the fighting game series’Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/kyary-is-g-u-s-fashion-monster/ 25th anniversary.By Rika on September 7th, 2012 A total of six designs are available:The new face of Uniqlo’s sister apparel chain g.u. has justbeen unveiled: it is none other than Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Ryu VS Ape TeeKnown for its highly affordable casual wear, g.u. has teamed The similarity between Street Fighter and BAPE is thatup with the model-singer in a campaign to promote her both are top “street” brands that came out of Japan. So theupcoming single, FASHION MONSTER in conjuction with concept of this tee is to pit the two against one another in aits 2012 Fall/Winter collection. The campaign tagline is “For 16-megabit classic graphic style.The Free Adult”, reflecting g.u.’s commitment to freeingconsumers from high-cost clothing (hence the name, a pun The world map on the back of the tee uses a BAPE CAMOon “jiyuu”, meaning “freedom”.) design. Also available in white (front, back)Readers not living under a rock should be familiar withthe bizarre but catchy viral favorites PONPONPON andTsukema Tsukeru, and if the sampling we get on the Milo Street Fighter Teepromotional video is anything to go by, Kyary’s new singlelooks set to surpass its predecessors yet again!FASHION MONSTER goes on sale October 17th.Visit g.u.’s campaign site here: http://fashionmonster.gu-japan.com/Street Fighter teams upwith street apparel brandA Bathing Ape for 25thanniversary T-shirts Street Fighter II’s main illustration, re-imagined in a BabySource: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/street-fighter-teams-up-with-street- Milo “arrange” style.apparel-brand-a-bathing-ape-for-25th-anniversary-t-shirts/ Milo on Street Fighter Logo TeeBy KarbyP on September 7th, 2012 Features the Street Fighter II main logo on the front, with the eight main Street Fighter II characters, done Baby Milo style, illustrated on the back. 12
  • 191. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-Zone Fighter Logo Tee, Milo Guile VS Ryu Tee) are BAPE.COMMilo Guile VS Ryu Tee exclusives. From September 22 onwards, the tees will also be carried in three BAPE retail stores: • BAPEXCLUSIVE™ ペペペペペ • BAPE STORE® DOVER STREET MARKET • GINZA COMME des GARÇONS Source: BAPE.COM Every single Little BattlersA scene where Guile and Ryu are figthing, where their Experience robot model –fireballs cancel out one another’s, done in an original graphicstyle. from past to present – will be featured in Danball Senki W Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/every-single-little-battlers-Milo on Character experience-robot-model-from-past-to-present-will-be-featured-in- danball-senki-w/ By KarbyP on September 7th, 2012Evokes the all-too-familiar character-select screen thatgreeted players right after starting the game. Television commercial for Danball Senki W (Little Battlers Experience W) calls the game “the ultimate PlaMo craft RPG”.Milo Ryu Hadouken Tee Why? Apart from cross-platform play (PSP and Vita), the game will apparently feature all robot models from past to present, plus new models that have yet to be announced. Outside of the regular LBX robot line-up, the game will also feature “Killer Droids”, which are these boss enemies several times the size of a regular LBX model. Little Battlers Experience is set in a futuristic universe where teenagers and adults alike collect combat-ready miniaturised robots called “Little Battlers” that they do battle with, Pokemon style. For more information on the game and anime series, read our previous story here. Danball Senki W (‐‐‐‐‐‐‐W, or Little Battlers Experience W) comes out for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStationStreet Fighter’s main character Ryu performs a Hadouken in Vita platforms in Japan October 18.this original design, remixed in Baby Milo style.Also available in black (front, back). Phoenix Wright returns as the ace attorney in GyakutenAvailability Saiban 5The T-shirts will first go on sale on September 20 both on Source: http://sgcafe.com/2012/09/phoenix-wright-returns-as-an-ace-BAPE’s web store as well as at Tokyo Game Show 2012. All attorney-in-gyakuten-saiban-5/six designs are priced at 7,140 yen (~US$91) each.Note, however, that two of these shirts (Milo on Characterand Milo Ryu Hadouken Tee) will only be available from theTokyo Game Show, while another two shirts (Milo on Street 13
  • 192. September 7th, 2012 Published by: VR-ZoneBy KarbyP on September 7th, 2012 Payne‘s younger brother will go up against Wright as theIn other Ace Attorney related news, the release date for case’s prosecutor.Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney (3DS) has been refined Like with Professor Layton VS Gyakuten Saiban, this newfrom a vague “sometime in 2012″ to November 29. Gyakuten Saiban will utilise 3D polygonal character models as opposed to the 2D sprites used in past games. As a result, the game camera can now pan all around the courtroom, depicting the drama from different angles. The shift from 2D to 3D might induce concerns from fans, since the series is known for its characters and their often 2D animations. Famitsu says that Capcom has tried to retain the “2D touch” as much as possible, and that many of the old characters’ trademark responses will not be missing.Phoenix Wright will return as the lead character in the next“numbered” instalment of Capcom’s courtroom adventureseries, Gyakuten Saiban (ペペペペ), this week’s Famitsumagazine revealed.Gyakuten Saiban 5 (GS5), first announced at the series’ 10thanniversary event back in January, takes place one year afterthe events of the fourth instalment (known as Apollo Justice:Ace Attorney in the West), itself set seven years after thethird game. Sometime within that seve