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A weekly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #20

  1. 1. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! in that time weve seen the Black Edition series created from VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication the company; a series that has had some of the best looking covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. cards around. I say best looking as I havent had the chance to look at one until today. Today we see if the Black Edition is all bark and no bite, or if its bark is just the entrée to a menacingThe Daily VR-Zone News bite for mainSummary - 12 April 2011 Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Liquid Cooler @ Benchmark ReviewsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--12- Description: Since Corsair popularized their version ofapril-2011/11859.html Asetecs "LCLC" (low cost liquid cooling) system back in 2009,April 12th, 2011 it seems that every time you look, another variation on the theme appears. Other manufacturers have leapt into the fray, and Antecs initial entry into the market, the Kühler 620, impressed us with its amazing performance. Now Antecs introduced a new product, the Kühler 920. At first glance it seems very similar to Corsairs Hydro H70 product, but AntecIn todays news roundup: Intel is attempting to close the distinguishes their offering with exceptional performance andgap with ARM with tablets powered by its Oak Trail and features.Cedar Trail processors; XFXs Radeon HD 6870 1GB Black Cubitek HPTX Tank Review @ VortezEdition graphics card gets reviewed; Microsofts Bing has Description: The Tank series features 3 different designs, wereportedly secured 30% of the search engine pie, all of it at will be taking a look at the biggest of the 3 today - HPTXthe expense of Google; Cisco has killed off its Flip business Tank. As with all the cases in this series, the HPTX Tank isunit to focus on its enterprise-centric networking offerings; fully aluminium. It is wide, allowing up to 190mm tall CPUAIKA SEA officially goes live today, and Microsofts Xbox 360 coolers to be installed and can house XL-ATX motherboardsconsole will reportedly start hosting free-to-play games on its such as GIGABYTEs G1 Assassin and EVGAs SR-2. Being ableXbox Live service. to house such big hardware also means long graphics cards canHardware news also be installed within the HPTX Tank, in fact up to 340mm of clearance is available! With lots of cooling, lots of space andAntec Kuhler H20 920 CPU Water Cooler Review @ Legit lots of features Im expecting some good results from this case,Reviews Lian Li ought to be very afraid.Description: Of the self contained kits we have tested theCorsair Hydro H70 is what we would consider the Antec Intel seeks "relevancy" with Oak Trail tablets, talks up CedarKuhler H2O 920 water coolers closest competition. The Trail insteadCorsair Hydro H70 is the second generation self-contained Description: Intel has admitted that it has significant groundwater cooling kit that was designed in part by Asetek. The to catch up in its aim to become “relevant” in the tablet marketAntec Kuhler H2O 920 is the third generation self-contained this year, with hopes pinned on the release of its Oak Trailwater cooling kit that was also just happens to designed by platform, for now, at least.Asetek. Due to the fact that Asetek helped design both CPU Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme 4000 Sandy Bridge Systemcoolers it makes sense that their newer product cools better Review @ Legit Reviewsthan the previous model. The Antec Kuhler H2O 920 on the Description: What can be said about a full system that doesextreme setting out performed the Corsair Hydro H70 at every exactly what we expected it to do? More specifically, what cantclock frequency that we ran the Intel Core i7 930 processor at... we say! In short, this system pretty much rocked the socks offXFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB Black Edition Video Card Review of everything I am currently using in my main system. Time forDescription: Who wouldve thought wed ever be looking at an upgrade. Well, first Ill have to convince the wife that a shinyXFX cards based on an AMD GPU? Its been a long time new CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 4000 is worth skipping asince weve looked at something from XFX. Going through our few meals. Im not saying that the CyberPower Gamer Xtremecontent archive, it was August of 2007 and the victim was the 4000 is expensive; quite the contrary. If you were to purchase9800 GTX+. So much has happened since then, though, and 1
  2. 2. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneall of the parts to build a comparable system at Newegg.com, Since it’s meant to be taken outdoors for serious running ityou may just be surprised... won’t be just any touchscreen but a waterproof one. It is also responsive enough so that it can be operated with runningPatriot Supersonic 32GB USB 3.0 Review @ XSReviews.co.uk gloves on. With features such as a pace, distance and timeDescription: Supersonic is the name and… probably, going fast meter, a heart rate monitor, and the ability to race with friendsand stuff, its it’s… Anyway, here’s a review of another Patriot who aren’t even in the same country, the Forerunner 610 isflash drive. It’s got a 32GB capacity, USB 3.0 functionality and designed for the serious runner.its Quad Channel. Read on to find out how it performs.Memory module firms enjoy rebound in March revenues Cisco kills Flip camera business to refocus on networks Description: Cisco today axed its Flip camera division in aDescription: Taiwan-based memory module houses bid to bring the company back into shape. The companyTranscend Information, Power Quotient International (PQI) provided few details but said its new "network-centricand Apacer Technology have reported sequential growth platform strategy" meant the former Pure Digital group had toin revenues for March 2011 of 54.1%, 43.2% and 33.9%, be closed. Those on the FlipShare service would be supportedrespectively, joining fellow company Adata Technology that through a "transition plan," though Cisco didnt say what thatalso enjoyed a substantial rebound in March sales compared was.to the prior months levels. Google acquisition of PushLife could teach Android to singConsumer Electronics and Software news: Description: Google has acquired media synchronizationMicrosoft Bing Controls 30% Of Search Market, Google Slowly software developer PushLife in a deal that reportedly cost theSinking search giant $25 million. Its likely that PushLifes technologyDescription: Microsoft has secured 30% of the search market, will be used in Googles upcoming music service for Android.largely at Google’s expense, according to data from Experian Gaming newsHitwise. AIKA SEA Goes Live TodayMophie iPhone 4 Juice Pack Plus Review @ OCIA.net Description: Following the closed beta test a fortnight ago,Description: We had the opportunity to review the Mophie Asiasoft is finally putting the official tag on AIKA SEA. That’sJuice Pack Air for the iPhone 3GS back in 2009. The model we right, the game is launching today, in fact now. AIKASEA willwill be looking at today is the Juice Pack Plus, but they also also be featured at the upcoming Asiasoft Games Festival 2011offer a slightly cheaper Air version. The difference being the (ASGF 2011) to be held in conjunction with Licence 2 PlayPlus model has a 2000 mAh battery capacity vs. the 1500 mAh 2011, Suntec City Hall 401 from May 27-29.of the Juice Pack Air. The Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 3GSsported a 1200 mAh batter capacity. This additional capacity Free-to-Play Games Headed to Xbox 360does increase the overall size slightly, though it seems to be Description: Free-to-play games are already a very successfulfairly minimal. business model on PC (particularly in Asia) and soon they might become even more successful by expanding to XboxStudy: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Live. IGN reports that free-to-play games are headed to XboxYear On Unnecessary Contracts 360 next year, opening the door for games like FarmVille andDescription: A new study says that smartphone users are Battlefield Heroes to come to Xbox Live.overpaying for their service by several hundred dollars eachand every year. The study, put together by Billmonitor, notes Ocarina of Time 3Ds Release Date Revealedthat people are overspending primarily because they’re on Description: Its the news that so many have been waiting for.contracts that wildly overshoot their needs. People have Nestled gently just inside a press release sent out by Nintendoa habit of signing up for contracts with far more voice of America this morning was the official release date for Theminutes than they use, and it’s primarily for this reason that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, the highly anticipatedsmartphone users are paying much more than they need to. In portable remake of Links first polygonal adventure.other words, double-check your statement to make sure you’reon the right contract.GIGABYTE T1125N 11.6-inch Tablet Convertible Notebook Eyes on Asus new IPS and 3DUnboxing displaysDescription: The GIGABYTE T1125N is an 11.6" convertible Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/eyes-on-asus-new-ips-and-3d-notebook with a docking station. It comes in two varieties displays/11862.html- a Core i3 U380 with the CF1 designation at $1,099 April 12th, 2011and the CF2 with the i5 U470 for $1,249. Both sportdiscreet graphics featuring NVIDIAs GeForce 310M DDRIII512MB with support for NVIDIA Optimus Technology. Wevemanaged to get our hands on the Core i5 version for anunboxing which features a nice added extra - a very highquality neoprene sleeve and of course the docking station.Garmin Forerunner GPS watch gets a touchscreen Earlier today we attended Asus unveiling of its new range ofDescription: Garmin has just announced the launch of a new IPS panel based LCD displays, of which three are consumerGPS watch – the Forerunner 610, and it sports a touchscreen. models and one is a new professional model which should suit those with a slightly more constrained budget. Finally Asus 2
  3. 3. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonealso showed off a new 3D display with a built in IR transmitter while you end up paying NT$8990 (S$388) for the IPS basedwhich should have a certain appeal to those interested in ML239H which is a small price to pay if youre at all concernedgetting a 3D Vision display. about the colour reproduction of your display.Earlier today we attended Asus unveiling of its new range ofIPS panel based LCD displays, of which three are consumermodels and one is a new professional model which should suitthose with a slightly more constrained budget. Finally Asusalso showed off a new 3D display with a built in IR transmitterwhich should have a certain appeal to those interested ingetting a 3D Vision display. AMD and Fresco Logic gains USB 3.0 certification Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-and-fresco-logic-gains-usb-3.0- certification/11860.html April 12th, 2011First up, lets take a closer look at the new consumer leveldisplays in the new ML series. The actual physical design ofthe new displays is identical to that of the current ML seriesof monitors which has won the company a good design award.In fact, pretty much every single feature apart from the panel Its been a slow progress, but were finally starting to get someis the same, so what were looking at are 22, 23 and 24-inch alternatives to Renesas USB 3.0 chips and today the USB-IFmodels with LED backlight, HDMI and D-sub connectivity and also announced the first USB 3.0 certified chipsets courtesy ofa 3.5mm audio jack for sound output from audio carried over AMD. Fresco Logic also got its FL1009 USB 3.0 host controllerthe HDMI connection. The three new models announced today certified today which is a viable alternative to Renesas two portare the ML229H, ML239H and ML249H, all with 1920x1080 solution and it will allegedly bring better performance at lowerresolution and a 5ms grey to grey response time. cost, all of which sounds like good news to us. Its been a slow progress, but were finally starting to get some alternatives to Renesas USB 3.0 chips and today the USB-IF also announced the first USB 3.0 certified chipsets courtesy of AMD. Fresco Logic also got its FL1009 USB 3.0 host controller certified today which is a viable alternative to Renesas two port solution and it will allegedly bring better performance at lower cost, all of which sounds like good news to us. The USB-IF has certified the USB 3.0 host controller built into AMDs upcoming A75 (desktop) and A70M (mobile) Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) and the long of the short is that AMD now has not only the first, but also the second USB 3.0 certifiedThe key differentiator between the TN and the IPS models is chipsets, although neither has been officially announced bythat the TN models have model numbers that ends with an 8, AMD as yet. The press release doesnt really give away muchML248H for example, whereas the IPS models ends with a 9 in terms of details, but we already know that AMDs high-endas in ML249H as an example. We wish Asus couldve made FCHs will support four USB 3.0 ports.this a little bit more obvious, as its not going to be easy to tellthe difference without knowing the specifics. The IPS sporting As for Fresco Logic, well, the company is now going tomodels have a wider dynamic contrast range of 50,000,000:1 have to find some key partners to work with, especially in(dont read too much into that figure) than the TN models the motherboard and notebook industry. The company haswhich “only” manages a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1. Price already had some success in the notebook market spacewise the difference is much smaller than we expect and we with its older FL1000 single port PCI Express 1.0 USB 3.0managed to track down some local retail pricing in Taiwan implementation, although its new FL1009 PCI Express 2.0where the ML238H with a TN panel goes for NT$7390 (S$319) dual port host controller should prove a lot more appealing. 3
  4. 4. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThis is also the first xHCI 1.0 USB 3.0 host controller topass USB-IF certification and if demos weve seen in the past The Nokia X7 is an entertainment-focused smartphone withare anything to go by, we should see a decent performance a large 4-inch display ideal for gaming, and an 8-megapixelincrease over whats currently on offer. camera for capturing pictures and high definition-quality video. The Nokia X7 is feels solid and comes preloaded withIn related news, Fresco Logic has also demoed its USB 3.0 the popular Galaxyon Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD games.webcam controller at IDF Beijing which supports real-timestreaming of uncompressed 1080p video at 30fps. Its not clearas to which products well see this in, or when it will actuallylaunch, but hopefully we should be able to get some hands on Adobe announces Creativetime with it at a later stage to see what benefits it offers over a Suite 5.5: not a "Service Pack"USB 2.0 1080 capable webcam. Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/adobe-announces-creative-suite-5.5- not-a-service-pack-/11857.htmlNokia unveils E6 and X7 April 12th, 2011smartphones for businessusers and mobile gamersSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nokia-unveils-e6-and-x7-smartphones-for-business-users-and-mobile-gamers/11858.htmlApril 12th, 2011 Point-updates for certain popular applications and programs are sometimes considered as the software equivalent of Service Pack updates for Microsofts Windows operating system. However, Adobe wants to make it clear that the new development schedule which it has embarked upon for its industry-standard creative suite of software has little to do with the Service Pack method, and that the new CreativeIt will be some time till we see the Windows Phone Suite 5.5 which it announced today at a media event held at7 devices from Nokia. Meanwhile, the Finnish company The Screening Room is every bit a full-fledged release as itshas unveiled two new smartphones today, the Nokia E6 and predecessor was. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.X7, aimed at business users and entertainment enthusiastsrespectively. When it comes to dealing with software, it is almost impossible to leave the topic of software updates out of the conversation.Nokia today announced the E6 and X7 smartphones designed After all, users would do well to remember the number one rulefor business professionals and entertainment enthusiasts of software; there is no such thing as purchasing the latest andrespectively. The two devices are the first Nokia smartphones greatest copies of a application, as major updates will alwaysto be equipped with the updated Symbian software, with new find their way into the equation. And we do not have to searchicons and usability enhancements such as improved text input, far for examples of how this culture has affected our computinga faster browser and refreshed Ovi Maps. life: just look at Microsoft Windows and its Service Packs if youFollowing on from Nokia’s highly successful E71 and E72 will.devices, the Nokia E6 is a sleek business smartphone with a full Of course, this also applies for smaller-scale, not-so-critical-QWERTY keypad and a high-resolution touchscreen display. but-still-essential software, where point-updates are oftenDesigned using premium materials such as glass and stainless considered as the software equivalent of Service Pack updatessteel, the device offers exceptional battery life and the best out- for Microsofts Windows operating system, simply becauseof-the-box Microsoft messaging experience, including access point-updates sometimes come with added functionality andto Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and features to enhance user productivity and experience. AndMicrosoft SharePoint. this is precisely what Adobe has done for its software with 4
  5. 5. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneits announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 for creativeprofessionals. Sony announces Memory StickAccording to Vicky Skipp, Adobes regional manager for PRO-HG Duo HX with HighSouth East Asia, the introduction of CS 5.5 highlights boththe companys shift in business model and product release Speed Data Transfer Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-announces-memory-stick-pro-hg-strategy with the adoption of mid-cycle releases for Creative duo-hx-with-high-speed-data-transfer/11856.htmlSuite. April 12th, 2011 Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced their new Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX that boasts high speed data transfers of up to 50MB/s. which is ideal for users who want to capture full high definition or 3D videos. The Memory Stick will be available by end of April."Adobes mission is to change the world through digitalexperience...Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is all about allowingcontent providers to create their content once, and thendelivering it across multiple platforms and devices," she said,while adding that post-PC era devices such as smartphonesand tablets will feature heavily into the enhanced workflow inAdobe Creative Suite 5.5. This will allow content producers tospend lesser time on tweaking their content for consumptionon non-PC devices, as CS 5.5 can automatically optimizecontent for display and consumption on various popularmobile platforms."Traditionally, Adobe has a technology refresh cycle of around Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announced the new Memory18 months. With the introduction of CS 5.5, that cycle will Stick PRO-HG Duo HX that offers fast data transfer speeds atbe extended to 24 months, which means that we are going an affordable price. It features high performance with speedyto have a lot more dot releases so that we can keep up with data transfers of up to 50MB/s, making it ideal for taking burstour customers evolution and changing needs," she added, shots with an Alpha DSLR or shooting full high definition andwhile explaining that the new cycle for CS 5.5 allows Adobe to 3D movies and photos with Sony’s new range of Cyber-shot"introduce newer technologies more frequently". cameras and Handycam camcorders.However, Skipp was quick to point out that despite its The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX features a new andadoption of a longer development cycle and dot-release intelligent flash memory controller called the “HX Engine”schedules, users should not see point-release versions of which maximizes the capability of high-performance flashCreative Suite as the Adobe equivalent of Microsoft Windows memory and enhances data-transfer efficiency by increasingService Packs and wait only for the latest point-release . the internal clock that handles data processing.This is due to the fact that, unlike Windows, the needs of thecreative world are always evolving with the introduction of With its improved transfer speed, the Memory Stick PRO-HGnew platforms, and that each point-release is meant to address Duo HX is perfect for high resolution action photography invarious new requirements that may crop up in the midst of the continuous burst shooting modes, with the ability to capturecompanys 24-month release cycle. up to 190 shots with NEX-5 in a minute. Furthermore, it handles the speed and capacity requirements for not just the"The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones has taught us Handycam, but also the new demands of AVCHD video and 3Dthat Adobe needs to be quicker in responding to the industrys capture capabilities for the new Alpha and Cyber-shot models.needs. If we wait 18 months for the next release, it is verypossible that Adobe might be out of the game in various The Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX also comes with AVCHDsegments by the time it happens," she explained. Memory Card File Rescue software. Available as a free download, the software enables the retrieval of photos, music and movies that were deleted by mistake for greater peace of mind. Users of the Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX can also download x-Pict Story for free. This fun and easy-to-use 5
  6. 6. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonesoftware allows users to create unique slideshows of theirfavourite pictures, synced to effects and music and shared withfriends and loved ones.The new Memory Stick HX will be available in Asia Pacificfrom end April 2011, in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities.Pricing information not released at press time.HTC Flyer scheduled to retailin May, pre-order price of £600 - VR-Zone.comSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/htc-flyer-scheduled-to-retail-in-may-pre-order-price-of-600/11855.htmlApril 12th, 2011 Logitech launches Wireless Mouse M325 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/logitech-launches-wireless-mouse- m325/11854.html April 12th, 2011The HTC Flyer is the companys latest 7-inch Android tabletdevice which was showcased at Mobile World Congress inFebruary this year. According to news sources, the tablet isscheduled to retail in May and available for pre-order now. The Wireless Mouse M325 is the latest addition to Logitechs line of mice peripherals and features a precision scroll wheel and contoured shape that provides comfortable use. It will be retailing in Singapore at the end of this month.The HTC Flyer looks to be a slightly different breed of tabletdevices on the market - it isnt using Android 3.0 or has a 10-inch display.UK reseller Clove Technology has started accepting pre-ordersof the HTC Flyer tablet and the price tag is 600 UK pounds,which is slightly higher than most tablet devices. CloveTechnology has expressed that the HTC Flyer will be retailingmid April while another reseller, Carphone Warehouse hassaid that the tablet will be selling in May. At press time, therehas not been any official word on when exactly the HTC Flyerwill be on shelves. Today, Logitech announced the Wireless Mouse M325 thatThe HTC Flyer sports a 7-inch display (1024x600), which features a precision scroll wheel with up to four timesis similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Instead of dual-core as many ratchets as a standard scroll wheel for smootherprocessors, it is equipped with 1.5GHz single-core processor. scrolling. Based on the contoured shape of the best-One unique feature of the HTC Flyer is it comes with selling Logitech Wireless Mouse M305, the Wireless Mousean optional "magic pen" that lets users draw, paint, write, M325 lets you scroll down a page quickly.highlight and even retouch pictures. The precision scroll wheel contains 72 tiny, rugged ratchets that let you have the precise control whether you are viewing websites, spreadsheets, slideshows and other presentations. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 also includes Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, so you can forget about your laptops touchpad. Plus, with up to 18 months of battery life and a three-year limited hardware warranty, you can virtually forget about replacing batteries. The tiny leave-in plug-and- 6
  7. 7. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneforget Logitech Unifying receiver allows you to connect up to Faster than ever HD content transfer speed with 3.5” hardsix devices. drive supportThe Wireless Mouse M325 works with Windows XP, Windows The O!Play Gallery can be upgraded to house a 3.5” hard driveVista and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X 10.5 or later and with a fast SATA 6Gb/s connection, also becoming a large-Linux kernel 2.6. capacity storage device. Users can transfer media content via USB 3.0 from PCs to the O!Play Gallery, up to ten times fasterPricing and Availability compared to USB 2.0. They offer the faster speeds needed toThe Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 will be available in endApril for a suggested retail price of S$39. handle high definition content, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable experience. The O!Play Gallery also includes the MyLife calendar function which can quickly organize photosASUS launches O!Play Gallery to create photo diaries and share with other people easily.HD Media Player Rich online entertainment services with Netflix, YouTube and GracenoteSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-launches-o-play-gallery-hd-media-player/11853.html The O!Play Gallery is built around abundant onlineApril 12th, 2011 entertainment services such as Netflix (US only), YouTube, thousands of online TV stations and radio streams, Flickr, Picasa and much more. The O!Play Gallery also includes a Gracenote software* interface which turns the media player into a powerful audio library manager by providing access to the online Gracenote database so users can access metadataASUS has launched their latest addition to its O!Play line of of their music library. Extensive metadata support meansmedia players for home entertainment enthusiasts. Known as album covers, artwork, information and even genres becomethe O!Play Gallery HD Media Player, it promises to take "all- available and viewable on the big screen.around high-definition enjoyment" to ones television set with Full HD 1080p and Dolby TrueHD 7.1-channel supportthe help of a variety of features. The O!Play Gallery supports the most popular formats, evenMedia players are by far one of the few devices which allow for ISO format, in HD quality. Audio is projected in spectaculareasy plug-and-play home entertainment, and ASUSs new O! 7.1-channel Dolby TrueHD surround, which easily integratesPlay Gallery media player is no exception. Recently launched with home surround sound setups and brings out the full audioby the Taiwanese electronics giant, the O!Play Gallery boasts experience with no compromise or loss of fidelity. Users arecapabilities to bring HD-quality home entertainment to ones guaranteed an impeccable performance in every aspect of theirtelevision set, thanks to a variety features found in it. multimedia. *Installed 3.5” hard drive is required to use the Gracenote service. No information about the O!Play Gallerys pricing or official release date has been announced yet, so do check back for updates. The Daily VR-Zone News Summary - 11 April 2011 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--11- april-2011/11850.html April 12th, 2011Enjoy your iPod and iPhone content on large HDTVs withintuitive controlsEntertainment on demand! The O!Play Gallery allows usersto plug and play media content from an iPod and iPhone infull HD on the living room TV, with no additional softwareneeded. The intuitive remote control with a built-in rotarywheel bundled with the O!Play Gallery helps users make their In todays news roundup: ASUSs GeForce GTX580 DirectCUmultimedia experience fun and easy to use. II graphics card gets reviewed; Intel is once again attemptingO!Direct – the most direct way to multimedia enjoyment to compete with ARM by launching the new Intel Atom Z670 processor meant for use in tablet devices; Asrocks 3D-capableThe ASUS exclusive O!Direct function offers consumers fast Vision 3D HTPC gets reviewed; Windows 8 will reportedlyand reliable one-click streaming of content from PC to TV. feature both a built-in PDF reader and access to a WindowsHassle-free streaming brings broader enjoyment in the living App Store; The Xbox 360 version of the latest Need Forroom in both wired and wireless modes, without the need for Speed game, Shift 2 Unleashed, gets reviewed, and CapcomUSB storage devices and their storage restrictions. 7
  8. 8. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonehas announced that the company does not have any plans to Description: The Thermolab Trinity may be a step down fromlocalize Ace Attorney Investigations 2 at this point of time. their excellent Baram 2010 but it comes bundled with a pre- installed high-speed 130mm PWM fan and at the same time itHardware news does perform quite well, not to mention it also costs less.ASUS GeForce GTX580 DirectCU II: The Ultimate Choice @InsideHW Intel launches Atom Z670 for tablet devices Description: Intel has enjoyed significant success with itsDescription: ASUS is a company reputed for going all the way Atom processor in netbooks, however as tablets becomes thethrough with its ideas; once they’ve decided to create a specialproduct (or product series, for that matter) and present it to next big cash cow the firm is in danger of sitting back and doing nothing while ARM takes all the glory. Therefore Chipzillasthe market, they achieve what they had in mind. This is the Atom Z670 processor is likely to be one of the firms mostcase with their own rendition of GeForce GTX580 DirectCU important chips in a long time.II, which has been redesigned in every way, all with the goalof separating the card from competitors in mind, with both Consumer Electronics and Software newslow temperatures and overclock capabilities. Even the world- QPad 5K Gaming-Mouse and HeatoN Mousepad Review onfamous overclocker Shamino managed to set a record on this Technic3D (German)card; you can read more about this in a separate box. This Description: (Machine translation) The QPad "5K" Gaming-card is aimed at users who don’t restrain from paying good Mouse und "HeatoN" Mousepad arrived Technic3D. We willmoney for quality and now exactly what quality means. ASUS check the QPad Laser Mouse with up to 5040 cpi and 7 Buttonshas done their part of the job flawlessly and we really can’t say in the following Review on Technic3D.that we have anything to reproach to this card... Thermaltake TTeSports CONKOR and DASHER Mouse PadsSeagate Constellation.2 2.5” 1TB SATA / SAS 6Gb/s HDD Review @ MadshrimpsReview @ Real World Labs Description: Both TTeSports Conkor and Dasher mouse padsDescription: In today’s review/comparison we put the latest from Thermaltake come with simple but modern designs,Seagate Constellation.2 1TB Serial ATA drive up against and are built from high quality materials. The included carryits Serial Attached SCSI brother for the sole purpose of pouches are a plus for people that go frequently at LAN Parties,determining which type of interface is faster, more reliable and but also protect them from dust accumulation.most suited for your needs. Asrock Vision 3D HTPC @Hi Tech LegionMSI GeForce GTX 580 1536MB Lightning Overclocked Video Description: The Asrock Vision 3D HTPC was designed toCard Review deliver cutting edge home theater technology in a compactDescription: Kicking it up a notch in price and performance, form factor. The Asrock Vision 3D HTPC uses an Intelthe MSI GTX 580 Lightning could well be the card for you, “Arrandale” mobile processor, paired with an NVIDIA GTbeing of course based on the high end GTX 580 GPU. The 425M GPU, instead of the typical Intel Atom processor foundLightning series is all about overclocking, though, so we want in most pre-built HTPCs. The components of the Asrock Visionto find out just what this series can do for the GTX 580. 3D HTPC are compactly housed inside a thick, heavy, anodizedCooler Master USNA 95 Review @ ocaholic aluminum enclosure. A slot-loading Blu-ray or DVD drive canDescription: With the USNA 95 Cooler Master has a very small also be found inside, with a 2.5” 7200rpm HDD for storagemulty purpose notebook power supply in its portfolio. When and 4GB of DDR3 SO-DIMM memory, upgradeable to 8GB.plugging in different tip it is possible to make the USNA 95 The Asrock Vision 3D HTPC is not only capable of 3D mediacompatible to a very wide range of notbooks. Unfortunately it playback with 7.1 HD audio support over HDMI 1.4a, butdoenst support Apples Mag-Safe mechanism as well as some users can also enjoy media encoding and even 3D Vision videoDell notebooks. gameplay.Sentey GS-6400R Arvina PC Case Review @ Windows 8 to Have Built-in PDF ReaderDragonSteelMods Description: WinSuperSite and Within Windows have anotherDescription: Today for review I’ve got a PC case from a new Windows 8 feature to share. Soon, you may no longer needcompany called Sentey, it’s the GS-6400R Arvina and it’s a big to install any extra software to view that ever popular PDFcase with a ton of room in it. The case has a built-in card reader format, thanks to an integrated PDF reader called Modernand an SATA port on the top that works with the included Reader that will ship with Windows 8SATA data and power cables that come with the case. The Atrio M5 Special Edition (ASE) Earphones @ TestFreaksArvina has more than enough room for the largest of video Description: A few years ago, almost three to be exact, Icards, along with space for five hard drives. reviewed the Future Sonics Atrio M5 earphones and I foundThermaltake Armor A30 MATX Case Review @ Vortez them to be an excellent product. To this day my opinion hasn’tDescription: Aimed primarily at LAN gamers the A30 aims to changed of them, I still grab them first even though I’ve gotcombine compact dimensions with high performance installs. many others to pick from. Future Sonics though isn’t he typeA rugged and aggressive looking design is the name of the of company to leave well enough alone and they just had togame here and will hopefully attract users of all kinds looking go an improve upon on one of the best sounding earphonesfor the performance edge! on the market. Aesthetically they haven’t changed, the internal workings have been improved with a new version of theirThermolab Trinity CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labs proprietary drivers that offer a wider range of frequencies and just all around better specs. The set or kit I have today is the 8
  9. 9. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonespecial edition that is green, this kit features packaging made April 12th, 2011from recycled materials and a carrying case made from usedrubber inner tubes.Nokia C7: Beautiful = Forgivable @ InsideHWDescription: The C-series has always been treated by Nokiaas the “entrance” category, the initial step into the phoneworld. Roughly translated into numbers from the previous Its been a long time coming, but Intels tablet and fanlessera, the C-series would cover models marked 1xxx to 5xxx. netbook specific version of its Oak Trail platform has finallyThere’s even a division within the C-series itself, with models launched and is now known as the Atom Z670 CPU and thefrom C5 upwards being smartphones with the Symbian SM35 chipset. Were looking at quite a few changes here, evenoperating system. The currently leading model from the C- compared to Intels previous Z-series Atom processors and theseries, namely C7, is supposedly Nokia’s last model based on SM35 chipset is interesting all on its own. For those waitingthe S³ platform… for smartphone solutions from Intel, well, youll have to keepWindows App Store shots allegedly leak out, already disputed waiting, as thats what Intels 32nm Cedar Trail will bring laterDescription: Talk of an app store in Windows 8 was this year.rekindled Monday after a post showing whats supposedlyearly screenshots of the portal. So far titled the Windows App Its been a long time coming, but Intels tablet and fanlessStore, it would have its own dedicated portal app to browse netbook specific version of its Oak Trail platform has finallycategories and charts. Cnbetas copy had a sidebar that would launched and is now known as the Atom Z670 CPU and theboth show the installed apps as well as a way to manage the SM35 chipset. Were looking at quite a few changes here, evendownload queue. compared to Intels previous Z-series Atom processors and theGaming news SM35 chipset is interesting all on its own. For those waitingNeed For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Xbox 360 Review for smartphone solutions from Intel, well, youll have to keepDescription: Just like the Shift game from two years ago, the waiting, as thats what Intels 32nm Cedar Trail will bring lateraim of this title is to take the Need for Speed series in a this year.more realistic direction. High speed police chases are replaced The Atom Z670 CPU will be joined by the Z650 CPU andby wheel to wheel racing in proper racing cars rather than the only difference here is clock speeds where the Z670 ishigh powered exotics. You really do need to leave the old clocked at 1.5GHz and the Z650 at 1.2GHz. Both models areNeed for Speed behind before taking Shift 2 on, as its such a single core with Hyper-Threading support and 512KB of L2quantum shift and a few decisions that were made during its cache. Both models are 32-bit CPUs and have a limit of 2GBdevelopment have kept it from being a must play game. of single channel DDR2 800MHz memory. The TDP is a mereWill There Be Only One Console in the Future? 3W, although this is still far from the best Atom processorsDescription: When Denis Dyack argued in favor of a "One and even last years Atom Z625 which is also clocked atConsole Future" during the 2007 Games Convention in 1.5GHz comes in at 2.2W, although the two new additionsLeipzig, Germany, it was the first time many gamers had heard measures the same 13.8x13.8 as the earlier Z600-series Atomof the term. The public reaction was less than welcoming, with processors.cries of monopoly and stagnant evolution at the forefront ofcounter-arguments. Nearly four years later, consoles are asdivided as ever, but were seeing some strides that suggestDyack may have actually been right all along.Capcom: No plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2 atthis timeDescription: If youre eager to find out about the ongoingadventures of Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe, and KayFaraday (like we are), we have some possibly distressing newsto report. Capcom is currently denying any plans to localizeAce Attorney Investigations 2. During a recent "Ask Capcom"video, VP of strategic planning and business developmentChristian Svensson answered a question about the game prettyflatly: "The answer is no. Sorry about that." Intel claims that the new Atom processors will handle 1080p video playback thanks to an integrated hardware accelerated video decoder which is part of the Intel GMA 600 which isIntels Atom Z670 CPU lands part of the Z600-series Atom processors. We should also seealongside the SM35 chipset improved battery life thanks improved SpeedStep support and more advanced Deeper Sleep power states. The new CPUsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-s-atom-z670-cpu-lands- as well as the SM35 chipset are all based on Intels 45nmalongside-the-sm35-chipset/11852.html fabrication process. 9
  10. 10. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe SM35 chipset brings with it lower power usage and asmaller package at 14x14mm compared to 17x17mm for theprevious generation chipset. Intel has stripped out a lot offeatures here though, such as PCI Express which is nowhereto be found. On the other hand the SM35 still offers SATAsupport which makes it an ideal candidate for a wide range ofSSD solutions. Its also offers up to four USB 2.0 ports, IntelHD audio support, HDMI 1.3a support as well as SDIO 2.0 andeMMC 4.3 support.We should hopefully be getting details of the first devices basedon the new platform very shortly, as IDF Beijing kicks off latertoday and wed expect at least some of Intels partners to showoff their new products there. Intel has already announced thatEvolve III, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Motion Computer, Razer and Viliv The board is somewhat limited when it comes to expansionhave a range of products which will start to arrive from next options; although as with all H61 boards it has four SATAmonth based on the Oak Trail platform. The question is if 3Gbps ports. It also has two full-size DIMMs unlike somethe Oak Trail platform will be enough for now to counter the models that rely on SO-DIMMs. The single expansion slot inonslaught of ARM based tablets that has started to arrive in the this case is a PCI Express x1 slot, so dont expect to be ablemarket, although Intels recent support for Googles Android to upgrade the graphics on this board. The only other usefulplatform might tip the scale to Intels advantage, at least more feature on the board is a pair of USB 2.0 headers for a total ofso than Windows 7 and MeeGo, simply based on the wide four ports.uptake of Android and general consumer acceptance.MSI launches its H61I-E35mini-ITX boardSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-launches-its-h61i-e35-mini-itx-board/11851.htmlApril 12th, 2011 Around the back youll find a pair of PS/2 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a D-sub and HDMI port and finally three audio jacks. We feel like MSI could at least If youve been waiting for an affordable mini-ITX board for have added another pair of USB 2.0 ports around the back,Intels Sandy Bridge processors, then MSI might have what low cost board or not. Something we noticed in passing is thatyouve been waiting for in the shape of the H61I-E35 which MSI seems to have replaced its H67 mini-ITX board whichis its latest LGA-1155 motherboard. It might not be the most was shown back at IDF last year with the H61I-E35 as the twofeature rich board out there, but this should also allow MSI to carries the same MSI model number. This is a shame, as thekeep costs down to that of a very reasonable level. H67 model featured angled SATA ports as well as a mini PCI Express slot at the bottom of the PCB which wouldve made it a more suitable home server solution.If youve been waiting for an affordable mini-ITX board forIntels Sandy Bridge processors, then MSI might have whatyouve been waiting for in the shape of the H61I-E35 whichis its latest LGA-1155 motherboard. It might not be the mostfeature rich board out there, but this should also allow MSI tokeep costs down to that of a very reasonable level.As the model name gives away, the H61I-E35 is based on theIntel H61 chipset which by default makes it a budget solution That said, Intels 1k pricing puts the H61 at US$13 less thanas far as Sandy Bridge motherboards are concerned. That said, the H67 chipset which is a huge difference not only for thenot everyone needs a board with everything but the kitchen motherboard maker, but also for the retail price. The H61I-E35sink and MSI has come up with a board that should appeal to is listed for about €66 (S$120) which makes it the cheapestthose building a home media server for example. LGA-1155 mini-ITX board weve seen so far, but only by a small margin of about S$5.50 compared to Intels own DH61DL board which offers USB 3.0 connectivity and a mini PCI Express slot as an added bonus, although it only has three SATA ports and a DVI port instead of HDMI. 10
  11. 11. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone the F-12C except for the fact that it will dual-boot betweenRumour: Fujitsu to launch Symbian and Android v2.3.dual-booting Symbiansmartphones?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rumour-fujitsu-to-launch-dual-booting-symbian-smartphones-/11849.htmlApril 12th, 2011We have heard of various out-of-this-world claims made bythe rumour mill when it comes to popular consumer electronicdevices such as smartphones and tablets, but this particularone which has just come to our attention today is probably in aclass of their own with regards to their credibility. That beingsaid, does anybody fancy a Fujitsu smartphone....and powered Now, we are not going to doubt the fact that Symbian is capableby Symbian? of running on an x86 processor, as working x86 ports of the OS have already been made way back in 2009. And we are also not going to contest that an Atom processor is capable of handling both operating systems: after all, Windows 7 was supposedly developed with netbooks in mind, and this means that the processor used in the F-07C should be sufficiently powerful to run the desktop-grade operating system from Microsoft. Rather, our suspicions stem from the fact that the user-For the most part, users typically understand that there is little interface presented in the image above looks decidedly fake: ithope that an existing, non-open source operating system will is almost as if someone cut out an image of the Unity interfacecontinue to be developed after the corporation which holds the from Ubuntu, changed the wallpaper and added a chunk ofcopyrights (and the underlying source code to it) has thrown Windows icons to pass it off as the real thing. But then again,in the towel. And for those who are unaware, this is exactly we have been caught with wrong predictions when it comeswhat has happened to the Symbian operating system that once to rumours such as this, so suffice to say we will definitely beheld more than 70% of the worlds smartphone OS market keeping tabs on this one.share. While Nokia has promised to keep Symbian alive, evento the extent of announcing an update for the OS that is dueon April 12, most OEMs would be wary about hopping onto a Samsung to launch threeplatform that is seemingly being soundly beaten by the likes ofBlackBerry OS, Android and iOS. Bada-powered smartphonesWith that in mind, it seems that the rumour mill has not this year? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-to-launch-three-bada-had its fair share of Symbian-related news yet, and the latest powered-smartphones-this-year-/11848.htmlinformation we have received seems to confirm that fact. April 12th, 2011In what is probably the most unexpected news ever, therumour claims a partnership between the likes of Fujitsu andNTT DOCOMO that will see the former hopping onto thealmost-dead Symbian platform with two smartphones thatwill feature the ability to dual-boot to an alternative operatingsystem. Sure, the whole world has gone goo-goo-gah-gah overAccording to a blog posting made by Juggly.cn, the two devices Android, iOS and to a slightly lesser extent, Windows Phone 7will have the model names F-07C and F-12C. That being when it comes to selecting a mobile OS of their choice for theirsaid, it is the F-07C that boasts the more outlandish claim: new, shiny smartphone, and for good reason. However, thereapparently, the F-07C will feature an Intel Atom processor are also alternative mobile OSes out there to choose from, andand a 32GB SSD for storage. And everyone knows what it Samsungs Bada is one of them. Or rather, make it three ofmeans when an OEM crams an x86 processor complete with them: a leaked flyer has seemingly revealed that the Koreansuch a large SSD into an embedded device;that the F-07C will electronics giant intends to launch at least three Bada-basedbe made to dual-boot between the likes of Windows 7 and mobile phones this year.Symbian. On the other hand, almost no information exists for 11
  12. 12. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSo the mobile operating system scene is being dominatedby three very powerful players: Google with its Android AMD posts job listing foroperating system, Apple with its iOS and lastly, Microsoft with Android driver developers: aboth Windows Phone 7 and to a lesser extent, Windows 7.That is great and all, for choices are always good for both sign of impending changes toconsumers and developers; users are not forced to committo one particular platform, while competition ensures that fglrx? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-posts-job-listing-for-android-developers are kept on their toes in delivering quality products driver-developers-a-sign-of-impending-changes-to-fglrx-/11846.htmland user experiences. April 12th, 2011However, this does not mean that there are only threeoperating systems available for mobile users to choose from.While it is true that the aforementioned platforms are the mostdominant in the market today, there are also other smaller- Well, look at what we have got here. Apparently, AMD isscale operating systems that fill various niches, and Samsungs starting to feel a little left out of the entire smartphone andBada is one of them. And it seems that Samsung is going ahead tablet game, and has since taken steps to ensure that it doesto pull out all the stops to ensure that Bada does not fade away not lose out on too much of the rapidly shrinking pie while itsfrom the competition like a distant memory: a recent leak has rivals are busy churning out mobile-friendly products. Afterindicated that the Korean electronics giant has at least three all, that can be the only reason AMD is putting up job offeringsBada-powered phones planned for launch this year. for Android developers, no? It is common knowledge to most people that situated at the heart of the Android operating system for tablets and smartphones is the Linux kernel. And most people who are familiar with the implementations of open-source software and the Linux kernel know what it means when developers from all over the world make contributions or improvements to any operating system which utilizes the Linux kernel. SImply put, there is a chance that some of these contributions will eventually find their way back to the main kernelAccording to a report from Badaworld.net, the first of three tree, where they will be merged with the upstream sourcesphones to launch in 2011 will be known as the Samsung to provide a more complete out-of-the-box solution forWave 578 and it will come pre-loaded with a slightly dated developers who which to utilize the kernel for various uses.version of the Bada OS, namely version 1.1 as opposed tothe current version, which is 1.2. In addition, the Samsung And apparently, it seems that the latest announcementWave 578 will feature a 3.2-inch display capable of WQVGA from AMD is about to bring driver support in the Linuxresolutions, a three megapixel camera and standard wireless kernel to newer heights, especially where AMD-based GPUscommunication options such as Bluetooth and WiFi. are concerned. This is because the company has posted a job listing on its website in which it specifically calls forOf greater interest though, are the two mobile phones which experienced Android and Linux developers to apply for theare slated for launch much later in 2011 (September and position of a Linux Driver Development Engineer.November respectively). Based on the image shown above,the model which will be launching in September appearsto be a slightly higher-end model, as shown in the 3.65-inch displaycapable of HVGA resolutions and what appearsto be dual cameras. This is in direct contrast to the modelslated for a November launch, which features a much lower-res QVGA display and a three megapixel camera. That beingsaid, it is interesting to note that all three mobile phoneswill feature NFC technology, a trait which has yet to findmainstream acceptance on most existing smartphones on the According to the listing, the prospective engineer will bemarket today. working with the Linux Base Graphics team, to deliver anLast but definitely not least, no information about pricing and updated video driver stack that can be used on the Androidspecific release dates have been leaked out yet, so do check operating system while keeping "in line with the currentback for updates. development trends in the Android ecosystem". The posting also goes on to say that the applicant will need to be proficient in various programming languages such as C/C++, although it was the requirement about needing at least three years in 12
  13. 13. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonekernel-mode driver development which caught our eye, andfor good reason.Most Linux users with AMD graphics cards will be fully awarethat there exists two drivers for use with their hardware: the Launched on 9 March 2011, Prevview.com claims to be theopen-source radeon (or radeonhd) and AMDs proprietary first portal in Asia to utilize Video Resumes – Visumés - in anfglrx. While it is widely known that the open-source radeon interactive manner between employers and jobseekers.driver is completely left behind in the dust when compared The portal creates a professional platform that allows jobto the proprietary fglrx driver module provided by AMD in seekers to differentiate themselves not merely on paper, butterms of supported hardware and performance, radeon also in a more insightful and expressive manner on video, allowingboasts a key advantage that fglrx has failed to match for years: them to get talent spotted by their employers locally andthe ability to run in kernel-mode (aka KMS). And since AMD abroad.has already committed itself to fglrx, it is highly possible thatthe entire Linux Base Graphics team may be working to bring Employers can save time, money and hassle by pre-screeningKMS capabilities to fglrx in order to make it more portable potential candidates, before investing in a face-to-facearound various Linux-based OS. At the least, this will be more interview.efficient than producing a completely new driver stack for As with any new venture, knowing the right information iswhat is essentially another distribution of Linux. integral for success. At Prevview, every registered employer isAnd because newer, more visually-appealing display given an online video branding platform – never before seen inmanagers such as the much-talked about Wayland mandate the market. This comes fully equipped with a short corporatethe use of KMS drivers, being able to make the entire fglrx video(s) and tidbits about the company, including “gettingdriver stack kernel-mode compatible will not only make the hired” tips. Giving out information about the company and itsdriver more portable, but more futureproof as well. In the hiring criteria allows them to attract suitable job candidatesunlikely event that desktop Linux distributions eventually and desired talents to the company.decide to drop the X Window system in favor of something Being an integrated communication platform, Prevview giveselse like Wayland, a KMS-capable fglrx driver stack will allow its users an avenue to share information and directly engageusers to transition from one display manager to another with employers in conversation via Reviews (on schools, industries,minimal hiccup to their productivity. employers and internships), Interview Questions and even “InOf course, this is nothing more than just speculation on the the Shoes of” blogs from working professionals. All of whichoutcome of fglrx now that AMD has decided to evolve its driver provides insider information to job seekers that would helpstack in order to allow the company to get into the whole them integrate into the working world easily.Android game, and it could be possible that we are just reading Much like Facebook, Prevview understands that privacy istoo much into the job requirements. Well, one can only wait crucial to all users. As such, the portal is equipped with securityand see. measures to ensure confidentiality of the user’s information. Jobseeker profiles can only be searchable by employers andPrevview.com is Asias first they are given the choice to allow their profile to be LIVE. Those with searchable profiles can also choose to blockinteractive job portal to unwanted viewing.feature video resumes What can jobseekers expect?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/prevview.com-is-asia-s-first- Dedicated Profile Pageinteractive-job-portal-to-feature-video-resumes/11847.html Jobseekers are given a profile page to upload their visumé,April 12th, 2011 cover letter, resume, portfolio, and reference letters, which showcases their personalities and soft skills inexpressible on paper. In-Depth Information about Employers Jobseekers can learn more about Prevview’s Employers byWhile there are many job recruitment websites for job hunters watching their HR Video and other information.and employers alike, none of them are offering video resumes Updated Job Postingsyet, considering we are going beyond the age of text and With a comprehensive search function, Jobseekers will be theimages. Well, Prevview.com claims to be the first job portal in first to hear about available jobs and apply for them.Asia to offer video resumes. 360 Degree View of Candidates 13
  14. 14. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneEmployers are given a holistic view of their potential Seems like the good folks over at Mozilla are not going tocandidates through downloadable personal details and quick be taking their time with new browser releases now the theand secure streaming of candidates’ visumés. browser wars are starting to heat up yet again. According to some development notes left in the browsers GIT repositories,Visumé Guide users might be able to see a brand new version of Firefox makeJobseekers will be provided with a comprehensive video guide its way out of Mozillas development labs by as early as Juneas well as Visumé tips and articles. this year, or only a mere three months after Firefox 4 wasCommunication Bridge launched back last month.Jobseekers can participate in exciting and thought-provokingEmployer Reviews, discussions and Interview Questionportion where they will be privy to some of the frequentlyasked interview questions.Important and Interesting TipsPrevview uses a lifestyle and interactive approach to educateits users on crafting visumés, cover letter writing, andinterview dress code.What can Employers expect?Streamline Their Recruitment ProcessVisumés enable pre-screening and shortlisting of potentialcandidates which cuts down the initial interview process. Witha professional search and viewing platform, employers cansearch for potential candidates anytime, anywhere.360 Degree View of Candidates Getting used to the various new features introduced to a webEmployers are given a holistic view of their potential browser that was only recently updated will probably mostcandidates through downloadable personal details and quick average users some time to pull off. After all, most browserand secure streaming of candidates’ visumés. updates usually introduces some minor changes to the user interface, and that alone will require some time for users toCompany Branding familiarize themselves with. And that does not include otherWith a dedicated branding platform – never before provided under-the-hood changes which users need to get acquaintedin the market – registered employers can showcase their HR with as well, such as new privacy features and more extensivevideo and profile (which includes a Q&A section and “Getting user-customizable settings, among many others.Hired” tips) to attract the most suitable talents. However, it seems that all of that will no longer be a factorImmediate Job Postings & Search Functions when it comes to Mozillas new release schedule for its FirefoxEmployers can post job advertisements and search for web browser. According to development notes hosted on itscandidates via a Content Management System where they can GIT repositories, version 5 of the Firefox web browser willsearch for candidates, post, edit and refresh job postings. feature a much shorter development phase: this is due toValue-Added Services the fact that Firefox 5 lacks what the Mozilla team calls1) Professional and personalised visumés for jobseekers, either development overlap with Firefox 4.at Prevview’s studio or at a preferred location.2) Professional HR Video production for organizations.In-Depth Information about EmployersJobseekers can learn more about Prevview’s Employers bywatching their HR Video and other information.Firefox 5 to be officiallyreleased in June this year?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/firefox-5-to-be-officially-released-in-june-this-year-/11845.htmlApril 12th, 2011 However, it should be pointed out that this accelerated development schedule only applies to Firefox 5, and that Firefox 6 will revert back to the old schedule, where each phase of the cycle will undergo six weeks of development: 14
  15. 15. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone moaning and groaning about how these superior clones which cost only a fraction of the real deal never make it out of the great walls of China. And unfortunately for fans of such Chinese clones, it seems that the latest consumer electronic device to leave the factory will be something worth groaning about where its global availability is concerned. Apparently, a new tablet sporting the Think moniker has emerged, and is said to be designed with the business user in mind, just like how the original Think- branded products produced by a certain OEM are.Last but not least, the nightly builds for Firefox 5 havereportedly been made available for public testing already.While the builds have been signed off as being nothing morethan alpha releases of Firefox 4.2, we have got word fromTechCaverns report that these builds are actually the pre-release versions of what will eventually be known as Firefox5. Of course, these builds are also highly unstable due to thefact that they have not been tested, so download at your ownrisk; we cannot be held responsible for computers and the dataresiding within its hardware going up in smoke at the click ofa mouse button. According to a report by Giz-China, the Thinkbook is a business-centric tablet powered by the Android operating system and will be made available for sale in two different sizes. The smaller of the two features a seven inch screen and uses a Rockchip 2818 CPU for its processing needs, however we cannot help but feel baffled about GizChinas claims that the tablet only features a measly 25MB of RAM. Of course, there is a chance that this could merely be a typo on GizChinas part, and that the tablet will actually come with 256MB of memory instead. The device is also relatively thin, with a height that measures a mere 11.6mm. On the other hand, little detail has been announced about the larger version of the Thinkbook, although GizChina claims that"Thinkbook" tablets show up it will feature a 10-inch screen and will utilize a slightly more powerful processor based off the ARM A8 microarchitecture.in China Last but definitely not least, both models will be sold in aSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/-thinkbook-tablets-show-up-in- variety of colour choices, namely white, black, dark red andchina/11844.html blue.April 12th, 2011Any computing device with the Think branding stampedon it is expected to feature the reliability and robustness inenterprise conditions that users have come to take for grantedfrom a certain OEM, right? Well, heres a piece of advice fromus: you might want to hold back those expectations a littlejust to be on the safe side, especially if the manufacturer ofthese "Thinkbook" business tablets ever plans to release themoutside of its Chinese domestic market.Keeping track of the large variety of cloned consumer That being said, we should point out that this Thinkbook is notelectronics devices churned out by the factories in China can your typical Think-branded device which hails from the likesbe a very interesting affair. Every once a while, new devices of Lenovo. Rather, GizChina claims that the manufacturer ofwhich appear to be superior than the original in either design the Thinkbook, Tin Chung Digital, has got little to no relationsor hardware specifications (or maybe even both) will magically with Lenovo; this means that the Think branding on thepop out of the factories production line, and we all start tablet is definitely a clear example of unauthorized use, and 15
  16. 16. April 12th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethat the quality and reliability that we have come to expect trip to Jönköping, Sweden to compete in the Season Oneof the genuine Think-branded devices do not apply to the Grand Finals at DreamHack Summer 2011, the world’s largestThinkbook. digital festival from 18 to 21 June. On top of that is the total cash prize of S$2,000.Finally, no details about the Thinkbooks release date andprice have been revealed yet: this is because the tablets The number of participating teams is expected to range fromGizChina were able to play around with were little more than 32 to 64 and will include both Singaporean and Malaysianengineering dummies. So do check back for updates, while players. Registration for the Season One Qualifiers was openedremembering to curry some favor with a Chinese friend in the on 21 March.hopes that he might be able to ship one over to you. AMD A-Series (Llano), SocketLeague Of Legends qualifiers FM1 Picturedannounced Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-a-series-llano--socket-fm1-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/league-of-legends-qualifiers- pictured/11842.htmlannounced/11843.html April 12th, 2011April 12th, 2011 Chinese website ZOL.cn have revealed pictures of anThink youre good at League of Legends? Well, the qualifiers Engineering Sample of Llano, along with the first pictures offor this online multiplayer session-based game has already the FM1 Socket Llano fits into. A CPU-Z screenshot has alsobegun on the Singapore/Malaysia servers since 4 April, and been posted, which refers to a quad core AMD Engineeringthe top two teams will face off on 30 April. Read on for more Sample running at 2.4 GHz, and featuring 1MB L2 cache anddetails. no L3 cache - in tune with what would be expected from a Llano sample.Garena, online game service provider and Southeast Asia’sexclusive publisher of League of Legends, has announced thedates for the qualifiers of its acclaimed online multiplayersession-based game.League Of Legends is a session-based, multiplayer onlinegame where teams of players compete for victory. Built bya veteran development team and the original creators of For the first time, we have clear pictures of the elusive Socket Defense Of The Ancients, one of the world’s most popular FM1.player-made mods, League Of Legends combines elementsof the role-playing and strategy with addictive competitiveaction.The qualifying tournament for the Season One Grand Finals,in partnership with Dells Alienware, will take place on theSingapore/Malaysia server, where gamers will compete onlinefrom 4th to 30th April.The top two teams will then face-off in the finals at theAlienware Launch in Suntec City, Singapore on 30 April tocompete for the grand prize which includes a fully sponsored 16